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JH GANG videos turn you on Theres not



Contains adult themes, consensual sex. Read at your own risk.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Flames cheerfully ignored.

For personal use only - if you repost, please include this header.



This is another written for a special lady. Per her instructions, I
tried to give it "less talk, more sex." And yes, she *does* own that
tape and have that fantasy.

I don't think this is the best-written story I've ever done. The sex is
as raw as I could make it. Despite the care taken in the story, this is
still extremely high risk behavior; don't take it as a safe sex how-to

All these flaws notwithstanding, it also hit me the hardest of any story I have written. I hope you like it.



"Stretching the Limits"

"Pick a movie," I said.

"I ... don't really care," Allie said. Her face was turned away,
but I heard hesitation in her voice.

"You mean _all_ these videos turn you on? There's not _one_ that
excites you more than the rest? Come _on_!"

I stopped abruptly. I had got a glimpse of her face in the
mirror, and she was actually blushing. Instead of continuing, I
gave her a reassuring hug.

"Honey? X-rated videos are _supposed_ to turn you on - that's
the whole point. Now isn't there at least _one_ movie in our
collection that turns you on? That makes you feel all hot, and
wet, and empty?" By the end, my voice had sunk to a low murmur.
I could feel her shiver; when I ran an experimental thumb across
her breast, I could feel the nipple had grown hard and erect.

"Hmmph!" She shrugged off my arms and crossed to the drawer of
tapes, unhesitatingly pulling one out and handing it to me. Her
expression dared me to make a joke.

When I looked at the tape she had chosen, I had no desire to make
a joke, but I _was_ a little surprised; it was not a typical X-
rated film, but instead a rather odd Taiwanese import that a
friend had given us. It had sex all right, but it also had a
rather complicated plotline about competing gangsters. Even with
all the sex, I had found it hard to follow, since all the dialog
was in chinese with English subtitles. Perhaps it made more sense
if you spoke chinese - at least Allie could follow the plot.

"Not at all what I expected," I thought, "but if it turns her on
... Just hope that she doesn't want to watch the whole thing as

She didn't. As I started my shower, I heard the sound of the VCR
in fast forward. When I returned to the bedroom, I found her
waiting impatiently, all bare golden skin and long black hair.
We spent (not wasted!) a moment in a long, slow, kiss before she
started the tape.

She had cued a scene in the middle of the movie. An attractive
woman was walking in a park, using a white cane to feel her way.
I vaguely recalled that she was one of the main actresses, the
girlfriend of minor gangster. Another memory sprang loose - he
had stolen the weekly take of a rival gang, headed by his former
mistress. She had sworn revenge, and now -

Allie gave an involuntary gasp; I had remembered correctly - she
had sworn revenge, and sent her men to take it. As the blind
woman passed a half-sunken tool shed, five men stepped out and
surrounded her.

What followed was predictable. The girl didn't know they were
there till one stepped in and took her cane. She may have
actually been blind - her eyes didn't track her attackers, even
when two more stepped in and took her arms, ignoring her hopeless
struggles as they dragged her down a ramp and into the building.

The interior walls were unfinished, a tangle of joists and pipes.
Despite tools and building materials stored at one end, the room
was empty, hanger like. Her captors stood her against a wall and
tied her outflung wrists to an improvised cross, slightly above
her shoulder level. She half-stood, half-hung from her spread
arms when her captors stood back and began to question her.

Where was the money? Where was her boyfriend hiding? Didn't she
know what would happen if she didn't talk? All she could respond
to any of them was a whimpered, hopeless, "no, no, no ..."

The gang leader questioning her grew angry - he barked an order
and his men ripped off her outer clothing. The girl's cries grew
louder and even more hopeless. (Beside me, I could hear Allie's
breathing speed up. I threw an arm around her and cuddled her
spoon-fashion as the tape proceeded.)

The girl hung limply from her wrists, clad in a plain white
cotton bra and pair of panties. The gang leader slowly,
caressingly, ran his hands over her body. One hand resting
lightly on the thin band of cloth between her breasts, he shouted
a question. (Where is your boyfriend? flashed the subtitle). She
wailed and tossed her head wildly in reply. With an evil grin, he
tore her bra apart, letting her breasts tumble free.

She had nice breasts, actually - medium sized, soft looking, and
rather pale, capped with broad, dark-pink nipples. As the
hoodlum on the screen began to roughly paw and knead them, I
could feel Allie's own nipples come erect under my cupping hand.

Allie's eyes never left the screen as the chief hood undressed,
revealing an unimpressive build and a curved, surprisingly thick,
erection. His leer never wavered as he tore her panties roughly
from her body. Another shouted command had two of the thugs
forcing her ankles further apart. A whine burst from her throat
as he triumphantly forced his cock into her.

After a few strokes, he tired of the upright position. His men cut her down, and half-led, half-carried her to an old gym mat.
Allie began to tremble uncontrollably as the hood's henchmen held
their victim spread eagled on the mat and their boss slowly raped
her. When he came, and rolled off, the camera zoomed in on her
gaping cunt. A trickle of white sperm ran from it.

As the next thug moved to take his place, Allie rolled onto her
back, arms outflung and eyes still glued to the screen. "Take
me! Now!" was all she could manage. My attention left the screen
as I moved to do so.

As she seemed to want, I grabbed her wrists and used my body-
weight to hold her in place. Her cunt was already wet enough
that my entry buried my cock to the hilt. As I began to thrust,
hard and fast like the man on the screen, she began a frantic
bucking underneath me. Before I had even found my rhythm, she
screamed in orgasm, though her thrusting hardly faltered. Her
second orgasm took me over the edge with her, leaving me drained
and empty. Amazingly, her hand moved to her cunt as I pulled
out. I followed Allie's gaze back to the screen.

Her face twisted in hopeless resignation, the girl crouched on
hands and knees as one of the men fucked her doggy-style.
Perhaps involuntarily, her hips were thrusting feebly back to
meet him. When he finished and pulled out, she fell over on her
side. The men walked out, chattering happily, while the camera panned over her naked body, sweaty, limp, and with sperm
dribbling from her gasping mouth and much-used cunt. As the
scene faded out, I could hear Allie moan with her third orgasm.

I stopped the tape and held her till the trembling stopped. Like
the girl on screen, she was sweaty, limp, and nearly comatose.
It was several minutes before she managed a weak smile.

"You weren't kidding when you said that one turned you on. Can
you tell me why? Was it the bondage? The rape scene? Or just
all those guys on one girl?"

I wasn't sure that she would answer; she turned her head away and
waited a long minute more, while her blush started and spread
downward, before replying.

"I don't know - no, it's too embarrassing ... The being tied,
the men, even the rape, a little ... You know, a nice chinese girl isn't supposed to like sex so much. But she's tied, and
helpless, and all those men will _take_ her, and _use_ her, fuck
her _again_, and _again_, and _again_ ... And all she can do is
what they _want_ and ..." Her voice died away. By now, her face
was blazing.

"You think I'm perverted now, don't you? Just a slut."

"Dearest Slut. I must be perverted, too. Love you."

Her reply was muffled against my chest. We fell asleep that way.


Over the next few months, I noticed a pattern. Though Allie
enjoyed any tape we bought or rented, she responded most strongly
to bondage or group sex.

A set of arm and leg restraints soon found their way into our toy
box; she loved them. Of the rental tapes, though, her favorite
was a gang-bang where a pretty young woman (with a slight
resemblance to Allie) enthusiastically wore out a half dozen men.
Still, the 'rape tape' was one she returned to repeatedly. It
got to be a joke with us - if I saw that it had been moved, I
would change the batteries in her vibrator.

I asked her about it one night. "Allie? I know _why_ you like
that tape - but you keep going back to it so much. Is it just a
hot turn-on or do you really fantasize about _doing_ it?"

She though about it a while. "I couldn't. I'd feel guilty. I'd
worry about losing you. I'd worry about getting some horrible
disease. I'd - oh, why go on. It's just not practical."

"You said 'not practical' and 'couldn't', not 'wouldn't' - if you
didn't have those worries, _would_ you?"

"I don't ... Yes! I _told_ you I feel like a slut! Satisfied?
What would you do if you found me like that?"

I laughed. "Take you again, woman. On your back!"


I did some thinking of my own over the next few days. If I was
honest with myself, I had to admit that the idea excited me
nearly as much as it did Allie.

I looked inside myself for the place that jealousy should be - my
wife, being fucked senseless by a gang of men while I watched -
and found nothing but excitement. The thought of _losing_ her
made me jealous, I was relieved to find, but I seemed to lack the
usual quota of sexual jealousy.

Guilt was easily dismissed - if we _both_ wanted it, and no one
was hurt, why feel guilty?

Of Allie's 'not practical', only fear of disease remained, and
that risk could be minimized.

Did I really want to? I remembered Allies face as she described
how it turned her on. I saw the scene from the movie again - but
this time it was Allie tied naked to the wall; Allie held
helpless while man after man used her body; Allie collapsing into
a tired huddle on the floor as sweat and sperm puddled beneath
her. I found I had a raging erection.


The preparations took less work than I had expected. Any
misgivings I might have had were dispelled by Allie herself.
Relieved about having her fantasy out in the open, she brought it
up herself repeatedly; once, she had me tie her down and take her
while she ran the tape. When the day finally arrived, I was
nervous but had no real fears.

"Allie? Do you trust me?" She gave me a puzzled look. Before
she could speak, I continued. "I told you I had something
special planned. Do you trust me enough to do what I tell you,
even if it seems bizarre? Do you believe that I would never
willingly hurt you?"

No instant response here - she thought for a moment before
nodding. "Does this have something to do with my surprise?" I
nodded back. "I'll do what you say then - for tonight, at least."

I laughed at her qualifier, but forced my voice to be stern
before I spoke. "Good. I want you to take off your clothes, and
change into these."

She examined them - loose white linen pantaloons and blouse,
plain white cotton underwear, and sandals - shrugged, and

"Good! Now close your eyes." She pulled back a moment when she
felt me tape a cotton ball in place over each, but stood
carefully still as I buckled the eyeless mask on place over the
top. Until someone unbuckled her, she was blind and helpless.
With the upper half of her face covered, she was also
unrecognizable. She followed obediently when I took her arm and
led her to the car, only stumbling slightly once.

There was a slight tremor in her voice when she asked where I was
taking her.

"Be patient, Allie. Just a little longer now. Remember, just
say - mmm, 'Safeword' - and I'll stop what we're doing." There
was probably a tremor in my voice, too.

I was relieved to see the cars waiting outside the isolated cabin
I had rented. I helped her from the car and led her inside.

When I let go of her arm, she stood helpless in the middle of the
stark living room. Though there were six other men present, and
she could hear them rustling, no one spoke or approached her.

The man nearest me handed me a stack of papers. I read each of
them carefully; they were examination certificates from the
doctor we had agreed on. Stripped of all the medical jargon,
they certified that all of the men had been examined and were
free from any detectable communicable disease.

"Allie, do you remember your escape phrase?"

"Of course - 'Safeword' - but not now!". Her voice was both
frightened and excited.

After a pause, I nodded. Immediately, two of the waiting men stepped forward and took Allie's arms.

"Who are you? What are you doing? No!" Her struggles were as
feeble as the girl in her tape; the men had no difficulty tying
her securely to the sturdy cross standing against the rear wall.
By this time, I had started my waiting video camera and was
watching her through the viewfinder.

The designated leader waited for her frantic struggles to quiet
before speaking. "It doesn't matter who we are. What we plan
_do_ with you is whatever we please. Are you going to

He smiled as her convulsive attempt to break free failed. "I
thought not. We'll change that." He raised his voice slightly

Despite her frantic kicks, her sandals were removed and
discarded. Her blouse and pantaloons tore easily. Almost
immediately, she was stripped to her white cotton bra and
panties. Her chest heaving, she stood helplessly waiting for
what came next.

The leader smiled again as he grasped the slender band at the
front of her bra. Harshly, he asked "For the last time - will
you cooperate?"

Almost before her wailed "No!" had finished, he had ripped the
bra from her body. There was a collective sigh as her dark
nipples, already erect, came into view. The leader took his
time, pinching, twisting, and suckling, before he stepped back
and drew his shirt over his head. She began to whimper
helplessly as two other men began kneading her breasts.

The leader was soon naked - an average man with an average cock -
not that Allie could see that. Before she could resume her
frantic kicks, the men at her sides knelt and held her ankles.
Instead, she allowed herself to hang limply from her bound wrists
as the leader ripped apart the seams of her cotton panties.

Even through my growing excitement, I grinned. Sometime in the
last day she had shaved her pussy, leaving only a dime-sized tuft
that concealed nothing at the top of her slit. Now she stood,
totally naked, bound, blindfolded, and helpless, in a room full
of men.

My grin faded and my mouth went dry as the leader stepped
forward. Despite all our talk, and all our thought, this was the
moment of truth. If one of us didn't stop things _now_, we'd be
past the point of stopping. I zoomed the camera in on Allie's
pussy; even through the viewfinder I could see her cunt lips were
swollen and wet. I forced myself to remain silent as he
carefully positioned his cock at the entrance of my wife's cunt.
With one triumphant thrust, he buried it inside her.

Slowly, surely, establishing his control, he gave several more
strokes before withdrawing; the position was too cramped for any
serious sex. When she was cut loose from the cross, she sagged
helplessly between two supporters as they led her to the mat that
was the room's only other furnishing. She began to whimper
quietly as they held her spread and helpless; when he climbed
atop and resumed her "rape", her whimpers came in rhythm with his
thrusts. Even held this tightly, I could see her hips tilt and
try to rock in response.

Before she could reach her own peak, though, he stiffened, gave a
last thrust, and came. After a moment, he withdrew. I zoomed in
again. Thanks to her shaving, it was easy to see her half-open
cunt and the white drops oozing from it.

That was the last pre-scripted moment. At my nod, the rest of
the men began to pull off their clothes.

The next two hours were just a blur. While their waiting friends
held her down, man after man took his place, cock after cock
forced its way into Allie's cunt. Though her whimpering never
quite ceased, her hips continued their willing thrusting. Only a
few moments stood out from the rest.

When the third man forced her onto her hands and knees and took
her from behind, her whimpers became wails. Those wails were
soon muffled then the fourth man impatiently stuffed his cock
into her mouth. Though Allie normally dislikes giving head, I
could see her cheeks hollow with the intensity of her effort.

I hadn't paid any attention to the races of the men involved;
just by chance, we had ended up with four whites, an asian, and
one black guy. Stereotypes aside, none of the group had cocks
much bigger or smaller than average.

He might not have been above average size, but I felt my breath
speed up when the lone black took his first turn at Allie's cunt.
The contrasting colors - ebony, golden, and the white of the
sperm forced from her sopping hole - were almost overwhelmingly
erotic. When I saw his hips tense, and heard his moan, I nearly
came myself. Almost as soon as he was finished another eager
cock slid in to replace his.

I couldn't resist any longer and retain my sanity; locking the
camera on its tripod, I removed my own clothes.

When I joined the huddle, the last of the men had just flipped
her onto her face again. As soon as she had, shakily, risen to
her knees he forced his cock into her. Though he was the
thickest of them all, her well-lubricated pussy accepted him
easily. Her swollen nipples bounced enticingly as he began to

I was in no mood to wait - kneeling before her, I buried my hand
in her long hair and forced her head back. When her mouth
opened, I stuffed my aching cock inside it.

Allie has never cared much for giving head, and isn't really very
good at it. Now, though she still lacked technique, it didn't
matter. She had no skills, no finesse - just an apparent
determination to empty me by suction alone. Though I did my best
to hold back, she succeeded. Amazingly, she attempted to swallow my load; as I withdrew, only a trickle ran out of the corner of
her mouth. Trembling, I resumed my post behind the camera.

Now that every man had taken her at least once, the action slowed
somewhat, but she always had at least one cock in her mouth or
cunt; though her body tensed with orgasm from time to time, she
never slowed more than momentarily before resuming her near-
mechanical thrusting. Every one of the men had her at least once
more, some more than that. Finally, when none were ready to go
again immediately, I called a halt. The men dressed in near
silence and filed out, leaving me with Allie.

She didn't seem to realize at first what had happened. She lay
sprawled on the floor, legs and arms outflung as the last man had
left her, her hips still weakly thrusting in time with her
whimpers. Gradually, her body relaxed, till she seemed as limp
as a child's discarded rag doll. I ran the camera down her body
a final time before moving to remove her blindfold.

She was a mess. Sperm oozed from her much-used cunt and ran to
pool beneath her, shockingly white against her golden skin, while
a smaller stream ran from the corner of her mouth. Her entire
body was covered with sweat, and her long black hair was stringy
with it. The lips of her smooth-shaven cunt were red-brown and
puffy, bruised-looking; her nipples were dark and almost
impossibly swollen. Allie's body reeked of lust, sweat, and

Allie barely moved as I removed the blindfold and untaped the
cotton balls; it was several moments before she seemed to
recognize me. Finally, she managed to roll her head enough to
see that the room was empty.

I had to strain to hear her question. "Where?"

"All gone, Allie. It's just you and me."

Her voice grew slightly stronger. "What are you going to do with
me now?"

In answer, I buried my cock in her overworked cunt. After a
moment, I felt her hips resume their practiced motion. Pounding
through my head was the knowledge that before this, I was the
only man she had ever fucked; now, I was just the seventh of the
night. I was intensely aware of the load of sperm inside her
sloshing around my cock as I thrust; if not for the lubrication
it provided, I might have come at once. As it was, I was able
to hold back long enough to feel her tense in orgasm before
pumping one more load deep into her well-used pussy.

By the time I had recovered enough to dress, she was sound asleep
on the floor beside me. She didn't even stir as I wrapped her
naked form in a blanket and carried her gently to the car.

Home, I carried her to the bedroom unwrapped her on the bed. If
anything, she looked even more disheveled than before; the trails
of sperm on her body had dried to powdery white blotches.

Though I had felt exhausted just a moment before, I felt my cock
swelling again. I don't think she even woke as I rode her to a
third, shattering, climax. Somehow, I found the energy to get
towels and clean us both off before I collapsed into bed beside


The next morning, I was up and about long before Allie. She only
opened her eyes when I brought in a breakfast tray. She
stretched, somewhat stiffly, looking around is if reassuring
herself that she was really home.

"What _was_ that? All those men - how did you -"

I cut off her questions with an upraised finger before pointing
to the tray. Beside her plate was a handful of polaroid photos
and the medical reports. She carefully read each report.
Equally carefully, she examined each picture. She shook her head
incredulously as she put the last one down.

"You thought of everything. I would never have _dared_ do this if
you had asked me, but that was the single most incredible night
of my life." She shook her head again. "I'll remember it
always. I just wish I could have seen it."

Her eyes widened when I started the VCR. Now Allie has a new
favorite tape.


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