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JASON 3 girls exposed their lovely bodies


Keywords: Mg, ped
Part: 3 of 3
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: Jason and his family
(c) Copyright 2000 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author. This story may be freely
distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to
read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station
and have yourself arrested.
Jason and his Family. Part 3

That evening Ron went to the Powell's house with a troubled mind.
He was sure the little girls' father would kill him. As soon as
the doorbell rang the door opened and Ron was greeted by the
smiles of Nancy and Lisa.

"Hi Mr. Robins," they chirped. The little girls pulled him inside
and closed the door.

"Come on, daddy wants to talk to you," Lisa said, dragging the
poor man into her father's study without giving him a chance to
take off his coat.

"Hi I'm John Powell. Welcome to my house," John said as Lisa and
Ron entered his study. Then he looked at Lisa and said, "You could
have let the poor man take off his coat before you dragged him in

"I'm sorry daddy," Lisa said, looking not at all sorry.

"Yes, well, go and help your sisters with dinner." John said to
her. Then he turned to Ron and said. "I'm sorry about that. It's
just that they are really pleased that you are here."

He sat down and continued, "Anyway, the reason that I have asked
you to come over here is that I have to ask a favor of you. You
see the twins have decided that they want you to fuck them. So my
question is, would you like to do that?"

'I would give my right arm to do that,' Ron thought, but he still
didn't believe it and wondered when the axe would fall on his

"I'm not trying to trick you," John said when he saw the look on
Ron's face. "I know what you and my daughters did this afternoon
and if I wanted you in jail you would already be there."

"So you want me to fuck them?" Ron stammered.

"I want you to teach them anything they want to know about sex,"
John replied.

Finally a smile broke through on Ron's face. "Well, I'm a teacher
so I guess I can do that," he said.

"Good. That's settled then." John said.

All during dinner Lisa and Nancy just played with their food. They
were too nervous to eat anything.

"Don't you like your food?" Ron asked the little girls.

"I'm not hungry," both girls replied.

Jason grinned and said, "I think you better take them upstairs and
fuck them before they blow a gasket."

Ron didn't know how to reply. Still feeling a bit uncertain about
the whole situation he looked at John for help.

John smiled. He looked at the twins and said, "Why don't you two
show your teacher the spare bedroom."

The twins immediately jumped off their chairs and ran around the

"Come on. Let's go." They said as they grabbed Ron by the arms.

Smiling, Ron stood up and let the girls guide him to the bedroom.
Once there the twins started to undress. Ron sat down on the bed
and watched as the girls exposed their lovely bodies to him. His
cock got hard in a flash when the girls' flat chests and bald
cunts came into view.

"Why are you undressing?" he asked jokingly.

It caught the twins by surprise. "Aren't you going to fuck us?"
Lisa said.

"Your father told me to teach you about sex but he said nothing
about fucking," Ron replied.

When he saw the disappointed look on their faces Ron started to

"Well I guess that since you're nude I'd better undress too," he

When the twins realized their teacher had only been joking they
rushed to the bed and attacked him. Ron grinned and started to
tickle every part of the little girls' bodies that came into
reach. After a few minutes he managed to pin both of them down on
the bed. He gave Nancy's pussy a quick lick and then did the same
to Lisa.

"Now what am I going to do with you?" he said with mock anger.

"You haven't kissed my pussy better, yet," Lisa giggled.

Ron smiled. He pushed his head between her legs and began to gave
her the same treatment he had given her sister earlier that day.
His tongue caressing her preteen pussy made the seven year old
moan in delight. She gasped aloud when her teacher speared his
tongue into her virgin pussy. Her tiny cunt-lips parted just
enough to allow his tongue to enter. Then they closed around his
tongue like a vise. Waves of ecstasy swept over her little body
and took her breath away. Ron moved his tongue in and out of the
little girl's pussy, drinking the delicious juices that came out
of it. Lisa began moving her hips up and down, trying to push her
teacher's tongue deeper into her cunt. Her moans grew louder and
louder as she neared her orgasm

"Hiiiiiiiii!" she squealed when Ron pulled his tongue out of her
pussy and licked her clit. Ron pushed his tongue back into her
preteen cunt and tongue fucked her while he rubbed her little clit
with his thumb. This was too much for the little girl.

cried as her orgasm came crashing down on her. She arched her back
and pushed her pussy into her teacher's face as feelings of pure
pleasure raced through her body.

"Huuu!!!! That was good!!!!' She panted as she finally came down
from her orgasm.

Ron smiled. "Glad you liked it," he said as took off his remaining
clothes. The twins gasped as his cock came into view.

"It's so big!" Nancy exclaimed.

Ron grinned and lay down on the bed. "Girls, meet prince Peter,"
he said pointing at his cock.

"Hi prince Peter," Lisa giggled, giving his dick a shake.

Ron groaned when he felt the little girl touch his dick, sending
jolts of electricity up his spine. Nancy was staring at his cock
with some trepidation.

"Are you going to put that in me?" she whispered.

"Well that's usually what happens if you fuck," Ron replied.

"Oh," Nancy mumbled, looking a bit scared.

Ron was only average sized but he could see why his dick scared
the little girl; compared to her little body his cock was huge. He
pulled Nancy close to him and gave her a kiss.

"We don't have to fuck, you know," he said. Nancy let out a sigh
of relief and hugged him.

Feeling left out Lisa cuddled up to them and said, "But I want to

Ron nodded, "Ok, but it might hurt a bit the first time."

"Oh," Lisa said, suddenly not so sure anymore.

Ron smiled. " I know," he said. "If you kneel above my dick and
put it in your pussy yourself you can control what happens. And if
you decide that you don't like it you can stop and get off."

Lisa looked at him and then at his dick. She grinned and said,

She pushed her sister out of the way and knelt above her teacher's
cock. She took his hot pole in her hands and examined it. Then he
looked at her little pussy. A look of determination appeared on
her face as she placed the head of Ron's cock against her tiny
slit and started to push. Ron watched in awe as his dick spread
the little girl's cunt-lips apart. He couldn't believe it, he was
actually going to fuck a seven year old. All his life he had
dreamt about it and now he was doing it. Lisa pushed a bit harder
and suddenly the head of his cock shot into her preteen cunt.

"OhhhwWWWWW!!!!" Ron groaned as he entered the seven year old's
virgin fuckhole. Lisa stopped pushing and tried to adjust to the
feeling of the cock stretching her beyond belief. But it was a
good feeling, she decided. After a few minutes she started to push
again. Slowly lowering herself onto Ron's cock until her butt
rested on his thighs.

"I did it," she giggled.

"You sure did honey," Ron panted, desperately trying to stop
himself from cumming on the spot. He had never felt anything like
this in his life. Her incredibly tight pussy, squeezing on his
dick, was driving him crazy. Lisa pulled up a bit and then pushed
down again, letting out a sigh as a strange and wonderful feeling
started to build in her tummy. Ron grabbed her by her hips and
started to work with her, pushing his dick up as she came down and
back down again as she went up.

"Oh honey, your pussy is so tight!!! I love your tight pussy!!!!"
he moaned. He rolled over until he was on top of the little girl
and started to pound his cock in and out of Lisa's tight preteen
fuckhole like a jackhammer.

The sensation of her teacher's dick ravaging her pussy soon became
too much for the seven year old. She let out an ear piercing
scream as her orgasm hit her like freight train. Her arms and legs
started to flop all over the place as she lost control over her
body. Seeing the little girl come on his dick took Ron over the
edge too. With one last push he shoved his cock into her preteen
pussy as far as it would go and started to spray his semen into
her womb. Feeling her teacher spraying his sperm into her womb
made Lisa orgasm all over again. The pleasure became too much for
her and she passed out.

As he came down from his orgasm Ron rolled off the little girl and
took her in his arms.

"That was beautiful," he panted.

Seeing her sister having an orgasm on her teacher's dick had
decided it for Nancy. "I want to fuck too," she exclaimed.

Ron smiled, "Ok honey, but you will have to wait until prince
Peter is ready again."

"Huh, what?" Lisa murmured, finally getting back to earth."

"Your sister wants to fuck, too," Ron explained.

"Oh," Lisa replied and fell asleep again.


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