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JENNY sucked her breasts imagined they


!!!!Warning this story contains material of an adult nature if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material please close this file now!!!!

Any comments welcome
by Blueboy

This is the story of a beautiful half cast Indian girl called Jenny.
She was about ten years old when I first met her, and the most
beautiful girl I had ever seen. Gerald, a friend, had recently
started a relationship with Jenny's mother, Susan, who had been a
single parent for some years. Susan was an alcoholic and Jenny
received very little love or attention from her mother.

As a favour to Gerald, I had arranged to baby sit for Jenny at my
place. They dropped Jenny off at half past seven and my wife let her
in. As we watched TV, I found myself looking more at Jenny than the
program. I was obsessed with her beauty and innocence.

Jenny was 4'10" tall and had a slim, perfect figure. Her breasts were just forming and about the size of large eggs. Her nipples were
so dark that they were clearly visible through her white blouse.

As Gerald was planning to be back late, it had been arranged for
Jenny to spend the night at our house, and at nine o clock my wife took her upstairs and put her to bed. I was so aroused from thinking
about Jenny that when my wife came down, I removed her underwear, sat
her on my lap and lifted the back of her skirt. I undid my trousers
so that I could fuck her gently as we watched TV. As we made love,
suddenly the door opened and in walked Jenny wearing a short white
nightdress. It was obvious that she was naked underneath because her
sparse jet-black pubes were clearly visible. She was slightly upset
at being in a strange place. She came and sat on my wife's lap and
my wife comforted her.

Jenny's nightdress had risen above her knees. I could see the
smooth skin of the inside of her thighs, and a small tuft of jet
black hair between her slender legs. This was amazing! I was still
deep inside my wife, and this beautiful young girl was sitting there
on top of us both, totally innocent and unaware. My cock was so hard
by this time and Jenny moving about on my wife's lap made the
sensation too much to bear. I suddenly began to pump my load deep
into my wife, who could obviously feel me pulsating within her. She
looked at me and smiled.

"Go into the kitchen and get yourself some juice, Jenny," my wife said.

As Jenny left the room, my wife quickly stood up and I pushed my cock
back into my trousers. My wife took Jenny back to bed and tucked her
in again. When she returned, she said, "God, that was so

I thought to myself, 'god, that was so exciting,' but I could hardly
say that to my wife.

We went to bed about eleven and I was so aroused by what happened
earlier that I had sex with my wife three times before we went to
sleep. All I could think about was Jenny, and each time I became

About three a.m. I woke and needed to use the toilet. I climbed
from our bed carefully so as not to wake my wife. As I crossed the
landing to the bathroom, I looked into the room where Jenny lay
sleeping. Jenny lay on the bed face down and she had kicked all of
the covers off, her nightdress had ridden up to her armpits and her
smooth round buttocks, and part of one of her breasts were clearly
visible. I stood watching her for about ten minutes when I heard my
wife move. I quickly went into the bathroom and I was so aroused I
had to relieve myself. I stood there and pulled myself off,
picturing Jenny's perfect young body in my mind as I did so. I could
not believe that I was having these thoughts about a ten year old girl.

Over the coming weeks whenever I made love to my wife I was really
thinking about Jenny. I visited her house whenever Gerald was there,
and we babysat for them whenever they wanted. I began to play
boisterous games with Jenny at each and every opportunity. I would
sit her on my shoulders and run around, my hands grasping her smooth
bare thighs and grinding her pussy into the back of my neck. I would
also tickle her under the arms, sliding my thumbs inside her clothing
to caress her small breasts and nipples. Jenny never took any notice
nor did any one else. These games carried on for years. When Jenny
went up to change, I would often go to the toilet and try and catch a
glimpse of her tender young body.

Jenny grew up to be an outstanding beauty. By the age of twelve, she
was stunning. She still had her innocence though, she had no idea my
touches were not accidental.

Gerald and Susan decided to get married that year and were going on a
honeymoon. My wife had arranged that Jenny would come camping with
us for those two weeks. I was so happy! I knew that living in a
tent I would get many chances to spy on Jenny and would have to spend
lots of time with her.

During the two weeks we were camping, I took Jenny swimming almost
every day. In the pool, I would place my hand between her legs flat
against her beautiful young love hole, and lift her out of the water
to throw her across the pool. This felt so good to me, but Jenny
appeared totally innocent of what I was in fact doing. I would spend
a second or two getting my hand into just the right position (rubbing
her pussy) before lifting Jenny out of the water.

When we left the pool and returned to the tent one day, my wife was
out. She would generally dry Jenny's hair. I sat in my chair and
started to dry Jenny's hair for her. I then held the towel up in
front of her and told Jenny to take her wet costume off. She did so
and I wrapped the towel around her, rubbing her dry. I was really
caressing her young body all over through the towel. I said,
"Alright, go and get dressed," and pulled the towel away, playfully
smacking Jenny on her bottom. She took absolutely no notice. She
stepped into her sleeping compartment, and in full view, she slowly
put on her bra and panties, before slipping a flowery summer dress
over her head and brushing her hair.

I had many opportunities over the course of the two weeks to admire
Jenny's perfect young body, and under one pretence or another had
touched every part of it. She was so beautiful and yet so innocent
that I felt guilty about what I was doing. I decided that my
attentions towards Jenny were wrong and knew that if I did not stop
now it would only be a matter of time before I could not control
myself and I would take things too far. I was constantly dreaming
about making love to her, of eating her perfect pussy, of sucking her
perfect little breasts. I had come close on a few occasions to
trying this, but realised that if any one found out that I would be
in serious trouble. When we returned from our holiday I made a
conscious effort to see less of Jenny, and visited her house only

Some months past and I had dreamt of Jenny and thought of her often
as I made love to my wife. I was so depressed. If only I were
fifteen again.

One day while my wife was out shopping, Jenny knocked on the door.
She had a bowl in her hand and said, "Mum asked if it would be
alright if I picked some blackberries from the bottom of your garden."

"Sure," I said. Jenny was wearing her school uniform, black shoes,
white knee length socks, a black skirt just above the knee, and a
white cotton blouse. It was very obvious that she had no bra on
underneath. We went into the garden and picked some blackberries.
When the bowl was full, we walked up to the house.

"Shit! I have a stain on my blouse. Mum will kill me," said Jenny
and she started to sob.

She had a stain on her sleeve from the berries. I put my arm around
her and said, "Don't worry, we can fix that. She will never know."

When we got to the house, I put her sleeve under the tap and washed
out the stain. As I did this, I became so aroused that I could not
help myself. I said, "Take it off and I will put it in the dryer."
I expected Jenny to complain, but she unbuttoned her blouse and
handed it to me.

Jenny was almost thirteen, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen
and she was standing next to me half naked. She kissed me gently on
the cheek and said, "Thank you." I could not help myself, I kissed
her back, not on the cheek, but on the mouth, inserting my tongue
deep into her mouth. She did not push me away, but held me tight. I
cupped her breast in my hand and rubbed her beautiful nipple between
my fingers.

'God,' I thought, 'this is so wrong. She is only a child.' I stopped
and stepped back, "We can't do this, Jenny, it's wrong," I said.

Jenny started to sob and said, "You used to touch me when I was
younger all the time, and you used to watch me get undressed, don't
you like me any more?",

"Of course I do, but if any one ever found out what I just did I
could go to prison," I replied. I took Jenny's shirt from the dryer
and handed it to her. She put it on.

I poured some fresh orange juice and we sat at the table and talked.
Jenny told me that she knew when I touched her before that it was not
an accident. She told me that she had enjoyed our little games. She
even admitted that the night she caught us making love and sat on top
of us that she knew exactly what we were doing. I walked around the
table and kissed Jenny on the forehead, and admitted that I had often
dreamed about doing thing's to her. I said that my wife would be
back soon and I would have to think about this.

She stood up, kissed me passionately and said, "I love you, I want
you to do anything you want to me, no one will ever find out." With
this she picked up the bowl of berries and left.

I sat and thought about what had happened, I knew this was just what
I wanted but also knew deep down that I should never see Jenny again.

My wife returned and I helped her put the shopping away. I could not
stop thinking about Jenny. After we had put all the shopping away, I
took hold of my wife and made love to her right there on the kitchen
table. As I fondled and sucked her breasts, I imagined they were
Jenny's breasts, as I ate her pussy I imagined it was Jenny's pussy.
We went to the bedroom and made love for the rest of the evening.
The whole time I was thinking about Jenny and wishing that this was

A week passed and my wife got a call from her sister. Her mother was
not well and she asked if I minded if she went to her mothers for a
few days. I of course did not. My wife went to her mothers on
Friday night about seven. I went to see Gerald and Susan (Jenny if
the truth was known). I told them that Carol was gone until Sunday
and I could see that Jenny had understood the significance of this.

Jenny went to the kitchen and used the telephone. She rang her best
friend, Tracy. She came back in and asked her mother if she could
stay over at Tracy's that night.

Susan said, "But, honey, she lives over on the other side of town,
and the buses have stopped." I offered to drive Jenny. Susan and
Gerald suspected nothing. "Say thank you," Susan said,

Jenny came over, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "Thank you
very much."

She got her things together and went across to my house and opened
the garage. We got in the car and drove off. I knew that Jenny was
not going to Tracy's, but I had to be gone long enough so that her
mother would not suspect. We drove about a mile and parked up by the

Jenny said, "This is brilliant! I can stay with you all night.
Tracy's parents are away tonight and if mum rings she will cover for

We sat in the car for a while talking, and then I told Jenny to get
in the back and lay on the seat. She did and I drove home.

As I pulled into the garage, Susan and Gerald were walking by.
'Shit,' I thought. "Stay down!" I said. I got out of the car and
locked the garage door.

Gerald and Susan stood at the end of the drive. Gerald said, "Great!
No kids tonight, so we are going out. Do you want to come?"

"No, I have had a hard day. I think I will get an early night.
Thanks anyway!" As they walked off down the road, I quickly went
into the house and around to the back door of the garage to rescue
Jenny. We walked into the kitchen and shut the door.

"Shit, that was too close," I said.

Jenny just laughed and kissed me on the lips. "Don't worry!
Everything is going to be perfect," she said. I knew she was right.

We went through to the lounge and Jenny sat on the sofa while I
opened a bottle of wine. I was as nervous as a schoolboy. My heart
was racing, I had spent three years dreaming about this moment and
now it was here. I poured two glasses of wine and sat next to Jenny.
I had a beautiful thirteen-year-old girl here offering to let me do
anything I wanted to her, and I couldn't even pluck up the courage to
kiss her.

Jenny suddenly placed her hand in my lap and stroked my cock through
my pants. I was instantly rock hard. She said, "I have never seen
this yet. Can I get it out and have a look?"

I kissed her gently and said, "You, my darling, can do anything you

She tried without success to undo my belt. I leaned back, undid my
belt and trousers, sliding them down a little before unzipping my fly
to give her easy access. She slid her hand into my pants and removed
my cock. It felt so good. My erection was so hard and so confined
that it had been hurting.

She looked at my cock in her hand and then leaned across and kissed
me while slowly stroking back and forth along the length of my cock,
caressing it, barely touching it at times. In a couple of minutes, I
shot my load.

It flew everywhere. It was on her jeans and her top. I got a tissue
and wiped her off.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked.

I smiled and kissed her.

Spying my chance, I said, "I think we had better wash those for you.
Take them off," pointing to her cum stained top and jeans.

She stood before me and erotically removed her clothes. She stood
there wearing absolutely nothing. She had been totally naked

Her beauty took my breath away. I pulled her onto my lap and kissed
her while my hands explored every inch of her perfect body. I took
her breasts into my mouth one at a time and flicked my tongue around
her nipples.

After a while, I laid her back on the couch and knelt on the floor.
Parting her legs, I placed them over my shoulders. I pulled her lips
apart, revealing her sweet virginal hole in all its glory. I started
to lick the length of her pussy, licking deep to recover the sweet
tasting juices before flicking my tongue around her clit. I repeated
this process slowly and deliberately for about thirty minutes. I
could hear her breathing becoming laboured, but each time she was
about to climax I backed off a little, keeping her in a state of
expectation. She passed her own fingers between her legs to try and
bring herself off. I took her hand and moved it away. "Soon!" I
said. I could feel her shaking all over and took her clit between my
lips, flicking back and forth with my tongue. She lost control
completely and had an orgasm of such intensity that I thought she
would break my neck as she clamped her legs around me. As she
relaxed, I licked deep into her pussy to get every sweet drop of her
juice that I could. I had eaten plenty of pussy in my time, but none
of it had ever tasted as sweet as the juices of my sweet little Jenny.

I got naked and we snuggled up next to each other on the couch.
Jenny just smiled and lay next to me while I caressed her sexy young body. I slowly inserted a finger into her pussy and found no hymen
blocking my way. I gently pushed in and out, applying pressure with
my palm until she had another orgasm. She kissed me passionately and
abandoned herself in the throws of her climax. She was going wild.

At this point, I wanted to fuck her so badly, but decided that I
should wait a while. By this time, we were both hot and sticky. I
picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bathroom. I stood her
down and turned on the shower. We kissed and she gently stroked my
cock. We then got into the shower. I started to wash every inch of
her body. I remembered the time in the tent when under the pretence
of drying her I had done much the same thing through the towel.

I moved to the side and took her clit between the thumb and
forefinger of my hand as I took her breast into my mouth. She
writhed in pleasure, and before long, she whined and collapsed on top
of me. I held her in my arms and kissed her gently as the water
cascaded over us. I was in heaven and Jenny was my perfect little

We dried off and I carried Jenny into the bedroom and lay her on the
bed. As I looked down on her, I wondered about her sexual
experience. Was she still a virgin?

I joined her on the bed and positioned her knees on either side of my
head, with my mouth directly beneath her perfect pussy. Jenny
supported herself on one hand and began to stroke my rock hard
member. I encouraged her to suck me off, and hesitantly at first,
she slipped the head of my cock into her lovely young mouth. I
stroked her perfectly formed thighs with my hands and raised my head
to once again eat her sweet tasting pussy, teasing her clitoris
gently between my teeth, but taking great care to keep her waiting
for the orgasm that was fast approaching. I flicked her clit with my
tongue, keeping her inches away from a full-blown orgasm.

After some time, my jaw and tongue were aching from the effort of
eating her juices in this way. I then took her clit between my lips,
sucking hard and rubbing the tip of my tongue rapidly across the tip.
As she groaned with pleasure, I filled her mouth with my pulsating
cock, pumping vast amounts of sperm deep into her throat. I could
feel her sucking and swallowing. As she climbed off of me, she moved
down the bed and licked every last drop from the shaft and base of my

She lay next to me and I went to sleep holding her tightly in my arms.

I woke early that morning and found my beautiful angel fast asleep.
I kissed her gently on the forehead and she opened her eyes.

"Good morning, my little angel," I said.

She smiled and kissed my chest, slowly rubbing her hand down to my
already hard cock. "Are you going to fuck me with that?" she asked.

I smiled and said, "Not this time unless you really want me to. You
don't want to get pregnant, do you?"

"Well, I really want you to fuck me and you don't have to worry about
making me pregnant. I'm on the pill."

"Well, in that case..." I replied as I slid down between her legs
and started to lick her pussy, raising it up so that her plump lips
were easily accessible. I licked her clit while gently inserting two
fingers into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure. I continued to
eat her pussy and managed to insert my fingers all the way into her
pussy up to my knuckles. I reached into the bedside cabinet and
retrieved the KY jelly.

She giggled as I applied a generous amount of the cold jelly to her
hole. I liberally lubricated my member before pressing it firmly
against her pussy. She pushed back against me and I allowed her to
control the insertion of my cock into her sweet young cunt. After a
minute, she had managed to get the head of my cock past her tight
entrance. I took hold of her hips and slowly and gently eased the
whole length deep into her stomach. I fucked her pussy as gently as
I could. As I pulled my cock almost out and pushed it all the way
home again, she groaned and started to push back quickly against me
on the in stroke. I began to fuck her, quickening the stroke as I
went. I continued until I was pumping in and out of her as hard as I
could and she was still begging for more. After some twenty minutes
of hard fucking, I ground my pubic bone against her clit and as she
came I could feel my cock pulsating as I pumped my sperm deep inside

I raised myself up and pulled my now limp cock slowly from her pussy before laying down next to her. Jenny turned to face me and smiled,
"That felt so good," she said. I kissed her and held her tightly.

I was so elated by my night of pleasure with this girl who was young enough to be my daughter, and did not want it to end, but knew I must
get her home before anyone got suspicious.

I took Jenny to the bathroom and we showered together. I knew this
was my final chance to drink in her beauty for a while at least, and
soaped and kissed every square inch of her tender young body before
drying her gently and carrying her down the stairs. She put her
jeans and top back on and stood watching me as I got dressed.

After we dressed, I told her to go around to the back of the garage
and lay on the back seat of the car. She did and I opened the garage
door and drove out. I pulled up by the park again and Jenny got back
in the front seat. I kissed her one last time, then drove her to her
front door. I went into the house with her and said to Susan, "Look
what I found at the bus stop."

Jenny's mum gave her a hug and said, "Did you have a good time, love?"

Jenny replied, "Yes, brilliant mum!"

If only she knew!


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