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JH STOLEN old out till tomorrow night


"A Stolen Moment"

"I want you tonight." Allie pitched her whisper low enough that
the kids couldn't hear. Her smile was an open invitation.

I smiled back. "Let's get the kids to bed. Now."

"I think Ellen's already in bed; I haven't heard her for a while.
She needs the sleep; she has a touch of fever."

She had gone to bed all right. Our bed. There may be parents,
somewhere, up to evicting a screaming, feverish, two-year-old. I
wish I could be that hard-hearted, sometimes. Instead, Allie and
I beat a rapid retreat.

"Now what?" Despite my frustration, I had to laugh. Two horny
adults driven from their own bedroom by a toddler.

"Can you hold out till tomorrow night?" Her mouth twitched,
hinting at a rueful smile.

"I'll take a shower. A long, cold, shower." Her kiss was -
almost - worth the enforced wait.


Shower done, I pulled on a pair of pajama pants as a concession
to our uninvited guest before opening the door to the bedroom.
The pants may have been unnecessary; Ellen had finally gone to
sleep, curled up in the blankets on her mother's side of the bed.
She didn't even stir when I slipped in beside her.

Allie was probably still reading, but I needed to get up early
the next morning. Frustration or no, I was soon asleep.


I woke up when Allie slid in beside me. I looked across the room
to the glowing letters on the alarm clock. 1 AM. Allie *had*
been reading late.

"Can you give me a kiss, dear?" I offered a token peck; she
pulled me closer and turned it into a much more leisurely
production. Not that I had any objections; her kisses are the
next best thing to all-out sex. Especially since she was wearing
only a pair of bikini briefs. Despite my best intentions, it was
impossible to ignore the pair of erect nipples poking insistently
into my chest, or the smooth legs that encircled mine.

"Cock Teaser!" I must have sounded hopelessly plaintive. She
just chuckled, enjoying the effect she was having. Plainly, she
was taking her frustrations out on me.

Finally, she let go. I glanced over my shoulder at the baby.
She was still sleeping. No surprise there; once she sleeps, she
*sleeps*. I've seen her fall out of bed without waking.
Reassured, I returned my attention to her mother.

Allie gasped when I slid down and took a nipple in my mouth.
I've always loved Allie's breasts; though small busted, she has
large, responsive, nipples. She did her best to keep quiet as I

"Bastard! I *really* want you now." I'd never heard a whisper
through clenched teeth before. She stifled a moan when I
switched my attack to her other breast. I could detect a faint
sweet taste, the last hint of her milk. She moaned again,

Suddenly, she pulled away. I could feel her pulling off her

"Take off your pants. And let me on top. I don't want to wake
her up."

Naked, we kissed again before she rolled me onto my back. On the
far side of the bed, I could hear the baby's faint snores. I
forgot them when Allie mounted me; sometime today, probably
before I had come home, she had shaved her pussy. Even as I
thrust up into her tight wetness, I chuckled. No wonder she was
so hot, and so easily frustrated, tonight!

We did our best to keep quiet. I let Allie set the pace; between
her smooth skinned cunt, and her erect nipples dragging up and
down my chest, it took self control not to come at once.
Fortunately, Allie must have felt the same way. After no more
than a couple of minutes, she ground her groin (smooth, smooth)
against my pubic bone a final time and shuddered. A few frantic
whimpers escaped between her clenched teeth. I cupped her
buttocks firmly and surged upward to join her. I managed to
stifle my shout of triumph.

We didn't shift position, afterwards, for a long time. She may
have been asleep, or nearly so; I just treasured the sensation
of her small sweet body cradled on my chest. It wasn't till the
baby rolled over onto her back (snores suddenly louder) that we
reluctantly slid from the bed to clean up.

We had to wear nightclothes again, but Allie pulled my hand up
beneath her gown till it cupped a small, firm, breast. I was
still holding her the next morning.


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