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Archived Sex Stories

JILLNTED camera she had borrowed from April


WARNING: This story contains scenes of graphic sex. If subject matter
of this nature does not interest you, do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional. All the characters in this
story are fictional. This is a fantasy. In other words, this is a tale
in which physical acts and human responses are not limited to, nor
necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and responses in the story may
be physically or physiologically improbable. But I like to think

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of consenting
adults. Do not try to do any of the things described in this story.
You will injure yourself or your partner. Or be arrested, or shot by
her father...

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will burn your
eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where you are, go

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for any disgust,
revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that result from reading this

You have been warned!

If you're going to repost this, give me credit for it. If you're going
to charge for others to read this, give me credit and money, too.
Fair's fair, no?

That said, enjoy!...:)



Jill and Ted

By NightShade

First posted 1/97, rev. 12/98

Jill looked down at the pictures spread out on the bed in front of her.
A shiver ran through her trim teen-aged frame. It just hadn't seemed
possible to do what those people were doing in those photos. A week ago
she would have never thought that something big, that long or that fat
could fit all the way up inside her without splitting her wide open.
Then she had discovered the pictures at her friend's house. She had
stared in horrified fascination at the acts that were beyond her
imagination. Just a week ago. She had seen that the woman in the
pictures could do it. And now she knew she could, too. At least, she
knew she could do some of the things she had seen in the pictures.

She remembered back to last week. She had been staring at the pictures,
just like she was now. She couldn't imagine any woman wanting anything
that big, like the man's thing, stuffed, or rammed up inside her. But
the pictures clearly showed it going in all the way into her slit, and
some showed it going all the way up into her back hole and down her
throat, too. The woman in the photos looked like she liked it. No, she
loved it.

Jill had thought that the pictures of that lady sucking on that fat cock
were yucky. But the more she stared at them, the more it tingled down
there between her legs. She had started to get damp. There was
something about just thinking about holding an excited cock in her
hands, kissing it softly, feeling his strong hands behind her head,
pushing, pushing, pushing until she was forced to accept it into her
mouth. With his hands still pushing, it would go deeper and deeper into
her mouth. Maybe even down her throat.

Jill jerked as she came back from her daydream. God! Now she was
really wet! She back looked back down at the picture of the lady
sucking on the man's cock. She looked like she especially liked sucking
on it, and you could see it going all the way down her throat! Just
like in her daydream.

Jill knew that pictures like these could be posed. She had caught
glimpses of the adult magazines at the store and those awful ones under
her brother's bed. But these were different. These were pictures her
friend April had given her, and they were pictures of April's mom and
Dad. She and April had found them in a box in April's parent's closet
and they had taken a bunch of them. So if April's mom looked like she
was enjoying what she was doing, then she probably was.

Jill and April had been inseparable their whole first year of Junior
High School. At 13 years of age, they felt they were grown women, even
though their bodies weren't quite fully developed. April was showing
signs of getting big boobs, and the boys were always hanging around her.
Jill's development was less pronounced. She still had the figure of a
young girl, with just the slightest broadening hint of her hips that
would someday flare in womanly splendor. Her ass was high and rubbery.
It didn't wiggle all over the place like April's did, but several of the
boys had pinched it, trying to feel it. She didn't know how she felt
about that. She liked it that they wanted to touch it, but the pinches

Jill's chest was her biggest concern. Or should she say, her smallest.
At 13, she had hoped she would have had more to show for her life's
work. There was barely any swelling there at all. The only things that
broke the plane of her chest were two nipples, which right now were
quite aroused.

Jill remembered she had pulled the neck of her tee shirt out and looked
down at them as she sat on the bed. The dark red nipples really stuck
out when she felt tingly like this. She had rubbed her finger over one
and pulled it away quickly. It hurt. Kind of. But it kind of felt
good at the same time, too.

The next time Jill gently caressed the nubs using just her fingertips,
and tingles filled her chest. They traveled down to her slit, making
her shudder with delight. She leaned back against the headboard, still
looking at the pictures. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she continued
to touch her erect nipples until suddenly she had a tiny spasm that
shook her tummy in little ripples. She felt wet between her legs, and a
big spot grew on her shorts like she had peed herself.

Jill had had to go downstairs and get some clean panties and another
pair of shorts. She remembered she got off the bed, had put the
pictures in the nightstand drawer, and had gone down to the basement.
She and her older brother, Ted, lived with their mom in an old two-story
house way out in the country. The two siblings split the chores because
their mother worked two jobs, one at the local diner and the other at a
club about 15 miles outside of town. She didn't get home until real
late, so, if the two kids wanted clean clothes, they had to do laundry.
It had been Ted's turn to do the laundry last week. Jill didn't like it
when it was his turn to do the laundry because Ted always did it at the
last minute and saved the folding till nobody had anything to wear.
Like then, when her panty drawer was empty. Again.

So Jill had gone down the stairs. She was not trying to be quiet, but
she had taken her shoes off when she was on her bed. She turned to go
into the laundry room, and stopped abruptly. She saw Ted standing
there, and it was obvious he had not heard her coming. Jill had given a
small gasp, quieted by her hand, which she put over her mouth. It was
obvious Ted wasn't doing the laundry, either. At least, not the way
their mom had told them to.

Ted had been standing there with his pants and underwear down around his
ankles, moving his hand slowly up and down his thing, like he was making
love to it. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted slightly back.
His mouth hung loosely open and he was breathing hard, like he had just
worked out. He had a pair of her new panties in his hand, wrapped
around his long, hard organ. He had her new sexy red ones that mom
didn't know about!

His cock mesmerized Jill. She wasn't even upset about him using her
panties to rub on his cock. She couldn't stop staring at it. It was
even bigger that April's Dad's. It seemed to draw her over to it, and
she had move mindlessly into the laundry room.

Ted didn't hear her coming until she had almost reached him. He started
to yell at her until he saw she was staring at his cock, and that she
wasn't mad. She had a glazed look in her eyes that excited him. He was
kind of proud of his prick. It was the biggest one in the school, but
he didn't know it would have this kind of power over girls. Shit! Even
his own sister!

Jill didn't realize what she was doing until she found herself on her
knees in front of her brother, holding his penis. It was so long and
hard. And hot. It felt like it was burning her hands. She looked down
at herself, and recognized that she was in the same position as the
April's mom was in the pictures. She giggled to herself. Looking up at
her brother, she brushed a stray lock of her auburn hair off her
forehead. Ted looked like he was holding his breath, waiting for
something to happen.

"Can I suck on it, Ted?"

His mouth dropped open. He stuttered and stammered, but eventually
said, "Yeah, sure. Be my guest!"

He leaned back against the washing machine, propping himself on his
elbows. Jill pulled on the stiff organ until it was aiming right at her
face. She put out her tongue and touched it to the tip of the large
head. Ted let out all his breath in one big whoosh at that light

"Did that hurt?" she asked quickly, afraid she had done something wrong.

"N-nnno. Keep going. I'm all right. Just fine."

The angry red head staring at her with its single eye was huge. Jill
opened her mouth as wide as she could and it just barely fit in. Her
lips were stretched tightly around the shaft as she pushed her head down
until the bulbous head hit her tonsils. She opened her eyes wide.
There were still six more inches below her nose, still outside of her
mouth. She pulled back up a bit and then down, trying to get more in.

Ted groaned. She tried to pull off and see if he was OK, but he had
tangled his hands in her shoulder length hair and was holding her tight.
At first she resisted his controlling her, but then she let him move her
head at will. It was just like in her daydream and she started creaming
again in her shorts. She was glad she hadn't changed to a fresh pair.

With each firm stroke he moved her head closer to his body, the head
nudging deeper and deeper. It met resistance when it had no place to go
but down her tight throat. Ted kept pumping her head up and down, each
time pushing a little harder on the down stroke. Finally, as the head
nudged in for the fifth time, she swallowed and the shaft went all the
way down. She had done it! She had the whole thing in! And from the
sounds Ted was making, he seemed pleased, too. She knew it turned her
on as she could feel something running down her inner thigh.

Ted continued to move her head up and down, now forcing her lips over
the entire length of his shaft for several minutes. The longer he used
her, the easier the fat head went down her throat. Finally, he let go
of her hair and she continued to do move her head up and down on her

Ted continued to grunt and groan, between giving her instructions, such
as to go faster, or slower, suck harder, how to move her tongue and so
on. As she was speeding up her mouth actions, she felt the head
swelling. Ted grasped her head tight again and grunted really loud. A
salty, sticky substance filled her mouth, and she had to swallow to keep
from having it leak down her chin. She wasn't sure what had happened,
but the stiffness was going out of Ted's cock and she had to suck real
hard to get it stiff again.

Finally, when it was as stiff as when she had started Ted let her head
go and pulled her off his cock. She looked up at him, a dribble of cum
and saliva running down her chin.

"Not bad, Twerp. Where did you learn how to do that? And what are you
doing down here?"

Suddenly, Jill remembered her stained shorts and blushed.

"I needed a pair of panties, Duffus, but I can see you're wearing them."

It was Ted's turn to blush.

"Yeah, well, what did you do, wet your pants? Let's see, shall we?"

With that, he grabbed her under her armpits and spun around, lifting her
up, so she was sitting on the edge of the washing machine. He grabbed
her knees and spread them apart.

He looked her in the eye, and then let his eye travel to her crotch. It
was still wet, wetter now than it had been before she came down into the
basement and sucked him off. Jill turned a bright red. She was
embarrassed, but strangely excited. Her breath was still rapid and

Ted slowly ran a finger over the damp spot in her crotch, pressing the
fabric into the crease underneath. He could tell the lips were swollen
from their normal state and let his finger linger over them as he traced
their outline in the damp cloth. He had seen their normal state almost
every night for the last two years when she took her bath. A tiny hole
in his closet wall looked right into the bathroom. He had been spying
on her since he had first found the peephole, jacking off each time.

So he knew the lips were puffy now. And that turned him on. He reached
up and grabbed the waistband of her shorts with both hands and pulled
them down. He didn't even have to tell her to lift. She automatically
lifted her hips to help him. Her white panties came down at the same
time and suddenly he found himself with a close up view of her hairless
pussy for the first time.

He explored the dripping slit with his finger, roughly jabbing it in.

"Owww. That hurts. Do it easier, OK?"

Ted grinned, a little embarrassed. He didn't want her to think he was a
virgin, but this was his first time. He didn't even mind it was his
little sister.

He pulled his finger out and began again, this time using his thumbs to
gently spread the outer lips to expose the tender pink flesh underneath.
Now it was his turn to be mesmerized. Without knowing what he was
doing, he sank to his knees, pulled her legs over his shoulders and dove
in to the virgin twat laid out in front of him. He didn't hear the high
pitched squeals of delight that filled the basement because her soft
inner thighs hugged his head, covering his ears. He was in a sightless,
soundless aromatic wonderland that, until this moment, he had only
dreamed about.

His tongue went wild, poking and stroking, licking and flicking the
steaming, musky-smelling cavern spread out before him. He traced the
inner folds down, following their soft contours until they merged with
the puffy labia. His tongue traveled quickly over her pudendum and
teased her cherry little asshole. He felt her reaction to this move, as
she stiffened her whole body for a moment. Then she ground her girlish
ass back against his probing tongue. Ted just about lost his load right

Instead, he pulled his tongue back upwards and traced her slit to the
apex of her sex, her clit. For a young girl, Jill had a well-developed
nub hidden down inside the folds of skin. With all of her recent sexual
discoveries, this was one she hadn't gotten around to fully exploring as
yet, so this feeling of having that part excited was entirely new to
her. She knew it felt good when she rubbed herself down there, but
hadn't bothered yet to find out why. She was just about to find out.

Ted circled the tiny bump of skin with his tongue. He could feel
something hidden down under it, and with the persistency of youth he
went after it relentlessly. Jill was going crazy with his efforts. Her
small heels pounded relentlessly down on his back, beating a rhythm of
sexual ecstasy against his vertebrae. An added benefit was that the
vibrations of her kicks were directly translated to her cunt via his
jaw. It felt great. She had her own personal vibrator, complete with a
skillful tongue.

Jill screamed and shook all over when Ted's teeth gnawed at her now
exposed clit. The sudden gush of slick fluid that spurted out from her
cunt surprised them both as it squirted into his open, sucking mouth.
Ted moved away from her clit while she was still clenching and releasing
her legs spasmodically and stuck his tongue up her cunt like a tiny
penis. Because of her spread legs, he was able to penetrate quite
deeply, and his tongue ran into her vestigial barrier. He jerked back,
as he realized his sister was a virgin.

For the record, Ted, although he was her brother and all, and generally
felt pretty protective of Jill, was also a jerk. He had heard about how
tight virgins were supposed to be. Now he had one in his hands.

Jill was still a little incoherent from her orgasm and didn't notice
when Ted stood up. He lifted her slightly and slid her hips to the very
edge of the washing machine. He moved in closer to her and touched the
tip of his stiff prick to her pussy. She didn't seem to notice it. He
nudged it in a little further.

She noticed that. She caught her breath and held it. With fearful eyes
she looked down her body to the juncture of their two bodies. Her eyes
widened as she saw how big he was. She looked back up at him, her fear
evident in her eyes. So was the lust. She didn't stop him.

He pushed the fat head in a little deeper, until it met up with her
hymen. He looked down at her. His heart was racing almost as fast as
hers. He knew it would hurt her, but that wasn't going to stop him from
tearing off his first piece of pussy.

"This may hurt a little since this is your first time. Here. Bite on

Ted stuffed a roll of socks into her mouth. Then, without giving her
any time to say anything or think about it, he lunged up inside her,
tearing through the barrier with only a slight hesitation.

To Jill, it felt like a baseball bat was suddenly being shoved up inside
her. She screamed in pain, but only a slight muffled sound came out of
her sock-filled mouth. She tried to climb off the intruding shaft but
his grip on her hips was like iron. There was no way for her to escape
the painful spearing that he was giving her.

Tears of pain leaked from the corners of her cornflower blue eyes,
trickling down her cheeks. Ted ignored her screams and her tears, deaf
blind and uncaring about her pain. He did stop moving after he was
completely buried in her cunt. Not for her benefit, however. The
tightness on his cock was unbelievable. It was true what they said.
Every fuckin' last word. There was nothing like a virgin.

The pain in Jill's stretched and torn cunt slowly lessened and other
feelings began to overwhelm the skewered girl. Sensitive nerves that
had never been touched before were now sending strong `fuck-me' signals
to her brain. She might have been able to override a few of them, but
after staring at all those pictures, lusting for just this very thing,
the prick inside her was too big and touched too many for her to put up
any kind of a fight. Even if she had wanted to. She succumbed to the
urgent erotic messages and began to move her hips back and forth on the
iron pole. Each hip movement made the shaft touch a different area.
She found the areas she like best and did those a lot. Her legs wrapped
around his hips and she locked her ankles, pulling him all the way

Ted began to fuck in and out, the tightness of her cunt and her
tentative motions getting to him. He knew it wouldn't be long until he
shot with all this stimulation. Her tight twat was milking his cock
like no other had before. Not that he'd had any before. But he
instinctively knew this one was special.

Jill plunged over the edge just before Ted did. She was still screaming
into the socks as he filled her love box to overflowing with sticky
white semen. They hung on each other for a couple of minutes catching a
second wind.

"Not bad, Twerp. Not bad at all." Then he had pulled out and gone
upstairs, the laundry and his sister forgotten. He just left her
sitting on the washer naked from the waist down.

That had been a week ago. They had fucked every day the past week at
least once a day, sometimes as many as four. Both of them were young
and virile and insatiable. Ted had never taken any more consideration
of her than he had the first time. He would cum, and go. Fortunately,
Jill was usually so horny it didn't take much to get her off. She spent
most of those days in her room, staring at the photos, then, when she
heard Ted, or he called for her, she would run to his room and they
would suck and fuck. It was really a kind of masturbation.

That had been the way it had gone, until today. Today was going to be
different. Ted, the jerk, couldn't keep his mouth shut. So today, Mark
was coming over. He was supposed to be Ted's best friend and was, as
Ted put it, an `ass man.' That sounded so vulgar, but it excited her.
She looked down at her small chest. Good thing he wasn't a `tit man.'

Jill put the pictures on the bed away and dressed quickly. She pulled a
pink tank top over her head and a matching pleated skirt. She left off
her panties on a wicked impulse. She brushed her dark hair until it
shown. She borrowed a little of her Mom's lipstick and eye shadow. It
made her look a little older, she thought. Finally ready, she took a
last look at herself in the mirror. She knew she looked hot.

Just as she was coming downstairs, Ted and Mark walked in. The three of
them just stood there and stared at each other. Jill was in awe of
Mark. He was older than she was and he was on the football team, too.
She had had a crush on him for as long as she could remember. But then,
all the girls did. He was just that kind of a guy. Tall, dark, and
rich. And now he was here to fuck her. Or so she hoped.

Finally, to break the ice, she smiled at him. Going over to him, she
put both her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. It was a
long, hot kiss. His inexperienced hands, having no particular place to
go, gravitated towards her rubbery cheeks. He fondled them through the
wool of her skirt, and then slipped underneath. The enlargement in the
front of his pants between their bodies evidenced his surprise at
finding bare skin. She finally broke the kiss after several minutes.

"Ooohhh, is that for me?" she teased him, rubbing her tummy on his

She let loose of his neck and went down on her knees in front of him.
She had learned a lot the last week, one of them was how to undo men's
belts and pants quickly and efficiently. Mark's pants and shorts were
down around his knees before he knew what was happening. Not that he
would have stopped her.

Jill massaged his swollen cock with her soft hands until it was sticking
straight up in the air. She then tugged it down to point at her mouth
and promptly swallowed his prick to the hilt. Mark, surprised by the
sudden sensation of total warm wetness surrounding him, lost his balance
and fell backwards on his butt on the floor. Jill didn't even break
stroke and didn't let loose of him, but followed him down. She did
giggle afterwards with him deep in her mouth, causing Mark even more
thrilling sensations. He had been so keyed up for this hot piece of ass
that he came in about two minutes of Jill's hard sucking. Jill noticed
that Mark's sperm tasted a bit different, but she liked them both.

She turned to Ted, and lifted her eyebrow in a question, licking her
lips slowly in a lewd invitation. He had his pants down in a flash and
she sucked him to climax in about three minutes. Smacking her lips, she
turned back to Mark.

"Let me get you hard again, and you can fuck me, OK?" she said to him.

He just nodded dumbly. This was too easy. God, how did this dumb shit
get his sister to act like this. Yeah, his cock is big, but so what?
He'd always heard size didn't matter to a woman. Maybe that wasn't

Jill bent to her chosen task and soon he was hard again. Not letting
him get up, she straddled his body and eased his prick into her twat.
He was shorter than Ted, but a little thicker around the base. She had
to rut back and forth a couple of times before she could get all the way
down the thick shaft. But once she was seated, she found that his extra
thickness stretched her tight and let his prick rub right on her clit
whenever she twisted just right. The electric shocks when she did that
traveled from her clit to every part of her body. She was getting more
and more aroused and rode him like a wild man.

Ted, for his part, just stared at the rutting couple. It was exciting
as all hell to fuck his sister, but it was even more exciting to watch
someone else fuck her. He started running through all the guys he knew,
especially the ones with big dicks that he thought he might like to pal
around with. He didn't stop to think about what Jill might think of him
pimping her out for his social benefit. Ted was just that kind of
asshole, a real nice guy.

As he watched his sister fuck herself on Mark's hard cock, he stroked
his own huge dick. It was still wet with her spit, and he liked the
sounds it made as it squished up and down in his tight fingertunnel.

Mark finally caught his breath. He hadn't been in the house 15 minutes
and already he had had a great blowjob and was now getting the fuck of
his life. This little cunt was serious meat! Better than either of the
other two bitches he had fucked. He began to buck his hips up, trying
to drive his prick out of the top of her head.

The first lunge of his hips caught her by surprise and it knocked her
over forwards. She landed on his solid chest. He instinctively reached
up around her to catch her, not wanting her to fall off his prick. As
soon as she was stable again, his hands moved down to her ass. He
already knew she was naked under her skirt, so he hiked it up and tucked
it under her waistband to get it out of the way.

His hands covered and squeezed the firm globes, kneading the soft flesh.
Jill closed her eyes and rested her cheek on his chest. He felt more
than heard her contented moans as he continued to manipulate her ass
cheeks. She didn't even move when he pulled them apart and brushed up
and down the exposed crack with his fingertips.

She did hold her breath when the first finger slipped in up to the first
knuckle. Skewered in both orifices, she began to do a rapid little
dance on the end of his finger. She wasn't trying it dislodge it.
Every time he would pull back a little, she would follow as far as she
could, then give a little whimper when it pulled out.

Finally, he jammed his finger in all the way to the palm. She arched
her back up, lifting off his chest and screamed. Then she went wild on
his cock. After about three minutes of her frenzied actions, he lunged
up with his hips and shot his second load in 20 minutes into this
amazing 13-year-old cunt. He collapsed onto his back; convinced he was
done for the day.

Jill rolled off her idol. She was satisfied she had made him cum. His
finger had hurt her when he shoved it in so hard, but if April's mom
could take a whole big cock up there, she was sure she could, too. So
she had not pulled away from his finger, and soon enough it felt good.
Really good.

She looked over at her brother as he stood there, making love to
himself. She grinned. He really seemed to like doing that. Maybe that
was why it was so big. She would have to ask other guys how often they
stroked themselves and then see how big they were.

She spread her legs in invitation, the creamy white cum from her first
encounter with Mark dribbling down her ass crack onto the carpet. She
didn't care. Running her fingers up and down her sparsely covered cunt,
she used two to spread the lips and then stuck the middle one into her
steaming cauldron.

Ted grinned down at his sister. She was hot and he had just the hose to
put out her fire. He fell on her, not even giving her time to move her
hand. Her breath rushed out of her lungs as he landed on her. With a
swift, now practiced move, he shoved his prick into her open vagina.

Without a pause to see if she was OK, he pulled all the way out again,
and shoved it back in. He did it again and again, harder each time. It
was like he was punishing her for enjoying herself with Mark. This went
on for some time until he heard Mark talking to him.

"Hey, roll over, Ted."

Ted just shook his head `No' and kept plowing into his sister. He
figured he'd finish, then Mark could do her again. He was just on the
backstroke when he felt something. He froze.

Mark had kneeled over his thighs and nudged his prick against Ted's

"Doesn't make a bit of difference to me which of your asshole I fuck,
but I'll bet it makes a difference to you, doesn't it?" he heard
whispered in his ear.

He nodded quickly in agreement.

"So roll over nice and slow, asshole, and hold on to her tight. If
you're lucky, you just might enjoy this, too."

Ted looked down at Jill, who had apparently not heard the whispering.
Her eyes were closed and she was grunting with each fierce lunge he
made. With an unpracticed move, he held on to her and slowly rolled
over onto his back, leaving her lying on top of him. He managed the
move without dislodging her.

Mark grabbed onto the slim hips that were now presented to him. He
lifted them up, bending the cock in Jill's cunt at an awkward, but not
terribly painful angle. A shorter prick would have slipped out. Mark
then urged Jill to pull her knees up under her, which she did. Then,
with no warning and very little preparation, Mark grabbed the thick
shaft of his prick, pointed and lunged like a tackle coming off the line
at the snap of the ball.

Jill's eyes just about bugged out of her head. Chords stood out in her
neck and the veins in her forehead and temples stood out in bas-relief.
Her breath had been forced from her lungs and with the grip Ted had on
her, she couldn't seem to catch her breath. Her face went from panic-
white to red to cyanotic as she fought for, and finally caught some air.

She had known this was going to happen. She had even looked forward to
it. But not like this. Not this pain. Not so brutal. She tried to
rear back, but Ted was holding her tight. She looked down at him to try
to plead with him. She didn't even try. The bloodlust was in his eyes.
He was getting off on her pain. Her own brother. She tried to stand
up, but Mark was lying on her back. His legs blocked hers, so she
couldn't straighten them out.

And the pain. The pain was excruciating. A hot fat poker from the fire
was branding her asshole, tearing her apart. Never, never had she felt
anything that hurt this bad. She clenched all her muscles and once more
she tried to buck of the invader, but he was in too deep. They were
both too strong for her. So she did the only thing she could do.

She screamed. She knew there was no one to hear. She screamed anyway.
Then again, redoubled as Mark buried the last of his shaft deep into her
bowels. This just fucking hurt. Bad. When her voice gave out, she
just lay there, grunting. And swore this would never happen to her

It didn't get better when Mark pulled back and lunged back in again. It
wasn't better the next time either. It didn't help when Ted picked up
the rhythm and bucked up underneath her, driving his prick home into her
cunt. That didn't hurt, but it didn't help the pain, not one bit.

The two older boys went at it for some time, alternately plunging into
her ass or her cunt. They went slow, but rammed their cocks home each
time with all of their considerable strength. The pain reduced her
normal vaginal secretions, making the going tougher for Ted. That
increased the friction on the sensitive tissues of his cock, making him
cum faster than he normally would have.

The extreme tightness of her ass had the same effect on the bigger jerk.
With a tremendous lunge, he lifted the unresisting girl completely off
the cock in her cunt and up into the air. With a guttural grunt, he
dribbled two meager squirts of cum into her rectum, not nearly enough to
sooth the ravaged tissues he left there as he limply withdrew.

Jill lay under the panting lineman. She was still in shock. She
couldn't bring herself to focus on the brutality of what had just
happened. All she could think of was that April's mom was smiling in
the pictures. She knew she was. But this just hurt. Bad. How come?

She finally managed to wiggle out from under the semi-conscious youth
and got to her knees. She looked over and saw that her brother had
rolled over on his side and was curled up into a fetal position. He was
asleep, dead to the world. He was always like that after he fucked her.

She looked over at Mark, then at her brother. Fuck them, she thought.
There were other cocks out there that wouldn't hurt her like that. She
suddenly realized she didn't need these two, no matter how big. She
hesitated a bit when she remembered just how big, but the pain in her
ass drove her on. She knew just what she needed to make these two leave
her alone.

She moved over to her brother and dragged his sleeping form over next to
Mark. She then leaned over Mark and cajoled him onto his side into a
spoon with her bother. He was still in a post-orgasmic stupor and
thought he was spooning with her.

Reaching down between the two male bodies, she found the blood and shit
covered prick that had just been buried in her ass and took in her hand.
With her tongue in his ear, whispering dirty words and working on his
reviving member, she quickly had Mark hard again.

"Ooohhh, do me again, Mark, honey. Do me again, only harder. Ram it in
my ass all at once, OK? I like it when it hurts like that. Make me
scream, real loud. You like that, too, don't you, baby. Come on, you
can do it. Here, I'll reach back and hold it for you. All you have to
do is ram it home. Deep in my tight, tight asshole. Oooohhhh, Assman,
come on. That's going to hurt me so good. Ready? OK..."

She held his bloody cock in her tiny hand. She aimed it at the relaxed
rosebud of her brother's anus. Her aim never wavered. They were both
shit heads.


The football player's arms automatically wrapped themselves around the
sleeping form as he charged off the mark for the second time that day,
making escape impossible. His well-aimed prick disappeared into the
depths of the unsuspecting rectum in front of him. Jill just managed to
extricate herself from the homosexual bonding. She needed to carry out
the second part of her extemporaneous plan.

Ignoring the pain in her ass, Jill dashed up the stairs to her room.
She grabbed the Polaroid camera she had borrowed from April. These
weren't the kind of pictures she had been hoping for this afternoon.
However, after what she had just experienced, she instinctively knew she
was going to need something to keep those two buttheads from doing it to
her again whenever they felt like it or keep them from telling everybody
else about it. She would find her own hard cocks, thank you very much.

Her brother finally caught on to what was happening to him just as she
was coming back down the stairs. The angle was perfect, the lighting
just right, the camera loaded with color film. It was a great shot.
Both of the boy's faces were in focus, Ted's asshole was clearly
swallowing about half of Mark's cock, and his look of surprised pain as
it did looked very much like ecstasy at that captured moment. Ted's
huge swollen cock firmly in the grasp of Mark's hand made the photo look
like something else was going on, indeed.

Ted continued to fight like a tiger, bucking and kicking, trying to
dislodge the other boy from his ass. Mark just held on, inflamed by his
victim's resistance. He was in too deep and had too good a hold on the
frantic teenager to be unseated. He was in for the duration and, as he
had already come three times in the last hour, it was going to be a
long, bumpy ride. He was also stroking Ted's throbbing cock all the
while, and he was strangely excited by the feel of it.

Jill continued to snap photos from every angle, her pain pushed aside.
Her brother became more frenzied, then froze. A look of horror crossed
his face as he looked down and watched himself cum in huge spurts of
white sticky cum with another man's hand wrapped around his pulsating
meat. Mark's satisfied groans as he emptied his own load into Ted
started the tears running down Ted's face.

Neither boy noticed Jill taking her incriminating photos. When she was
finished, she went up to her room quietly, leaving the two `lovers' on
the floor of the family room.

Jill picked up the telephone and dialed a number. As she waited, she
pulled out a series of photos she had found that day that she didn't
think April had seen. The pictures showed her mom with a cock up her
ass, in her cunt and mouth, and with a mouth in her cunt. She was
definitely loving it. Even more than in the other shots they had seen.
But it wasn't April's Dad in the pictures with her. Jill shivered as
she lightly touched the arousing photos. She was still determined to
enjoy sex any and every way.

"Hello, April? Hi, this is Jill. Uh, no. No pictures. No, Mark
didn't show up. Yeah, bummer. Oh, well, his loss, huh? Oh, by the
way, I asked my Mom. She said it would be OK for you to leave your dog,
Wolf, with us when you go on your trip next week. Yeah. Two weeks.
I'll take care of him myself..."


End of story
I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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