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JFANTASY7 cum and cum and cum Then



Jane Repays

Part 7

I looked at Jane with the obvious question. She had just
told me after dinner at this nice restaurant that we would have
dessert at home. She looked at Raven and back at me then said
loud enough that Carl and Raven and I could all hear,

"Raven is going to be your dessert darling..... and me."

I looked at Raven. She smiled warmly. I looked at Jane.
She smiled and said,

"My gift to you darling..."

I was so horny. Being gone for five days does that to me.
Raven looked delectable, Jane looked fantastic. They were both
dressed to show off their great bodies, in low cut blouses and
mini-skirts. Much of their large breasts swelled above the tops
of their blouses. And I was going to have both of them.

I stood up ignoring the hard on I was sporting. Both ladies
noticed with grins and the four of us headed for the car. At the
car, Raven and Jane got in the back with me and Carl drove. Jane
leaned over and kissed me passionately and then sat back and
looked at Raven. Raven leaned over and kissed me just as
passionately as Jane had and sat back. I smiled like a cheshire
cat. It was a long drive home so I said,

"OK Jane my love... give... I want all the juicy details."

"Yes my darling.... I am dying to share it with you. You
have been so loving and so generous. You helped me make my
fantasy come true in spades, oops sorry Carl..Raven. I wanted to
return the favor. I remembered what Carl had said last week
about a sexy female friend of his and so I called him this
morning and asked him if it would be possible to bring his lady
friend by. I wanted to check out what you might be enjoying.
Carl called me back shortly saying they would be over, right
after lunch, so we would have plenty of time before your plane. I
got hot imagining what we might do before your plane. When Carl
and Raven got to the house this afternoon I pulled Carl aside and
asked him if Raven could be trusted and lots of other pertinent
questions. He assured me she was fine, trustworthy and eager and
lots of fun. So honey, we sat in the den and sipped a glass of
wine as I told her everything that had transpired in the last
couple of months, about my black fantasy, about you arranging for
Carl and I to enjoy each other. ... even when you were out of
town.... and that I wanted you to have something equally as hot.
Raven was very impressed with you honey..... huh Raven?"

"I was indeed Jim... few men are so loving. I decided I
wanted to meet such a man. Plus I adore sex... good partners are
getting harder and harder to find. Carl is very special to me,
and when he asked, I agreed to visit and see."

And Raven leaned over and gave me another of her hot kisses.
As we kissed I felt Janes hand on my hard cock and any hesitation
I might have had disappeared. When Raven broke the kiss I kissed
her neck and her tiny ear and my hands were full of her large
tits. She moaned and I looked over at Jane who was watching
intently as she continued to play with me.

I looked at Raven and asked,

"Why did you decide to join us?"

"Why? Because Jane convinced me that you are a sweetheart
and that you are a terrific lover. I think I love sex as much as
you crazy people. I wanted to join your group after Jane told me
all about what was going on... Carl got me to your house ....
then Jane took over.... and here we are."

Jane unzipped my pants as Raven talked. Her hand slowly
disappeared inside and I felt her cool fingers wrap around my
hard cock and squeeze it. Shortly she pulled it free. She
stroked it and then she looked at Raven and motioned with her
head. Raven smiled as she licked her full lips and dropped her
head to my lap. I felt this lovely warm wetness engulf my cock
as she took me in her hot mouth. She started to suck me so
nicely. I laid my head back for a few seconds and just enjoyed
being pleasured... then I looked over at Jane. She was smiling
and said,

"Enjoy darling. I love you... and ALL of this honey... how
about you? I want you to love it... I wanted to repay you
for Carl so bad."

"Oh... yeah... nice... thanks..."

(Hell ... how articulate can you be in this situation...?)

Then Jane bent over and pushed Raven away gently and her
mouth replaced Raven's. They alternated until I shot in Raven's
experienced mouth. She took the last drop and then both ladies
sat up. I kissed first one set of lips and then the other. Then
I said to Carl,

"God hurry Carl, I am dying to fuck both of these hot

Carl laughed and pressed on the gas a little harder. As we
drove Jane kissed me again and said,

"I have missed you so... even though you arranged for Carl
to take care of my "needs", I have missed you too much. From now
on I go with you on every trip, no matter where you go."

"Great sweetheart... but speaking of your needs, I gather
you have something new to tell me?"

"Yes I do... and is it hot!"

"OK tell me."

"I was saving it... to tell you when you were fucking Raven.
Are you sure you don't want to wait"


"OK but you are ruining my surprise.... Well I called you
last night so you know about that, and all the other nights Carl
came over to keep me happy and well fucked. Today when Raven and
Carl were at the house the talk really turned me on. I was going
to wait till you got home, saving my lust for you, or at least
trying to. I went to the kitchen after we had settled that Raven
would be your home 'cumming' surprise. When I came back Carl and
Raven were going at it on the couch still dressed. Her skirt
pulled up and Carl's fly unzipped. I stood there and watched them
and started to really get hot. I looked at my watch we had a
couple of hours before we had to leave for the airport to pick
you up. I walked over and as they continued to fuck I managed to
strip them completely with only a little cooperation from them.
Then I stripped and stood behind Carl and played with his ass and
his testicles as he pounded into Raven."

She paused then and my cock was hard again. She digressed
from her story long enough to ask Raven,

"Raven would you crawl on top of this please? I so wanted
Jim to hear this story while he was fucking you."

Raven smiled broadly and moved to straddled my lap. As she
pulled her skirt up, I got my first look at her love patch and
smiled as I noticed it had been trimmed into a heart shape. My
hard cock slowly disappeared into the center of her darling heart
as Jane guided it in. I moaned and groaned as she took me in all
the way. It was hot and very, very, wet and so nice. She just
sat there and somehow milked my cock with her cunt muscles. The
pc muscles are wonderful. Then she started slowly, very slowly
raising up and then lowering slowly back down. Oh shit it was
too much.

Then Jane continued her tale,

"Soon Carl got Raven off.... in great waves. He pulled out
and grinned at me, his cock still hard and still ready. I assumed
my favorite position, on my back with my legs spread, and Carl
shoved into me with one motion. I got off immediately.... just
thinking about Raven's juices lubricating Carl's big cock for me.

Carl was fucking me wildly and I was moaning and cumming over and
over... I love being able to just cum and cum and cum. Then I
opened my eyes as Raven's hands cupped my tits softly. She
squeezed them and then leaned over and kissed and sucked on them.

I had never had another woman do that to me and I exploded in the
hardest cum I had in a long time.... which brought Carl over
the edge .....and he filled me with his hot cum."

I interrupted Jane's story then, I was about to cum in
Raven's sweet cunt I told her. And I started raising to thrust
deeper into Raven... and very soon ...we both wiped out....
completely. Raven kissed me and smiled and lay her head on my
shoulder staying on top of me with my cock still inside her warm
pussy as she squeezed it repeatedly.

In a moment I turned to Jane and nodded and said,

"Thank you baby... Raven is marvelous. It is going to be a
really hot night. Please go ahead with your tale, it is having
the effect I think you wanted."

Jane leaned over and kissed me... then to my surprise Raven
raised her head and she and Jane kissed long and deep. I could
tell from where I watched that their tongues were probing deeply
into each other's mouths. I couldn't believe it but as I
watched this hot lesbian kiss between my wife and this hot lady,
that I had just fucked, I started to get hard again. Raven
opened her eyes widely and broke the kiss and looked at me and
then Jane,

"Holy shit, he is getting hard again in my cunt."

Jane looked at me and smiled,

"I gather you like the kiss Raven and I just gave each
other. I suspected you would. How many times have you told me
about your fantasy of me and another female. Hold on though
darling.. there is a lot more for me to tell you."

Raven had started hunching my cock again. Jane noticed and

"Raven ... can I..?"

Raven smiled and raised up letting my cock drop free. Jane
quickly grabbed it and took Raven's place and I felt my cock
enter my favorite cunt in the entire world. She slowly hunched
as Raven had and then she said,

"Want to hear more honey?"

end Janes Fantasy part 4a


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