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JH SOOTH loads bad weather but the



Contains adult themes, consensual sex. Read at your own risk.

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Copyright 1995, by Javahead



The idea for this one just came to me out of nowhere. It gave me the
chance to combine a couple of my favorite activities with a couple of
my favorite characters.

Or you can take this as a tribute to both motorcycling and a very special
lady. Whatever the reason, this was a very easy story to write. I hope
you like it.



"Soothing Aches"

Cars are convenient for large loads or bad weather, but the best
way to see the country is on a motorcycle. Even the straight
drone along a level freeway becomes tolerable, while side roads
are a constant temptation to take your time and explore.

All through my teen and college years, I'd owned bikes; little
ones, big ones, both old and new. The only thing I'd never owned
had been a touring bike. A good tourer costs money, while a
proper tour takes time. Somehow, I'd never had both at the same

Out of college, I had more money, but even less time, and when I
first met Nita what free time I did have went entirely to her. I
had sold my last bike just before I met her, and to her it was
just interesting past history. She'd never really believed I'd
make good on my promise to take her for a cycle tour.

I smiled to myself; now she had no choice but to believe - we
were on the second day of a bike trip up the Pacific coast.

This time, I was able to do it right. I'd bought the bike I'd
always lusted after, an older but sound BMW tourer, complete with
a fairing (windshield to you non-bikers) and saddlebags that came
off to double as suitcases. We had camping gear with us, and
enough cash to stay in motels when we wanted to. I had three
weeks off work, and back roads I hadn't ridden in years to re-
learn. But best of all, I had a woman I loved to share it with

Though for me it was a chance to indulge a long-held dream, to
Nita it was all new. Though she'd been in the United States for
years, we lived in a city, and her old home town, Hong Kong, is
one of the most urban places on Earth. Prior to this trip, she'd
only experienced the forest on day hikes near home, or car trips
to places like Lake Tahoe or Reno. The vast emptiness, the shear
*size* of even relatively crowded places like the California
coast was a revelation to her.

On a bike, you experience the countryside differently than in a
car. Instead of sitting in air-conditioned comfort, watching the
miles pass by through a window frame, you're part of it. You can
reach down and tap your boot on the ground if you wish, reach out
and grab a handful of leaves from a roadside tree, feel the air
rushing past your body, smell flowers and barnyards. But the
biggest difference is the way you experience the road itself.

Everyone knows the feeling of rounding a corner in a car; go a
bit too fast and the tires begin to chirp, while your body starts
to slide towards the outside of the turn. Taking a twisty road
in a car feels, especially to passengers, as if you're fighting
the road.

Everyone also knows that bikes lean in corners; what most non-
bikers *don't* know is that, thanks to that lean, what feels like
"down" to a biker is always directly through the seat. If the
rider doesn't get too aggressive, his passenger can sleep right
through a twisty section of road without even noticing it.
Instead of a battle, going through a curvy section feels more
like a dance with the road.

When you combine all these things, a bike becomes something of a
paradox; though a bike can go faster than most cars, pleasure
trips usually end up taking longer. There is an ever-present
temptation to explore a side road, re-ride a twisty section for
the joy of it, or just pull off a bit to enjoy the view.
Sometimes, you can't indulge yourself, but enjoyment was the
whole purpose of this trip; over the last couple of days, we'd
taken advantage of ever diversion that had offered itself.

"Perhaps there *is* something to be said for hurrying up." I
thought to myself. Without my noticing it or really paying
attention to the time, the day had slipped past; the trees were
casting long, deep, shadows across the road. I pulled off on the
shoulder of the road to ask Nita what she wanted to do for the

"Want to start looking for a camping spot?", I suggested.

She made a face at me. "We still need to buy some food. Besides,
I'm *stiff* - couldn't we find a nice, comfortable motel to stay
in tonight? One with a pool, or maybe a hot tub, and a nice soft
bed..." Her voice trailed wistfully off.

Now that she mentioned it, I was stiff too. The thought of a
long, hot soak and a soft bed was almost irresistable. I
surrendered gratefully - I hadn't really been looking forward to
making camp this late.

Even the long summer evening was almost over when we pulled into
the yard of the motel. It was convenient, and looked clean, but
the irresistable draw was the sign that said "Pool & Spa" right
under "Clean Rooms". I went in to register while Nita walked
around the parking lot to work some of the kinks out of her legs.

The owner was an older man who had owned a few bikes in his
younger days; we kept up a friendly conversation as he filled out
the papers. He had questions about our bike, and the trip so far,
and had a few suggestions about the route we should take the next
day. We were just finishing up when Nita came in to get me.

"He's not too old to appreciate a pretty girl," I thought to
myself, trying to conceal my grin - I'd noticed the way his eyes
had widened when Nita slid her helmet off. If he had been
friendly to me, he was positively gallant to her. She played up
to him happily; within a couple of minutes she had him rattling
of a list of local eating places, drawing maps to the harder-to-
find ones. He gave us a friendly wave as we headed out to move
the bike closer to our room.

"Another conquest, Nita?", I teased her as I carried the bags
into the room.

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Oh, pooh. He was just being
nice - and he gave us a list of good places to eat. Where do you
want to go?"

We settled on a place to try, and got back on the bike. A couple
of hours, and a good steak dinner, later we rode slowly back into
the motel's parking lot. If it had been late evening before, it
was night now, and the air had turned a bit chilly.

"Still feel like swimming, Nita?"

"Brrr. The spa sounds good, though - let's ask him where it is."

We were almost too late; he was starting to lock up when we came

"You folks have a good dinner?"

"Wonderful. But now we want to soak a while - could you tell us
how to find the spa?"

"Well, I already locked it up," he started out, but Nita
interrupted him.

"Couldn't you *please* unlock it for us? I'm so tired, and stiff,
and cold..." She was almost lost in her cycle leathers; combined
with her pleading expression she managed to look like a woebegone

He have her a wry glance, and chuckled. He could tell that she
was just playing for sympathy, but gave in gracefully anyway.

"All right, all right. It's just around the corner there, that
door just past the pool. Here's a key; you'll have to let
yourselves in, and lock it again after you leave." He chuckled
again when she batted her eyes at him in thanks. Somehow, she
can get away with things like that.

We went back to our rooms to skin off our cycle leathers and get

"Going to change?," I asked her curiously when she headed for the
door with suit and towel in hand. The look she returned
suggested that I had taken leave of my senses.

"It's *cold* out there - I'll change in the ladies dressing room.
Do you *like* freezing when you don't have to?" I didn't even
try to reply - I just picked up my suit and followed her.

I locked the door behind me and looked around appreciatively.
Besides the hot tub we had expected, there was a sauna, and doors
leading to the men's and women's showers. The windowless room
was freshly painted and cheerful looking; thanks to the hot tub
it was also quite comfortably warm.

"Hurry up and change," I told Nita, and started pulling my
clothes off. Since we were the only ones there, I didn't bother
heading for the men's room.

Nita laughed at me. "Change! Who needs a suit when we're the
only ones here?" She pulled off her clothes and turned to face
me, her eyes dancing.

Put like that, changing *did* seem silly. I gave a shrug and
slid into the steaming water beside her. As the hot water
gradually unwound the tired muscles, I watched her through half
closed eyes. Even after years together, I love to look at her.
Small, slender - "boyish" she sometimes calls herself - she is
also the sexiest woman I know. Watching her long hair floating
on the water, I was sorely tempted to go over to her and start
something. "Perhaps later," I told myself - the hot water was
awfully lulling, and I felt in no particular hurry.

Before I was ready to move, though, she was climbing out of the
tub again, using her hands to strip the water from her hair and

"Leaving so soon?," I teased; since she had been eyeing the
sauna since we came in I was quite certain where she was headed.

She raised her chin haughtily and gave a theatrical sniff.
"*You* may stay out here if you wish, but *I* am going to use the
sauna." She gave her bare bottom an exaggerated sway as she
walked away from me. She didn't bother to turn around when she
heard me climb out - she knew quite well that I was coming. I
grabbed both our towels and followed her in.

The sauna was the traditional style, with a bucket of water
sitting beside the hot stones. After I'd spread our towels on
top row of benches, I threw a dipper of water on the stones. We
sat facing each other as the temperature rose.

If I though she was appealing before, she was even more so now.
The wetness from the hot tub had disappeared in the extreme heat
- even her hair was quite dry - but we were both glistening with
sweat. In the dim light, it turned her golden skin into polished
bronze, with only the her hair and the dark circles of her
nipples to spoil the illusion. Despite the heat, she was too
lovely to resist; I leaned forward to kiss her.

She must have been harboring the same sort of thoughts; she met
me half way. At first, only our lips made contact, but both of
us wanted more; without even parting our lips we slid into a
full-length embrace. "Slid" was the correct word, too - our
sweat-covered bodies were as slick as if we had both been oiled.
As much as we wanted each other, in the intense heat of the sauna
the contact was nearly as uncomfortable as it was gratifying.
After no more than a minute or two of kissing, Nita gently pushed
me away again.

She smiled at my frustrated expression. "I have an idea" was all
she said, pushing me over onto my back.

When she put it that clearly, I could she what she had in mind.
I sighed gratefully as she slid her slick pussy down over my
erection. She kneeled upright, her legs astride my hips and only
her cunt and inner thighs making contact with me. Once she was
astride, she rose experimentally and settled back back firmly
into place. She gave me an impish grin before starting to move

Both the position and the heat encouraged us to take things
easily. Nita began a slow, gentle, bouncing, the sort of movement
that required little effort. Done this way, lovemaking lost its
urgency and became gentle, unhurried, and tender. Her glistening
body swaying above me was almost hypnotic. I felt, and hoped,
that I could last forever. The heat combined with her languid
motions made the whole act seem slightly unreal, a fever dream
come to life. At the same time, the sensations, the feeling of
her tight cunt gripping my cock, the sight of her sweat-
glistening brown nipples bobbing above me seemed the only things
that *were* real. Almost despairingly, I felt my body starting
the inexorable march towards orgasm.

Before I could reach my own climax, though, I felt her motion
change, becoming faster, more urgent. Her eyes closed and she
gave a slight moan as her own orgasm took her. The knowledge
that she had reached her peak was all the stimulation I needed to
take me the rest of the way. As her body relaxed, my body tensed
as I came, a feeling as gentle and unhurried as the act that had
produced it.

We lay holding each other for a moment, but as it had before the
heat soon forced us apart. Even an exertion as mild as our
lovemaking had been was more than enough to leave us both nearly
unconscious in the heat. We were both a little dizzy, as we
discovered when we stood up. Leaning against one another, we
swayed our way towards the showers.

After a long, cooling shower, we pulled our clothes on long
enough to make our way back to our room. Locking up behind us
took an act of will; once we were in our room all we felt like
doing was pulling our clothes back off and collapsing in bed.

We didn't talk much the next morning as we packed and loaded the
bike. After we had returned both room and spa keys, with thanks,
to our host we headed toward the nearest coffee shop for
breakfast. It was there that Nita, with dancing eyes, asked me if
I was still feeling stiff.

I smiled back at her. "No, I'm feeling quite limber now. Trying
out the spa was a good idea. How about you?"

"I'm feeling fine, too. It was just what I needed, somehow. But
I was wondering..."

"Wondering what, sweetheart?"

"Wondering if we could stop by here on the way home."


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