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JASON 2 hurt but instead felt real good


Keywords: Mg, mg, inc, ped
Part: 2 of 3
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: Jason and his family
(c) Copyright 2000 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
children. If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal
for you to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station
and have yourself arrested.
Jason And His Family. Part 2
As he came down for breakfast the next morning, Jason found Alice
and the twins whispering to each other in a corner of the kitchen.
He walked over to them and took Alice in his arms.

"Good morning Sweetheart," he said as he kissed her full on the

Alice blushed as the twins started to giggle. She gave them a
defiant look, threw her arms around her Jason's neck, and kissed
him right back. This produced even louder giggles from the twins.
Jason let go of Alice and yelled "Let's get them!!" Still giggling
the two little girls ran away as Jason and Alice came for them.
They ran around the kitchen table for a few minutes until Jason
and Alice finally managed to corner the twins between them. Having
no way out the twins started to plead for mercy, but to no avail.
Jason and Alice each picked up one of the seven year olds and
started to tickle them. In a matter of seconds they had the twins
screaming and hiccuping with laughter. At that moment Suzy and her
father entered the kitchen. Immediately Alice released her captive
and asked, "Have you done it?"

"Oh yes, and it was wonderful," Suzy sighed. "And you?"

Alice shook her head. "Not yet," she replied.

"Hey, it's not my fault!" Jason protested when Suzy gave him an
accusing look.

"What is not your fault?" John asked.

"Well, I eh..." Jason stuttered.

"I fell asleep," Alice said, rescuing her brother.

"You did what!" Suzy cried. Alice's face turned bright red. "I
fell asleep," she mumbled Suzy shook her head in disbelieve, "But
I thought you wanted to fuck him?" Jason stood behind Alice and
put his arms around her.

"So what?" he said, "We can fuck any time we want. Besides I like
sleeping with Alice and waking up with her. We don't have to fuck
for that."

Alice turned around and beamed a smile up to him. "But I want to
fuck with you," she said, putting her hand on his crotch.

"Do you mind if I have breakfast first?" Jason asked. Everybody
started to laugh at that remark.

"Sure. I have waited for two years so another hour isn't going to
make much difference," Alice giggled. As the laughter died down
and everybody sat down at the table, Jason suddenly realized what
Alice had said. "What do you mean, you have waited for two years?"
he exclaimed.

"I have wanted you to make love to me since I found out about sex
when I was seven," Alice explained.

"But you have never said anything about it to me!"

Alice shrugged her shoulders. "I figured that you weren't
interested in little girls."

"Damn!" Jason grumbled, "Don't do that ever again!"

"Don't do what again?" Alice asked.

"Not telling me things," Jason replied.

"Oh, Ok. Can we eat now?" Alice asked, sounding a bit impatient.

"Sounds like Alice is feeling horny," Suzy giggled, starting
another round of laughter.

"Shut up!" Alice cried, her face turning bright red. Jason looked
at his dick, which had grown rock hard during his conversation
with Alice, and said, "I'm finished."

"Uh... You mean that eh..." Alice stuttered, suddenly nervous.

Jason stood up and took Alice's hand in his. "If you still want
to," he whispered.

Alice nodded. Then she stood up and followed her brother to his

"I want to do that," Alice said as Jason sat down on his bed and
started to take off his pants. Jason grinned and lay down on the

"I'm all yours sis," he said trying not to laugh.

"It's not funny!" Alice exclaimed. Jason pulled her onto the bed
and gave her a kiss.

"I'm sorry sis. I guess I'm doing it because I'm a bit nervous,"
he explained.

"Me too," Alice replied. She sat up between his legs and started
to work on his pants.

"Oh my!" she gasped when she pulled his pants down and his cock
sprang into view. She threw his pants onto the floor and took his
cock in her hands.

"It's so big!" she said as she examined his dick closely.

"Uh... Uh..." Jason panted. The nine year old's little hands,
roaming over his cock, had him almost ready to cum.

"Does that feel good?" Alice asked with an innocent voice as she
started to jack him off. All Jason could do was groan. Alice
started to rub his cock with vigor. The knowledge that she could
make her brother feel good made her feel all grown up. She brought
her mouth to Jason's dick and gave the head of it a quick lick.

"OHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCKKKK!!!!!!" Jason cried as jolts of electricity
shot through his body. Encouraged by the result of her actions
Alice took the head of his dick into her mouth and started to suck
on it.

"Ohhh!!!! Goddddddd!!!!" Jason moaned as her mouth engulfed his
cock. Alice bobbed her head up and down his dick, taking a bit
more in her mouth with each stroke. At the same time she kept
jacking him off with both hands. Her little tongue swirling around
the head of his cock was driving Jason crazy. "Ohhhhhh!!!!!
Goddddd!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Fuck!!!!!!! Oooohhh!!!!
Yesssssss!!!!!!!!" he groaned as streams of fire shot through his
body. Suddenly the sensations became to much for him. With a
scream he started to shoot his load into his nine year old
sister's mouth. Alice tried to swallow all of her brother's semen
but, with his dick already filling her mouth to the brim, there
just wasn't enough room for his sperm to collect. And the little
girl couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the stream of
sperm that her brother was shooting in her mouth. As Jason shot
jet after jet of sperm into her mouth, it started to dribble out
around his dick onto Alice's chin and chest. Alice kept swallowing
until Jason's cock went limp. Then she took it out of her mouth
and sighed, "That was nice."

Jason laughed and pulled her on top of him. "You missed some," he
said as he licked the sperm from her face. Alice giggled and
kissed Jason, sticking her little tongue into his mouth. Jason
broke off the kiss and said, "In the kitchen you said that you
have wanted me to fuck you since you where seven."

Alice nodded, "Yes, ever since I caught Suzy playing with

"What happened?" Jason asked.

Alice smiled, "Well one day I was playing in my room when I heard
some strange noises coming from Suzy's room. I was curious about
it so I went to see what she was doing. I found Suzy furiously
rubbing her pussy and making all kinds of strange noises. I
thought she was hurting so I ran over to her and asked what was
wrong. When I finally got her attention she pulled me on to the
bed and explained to me what she was doing. She told me that it
didn't hurt but instead felt real good. Well, I didn't believe her
so she showed me. She started to rub and lick my pussy and had me
screaming for more in no time. And then I had my first orgasm. I
thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was at that moment that
I decided that I wanted to do those things with you. I didn't
think about fucking, I didn't know what that was at the time, but
I did know that I wanted to have sex with you," she grinned and
continued, "Anyway about a year ago the twins caught me and Suzy
doing it so we showed them too and now we are all doing it."
During the conversation Jason's dick had gotten hard again and
Alice felt it poking in her belly. She looked down between their
body's at his cock and said, "Are you going to fuck me now?"

Jason nodded, "I will sis." Then he turned over started to rummage
around in the drawer of the nightstand.

"What are you doing?" Alice asked.

"Looking for a condom," Jason replied, "I don't want to get you
pregnant by accident."

"You don't want to get me pregnant?" Alice said sounding

Jason looked at her and replied, "Not unless you want me to."

Alice gave him a nervous look and mumbled, "I was hoping you would
make a baby with me."

Jason smiled and gave her a kiss, "I would love to make a baby
with you," He knelt between her legs and put the head of his cock
at the entrance of her pussy. "This might hurt a bit the first
time," he warned her.

"I know," Alice replied. "Do it please." At that moment the door
opened and the twins came in.

"Can we watch?" they asked.

Jason looked at Alice, who nodded, and then said, "Ok. But be
quiet." The twins nodded and sat down on the bed.

"Are you ready?" Jason asked Alice.

Alice nodded, "Fuck me."

Deciding that it was best to take her cherry quickly, Jason rammed
his dick into her pussy as hard as he could, only stopping when he
hit her cervix. Alice's yelped as her brother's cock tore through
her hymen. A tear appeared in her eye as a hot bolt of pain shot
through her body.

"Are you alright?" Jason asked, concerned.

Alice nodded trying to concentrate on the glorious feeling of her
brother's dick filling her pussy. As the pain slowly subsided
Alice could feel the first twinges of an impending orgasm.

"Oh my!" she whispered as she clamped her arms and legs around
Jason. "Oh my!" she repeated. Her body started to tremble as a
mini orgasm washed over her. Jason started to fuck her with slow
long strokes, taking his cock almost all the way out and then
pushing it all the way back in again.

"Ohhh god!!! Your pussy is so tight." he moaned. Slowly he picked
up some speed as Alice's hips started to move in time with his

"Ohhhh!!! Goddd!!!! Yessss!!!! Fuck me!!! Shoot your baby juice in
my pussy and make me pregnant!!!" Alice screeched Feeling her
brother's cock going in and out of her pussy set her off again.
She arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream as
another orgasm wracked her body. Jason was stunned. He had never
seen anything like it before. He had barely started to fuck and
already the nine year old was having one orgasm after the other. A
smile appeared on his face as he watched Alice having yet another
orgasm. He increased his tempo and started to hammer his cock in
and out of her tight preteen fuckhole with all his force.

"Ohhhh!!!! Yesssss! I'm going to shoot my sperm in your womb where
it belongs and make you carry my baby!" he shouted as he rammed
his cock into her virgin cunt. The idea of her brother making her
pregnant was to much for Alice and she exploded into the biggest
orgasm of her life.

she screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Streams of
fire shot through her body to her brain and her arms and legs
started to flop around as she lost control of her body. Seeing his
little sister go off like that took Jason over the edge to. After
a last flurry of strokes he buried his cock into her virgin
fuckhole as far as it would go and sprayed his semen into her
unprotected womb. Feeling Jason cum in her womb was to much for
Alice and after a last ecstatic shudder she passed out.

As they came down from their orgasms they heard someone knock at
the door.

"Yes, what?" Jason panted.

"I don't want to hurry you two," they heard their father say, "But
Alice has to be in school in half an hour."

"Oh shit!!" Alice exclaimed as she jumped of the bed. As Jason sat
up and watched his sister leave the room he noticed that the twins
were gone. 'I guess they're not interested in fucking' he thought.
Of course he was wrong. The little girls where already planning
how to get their victim into their clutches. With Suzy fucking
their daddy and Alice fucking Jason, the twins had decided to fuck
with their teacher. He was nice, handsome, single and best of all
he always tried to look under their little dresses. The twins were
sure that once he knew it was alright, their teacher would fuck

That afternoon after class had ended, the twins lingered around.
When all the other kids had left Nancy sat down on her desk and
started to rub her pussy through her panties. "Mr. Robins, it
hurts down there!" she complained. Ron Robins dick got hard in a
flash when he saw what his seven year old pupil was doing. For a
moment he wondered if she knew what kind of show she was giving
him, but then he decided that she probably had no idea.

"Where does it hurt?" he asked.

"Here!" Nancy said pointing at her little slit.

"Here?" Ron asked, putting his hand on her preteen cunt.

"Yes, right there." Nancy replied.

"I always kiss it there to make it better when it hurts," Lisa
said. Ron almost came in his pants when he heard her say that. She
couldn't mean that he should kiss her sisters pussy could she?

"Like this?" he said, planting a kiss on Nancy's panties.

"Yes, but it is better if I take my panties off," Nancy said,
pulling down her panties. Mesmerized Ron looked at the little
girl's bald preteen pussy. He brought his face close to her cunt
and inhaled the delicious fragrance that came from it.

"Where does it hurt?" he whispered.

"Right here," Nancy said pointing at her little clit.

"Well I'll have to kiss it better then," Ron said, giving her clit
a kiss. Then he stuck out his tongue and started to lick all
around her pussy. Carefully his tongue traced every fold, probing
and licking, drinking in the taste and smell of her virginity.
Eagerly he lapped up the juices that where flowing from her cunt.
Searching for more of her delicious fluids he pushed his tongue in
until he hit her hymen.

"Ohhhhhh Goddddd!!!!" the little girl gasped as she felt her
teacher's tongue enter her preteen fuckhole. Ron probed her cunt
for a while, fucking her with his tongue.

"Uhhh....huuuuh......uhhhh......huuuuh!!!" Nancy panted on the
brink of an orgasm. Ron took his tongue out of her cunt and
brought it to her clit.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" Nancy screeched when her teacher's
tongue hit her clit. Her body seemed to be on fire and in need of
release. Gasping she pushed her cunt into Ron's face.

"Ohhhhhh Goddddddd!!!!! Lick my pussy! Make me cummmmmm!!!!" she
cried. A few seconds later the tongue rasping over her clit became
to much for her.

"HUUUUU!!!!! HUUUUUU!!!!! HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!" she moaned as her
orgasm came crashing down on her. Ron was lapping at her cunt like
a madman, trying to drink as much as he could of the nectar that
was flowing out of her pussy like a river.

"Ohhhh!!!! That was wonderful!" Nancy sighed when she came down
from her orgasm.

"Does it feel better now?" Ron asked.

"Oh yes!!! Much better!!" Nancy exclaimed.

"My pussy hurts too!!" Lisa said, pulling down her panties. Ron
realized that the little girls knew what they were doing and
wondered if they were prepared to go further. 'This could get
interesting,' he thought as he stuck his tongue into Lisa's pussy.
At that moment Suzy entered the classroom. She always took the
twins home after school and had been wondering what was keeping

"What are you doing?" she asked when she saw the twins sitting
there with their panties on their ankles.

"My pussy hurt, so Mr. Robins kissed it better," Nancy replied.
For a moment Suzy was lost for words. Then she realized the
trouble they all could get in if someone found out.

"Well hurry up will you. I want to go home," She finally said.
Then she turned around and left, ignoring the terror stricken
teacher. Nancy and Lisa giggled. They pulled up their panties and
followed Suzy out of the classroom. 'I'm dead!' Ron thought as he
watched the girls leave, 'Oh god, I'm so dead.'

"What do you think you were doing?" Suzy asked the twins as they
walked over the school yard, "We could get into real trouble if
someone finds out. Your teacher could go to jail and so could
daddy and Jason."

"We didn't mean to be bad," Nancy cried.

"Well nothing bad has happened, but you should be more careful."
Suzy replied.

"We just figured that since you are fucking daddy and Alice is
fucking Jason we could fuck our teacher," Lisa said.

"You want to fuck him?" Suzy said surprised. The twins nodded.
Suzy thought about it for a moment and then said, "Well then we'll
have to find a way of you doing that without getting caught."

"So we can fuck him?" Nancy asked.

"Yes, I'll talk to daddy about it when we get home," Suzy replied.

When John heard how the twins had gotten their teacher to lick
their pussy's he started to laugh. "The poor man must be thinking
he's going to jail." he sniggered when he heard how Suzy had
walked in on them.

"Yes, but can we fuck him?" Lisa asked. This time everyone laughed
at the little girl's eagerness.

"Well, I'll invite him over for dinner and then we will see what
happens," John told her. Then he put his words into action and
picked up the phone to call their teacher.


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