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JENSURP extreme pleasure slipped

Jenny's surprise(MF,Mf,ff,Inc,Oral,Mast)

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author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
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Jenny's surprise

I've always hated surprises. I don't like people getting me a
'surprise' birthday present, mainly because it's usually something I
really don't want, can't use, or simply hate. I did surprise a lot of
people when I got married whilst still in college, and got a bigger
surprise myself when, a few years later I surprised my wife in bed
with three of my friends. It was no surprise when I divorced her, and
even less when she didn't even contest it. Surprisingly I spent the
first few years after graduation making a name for myself in the
company that employed me, and spent very little time looking for a
long term relationship of the sexual kind. That is until I met Jenny,
and ended up getting the biggest and best surprise of my whole life.
I'd been going out with Jenny for almost two years when I finally got
round to proposing marriage to her. That she said a firm "Oh, yes
please Jack darling!" wasn't really a surprise to me, what she told
me later that evening when we were in bed was though. We had just
spent our usual couple of hours making mad passionate and very loud
love, with Jenny cumming at least three times before I finally filled
her with my hot, sticky, seed free cum. As we lay in each others arms
luxuriating in our post orgasmic daze Jenny kissed me tenderly on the
lips and said softly "Jack darling, I have a confession to make, and
I need to do it before we get too far with planning the wedding." I
opened my eyes and looked at her, smiled and said "Why Jenny my love,
do you think you're going to tell me something that might make me
change my mind?" Her bright red blush, and the tears that suddenly
formed in her eyes told me I'd struck some sort of a cord. I kissed
away her tears, hugged her close until she stopped crying then said
"I'm sorry darling, I didn't mean to upset you with my big mouth. Why
don't you just tell me what it is you were talking about, and I'll
keep my mouth shut until you've finished." Jenny gave a sniff, then a
shuddering sigh, then said softly, "Well Jack darling, I never told
you before but I've been married, and then divorced. That happened
about five years before we met." "Oh, is that all" I responded "I
shouldn't worry about that my love, so have I." Jenny smiled wanly,
"I know darling, you told me all about it one night when you were
feeling pretty low, that was on our second or third date. Don't you
remember, I put you to bed. That was the first night we slept
together, and the last night we actually slept all night." "Oh, God
don't remind me about that. I was really smashed, wasn't I?" That got
a smile and a soft chuckle out of Jenny, and also got me a soft
tender kiss as she snuggled up close to my chest. "Yes, well, I
suppose I should have told you about my marriage and divorce then
too, shouldn't I?" she said quietly. I shook my head "Not really
darling, it's not as if I expected you to be a nave virgin when we
met, we just accepted each other for what we were. Two adults that
found we had a lot in common, and who eventually fell in love. What
else would have been achieved by you telling me something that you
obviously wanted to forget?"

Jenny sat up, and pulled me up to sit beside her as she leaned back
against the headboard. That she was naked from the waist up gave me
an incentive, I really liked looking at her firm smooth rounded
breasts, and the hard pointed nipples that seemed always to be erect.
"The thing is Jack darling, I was just so ashamed to have been
divorced by a brute of a husband, that forced me into a situation
where I ended up looking for some tender loving where ever I could
find it. When I got caught with my pants down, so to speak, he was
straight round to see a lawyer friend who did him a deal on the price
of the divorce. My now ex husband got custody of the children, and
made sure I helped pay for their education for as long as he could
make me. I only stopped paying maintenance a few months before we
met, and then only because I proved he was earning almost ten times
what I was and could afford to raise them himself, especially as I
had been refused access for more than one day a year. I guess it's
not just the men that get a raw deal in a divorce court, some women
do, you just don't hear about them. Anyway darling, up to the time I
met you, I had a very low self esteem, and it was getting worse. You
saved me from something worse that the 'Slough of Despond', which is
why I didn't hesitate accepting your proposal." I looked at her, my
face as blank as I could make it and said softly "Oh, damn, you've
been lying to me all this time. You're not just a fallen woman, but
one that has secret children you're too ashamed to tell me about.
What am I going to do now. If I withdraw my offer of marriage I
suppose you'll drag me through the courts accusing me of breach of
promise, won't you?" I guess my thespian abilities were far better
than I thought because Jenny burst into tears sobbing "No Jack, I
promise I won't do that. I understand that you don't want to marry me
now. Can I stay until the morning, then clear all my things out?"
'DAMN' I thought, 'I've really ballsed this up'. I then took Jenny's
face between my hands, kissed her tenderly on the lips and said
"Jenny darling, if you don't stop talking like an idiot I'm going to
have to put you across my knee and spank some sense into you. I WAS
JOKING. I don't care of you had a dozen kids by a dozen different
men. I want to marry you, and if you try to back out I'll be the one
dragging you through the courts for breach of promise, understand!"

It took almost an hour for me to get Jenny to understand I really
wanted to marry her, and that I wasn't bothered by her past. I did
allow her to tell me why she had done what she did. She'd got
married young to a guy she'd known since highschool. He turned out to
be a really good salesman and made a lot of money by being so good at
his job. It seemed her husband started to drink whenever he was at
one of his regular late night business meetings. The drinking got
worse, and he started to abuse Jenny whenever he came home drunk. The
only thing in his favour was that he never said or did anything to
upset the children. That he adored them was obvious even to Jenny,
which is why she didn't fight the divorce, she also didn't want them
to be traumatised. In the end Jenny had thought it best not to push
herself on to them and agreed to the one day per year access. Despite
the long periods between seeing her children they hadn't grown too
far apart, and as they got older they wrote regularly and exchanged
all sorts of news. For some reason Jenny's ex hadn't ever tried to
poison their minds against their mother, he just didn't talk about
her to them, almost as if she was a non person as far as he was
concerned. For some reason there had been no letters from the kids
for almost six months. This didn't worry Jenny too much, as her ex
sometimes took them on business trips, if he was likely to be away
for more than a week or two. It took me some time to get her to tell
me she had three children, and even more to tell me their names were
Billy, Jack, and Freddie. When I asked if she was going to invite
them to the wedding she shook her head, "No Jack, their father
wouldn't allow them to come this far on their own, and he certainly
wouldn't bring them. Besides I don't really want him to know I've
found someone else, he might get nasty and start to turn the children
against me."

Three weeks later we got married. It was a quiet wedding. Just a few
of our special friends at the ceremony and back at my house later for
a bit of a bean feast. We weren't going to have a honeymoon as such,
mainly because we had decided to wait until my regular annual
vacation and have a special trip then. It seemed strange going back
to work just two days after getting married, even more so when Jenny
forgot her new name a number of times on the first day back. We were
still both working in our old jobs, you see, it was just that no one
made any comment if we happened to kiss each other whenever we
happened to meet in an office or corridor. We did keep it very low
key, mainly so we didn't offend the companies fraternisation rules,
but also because neither of us wanted our work to suffer because of
distractions. I suppose it was almost six months into our marriage
that the thing that suddenly changed our lives actually happened. I'd
been away on one of my rare but overlong business trips to our
Corporate headquarters. This one was longer than most because I'd
been held back by the human resources director to be told my presence
was required at a special meeting the following day. I was pretty
pissed off with this news, especially later that evening when I got
back to my hotel room and found a message for me to phone Jenny as
soon as possible. I went up to my room, put the call through, only to
be told there was no reply. I must have tried a dozen times that
evening, and the next day, to get hold of Jenny, all without success.
The one thing I did tell myself is that it wasn't something bad, as I
was sure someone at the office would have been able to tell me what
was wrong. As it was all they could do was say that Jenny had
suddenly taken some leave, and hadn't been in to work for three days.

The meeting I was held back to attend turned out to be my being
offered the job of running a new branch of the company that was being
planned. That this job was in Southern California, meant almost
double the salary, and included a high status fully funded company
car, as well as a decent expense account all went towards me
accepting, on the proviso that Jenny had no real objections. This
went down like a lead balloon, until it was explained that we had
recently married, and that Jenny worked in the same office as me.
This caused the human resources director a few blushes, as it was
something he ought to have know, seeing the job he had. In the end, I
agreed to confirm as soon as I got home and discussed the subject
with Jenny. This being acceptable I said my final thanks, and
goodbyes, dashed back to my hotel room, packed and checked out,
driving faster than normal in my haste to get home and find out what
had happened to Jenny. My heart had been in my mouth all the way
home, then as I turned into my driveway I saw Jenny's car parked in
it's usual place, and knew it hadn't been there long as the ground
beneath it was as wet as the rest, and it was raining as hard as I'd
ever seen it at this time of year. As the house was in darkness, it
being almost two in the morning, I trod as carefully as I could in an
effort not to wake Jenny if she was asleep. I needn't have worried,
the noise of the now crashing storm would have drowned out a stampede
of buffalo. When I got to our bedroom I could see Jenny curled up in
bed and obviously asleep, and I didn't have the heart to wake her so
just stripped off and crawled gently under the bedclothes and
snuggled up behind her slipping my hands round to rest on her firm
rounded breasts.

I suppose I'd been asleep about an hour when I was disturbed by the
feeling of someone moving in bed beside me. In my half sleep state I
didn't bother about it, thinking it was Jenny going to the bathroom.
Until that is I heard a soft young voice saying "Can we get in please
Mom, we're scared of the storm." This woke me up, and I reached over
and switched on the lamp on my night stand, an action that brought
screams of alarm from the two teenage girls standing on my side
of the bed. This woke Jenny who quickly sat bolt upright as she tried
to calm the girls fears, and make them stop screaming. All this noise
brought another player into the game. A third girl came into our
bathroom, rubbing her eyes as she pushed through the door saying
"What's going on you two, I'm trying to sleep and all you can do is
screa.... Mom, you've got a man in bed with you!" As I sat there
strange thoughts were starting to run through my brain, and I turned
to Jenny and said "Billy, Jack, and Freddie?" Jenny grinned
sheepishly and nodded, then turned to the girls and said "Girls, this
is Jack, my husband, why don't you all introduce yourselves to him
while I go and get us all glasses of warm milk to help us get back to
sleep." Suddenly remembering I was naked under the bedclothes I
ditched my idea of inviting them to get in beside me. I then found I
had to try to stop them doing it anyway, unsuccessfully as it turned
out. In the end I just made sure I kept myself well covered, and the
girls well away from my naked thighs. "Hello Jack" said the first
one, an almost blonde, and seemingly the eldest, "I'm Billie,
actually Wilhelmina, but I always hated Daddy for calling me that so
only answer to Billie. I'm sixteen and a half, and I'm the eldest."
"Hi Jack" said the next one, almost Billie's double, but slightly
darker hair, "I'm Freddie, Frederica really, but I don't like my name
either, Daddy always used it when he was mad at me, just like Billie.
I'm fifteen and one month." I turned to look at the last of the three
girls, smiled and said "And I suppose you must be Jackie, is that
short for Jacqueline?" Jackie grinned and nodded "Yes, but I like my
name, and always try to get everyone to use it. The trouble is I
always get called Jackie, so I suppose you can too. I'm fourteen and
a bit, and I'm the baby of the family. Can I call you Daddy please?"

" Jackie " said Billie in a stern voice, "You know we have to wait
'til Mom's had her talk with Jack." Jackie put her hands to her
mouth and murmured "Sorry Sis, I forgot" and she blushed prettily. I
took her hand in mine and said "Well, unless your mother really
objects I don't mind if you call me Daddy while you're staying here."
For some reason this made her blush even deeper, and I saw a tiny
tear forming in the corner of her eye. That was the moment that Jenny
chose to enter the bedroom, see the state of her baby daughter and
made her say "What's going on here, why are you crying Jackie?" all
three girls tried to speak at once, until I said softly "Quiet please
girls" I then turned to Jenny and said "My fault Jenny darling, I
said something to upset her. It wasn't any of the girls fault."
Seeing there was no room in the bed for her Jenny sat by my feet,
handed the glasses of milk round, including one for me, and said
"Well Jack darling, I guess I owe you an explanation as to why you
suddenly have three teenage girls in the house" I nodded my head
silently, and smiled as Jenny said under her breath "Beast", then
looked at me and said aloud "I'm really sorry I couldn't tell you
what was happening darling, I tried to reach you in your hotel, but
you weren't there, and I had to do something immediately. You see
darling, I got a phone call from Billie, telling me their father had
been arrested, and they had no one to look after them. I took a few
days leave and drove down to their fathers house to find a female
police officer staying with them until I arrived. It seemed that
their father had been caught selling stolen goods on a large scale.
That's why he was making so much money, he was a criminal. Anyway I
was given temporary custody of the girls, and allowed to bring them
home with me. We got home a few hours before you did, and just went
to bed. I guess the storm was really bad, wasn't it girls?" Billie
nodded "Yes Mom, I know it's silly, but I still get scared when it
thunders, and always get in bed with Freddie or Jackie. Tonight I
wanted to get in with you. That's when Jack put the light on and
scared us to death." All three of the girls giggled at this, and
Jenny said "Yes, well you can't sleep in my bed, it'll be much too
crowded. Anyway the storms all finished by the sound of it so I think
it's time for you to go back to bed, and get back to sleep. I'll see
you all in the morning, but not too early, as it's Saturday and we
have a lay in, understood?" "Yes Mom" they said almost in unison, and
trooped out after giving Jenny a kiss on the cheek. Jackie leaned
across and kissed me on the cheek saying very softly "Goodnight
Daddy" then skipping out of the bedroom closing the door behind her.

"What did she call you?" said Jenny as she got into bed beside me.
"Daddy" I said "That's what she was crying about when you came back,
Billie had told her off for asking if she could call me Daddy before
You'd told me what was going on. Why Jenny darling, don't you like
it. If you don't I'll tell her to stop, before things go too far.
OK?" by now Jenny was snuggled up close, having removed her nightie,
and was able to press her naked breasts against my bare chest. "Oh,
no Jack darling, I don't mind, I'm just surprised it happened so
quickly, although I shouldn't have been I suppose, especially not
after what the girls told me when I was driving back with them." The
girls father had, for some years, been in the habit of dumping them
on a variety of women while he was away on his 'business' trips.
In the past twelve months, he'd been leaving them alone, saying that
Billie was old enough to look after the others. She had done a good
job of it too, but soon realised that he wasn't quite so concerned
for their welfare as he had always professed. All three of them knew
something was going on, and weren't all that surprised when the
police turned up and arrested him minutes after his return. It
also turned out that he had been destroying their letters to Jenny,
and hers to them, just in case they said something that might give
his game away. That's why Jenny hadn't received letters from the
girls for so long. After a long pause Jenny scrambled up the bed,
rested on one elbow, looked down at me and said "You don't mind if
they start calling you 'Daddy', do you Jack darling. I'll stop them
if you want me to, after all they're not your children are they?"
"Jenny darling, I'd adore having your three beautiful girls call me
Daddy if it makes them feel better. Otherwise they can call me Jack,
I don't mind either way. The thing is darling, I do have something
important to tell you, and I can't wait any longer." I then sat up,
asked Jenny to do the same and told her about the new job I was being
offered. I went into detail, and shouldn't have been surprised when
she said she agreed to moving, especially now there were the girls to

Next morning I got up, early for me for a Saturday, went down for
breakfast and was soon joined by the girls and Jenny. "Girls, Jack
has said you can call him Daddy if you like. If not, then it's to be
Jack, OK?" Jackie was the first one to her feet. She threw herself at
me, put her arms round my neck and mashed her lips to mine in as hot
a teenage kiss as I'd had in many a year. "Oh, thanks so much Daddy"
Jackie gasped "I'll always try to be a good girl for you, I promise"
and she kissed me again, this time not so hard and passionately.
Freddie was next, and she sat on my lap, kissed me chastely on the
cheek and whispered "Thank you Daddy, I was afraid you weren't going
to let us. Will you be a good Daddy to us please?" I blushed slightly
at this question, but said softly "As good as I can Freddie darling,
if I don't, then you'll have to tell me what I'm doing wrong, won't
you?" Freddie grinned, kissed me, again on the cheek and slipped off
my lap to go and continue with her breakfast. Being the eldest Billie
had to keep her emotions under more control. She also sat on my lap,
kissed me on the lips, but tenderly, then whispered "Please be a good
Daddy, our real one wasn't you see. He didn't really care about us.
He only wanted to hurt Mom, and used us to do it. It took us a long
time to understand what was going on, but we do now. You will be a
proper Daddy, won't you?" I gave her a hug, then said softly "Of
course I will Billie darling, now go and finish your breakfast, I
have something important to say to you all." Billie slipped off my
lap. Returned to her place at the table as I stood up, looked round
at them all and smiling, said "Right girls, I have to tell you now,
you can't stay here with your mother and me." There was a stunned
silence, then Jackie cried out, "But you just promised to be a proper
Daddy to us all. Now you're turning us out. I hate you" and she began
to sob uncontrollably. "Jack, stop it this minute" said Jenny sternly
as she took her daughter in her arms, telling her to stop crying and
listen to what I had to say. "Oh, come off it Jenny darling. All I
said was they couldn't stay HERE, with us. They can't, can they?"
Jenny smiled "No darling, they can't, but if you don't tell them the
rest right now, you're in serious trouble, understand buster?" I
heaved a deep sigh, smiled at Jenny and said "Oh, all right,
spoilsport. OK girls, the thing is I've been offered a new job. We
will have to move in a week or two, and that means selling the house
as well as finding one big enough for all of us." Billie smiled at
me, it seemed I had been forgiven my little joke. "Where is this new
job Daddy?" she asked. "Southern California" I replied slowly. That
did it. There was pandemonium for the next half hour as the girls
talked about all they knew about the State, like Sun, Sea, Sand and

It took more than a week for us to get moved. In fact it was almost
three weeks before we were opening the door to a small rented house
close to my new office. We had decided to rent small while we looked
round for somewhere more suitable for our new larger family. It was
also a matter of selling our old home, and getting finance set up for
our new one, once we knew just how much equity we were going to have.
In the end we were almost settled. The girls were registered in
school, Jenny and I were settling into our new positions, and Jenny's
lawyers were starting to get the custody orders on the girls
rescinded so they could live with us. The fact that Jenny and I were
married was going to be the most telling factor in her favour, but
her lawyer told her that with her ex now serving a long prison
sentence it was almost a foregone conclusion. And it was! After only
three months we got custody papers for all three girls, and they
could now relax and get to know the two of us better, knowing that
there was no chance they would be taken away from us. Being in a new
job I suppose it was inevitable I would do a lot of working late into
the evening, at least until I felt I was on top of everything. I
think that's why I failed to notice that Billie suddenly changed from
her usual bubbly self, to a worried and frightened young lady. It was
a Friday night, and I got home about eight, having got a sandwich at
the office, and therefore no too hungry. I went up to our bedroom,
stripped off and went into the bathroom for a shower. I was still
thinking about work, and that's why I didn't notice the shower was
running as I opened the door. That also happened to be the moment
that Billie was stepping out of the shower, completely naked, apart
from the towel she was drying her hair with. "Daddy!" she shrieked,
and spun round to hide her front from me, leaving me with a view of a
really wonderful teenage set of buttocks. "Oh, I'm sorry Billie, I
didn't know you were in here" I said as I backed out of the bathroom,
closing the door behind me.

A couple of minutes later a red faced Billie came out of the bathroom
wearing a large towel wrapped round her body, covering as much as she
could get into it, but still leaving me a nice view of her thighs and
upper chest. "I'm sorry darling" I repeated "I didn't mean to barge
in on you like that." Billie stepped up close to me, slipped her arms
round my waist and laid her head on my chest as she hugged me.
"That's OK Daddy, it's my fault for not locking the door." She then
stepped back, looked up at me and said softly "Daddy, when you've had
your shower can we have a private talk please?" I nodded, "Of course
we can, where will you be?" I replied, "In my bedroom, unless you
want it to be somewhere else" she said "Is it that private darling" I
asked, "Is it something your mother should know about?" Billie
blushed, "I'll tell you about it later Daddy" she said, and turned
quickly and almost ran along the passage into her bedroom. Perplexed,
but not worried, I had my shower, and felt a lot more relaxed, the
episode with Billie having driven all thoughts of work from my mind.
I dried off, then went and got dressed in some light casual clothes
before going to Billie's room, knocking on the door and going in when
she called out for me to do so. As I closed the door behind me I saw
Billie sitting with her knees tucked under her bottom, reading a
textbook of some sort. I'll say this for all three girls, they never
tried to skip doing their homework from school, and were all well on
the way to being straight 'A' students in their own years. Billie
looked up as she heard the door close, smiled at me and shifted round
so she was sitting with her legs straight out in front of her. She
also shifted over on the bed, and patted the space beside her saying
"Will you come and sit beside me please Daddy?" standing beside the
bed I slipped off my shoes and sat beside her, leaning back against
the headboard, my legs straight out as hers were.

"OK Billie darling, what's the problem, and why me and not your
mother?" before she answered me Billie made a nonsense of my efforts
to keep a small but significant gap between us. She shuffled right
over until she could slip her arms round my waist and snuggle up
close to me, looking up into my eyes as she said "Well, I did ask
Mom, but she said you were better informed that she about my
problem." I was silent for a moment, then said "Oh, I suppose it's to
do with guys at school!" I saw a slight flush suffuse her cheeks as
she nodded her head, "Yes Daddy, how did you guess?" I grinned and
shrugged my shoulders, "Oh, just lucky I suppose. OK darling, tell me
what your problem is, and I'll go round and rip his arms off, then
beat him senseless with the soggy ends. How's that sound?" When
Billie had stopped laughing she laid her head on my chest as she
hugged me, "It's nothing like that Daddy, it's just the opposite. I
can't seem to get any of the guys to go out with me more than once.
They always seem disappointed when they drop me off after a first
date, then never ask me out again." By now the pair of us had slipped
down the bed until we were laying almost flat, and Billie was turned
on her side, one arm over my chest as she snuggled up to me, inside
the circle of my left arm. "Want to tell me what happens on these
dates darling?" I asked softly as I gently stroked her hair with my
free hand. It took some time but eventually she told me "Well Daddy,
I like it when they put their hands on my bare titties, except that
some of them are a bit rough and squeeze too hard, I sometimes have
bruises for days after, but those boys don't seen to care." "And what
do they want you to do for them?" I asked. "Well, I rub my hand up
and down their penis, sometimes even outside of their pants, until
they shoot stuff all over the place. I usually get some on my hands
and they always want me to suck their sticky penis clean. That's when
they start getting funny and saying they won't see me again. Why do
guys always want me to do something dirty like that Daddy?"

Suddenly the vision of Billie, her wonderful naked breasts hanging
out of her dress, and her licking a cum soaked prick clean made me
lift my knees to hide my burgeoning erection from her sight. I took a
deep breath, let it out very slowly then said "Well Billie darling, I
guess it's just one of those guy things. Very few normal boys and men
for that matter, would stop a girl giving them a blow job, or at
least have them clean up after a hand job. It's one of the most used
fantasies for males between the ages of fifteen and seventy-five. I
also have to say that an awful lot of women like doing it, and most
get some sort of thrill from the power they suddenly have over the
guy they're with." I paused for a moment, then said "Did you ask your
mother about this Billie?" After a short pause she shook her head
"Not in so many words Daddy. I just said I had some questions about
dating guys, and she said I should talk to you, seeing as you are
one." I chuckled at the way Jenny had palmed this problem off on to
the girls new Daddy, and chuckled harder at her finding it was
bouncing back into her lap. "Well Billie my dear" I said with a
smile, "I think you should ask your mother about this particular
problem. You see darling, she's very good at it, and likes doing it,
and not just for my sake either." I then tried to sit up without
disturbing Billie too much, a mistake as it meant I had to straighten
my legs, and thus displaying the bulge that was still in my pants. As
Billie tried to sit up at the same time, but using my body as a
support it had to happen that she placed her hand directly over my
bulge, making me yell as she pressed down hard when she pushed
herself up.

When she realised what she had done Billie looked down to where her
hand was, saw my bulge and gasped out "Oh, God, Daddy, I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean to hurt you." I saw she was very upset and close to
tears thinking she had injured me. I took her in my arms, kissed her
on the top of the head and said softly "It's alright Billie darling,
I was more surprised than damaged, honestly darling, I'm not hurt."
Suddenly Billie sat upright, looked me in the eye and said "Was it me
made you get hard like that Daddy?" I sat there in silence, not
wanting to embarrass her by telling her the truth, and yet still
reluctant to lie to her. "Daddy, was it me telling you about what I
was doing on my dates that got you like that?" I gave a brief nod of
my head and said in a quiet voice "Yes darling, at least partly."
Billie suddenly smiled in a way I had never seen her smile before. It
was almost seductive, and I almost missed her saying "Was it partly
seeing me without any clothes on in the bathroom darling?" I nodded
silently as I sat there looking her as intently as she looked at me.
"I'm sorry about that Billie darling, I promise I'll make sure it
doesn't happen again. You're entitled to your privacy, especially
when it comes to using the bathroom. The thing is you see, your
mother and I have never got into the habit of locking the bathroom
door. I guess we'll all have to be more careful in future, won't we?"
After Billie gave me one last hug I went downstairs to the family
room to watch a little tv before bedtime. That's where I found Jenny
who asked what had taken me so long, "I was beginning to think you'd
fallen asleep when you got dressed after your shower" she said with a
grin. I grunted something rude under my breath, then said "It so
happens I've been preventing repercussions after walking into the
bathroom just as Billie was getting out of the shower.." as expected
this made Jenny sit up and take notice, something she wasn't doing
up 'til then. Before she could say anything I continued, "I then did
as much damage limitation as I could, after your suggestion that she
ask me why she wasn't getting second dates. That's when she almost
crippled me by grabbing hold of my penis as I was trying to get off
the bed. Where I may add, we had been sitting and laying, wrapped in
each others arms." Now, I know this was giving her a completely wrong
impression of what went on, despite the actual facts being correct,
but I wanted to punish her for setting me up in the first place.

Before I could say anything else, and even before she said anything,
she jumped to her feet and dashed out of the room and up the stairs
calling Billie's name. I went to the kitchen and got myself a cold
beer, brought it back to the family room and sat there sipping it as
I waited for all hell to break loose. It wasn't long before Jenny
came back down, Billie in tow, and obviously very seriously pissed
off with yours truly. Telling Billie to sit beside me, Jenny sat in
an arm chair opposite the sofa. She then said "Right Jack, now repeat
what you just told me so that Billie can confirm if you've been
telling me lies." I looked at Jenny, then at Billie, who was suddenly
looking slightly worried. "Billie darling, have you told your mother
what you told me, about your dates, I mean?" Billie blushed slightly
and nodded, "Yes Daddy, but not in so much detail, that's why she
said I should talk to you." I held her hand in mine, gave it a
reassuring squeeze then said to Jenny "Well Jenny darling, like I
told you before, I started by walking into the bathroom just as
Billie got out of the shower. She was naked at the time, and was
drying her hair with a towel." Jenny looked at Billie and said "Is
that how it happened Billie?" she nodded "Yes Mom, I guess we were
both surprised, and it took a few seconds for us both to realise what
was happening. I suppose Daddy had five seconds to look at me before
he turned round and closed the door when he went out." I sat there
quietly, looking at a picture on the wall. Jenny then said to me,
"Now tell me what happened in Billie's bedroom later." I shrugged my
shoulders and said "Billie asked me to go to her bedroom after I had
my shower because she wanted to have a private chat. I went in there,
and sat beside her on the bed so we were both comfortable. Billie
snuggled up close to me and I put my arm round her as we both lay
back against the bed head." Jenny looked at Billie again, "Well
Billie then what happened?" it seemed to me that Billie had suddenly
realised what was going on. She knew I wasn't too happy at the way
Jenny had got me into the position where I was having such an
intimate chat with her (our) daughter. "Well Mom, we just seemed to
slip down the bed until we were both laying down with me having
Daddy's arm round me. I must say Mom, I felt really weird laying down
with Daddy like that. I was all tingly, and felt so relaxed I almost
went to sleep. I guess it was because I felt really safe for the
first time in years and years." Jenny's grim face suddenly softened
when she heard what Billie had said, but still asked her "What about
Daddy telling me you grabbed his penis as he tried to get off the
bed. You didn't really do that did you darling?" Billie looked at me,
began to giggle and thumped me on the arm as she said to Jenny "Oh,
Mom, that was an accident, my hand slipped when I was trying to sit
up. It just so happened I ended up pressing hard on Daddy before I
could stop myself. Mind you Mom, I was surprised when I realised
Daddy had an erection. It was my fault too, I guess he couldn't help
it with me describing in some detail what I did with my dates."

As she sat there watching her mother glaring at me Billie seemed
worried and said "Did I do something wrong Mom. I didn't mean to let
Daddy see me naked. And I certainly did know he would get an erection
when I told him how I let my dates get their hands on my breasts. And
I honestly didn't mean to touch his penis, it really was an
accident." I put my arms round Billie's shoulders, hugged her close
and said softly "It's all right Billie darling, it's not you your mom
is mad at, it's me and her. Me for winding her up, and her for
falling for it." Billie looked at Jenny, saw she was suddenly smiling
and said "Daddy's right darling, none of it was your fault, and I can
understand why Daddy got an erection looking at your naked body, any
male, man or boy, would have the same reaction. Now let's you and me
go upstairs and have a chat about what's happened, shall we?" I was
left on my own for a while, until Freddie and Jackie came in from
their own dates a few minutes later. They'd been to a friends party,
Billie had been invited but preferred to stay home and have her chat
with me instead. Freddie and Jackie spent the next hour telling me
all about the party, who was there, what they did, and who got drunk.
Here I looked at them and tried to smell their breath, getting a
giggle from them both as Freddie said "Oh, it's OK Daddy, we didn't
have anything stronger than a Coke, and a diet one at that. That was
something our real Daddy told us all about, how stupid it is to drink
when we're still young." "Besides" said Jackie, "We saw what happened
to one of the girls that did drink too much, she had six boys getting
their hands all over her body, even inside her panties. We made our
dates stop it going any further and took her home when we came away."
By now I was leaning back against the cushions on the sofa and the
girls were snuggled up close to me with my arms round their shoulders
as they laid their heads on my chest. That's when Jenny decided to
walk back into the room, and when I thought I was going to be in
serious trouble when we went to bed. As it was Jenny sat in an
armchair and looked on approvingly at the way her daughters felt safe
enough with me to snuggle up close like they were. A short while
later Jenny told the girls it was time for them to go to bed, and we
followed them upstairs after I'd locked up.

I was just getting into bed when Jenny came into the bedroom and told
me to put my dressing gown on. Puzzled I did as she asked, then
almost took it off again when she told me why I'd got it on. "Jack
darling, I want you to go into the girls bedroom, tuck them in and
kiss them goodnight. Just like a Daddy would for his little girls." I
was about to make the point these girls weren't so little, when Jenny
grinned and said "I know darling, they're not little girls, but their
father never did it after they got to be about seven, and Billie
suddenly wants you to do everything he never would do. Please Jack
darling, don't disappoint her, she's so looking forward to it, and
I'm sure the other two won't refuse if you offer to do it for them
too." The only thing that made me acquiesce was that I thought it
might help my corner when it came to Jenny punishing me for the way I
wound her up over the Billie episode. I knocked on the girls bedroom
door, Billie called "Come in Daddy" and I walked in to find Freddie
standing there in her bra and panties, looking shocked at the way
Billie had put her in this position. "OH, I'm sorry Freddie darling"
I said, and turned my back on her so she could finish undressing and
getting into bed. "OK Daddy" said Freddie, and I turned round and
smiled at her as I went to sit on Billie's bed. "I don't know if I
should do what your mother asked me to do after that little episode
Billie darling" Billie blushed, and I could see a tear forming in her
eye as she said "I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't realise Freddie was still
undressing. I won't do it again Daddy, I promise." I took her cheeks
tenderly in my hands, leaned forward, and kissed away her tears, I
then told her to lay down, covering her up and tucking the bedclothes
under the edge if the mattress before sitting beside her once more,
this time leaning over to kiss her tenderly on the lips saying
"Goodnight Billie darling." The instant Freddie and Jackie saw what
had happened they were sitting up and I could see their hard erect
nipples pressing against the thin fabric of their night dresses. "I
suppose you two want the same" I said, trying to sound as exasperated
as I could. "Oh, please Daddy" gasped Freddie and Jackie just sat and
nodded. I did the same for them as I had for Billie, although they
both got one up on her by putting their arms round my neck and
hanging on tight as I kissed them. In the end I was able to put out
their bedroom light, and wish them a final 'goodnight' before closing
the door and making my way back to my own bed. When I got in beside
Jenny I sat up, waiting for her to start on me for what happened
earlier. All that actually happened was that she asked me what had
been Billie's reaction to my kissing her goodnight. "Well, they all
seemed to enjoy it, despite me telling Billie it might be her last
time." I replied, then told her what happened when I opened the
bedroom door. This made Jenny laugh, "Oh, don't be such an old prude
Jack darling. It was only a simple slip, and I'm sure Freddie wasn't
too upset, after all, you'd have seen more of her if she had been
wearing a bikini on the beach, and believe me darling, I've seen the
girls swim wear." So it was that for the next couple of weeks I
tucked the girls in, and kissed them tenderly before wishing them
goodnight. The more I did it, the more all three of them relaxed with
me about the house. Things almost got out of hand one night when I
knocked on their bedroom door, Freddie called a muffled 'come in' and
I went in to find her half in her nightie, and it was her top half
in, her bare bottom was staring me in the face as she shimmied
herself into her night wear.

I sat beside Billie after tucking her in, kissed her tenderly and
smiled as she turned on her side and snuggled down under the sheet,
closing her eyes as she did so. Jackie did the same, and seemed to go
straight to sleep. When I came to Freddie I tucked her in, kissed her
softly then said very softly "Freddie darling, if you do that to me
again I'll show you what a real Daddy does to naughty girls that
tease their Daddy by showing him their bare bottom. Do you understand
me darling?" Freddie went slightly pale, then I saw her give a tiny
shudder as she nodded and said softly "Yes Daddy, I understand. Do
you really mean it, you'd spank my bare bottom if I was naughty like
that again?" Hoping to nip things in the bud, I nodded "Yes Freddie
darling, and I'm going to tell your mother what I've just told you,
understand?" she just nodded in silence, then snuggled down, closed
her eyes and seemingly went to sleep with a soft smile on her lips.
When I got into bed with Jenny I told her what I said I'd do to
Freddie, "Don't worry darling" I said "I doubt if it'll come to me
actually having to do it. I'm sure Freddie realised I was serious
about her not showing parts of her naked body to me." Looking at me
more strangely than ever before Jenny said "Do you thing it was wise
Jack darling, I mean, what if something like it does happen. You know
you'll have to spank her if you're going to keep their respect for
your authority over them, don't you?" I laughed it off, and told
Jenny not to worry about nothing. I was just beginning to believe I
was right and Jenny was wrong when a week later, on Friday evening, I
came in late from work, went up for a shower and, as it was so late
put on my pyjama bottoms and bath robe prior to going down stairs. I
was just passing the girls partly open bedroom door when I heard a
yell from inside. Worried that one of them had hurt herself I knocked
on the door and pushed it all the way open and stepped inside, to
find Freddie doing a hand stand on her bed, her feet against the wall
and her T-shirt nightie falling down over her head and arms. This of
course wouldn't have been too bad had she been wearing panties and a
bra. She wasn't, and I was greeted with a view of her naked body from
armpit to ankle. I must admit it was another beautiful teenage body
to be looking at, until it suddenly dawned on me that I was being set
up. All this took just a few seconds to go through my mind, and it
was during this short time I made a noise that Freddie heard, making
her look up from under the hem of her nightie and gasp out "Daddy!!,
what are you doing?" As she relaxed and fell spread-eagled on to the
bed she showed me her soft, down covered, pussy, before closing her
thighs after a long few seconds of overt display. "I'm sorry Freddie
darling, I heard you cry out and thought you were in trouble. I guess
I came in at the wrong time, didn't I?" Freddie sat there for a few
moments just looking at me, and at the swelling that was appearing in
the front of my pants. In an effort to get away I said "I'll leave
you to get decent darling" and spun round and almost dashed out of
the room and down the stairs to get a beer from the fridge. In fact I
took two, and went into my Den to be out of the way if any shit was
going to be hitting the metaphorical fan when Freddie came down to
the family room. I was almost finished my second one when Jenny came
in and sat beside me on the sofa, slipped her arm round me and leaned
her head on my shoulder. After a minute or so she sat up and said "I
hate to say I told you so Jack darling, but I did tell you what would
happen, didn't I?" I took a deep breath, "What are you talking about
Jenny my love" I said, as I tipped my head back to drain the last
drops of beer from the bottle. "Don't try to bluff your way out of
this one Jack darling, it won't work. All the girls heard you tell
Freddie she would be spanked if she showed you her naked bottom
again, and they all know what just happened in their bedroom."
"How..", Jenny laughed, "Why Freddie of course, she came down and
told all of us what happened. She's now waiting for me to go back and
tell her when she gets to be spanked for being naughty" Jenny paused,
looking at me expectantly, and waited until I said "I'm sorry Jenny
darling. You'll have to tell her you talked me out of it. I can't
spank one of your girls, they're much too old for that sort of
thing." Jenny chuckled softly "I rather think they're a little too
young for that sort of thing Jack darling, especially Freddie, I
could understand it if it had been Billie, she's been sort of active
for some time, although I think she's still 'intact' so to speak."
Now I was worried, seriously so. "Jenny darling, you can't mean you
actually want me to spank Freddie's bottom" I gasped. "'Fraid so my
love, preferable with me and the girls watching, that way there can
be no funny business, like silly patting instead of firm slaps,
understand?" For the next twenty minutes I tried to convince Jenny
that it wasn't a good idea for me to chastise one of her daughters,
especially as she was underage. Jenny's response to that was "Oh, I
see, so you'd do it if she were eighteen would you?" it took almost
forever to talk myself out of that one, and I still lost the overall
argument. That's why I ended up sitting on a hard backed chair in the
middle of the Den waiting for Jenny to bring her daughters in, two to
watch and one to be spanked. Well, at least Freddie would be wearing
panties, and her nightie was long enough to cover her bottom while I
was spanking her, of course she would, wouldn't she?" NOPE!

When Billie's and Jackie were sat on the sofa Jenny brought Freddie
over and told her to lay across my lap, she also told me to open my
knees a little so Freddie would have something to lay her abdomen on.
As it was Freddie was laying with her hips close up to my right
thigh, and her breasts were just hanging over my left. I placed my
left hand across Freddie's shoulders to hold her still and lifted my
right hand to shoulder height and brought it down firmly and noisily
on to Freddie's fabric covered buttocks. This made Freddie jump, but
she didn't utter a sound, so I knew I hadn't hurt her, which was my
intention of course. "That's no good darling" said Jenny firmly and
stepped up close to Freddie and I and lifted the hem of Freddie's
nightie. "Mom!" said Freddie as she strained to look back at what
Jenny was doing "Be quiet" said Jenny firmly "If you're going to be
spanked, you're going to be spanked properly, all right?" "Yes Mom"
said Freddie softly as she lifted her now uncovered bottom slightly.
Uncovered and very naked, "Jenny" I whispered "She's got no panties
on. I can't spank her bare bottom, it's not right!" Jenny smiled then
placed her lips close to my ear and whispered softly "Of course you
can my love, it's what Freddie wants you to do. It's what will make
her know you love her, love her enough to punish her for being
naughty. Please Jack darling, spank my baby properly. Like a loving
father would." Jenny kissed me softly, stepped back and smiled as I
nodded my head in agreement. I then placed my hand on Freddie's bare
bottom and gave her a quick sharp slap on the right cheek saying in a
stern voice "If I have to spank you again for any reason young lady,
you'll please remember to be wearing panties. It will be part of the
punishment to have ME remove them before I spank you. Do you
understand?" "Yes Daddy" gasped Freddie as I continued to spank her
noisily but not too hard. I did manage to make her cheeks start to
glow, and I could feel the warmth of them after a few times of my
hand landing on her soft smooth flesh. The one thing I did notice was
that Freddie didn't even get close to crying, despite me hearing a
few sharp intakes of breath from time to time. As I ended her
spanking I felt Freddie shift her lower end slightly, and somehow
ended up with my hand resting where the slight swell of her buttocks
joined the top of her wonderful firm thighs. That's when I got my
biggest shock. My palm was suddenly covered with a moist coating, and
I could just get the aroma of female arousal. This was something I
was good at recognising, mainly from my experiences with Jenny. It
took me a moment or two but I eventually came to the conclusion that
Freddie had been well and truly aroused by my spanking, and when I
looked up I could see Jenny smiling at my sudden discomfort. Quickly
I pulled Freddie's nightie down and helped her to stand up again.
"Right, don't make me angry again will you please Freddie, or I'll
have to think seriously about spanking you again, and you don't want
that, now, do you?" who was I kidding, as soon as I saw her face I
knew Freddie had loved every second of what I just did for her, yes,
FOR her, not TO her. I looked Freddie in the eyes and saw them
smiling at me as I tried to be stern with her, "Yes Daddy" she said
softly "I understand, and I'm sorry I was naughty so you had to spank
me." She then smiled sweetly, leaned forward and kissed me softly on
the lips whispering "I love you Daddy" as she got close to my face.
"I love you too" I whispered as she stood up before going to sit
beside her sisters on the sofa.

"Right girls, time for bed, Daddy will be up soon to tuck you in"
said Jenny and the girls jumped up and almost ran out of the room,
wanting to find out what it had felt like to be spanked by Daddy.
When Jenny and I were alone I turned to her and said "You do realise
Freddie was getting very aroused while I was spanking her. I knew it
wasn't a good idea to do it." Jenny smiled "Of course I knew darling,
I saw her getting moist as soon as your hand touched her bottom. If
you'd touched her bottom a few more time I think she would have had
an orgasm." "Wha.." "Oh, don't be so silly Jack darling, that's why
she wanted you to spank her. It was the only way she knew of getting
you to touch her bare bottom. You see, the other two will be wanting
it now, especially when Freddie tells them how close she was to
cumming." I stood there open mouthed and speechless as I tried to
take in what Jenny was saying. When I got my speech back I said "Are
you telling me you approve of what happened?" Jenny took my hand,
pulled me over to sit on the sofa then sat herself down on my lap,
putting her arms round my neck and hugging me tight. "Jack darling,
of course I approve, why else do you think I sat there watching
everything you were doing. Believe me darling, if you'd done anything
I didn't approve of I'd have soon stopped you. As it was I almost
made you continue until Freddie actually did come. Honestly darling,
you did nothing bad to Freddie, in fact you made her understand how
much you love her by spanking her when you hated every second you
were doing it." I took a deep breath, "What happens now?" I asked,
and Jenny slipped off my lap, pulled me to my feet and said, with a
smile "Now darling, you go and tuck the girls in, kiss them goodnight
then come to bed with me where we will continue this conversation,
all right?" I nodded, smiled and kissed her tenderly "Yes Jenny my
love," and went round the house locking up before going to knock on
the girls bedroom door, "Come in Daddy" called Billie, and I opened
the door a crack and said through the gap "Is everyone decent?" the
girls all laughed as I peered round the edge of the door making sure
the coast was clear of half naked girls. As I sat on the edge of
Billie's bed after tucking her in she put her arms round my neck and
pulled me down so she could place her lips on mine. After giving me a
hot passionate kiss she said softly "You're the best Daddy any girl
could have, and I love you so very much." I kissed away the tiny tear
that appeared in the corner of her eye and said "I did promise to be
the best Daddy I could, didn't I?" She nodded, then kissed me again,
letting me sit up at last to go to her sisters. I tucked Jackie in
and kissed her tenderly, getting a shock when she whispered "Daddy,
if I was naughty would you spank me too please. I've never been
spanked before, you see." I looked at her intently, then remembering
what Jenny had said replied "I suppose I'd have to, wouldn't I
darling. After all I did it for your sister, so I'd have to do it for
you." She grinned broadly and said "Oh, thank you Daddy" and kissed
me warmly before snuggling down to do to sleep and, I suppose, dream
about being spanked by Daddy. When I sat on the edge of Freddie's bed
she lay there smiling up at me, her face so full of happiness you'd
never guess she'd just had her bottom warmed by my hand. "Your bottom
isn't sore is it darling?" I asked softly. Freddie shook her head,
and said "No Daddy, it's not even warm now, would you like to feel
it?" I smiled and shook my head , "No thank you darling, I think I've
had my hand on your bottom more than enough this evening, don't you?"
Freddie blushed then giggled, "Please Daddy, just feel it, so you
know you didn't hurt me, I won't tell anyone, I promise." I shook my
head once more, and once more she pleaded with me, even turning over
and pulling the bed clothes to one side to bare her bottom. In the
end I couldn't resist and placed my hand flat on her naked bottom,
slowly moving it round each firm rounded cheek, and down to move
across the tops of her thighs. This was where my touch brought a low
moan of pleasure from Freddie, and made me remove my hand and cover
her up once more. As I covered her up again Freddie turned over,
smiled up at me and said softly "Thank you Daddy, that was wonderful"
then she turned over and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

As I walked past the end of Jackies bed she opened her eyes, looked
at me and said "Daddy, would you please stroke my bottom please, just
like you did for Jackie?" It seemed I'd really let myself in for
something this time. There was no way I could refuse to do for one
what I'd already done for another. With that in mind I sat beside her
and said "OK darling, but quickly, or we'll have your mother coming
in to see what's taking me so long." In a flash Freddie had the
covers off her and her nightie pulled up baring her wonderful firm
rounded cheeks. The instant I placed my hand on her naked flesh she
gave a moan and I felt a tremor ripple through her body. Pressing
gently with the palm of my hand I gently stroked my hand over and
round each cheek in turn, then gave her a sharp slap on both cheeks
together saying "OK Freddie darling, that's enough, get covered up
please." Almost reluctantly Freddie pulled her nightie down, then
pulled the bedclothes up to her chin before whispering "Thank you
Daddy, that felt really great. I love you." I bent to kiss her
tenderly before moving over to Billie's bed. As soon as I sat on the
edge Billie opened her eyes and looked up at me as I bent over her
and said "Well Billie darling, are you too old for silly games like
the other two" Slowly she shook her head then said in a low whisper
"No Daddy, at least not when it's you playing with me. Will you
please stroke my bottom too darling, I want to see if it's any better
than when one of my dates touches me." "I don't think.." I started to
say, when Billie turned on to her front pushed the bedclothes down,
and pulled her nightie up. Once her bottom was bare she turned to
look at me and said softly "Please Daddy, please touch my bottom."
Slowly I placed my hand on the swell of her left cheek, cupped my
hand and gently squeezed her firm buttock, before moving across and
doing the same to the other one. After a moment or two I laid the
flat of my hand on her bottom and gently stroked it all over her
naked flesh. Then Billie stretched back, took my wrist in her hand
and moved my hand down to rest between her upper thighs, my thumb
touching her hot wet and very swollen pussy lips. "Please Daddy,
please stroke me, show me those boys weren't doing it right" she
whispered so softly I almost didn't hear what she said. "No darling.
I can't" I whispered, but as I pulled my hand away I couldn't resist
the urge to press my thumb against her sex, coating it with her
juices that had begun to flow copiously from her vagina. As soon as
my hand was free I lifted it and brought it down on her bare bottom
firmly and noisily before saying "Behave yourself young lady" loud
enough for the other two to hear. I then covered Billie up, stood up
and walked to the door on legs that threatened to give way at any
moment. "Goodnight girls, sleep well" I said as I turned out the
light, and before I closed the door I heard them all say "I will
Daddy, goodnight."

Before I could get into bed with Jenny I had to go to the bathroom
and wash my hands. Especially the one that was coated with Billie's
emissions. The problem was that I couldn't resist putting my thumb to
my lips and getting a taste of Billie before I washed my hands clean.
The taste of her, as well as the smell of her, was enough to give me
an erection I found impossible to hide as I eventually got into bed
with Jenny. As I knew I couldn't hide it I didn't even try, and the
sight of my cock waving at attention as I slipped into bed beside her
made Jenny gasp and say "Well, if this is what I can expect when you
kiss the girls goodnight, you can carry on doing it for as long as
you like." I lay there in silence for some time before finally
turning over to face Jenny and possible the music. Haltingly I told
Jenny what I'd just been doing, ending up by saying "I'm sorry Jenny
darling, I shouldn't have done any of that, especially what I did
with Billie. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again, and that also
means I'll stop going into their bedroom while they're in bed, all
right Jenny my love?" My current problem was that I still had a
raging hard on. I just couldn't get the feel of Billie's soft wet
pussy lips against the side of my thumb, out of my mind. Jenny saw
the state I was in and quickly knelt up and in a flash was straddling
me, settling her body down on my erection, gasping out loud as she
sank down to sit on my thighs. She looked down at me, smiled and said
"Jack darling, if you even think about not kissing those girls
goodnight this is the last time you feel me sitting on your hard
throbbing penis. As for what you did for the girls tonight, I'd be
more upset if you'd refused to do it." Jenny began to rock back and
forth on my hard cock as she spoke, "As for what Billie asked you to
do, I'll have to ask her in the morning if it felt better when you
touched her, than when she let one of her dates do it. I reckon I
know her answer, she'll say it was you. You see Jack darling, she
really wanted you to touch her like that, she felt it was her duty to
let her dates touch her. That's why she can't get second dates
darling, she doesn't like them touching her really." Suddenly Jenny
stopped dead, leaned forward until she was resting on her elbows and
her face was inches from mine, then she dropped her bombshell. "You
know Jack darling, what Billie really needs is a few lessons on how
to make love, and I think you'd be the perfect person to teach her.
It would be better than her getting hurt in the back of a car by some
hormone crazed teenager. At least doing it here and with a good deal
of comfort will be much better." Despite my profound shock at what
Jenny was suggesting I'm afraid my body, at least my cock, gave me
away because Jenny burst out laughing as she felt the almighty jump
it gave as her suggestion reached the part of my brain that
controlled my blood flow. "That settles it Jack darling" she said
laughing, "At least the main participant agrees with me, all we have
to do now is to decide how and when to broach the subject to her. In
the mean time darling, let's finish what we're doing, then we can get
some sleep." Despite my conscience telling me this was wrong it
wasn't long before Jenny and I were both coming to a loud mutual
orgasm, and I was hoping that the girls were fast asleep and couldn't
hear the noise we were making.
Next day I was on tenterhooks, and spent most of it looking over my
shoulder to see what Jenny and Billie might be plotting. I was
suddenly feeling like I was the victim, despite my reluctance to lay
a hand on Billie in a sexual manner. It wasn't that I was frightened
of any legal repercussions, I was sure that Jenny wouldn't let things
get that far. I was frightened that I might end up traumatising
Billie my subjecting her to sexual acts she might have no experience
of. In fact I knew she had no real experience, Jenny's suggestion
that I teach Billie was proof of that. I just didn't feel it right
that I should think of making love to someone so young, and someone
so close to me despite the fact that she wasn't actually relayed to
me, she still accepted me as a father figure, with all the authority
and responsibility that went with it. DAMN!! I suddenly realised I
was rambling, and also realised I was trying to justify my wanting to
refuse to do what Jenny had suggested. I also knew it was going to be
the most erotic thing ever to happen to me when it did happen as I
was sure it would in the end. After all what man could actually
refuse the opportunity to pop the cherry of a willing teenage girl. I
accepted that I wasn't going to, and stopped acting like an idiot and
went to find Jenny to tell her my decision. I needn't have worried,
Jenny was looking for me, and when we met in the kitchen where I'd
gone to get a cool beer she said "Well darling, are you ready for
your first lesson tonight?" I nodded, sighed and said "Yes Jenny
darling, I guess so. How do we do this, it'll be my first time
teaching a girl with her mother to help when I get into
difficulties." Jenny grinned, put her arms round my neck and kissed
me tenderly. "Jack darling, it'll be a first for all of us. For me,
helping my husband make love to anyone else while I'm there, let
alone that it'll be my daughter. For Billie who's looking forward to
having a loving Daddy willing to teach her how to be a woman. She's
so excited she almost came down and dragged you up to her bed a few
minutes ago. What I told her to do was to get close to you during
today, you know, hugs and kisses whenever you near each other.
Hopefully that will build up a good deal of arousal between you for
when we go to bed tonight." As I sat beside Jenny, digesting what
she'd just told me as I sipped my beer I suddenly thought of a
problem that hadn't been discussed. "What about Freddie and Jackie
darling. I assume you haven't told them what's happening." Jenny
chuckled "Of course I have Jack darling. This isn't something that
can be kept a secret with all of us in such a small house. If the
noise didn't tell them what was happening certainly the way Billie
will be acting in the morning will do so." I suddenly went pale, and
that started Jenny laughing softly once more. "Oh, I'm sorry Jack
darling. Has it just dawned on you that there will be two more
queuing up for the same before very much longer. I was pretty sure
you realised Freddie and Jackie wouldn't let an opportunity like this
pass by, after all darling. They're just as mature and active as
Billie, even if they don't have the same problems that Billie has.
Don't worry my love, I'll protect you for as long as I can." I
suppose I was being a bit nave not realising Freddie and Jackie
would want the same as Billie, so I decided it would be better to
accept it for now, rather than make an issue of it. "OK Jenny my
love, I guess I've let myself in for more than I realised. Just make
sure that the girls keep quiet about what's going to be going on,
won't you. I don't want to get known as a child abuser." Jenny was
about to say something very strong, if the expression on her face was
anything to go by, when Billie walked into the kitchen, saw me
sitting at the table and came and sat down on my lap. Giving me a
sweet smile Billie slipped her arms round my neck and touched her
soft moist lips to mine in as sensual a kiss as I'd experienced for a
long time. It suddenly made me wonder where she'd learned to kiss
like that. "Thanks for being a wonderful Daddy" Billie said when
she'd removed her lips from mine, "I love you loads and loads, much
more that my real father." By now I'd got my arms round her waist and
decided to see how she'd react to a little touching from me. As
Billie kissed me again I gently slipped one hand up her abdomen to
tenderly cup one of her wonderful firm rounded young breasts, and
hold it firmly as I rubbed the side of my thumb across her suddenly
turgid nipple. I got a reaction all right, even Jenny was surprised
when Billie gasped put loud and arched her back, pressing her breast
harder into the palm of my hand. As she did this Billie groaned "Oh,
yes darling, harder please, press harder please darling." I
immediately removed my hand, making Billie gasp out "Oh, no Daddy
darling, leave it there please." I placed a hand on the back of her
head and brought her lips down to mine, making her understand I was
kissing her this time. I then said softly "Don't be greedy Billie
darling, we have all day to do little things like that, haven't we?"
giving a deep sigh Billie smiled and nodded "Yes Daddy, I'm sorry if
I seemed impatient, the trouble is that I am. I so want to feel your
strong hands on my body, making me shiver with pleasure as you touch
all my sensitive bits. Shall I tell you where they all are Daddy?"
Jenny chuckled, then said "Don't be silly Billie darling. Let Daddy
find out, it'll be more fun for all of us, especially the two of you,
and believe me darling, you'll soon let us all know when Daddy finds
one." I gave Billie a pat on the bottom and gently pushed her off my
lap, something she seemed reluctant to allow initially. In the end
Billie walked towards the kitchen door, turned to blow me a kiss,
then bounced out to go and find her sisters to bring them up to date
on what was happening.

Suddenly, for no real reason I relaxed. It had got through to me that
not only was Jenny more than happy for me to be getting so close to
Billie, but that Billie was not just happy about it, she was eagerly
looking forward to getting into bed with me and starting a sexual
relationship. That was the moment that I shut down my conscience and
decided to throw myself into making things as good for Billie as I
could. Knowing full well that it would be just as good, if not
better, for me to be having consensual sex with a teenage virgin. I
suppose it was this last fact that made up my mind, after all how
many men would really turn down the chance of making love to a girl,
knowing they would be her first lover. It so happened that a moment
or two later Billie walked past me as I stood in the kitchen. I put
out my arm, wrapped it round her waist and pulled her close to me,
placing my lips to hers and kissing her as sensually as I could. This
left Billie gasping and very flushed as it was the first really hot
kiss she had ever experienced. "Oh, WOW Daddy, I wish some of my
dates had kissed me like that, I might have been more receptive to
what they were trying to do." I chuckled softly, "Well in that case
Billie darling, I'm glad they didn't kiss you like that." She looked
up at me, smiled alluringly and said softly "Oh, why's that Daddy?" I
took her chin between finger and thumb, lifted her face a little,
looked into her eyes and whispered "Because it would have meant I
wouldn't have the chance of teaching you what lovemaking is all
about, and that would have been a great pity, my love." Billie
slipped her arms round my waist and hugged me as tight as she could
while still looking into my eyes "Do you really want to teach me how
to make love, Daddy?" I lowered my lips to hers into a soft tender
loving kiss, then said "I really do darling, just so long as you want
me to be the one to teach you. You have to understand that I'll never
do anything that you don't want. All you have to do my darling, is to
tell me to stop, and I will do as you ask. That's a promise my love."
I saw a grin pass over Billie's face and she said "OK Daddy, then
stop talking and kiss me like you'd kiss mom when you're about to
start making love to her." With that she threw her arms round my neck
and pulled me down to press my lips to hers in a long hot passionate
kiss the like of which I'd always kept for Jenny up to now. After a
few moments Billie pulled back, took a deep breath and gave a shudder
before saying "Damn, now I know why mom makes so much noise during
the night." She then passed one hand between us and I felt her
lifting her skirt before she said "Daddy, put your hands inside my
panties and see how wet you've made me just by kissing me." I was
about to refuse when I heard Jenny say, from behind me "Don't be
silly Jack darling, I want to see how wet she is too, especially
after watching you kiss her like you kiss me." Nothing loth, I
slipped one hand down Billie's abdomen until I found the waistband of
her panties then I pressed on until I had her swollen and VERY wet
pussy cupped in the palm of my hand. That was the signal for Billie
to open her thighs a little more and press her body down hard on to
my hand as she rubbed her pussy lips back and forth against my palm.
As she was doing this she laid her head on my chest and hugged me as
tight as she could, giving a soft moan of "Nooo.. Daddy" as I began
to withdraw my hand from between her legs. When Jenny saw the state
of my palm, soaked as it was with Billie's virginal emissions, she
chuckled and said softly "I suppose if we lay you on the kitchen
table Billie, you'd be ready and willing for Daddy to pop your
cherry?" Billie stood up, leaned against me and said "I guess I would
Mom, but I really do want Daddy to do that in bed where I can cuddle
up to him afterwards and feel all safe and warm. Besides, I thought
it was supposed to be somewhere comfortable the first time?" Jenny
grinned "Oh, believe be Billie darling, the kitchen table is far more
comfortable than the back seat of a car in the dark."

After Billie had dropped her skirt and given her hips a wriggle she
gave me a tender peck on the cheek and left Jenny and I together. We
went into my Den and sat together on the sofa, where Jenny said "Did
you get a taste of Billie, darling?" I blushed slightly, suddenly
feeling embarrassed at the thought of doing something like that while
Jenny was watching. I then saw a strange look in Jenny's eyes as she
took my hand and almost forced my still curled fingers open. She then
slowly lifted my hand to my face where I made much of taking a deep
sniff of the aromatic moisture that coated my hand. I then put out my
tongue as far as I could and placed it flat on to my palm, licking a
wide swathe across the skin, before taking it back into my mouth and
sucking hard to get a taste. It was then that I recognised the look
on Jenny face, lust, pure and simple. In fact she looked as if she
was about to climax. I decided to see if I could bring things to a
head and offered my hand to Jenny so she could do the same as I had,
if she wanted to. There was a pause as Jenny looked deeply into my
eyes, saw me smiling encouragingly, then lowered her lips to my hand,
sniffing deeply and sucking like a Hoover as she flicked the tip of
her tongue in and out while she moved her mouth back and forth. For
some reason I reached out with my free hand and gently cupped one of
her breasts, flicking the suddenly hard rigid nipple with the side of
my thumb. This made Jenny give aloud moan of ecstasy as she sucked on
my palm, so I moved my hand down to slip it up her skirt and press
two fingers under the leg band of her panties and into her hot wet
and very swollen pussy lips. Resisting her attempt to hold my hand
between her thighs I brought my now wet fingers to my mouth and
sucked them deep inside, wiping my tongue round them to extract every
drop of Jenny's juices I could "Hmmm.. almost identical" I murmured,
"Except yours are a little more mature Jenny my love." "Oh, DAMN!"
said Jenny forcefully, and the next thing I knew she was straddling
my lap, pulling my zipper down and freeing my hard throbbing cock.
Before I could remonstrate about the girls being around the house
Jenny had pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and was
lowering herself on to my erection. Now her hands were free she
placed them on my shoulders, pressed me against the back of the sofa
and placed her lips on mine kissing me passionately as she ground her
hips back and forth, working her cunt against my pulsating manhood
until she gave aloud cry of ecstasy and began to tremble as her
climax hit her like an express train. That was the moment sex was
brought out into the open in the family. As Jenny sat there on my
cock, crying and trembling as her orgasm rippled up and down her body
her three daughters came bursting into the room looks of concern on
their faces. "What's wrong Mom" cried Freddie as she stopped beside
Jenny. Billie laughed as she pulled her sister back and said in a
loud whisper "Oh, don't be so silly Sis, she's just been fucked by
Daddy, can't you see that. Come on, let's go and leave them alone."

Jenny lay almost collapsed with her head on my shoulder as she gasped
for breath, but she managed to say "No Billie, I want you girls to
stay for a minute if you will." This made me look askance, but I
looked at Billie and gave her a silent nod, so she took Freddie and
Jackie to sit in a couple of armchairs while Jenny regained her
breath. When this had been achieved Jenny lifted herself off my still
hard cock, managed to replace it in my pants before she did my zipper
up, then she slipped off my lap and sat beside me, facing the girls,
as she put her arm round my back and lay her head on my chest. After
a short pause for Jenny to gather her thoughts she sat up, looked at
the girls and said "I'm sorry if you were embarrassed at seeing Daddy
and me having sex like that girls. The thing was that something
happened between us and I just had to have Daddy's hard penis inside
me so I could have an orgasm. It's called being horny, in fact
extremely horny is a better description. It's something that happens
to men and women when they get aroused by the sight, touch, smell or
taste of someone they love." Jenny paused for a moment then continued
"Freddie and Jackie, you both know that Daddy is going to teach
Billie how to make love, and that will include her losing her
virginity if she wants to. No one is forcing her to do this, as I'm
sure you already know.." Freddie and Jackie both grinned broadly and
nodded vigorously, it seemed Billie had already told them what she'd
made me do earlier. "Well, I suppose it's time for you all to realise
that Daddy and I make love an awful lot, although we haven't done
much during the day since you've been with us, as we didn't want to
embarrass you by having you hear or even see us." Freddie and Jackie
both giggled and Billie said "That's a bit silly Mom, especially with
the amount of noise you make at night. We've always known how many
times you cum, your screams tell us." It was now Jenny's turn to
blush, and mine to say "I told you I should be tying you down and
gagging you more often darling" words which got a giggle from the
girls and a thump from Jenny. Jenny then continued "Well girls, I
suppose you're going to have to get used to hearing more cries of
pleasure from me in the future. There will be one very hard and fast
rule to be obeyed by all three of you, and that is if the door to
this room is closed you stay out, no matter what you hear going on
inside. Understood?" All three of them smiled shyly as they nodded
their understanding, and Jenny smiled back at them and said "Right, I
think it's time we started to get dinner ready, don't you. For some
reason I'm suddenly very hungry." This brought a peal of laughter
from the girls as they followed Jenny out to the kitchen to get our
meal ready. Billie came back a couple of minutes later with a cold
beer for me. She sat on my lap, kissed me tenderly and said "Will you
be making me scream with pleasure just like mom did?" I cupped one
breast in my hand, flicked her nipple with my thumb, getting a sigh
of pleasure from her as I replied "I certainly mean to try my love, I
certainly mean to try."

I was still a little uneasy in having Billie on my lap and touching
her breasts so openly. It was made worse by the fact that her sisters
were in the room and seemed to be accepting what was happening as if
it was normal. It was a while later that I discovered that Jenny and
the girls had planned what was happening, and what was going to
happen in some detail. But I'm getting ahead of myself. At about nine
o'clock Jenny said it was time for bed, Freddie and Jackie jumped up,
came to stand in front of me and Freddie said "You will come and tuck
us in won't you Daddy?" I looked up at her beautiful face and said
softly "Of course I will darling, you know I look forward to doing
it, and I wouldn't miss doing it for the world." Giving me a smile
they both went to bed to await my arrival for our now nightly ritual.
This evening was slightly different though. I followed Jenny and
Billie up, after locking the doors and heard Jenny saying to Freddie
and Jackie "Goodnight girls, be good" as she came out of their
bedroom, closing the door behind her. As I got to the door she smiled
at me and said softly "Don't be too long darling, Billie and I both
want to get on with proceedings." I gave her a quick peck on the
cheek and said I'd be as quick as I could. Jenny smiled as she turned
to go to our bedroom, leaving me to knock on the door. "Come in
Daddy" called Jackie, and I opened the door, stepped in and closed it
silently behind me. As I turned to face into the room I stopped dead
as I saw Freddie and Jackie sitting on their beds, resting on the
headboard and completely naked. I have to admit it was one of the
most erotic sights I've ever seen, two naked teenage virgins (which I
was certain they were) openly displaying their wonderful bodies to me
completely confident that they would come to no harm by so doing. "OK
girls" I said firmly "What's going on, you know I don't like to be
teased. Are you trying to get your revenge on Billie for what I'm
going to be doing with her tonight?" They both blushed slightly then
Freddie said "OH, no Daddy, honestly it's not that. It's just that we
asked mom if she would ask you to kiss us goodnight while we were in
the nude, and touch our breasts so we know what Billie's going to be
feeling later on. She said no, but that we could ask you ourselves. I
think she was rotten, but I thought this would get your attention."
By now I was sitting on Freddie bed, close up to her knees while she
lay back with her thighs slightly parted as she allowed them to
relax. This gave me a wonderful view of her down covered pussy, or at
least the top of her lips and her mons. I looked across at Jackie and
saw she was just as relaxed about openly displaying her nakedness to
me, and decided there and then to bring things out into the open. "OK
darlings" I said, "Do I assume that, as you're sitting here, naked,
and asking me to touch your naked bodies, that you're going to want
the same as Billie is asking for?" They both nodded, and I suddenly
realised that they weren't in the least embarrassed at admitting they
wanted me to have sex with them and seemingly be their first. "I
suppose you've discussed this with your mother, and that she approves
of what you're asking me to do?" Again they nodded, again without
embarrassment, this time though with a huge smile on each of their
faces as they realised I'd been hooked. I also realised I was about
to take that one step after which there'd be no turning back, and
burned my bridges by saying "You do realise my darling girls, that if
anyone knew what we were doing I could end up in prison for a very
long time. Therefore you have to promise never to tell anyone outside
this family what is going on. Understand?" "We promise Daddy darling"
they said in unison, and I thanked them with a big smile of my own.
"Right the girls, this time it's my rules. I want you both to lay
down with your arms tight by your side. This is so you don't get
tempted to grab me, so make sure you keep them still." In a flash
they were both laying on their backs, arms tight to their sides and
their eyes following me as I moved up to kneel beside Freddie. I bent
over her and placed my lips to hers in a soft tender loving kiss,
that seemed to last for hours. When at last I pulled away Freddie was
still laying with her eyes closed, and her lips barely open. This
soon changed as I moved my head down and placed my mouth over her
firm rounded breast, taking her hard rigid nipple between my front
teeth and gently nibbling at it as I flicked the tip with my moist
tongue. This brought a cry of pleasure from Freddie, one which was
echoed when I did the same thing to her other breast. I then moved
myself down her abdomen, laying a trail of kisses and tongue wipes
from beneath her titties over her belly, round her navel and stopping
momentarily at the start of her soft downy bush. Realising what was
about to happen Freddie quickly opened her thighs as far as she could
and as soon as there was room I placed my head between them and
extended my tongue as far as possible before wiping it as deep in
between her pussy lips as I could. The thought of what was going to
happen to Billie, as well as the kisses I'd already placed on her
body had got Freddie really aroused. I knew this because as I passed
down past her swollen clitoral bud I reached the aromatic, tasty and
very moist area close to her vaginal opening. When my lips were over
her virgin passage I pressed them to her lower lips and sucked as
hard as I could, pulling a flow of her juices into my mouth. I lifted
my head, looked up to Freddie's face and deliberately sucked on my
tongue, smiling as I did to let her know I liked the way she tasted.
"Kiss me Daddy" Freddie gasped, so I shuffled up the bed, lowered my
head and tenderly placed my lips on hers. I opened them as soon as I
felt Freddie's tongue pressing at my lips, and allowed her to wipe
her soft moist tongue around the inside of my mouth, getting a taste
of herself for the first time. After a moment or two I broke off the
kiss and whispered "Time to get into bed now Freddie darling, I have
to see to your sister." "Yes Daddy" was all Freddie was able to gasp
as she shuffled about to get under the bedclothes and turn on her
side so she could watch what was going to happen to Jackie.

As she had been watching what I'd done to her sister, Jackie had a
good idea of how she should lay when it came to her turn. She was
therefore laying with her arms by her side, her legs thrown wide
apart and her eyes fixed on me, watching my every move. Once more I
kissed Jackie tenderly before moving down to her firm rounded naked
breasts. Once there I sucked on each nipple in turn, flicking them
with my tongue, and wiping it's moistness all round her aureoles. I
then traced a line of kisses down her body, wriggling the tip of my
tongue in her belly button on my way down to her suddenly swollen
Mound of Venus. Like her sister Jackie had a fine covering of soft
down all over her mons, that also drifted over her wet and very puffy
pussy lips that just ached for a good licking. This I gave them, and
got a good mouthful of her copiously flowing juices at the same time.
Just like her sister Jackie cried out in ecstasy as I suckled on her
titties, she also cried out loud as I sucked on her cuntal lips.
Again I kissed her, and she also seemed to relish the taste of
herself before I told her to get into bed. While Jackie was sliding
under the covers I turned to tuck Freddie in, giving her a final
goodnight kiss and getting a "I love you Daddy" from her as I stroked
her hair. I then turned back to Jackie and did the same, getting the
same response after kissing her. Almost reluctantly I got up, went to
the door and before putting the light out said "Goodnight girls,
sleep well won't you?" "Oh, we will Daddy" they said together, and I
closed the door softly and turned to head to my own bedroom and
another young girl wanting my attention.

"About time too Daddy" said Billie as I closed the door behind me, "I
was beginning to think you'd forgotten all about me. What kept you so
long with the others?" I smiled at her as I said "Oh, I can't tell
you that Billie darling, I never talk about what I do in private, at
least not without permission. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to
ask the girls what we were doing, unless you want to do it now?"
Billie grinned up at me as I stood beside her, by now stripped down
to my shorts. I then saw her gaze drop to the bulge that had been
apparent since I left Freddie and Jackie snuggled down in their beds.
"No Daddy" Billie gasped softly and shifted over a few inches to make
room for me beside her. As I sat on the edge of the bed beside Billie
I glanced over to where Jenny was sitting up still, watching what was
going on between Billie and me. It suddenly struck me that the smile
on her beautiful face was absolutely genuine. Jenny was really happy
that I was about to initiate her eldest daughter into the mysteries
of sex. That was the moment that any remaining doubts I may have had
completely disappeared, and I swung round to lay down beside Billie
with a clear conscience and a hard prick. A prick that was so hard it
was pressing into Billie's thigh as I turned over to face her as she
lay on her back. I passed my upper arm across her abdomen and laid my
hand on her cheek turning her face towards me so that I could kiss
her tenderly. Billie immediately turned on her side and threw her
upper arm over my chest and pulled herself tight to me as she
increased the pressure of her lips on mine and pressed her tiny soft
moist tongue into my mouth in an effort to find mine. We spent a
moment or two tongue wrestling before Billie pulled back gasping for
breath and with a deep flush suffusing her upper chest and face.
After a moment or two Billie opened her eyes, looked at me and said
softly "Are you going to fuck me now Daddy?" Before I could answer
Jenny, who had slipped down the bed to lay beside us, said "Billie
darling, Daddy doesn't fuck anyone, he makes love to them, unless
it's a special fantasy, but that's a different thing all together"
and she grinned broadly at me, no doubt remembering some of the hot
times we'd had tying each other up. I grinned at Billie and said in a
soft tender voice "What I'm going to do now Billie my love, is to
show you just how much fun you can have, and still remain a virgin.
All you have to do is lay back, enjoy everything that's happening,
and let me know if I do something you like, OK?" Before Billie could
answer I had started to undo what I now realised was one of my pyjama
jackets. I also realised Jenny was wearing one too, and wondered
who's idea it had been to be dressed the same. Anyway, as the last
button came out the sides fell apart, baring Billie's wonderfully
firm, rounded and very flushed breasts to my gaze. Very gently I
placed one hand over her left breast and began to place a spiral of
kisses all round her right. By the time I'd reached her aureole with
my fingers my lips were there too, and I was suddenly kissing one
nipple as I flicked the other one with the side of my thumb. I'd
asked Billie to let me know if I did something she liked, and she
did, by letting out a long low moan of pleasure, and by putting her
arms round the back of my head and holding me tight to her nipple as
I suckled and flicked it with my tongue. Despite being held tight I
heard Jenny tell Billie to let go of my head so I could carry on with
what I'd started. When I was free I shifted over and treated her left
breast the same as I had her right. This brought more moans of
pleasure from Billie, and I continued to suck her breasts turn and
turn about for some few minutes before moving down to higher things.
trace a trail of kisses from between her firm flushed and very
swollen breasts down the length of her breastbone to continue down to
her tightly curled navel. Once there I wriggled the tip of my tongue
in and around it, but soon gave it up when I realised it was having
no effect on her state of arousal. A few inches later this changed,
and as I reached the start of the swelling of her down covered mons
Jenny was beginning to writhe about in anticipation of what was to
come. As I lay there gently chewing on Billie's pussy fur I felt the
covers being pulled off us, and opened my eyes to see Jenny was
gently lifting Billie's left leg and opening her thighs so I had
better access to my goal. This of course was Billie's soft, swollen
virginal pussy. I could already smell her arousal, it was almost as
strong as Jenny's, and just as arousing for me. In fact I had to stop
and force myself to do a quick set of mathematical calculations in an
effort to take my mind off my own state of readiness. When Billie had
her legs as far apart as she could get them I slowly moved my lips
down the length of hers, pressing the tip of my tongue deep into her
crack as it would go. As I was starting at her tightly covered
clitoral bud Billie was almost ready to cum by the time I got down to
the source of her aroma, and the veritable flood of juices that were
coating her vaginal lips and running over her tightly puckered
rosehole on to the sheet.

My aim was to bring Billie to orgasm and make sure that she was well
and truly lubricated before I tried to enter her tight virginal
pussy. I succeeded in spectacular style. The instant my tongue
slipped between Billie's pussy lips and into her slick vaginal
passage she clamped her thighs tight to my head, bucked her hips up
at my mouth and screamed out in ecstasy as she climaxed over and over
again, my tongue being still lodged deep in her cuntal opening.
Despite knowing what was about to happen Jenny was still taken by
surprise by the scale of Billie's orgasm. Her other girls were too,
because they came bursting into the bedroom to see why Billie was
screaming so loud. "It's all right girls, you can go back to bed, no
ones being murdered, it's just Billie enjoying herself" said Jenny
with a smile. "Oh, god, I hope I enjoy myself that much when it's my
turn" said Freddie as she and Jackie left us alone once more. This
made Jenny giggle, and she had hardly done when she bent down and
kissed me on the back of the neck and said softly "I think Billie
could do with a little rest Jack darling." I sat up and looked at
Jenny, smiling at her grin as she saw the way my face was covered by
Billie's cum. Before I could do anything about cleaning myself off
Jenny was leaning over and licking my lips and cheeks clean, and
thoroughly enjoying herself as she did it. "Mom, how can you do
that!" said Billie as she opened her eyes to the sight of her mother
licking her cum off my face. "Billie darling, I love the taste of
another woman's orgasmic juices, and the fact you're my daughter
makes if even more erotic when I lick them of Daddy's face." "Can
I.." Billie started, and I smiled as I bent down so she could lick my
chin where Jenny hadn't quite reached. When Billie had taken her
tongue back into her mouth and was sucking on it Jenny smiled down at
her and lowered her head and pressed her lips to Billie's in a soft
tender loving kiss. As they kissed I slipped my hand between Jenny's
thighs and pressed two fingers between her pussy lips and deep
inside, getting them coated with her own effusion. I then brought my
hand up to their faces so that as soon as they broke apart I was able
to offer Billie a taste of her mothers cunt. Seeing Billie was
reluctant she took one finger into her mouth and sucked hard on it,
she then took my hand a placed the other finger to Billie's lips,
rubbing it back and forth until she opened up and allowed my finger
tip to slip between them. A moment later and Billie was sucking hard
on my finger as she moved her head forward to engulf it in a single
movement. "Not so bad is it darling?" asked Jenny as she sat up once
more, Billie grinned shyly and shook her head "No Mom, I wonder what
Freddie and Jackie taste like?" "Why don't you find out tomorrow
darling?" said Jenny and pulled Billie up to sit beside her, both of
them now naked, while I still had my shorts on. As they sat there
Billie began to look a little disappointed, and she said "Is that it
Mom, I thought there'd be lots more for me to learn?"

Jenny chuckled as she climbed over Billie so she could get to my
other side. I ended up between them as Jenny said "Oh, don't worry
Billie my love, there is, and you will. Starting now" and she knelt
beside my hips and told Billie to do the same. "The thing is darling"
she said "The thing is that boys and men, including Daddy, have a
good deal of difficulty having more than one orgasm during a
lovemaking session" "But what about in sex videos" said Billie, "They
keep on doing it over and over again." Jenny and I both laughed, "No
darling, it's mainly faked" said Jenny, "Oh, don't get me wrong, most
men can still get an erection after having an orgasm, it's just that
they don't have too much semen available to cum again. It also means
that they'll usually last longer the second time. That's why we're
going to show you how to make Daddy last long enough for you to have
a good time." By now Billie was helping Jenny to pull down my shorts,
and as soon as the waistband was past my hard throbbing cock and it
was standing upright I heard her gasp. "Oh, WOW, it's alive!" gasped
Billie staring at my manhood as it pulsated before her eyes. Jenny
smiled softly as she wrapped one soft warm hand round my shaft,
telling Billie to do the same. The instant Billie's hand touched the
head of my cock it gave a huge jump making her jerk her hand away in
surprise. "What's the matter Billie darling?" asked Jenny as she took
Billie's hand and replaced it, "I thought you'd been giving your
dates hand jobs for ages?" Billie blushed as she nodded "I have Mom,
but they've never done that when I touched them, all that happens is
that they spurt as soon as I put my hand inside their pants." Jenny
raised her free hand, cupped Billie's chin in it and lifted her face
so Jenny could place a soft tender kiss on her daughters lips, "Don't
worry darling, that won't happen here, I'm going to show you how it
should be done so you and Daddy both get a lot of pleasure from
making love." With that Jenny began to give Billie a lesson in male
anatomy, a lesson so detailed I was soon gasping "Jenny darling,
don't be too long, I don't know how much more I can hold back."
Giving me a grin I suddenly didn't like Jenny leaned over to Billie,
whispered something in her ear that made her shake her head. Jenny
became more insistent until Billie gave a nod then leaned over to
kiss me tenderly on the lips and whisper "Please don't cum yet Daddy"
and I gave a yell as she pinched my right nipple. I had to admit it
stopped me wanting to cum for some time, long enough for Jenny to
show Billie how to use her tongue up the length of my shaft and round
the head of my cock. "Try doing this darling" said Jenny as she
wrapped her hand round my cockshaft and began to move it slowly up
and down, dragging the skin with it. Billie did as she was told, then
Jenny lowered her head and opened her mouth to engulf my cockhead,
wiping her moist tongue round and round as she sucked hard on my
throbbing flesh. After a moment or two Jenny lifted her head and told
Billie to do what she'd just done. Billie looked at Jenny, then at me
before smiling and opening her mouth to take me in deep. I almost
came as I felt the head of my cock scraping across the rough roof of
Billie's young mouth, only Jenny pinching my nipple once more took my
attention away from an orgasm long enough for Billie to lift her
mouth off my prick. Suddenly Jenny sat down beside me and laid
herself across my lower abdomen, telling Billie to do the same, but
over my thighs. This meant I couldn't see what they were doing, only
feel the effects. Not that I had anything to complain about because I
heard Jenny telling Billie how to use her lips on my thighs and groin
to bring me closer to orgasm. I then saw the two of them start to
kiss as I got so close to cumming I could hold back any longer. Jenny
had her hand on my cock at the time and was able to tell Billie I was
close. When I did finally reach my climax it was massive, and I felt
like I was shooting a gallon of semen in the air that should have
reached the ceiling. As it was I didn't see a drop, I did feel some
land on my thighs, and I did hear some strange sounds coming from
between Jenny and Billie. I soon saw what the sounds were, they were
tiny cries of surprise and pleasure as my cum spurted out of the end
of my pulsating penis and splashing on Jenny's and Billie's faces,
and into their wide open mouths. I saw this when Jenny rolled to one
side and left me to look at Billie as she licked the head of my cock
clean of the last dribbles of cum. Her face was covered in streaks of
white, and some had even dripped down on to her firm young pointed
titties to coat her nipples. When Billie saw me looking at her she
grinned, sat up and wiped her hands all over her face, then rubbed
them all over her breasts "Oh, Daddy this is the best thing I ever
felt. When your cum hit me in the face I nearly came myself. Will you
make love to me now please darling, I don't want to be a virgin any

Seeing as my cock was still hard and throbbing in her hand all I
could do was smile and say "Of course darling, your mother will show
you what to do." With a smile Jenny bent over me, kissed me lovingly
and said softly "Thank you darling, thank you for being so good to
Billie, will you do the same for the others please?" my kiss in
response told her I would and she then knelt beside my thighs and
helped Billie to straddle my hips to hold herself over my cock as it
jerked in anticipation of what was to come. Holding her lips close to
Billie's ear, Jenny whispered instructions, and Billie reached down
between us, took my penis in her hand and guided the tip to the
swollen and very wet opening to her vaginal passage. With her eyes
tight shut Billie lowered herself down until she felt my cockhead
slip inside her for the first time. She gave a gasp as she felt me
filling the entrance to her virgin passage, and I heard Jenny whisper
"A little further darling, keep on until you feel Daddy touching you
hymen." By now Jenny had an arm round Billie's waist, and Billie
slipped her round Jenny, holding on as she slowly lowered herself
down the length of my rigid shaft. "Ohhh.." Billie gasped as she felt
the tip of my cock pressing against her maidenhead, and she opened
her eyes wide as she experienced the strange feeling. After a second
or two Billie looked down at me and smiled as I held out my hands to
her. In a flash she was holding them both as she slowly moved up and
down on my shaft, stopping each time my cock touched her cherry.
"Take it easy darling" I said softly "Don't rush it, and if you want
me to help say so." Billie smiled sweetly and gasped "Oh, no Daddy, I
want to do this. I don't want you to hurt me, so I have to do it
myself." Jenny kissed Billie on the cheek and whispered "Do it
quickly darling, it'll hurt less that way.." before Jenny could
finish speaking Billie had lifted herself a couple of inches then
slammed herself down hard destroying her virginity for ever in a
single stroke. As her hymen collapsed Billie gave a cry of pain and
collapsed forward on to my chest crying softly as I gently caressed
her back. After a short while Billie lifted her head and I kissed
away the tears that remained on her cheeks and said "OK darling, all
over now. No more pain from Daddy, only as much pleasure as you
want." Billie smiled shyly at me and said "Sorry for being a baby
Daddy, I didn't know it was going to hurt quite so much. I guess it
was a strong one, wasn't it" as she was speaking Billie was pushing
herself upright, and she gasped as she felt me fill her insides up
when she was vertical. That's when Jenny whispered instructions to
Billie on how to make the most of a hard erect piece of male flesh.
Billie giggled at this description but did as Jenny told her, much to
her utter enjoyment. Despite the recent pain of her defloration
Billie got into a back and forth motion with her hips as she felt her
swollen clitoral bud rubbing against the coarse hair of my pubic
bush. She then began to lift up and down, slowly at first but soon as
fast and hard as she could manage and was soon pressing her firm
young body down on my hips, throwing her head back and crying out
"I'm cumming Mom, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." Jenny was right when she
said I'd be unable to cum so soon after the treatment they gave me,
but I certainly tried, and I felt my cock pulsating as Billie's
cuntal passage squeezed tight around my cockshaft. All of a sudden
Billie went silent and collapsed forwards on to my chest, completely
spent and gasping for breath.

As I put my arms round Billie's back to hold her close to me while
she recovered I looked round for Jenny to see what her reaction was
to Billie's first proper orgasm. Just at that moment she came into
the bedroom carrying a towel and a bowl of water. "Hold still Jack
darling" she said softly "I'll clean you both up while I have the
chance" and she took a wet cloth and washed Billie's vagina and my
cock and balls clean of the bloodstained emissions that currently
soaked us both. As Jenny washed us my erection slowly subsided and
she was able to give it her full attention when it slipped out of
Billie's pussy. The warm water and fluffy towel must have felt nice
to Billie too, because she woke up just as Jenny was drying her inner
thighs and pussy lips. "OH, that's nice Daddy, do it again please"
murmured Billie as she wriggled her naked body against mine. "I'm not
doing anything" I said softly "It's your mom washing you, just like
when you were a little girl and wet your pants." After a couple of
seconds for what I said to sink in Billie was pushing herself up and
looking down on me saying "I never had to have mom wash me when I wet
my pants I always did it myself!" She then realised what she'd said
blushed and thumped me on the chest saying "OH, you beast Daddy, I
didn't mean to say that" and burst out laughing as she saw the grin
on my face and heard the giggle from Jenny behind her. As Billie
rolled off me and lay beside me face up and looking her mother full
in the face Jenny said softly "Well Billie my love, was it what you
expected?" Billie shook her head slowly then, with a tiny tear in her
eye said "OH, no Mom, it was ten time better, and it didn't really
hurt, it was more of a surprise than anything else. I suppose it
wouldn't have been like that if I'd done it in the back of a car,
would it?" Jenny smiled and shook her head, "No darling, you can be
very sure of that, there aren't many boys that would have been as
gentle as Daddy was, and even fewer that would have made sure you had
an orgasm." With that she got up and look the towel and basin back to
the bathroom returning to find Billie snuggled up close to my naked
body. As Jenny got into bed Billie looked up and said "Mom, can I
sleep with you and Daddy tonight please. I promise I won't do
anything naughty, I just want to sleep cuddled up to Daddy, and wake
up in his arms." Jenny smiled, looked at me and said "Well darling,
how do you fancy sleeping with a sexy young girl snuggled up close to
you?" I gave a deep sigh and said "Oh, the things I have to do to
keep my women happy." When they'd stopped laughing I grinned and said
"How can I refuse to go to bed with a beautiful and sexy woman on
each sided of me. I just hope I'm not ravished during the night."
Jenny was still chuckling as she snuggled down under the bedclothes,
and Billie leaned up, kissed me on the cheek and said softly "It's OK
Daddy darling, you'll be safe with me, I'm too tired to ravish you
tonight, I don't know about in the morning though, especially when I
tell Freddie and Jackie what happened." With a final soft giggle and
a kiss on the cheek Billie also snuggled down in the circle of my
arm, put her upper arm over my chest and her upper leg over my thigh,
pressing her soft moist down covered pussy lips to my leg and giving
a wiggle of her hips as she whispered goodnight.

I woke up suddenly feeling as if my cock was being ripped from my
body. I was about to yell out in pain when I felt a soft firm hand
covering my mouth and Jenny whispered in my ear "Shhh.. listen to
Billie" I opened my eyes and saw it was still dark, so it had to be
quite early. It was then I realised something was going on beside me,
in fact on my side! I turned my head and looked down at what was
happening, Billie had hold of my cock, and was holding it very tight
indeed, she was also calling out softly "Oh, yes Daddy, fuck me Daddy
please fuck me darling, fuck me fuck me fuck me.." over and over
again she called out softly all the time humping her pussy lips hard
against my thigh, pulling on my cock at the same time. I was about to
say something to Billie when Jenny stopped me saying softly "No Jack
darling, she's having a dream, don't wake her, let's see how far she
goes." It was only a couple of seconds later that Billie cried out in
ecstasy as she reached her climax, and that's when I gasped softly
"She's wetting herself" as I felt a warm wetness spread over my upper
thigh. Jenny shook her head, then reached down with her hand,
bringing it back a moment later and holding it under my nose. I gave
a sniff and grinned, opening my lips for Jenny to put her fingers
between them I gave her fingers a lick and a suck before allowing her
to do the same, then said "OK, she didn't wet herself, she came, I
still ended up with a wet leg." The smile on my face told Jenny I was
joking, and she said "I'm so jealous Jack darling, I never did that
with my husband, let alone my Daddy, do you think we should tell her
what happened, in the morning?" I shook my head, "No darling, I
wouldn't want to embarrass her" I said, the next thing I knew Billie
was looking into me eyes and saying "Embarrass who with what Daddy?"
before I could say anything Billie moved her thighs together, glanced
across to her mother and blushed bright red. A moment later I was
hugging her and kissing away the tears of shame from her eyes as I
tried to tell her she hadn't wet the bed. The grin on her mothers
face told Billie I was telling the truth and she said, between
sniffles "But I can feel it Daddy." I slipped my hand between
Billie's legs and offered her my finger to sniff. That's when she
blushed again as she realised what had actually happened. "You mean I
had an orgasm while I was asleep?" she gasped. Jenny shook her head
"Oh, no darling, not just an orgasm, you were humping away at Daddy's
thigh like a mad thing, calling out for him to fuck you as you held
on to his penis. You were hurting him, you held on so tightly, then
you had a massive orgasm that almost woke the girls." Billie smiled
at me shyly, then said "I'm sorry I hurt you Daddy, let me kiss it
better" and she dived under the sheet and sucked my soft cock into
her mouth. I pulled her up again, kissed her tenderly and said
"You're forgiven Billie darling, now can we get some sleep I'm
still tired." Once more we snuggled down, and after a while we all
drifted off to sleep once more to wake up at a more reasonable time.
I woke up some time later, this time in daylight, and immediately
felt a soft warm hand moving up and down my suddenly swelling
manhood. "Oh, great you're awake Daddy, can we make love again
please, I'd like to try it a different way if I can?"

I opened my eyes to find Billie's face so close to mine all I had to
do was purse my lips and I was touching the tip of her nose, "And
what way would that be young lady?" I asked. "Well, I've heard about
doing it 'doggie fashion', but never really understood what it meant.
Can we do it that way please Daddy darling?" Like I was going to
refuse! "OK" I said and told her to get on her hands and knees,
kneeling up myself and shuffling behind her as she stuck her naked
butt in the air kneeling in the centre of the bed. "Open your knees a
little more and dip your back down at the same time" I said, using my
hands to show her what I meant. When she was in position I had a
wonderful view of her pussy lips and could see I wasn't going to have
to do very much to get her aroused and lubricated. I shuffled up
close to Billie's bottom so that the tip of my throbbing cock was
touching the wet swollen lips of her pussy. Taking my shaft in my
hand I rubbed my cockhead up and down her sopping wet slit from anus
to clitoris, making her gasp with pleasure each time I reached each
end of my stroke. "Are you ready Billie my love?" I asked softly,
"Oh, God yes Daddy, put your cock inside me darling, don't tease me
like this I want to feel you filling me up once more." Guiding my
cockhead to her newly breached portal I leaned forward slightly and
allowed it to slip in past her tight lips. This brought a low cry of
pleasure from Billie, and I held still for a moment to allow her to
get the most pleasure she could from the feeling of me filling the
entrance of her love tunnel. Before I could press deeper into her
Billie took matters into her own hands and pressed back hard,
impaling herself on my prick in a single stroke. "Ohhhh..
Ahhhhhh...YES, YES.." she cried as she wriggled her hips round and
round, rubbing her butt against my pubic mound before starting to
rock back and forth, pistoning her vaginal passage on my hard rigid
erection. I allowed her to make the running for a while, but she soon
began to slow down, and I took over by holding her hips with one
hand, sliding the other one under her waist to press two of my
fingers against her clit as I began to pound away at her, ramming my
cock deep, and pulling out almost to my swollen glans, as I fucked
her hard, as the position seemed to demand. It didn't take long for
Billie to cum, she was so aroused anyway from her wet dream, that she
was starting to cry out she was about to cum a few strokes into my
starting to fuck her. This was the moment that Freddie and Jackie
decided to come and tell us that breakfast was ready. As Billie cried
out "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." the bedroom door opened and the girls
stood there in stunned silence as they watched their big sister
having an orgasm on their stepfathers manhood. It was also the moment
I groaned "YES..YES..YES." and began to shoot wad after wad of hot
sticky semen into Billie as she collapsed her head on to the bed, her
firm young body writhing in ecstasy as she felt me filling her with
my cum. Almost oblivious to the girls presence I sat back on my
heels, pulling Billie back with me as I still had hold of her hips.
Billie gave a shake of her head and lifted herself up to sit on my
lap, my shrinking cock still lodged deep inside her, and out mixed
cum beginning to leak from around it and over my thighs and balls.
"Oh, hi Sis" gasped Billie with a smile I could almost see from
behind her, it was so wide. "I didn't see you there, what's wrong?"
Freddie and Jackie both blushed prettily and Freddie said "Mom said
to tell you breakfast is ready, and not to be long." Freddie paused
for a moment then said in a quiet voice "Didn't that hurt sis, when
Daddy was doing it so hard. I mean?" By now Billie had slipped off my
lap and I was sitting up having pulled the sheet over my hips so I
didn't embarrass Freddie and Jackie. Billie rolled off the bed and
walked, naked, to the bathroom for a shower saying as she walked out
of the bedroom "Oh, no, it felt really great, feeling Daddy's hard
penis going in and out like that...."

I didn't hear the rest as they closed the door behind them. I heard
the shower start, and waited for it to go off before donning a
bathrobe and going to the bathroom for my own. As I reached the
bathroom door the girls were just coming out, Billie looking all
freshly scrubbed and really happy. "Can we have a shower together
next time we make love please Daddy" she said as she reached up on
tip-toe to press her lips to mine in a soft sensuous kiss. "That
sounds like a good idea to me darling" I responded, and gave her a
pat on her bottom, which was showing below the edge of the towel she
was wrapped in, "But right now I have to get cleaned up and down for
breakfast before your mother wants to know why it's taken so long."
"I should worry about that Daddy" said Jackie, "The noise you two
were making should have told her what was happening. I just hope it's
as good for me as it sounded good for Billie, when it comes to my
turn." By the time I was showered and dressed and entering the
kitchen Jenny had been given a blow by blow account of our early
morning exercise, and placed a large serving of eggs and bacon in
front of me saying "I guess we're going to have to keep your strength
up Jack darling, if what the girls tell me is true."

As I sat eating my breakfast Freddie brought my mail to me and I was
happy to find a letter from the real estate company that was handling
the sale of our former home, telling me everything was now complete
and the proceeds would be with my lawyer by Monday morning. For some
weeks now we had been looking over mountains of paperwork on local
properties that might suit us, and we had narrowed it down to half a
dozen that we thought were worth consideration. Suddenly feeling a
lot happier than I was an hour ago I told Jenny and the girls that we
were going to have a drive round town to check out the neighbourhoods
where the most promising properties were located. It didn't take
long to find the one Jenny and the girls wanted. It wasn't too far
from the girls school, and it was also in easy motoring distance of
mine and Jenny's office. Most important it had a decent sized pool
that wasn't overlooked by neighbouring properties. It was also within
the relocation budget I got when I accepted the move. I dropped Jenny
and the girls off at home and after phoning the real estate company
went to see them to make arrangements to view our choice. In was
hoping that the excitement of planning moving into a new house would
take Freddie and Jackies minds off sex. Some hope! After almost a
full day of talking about houses I tried to forget about the subject
when I went into my Den after dinner, to have a quiet beer and watch
a little TV. I hadn't finished one drink before Jenny came in, sat on
the sofa beside me, snuggled up close and said softly "Jack darling,
Freddie wants to know if she can come to bed with us tonight and have
the same treatment Billie had?" I slipped my hands inside her shirt
and cupped her firm rounded breasts, flicking her nipples and making
her gasp with pleasure. "I don't see why not darling, I was rather
hoping to have you to myself tonight, but I can manage to last
another day if that's what you want." Jenny leaned her head back so I
could kiss her, then said "I think Freddie's needs are greater than
mine just now Jack darling, you see she's asked me if you'd help her
act out a fantasy she's had for a long time." With a grin on her face
Jenny explained what Freddie wanted me to do, and I said firmly "NO
WAY! That's too much like rape, and I'd never even consider forcing
any woman, or girl for that matter, to have sex with me against her
will." Jenny shuffled round until she was laying on her back on my
lap, my hard throbbing erection pressing against her snipe as she
looked up at me. "OH, don't be so silly Jack darling, you'll only be
pretending to force her, Billie and Jackie will be there helping me
to hold Freddie down, and we'll make sure she doesn't get hurt.
Freddie won't even be reluctant, just pretending to struggle the same
as I used to sometimes, remember?" There Jenny had me by the short
and curlies. We'd had a lot of lovemaking sessions where she like to
struggle as she lay under my body, it made her cum a lot more when
she pretended she was trying to fight me off. I decided to give in,
rather than get into a long discussion that I was bound to lose
anyway. "OK, but Freddie has to have a safe word so I'll know when
she isn't pretending to struggle" I eventually got Jenny to agree
that Freddie would say 'Whitehouse' if she wanted me to stop whatever
I was doing, and for her to realise that that was the only thing that
would work. After spending a long ten minutes making out with Jenny
she eventually got up and went to tell the girls that it was on for
later in the evening.

A couple of minutes after Jenny went out Freddie came in, sat on my
lap and put her arms round my neck, kissing me hard and hot. "Thank
you Daddy, for agreeing to my fantasy. I know you won't really hurt
me darling, but it's something I've dreamed about for simply ages."
We sat there for some time, with my arms wrapped round Freddie's back
as she lay her head on my chest and hugged me tight. It didn't seem
right for me to be fondling her breasts seeing what we were going to
be doing before long, and Freddie didn't make an issue of it either.
All too soon Jenny came and told Freddie it was time for her to get
ready, and at the same time told me to go and take a shower while I
waited. I did as I was told, being well and truly housetrained by
now, and I was standing naked in front of the shower, about to get
under the water jet when the bathroom door opened behind me.
Unthinking I turned round to see who it was and grinned as I saw an
equally naked Billie walking towards me. "Mom said I should come and
help you get your shower Daddy. You don't mind if I get in with you,
do you?" before I could answer Billie laughed and said "I can see you
don't darling, can I do something about that little problem?" and she
stepped up close and cupped her hands round my hard throbbing
erection as she pressed her firm naked breasts against my chest and
rubbed them from side to side. "Stop that Billie darling" I said
firmly, "Otherwise you'll have me cum all over you before I get a
chance to help Freddie." Billie giggled "Oh, Daddy, that's why mom
sent me in here, so I could make you cum. You know you'll last that
much longer a second time, and we don't want you cumming too soon
when you make love to Freddie, now do we?" by now we were under the
shower, and Billie was kneeling in front of me, holding my cock in
both hands as she licked at the drops of pre-cum that had appeared at
the tip. Holding tight to my cock Billie looked up at me and said in
a soft almost strained voice "Daddy, would you do something for me
please?" I smiled down at her, "What's that Billie darling?" she
blushed slightly, then said "Well, I'd like you to masturbate for me,
so I can see what happens when you actually cum." The thought of this
made my cock give a jerk, and Billie giggled as she sat back on her
heels, her thighs as wide apart as she could get them, showing me her
wonderfully swollen, and down covered pussy lips. I began to move my
hand up and down my cockshaft, looking down at Billie's naked body,
and into her eyes as she stared up at what was happening in front of,
and just a few inches away from her face. The thoughts going through
my mind made I certain I wasn't going to last too long, and I was
soon gasping out "Watch Billie darling, I'm going to cum any second
now darling, I'm cumming NOWWWW.." and immediately began to shoot a
stream of hot sticky semen across the short gap between us. As I came
I moved my hand round in an arc, spreading my semen all over Billie's
naked body from her nose down to her firm conical breasts. I tried to
make sure I covered every inch of her upper body, and even managed to
get a gob of cum to splash against her soft warm lips. Just then I
felt a cold draught, and turned to see Jenny peering round the shower

"Well, well, well, what have we here" she said as I slumped against
the tiles, my cock hanging limply as I fought to regain my breath.
Jenny looked down at Billie and smiled at the sight of her daughter
wiping gobs of cum off her face and licking her hand each time. "You
look as if you enjoyed that young lady" Jenny said, and Billie looked
up and said "Mom, it was simply awesome! I never knew a man could
shoot so much cum, and when it hit me on the face, I thought I was
going to have an orgasm myself. I never felt anything like it in my
life. I hope Daddy can do it again sometime, and I bet the girls
would like it too." Jenny chuckled, then said "Well, you know Billie
darling, what I'd like to do is have you masturbate Daddy so he
shoots his semen all over me, just like he did you just now, would
you like to try that some time?" Billie was speechless for a moment
then she gasped out "Ohhh, yes please Mom, and can you do it so her
shoots over me as well, that would be really sexy." As I stood there
slumped against the shower wall Jenny had reached out and begun to
play with my flaccid penis. The ideas she and Billie were passing
between them was enough to make it a simple matter for her to work me
into a state of arousal, and she was soon pulling me out of the
shower and with Billie's help drying me off before we went to the
girls bedroom and a young lady waiting my attentions. As we got to
the girls bedroom door Jenny stopped me, allowed Billie to go in then
gave me very precise instructions as to what I was to do and how.
Jenny took my cheeks in between her hands, looked up at me and kissed
me tenderly "You will do this right won't you Jack darling, it means
so much to Freddie you see." I nodded, "Yes darling, I'll do just as
you said, even down to not saying a single word to her." Jenny kissed
me again, this time softly and lovingly "Thank you darling, now give
me a count of twenty, then come in, OK?" she went into the bedroom,
closed the door behind her and I followed after a slow count to
twenty as instructed.

The view that greeted me was amazing. The room was bathed in a soft
glow of a dozen candles. Freddie was laid out on the bed, her knees
on the edge of the bottom of the mattress, and her ankles tied to the
feet of the bed. This spread her legs quite wide, and as her body
also seemed to be stretched up the length of the bed Freddie looked
to be in a lot of discomfort. As it was she was dressed in one of
Jenny's old slips, one that was so sheer it was completely see
through. I could also see that Freddie was wearing a pair of white
panties that were almost too small to cover her swollen pussy lips.
In fact I could see through the slip that there was a dark patch
between her legs that was her panties being soaked with her juices.
Whatever else was evident it was that Freddie was ready and waiting
for what was going to happen. As per my instructions I stepped
quietly up to the bottom of her bed, lifted the slip right up to bare
her body completely then hooked my fingers in the waistband of her
skimpy panties. With a single jerk I ripped the flimsy garment from
her body, and heard her give a gasp as she felt herself being
denuded. By now I had a hard throbbing erection and as I stepped up
closer to the bed and leaned over to place my hands each side of
Freddies abdomen, I felt Jenny's soft warm hand take my cock and
gently guide it to the sopping wet pussy lips of her daughter. Still
silent I pressed my hips forward a fraction and heard Freddie grunt
as the pulsating head of my cock slipped between her virgin pussy
lips with a soft 'plop'. As I hung over Freddie's almost naked body I
could see she was gritting her teeth hard together, in anticipation
of what was to come. And I came quite soon too. I leaned forward and
lowered my body on top of hers and in a single jerk of my hips thrust
my penis into her body ripping through her hymen, destroying it
forever. I lay all my weight on Freddie for a moment or two, then
took it on my knees and elbows as I began to move my still throbbing
prick in and out through her newly violated virginity. Despite my
instruction I was about to bend down and kiss away the tears I could
see in the corner of Freddie's eyes, when I felt a soft warm hand on
my back. I turned my head and saw Jenny standing smiling at me and
shaking her head. I grinned back and nodded, then concentrated on
trying to bring Freddie to a crashing orgasm. It was a good job
Billie had made me cum earlier, because I wouldn't have lasted long
enough to make Freddie cum before I was shooting a load into her
womb. As it was I was getting very close when Freddie suddenly cried
began to hump her body up at my thrusting hips as she cried out over
and over again. Despite the fact that Freddie collapsed, totally
spent beneath me I continued to pound my cock in and out of her
sopping wet and very swollen pussy until I too cried out that I was
about to reach my climax. I tool collapsed, spent, and for a few
minutes lay with my full weight on top of Freddie, until Jenny gave
me a dig in the ribs and whispered for me to get off, before I
suffocate Freddie with my body. As I stood up Billie and Jackie took
me by the hands and led me from the bedroom and I saw Jenny beginning
to wash Freddie's vagina clean of our mixed cum and virgin blood.
Still in total silence Billie and Jackie led me put of the room,
closed the door behind us then Jackie said "Come on Daddy, you need
another shower, and I get to have it with you this time."

It wasn't the first time Jackie had seem my penis, she had had a good
view in the bedroom as I got ready to pop Freddie's cherry, but when
we got into the shower it was the first time she'd been so close to
one, and a semi erect one too. As we stood there under the shower
Jackie looked up at me and said in a shy voice "Can I touch your
penis please Daddy, I've never held one before and Billie told me it
feels hard and soft at the same time." I nodded, and obliged with a
new erection as soon as Jackie touched my cock with her fingertips.
"Oh, WOW, that's awesome" she gasped, and Billie giggled as she
watched what was going on, then passed the soap to her sister to
allow her to wash me clean of Freddie's virgin emissions. When Jackie
had done cleaning me off Billie told her to kneel in front of me and
hold my cock like a microphone. When she was in position Billie
leaned forward and gently pressed against the back of Jackies head
until her lips were touching the purple tip. "Open wide Sis" said
Billie softly "It's really great, honest." And Jackie did as she was
told and allowed my erection to slide over her tongue until I stopped
her from taking too much and gagging. Gently at first then a little
harder Jackie sucked on my glans, and I suddenly felt a soft warm
hand cupping my balls from the rear as Billie pressed her naked body
against mine and whispered for me to cum. Despite have had two
orgasms already my body seemed to want me to give Jackie a treat, and
I was soon groaning out that I was cumming as my cock gave a jerk and
shot a wad of cum to the back of Jackies throat. This made Jackie
pull back and release my cock, but she also swallowed what was in her
mouth before she realised what it was. The look on her face made
Billie giggle, and Jackie was about to say something when Billie said
"Well done Sis, that was your first blow job, and hopefully not your
last." Jackie was obviously still not too happy with what had
happened so I pulled her to her feet, wrapped my arms round her and
said "I'm so sorry that happened darling, I thought you knew what you
were doing. If I'd known it was your first time I wouldn't have cum
like I did. I'll never do it again, unless you tell me to, all
right?" As I bent to kiss her Jackie wrapped her arms round my neck
and said softly "Oh, don't be silly Daddy darling, I'm not upset, it
was a surprise, but I suppose if you hadn't have just cum with
Freddie, I'd have got a lot more than that, wouldn't I?" Billie
giggled as Jackie got out of the shower and said "Oh, believe me Sis,
you'd have got an awful lot more" and proceeded to tell Jackie what
had gone on in the shower earlier. By now I was dried off, and had
put on a bathrobe. As I opened the bathroom door Jenny was standing
there and she took me by the hand and led me to the girls bedroom
where Freddie was sitting on the edge of the bed watching every step
I took as I approached her. When I was standing in front of her
Freddie stood up, threw her arms round my neck and kissed me
passionately then said in a soft warm voice "Thank you Daddy darling,
for making my fantasy come true, and for being such a kind and gentle
lover." She snuggled up against my chest for a moment then looked up
again and said "Mom said I could come and sleep with you tonight
Daddy, is that OK with you?" my scooping her up in my arms and
carrying her to our bed was answer enough, and as I lay her on the
bed she looked up at me and began to cry softly. As I got in beside
her, allowing enough room for Jenny to get in on my other side I took
Freddie in my arms, kissed away the tears and said "What's wrong
darling, not crying because you're sad are you?" Freddie looked at me
and shook her head "Of course not Daddy darling, it's just that I'm
so very happy. Happy that mom married you. And happy that you love us
so much you're showing us what it's like to be women and be loved so
much" she paused for a moment then said "I really love you Daddy,
even more than my real father. Will you keep on making love to us
like this please, it really is the best thing that ever happened to
me." With that she closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep and
dream filled sleep.

Next morning I was laying in bed with Freddie in my arms, Jenny
having gone to the bathroom. Suddenly Freddie opened her eyes, kissed
me warmly and said "I was wrong Daddy, THAT was the best thing that
ever happened to me." Before I could answer Jenny walked in and said
"What's the best thing to ever happen to you Freddie darling?"
Freddie smiled as she cuddled me then said "Making love with Daddy,
then sleeping with him and waking up wrapped in his arms. Will it be
OK if he keeps on doing it please Mom?" by now Jenny was in bed
beside me, and she looked over my supine body and said "I don't see
why not darling, just so long as you don't go playing with boys from
school. We don't want anything nasty being brought home, now do we?"
Freddie looked shocked at the thought that she might catch some awful
social disease if she had sex with anyone but her new Daddy, and was
about to say something when Jenny said "Freddie darling, it's very
easy to avoid catching anything, and that's by always ensuring the
guy uses a new condom every time. I'm not going to tell you NOT to
get that close to boys at school, all you'll do is take it as a
challenge and do it anyway. I'm just saying that we have to be able
to trust you to be sensible about this, in the same way that Daddy
and I have been. Just don't take chances with the rest of the
families health just for a couple of minutes pleasure. Understand?"
Freddie looked at me and saw I wasn't smiling, suddenly thinking I
had a different opinion. "Will that be OK with you too Daddy, me
having sex with boys from school?" I nodded, "Of course it's OK my
love. In fact I won't mind in the least how many boys you have sex
with, it'll give me a little more rest between your mother and your
sisters if they want to continue sleeping with me." By now Freddie
was on her knees beside me, and looking more than a little
disappointed at what I'd just said "You mean you won't want to make
love to me if I go and have sex with other boys?" I nodded slowly,
and she looked angry as she continued "Isn't that a bit unfair,
Daddy. It means you're telling me I can't have sex with anyone but
you." I shook my head as I replied "No it doesn't Freddie, in fact
I've just said you can have sex with as many boys as you like. Just
don't expect me to take a chance that you haven't picked up something
nasty when you do it. I've always managed to stay clear of sexually
transmitted diseases by being careful who I have sex with, the same
goes for your mother. If you want to take that chance, do so, just
don't expect others to take it with you." Freddie was looking more
than a little confused when I got up to go and have a shower, and as
I got to the door I heard Jenny say softly "How many girls at school
get called sluts because they're so free with giving their bodies
Freddie darling?" I didn't hear Freddie's answer as I'd closed the
door behind me, but I was just rinsing the soap from my hair when I
felt someone join me.

It was wonderful to feel a soft young naked female body pressing
against mine as I was effectively blindfold by lather, and it wasn't
until I'd cleared my eyes that I was able to see it was Freddie
cuddling up close to me, resting her head against my dripping chest
as she hugged me close with her arms round my waist. After a moment
she looked up at me and said "I'm sorry Daddy, I was being selfish,
and didn't realise I'd soon get the reputation of being a slut if I
went with lots of boys at school. Will you forgive me please, and
show me how I can find out when I meet the right boy for me?" I bent
down, kissed her tenderly and said gently "Freddie my darling, I'd be
only too glad to teach you all I can about making love, and I'll also
be glad to see you with the right boy, or man, for you, someone you
love and trust, and who'll love and cherish you as much as your
mother and I do." I finished washing myself and was about to get out
of the shower when Freddie took hold of my hands and held me back
saying "Daddy, I know you did something special for me once, could
you do something else I keep thinking about please?" "Oh, and what's
that?" I asked suspiciously. Freddie grinned and turned to face the
wall, bent right over and, turning her head said "Take me like this
please Daddy, I've seen it in a movie, and always wondered what it
would be like." I didn't ask when she'd seen such a movie, as I'm
sure she wouldn't have told me, but the fact that my cock gave a jump
told me it thought this was a good idea. I was about to go and get a
tube of K-Y to lube up my cock, when I glanced at her pussy and saw
it glistening with moisture I was sure wasn't water from the shower.
Placing my hand between her thighs I could feel her pussy lips were
slick with her pre-orgasmic juices, and an artificial lubricant
wasn't going to be necessary.

Stepping up close behind Freddie's proffered buttocks I touched the
tip of my penis to her lips and gave a gentle jerk to lodge it inside
her vaginal passage. This brought a gasp of pleasure from Freddie,
and she rocked back slightly to lodge me deeper inside her. I then
took hold of her hips and very slowly drew her back on to my shaft,
hearing her moan as each hard throbbing inch was forced into her
still narrow and tight vaginal passage. As I felt the last inch
getting close to her pussy lips I stopped pulling her to me and held
her tight as I rammed my hips forwards until the mashed against her
soft rounded bottom cheeks. This made her cry out with extreme
pleasure, and I felt her body tremble as she experienced a tiny
orgasm. "Oh God Daddy, what happened there. I came as you rammed your
penis in me. I never thought that would happen. Now I want you to
fuck me hard so I have a proper orgasm please darling, and I want you
to shoot me full of your cum like you did Billie yesterday." It
looked as if there was going to be more than a little sibling rivalry
in the near future, and I was thinking of asking Jenny to watch out
for it when I felt my own climax creeping up on me. How long I was
actually thrusting my hard cock in and out of Freddie's hot swollen
cunt, I don't know. I do know that I suddenly had a screaming
writhing female impaled on my cock that I was trying to stop throwing
herself to the floor and hurting herself. As I pulled Freddie's
writhing body hard to my hips I began to shoot a massive stream of
semen deep into her young body. "OH YES, YES, YES.." she cried out as
she felt the heat of my cum searing it's way into her womb, then
suddenly there was silence, and I felt Freddie go limp in my hands
and had to lower her gently to the floor of the shower and lean her
against the tiles to recover from her faint.

While I was waiting for Freddie to recover I washed myself, and her,
soaping her almost naked pussy and rinsing it off with the shower
head when I was sure she wasn't going to be oozing any more cum. As
she opened her eyes I was drying myself, and, hearing her groan I
helped her to her feet and dried her off with a big warm fluffy towel
before scooping her up in my arms and carrying her to lay her on her
bed, where she closed her eyes again and fell asleep before I'd left
the bedroom. I went down for breakfast and found Jenny sitting with
Billie and Jackie, chatting away together. "What have you done with
Freddie?" asked Jenny with a smile. "Put her back to bed, she seemed
to be very tired all of a sudden, in fact she was so tired she
collapsed in the shower, and I had to carry her to her bed." Jenny
looked worried for a moment then said "Do I need to go and check on
her Jack darling?" I smiled and shook my head "I don't think so Jenny
my love, I'm sure she'll be down soon, you know how quickly young
people recover from their exertions these days." I'd almost finished
my cereals, toast and coffee when a bleary eyed Freddie staggered
into the kitchen and flopped into a chair beside me, leaning over to
kiss me before pouring a class of juice and gulping it down. When
she'd finished her drink Freddie suddenly realised everyone was
looking at her expectantly, and she put her glass down and said
"WHAT!! Why are you all looking at me? What have I done, have I got a
black mark on my nose or something?" Freddie sisters giggled as Jenny
stood up, pulled me to my feet saying softly "Come and tell me what
happened Jack darling" then Billie and Jackie quickly moved to sit
each side of Freddie demanding to know what happened in the shower
with me. For the rest of the day Freddie was walking round, head held
high and chest, her wonderful breasts, I should say, pushed out
proudly as she bathed in the adoration of her sisters. Jenny was more
that happy that Freddie had decided to keep her lovemaking in the
family, "I think she realises she'll be so much safer for the time
being" said Jenny as we sat in the Den after breakfast. It was
halfway through the afternoon that Jackie came in and sat herself on
my lap, then asked Jenny if she could have a private talk with me for
a few minutes. Jenny smiled and nodded "Of course you can darling,
that's what Daddy's are for. I'll go and make Daddy a cup of tea, and
you can come and fetch it when you're all finished talking." Jackie
smiled and said softly "Thanks Mom, I knew you'd understand" and
leaned her head on my shoulder as she waited until we were alone.

As soon as the door was closed Jackie sat up, swung round so she was
straddling my thighs and placed her hands on my shoulders. "Daddy
darling, I know I'm only fourteen, but you are going to do me the
same as you did the others, aren't you?" I placed my hands on her
soft smooth thighs, her skirt having been pushed up as she sat on me.
"Yes darling, if that's what you want. But I'm not going to pressure
you into doing anything, it has to be your decision and yours alone."
Jackie leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips. "Thank you
Daddy, I've thought about it a lot, and I do want it." She paused for
a moment then said "The thing is Daddy, I'd like it to be special,
just you and be, sitting close together just like we are now, but
without any clothes on." "That's no problem darling" I replied, "But
I'd have thought you might want your mother there to make sure you
don't get hurt, like the others did." Jackie giggled "Oh, don't be
silly Daddy, they didn't want mom there to protect them, they wanted
to show her how much they loved the man she married, and her for
marrying you. They're both just a pair of exhibitionists at heart.
Besides, mom likes to have sex with you and having one of her
daughters there as well makes it so much better for her. I think it's
something to do with the way our father treated her. He was pretty
rotten you know." After a few minutes sitting in each others arms I
kissed Jackie on the cheek and said softly "When did you want us to
make love for the first time Jackie darling?" Jackie sat up, giving
her butt a little wriggle against my suddenly apparent erection,
smiling at me as she felt her panty covered pussy rubbing at the
swelling in my pants, "Oooer, that feels nice Daddy, I almost want
you to do it now, almost but not quite. The thing is Daddy, I'd like
to be the first one to make love to you when we move to our new home,
sort of a christening cherry popping ceremony. That is if mom doesn't
mind." By now my fingertips were touching the crotch of her panties,
and I could feel the tiny patch of moisture that told me she was
getting aroused, "Why don't you go and fetch me a cup of tea darling,
and maybe you can ask your mother about it at the same time" I said
as she squirmed about on my lap, rubbing her pussy lips against my
fingertips. "Oh, must I Daddy" she groaned, "I'd prefer to stay here
doing this" and she pushed her hips forward, pressing her cunt harder
against my fingers, "Go on" I said "Or I'll be looking to giving you
a spanking for being naughty, and I don't want to do that while
you're still a virgin, we'd both miss so much fun by not waiting."

Two weeks later we had the final date for our moving into our new
home, it was to be on Saturday, and as this was Monday we didn't have
much time to waste. During the past two weeks I had been having
regular sessions in and out of bed with Billie and Freddie. Jackie
had looked pretty mournful each morning, after hearing her sisters
screaming out in ecstasy during our sessions. In the end it had got
too much for her and she came to me in my Den one evening and asked
if we could do the deed that evening. "Why the sudden change of heart
darling?" I asked. "I'm just so horny Daddy, hearing the girls almost
every night, and me not getting anything at all." I hugged her to me
and said softly "Oh, we don't have to go that far Jackie my love. You
just come and sit on my lap with your back to my chest and your legs
outside my thighs, I'll soon get rid of your little problem." Jackie
did as I told her and as she leaned on me I lay back, pulling her
with me. As she now lay against me I pulled her shirt from the
waistband of her skirt and slipped my hands under it to push her bra
off her breasts and cup them in my hands. As I gently squeezed the,
and flicked her nipples with the side of my thumbs she gave a loud
moan and pushed her chest out to increase the pressure of my hands on
her titties. "Oh, harder Daddy, please squeeze my titties harder it
feels so good." I didn't do as she asked, but I did move my hands
round and round gently twisting her breasts as I tweaked her nipples.
After a few minutes of this I released her breasts and moved my hands
down her body to half way down her thighs. Here I grasped her skirt
and began to slide it slowly up her legs, and finally above her
waist. This exposed her panty covered pussy to the air, and I could
get the musky scent of her emissions even before I'd put my hands
between her firm young thighs. As soon as Jackie felt my fingertips
in the top of her panties she lifted her hips to allow me to slip
them down off her bottom and down her legs, as far as I could reach.
This was far enough to uncover her hot wet and very swollen pussy.
Jackie pubic hair was so light and sparse it was almost impossible to
feel it, the only thing showing me she had any at all was the extra
moisture it retained as I placed my palm over her moist lower lips.
This brought a gasp of pleasure from Jackie, and this turned to a
soft cry of extreme pleasure as I slipped my middle finger between
her lips and pressed the base against her clit and the tip into her
vaginal passage. By now Jackie was beginning to make a little more
noise, so I turned my head and used my spare hand to turn hers to me,
so I could press my lips to hers in a silencing kiss. Once my
fingertip was well moistened I removed it from her virginal love
tunnel and moved it down a fraction until I could place the tip
against her tight puckered anus. This touch made her gasp, and she
tried to pull away from my hand and my lips. I held her tight in my
arms and pressed hard with my finger, feeling it suddenly squeezed
tight by her sphincter as she screamed into my kiss and struggled to
get away. As I held her tight I broke off my kiss and said softly
"Just wait a moment Jackie darling, you know I'd never hurt you don't
you my love. All I ask is for you to trust me on this, I promise you
won't be sorry." Jackie opened her eyes, and I could see the tears of
shame running down her cheeks as she sobbed "But it's so nasty Daddy
darling, why did you put your finger there, I don't like it Daddy,
please take it out." As she was talking I was gently moving the tip
of my finger in and out, a fraction of an inch at a time, at the same
time as I was rubbing my thumb between her pussy lips, pressing it on
her swollen throbbing clitty each time my hand moved forward. All of
a sudden Jackie stopped crying, her eyes opened wide and she looked
at me in amazement. "Oh, God, Daddy, what's happening, I feel funny
inside, faster Daddy, please, faster Daddy, I'm going to cum Daddy,
I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and her scream
if ecstasy was heard throughout the house as witnessed by Jenny and
the girls bursting through the door to see what was happening and who
was being murdered. As soon as they realised what was happening the
three of them just stood and watched in amazement as Jackie thrashed
about in my arms, her cries of pleasure going on and on for long
minutes before she finally collapsed in a limp heap on top of me
moments before I removed my hand from between her thighs.

As we lay there Jenny whispered something to Billie who left the
room, to return a moment or two later with a towel and washcloth.
These Jenny took and knelt beside my knees and proceeded to clean her
baby daughter up, wiping my hand at the same time. Between us Jenny
and I replaced Jackies panties and bra, then I gently rolled her off
my chest to lay beside me to be allowed to recover while I sat up and
sipped at the cold beer that Freddie had been and fetched. "What
happened Jack darling?" asked Jenny as she sat in a chair opposite
me. "Well darling, Jackie was having second thoughts about waiting
until we moved. I just showed her it wasn't necessary to do that, and
decided to give her a little bit of big girl type experience."
"Daddy" said Billie almost shyly, "Did you have a finger in Jackies
bottom?" Jenny chuckled as I looked at Billie and Freddie, "Yes" I
said simply, and Billie and Freddie both said "WOW" together, and
turned to look at Jenny who was chuckling softly at their amazement.
"Oh, don't worry girls" Jenny said "There's nothing wrong with that.
Lost of people indulge in anal intercourse, because they like it, and
because it's one way of ensuring you don't get pregnant. All Daddy
did was finger fuck Jackie to get rid of her horniness, and did it in
her bottom so he didn't break her maidenhead by accident." "But what
does it feel like Mom?" asked Billie in a quiet voice. Before Jenny
could answer Jackie murmured "Wonderful Sis" as she lay beside me,
her eyes half open. Jackie sat up slowly then scrambled round until
she was sitting on my lap. She then put her arms round my neck and
gave me a long sweet loving kiss before saying softly "Daddy, I'm
sorry I didn't trust you to begin with. I realise now what you did
was just what you said you'd do, and I know you'd never do anything
to hurt me. What's it like to have a nice hard penis where you had
your finger?" Before I could answer Jenny said "Wonderful Jackie
darling, believe me, it's wonderful. When you're a little older you
can find out for yourself. But just now please wait, you really are a
little too young to do too much too soon?" This of course was the
wrong thing to say to a horny teenage girl who had just had her
bottom finger fucked. It also made her sisters ask if they were old
enough, and they were beginning to get quite restless until I told
them to be quiet. "You will all wait until you have got used to
making love normally" I said firmly, "If you start pressing too hard
I'll stop what we're already doing and try to make sure you don't get
any anywhere else. Do you all understand?" Suddenly surprised at my
outburst all three girls went quiet, and looked frightened. I decided
I could leave things like that so told them all to come and sit round
me. When I had Billie and Freddie beside me and Jackie on my lap
Jenny came and knelt by my knees as I said "Look girls, the last
thing I want to do is hurt any of you. Indulging in anal intercourse
is such a big step you really have to be ready for it. If it happens
too soon, or too roughly it could do you all a lot of damage. If you
all agree to doing it my way, at my pace, I promise that you will all
experience it at least once. That way you can decide if you like it
or not. Does that sound fair?" after a seconds pause Billie nodded
and said "Yes Daddy" and the other two also nodded and agreed with
their gig sister. I gave the all girls a kiss and told them to go and
sort out what clothes they would be packing away for the move on
Saturday, then get into bed. "I'll be up soon to tuck you all in if
you like" I said with a grin, and Billie came and held my hand saying
"If you don't come up Daddy darling, I'll come down and get you. I
don't ever want to go to bed without you tucking me in, and kissing
me goodnight. Understand my darling Daddy?" As the girls made their
way upstairs Jenny came and sat on my lap, "Does this mean we have
our bed to ourselves tonight Jack darling?" "Yep" I said with a grin,
"What're you going to do about it?" Jenny took my face between her
soft warm hands, kissed me tenderly and said softly "Fuck myself
silly on your hard throbbing prick, then fuck you until you shoot me
full of your hot sticky cum. How does that sound for an evenings
entertainment?" "Can't wait" I said, and I stood up, scooped her up
in my arms and carried her up to our bed to see just how quickly she
could carry put her cunning plan.

Saturday came, and I'd managed to persuade the girls to abstain from
lovemaking until we were settled in our new home. As we had spent so
long waiting to find the right place I was determined to make the
most of all it had to offer. After a hard days moving, unpacking and
organising furniture we were all too tired to do much on Saturday
night, so we went to bed as soon as we had showered, determined to
get up early on Sunday and start getting to know the neighbourhood,
and the neighbours. After an early breakfast we went for a walk round
the block, then came back and changed into swim wear to check out the
pool. After spending most of the day getting to know the people who
came to introduce themselves we had a nice quiet family dinner, and
sat together in the large living room watching some tv until it was
time for bed. At least time for me to take Jackie into her bedroom,
and make good my promise that she should be the first one to be made
love to in our new home. As I closed the door behind me Jackie went
and sat on her bed and waited for me. I sat beside her and slipped an
arm round her shoulder saying "Well Jackie darling, any preference
for how we do this, or will you leave it to me to make up as I go
along?" Jackie giggled softly, then said "OK Daddy, but I want to be
sitting on your lap when you bust my cherry please. That way I can be
looking at you, instead of at the ceiling or the bed." I smiled as I
turned to her and placed my lips on hers in a soft tender loving
kiss. As our lips touched I pressed her back so she was laying on the
bed with her legs hanging over the edge. When I was laying beside her
I began to kiss hr again, at the same time as I was undoing the
buttons of her shirt, finally pulling the hem out of the waistband of
her short skirt. This time Jackie wasn't wearing a bra, and I was
presented with the sight of her firm rounded breasts, topped with
half dollar sized aureoles and hard throbbing pointed nipples. I was
unable to resist the urge to suckle on her titties and as I covered
one with my lips I took the other nipple between finger and thumb and
began to gently roll it back and forth as I suckled and nibbled on
the one in my mouth. I was at Jackies breasts for simply ages,
swapping from one to the other, until I felt her body go rigid under
mine, and heard her cry out as she experienced her first tiny climax
of the evening. I was determined it wasn't going to be her last, and
to this end moved down from her breasts and began to place a line of
kisses from between her titties and down her soft smooth abdomen
until I came to the tight waistband of her skirt. In a flash I had
the clasp open and was pushing her skirt over the swell of her hips,
down her thighs and off her feet as she waved them in the air. I was
now able to kiss my way all round her soft smooth lower belly, and
made a point of kissing her from one hip to the other, pausing half
way to rub my nose in the damp crotch of her skimpy sheer and very
sexy panties. As Jackie felt me nosing between her thighs she opened
them wide and allowed me free access, something I ignored as I went
back to kissing her soft smooth skin. This brought mewls of
disappointment from her, and I smiled as I quickly slipped off the
bed to kneel between her now wide open thighs. Gently I lifted her
legs and placed her knees on my shoulders as I hooked my fingers in
the waistband of her now sopping wet panties and began to draw them
off her hips. With her legs being wide open I was unable to pull them
right off her, until she lifted her feet, closed her legs and placed
her hands under her hips for support. With a single stroke I ripped
Jackies underwear off her legs and dropped them on the floor beside
me. I also bent down and placed a wet sloppy kiss on the cheeks of
her firm bottom before Jackie once more opened her legs and slowly
dropped down to rest her knees again on my shoulders.

Looking down at Jackies beautiful face I saw her smile up at me as I
took her hands and placed them behind her knees. "Pull your legs back
darling" I said softly and as she did as I told her I lowered my head
to her crotch and placed a soft warm kiss on the top of her slit,
flicking her hard swollen clit with my tongue. As she gave a long low
moan of pleasure I moved down a little further and pressed my tongue
out as far as I could, slipping it deep between her swollen pussy
lips, and into her virgin passage. I stayed there for a moment
flicking my tongue in and out as Jackie bucked her hips against my
face as she tried to get my tongue deeper inside her. I then pressed
my lips to her pussy and slowly and very deliberately moved my head
upwards, dragging my tongue between her lips until it reached her
clit. As my tongue moved upwards I heard Jackie give out a long drawn
out cry that didn't stop when I got to the top. Here she screamed out
"I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and once more bucked her hips at my head,
this time mashing my lips between her pubic bone and my own teeth. As
if this wasn't enough for her I brought my hand up between her thighs
and lubed up my middle finger, pressed it to her tight puckered
rosehole and waited to see what she would do or say. I suppose I
wasn't surprised when she suddenly pressed her hips down and impaled
her ass on my finger, driving it two knuckles deep inside her. "Oh,
YES, YES, YES" she cried as she rocked her hips up and down feeling
my finger moving inside her once more. That's when she had her third
orgasm of the evening, and suddenly flopped back onto the bed in a
limp heap, her breath coming in short gasps, her breast heaving and
her face flushed. Gently I removed my finger, and Jackie moaned
softly "Oh, no Daddy, don't take it out, it feels so good, please
leave it in me.." "Sorry darling, I have better things to do with my
hands in a few minutes, you just relax for a while, and get your
strength up for the main attraction, OK?" Jackie nodded, looked up at
me and said softly "Yes Daddy, I can't wait to feel your hard
throbbing erect penis sliding deep into my body. It won't hurt too
much I'll it?" I leaned over and kissed her tenderly "Well darling,
you know your mother told you it might. Some girls don't feel a lot,
others have a bad time, no matter how gentle her lover might be. Just
remember I'll be as gentle as I can be my love. OK?" Jackie took a
deep breath and said softly "Yes Daddy, I know you will, and I love
you for doing it for me, and trying to make it so special for me."
With that she sat up, then got to her feet. Pulling me up after her.
"Right Daddy, it's time I got you naked too" and before I could say
anything she had my pants down and my shorts round my ankles. This
left my hard throbbing penis waving about in font of her face as she
knelt before me. As I began to undo my shirt she looked up at me,
smiled and grasped my cock in both hands. Closing her eyes tight
Jackie opened her mouth as wide as she could and leaned forward until
she could feel the tip of my cock touch her lips. She then put out
her tongue and licked all round my purple swollen glans, lapping up
the oozing pre-cum that suddenly appeared, before engulfing me deep
in her mouth. Jackie held my cock in her mouth for a few seconds, and
I could feel her tongue moving round as she tried to coat my cock
with her saliva. She succeeded, and when she released me from her
oral cavity my cock was glistening nicely. "Now Daddy" said Jackie
firmly, and gave me a gentle push in the chest, so I sat back on the
bed. With a single bound Jackie was sitting astride my lap, her
swollen sopping wet pussy lips rubbing along the length of my hard
throbbing penis as she rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit
against my cockshaft. Cupping her butt in my hands I lifted her up
slightly and allowed my cock to stand upright, the head pressing
against her mons. Raising her an extra inch I felt my cock flick
forward and the head slip between her puffy lips. As soon as I felt
the tip reach her virgin opening I began to lower her buttocks until
we both felt my cockhead enter her with a sudden 'plop'. This brought
a gasp of surprise from Jackie, and as she hugged me tight to stop me
going any further she said "OH, Daddy, it feels so huge, I don't
think it's going to fit." I kissed her gently on the side of her
neck, then said softly "Yes it will darling, all we have to do is
take it slowly, and don't try to force things." A moment later Jackie
was sitting upright, her hands on my shoulders as she looked me in
the eye, "But I have to force things Daddy, or I'll never lose my
cherry" and with a loud grunt of effort she rammed herself down,
forcing my penis through her hymen destroying it for all time.

As Jackie sat there, her teeth clenched and tears of pain trickling
down her cheeks I leaned forward, kissed them away then wrapped my
arms round her and hugged her tight to me. "Damn, that smarts" said
Jackie softly as she lay her head on my shoulder. "Never mind
darling" I said softly, "It won't happen again, all you get now is
pleasure, at least from me you will." Before she said anything else I
felt her move her hips back and forth, slowly at first, then faster
and further, until she was also lifting herself up and down, using
her thighs as springs, to make her bounce the full length of my hard
throbbing cock, making me grunt softly each time my cockhead mashed
into the mouth of her cervix. Suddenly, and without any warning
Jackies body went rigid, her back arched and she threw her head back
I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG, Agggghhhhh.." That was the signal for me to
do the same, and I hugged her close to me as I jerked my hips time
after time, grunting each time I shot a wad of hot sticky cum deep
into her soft young body. As we sat there, my cock still jerking
inside Jackies tight virginal sheath I felt her begin to fall
backwards. To stop this I forced myself to fall on to the bed,
pulling her with me. As I bounced on the mattress Jackie bounced off
my chest and rolled on to her side, pulling her off my still rigid
penis. This brought a soft cry of "Nooo" from her lips, which I
silenced with a soft tender kiss. The next thing I remember was
feeling something wet and warm round my cock. The fact it was rough
told me it wasn't a tongue, and when it stopped I opened my eyes to
see Jenny washing Jackie between the thighs, and a soft warm fluffy
towel laying over my loins. When Jenny saw me move she turned, smiled
at me and said "Well darling, that seemed to go very well, did Jackie
enjoy it as much as she seemed to?" "Sure did Mom" said Jackie as she
forced herself up on to her elbows, "Boy! is Daddy a great lover. I
can see why you married him if he always made love to you like he
just did me. I can't wait to do it again, but not tonight, I'm
feeling a bit sore." Jenny giggled then said "Oh, I can understand
that darling. How about you go and have a shower with Daddy, then
come and get into bed with us, just like the others did after their
first time." "Oh, please" Jackie gasped, and struggled to her feet,
pulling on my hands to get me to stand up too. Twenty minutes later I
was laying in bed, Jenny on one side, Jackie on the other and both of
them in the circle of my arms as they snuggled up close to me,
pressing their naked bodies tight to mine.

THE END... Until the sequel 'More of Jenny's surprises!'

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