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JOHN1 hurt you How can


John's Dilemmas

by Drifter

Chapter 1

John walked toward his apartment late the night it all started.
He had been working late at the computer lab again It seemed
sometimes that he lived in the lab and only visited his apartment. He
sighed as he thought about his senior project. It was almost complete.
A few more tests and it would be ready to submit. The one remaining
obstacle to his graduation was, in effect, done. He smiled as he thought
about the job offers he had already received. All of the hard work had
paid off.

Sometimes John regretted that he had been so much of a nerd.
The past three years had included zero time for a social life. He had
been driven to get through school and to work as fast as possible. And
he had done it in three years, a five year program done in three. He
smiled as he reflected and was more than a little proud of what he had
done. Now there were so many things he wanted to accomplish.

His thoughts were shattered as this car sped past him. When it was
in the middle of the block it stopped abruptly and one guy got out of the
passenger side and pulled this female out behind him She was
screaming, "You bunch of mother fuckers.... you rotten bunch of cock
suckers... I don't ever want to see any of you again. I'm not a whore...
I'm not... I'm not..." And she sort of slowly dropped to her knees in the
middle of the dark street. As John approached he could hear her
crying... racking sobs that touched him.

The guy got back in the car then John heard several loud drunken
voices from the car, "Thanks for the great fuck baby." "We all enjoyed
your cunt..and your mouth and your asshole baby". "See ya around
cunt!" and the car sped off in a screech or tires. A second later they
stopped the car and threw a suitcase out the window as they burned
rubber again.

John watched the car lights disappear before he looked back at
the girl. She sat in a heap, like dirty laundry, in the middle of the dark
empty street. He heard no sounds now but he could see her body
shaking convulsively.

Now everyone will tell you, John was a good guy, kind to people
and animals. He quietly walked over to her and said softly, "Excuse
me.... you OK?" Considering what he had just observed it wasn't one of
John's best questions.

She turned abruptly and the look she gave John was a mixture of
rage and fear. If looks could have killed, John would have been gone,
wasted. Yet John also saw the fear and he said gently, "I'm not one of
them.... I won't hurt you. How can I help you Miss." She continued to
look at him but slowly the anger disappeared and was replaced by
fatigue. Physical and emotional fatigue. Then she just shrunk back into
her dirty laundry pile, her head on the pavement, and cried softly.

John sat down in the middle of the street beside her. He just sat
there for ten or fifteen minutes while she continued to cry. Eventually
her sobs began to fade slowly. She raised her head and looked at
John again saying. "Who are you? What do you want?"

He smiled at her shyly and said, "I am John Minor and I don't
want anything... I thought maybe I could help ... "

"Why?" she blurted out, "you just want to fuck me too, just like
those four assholes?"

"No." John said, so softly she barely heard him.

She looked into his eyes and saw that John had tears welled up
in them. She was shocked, "What the hell did he care?" she thought
to herself. But she said, "What do you want from me? Why do you want
to help me?" Her sarcasm was thick.

"I don't want anything from you Miss. And you do look like you
could use a little help... from a friend."

She looked at him with disbelief and then she started crying
again, sobbing, "I don't have any friends."

John surprised them both then when he said, "Well you do now.
And I think we need to get out of the street before a truck comes by and
makes road kill out of both of us." The anger seemed to fade just a
little, replaced with a brief smile as she appreciated his attempt at
humor. John stood up and held out his hand to her. Slowly, tentatively
she relaxed and her small hand moved to meet his.

When she was on her feet still hanging on to his hand he said,
"You know you are a mess. You could use a shower and a change of
clothes. Can I help you get home?" They both looked her over... her
torn blouse, her skirt, her hair and even her face had a dried white
substance almost everywhere. John thought, "Man those bastards shot
off all over her."

"I am a mess." she replied looking sad again. "But I can't go
home... my Stepdad just kicked me out. He caught me in my bedroom
after school with Billy, again, you can guess what we were doing. Then
later tonight my Stepdad told me I was no longer part of the family and
to get out. I didn't know what to do so I went looking for Billy. Well I found
him and his three buddies. You can guess what happened after that."

"Well if you won't think I'm trying to take advantage of you you're
welcome to come to my place and clean up. You can get some sleep
and then decide what to do next. Do you have any other close relatives
anywhere near?"

She looked at him as if trying to decide and then said, "Sue... I'm
Sue Parker. No no relatives. And I don't seem to have many choices do I? "

John walked over and picked up her bag and looked back at her to see if
she was going to follow. She did and they walked slowly, silently. John's
apartment was nice. A large two bedroom place that was well outfitted. John's
primary expenses were school and his apartment. He liked being comfortable
and his job as a instructor afforded him that much. It was also close and in
minutes the two of them stepped inside and John flipped the light switch.

Sue looked around and blinked as her eyes got accustomed to the light.
She said, "Nice place John."

"Thanks, the shower is through there," and he nodded toward a hallway.
She took her bag and smiled a tiny smile as she walked in the direction he had

All of a sudden John was starved. He moved into the kitchen as he heard
the shower start. By the time he heard the shower stop he had a huge platter
of bacon scrambled eggs, toast and coffee ready. He called, "Come on, lets
eat Sue. There is a robe hanging on the door."


Sue had closed the bathroom door and stripped. She looked in the full
length mirror. She was a mess. The bastards had fucked her every way four
guys could and had sprayed their cum all over her and her clothes. That
son-of-a-bitch Billy had told her he would take care of her... yeah.

Now she thought back over what had happened to her earlier that night.
Billy had pulled her into the back seat of the car with him after she had found
him and his buddies at the drive-in. As the five of them drove around, he had
started kissing her and feeling her up.

She told him to stop, that she didn't want to do that in front of the others.
But Billy wouldn't take no for an answer and soon had her so hot she no longer
cared. He really knew how to turn her on. They had been dating for several
months and had screwed every chance they could. Then she had started to get
a thrill out of the other guys watching as Billy felt her up.... pulled her blouse
and bra off baring her tits. She knew she had a great body and was proud of
it. She liked the way the other guys stared at her tits and the crude comments
they made about what a great pair of hooters she had.

Then Billy whispered in her ear that he wanted her to straddle his lap, he
wanted to fuck her. When she hesitated he said that she shouldn't worry about
the guys, they already knew he was fucking her. She was horny and hot and
she liked the idea of putting on a show. So as Billy pulled his hard cock free
she swung one leg over his lap and soon eased down on his hard cock. She
loved the feel of his cock in her very wet, ready cunt. It wasn't the first by
several in there but at that moment, she loved the way Billy was hunching into
her so deep. She even forgot the guys were watching her and Billy fuck like

She was bouncing on him hard and fast and as she started to cum she
realized Tommy, Billy's buddy in the back seat with them, had his hand on her
bare tit, squeezing and pinching her nipple. She was too close to cumming to
object and she closed her eyes and came violently. It felt so good and it went
on and on.... She felt Billy swell and flood her tight pussy with his cum. She
gasped and shivered and came again.

Later she rolled off of Billy's limp cock and fell on the seat between the two
guys. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the way her full pussy tingled,
when she felt a body moving between her spread legs again. She wondered if
Billy wanted her again so soon, but when she opened her eyes she saw
Tommy, his hard cock in his hand pointed at her open cunt. It touched her
outer lips and eased in a couple of inches as she said, "No... what the hell are
you doing? Billy stop him."

But Tommy had pressed hard and sunk his cock in to the hilt in Sue's wet
cunt. He held her down under him as she struggled trying to push him off.
The struggle made his cock move around inside her and she realized that in
spite of herself she was getting excited again. She looked over at Billy with the
question on her face.

Billy smiled at her and said, "Hell baby, share your pussy with my good

Sue couldn't believe it. She lay there, her struggling stopped as she was
trying to deal with what Billy had just said. Tommy was slowly stroking his
cock in and out of her over heated pussy and she groaned... it felt so good.
Then she quit thinking as she always did when a guy got his cock in her. She
forgot who or why and just hotly responded. She wrapped her legs around
Tommy's ass and fucked him back as hard as he fucked her. Damn she loved

She was in never-never-land. She only vaguely remembered when Tommy
came in her and she felt him crawl off. Someone, Bob she discovered when
she opened her eyes briefly, was pulling her on top of their hard cock. Sue
sighed as she felt him, helped him, lower her cunt onto his big cock. It went
deeper than the others and she came again. He started fucking up into her
deep and hard and fast. It was only moments later when she felt another cock
pressing against her accessible ass hole waving in the air. Her mind fogged
further as she realized two guys were now fucking her at the same time.

The orgy went on for some time. Sue had no idea how long or how many
times they fucked her. At one point she had felt a hard cock against her lips
and she opened her mouth and sucked it. When he started to cum she
swallowed the first shot but he had pulled free and spayed her face and tits with the rest. Others pulled out of her ass and cunt as they came and sprayed
her body, her clothes and her hair.

Finally they all left her and she smiled thinking she had fucked them all till
they were finished. She hoped Billy would be proud of her. She opened her
eyes and looked around. Billy was driving and she was in the back between
Tommy and Bob. She didn't know the other guy but knew he had fucked her a
couple of times too.

As she got her wits back, she spoke up, "Billy, honey, why don't you let
someone else drive and come back here with me."

She was stunned when he replied, "Naw I don't think so cunt. I think we
all had all of your pussy we want. I think you should get your ass out of the
car." And he stopped the car right there in the middle of the street. The guy
she didn't know reached in the back seat and caught her hand and jerked her
out of the car onto the street. She couldn't believe it... what was wrong with
Billy? Then she realized the score and stood up and started to swear at them
as they drove off.

Then the guy had showed up... to help he said... and here she was.

The shower felt so good. She was sore all over. How many times did
those bastards fuck me? But soon the hot water had it's soothing effect and
she began to feel better. She was drying off when she heard him call, John
that was his name, "Come on, lets eat Sue. There is a robe hanging on the

She hung the towel on the hook and found the fluffy terry robe. She
wrapped it around her, it was several sizes too large and almost drug the floor.
She combed her wet hair back and looked at the little girl in the mirror.

end part 1


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