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- MF,MF, oral, anal play
A Sig Grayson story
The what, who and where of the question, "HOW?" you
met someone can be a long round a bout to get to the
end and still; you never can find a reason besides
This story is how Joel found Ellaynne. Two people who
needed each other to make a happy couple and happy life.
This story will contain erotic descriptions of
explicit sex acts between consenting couples. If that
sort of thing bothers you, or is illegal where you
live, please move on, you don't belong here.

There really is an Ellaynne,(pronounced Ell-Lane or Ell-Ann
depending on who in her family you talk to.) but beyond
the spelling of her name, her story and my story, have
little in common.

Oh, she did marry an ex-ballplayer, too.
She knows I am using her name and its spelling because I
think it's sexy. When her mom was pregnant everyone
wanted her named after grandmothers and great
grandmothers. Rather than hurt ones feelings her mom
took Ellen, Elayne, and Ann to make one name.
Joel Bell had a pretty good, and fairly full, life for
a 27 year old. His family owned a small chain of
convenience stores from just outside Seattle to the
Arlington, Washington area. They had all done quite
well, with Washington State being sort of rural, some
people saw them as "general stores" rather than
When Joel's parents wanted to retire they balked,
because of Joel's budding baseball career. It was
their intention to pass the business on to him. But
Joel was off chasing his dream 6 months of the year,
and for a couple years, even longer if he played
winter ball. Joel had promised he would give baseball
5 years, and then if he hadn't made the major leagues,
he would give into his parents wishes and come run the
family business.
Joel graduated from Clemson, going there on a baseball
scholarship. Through Little League, Babe Ruth, and
American Legion ball he had been an outfielder with a
good power bat, and a great accurate arm. On his first
day of baseball at Clemson, Coach Liggett wanted to
see him throw from a mound.

"I've never pitched before coach." Joel defended.

"Dave Winfield and John Olerud were the best 2 college
pitchers I ever saw, and they never pitched in the
majors, so . . ," Liggitt said impatiently handing him
a ball.

By the time the first game of the season came around
Joel Bell was a bullpen righty and spot starter. His
great outfield arm proved to be an accurate pitching
arm, and with no early goofing around trying to throw
curves and sliders, his elbow was still fresh and had
lots of snap. Coach had taught him a curve and showed
him how to get more movement on his fastball. By his
senior year he had a decent slider. A young kid, with
a live arm and 3 good pitches.
By the end of that first season Joel Bell was 3-0 with
5 saves. At the bat, he found his bat slow and no
match for Division 1 pitching. It was pretty obvious
that Liggitt saw that strong arm and knew he would
have an attentive pupil. Talks with his High School
coach convinced Liggitt that Joel was a worker and
would adapt well to a pitching role.
He played some late inning defense in right field for
Clemson, but he was primarily a pitcher. In his senior
year he went 16-0 to finish off a 40-2 college career
and a National Championship runner up finish.
He was drafted, #23, in the first round, by the
Dodgers. He should have went higher, but didn't pitch
in the last 2 games of the National Championship
series, grounded with a sore arm. Sore hadn't been the
word for it. He couldn't lift it. No one could find
anything physically wrong with him, besides
inflammation that started in his forearm and spread
Joel knew why, but didn't dare say.
Off the coast of the Carolina's there's lots of good
sailing. He got caught in a challenge race with an old
friend vs. some of his other sailing, and drinking,
buddies. The winds and the competition got tough and
with Joel at the winches he fought hard and long to
keep the boat at top speed and on course. His forearm
felt weak, but he said nothing. He pitched 5 innings
in an elimination game before telling coach Liggitt
his arm was dragging. Liggitt checked with his coach
overhead, who was already sending down a message that
Bells fastball had dropped from 95 to 88. In the
dugout, Joel held out both arms to show his coach and
teammates the swelling in his right forearm. They hung
on to win, but Joel was a concern. He didn't pitch
again in his college career. Only Joel knew it wasn't
an injury, it was stupidity.

He wasn't unhappy that he went so late, to the
Dodgers, at least more of their farm teams were on the
same coast as his family. However, because of his
questionable condition, they did start him in rookie
ball in Montana, instead of Vero Beach or San
Bernadino. Long story short, Joel Bells meteoric rise
through the Dodger system stalled in the Spring
Training of his fifth year as a pro. He was 50-50 to
go to Albuquerque or the big club. He went 15-1
combined the previous year, going 4-0 in 4 starts in
AAA Albuquerque New Mexico, 3 complete games.
While pitching in a Spring Training game he felt
something pop in his shoulder. His catcher asked if he
was OK, and Joel acted like nothing happened. One more
inning and he was done for the day and was sure to
make the Dodgers. He figured he could grit his teeth
through a few more batters. Three pitches later his
elbow popped as well, not able to withstand the extra
workload Joel tried to give his forearm while
Surgeons said the surgery would lay him up for at
least a year, if not 2.
It didn't take long for Joel to figure, that he
wouldn't restart in the majors, it would be at the
bottom. He knew he was done.

Home to Washington, his parents signed the store's
operation over to him and they moved to Florida,
leaving their new country home for Joel. After 6
months of running the 5 stores Joel was at wits end.
He was making lots of money, but when figured by the
hour, he was not doing as well as he should be. He
certainly didn't have the time to enjoy it, and didn't
have the time to have his elbow tendon replacement.
The shoulder pre-reconstruction surgery was done
immediately, but the elbow had to wait. Now he was
pained beyond his expectations, with stress making
things even worse.

When Circle Rocking R Stores called and asked for a
meeting with him, he made time for them.
They were a fast growing chain of convenience stores
that specialized in rural situations. They catered to
the farmer and farm workers close by, as well as Joe
Six-Pack. They made Joel an offer he found hard to
refuse for rights to the stores. Joel remained
landlord of the stores, kept the Bell name on the
front with a slash and Circle Rocking R on the sign.
The buyer knew the value of a local name.

He sat down with his Dad, who at first called Joel
foolish to even talk with them. After hashing out
numbers, calling in lawyers, they figured Joel
couldn't lose. As they expanded each store, adding
gas, propane and kerosene, they would eventually buy
the property from Joel. Until then, the right to use
the building, the name and reputation, paid Joel
handsomely. He made more money that he ever had in his
life, for doing nothing. Upkeep on the buildings and
parking lots would be minimal until they began buying
the properties one by one, from him.

He walked away from the business, got his shoulder
fully rebuilt, and went to the country home his
parents gifted to him to recuperate.

Now, women were no mystery to Joel, he had his share
on the road. He had a few serious girlfriends, but
mostly he was with Annie's, baseball groupies. Booster
clubs provided a way to meet respectable women, who
would invite him to an occasional dinner. Those
dinners usually ended up as a try to convert him to
some religion, or a chance to get him in the sack.
Some, however, were women, mostly divorced, who
thought he was cute and really wanted to start a
relationship. As serious as any of those ever got,
none wanted him to leave at seasons end, or move when
he got sent up another rung. Joel's career meant more
than any steady fuck.

So, he lived in country home alone, with no female
companionship back at home. His newly operated
shoulder left him without too many options anyway.
Driving, walking or riding was a job. Every which way
he moved, made the shoulder move, and riding in a car
was torture. After 5 weeks of rehab and having a
therapist come in, he was finally ready to walk, and
he hoped, eventually jog.
His first day of walking brought him along the country
roads and eventually to a place called The Olde Cider
Mill. He went in to battle the mid summer crowds and
sample the cider. Once inside he found it was also a
breakfast, lunch and light dinner restaurant. He made
his way through the line to get the cider only to find
he was in the lunch line. Not to be thwarted, he
ordered a sandwich and went to wait in the line to
pick it up.
There were enough gadgets and odd products on the
shelves to keep him occupied while he waited. Soon,
his number was called and he went to the pick up
window where 3 girls frantically worked to get
sandwiches plated and on the counter.

"I'm number 1145, can I get a black coffee with that?"
he asked as he held up his ticket stub.

"Sorry Dodger, you get drinks when you order, we ain't
got a thing here. Keep the line moving." The voice
behind the counter said. Joel looked up and saw a
partial face as she finished blowing him off and
turned to get more plates from the kitchen.

"Little bitch didn't even look at me, snotty bastard
just walked away." He thought as he went to a table.
"She could have at least been polite."

He sat and ate his dry sandwich thinking what a jerk
he was. He came into get a cup of cider and ended up
with a sandwich and nothing to drink. He looked to the
table next to him and saw a woman with 2 kids and a
quart of cider and 3 cups.

"Pardon me, where did you get that cider?" he asked

"There's a stand outside. You can buy it and bring it
in," she said smiling at Joel's good looks. "If you
get a cup, you can have some of this."

"I couldn't, but if you watch my sandwich, I'll go get
my own." He asked.

"Put your sandwich on our table. We're about to leave,
and will wait for you to return, OK?" she said.

"I appreciate this, ma'am." He said as he put his
plate on her table and went out the door.

He got his own bottle and a cup and made his way
through the crowd to find her table. Sure enough, they
had finished and had picked up the table and were
waiting for him.

"Thanks ma'am." He nodded and smiled.

"Patsy, please call me Patsy, and these are my
children, Derek and Maddie. And you're?" she asked.

"Oh, Joel. Joel Bell. I'm sorry. Nice to meet you
Patsy, uhh Derek, Maddie." He said, embarrassed.

"I come here a few times a week on the way to bring
the kids to their father's house so I can go to work.
We stop for lunch or get it to go. Maybe I'll see you
again." Patsy said blushing.

Joel watched Patsy leave and admired her firm body and
long red hair.

"If you don't pay attention you'll miss the fact I
just got you a coffee, Dodger." A voice came from
behind him as he turned and saw the steaming cup in
front of him.
He turned a bit to see the face of the person talking,
obviously the girl from the sandwich counter, but she
was already wiping tables for more people.

She was bent over a table and displayed a shapely ass
in very tight jeans.
"Thank You," he said to the table wiper.

"For what, Dodger? The coffee or the look at my ass?"
she said without looking up and running off to another
part of the dining area.

"It might be nice ass, but it's a smart ass," He
thought to himself.

Actually he couldn't have picked the girl out of line-
up, at this point. She had been so abrupt at the
counter, that he missed her face, and here, he
actually hadn't seen her face, or to his chagrin, now
after he had been accused, her ass that closely

He wasn't much on cooking and was glad he had found
this place. After being stuck in the house and living
on what he could get one of his former employees to
bring to the house for him; real food tasted good.

After finishing his impromptu lunch he took a menu,
stuffed it in his pocket and began the 4-mile walk
back to his house. After an hour of walking he was
pretty sure that the country roads had fooled him, and
he was lost. Somewhere along the way he had missed a
turn. He turned around to back track and find his way.
The first intersection he reached further confused

His cell phone, his wallet and everything except his
keys and the change of a $20 bill were home. He knew
the sun was in his face when he was walking to the
Olde Cider Mill, so now a couple hours after noon, it
should be in front of him again, so he kept walking in
that direction. Few cars passed him and he would have
felt pretty stupid flagging one down, he hoped for a
Police or Trooper car to happen along.

He had about lost hope when a yellow Mercedes slowed
beside him.

"Mr. Joel Bell, are you lost?" came the voice inside.

Joel bent to see the red head from earlier, Patsy,

"Why, to tell you the truth Patsy, I am." He said

"This is my first day walking out and about from my
house, and I'm afraid I got turned around." He added.

"Well, little boy, if you know your address I'll bring
you home and get you a lollipop." She smartly added.

Joel got in the car and told he lived at 2156
County Road 72. She informed him that the locals
called it Fernhollow Road and sped off with Joel to
get him home.

"Going to pick up your kids so soon?" he wondered

"Yes, I am. It was slow at work and they asked for
volunteers to go home. I'm a non-permanent employee at
the Post Office, plus I wait tables. If I show up for
the kids, my ex will let them go early, he always
does." Patsy added.

Patsy drove past two intersections Joel never
recognized and slowed as she got near his home.

"I suppose you have a wife home waiting for you,
Joel?" she asked.

"Not exactly, I don't even have a dog to kick at home.
Thanks so much for the ride. I owe you one. I'll buy
coffee next time I see you at the Mill." He promised.

"If you make it there, I'll have a cup with you. I
have my doubts you'll ever find the Mill again, after
today." She said chuckling.

"Don't you have to get your kids?" he asked, wanting
her put down of him to stop.

"They don't expect me until 9 o'clock, I was just
going to get them early. I may go for a coffee first,
unless you can make some." She explained.

"I'm not much on brewing, but would you like to come
in for a coffee? I could go for another cup." Joel
said, getting out of her car.

They walked up his steps and he held the door open for
Patsy. She was definitely a couple years older than
he, but had a fine body and the long red hair really
did it for him. As she walked up the steps inside the
split-level house and up the first landing, he
couldn't help but admire her.

"Do you make a habit of picking women up?" She asked
smiling to him.

"I could have sworn YOU picked me up, Patsy. Although,
we are in my house." He said laughing at her comment.

"Do you know the last time a man was polite to me and
called me ma'am, like you did today? It's been a long
time. When I'm with my kids, I'm so obviously
divorced. Not many men are interested in my resume
when they see the kids, although they are good
children, don't get me wrong." She said sighing.

Joel was confused, and wondered if she was making an

"Patsy, I wasn't really trying to hit on you or pick
you up today. I hope you didn't think I had an
interest in you and made up the story about getting
something to drink back at lunch." Joel mused.

"No, I knew that. It was just that you were polite to
me and didn't treat me like garbage. So many men are
rude when you are with your kids; their father is no
exception. He was so nice until we got married and
then he turned into a rat. I don't think he was civil
to me once in 4 years of marriage." Patsy explained.

"Well, he was obviously nice a couple times. Those
kids didn't fall from the sky." Joel said with a
chuckle as he got the coffee maker loaded and going.

Patsy went to say something, but she was obviously
choking back some tears of regret.

"We were so stupid. We thought they would make things
better. His next idea was to get me a boob job. Two
kids didn't save our marriage, so he thought two tits
would. I thought my breasts were still pretty nice and
not that small. But, he wanted huge round ones to make
himself happy. He didn't care about me.
He borrowed $5000 dollars and gave it to me for a boob
job for our anniversary. That was the last night I
spent with him. When I called him and told him to pack
up his stuff and leave, do you know what he told me?"
She paused and swallowed a lump in her throat. "He
said OK. That's all, just OK, and worse yet I had to
move, it was his fathers house! I took his five grand
and used it to get a lawyer." Patsy confessed.

"Well, this has turned into a cheery meeting, Patsy.
Let's change the subject, OK? Where did you say you
worked, The Post Office? What do you do there?" Joel
said trying to diffuse the down nature of where they
were going.

"Joel, isn't this pretty obvious what I'm doing here?
I did pick you up, and even talked myself into your
house. I'm a lonely divorcee who wants a man for
companionship and . . . .and sex, too. Joel, you're a
good-looking guy and I'm sure you're not stupid."
Patsy shocked Joel by saying.

"Patsy, Id be lying if I said that the thought of
getting you in my bed never crossed my mind, but I
didn't really think you were picking me up. I . . ."
he began before she interrupted him.

"Let's cut the baloney out Joel." She said as she
kissed him full on the lips.

The kiss was long and deep. Joel thought to himself
that she must have been a long time without a man.

"Wow, that was some kiss, Patsy." He said as he held
her. "I find it hard to believe that a woman as pretty
as you has to pick up guys."

"It's not like I make a habit of it, I was on the way
to get my kids when I saw you. guys don't want kids
hanging around, and it's hard to get out without them.
I'm either at work, or with my kids. I've planned
weekends away with a girlfriend, and guys think that
if you're over 25 and travel with another woman you
must be a lesbian." She said frustrated and beginning
to tear up.

"I think you're making a lot of assumptions about men
in general. The right guy wouldn't care about the
kids, if you were part of the package. I already know
that you're a good mother, well mannered, neat, fun
loving and damn attractive." Joel told her trying to
lift her spirits.

"You left out one other quality, you must think I'm a
whore too." She said pouty. "I probably lost my chance
at a nice guy like you."

"I'm not really looking for a full time relationship
Patsy, but I would date you in a second. I'm a sucker
for red hair." He said as he held her close and kissed
the tip of her nose.

"Would you try to bring me home after the first date,
or would you want to just kiss me on the doorstep?"
She asked crooking her eye at him.

"I'd bring you home and kiss you everywhere!" He
answered as he hugged her.

She broke the hug and looked at him in wonderment.

"If you would consider coffee a first date, show me
where the cups are and I'll pour." She flirted and
walked toward the kitchen.
They sat at the kitchen booth and sipped coffee,
making small talk about likes and dislikes when she
finally asked him what he did for a living.

"Hmm, surprised you never asked before. I didn't
figure you were a gold digger, you would have asked
sooner. I'm, a . . .retired, I guess. I tried to
become a major league baseball player, but my arm sort
of fell apart," he said holding his 50% mobile right
arm painfully out. "Umm, I just had surgery. But I did
own Bell's In and Out stores, but just made a deal to
let Circle Rocking R put their name on them and run
them. So, I'm unemployed, with income, and I guess
that's retired." He said smiling proudly.

He felt her stockinged toe run up the side of his leg
under the booth.

"Bells In and Out, huh? I like the sound of that. Is
this the part of the date where you bring me home?"
she asked.

" . . .and kiss you on the doorstep?" Joel said with a

"Call it what you like, just kiss me there!!" Patsy
said as she got up from the booth taking Joel's hand.

He took her hand and held her cheek to cheek as if to
dance, but rested his other hand on her ass, squeezing

"Mmmm that feels good," she whispered. "I haven't felt
like a woman in along time Joel."

"I'll work on that Patsy, but you have to promise not
to beat yourself up afterwards. I'm opening my arms to
you because you are a beautiful attractive woman who
has the same needs I do. None of this "whore" talk. A
whore would have been riding home with messy underwear
already." Joel scolded her.

"Don't worry, you've made me feel like a woman
already." She said as she wrapped her arms around him.

Joel walked her to the living room and showed her the
sofa. They sat together and Joel kissed her full and
eased her back onto the cushions. After some serious
necking he slid off he sofa onto his knees, while she
lay flat out on the sofa. While kissing and caressing
her face he slid his hand over her breast and pinched
at the nipple through he bra. She groaned approval and
he repeated the same with the other. He undid a button
on her blouse and slid a hand into the cup of her bra
and repeated the pinch on her left breast, but his
right arm could work well enough to do the other. He
saw the front clasp on her garment and undid that,
freeing both breasts.

He looked at them and told her how beautiful they were
and sought to kiss them, suckle and slobber all over
them. Her nipples were the puffie type, unusual in a
woman who has had children. The nipples must have been
even more incredible before, but they were certainly
sensitive now, and looked like dollops of strawberry
ice cream on her soft mounds. He alternately cupped
each at the base and squeezed them up to pinch the
nipple, flailing his tongue on the tips, then sucking
them full.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, "My panty's are so fucking wet,
touch me there.

He just smiled at her and moved his mouth lower to her
belly button, a classic inny. As he worked his tongue
over and in it he put his left hand on her leg at the
bottom edge of her skirt.
Slowly he inched it up her leg until he reached her
pussy. It felt like she was only pantyhose, no panty
or thong. He rubbed his thumb up and down the lips
through the crotch panel material.

"Oh God Joel, RIP THEM! Touch me, please touch me!!"
she commanded.

Joel smiled at her, looking up from his belly button
dessert. He caught his thumbnail in the seam of the
crotch panel and dug down to tear the panty hose just
enough. He slid a finger inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," she came. "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh,
Ohhhhh" she came again.

He took his hand from her crotch and turned her legs
toward him. Putting his hands on the outer part of her
thighs he pushed the skirt up to her waist. Her red
haired pussy stared at him through the peephole he dug
in her pantyhose. He ripped more of them down and dove
in to her crotch with his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh," she pushed her crotch to his face lifting
her ass right off the sofa cushion. "Eat me, eat me,
Ohhhhhh!" she whined in ecstasy.

Her pussy was framed in fire red hair, making Joel
even crazier with desire for her. She was wet, almost
oozing juices that Joel lapped up. It seemed her hood
was larger most he had seen, making her clit look like
a tiny penis, a very sensitive tiny penis. Her stomach
muscles seemed to convulse each new time he touched
her clit with his tongue.
He couldn't remember the last time he made love in the
broad daylight. This was a treat, with Patsy so

The more he ate her, the more she raised her legs,
until they were both pointing skyward. Doing this
caused the material of her pantyhose to ride up and
prevent him for getting a full lick at her lips, so he
grabbed the flap he had torn, and widened it more,
exposing her extra white ass with the crimson slash
between her cheeks.

Redheads were always very fair skinned and only the
parts consistently exposed to sunlight gained any sort
of tan, usually after lots and lots of freckling.
Unless they wore a thong bathing suit a lot, their
asses were always extra white and fair. It made the
darkening skin from their crotch that went between
their cheeks seem fire red, with her asshole like a
little target. A target he had a hard time resisting
with his tongue.

Her next orgasm began cresting and he knew she would
push him away. She had 2 big ones already, so this
third would leave her ultra sensitive. Just as she
began to squeal and scream out her orgasm, he dropped
his tongue to her asshole.
She jumped immediately and grabbed her pussy, covering
it with her hand. The hand in his face caused him to
look up and he saw her face, as red as her hair,
contorted and seeming chewing air, her jaws gnawing at
Then she froze and a long "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" ground
from her throat. Joel decided it was time to let her
breath, and he relented from his licking to swash his
tongue across her butt hole once more and then trail
little kisses across her buttock and then up her leg
as he lowered it to the floor. He kissed up her
stomach to her breasts and rested his head in between
them. As he looked at the rising and falling mound in
front of his eyes with the puffy nipple begging to be
sucked, he wondered why any man would want her to
augment them.

"Oh Joel, Oh Joel," she puffed.

"That was animal, simply animal. I'm not sure I ever
had an orgasm before, compared to that." She said
through hard breaths.

Joel knelt straight up and loosened his belt and
pushed his pants and boxers down his waist a bit. The
sight of her red haired pussy on the edge of the sofa
was more than he could take. He couldn't wait to
cleave it with his hardened cock.

Patsy was still coming off her orgasm with her eyes
closed telling Joel how well he had done, how good she
felt, when he aimed his cock at her slit. Her lips
were parted a bit at the bottom of her red gash and
that was where he chose to bring the staff of hard
flesh in his hand. He nudged the head through the
parting lips and pressed forward, filling her in one
"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh, OHHHHHHHHHHHH, Joel!!" she shouted
as she brought her hands to the flat of his stomach.
"Please wait, I wasn't ready for that. God, I haven't
felt a cock in so long. Fuck me you sweet man. God
sent you for me. I have a feeling I'll ride by
tomorrow and this house will never have existed."

Joel smiled down at her as he began to pump in and out
of her.

"Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer, your red haired
pussy had me crazy. Just enjoy it. You are so damn
tight, it feels like I'm in your ass." Joel said as he
began to pick up speed in his thrusts.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, God it's so good Joel. If I thought
getting it in my ass would feel like this you could do
it now. I never did that. Uh, uh, uh, uh." She grunted
with his pounds at her pussy.

"Perhaps another day. I want to fuck you silly this
way." He said gritting his teeth, enjoying the rushes
of pleasure through his cock and balls.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, I wanted to suck you, eat you like
you ate me. Uh, uh, uh, uh, make you happy!" she

"If you think I'm not happy now, you're crazy." He
smiled and they both laughed.

Her smile was quickly wiped off by an orgasm that
began to come over her.

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Uh, uh, uh, uh, Gzzzzzzzzzt! Oh,
Oh, Oh, Oh, Joooooooeeeeeeellllll!!" she expounded as
she came.

"Grrrrrrtt, Oh Patsy, I'm close too! You are so
fucking tight!" he growled at her through clenched

"Joel, in my mouth. cum in my mouth PLEASE. I'm not
sure I took my pill today. Uh, uh, uh, uh, don't cum
in me." She begged.

He stopped abruptly. "Fine time to think of it." He
"Joel, don't be mad, I miss lots of them. I haven't
needed them in almost two years. If I knew about your
cock this morning, I would have taken it. Don't be
mad. You never gave me a chance. Remember you just
took me, shoved it in?" She apologized and explained.

Joel looked down at his hands that had been gripping
the tops of her thighs tight to him. They left white
marks when he lost his grip. He had really been
tearing her up.

"I'm sorry to snap at you." He said as he began to
pump at her again. "I never thought of it that way.
This is your first in that long?"

She nodded with a serious look on her face but it
crept into a smile. "I'll wait that long again if it
will be this good."

Joel was beginning to pick up steam again and she felt
that familiar pinch between her legs.

"Wouldn't you like this little mouth to suck your cock
and take all that cum in for you. If I cum one more
time, I may not be able to walk later. I haven't
tasted cum since high school, but I would love to
taste yours." She told him while smiling sweetly.

THAT, is an offer I cannot refuse Patsy!" he said as
he popped his cock from her pussy.

"HHHHMMMMMM!" she sighed as it dropped from her.

She pulled herself up to a sitting position and kissed

"Not since high school, huh?" he said, doubting her.

"I've sucked a few different cocks since then, 3 to be
exact, but no one else had came there. Why would I lie
to you?" she said with a grin. "You made this extra
exciting for me, I want to make it the same for you."

"If you want to make it exciting," he said as he sat
back on his knees, "take off your clothes, let me see
that beautiful body of yours."

Patsy stood up and kept her eye contact with Joel as
she took the blouse and bra off her arms. She fiddled
with the snaps on her skirt as he asked her, "You
swallowed in High School, but not since?"

"I wasn't on the pill, and of course "I was in love"
then." She exaggerated. "I kind of got a taste for it,
pretty sexy, but the guy who became my husband
wouldn't even kiss me after I put his dick in my
mouth. He said he didn't want to end up queer. So that
ended soon, and he never had a chance of cumming
there. guys like to eat pussy, gals like to have a
dick in their mouth, it's sexy and not dirty." She
said as she wriggled out of her destroyed panty hose.

"Sounds like a real gem, Patsy." Joel said as he
admired her wiggle and the pirouette she did when she

"The sickening part is that I began to find out what
an asshole he was on my honeymoon night. I wanted to
walk out on him then, but was afraid what others would
think." She admitted.

Joel extended his hands to her and she came to his
kneeling form. He kissed her belly button again and
then asked her to kneel. They kissed and necked for a
minute as his cock bobbed between her legs.

"Get down on your hands and knees, you can suck me and
I can fuck your mouth while I look at your perfect
ass." He instructed her.

He touched her arm as she began to get down.
"You don't mind tasting your pussy on me, do you?" He

"Nooo," she chuckled. "That's how I knew he was an
asshole on my wedding night; he insisted on washing it
after we fucked and I still wanted to suck him. He
said it would turn me into a lesbian. Hell, my pussy
tastes good!" She exclaimed as she got her head down
to kiss his cock.

"Look at me." she asked before she took him into her
mouth. " I want to see your face when I suck the head.
It's worth the whole deed."

Joel looked down at her and grinned at her request,
but the grin turned into round O expelling his breath
as her mouth engulfed him. She gave him a Cheshire
smile, as well as you can do one with a cock in your
mouth, as she pushed her mouth over him.

She sucked him in and out rocking from her hips as his
cock fucked her mouth at her urgence. Every third or
fourth stroke, she would take him deep almost to where
she had to gag. While it felt good, Joel found the gag
to be un-sexy and he put a finger ring around his cock
for a few strokes to show her she needn't do that.

Joel was about half way home when she suddenly took
her mouth off his cock entirely and turned on her side
to put her head back. She took his balls into her
mouth, licking each one separately. He wished he had
taken his pants off all the way; she might have gone
lower on him. After sucking, and vibrating her lips
sucking air around each nut, she flipped back and took
his cock back into her warm mouth.

Joel really wanted to cum now, and the thought of that
little mouth sucking the head of his dick, after he
came, made him crazy. To him that was the swallowing.
He didn't really care if she ingested it; he just
liked a woman who wasn't afraid of it and would run
her tongue over him and suck him after he came.

Soon, her movement stopped, and except for her tongue
and sucking cheeks, he was fucking her mouth in nice
short strokes.

"Oh MiGosh Patsy, I'm gonna cum. Your little mouth is
going to make me cum. All that cum you felt in my
balls is gonna be in your mouth in a minute. Oh
MiGosh!!" he urged her on.

"Geeez, Oooofff, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh." Joel uttered
as he went over.
His cum shot up his shaft and splashed into her
waiting mouth. The first shot was almost all pre-cum
and water, but he felt two more heavy shots of his cum
jump out to her tongue.

"Mmmmmmm - Mmmmmmmmmm," she reported as they hit her

Then he oozed a bit more into her mouth and she began
to suck the last from him, running her tongue around
the head inside her mouth.

She reached out to his balls as if to squeeze a bit
more from him, but it also kept him in her mouth, as
he was doing a combination hum, grunt and exclamation
of pleasure and pleasure pain.

"EaaaaaaaaGeeeeezzzz." He cried as he pulled from her
She looked up at him and opened he mouth to show him
his last shot of cum, and then she swallowed it.

She smiled proudly, "You taste good and I didn't lose
a drop."

He saw her running her tongue over the inside of her
mouth and swallowing over and over.

He closed his eyes and sat back on his haunches with
his hands on his hips breathing like he just ran a

He looked down and saw her total supine on the floor.
Her white ass cheeks that ran to her perfect legs were
more than he could resist. He fell forward forgetting
his bad shoulder and had to catch himself with one
arm, going face first into her ass.
He grabbed her hip and rolled her on her side keeping
his face in her ass.

"What a cute delicious ass you have Patsy. Your
husband is an ASSHOLE." He said as he nipped at her
cheeks and parted then a bit to touch his tongue to
her little rose.

Patsy was laughing at the ardor he had for her ass,
but was enjoying it. She reached behind herself and
pushed his pants down the rest of the way. While he
nibbled on her cheeks, she was pulling his pants over
his socks.

"No one has ever licked my butt hole before. It feels
strange but wonderful." Patsy said, a little
embarrassed. "Can we roll a different way, I can't get
at anything of yours."

"I don't need anything taken care of Patsy, it's just
your ass I want to eat. I can't believe no one ever
ate this or tried to fuck it." Joel said as he
continued to nibble at her cheeks and dive his tongue
into her little hole.

"You are so bold, Joel. Fucking girl's assholes. As
good as your tongue feels, that sounds like it would
hurt." Patsy said, a little worried.

"Mmmmm, a couple fingers, a few toys, a bottle of
wine, a lot of lube and you would have the time of
your life, I promise. Maybe someday if I get lost
again you can pick me up and try it." Joel said.

When Patsy heard that, she knew that she wasn't
becoming his girlfriend, just his latest fuck.

"Maybe you could call me and we could go out for a
date and finish with it, how does that sound?" she
asked hoping he might call her.

"Patsy, you don't want me for a boyfriend. I don't
want to settle with one girl, or woman. At least not
right now. We had fun here today. Maybe we can do it
again. How would it look to your kids to have another
man come around? Let me get all healed up and get my
bearings on my life. I'm new to this retirement stuff.
I know I'll have to do something to keep from going
crazy, but there are too many question marks in my
life to get involved with someone. Besides, right now,
all you know about me is that I appreciate a pretty
woman with a great ass." Joel told her to let her down

"I suppose you're right, but I do really like you and
would love more afternoons like this." She said.

"Without getting involved?" Joel asked.

"I think I can handle that, as long as I know it
upfront." She responded.

"Patsy, it's not that I don't find you attractive or
anything. Don't get me wrong. I just have too much
going on inside my head right now. Plus, the thought
of always having to juggle 2 kids isn't me. I'm sorry.
Your kids seem sweet and I know you really love them,
and I'm sure I would too. I've been involved with
women with children before, and in the end you have to
break up with the whole family. Don't make me sound
like a rat. Stop me." Joel pleaded her with a laugh.

Patsy chuckled, "OK stop! I understand. They would
have a hard time if they got attached to someone else
and they left. Your point is made. But, how do we get
a hold of each other?"

"You keep stopping the Cider Mill and you will run
into me from time to time. Now that I know it's there,
I'll be there everyday for a while. I can't drive and
riding more than a few miles is a pain. They prepare
food, I don't." he told her.

"I'll come and make you a dinner from time to time, if
you like. Just tell me what you like to eat. BOY, is
that a loaded question. But, seriously, you know what
I mean." She told him trying to make another date with

Finally she looked at the time.
"Oh God, look at the time, I have to go." She said as
she got off the floor and began to dress.

She began with her torn pantyhose that she said she
was keeping as a souvenir, making Joel laugh. He
watched her dress and walked her to the door.

"I'll look for you soon, OK?" he said to her.

"Alright." She whispered. "Can we exchange phone

Joel made a face at her suggestion.

"OK, I'm sorry! I'm not going to stalk you; I just
want a way to get a hold of you. But I know where and
how to find you." Patsy said as she left.

She began to back out his driveway and she stopped and
pulled forward again. Joel came out to see what she

"If you want to, you can have me the way you want me.
Maybe I can say I'm going away for a weekend and stay
here sometime. It's just a thought. It sounds
exciting." She said with a little grin.

Joel shook his head yes and she was off.

Joel thought about what a great sex partner she was,
but she had baggage and was shopping for a boyfriend.
That always spelled trouble. But, cute as hell and a
great fuck and blowjob, plus she was willing to try it
in her ass. Oh man, did he like her ass, that red
pussy and that super white ass. He was getting a hard
on already thinking about her ass.

The next two days he passed the Olde Cider Mill on his
walk and went in each time. He bought a quart of cider
from the vegetable stand outside to bring in with him,
and ordered his lunch. When his number was called he
went to the window and there it sat waiting for him,
the hand and body that placed it there, gone like the
wind. As he took his tray to the table he realized
there was a coffee he hadn't ordered or paid for on
it. The numbered stub that matched his on the tray had
"Dodger" scribbled on it.

"Damn, she did it again," he thought. "I wonder what
she looks like, the little smart ass."
He thought of going back to the counter, but figured
what the hell, and let it slide.
He finished his lunch and coffee and noticed the
tables needed bussing, so he figured to wait for this
girl to come out, but after 10 minutes he lost
patience and left. On his walk back home he saw Patsy
pass by him with the kids in the car. He figured she
would do a quick run back after dropping them off, but
she never came by.

The following day he got out early and was going to
breakfast at the Mill. He ordered the Farmer
Breakfast, figuring something substantial would hold
him until dinnertime. He went to the restaurant
anteroom and waited to pick up his breakfast at the
window. After a few minutes went by he noticed those
that came in after him were sitting eating. He went
back to the order counter in the bakery part and asked
why they weren't calling numbers.

"Sir, they don't call numbers for breakfast. Too many
people couldn't balance coffees, juices and multiple
plates. Ellaynne brings breakfasts around after you
sit with your number on the table." The woman replied,
pointing to the sign.

Peeved, but still hungry he went to the dining area
and sat with his number on the table and opened his
newspaper. A few minutes later the lady from the
bakery order counter came out with a bag in her hand.

"Sir, here's your breakfast, Ellaynne looked for you
and figured it was "to go" when you never showed." She

"Well, it's NOT "to go". Where's the manager, I want a
hot breakfast." Joel said.

"I'm sorry, the manager and the cook staff just left.
They stop breakfast at 10:15. They take an hour break
and then start lunch. There's just Rusty back there
who breaks down breakfast and sets up the lunch
kitchen." She politely explained.

Joel was ready to blow a fuse, but remembered that if
he read the sign he would be eating right now. He took
the bag and went home to heat up his breakfast, after
walking it 3 miles.

Once home he pulled his breakfast out of the bag,
which included a black coffee. The cup said, Dodger -
caution-hot" on the top.

Was this the Ellen or Elaine girl the woman told him
about, who kept the Dodger nickname going. He wore his
Los Angeles Dodgers ball cap the first time he came in
and she called him that ever since. Funny she would
remember his face after seeing him just the one time,
figuring how many faces she must see a day.

He skipped his walk on Friday and Saturday, opting to
walk his treadmill rather than brave the rain. Luckily
his PT guru came in on Friday and he talked her into
getting him a few groceries, milk, lunchmeat, and
bread. Besides soup and cereal, he had little in the

Sunday morning he woke to a glorious day and decided
to take in a breakfast again at the Olde Cider Mill.
He made sure he got there good and early so as not to
miss anything. The place was packed with Churchgoers
on their way home from 8 o'clock services.

Patiently he waited in line to place his order and
then found an empty table and put his order number on
the corner.
A hand came down from behind him a few minutes later,
with an accompanying voice saying "heads up!". Joel
turned in his chair a bit to see a young girl with a
tray of plates making her way through the crowd.

"Excuse me ma'am, are you Ellen." He shouted toward

"No Sir." Came the response as she dropped 3 other
plates on different tables.
He hadn't gotten a clear look at her, except to know
she was young and fast with a dirty blonde type hair.

This farmer breakfast was much better than the one he
had to reheat on Thursday. His coffee was hot and he
had a great morning, reading his paper and enjoying
his meal. A teenage boy went by his table with a
coffee pot and he asked for a refill.

"By the way, when does Ellen work?" he asked.

"There is no Ellen, you must mean el - ayne." He said.

"Elaine?" Joel verified.

"No, she's my sister and I call her El Pain. You can
call her the same thing, but make the P silent. That's
how you say her name, Ellaynne. E-L-L-A-Y-N-N-E, El
Pain! Sisters, ugh!" The boy said.

"Is she working now?"


"Could I see her?"

"No. She's cooking now. My Dad leaves at 9 on Sundays
to go to mass. She was doing tables before though, you
should have caught her then." He told him.

"Tell me, uh BRAD," Joel read off his nametag, "If I
asked her if she was Ellen, what would she have said
to me?"

Brad laughed. "What do you think El Pain would have

That was all Joel had to hear. What a snotty little
shit this girl was. He saw Brad returning, bussing
tables for the next wave of customers. He picked his
styro-plate and things from the tray to throw away and
leave the tray for Brad. When he picked up the plate,
a small napkin was underneath it. "Hi Dodger" was
written on it.

If she was being cute, she wasn't. If she were being
annoying, she would win prizes. Why would she
purposely bug him? He still couldn't pick her from a
line-up if he had to. She was cooking right now, and
he saw the line waiting for Sunday morning breakfast,
but one day next week, he would sit and wait for her.
She had to come onto the dining room floor at one time
where he could corner her and ask her why she harassed

Joel spent the rest of Sunday watching baseball on TV.
He saw some of his old friends and made him wish he
were still there. "Old friends," he thought. He had
been gone since graduating high school with nary a
visit over a few weeks at a time. He had no friends
left in the area, and if he did, he hadn't spoke to
them in 4 to 7 years. At least when he had the stores
he saw the people who worked for him, but now, after
the operation he barely got out. Maybe if he rented a
bigger car than his vintage MG Spitfire, something
with power steering, then he could probably drive,
although his therapist frowned on it.
He had been back home for 4 months now. He worked like
a dog for the first 2, sold the stores and had the
operation. He hadn't had a real square meal except for
this mornings breakfast in at least a couple months.
Worse yet, he had been laid just once since the
Before that, he had made it to a Mariners game in
Seattle and ran into Marijo, an old Annie friend of
his. She stayed with him for a week before she moved
on back to Edmonton to meet the AAA team when they got
back from an 8-day road trip. Joel paid for her ticket
back. Marijo never worked a day at a legit job, but
was always taken care of by ballplayers.
When she became unattractive and old, she said she
might have to write a book to get by.
Joel told her to put him in it; he may need the
advertising and the reputation.

"I wonder if I should call Patsy?" he thought to
himself. She had made herself scarce for almost a week
now, so he didn't think she was going to badger him.
She did see him on the road and drove right by. That
was good in Joel's mind. He liked her; he just didn't
want to hurt her by having her get attached.

He took out the paper with her number and twiddled it
between his fingers for a few minutes. His want for
companionship got the best of him, and he dialed it.

"Hello?" a young voice answered
(oh shit she has the kids, should I hang up?) he
"Is your mommy there?" Joel asked.

"Yes, she is, but she's crying right now." The child's
voice said.

From the background he heard (Derek, who is that?
Don't say that.)

"She's not home right now." the child's voice came
back on.

"Derek, would you do something real special for me?"
Joel asked.

"My grampy gives me a dollar when I do special
things." Derek smartly said.

"OK, Ryan I'll give you and your sister each a dollar
if you do one thing for me." Joel said.

"OK!! What?" Derek asked

"Go over to your mommy and whisper very, very low in
her ear, that Joel is on the phone. Can you do that?"

"For a dollar, for each of us, YOU BET!!"

Joel chuckled at how cute and smart the boy was. He
couldn't be more than 4. He heard him put the phone
down and yell "Mommy, Mommy, I have a secret for you!"

A few seconds later, Patsy picked up the phone,
obviously still upset over something.

"Hi Joel, I'm sorry for Derek, sniff, sniff." Patsy

"What's to be sorry for, he was cute. I wanted him to
whisper in case someone else was there you didn't want
to hear another mans name." Joel said.

"That's not likely, that's why I'm so upset. My
brother gets married next week, and I have to go to
the wedding alone. My shithead ex-husband was going to
go just to be sociable and civil. He and my brother
were friends in the first place, before I met him. Now
he wants to bring a date, so I look like an asshole."
Patsy cried to him. "I don't even want to go. I looked
forward to being out, for Christ's sake, even with
him!" Patsy cried.

"I'll take you Patsy. I'll be your date, as long as
the kids won't be there. I don't want them to see us.
I've explained why." Joel said before he knew what he
was saying.

"Really? You'd do that for me? This doesn't sound like
the arrangement you wanted last week. This sounds like
a date." She rationalized.

"I'm doing a friend a favor. I barely know you in some
ways, yet I've had my tongue up your butt. I couldn't
stand to hear you so unhappy. Just don't take it the
wrong way Patsy, OK? You are a beautiful woman and
shouldn't be alone for something special like this,
especially if he's trying to make you look bad. You
were something special for me when I was "in need", so
here I am for you." Joel said, even surprising

"So why did you call?" She asked.

"I was wondering if you might come over tonight, but
apparently I picked a bad time to call. I'm sorry."
Joel explained.

"I think my mother will baby-sit, and even keep them
overnight. I don't have to be to work until 3
tomorrow. She does it a lot for me if I want to go out
to a movie with Roxanne, that's my best friend." Patsy

"Do you want me to call her, or what?" she asked.

"How far do you live from me? He wondered.

"I'm ten minutes from you." She answered.

"Go ahead and call her." Joel said.

"If I don't see you in a half hour or so, you know she
couldn't do it" Patsy dealt.

Twenty-five minutes later Patsy's car pulled into Joel
driveway. They both knew why she was there. An hour
later they lay in Joel's bed freshly worn from a
session of sex. Patsy, once again had a load of cum in
her stomach, not sure how many pills she had missed
that week. That left Joel a little pissed off at her.

"Patsy, how can you lose track of your pills that way.
I know you may not have had sex for a while, but you
would think after last week . . . .Now can you see why
I don't need a relationship with someone like . . . ."
Joel stopped himself.

"Someone like what, Joel? Spit it out, lay it on the
line." Patsy said, getting pissed herself.

"Oh, someone with kids and a life, I guess. You have
things going on in your life and the thought of taking
your pill each morning isn't the most important thing
in your life. I'm being selfish and I'm sorry. I'm
thinking of my dick. Your life is consumed by your
children because you're raising them alone and somehow
I'm blaming you for that," Joel said, not too proud of

"Well, that is why I forget them, the kids have
consumed me. But, don't think I didn't have your dick
on my mind a lot in the past week. I needed that fuck
so bad that day, and I'll tell you that the thought of
swallowing your cum instead of having it drip out of
my pussy all night doesn't bother me either. It's just
the risk that it only takes one little swimmer to get
home. I need to remember that damn pill. I just want
you to know that I'm not a ditz, a dope or a bimbo.
Somewhere a girl in my position is remembering her
pill, while her kids play with matches." She said
defending herself.

"I'm sorry for thinking of just me, but there's
something else we have to cover. You have to let me
know if you sleep with anyone else. HIV. Sorry to
bring this up too. I was tested just before my
operation, and when you said it had been that long
since your last sex I assumed you were OK." He said.

"Don't get mad at me, but when you were making coffee
last week, I was checking things out while we talked.
Your results and reminder card for your next
appointment at the clinic was on your counter with a
bunch of other junk. I wouldn't let just anyone fuck
me without protection, and YOU ARE the only man I'm
sleeping with. If it changes for any reason, I'll let
you know." She admitted.

"I didn't think you were stupid, you know." Joel said.

Patsy rose up from her position spooned in front him
and turned around on her stomach to lie across him,
looking him in the eye.
"I thought we weren't supposed to get involved, but
you call me tonight, ask me over and then volunteer to
take me to my brothers wedding, and now take an
interest in my health and well being. It's hard not to
get involved if you really like someone, huh? Don't
worry, I won't go off the deep end, and I'll catch you
if you do. As much as I would like a full time man in
my life, I realize how hard it would be right now. So,
in the meantime, you'll do." She said with a smirk.

"I get your point, smarty pants. I warned you and I
blinked first. Point taken." Joel confessed.

They both rolled to their backs and fell asleep. Patsy
woke up around 1 a.m. with the urge to pee and got up
to take care of it. She felt wet around her pussy and
realized she had gotten her period.
She shook Joel awake.

"Hey stud, guess what? I just got my friend. Do you
have anything for a woman in this house?" She asked.

Joel was half awake from the movement on the bed.

"Check under the bathroom sink, there should be an
assortment of things there." He groggily said.

Patsy came back in the room a few minutes later
relieved he had the essentials for her. She also had a
wet washcloth to clean up any blood on the sheets. She
got Joel to get up so she could check. He went to pee
while she took care of a small spot. By the time he
got back she was lying waiting for him.

"When I start my pills again, I promise not to forget
any. I'll make an effort for you, OK?" she said while
she kissed him goodnight.

He smiled to himself and dozed off.

Joe woke in the morning to sounds in the kitchen. He
looked and saw the time was 6:30. He got up and went
to the kitchen and there in front of the stove was a
vision. Totally nude, with her cute white ass moving
and shifting about while she worked the spatula, was
the patsy. Her long red hair in a pony tail that
shifted as her ass did. She heard him stir behind her
and she turned, her luscious breasts bounced and
swayed with her spin and stop.

"My mom has to be at work at 8:30 so I have to get the
kids at 8. I found pancake mix and syrup in the
cupboard. I hope you don't mind." She said cutely.

Joel laughed to himself and went to hug her.

"No, I don't mind at all. To see your cute ass in my
kitchen, I would get up at five!" he said.

"Sit!" was her only response.

He sat and watched her plate the pancakes and set two
plates on the table. Then she fetched 2 cups of coffee
and sat with him.

"I bet you're a good mommy." Was all Joel said as he
ate his breakfast with a big grin on his face.

Patsy finished hers first and got up to bring the
plates to the sink. She started to run the water to
wash them when he stopped her.

"Patsy, just leave those. I'll run the dishwasher
later. Please." He said.

She turned and smiled and came over to him, noticing a
growing problem between his legs with a waving finger;
tsk tsk.

"Sorry, with a beauty like you out here, its hard to
not pay attention." Joel smiled as he looked down and
then back to her eyes that were glued to it.

Patsy giggled at the flattery. It was obvious that
she, for the first time in a long time, felt vital,
sexy and sure of herself.

"I usually watch my sweets this early in the morning,
but that may be something I can't resist." She said
with a sexy grin.

Patsy took a cushion off one of stools at the
breakfast nook and motioned Joel out of the booth.
Joel stood beside the booth and Patsy dropped the
cushion. She knelt in front of him and pushed him back
so his bare ass was at the edge of the tabletop.

"Give me your eyes again." She whispered.

Joel looked at her eyes as she took his cock in her
hand and brought it to her lips. She rolled her tongue
into a "u" and began flicking it at the underside of
the head.
They looked intently at each other. Joel was dying
from anticipation. But, that soon ended when on one of
the flicks she engulfed the head fully and collapsed
her cheeks around him. Joel groaned loudly and felt
weak in the knee. Patsy grinned around his cock. The
rush he felt was the same tingle she had in her clit
at the same time. She loved pleasing her lover to the
point that it alone made her hot, wet and satisfied.
She hadn't had that satisfaction since high school.
Her husband was a selfish lover from their first night
of marriage. Her hope that he would change began
fading that night.
But, she was hot and happy right now, even though she
knew Joel wasn't "hers", she knew they were connecting
spirits, for sure. She couldn't wait to feel his
orgasm rise and taste his cum again, hearing him enjoy
his climax.
She reached down and touched her little button as she
took her mouth away and kept stroking him.

"This makes me so hot." She said. "It reminds me so
much of high school. My boyfriend and I spent 2 years
with our faces in each other's crotch. I wasn't on the
pill then and my father would have literally killed me
if I got pregnant, and he hated my boyfriend, Clint."
She said as she returned her mouth to his cock.

She piqued Joel's interest as he took his own cock
from her and into his hand.

"You picked a bad time for ancient history, but what
happened to this guy Clint. He's not your ex-husband?"
Joel asked.

Patsy was still working her clitoris with her index
finger as she answered, but she stopped to talk.

"God no! Clint was the star of the football and
basketball teams, but he wasn't too smart. He never
got scholarships, and I don't even know how he got a
diploma. We planned to marry after he finished 4 years
in the army and me, 4 years of college. He went to
basic training and I never heard from him again. Well,
we wrote one letter, but when he came home, he never
even called me. guys are so rotten. I don't know what
ever happened to him." She said as she stopped
touching herself or even looking at Joel.
"He was as stupid as my Dad said he was. We made all
these serious plans, and then nothing."

Then Patsy looked up at Joel, real stone faced. "Then
I met the asshole that is father to my children, and I
have no idea why I married him. He was a friend of my
brother and we had a great time for a while. When he
asked me to marry him, I just said yes.
I think I told you, the first night of our honeymoon,
I started to dislike him."

Joel held out his hands and wanted her to stand up. A
sad pall came over her. Joel hugged her.

"I'm really sorry your life has been so shitty. At
least you realize what's your fault and what's not.
Patsy, I hope there is something I can do to make you
happy. I just want to see you smile." Joel said.

"You made me smile last week, you made me smile last
night, and you'll make me smile at my brothers wedding
this weekend. If you let me finish what I started a
few minutes ago, I'll smile again for you. I love
making you happy that way, in my mouth, and I really
like it too. It really is sexy, and I haven't felt
sexy in so long." Patsy assured him as she knelt in
front of him again.

Joel was happy to accommodate her, he only wished he
could repay the favor. At this weekend wedding, he was
sure he could do just that afterwards.

Patsy went about to finish what she started, dropping
her mouth over him in short order. She took him as
deep as she could and then used her hand. She truly
did enjoy the act, and Joel had no problem with that.
He was about to show her how much he liked it.

"Ahhhhh, Patsy baby, you're gonna get it! You want it?
You want it? NNNNNT, Arggghhhhh, Ohhhhhh. Her it is!"
He wailed.

Patsy felt the vibration coming seconds before it hit.
Her own fingers were busy teasing her little button;
the button that seemed to beg for attention whenever
she did this. As his orgasm hit her tongue she felt a
warm wave all over. He didn't produce as much as he
did last night, but she could taste him and feel him
jump as she swallowed around him and sucked the last
juices from him cock.

"No, no babe! No, no babe! Enough, enough!" he cried
as he pulled away from the pleasure/torture of her

Joel sat back on the tabletop of the booth to catch
his breath. Patsy was running her tongue around her
mouth and swallowing each drop she could find. She
leaned forward on her knees and hugged Joel's legs to
her torso. Her cheek rested against his softening

"You really do make me happy, Joel. I hope that isn't
against your rules about getting close." Patsy said
with a pout.

"You don't always have to listen to me when I talk
like a cold hearted asshole. I won't admit it, but I
am starting to have a real affection for you. You are
such a good woman, how did you get mixed up with the
assholes you did?" He asked rhetorically.

"I just thank God I found you." She whispered.

"Don't count on me Patsy, remember, you attract
assholes . . . and here I am." Joel said.

Patsy acted like she didn't hear his last words. No
matter what happened with them, the time they spent so
far resulted in the happiest times she had in the last
few years. She got up from the floor and headed to the

"I have to get dressed and get going to get my kids."
She said. "I assume you can't drive Saturday, so I'll
pick you up. I'll be by early to help you get dressed
or anything, OK?"

"Well, I'm not helpless, but I don't know about tying
a tie right now. My elbow is only about 28 per cent
inner rotation. My PT guru is due in today. You come
by anytime Saturday morning Patsy. Bring your stuff
and stay Friday night if you want." He said.

Patsy stopped dressing at his words.

"JOEL, you have to stop playing some of these games
with me!!
You ask me to hold my emotions, you ask me not to get
too close.
You won't even give me your fucking number!
But, you invite me to stay the night a second time in
the week.
You JUST TOLD ME you wanted to make me happy AND NOT
Plus you said you were starting to HAVE A REAL
I can't process all these things Joel!! You're not
being fair!!" Patsy exploded.

Joel went directly to her and took her in his arms.

"I'm sorry Patsy, I don't know what to do. I don't
want a relationship, but you are sweeping me off my
feet. But lets face it, without sex, we barely know
each other. I'm hoping this wedding over the weekend
will let us know more about each other. I'm pretty
sure you and I are on a like plain spiritually. I want
to get to know you, but I can't handle a relationship
with kids or ex-husbands, I don't think. Please bear
with me while I sort things out. I'm REALLY not trying
to fuck you over and believe me, the last thing I want
to do in the world is cause you anymore pain. Just
knowing you're strong enough to call me out on this is
a great stride for you. I'll try to watch my words,
and I promise I won't lead you on, OK?"

"OK, I'll be over Friday night, but I want your phone
number!" She said firmly.

"I'll write it down for you." Joel said hoping he
hadn't gone too far with her.

Patsy left and Joel showered to wait for his Physical
Therapist to show. The Dodgers surgeons told him that
the shoulder alone would take 9 months of daily PT and
rehab to even think about throwing again. However to
do that, he needed to get his elbow tendon replaced
and that would be 6 to 9 months of daily PT and rehab,
plus continuing strengthening exercises on the
shoulder. That would have meant missing 2 seasons,
maybe 3 to even start to pitch competitively. That put
him way out of the window he set for himself to make
the majors, so he retired. He was 4 months since the
shoulder surgery to repair, and 2 months after an
elbow surgery, and that was just to comfort him. He
still needed what they called Tommy John surgery.

While he napped waiting for his PT arrive each day,
many times he dreamed about pitching in the big
leagues. Lately he dreamt about Patsy and that
bothered him. No woman had ever really swept him off
his feet, but he did realize that sex was the basis of
their bond.
His first pitching coach in the minors once told him
of Baseball Annie's, "If your dick gets emotionally
involved before your head, you're in trouble."
That may have been the case with Patsy, but he was
getting to really like HER now, not just her pretty
face and killer body.

During his PT session the therapist told him that
getting an easier car to drive might be a good idea,
but he should really see if he could handle driving
any car before he made that jump. He was 50-50 on
whether he could respond properly in an emergency.
However, if he stuck to local country roads at posted
speeds, he might be OK.

Monday afternoons walk got him to The Olde Cider Mill
about 2 pm. The lunch crowd had died and it was mostly
people getting apples, vegetables and goodies from the
bakery. He went to the cider stand and got his usual
quart and a cup to go with what would serve as lunch
and dinner. He was famished, not eating since early
this morning with Patsy.

He ordered his lunch at the counter and dropped the
slip at the pick up window to wait for his number to
be called. There were only 5 people in the dining
area, so he figured the wait would be short. He bent
and looked through the pick-up window hoping to get a
glimpse of this Ellaynne character so he could ask her
why she was "stalking" him, but no one was there, but
his slip had been picked up, so they did know he was
While waiting, he noticed a camera aimed at the order
counter. He figured the kitchen kept an eye on how
busy it was, or if there was an order imminent.' "Of
course," he thought. "That was how this girl in the
kitchen knew he was there. She was playing games with

Someone touched his elbow breaking his thought process
and he turned to see Patsy.

"Hi Mister, could you tell me what's good here?" she

He smiled and said, "I see what I like to eat best."
He said with a wink.

Patsy blushed and gave him a skunk-eye.

"What brings you here?" Joel asked looking at his

"I don't go in until 3 today. I have to work a banquet
instead of my regular shift, but I won't get done
until 11, so it's a long day, but my tip is
guaranteed, an extra hundred, so it's a good day. I'm
getting sandwiches for these two to bring to their
fathers." She said holding out the hands of the 2
well-behaved kids. "He would just order them a pizza
or give them spaghetti-o's."

Joel looked down at the kids and then up to Patsy's
eyes. They both smiled big knowing smiles as Joel's
number was called.
"Oops, that's my lunch. You're not staying? I wish you
could sit with me for a minute." He said.

"No, I can't. I'm running late as it is. Go eat, you
may need your strength." She said blushing.

He looked her in the eyes saying "Bye Patsy." But, his
eyes said more.

"Bye Joel." She said with a whimsy smile.

Joel sat and ate his triple decked sandwich and slaw,
hoping that once he got to really know Patsy, he
wouldn't be so infatuated with her.

When he finished the sandwich he picked up the plate
to put his slaw in front of him, but there was another
napkin under his plate with the same blue marker
message. "Hi Dodger", but then the words,
"a girlfriend?" followed by a frownie face.

The girl in the kitchen, Ellaynne, had him flummoxed
as to her intentions. His luck at trying to see or
talk to her had been thwarted before, so he had a new
He picked up his tray and waste and disposed of them
and exited from the front door and headed up the road.
Just past the Cider Mill sign he doubled back and went
to the rear of the building. At the place where he
figured the kitchen to be was a door and a bell
marked, "ring for deliveries". He rang it.
From inside the door a female voice shouted "I'll get
it, it's probably the egg man!"

The door swung open and a cute young woman in t-shirt,
jeans and apron confronted him. She saw him and a look
of panic came across her face and she went to close
the door.
Joel reached and grabbed her arm. "No please, don't
run away," he said in a calm voice. "You obviously
want to talk to me, or are you just playing with my
head? Come on, Ellaynne! Why the games?"

She looked back inside as Joel let go of her arm, and
she closed the door softly.

"I'm sorry if I pissed you off, I was just playing a
game with you. Umm, I thought you were cute and my Dad
doesn't let me, umm . .doesn't WANT me to get personal
with customers. He still thinks I'm 15." She said in a
sweet voice.

"How old are you, before you have me arrested." Joel

"I'm 21, but he just looks out for me. I didn't mean
to cause you any trouble, and I didn't know you had a
girlfriend. Today's note was the last one, once I knew
about her. I didn't want you to get into trouble with
her." She said repentantly.

"She's not my girlfriend, just a friend. We've never
even been out before." He explained.

"Well, your eyes say a lot more than that, when you
looked at her." She said.

"That camera must show a lot." Joel mused.

"That camera is a fake, there's a real scanning camera
behind a mirror. My Dad is paranoid about all that
too." She told him.

"Ellaynne, I don't buy your story, "I just thought you
were cute." Do you harass every patron you think is
cute?" Joel challenged.

Ellaynne sighed and blushed. She turned and closed the
door to just a crack and stood up to the end of the
little concrete dock to speak softly close to Joel.

"My girlfriend lives in the carriage house behind the
property next to you. She's been watching you with a
telescope for a while, and I've had my peeks as well.
I stay over there sometimes and I saw you exercising
early one morning, ummmm, on your back porch in the
nude. My girlfriend wasn't up yet and I couldn't
sleep. I'm so sorry. She said she saw, . . .oh never
mind. It really was wrong for me to do and I used it
to flirt with you here. I won't bother you again."
Ellaynne said, embarrassed.

Joel had listened intently and didn't know what to
make of her story.

"What did your girlfriend say that she saw?" Joel
asked, causing Ellaynne to flush even deeper.

Ellaynne shook her head and went to turn.

"C'mon Ellaynne, I have a right to know, or do you
want me to ask her?" Joel bluffed.

Then she dropped her voice to a whisper again. "She
said she saw you having sex with a woman on your
porch, several times a couple months ago. I was hoping
to be a peeping Tom."

Joel thought back to Marijo's stay. She liked sex
outside, especially early in the morning. They slept
outside in the cool country air after hot summer days.

"What do you say you and I go visit your friend and
tell her I know everything and will call the police if
she continues?" Joel asked.

"You don't need to worry now, she was just there for
the summer and now she's packed up and gone for
school. I'm really sorry Dodger. Your exercises didn't
look like fun. You made some pretty nasty faces
working those pulleys and weight resistance. You've
got nasty scars on your shoulder and forearm." She

"My name is Joel, not Dodger, and if I didn't blow out
my shoulder AND elbow, I might be pitching for the
Dodgers right now. If you saw close enough to see my
scars, what ELSE did you see?" Joel asked with feigned

If Ellaynne turned red before, she went total crimson

"I said you were cute!! You're harassing me now. Don't
make me say!" Ellaynne said with an edge.

"Ohhhh Ellaynne, I was just trying to get a reaction
from you. Listen, now that I know the whole story, and
you promise not to harass me here anymore, I can
forget about your little girl prank." Joel said
dismissing her.

"I'm not a little girl, you sound like my father now.
I didn't see anything I hadn't seen before you know.
Do I have to say I thought you were cute again for you
to see I'm still flirting!!" She said as her crimson
turned white, wishing she could retrieve her words.

"How old do you think I am?" Joel asked.

"I don't know, 23-24 I guess. Not too old to ask me
out! I am not a child." She exclaimed, again wishing
she had kept he thoughts to herself.

"OK, Ellaynne, how would you like to go to a movie
tonight? The only thing being, you have to drive, my
arm doesn't work well enough yet." Joel called her

Ellaynne didn't know what to say. Everything had
happened too fast. The thought of he confronting her
hadn't crossed her screen. It went from fantasized
flirting, to an offer of a date, in her face, in the
matter of a few minutes.

"Wow, really? Wait, I don't know you. Maybe we should
just meet some place," she cautioned herself.

"Well then, I can't do it, I can't drive yet, maybe
another time. I'll look for you here from time to
time, but, NO MORE NOTES." Joel said turning to walk

"No, I've told you I wasn't a kid. I can handle
myself. What time do you want me to pick you up?" she

"Tell you what. You check the paper for what you want
to see, don't worry I haven't seen anything lately,
and pick me up. I'll be home all night, OK?" he asked

"Alright, I don't believe I'm doing this. It will be
an early movie, one that starts by 8:30 at the latest.
I have to be here at 5:45 I the morning." Ellaynne
said as she turned to answer a call of her name.

"See you tonight, I have to go, umm Joel? . . .right?"

He just chuckled and shook his head.

He never told her how old he was, but her fresh 21-
year-old demeanor appealed to him. He liked her sassy
style. He also bet she had a tight firm body, not that
he planned on trying to explore it so soon. But
looking never hurt anyone; in fact, it had got her a

During his 45 minute walk back to the house he thought
about the girls peeping in on him. His house was
isolated enough in the country that he never felt
inhibited at all going al fresco on the back porch or
deck. He usually slept in the nude felt no compunction
to clothe when he woke and began his exercises.
Besides, his own property ran far enough in either
direction that, unless you trespassed, seeing him was
impossible, even from the front with the set back of
the house and indenture of the road. (Unless, of
course, you had a telescope.)

As he closed in on his house he noticed that you
couldn't even see his neighbors houses on either side
of him from his own property. Back on the deck, he
could see the carriage house from where the girls
spied, but that was a goodly distance. He knew in his
mind that he was not putting on a show, and that if
anyone did see him they had to go out of their way.

That cleared of his mind, he set out to do 10 reps of
each of his 10 PT exercises. The process was short,
but a painful one. The walks helped get his blood
flowing, to assist healing, as well as serve as a
Once completed, he gathered his gel ice packs and laid
them about his elbow and shoulder. Ice, the great
healer and number of pain! He usually iced on the
chaise, in just his shorts. Today he added a timer to
be sure he didn't nap into the evening.

He woke about 5:30 pm and showered, shaved and dressed
and set to puttering about the house and wait for
Ellaynne. He was suddenly nervous about his date. He
was older, but not that much. But, enough that he
might just be outside her generation? Was she Gen-X?
He knew he certainly wasn't.

Just after 6 he thought he might have a snack to hold
him over for the night. He just began to rummage in
the fridge when he heard his bell ring.

He looked around the corner of the kitchen and there
stood Ellaynne on the porch. She was stunning! She
wore hip hugging, clingy, soft denim jeans and a
frilly crop top that showed her bronzed stomach and
perfect belly button. Her hair was a dirty blonde,
long and flowing that framed her pretty face.

"Well hello, I didn't expect to see you so early, but
I told I would be ready anytime, and I am." Joel said
as he walked to the screen.

She half smiled and entered as he held the door for

"We have to talk a bit. I don't want you to get any
preconceptions. Everything happened so fast this
afternoon. I've hated myself from the first day I
flirted with you; I THINK those things, I never DO
them. If you lined up all my friends and told them
what happened today, and then said that I actually
showed up, they would all think you were lying." She
said nervously.

"Listen, if you have had a change of heart about this,
I'm fine with that. I would be disappointed in that,
please don't be offended by this, you are a stunningly
beautiful woman!" Joel exclaimed.

"Wow! WOMAN, everyone treats me like a kid at home."
She said, flattered that he referred to her in that
way. "But I really have to be straight forward with
you. I don't want you to think I am some weird peeper
or something. I've prepared what I want to say, and
never in a million years would I ever do this, but you
make me feel, I dunno . . . .something . . .safe, I
guess. Sorry for being so stupid.
Anyway, my girlfriend is going in her third year at
college and her sorority has this telescope. They use
it to spy on the guys in the frats, other girls in
other sororities, whatever. She took it home for the
summer so it wouldn't get found or stolen. She
happened to be looking around one night and caught you
through the tree line. You were with some girl making
out. She got up the next morning and looked and saw
you making love with her. She called me that day and
told me that she saw a cute guy doing this and that to
a girl outside on his deck. I told her she was a
pervert and sick. But for 3 or 4 days she had new
stories for me. She said you were quite an, . . . an,
an athlete." She said uncomfortably, but continued.
"You know how girls are when they get silly, giggly,
well, that's how she was. I stayed over the next night
at her place after we went out dancing. We got in
around 2 and at 6 I woke and couldn't sleep. My alarm
goes off at 5 everyday, and my body just can't get
away from it. So, I'm laying there hoping to go back
to sleep and I see the telescope set up and aimed out
the window. Well, it was early and she said she saw
you early, so I looked. I saw the light on in your
kitchen and then you came out nude. I looked for a
girl, but you were alone. But, I watched you. You did
reps of exercises with pulleys and something that
Bowflex thing you see on TV. You looked to be in
tremendous pain doing them and I was wincing at your
reactions to some of the moves. But, I did check you
out and was impressed at how hard you were working. I
could see your scars and I didn't know how you got

"I got them from surgery's. I blew out my shoulder and
my elbow pitching in a game this spring. I'm going to
have Tommy John surgery on my elbow eventually, but
they had to reattach some stuff in the meantime. My
shoulder was a torn rotator cuff and bone spurs that
cut the muscle, reduction of my collarbone, just a
whole mess. Yes, it is all quite painful, but I need
to use my arm and that's the only way to get it all
back. How powerful is that telescope, you could see my
scars?" He asked.

Ellaynne blushed and turned her face. Then she giggled
a bit.

"You have 3 ladybugs tattooed on your leg and butt."
She flushed saying.

Joel did have a tiny ladybug tattoo on the back of his
calf, back of his thigh and on his butt cheek. They
were from a relationship he thought was serious in his
first year of ball at Montana, but that's a different

"Wow, you DID check me out!" he said.
Then looking to embarrass her he added, "So what did
you think? Well you must have been impressed with my
equipment, you came to see it in person!"

Ellaynne did blush, but then turned serious.
"That's the other reason we have to talk.
I didn't flirt with you to meet you and tear off my
clothes and have sex with you.
I don't do that.
I didn't want to give you the impression I was a party
girl, like that.
I never flirt, at least until you, because I get hit
on all of the time, and I'm sick of it.
I just want to have a boyfriend I can talk to and have
fun with.
I can't do the wrestling bit every night. If I feel
something for someone it's one thing.
But, I get asked out a lot, and all they ever want to
do is make-out. But, I am a one man girl, and I
haven't found that man."

"Very well spoken, Ellaynne.
I would be lying if I said that when I look at you I
didn't think of you sexually, but you haven't went out
of your way to hide your sexuality either. That being
said, it is your business, and the style of clothes
today. Let's just say that I would be very proud to be
seen with you." Joel remarked.

"Well, you're quite a good looking guy yourself. If
you think I look that good maybe we make a good
couple. I don't dress to be overtly sexual, but I did
dress like this tonight because I was going to be with
you. I wanted to look nice for you. I just didn't want
you to think I propositioned you when I was flirting.
I don't often see a guy I want to meet." Ellaynne

"Would you have flirted and went to all the trouble
with me if you had never seen me before, like you
did?" Joel asked her honestly.

"That is a very tough question and I have asked myself
the same. Let me just say, I didn't see your body and
just decide that I liked you, but as you did with me,
you couldn't hide your sexuality from me, and I did
see you in a sexual way. If you came in the Mill as
often as you have, I would have maybe flirted with
you, but not as overtly. I do feel a connection to
you, and I can't explain it." She admitted.

"I tell you what. Let's just go out and have a good
time tonight and not try to figure anything out. If we
do strike a chord, and hit it off, fine. If not, no
one is hurt, OK?" Joel said as he extended his hand.

"But, as a couple," she hesitated before shaking, " we
will try to make it without others involved until we
decide where this is going, whether its one date or a

Ellaynne reached out and shook his hand and then
remarked, "We better get going to make one of the
early movies. How about the Thomas Crown Affair?" she

"Sounds fine with me. Can we fix one more thing, when
we get back here later, I lean over and kiss you once
and say "thank you for a nice time", and go inside,
alright?" Joel asked.

"That sounds smart, no pressure on either of us.
Thanks Joel." She agreed.

They went to the movie and both enjoyed it
tremendously. They laughed and talked about the
characters and sub-plots on their way out of the
movie. They stopped for a coffee and pie slice in the
Mall and continued to talk about the movie, then
music, sports, and college plans. In their talk she
found he was 27, but found it hard to believe, he
looked younger.

On the ride home they talked about the Cider Mill and
her families business. She told him that she started
to go to college at 18 but couldn't get the hang of
taking school seriously then. She still wanted to go
to college, and was 3 nights a week in semester and
that was why she lived back at home. At 18 she was too
immature for college dorm life, and being away from
home in general.

When they got to his driveway, they looked nervously
at each other. Although they both wanted more he
leaned over and said "Thank you for a nice time". He
went to kiss her cheek, but she turned her lips to his
and the kiss was more than a peck. They parted and
looked in each other's eyes, but resisted going for
He opened the door and got out. He turned at his door
to see her still sitting in the drive. He waved, and
she waved back. She slipped the car into reverse and
was gone. It was 11:30.
Tuesday morning Joel woke up to the sound of rain
beating off the window.
"Oh shit," he thought. ""I hope this doesn't go on for
the day."
He put on the Weather Channel and saw that the rain
was probable for the day and possibly into Wednesday,
the remnants of a Tropical storm that had whipped the

He thought of trying to drive the MG anyway, but
common sense got the best of him. However, he really
wanted to see Ellaynne today to reaffirm his interest.
She was pretty, witty, intelligent and not afraid to
speak up with an opinion. She had made him feel at
ease in an awkward situation. She was a lot of the
things he had liked in other girls he had been semi-
serious about. Best of all, she liked him and had
sought him out, but made him make the first move.

He thought of walking in the rain with an umbrella,
calling a cab, he even checked to see if his PT guru
was coming in today, hoping to get a ride.

He paced the floor and then looked at the phone.
"What a dope," he thought. "I can just call her."

He got out the phone book, looked up the number and

"May I speak to Ellaynne?" he asked.

"You may have to wait a bit. I'll call her." The voice

After 3 or 4 minutes the voice came on, "She's pretty
busy, can you call her back or leave a number."

He left his number as Joel and sat back to wait for a
call. Two hours later, just after 1:30 the phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hi." he heard a satin voice say on the other end.
"I'm glad you called, I knew you couldn't get out in
the rain. I was hoping to see you today. I had a great
time last night. You're a good talker and listener."
She said in a sultry voice.

"You're stealing all my lines I had for you." He said.

"I knew you had a good time. Your smile and wave from
the porch were cute. I wish we had more in the car.
I'd love to kiss you right now" She added.

"Me too," he whispered.

"Can I bring you something to eat when I get done?"
she asked.

"That would be great, but I don't want to put you to
any trouble." Joel said.

"I need an excuse to see you again today. C'mon, give
me a break, OK?" she added with a chuckle.

"I'll look for you later, like after 5?" he asked.

"Umm, it's Tuesday, it's my late day in the kitchen.
I'll be after 7 o'clock. Tonight's the night we should
have went out. I don't have to be in until 11
tomorrow. I set up the lunch kitchen after they stop
breakfast. You can wait that long, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'll get by OK until then. Bye, till then OK?"
he said. She signed off in kind.

Joel felt a little funny. There was something
different about this one. Should a woman whom he
barely knew make a nervous pit in his stomach and his
heart race at the mere thought of seeing her?

He pondered his feelings until the phone rang.

"Hi, I have to drop the kids off and I have some extra
time. I was going to stop by and say hello. We can
talk about the weekend, or are you busy?" Patsy
managed to say before Joel could get so much as a word

Patsy! Damn, the other woman who vied for his
feelings, or was it just his companionship? She had
been growing a bit on him, but now that all seemed

"Umm, no I'm not busy right now, but I have my
therapist stopping later, probably by four," he lied.

"I have to be to work by four, so that works out." She
said as she hung up.

Joel's heart was in his throat now. He just finished
trying to figure why the thought of Ellaynne made him
nervous and his heart race. Now, with the sound of
Patsy's voice he had a tingle in his loins. This woman
was hot and pure sex at his disposal.

"Shit, why did I have to blow out my fucking arm and
have these fucking hassles," he thought, blaming his
arm for the quandary of heart he had.

It was about 2:30 when Patsy pulled into the drive. He
heard her running in the rain up his steps and ring
the bell and walk in, calling out his name.

"Joel, I have a surprise for you!" she said as she
came around the corner into the kitchen where he was
just getting up.

She held out a Cider Mill bag for him.
"An Olde Cider #3 on seeded rye with swiss instead of
muenster and a side of slaw. Did I get it right?" she

"Yes, that's the one. You are so sweet, let me get my
wallet, I'll pay you." Joel said as Patsy held up her

"Please, its on me." She said.

"I won't take a dollar from you Patsy, you work too
hard. If you want to argue about it, I'll be mad." He

As he opened the bag Patsy took off her raincoat to
reveal she was just wearing sweats, but sexy sweats. A
cropped top that just went over her breasts and tight
shorts should have required trunks to hide herself
from voyeuristic eyes.

"Holy shit, Patsy, you're going to work like that, let
alone out in public! Your doctor could give you an
exam without taking them off!" Joel scolded her.

"No, silly. I have my uniform in the car and I had the
raincoat that came down over my butt. I exercised in
the nude at home and then showered and slipped these
on. They're soft and comfortable, plus I knew you
might like them." She said with a snicker and a wink.

Patsy sat in the booth and leaned on her elbows to
watch him eat.

"Do you want to get a room at the Convention center
for Saturday night and we won't have to drive home and
not worry about drinking at the wedding. My brothers
guests will all get a special rate, and I can split it
with you." She suggested.

"Patsy, your money is no good with me, but let me
think about the room. There would be two beds, right?"
he joked.

"Oh sure, one to fuck and cum all over, and one to
sleep on, and then cum all over, unless . . " she
paused, "Unless I just swallowed it all, then one bed
would do fine." She said as she caught Joel's eye.

"You don't have to talk like a fucking whore all the
time to keep me excited, Patsy. I know it's just me
and you here, but respect yourself a little bit." Joel
scolded here.

"That's what you think of me, a fucking whore?" she
said as she began to well up with tears. " I was
trying to be a cute temptress. Fuck you!" she snarled
at him, folding her arms and turning away.

"Oh Pats, what I said and what I meant are two
different things. I only meant that you didn't have to
say shit like that so casually, especially when you
dress like that for me. I know our relationship is
based a lot on sex, so far, but I don't need those
stark reminders. A little mystery is always exciting.
And, my cute temptress, "fuck you" is a mean thing to
say. Fuck me, now that's more exciting." Joel said to
temper his earlier words.

Patsy looked back with tears still fresh on her cheek.
She used the ball of her palms to wipe either side.

"I don't like to be called names. My husband did that
the last 2 years we were together. That's where my
self-esteem went. I respect myself a lot now, that's
why I got upset." Patsy pouted.

Joel put down his sandwich and extended his hands and
she put hers in his. They held each other hands
tightly and Joel said, "No more names, either frank or
implied, OK? I promise! Come on, let's go out under
the roof of the deck and watch the rain."

He took Patsy's hand and slid the door open to the
deck. He swished the cover off of the double chaise
that he used for a bed on hot summer nights and
motioned for her to recline with him. He walked to the
other side and laid down taking her hand.

"The rain is sexy, huh?" she said as they watched it
fall across his big yard as it rolled to the tree line
in the distance. He could just see the carriage house
from where Ellaynne had spied on . . . ELLAYNNE!!
Holy shit, when she got that sandwich order she had to
know who it was for, especially if she looked out and
saw Patsy! "Man, am I screwed", he thought. "She's
gonna think I'm lining the women up here!"

Patsy sitting up on one elbow and leaning over to kiss
him tempered his panic a little.
"See anything else sexy that interests you?" she said.

"I thought you had your period?" he asked her. "I'm
not into that messy stuff."

"Neither am I, but I sure am horny. You mentioned
playing around with my butt, have you seen my ass in
these sweats?" she said as she rolled over and showed
him how tight they were.
With her ass in the air, he couldn't resist running
his hand over it.

"I just showered, I'm very clean!" she said smiling
over her shoulder.
Joel rolled down her tight sweats over her ass cheeks.
He couldn't help but run his hand over her red haired
mound a few times, noticing the string hanging out. He
sat up to kiss each cheek of her ass.

"I thought you scolded me for fucking girls assholes!"
he chided her.

"I didn't say you were going to fuck it; it seems to
me that I said it seemed it would hurt.
Then you said " a couple fingers, a few toys, a bottle
of wine, a lot of lube and you would have the time of
your life, I promise."
Well, I can't drink any wine right now, but a little
warm up might convince me of something later in the
week." She teased.

Joel drilled his tongue to her asshole as his hands
split her cheeks open. If this girl wanted to play
there, he could accommodate her. The thought of
fucking her ass this weekend made his cock real happy.

He tongued and drilled with his tongue and she was
moaning in seconds. He took the thumb of his hand and
ran it up the lips of her pussy to find her clit. He
rubbed over the hood a few times and the little nub
popped out. She drew a hard breath at the double
pleasure she was feeling.
When he was sure that she dilated a little, he pushed
some spit into her butt to act as slick'um, and
pressed his index finger to the little hole. She
resisted hard, fighting him.

"Don't you want it inside? You're fighting me. Try to
push my finger out." he whispered to her.

She strained against his finger and it popped right
in, causing her to start.

"Oooo, that feels . . . nice." She hissed as he
stroked her clit.

He spit around his finger again and withdrew it a bit
to collect it, and then he drilled it in as far as it
would go.

"Whoa, easy, easy, mmmmmmmmmmmm, oh, that's getting
better. It hurt like hell as first." She whimpered.

"Imagine how my cock is going to split you open. Still
interested?" he asked her.

"Joel, you'll kill me. How would your cock fit in
there?" she asked.

"By doing lots and lots of play like this, with a lot
of lube, plus some toys I may bring along." He said as
he began to run his index finger in and out of her
little hole.

Patsy began to undulate her hips a bit to his rhythm.

"Can your ass cum?" she asked, feeling a warmth run
over her loins.

"No, but it's so close to your pussy, and they share
nerve endings. Your butt won't cum, but the orgasm you
feel will be different than any you ever had." He said
still pistoning his digit.
He leaned forward and kissed her butt cheeks again and
then drenched his thumb with a wad of spit. Before it
rolled down his hand he withdrew his index finger with
a "pop" and replaced it instantly with his thumb as he
drilled it home.

"Uhhhg, Owww, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Oh God, that's so much
bigger!" she grunted as he began to push it in and out
and twist it around.

"Oh God, I am starting to cum, from way deep inside."
She moaned.

"Biology 101 Patsy, you can have clitoral orgasms or
vaginal. You're having a vaginal right now." He said
low behind her.

"Ah,ah,ah,ah, OooooWeeeeee!!" she blurted out in the
open rainy air as she fell forward removing herself
from his thumb.

Her hand cupped her pussy as she enjoyed the orgasm.

"Oh, my God, Joel, what did you do to me? How did you
find that spot, that orgasm? You could run for
President on that ticket. What would your cock do up
there?" she wondered aloud.

"It's probably going to hurt a lot until you get
accustomed to it. So, if we ever try it, I want you to
be prepared." He warned her as he looked at her
cupping her pussy with her eyes closed.
The way her breasts bottomed out of her cropped top,
he could resist no further. He peeled it up and took
the nipple of one in his mouth and lolled it over and
over, and then the other. He gave it up and took both
in his hands and fondled them, ending with a pinch of
the nipples, causing her to rush and quiver.

"God, STOP Joel. We can't even fuck and you have me
worn and fucked out. I take that back, we can fuck,
just we'll do it my way." She said as she flipped over
to her knees and faced him.

Joel was still wearing his lounge pajamas that he
usually wore after a shower. Patsy pulled them down to
his knees and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked
like it was going to be taken away from her.

"Lord God!" Joel thought. "This woman drives me crazy
and makes me feel like a king with the sex we've had.
Yet, she makes me feel all warm and sympathetic for
At the moment Ellaynne was far from his mind.

Patsy bobbed her head dutifully over his cock and she
ate it up like a baby with candy. She stopped and
moved between his legs, pulling his bottoms off
completely. She held his cock up and away from his
crotch and she took his balls into her mouth, licking
and teasing. While still holding his cock away, she
pinched some of his ball sack and pulled that back
too, but not hurting him. It just shrunk his sack down
to where she could easily lick each nut, one after the

"I love your cock, I love your balls and the cum they
make for me. You make me feel 18 again Joel." She said
looking up from his crotch.

Her words, plus the view of her perfect dangling
breasts, had him on the edge with just the friction on
his balls.

"I'm gonna pop, Pats. You're making me CUM!!
Ahhhhhhh! Urrrrgh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, uh uh uh uh !" Joel
spouted while he came.

The first shot went into the air and landed on Patsy's
hands, but she got her mouth over the head to catch
the rest and suck him to finish. She was happy to suck
and eat his cum. For the first time in a long while,
she felt needed and vibrant, even though she knew she
could never keep Joel based only on sex. She had
already decided to take him as far as he would go with
her. He was not ready for an instant family. She knew
it and didn't blame him. But, who could blame her for
trying to win him over.

Patsy looked into the kitchen for the time and ran to
her car for her uniform. She went into the bathroom,
leaving the door open to talk.
"So, do you still want me to stay over Friday night so
I can help you dress in the morning? You might get a
preview screw, if you're nice. If I do that and we end
up at the hotel overnight, I'll have to pack a bag."
She hollered over the water she was running.

Joel's thoughts had turned to Ellaynne.
"The more I think about that, maybe we shouldn't do
either. A little too much togetherness, you know?
Besides, I may have a date on Friday night and
probably Saturday too." Joel said.

Patsy's heart sunk a bit, but she expected to lose her
battle to get Joel for all her own. She really knew
how dead set against he was having a built in family.
Even though marriage was never part of the equation,
when one partner has kids, they always have to be

"A date? Really? Anyone that I know, or is it a
secret?" she asked.

"No questions, OK? We have a nice little friendship
going here, and I would like it to stay that way. I've
asked you not to get too possessive of me. I know I
told you that I had affection for you, but you know
that was as a friend, not a lover." Joel explained.

"I know, when you're horny, you just use me for sex."
Patsy said a little snottily as she put on her make-

"Now you know that's not true, damn it Patsy. YOU
instigated the sex, every single time, except for that
Sunday night. But it was always you. Don't try to make
me a bad guy or a user here. I may have used you, but
you have used me more." Joel raised his voice to say.

"I know you're right, plus I told you I could handle
not being a steady; that just fucking was OK with me.
No, you never led me on." She affirmed.

They solidified their Saturday plans and Patsy was off
to work.
Joel went to the rainy deck and cleaned any evidence
of his sexual liaison with Patsy, then did his reps on
his exercises. Afterward he iced his arm and napped
again. Upon awakening he took his second shower of the
day. It was 6:30 and he looked forward to seeing

By 7:15 his heart was racing waiting for her to show,
when he heard her car in the drive.

He went to the door to meet her and give her the kiss
she said she wanted earlier. On the rainy porch she
looked like she may have had a bad day, and she was
not holding a bag for him.

"Hi," he said as warmly as he could. He moved to kiss
her, but she seemed to move away.

"How was your day?" She asked.

"OK, I guess. I looked forward to seeing you. How was
yours?" He asked suspiciously.

"Oh, not bad. I went to work early, of course I talked
to you. Got an order for "your" sandwich and saw the
red haired lady that you know pick it up.
She dropped her change and when she bent over she was
wearing the tightest, thinnest cotton pants I have
ever seen, plus her coat was open when she reached
into the inside pocket to get her wallet. The top was
so skimpy that she had bottom cleavage. I somehow
didn't believe that she was dressed for eating lunch.
I had my break in a half hour, and sure enough, that
lady's car was in your driveway." Ellaynne said in a
Joel knew he was in a bad spot, but let her continue.

"I knocked on your door, but there was no answer. So,
protected by the eaves I walked around to the back."

Then Ellaynne blew a fuse. She was fully crying and
screaming at the same time.

YOU FREQUENT." She screamed as she cried.

She gritted her teeth and made fists and started
wildly swinging at his arms, sometimes punching him in
the chest.
YOU RUIN THIS SO SOON, (smack)!!!!!" then she had him
backed to a wall and she just pummeled his chest over
YOU??" she asked crying uncontrollable.
She started to hug to him to perhaps console herself a
little, but she backed away and slapped him.
Heretofore the wild swinging and chest pummeling
hadn't hurt him physically, it just hurt his pride,
ego and self-assurance. Now with the ringing slap, he
had hurt physically, but he knew he had it coming.
words that accompanied the slap.
Then she was mad at herself for swearing.
before she slapped him again.

She sank to the floor and sat cross-legged with her
face almost to the floor. She railed on as if talking
to herself, but wanting him to hear.

"I spend half my life fantasizing and pondering what
my perfect man will be like and I finally think I may
have found him. We talk and bond and agree that we are
both something special, so special that we should give
ourselves to fate and see what happens. I have the
nicest time talking and sharing and connecting with
such a special man. I even dreamed about him, dreamed
of having sex with him! THEN," she began to rage as
she lifted her head and went to her knees and began to
flail away at this legs, "I FIND THE FUCKER GETTING A
FORNICATING LIAR!! (smack). Ellaynne slumped back to
the floor and sobbed uncontrollably.

"I have no defense, Ellaynne. What I did was
despicable. I hadn't planned it, I didn't know she was
coming, and it happened. It's what we do. I've seen
her 3 or 4 times, and all we do is have sex. She is
quite pretty and attractive and hard to resist. I
didn't really think we, you and I, were committed
exclusively, but I did know I would be hurting you if
you found out. We did say that we would try it,
whether it be one date or a hundred. Our talk on the
phone sure made it sound like we would continue. When
she brought me the sandwich, I knew that you probably
knew she brought it to me. If you asked me, I would
have admitted to it." Joel said softly and

She looked up, red eyed, with that wild, just about to
slap Joel, look on her face.
"If I had asked you and you had lied to me you would
be getting your hundredth slap right now." She said
through gritted teeth.

She rose to her feet again and looked at him. He
didn't know what to do or say.

"How could you? I want an answer. Did it cross your
mind that you said yesterday and last night that we
wouldn't involve others? AND," she said pointing her
finger in his face, "YOU ALSO TOLD ME YOU NEVER DATED

"I never have dated her. She has been here a few times
and that is it. I ran into her at the Mill twice,
that's all. Never a date." Joel testified.

"I'm going to tell you how it happened. But, please
don't hit me anymore. I know I deserve it, but my arms
are sore enough.
She called right after you, also knowing that I
couldn't get out in the rain. She wanted to stop over
for a second to talk about Saturday; I'm her escort at
her brothers wedding. I agreed. She showed up with the
sandwich and you saw how she was dressed. . . . . We
went outside to watch the rain a bit, and everything
just happened. We didn't have regular sex. She has her
period. She just wanted to do, . . . that. I am stuck
here all alone everyday and I have a woman as pretty
as she, throwing herself at me. I'm weak. Sex with her
is no strings, and it just happened. I barely know
her." Joel finished.

Ellaynne's lips were pursed tight and she kept opening
and closing her fist to defray her anger.

"You're "weak". Of course you're weak, and you're just
like all the others. There's nothing special about
you." She said disgusted.

"Wait a second, Ellaynne! There IS something special
about me, and there's something special about you and
me. I don't deserve you right now, but lets not throw
this away. I'll make it up to you. You'll never have a
reason to not trust me, as long as you have my
commitment." Joel said hoping for a second chance.

"The thought of you makes my heart race. I feel
something weird and unnatural in my stomach thinking
about you. We connect!! You know it!! You knew it when
you flirted and chased me down. I knew it the moment I
talked to you. Are we going to throw this all away?"
he asked.

"You seemed all too willing to trade it for a
blowjob!" she countered.

"I didn't see it that way. If I did, it wouldn't have
happened. I never gave my word to a woman before. I'm
giving it to you now." Joel attested.

"Try on your next bimbo!" Ellaynne exclaimed and she
turned on her heel and walked out the door.

Joel didn't protest her walking out because in many
ways he could not blame her. He began to put himself
in her shoes and understood where she was coming from
and the reason why she was so infuriated.

He stood in the doorway between the kitchen and living
room and as he heard he car start he slumped against
the doorframe and slid to the floor. For the first
time in his life he was crying over a woman. His eyes
welled up as he realized that there was something
special here, some connection. But, getting women was
always so easy for him; he never realized how special
this feeling was. It wasn't something that, if he
missed it, another would be along soon.
His eyes welled up with tears and he felt a pain he
hadn't felt in the past. It wasn't over lost love; it
was over not giving the chance. He kicked himself over
always being unable to resist the advances of an
aggressive woman, as long as she was pleasing to the
eye. He treated the things that were sacred to a real
relationship as casual. He was failing at life, even
though the finer things had now been handed to him.

About 10 minutes had passed when he realized that
Ellaynne had not backed out of the driveway yet, her
car still running there.
He stretched out his legs and pushed himself up the
frame and walked to the door.

There, sitting in her car in the rain, was Ellaynne.
She was crying her eyes out, and her hand full of
tissues to dab her eyes.

Joel shuffled out the door in the rain, and walked to
her car. She locked the doors.
He squatted down and looked in the window, she
pretended he wasn't there. She let the window down a

"Leave me alone, I can't drive yet. I'll leave when
I'm ready!" she said loudly, and closed the window.

Joel walked to the end of the driveway and stood in
the rain.
After a few minutes he came back to the car and
squatted at the window again. He knocked.

She opened the window a crack.

"I can do nothing more than say I am truly sorry. I
offer no excuses, because there are none. My
punishment for this will last a long time. I know what
I turned away, whether it was going to last 2 days, 2
years or a lifetime. I wasn't aware that we really
committed to each other after the one date. But, I
will admit that after I spoke to you this morning I
was awash in special feelings for you. I've never
really been serious about a woman before, or felt
those special feelings. I think after the magic we
felt with each other last night, you would be foolish
to give up on me. I DO NOT want to give up on you.
I've never begged a woman before, because I never
cared whether a woman stayed or not before. There were
always more. There is only one you. I feel if we don't
nurture our feelings, we are missing something.
Ellaynne, I'm not going to kiss your ass. I've poured
out my heart and begged forgiveness. I've never cried
and hurt over a woman before, and the pain is awful.
Knowing I hurt you is awful. I can say no more. It's
up to you." Joel said as he turned and walked away.

He walked up his steps and into the house. He heard
the car go into gear and back out the driveway, and
she was gone.
Joel walked from room to room in the house trying to
find something that was not there; that being, the
answer to the question - "How can someone I barely
know have her heart riveted to mine in 24 hours?"

He mused over the situation.

She apparently felt a connection from the first day he
showed up at her job. Was that predetermined by her
seeing him through the telescope? Was her familiarity
and "need to know" a subliminal reaction to that. If
so, why did HE feel this "pull".

He had heard that there is one matching spirit for
each person on earth. He or she rarely ever finds that
spirit, but the one they do connect with is similar to
the real match. There is still like spiritual
However, when you find that ONE match, the physical
reaction was supposed to be overwhelming.
This was overwhelming.

He went outside to the deck and watched as rain washed
the twilight into darkness. He fell asleep on the
double chaise. It was a fitful sleep that eventually
woke him. It was way after midnight and without the
screen panels rolled down and zipped, he was being bit
by mosquitoes. He moved inside to his bed and slept,
while tossing and turning.
Wednesday went by without getting from his bed, only
to go to the bathroom, and drink some Gatorade. Sleep
seemed the only peace he could find from his regretful
thoughts of the past few days. He was emotionally and
physically drained. If crying wasn't manly, he was a
full-blown sissy by Thursday morning.

He itched all over and tore himself from his bed to
shower and clean up. He took the sheets from the bed
for washing to be sure didn't jump back in after

After his shower he felt clean and refreshed, but life
hit him in the face again as he realized that Ellaynne
was out of his life before getting in. She had left
her calling card on his heart, and he couldn't remove
After his shower he did his PT reps of each exercise
and iced up, hoping to drift into sleep again. His
mind raced too fast for that to happen, however. As
the ice dulled his ache he picked a spot on the
horizon and zoned himself into a stupor. If he
couldn't sleep, he would at least turn off the system.

He became aware of a noise from the front of the house
and soon realized it was someone banging on the door.
He threw off his ice packs and went through the house
to answer it.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you right away, I was on the
deck." He said to the older man on his porch. "How can
I help you?"

"You can help me by talking to that daughter of mine,
Laynie. I've watched her moonin' and pine over you for
the past 2 weeks. Then she was about a foot off the
floor for a couple days when you finally spoke to her.
Well, she's been home, sick, all day yesterday, and
today she might as well be home, for all the good
she's doin' me. She's talked a bit to her sister, and
insists I won't understand, but from what I get, you
hurt her pretty bad. Now that's between the two of
you, and I warn her all the time about men and what
they're after. I thought you were a good man, cuz' I
know your parents; they were regulars at the Mill. But
if you did her wrong, please apologize or whatever you
have to do to make it right. I can't stand to see her
this way, and my kitchen business is suffering. The
sign outside may say cider and apples, but if I ain't
slappin' meat and bread together, I don't make any

"I'm sorry Mr. Uh . . ." Joel started.

"Pickett, John Pickett." He said as he extended his
hand to shake.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Joel, Joel Bell. I'm sorry, Mr.
Pickett that she feels that way and I wish there was
something I could do, but I've done all I can. Without
getting into it, I've stated my case and left it all
in her hands. If I came and saw her I could not say
anything I haven't said. She knows the story. If it
means anything, I'm as sick as she is and I never even
got out of bed yesterday.
Mr. Pickett, if you are going to tell her that you saw
me, tell her that it is her decision, at this point.
She's heard what I have to say." Joel said as he
extended his hand to John Pickett. He closed the door
and wondered what her reaction might be to her father
getting involved.

Joel's physical therapist called and Joel told him to
skip today, he was in no mood to see anyone. He no
more than hung up the phone and it rang again. It was

"Hi, lover! My periods about dried up and I'm looking
forward to Saturday. You are such a doll for doing
this for me. I'll show you how much I appreciate it
after the wedding. Are you sure you can't stay with me
in the hotel Saturday?" Patsy bubbled.

"Oh Patsy, you've gotten me into so much trouble, and
you don't even know it, and it's not even your fault."
Joel lamented.

"What did I do?" she asked.

"I told this new girl I'm dating that we would be sort
of exclusive until we got sorted out. Not even 12
hours later she caught me with my joint in your
mouth." Joel told her.

"She saw me?"

"Yes, she knew you were coming over and saw what you
were wearing. I fucked up bad. Once you got here, my
situation never crossed my mind. Our sex is just
recreational. Harmless to me, harmless to you, but it
was heartbreaking to her. I wasn't thinking I was
cheating on her." He said, opening up.

"Joel, as much as I would like to have you as my own,
I knew going in that we were just using each other.
You were nice, you were friendly, and you respected me
as a woman/mother. I picked you up. I never wanted to
hurt anyone, and I never expected you to have anyone
that you would have to be true to. cheating is
something I despise." Patsy said.

"I know you never wanted to hurt anyone, and I don't
think you would even tempt me if you knew the
situation. It was raining and I knew you were stuck. I
thought it would be a kick to come over and make your
day. You're making mine on Saturday, if you can still
do that." Patsy said cautiously.

"Yes, I said I would do that for you and I will. I
broke one heart this week; I don't need to break
another. I know how much it means to you." Joel said.

"I would probably not even go to the reception,
without you." She admitted.

"Don't worry, I'll be there." Joel said.

Patsy made her plans to pick him up on Saturday
morning and hung up.

Joel spent the rest of the day moping around the
house, doing laundry, getting his clothes ready for
the wedding on Saturday; all "make busy" work.

He had reached the first emotional apex in his life
and had failed because of the way he had thought of
and treated women. He was always polite and
respectful, but those that sought out his affections,
only got that, his affections - mostly in the form of
sex. It was part of life on the road, especially as a
ballplayer. You got to town; you found a partner to
bed down with, party with, and pass the time with. If
one got emotionally attached, you set them free to
find another player, and you another mate.

After spending the day beating himself up and hashing
his problems out, he went to the laundry room off the
garage and began folding clothes, matching socks etc.
He thought to himself that THIS was the life he had
brought upon himself by his ballplayers life. No
wonder so many retired players drank.

He brought his clean sheets to his bed, fitted them on
and went to the living room to watch the news. It was
then he realized the time, 9 o'clock.
Way past the news, he saw a special presentation of
The Godfather, and began to watch it. He thought that
at the first commercial break he would find something
to eat.

Three and a half hours later he awoke with the intro
to Late Night. He had been in a deep sleep and his arm
was in a position where it hardly ached. He squeezed
the remote to turn off the set and went back to sleep
on the sofa.

Sleeping on the sofa he began to become aware of
something going on around him. Not quite awake, his
mind raced. What sounds had he heard that woke him?
Did I lock the door? Did I even close the door?
Still subconscious he decided he hadn't even closed
the door and the sound he heard was a car or truck
passing the house. He began to slip into deep slumber

Suddenly he was aware again, a noise! a voice! A kiss
to his forehead! Someone was in the room!

"Joel, Joooooooooooooel, JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOel." the
voice said. He thought to himself that he heard his
name once or twice, and then he felt the touch of

He started. His eyes flashed open in a panic!
"Joooooel, are you awake? Your front door was open.
Are you OK?" The voice asked.

He was still out of it but becoming aware as reflected
moonlight lit the face in front of him.

"Ellaynne!!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here,
what's wrong?"

"I don't think anything is wrong now. I believe I've
come to terms with you, with myself and with Patsy.
There was more confusion and heartbreak than could
meet the eye and I think it's sorted out now. You were
still wrong, but I think I understand more."

"Am I dreaming? What time is it?" Joel asked, still
not believing.

"It's 2:30. I couldn't wait until morning. I had to
see you." She whispered.

Joel's arm was cramped from inactivity and he extended
it to stretch it. Ellaynne saw that and thought he was
going to hug her and bent from her kneeling position
beside him on the couch.
He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

"Did my Dad really come and talk to you? I know he
thought I was miserable, and I was. I'm sorry he
bothered you. Patsy met me after I got out of work."
She said, surprising Joel.

"Patsy? How did she know it was you I was talking
about? I told her I had a problem, but I didn't give
her any details." Joel exclaimed.

"She knew you hadn't been anywhere else and when you
told her that I knew how she was dressed and where she
was going, she knew it was someone in the kitchen. Who
else would know what kind of sandwich you like. She
came to the backdoor and said she had a message from
Joel. I came out when I heard your name. I wanted to
scratch her eyes out when I saw her, and I thought she
actually came to fight. She explained the whole thing,
her picking you up, taking you home and dadadadada,
you know, all that. She also told me that you broke
your plans with her before I even came over that
night. You were thinking of me, and it was sweet, you
taking her to the wedding. That's your good deed." She
ran on and on.

"Her son said she couldn't come to the phone, my
Mommy's crying, and that was why. Her husband was
going to show her up by bringing a date. I couldn't
leave her like that. You don't mind that I escort
her?" he asked.

"No, now that she knows the score, it's not a
problem." She said. "She really is a nice lady, and
very pretty, but she has to find a man, a man not

"Patsy caused the problem, and she fixed it too!" Joel
said trying to make light of the situation.

Ellaynne reached down gingerly and grabbed Joel by the
crotch. "No Joel, THIS caused the problem!" she said
while giving it a hard squeeze and letting it go. "The
big head was letting the little head control it's
life. Knock it off!"

Joel was rather stunned that she grabbed him, but he
realized she was making a point.

She smiled down at him while he still held her close
and she kissed him, once, twice and then held the
third until her tongue danced with his. She finally
broke the kiss and got to her feet.

I hope you have an alarm. I'm dressed for work and
still tired as hell. She reached out her hand to help
him up.

"Show me to the bedroom, and don't get any ideas, we
are just sleeping!" she told him.

They both got into the fresh bed, with their clothes
on, and held each other. Joel set the kitchen timer
for 3 hours and they fell asleep talking to each

At almost 6 the timer beeped and roused the both of
them. Ellaynne rolled to him and kissed him.

"I have to freshen up and get to work. Walk down and
see me later. Let's do something out tonight. Nothing
fancy, just something where we can talk, away from
here. OK?" Ellaynne said as she got up.

She found the bathroom and in a few minutes he heard
her car pull away.

Joel was excited about everything that happened in the
last few hours and waited to wake up from the dream,
but he didn't. It was real.

He slept in until almost 11 o'clock, being awakened by
the phone.

"Happy now?" was the greeting he got from Patsy.

"Yes, and thank you. How did you do all that?" he

"I went home and figured out from everything you said
who and where I could find this girl, and she is a
girl - dirty old man. I called in sick to work and
went to wait for her. If I thought I had a chance with
you, Joel, I would have wanted someone to do the same
thing for me. But, I also didn't want to be a part of
a third party in anyone's relationship. Though I
barely know you Joel, we've been pretty intimate. I've
acted like a slut, but I really am not like that. You
were just the right place, right time, and right
situation. I needed the morale boost to prove that I
was still a viable sexual being who could make a man
happy, and him me. I hope the wedding isn't the last
time I see you." Patsy explained and expounded.

"I just hope the magic stays while we get to know each
other. This is a pretty freaky feeling, Pats." Joel
told her.

"Just let it go, and be honest. If it's right, you
guys will know. I have to run. I will pick you up at
9:15 Saturday, OK?" she asked.

"You're on!!" Joel confirmed and hung up.

After exercising with renewed vigor, Joel walked to
the Mill and ordered lunch. He got his order number
and went to the window to wait for it. A few minutes
later the kitchen door opened and Ellaynne came out
with a tray and a smile and motioned Joel into the
dining room. They sat and talked and mooned over each
other while Joel ate and shared with her.

Joel planned a quiet dinner at one of the better
restaurants in the area. He had an 8 o'clock
reservation and told her to get him anytime. They
could sit in the bar and talk until their table was
They got there a bit after 7 and left just after 10.

Joel invited Ellaynne in at the house and she
Once inside the house she sat on his lap.

"Now I have to tell you how it will be, for a bit. I
want you, and you want me. To jump into this
relationship sexually we might be masking some real
feeling by making everything seem right with sex. I
have only had one partner, but I know that you have
had many. I want you to be HIV tested, AND I KNOW that
you were just tested recently. You had unprotected sex
with Patsy, and I realize she was probably safe. I had
unprotected sex with my lover as well, and I am going
to test too. Until we both get results back, there
will be no goofing around, OK?" Ellaynne asked.

"Whatever you think. We have a lot of time. I want you
to feel right, I want you to be sure." Joel said as he
kissed her.

Joel had agonized through the waiting for an HIV test
result before. This time he felt fairly confident of
the result, but would do what she wanted to make her
happy. So, it was going to be 90 days of waiting for
Joel. Ellaynne's test result would be immediate, she
had been more than 90 days since possible infection,
and Joel would have to wait the full 90.

The 3-month waiting period provided them time to grow
as a couple and get to know each other at a level
neither knew existed. By the 8-week stage a night out
may have consisted of cuddling at Joel's for a movie,
or going for a drive, as Joel was able to handle a car
Mostly they like being together. They talked and
compared notes on life. They did not totally avoid
sex, but most of what they did was touch and tease
each other. They had avoided situations where they
might be tempted, or coerced by alcohol to have

However, the self-induced moratorium was beginning to
have its toll on both of them. On a particular night
of dinner and a movie, afterward they were in the
Pickett family drive necking and squeezing, caressing
each other.

"Is it any secret that I love you and am devoted to
you?" Joel asked of Laynie (her family nickname he had
picked up)

"Of course not." She replied

"I want you to spend some nights with me, then. You
know and I know that when we leave each other we can
be pretty frustrated sexually. So far we have put up a
wall around that, but you know that I masturbate many
nights, and I am sure that you do as well. The fact we
are hiding this from each other is putting up a wall
in our relationship. We always stop our petting before
we get too far, but if we planned on satisfying each
other without penetration or exchanging of fluids we
might be a little more open." Joel petitioned.

Laynie was clearly embarrassed by his statement.

Joel took both her hands in his and looked her square
in the eye.

"Are you going to tell me that you've never finished
what I started once you get home alone?" he asked with
a little grin.

"Joel, that's personal, though." She defended.

"Laynie, holding your breasts in my hands is personal,
putting my hand in your panties to feel your pussy is
personal, you rubbing my cock through my open zipper
is all personal as well, and that happens. But, we
always end it without resolution, at least until we
get alone, right?" Joel reasoned.

Ellaynne blushed and even had to fan her face to
stifle the rising heat of the blood rushing to her

"Some nights I have to put the pillow over my face to
stifle my noise. Yes, damn it I diddle around when I'm
alone, and I always feel guilty about it." Laynie

"That's what I mean about putting up a wall.
Masturbation is such a common and easy thing to do,
yet we all hide it. I love you Ellaynne and I want to
satisfy you, and see you satisfied. Don't you want the
same for me?" he asked.

"Of course, it's just I've never been in a sexual
relationship that was that open. It isn't easy to open
up private things like this." She said, embarrassed.

Joel held her tightly and whispered in her ear,
purposely avoiding her eyes to help her answer easily.
He even used dictionary terms to take the subject from
personal to physical.

"Think about it, think about your previous lover or
lovers. You've had their penis in your vagina, maybe
his mouth on your vagina, or penis in your mouth.
You've had their seed, their semen in your vagina,
maybe even your mouth. Yet, the act of satisfying
yourself, bringing yourself to orgasm in front of him
or now ME, is embarrassing? Is that total honesty in a
relationship?" he asked.

"No, you're right, it's not. And I can tell you that I
have thought about it. Plus, I've never told you about
my old lovers, and maybe I should. I know about some
of yours, especially Patsy." Laynie began.

"No, that's not necessary, it's not why I brought up
the subject." Joel stopped her.

"No," she said quietly, "I want to so you know what a
novice you are dealing with, so that you're patient
with me. I'm not very experienced with sex. I used to
think that you took a pill, you didn't get pregnant
and sex would be wonderful. I met a guy at Community
College and we went to mixers, frat parties, keggers,
all those things that college students do. After a
month or so he wanted to get serious, which in his
mind meant screwing me. He brought me to a hotel and
made love to me. It was my first time and it was OK.
The next morning I gave him oral sex in the shower, he
begged me to do it, so I did it to make him happy.
After that night, every night we went out, it ended
the same, suck him - fuck him. After a month or so, I
asked myself "this is love?" Obviously it wasn't. The
best time I had each date, was going home to
masturbate. I broke up with him after having sex 6
times. I kept track.
After that I went to the parties alone, and was hit on
all night long. "Hey baby, let's hook up" was all I
would hear all night. I was asked out a few times, but
had to fight off these guys on our first date. One guy
put his hand on my breast and took mine and put it in
his crotch the second he pulled in my driveway. That
ended it for me. I was celibate for 6 months. NO
NOTHING. When my girlfriend Gail told me about spying
on you having sex, it piqued my interest. When I saw
you that morning I realized how much I liked men, the
right ones really turn me on. I say that because Gail
swings both ways and I stayed at her place to let her
seduce me. We got so drunk the night before that
nothing happened, and then I saw you on your deck and
changed my mind about letting her show me.
I remained celibate until the first day you came in
the store. That night, and every night there after, I
went to bed with thoughts of you and my hands in my
pajamas. I know I'm bad." Ellaynne confessed. "So, if
I played with myself then, what do you THINK, I'm
doing now?"

"Well, I guess neither of us have been honest with
each other then. I'm the same way after I leave you.
We are so frustrated that we can't have sex until we
know it's safe, but we're wrong. There's lots of stuff
we can do to "make love", if you want to, and I think
you do. I want you to come home with me tomorrow
night. Tell your mom and Dad the truth about where you
are. I want to be up front with them, so they don't
worry." Joel proposed to her.

"I don't want you to expect too much from me, that's
all. I feel a little like I did when I was told "if
you love me you'll put it in your mouth", I feel
pressured." Laynie warned him.

"Laynie, we love each other, everything we do is
making love as long as we do it together or for each
other. I just think we should express it in intimate
ways. There are no expectations. To just hold you
falling asleep would be exciting. But if you feel
pressured, by all means, do what your heart tells you.
My heart tells me I want to make love to you. But
making love is two ways. If you think you're
uncomfortable staying with me, don't." Joel said as he
kissed her deeply and held her tightly to him.

"I better go, tomorrow is my 5:30 morning. Stop in and
see me for break." She said as she kissed him
For the first time in their relationship, Joel felt
reluctance for Ellaynne to commit, and that bothered
him greatly. He even wondered if the "great
experiment" was coming to an end. They had a great
run, so far, but this was a big bump to him. He didn't
want to propose that to her, if she was afraid, she
might stay with him to appease him. He wanted her
heart, not a reluctant OK. The fact she used the word
"pressured" weighed on his mind.

After a night of fitful sleep Joel was up early. He
did his PT reps as a warm up to a morning run now. His
shoulder felt almost normal now, but the final part of
his elbow surgery, to transplant a tendon from Joel's
forearm to his elbow, and then attach it to the
largest two bones in Joel's elbow to replace the
damaged ligament, was still to be finished. If not for
his blown and rebuilt shoulder capsule, an attempt at
a comeback would have been feasible, if not
physically, at least, time wise.
His elbow still caused him great pain, at times, as
what muscle that remained in tact was shredded.

After a run and a shower he drove to the Mill for
breakfast. Laynie's Dad was out front putting bushels
of apples on display as he pulled in. He walked up and
smiled and extended a hand to wish him a good morning.
John Pickett reciprocated.

"Listen," John said. "I don't doubt your intentions
with my daughter are honorable, and I think she is
bound and set to be with you as a wife. She's never
said that, but it just looks that way. I wouldn't like
it if she were to move in with you beforehand though.
We talked a bit this morning, you know. We are a close
family and I think you know Laynie would never do
anything behind our backs. If she ever plans to stay
with you from time to time I just ask that you let us
know so we don't worry. . . .and one more thing. You
make sure your intentions are right and honorable
before you do anything stupid. She's a real good girl,
and I want you to treat her right. That's it. That's
all the protective father is going to say. She's near
22 now and smart as a whip. I trust her decisions, and
I trust you. I know you're older, but don't be
insulted when I say, you're a good boy." John said as
a smile curled over his lips.

"Mr. Pickett, um John? You know how I feel for Laynie
and I would never do anything to hurt her or
disrespect her. Trust me on that one and call me out
on it when you think I'm wrong. I really love your
daughter, John. Everything is on the level, I promise.

Joel went inside and ordered and waited to be served.
He wasn't surprised that his breakfast came with
Ellaynne and two forks.

"Good morning!" she bubbled as she kissed him.

"I've chosen you to share breakfast with this morning,
Sir." She said cutely.

"Oh? You often come out with two forks and do this?" I
asked feigning stupidity.

"Certainly do. It saves me money!!" She said breaking
into a laugh.

She dug a fork into the home fries and sipped from his

"I won't be doing it tomorrow though." She said

"Really?" He asked seriously.

"No, tomorrow I'll be making breakfast at your house,
and I'll dirty 2 plates. Is that OK?" she said with

A sign of relief escaped from Joel. "Yeah, that's OK."
He said.

What Joel sensed as doubt on her part was simply the
formality of running it by mom and Dad. She had always
said that as long as she lived home, she wouldn't do
anything they didn't approve of. Joel respected that.

As they finished breakfast and talked, holding hands
under the table, Laynie's mom walked out of the
kitchen. She usually tended to the vegetable stand
adjacent to the apple stand in the front.

"Good Morning Mrs. Pickett." Joel said.

"Oh Joel, call me Ann, I feel old enough." And then
she paused looking at both of them.
"So, just what do you two think you're going to
accomplish by shacking up for a night? You're not
supposed to practice for marriage until you at least
get engaged, and even then, well . . . times have

"Mom, I wish you wouldn't call it that, you make it
sound cheap. We love each other and we want to be with
each other. It's not like it's an everyday thing.
It's, . . . Ohh, Mom, it's so hard to explain." Laynie

"It's against God's law, and you're even going to miss
church doing it." Ann Pickett said with a half smile

"No, I'm not!" she said kicking Joel under the table.
"Joel's taking me to 11 o'clock mass."

Joel was surprised to hear this, but went along with
her statement, nodding.

If Joel thought he was surprised at that, her next
statement floored him.

"Mom, Joel and I have not had sexual intercourse of
any kind, and tomorrow morning I'll be able to say the
same thing. We want to BE together, and be intimate.
I'm almost 22 years old and don't have to report my
comings and going to anyone, but since I live under
your roof still, I want you know where I am." Ellaynne
Joel sat there looking at the ceiling, the floor,
anywhere but Ann Pickett's eyes.

"Joel, you're quite a bit older and, I presume, more
experienced than my little girl. I expect you to
respect her wishes." Ann said with a malicious tone.

"MOM!! Don't ever talk that way again to Joel. I love
him and I won't have you disrespect him or his
intentions. I know more about Joel than you think, and
I know how he treats me, and how he will. This
conversation is ended." Ellaynne said as she got up
took the breakfast tray and huffed back to the

She had left Joel sitting with her mom and they just
looked at each other. Finally she spoke up.

"She loves you Joel, and that's the proof. She's never
raised her voice to me in 20 years. Take good care of
her. I know you make each other happy." With that, she
stood up, bent and hugged Joel and went off to the
veggie stand.

Joel sat confused for a few minutes and went to the
kitchen. Laynie came over and started to apologize for
her mother, but he stopped her.

"Everything's OK. She was testing to see how much
passion you had, or if I was leading you on. She got
her answer. She's a smart woman. I'll be by at 7
o'clock. That should leave you enough time to pack for
the night. Ummm . . don't forget church clothes." He
added, with a chuckle.

Joel figured Ellaynne had told her parents about the
HIV testing, but she probably hadn't by the turn of
events. They would have known that they wouldn't "do
it" until they were final.

Joel own take on the whole thing was MIND YOUR OWN
BUSINESS, but wanted to appease Laynie's wishes.

Joel showed up at Pickett's house to get Laynie right
at 7. Her Dad had let him in and he waited for her to
come down.

"I understand her mom gave you both a hard time, but
don't pay her no mind. She's like me, just doesn't
want to see her hurt." John said.

"I love her, John. That's not a worry. You DO know
that I can take real good care of her, both physically
and financially if we were to get married. She's the
only woman I have ever really loved, and although I
plan to find some work somewhere, I don't need to."
Joel told him as Laynie bounced down the stairs.

John Pickett just smiled and patted him on the back as
Joel went to take things from her hands.

"Can we go to Everett to the new Mall? I need a few
things and there's couple things I want to get you."
She asked.

"Sure, we have no plans." Joel said as they headed for
the door.

Ellaynne was like a kid in the candy store at the new
mall planning on visiting every shop in the weeks to
come. But her intention here was Victoria's Secret.
She told Joel to get lost and to meet her in 30
Joel sat and waited in the promenade and watched the
news flash on the giant screen tv in Boscovs window.
The flashed the free agent baseball filings and saw he
old teammate and run-around Don Doomer had filed.
Doomer made the Dodgers in two years and won a Cy
Young award already. Now after a contract snafu he was
declared a free agent a year sooner than he should
have. He wasn't happy in LA, despite winning 78 games
in his first 4 years. He was never offered the option
to renegotiate his deal after winning the Cy Young,
and that was part of his first arbitration award. Now,
when they named the MVP of the National League, he was
a favorite, after winning 22 games and losing only 3.
A free agent off a 22-3 season could name his price,
it seemed. He was happy for his pal, but envious of
his skills and breaks he had gotten.

Laynie tapped him on the shoulder announcing she was
done and wanted to go home, Joel's home. Joel was only
happy to comply.

Once home, Ellaynne wanted to get settled.

"May I leave a few things here? You know, essentials
for a woman and a few others?" she asked.

Joel chuckled and said it was fine as she set about
putting her things in the bathroom under the sink. On
the sink she placed a new toothbrush, floss and
mouthwash, then in the tub, her brand of shampoo and

"Gee willikers!!" He said in mock astonishment.
"Are you going to move in or stay the night?"

Ellaynne turned to him and put her arms around his
neck and hugged him whispering in his ear, "Do I get a

Joel felt his cock jump at her words and implication.

"Only 19 more days before you get your results, and
then we can mess up the bed good!" She said, teasing.

"I thought you were inexperienced, how do you know
about messing up beds?" Joel asked, with a smirk.

"I know the boyfriend I gave it up for was a dud, a
user and unaware of how to treat a woman. I know that
you aren't. I won't lie and say I didn't like it, but
there was no feeling for me from him. I know you
aren't like that." She said.

"Oh, you KNOW that?" he asked, teasing.

"Umm, Patsy and I have become friends, and we talk
from time to time. You know, girl talk." She said with
a snicker.

"Really??!!" Joel said, very surprised.

"Umm, hmm, really. . . . . .you are quite the
inventive and nasty boy, too." She said winking.

"Sounds like Patsy was kissing and telling." Joel

"No, most of my questions were "men" questions, she
just colored them, umm . . . like you!"

"I don't like the sound of this." Joel semi feigned.

"I think you'll be OK, . . really!" Ellaynne said
confidently as she took a bag with candles into Joel's

As she began to set up a few candles to set a mood
Joel came up behind her and draped his arms around her

"You know that I don't play games and my asking you to
stay here, and my wishing to have you be with me isn't
to see "how much I can get off you". That's what we
did as kids and you know the scene if you're dating,
but we aren't like that, and I hope you know it." He
said to her gently. She began to turn and protest, but
he touched his finger to her lips so he could
"I want to make love to you, and if that consists of
touching you as we pass from room to room, sitting
holding hands in front of a panorama or fireplace, so
be it. Being with you is making love to me. The sex
would be hot and exciting and the most expressive
lovemaking we can do, but as you have seen our love
grow for the past 3 months, it is not something we
NEED to survive, but it certainly would help, I know
we both have frustrations. Let's take everything at
OUR pace. OK?" He asked her.

She turned in his arms and kissed him full on the
lips, closing her eyes and falling a bit limp in his
arms. He took that cue to pick her up in his arms and
set her on the bed, still kissing.

"Your boyfriend took you to a hotel to seduce you and
make love to you. After that he used you as a
replacement for jerking off so he could tell his
buddies he got laid. You were smart enough to see that
early on. Don't judge me or us by that experience.
There is a wide world of sexual pleasure out there for
both of us to enjoy if it becomes part of our love
making. Sometimes things will be all you, sometimes
all me, but mostly, us. There will be times when the
pressures of being apart, or the pressures of life
will bring us together to relieve our frustrations and
stress like crazed rabbits. Even that's good because
the after warmth is where you realize what you did for
each other. It may have been sex, plain fucking, while
you did it, but in the end, it was lovemaking for what
it did to you.
I have no expectations of you tonight, or any other
night. I just want things to happen as they happen.
I've never felt this way about a woman, or person
before. I don't want it to end.
Now, you have little things you want to do to set a
mood, and I'll let you do them. The candles, the
lingerie, anything you want, is all exciting, but I
want you to know that YOU are what's exciting and all
I need. OK?" Joel explained.

She wanted to tear up, but she stifled it as well as
she could.

"I guess I can't get used to the fact that lovemaking
just happens when it's right. No preparations are
needed. We can skip all my silly ideas." She said

"No, they aren't silly, and I want you to use them. I
was just trying to let you know that YOU and I are the
most important ingredients.
You know that tonight we can't exchange any body
fluids, except by kissing. Check your hands, fingers,
cuticles for any breaks in the skin, as I will mine.
I'm not meaning to put a damper on anything, but our
90 days is almost up and I don't want to start it
over." Joel cautioned her.

"I know, I just did these things to make things more
exciting, but you are all I need too.
Ummmm, you said something before on another night, and
kind of mentioned it tonight, about fluids, a guys
fluid. I never had or would allow that in my mouth or
anything when I did that. I'm sorry, I feel ashamed
for admitting that I did that." Ellaynne said,

"This is why we don't talk about previous lovers. It
makes no difference to me. You did what you did
because you felt it was right at the time, and maybe
it was. I can't judge, and you shouldn't judge things
you can't change, and never feel ashamed. You did it,
stand by it, many others have done much worse." He
said sealing his words with a kiss.

Laynie got up from the bed and finished lighting the
candles and took a bag and handed it to Joel.

"I bought you this to wear for me. I thought it looked
sexy, OK? I'll change into something I bought and meet
you here in a few minutes, OK?" She said demurely.

She left he room and Joel opened the bag. There were
long silk pajama pants and black underwear in the bag.
Joel smiled and started to strip. He realized he had
never seen her nude yet and the thought excited him.
He had seen parts of her in situations, but never the
whole package. He anticipated he would be happy with

He pulled down the covers from the bed and rolled them
at the bottom and added to pillows to the 2 already
there. He laid himself out and waited for her.

Laynie came out of the bathroom into the candlelit
bedroom wearing a sheer sky blue gown and a darker
blue top and bottom underneath. The top and bottom
were both slight, but very sexy. She also smelled like
a spring spray of flowers. Joel grinned like a boy at

"You are so beautiful, and so sexy." Joel said as she
smiled and blushed.
She did a pirouette at the foot of the bed and came
to sit on her side. She swung her legs up, so as not
to upset her gown and lay beside Joel. He rolled to
her and kissed her mouth moving his torso over her.
The kiss was long, wet and probing.
He pulled back and looked into her eyes and saw only
love and trust. That made him happy, and excited. He
untied the top of her gown and opened it to see her
beautiful skin. He kissed her neck and around, down to
the top of her breasts. He lightly brought his hands
up to cup and caress each as she exhaled deeply. He
saw a front snap on the top and undid it to reveal two
very sexy breasts, large firm and round, topped with a
silver dollar size nipple.

He looked at her eyes for approval to continue and saw
no reluctance. He dropped his mouth to one nipple and
kissed it lightly a few times before devouring as much
as he could get in his mouth, and then sucking hard up
to the nipple. She drew a hard breath again. He
repeated this a few times and them did the same to the
other breast.
He kissed his way down her belly to probe her belly
button. She squirmed and laugh at he tickle of his
He then lay his head on the navel plain of her belly
looking to her bottoms that hung on her hips. He ran
his hand over and over her stomach and abdomen area
getting closer to the top of her pubic hair and area.
In one move he slid his hand over the material of the
bottom and cupped her pussy. She exhaled deeply again.

He slid his hand back up and under the material and
slid his fingers down to just get the lips between his
first two fingers.

Keeping his fingers there he sat up a bit lifting his
head from her stomach and turning and kneeled still
holding her lips.

"When we are safe, I will kiss and lick you there
until you can't stand it. You'll beg me to stop and be
disappointed when I do." He said confidently.

She only looked back at him apprehensively.

He gave up her lips to untie the sides of her bottom.
He pulled the front panel away and in the candlelight
he saw a neatly shaved triangle bush and her pretty
pink pussy, its lips open and distended, her clit
popped up like a poultry timer.

He pressed his lips to her mouth as he introduced a
finger into her pussy. She took a start, and then
exhaled through her nose as he began to push it in and
out of her, while rubbing her clit on the out-stroke.
She began to huff and puff already.

He broke his kiss and held his mouth a millimeter from
hers so he could speak. "I'm going to make you cum, I
love you." He said.

She started to smile, but then rolled her eyes back as
orgasm hit. He pressed his lips to hers again as she
came. She cried and moaned around his kiss as her ass
bounced on the bed in her horizontal dance of ecstasy.

Her tongue froze in her mouth and her mouth stayed
open to him as her strongest spasm came. He lifted his
lips from her to see her grind out her pleasure with a
long hard orgasm, as she turned white for a second and
then exhaled hard, almost screeching and then drawing
a fresh breath to holler a loud "Ohhhhh" before
thrusting her hand to his and try to pull it from her

"Ohhh, no more, no more, grrrrrtt. GOD, no more

She arched her head back almost looking at the
headboard as she drew up her knees and put a hand over
her pussy mound.

"OH MY GOD!! I've never cum like that in my life. Oh
migod, Oh, migod!" she said finally rolling over away
from Joel.

The back panel of her bottom had fallen away and he
saw her bottom, fully for the first time.

"Gracious, Ellaynne Pickett. You have a beautiful,
lovely bottom. I always thought you had a cute ass in
jeans, but it is quite exquisite." he said as he ran
his hand over it.

She pushed his hand away as she rolled back to look at
him. "It's not THAT nice." She said as if to scold

"Oh yes it is. It is a lovely ass that I will touch,
squeeze and kiss many times I hope." He said smiling
to her.

She laughed out loud.
"WHAT kind of nasty man do I have here?"

"You will find out, my sweet." He said with a smirk.

"I'm glad you find my ass, my bottom, as you say so
appealing. I know its what guys look at first, well
maybe second." She surmised, as she sat up.

"Now, do I get a turn to unwrap you?" She said

"I am yours." Joel said.

Laynie swung her leg over Joel and sat astride him. As
she sat back she felt his hard-on against her ass
"Oooo, I can see why some people like this position,
it's very convenient, isn't it." She said as she bent
and kissed Joel full on the mouth, a kiss that turned
into a tongue battled, face mashing, saliva mess.

When she relented she tried to put her arms around his
body, but settled for holding him close with her mouth
by his ear.

"God, just that kiss is making me ready to cum again.
God, I love you." She whispered.

"Don't worry, we can take care of you over and over if
you like." He whispered back.

She smiled and swung her leg back over him and reached
for the tie on his bottoms. After loosening it, she
motioned for him to lift up and she pulled them free
of his ass.

She reached and grabbed his whole package and shook
"God, it looks so big." She said as she reached in his
silk shorts to grasp his cock.

With her other hand she pulled down the front of the
boxers and she got her first full look at his cock.

"It's the biggest one I've ever seen." She said.

"You obviously have not seen many then, I can assure
you, it is average, but that sure does feel good." He

She ran her hand over it a few times and then began to
jerk it off, spitting on her hand a few times.

"I've never really done this, but figured it must be
easy huh?" She smiled.

She watched it intently as she glided her hand over
"I never really got into the oral thing before, I did
it, but I didn't like it. But now I can see why girls
might like to just touch and lick and play. I didn't
like gagging when he tried to force it. I can see it
growing and throbbing. I bet it hurts you like my clit
hurts when it's like that. Would it be safe for me to
lick?" She asked as she began to bend over a bit.

"NO, don't," he said as he grabbed his cock away.

"I leak fluid, a lot. We can't do that now. You're
doing fine as it is." Joel scolded her.

She continued to stroke his cock while they bantered
back and forth.

"This is all I can do for now?"
(stroke - stroke)
"Believe me, this is pretty fine right now."
(stroke - stroke)
"Am I going to see it shoot?"
(stroke - stroke)
"Yes, unless you leave the room. Why do you ask?"
(stroke - stroke)
"I've never seen it before. It was always inside me."
(stroke - stroke)
"How about when you did oral?"
(stroke - stroke)
"It was always before."
(stroke - stroke)
"Boys. I should thank God for them. They've always
made it easy for real men."
(stroke - stroke)
"Why do you say that?"
(stroke - stroke)
"They just think of themselves, instead of the girl."
(stroke - stroke)
"Themselves, you mean their orgasm?"
(stroke - stroke)
"Exactly. They don't know that men get power from the
woman's orgasm. That's what drives girls wild."
(stroke - stroke)
"I don't get it."
(stroke - stroke)
"If I get you off and give you pleasure, I don't have
to worry about mine. You'll take care of mine."
(stroke - stroke)
"You're going to cum, aren't you?? I can feel you
getting harder and surging!"
(stroke - stroke)
"YESSSSSSS!! Umfffffffffff. Aim it away from you!!"
(stroke - stroke)
She just moved his cock to the right a little and a
long spray surged from the tip.
(stroke - stroke)
"Keep stroking, harder!"

A second volley came out and hit him on his stomach
and over his shoulder, just missing his own face. A
third went straight up as she tried to move her
stroke. It came right straight down on her hand and
his balls, she giggled.

"Wow, that was awesome, I didn't know there would be
so much. Do girls really swallow it?"

"I thought this was about you and I."

"I'm sorry, but I am in wonderment. I never got to
inspect one of your species, ha ha."

"I hate to keep bringing up your previous experience,
but, you had oral sex in the shower and you never got
to inspect him, look him over? I don't understand,
it's bright in a shower, not dark like a bedroom."

"He was always trying to get me to take it down my
throat, he gagged me a lot. I never had time to look
and play."

"Macho asshole fuckheads. That's abuse!"

"I know that now. Forget it, and you know I don't like
swearing. Ummm . . .about swallowing it?"

"Some do and like it. There's nothing in it to hurt
you. They like the surge and explosion in their mouth.
Described as warm, salty, unset, unflavored Jell-O."

"Why do guys like it, is it a power thing?"

"Maybe, but it also means you're sucking it after he
cums. THAT's intense. Now, no more questions. We can
let our moments take us where they lead."

"OK, I'll go get a towel."

What was supposed to be an intimate moment between
them became a lesson for Laynie. It wasn't how Joel
had pictured it, but the night was young. He was still
upset at how some guys treated women. He admitted to
himself that her asking questions and looking his cock
over had really turned him on, though.

Laynie came back in with a warm wet towel and a dry
one. She tended to Joel, washing his softening cock
and tight balls. She mused at how his ball sack shrunk
and was tight to his body now.

When she finished washing and drying she got back on
the bed and sat astride Joel again.

"Get the dry towel and put it over me, so I don't
touch your bare pussy." Joel asked her, to be safe.

She did that and then bent over Joel and hugged his
neck inhaling deeply.

"God, you smell so good and it's your scent, Joel."
She said pressing her nose to his neck.

"I mean I smell your soap, your shampoo, even you're
stuff you shot out, your cum. But there is a distinct
"you" smell there as well. I love it." She said as she
went to his lips to kiss him.

He kissed her back with a deep tongue probe while his
hands went to her ass and held each cheek in his
hands. He squeezed and kneaded and then slid his hands
up her sides until he reached her breasts. He held
each and pushed her up away from his lips. He wanted
her nipples again.
He chewed and sucked and flipped his tongue over both
nipples until they were almost raw.

"Sssssssssssssss GOD! That feels good, right down to
my, . . my. . . pussy!" She said, overcome with her
own heat.

Joel hugged her to him and flipped her over off of him
to under him and slid down as if to eat her pussy.

"God, I'd like to lick you and love your pussy up, it
smells so sweet right now while your juice flows."
Joel said overcome.

Laynie blushed deeply.

"You mean that he never . . .oh, never mind!" He said,
further disgusted at her ex-boyfriend.

He got up to his feet and told her to stay there. He
would be right back. To his word, he returned with a
sheet of plastic wrap. With a puzzled look on her face
he took the sheet and laid it over her crotch. He
began pressing it into the nooks and crannies of her
pubic area.

He looked up at her, saying, "It's a dam, so I don't
get any saliva in you."

She blushed red when she realized he was going to lick
her through the plastic. No one had ever been that up
close and personal before.

Joel sliced his tongue up and down her slit to cut a
path for his licking.

"Oh Goddddddd!" she exclaimed. "That's a first!" She
groaned as she caught her breath.

"First time for a tongue, or first with a dam?" he
asked stupidly.

Her legs had been arched up in her new joy, but his
question made them go limp and fall.

"Geez, Joel. I may have been around the block a time
or two, but not around the world. For all I've
experienced, I'm your virgin and I want to give myself
to you. Don't ruin the mood." She scolded him.

Joel went back to licking her slit, but his mind
raced. "How could I have asked such a stupid question?
I truly don't deserve this sweet person as my lover.
She's looking to me as her lover and teacher and I ask
questions like she is a tramp."

Dedicated in his mind to devote himself to her respect
and newfound pleasure, he went about in search of her

He licked his tongue through the lined furrow of her
pussy wishing her could taste his treasure. She was
writhing in pleasure, liking the licking she was
He had built her anticipation, now he would
concentrate on her clit. As he set about to suck and
flick her clit, he put one finger at the bottom crease
of her slit then, a trick he learned from and old
Annie he once shacked with, he laid his finger inside
just enough to catch it if he pulled down. This he did
while constantly rocking and rolling his finger, like
a key in a slot, over and over.
Pulling down on her pussy made her clit pop up just
that much further and the extra exposed flesh that met
his tongue provided the impetus for her first oral

"Ho Hoooooooooo Hooooooooo, JOEL! Gnnnnnnt" she moaned
as it took her.

"Whhhh Whhhh Whhhh" she puffed as she struggled to get
a breath. "Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt' She wailed as she
struggled to push Joel's mouth from her.

Oh migod, Oh migod Oh My Godddddd," she whimpered as
she held her pussy in her hand and rolled over to her

With her ass in his face he couldn't resist kissing
and sucking on her cheeks. He ass, her bottom as Joel
called it was perfectly shaped. It drove him crazy
when he had seen it clothed. Naked in his face, it was
impossible to resist. He wanted to kiss and lick her
little hole, but thought that was too much too soon
for his new love.

After a few minutes of her coming down from her
spasmed pleasure, Joel was still feasting on her ass
flesh. She draped her hand over her hip and began
slapping him away gently.
"Joel, stop that, stoppit, you nasty man." She joked,
"Come here," she said crooking a finger to him.

He rose and crab-walked to her and lay down with his
face beside hers.

"That was incredible. I never thought an orgasm could
feel like that! I don't want to think about where you
learned all this." She said turning red.

"You're just glad that I did?" he asked with a smirk.

They lay basking in sexual afterglow for 10 minutes
before Joel rolled over towards Laynie.

"How are you doing, baby? Am I still the man you want?
When you laid and played after you got home at night,
is this what you imagined?" He asked.

"This isn't what I imagined, but this was wonderful.
You played my body like a violin. Joel, even when I
was a shy virgin I was always a horny girl. I used to
think my fingers were going to grow hair. But, I never
had an orgasm like tonight. I never leaked so much
that I made spots on the bed. I'm sorry for the mess.
You're going to be a wonderful lover. I only hope I
can make you happy." She said shyly.

"Don't you worry about that, you make me very happy.
Tonight was not the night I thought it would be. I
pictured a tender night of sighs and promises ending
with us masturbating in front of each other. I thought
you were more experienced, but I'm not disappointed.
It excites me more." He said smiling and winking at

They hugged and held each other until they drifted to
sleep I each other's arms for the first time.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Joel awoke groggily and instantly wondered what time
it was. As he turned his head Laynie's presence
startled him. She was awake and kneeling on the bed,
staring at him.

"Hey, how long have you been awake?" he wondered.

"Oh, about 45 minutes, since 6:15." She said smiling.
"I've been watching you sleep, listening to you snore
a bit, looking at you." She said as she redirected her
eyes from his face to his body.

"If I was awake and looking at you, I would be
checking out your body too. You are quite fetching,
Stunning would be the word." He said as he smiled at

She blushed. "A man's body is quite wondrous to watch
as you move when you sleep. Ummm, your cock is
beautiful. I thought about last night when it was so
hard and I ran my hands over it, and how it's so soft
and cute there now. I didn't, . . . oh, never mind. It
really is cute." She said continuing to blush.

"You didn't what? Is something bothering you?" Joel

"Oh, you'll get upset, not at me but, you know." She

"You didn't? . . ." He wondered aloud to her.

"I didn't think I would ever find it cute or sexy
after before, what I told you." She eluded.

"Oh, the gagging. I don't see the purpose of that
except to degrade and dominate. You were smart to get
out when you did. Don't think that's oral sex, because
it's not. Don't worry about anything. You and I can
learn about each other and make each other happy in
our own ways, on our own schedule." He paused and
looked her up and down and then settled on her eyes.

"Laynie, I hope you know that I really love you, you,
the person that's inside that body. I love you and
want to wake up every morning the rest of my life with

"Joel Bell, are you proposing to me?" she asked
through a cracked voice.

"Sort of, I just want you to know I always want to
wake up next to you and make you happy the rest of my
life. When I propose I'll have a ring for you and you
will know a lot more about me and how I can take care
of you. OK?" He asked in a rare moment of shyness.

"OK," she said fighting back emotion. "When you do,
I'll say yes, and until you do I want you to know that
I WANT to wake up next to you everyday, but my parents
wouldn't like it. Lets start boiling this frog in cold
water." She said with her country charm.

"I understand." He said with a grin and a laugh as he
sat up to hug her.

She pushed him back down.

"No, it's my turn to do something special for you,
especially for that little problem you have growing
down there. You lay back and let me make you happy.

She moved over between his spread legs and knelt and
took his cock in her hand. She began to squeeze it and
stroke it a bit and it instantly grew full mast. She
spit on her hand as he drew up his knees and watched
her working.

"Close your eyes and imagine me giving you oral sex. I
want to, you know, but we have to wait. But, I do want
to." She said explicitly to him.

"Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy, and I would
like that. Soon, baby, soon." He said.

Joel did as he was instructed and closed his eyes and
let her hands take him to where he could find release.
He was thinking about her mouth on him and how cute
she would be sucking on him, her pretty little face.
Then without a sign, he felt her mouth engulf one of
his balls. Lying with his knees up opened his sack to
hang freely. She took one whole nut into her mouth and
rolled her tongue over it. The let it out and took the
other in the same way.

"Does that feel good? Is that special? I wanted to do
something special." She said picking a hair off her
tongue, but continuing the stroking.

"You are such a sweet innocent lover, Laynie. Of
course that's good. Where do you get such ideas?" He
asked rhetorically.

Ellaynne, so serious about making him happy, answered
him though.

"It was one of the things he wanted me to do that I
refused him." She said just before sucking in one of
his balls again.

"Ohhhhh God! Laynie you're going to make me cum, and
forget about whatzizname. He abused you." Joel said as
he felt his cum rising.

Laynie popped her mouth from his sack.

"I guess you're going to pop, I can fit your whole
sack in my mouth. I love you Joel!" she said as she
took his whole sack in again.

Joel thrust up his torso to accentuate his orgasm and
to get Laynie out of its volley.

"Hoo hoo hoo, arrrrrrgh!!Huttttttt" He groaned as he
shot off a short burst of cum onto his belly and then
subsequent spasms oozed out of his cock.

Joel lay back still arched up with his eyes clenched
shut and blowing air through his pursed lips, as he
enjoyed his orgasm.

Ellaynne spied the wadded plastic wrap next to Joel
and in a flash of an idea grabbed and opened it. She
placed it over the head of Joel's cock and wrapped her
mouth around it.

"Urrrrrrrrrt, Oh God No." was his first reaction
before he realized she had used the plastic wrap for

She sucked the top of his cock like a small ice cream
cone, sucking from around the rim to the tip 4 or 5

"Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh,awwwww," he moaned as she
teased him to a pinnacle of sensitivity.

"Oh no more, no more, be careful you don't get any
. . . Oooof!" he exclaimed as she sucked once more and
released him.

She sat back and looked at the mess before her and
wondered how she avoided his cum so deftly, until she
saw it on her hands. She looked at Joel like the cat
that swallowed the canary as she wiped her hands on
her thighs.

"Oh God Laynie!!" he said as he pulled the wrap away
and held his poor soldier in his hand.

"You said it was intense, I wanted to see. WOW!" she

"You're amazing, Laynie. You're going to make my heart
explode before I ever get a chance to be inside you."
Joel exclaimed.

She slapped his leg playfully, "That's NOT going to
happen. I have you reserved for quite a while."

"Hey, no hitting, you already beat me up once." He

"Oh My God, I never apologized for that." She said
bringing her hands over her mouth.

"My hand that I slapped you with stung the rest of
that night, I'm sorry." She said laughing.

"I'll spank you some night when you're naughty." He
laughed, "then we'll be even for that!"

"You touch my butt and you're in trouble mister." She
said giggling while she got up to get a towel.

"If you're getting a towel, forget it and just jump in
the shower, I'll join you." He hollered from the

She didn't acknowledge, but he heard the shower run.
He jumped out of bed and quickly straightened up the
bed and went to the shower.

He slid the door open and stepped in, she blushed.

He took her in his arms and kissed her, mashing his
lips to hers and swathed his tongue over hers. He slid
his hands to her butt cheeks and squeezed and swatted
them playfully. She jumped further into his arms at
the sting of his wet hand on her wet ass. They held
the kiss for a minute it seemed.

"Is that my spanking?" she smiled at him.

He just nodded and kissed her again. After a few
moments he took the soap and began to wash her. When
he got to below her waist she held out her hand for
the soap, but he just knelt and made more suds.

"I know my way around this model, ma'am. I can take
care of it." He joked.

He soaped her pussy good and insinuated a finger just
inside, not wanting the harsh soap to hurt her
delicate insides. He switched the soap to the other
hand and rubbed his wet hand over and over her mound
to rinse it, and then motioned her to turn around.

She shook her head and held out her hand for the soap.

He shook his head and motioned once more for her to
turn. She exhaled in exasperation and did.

He soaped her pretty ass over and over her cheeks, and
then made more suds and reached between her legs and
touched her back with his other hand to have her bend
over a bit. She blushed crimson and bent. He ran his
soapy hand from her crotch up the furrow of her butt
and rubbed her clean. He quickly re-soaped and ran his
hand up her crack again, this time stopping to brush
his soapy fingers over her little hole. She stunted a
bit, but let him continue. Once she was clean he
relented and she turned, embarrassed.

"Assholes," he whispered, "Everybody has one, and uses
it the same way. Yours is just cuter than most." He
said as she slapped his arm and made a pouty face.

Then he handed her the soap. She worked it in her
little hands and fingers and began soaping and washing
his chest and stomach much as he did her. She knelt
down and took a deep breath and began to wash and
scrub his cock and balls. He had life in him yet as he
began to rise. She looked at him and smirked, then
gave it a little slap behind the head. "Bad boy", she
He turned around and bent and he saw her hesitate.

"You want to know ALL of me don't you." He said to her

She did much the same thing he did, starting at the
bottom of his crotch and working her way up. She
soaped his crack and fingered at his little hole and
turned him to rinse.

"You're right, we all do have them." She laughed.

"Let me wash my hair first and them you can take all
the time you need for yours, OK?" Joel asked her.

She agreed and 10 minutes later he was helping her

"Lets get dressed for church." Joel said as he gave
her a towel to wrap her hair in.

"Are you serious? We're going to church?" she asked.

"Yup, and we're sitting right next to your mom and
Dad. Its just good politics." He insisted.

"If you moved in and they got mad at you for doing so,
wouldn't the sting be lessened if you showed up at
church each week." He asked.

"Yes, but I'm not moving in, they wouldn't app. . .,
Oh I see where you're going. OK, it's off to church."
Laynie said with a sly smile.

Ellaynne genuflected beside her Dad at the end of the
pew in church. At first he thought it was a stranger
wanting to squeeze in the aisle, but smiled big as he
moved over and made room for 2 beside he and Laynie's
Mom. Joel and Laynie went to church every Sunday after
that to make the impression on her parents.

Within a few weeks John and Ann Pickett were calling
Joel "son" and he had more freedom with Laynie than

Joel would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous the
day he had to report to the Health Clinic for his
results. Ellaynne went with him to get a birth control
patch, as she was switching from pills. She had
questions as to a waiting period for he switch from
pill to patch. If they recommended a waiting period
for the switch, she would pass for now. She was, for
the first time in her young life, actually anxious to
have intercourse with her lover. She had done it
before to fit in and hope to feel like a woman. That
didn't work for many reasons, foremost being she was
hooked up with an asshole, which probably didn't even
realize what a jerk and sexual predator he was.

That entire episode aside, she was ready to resume a
fulfilling sexual life with Joel and all the pleasures
and satisfactions that went along with it. She was in
love for the first time in her life. The thought of
Joel made her shudder at times. Their connection was
magical and they both realized it.

They sat in the waiting area holding hands and a bit
nervous. They had each had blood drawn and were
waiting for their results, after comparison to their
numbers from 90 days before. When Joel's number was
called he took her hand and insisted she go in with

"Number 47692, your blood shows no change in any
antibodies or any sign of HIV." The clinician told

"Would you have her results as well, her number is
consecutive with mine, 47693." He said as she produced
her ID card.

The smocked middle age man looked down at his
clipboard and smiled back. "Her results are the same.
You can both get ID'ed safe cards at the checkout desk
on your way out. Give the system a few minutes to
update and be sure to have positive ID to prove your
number." He told them. Laynie went to the pharmacy to
get her things and they both went to the checkout and
walked away with their safe cards.
They both agreed that it would be the last time to
have to go through this.

On the drive back from the Seattle clinic the news was
full of a free agent signing by the Mariners. Joel's
friend, Don Doomer was coming to the Great North West!

Joel told story after story to Laynie about their
adventures when they roomed at Clemson in their senior
years and then in Montana, Vero Beach and San
Bernadino. In the middle of that year Doomer got the
call to make an emergency start for the pitching
strapped Dodgers. He was supposed to be back in 3
days, but never returned; going 15 starts without a

"Is he married now?" she asked.

"Married? You must be kidding. Dooms will never get
caught. For as long as I've known him, as soon as a
girl got close, she was history. Now, maybe that
changed in LA. On the road he always figured that if
he got serious and got a promotion, the move would be
expensive and foolhardy for the woman. He liked to
fool around, but marriage wasn't his thing. He never
made promises. I'm supposed to see him next week here
anyway. The BBWA dinner where they name the MVP is in
Seattle this year. He is supposed to get us an invite.
You'll like him." He bubbled about his friend and
former fellow roustabout.

Ellaynne actually worried that the two of them would
team up and Joel would get drawn into his playboy
style of life.

When they got back from Seattle Laynie had to go right
to work. The Fall was their best season and as they
approached Halloween on Friday nights, they did huge
business, especially in the kitchen. She had to break
down the kitchen from lunch to dinner where they would
serve a choice of a few hot plates as well as a
sandwich menu. Laynie had talked her Dad into the
Saturday off so she and Joel could make a trip to
Vancouver to see the Fall sights. Normally, no one got
a Saturday off in the Fall, but John Pickett wanted to
see his little girl happy, and after 3 months, Joel
had really grown on him.

After The Olde Cider Mill closed tonight Laynie would
have the kitchen broken down and ready for he
breakfast set up. The kitchen closed at 7 and she
should be ready to lock up the kitchen by 9. If she
took an hour to pack for the weekend, Joel should be
able to get her by 10 and she could stay at his house
and then leave early for Vancouver. It was only about
a 100 mile trip, but they planned to go back roads as
much as possible and make it a 3 hour trip. Once
settling in Vancouver on Saturday, they would make
side trips in the area, and then more side trips while
working their way back home on Sunday. She had to be
home by 7 pm on Sunday to breakdown the kitchen again
and prepare for Mondays breakfast.

What Laynie didn't tell her family about was the fact
that she and Joel could finally sleep together, make
love together, get down and dirty together without a
worry. She had told Joel that she was a horny girl,
but tonight she was absolutely wet with anticipation
of the night ahead. Thoughts of Joel making love to
her filled her with hope and caused her to be anxious.

Meanwhile Joel had gotten his call from Don Doomer. He
was coming to town Wednesday for the Friday
introduction to the Seattle press and then attend the
BBWA dinner on the next Saturday night. He already
knew that he had won the MVP and that announcement was
to be made Monday morning. Needless to say, he was

"Ringer," Doomer said, calling Joel by his clubhouse
nickname, "You must know a bevy of women up here. I
need a good-looking one that doesn't look like a
hooker and knows how to handle herself for the dinner.
She has to look like she has been on my arm for a
while, you know, make an impression on the locals and
the press. If I come to town with no girlfriend or
wife, the gay jokes start. Once I get here and meet up
with the locals, I'm sure I'll be OK. See what you can

"Dooms, I'll try, but understand, I almost married to
this woman I'm seeing, so I don't have a black book.
I'll ask her to help us out as well." Joel said.

When Joel pulled in Pickett's driveway at 10 pm,
Laynie was in the window waiting for him and half way
out the door by the time Joel got to the door.

On the way to the house Joel explained about Doomer
and his need for a date. Laynie named off a few
friends that Joel knew but only thought of each as too
young, or rather, young looking, to be what Don Doomer
wanted to debut to the press with. As a new multi
millionaire with great expectations to bring Seattle a
championship, Doomer knew he would be a target, so
impressions meant a lot.
When they got to the house Laynie, who had been
sidetracked by Joel's quest to think of a date for his
pal, started thinking of the night ahead. However, as
soon as she walked in the door she turned to Joel and
said," Patsy!"

"For Doomer?"

"Sure why not. She's mature looking, classy looking,
and carries herself quite well. She's Doomer's age and
would make an impression.'

To Laynie's chagrin, Joel went right to he phone and
looked up Patsy's number and called.

After explaining the situation to Patsy she seemed
skeptical and worrisome.

"I suppose you told him about me and said I was an
easy lay, right?" she asked.

"Patsy, I haven't even talked to him about you, and I
would never say that. I know you would like him, I
don't doubt that. Hey, maybe you're the girl that
could settle him down. I warn you though, he doesn't
like attachments and has always run from commitment.
Except for 6 weeks of spring training this year, I
haven't seen him 2 a couple years, so I can't say for
sure what he's like in that department now. I do know
he cut any LA ties he had and is coming alone." Joel

"Joel, I need you to be honest with me here. You owe
me that much. Tell me how you would answer these
questions if he asked them. Be honest and don't worry
about hurting my feelings."

"What does she look like?"

"She's a very sexy attractive redhead who looks
confident and hold herself well. Not cheap looking."

"Have you ever had sex with her?"

"Yes, we got each other through some tough terrain
together. We are just friends though."

"What are my chances?"

"You have to find out for yourself. She had a bad
marriage and needs to be treated tenderly. She likes
to have fun, but is no whore."

"Is she looking for a husband?"

"Yes and no. She wants a steady guy who can attach to
her kids a bit and still treat her right. She can
manage a relationship without involving the kids, to a
point. Her kids come first."

"Can you send me a picture to see what she looks

"Definitely not, you have to take my word that she is
a good looking woman. I'm not pimping her out; I'm
getting you a blind date.

"Very good Joel, if that's how you answer him, I'll be
happy." Patsy said.

"I don't know if you read the sports or not, but this
guy just got a huge contract for 6 years. He could be
a great catch, and gold diggers won't take him in. He
can smell them a mile away. He knows the difference
between true feelings and someone trying to separate
him from his money." Joel warned her.

"If he's a good guy who treats me nice, I don't care
if he's dirt poor. Joel, I need a dress for this. I
don't have anything to wear to something fancy like
that." She cautioned him, "I can't put myself in debt
to date this guy."

"I'll take care of any expenses you need. I owe it to
you, we owe it to you." Joel said.

"OK, I'll do it under one condition. I want to meet
him at least once beforehand and get to know him a
little. I don't want to go to this dinner and have a
thousand pictures taken of him with a complete
stranger. I need a point of reference." Patsy said.

"Alright, if he agrees to that, you're in. That's a
week from tomorrow. OK?" He confirmed.

Patsy agreed and thanked him. That out of the way, he
had a woman waiting for him, who just happened to love

Joel sat at the kitchen booth thinking of how he would
answer any other question Doomer might have for him.
He also had to arrange a date during the week for him

A tap on the shoulder turned his attention to Laynie.

"Hi, remember me," she pouted. "I'm the one person in
this relationship who was looking forward to this
night who didn't call her old lover." She said to get
a rise out of him.

"Whoa, that's unfair! I think you just earned that
spanking, you little poop." He said grinning as he got
up to chase her down.

Laynie ran from the kitchen through the living room
and out the front door with Joel in hot pursuit. She
circled the car and Joel stopped to double back, but
she stopped as well. It was a stalemate.

"I'm too young and too fast for a guy as old as you."
She teased and laughed.
Joel feigned a move each way from his side of the car,
and then they stared.
Suddenly Laynie ducked down so Joel couldn't see what
way she went. He heard a noise right and went that
way. As he moved he saw pebbles rolling in the
driveway and Laynie dashing up the porch steps from
the left.

Knowing he was beat he walked into the house.
He called out for her. No answer. He walked through
the house and couldn't find her. He stood in his
bedroom doorway looking around the room and listening
for a sound. He heard something behind him and turned
to dash at her. He froze in his tracks.

There stood Ellaynne in only a small thong panty with
her hands on her hips. She was a vision. Her breasts
sat like 2 large muffins on her chest, nipples erect.
No pubic hair shown from around the front of the
thong, she had definitely shaved a bit for him.

"Wow, you are gorgeous, just beautiful. I want to make
love to you, show you how much I love you." Joel said,
still awestruck.

She walked up to him.
"That might have to wait for later, OK?" she said.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because right now I want you to just fuck me." She
said as she devoured his face and hung her body on the
front of his. With her arms around his neck, she
stepped back quickly to cause him to lose his balance.
They fell to the floor. Lips still locked she reached
down between them and yanked at his belt. With his
help she got his pants and shorts down passed his ass.
She could feel his hard cock against her panty.

Lying on top of her he looked into her eyes and was
about to kiss her.

"Get inside me, please? I've wanted you for 4 months,
and now I can't wait. We can do it right later."

"You really want our first time to be a quickie right
here on the hall floor?" He asked.

"Fuck me, make me yours Joel. I don't want to wait one
second more. I'm sooo hot for you!" She begged.

Joel put all his weight on his palms, as much as it
hurt his right arm, and pushed himself up.

"Put me in." he commanded.

Laynie reached between them hurriedly and took hold of
his cock. She pulled the thin piece of cloth on her
thong aside and placed him at the entrance to her
pussy. He slid in, to the hilt, without pushing, she
was so wet.

"OhhhhhhAaaaaaaah! God you feel so big in me." She
groaned as he stayed at rock bottom for a moment.

Her urgency filled him with lust and he began to pump
at her pussy. She immediately began to spasm and

"Oooo Ooooo, Arrrrrrr, Mmmmmmm, Oh yes lover, fuck me,
meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." She wailed. "Uh, uh, uh, uh,"
she pushed back at him.

She inhaled deeply and her eyes rolled back as she
turned her head to the side and arched her head back
as her body stiffened. Her mouth opened but nothing
came out as her lower lip quivered.

Suddenly she screeched and seemed to bounce off the

"Yiiiiiiiiii, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh," she announced as she
Joel could hear and feel the squish, squish as her
pussy filled with her juices. The velvet tightness of
her pussy was coated with her own lube like a mink
glove gliding over his cock. He came hard and fast.

"Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh" he groaned as he pounded at her
abdomen with a vicious slap that echoed in the hall.

His seed poured into her as he came and she spasmed
with him, until finally he collapsed onto her,
huffing, puffing into her ear.

"Wow, I never had so much fun in 3 minutes, we were
animals." He whispered to her.

"I had a feeling I had never been really screwed
before. My God that was awesome. Where do you find my
orgasms?" she asked as she continued to breathe hard.

"Screwed? Before you used the other word. What
possessed you?" Joel scolded her, for she rarely

"Ohhhhh, I was so FUCKING horny, that's why." She said
laughing out loud, a deep belly laugh that shook Joel
as he lay on her.

"I have wanted you so long and today we got the OK, I
got the patch, there was no wait because I finished my
period yesterday, I was ready to go. Then when we got
home I had to work. I couldn't look at a hot dog
without thinking of you. My panties were wet all
night. I thought you would jump my bones as soon as we
walked in the door and then we got involved with your
friend and calling Patsy. Then while your talking to
Patsy I realize that she has had you more than me.
That's when I knew I wanted it right here, right now.
But, it's never been like this, and do you know what
else? You're still in me. Mmmmmmm." She cooed.

"Oh, I know I'm still in you. If I tried I could go
again, but later on would be impossible. I want to
make love to you later, in the bed, on satin sheets.
After I've licked you, after I've tasted you, after
you've showered." He said as sexy as he knew how.

Ellaynne giggled at his words and squealed.

"WooHoo, I love you so much, and you know what? You're
growing inside me now. Either fish or cut bait,
because I'm ready!"

Joel say back on his knees and her pussy gave his a
long slurpy kiss as he pulled out. A river of their
cum flowed onto the carpet, and it was too late to
take care of it.

"Look at the mess you made, boy are you in trouble
when I tell my mother who did this." He said seriously
until she got the joke and then they both laughed.

"I'll get it out later, don't worry." She said as she
bow-walked to the bathroom with cum running down her
leg. She sat in the toilet and let his cum run out of
her. She looked up at him, his pants still down to his
"We sure have fun, huh?" she giggled, as he came over
and kissed her.
"We've only begun, too." He added. "Let's shower, OK?"

"Sure, but could you give me a few minutes? I'll knock
on the wall when I'm ready for you." Laynie asked him.

"Sure, I have to wipe up the rug anyway," he chuckled.

Laynie had panicked when he said he wanted to lick
her. She was pretty sure he didn't want to taste his
own cum. She went to her cosmetics and personals bag
and found her syringe and then turned on the shower to
cover her deed. She ran warm water into the sink
filled the syringe a few times and forced the warm
water into her to rinse out any traces of his orgasm.
As she sat and forced the last of the rinse from
herself she thought about how good her pussy felt. Sex
with her lover was more than she ever expected.

Laynie knocked on the wall to call Joel into the
shower with her. Moments later her came in and once
again they held each others nude bodies under the hot
water and enjoyed the sensory pleasure of touch and
feel in the water. Joel finally stood back and took
the soap, washing her from asshole to belly button and
every thing in between. She repeated the same with
him, leaving him with an erection that she longed to
feel within her again.

After drying each other Joel produced antiperspirant
for each of them and Laynie looked for her robe to
cover up and keep warm with. But, Joel stopped her and
he reached into the towel press and produced a box
with Japanese writing on it.

"Here is something an old Japanese girlfriend gave to
me. She had been to this country to visit her brother
who played in the states. We showed each other some of
the, a . . . "customs" of our societies. When she
departed to go home she gave me this and told me to
save it for a true love, not for a pansuke, like she.
She said a pansuke was a plain-clothes geisha, or
whore or slut. Apparently she was much more free with
her charms here, than she would normally be at home,
but she was not ashamed of that, calling herself a
whore here, but honorable at home. She used one of
these kits for the times we made love in her rented

In the kit were bottles of essences and each had a
female body form with dots to show where to spot the
essence. Each also had a Kama-Sutra position that best
the essence best enhanced. The cap of each had a glass
wand that stored in the liquids and you just touched
the wand, applicator to the area where you wanted it.

Joel chose 3 bottles and applied a touch from one
bottle to the back of each knee, another to drop a
touch in each elbow crease, and still another to dot
between her breasts, the base of her spine and
hairline of her forehead.

"I don't smell them, could they be weakened?" she

"No, they react as you do. They are quite erotic."
Joel added.

"Are you sure you won't be thinking of her while you
smell them on me." Laynie innocently asked.

"No, they smell differently on each person, and as
sensual and erotic a time that I had with her, I
really don't like eastern or oriental girls of any
kind or type. I saw her to appease my Japanese
teammate, plus she was 4'8" and weighed but 90 pounds,
and that appealed to me at the time. She was very
sweet and taught me many things of lovemaking, part of
which was using these oils. I applied them to her many
times, but never anyone since." Joel explained.

Then he helped her slip into a sheer silk robe she had
left there from another night.

Joel picked two of the bottles and placed dots of the
wand just above his cock, at the top of his forehead
and the crotch of his thumb and forefinger. The other
he touched behind each knee.

He had saved this "gift" for quite sometime and
thought of them just this night, as he lay exhausted
on Ellaynne in the hallway. He slipped into his silk
boxers that Laynie had bought for him, along with the
long silk pants, and walked arm and arm with her into
the bedroom.

Laynie sat on the bed and attempted to slide to the
middle in her robe, but it kept bunching on her. Joel
extended a hand for her stand up. She crooked a
questioned eye and did as he motioned. Then he tied
her robe shut, picked her up and lay her on the idle
of the bed. She looked up with an adoring smile,
adding, "You have WAY too much experience. You are a
pansuke?, . . .a pansuke yourself."

(Joel feigned a Japanese accent)"No, I was a pansuke
with all of my other women, but with you I am yours
and yours alone; your lover and provider of intimate
pleasures. You are the last woman I will ever love.
Ai Shi Teru, Anata Wo Daku."

"Is that gibberish?. . or real Japanese?

"Well, the way I say it, it might be gibberish, but I
think I said, I Love You, I want to make love to you."

Joel knelt on the bed and bent to kiss his Laynie. He
realized how he treasured her, and her love. Her
innocence, as well as pure sexuality, made him fill
with passion knowing how she loved him as well.

The aroma's from the essences were beginning to rise
from each of their bodies. The feral sexual appeal of
each smell was distinct and touched their senses,
without combining with another. The room didn't fill
with the smells, their essence clung to the body.

Joel opened her robe and looked at her beauty. He fell
to his elbows, their bodies forming an L, his face to
hers. He dotted kisses over the entire of her face,
finishing with a long tongue kiss on her mouth.
He shifted a bit and began to kiss and nuzzle to her
neckline. Placing distinctive kisses all over its
surface. He looked up and saw 2 nipples, distinctively
tipped toward him. He alternated suckling, licking and
chewing one, and raising up to get the other.
Laynie sighed as she enjoyed the attention and erotic
feel and smell of her lover.

"Oh my, these essence are more aura than olfactory.
The more turned on I get, the more I can feel them."
She sighed.

Joel lifted his head from her breast and twisted his
torso more to kiss down her stomach. "shhhh,. .enjoy."
He said.

He paused at her belly button and played it with his
tongue, rimming it and then darting his tongue in
before placing his whole mouth over it and sucking it
until she caught her breath, flexing her stomach from
his mouths sucking grip. He ran a straight-tongued
line, pivoting on his waist, to her pubic line. He
gently parted her left leg and began to lick the outer
creases of her distended pussy lips. He ran his tongue
around the whole of her pussy before clamping the lips
together between his own lips. He ran his tongue along
them till he found the top of her nubbin and then
sucked the whole of her clit into his mouth.

"eHaaaaaa" she drew an excited hard breath at his
assault on her most sensitive part.
He quickly let it go and ran his tongue to the bottom
of her pussy straining as far as he could while still
kneeling beside her. He quickly put his tongue in as
far as he could as he swept her pussy as long and as
deep as his tongue could reach.
His hand, which was on her stomach to steady him,
could feel the quivering of her stomach muscles as
orgasm built within her.

He slid that hand to her right side and lower hip and
pulled her toward him as he stretched out his legs to
lie on his side and devour her fragrant pussy. His
tongue formed a pocket of her lips just below her clit
and he circled it with his tongue, sweeping her clit
at each pass.
Ellaynne shuddered and bucked under his tongue and was
moaning loud reports of her pleasure. Her clit was
about to explode it seemed.

With his hand around her hip to hold her to his mouth,
he curled it up through her ass crease and slid his
middle finger just up and inside of her. It pointed to
her clit but he pushed behind it to stroke her g-spot.
His arm bent and angled he had little control over his
finger, but he was on the spot. Her own movements
rubbed her spot on the end of his finger.

His tongue attack on her clit was centered just on its
roundness, catching his own finger as well as he
lapped at her.

Her noises sounded like she was almost crying as
spasms, tremors and vibrations racked her pubic mound
and deep into her vagina. She had heard of her g-spot,
but didn't understand what pleasure it could bring if
tweaked properly. She felt a pressure from deep within
her and didn't know what to make of it.

The absolute spot where her clitoral orgasms started
was seeming to grow and want to pass a large object
through it, though not painfully, but pleasurably.
That was the only analogy her pleasure-racked mind
could come up with. Orgasm vibes were coming faster
than her senses could process them.

Joel felt her deep orgasm start as he began to be
flooded by her wetness. She caught her breath and bore
down on her orgasm. Her g-spot orgasm started at the
same time and fluid ran freely from her to his mouth
and over his finger to the sheets.
She was without breath and was bucking hard to throw
him off, but in this position he was locked to her.
Then he felt her stiffen and draw a deep hard breath
almost growling doing so. Another flood of fluid came
from her and he relented his grip and mouth.

"OoooooooOOOoooooooOOOoooo Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she
wailed. "Hnnnnt Hnnnnt Hnnnnnt" she growled trying to
draw a full breath, then she stiffened once more in a
spontaneous orgasm with a yelp from her like she was
shot, then she went limp.

"Gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddd, Joel! That's impossible,
you didn't do that!!" she huffed out and she struggled
to catch her breath.
"Httttt Htttttt Httttt," she drew breaths as tremors
shot through her.
She was in total bliss from the deepest strongest
orgasm she had ever had or thought was possible. Her
mind could not process the amount of pleasure, the
depth of spasm she felt.

She had been holding her head up to yelp, and yell to
her lover but it was no use, sentences and words were
still impossible, she let her neck go limp and fall to
her arm as she sprawled on the bed. She lay there for
a couple minutes gathering her wit and breath. Joel
hadn't moved himself, exhausted from holding and
gripping her so tightly to his face.

She was going to stir and talk to Joel. When she
opened her eyes his crotch was almost in her face, his
semi-hard cock lying 6 inches from her mouth.

In one quick move she moved her mouth over it, causing
Joel to jump. He hadn't expected her to do this, but
the surprise was pleasant. He had been lying there
waiting to get up and make love to her long and sweet,
one more time tonight. As she rolled her tongue over
his head he knew he would be ready any moment to
sheath her pussy onto himself.

"Ohhhhhhh that feels so good, make it hard and wet for
your pussy, Laynie. I want to feel you around me." He

Without being forced or goaded, this was the first
time Laynie had really sucked, licked and enjoyed a
penis in her mouth. It's velvety smooth head felt good
on her tongue, the way it jumped and reacted to her
suction and licking was exciting as she learned to bob
her head a bit to simulate fucking.

The wet velvety smooth lips, tongue and mouth around
his cock had Joel cheering and complimenting her on.

"Oh, God baby, that is so nice. Make it all hard and
wet so I can slide it all the way inside of you. I
want to feel your pussy grip me. Oh, you love me so
good, I'm glad you love my cock so much. Are you ready
to be made love to?" he whispered to his oral lover.

Laynie hummed lightly at his words and kept her in and
out sucking as drool and saliva leaked from the
corners of her mouth. She was going at it like it was
the last food she would ever eat. Each time she drew
up on him she tasted his pre-cum, a salty taste with a
bleach quality, but the essence that rose from him
made it taste very sweet as she breathed in through
her nose. His wand touch had been just over his cock
and she was getting the full pleasure of it, making
sweetness in her mouth as she breathed.

As his pre-cum flowed, Joel new he would begin his own
orgasm cycle soon. Stopping to shift to his knees and
lancing her pussy would give him just the respite he
needed to last another 5 or 10 minutes of watching her
writhe under him as he plowed her.

"Let me make love to you baby, Laynie I want to hold
and love you." He said as began to pull his body away
from hers to get up.

She threw a grip around him and pushed more into her
mouth, hungry for his flesh and the sweet nectar he
was leaking.

"Laynie, you don't understand, I'm going to cum soon!
Let me make love to you, in your sweet little pussy.
He cried out as he was getting more and more aware of
what was starting within him."

She let him go from her mouth and he was about to
shift to her knees when she gripped him by a handful
of flesh on the back of his thigh.

"We are making love, and I am making love to you, and
you WILL be inside me." She said as she put her wet
mouth over his saliva soaked cock.

Joel was reaching the point of no return.
"I'm going to pop Ellaynne, if you keep doing that" he
said and as he said it she pushed he mouth over him as
far as she could. "Ohhhhhh," he gasped in the
realization that she was doing what she wanted and he
might better enjoy it and worry about his own
pleasure, rather than hers.

Joel began to meet her mouth half way now as he neared
orgasm. She never thought she would do this, but the
power she was enjoying over him was a heady high. She
was making love to him and was going to give HIM the
pleasure she had felt earlier. She was going to be HIS
lover, his vessel of pleasure.

Joel felt his balls tighten and get ready to shoot his
load as his orgasm gripped him.

One last time he tried to warn her what he thought she
might not be aware of, but she was preparing herself.

"How bad could it be?" she thought to herself, "it's a
part of him and everything else I've tasted so far has
been OK. I just hope I can swallow it."

Before she could process her last thought a quick
volley of semen hit her tongue.
She was so full of saliva that it slid easily down her
throat as she felt more spasms in her mouth and more
cum. She couldn't swallow fast enough though as drool
and cum leaked from her mouth as she choked on the
volume. Knowing how he liked the head sucked after he
came, she went back onto the sloppy mess to suck two
more times, but got even more semen in her mouth that
surprised and choked her.
She tried once more to suck him, but her inexperience
and not really knowing about the taste and volume she
might get made her more tentative.

Meanwhile Joel was nuts with ecstasy. The surprise
that she wanted to finish him made his orgasm that
much more intense. The fact she was trying to suck his
sensitive head after he came was screwing his eyeballs
in, plus he was out of a cleansing breath as he choked
so hard trying to keep his composure.

"Abaaaaaa Abaaaaaaaa Httt Httt Ssssss," he grunted
before he was able to catch a breath and roll from her

He grabbed quickly for his cock to protect it from her
as he growled his pleasure.

"Oh Joel, I love you so much, was that as good as mine
was for me. God, you came a lot! How could you make so
much so fast? That was awesome for me as well. Sorry
for making a big mess. I . . . . ." She stopped
abruptly as Joel waved his hand in her face.

"Shhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no talking just lie and
enjoy a second. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Joel scolded her
as he writhed on the side of he bed catching himself
from falling more than once.

Ellaynne giggled at his feel good antics and how he
was speechless. She was so proud she was able to drive
him so nuts.

Joel wanted her to know it was the best, sloppiest
blowjob he had ever gotten, but he couldn't hurt her
feelings, being so crass. It was the best, but she had
really made love to him. She did it for him and him
alone, and it was something she had a bad experience
with before and Joel had doubted it would ever be
something she would relish.
Patsy could kneel at his feet and give him a blowjob
with the precision of a NASA Shuttle landing that
would be pure sex.
Laynie had made passionate love to him and his cock
and left no doubt that she loved him and everything
she had experienced tonight.

After a few minutes passed and both of them were
breathing normal, Laynie spoke.

"Can I talk now? Is it OK?"

"Oh yes, baby!" Joel said as he sat up a bit to look
at her.

"Wow you are a mess!" he laughed at her.

Laynie had drool and cum all over her face, especially
her cheeks, lips and just above her nose.

"Can you get me towel? It's cold now and has lost any
sexiness it had to my tastebuds." she said in a

Joel jumped up and got a towel and brought it in, but
before he handed it to her, he bent and kissed her on
the lips, tasting his own cum.

"I want you to know I won't treat you like poison if
you get like this. It's my cum, I'm man enough to deal
with it, if you're woman enough to." He said as she
grabbed the towel from him.

"Ughh, it's gross when it gets cold!!" she said, "and
you didn't have to kiss me to prove anything."

She wiped her face off as well as she could, and sat
up to kiss him; One kiss, then two, then three, big
smacks on the lips.
"Did I tell you I love you? Oh, and I'm sorry to call
your cum gross, it was just when it's cold." She said,
and then pushed her nose to his and whispered, "Fresh
and hot right out of your balls, it was pretty good!"

"Ow, you are a naughty little girl, talking like
that!" He scolded her. "But I love naughty little
girls, one especially! I'm glad we can be so open
about our sexuality with each other. I want you to
enjoy when I make love to you, and you're the best
lover I've ever had, Ellaynne, and I'm not just saying
words. You really made love to me in so many ways. You
never need to say the words."

Ellaynne had a tear coming to her eye at his
statement. She got up from the bed and pulled him up
with her.

"Let's go shower off, maybe we can do another round?"
she said as she stopped in her tracks as she looked
back at the bed.

The sheet that was under her mouth and under her pussy
was drenched, looking like someone had wet.

"Holey Moley! One of us is a slob!" She exclaimed

"I can only tell you that it was never like that when
I lived alone!" Joel responded as he ran from the

"You shithead, I'll get you for that." She said
laughing and chasing him through the house.

She cornered him in the living room, knowing he
couldn't dash outside like she had earlier.

"OK, Lets call it even and shower, all right?" She

"It's a deal," he said as they walked arm and arm into
the bathroom.

For the second time in an hour or so they washed each
other. As Joel got down to her little butt hole, she
turned her head to him.

"Ever experiment with that at all?"

"I plead the fifth."

"Seriously, my girlfriend who spied on you has told me
that she has done it there, when she wasn't on the
pill. I'm not inviting you there, I'm just asking."

"I plead the fifth."

JO-EL come on! Tell me about it."

"Sheesh, Laynie you're making me feel like Dr. Ruth.
Yes, I've done that before. It can be pretty erotic,
but I also know it can be pretty painful for you too.
I never want to hurt you, so I would probably never
try it with you. But, there is some playing to be done
there." Joel said as he held her close under the hot
water. He whispered into her ear. "Some night after a
shower I'll run my tongue around there and you'll just
go wild."

"You are a bad man, Joel Bell." Laynie said as she
swatted him on his butt.

"I wanted to plead the fifth and you made me talk.
You're a pretty open sex partner, and I think you
might like that. Everything in time, we only have our
whole lives to experiment, OK?" he asked her. "Don't
try to rush things."

"Sorry, I just love my new toy." She said

Their weekend and subsequent week was a time of great
joy for the new sexual couple. Experimenting with each
other, letting some of the newness wear off and
understanding each other's signals and feelings made
their time together exciting.

Don Doomer came to town 11 days before he was to be
presented his MVP award at the Base Ball Writers
Association Dinner, 6 days before the Free Agent
Contract signing ceremony a the ballpark. He was
anxious to meet Patsy after what Joel had told him
about her. He never let on that he had slept with her;
it just wasn't Joel's way.

The plan was to have the two of them over to Joel's
for a dinner, and then as long as all went well, she
would be with him at the signing ceremony in Seattle
and go to dinner with the owner, GM, Manager and their
wives. Doomer only asked that Patsy have a short
history of his career, so she wouldn't be embarrassed
if any talk came up about him. He wanted her to look
like a piece of his furniture for now. Patsy was aware
of the part she was to play. Don Doomer was prepared
to pay her for her escort services.
Patsy felt cheap accepting anything and only asked he
buy her a dress for the signing, and a long dress for
the MVP dinner and ball that followed.
In a new city, Joel hoped Doomer and Patsy would hit
it off, at least for a while. He didn't really think
that Patsy grasped the idea she was going to be dating
a multi-millionaire.

Doomer had insisted on picking up Patsy at her house
to bring her to Joel's for dinner. He wanted to talk
and get to know her for a bit, even before they came
over. Don was very paranoid about the "blind date"
status of the whole thing, and wanted to get by it.

As Joel and Ellaynne prepared the house for dinner and
their guests, they worried about the two of them
getting along. Even with his time in LA, Joel still
thought Doomer was pretty much country, and that
folksy attitude would play well with Patsy.

By the time Doomer and Patsy got there he had spent an
hour talking with her and met her kids, even playing
with them a bit, throwing a ball in the living room.
They packed up in Dons car and he brought them to her
ex's house and then to Joel's.
They laughed and talked and acted like they had known
each other for more than a few hours. For the time
being, it seemed like a good fit. The only awkward
moment for Joel was when Patsy took him aside for a

"You didn't tell him that I would sleep with him, and
he doesn't know I ever slept with you, right? He's got
me horny as a firecracker, but I plan on keeping my
panties on and my knees off the floor for a few days,
anyway, but it will be hard. He reminds me a lot of

"Patsy, of course I told him nothing besides that you
were attractive and would be an impressive escort for
him at the two events. If he wants to, or if you want
to take it further, it's up to either of you. I made
no promises or even indicated it was a possibility.
Doomer is a great friend, but I have too much respect
for you and what you did for Laynie and I to have said
anything." I answered.

They stayed until almost 11 with Joel and Don telling
up baseball stories and old times. Doom told Joel that
he had talked to the Mariners about possibly bringing
Joel in to work with the team at home. They needed a
batting practice pitcher with the former retiring. If
Joel had his ligament replacement surgery by
Thanksgiving, he might be at the throwing stage by
May. Doomer had convinced the team to look at Joel's
experience and wanted them to find a spot in the
organization for him. Working with the team at home
would be ideal for Joel.

The public signing and official announcement of Don
Doomer to the Mariners went great for all involved.
Doomer, his agent, the GM, owner's rep and Manager,
with their wives or girlfriends all went out together
to dinner to toast and celebrate the signing.
The next morning Doomer was on the phone to Joel to
tell him how well it went with Patsy and how she had
impressed everyone, including Don.

"She is quite a classy lady who knows the right thing
to say and how to act around the suits and the media.
I have to thank you for setting me up with her." Don
Doomer told him.

"Well, I have the feeling she's a little hot on you
too." Joel told him.

"Do you think I would ruin things if I asked her to
stay with me in Seattle on MVP night. They gave me a
whole block of rooms for my friends and family, but
you know I only got my Ma and you and a couple of the
guys from home. What do you think?" He asked.

"Wait, is this Don the Doomer asking me for girlie
advice? Have you found one you can't handle?" he

"Don't bust my ass Ringer. I never get any special
feeling for a chick because I never know how long I'm
gonna be anyplace, but with this 6 year deal, it's
pretty sure I'm hanging around. I never thought I
would get swept off my feet, but she sure is a cutie
and I really like her kids, and she seems to like the
hell out of me. I've seen her 6 of the 8 days I've
been here, and she's definitely not chasing my money.
She's kind of country simple in a lot of ways, I like
that. I think her old man used to treat her pretty
bad, I get the feeling if she didn't call him to watch
them while she works, he wouldn't miss them at all.
She said she borrowed you to take her to her brothers
wedding, how is her family?" he asked.

"From everything I saw, they were pretty normal. They
definitely don't like her ex. You really have to judge
her, not her family. She's a smart girl and pretty as
a picture, she looks like a model, and she's always
real neat and sharp dressed. Doom, if you think
there's a connection, go after it. But, let me tell
you, be honest with her. I've heard her cry because of
that asshole she was married to, and I think she's a
little fragile." Joel told him.

"Oh my God Ringer, I'd never hurt her. Right now I'd
lick the floor if I thought she didn't want to get her
feet dirty." Doomer professed.

"Ah, the country charm comes through. Talk like that
will get you a hay bale in your locker, you know
that." Joel joked.

"Shit Ringer, they even put Burma-Shave signs in the
lounge in LA and live chickens in the locker room.
I've had so many hay bales I could have opened a
store." Doomer said laughing at himself. "Well,
anyway, I think I might propose her staying with me
that night. She's acted pretty hot on me, but has
resisted me a bit, saying we should get to know each
other better. I think she's a little gun shy."

"Doom, play it by ear, but be honest. Hey, tell her
that staying doesn't mean sex, and she can have her
own room if she wants it." He suggested.

"That might be an idea too. I'll think it over. So, I
might not see you until Friday night for the MVP she-
bang. But, I'll be sending a limo for you, and pack
for a night, you and your Laynie can have a nice night
away." Doomer promised.

"Thanks, old roomie," Joel said, "I'm real proud of
you. You did great when you got the opportunity.
You've earned all this, and thanks for making Patsy so
happy. I think the two of you might do OK. I shouldn't
tell you this, but Laynie sees her 3 or 4 times a
week, picking up food for the kids when she drops them
off at her ex's. She told Laynie that she's floating
on air, and Laynie says she looks even more bright and
stunning than she ever did.
So, (in a hick accent, busting his friends chops),
Deal them cards off the top pardner an' you might get
a winnin' hand."

"Thanks, ballbuster." Doomer said as he hung up.

Just as he hung up Laynie came in the front door, on
her hour break from The Mill. They were breaking down
breakfast and getting ready for Lunch kitchen.

"Joel, I am bushed! I was in that kitchen this morning
at 5:45 and I never stopped until 10. How many people
can be off leaf peeping at 6 a.m.? We close for the
season in 3 weeks and I can't wait. Working all these
hours and going to school 3 nights is murder, but it
keeps Dad happy. I've been thinking that when I go
full time in January I'm going to hump up all the
credits I can. I can't work any harder than I am now.
The travel will kill me though. Seattle is close, but
to drive back and forth, especially if I have to go to
SCC North and Central for courses, will ruin me for
So, I was thinking, would you help me pay for an
apartment near school? I hate to ask you, but I can't
hack it alone. We've talked about the future a bit,
and this would be a part of that, or am I rushing
things?" She asked hopefully of Joel.

"No, I don't think you, or we are rushing things. I
think we should wait a year or two to get married. In
two years you'll be finished school, and I'll be 100
percent after my operation. Even if I can throw well
enough to take the BP job in Seattle by May, I'll
still be in physical therapy for 8 months after that.
Doc says that throwing BP would be right on schedule
in May, but I would need to work on strengthening a
lot with that. If I get operated in December, I could
go to spring training 14 months later, and once I sign
off on it, they'll cut me and I'll retire." He

"What if you can still pitch?" she asked as they both
sat at the dining room table with coffee.

"Who's going to want a 28 year old rookie with bad arm
history? I can also tell you, I'm not going back to
the minors and subjecting you to that. Hopefully I can
take this BP pitching thing in Seattle and parlay it
into something else in baseball. But, we'll see." He
said hoping.

Ellaynne got a pouting look on her face after a moment
of contemplation.
"So when are you going to propose to me?"

"Do you think I should propose after just 5 or 6
months?" He wondered aloud.

"Six months and 5 days, and why wouldn't you?" She
asked with a break in her voice.

"Ellaynne Pickett! Do you think for one second that I
doubt my love for you! Do you really need the words to
know that I plan to spend the rest of my life with
you? I know your Dad, and I know he likes me, but if I
proposed now you know what he would say, don't you?"
he asked her.

"Yes, he would say that I gave you a license to screw
around, to live together. Jeepers, you know him like a
book. I suppose if we wait a year or two he might
respect your intentions more. Daddies and daughters
are tough to handle. If we have to wait 2 years
anyway, I guess I can wait." She gave in.

"But, to answer your question, yes, of course, I could
set you up in a place closer to school. I've been
thinking that if I get a gig with the Mariners, it
would be a plan anyway. But, if it would make you
happy, I'll set it up for you when the time comes." He

"Now, let me ask you this," he continued, "Should
Doomer ask Patsy to stay overnight in Seattle for the
BBWA dinner? They gave him a block of rooms, one of
which you are I are taking, by the by."

"She might not take him up on it, but I KNOW she wants
to. She doesn't want to appear too desperate. Well,
maybe not desperate, but needy or loose." She said
with the knowledge of talking to her.

"If she just put herself into circulation she would
have a variety of choices, but between her kids and
working, she is handcuffed. Thank God her worthless ex
is there to take the kids whenever she DOES have time
to get out." Joel surmised.

"Well, she thinks that is going to dry up too. He
thinks she's having a little too much fun and wants
her to start calling ahead for times besides when
she's working. The lazy bastard is home 24-7, it
seems, and has found a girl who likes staying home and
watching tv and eating bonbons with him. He knows
she's dating a ballplayer, but is not aware of the new
contract or anything. He's oblivious." Laynie said as
she got up move behind Joel and hug his neck.

"I don't know the guy, but if he finds out that there
is a man in her life that can provide for her so he
only has the kids when he HAS to take them, and that's
just every other weekend, there's no telling what
he'll do." Joel said petting her hugging arms.

"She said that if she moved away he would either never
see the kids again, or follow her and eventually run
away with them. He screwed with her head so much, now
that she's thinking independently, he knows he's
losing his grip. She said when she bathes them she
looks to be sure he hasn't hurt them trying to get
back at her. She's a little paranoid. She knows he
would never hurt them, but divorced parent groups tell
you all that stuff." Laynie added, suddenly distracted
by her hugging and Joel's reciprocal touching.

She kissed his ear and whispered. "Enough about her,
how about a quickie to lift the spirits of a working
girl?" She accented her intentions by running her hand
down to cup his package.

"Would that make you happy? You KNOW I'm always game.
I can't believe I've been such a bad influence on
you." Joel said as he pushed his chair away from the

"But it's a good bad influence." She said as she came
to the front of his chair and squatted down. "See, I
LOVE being your naughty little girl, you make me feel
so good."

Laynie smiled and never broke eye contact with him as
she untied his lounge pants and fished out his cock.
She stroked it a few times, still staring into his
eyes. Laynie stood and bent to kiss his lips, her eyes
still open and locked on Joel's eyes.

"I'm gonna suck your cock and then you're gonna push
it into me and fuck me silly. Is that naughty enough
for now?" She said as she closed her lips around his.
He could only assent with a "Ummm hmmm" through their

She finished the kiss and still bending from the
waist, her head went down and he felt his cock
enveloped by her mouth. First her swirling tongue,
then a pumping mouth. In a matter of moments, he was
hard as steel.

Laynie stood and undid her belt and pulled her jeans
down to her knees. Joel went to reach a hand to her
panty-covered pussy, but she pushed it away.

"Sorry, no time, and I'm ready." She said as she
pulled her panty down to the jeans around her ankles.
Then she turned and bent over the table.

After having his hand pushed away Joel stood knew what
he had to do to make her happy. He shucked his lounge
pants off and stood with his feet on either side of
hers behind her bent form. HE took his cock in his
hand and pushed while he dragged it across her furrow.
He slid right in with an "Oooooff" from Ellaynne.

"Ohhhhhhhhh God, Joel, that's what I neeeeed." She
groaned as he began to plow in and out of her.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh," she grunted to every push
as he now pounded her.

"God Laynie, you're so fucking tight you're going to
push me over the edge fast. It's like being in your
ass!" he said as he gripped her hips and arched his
head back and rode her home.

It was just then that Laynie began to cum.
Arggggggghhhhhhhh.EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee," she came

Joel was just behind her.
"Gnnnt, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Httt, Httt, Httt." He growled
as he shot into her, making her even more wet and
He finally slowed down to a long stroke and when he
could no longer stand the grip of her pussy he bent
over her and let the last drops of his cum drain into
her. He reached under her and hugged.

"Good God, I love you, especially when you get naughty
like this. You make our love so exciting." He said to
her in a breathless whisper.

"Mmmmmm we ARE exciting, I don't make it that way. I'm
gonna be late, but I wish I could keep your cock in
there all day, But,. . ." she said as she pulled
herself from him and brought her hand to her pussy to
catch the dripping mess.

Joel gathered the paper towels on the table from their
coffee and handed them to her. She shuffled with her
pants around her ankles to the bathroom and sat for a
second on the toilet to let it run out. She bent and
opened the vanity and took a panty liner out to save
the embarrassment of a wet spot on her pants and
brought her panty and jeans up. She smiled at Joel as
he watched the show as she washed her hands.

"I have to run, lover. That might hold me until the
next time I see you, I hope it holds you." She said as
she smiled and kissed him and ran to the door. She
stopped abruptly and ran back to get her hand purse
from the table.

Once more she got to the door and rushed back, this
time to Joel. She kissed him, and looked him in the
eyes. "you said "Like being in my ass"? - You've never
been in my ass. But it sure pushed me over the edge."

She turned and she was gone.

Joel only made the comment because with her feet
together she felt so tight. But, after she left he was
afraid she might have thought he confused her with
another girl, and that bothered him. No girl or woman
had the effect on him that Ellaynne had. He got
dressed and decided to walk to The Mill for lunch and
have a quick word with Laynie.

After a brisk 45 minute walk he got to The Mill hungry
and thirty. He bought his customary jug of cider
outside from the last of the season batch and went
inside. He ordered his custom sandwich that would
certainly let Ellaynne know he was there. After just a
few minutes he heard his number called and he went to
pick it up. Laynie's brother was at the window and he
said "El Pain will bring yours out to you. She said to
get a table and wait for her."

Joel smiled and found an empty table and waited for
her. Once she got set-ups done, the other line chefs
could handle the rush for a few minutes. In a few
moments she came out, plate in hand, and found Joel's

"Hi sweetie," she said as she kissed him and sat down.

She didn't seem to be mad so he hesitated bringing up
what was bothering him. But he leaned over the table
to whisper.

"I know I've never been in your ass, I don't want you
to think I confused you with anyone else. I thought
that's what you meant when you made a point of saying
that. Simply, the way you were standing made it extra
tight." He said, embarrassed to be talking like this
in such a public place, even if he was whispering.

She blushed deep red and looked side to side.
"Couldn't this have waited, hon? I know I'm it. I
haven't thought about any other woman."

"Sorry, I just couldn't function if I thought you got
another idea from it. I love you that much." He

The speaker that usually barked the order numbers
opened and one word came across, "Laynie".
She knew the kitchen line had backed up and she had to
go. She jumped up and kissed Joel, and then whispered,
"I don't like talking about these things I public,
even if just you and I can hear. Just remember that
when you hear that bedroom door click shut, I'm open
for anything, I'm your naughty little girl, and don't
worry, If I'm ever mad at you, you'll know about it,
you won't have to guess."
She squeezed his shoulder and took 2 steps before
turning back to whisper, "Now sit here and eat your
lunch while your hard-on goes down."

Joel looked at her confused and said, "I'm not um . ."

"Think about me sucking it later and it will be -
gotcha!" she said with a wicked laugh as she hurried

Her words were all he needed to sport wood. She was a
firecracker when it came to being alone; her promise
for later was a nice inspiration for him.

His walk back home was great in the sense that he had
a chance to think in the brisk November air. He
thought of how lucky he was to have found Ellaynne and
how good she had been for him. He truly appreciated
the true friendship, companionship, and nearness of
each other's souls. They could sit and talk for hours,
or just walk together and enjoy the air and life
itself. When it came to showing their love for each
other, by making love, she was a complete open lover.
Something she had said earlier was true; when the
bedroom door clicked shut, she was a naughty girl.
After being tarnished by another guy who used her sex
for himself and hadn't thought of her own pleasure and
fulfillment, she trusted Joel and it paid off for her
in the physical pleasures of sex, as well as the love
aspect. She was the type of woman who, if she ever
swore in public she was embarrassed and apologized
profusely. The subject of sex was strictly a private
subject, she seemed almost cold to it in the company
of others. But, if they were alone, she was a rabid,
naughty, insatiable lover who knew the right words to
say to make her man want her more than anything.

He thought about his "ass" comment earlier today. He
had said it in a throe of passion and not meant it to
be a proposition. He remembered saying he same thing
to Patsy at one time, as well. He would have thought
that Laynie would reject the idea entirely, and had
told her that he would never hurt her that way. But,
if she were open to it. . . .

His thought process was interrupted, just as his house
came into view, by the sound of a horn. He looked up
and saw Patsy slowed to a crawl next to him.

"Hi, little boy, go for a ride, I'll make it worth
your while." She teased out the window.

"If Laynie ever heard you say that she would rip your
voice box out." He laughed.

"She knows I don't eat from other peoples gardens. I'm
a lot of things, but a cheater, I'm not." She swore.
"Can I talk to you for a couple minutes? I'll let you
finish your walk, I'll meet you in the driveway." She
said as he sped ahead.

Joel invited her in and the sat at the breakfast booth
with the old coffee from earlier. Hot and strong,
neither seemed to mind.

"Joel I need a couple tips on your friend Don. Just
show me the way a little. I won't ask you anything to
betray anything. It's just I have been out of the
relationship loop for so long, I'm afraid of saying or
doing the wrong thing to scare him away.

Joel smiled a bit and nodded.

"He kissed my goodnight the first time I was with him.
He kissed me hello the next day, and goodnight and
hello the next 4 or 5 days in a row that I saw him.
Two nights ago we started necking a bit and I know he
was excited and wanted to go further, and I even gave
him a couple signals that it was OK, but he didn't.
Last night after the dinner and everything he really
came on strong back at my place after we put the kids
down, and I felt like he would try to get real
intimate, and just when it should have happened, he
shied away." She said. "Is he afraid of commitment?

"Patsy, I can only tell you what I perceive about
Doomer, and I've known him since college. He will
usually try to fuck anything that moves for as long as
it will let him. When he gets sick of her, or they
him, he moves on fast. He got real close to a girl in
college and when semester ended she went home and
never came back. He thought they had something. In
rookie ball in Montana he had a steady girlfriend who
he lived with. When the season ended he expected her
to come home with him. She expected to meet a guy on
the local minor league hockey team within a few weeks
to hold her over till her next ballplayer.

Since then, Doom doesn't get attached, and has said he
wouldn't until he was ready to settle. With this
contract, he is ready. I think he really likes you,
but is afraid to say so and have you run from him.
Tell me, are you really interested in HIM, or is it
the fact he is a man with an athletic build and,
assuming all men are horny as well as you, you want to
get serviced?" Joel asked bluntly.

"Joel, How can you be such a fuck head sometimes? You
fucking serviced me and that would have held me for
quite a while, thank you. I went out with Don as a
favor to you, and now think I might have made a
mistake by getting attached to him. Maybe he's like
you, where I'm only good enough till something better
comes along." She said bitterly.

"OK, OK, lets stop throwing barbs at each other. I was
off base on my comment, to be sure. But, in no way did
I use you until something better came along. You
picked me up to fuck me, our relationship was cock and
pussy, and you know it. Yes, we got a little attached,
but Laynie had already piqued my interest with her
notes and I had no intention of getting emotionally
involved with her. It just happened. Patsy, you are
one hot fuck and a very beautiful and vivacious woman.
Any man who wouldn't give you a second look would be
blind and gay. If you don't think Don is the kind of
guy you want to get attached to, let him know. But, I
can tell you, he really likes you, and he really likes
your kids too." Joel said straightforward.

"Really! I was afraid the kids turned him off. He's
taking us all out tonight. I thought it was going to
be a test. He really likes the kids, huh? I've had a
hard time to figure him out. Some nights he has just
come over and watched tv with us. Then after the kids
go to bed he sits, we talk, and smooch a bit. I really
like him because he likes staying home, he doesn't
have to be on the go all the time. But at the signing
last night he was very eloquent and everyone seemed to
really like him. We had a great time at dinner and I
met some really neat people." Patsy explained.

"Pats, remember that during the other 6 months of his
life he travels all the time. He flies every 3 or 4
days and lives out of a suitcase and has to fight off
autograph hounds and people who will try to separate
him from his money, AS WELL AS, lots and lots of
women, baseball annies, groupies, who want a chance to
say they fucked him, or want to tell a lawyer that he
got them pregnant. You are a welcome relief. You do
realize that he will be gone 6 months of the year. If
you became "involved" with him you would have to trust
him to the end, or travel a lot with him, or both."
Joel confided to her.

"I suppose he makes good money then?" she asked

"PATSY, have you been asleep or what during this whole
thing and all the stories in the newspaper!! You
really don't know how much money he signed for in
Seattle?" he asked incredulously.

"I don't know. You said you played baseball, but its
not what made you rich." She said.

"Just when I think you are one of the brightest women
I know, you tell me this, you obviously don't read the
sports pages or even listen to the local news." Joel
scolded her.

"Hey, I read my Wall Street, the NY Times online and I
watch Jim Lehrer on PBS. I don't do sports or Seattle
news. How much does he make?" she asked innocently.

"He signed for $50 million dollars for 6 years." He
told her.

Patsy was speechless, not knowing what to say.

"Then, what does he want to do with me?" she asked

"Patsy, try a little pride and self-esteem check. Don
wants to be with you because he likes you and the
money makes no difference to you, obviously. Listen,
you decide the when and the how and if about sleeping
with him, but I know he wants to ask you to stay at
the Hotel with the rest of us after the BBWA dinner
and presentation. Now, if you don't want to seem to
loose, too anxious, or too interested - it's all up to
you, tell him no. I'm breaking his confidence telling
you this. You can refuse to stay the night with him,
get your own room, stay with him with no sex, or
whatever you want. But let me tell you this.
He wants to play a guessing game, and so do you. THAT
WON'T WORK! Ask questions and be forward and honest.
You could each walk away from this relationship
because you didn't communicate. If he asks you, talk
to him about it. Make a decision together. Ask him
where he thinks your relationship might go. I know 10
days if hard to judge a relationship by, but you two
have been together a lot and 10 days is a start. Don't
walk away if you're not sure. If you think it's worth
pursuing, pursue it." Joel said finishing his lecture.

Meanwhile a certain new millionaire was driving in to
Arlington again. Don Doomer had spent near every free
waking moment in his 10 days in and around Seattle
with Patsy. It wasn't his plan at all. He had hoped to
meet her, bring her to the signing ceremony and dinner
with the suits, and then bring her to the BBWA MVP
presentation and dinner. She was to be an escort for
him. But, as it happened, he really did like her a
lot, and was impressed with how the kids behaved. He
knew that Patsy was clueless at the money or magnitude
of his talent or contract. Being liked for being just
him suited Doomer just fine. He already had thoughts
in his head of asking her to move in with him if they
were still an item when the season started. He was
thinking that far ahead. He knew the kids would be a
burden at times, but he really liked them. The whole
"Patsy" package was to his liking. He just hoped he
could convince her that he was genuine and his
feelings for her real. He wanted to get to know her
better to be sure for himself, but this was where he
had a tough time with women.

As Doomer and Patsy prepared to get together and hit
each other in the face with total honesty, Ellaynne
Pickett was just finishing her freezer inventory and
making sure the kitchen was shut down properly and
safely. It was odd that she stay at Joel's on a
Tuesday night, but she was so dogged this morning when
she showed up on break, their morning quickie had
really picked her up. Then when he thought she might
be mad at him because of a comment he made, he ran
right over to fix things, if need be. He was so damn
good in so many ways. After she teased him about
"sucking him later" to give him an embarrassing
erection, she had thought about it during the
afternoon, and it appealed to her. Before Joel, oral
sex was a job, her duty. With Joel it was fun and
exciting. He was going to get the surprise tonight and
find out her comment wasn't a joke.

Upon leaving The Mill she drove around the orchard to
her parents home and went in to pack a few things. All
of her staples for grooming and washing were already
at Joel's in some form. She knew she didn't have a
second pair of work jeans or a Mill crew shirt there.
She would chuck the ones she was wearing in his
laundry to fix that today. Little by little more of
her things were either leaving or getting duplications
at Joel's.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad, busy today huh? I'm exhausted, but
I'm going to Joel's. Don't wait up. I'm staying over.
Billy's going to open the kitchen for me; he says he
can handle it. He has Joel's number. I'll be there for
7:30." She shouted out as she climbed the stairs to
her room.

She picked up a pair of jeans, a Mill crew shirt and a
Sears bag with new underwear to leave at Joel's.
She knew her Dad would be at the bottom of the stairs
waiting for her.

"You keep finding more reasons to stay there instead
of being here where good girls belong, ya know." John
Pickett said matter of factly.

"Are you saying I'm not a good girl? I'm almost 23,
run about a third of my Dad's business for him. I do
that at a rate, if paid by the hour, would be just
above the minimum wage. Then I bust my butt in college
3 nights a week when the Mill is open and then, in
second semester, take 18 credits of school, when 13 is
a full schedule. I do that for the rest of the winter
so the family will have me there in the spring to
start all over again. I think I'm a damn good girl. I
fell in love with a man, who can take care of me the
rest of my life, whom I love eternally and he loves
me. He a good man and has all the qualities you told
me to look for, no tattoos, no piercings, takes me to
church on Sundays, and votes Republican every year. I
have little or no time to spend with him, so I go to
his house and eat with him, talk with him, read with
him, laugh with him, and enjoy simple things in life
with him; AND, I make love to him because he makes me
feel like a complete whole female human being. If that
makes me a bad girl, Dad, your expectations are way
too high." Ellaynne Pickett said as he left in a huff,
slamming the door.

Laynie went out to her car a little pissed off that
she had gotten mad at her father, but glad she had
stuck up for herself. She got in her car and looked up
to see her Dad, hands in his pockets coming down the
walk with his finger up to signal her to wait.

"Ya just proved to me that you're right. You are a
good girl, and I made ya that way. Sorry for hurting
your feelings. Tell Joel that we love him for the way
he treats you and we feel safe and secure that you're
OK when your stay there." Her Dad apologized, and then
bent to the window to kiss his little girl.

"I love you Daddy, and tell mom the same. I knew you
had to understand. See you tomorrow. Good night."
Laynie said to her Dad as she began to pull from the

Laynie had tears in her eyes as she drove the few
miles of country road to Joel's. Just before the curve
by his house she pulled over to a closed home farm
stand and blew her nose and dried her eyes. If she
told Joel about her confrontation with her Dad, it
would be later.

Dry-eyed and composed she pulled into Joel's driveway.
She ran a brush through her dirty blonde hair and
skipped up his steps. Using her key she let herself in
to find Joel asleep on the sofa, an ice pack on his
shoulder, just a towel over his lap. He worked his
shoulder out on the deck in his sweats, but with the
cold weather, he was no longer able to recline out
there with the ice packs, he had to come inside. Hot
in his sweats into the warm room, he exploded into
sweat, so he usually took his sweats off, and laid
with a towel over his lap. He probably was going to
shower and go pick up Laynie at 8.

"Well, I have a little surprise for you Joel Bell,"
she thought to herself. "Before we go for Tuesday
night groceries, I'm going to get busy with you!" she
thought to herself, smiling wickedly.

Joel was dead out. He hadn't heard a noise or even
sensed someone was in the room. Keeping her distance
so as not to tweak his sensory alarm, she set down her
purse and took off her Mill polo shirt and the sports
bra under it. She tiptoed up to the sofa and knelt
beside his legs. She peeled up the towel just enough
to see his soft penis laying there for her.

It was lying just perfect that she could get it in her
mouth a bit without having to touch it with her hands.
If it responded at all and sat up just a bit before he
actually woke, it would be perfect.

The salty taste of urine or sweat flared her nostrils
as she drew in a lungful of his masculine scent.
"Oooo," she thought, "his scent is like a musk, so
manly." She pinched her nipple without thinking.
She pulled back with the end of his cock between her
lips till the rim of the head was just inside her
lips. She swirled her tongue around the head once and
as it responded to her ministrations it sat up just
enough to get another inch in. As she drew back in a
sucking motion to the head to swirl again, he stirred.

She decided to just go for it and started to bob her
head up and down over his semi-erect cock.

"Oh my Gooooooooood, Laynie. You ARE naughty, but I
love it. This is a first for me. I love you, you
little minx." He said in broken breaths as her tongue
took his breath away.

She looked up and smiled around the cock in her mouth
and continued to suck it. Now that he was awake, she
involved her hands, holding and juggling his balls.
His hard cock and tightening ball sack were on display
to her for the first time in the full light of the
room. She had tried to complete a real blowjob with
him their first night they were deemed safe by the
clinic, but she underestimated the volume of juice he
could shoot, and the physical intensity of his orgasm.
Tonight she vowed herself not to lose a drop to show
Joel how she loved him and any part of him. Plus, it
was pretty damn sexy.
Her pussy was soaked, and if Joel worked his magic on
her special spot, she would be a lot wetter later. She
swore that she "pissed" a squirt of her own wetness
the last time Joel had buried his head in her mound.

She wanted to better get at him so she gave up his
cock for a moment and motioned for him to sit up and
face her. He crooked a finger to signal her up so her
could touch and please her, but she pushed it back.

"No, this is your blowjob, my gift to you. I love you
so much. Besides, I'm staying. I might never leave."
She announced to him as she pulled his cock toward his
belly and sucked in each of his balls. He hadn't
showered after his work out and he tasted of sweat and
his own musk. Once again her nostrils flared at the
heady smell.

Joel looking down at the pretty little innocent face
of his Laynie making love to his sex almost made him
cum on the spot. He had to grip his cock hard to
repress the sudden urge as she sucked and licked his
She took his grab as a sign he wanted her mouth back
there and she switched to it quickly. The watery pre-
cum that rose within him to signal his orgasm and
caused him to grab and repress himself was behind his
grip, so when she took it in her mouth and he let go,
it ran into her mouth.

She knew by the bleachy salty taste that something had
come from him and he was close to cumming, although
she felt she hadn't really worked him. She didn't
realize that the visual of her enjoying and making
love to him had caused a spontaneous reaction.

She sat a little higher to take more of him into her
mouth. She felt the head just touching the beginning
of the back of her throat. To gag would have ruined
her moment and she relented to just the head and an
inch more.

Joel began to shudder and groan a bit and she knew he
was close, and she prepared herself. With the end of
his cock in her mouth Joel brought his own fist around
his cock and didn't stroke it into her mouth, he just
turned his fist side to side, over and over as if he
were opening/closing a bottle top.

She ran both hands up the sides of his legs and
grabbed the sides of his hips. Right now, she wanted
this more than anything else in the world, wanting to
show Joel her commitment.

A growl rose from deep with in Joel as he began to

spat out as he rolled his eyes back and thrust his
hips up, Laynie holding onto them for dear life, it

A splash of fluid and then 2 big wads of cum rose from
his cock into her mouth. She had felt the pulse and
began to swallow. As she cleared that mouthful another
rose and hit the roof of her mouth. Afraid of choking,
she swathed her tongue over and over the little pee
hole where he shot from to stop projectiles.

Joel's repeated groans and woops as well as his
thrusts at her mouth told her he was not done yet, as
one secondary shot from a deep spasm within him
produced a thick wad in her mouth that she swallowed
rather than deal with the ill feeling curd.

Joel voice became raw and almost squeaky as his
vocalizations announced each spasm. But now his tensed
elbows and stiff knees turned to putty as he was
spent. Only Laynie's slow sucking at his cock head
made him aware he was conscious. He could barely stand
the intense pleasure it was giving him as trails of
oozing sperm still escaped into her mouth as reaction
to her long mouth filled kiss of his penis.

Finally he could take no more and thrust a hand to his
poor member and took it into his hand causing a pop
from her mouth.

She drew a deep breath through her nose as she raised
her head up craning her neck as if to funnel anything
remaining in her mouth down her throat. She then
gently laid her head on his waist and upper thigh and
exhaled her breath and put her arms around his trunk
closing her eyes.

She thought of the true unbridled passion and animal
like behavior of the past few moments. She knew her
act of love had left her lover in no doubt of her
resolve to make him happy and aware of her feelings.
She still tasted the nectar from his very core as
little wads and nuances of it gathered in the spittle
she produced and swallowed.

Her mind raced and confused the feeling that she might
never do this again to keep this experience so
special, but wanted to do it every day to bare her
loving heart and soul to him.

She felt a hand touch and pet her hair, then her cheek
as he began to recover from his grinding, churning
orgasm. His exhales were hums of contentment as she
tipped her head to look into his eyes. She smiled at
him, a knowing, loving, tears of joy smile.
It was more than he could take. He sat up and reached
out to touch both sides of her face as he fell to his
knees beside her on the carpet and continued to fall
until he was laying over her kissing her mouth and
trying to get as much of his body to touch hers. It
was as if he wanted her to reverse the action of a
splitting cell, two converging to envelope into one.

She felt a drop of water to her face and opened her
eyes to see his eyes filled with tears, openly crying
with the joy that true love had brought him.

"Look at all the trouble God went to in bringing us
together. The circumstances are bizarre. I really
wouldn't have given up my baseball career for a woman,
but now, I wouldn't trade you to have it back. I am so
happy." Joel affirmed.

Ellaynne just let the tears flow at this point.

"So much of my life has been wondering when I would
find that Prince Charming I always read about, but I
knew he never really existed. Now, he's here." Laynie
said as she cried into his shoulder.

As they both cried in a heap on the carpet Laynie
reached down between them and took his semi-turgid
penis and pressed it into her vagina. It wasn't hard
enough to do the deed, but she wanted him within her.

They lay and fell asleep in each other's arms for what
seemed hours, but was only for part of an hour, when
the dead weight on Laynie woke her.

"Joel? Joel honey, I can't breath, you're too heavy."
She complained.
He shook awake with a start and rolled from her, his
soft cock that was nudged between her nether lips felt
the cold air of the room making him aware of his sex.

"That was a revelation," Joel said of what had just
happened, "A revelation of love, and I do love you for
so many reasons."

"Never have I loved you more than I do right now, Joel
Bell." She said leaning up on her elbow, her bare
breasts so perfectly shaped and inviting him.

"Oh my God, you are so beautiful, such a vision. Get
those pants off, I want to see all of you and how
beautiful God made you for me." Joel said reaching for
her belt.

"No - No please, let me shower. I've been working
since 5:45 this morning and I'm not so fresh. Come
shower with me, wash me. Get me ready for you to make
love to." She pleaded.

"Alright, I suppose that's a good excuse, but I want
you to know, it makes no difference to me. I love YOU.
But, I do trust you to love yourself enough to take
care of yourself, as you do me. If you would feel more
comfortable with a shower, lets go!" he said offering
her a hand to help her up.

In the bathroom Joel grabbed her and held her tight
and kissed her behind her ear.

She whispered in his, "Your hairy chest feels so nice
against my boobs, what a contrast!"

"Your breasts are so perfect, when we have kids all
their friends will be jealous they didn't get to nurse
at yours." Joel joked.

"Stop that talk!" Ellaynne said of his joke. "My
breasts are for you and our kids, that's all!" she
said as she held them in her hands.

Then Joel reached out and began to undo her belt.

"There's something else that's just mine, and I sure
would like to see it, and kiss it, and make love to
it." He said as he began to work her jeans off,
leaving her in just a thong.

"What a lucky little piece of silk that is, wrapped
around your lovely derriere and sweet pussy." Joel
said as he cupped her mound.

Laynie blushed at his words and actions. "Joel, the
things you say! I'm not even close to being fresh and
I feel filthy." She said as she dropped her thong and
picked up all her dirty clothes and put them in the

"I brought a total change of clothes with me and can
leave these here after you wash them, so I have work
clothes ready here. Before we get an apartment near
Seattle, I think I'll be living here. Is that going to
be alright?" she said with a knowing smile.

"Uh oh, I smell a confrontation with John Pickett
here." Joel said.

"I made him evaluate the position that I was a "bad"
girl." Laynie said as she outlined the words between
her and her Dad.

"Wow, you did a great job kiddo." He congratulated

"Kiddo? Look at this body and call me kiddo again."
She scolded him.

"Just a figure of speech, my dear." He said as he
turned on the hot water and extended a hand to help
her in. "You have to realize that any name I would use
for you would never be to hurt you or characterize you
as anything but my love, OK?"

"After being made fun of because I looked 15 till I
was 19 and always being hit on by jerks at parties
when I went alone, I guess I'm a little sensitive."
She said stopping to kiss him.

In the shower Laynie took the liquid soap and washed
Joel first. She took special time with his cock and
balls, noticing that life was returning to his penis.
After soaping and stroking it he began to develop a
little curve. She grinned at him as she gave him a
smirking eye.

Joel took the soap from her and began washing her
breasts. Once they were rinsed he took each nipple
into his mouth, sucking them and giving each a
stinging bite, leaving them at full attention.
He washed the flat plain of her stomach, paying
special attention to her navel, finishing it with a
drilling lick.
He then had her part her legs a bit so he could wash
her pussy. He ran his soapy hand over and over her
pussy always using his middle finger as a guide along
her slit, finishing at her clit. By the time he began
to reach under her to wash her butt, she was all
tingly. He had reached under her to soap her butt and
asshole, but then asked her to turn around and bend.

His cock rose to full staff as he looked at her
beautiful bottom. Slightly bent her cheeks parted and
he introduced more soap between them and cleaning. He
shined her pretty cheeks with the soap and then
returned to the crack to touch her pretty asshole
rosette once more. This apparently appealed to her as
she bent a bit further. As the water rush over her
back and down her crease to rinse, he could no longer
resist. He squatted down and held each butt halve in
his hand as he ran his tongue over her little hole.

He heard her catch her breath as he started, but she
was now humming approval as he titillated the special
nerve endings there. He swirled his tongue there 6
times before he drilled her with it then swirled a few
more times before he stood and washed her back while
she was still bent with her hands on her knees. He
turned to get the shampoo for her, and she was
standing, her face flushed.

"That was nice, different but nice." She said still
breathing heavily.

"I won't even pretend that I know how you wash that
long hair." He said with a grin.

"You wash yours and watch me do mine." She said to his

They finished the hair washing and were out of the
shower drying each other in a couple minutes. After
finishing she took a wide toothed comb and bent over,
so her hair fell forward, and began running the comb
through it towards the floor in front of her.

Watching her move and shift, bent over with her pretty
ass stuck out, was more than he could take. He sat on
the closed toilet right behind her and leaned forward
to kiss each rosy cheek of her butt.

She paused and looked back, her hair still falling
forward, and chuckled at his persistence.

"You like my hiney that much?" She asked.

His answer was to push his face between her cheeks and
lick her asshole again.

She caught her breath as before and started to stand
up, but then bent lower. He grabbed her hips and
pulled her as to his face as he tried to drill his
tongue inside her, then ran it up her crease and then
kissed the top of the part, letting go his hands.

She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her hair and
then stood quickly to throw her wrapped locks over her
shoulder. She turned the towel around her head and
tucked an end in like a turban, then turned to him.

"Did I tell you that feels nice, and real sexy, you
bad man?" Laynie said embarrassed.

"If it feels good, no matter what, it's OK. Don't be
embarrassed." He said as he took her hand and led her
out to the bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed and Joel knelt right in
front of her parting her knees so he could get close
to kiss her face. They kissed long hard and deep
before he let her lips go and dropped his head to her
breasts and suckled each nipple.

He knelt up straight and put a hand behind each knee
and tipped her back leaving her pussy splayed open
before him. He took her arms and had her hold her legs
back, thus tipping her pussy and bottom hole up.

"Joel Bell, what are you up to?" she said

"If I told you it would ruin the surprise, wouldn't
it? Don't you trust me?" he said squinting one eye.

"Of course, you haven't let me down yet." She said
exhaling and dropping her head back to the bed.

Joel leaned forward to her bald pussy. Her only pubic
hair was a long triangle, almost like an exclamation
point over her clit hood. He touched his tongue to the
opening in her hood. She jolted a bit and her clit
started to pop. One wide swath with his tongue brought
it out and he kissed it, and then gave it a tongue
kiss. Laynie was vibrating already. That sensitized,
he licked down her lips to the very bottom of her slit
and then used his thumbs to open her lips. He
carefully licked up the inside of her lips, one side
then the other. He put his tongue to the bottom of the
spread slit and squeegeed the juices collected there.
He repeated this action over and over as she writhed
on the bed. He covered her slit with his whole mouth
and probed it with his tongue and lips. If devour were
an option, this was it. He finally settled on her clit
and paddled it with the tip of his tongue until he
felt she was near climax.

He turned a bit sideways and stuck the thumb of his
left hand into her pussy and brought it up to her clit
and slid down behind it with the pad of his thumb
toward her stomach. If her G-spot were an active one
he figured to be right on it as he began a short
circuitous massage of the area with the crotch of his
thumb and forefinger titillating her clit area.

He sucked in her lips once again and then trailed his
tongue down to the bottom of her slit to zig-zag
across her perineum.

He left the room bright so he could easily see her
intimate parts and their reaction to his oral play.
Ellaynne would certainly have opted for darkness or
candles, which was why she had her eyes closed, no

His tongues destination was her asshole, no doubt, and
she knew it as she stiffened a bit and grabbed at the
bed spread. She had liked the first licking her little
hole had gotten; he didn't think she was aware that
about 75 percent more of the hole was now exposed,
meaning more nerve endings. He touched the center of
her opening and tried to insinuate his tongue in. He
knew it wouldn't go, but certainly it relaxed it a bit
from her tension of the area as he expanded and
widened his tongue path. He would flick his tongue and
then lick the flat of it over her hole. She was
dilating nicely as he watched her begin to react to
his tweaking of her g-spot. He began to let spittle
collect as he licked her most private hole. She was
certainly on a track for a g-spot orgasm and Joel was
sure it was a new experience for her.

She began to quiver and spasm from deep inside and she
opened her eyes at the new feeling.

"Let it happen Laynie my baby, relax and let your body
take over. Lie back and let it happen." He said to
reassure her.

Her eyes were wide open in anticipation of something
big happening between her legs. Joel's thumb still
rotating had caused her lips and mound to fill with
blood like never before.

She was uttering urgent cries of "Oooo, ungnnnnnt,
Ohhh," in nervous anticipation. She closed her eyes
and threw her head back.
Joel took this opportunity to load up his middle
finger with spit and bring it to her asshole, twice in
a few seconds. Her impending orgasm made her not pay
attention to what he was doing.

Suddenly she bucked and reached down to grab his thumb
away from her pussy. Her breath stopped and her pussy
pulsated, like she was going to pass something large
through it.

then took a breath. "HEEEEEEEN HEEEEEEEEN, arghh!" she
groaned again as her pussy filled with the cloudy
fluid she was ejaculating.
As she gripped and bore down for the next wave Joel
pushed his well-coated middle finger right up her

"GRRTTTTTTTTTTT,WHOOOOOOOOO," she squealed as a short
fountain of fluid escaped from her pussy. Pulling his
finger back to thrust again and finger her asshole he
dropped his mouth to catch some of her ejaculation.

She was white-knuckling the bedspread with just an
open mouth grunt and nothing else coming from her as
the third and only real squirt was pushed out.

She caught her breath and delayed reactioned her
scream for that gush.

screamed as it rang throughout the room.

Joel kept the finger fucking in her ass throughout the
whole ordeal, knowing that whole ganglia of nerve
endings intertwined and tweaked each other.

Still breathing heavy, but definitely on the downside
of her orgasm she rolled her hips with the finger in
her ass. She shivered and jolted every few seconds and
Joel, looking at her pussy, could see droplets rise
and fill her little reservoirs and overflow to his
diddling digit.

Breathless and exhausted she uttered, "What was that,
my heart attack button?" She said still gasping from
her spasms.

"That was incredible, did I pee on your bed?" she

"No, just relax and let it ebb away." He said and she
did just that.

She finally got a long clearing breath and began to
breath normal when she tensed up one more time.

"My God, you're fucking my ass with your finger!"

"Umm, I know that."

"It feels sorta good, but it's getting dry."

"I know that too." He said as he pushed his finger in
her and then slowly he pulled it out.

"How did you learn to do that to a woman? Not the part
with my butt, but the gushing and cumming part. Any
other little secrets about me I don't know." She

"A woman's body is a beautiful thing and a good lover
will find all of its secrets. I wanted to make you as
happy as you made me." He said.

"Well, your reaction to my loving you, "a revelation",
fits it well. God, I love you Joel and how happy you
make me." Ellaynne said with true sincerity.

"Did you like your introduction to bottom sex?" He

"It was nice, and a lot different than I thought; Very
erotic. I might be able to handle something bigger if
it would feel that good," she said cautiously. "I told
you my friend Gail was into it, and liked it a lot."
Laynie thought aloud.

"Your friend Gail was also into women, as well. You
don't know if you would like it. My dick is a lot
bigger than my finger. I WILL NOT hurt you, and I know
it hurts. I've seen it, so lets drop it now. Playing
is one thing, shoving my cock up there is different."
Joel told her.

"You and Patsy were . . oops forget it." Laynie
started, then caught herself.

"Me and Patsy were WHAT?" He demanded.

Laynie looked at the floor and was embarrassed that
she said something she was supposed to keep quiet.

"You and Patsy were going to do the butt sex thing if
I hadn't come along. She told me that was her biggest
disappointment of losing you to me as a sex partner."
Ellaynne confessed.

"Well, she has a big mouth, kissing and telling. She's
probably going to tell Doomer that she and I had sex.
He's funny, it might turn him right off." he said,

"How about why you would do it with her, and not me.
Does she have a nicer ass than me?" Laynie asked

"Listen baby, with Patsy, sex was all we had. We were
each other's fuck toys. Don't even think that I
consider you in those ways. Sex for us is making love;
with her it was fucking, making each other cum." he
explained his reasoning.

"Aren't we each others fuck toys some times? We do it,
just for the kick of doing it?" she asked.

"I suppose so, but by the time we finish are we
thinking of each other in tender ways, as if we DID
make love?" Joel professed.

Laynie thought about it for a second.

"You know, you're absolutely right. When I left my
house tonight, I was coming here to give you a blowjob
as a reward; it wasn't making love at all. I wanted
dirty sex with you to feel uninhibited. By the time
you woke up, I was making love to you, not to feel the
zing of being dirty and nasty." She confessed.

"So you're staying tonight?" Joel asked.

"I might be staying every night, if you'll have me."
She answered.

"Of course, all that I have is yours, just don't do it
without your parents awareness and some kind of
blessing." Joel warned her.

Laynie turned out to be a free and willing sex partner
for the experienced Joel. Laynie trusted him to
pleasure her while showing her the love her felt for
her. For the first time in either of their lives they
had the pieces of true relationship that they had
lacked for fulfillment. For Joel is was commitment,
for Ellaynne, it was trust.
Late Saturday afternoon a long white limo backed in
Joel's drive way and the chauffer bounced out and went
to the door. Joel Bell and Ellaynne Picket came out of
the house looking like a cover of a magazine. Joel in
a neat tuxedo and Ellaynne in a long tight black gown
with a daring slit up the left side and a bare
shoulder on the right, they looked just the match made
in heaven they were. Ellaynne would surely draw many
eyes to her accented figure that Joel was so proud to
say was his. The handsome Joel was sure to be on many
wish lists of eligible females as well.

The driver walked them to the back of the vehicle and
opened the door extending a hand to the passengers
inside to step out. Patsy wanted Laynie to see her
gown and how she looked.
When Patsy stepped out, she was a dream, draped in
mauve, which accented her beautiful red hair. Her gown
was daring yet sensible and classy. She was every bit
the picture that Laynie was, if not more with her red

"Oh my God, you are stunning!" Laynie told her as they
Doomer got out in his fancy tux and shook Joel's hand.
His rugged country look was accent by the western
boots he wore with the tux, Doomer was being himself
and he looked great.
He came up behind Patsy and slid his arm around her.

"I want to thank the both of you for hooking us
together. I have never had so much fun and spent so
much time with a nicer woman, ever." Doomer said.

Patsy turned as red as her hair and turned and hugged
Don. "You are so sweet. You've made me very happy too,
and I thank the two of you as well."

The driver showed the 4 back into the limo and they
were off after the driver put an over night bag in the
trunk for Joel.

The trip to Seattle was filled with small talk, mostly
Patsy and Doomer fawning over each other. The kids
adored Don and cried when they had to go to their
father's house. Today he learned whom Patsy was dating
and was almost in shock, making Doomer blush as Patsy
told the story.

"When he saw me tonight I think he finally realized
that I WAS gone from him. He always acted like some
day I would come to my senses and move back in. Coming
to my senses is why I moved out." Patsy said with a
big grin.

Doomer had arranged for Joel to sit at the head table
and be the first introductory speaker. He would tell
some story relative to Dons success and then introduce
someone else and finally they would introduce the rep
from the BBWA and that person would bring up the
Commissioner of Baseball who would present the award.

When they got to the hotel for cocktails before the
ballroom opened Joel made the rounds introducing
Ellaynne to old friends he had played with. The
Seattle GM took Joel aside and told him to come and
see him as soon as he could throw a little batting
"Don says you would have a lot to offer the
organization. As long details can be worked out, we
are trading or buying your contract from the Dodgers
this week, if that's what you want." The GM said.

Joel was bowled over. "What would you trade them, a
bottle cap and a rusty can?" he asked.

"We have a low level trade to finish an earlier deal,
we will ask them to include you. Very do-able." He
assured Joel.

Patsy was coming back from the ladies lounge and
stopped to nudge Joel.

"I'm staying with him tonight, umm, he stayed with me
last night. Thanks Joel, he is the sweetest man. We
talked about us a lot and we are on the same page. If
we keep growing like we are, this will be great."
Patsy said overflowing with emotion. She appeared to
be falling in love.

It was truly Don Doomer's night. The local and
national press fawned over him and everyone wanted a
picture that included Patsy. The stunning redhead was
a hit with Don, and everyone around him. Everyone had
the impression that she was an import from LA who came
with Don, perhaps a starlet. She was on cloud nine.

The respect that his peers and his managers and
coaches had for Don Doomer was evident in their words
for him at the banquet. From his old college and
rookie ball teammate, Joel Bell, all the way up to his
most recent manager in LA, most could find nothing but
high praise for Don Doomer, whose work ethic should
have served as a mold for all ball players. When he
finally spoke he made everyone in the room aware that
they were going to get their $50 million dollars worth
in headlines, stories and production. Don Doomer
didn't accept losing to well and wouldn't stand for a
teammate who did. He would truly be the centerpiece of
the franchise.

After a night of mingling with old friends and table
jumping, and a little dancing, Joel and Ellaynne got
to their room about 1:30 in the morning.

Joel came into the room and looked out over the city.
"There, but for a few breaks, could have been me. This
is something every player comes to grips with long
before he is to make it. If he doesn't come to grips
with it, he will never make it. I had all the right
roadways, all the right channels, every domino lined
up perfect, and then," hold up his right arm, "this
happened. Next Friday I get it operated on and I might
be able to throw batting practice 5 months later.
(chuckles)Competitively, I wouldn't be 100 percent for
14 to 18 months. I knew it was over that day. Luckily,
I have friends like Don Doomer who think I belong in
the game somewhere. I'm gonna work hard to come back
as something. Tonight I realized how much I miss the
game and the people in it. Hopefully I can stay in
Seattle and do something for these guys."

"Hey, no matter what league it is, you'll always be my
MVP." He heard Laynie say behind him.

He turned around to thank her for the words and there
she stood, in only her thong panty.

"Wow, you are beautiful, and better yet, I love you.
Come here, I'll show you the MVP in action." He said.

"No, you come here. Let me undress you and let's go to
bed." She said, scolding him.

She took his tuxedo jacket off and pulled the long ago
untied tie out of the collar. She undid the cummerbund
and undid the studs on his shirt. Peeling the
suspenders from his shoulders his pants began to slip
off. They caught on his hip and she undid the waist
There he stood in just his jockeys. She took his hand
and led him to the king size bed and she sat down. She
looked at his package and reached out a hand inside
his under shorts. With her other hand she pulled them
She held out his cock and bent to kiss it. After two
kisses she put the whole head in her mouth and ran her
tongue around it, and popped it out of her mouth. She
rolled back on the bed and stuck her thumbs in the
sides of her thong and shucked it down her legs.
She lifted the covers and slid between the sheets.

"Come here lover boy." She said as she crooked a
finger to him.

Joel slid into the bed and rolled to her side. They
necked and kissed while their hands kept busy
underneath the sheets. He rolled a little further
toward her and she went to her back as he shifted his
weight and was on top of her. She parted her legs a
bit and his cock nudged right to her lips. She
wriggled a bit and he slid into her.

Attached at the mouth, her breasts mashed to his
chest, he made a circular motion with his hips to
develop a friction. After 4 or 5 minutes of his short
stroking she looked up at him with the look that she
was ready to cum. He settled his knees between her
thighs and began to drive her home. Her arms wrapped
around his head she cooed and squealed in his ear as
she came. He suddenly felt very wet inside of her. She
had squirted a bit again.
He had fought off the urge to cum earlier, but now the
cycle had begun and he drove home, softly biting at
her shoulder, in doing so. The distinctive slap of
abdomens rang in the room. He grunted in her ear and
then hummed loud and shrill as he poured his seed into
her. She came again as he finished and lay inside her.

Her voice broke as she whispered into his ear.
"I love you, never leave me."

"Don't worry," was his only response.

He never remembered rolling off her and falling

Cobwebs began to clear and reality was settling in as
Joel began to wake up. The puzzle pieces of the
situation began to fall into place.
Hotel, Seattle, awards ceremony, making love, morning,
Ellaynne . . .he opened his eyes.

"Hi, sleepy head." Laynie said as she bent and kissed

"Hi. Umm what time is it, and have you been watching
me sleep again?" he asked.

"It's 10:30 and yes I've been watching you for about
15 minutes. If you were on your back I would have
given you the special wake-up." She said with a sexy

"It wouldn't have been too nice this morning, after
last night. A lot of stale me and stale you on it." He
warned her.

Laynie made a face and shrugged her shoulders.

"Your hair is wet, you showered already?" Joel asked.

She smiled an embarrassing smile.
"A lot of stale me and stale you on me. What little
pubes I have were matted to the sheets. How much did
you cum last night?"

"I had inspiration all night, you and all the other
pretty women there." He snickered.

"As long as you always go home with me, you can look,
ummm, to a point." She laughed. "Wow, is Patsy a
vision or what? How could she not have had a line of
men wanting to date her? She is absolutely stunning.
That red hair is like a magnet for men, and her
complexion tells me it's natural too."

"Curtains and carpet." Joel added.

Laynie looked at him confused.

"Her bush is red too. No gray roots there either." He

"More info than I needed, thank you." she said.

Then after a pregnant pause she looked at Joel and
asked innocently, "Is she as beautiful nude as she is
dressed up in finery?"

"She is about the most beautiful woman I have ever
been with or seen in that state. She looks even more
stunning in the nude." Joel said with a grin that told
her he was proud to have taken the sight in.

Laynie pouted.

"I said "about". You could pose for Playboy as well.
Your figure is damn near perfect and you don't have a
blemish anywhere on your body. You have nothing to be
jealous of. Besides, who did I wake up next to, when I
clearly could have been with her since the day you saw
us?" He defended.

"I know. I just like to watch you squirm. Speaking of
squirming, go take a shower and come back and see me."
She said as she slid under the covers.

Joel gladly jumped from the bed and headed for the
stall outside the big bathroom with the Jacuzzi. Five
minutes later he was back drying off beside the bed.

She took down the covers and patted the bed where she
wanted him. He took her up on the invite.

She got up on one elbow and kissed him full on the
lips and then drove her tongue into his mouth. They
ground face together for 4 or 5 minutes until she took
a breath and saw his cock standing straight up.

"Oooo, somebody's happy to see me!" she said as she
moved in one motion to take the head in her mouth.

Joel reached and took the foot from the kneeling form
beside him and pulled it to shift her body. She
quickly understood what he wanted. They had sort of
done this before, but not bottom and top, spread eagle
full access. A new experience excited her.

Joel pulled a pillow under his head to tilt him for
better access to her. While getting his cock sucked he
was lightly licking, flicking her lips. She began to
hold his cock with both of her hands and flick her
tongue on the head to the same rhythm he had going on
her pussy, . . .when the phone rang.

"Shit, we have to answer that!" Laynie said as she
reached over and picked up the receiver and handed it
to Joel.

screamed and cried into the phone.

"PATSY calm down a bit, getting hysterical is no
answer right now, put Doomer on."

Patsy passed the phone to Don, but kept her rage going
in the background.

"Ringer, from what I can make out, her mom went to get
the kids this morning at 10 o'clock like either she or
Patsy always does, and the house was empty. Her mom
called the police and is supposed to get back to us.
Get dressed, I got a call into the Mariners and they
are going to get us some transport back to Arlington.
Our limo isn't due until one this afternoon. Now, my
cell is ringing. Get dressed and help me with her."
Doomer instructed.

Joel filled Laynie in on the details as they rushed to
get dressed and packed up. Joel had her finish as he
rushed to their room.

Patsy was just in a dressing gown, but when she saw
Joel she ran to his arms.
She screamed.

Joel hugged her and patted her back and then took her
by the shoulders.
"Patsy!! You have to calm down if you want to be a
help to anyone in finding them. Let me ask you one
question; would he hurt the kids, under any

"No, he was a shitty husband and treated me like shit,
but he adores the kids and they adore him. As much as
he might hate me, he wouldn't hurt them." She said
through her tears.

"So listen to me, you don't have anything to worry
about as far as their safety, then, right?" he

"No, probably not." She answered.

"OK then, lets calm down. You know he won't hurt them.
He thinks he's protecting himself from losing them
because you have a boyfriend." Joel figured.

"I told him I might move to Seattle, how stupid was
that?" she said tearfully, but she was clearly calming

Doomer got off the cell and came over to thank Joel
for coming so fast and for calming Patsy down.

"Listen up. There's a heli-pad on the roof and the
Mariners have a helicopter they are sending for us.
Their legal services will help us, you know the good
press, bad press thing they worry about. Patsy
endeared herself well with Fordham, the GM and Nakao,
the owner, so they want to get this taken care of as
quietly as possible." Doomer said as his cell rang

He answered it and acknowledged with a couple of OK's
and hung up.

"The chopper will be here in 20 minutes. We just have
to notify the desk that we need an escort up there.
Think of a place where we can set down in Arlington.
They have connection with the Seattle State Police who
are assisting. A trooper is on the way here to
interview Patsy and fly with us to Arlington.
Patsy turned to Doomer and smiled for the first time.

"You promised me a wild morning, but I had no idea."
Then her smile turned down. "What am I going to do?"

"Try getting dressed and packing so we can leave. Joel
is right. He wouldn't hurt the kids. We just have to
find them. There may be a good explanation for all
this, but I doubt it." Don said as he wondered if he
covered all the bases.

A knock came at the door. It was Laynie with their
bags. Joel again filled her in on what was happening.

"How can the Mariners have so much pull?" she asked.

"They probably bring in a half billion to the city and
state coffers so they protect the PR machine that
keeps bad stories off the front page. Doomer dating a
divorced woman shouldn't be a big deal, but the ex-
husband thing might make it look like adultery started
the whole situation. You know, and I know it's not
true but. . ." he explained. "The helicopter is
probably on-site for lots of emergency's, even ones
like this."

Things were happening quickly as the State trooper
showed up and took Patsy aside. He informed her that
they were running checks on her ex, his family and
possible places he may go for safe haven. He wanted to
know from her some favorite places he might go,
whether he was violent, suicidal, or ever had any
mental or emotional problems.

In what seemed to be just a few minutes, they were on
the roof and loading into a helo-cab to bring them all
back to Arlington. The Trooper-Investigator was
compiling information and receiving it, as they took-

"Ma'am are all the funds from the sale of your house
in an escrow account waiting for final divorce
papers?" the investigator asked Patsy.

"The divorce is final, and he acquired the house from
his family before our marriage, but he has to pay me
$40,000 in one lump plus interest from the day of the
dis-solution. He can't sell the house without my
signature and my receipt of a check." Patsy said as
the trooper nodded and listened to his earpiece.

"Ma'am he sold the house 5 months ago and has been
paying rent on it since. He had one more month on the
lease, paid it off Sunday night and put all the
furniture in a storage facility in Everett. He paid a
year in advance for storage, and had it reserved for
January 1st, but rushed it this weekend." He coldly
told Patsy.

"Oh my God, he's been planning this for a while then."
She said as she began to break.

Doomer took her arm and leaned in and whispered to
her. "Don't break down now. Those kids need you to
help these people find them. Show them how tough you
Patsy hugged Doomer and composed herself.

"Are you checking the airports? He always talked about
going to Florida, bringing the kids to see Mickey
Mouse." She asked, wracking her brain for clues and

He held up a hand to her and touched his earpiece to
signal he was getting something new.

Yes, the airports are being checked, and any 3-person
party on any manifest is being examined. We have lists
of car rentals in the last 72 hours. Unless he's
toughing it in the woods, he can't elude us ma'am." He

"He hunts a little, but I made him sell the guns
before the first baby was born. He's pretty much a
pansy when it comes to roughing it in the woods. My
Dad used to take us camping, and he would never go to
a place that didn't have a bathroom or like that. He
wouldn't do that. Unless he went off the deep end, he
wouldn't put the kids in harms way. If he's planned
this a long time, I doubt he had an emotional episode,
I would have noticed it when I dropped off the kids 3
days a week." Patsy said.

"That's smart thinking ma'am, you're probably right.
If he were a nutcase, sorry for the term, If he were a
mental risk, he would not have planned so thoroughly
and far in advance." He agreed.

Laynie was green from the helicopter flight and was
just calming down enough to enjoy the sights, but
hanging on to Joel for dear life.

"I'm sorry to hang on you, but the take off really
threw my stomach for a loop. I'm feeling a bit better
now." She said as she shifted on his lap where he had
been holding her tightly to reassure her.

As she shifted she felt his hard-on press against her.
She turned and whispered, "You're impossible!"

"You're irresistible," He whispered back.

The trooper apparently was getting more information as
he struggled to hear above the ambient flight noise.

"He left his car at a car rental area and rented a
jeep wagon saying he needed something to handle Mt.
Ranier. He said he would be back in two days and paid
the storage fee on his car.


"Ma'am?" The investigator inquired.

"When we were engaged he brought me there and showed
me the view from Paradise Outlook and he said he
wanted to die there, he felt so close to God. He
wouldn't kill himself would he? What about my babies?"
she said trying not to get hysterical.

"Calm down ma'am. Let me get this in to the Park
Police and we'll send people in. We know about where
he is now, so you shouldn't get so worried. You know
he wouldn't hurt his kids." The investigator assured

As they neared Arlington the pilot asked if they had
decided for a spot to land. Joel had hoped they could
land in his back property, but the pilot looked it
over and decided it looked too rough. However the
apron on the curve in the highway across from Joel's
looked smooth and spacious. If the trooper could get a
safety assist on the ground, the pilot would drop them
there. Within 5 minutes 2 State police cars were at
the bend in the road to be sure they could make a safe

Within minutes they were all in Joel's house with the
investigator setting up his base there for the time
being. They would do everything they could to NOT
involve the media at this time. The trooper and State
Police were very conscious of protecting the Mariners
and their prize signing.

After doing all the standard checks for child
abductions it was determined that Patsy's ex had not
touched the bank account where the proceeds from the
house was. However, the entire amount was put in trust
for the 2 children on Friday, with a woman posing as
Patsy, signing off. She was apparently the same woman
who forged Patsy's OK on the sale.

Mt. Ranier National Park was huge, but Park Police and
State Police were searching, concentrating near
Paradise. The investigator took Patsy aside to talk
privately, but she insisted that the whole party hear
what was said. Patsy's mother pulled in the driveway
and they waited for her to come in and be briefed
before the investigator told them his prognosis of the

"From everything that I know, I am guessing that your
ex-husband has suicide in mind. I also think he has
the childrens safety in mind as well. He wouldn't have
went to the trouble of moving the bank accounts if he
didn't. The other woman, who acted as their mother,
may have been duped, or taken care of by now."

"Patsy, is it possible that the other woman is the
same woman he brought to your brothers wedding. What
was her name Janis something. Lambert or Vespa,
Lambretta, that's it, Lambretta. I remember the name
was a scooter company. Lambretta made motor scooters."

The investigator didn't seem too interested in the
other woman at the time.

"Every Park Ranger on Ranier is looking for that Jeep
right now, and State Police is going to send a
helicopter up later. If he's up there, they'll find
them." He said.

"Maybe I'm talking through my hat," Doomer said, "but
all of this seems way too easy. Suppose this is all a
ruse and they took the Jeep and drove to an airport,
and all four of them are about to fly out of the
country. Think about it, as soon as someone mentioned
Mt. Ranier, Patsy mentioned Paradise and the outlook.
They checked a car rental spot near the National Park
and got a positive hit. I'm skeptical that this guy is
a lot smarter than we give him credit for."

The investigator looked at Don with a raised eye. "All
that money doesn't make you smart about everything,
you know."

"I've never been accused of being any poindexter, but
I think we, er. . you, should cross check this woman
and airline ticket sales." Doomer said with a peeved

Joel was a little put out at the attitude of the
investigator as well.

"Do we know anything about Janis Lambretta?" he asked
the investigator.

After things seem to fall into place and all first
hunches worked out in the opening few hours of the
investigation, everything dried up by mid-afternoon.

From the breakfast booth in Joel's kitchen, where the
Washington State investigator had set up operations,
the group heard him on the radio all afternoon. Other
detectives and state agency reps came by to interview
Patsy during the course of the day, but nothing seemed
to happen.

It was known that the house Patsy owned an interest in
was sold 6 months earlier with some one forging or
acting as Patsy. Her ex had been paying rent on the
house since and planned on staying until Jan 1. He had
a reservation for a storage facility for Dec 31 and
unexpectedly moved it up 6 weeks and paid off the rest
of the rent deal through the end of the year.
They drove his car to Mt. Ranier National Park, and
somewhere outside of that area, rented a Jeep Cherokee
to handle the mountain roads for a visit. The rental
clerk said there were just a man and 2 children. In
the car left behind there were signs that a woman had
been in the car recently.
Apparently he had planned this whole thing out for the
New Year, but the situation with Patsy out of town and
out of touch, made the window wider for getting a head
start on Patsy and the law.

By nightfall Patsy was frustrated and was showing
signs of breaking down. The investigator was talking
with Doomer about bringing her to a clinic or hospital
for medication. He was about to turn the investigation
over to the "field" in the evening. That would lighten
the intensity of the search, as it got in line and was
muddled with other similar "missing persons" cases.

At 8:45 the line buzzed on the make-shift command
center. The investigator picked up and jotted things
down and assured follow up was being made.

"A Janis Lambretta made flight reservations out of Las
Vegas for 2 adults and 2 children on a flight
connecting to Montreal that leaves at 10 a.m. Tuesday.
The other passengers were listed as Mr. Lambretta and
their 2 children. But listen, this is where it gets
good, and she made a tactical error in what was a good
escape plan so far.
The Northwest Air phone rep remembered the call
distinctly and reported a suspicious action. It seems
Ms Lambretta hung up the phone and picked it right
back up to call Northwest again. The phone sales rep
heard her redial in her ear, so at the end of the
tones she just said "This is Northwest", and Ms
Lambretta went into another spiel, buying tickets
under another last name with a good credit card to fly
out of San Francisco around noon on Tuesday. Four
tickets, 2 adults, 2 children, to fly to Atlanta.
The rep filed a detailed report and Northwest was
following up with the FBI, treating it as a suspicious
air flight purchase. Our computer cross-check picked
it up."

The investigator looked up at Doomer and said he was
right when he thought everything went too perfect, and
he was sorry that he discounted his theory.

"These people are usually not too thorough and are
easy to nail if you have leads as solid as we had." He
told Doomer and the group.
"Now," he added, "State Police all long their route,
either to Phoenix or San Fran are looking for them.
Right now, all I can say is that I think we have a
good lead on them, I think we find them tomorrow.
There is nothing else I can do tonight and I'm going
back to Seattle, the chopper is on its way now.
The system will cross check EVERYTHING all night long.
Any action on any of the credit cards he has and in
both names she has will be monitored. My best advice
is for all of you to get sleep and prepare for a long
day, and possible a trip to meet the children
tomorrow. Get your hopes up, but don't place stock in
them until you see the kids. I've done a lot of these,
and this looks good right now. If it fell apart, I
would be very shocked, but I've seen it happen."

"Ma'am," he said looking at Patsy, "are you ok? I can
get you some medical relief if the stress is too much.
You seem better right now than before."

"I'll be OK. This new news has me hopeful.
Joel, do you mind if I stay here? I don't want to go
to the empty apartment." She asked.

"Sure, not a problem. Doom, you know you're welcome as
well." Joel said.

By midnight all sleeping arrangements were set up,
with Patsy and Don in the guest room and the phone
extension. The two cuddled up and tried to fall asleep
waiting for the phone to ring.

About 1 a.m. Don Doomer's restless sleep finally
"Patsy!! Can you stay in one spot for a minute? One of
us should sleep and your tossing and turning is
keeping me up. You're gonna have to relax and sleep!"
he said, exasperated by a lack of sleep.

"I'm so sorry Don. There is one thing you could do to
help me sleep, get my mind off things for a bit."
Patsy said.

"What's that, a back-rub? You said you liked lovers'
massages. Would that relax you?" he asked.

Patsy climbed onto his chest. "Fuck me, tear me up. I
feel so empty inside, so unloved, so deserted." She

"Patsy, as long as I'm around you should never feel
unloved, If a person can fall in love in 2 weeks, it
happened. I know we should take it slow, but never
feel unloved. Plus, you know those kids adore you and
miss you right now. Deserted? No way! You weren't
deserted and you won't be. You know your bastard
asshole ex-husband was jealous of your newfound
freedom. Once he found that showing up at your
brothers wedding with another woman didn't drive you
back, he knew he lost you and he wanted to hurt you.
Taking your kids was the way he knew would work best."
Doomer said to comfort her.

"Don, I think I'm falling in love with you, as well.
Make love to me." She said as she slid her hand down
to hold him. "Do you want me to show you what I can do
with my mouth to make that big cock of yours hard? I
haven't been with a lot of men, but I never had a
complaint about that. I know we've only made love a
few times and this kind of sex is special, but I would
love to feel you in my mouth. Then you can make love
to me, tear me up. I know it seems an odd time to get
horned up, but I feel lonely and abandoned. Please?"

"Patsy baby, you never have to plead with me to make
love to you. I understand you feel alone, I feel the
same way lots of times. You are closer than I let any
woman in the last 6 or 7 years. You are special. As
far as other men, that's none of my concern. But, we
have to be quiet, OK?" Doomer said as Patsy was
already sliding down his athletic frame.

In the 3 times they had made love before, Patsy had
not went down on him, as she wanted to take it easy
and let things progress slowly for maximum excitement.
They had made love in the dark, like young virgins,
keeping mystery in their relationship.
From the feeling of him inside of her, he was a larger
man than she had known in that department.

There really was no light in the room, save a bit of
moonlight reflection through the window. However, when
Patsy shinnied his boxers down the piece of meat in
front of her looked to be larger than she imagined, to
the point where she wondered if the light were playing
tricks on her.

His cock already hardening in anticipation, when she
took it in her hand she wondered how it had fit in her
pussy. When she brought it to her lips to kiss she
stuck out her tongue to circle the head. It was then
she realized that getting her mouth around the head
would be a job in itself. She made an O with her mouth
and began to slide it in. She felt her mouth opening
more and more as her lips searched for the rim of his
corona. Once her lips fit over and around the head,
she knew she had a mouthful. With the head in her
mouth she could not swirl her tongue over and around
it, just underneath, but Doomer had no complaints.
Trying to put more of it in her mouth, she forced the
head to just the back of her tongue and that was all
she could handle. Not wanting to disappoint him, she
began a bobbing motion to go with her sucking and hand

Her mouth tired quickly, with a cramp beginning to
form in her jaw. She took her head off and continued
stroking as she bent and kissed his balls as she
fingered his sack.
She climbed up on his frame and hugged him around his
neck as her pussy sought to make a connection with his
pole. She felt it bounce at her lips and she pushed
back. She knew she was needy by how wet she was as he
easily slid in her, but now knowing the size of his
monster, it took her breath a away for a moment.

"God, Don, you're so big! How do you hide that
beautiful thing!" She asked excitiedly.

"This is my favorite way to hide it, in you." he
grunted as he raised his hips to meet her pushes.

Patsy bent and bit at his shoulder as he took control
of the thrusts into her, and he was showing her no
mercy. She said "tear me up", and he was.

As his hips slapped at her buttocks she felt the head
of his cock kiss the furthest reaches of her womb. His
longer cock meant longer strokes across her clit as
she rode him. She would start to cum soon and she
pulled a pillow to put over his shoulder for her to
wail into.

Always a noisy fuck, Patsy was ready to sing opera
with this monster sanding at her clit.

Don heard her ungodly grunts and muffled shouts in his
ear and wondered how much the pillow was actually
absorbing. One thing he could make out between her
howls was "Fuck me! Fuck me!"; he did not need to be

The 10 days of seeing her shapely ass and awesome red
hair that framed her pretty face had made him nuts. He
wanted her badly from the moment he saw her, but
instantly realized that she was no "annie". Patsy was
well suited for courting. The first 2 or 3 times they
had made love; they were spontaneous actions, once
mostly fully clothed, once in pajamas and last night
in the nude, but always in the dark. Not being sure
how open she was sexually, he reigned himself in from
the urges to see her nude form, see and lick her red
haired box, and pound her silly with his cock. Now he
knew she was open to oral sex, and liked to be
pounded. This only made him more endeared to the
scarlet haired beauty.

He felt his cum rising and was unsure of finishing
this way, on his back. He put both arms around Patsy
and rolled her over to her back, staying inside of her
and missing only one stroke. His cum rose quickly
again and he planted his mouth over hers.

"Ughhhh Ughhhhh Ughhhhh" he grunted as he poured his
seed into her pussy.
The sudden added slickness added more sensitivity to
her clit and she went again off as well, trying to be
as quiet as possible, but a crying wail escaped her
lips that might have woken the whole house.

Don turned the pillow over her face.

"SHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!" he scolded her.

"Ohhhhhhh, I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help it." She
whispered as she put her mouth over his and kissed

Don smiled back down at her and then looked and felt
on the darkened bed for his underwear.
Finding them, he said, "Here put these under you so we
don't mess the sheets," chuckling at their

She laughed as well and took them, and when she
thought she had them set she told him "OK", and he
pulled out of her.

She wiped at her pussy as she tried to push as much
out as she could and when she was satisfied she had,
rolled the boxers up into a ball and let them fall to
the floor.

Don leaned up and spooned her, holding her tightly
looking as one two headed body. They both caught their
breath as they faded off into sleep. Just before she
drifted off, she whispered, "God, please let my babies
be OK."

The insistent ringing of Don Doomer's cell phone broke
the silence of the morning. Don rolled away from Patsy
and fumbled into his bag to find it. The light ring
never raised Patsy.

"Hello?" he said as he checked the ID to see it was
his new boss Mick Fordham.

"Don, have you guys heard from the investigator yet
today?" he asked.

"No, but it awfully early, uhhh," he paused to look at
the clock, "7:20, so. . . ."

"You don't understand, THEY FOUND THEM! They ambushed
their hotel room about 2 hours ago outside of San
Francisco. The kids are OK, their father tried to kill
himself with pills. I guess he ran into the bathroom
when the police came in and they thought he was going
for a gun. They talked him out and he went peacefully,
but passed out on the way to the station. I don't know
how he's doing. But tell Patsy the kids are fine
and . . . . Well the investigator or State Police will
call you. Is Patsy right there?" Fordham asked.

"She's asleep for the first time all night, I'll . ."
Doomer started before Mick Fordham interrupted him.

"Don, when ever you make as big a commitment to a
player like we did for you we hope and pray we get a
stable personality who affords himself well with the
right friends close by. Lots of these guys show up
with "annies" on their arms and end up being
carousers. Both Nakao and I were totally impressed
both times by the kind of woman Patsy is and how much
you both care for each other. I don't know how many
years you've been together, but don't lose her."
Fordham said.

"I won't, sir, er boss, er Mick. Shit I'm nervous
right now. Look, I'll call you later." He said as he
began to get a little emotional, and then the other
phone in the room started ringing its loud ring, in
contrast to the earlier beep of Don's cell.

"There's the call, Bye." He whispered as Patsy
scrambled to wake.

Don reached over and picked up the phone and handed it
to Patsy. She caught him smiling as she said "Hello?"

Patsy's face erupted into a big smile, saying, "Yes,
Yes, Oh please put them on. Hi Maddie . . Oh I miss
you too . . . Don't cry, I'll see you soon . . Yes,
put DerDer on!"
Patsy glowed and smiled at Don as little Maddie handed
the phone to her big brother Derek.
"Hi Derek, I missed you so much. . . . Don't worry
about missing me on the TV, I bet Don will have a
tape. Are you OK? . . . I'll see you real soon, I
promise. Let me talk to the police man again." Patsy
said, as she signed off with Derek.

Joel and Laynie were awakened as well by the phone and
were waiting to hear from outside the door. Finally
Joel could wait no more and opened the door.

"Joel!! They found them, they found them and they're
fine!!" Patsy shouted when she saw his face.

Joel quickly closed the door when he realized she was
naked, as was Don.
A few moments later an embarrassed Don opened the door
with his pants on and a blanket around Patsy.
Don filled Joel and Laynie in on the details, as he
knew them. A few moments later, Patsy hung up and
announced that the children would be flying into
Seattle with a matron and were to meet their mother
there. She could have flown to San Francisco and
escorted them herself, but this way made it all
faster. They later found that Mick Fordham had
instructed the Seattle State Police to afford every
convenience to the California State Police and they
would pick up all expenses.
Don Doomer had become fully dedicated to the
organization that fought so hard for he and his
girlfriend. He couldn't wait to get to the field to
prove his worth.

Joel's operation was successful and he began throwing
batting practice for the Mariners in May of the
following year. He and Ellaynne lived in Seattle for
six months of the year while Joel was with the
Baseball team, while Ellaynne's younger brother began
to take over her kitchen duties.
Don Doomer and Joel Bell married Ellaynne and Patsy in
a double wedding ceremony at the end of Doomer's first
season with the Mariners.

Did they live happily ever after? . . . .
There may be more to come!!

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