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JOHN2 movies galore the VCR Have



John's Dilemmas

Chapter 2

John looked up as she walked barefoot into the kitchen. She seemed
smaller, younger. She was beautiful even with her hair wet. The robe
swallowed her up. I t looked big enough for both of them. He smiled and got
a huge smile in return. Damn she was cute. He sat a plate in front of her and
dished out a large helping in her plate. He poured the coffee and then filled
his own plate. She was already eating when he sat down and started. They
ate in silence, both of them eating as if they were starved. Washed down with
another cup of coffee, they sat there full at last and she said, "OK when are
you going to start asking questions?"

"I wasn't planning on asking any questions. You are free to hole up here
for as long as you need to. No strings, no questions. I expect you to pick up
after yourself, do your share of the chores and respect me and my place..OK?"

She answered in a puzzled voice, "OK John.... and thanks."

He got up and put the dishes in the dishwasher and said, "Come on, I'll
show you where you can sleep." He lead her down the hall, past the
bathroom, into a bedroom. It had a full bedroom suite, and a computer set up
on a desk in one corner. John said, "I'll have to use this," pointing at the
computer, "from time to time but I'll try not to disturb you. There is room in the
closet, that chest is empty. Make yourself at home. I'm gone a lot. In class,
and I work at the computer lab. Oh ... I don't want you bringing any of your
"friends" in here OK?""

"What friends... the bastards gang banged me tonight.. I hope I never see
any of them again. Especially that son-of-a-bitch Billy who was supposed to be
my boy friend."

"Well you never know about people do you?"

"John... I know about you. I appreciate what you are doing. You are sweet
and kind and I thank you. I will certainly abide by your rules."

"OK Sue, this is YOUR room. I will knock before I enter. I'm sure you can
find the washing machine and dryer, towels, food and whatever else you need.
If not holler. Now it is late and I'm bushed and I have an early physics class
shortly. Goodnight Sue."

And he left closing the door after himself. In a moment he knocked on the
door. She wrapped the robe around her again and opened the door,
wondering if he was going to change into an asshole like Billy and ask for his
payment. But he just handed her her suitcase she had left in the bathroom.
Another goodnight and he actually said, "Sweet dreams." and walked to his
own bed room.

She dropped the robe on the bed and crawled between the clean sheets
naked. God she was so tired.... those bastards.... and she was out. The next
thing she knew John was leaning over her shaking her. She sat up with a
start, not realizing the sheet fell away baring her large firm breasts, clearly
visible in the bright moonlight coming in the window. She looked up at John
and heard him say, "You were having a night mare... your were crying out in
your sleep."

She glanced down at her bare breasts and slowly covered her self, but not
before John enjoyed a nice view of the beauties. She woke up slowly and
then she started crying. John pulled her into his arms and whispered, "It's OK
now. it's OK," as he rocked her in his arms. Soon she was asleep again and
John laid her back on the pillow and pulled the sheet back up to cover her bare
breasts again. He smiled as thought as he walked out of the room, "damn
she has great tits."

He was gone the next morning when she awoke and then lazily got up.
She slipped into the robe again and staggered into the kitchen. There was a
note, "Coffee ready and hot, help yourself. I won't be home until about
11:00pm. There are movies galore by the VCR. Have a good day. - John."

She poured herself a large mug of coffee, found a sweet roll and sat
enjoying the simplest of pleasures. It was almost noon. She had slept hard
but was still terribly tired. She thought, "Getting screwed over and over by four
assholes is tiring." She sat there and thought about the night before. She
thought Billy had loved her like he said. He just wanted in her panties like the
others. She didn't think too harshly about them all as she remembered how
good it felt.

She ate, and looked through the movies John had. A little bit of everything
and she finally chose GHOST and put it in the machine and settled down to
watch Swayze and Demi. It was mid afternoon when she turned the VCR off
and put the movie away. She fixed herself lunch and then thought about

When John came in the first thing he noticed was the aroma... damn
something smelled good.... and then he noticed the place had been cleaned. It
looked great, it smelled great and he was starved. He hadn't had time to get
anything to eat all day. Then he heard a voice from the kitchen, "Hi John... I'm
in here."

He walked into the kitchen and found Sue bent over looking into the oven.
She was dressed in jeans and a sweat shirt, her long blond hair was in a pony
tail and she looked great. Not only did she have great tits but she was
beautiful, and had a cute ass. He smiled as he enjoyed looking at that cute
ass in the skin tight jeans. She looked around and caught him looking and he
blushed a brilliant shade of red as he coughed and stammered and then said,
"Smells great...what's in there." Then her realized his comment could be taken
two ways after he was staring at her ass and he blushed even more.

Sue smiled and looked away and acted like she hadn't noticed any of it and
said, "I'm barbecuing chicken. Plus baked potatoes and a salad. Your kitchen
had everything in it. You sure eat good. Be ready in just a minute."

He appreciated her letting him off the hook after he embarrassed himself
and he answered, "Sue I work and study and eat well. I have no social life
and my savings plus my salary keep me in this apartment and school and
pretty good food."

She laughed and started putting the food on the table. They sat down to
eat and it was fantastic. John ate and told her it was great and ate and told
her it was great again. "You are a much better cook than I am. I usually burn
it or undercook it. But this is fantastic Sue."

She asked him about his day and as he told her she sat and listened and
seemed to understand everything he said. Her comments indicated she was
pretty up on computer science, his main field. He looked at her strangely and
said, "Sue, how do you know so much about my field?"

"I'm fascinated by two things John. One is computer science and the other
is sex. Since sex got me in such hot water I need to rethink that but I love
computers. If you wouldn't mind I would love to play on yours when you don't
need to use it."

John was impressed and said something about her going ahead... it was an
IBM compatible with Windows 95. She looked a little guilty and said, "I know..
I turned it on and looked around. I didn't read anything but I had to force
myself not to open the folder titled DIRTY STORIES."

John blushed again. Sue loved it. He was several years older than her 18
years and she kept making him blush. He is so damn cute, she thought. A lot
cuter than Billy, and smarter, and nicer, I wonder if he is good in bed......

They had finished the meal and Sue started to clear the table. John helped
and soon they moved into the living room with their coffee. They sat there in
silence for a moment and then Sue looked at John and said, "I don't know
how to say this John. First I want to say thank you for all your kindnesses. I
don't know why you were so good to me last night. I was such a slut. I have
been behaving like a slut for a couple of years now. Ever since my mother let
that man, my stepdad, move in. He tried to tell me everything. How to dress,
how to act... finally I said Fuck him and went crazy. That's not your problem
John but I wanted to try and justify what I did a little. I don't want you to think
I'm a total slut after I leave."

John looked at her. He had heard it all but he just smiled at her as he
thought, she is cute and smart. So she went a little wild. I can understand
that, but he said, "Sue, you don't have to explain.... what you did is your
business, I don't want to pry."

Tears came to her eyes as she felt cut off. John saw the tears and
realized what he had done. He stuttered and said, "Shit... I didn't mean that. I
want to know a lot about you. I think you are pretty special. I wondered how
anyone as beautiful as you and as smart as you could let her self get gang
fucked. I just didn't want to impose on you Sue."

She smiled through the tears and dried her eyes......she related the full
story of the previous night, in every detail, in explicit language. She wanted
him to know every detail. If he still liked her that would be great. She was
delighted when she realized her story had made his cock hard. The events of
the previous night had excited her again too. They looked at each other
hungrily and Sue knew that familiar cock hungry feeling that was starting. If he
tried to fuck her she knew she would let him... help him.

Instead he stood up, his cock straining his jeans, and told her goodnight.
She was terribly disappointed, she wanted him, but she said goodnight and
went to bed. When she was in bed nude, toying with her self she heard him
knock on her door. Her hopes soared but when she said "Yes."

John just said through the door, "If you want to read my stories, it's OK."

She lay there confused. After a few moments she got up and turned the
PC on. Soon she was deep into the folder and had read several of his stories.
They were erotic, pornographic.they talked about everything except the violent
edge. men with women, women with women, women with dogs, incest,
threesomes foursomes, gangbangs and more. Then there was one chapter in a
story where a guy sucked off another guy because his girl friend wanted him to
and he discovered he liked it. She was so hot after reading his stuff. What an
imagination. She had gotten herself off several times. Moaning and groaning
and crying out as she came repeatedly.....

John lay there listening. He had heard the PC beep when it completed the
diagnostic and knew where she was going. He heard her moan and groan and
could tell each time she came. Then it got quite and he forced himself to

The next day was a Saturday and John had the entire weekend free. He
had finished his project. Now all he had to do was show up in his classes for
another two weeks and he would graduate. What a relief. He awoke Saturday
morning when he heard his PC come on. Was she back at the stories again?
He smiled and wondered if his hard on was because he needed to pee or
something else?

end part 2


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