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JESSE young were truly monsters They were


This story is mine, although permission is granted to archive it as long as
no money is amde from it. This story contains sex, but only between dogs.
No, there is no human/dog relationships, purely dog on dog action. Well,
not even much of that, but since this is a story quest about a dog getting
laid, I couldn't well post this to a g-rated group, could I? I wrote this
story for the fun of it, though any commnets would be appreciated at

Jesse By Shon Richards

Her smell awoke me from my sleep, an intoxicating scent I barely
remembered. Opening a single eye, I looked at my territory from the
comforting shade of the tree. The wind blew her smell to me again, a
mixture of salt, desire and torment. I jumped up as I spotted her walking
by, and I ran to her. The hated fence stopped, marking both my territory
and my prison. I howled at her, because that was how badly I needed her.

She howled back, but her Master was already dragging her away. Yanking
too hard on her leash, he led her down the street. I watched intently,
though, memorizing every detail about her. I consigned her shimmering
white hair to memory, the sight of her tail wagging high in the air
scratched temptingly into my mind. My nose sniffed the air, trying to
smell her True scent, and not just the scent of her pain. It was
difficult, but the wind was in my favor and I felt I could track her if I
needed to.

She was in pain, the sweet pain that our kind feels when the urge
strikes, and I knew it would be my duty to save her. I howled again.

"She is beautiful," Max, my pack-brother said. I must have waken him
with my howling. I felt a flash of shame, for he was old and it was
disrespectful to alarm him so.

"I am sorry Max, but it has been so long..." I whispered.

He chuckled, his tongue hanging from his mouth, but I knew he wasn't
mocking me.

"Jesse, you have no idea how lucky I am that the Master choose to
mutilate." He then licked the scar between his leg, as he always did when
he was reminded of that inconceivable injury. "I don't smell her, and I'm
not getting any wild ideas about chasing her."

"Then you also won't mind when I chase after her," I said, never taking
my eyes from where she turned the corner.

"Jesse, please. It's just not worth it," Max sighed. "Go back to
sleep, and forget about her. I know you don't want to be a Bad Dog."

I shuddered, thoughts of shame, and possible punishment, cooled my
ardor. I thought of my Master's disappointment, and the loss of faith he
would have in his eyes. However, it has been at least several moons since
the last time I breed, and the urge was almost as painful for me as it was
for the fair maiden who passed by here. The wind blew again, and my mind
was made up, though I couldn't ignore my fear.

"Max, I'm afraid I'm going anyway," I said.

Max was silent at first, then he whispered. "Then wait for dark, for
then the Master might not notice you're gone. We'll dig a hole under the
fence after he gets home. When the moon is above the tree, you can go, and
you won't have to worry about Him until morning. Until then, let's drink
from the bowl, and sleep for the long night ahead."

I licked Max alongside the face, my wise friend instructing me well. He
was old before I was born, yet he never failed to help me in my adventures.
I don't know why he was mutilated and not me, but, then, Max was never the
type to rut and tell.

I slept the rest of the day. While I slept, I dreamed of the True Pack,
and we raced through green trees. The True Pack wrestled with me, training
me for the battles that may come. They whispered secrets of how to deal
with a female, but these I already knew. Later, we chased the Queen of
Cats, nearly grabbing her before she fled up a tree. She cut me on my nose
and cursed my offspring. One day, the True Pack will get her.

Max awoke me when the moon was above the tree. As I shook myself, I saw
that he had already dug the hole.

"That was kind of fun," he joked as I approached he hole he had made.
"I don't miss the scent lust, but I think I do miss the escaping."

"Come with me, then, pack-brother," I asked. "We'll explore together
and see what the world holds."

"No, no," he said, his eyes a little wide. "I remember what the world
holds, and it is a shame that you don't. Your desire has made you forget
how deadly it can be. It seems you have already forgotten the scars you
brought back from your last trip. Be careful, Jesse. No one should have
to be a Pack-of-One."

I licked him again, and then burrowed under the fence. I didn't say
good-bye, because I didn't want to accept the fact that I might not be
coming back. I took off the way she had left, running freely for the first
time in months.

That nearly killed me right there. Dashing across the Hard-Ground, a
Beast nearly gored me, blasting its challenge as it ran at me. It's eyes
were huge, much larger than even my Master. Twisting and yelping, I dodged
out of its path. It was gone in an instant, leaving only the smell of its
foul spoor behind.

I hid in the grass, berating myself for my stupidity. I had forgotten
about the Beasts, even though I see them roar by everyday. Even my Master
owns one, and I'd still forgotten about them! Hiding in the grass, I
slowly recollected that the Hard-Ground was their territory, and that they
kill anything that they catch crossing it. Staying off the Hard-Ground was
a must, even if it meant going into other Master's territories.

Time had damaged the scent, but it was still strong. My nose to the
ground, I followed the sweet aroma. Once or twice, I had to cross the
Hard-Ground, and I did so with terror in my heart. Sometimes, another
scent would confuse me, for it seems there were others of our kind out
tonight. These male scents were ignored with a little practice. Their
scents didn't carry the silent allure of the female's.

My mind on the scent, I almost didn't notice I was being stalked.
Fortunately, it was Masters who were following me. Their clumsy steps and
their pungent artificial smells gave me plenty of warning. I turned to
give them a warning growl, when my nose went cold with fear.

They weren't just Masters, they were young Masters. The bane of our
kind every where. While a Master has a vague idea of the Pack, and is a
trustworthy creature, their young were truly monsters. They were cruel,
deceitful and wicked; I had seen too many times where one of my kind was
maimed by the young Masters. These tortures were usually witnessed from
behind the safety of my fence, but now I was face to face with no where to

I growled, my claws gripping the grass for ready flight. By the True
Pack, they would not harm me without losing an ear or two!

There were three of them, and fear was in all of their scents. Good. I
growled louder, summoning the air for a bark.

They talked among themselves, and I wished I knew what they were saying.
But then, who of our kind hasn't wished that at some point in their life? I
barked at them, mostly from fear, but hoping to end their conversation and
maybe begin their fleeing. It looked like it was working, so I barked

"Back, you kittens of cowardly cats! Back away before I send you back
to your pack in tiny pieces!"

One of them shouted back at me, his fear showing in his bark as well.
Encouraged, I dropped lower to the ground and gave him my deepest growl. I
let my hair stand on my back, a trick I learned from Max. He was right
once again. When my hair went up, the fear reeked from the young Master,
and he urged his friends to go. They broke into a run, and I had to fight
the powerful urge to chase. The only thing that can compete with
Scent-Lust is Chase-Frenzy, but, like I said before, it had been a long
time since I had breed. I let them go.

The search was renewed in the dark quiet of the night. I passed by many
homes, many fences and avoided many Beasts. The air was crisp, there was
dew on the grass. A feeling of power came over me, as if I could stalk
anything tonight. This must be how the True Pack feels, roaming the world
as they see fit. The freedom to run, to catch, to fight cunning enemies
and cowardly prey. The hours I spent searching was tedious at times, but I
relished the limited privilege I possessed that night. True, I missed my
Master, and his need for me, but all of that could be returned to in the
morning. But that night, I was being true to myself, and it was glorious.
Plus, I marked quite a few new bushes and corners, expanding my domain
further than my Master's yard.

Every cat will one day be caught, and every female is eventually tracked
to her home. Behind a fence my love was waiting, as beautiful and sexy as
I remembered. She was awake, of course, for our kind rarely sleeps when
the Desire is present. Unfortunately, she was already being courted.

He was big, and he was dark, much darker than Max. His teeth glistened
white in the darkness, promising me with their sharpness a yard full of
pain. Yellow slits for eyes stared at me, giving me a warning growl in
case I was too crippled to smell him here. Tail high, he evaluated me, and
considered me his lesser. Still outside her fence, he turned to dispose of
me before entering her territory.

A rage began inside me, heedless of the size of my competitor. I had
spent hours searching for this bitch, hours in which I was scared and
hunted. The longing had been building up in me. There was a sense that if
I left now, it would make Max's helping me seem worthless. Who was this
Pack-less bastard to tell me to go away? Damn it, I'm Jesse, and I'm a
good dog!

I leapt at him; anger and indignation were my teeth of choice. He
braced himself, and snapped at me as I came at him. I tore chunks out of
his shoulder as quickly as I could, yet before I knew it, his mouth was
around my neck. My collar felt the immense power of his teeth, but he
could not penetrate my Master's mark on me. There was pride in my Master
as I realize he had saved my life once more.

In a few moments, it was all over. Unable to snap my throat, he was
soon discouraged by the pain I inflicted on him. He must have been young not to realize how useless it was to chew on my collar. When he broke off
our fight, I chased him down the street, nipping at his hated heels.
Tonight will be a lonely one for him, but he will learn in time. I just
hoped that I wouldn't be around when he becomes wiser in the ways of

The object of my affection whimpered on the other side of the fence.
Too impatient to dig, I simply bounded over the fence. I got caught, of
course, on the jagged top of the fence, and I tore a fresh wound on my
belly. I didn't care. My nose was filled with the powerful truth of her
need. She lovingly presented herself to me, and I licked the heart
stopping sweetness of her desires.

She moaned, and I needed no more evidence. With tired legs, I mounted
her. The aches of the night's labor was soon forgotten in the pleasures
that had been too long denied.

Later, much later, I drank from her bowl. She nuzzled my side, the tang
of our sex all over our bodies. At some point earlier, she had growled her
name and I learned it was Princess.

"What is your name?" she asked as I clawed my way through the grass
under her fence.

"Jesse," I answered. I was almost through, and I knew I had to hurry.
It would be dawn soon, and as much as I would had loved to mate again, I
loved not getting punished even more.

"Well, Jesse," Princess said as she rolled in the grass, "you were
certainly a good dog."

The end.


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