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JEAN03 sucking air between teeth It


MY sister JEAN

BillyG (

Chapter 3 -- Our First Sex

Suddenly dropping her raised leg, she pushed one hand into
her skirt-covered crotch and seemed to cup herself as she asked,
"Just what do you think about, Billy? I mean, what do you think
about me when you, uh, do it?" She'd taken the bait!

By this time I'd decided to turn up the intensity. Screw
this pussy footing around. Let's get going. "Okay, Sis, I'll
tell you everything . . . everything you want to know . . . I'll
tell it all, but first, you've got to tell me something. I'm way
ahead of you and I'm feeling kinda funny about it like I'm all
alone. Know what I mean? So, before I spill the beans, you've
gotta tell me things. Like I know that girls do it too. And I
suspect that you're just like everyone else, so you probably do
it as well . . . but I wanna know just how *you* do it." I'd
emphasized the "you" so she'd talk about herself and not about
girls in general.

By this time her skirt was half way up her thighs and we
were both cupping ourselves shamelessly. "All right you horndog,
I'll tell you. Yes. Yes, I do it . . . a lot. I've been doing it
for years . . . ever since I was nine. Usually I do it when I'm
in bed, late at night, but sometimes I just wake up hot and have
to do it again. Lately I've had to do it in the day time, and
then I go, well, you probably know where I go. You go there all
the time!"

Now her skirt was at her hips and I could see her hands over
her panty crotch. I slipped my hand inside my pants to adjust my
dick, noisily sucking air between my teeth. It was all hard and
caught bent in my underpants. She stopped talking and watched
me, so I kept my hand inside my pants, holding my cock.

This was working better than my wildest dreams. I'd hoped
we might "talk dirty" and here we were, touching ourselves
openly. I was getting more excited by the minute. I could
hardly sit still. The loving feeling I had for my sister right
then almost choked me up.

"Sis, I wanna tell you how sexy you are right now. You are
just beautiful. I love to look at your legs and I love to see
you there and I'm going crazy trying to see more of you. God,
this is HOT and I don't know if I can stand it!"

Jean, it appeared, had crossed some emotional line of
propriety in her mind. The shy, embarrassed girl was gone and
the provocative, sexy woman was emerging. She was enjoying
herself and she was turned on by seeing me turned on. She'd
entered the game without reservation. I just knew that. I
didn't know where this was going, but I was sure of one thing, it
was getting more powerful and going *somewhere* and I was going
with it.

I suppose like most boys, I didn't imagine a girl would be
interested in looking at my dick; still, Jean had been watching
me throttle my hard cock through my pants for the last several
minutes. Suddenly, I knew what to do. Pulling my zipper down, I
pushed my hand through my open fly and grasping my cock, I looked
at my sister and said, "Show me, Jean . . . show me yours."

Looking up through her lowered lashes, she smiled and said
nothing but slid one hand into her panties and between her legs.
The wet crotch of her panties were bulged with her fingers and I
could see some dark brown pussy hair where the pants were pulled
away. My sister was really calling my hand, imitating me and
teasing me at the same time. When I began to move my hand, she
moved hers. It looked like she was running one finger up and
down her slit, pausing at the top to make little circles.

Put up or shut up, I thought as I pulled my boner out of my
pants. There! No accident this. I was showing my hard-on to my
sister and waiting to see what she'd do . . . run or join in.
Then she surprised me. Suddenly standing, she reached up inside
her skirt and pulled her panties off. Stepping out of them, she
rolled them in a ball and motioned to throw them down, but then,
as if having a second thought, she let them unroll and held them
up for me to see. Rolling her eyes, she shrugged and tossed them
onto my chest as she sat back down.

My dreams . . . my wet dreams were coming true. My sister's
warm panties were mine. The crotch was quite wet and her scent
was strong when I pulled them to my nose. Her panties stolen
from the clothes hamper were hot, but nothing like the fresh wet
and warm ones she'd just stripped from her bottom. I could
hardly believe that my sister, sweet Jean, knew what I wanted and
flaunted it for me.

Shaking my head, as to clear it, I stood up and skinned out
of my jeans and underpants. My dick almost slapped my belly as it
sprang up. I stood there a moment, my hips slightly thrust
forward, cock at attention and asked, "Is this what you wanted to

"Yes. And is *this* what you've been trying to see?" She
pulled her skirt up and spread her legs for me. I was seeing
now, for the first time, my sister's naked pussy. God, it was
beautiful. Her pubic hair was curly and thick on top. It was
trimmed on the sides and on the lips. My innocent sister trimmed
her pussy hair! Where have I been this century?

Scooting her hips forward, our legs overlapped as she
scrunched her bottom toward me. Her splayed legs pulled the lips
of her pussy apart just a little and I could see a wet pink
inside. The scent of pussy was heavy in the air and I so wanted
to bury my face in her crotch. Below her partially-open cunt, I
could just see her puckered anus. She was showing me her
asshole! My dick lurched again, precome wetting the area around
the pee hole.

I hunched my bottom closer to her and slid my legs farther
over her's as I continued to stroke my woody. The tip of my cock
was only inches from her pussy. I could see her clit as she
pulled the hood back. She was showing me her little hard-on. By
now I was so excited I didn't know what I wanted. I wanted it
all. I wanted to jack off, to watch her jack off. I wanted to
smell her, to taste her. I wanted her to touch me, to touch my
cock, my balls, my ass. I was nearing circuit overload. I
couldn't think.

Scrunching forward again, I muttered something like, "Let me
touch your clitty with my dick, Jean . . . Oh, God . . . let me
touch you!"

She was beyond speech and answered with her pelvis. She
thrust her hips to me until our sexes touched . . . until the
head of my dick, almost purple with stasis, touched the hard
nubbin of her cunt. I was mindless. I had no idea what I was
doing or what to do. I began mindlessly slapping her clit with
my dick, between the inverted "V" of her fingers that were
splaying her pussy lips open. Slap, slap, slap . . . I
masturbated myself as I softly beat her clit.

Once again, my world constricted. Visions and images swam
before me. I couldn't tell fantasy from reality. My sister's
pussy. The smell of her juice. My hard, curved and shining cock
pounding on her pussy . . . on her clit. Slap, slap, slap. Her
wet fingers . . . red nails . . . holding open her pussy.
Groaning sounds . . . strained, garbled, meaningless speech,
"Pussy . . . cunt . . . shit . . . piss . . . fuck . . . Oh,
Christ . . . I'm coming."

"Come on me, come on me, come on me," she chanted over and
over as I squirted ropy spurts of white jism on her chest, on her
stomach and then onto her pussy hair. From far away, I thought I
heard her scream. I must have blacked out for a moment. My next
aware sensation was being held. Jean had my cock in her hand and
was holding it softly, cooing as she stroked it like a feather.
My body spasmed again, a jerk that pushed an unbidden grunt from
my chest.

"God, Jean . . . shit . . . Jesus H. Christ! I can't
believe this happened. It was unbelievable . . .incredible . . .

"Oh, Billy," she whispered. "Please hold me, won't you? I
do love you so!"


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