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JOHN sucked one her nipples


It had taken her months to find a house to rent on her budget and the weeks
it took to move her belongings seemed longer. She walked up to her new home
carrying another box and noticed a man walking around her yard.The cable guy,
she thought.
The company couldn't give her a direct answer on when they were sending
someone to run the cable line. She was excited at the thought of being able
to watch her tv shows earlier than she had expected.
Kiki made eye contact with the man and motioned for him to walk over to her.
"I am so happy to see you..I couldn't bear the thought of not having tv for
another day!", she told him.
Kiki was a lonely person who spent too much time at work, all her friends
were married and she didn't feel comfortable in singles bars. When the man approached her, she noticed he was young and very cute. He had a thin build
and was wearing a grass stained shirt.
"I could hook you up from that telephone pole, if you want..", he told her.
"That would be great!", Kiki said, quickly.
"As long as I have my tv tonight, you can hook me up wherever you want" she
added, flirtatiously.
The young man stopped and looked at her. She was an attractive girl in her
twenties, a little overweight from the desk job she had but not repulsive by
any means. He seemed pleased with what he saw and smiled.
"You know...", he started. "The pole will just take me a few minutes.......I
have an extra box you can have....and your tv can be on tonight, if you
Just as he said that, one of Kiki's new neighbors waved at them and called
the man "John".
"That sounds great, John.......everybody knows you, I'll leave
the front door open for you, come in when you're ready." she was happy about
the cable and about this cute guy walking into her house.
Kiki moved to this family oriented community, she had researched and
discovered no crimes in the area and felt confident it would be alright
letting this man in.
She entered into her house, sat the box down and walked into her bedroom.
>From the window, she could see him climbing the telephone pole, looking
around very carefully.
"He must be the cautious type..", she whispered to herself.
She reached into a small dresser next to her bed, pushed aside an unopened
box of condoms and picked out a fresh pair of underpants. She needed a nice,
warn shower. As she walked around the room looking for something clean to
wear, she glanced out the window again. John was doing something with some
wires, still up on the pole and Kiki glanced into the opened drawer.
She was wondering how friendly this cable guy was, she didn't see a ring on
his finger and he was very cute. It had been a while since she had even taken
notice of someone, there were not many men where she worked. Kiki grabbed her
clothes and stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower. It didn't matter if
she was still there when John came in to install the box, she felt
comfortable with him, he seemed so shy and sweet. She turned on the shower,
undressed and stepped in.
Thoughts of him filled her head as the warm water splashed her naked body.
She wondered how old he was, was he dating anybody, did he find her
attractive? She lathered soap and rubbed her body, fantisizing about him
walking through the door.
Her thought pattern was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening
and Kiki knew John had walked into her house. She felt naughty, being in the
shower while he hooked up her tv and thought it would be fun to watch him
while she was naked. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry
Patting her body dry, she glanced into the mirror. She was a full figured
girl, large breasts, round hips, she liked the way she looked and noticed she
had not closed the bathroom door all the way. She could see John fumbling
with her television through the cracked door and kicked it open a little more
with her toe.
She took off her towel and pretended to look deeper into the mirror, she was
hoping he would glance in her direction. Kiki started combing her hair when
she noticed the fumbling noises stopped. She didn't want to peek through the
door or he may suspect she was doing this on purpose, so she continued to
groom herself. Becomming more engrossed with her reflection, she let the comb
slide to her breasts and touched one of her nipples, smiling at her
Not hearing any noises comming from her tv room, she placed the comb down,
wrapped a towel around herself and decided to investigate John's activities.
She stepped into the room to find him standing in shock, staring at her towel
clad figure.
"I......I.......never.....", he muttered, staring at her.
"What......John?.", she said, stepping closer to him while her hands
unwrapped the towel.
She let the towel drop and stood in front of him. His mouth opened and he
silently stared at her.
Kiki took his hand and led him to her bedroom, he moved slowly and stumbled
behind her. She was excited by the shyness in his manner and felt a wave of
aggression. She took him by his shoulders and kissed his soft, youthful face,
moving his arms to her hips.
"It's ok, John....we're both consenting adults here.....", she whispered.
She wanted him but could feel his reservations.
Upon hearing her words, he embraced her with a little more confidence and
started moving his hands around her body. She moved towards the bed and sat
him down, pulling off the dirty, grass stained shirt he was wearing. He was
sweating and the smell of his body caused Kiki to notice the dampness of her
inner thighs. Her hands stroked his crotch as he took her breasts, she sighed
upon discovering how tight his jeans were getting and thought to relieve the
pressure between his legs. She unzipped his pants and pulled them off his
body, he stopped and stared at her. She was more excited by his shyness and
her desire to take him increased. Kiki lifted one of her legs over him and
straddled his body on the bed, this excited him and he moved on her too
quickly. She grabbed his hands to slow him down and directed them high on her
inner thighs. John's breath quickened as he cupped her moist area with his
hands, sliding his fingers curiously in small circular motions. A smile
formed on his face and Kiki felt him relax. She moved her hands over his
eased stomach and led them down to his free standing erection, she took it
into her hands and admired it's fullness. She leaned towards the dresser
beside the bed and pulled out the box of condoms. She unwrapped one and
placed it on him.
Kiki resumed her former position and slid closer to him, he guided her hips
as she raised herself to her knees and spred her legs wider. She directed his
condom covered erection across her now dripping area and enjoyed the feeling
of anticipation. He moved himself to enter her and she, teasingly, moved him
John sat up her on his lap and rolled her over to her back, placing himself
firmly between her legs. She raised her ankles to his shoulders and he leaned
into her legs, sliding himself into her well lubricated opening. She sighed
with delight as he moved in and out of her too quickly, she heard him gasp
and felt him climax. Kiki stared at him and he stopped for a few seconds.
Noticing his erection was still full, he continued without a word, sliding in
and out of her, she knew he did not want to stop. His eyes were closed and he
looked to be concentrating deeply, pumping into her and gripping her legs
tighter. His movements started to quicken. Kiki could feel his confidence
grow with each pelvic jolt, pumping her wildly now, she could feel herself
building for a climax.
He thrust himself firmly and steadily, she felt the burning sensation running
through her body and her breathing turned into uncontrollable moans. He was
thoroughly enjoying himself and she was climaxing beyond her imagination. She
could not control the sounds comming from her mouth and her moans turned into
screams of passion. His thrusts increased to pounding inside her and his grip
became almost too painful for her, she felt helpless under him as her body
slammed against the bed. Kiki felt his climax again as he rammed himself
deeper inside her, she screamed as her back arched to take him.
He hung his head to her heaving chest and sucked one of her nipples as he
caught his breath. He took himself out and collapsed beside her on the bed.
He rolled to his side and looked at her.
"Wow........", he told her.
"The guys are not going to believe this.....", he continued.
"What?...", she said, not having fully caught her breath yet.
She smiled as he pulled himself up and sat on the bed. His shyness seemed to
have disappeared and he reached for the shirt she had pulled off him earlier.
He put it back on and searched for his pants on the floor.
"You don't have to leave now.", she told him, still smiling.
"I have to get home." he said.
"When my mom finds out I hooked up your cable, I'm
grounded...............Mrs. Brown saw me do it......."
Kiki looked at him, confused.
"The guys at school are not going to believe this!" he said again, very
She watched him put his pants back on trying to comprehend the conversation.
She noticed the logo on his grass stained T-shirt read "Cabelon H.S.", which
strongly resembled that of the local cable company.
She froze and a feeling of perverted horror rushed through her body.
"John.........." she asked, "How old are you?............."
He frolicked around her bedroom and playfully responded.
"I graduate next year, it's ok........The guys are not going to believe I
have a girlfriend......!"
As he continued, dancing around her room, Kiki grabbed a blanket that had
fallen to the floor, pulled it over her body and smothered her face hard into
the mattress.


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