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JFANTASY8 cum couple times she



Jane Repays

Part 8
"You damn right I do."

I was pretty sure what was coming next. Jane picked up as
she fucked me slowly,

"Carl pulled out of me then and Raven slid down and took
Carl's cock in her mouth and cleaned our juices from him. Then
she turned him loose and smiled at me,

'Jane you taste lovely on Carl's cock, mind if I taste you

I had enjoyed your fantasy honey, and it had become one of
mine too, Now I had the chance and I grinned widely and nodded.
Raven's delightful tongue was soon in my pussy and it was
everything I fantasized it would be. I started cumming
immediately and I don't think I stopped until Raven had been away
from my cunt for several minutes. I loved every second of it. I
felt Raven jump while she ate me and I looked up and Carl had
entered her from behind. I laughed and said, 'Atta go Carl'.
Raven raised her head from my clit momentarily to laugh and say,
'Easy for you to say, it's my ass hole he is banging'. I laughed
with them and replied, 'Oh shut up you know you love his cock up
your tight ass, just shut up and eat me bitch.'

And did she. Later as Carl had finished in her ass she
rolled over off of me. I finally stopped cumming and I looked
over at her. Raven was on her back, her long trim legs spread as
if in invitation and I decided to accept. I rolled over and for
the first time buried my face and tongue in another woman's
pussy. The smell was hot and pungent much like mine. I loved it
and tried to lick and suck her cunt completely off of her body.
I was so taken by it I didn't even notice Carl, unreal but hard
again, now entering my ass just as he had Raven, I didn't notice
until his cock started to stretch my ass again, that is.

It wasn't long until Raven and Carl and I had all gotten off
one more time and Carl noticed the time. We had to run like
hell, no time to even clean up. We zipped up and repaired as
best we could and headed to the airport laughing at the story we
had for you...... I am still full of Carl's cum honey."

Raven laughed and said,

"Me too.... plus your's Jim."

Remember, my cock was in Jane as she told me this story. I
loved it and was humping hard into my hot wife as she finished
her sex story. We both came again shortly then and just lay
there. I felt Raven's hand on my cheek and then Jane's. Jane
raised up and looked at me and said very tentatively,

"Sweetheart... I know I broke a couple of our rules, I
fucked Carl without you being there.... or calling you ..and I
tried something new with Raven. I wished you were there to watch
and approve but you weren't and I just couldn't stop."

I kissed her lightly and replied,

"I understand baby, you would have had to be super human to
stop. I am glad you had a good time with Carl and Raven.... but
you know I want to see you and it all."

"Oh yes Jim.... we would love to have you watch us.. right

Raven leaned over and kissed me deeply her talented tongue
all over the inside of my mouth... then she slowly transferred
her kiss to Jane's lips as I watched, then back to mine, then
Jane's lips were on mine, then Raven's. The sensation was

Jane looked up at me as the kisses ended. She just looked at
me and I smiled big, she was clearly relieved and kissed me then

"Thank you darling... I love you so much, for lots of things
but for being happy for me to fuck around."

I started to say something but Carl pulled into the driveway
of our home. Raven and Jane and I got out but Carl stayed in the
car. I started to say something but Jane walked over and leaned
in and kissed him warmly for some time...then he drove off.

"Where is Carl going?"

"Honey, tonight Raven and I are only for you. Carl will be
back tomorrow."

The three of us walked arm in arm into our happy home.


Inside we headed for the shower. So much cum had drained
out of Raven's and Jane's over filled cunts that my pubic hair
was matted with dried cum. Both ladies had the same problem. We
stripped throwing our clothes as we rushed upstairs to the warm

Raven, completely nude, was very lovely. She was coffee
with cream, what a gorgeous color, and so well formed. Her hair
was very short and fitted her face. Huge deep brown eyes that you
could drown in. Her lips were large and I remembered how good
they felt as she kissed me and sucked my cock. Her tits were
full and proud, sagging just enough to make them bounce and sway
nicely as she moved. A tiny waist flaring into fabulous hips and
a trim cute ass, larger than Janes but oh so nice. Long trim
legs that framed her heart shaped pubic hair. She was hot. She
knew I was taking inventory on her body and she posed and turned
sexily as I ogled. Jane stood behind me in the shower, her tits pressed into my back and her arms around me playing with my semi
hard cock. Then she surprised me by saying,

"It always tickled me when you looked at other women. Now
as you look at Raven with lust in your eyes I understand. I do
too. I never understood how you felt looking at a woman until
today. It will be fun sharing you ....and her."

After the shower we slowly walked nude to our king sized
bed. I looked at Jane and said,

"Would you two make love now... I am dying to watch you.
What a voyeur I am!"

They both smiled and moved into each other's arms standing
beside the bed. Their lips met and I remembered the kiss we
shared in the car. I couldn't resist and I stroked both of their
cute asses. Jane broke the kiss and smiled at me as if drugged
and said huskily,

"Yes darling,... please ....join in... any way you want. Do
you... have a.... preference .....of who...?"

"Yes sweetheart, I want to watch you eat Raven first

She smiled that out-of-it smile again and said,

"It will be my pleasure."

Raven chimed in,

"And mine."

Jane leaned over and kissed me with the same passion she had
been kissing Raven. Then Raven gave me another kiss of the same
kind. Then Jane said,

"Rave' darling, spread your cute ass on the bed so I can eat
your hot pussy."

Raven moved quickly and Jane followed her. I watched with
my heart pounding so hard I thought it was going to burst free
any moment. Raven came and Jane didn't slow a bit. Raven came
several times and then Jane raised up and slid up and kissed
Raven's parted lips. I leaned over and met Jane's lips, tasting
Raven's cunt juices. It was all so hot. No wonder people swing,
it adds such zest to everything.

Raven then rolled Jane over and her face disappeared into
Jane's muff. Jane bucked and twisted and moaned even more than
Raven had. After she had cum a couple of times she looked up at
me and smiled as she wrapped her long legs around Raven. She
blew me a kiss and said,

"Like watching us honey?"

I nodded and said,

"You know I do."

"Honey... fuck Raven's ass... now please."

I hated to do it but what could I say.... HA! I moved up on
the bed after grabbing the KY, although after Carl had fucked her
ass earlier I didn't think I would need it.... but I did. She
was tight and it felt so good. She turned and smiled at me
briefly to welcome my entrance, then returned to Jane's muff.

Much later we wrapped ourselves in terry robes and headed
for the kitchen for a glass of wine.

I stared to pour the wine and Jane stepped up to me and told
me to let Raven do that. I handed the bottle to Raven as Jane
slid her arms around my neck. She kissed me so lightly, so
sweetly. I hugged her close and held her. She soon broke the
kiss and sighed,

"Jim... I do adore you. I am totally yours. I want you to
know that... you are so good to me.... Carl... and Raven... and
all the loving things you do. Anything you want tell me. If I
can get it for you, anyway possible, I will. You know I am
completely addicted to sex now, lots and lots of it, I hope you
wont stop our playing around with others but if you say so I
will. You may have to lock me up for awhile until I get over the
withdrawal but I would do it. Just continue to love me please."

I looked over and Raven had poured the drinks and was crying
as she listened,

I kissed Jane and said,

"I have never been happier. I love you fucking Carl and
Raven.... I don't want to stop that part of our lives... I want
to expand it ... carefully...we have been lucky so far... we do
have to be very careful in the future. But you know that.... I
love you Jane... I am even more addicted to you sweetheart then
you, and I, are to sex and I could never live through the
withdrawal pains if I lost you. I would rather die."

I kissed Jane again and Raven said as she cried huge tears,

"My God, no wonder you love this guy so much.... and you

And she stepped forward and joined in the group hug. Soon
we moved into the den and sat on the couch, me in the middle and
Jane and Raven on each side. I felt like the luckiest man on
earth and could hardly believe it was all real. We sat and
sipped our wine and touched lovingly, with little passion at that
moment. Raven finally broke the loving silence and said,

"Where can I get a guy like you Jim.... I would marry him in
a moment. I haven't accepted any guys proposal because I know I
couldn't be happy with just one guy. I like a variety of men ....
and women."

And she looked over at Jane fondly. Jane surprised us both,

"Why haven't you grabbed Carl for your mate? He is open,
caring, and willing to share you sexually. He is a great fuck
and I know he is more than a little taken with you."

Raven's eyes shined as she leaned over and kissed Jane. It
started tender and moved rapidly to hot. Then they included me
in the threeway kiss and soon we were on the floor and the robes
were gone. I told them I wanted to eat Raven and the two of them
quickly arranged Raven on the floor for me. As I dived in
eagerly I saw Jane move, straddling Raven's head.

We were all tired and retired to our bed. I pulled Jane to
me and soon entered her well used cunt one more time. As I
fucked her slowly lovingly I told her over and over,

"I love you baby."

It became a chant for the two of us as we had a smaller but
very fulfilling climax. I fell asleep still inside my bride with
Raven's full tits pressed into my back, her heart shaped pubic
hair against my ass, one leg thrown over the leg Jane had over me
and her arm around me resting on Jane's soft cheek.


The morning came and we were awakened by the doorbell and
Carl calling,

"Open up... I can't wait any longer."

end part 4b
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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