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JFANTASY3 young lady they came out


The Search

Part 3
The next day I began to wonder if I had over stepped the
possible. No I didn't have second thoughts about it happening.
I was so turned on by the idea of a black man having sex with my
wife while I watched that I could hardly stand it. But who?
Where do I find this good looking, charming, clean, well hung
black man that was acceptable to Jane and I and was willing to
join us and keep his mouth shut. Anyone approaching me with such
a story would be suspect at best. I could loose my license over
something like this not to mention acquire a hell of a

Carl was perfect I decided, too bad he worked for me. I put
it out of my head then before it drove me crazy. Then one day a
week or so later, possibilities reopened as Carl came into my
office and flopped down in a chair saying,

"Whew... some of these divorce cases.... did you see her?"

He was referring to the beautiful young women that had just
left his office. She was a dream, sexy, expensively dressed.

"Yeah, I saw her. Nice."

"Nice?... she is a wet dream... Can you believe she
suggested we meet somewhere for dinner some night soon. She
hinted at a lot more."


"You know I can't date a client....... Can I?"

I glanced down at his cock and it was large, partially hard
and clearly outlined through his pants. I laughed and pointed at
his crotch and said,

"Tell your pet that cowboy. It seems to think there is a
real possibility."

He chuckled and his hand stroked his cock,

"Yeah she did turn me on."

"Be careful, be discrete, enjoy. Are you concerned because
she is white?"

"No... that is a turn on for me... does that bother you

"Not a bit Carl. But we didn't have this conversation. She
is a mature woman and I think she probably knows what she wants.
Who am I to say anything. But if you do...satisfy my prurient
curiosity... if you do... anything... tell me OK?"

Then I thought 'If he does then I have my candidate for

A couple of weeks later I looked out my office door just in
time to see Carl and that young lady as they came out of his
office. She smiled and leaned over and kissed him briefly. I
quickly looked away and pretended not to notice them at all. He
escorted her to the door and then came into my office, closing
the door behind him,

"You saw didn't you?"



"Well what... you haven't told me anything.... and after you
tell me you still haven't told me anything."

"She is hot Jim... soooo hot. This new freedom of having a
divorce, with a big big big settlement seems to have turned her
into a wild woman. I love it... OK OK I will tell you. We had
dinner and ended up in her apartment. Without going into all the
details we ended up in the sack and she was/is fantastic. In fact
I have spent more time there lately then at my place. I don't
know of anything we haven't tried... and repeated several times.
She is so horny all the time. Shit so am I when I am with her."

"Good huh?"


He looked like a man who had just found water in a desert.
He didn't know it yet but his pool was going to get a lot fuller.
But not as long as his divorcee was around. I wanted Jane to have
his undivided attention, at least for a while. I assumed that his
thing with the divorcee would play itself out soon enough.

Jane had been great about the waiting. I knew she was eager
for this to happen but she had not mentioned my search even once.

A couple of times I started to share with her what was going on
but she stopped me,

"I can wait honey. I am perfectly content with my main man.
If and when things develops to the point I need to do something
tell me. Until then you are all I need. But she seemed to want
sex even more frequently, like all the time, which was fine with
me but indicated she was thinking about it as lot. I wondered
how often I was Carl as we made love."

I wasn't worried about something developing because I also
had been playing golf with this pair of young black men. About
26, educated, refined, hunks... both of them. My own mental
wondering had moved far forward to include these two black men with Jane... and me. Bob is my regular golf partner... we play
weekly. Then the two of them, Roger and Hank, had been paired up
with us by the starter one day. Since that day we have played
regularly together. We enjoyed each others company and so I made
it a regular foursome. I saw to that... planning for more. They
both worked for an engineering company in the area and things
looked very promising. I began to wonder which would develop
first. I hoped it would be Carl ... first one then two.

It wasn't long then that Carl came in my office and it was
obvious he was down.

"What's wrong partner?"

"She is moving to the west coast...."


But I was grinning inside.

"Why don't you come over to the house for dinner tonight...
it's friday, if your lady love is leaving, you probably have
nothing planned... right?"

"That's for sure. Hell Jim it was only lust but it was

"You will just have to find something better."

"Yeah right."

"I have a feeling you might get lucky twice in a row Carl.
Anyway you know where the house is. Come over about 7:00. We
can have a few drinks... you can meet Jane and get to know my
better half better. A good dinner and all should raise your

Yeah I hoped he would get to know my wife a lot better and
that she would raise a lot more than his spirits. It was mid
afternoon and when Carl left my office. I closed my door and
called Jane,

"Hi honey, I just asked Carl to come over for dinner
tonight... he accepted ...OK with you?"

There was a long pause and her voice was wary when she spoke

"Carl?.... Dinner?"

"Uh-huh... Carl... dinner."

"Is this really just dinner or are you telling me it is time
for me to get involved... real involved?"

"Drinks, good talk, dinner and, as far as I am concerned,
anything else you want to make happen."

"Honey, I'm going home... now.... can you come home... now?
I need to talk to you where I can see your eyes."

"I will be right home."

"I thought you didn't want me to fuck Carl because you guys work together?"

"I didn't.. but now I do. Have you changed your mind?"

"Oh God no!"

She answered quickly and emphatically, continuing, obviously
forcing herself to be calmer,

"I am still very interested honey... but are you sure?"

"Yeah... very sure... I'll be home in a few minutes."


I let myself in the back door quietly. I walked toward the
den and found her there. What surprised me was she was pacing
back and forth across the den, really agitated.

When I walked in she let out a strange small noise and fell
into my arms. She snuggled closely as I held her tight for
several minutes. Finally she raised her head and said,

"Jim...should we do this?.. Is it really going to happen?
Is Carl really going to fuck me?"

"Well sweetheart, Carl doesn't know it yet but yes he is."

"Are you SURE you want this?"

"Yes I do Jane... don't you?"

"Oh hell yes... I am so wet I am like a faucet down there.
Ever since you called me at my office. I think about it and I
shiver and get such butterflies. I want it so bad right now I
could die. I will be an absolute nervous wreck by the time Carl
gets here."

"No you wont... you will be calm and cool and you will
slowly seduce Carl, with a little help from your loving husband.
You are a fabulously beautiful and sexy woman. Carl is the lucky
one. No one I have ever known is nearly as good as you are in
bed... or on the floor... or where ever...There are so many men who would love to fuck you, the line would circle the earth
several times."

She smiled and kissed me,

"Thank you darling... I love you and I needed that. Maybe
Carl and I both are lucky... Oh honey I can't tell you how badly
I want this...."

"And I want to watch it just as much. You are going to have
this with Carl and more... much more."

She looked at me with this question in her eyes but I just

"Now lets get you ready for the sacrifice of your cherry in

"Some cherry!"


She showered did her hair and nails and make up and then as
we stood before her open closet she said,


"No underwear at all, your shortest skirt, a low cut blouse
that will hug your great tits but will fall open when you lean
toward Carl, or me... I plan to be part of this too."

She was standing nude and she wrapped her body into mine and

"You will always be the best part darling, Carl is just for
extra excitement for us."

I patted and stroked her cute trim bare ass in my hands and
I was hard as hell. She looked up at me and said,

"We have time for a quickie mister... want to fuck me?" in
her best sleezie accent.

I replied,

"No I want you so horny you want even consider backing out."

"Oh God Jim I am already there."

Then she pulled away and slipped a silk blouse, almost see
thru, over her head. Her big tits and her hard nipples looked so
good through the material. Her dark nipples and the larger
areola could be seen, if indistinctly, through the material. She
leaned over toward me and both beauties showed in their full bare
glory. Carl will enjoy this...just as I did.

"You are so hot Jane honey, Carl is going to rape you before
the night is over."

He wont have to Jim.... not by a long shot...........
I wonder how big his cock is?"

"Bigger than mine by some."

"How do you know?"

"I have seen him in the men's room. Plus I have a great
story to tell you about Carl after tonight."

"Honey....Is it OK if I do... everything... with Carl?"

"Yes everything.."

"Tell me specifically what you want me to do to his big
black hard cock."
end Jane's fantasy part 2a


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