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JJJ sucked her nipples She stroked





(MF, FF, MFF, menstrual sex)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction intended for private reading by adults over eighteen (18) years of age ONLY or a higher age if required by the political jurisdiction where you reside...if you are under eighteen years of age, you are required to exit now from your browser if accessing through a communications network or delete this file if accessing it through a local disk system...the following story depicts sexual acts which if they were perpetrated in real life would be against the law in all countries and localities; if merely possessing descriptions of sexual acts which would be against the law if committed in "real life" is against the law in the political jurisdiction where you live, you are required to exit access from this story and/or delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc. bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and distribute it to other readers of legal age on a strict non-commercial of this story on any commercial website or by any other means of storage and retrieval for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written consent of the originating author.

Jilly and I had become very close friends very quickly after she had started
to work at Mutual Insurance Company where I also worked. She had a Harvard
MBA and a PhD in economics from The London School of same and was hired
executive-tracked just two steps below Vice-President level, being named
Director of Finance just two years out of college and after working for a
competitor for that time. At 25, I had already clawed my way up to Chief
Secretary for Actuarial Statistics, a low-profile but very important position
within the company. After four years in the actuarial department, which
compiles and analyizes statistics on probabilities of living and dying and
other such topics, the stress had started to get to me a little, so that's
when I took up jogging around Mutual's suburban office campus acreage, just
to get out and maybe keep my weight under control and breath some fresh air
and get away from the volumes of never-ending policy analyses. And that's
where I ran into Jilly on her second or third day at work, on the dirt
jogging trails that wound around the buildings and assorted parking lots.

She was technically my boss, but was a good three levels or more above me,
and hadn't had time enough to get settled in and begin her introductions to
her departments. We made small-talk as we half-paced jogged, I introduced
myself and told her where my office was and what I did, and she seemed to be
genuinely friendly, telling me bits and pieces about herself. After showering
and changing back into our office clothes in the ladie's locker area
downstairs at the delivery level that was meant really for the grunts working
the docks at a company that leased space on the first floor from Mutual, I
asked her if she jogged every day, and she said she tried to, but with her
new job she wasn't sure if she would have the time. I told her I jogged every
day at noon on the dot, and hoped she could join me often. She smiled,
touched my shoulder, and said she definitely would, when she could.

Over the next few weeks blending into the next few months, we jogged together
two or three or four times a week, and began having lunch together after our
jogs, which consisted of scarfing down our fruit and fat-free yogurt together
as we sat resting on at the picnic area at the far end of the parking lot.
Being new in town and not having any friends yet, she invited myself and
hubby to her place for dinner one night, which was superb; it was a fancy
French dish with a name so long and complicated I couldn't pronouce it let
alone remember it. She and Jon, my husband, also got along fabulously. She
found it very interesting that my husband was a plumber but also a published
poet and accomplished artist. Jilly and I had become friends, and I was glad
there was an innocent flirtacious chemistry between she and Jon.

She and I began training together for a popular, local combination 10K and
marathon race that was upcoming in a couple of months. Mutual Insurance, our
employer, was one of the main sponsors of it, and via memo encouraged all
employees to either participate by running in it, or to help with the
volunteer activities such as manning the water booths or being road course
marshalls. We starting making a concerted effort to run a couple miles each
day, straying beyond our regular dirt jogging paths near the office to put a
little asphalt roadwork in, and began trying to put in a good six or seven
miles in each Saturday at a long, paved jogging trail that wound around a
local lake-park. It was one late August Saturday afternoon that our
relationship began to change.

I'm not sure who brought what up first, but somehow we started talking about
sex. I found out, much to my surprise, that Jilly had alread been married and
divorced twice. She had never mentioned husbands or boyfriends before and I
simply assumed that she was totally career-oriented, as she would have to be
to have the position she had at age 27. She confessed that she had always put
her career before her husbands' needs, and what fault there was, was probably
51.673% her fault (a little actuarial humor there). She asked me point-blank
about mine and Jon's sexlife. I grinned sheepishly a little, felt a little
embarassed, but told her the truths of our relationsip.

I mentioned that before we met and found each other, that Jon was a real
player, a real swinger, and had many other girlfriends and wild experiences
before me. I mentioned that I had screwed about half a dozen guys before him
and had been engaged once before, but that this was the first marriage for us
both. She mentioned that she probably had about three dozen lovers total,
including two since she had moved to town, but those two were just one-night
stands. Honestly, I don't where she hardly found the time.

"How's Jon in bed, Janie?" she asked me unashamedly. "Well...." "It's okay,
I'm sorry, you don't have to tell me." "Well, Jilly, it's just
would think I'm fibbing if I told you the truth, that's all." "No, I
wouldn't, I would believe you" she said with a sincere smile. "Well, he's a
terrific lover; he's very patient, very attentive, very loving..." "What
about his cock?" she asked with aplomb. "Jilly!..." I replied with mock
surprise "...not that I've actually measured it, but it's longer and thicker
than any other I've had before, but it's what he does with it that's
amazing..." "Uh-hu....hhhhmmmm?" Jilly whispered with puckered lips. "He can
go literally for hours and hours, I don't know how he does it. We've been
married three years now, and he's more randy now than we first got married.
He even fucks me on my period, every day when I'm on it!"

Jilly got this look her in eyes and on her face which is hard to describe. It
was a look that was part envy, part disappointment, part fascination. "You
know, Janey, of all the lovers I've had, not a single one has ever wanted to
touch me on my period, not ever...and that's when I'm my absolute most sexy,
it's when I want, WANT IT, more than any other time. I get so tired of having
to use my hand or vibrator then, when I should be having a cock inside me."

An awkward moment insued. Without a word, we both got up and jogged for a
couple more miles, smiling at each other but silent. Finding a bench just off
from trail about a mile from where we had parked around the lake, we sat back
down and sipped the last of our water. Jilly had almost blatantly asked me if
Jon could fuck her, fuck her on her period. I didn't know what to think. I
know that Jon and I had been faithful to each other the entire time we had
been together, not just our marriage. When I had kidded Jon about him looking
at other women, he had brushed it off, saying his wild days were past him,
and that he wasn't interested, and he was serious in what he said. I
certainly wasn't interested in Jilly as a lover. She had become a good
friend, a very good friend, but not that much of one. We got back up and
finished our jog.

I don't know why I did it, but when I got home, I told Jon about Jilly's and
mine sex conversation. Jon, so help me, got a wicked gleam in his eye. But it
was my fault, I had deliberately opened that can of worms for some unknown
reason. The following morning over Sunday breakfast, Jon just popped up with
a: "So, Love, you wanna invite Jilly over for a fuck session?" I dropped my
plate of microwave pancakes that I was carrying from the microwave to kitchen
table onto the kitchen floor, china bits flying everywhere. Jon jumped up,
went to the broom closet next to the refrigerator, madly sweeping the broken
pieces of plate up for me.

"I didn't mean to startle you like that, Love..." "You didn't, Jon...well,
you did a little." "You were the one who brought it up yesterday." "I know,
and I don't know why I did." "Because you have a secret desire somewhere in
the sweet heart of yours to be a little wild and have some wild fun?" Jon
mumbled as he reached to tickle my ribs and hug an kiss me. "I love you..." I
replied in my sexiest voice "...but I'm not bi or lesbian, you know that." "I
know, Love...but something must be going on in your mind, or you wouldn't
have brought it up."

We just hugged, kissed, and held each other for a few moments. Jon broke our
hug and finished cleaning up the broken plate and dirty pancakes. I went to
him and clinched him once again, shoving my tongue down his throat, as he
began groping me. "Randy little boy, aren't we, my Darling?" I purred. "You
never said...'you interested, or not, in Jilly?" "I don't know, Darling...I'm
not interested in her as a lover to me...but I know you used to have wild
times...and I know you tell me over and over again I'm enough for you..."
"Because you are, my Love" "...but I don't know...the more I've thought about
it, the more I think I'd like the three of us to be together...especially
when she's on her period...I can't imagine never having made love on my
period, I do enjoy it so much then, and I know you do, too..." Jon just made
purring, animal noises as we kissed and I talked. "...what do you think?" Jon
stopped, looked deep into my eyes to try to figure out if I was serious or
just pulling his cock, and half-whimpered "As long as you want to do for you,
Love, for your own enjoyment, sure, we can, we will."


At the first chance we got to be alone together, our Wednesday jog the
following week, we shared our brown-bag munchies and talked girl-talk. After
some small-talk, I just came out and told her that Jon and I had talked about
it, and if she wanted to, that we three could be lovers, could do a threesome
together, when she was on her period, as long as it was understood that I
wasn't a lesbian and that it would be just she and Jon and Jon and myself in
pairs having sex, not a "real" threesome with all of us making love together.
"But I never asked you if I could have sex with your husband" Jilly
half-exclaimed half-huskered out. Putting my arm around her, pulling her a
little closer to me as we sat together at the covered picnic table near
Mutual's employee parking lot, I kissed her on the cheek with a "Jilly, don't
con me, girlfriend, you kinda did ask me, in your own roundabout way." "You
ARE serious?!?" came the polite retort. "Only if you are, too...only if you'd
like to have my handsome, virile, taboo-less husband give to the fuck of your
life while you're on your period" came my reply.

She put her arm around me, kissed me back in the cheek, and then moved her
arm down to hold my hand. "I'm not a lesbian, either" she whispered. "I know"
I whispered back. "I should start my period tomorrow or Friday." "I know...we
have been showering together after our jogs for some months now, remember?"
Jilly laughed. I giggled. We hugged, then kissed each other on the cheek, and
then held hands for another moment. "This Saturday, then?" Jilly asked with
wide, accepting eyes. "Uh-hu...I slash we never did repay for that fabulous
meal you fixed for us some months back...come over for dinner and more around
seven-ish then?" "More for the more than dinner?" she quipped as she kissed
my forehead and jumped back up to finish our jog, me right behind her.


Jon and I worked all day preparing things. Neither of us knew how to cook
contenental like Jilly did, so I made a couple of my famous home-made
chocolate pies, and Jon went all over town looking for the perfect filet
mignons and the perfect pieces of swordfish to grill.

Jilly arrived right on time at seven pee-eem. I had never looked at her
lanky, built, tallish five ten hundred fifty pound frame with 38C breasts in
the way I observed them at that moment. I wondered what Jon would think when
he found that her blond hair didn't match her brunette pubic path. She handed
me a bottle of her favorite Chateau Margeuax as a dinner gift. I kissed her
on the cheek. She lightly kissed me square on the lips. Jon was working on
the charcoal briquettes in the grill on our patio. Jilly made her way through
the kitchen's sliding doors to him, kissing him squarely on the lips,
squeezing his butt a little. She hadn't squeezed my butt when she kissed me,
oh pohhh.

Diner went quickly. She complimented Jon on his perfect surf n' turf, and
while first refusing dessert, ate a full sixth piece of one of my chocolate
pies once, I told her I had made them myself. During dinner, we three had
scooted our chairs closer together. As we ate our slices of my pie, Jilly
stopped, then kissed me full on the lips, shaking her head a little, wiping
her dirty mouth on my relatively clean one. I swiped up a dab of chocolate
filling with a finger, then wiped a moustache above her upper lip with it. I
think Jon thought he was going to have a food fight on his hands, until my
tongue began licking it off of Jilly's upper lip. Jon rose and came over to
us, joining our kiss. I told Jon that tonight was for Jilly, and that he
should show her what it means to be the kind of man he is.

Jon lead her to the couch. They kissed and smooched for a full fifteen
minutes. I puttered around, making myself scarce, wanting to give them sort
of sense of temporary privacy. When Jilly started unbuttoning her blouse, I
joined them on the couch. I didn't want to be left out. Jilly's top and bra
came off. Jon buried his face in her breasts. I took my top and bra off too.
She stood up for a second, Jon rising with her, and stripped each other,
Jilly keeping her panties on, her maxipad clearly visible inside her
underwear. I thought she would have worn a tampon for tonight. I rose as
well, and they came to me, my husband and best friend. Jon kissed me as my
husband as Jilly joined our kiss. She felt of my breasts as she kissed me. My
hand found her breasts, massaging them. Jon helped me out of my panties.

Jon and Jilly and I made our way to our bedroom. Jon and Jilly laid down
together, as I slipped an old towel under her butt that Jon and I often use
to catch menstrual fluid when he and I have our period sex. Jilly slipped off
her panties, and Jon tossed them on the floor. Jon slipped between her legs
to give her some head. Before he even made tongue contact with her bloody
pussy, it looked she was almost coming. I snuggled up beside her and played
with her breasts. We made intimate eye contact. "Thank you, my very best
friend...THANK YOU!" she whispered to me. "You're welcome!" I whispered back
to her with lusty intent. Jon slurped and licked Jilly's bloody pussy. Every
once in a while, he'd stopped, raise his head up to make eye contact with
her, then go back to his ministrations. She was in heaven. I kissed and
sucked on her nipples. She stroked my hair and blew me kisses. She bucked her
legs, then straightened them out, then came. Jon gave me a look like "well,
aren't you going to join me down here?", but I just lightly shook my head
back at him "no."

He raised up, motioning to me. I opened the nightstand drawer and tossed him
a condom, crawling to him to help him put it on. They're hard for me to open,
but easy for me to roll on. I gave Jilly a nice show, as I sucked my husband
harder for a few moments, before rolling his condom over his prick. He
lowered himself then penetrated her. His head buried itself beside hers, as
he sucked on her earlobe. I crawled up and began sucking on her other one.
The slap-slap, slurp-slurp of his mestrual fuck of her was turning all of us
on. He kissed her deeply, and I joined their kiss. My hand reached low and
began playing with her clit as my wonderful husband contiunued his sloppy
fuck of my wonderful friend. He shot me another look, silently telling me he
wanted my mouth down there where my hand was with his prick in Jilly's cunt,
but I just easily nodded my head again "no."

She came at least two more big comes. As long as my dear husband could
normally last, I could tell he wanted his own. I moved down and began to roll
her over. They got the idea and began to fuck from behind. I played with her
breasts and nipples somemore as my Darling fucked her. I scooted under her
and kissed her. With tons of lust coming out of her as my huband fulfilled
her life-long fantasy, she practically yelled at me "I want to eat your
pussy, Janie!!!" To be completely honest, I hadn't planned on that, just some
mutual petting and kissing. But I was hot, boy oh boy, was I hot. I figured
it would be just like Jon giving me head. I moved around as Jon pulled her
back away from the headboard. I grabbed her head between my hands as her
tongue found my clit. Jesus, if she had told the truth and had never really
been with another woman before, she was a natural pussy eater, much better
than Jon. Or maybe she just knew more what and how to do it because she was a
woman herself. I pulled her face tighter and harder into my crotch. Jon was
going crazy behind Jilly. Even with all his past experiences, they hadn't
made him jaded at all, he was clearly enjoying everything.

Jilly began shoving two and three fingers inside my cunt as she continued her
cunning-lingus of me. The sounds and smells of menstrual sex filled the room
as Jon just pounded away at Jilly from behind. Then Jon gave that look I've
seen before of "my knees are starting to hurt, I need to switch positions." I
rolled Jilly away from me to one side. Jon wiped some of her blood off her
painted ass, working the stained towel into her bloody cunt, cleaning her up
a bit, tossing it to the floor as I puttered to the bathroom and back with a
couple more old towels and a wet washcloth. When I got back she was on top of
my perfect husband, facing him. I joined her, sitting on Jon's face, facing
her. We kissed as my hand played with her dripping pussy as she fucked my
man. God, that felt wicked! My fingers joined his cock inside her. "What the
fuck, why not!??!" I thought.

As we kissed and I frigged her, my hand nudged her hip, and she rolled over
across the bed. "Fuck it, fuck it!" I literally yelled to Jon as Jilly snaked
down to my cunt atop me, as we began our sixty-nine. The essence of her
womanhood ran from her lips to mouth and was sucked dry as a bee seeks
nourishment from its flower. Her blood tasted sweet, so sweet. It tasted as
sweet as mine, when I suck my own essence from my Darling husband's bloody
cock after we make our own period love. Having put a fresh condom on but not
having come yet, my poor sweet attempted to share my cunt, Jilly's cunt, MY
cunt with me. I let him get a few pumps in, but he kept banging my head too
hard, as he half-knelt a little as he stood up beside the bed as my loving
best friend and I sixty-nined cross-ways on the bed. "In her ass, Jonnie, in
her ass!".

Getting a few pumps more in for lubrication, Jon spread Jilly's asscheeks
with his thumbs, then entered her dark, puckered anus. I didn't even know if
she had ever ass-fucked before, or was an anal virgin, it wasn't something
she and I had talked about for some reason in all our previous sex
conversation. No matter. My husband's cock, covered in his other lover's
hemoglobin lubricant, now filled it fully. He stood more upright and just
began pumping her ass like crazy. Jilly's tongue and fingers lashed even more
passionately crazy at my cunt at my other end. A finger went from her hand
into my anus when Jon's cock went into her special place. I chewed on her
bloody cunt lips like they were raw pieces of steak tar-tar'. My tongue
swirled inside her bleeding vagina, lapping and bring all her womanly
sweetness to my mouth.

Jon's legs began to tremble a little. His knees began to shake, like an
involuntary shiver. I knew it was time. Rolling Jilly off me, I pulled her
around to me, pulling her close to me and sharing a quick kiss to her cheek,
as Jon shoved his bloody cock to her face. She gave us both a quick,
disapproving look, part disgust, part fear. I pulled her face to mine and
shoved my bloody tongue into her mouth. She sucked my tongue like a cock. I
pulled away with a "now, Jilly, my lover, show my husband how much you
appreciate his wonderful impassionada' of you!!!" She turned and began her
slow suck of his blood-and-condom covered cock. Jon grasped her head and
began fucking her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she licked her
own menstrual fluid from her lover's cock. Jon gasped and sucked air as he
came, pulling his condom off and shoving his cock back in Jilly's mouth,
Jilly swallowing easily his pent-up and released orgasm.

The rest of the night was much more relaxed and much less manic. We all three
had and did make much more threesome-style love, my original inclinations and
desires to the contrary, aside. We all three especially enjoyed it when Jilly
and I lay flat on our backs side-by-side, Jon fucking her for a few minutes,
then me, then her, then me, our sharing of her most precious bloody juices
with me making me feel that much closer to her. Jon getting beeped by his
boss, of all times, and had to go make an emergency plumbing service call.
That gave Jilly and I a couple of hours alone together. We mainly kissed and
smooched, stroking each other's faces and hair, then sixty-nine some, then
masturbated each other with easy frigs, my fingers dipping into her honeypot
then feeding her with her own period juices. Jon came back to find us
half-asleep in each other arms. Taking a shower together first, then making
more love as an easy threesome, then taking another shower together to get
cleaned up once again, we feel into a peaceful slumber, Jon waking Jilly and
I up with his snoring. That's how I tell how much my husband Dear has enjoyed
his lovemaking sessions with me, by how loud he snores. That night, it was
like the proverbial sawing of logs. Jilly and I just laughed and giggled as
he his bear-snores would wake us up, reaching across to kiss and touch each
other, as our man lay in his hog heaven between us.

Sunday morning came, and we did, too. A couple more hours of lovemaking once
the sun was up, then breakfast, then some more lovemaking. Jilly had never
used tampons before, never even tried to use them, so she and I had some fun
as I helped her put her first one in, getting one out from my box of Super
OB's from my bathroom closet, as we lay on the bed together, Jon just lightly
petting us both, giving us our space.

We didn't see each other until that following Thursday. I didn't call her,
and she didn't call me. We met on Mutual's jogging trail at lunch that day.
We both kind of looked at each other warily. Then, looking around to make
sure we were alone, she jogged over to me and kissed me full in the lips, her
tongue wrestling with mine. I kissed her back. "God, I've missed you,
Janie...I've missed you so much" she exclaimed in loud whisper as we kissed.
"I've missed you, too...Jon's missed you, too." We kissed for another minute,
then hearing footsteeps coming up the path, broke our kiss and embrace, and
jogged into some nearby bushes, where we began our kiss once again. My hand
went down the elastic of her athletic pants, found her cunt, but didn't feel
either a pad or a tampon string between her legs. "Uh-hu...I've stopped for
this month, but I'd still like to come over this weekend" she begged. "We'll
see, my Lover...." I softly squelled with mischevious and passionate intent
"...we'll see!"
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