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JOB hurt much when hit


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Job Description -(job.txt)- A poor woman and her underage
daughter are taken advantage of by an unscrupulous boss. But what
can she do? humil, spank, M/f.

Job Description
"One more mistake like this and I'll have to fire you," Mr.
Diebold told Linda. "It's a word processor, for Christ's sake. You can
spell-check for things like this."
He knew she needed the job. It wasn't about some typo that the
spell-check wouldn't have caught anyway. It was about his power over
her life. She and Jessica barely made ends meet as it was, as her
daughter was fond of telling her. She was trapped between Jessica's
whining for more things and Mr. Diebold's threats.
"I'm sorry, sir, I'll try to do better," Linda kow-towed.
"You'll do more than that," he menaced, "You'll get your fat butt
over here and bend over my desk."
It wasn't right and it wasn't fair and she was only enabling him
to be a monster, but Linda felt she had no choice. He could toss her
out and then make sure no one wanted to hire her. She came over and
bent over the desk, hot tears of humiliation already running down her
"You think you're crying now, you old cow?" he belittled her,
"You'll know what crying's all about before I'm through with you."
Linda didn't have to look back to know he was holding a steel
rule in his hand. She had heard the drawer open when it took it out.
The ruler hurt so much when he hit her with it.
"Now grab the edge of the desk and don't let go or your precious
butt will be hitting the sidewalk," he ordered.
She had to strain up on her toes to reach the edge of his desk.
He liked the way that tensed her buttocks and she hated the way it
made the blows reverberate through her whole body. Then he started
raining the blows down on her rear.
"Be more careful you useless old cow! Pay attention! You can't
afford to think about anything but your job!" he beat her with his
words as he made her dance with the rule in his hand.
"Stand still and take your medicine!" he bellowed as her violent
response to his violent blows threatened to tip his desk.
As he predicted, she was crying loudly. Her wails caught in sobs
as he brought the ruler down on her buttocks again and again. Then it
was finally over.
"I'll still fire you if you fuck up again," he told her as she
leaned back and dragged her pathetic self from his desk.
She tried to get out of his office before she saw it. He had
already pulled his zipper down and his fingers were in his underwear
fishing his cock from its confines. He had never suggested that she
participate in any sexual act with him, but recently he had begun
masturbating after he had spanked her. He would do it in front of her
if she didn't leave in time.
He had proposed the spankings the first time as an ultimatum. It
was the only way she could save her job.
"Sorry doesn't do it this time. I have to fire you," he had
She begged. She cried. She offered to do anything. She expected
to be ordered to her knees to perform oral sex on him. Instead he
ordered her across his lap.
"I'm going to teach you one hell of a lesson," he had told her,
"You better learn how much you hurt this company from how much I'm
going to hurt this big fat ass of yours."
It had been more humiliating than painful and it had hurt like
fire. Still, it was nothing compared to what he did when he used some
kind of paddle. He had hit her until his hand hurt. Now the rule felt
no pain at all and she suspected he hit her until he was too excited
to go on.
But she was trapped. She made more money than she could get
anywhere else with her skills and Jessica was sucking up every penny
she could spare. She hated being so helpless, but it seemed to be her
lot in life. There was no escaping the power others had over her.
She wasn't good enough for Mr. Diebold to desire. He had never
made a sexual advance, although she understood he got some twisted
sexual thrill from spanking her.
He did fuck some of the other girls. She had to sit outside his
office and listen to their moans when he did. It was like they made it
a point to let her know what was happening in his office. Like they
made it a point to let her know how much they enjoyed having sex with
She was glad he didn't find her attractive. Her husband had told
her again and again that she was a lousy lay. She didn't want to have
to hear that from Mr. Diebold after she disappointed him.
She was slammed into a corner at the company picnic. She had
a sinking feeling of despair when she saw the look in Mr. Diebold's eye
as he looked at Jessica. Jessica was her life and she didn't want her
pulled into the cesspool with her mother.
But then she had less than no choice. Mr. Diebold demanded and
Jessica brazenly told her she would. It was sad that she feared her
16-year-old, but Linda couldn't stand her only success turning on her.
The worst part was bringing Jessica in to his office. She felt
like a Judas goat leading the lamb to slaughter. And it was the lamb
she loved more than anything in the world.
Jessica made it worse by being anxious to be alone with Mr.
Diebold. It was almost more than she could take to listen to the
giggles turn into titters and then sniggers.
She was so distraught that it only took one meaningful sigh for
her to burst into tears. Then even her sobs couldn't drown out cries
of lust from the next room. Her little girl was a victim of her own
shortcomings. She didn't know how she could crawl any lower.
"But mom, I don't want to be frigid all my life like you,"
Jessica taunted when Linda tried to apologize for getting her involved.
"But it's criminal to make a girl's virginity the price of a
job," Linda lamented.
"Oh mom, I haven't been a virgin in ages," Jessica smirked.
Instead of allowing her her guilt, they beat her deeper into
the well of worthlessness. She thought there was no way she could sink
any lower. She was wrong.
"Linda! Get in this office this minute!" Diebold shouted.
"Look at this! What kind of mother are you, making your daughter wear tattered rags like this?" he said, holding Jessica's skirt up
around her waist.
There was a hole no larger than a fingertip near the elastic of
Jessica's underwear. Linda didn't care about that. She was caught not
knowing whether to be embarrassed first about her daughter standing in
her bosses' office with her skirt around her waist or be embarrassed
about being forced to stand and witness it.
"What if it was a stranger holding up her skirt?" Diebold
continued, "Can you imagine the damage to her fragile psyche to have
that stranger think she doesn't care about her appearance?"
He was talking nonsense, but Linda knew his intention was real
enough. She just didn't know how mean Mr. Diebold could be.
"I should report you to the court as an unfit mother," he said
ironically, "I can barely restrain my outrage at the way you treat
this poor girl. Now get your fat butt over here."
She was beginning to cry as she took her first step. It was
incredibly horrible that he could flaunt any vestige of decency and
make her debase herself in front of Jessica. She had known from the
first time she had laid over his lap that she would have to do
whatever he asked from that time forward. She had no idea he was evil
enough to think of anything like this.
"No, this time I want you over the other edge," he said as she
walked to the usual place beside him. "Stretch out along the desk."
She lay across the desk sobbing. This time she saw him open the
drawer and take out the ruler rather than heard it. She also saw her
daughter come around to stand by him so she could see better as he
spanked her mother. Jessica was grinning broadly at her mother's
undignified position.
Diebold had rolled his chair to the corner of his desk and turned
so he could bring the ruler down on her rump with the accustomed force.
As the first blow fell and she cried out, Jessica dropped to her knees.
She was opening Diebold's pants.
There was no wail forlorn enough to express her despair as Jessica
began mouthing Diebold's cock as he brought the ruler down on her rump
again and again. Diebold hit her harder the faster Jessica's head
bobbed up and down in his lap. She knew this time the paddling would
last until Diebold filled her daughter's mouth with cum.
"No! You can't be this evil. You can't be this evil," she sobbed
and Diebold just chuckled and swatted her again.
It was no relief when the blows stopped. Diebold only paused
because he was busy jerking his ass out of his chair and pumping
Jessica's mouth full of his seed. She watched as her child swallowed
every drop like she had been practicing for years.
Linda slumped down and sobbed sporadically. At least Diebold had
shot his wad in more than one sense. There was nothing more terrible
than what he had done to her. He had trivialized her in front of her
daughter and seduced the child right before her eyes. There was nothing
more than that he could do.
That is as may be, but Jessica still knew some depths she had not
been dragged to.
"You spank her with all her clothes on?" Jessica marveled.
"Who wants to see her naked?" Diebold asked.
"It's not that you want to look, silly," Jessica patronized
him, "It's that she doesn't want you to see."
Linda felt her heart sink as her child turned on her. There was
a traitor that knew her way around inside Linda's head. There was no
way out for her now. They were closing in on the corner she was
trapped in.
"You should at least make her stand in the corner holding her
skirt up to show off her paddle marks," Jessica said.
"You heard what she said," Diebold said to the defeated woman,
"Get your butt into the corner and hold up your skirt."
Linda moved like she walking to the gas chamber. She faced the
corner and slowly pulled up her skirt in the rear. There was the
smallest solace in not having to face them as she displayed her fresh-
spanked ass.
"That's no good," Jessica pouted and Linda felt small hands tug
her pantyhose and panties down to her thighs. "We should at least get
to see the red stripes on her ass."
Linda couldn't cry any more. She was drained. She could only bow
her head in shame as she was exposed to her tormentor and her child.
She knew from their hushed whispers that they were not done with her
"No reason to be cruel," Diebold said with a cruel irony, "Just
take the skirt off and let it drop. But leave your panties where they
Linda felt so cheap and slutty that way. Her naked butt hung out
like she was ready for a quick fuck in some seamy alleyway. Then he
told her to take off her shirt.
She knew what was next, after they had fun with this step of her
humiliation. She was unprepared when Diebold- or Jessica- had a
different plan.
"Jessica says you need the support, so don't take off your bra,"
Diebold instructed. "Just slip the straps off your shoulders."
When she had done that, he told her to turn around. She forgot
how she was exposing herself when she saw that Jessica had stripped to
the skin while she had been turned around.
"Now pull the cups down under your tits," Diebold sneered, "I want
to see if there's a family resemblance."
Little naked Jessica was tickling his cock as she uncovered
herself. He looked almost ready to go again as her daughter's tiny
fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked.
"Now I'm going to let you see what all the groaning is about when
I bring one of the other girls in here," Diebold said, and then looked
down at Jessica, "You don't mind sucking me a little bit do you, kid?"
"No," Jessica gasped breathily, "I love the taste of your big
cock in my tiny little almost virgin 16-year-old mouth."
They were taunting her. Diebold stood up so she'd have a clearer
view of her kneeling daughter swallowing most of his swelling prick.
Jessica could already do things Linda had never mastered and Linda
wondered how much she had practiced. It felt even worse to admit that
she was jealous of her daughter. What kind of mother watches her
16-year-old with an older man and envies her rather than feels only
rage at what she is being forced to witness?
Perhaps she was too tired for rage. It was only outrage she felt
when Diebold turned Jessica around and bent her over the desk. The look
on her child's face was not pure bliss when he pushed his cock into her
seldom used cunt. She could see that Jessica couldn't take him in
Not that it changed Diebold's approach one bit. He seemed to
appreciate the way she squirmed when he pressed deep into her tight
little crack. He started on his way and Jessica quickly began the
all too familiar moans Linda heard through the door. Her face had only
lust on it as he plunged into her with a steady pace.
"I think she likes that," he said to Linda and then asked Jessica,
"You like that, don't you honey?"
"I love your big dick filling me up," Jessica chirped, "It's so
big I feel like I'm going to burst."
Linda watched helplessly as Diebold fucked her daughter harder
and faster.
"I can go as hard as I want, she cums real quick," Diebold gave
Linda more information than she needed, "She's a hot one, your girl."
Linda wanted to scream, but the last thing she wanted was for
people to rush into the room and see what was going on. Between the
two of them, they had brought her to the lowest point she should ever
True to his boast, Jessica began to squeal before he could fuck
her long enough to cum himself. She wriggled and writhed with a total
lack of inhibition as he kept pounding into her.
She was begging him to shoot inside her and throwing her ass up
to him when he finally went into the series of short, deep strokes that
meant he was filling her tiny recesses with his hot cum.
Linda didn't know where to look as her monstrous boss stood over
the tiny splayed form of her daughter. He was still moving distractedly
on and out of her like an after shock. Jessica was responding with a
tremor from time to time as their explosive fuck-bout wound down.
"That's what good-looking, efficient employees can look forward
to," Diebold said into the numbed shock Linda had become.
"I'm sick of looking at that pathetic thing," Jessica piped up,
"Tell her to cover up and get out of here."
Linda sat at her desk waiting for the next ignominy. Jessica and
Diebold were in his office a long time together.
"Whatever you think, Jessica is on your side," Diebold said when
they finally emerged. "She begged me to let you keep your job."
Linda had been through too much to be played with now. She simply
absorbed what her boss was telling her without emotion.
"At least for the next year, eight months and thirteen days," he
went on. "Then Jessica is taking over for you and we'll have to
evaluate your worth to the company."
Linda didn't even have the energy to panic. He would fire her,
there was no doubt. On her eighteenth birthday, her daughter would
replace her and she'd be out on the street. But there was no end to the
horror Diebold had in store.
"And to get her ready to assume your duties, I want you to bring
her with you twice a week so I can- ahh- tutor her," Diebold told her.
She just cried. It was a horrible world and she was its slave.
She cried. It was the only thing she knew to do.


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