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JFANTASY2 cum off her legs


Jane's Fantasy

Part 2
The next morning was the normal rush as we both got off to
work with our usual confusion. She called during the day just to
say she loved me and loved our life together. I called her back
later and told her I adored her and that nothing could ever pull us
apart. When I got home from work she was already there
and had on a halter top, very revealing, and very short cut off
jeans. She knows I love that outfit and when she wears it she
never has anything else on under it. I knew it also meant she
was turned on and was trying to get my interest. It certainly
worked. I kissed her hello and she made it last longer than
normal... and hotter. I looked at her and smiled and said,

"Are you looking for another visit from Carl?"

"Maybe.... if it's OK with you."

She sort of worked her loins against my cock and soon I was
getting hard and turned on completely. Then she asked in a very
small voice,

"Last night was wonderful and I know I would enjoy more of
that. I was so hot as you were inside me and talked to me about
what Carl was doing to me. Today I spent half the day thinking
about sex with different black men I know at work. I was wet all
day long... and now I am dying to be fucked again... by you.. and
Carl and any other black or white or green guys from your fertile

She paused and kissed me again and I knew something else was
coming... something she was tentative about. She continued,

"... But I also have a question honey? Last night as I was
almost but not quite asleep I think you said something like,
'Fantasies are wonderful but what if it really happened?'. I
wasn't sure I didn't dream it.... did you really say that?"

"I did say exactly that. I was laying there looking at how
beautiful and sexy you are and I suddenly wondered what it would
be like if it really did happen. If somehow we arranged for some
mutually acceptable black guy to make love to you while I watched
.... and then joined in for a torrid threesome."

I saw her shiver and I knew the idea intrigued her. She had
closed her eyes for a moment and then she slowly opened them and
kissed me passionately for a long minute. Then she broke the
kiss and snuggled down into my arms.

"Are you serious Jim? Would you really want me to fuck some
other guy, a black guy, while you watched us? Then a threesome."

"Maybe..... interested?"

"Oh shit Jim.... Yes...No... I don't know.... maybe. Would
you like for me to do that?"

"I think I would love to watch Carl, or some other man, fuck
my hot wife. It makes me hard as hell when I think about you and
another guy. If he is black it doesn't bother me. That is how I
spent most of the day. Every time Carl came into my office I
wondered about how I would feel about watching him fuck you for
real? You said you were wet all day... I was hard most of the
day. I have a small worry about you getting so caught up with
your black guy that you forget me completely."

She sort of settled to the floor and pulled me with her as
she whispered,

"I need you so bad..... JIM. I will always need you. The
other could only be an occasional side dish but you honey are my
main course. And always will be."

The sex was great... as good as the night before. When we
finally got up off the floor, Jane fixed dinner still bare ass.
I loved watching her sexy body move around the kitchen. I had to
laugh as she repeatedly had to wipe my cum off of her legs as it
obeyed gravity. I slipped into a pair of old jeans and rejoined
her in the kitchen. I stood there watching her and getting
turned on again and wondered how serious I really was. I decided
that, at that moment, I, in deed, was very serious. I wondered,
'Would Jane really go along with this? If so it probably
shouldn't be Carl, to close at work.... but who?' I was actually
trying to think of a black friend or acquaintance or even a
stranger (if we could check him out thoroughly)..... I was
seriously thinking of a guy to make love to my hot wife at my

We ate and chatted about everything except sex and black
men. Jane was still nude. She really was a show off. She
loved to show off her great body. That was another fantasy we
shared and fulfilled occasionally, revealing her charms in
public... but carefully (that is another story). After dinner
we went into the den with our wine and cuddled up on the couch.
Jane's nipples had been hard for most of the evening....and were
now. She was obviously still turned on and I was pretty sure I
knew about what. Knowing her the way I do I figured she was
still thinking about making her black fantasy come true. I also
knew she would not mention it again. If it was going to move
forward I would have to make it move.

"Jane are you avoiding talking about it?"

"Yes.... I don't want to push it if you aren't sure."

"I want to talk about it..... if we decided to really do
this, who did you have in mind? I would rather it wasn't Carl...
because of work.... at least not the first time."

I then realized that I just told her I was seriously
considering making it happen and that it probably could happen
more than once if it worked out. Jane didn't miss any of it and
she stared at me. Then she lovingly leaned over and kissed my
lips gently. As she sat back shortly she said,

"Jim honey..... I love you with all my heart.... but.... I
admit I want it. I do want it to really happen. Maybe once,
maybe lots. Someone like Carl, I don't want to pick a particular
black man, I think. I just want my black fantasy to become real.
If it does happen I'm not sure I should fuck the same guy too
many times. That way I know no attachment is likely to occur.
How do you feel about that?"

"I am hard just talking about it."

She looked down and then unzipped my jeans and pulled my
hard cock free. She lovingly began to stroke it and then,

"It really does excite you doesn't it honey? At least the
fantasy. I'm so glad. But do you think you can really deal with
another guy making love to me?"

Before I could answer her she said,

"No.. No I don't mean that. What you and I do is make
love... what I mean is can you deal with me being fucked by a
black man?"

"If I am there to watch... I think so."

"I would never do it without you with me. Don't you know
that. I want this to be our fantasy. You want to watch another
man fuck me and I want him to be black. What would you want me
to do? Is it alright if I suck his cock? Fuck him with my cunt?
Let him cum in my mouth and cunt? All over me? What if he wants
to fuck my ass?"

She was working to turn me on and it was working.

"Yeah Jane all of that.... anything that feels right to you
sweetheart. It all sounds hot as hell."

She had dropped her head and was sucking me again. I moaned
and pushed my hips up to her mouth. After a moment of that
pleasure she raised up and said,

"Darling I want you in my ass... it has been too long since
we did it that way."

I started to stroke her cute ass and explore.. closer and
closer to her cute puckered ass hole. I moistened my fingers in
her wet cunt and transferred that lubrication to her anus. My
fingers soon slipped in easily and she was writhing with
pleasure. She knew I had two of my large fingers deep in her ass
and she raised up from sucking my cock and said,

"I'm ready... boy am I ready!"

She spun around on all fours and as I knelt behind her trim
ass she reached back and guided me in. It took a few minutes but
soon she was chanting,

"Yes... oh yes... I love it.... I love it everywhere..."

When I came she followed immediately. As I limply withdrew
we cuddled like spoons. Soon she said,

"Do you suppose black men really have bigger cocks like they
say? What if I can't handle it... oh hell I can handle it.
What if the man we choose doesn't want me?"

"Jane are you out of your mind? He will want you... trust

"How will we do it Jim? How do we pick someone and get it
to happen?"

"If you trust me to do so, I will select a candidate, you
will meet him and if you like him we will decide how you should
seduce him. I think most men, certainly me, get turned on by a
women slowly revealing her charms a bit, then more... and showing
interest in us. A little sex talk... hell we men are easy. But
darling... I would prefer to make it a gift to you... and me.
If it is OK with you I will take the lead. You will know what to

"Yeah you men ARE easy."

And she laughed and ran for the shower. As she hit the top
of the stairs she stopped and turned to me. I was walking up the
stairs behind her as she said,

"Jim I love you so much. I trust you with every thing. Tell
me what to do, God I can't believe how excited I am about
this..... just tell me what you want me to do."

end part 1b

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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