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JFANTASY9 panties under it thats almost



Sweet Parting and Then...

Part 9
"Open up... I can't wait any longer."

Carl repeated for the third time as we started to stir. I
looked at the clock and it was already 11:00am. Raven got up
beautifully bare ass and went to let Carl in. When several
minutes of silence went by Jane giggled and said,

"Well I guess Carl isn't waiting any longer."

The balance of the weekend was taken up by just what you
think it was. The four of us had a fun, exciting, but exhausting
weekend. The next few weeks also went by in a blaze of work and
passion with short periods of rest in between. It did seem that
'the more you get, the more you want' proved to be very true.
There was always something stirring up our libido, individually
and collectively.

Then one day Carl came into my office and submitted his
resignation. He had an opportunity to join a law firm in his
home town and he wanted to take it. A partnership was just
around the corner for him. He mentioned that Raven was going
with him. All of a sudden I felt an incredible loss. After all
the small talk of missing them and visiting frequently and well
wishes Carl left my office and I called Jane at her office.

She too was surprised and disappointed but at the same time
glad for them. I reminded her that Carl hadn't said anything
about their getting married so she shouldn't start wedding plans.

Jane laughed throatily and said something so typical of
her 'look at the good side' attitude,

"Hmmm that means we get to start all over doesn't it honey?"

"Uhhh,... Yeah I guess it does. That should be fun...."

"Uh-huh a LOT of fun. Are you still playing golf with those
two young guys you told me about? You know Roger and Hank?"

She had heard their names only that one time.

"You know I am... perhaps we can all get together soon.
Maybe after Carl and Raven leave... I'll invite them to dinner."

"Jim......why wait so long?"
I laughed at my eager beaver (pun intended).

"I see ...... OK we can start making plans over dinner."


Carl and Raven and the two of us had been getting together
three or so nights a week. That continued until we saw them off
two weeks later with a really big party. It was only 400 miles
to their new home, easy weekend drive, we all said. And soon
they were gone.

However, 'back at the farm', the night after Carl broke the
news I went home with a new lift in my walk. Why is the planning
and the pursuit sometimes as much fun as the event. Expectations
can be so good. This was Roger and Hank's lucky day, and they
didn't even know it.

When I got home Jane was already there and I got a huge
welcome kiss. It was obvious that Jane was terribly excited,
probably thinking about NEW adventures. Hell I knew I was. We
had a glass of wine and 'putzed' around in the kitchen getting
dinner ready. I was tossing a salad when Jane said,

"Tell me."

I smiled knowing exactly what she wanted,

"Hank is about 6', 200 lbs, about 26 years old. Trim good
looking, athletic, good sense of humor. Roger is similar, a
little older, a little taller and bigger all over. He is a
little more serious but not a problem. Both are engineers at the
plant here, seem to be very sharp. And they both have eyes for
the women. When we are in the clubhouse I notice their eyes are
all over every good looking gal in the place."

"White women too?"


"Hmmm... that's good,.... have you seen .... them?"

"Uh-huh, several times, showering and dressing after golf. I
don't think you will be disappointed."


"Yeah both of them."

"Who is bigger?"

"Hank, Roger is physically larger but Hank is obviously
larger in the area you are interested in."

She looked at me and her eyes were shining with
excitement, anticipation. She blew me a kiss and said,

"How are you?"

"I'm fine.....I am enjoying this too. They are both
single..... Roger has a FINE looking girl friend. I met her one
day at the club. She picked Roger up.... Lorna something."

"You want her?"


"Think she is available?"

"I don't know. As we always say, we guys are a lot easier
than you ladies. Maybe... hard to say yet."

"Tell me what we are going to do."

"This time we take it slower. I think it will be fun for
you to just tease them for awhile. No first night stuff like
with Carl. Flirt, flash a little, talk with lots of double
meaning..... I want to see if they will try to hit on you
separately, when I'm not around.... then we slowly make it

Jane made a sound like a whimper,

"Jim... honey... not too long... please?"

"Not too long... you will love teasing them."

"Uh-huh.... I will."

"I think you should dust your golf clubs off and play in
Bob's place this week."

"That sounds like fun ... maybe the guys can help me with my

"I'm sure they would be happy to do that."

"What do you want me to wear?"

"I have been thinking about that.... that short golf skirt I
got you and bikini panties under it, that's almost as good as no
panties. The wind always blows on the course, that should be
good for a hard on or two,... or three if I count."

"Darling you always count...the most."

"Thanks love....No bra and a knit shirt that hugs

"I like it..... I'm glad I have been out sun bathing nude
lately... no panty lines from the sun."

"Good.... what do you think Jane, want all three of us at
the same time....?"

"Hmmm "


It was the following Friday afternoon, we had a 2:pm tee time
I hadn't told Hank and Roger about Jane playing in Bob's place. I
wanted to get their reaction when they first saw her not knowing who
she was. I met them in the locker room and we dressed and headed
out for the tee as our time approached. I heard Hank say

"Where is Bob... not like him to be late."

Then I caught site of Jane walking our way and I heard Roger

"Catch a look at that honey. man is she a sweet looking piece of

I smiled as Jane walked up to me and gave me a kiss hello. The
guys were standing behind Jane, ogling her cute ass as it peeked out
from under her brief skirt. After patting her ass playfully I turned her and
introduced her to them saying,

"I hope you two don't mind my wife joining us today. Bob couldn't
make it."

Their grins spoke volumes and we headed for the tee after brief
introductions. Jane was brilliant in her teasing and immediately had
both men eating out of her hand.... or so to speak....

Jane is a pretty fair golfer and I knew she would impress the guys in a number of ways. The three of us hit from the men's tee and then
we walked down to the ladies tee and waited for Jane to hit. She
approached the ball and teed it up giving us a great view up under her
skirt. Normally women wear tights under those skirts but Jane had on a
pair of sheer red bikini panties that hid nothing. She addressed the ball
and wiggled her ass so nicely and I felt myself getting erect and
wondered, if she did that to me and I was familiar with every hair on her
bottom, what was she doing to Hank and Roger?

End Part 5
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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