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JEANNIE enormous proof mans love


Jeanny POSTED: (written in 09/1999) CODE: M/F, slut, cheat, SUMMARY: Jeanny
is a nice secretary, but her job is a little bit boring, so she has a lot
of time to share her phantasies (and her real experiences) with her, also
slutty, female coworker. Sharing goes on until both of them uses the
special services of the other ones fiancee...

Jeannie "Good morning" Jeanny spoke to her coworker with her friendly
voice. She and Barbara were working in the same office for nearly three
years and became very good friends during this time. Barbara smiled at her
beautiful colleage and looked at her new, grey, supertight costume. "Wow,
you're looking like you were 'dressed to kill' " she answered. Indeed,
Jeanny looked georgous in this suit, because it emphasized her slim, sexy
body very good. "You like it, yes?" Jeanny asked smilingly, turning around
to show Barbara her backside and how the costume accentuated her delicious

"Very much, you look like to eat. Or what does Michael say about your
new dress?" Jeanny understood her hinted question. They were talking about
everything, especially their experiences with their boyfriends (or other
lovers). Jeanny took place on the other site of their big desk and sighed.
"Oh, c'mon, you know, how Michael is" she snarled. "I was happy to show
him my new clothes an he ... he's sometimes so rough ..." Her face
reddened but not about the shame and as Barbara recognized her smile, she
knew what was going on at their apartment the evening before. "Hey, tell
me, was he rough the way you and I... like sometimes?" Barbara pressed her
legs together under the table, eager to hear her girlfriends story. "Hmm, I
greeted him with my new costume and then wanted to go to a restaurant with
him, but the moment, he entered the apartment and gazed at me ..." Again
she ended her sentence incomplete, smiled broadly and increased Barbaras
couriosity. "... and then he grabbed you, dragged you to your bedroom and
fucked your brain out, right?" Barbara completed with growing excitement.
"Almost, my dear" Jeanny replied, "but we never reached the bedroom. Uuh,
sometimes I hate it when he's so horny and tempestuous, but yesterday..."
"Tell me" Barbara pleaded impatiently. "Hmmm, he pulled me against his
body, kissed me hard and simultanously shoved his hand under the tight
skirt. I murmured in his mouth that he should be careful with the costume
and my expensive underwear but ... with his strong hands ... he ripped my
pantyhose down and then teared my silken panties..."

"Uhhh, you lucky bitch" Barbara hissed. "I bet, you were instantly wet
between your legs. Like I'm getting right now..." "It was dripping down my
legs" Jeanny replied. "Luckily, because he shoved his middle- and
indexfinger deep in me ... and I came instantly." Barbara hung on Jeanny's
lips, eager to hear more about her exciting evening. "Then he moaned that
he loved the big amount of pussy-juice I was oozing and that he has to lick
it off my tight, hot cunt. And while he talked that way, he knelt down in
front of me and shoved my skirt upwards. I just had to spread my legs and
then he started to lick me out ... uuhh, he was so horny..." "And he
licked you while you still stood in the corridor?" Barbara asked doubting
and let her hand stroke over her inner legs. "Yes, and it was hard to stand
because I got three or four orgasms while he ate my cunt. But suddenly, he
stopped licking, pushed me in the living room and told me to bent over the
sofa. Then I stood there, sticking my ass in his direction and waited for
him entering my hungry pussy, but instead, he again knelt down and started
to licking my ass ..." "Ohh Jeanny, I can't believe it" Barbara sight
enviously and her hand wandered slowly upwards till she reached the edge of
her panties. "Mmh, you can believe it, my dear. He licked me for almost
five minutes and then he stood up and pressed his fat cock against my
pussy-lips ... mmmh, first he made his rod wet with my juices and then she
shoved it in with one, quick move." Barbara now rubbed her pussy through
her now drenched panties, still hanging on Jeanny's lips. "He fucked me for
almost an hour in various positions..." "For one hour" Barbara replied in
disbelief, now feverishly stroking over the wet fabric of her knickers.
"Thanks god I was so wet. Otherwise I'll be sore today" Jeanny continued
with a proud smile. "And as he was ready to cum, he told me I should turn
around and open my mouth if I would avoid to get big stains in my new
clothes. The moment I had my face in front of his cock, he started to
spurt. Ohh Barb, he shoot two big loads in my face and my hair before I
could shove him into my mouth ... and then he filled my throat with his
hot cum ... I couldn't swallow it all and it dripped down my chin ..."

"Oh, lucky Jeanny" Barbara sighed and nervously moved on her seat. "I
was glad to have such an encounter like you had yesterday. You made me
really envious with your story." "Oh c'mon Barbara. Your life isn't THAT
hard" she answered with an ironic tone in her voice. She knew that her
coworker get a good amount of satisfying sex and was able to get every man she want between her beautiful legs. "I couldn't remember to have sex with
Al for longer than fifteen minutes, let alone ONE HOUR" she complained.
"But Al is such a sweet and nice looking guy. He really loves you" Jeanny
replied. "That's the point. He loves me and he adores me. To be exactly:
He adores me so much that he shoots his load just when I'm talking sexy to
him" Barbara exaggerated. "Don't be unfair to him. I'm sure he'll do
everything to satisfy you." "But please remember, when I told you from my
first date with Al" Barbara again replied. "We were in his car, deeply
kissing and I opened his zipper to shove my hand in his trousers. The
moment I was in his boxer-shorts, his whole body twitched and then he shot
his cum on my hand."

"Yes, I remember" Jeanny said with a smile on her face. "First I was
flattered of exciting him so much and, besides, his cock remained hard. So
I ignored the mess in my hand and jerked him a few times to make him hard
again. He moaned again very heavily, but I was sure he could hold out
longer now." Barbara rolled her eyes, because it was a fault. Jeanny kept
silent, because she wanted to hear Barbara's story again. "I whispered in
his ear: 'You're a very quick guy, but now I'll blow you hard again and
then we try it once more'. Then I pulled his trousers down and bent over
him ..." Barbara smiled as she saw Jeanny's face, when she heard that story again. Then she continued. "... and the moment, my face was over his
sticky cock, Al moaned again and his second load within five minutes shot
off his cock. Believe me, it was at least the same amount and he hit my
face, my hair and my dress." "A lot of woman will be glad to get such an
enormous proof of a man's love" she commented the story with her ironic
tone. "Ha ha, at first, I was angry, but he was so nice and he apologized
thousand times for his ... embarrassing behaviour." Both woman giggled.
Actually, they love the feel of a big load of sperm in their face. "I
cleaned my face and said to him, we should met the next evening, hoping he
would be more relaxed. The next day, all sent an enormous flower bouquet
to me and we met again." "What happened at the next evening?" Jeanny asked,
though she had heard that story also. Both women becomming hornier during
their talk and Barbara was glad to tell from that encounter.

"First we were in an exclusive restaurant. After a little smalltalk, Al
told me, that the evening before was the first time, he came to fast - only
because I was so sexy. He promised, that he was a good and endurant lover.
I smiled at him and acted ashamed. As I reached under the table and
touched his cock, it was steel hard. I stroked him slowly through his
trousers and Al was unable to speak further. 'Uhh, Al' I whispered in his
ear, 'what have you done, that you'll not shoot too fast tonight?' He
gulped, still not finding the right words. It seemed that he tried to hold
back his orgasm. 'Do you rub your nice cock shortly before we met?'" His
face reddened and I knew, I was right. But it doesn't matter anything to
me. This night I wanted to get fucked from him. " 'Why don't you pay our
bill, so we can go to your apartment. My pussy is dripping wet.' He payed
instantly and pulled me off the restaurant. I knew I had to be careful
about his staying power, but while we drove, I couldn't let my hand of his
lap. He pleaded me to stop stroking him, but he ignored it. Suddenly, he
stopped his car in a busstop and pressed my hand in his lap. A long moan
followed and I felt the well-known feeling of his twitching cock. The next
moment his trousers got a big wet spot in the front."

"Like Jesse James with a colt" Jeanny joked. "I looked at him
dissapointed, but I couldn't be angry with him. Again, he apologized a
dozen times and I decided, I had to change my behaviour. 'Shut up and drive
me to your apartment' I commanded and acted more angry that I was. We
drove without further speaking. Then, as we entered his apartment, I told
him that he had one last chance. He asked, what he can do and I told him
that he has to give me a very good orgasm. I he will be able, we can talk
about our relationship. Again he promised to do everything, but I didn't
wanted to hear his words. I sat down in the armchair and commanded him to
kneel in front of me. 'Lick my pussy - and don't stop with that 'til I
told you' I said in a sharp voice." Jeanny became very horny, as she
imagined poor Al kneeling on the carpet between the beautiful legs of her
high-nosed girlfriend.

"He didn't dare to strip down my pantyhose. Instead, he kissed his way
upwards between my legs, where the fabric of my pantyhose and my panties was drenched with my juices." "Uhhh Jeanny" she sighed after a short break,
"he licked like a devil and made me forgot his problems with
pre-ejaculation. He slowly bites my pussy, he sucked through my panties,
he licked the insides of my thighs ... it was wonderful ... and I came
almost immediatly. For nearly five minutes my whole body spasmed and I was
breathless afterwards." "And you kept on your pantyhose and panties all the
time he was licking you?" Jeanny asked. "Yes, but after I calmed down a
little bit, I asked him to strip them down, because I wanted him to fuck
me. Gladly he did so and he got terrible excited, as he saw, how my panties were clinging on my very wet cunt. He didn't lose much time and positioned
himself between my legs. His cock was hard all the time and he shoved it
in me with one hard thrust. The moment, he was in me, he moaned loudly how
tight and wet. I was sure, he would hold out longer after he shot his load
two times - but no: He cried out my name and then I felt his third load
spurting in my pussy."

"Wow, you really made him hot" Jeanny hissed, now also feeling the urge
to rub her pussy. "Yes, unfortunately his cock was getting soft after his
third orgasm - and I needed it so much. Oh Jeanny, you're so lucky, I wish
I could fuck with Al longer than just one minute ..." "Doesn't his ...
quick manner change the last time? After all, you know him for almost
three month." "No chance" Barbara answered resigned. "Just yesterday, we
went to bed and I felt terrible horny. With my back to him, I pushed my
ass in his direction. He reacted immediately and pressed his erect cock
against my ass-cheeks. I lifted one leg to give him access to my dripping
pussy and he pressed it along my ass-cheeks..."

Jeanny breathed heavily as she heard Barbara's newest story. Now she
had her fingers under her skirt and pulled at the elastic material of her
panties to rub her clit. "... and then ... he moaned and his hot cum spilled out, covering my ass and my back..." "Oh no" Jeanny sighed pityful.
"And his cock softened afterwards?" "No, he kept hard, but I was very upset
and didn't want him to fuck me. Instead I pushed the sheets away and
started stroking my pussy. He switched the lights on and asked me, what I
was doing. Meanwhile I had two fingers in my cunt and was fucking me
furiously. I answered him, that I wanted to get fucked and not just being
squirted on with cum." "Oh Barbara, that was very hard for him. He has a
problem and you shouldn't be so tough." "Hey, don't make me feel guilty"
Barbara replied. "Do you know, how often he soaked my pussy, my panties or
ejaculated on my blouse? Just the moment we started to make sex."

"You sound like a really frustrated woman" Jeanny said ironically,
knewing that Barbara compensated her sexual needs otherwise. "Why don't you
you lend me your 'alltime-hard-michael'?" Barbara asked. Jeanny thought
about it for a second and then, to Barbara's surprise, she answered: "Why
not. But only, if I can make me sure about Al's ... fastness." Both girls smiled about their idea of exchanging their partners and so they made plans
for a common evening.

A few hours later, Jeanny and Michael entered Barbara's and Al's
apartment. They already visited them a few months before, but this time,
everybody except Al knew, that today was a special meeting. First they were
sitting in the living room, drinking wine and making easy conversation. It
was a very good wine and after two bottles, everyone was very relaxed and
in a good mood. "Do we have wine in our kitchen or only in the basement?"
Al asked, as the second bottle was empty. "Only in the basement" Barbara
replied, "but I will take it. You can entertain our guests." "Oh no"
Michael contradicted. "You can't take it alone. I will help you." He
smiled as he said his words and both woman knew, that it was the time for
splitting their group. "Well, we have no dinner, why don't we to the
chinese restaurant and take some food" Barbara added to make sure they
won't return soon." Al received hot glances from Jeanny during their
conversation and he wasn't unhappy to be alone with this sexy woman for a
while. A few minutes later, Michael and Barbara had left the apartment and
Al looked at Jeanny's sexy legs. While they were talking, Al noticed that
Jeanny's glances on his body were longer and more provocative. He told her
about his work, but after a few sentences, he became unsure and started to

"Why don't we talk about something more interesting?" Jeanny fell in his
words. "For example, you can tell me if you and Barbara will marry this
year." Al smiled embarrassed. "Ohh, Barbara is georgous and I would marry
her instantly ... but I'm not sure if she feels the same..." "Why do you
think, she won't marry you?" Jeanny asked in disbelieve. "You're such a
nice guy." "Maybe, but ... it's ... sometimes, I'm too nervous when it
comes to sex ... to be exactly: almost everytime I'm too nervous ... and,
and I think, she won't be glad with a man, who wouldn't or couldn't ...
fullfil her ... needs."

Jeanny smiled about Al's problem-description. "I don't understand
exactly" she asked, though she knew his problem very well. Al gulped at his
wineglass to get the courage for telling her details. "From our first
meeting on, I'm too fast, when it comes to sex" he said with fast words.
Then he waited for Jeanny's reaction. She nodded her head to signal him
her understanding, hardly able to control a laugher. "O.K. Al, every woman
likes an endurant lover, but I don't think, that this is a big problem.
I'm sure she is also ... flattered about your ... quickness. And with a
little bit training you will be able to ... be a lover with ... stayin
power." "Thank you, Jeanny, but I've tried some ... training-methods. And
then it seems that I've solved the problem, but the next time I make sex
with Barbara, it's ..."

Jeanny slided on the sofa very near to him and stroked his arm. "Maybe
you haven't found the right ... training-method" she hinted and placed her
hand on his upper leg. Al looked in her eyes and tried to understand her
gesture. He was afraid that Barbara get knowledge about his conversation
with Jeanny. And now Barbara's beautiful and sexy coworker seemed to start
a 'training' with him. He tried to say that he wouldn't take the risk of
loosing Barbara, if he makes sex with her best friend, but right in that
moment he felt Jeanny's soft lips on his. Next her expert tongue darted in
his mouth and made his cock instantly hard. He still tried to stop her,
but as her slim fingers touched the belt in his trousers, his resistence
was gone. His whole body shuddered as Jeanny kneaded his cock through his
trousers while she continued her sloppy kissing.

"Hmm, what a beautiful, hard cock you have" she purred and slowly
started to open his zipper. Al hesitantly tried to stop her, but a few
seconds later, her hand dived in his trousers, then in his boxershorts and
grabbed his naked cock. "And so hot ... and with a very slimy tip" she
continued to describe his cock with a seductive voice. Though he was very
excited by her touch, he didn't feel like he was going to cum. If Barbara
was doing the same with him, he was sure, he had drenched her hand with his
juice. Jeanny expected his hot juice flooding of his cock and was also
surprised that he could hold out so long. "Will you allow me to lick your
nice cock?" she sighed. "To shove that beautiful piece of meat in my
mouth?" Al nodded, eager to feel this hot bitch's mouth around his cock.
He breathed hard as she licked her lips and then slowly bent down over his
his cock. Then he felt her warm, wet mouth around his cock, slowly
starting to suck on his cock. Jeanny made loud, slurping sounds as she
felt that he wouldn't shoot so fast. With her right hand she grabbed the
base of his cock and stimulated him with slowly stroking. Al grabbed her
head to control the rythm of her fucking mouth. Temporarily he felt happy
that he was able to hold back his orgasm, but after thirty seconds of her
wicked tongueplay, he felt his orgasm. "Uuuh, Jeeeaaannnnyyy, I'm cumming"
he moaned and, gentlemenlike, tried to pull her head back.

"Jeanny was sure that she could have a few licks before he shoots, but
right in that moment, his cock jerked and the first stream of hot cum shot
in her mouth. She resisted of letting his cock slip off her mouth and
continued sucking on his spurting cock. After almost a dozen of big spurts
his orgasm was over, but Jeanny still felt his cock hard between her lips.
She gulped down his cum and then let his cock pop off her hungry mouth.
"Hey, you're making fun of me" she scolded him with a smile off her face.
"You lied as you told me you problem, just to make me giving you a
blowjob." Al proudly smiled as he felt that she wasn't serious. But he was
also surprised that he had hold out so long and his cock still was hard.
"I'm as surprised as you" he replied and they both looked at his erect
cock. "But now you wake up the fighter in me" Jeanny said and slid her hand
under her skirt, rubbing her dripping pussy through her panties. The next
moment she straddled his lap and pressed her panty-clad pussy against his
cock. "Now we'll got more details about your 'pre-ejaculation-problem'" she
said in her act of defiance. Then her hand again slid under her skirt and
pulled her panties aside. While she pressed her hot mouth on his, she
slowly sank down til the tip of his cock touched her swollen pussy-lips.
"Uhh yess, you like to put your throbbing cock in my tight pussy, do you?"
she purred and rubbed with his cock over her pussy. Then she finally sank
down and impaled herself on his hard cock. He breathed hard as her
tightness clamped his hard meet. "And now fuck me" she whispered and gave
him space so he could push his cock in and out of her pussy. "Oh Jeanny, I
can't hold it back very long" he moaned as he felt how her tightness made
him cum very early. Jeanny was very aroused but not at the point to reach
her own orgasm. He jumped on his lap to increase the friction in her pussy and on her clit, with the result that Al came immediately. Stammering her
name loudly he emptied his balls the second time within minutes - this time
in her tight pussy. Differently to his first orgasm, Al loosened his
strength almost immediatly and Jeanny felt his soft cock slipping of her
sloppy cunt. "Ohhh, sorry" he moaned as he recognized the dissapointment in
Jeanny's face. She still rubbed her pussy on his cock, just to reach her
own orgasm, but now she was turned down by his weakness.

*** Meanwhile in Barbara's basement: "O.K. Michael, here's the wine.
Let's take it and then drive to the chinese's" she said to him with a broad
smile on her face, knowing that this was the last, Michael had in his mind.
She stood with her back to him, facing the wine-shelves. He was very close
to her and could almost smell the aroma of her horny pussy. Every move and
her posture signals pure sex to him and he knew from Jeanny, that Barbara
was one of the horniest bitch in town. Additionally he knew, that she
needed a good, long and hard fuck. Then Barbara felt his hands from behind,
making their way under her skirt upwards til they were on her pussy.
Greedily he kneeded her pussy through her tiny, sopping wet panties.
Barbara moaned loudly and spread her legs. Michaels horny attack made her
cum immediatly. Almost like a raper he pulled her panties aside and pushed
two fingers in her slimy hole. "You little bitch" he moaned in her ear,
"you're dripping wet. It seems that your squishy cunt needs a big cock very badly." "Oh God, yes, fuck me, fuck me now" she replied and tried to
turn around, but Michael stopped her. "Do you think I miss the chance to
lick your hot cunt" he whispered with a cool voice. "I'll slurp your
juices, then I'll lick your pretty ass and after that ... I'll fuck you."
Barbara rolled her eyes as she heard his anouncement and was eager to feel
his hungry mouth on her pussy. She bent over, sticked her ass in his
direction and pulled her skirt above her hips. Michael teared her drenched
panties and then dived with his face between her round ass-cheeks. Barbara
felt her second orgasm as his tongue stroked over her clit. Then he licked
upwards and shoved it between her ass-cheeks. She shoved her hands between
her legs to simultanously rub her clit while he licked between her pussy and her ass-hole. "O.K., you seem ready to receive my cock" he said after a
while and stood up to open his trousers. Without hesitation he placed the
tip of his fat cock against her wet, swollen pussy-lips and rubbed it along
her dripping lips. Then he shoved it in and both moaned loud; Michael
because of her tight wetness, Barbara because she seldom felt such a fat
cock in her pussy before.

She was happy to feel a hard cock and also knewing this fuck would last
much longer than her sex-encounters with Al and so she wiggled her ass to
increase the feeling. Michael was surprised-he never felt such a hot,
gripping cunt before and he had to be careful not to shoot too fast. But
the moment he felt Barbara's hand at his balls, his cock erupted immediatly
and he shoot a big load of cum in her tight pussy. Barbara was surprised
but she was also sure, Michael would stay hard. But Michael couldn't
fulfil her wish. Her gripping pussy milked every drop off his balls. That
was langer and more satisfying than sex with Al and she was sure that
she'll ask Jeanny again to lend him out to her.


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