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JFANTASY6 sucked him that last night It



A New Way of Life

Part 6

Jane answered,

"Because I had this overwhelming desire to live out my
fantasy of fucking a black man. Jim was loving enough to help me
with it. At first we ruled you out cause you and Jim worked

I spoke then,

"I was afraid it would cause problems at the office... or at
least potential problems. Then you fucked the divorcee and I had
something on you that I knew would keep you from taking advantage
of me so we invited you to dinner last night."

Carl looked from one of us to the other and said,

"Wow.... I really almost missed out on the sweetest fuck I
have ever known."

Jane laughed and said,

"Thank you Carl, I love fucking you too. I love the fact
that you're black... that was my hottest fantasy, but you also
have a great cock and use it well. You thrill my pussy with your
tongue... God I love sex."

Carl looked at me... and I responded,

"I have long had a fantasy about watching other men fucking
Jane. I loved the idea of it. Then Jane brought up the idea of
black men and all of a sudden I really wanted it to happen. I
really wanted to watch you fuck Jane, every possible way. You
did and I loved it as much as I thought I would. I hope to watch
others fuck Jane over the coming years."

Carl smiled and put his hand on Jim's shoulder,

"Jim I owe you and Jane big. I can please Jane several
ways. I know how you enjoy watching now but is there something
else.... would you like for me to bring a black chick over
sometime? I date one occasionally that you would love? She
would fit right in."

I replied to him,

"Not right now Carl.... we have to take this slowly.
Nothing is worth hurting Jane's and my relation. I appreciate
the offer and maybe someday."

Jane smiled from ear to ear...

"Jimmmm, are you sure? I would love to watch you and a
gorgeous black lady. "

"Maybe soon Jane honey. Right now I want us to just get
real comfortable with what we have started with Carl. Maybe
after we have entertained a couple of additional black men for
you I will consider it."

Carl looked at me again,

"Can I help you in any way? I think I probably know a lot
more black guys than you two do."

"Sure Carl, why didn't I think of that. They have to be
clean, undiseased. They have to be caring, gentle, preferably
well hung, right Jane? And unknown to us. I don't want any risk
of blackmail."

She smiled and nodded licking her lips at the conversation.

Carl smiled bigger,

"I know several dudes that would jump through their ass to
have Jane. They match all your requirements and more. Let me
know when to send over the first one."

Jane added,

"Or two..."

As we sat there talking Jane had made a production of
wrapping her long fingers around our cocks. She had played and
stroked and now she said,

"Enough talk .... I want these in me again....."

We returned to the den. You might wonder why we didn't go
to our bed. The den floor had an extremely deep pad and carpet
on it and there was simply a lot more room for three people.
Also there was no danger of falling off the floor.

The rest of that day and night and the next day was spent
pleasuring Jane... of course Carl and I sort of enjoyed it too.
When Carl finally left we all three hugged and Jane laid a super
kiss on Carl saying,

"That's so you don't forget."

"Shit as if I could Jane."

Over the next few weeks Carl was over several times and it
was always better than before. We had gotten real comfortable
with it and one day I had some work I had to do. I went into my
office to do it, leaving Jane and Carl in the den... assuming
they would continue what we had been at all morning. But then
Jane and Carl followed me in shortly. Jane said,

"Honey.... I know you have to work.... I told you I would
never fuck anyone else unless you were there. If you are in here
and Carl and I are in the den does that count?"

I couldn't help but laugh. My sweet wife was dead serious..
I stood up and kissed her. She and Carl were both nude and I had
on only a robe. I patted her cute ass and said,

"Go fuck your cute head off darling... it is fine... I will
join you as soon as I finish this brief."

They left excited like two kids.... I had to force myself to
turn to the work. It didn't make it any easier as from time to
time I heard Jane moan or scream out as she came. She came a
number of times before I was done. Jane and Carl loved it and I
didn't mind.

Then a few weeks hence I had to go out of town for a week.
The night before I was to leave, as I was packing Jane flopped on
the bed dejected. She hated for me to travel. So did I. I
finally said,

"I'm sorry I have to go, but I must. I will get home as
soon as I can."

"Why can't Carl or one of the others go instead of you?"

"Cause I am the expert in this area of the law honey."

"Jim I will die before you get back. Five days."

We had had sex almost every night since we had been
together. This was going to be hard on both of us.

I looked at her on the bed on her stomach, without a stitch
of clothes. She was a delight to look at. I knew what she was
hating the most... no cock. I mused over that for a moment then

"Honey... I know what is really bothering you... what if I
said it was OK with me if Carl came over while I was gone?"

"No Jim... I couldn't.. we made a deal.... "

"I know sweet, but I wouldn't mind. Maybe you could call me
while the two of you fucked. That way I would sort of be here."

She perked up

"That would be OK with you?"

I turned and picked up the phone.

"Hi Carl, just finishing packing... Carl.. while I am gone
could you drop by here each night to "keep Jane company" for a

Jane had her ear to the receiver and heard Carl say,

"Jim I would love to do that but just so there is no
misunderstanding.... what are the limits while you are gone?"

"Good question Carl... you two can do anything Jane wants
you to do."

"You sure man....?"

"Yeah Carl.. I am sure. Enjoy each other."

As I hung up the phone Jane was crying. The tears ran down
her lovely cheeks. I pulled her into my arms and asked,

"What is it baby?"

"Oh God Jim I love you so much. It is so sweet of you to
let Carl and I fuck around while you are gone. I promise I will
make it up to you some how."


My trip was very successful and pushed our financial
security somewhat higher. Things went well at home also. Each
night I got a phone call from my darling wife. Each time Carl
was doing something different to her, one call he was just
straight fucking her cunt, another in her tight ass, another he
was eating her, and the last night I had to be gone she was
sucking him intermittently and talking to me in between. Each
time the phone conversation lasted until Jane came, or Carl as
she sucked him that last night. It made me hot as hell and I
thought about getting laid and decided to wait.

My plane got in late the next day and Jane and Carl and a
gorgeous, delightfully built black girl named Raven met me at the
airport. I kissed Jane warmly and she almost ate me she kissed
me so hard. I couldn't resist patting her cute ass as I kissed
her long and hard. When we came up for air she was beaming from
ear to ear.

"God honey I missed you so much. No more trips without me,
OK? We can afford it somehow."

I nodded my agreement. Then Jane pulled away saying,

"Honey this is Raven, she is a good friend of Carl's and the
four of us are going out to eat."

I guess the disappointment showed on my face. I wanted to
get Jane in bed. She noticed and leaned over and whispered in my

"I know you are dying to fuck me baby but be patient. I
think you will like the outcome."

I looked over at Raven and she looked back... bold...
looking very ready....

We drove in Carl's car to a great place I loved to eat at.
the drinks were good the food was excellent and Raven was
brilliant. Bright, funny and sexy. The innuendoes were thick and sexual. As we finished dinner and the waiter asked about
dessert Jane answered,

"No we are going to enjoy a special dessert at home thank

I looked at her with the obvious question. She looked at
Raven and back at me then,

"Raven is your dessert darling."

End Part 3b

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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