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JO HIL sucked little then moved over


Jo & Hilary's First Date (A story of Walnut Grove)
by Kelly Adams (

Jo had never been more nervous in her entire life.

Three weeks ago she had met Hilary, briefly, at the ice cream parlor
where Hilary worked. Though they hadn't talked very much, they
touched hands briefly and there seemed to be some kind of spark
between the two of them. Jo had been too shy to do anything about,
but her friend Charity--one of the town's librarians--made the love
connection for her and got Hilary's phone number.

Jo had sat on the number for nearly three weeks before finally
getting up the nerve to call Hilary. The two of them had talked for
a bit before finally deciding to go out on a date.

It was now after four o'clock on Saturday afternoon, and she still
hadn't figured out what she was going to wear for her date that
evening, and she had to meet Hilary at the store in less than an
hour when Hilary got off of work.

Her trouble in picking out clothes was only the latest way in which
her nerves were showing. She had been pattering around the apartment
all day, making Andi, her roommate, about to go crazy.

Andi sat on the edge of the bed in Jo's room, watching as Jo stood
in front of her closet in her bra and panties, rummaging through her
clothes. "Honey, don't worry," Andi told Jo. "You'll look fine in
whatever you wear."

"But I want to look perfect," Jo explained. "It's our first date,
and I want to make a good impression."

"You're a wonderful person, and very cute. She'll like you
regardless of the clothes you have on."

"I guess I'm just nervous," Jo said.

"No kidding!" Andi teased. "I don't know why--you've been on dates
before, right?"

"Yes, but never with a *girl*. I mean, you and I have fooled around,
and we had fun that time with Kelly & Gretchen, and that other time
with Charity, but this is an actual date with another woman."

Andi considered what her friend was saying. "Still, I can't imagine
it should be too much different than going out on a date with a

"But it is! On a date with a boy we at least have some idea as to
who is supposed to do what," Jo explained. "But now, who is supposed
to hold the door for whom? Who pays for dinner? Which one of us is
supposed to make the first move for a kiss?"

"Okay, I see your point," Andi said.

"Plus, I'm a few years older than she is--what if she expects that
since I'm the older one I'm supposed to lead things? But then, I'm
fairly new at this whole lesbian thing, and she's probably more
experienced than I am, even though she's younger than me, and..."

"Okay, enough!" Andi grabbed her roommate by the shoulders and
looked her right in the eyes. "You are going to go on this date, and
you are going to relax and you are going to have fun! Just be
yourself, and trust me, she'll like you just as much as I do, or
even more. So have a good time tonight, or else..."

"Or else what?"

"Or else I'm going to kick your ass!" Andi smiled as she said it,
and the two girls started giggling.

After a good chuckle, Jo found herself feeling a bit more relaxed.
"Okay," she said, turning back around to stare at her closet again.
"I promise I won't be so nervous. But I still don't know what to
wear. I want to look pretty and a bit sexy, but I don't want to look
trashy, you know?"

"Hey, I know--you should wear that denim skirt I got at the mall
last week," Andi offered.

"You mean the long one?"

"Yeah, it'll look great on you!" Andi went down to her own room,
grabbed the skirt out of her closet, and brought it back to Jo.
"Here--try it on."

Jo took the skirt from Andi and stepped into it, pulling it up
around her hips. The skirt didn't have a zipper, but rather a
drawstring around the top and pulled it snug and tied in the front.
The skirt was long and fell all the way to her ankles, but had a
long slit up the right side that came halfway up her thigh, giving
her the opportunity to show plenty of leg if she so desired.

"Does it fit good?" Andi asked. Jo nodded. "Turn around--let me
see." Jo did so, giving Andi a nice view of her tight little butt.
"Excellent. It shows off that cute ass of yours perfectly!"

Jo blushed, enjoying the compliment. "What about a top?"

Andi went into Jo's closet and dug out a white blouse. "Here, put
this on." Jo pulled the blouse on around her arms, but Andi stopped
her before she could start buttoning it up. "Wait, don't use the
buttons--let me." Andi rolled the bottom of the blouse up a couple
of folds, then tied off it off in a knot about midway up Andi's
torso, just under her breasts. She left the top buttons undone, and
pulled the blouse open in a vee, exposing the skin at Jo's sternum.
Jo's chest wasn't large by any means, but this arrangement showcased
them nicely while not looking trashy.

"Okay, what do you think?" Andi asked Jo as she closed the bedroom
door, letting Jo get a good look at herself in the full-length
mirror on the backside.

Jo looked at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that,
biting nervously at her bottom lip. "I think I look pretty cute."

"Darn straight you do!" Andi agreed. "I do damn good work, if I do
say so myself! Now for the finishing touches..."

Andi got a necklace out of Jo's jewelry box, a simple silver choker.
Jo lifted up her shoulder length brown hair off her neck so that
Andi could fasten it. Andi then fished out a pale rose colored
lipstick for Jo. Jo normally didn't wear much makeup--and really she
looked fine without it--but Andi insisted that this was a special

"There," Andi said, stepping back to admire her roommate. "Now you
look ready for a hot date!"


"You look so good, I almost want to keep you here for myself!"

That caused Jo a moment of hesitation. "Are you sure that you're
okay with me going out on this date with Hilary?"

"Yes, I told you before I'm fine with it. So you have a good
time--and I'll want a full report when you get back home! With
details! But don't stay out too late."

"Yes 'mom'," Jo smiled. "What do you have planned for this evening?"

"Oh, I don't know..." Andi said with a wicked smile. "I thought
maybe I'd just go to the library..."


Hilary had never been more nervous in her entire life.

Thankfully she had her job at the ice cream parlour that day to keep
her occupied and her mind off her impending date with Jo. Hilary
couldn't believe that she was going out on a date with an older woman. Sure, Jo was only five years older than she was, but Jo was
23 and had been through college and had a real job and everything,
while she had just turned 18 the week before and still felt like a
bit of a teenaged high school dork.

Hilary felt her heart skip a beat when, at a couple of minutes
before five, she saw Jo come into the store. Jo smiled at Hilary and
gave a little wave, which Hilary returned. 'She's even prettier than
I remembered,' Hilary thought to herself.

She finished serving the group of customers in front of her, and
then told Kimmy, the other girl on duty that afternoon, that she was
going to clock out.

Hilary stepped out from behind the counter and went over to the
little table where Jo had found herself a seat to wait. "Hi," she
smiled, overcoming her nerves.

"Hi," Jo replied back. Hilary thought that Jo seemed to be just as
nervous as she was, which she found somewhat reassuring and caused
her to relax a bit.

"You look great," Hilary complimented her date. "Where'd you get
that skirt?"

"It's Andi's, my roommate's, actually."

"That's cool that you can wear each other's stuff."

"Yeah, it comes in handy at times."

Hilary suddenly realized that she was wearing the exact same thing
that she had on the first time Jo had seen her, her stupid
'uniform', which consisted of a t-shirt with the store logo, along
with jeans and a ball cap. "I brought a change of clothes," she
blurted out.

"I figured that was the case," Jo replied.

"They're in the back. I'll go and change now."

"Okay. I'll just sit here and wait for you."


As she watched Hilary walk away into the backroom of the store, Jo
thought that Hilary seemed even cuter than she remembered. She was
also kind of glad that Hilary seemed to be just as nervous about
their date as she was. That made Jo feel more relaxed, just knowing
that Hilary was as nervous as she was.

The time that Hilary was gone changing seemed like forever to Jo,
even though it had only been about five minutes. When Hilary
reemerged, Jo was momentarily stunned. Hilary had undergone quite a
transformation, from cute tomboy to beautiful girl. Hilary was
wearing a pretty flower print dress with spaghetti straps and a
hemline just above her knees. The dress was fastened up the left
side with about twenty-or-so little button-and-loop closures. The
dress wasn't super tight, but it did compliment Hilary's body much
better than the baggy t-shirt she'd had on before.

Hilary had changed out of her tennis shoes into a pair of open-toed
sandals. The baseball cap was gone as well, and Hilary wore her long
brown hair in a simple yet elegant ponytail. Her blue eyes sparkled
as she waked up to Jo's table with a smile. "Ta-da!" Hilary said,
giving a quick spin around. "What do you think?"

"You look fantastic!" Jo said as she stood up.

"Thanks." Hilary's skirt continued to swoosh a bit around her legs
after she stopped her turn, which Jo found instantly adorable. "I
wore this dress underneath my gown at graduation."

"I like it; it's very pretty," Jo complimented.

"So, where do you want to go to eat?" Hilary asked.

"I thought maybe that seafood place, a couple of blocks up the

"Oh yeah--Rick's?"

"Yeah, that's the one. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure, sounds great. Shall we go?"

Hilary led the way out of the store, holding the door open behind
her as Jo walked through. 'Well,' Jo thought, 'there's one question

Jo liked the shopping district in the 'downtown' area of Walnut
Grove, the little city where she lived. It was one of the things
that made her want to come live here after college, much better than
the sterile shopping complexes and strip malls of the suburb where
she grew up a few miles away. She remembered how, when she was a
young girl, her mother would bring her here to the town for special
shopping trips; sometimes just the two of them, other times with one
or two of her mom's friends. Some of the stores had changed over the
years, and the trees in the planters along the sidewalks had gotten
bigger, but it still had that same timeless ambience that it held
for her from years ago.

They chatted a bit as they walked up the street to the restaurant.
Nothing important really, mostly about the gorgeous weather they had
been having that week. It had been in the low eighties with sunshine
and low humidity--a rarity for this time of the year. There wasn't a
cloud in the sky and a light, gentle breeze--perfect weather if ever
there was!

It was still early enough that the restaurant wasn't too crowded, so
they were able to get a table right away. They opted for a table
rather than a booth, sitting on adjacent sides with the corner
between them. Hilary giggled and smiled when their knees bumped.

Jo ordered whitefish, and Hilary ordered the Mahi-Mahi. They both
got salads, and had a basket of breadsticks to share between them
while they waited for their food.

There were a few of those awkward silences that typically accompany
first dates, but for the most part Jo found herself relaxing and
enjoying herself as she ate and talked with Hilary.

"Tell me about your family," Jo asked Hilary.

"There's my mom and dad, of course," Hilary told Jo, "and I have a
younger sister, Krissy, she's eleven. And we have a dog, Sparky,
who's older than my sister so he seems like part of the family too!
How about your family; do they live in town?"

"Well, my parents are quite a bit older," Jo said. "They had me kind
of late in life--Mom says I was a 'happy surprise'! They're retired
now and moved off to Arizona a couple of years back. My sister and
brother are older than me too; Sharon's off in Indianapolis being a
doctor, but Mark and his family still live over in Greenville, where
we all grew up."

"That's good that you've still got some family around," Hilary said.

"Yeah," Jo agreed. "They invite me and my roommate over for dinner a
lot. They've got a daughter, Meghan, who's eleven--just like your

"That's kind of weird."

"I guess maybe. But Mark and Shelley--that's Mark's wife--are enough
older than me that they seem like a second set of parents, and
Meghan's like the little sister I never had."

"Except that she's not always getting in your way and getting into
your stuff."

"Yeah--I suppose it's like having the good parts of a little sister without her being a pain-in-the-ass!"

After their food came, the conversation turned to Hilary's plans for
the fall. "Are you going off to college?" Jo asked her.

"Yeah. Well, I'm going to start off at the community college for a
couple of years--you know, get all the basics out of the way. Then
I'll probably transfer to one of the bigger schools to finish up my

Jo was glad to hear that Hilary would be sticking around for a
while. She found that she was really liking Hilary a lot and didn't
want her to leave town at the end of the summer. She really hoped
that Hilary was feeling the same way!

"What do you think you want to study?" Jo asked.

"I dunno. I think maybe international relations or something like
that--I think it'd be really cool to work at the United Nations

"That's neat. I majored in political science, you know," Jo told

"Cool," Hilary remarked.

They continued talking through the rest of the dinner, and then
shared a dessert: a fudge brownie with ice cream and dripping with
chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top. "I think I'd
just die if I had to go a day without eating chocolate!" Jo said.

"Me too," Hilary agreed. "It should be one of the four basic food
groups, don't you think?"

When the check came, Hilary insisted that they go dutch, solving
another of Jo's quandaries. That just left one more etiquette
question to be answered, but the way things seemed to be going, Jo
was pretty sure that that question would be answered too before the
night was over!


"Well," Jo said as they left Rick's and headed back out onto the
street. "What should we do now--it's still kind of early, and the
weather's too nice to go sit in a movie theater."

"How about we go down to the park near the river," Hilary suggested.
"We can walk around and enjoy the weather, and on the weekends they
usually have free live music at the ampitheater."

The music wasn't scheduled to begin until about 7:30, so Jo and
Hilary had plenty of time to walk along the river. Jo's heart
started to beat a little faster when, as they strolled along the
river bank, Hilary took hold of her hand. It was only holding
hands--no big deal--but to Jo it signalled that Hilary really liked

They walked along silently for a bit, just enjoying being with each
other, until Jo finally asked Hilary one of the questions she'd been
wondering: "So, um, if you don't mind my asking... How long have you
been interested in girls?"

"All my life, I suppose," Hilary replied. "I guess I first noticed
something was different when I was eleven or twelve. My best friend
Lindsay and I used to practice kissing, you know, for when we
finally got a date with a boy. But I think I liked kissing Lindsay
far better than the prospect of kissing some stupid boy.

"But I didn't really come to realize it until the summer I turned
fourteen. Our family used to always go up north to this resort for a
week, and I, not wanting to spend anytime at all with my parents,
ended up hanging out with this girl Melissa. Missy was a year older than me, and I thought she was the prettiest, funniest, and smartest
person I had ever known. I had quite a crush on her, but was afraid
to say anything. Then, one afternoon while we were sitting out under
a tree watching the canoes go by on the lake, Missy just leaned over
and kissed me. We spent a lot of time making out under that tree!"

"Sounds wonderful," Jo said.

"It was like magic. When my parents caught us a couple of days later
making out on my cot in our cabin, I was afraid that they were going
to freak, but they were really cool about it. mom said that either
it was just a phase I was going through, in which case I'd grow out
of it and it was no big deal, or that's the way I was and it
wouldn't do any good to get all upset with me.

"So Missy and I spent the rest of the week together, then said
good-bye at the end. We promised we'd write and stuff, but after a
couple of letters we just sort of drifted away from each other.

"Of course, as you can tell, it wasn't a phase, as I'm still quite
interested in girls!"

"Lucky for me!" Jo said with a smile.

They had come across a bench on the path they were walking on, so
they decided to sit down and take a rest.

"Okay, it's your turn," Hilary said to Jo. "Spill."

"Well, until a few months ago, I didn't even know I was interested
in other women," Jo told her. "Okay, that's not really true--I
suppose that I was always kind of interested, you know, in a 'wonder
what it would be like' sort of way. But I never did anything about

"But then I met Andi. She answered the ad I put in the paper looking
for a roommate. We hit it off right away, becoming best friends as
well as roommates. And I found those urges that had once been remote
becoming very strong around her. A couple of months went by, we
became closer and closer, until one day it just seemed very natural
to kiss her and hold her, and things progressed from there..."

Hilary seemed to be a little worried. "So, Andi's obviously still
your roommate. Are the two of you still together?"

"Yes," Jo said, her voice starting to tense. "Well, I mean, it's
kind of complicated. She's cool with us going out. And after seeing
you and talking with you on the phone, I really wanted to go out
with you--is that okay?"

Hilary put her hand on Jo's shoulder. "It's okay with me. Really. I
was interested in you, too. I mean, here I was all excited that an
'older woman' was interested in me, but now I find out that you're
still new at this. I think it's really sweet."

"So you can put up with me being confused for a bit?" Jo asked.

"Yes. I'm really not looking for a serious relationship right now,
anyway," Hilary told her. "I would like someone nice and sweet and
special to hang out with and share things and have a little fun. And
you seem like just the person I'd like to do all those things with.
I like you and think that you're special."

Jo looked back up at Hilary, smiling. "Thanks. I think you're
special too."

The two girls just looked at each other for a few moments, then
Hilary leaned in and gave Jo a brief, soft kiss. "Shall we go see if
the music's started yet?" she asked, standing up.

Jo realized that her third question had just been answered. She
liked Hilary's kiss, and hoped that there would be another one soon.
"Sure, let's go," Jo agreed. She stood up and took Hilary's hand,
and the two of them walked off back towards the staging area.

The show had already started, and they heard the music off in the
distance as they approached. There were maybe seventy or eighty
people sitting in the small ampitheater, with many other standing
around. The girls stopped at a concession stand and got Cokes before
finding a pair of sets in the back row.

It was a zydeco band, and they were very good. Hilary was really
into it. "I like this kind of music, don't you?" she asked Jo.

"Yeah, it's kind of cool," Jo agreed. "I was worried that you'd be
into N*Sync or that kind of stuff."

"Are you kidding? That music blows!" Hilary told her. "I can't
believe the kind of stuff that MTV says we should like. I'm
embarrassed on behalf of my entire generation."

Jo laughed. She was having a really good time. Hilary was smart,
pretty, and a lot of fun--plus it turned out she had good taste in
music too. She was so glad that she had gotten up the nerve to give
Hilary a call.

By the time the band finished their set, dusk was beginning to set
in and the bugs were starting to come out. Hand in hand, Jo and
Hilary walked out of the park and back toward the shopping district.
They puttered about in a couple of the knick-knack stores until
those started to close.

"What do you want to do now?" Jo asked Hilary. She really didn't
want the evening to end.

"Maybe we could go someplace private and spend a little more time
together," Hilary suggested, smiling coyly.

"Andi said she'd be out for the evening, so we could go to my
apartment for a bit," Jo offered.

"Sure," Hilary agreed. "That sounds great."


"Wow, this is a great apartment!" Hilary remarked as she and Jo
entered. Andi and Jo's apartment was on the main floor of a recently
converted older house, complete with hardwood floors and a large
refurbished kitchen. A large corner sofa dominated the large living
room, with several bookcases lining the walls and a modest
television and entertainment center off in one corner.

"Thanks," Jo replied. "We were lucky to get it. The landlord is an
old friend of my dad's, and as a favor he's letting us rent it for a
good deal less than the market value. With student loans, car
payments, and all the rest I thought I'd be living in a hovel
somewhere, but this is really nice."

"Do you mind if I use your bathroom?" Hilary asked. "That large Coke
I had at the park has managed to go right to my bladder."

"Sure. It's down the hall there, first door on your left," Jo


While Hilary was freshening up, Jo checked the message that was
waiting on the answering machine: "Hi sweetie," Andi's voice said.
"It's about twenty after eight and you're not home yet, so I guess
that's a sign that's your big date is going well, huh? Well anyway,
I'm just calling to let you know that I'm (hey!), um, I'm over at
Charity's hanging out (hey, knock it off--I'm trying to leave a
message here!) yeah, um, like I was saying, I'm at Charity's at it
looks like (ooohh, wait a minute, won't you?) it looks like I'll be
out late, so don't wait up or anything, okay? Love you, hun! Bye!"

Jo smiled to herself--it sounded like Andi was having a good time,
and it sounded as though she and Hilary would have the place to
themselves for a while.

"Who was that?" Hilary asked as she emerged from the bathroom.

"That was Andi, letting me know she'd be out late tonight," Jo told

"Cool," Hilary said, smiling.

"I've got to relieve myself too," Jo told her. "Make yourself at
home, and I'll be right out."

When Jo finished, she came out to see that Hilary was half-sitting
on the back corner of the couch. She thought again about how pretty
Hilary was, and how nice the evening had been so far. "Hi," she
said, walking over towards the couch.

"Hi," Hilary said back. When Jo got close enough, Hilary touched her
lightly on her arm. "I'd really like to kiss you, if you don't

"Yes, please," Jo replied. Hilary stood up from the back of the
couch and pressed her lips softly against Jo's. Jo tensed at first
with excitement, but then relaxed.

"That was nice," Jo said when their lips parted.

"Good," Hilary replied. "'Cause I'm going to kiss you again." She
wrapped her arms around Jo's waist, pulling her closer, and kissed
her again.

Jo opened her mouth a bit, and Hilary quickly slipped her tongue
inside. They pressed their bodies against each other as they kissed,
enjoying the touch and taste of each other. Jo found herself going
on instinct. Her hands roamed over Hilary's body, up her torso, over
her breasts to her shoulders. At the same time, Hilary moved her
hands lower, resting them on Jo's behind and squeezing her cheeks

"You're a very good kisser," Hilary told Jo as she continued to hold
her close. "And very pretty."

"Thank you," Jo replied. "You're very cute yourself, you know."

"Thanks. I love your necklace," Hilary said, fingering the silver
chain lightly. "Where did you get it?"

"It was a gift from my parents," Jo explained. "For my high school
graduation. I wear it when I want something good to happen; it's
kind of a good luck charm."

"Well, did it work tonight?"

"It's worked very well tonight!"

Hilary let go of the necklace and used her hand to push back Jo's
hair from her neck. She started to kiss Jo's neck softly, then moved
around her throat, kissing all the way to the other side. Each
caress was a small bolt of pleasure to Jo, as she found herself
melting into Hilary's tenderness.

"Oohh," Jo moaned softly. "That's very nice."

"You like that, do you?"


The two girls continued to kiss and caress each other for several
more minutes, until they began to get tired of standing and Jo
suggested that they move to the couch. Jo sat down close to the vee,
and Hilary situated herself immediately on Jo's right.

They began to kiss again, with a combination of lust and sweetness.
Exploring, Hilary slid her hand into the slit in Jo's skirt and
began rubbing her upper thigh. "Mmmm, that's nice," Jo remarked.
Hilary slowly slid her hand up along the inside of Jo's leg, until
finally her fingers touched Jo's cotton panties.

Hilary began to rub Jo through her panties. Softly, not too hard.
Hilary could feel Jo's heat and was starting to smell Jo's arousal.
Jo leaned her head back on the couch and closed her eyes, enjoying
Hilary's light touch. Jo's mouth alternated between a cute little
smile and a pursing of her lips as soft little 'oh's of pleasure
came out.

Then Hilary stopped, removing her hand from under Jo's skirt. She
had never gone this far on a first date before. Jo seemed willing,
but she didn't know if she herself was.

"That was nice," Jo commented. "Why did you stop?"

"I... I don't think I'm ready to go this far with you yet," she
explained. "Is that okay?"

"Sure," Jo said, holding Hilary's hand. "Whatever makes you
comfortable. I just want to be with you right now; feel you close to

"Thanks for understanding," Hilary said.

They resumed their kissing, merging their lips and tongues and
mouths. Jo really enjoyed holding Hilary, pressing her close. It was
as though they were made for each other. Jo was happy to let Hilary
set the pace for the evening; whatever she wanted to do was fine, so
long as they were together.

After several minutes of making out, Hilary moved her hands to the
bow that tied off the bottom of Jo's blouse, giving it a slight tug.
"May I?" she asked.

"Please do," Jo replied.

Hilary pulled a bit harder, causing the bow to come undone. Jo's
blouse fell open, revealing her sexy thin white satin brassiere.
Hilary ran her hands up Jo's stomach to her breasts and began to run
them gently. Jo's nipples were hard, and Hilary could feel them
through the smooth thin fabric.

Hilary was obviously enjoying Jo's breasts, and Jo was definitely
enjoying having them rubbed. "You can take the bra off, if you
want," Jo told Hilary.

"Okay," Hilary replied. Jo's bra was a front-clasp, and Hilary
opened it and folded it back, exposing Jo's bare breasts.

"You're breasts are so nice," Hilary complimented as she slowly ran
her right hand over them.

"Thank you," Jo said. "I've always thought they were a bit small,

"Nonsense," Hilary scolded. "They're perfect. So nice and perky!"

Jo felt a wonderful twinge of stimulation as HIlary's hand passed
lightly over her erect nipples. "Ooohh, yess, that's nice," she said

Hilary lightly pinched Jo's left nipple, eliciting a moan from Jo.
"You like that, huh?"

"Oh yes, yes."

"How about this?" Hilary leaned her head into Jo's chest and took
Jo's nipple into her mouth, caressing and licking it lightly.

Jo's nipples, always one of her more sensitive parts, sent feelings
of pleasure throughout her body; a nice, warm, comfortable feeling.
"Please don't stop, that's so good," she moaned.

Jo let Hilary suck and play with her breasts for a while longer,
then finally lifted her head up and gave her another deep kiss.
"That was very nice, Hilary," she told her.

"Thanks, Jo," Hilary replied. "You're very sweet."

"Now it's your turn," Jo said. She reached for the side of Hilary's
dress and started unbuttoning the long row of buttons. After three
or four buttons she found that her blouse and bra handing on her
arms were getting in the way, so she shed them before continuing.
With each button her anticipation grew, and, if her breathing was
any indication, so was Hilary's.

When she finally finished with the buttons, she reached up to
Hilary's shoulders and gently pulled down the spaghetti straps.
Hilary stood up from the couch, letting the dress fall down to the

"Oh, you're so beautiful," Jo exclaimed, looking at Hilary's mostly
naked body. Though she was still wearing a nice pair of lacy pink
panties, the rest of Hilary was on display before her, including
Hilary's wonderfully shaped breasts.

"Thank you," Hilary replied, a bit shyly.

"Come back on the couch," Jo told her. "I want to touch you."

Hilary returned to the couch next to Jo, kneeling instead of
sitting. Jo placed her hands on Hilary's breasts and bean to rub
them. They were slightly larger, and fuller than her own, but
seemingly just as sensitive. Hilary let out quiet sounds of pleasure
as Jo rubbed her.

Hilary lifted herself up higher on her knees, bring her breasts up
to Jo's mouth. Jo continued rubbing Hilary's breasts as she gingerly
took Hilary's left nipple into her mouth. She flicked it lightly
with her tongue, sucked a little, then moved over to the opposite

Hilary ran her fingers through Jo's hair as her date continued to
massage and lick her breasts. Then she swung her left leg over
across Jo, placing herself in Jo's lap. In this position her head
was a few inches above Jo's; she leaned her head down, pressing her
forehead against Jo's, looking into her eyes.

"You have the most amazing blue eyes," Jo told Hilary. "Not cold at
all, but deep and soulful."

"Thanks," Hilary replied. She shrunk her body down a bit, letting
her breasts rub over Jo's. The two girls embraced again, longly and
softly. Hilary felt Jo's heart beating against her chest, beating
along with her own.

"I'm so glad you asked me out tonight," Hilary told Jo. "I've had
such a great time, and you make me feel very special."

"I'm glad you said yes," Jo told Hilary. "You're pretty and soft and
wonderful and sexy. I wish I could keep you here with me forever."

"I know, but I really need to be getting home," Hilary said with a
tinge of sadness. "I know I sounds cheesy, but my parents will be up
waiting for me."

"That's okay," Jo said with a small amount of regret. "Actually, I
think it's kind of neat that they care."

They shared one more long kiss, then Hilary got up from Jo's lap.
She pulled her dress back on while Jo collected her bra and blouse.
Jo put her bra on, then her blouse, buttoning it normally this time
instead of tying it back up. She then helped Hilary refasten her
dress buttons. They then spent a few more minutes kissing before
finally heading out.

Jo drove Hilary back to her folk's house, a modest two-story home in
one of the older residential neighborhoods. She walked up to the
porch with Hilary, holding her hand.

"I had a great time tonight," Jo told Hilary, smiling as she held
both of Hilary's hands in hers. They gently swung their arms back
and forth.

"Me too," Hilary agreed. "Let's do this again soon."

"Okay, I'll call you."

Hilary gave her a soft, light kiss, then made a move to the door.
"Good night."

"Bye," Jo responded. As she walked away, she thought about Hilary's
wonderful smile and pretty eyes. The moon was shining down, and
everything was right with the world.

The End.


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