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JOHN3 split his face with the grin



John's Dilemmas

Chapter 3

"Good Morning John," her voice was low pitched and husky.
John looked up from the paper he was skimming as he sipped on his
third cup of coffee. Sue was in her jeans and sweat shirt again and
looked great. She looked a little flushed and John said, "You feel OK?
Your voice sounds a little hoarse and you look a bit flushed."

She smiled and replied, "I'm fine John... it's your damn stories.
God they make me hot. You write pretty good sir. Soooo realistic but
you missed the boat on one story... the gang bang is wrong. Believe me
after the other night I know."

John was glad she could talk about that night and not get upset.
He smiled at her and noticed her nipples were hard and erect and
obvious through her sweat shirt. "Thanks for the kudos Sue, I enjoy
writing that stuff. sometimes it is my only relief. I've worked too damn
hard on school."

"So you write these stories and jack off?" Sue asked in her own
inimitable way, calling a spade a fucking shovel. "What a waste, you're
too damn cute to hide from all the ladies you could make happy. You
aren't gay are you John? That one story where the guy goes down on
the other guy was hot for me. Are you into that kind of stuff?"

"Wow Sue... don't hold back, just ask anything you think of."

She looked at him to see if she had offended him... but he was
smiling and she burst out laughing with relief. "John, I'm sorry, I'm pretty
up front huh?"

"Pretty fucking blunt I would say but it's OK. Let's see... all those
questions, Yes I write the stories and jack off sometimes. Sometimes I
use a vibrator to get off. No I'm not gay. I wrote the bisexual story cause I am curious about what that would be like. And if you are up to it
maybe you could correct my gang bang story."

"I'm glad your not gay John.... but if your not gay, why haven't
you hit on me? I've been in a bed near you for two nights and you have
been the perfect gentleman. Don't I appeal to you?"

He looked at her and his cock started to grow again. He had
wanted her ever since she came out of the shower that first night looking
so sweet and sexy. "Sue you appeal to me and you know it. I just
figured that after your problem the other night you might not want to be
bothered for a while."

"Damn John you are one sweet guy. I appreciate you more and
more. But you seem to over estimate the impact of that night on me.
Sure it pissed me off and it hurt that Billy didn't give a shit about me.
But the sex didn't cause me any serious problems. Maybe I shouldn't
admit thisbut the truth is I loved getting fucked by so many guys. I
guess that makes me look pretty bad in your eyes huh John?"

"No Sue..... I can imagine being with four women and it would be
great I think. I understand how you feel. But tell me what was wrong in
my gang bang story."

She dropped her eyes to his cock. It was hard and pushing
against his jeans. "Nice size" she thought. As she looked at it John
was very aware of where she was looking. He spread his legs wide
apart and stroked his hard cock pushing it down the leg of his jeans
where it was even more visible. Sue raised her eyes to his and then
back to his cock as she stepped toward him. She dropped to her knees
between his legs and placed her hand on his cock squeezing it gently.
"John.. I want this. You aren't going to traumatize me if you fuck me. In
fact if you don't I may rape you. Your fuck stories have me so horny I
need to be fucked hard..... NOW"

Sue was unsnapping and unzipping his jeans and shortly had his
8 inch cock out in her hands and she was lovingly kissing the head of
his cock running her tongue all over it. John groaned and Sue took him
deep in her mouth. She bobbed up and down his shaft and sucked alternately hard and soft. She paused and looked up at him releasing
his cock, "John you really ought to try this... I love it." She dropped her
lips back over his throbbing cock. John was completely unaccustomed
to such attention and he said, "Stop Sue I'm going to cum."

She looked up at him and with his cock still in her mouth she
uttered something that sounded like, "Guud, ah wan you to." and she
sucked harder, bobbed faster and slipped a finger into his virgin asshole.
John grunted and stiffened and flooded her mouth. She swallowed as
fast as she could and didn't miss any of his cum except for the little on
her lips. When she finally turned him loose his limp cock fell out and
she looked up at him and smiled as she realized how much he had
enjoyed it. "Good huh John?"

"Oh my God good." then he pulled her up into his arms
and held her beautiful face in both hands as he kissed her cheeks, her
neck and then her swollen lips. Their tongues intertwined and John
tasted his cum on the mouth,. strong and tangy. His hands ran down
over her trim ass through her jeans. Then he cupped a large breast in
each hand.

Soon he dropped his hands under her sweat shirt and found her
bare beauties. Sue was moaning as he played with her hard little
nipples. She felt his hands drop to her jean zipper and then felt the air
hit her bare ass as he pushed them down to her knees. His hands
cupped her bare cheeks and squeezed and stroked her cute ass. Sue
gasped when she felt one hand slid around between then onto her
swollen clit. She was wet and he easily slipped two fingers into her
young if not inexperienced cunt. He slowly finger fucked her pussy as
he rubbed her hard clit with one hand and the other slid between her
firm ass cheeks and he eased another finger up her tight little butt hole.

Sue kissed him harder and then screamed into his mouth as she
came tremendously. After a while she went limp in his arms and John
scooped her up and carried her into his bedroom. He lay her on the
bed and started pulling her sweat shirt over her head. He stared at her
great tits for a moment then pulled her jeans the rest of the way off.
She lay there nude and gorgeous.

John stripped and lay beside her kissing her as they wrapped
each other in their arms. John was hard again and Sue threw one leg
over him as she guided his cock into her home for wayward erections.
They slowly stroked into each other, deeper and deeper. Sue started to
whimper and moan softly. John had a large tit in each hand and Sue
had her arms and legs wrapped around her new lover as they came.

Later Sue was on the bed on all fours as John plowed her tight
butt hole with his cock and Sue chanted, "Yes... yes... yes"

Still later they were in a 69 position and John loved the taste of
her young pussy. Even full of his cum. Sue had a second "wine" tasting
herself shortly.

Then even still later they lay limply wrapped up in each other.
Sue was able to speak first, "Mother fucker... that was awesome. My
God John you have been keeping this to yourself. What a dick head
you are." And she smiled at him and kissed his lips gently. He grinned
from ear to ear, John wasn't exactly over confident when it came to

Then John said, "Sue thank you but you were awesome. I never
had it so good. As you could tell I guess I haven't had a lot of

"Bull shit John... don't give me that. You are so fucking good.
You can't tell me you haven't had much experience."

John was about to split his face with the grin. He leaned over
and kissed her long and sweet. Then in a moment he looked at her and
said, "Sue... would you consider just staying here, with me, and being
my girl?"

She looked deep into his eyes and rethought everything he had
said and done. He thought she was smart and beautiful and great at
sex and a good cook. She thought he was kind and gentle and loving
and cute as hell and a great fuck. Even though she had no place else
to go she said, "John.. are you sure? Even knowing I can be a little slut
under the right circumstances?"

"I'm sure Sue.... I love you being here. But I'm asking more. In
two weeks I will finish school and will be going to Denver to my new job.
I will be paid pretty good. Enough for us to live very comfortably. Just
think about it."

"Oh shit John, I don't have to think about it. I am your girl. I can't
think of anyone I would rather be with than you."

They had slow easy sex one more time to seal the bargain.
Lunch followed and Sue fixed them a quick sandwich and coke.

"After lunch Sue said, "Come on." and took his hand and lead
him to the computer. As they waited for it to boot up and initialize
windows 95, she said, "I will help you rewrite the gang bang story."
Over the next hour she told him how good even a strange cock felt, how
two cocks in her at the same time sent her into a fog of sexual pleasure
and after that, cock after cock, it just was a continuation of that feeling
as she came almost continuously. Then she told him how empty her
openings felt when they all left her. She was exhausted and sore but a
part of her wanted it to go on forever.

John modified his story to incorporate her thoughts and John
knew it now had the ring of experience in it. They were both hotter than
hell, Sue had been idly playing with John's hard cock as he typed. But
when he saved that story Sue said, "Now to the blow job story... I could
tell you never sucked a cock. Let's fix that one too."

After he saved the story she pulled him over to her bed and said,
"Now let me demonstrate what I just told you." And she pulled his hard
cock into her pouty mouth. After she had sucked him dry she looked up
at him with his cum all over her lips. She kissed him and he tasted
himself again. She sat up and said, "Would you like to suck a guys cock John?"

"I don't really know. I love to watch you do it. I wonder what it
would be like to do it. What would it feel like in my mouth? What does
cum taste like? What does it feel like when a guy shoots off in your
mouth? I have been curious about that for a long time. Looking at guys doesn't turn me on but I would like to know..."

"Why haven't you done it. There are lots of guys around that go
that way. I'm sure lots of them would be happy to accommodate you."

"I'm not sure Sue... fear... what if I liked it? Real men don't suck
cock maybe? What would you think about a guy that did that?"

"Sounds sexy as hell to me. I would like to watch if you decide
to do it. Maybe we could do a guy together....I know several that would
be happy to help us."

John looked at her with a look of fear on his face. She saw it and
said, "What's the matter John?"

John asked, "Are you going to continue fucking everything that
looks good to you?"

Sue looked at him and stroked his cheek lightly, "Not if you don't
want me to. I really hadn't thought about it. Both of us sucking a guys cock seemed like the obvious answer to let you do it without being too

"Do you want to keep fucking other guys Sue? I guess it would
be hard to stop wouldn't it?"

"I don't know John. I haven't tried to make it a secret that I love
cock... cocks. I love to fuck John.. you know that. But I think you will
be all the man I need."

"Sue... if you do... fuck some other guy.... I want to know it. I'm
not sure how I feel about that. It's like me sucking a cock. It sounds
exciting. You fucking someone else sounds exciting. but....."

"I know... I understand... if you went out now and fucked some
other female I would be threatened... I would be afraid you might kick
me out for her. So John you have my word that I won't do anything
with anyone else unless you want me to."

"You mean you won't do anything but if I told you to fuck some
guy you would?"

"No but if you asked me to I would.... If you were with me... If I
knew I was going home with you afterwards with no problems on your
part. Make you feel powerful my love?"

John smiled "Say that again, the last part..."

"Make you fe..."

"No not that.... just the last part..."

Sue looked puzzled and then understood and smiled tenderly at
him and said, "My love."

"I like the sound of that... do you think you could ever learn to
love me?"

"John... news flash you big fucking dummy.... I already do."

He pulled her to him and they kissed tenderly for the longest time
and John felt at home for some strange reason.

The next few weeks were idyllic. John attended classes and
made love to Sue. They went shopping and bought things Sue needed.
They discussed the job offers and decided together that John's previous
decision to go to Denver was the best and they called that company and
accepted the job, arranged for moving and a house hunting trip. John
told them to deposit the $50,000 signing bonus in a bank for him. John
graduated summa-cum-laud. Sue told him he was big-cummer-loud.
His family, (Mom, Dad and younger sister and Brother), was there and
they loved Sue as John knew they would.

They flew to Denver and found a great four bedroom apartment in
a high rise in downtown Denver. John could walk to work but they had
a two car garage in the basement. What Sue didn't know was that John
made arrangements with a local Ford dealer to put two ford Mustang
convertibles in the garage before they returned. A red one for her and a
white one for him.

They moved in and inaugerated the new apartment by having sex
on the dining room table, both of them bare ass, with all the drapes
wide open. The broke in the cars without leaving the garages. Sue was
mift when John sprayed cum all over her car seat. But it came up easy
off the red leather. Sue added some more furniture to finish the
apartment, but John already had almost everything. Sue also decorated
the place and before they wanted it to be so, it was the last night before
John reported for work.

After a great dinner, they sat over coffee in the living room. John
had been pretty quiet all day and now he had his arm around her when
he said in a strange voice, "Honey, what are you going to do while I am
at work?"

The sound of his voice, the way he touched her tentatively, Sue
was shook when she thought she knew what he was worried about and
she turned to him with tears in her eyes. "John are you worried I might
start fucking around again?"

end part 3


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