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JOHN4 cum over and over



John's Dilemmas

Chapter 4
The question echoed in his ears, "John are you worried I might
start fucking around again?"

John looked at her with love in his eyes and said "No, it's not the
sex ... I'm worried that you might run into someone you like better than
me and I would loose you. I can't believe that in such a short period of
time you have become so necessary to me. I never want to part with

She looked at him and the tears ran down her face. She leaned
toward him and kissed him softly like a feather. She looked up into his
eyes and said, "My darling man... that could not happen. If I fucked a
thousand guys, a thousand hunky studs, none of them could start to
replace you. You are simply stuck with me. If you get tired of me and
kick me out it will come close to killing me but I will survive. I just could
never be nearly as happy as I am with you."

John picked her up and carried her to bed. As he made love to
her he said, "I do love you so much Sue. I fear I will lose you someday
to some guy that can fuck better or has a bigger cock or who you just
prefer. I sometimes think I ought to ask you to fuck some other guy so I
can watch and see if you will still love me afterwards. Maybe then I
could quit worrying about it."

"John baby, I don't need that. I am completely content with you.
But if it will make you happy I will do it....not for me but for you."

"Are you telling me you wouldn't enjoy it?"

"Hell John, you know me better than that. I am sure I would love
fucking some hunk. But he could never replace you. Would you like to
have a threesome with me and some guy. You could watch me fuck
him, you and I could both suck his cock and then you would see that it meant
nothing to me. Just a little fun for both of us."

John just smiled and answered, "I will let you know."

John went to work the next morning a happy man.

The months of summer passed in a haze of pleasure as they
continued to get to know each other and Denver. Work was going well.
They had met a number of other young couples in the building and had
frequent parties at one apartment or the other. It was a neat group, very
compatible in most everything. They went to see the Rockies games,
the Broncos, the theater and they explored the mountains a lot. It all
seemed almost too good.

Then one Friday night at a party John missed Sue. He had been
talking with a group of the guys about skiing for quite some time he
realized. Where was Sue? He looked around and when he couldn't see
her he had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Then he walked into
the kitchen. As he approached he heard Sue say, "Larry, I told you no.
I'm flattered you find me attractive but I belong to John. The only way I
would even think about fucking you would be if John asked me to. So
forget it or negotiate with John."

John stood there smiling and then faded back into the room.
Seconds later Sue walked into the room and when she saw him her
eyes lighted up and she headed for him obviously in a hurry.. She
kissed him passionately and said, "Take me home and fuck the shit out
of me."
Later having satisfied his lady he knew she was so turned on
because Larry had hit on her. He thought he could understand that.
It is hot to have someone try to fuck you. He smiled at her and kissed
her nose, "What happened my love to get you so hot?"

She looked at him for a long time, wondering what to say. How to
say it without making John jealous. Then she decided that she had to
be straight with her guy. "Larry came on to me big time. He walked up
behind me in the kitchen and slid his hands under my arms and cupped
my tits. It surprised me and I just stood there for several seconds while
he played with my tits. My nipples got hard instantly and he toyed with
them. I could feel his hard cock against my ass and it all got me wet as
hell. I came out of it then and pulled away from him. I told him I was
yours and to stop. I also told him the only way I would fuck him was if
you wanted me to. Then I came to find you.

"It really made you hot didn't it?"

"Yes it did baby. I won't lie. Maybe it shouldn't have but it did."

"Did you want him to fuck you?"

"That's hard to answer.... Did I want to feel that hard cock inside
me? Yes. Was I interested in Larry? No. Can you understand? I
don't want to upset you but my pussy wanted it real bad."

She looked down and he was hard as a rock. She looked up at
him and asked, "John?... honey?..... does it make you hard thinking
about Larry and me?"

"Like you said, not particularly Larry. But the fact that some guy
hit on you, played with your tits and you wanted him makes me hard.
I'm not sure I understand it."

"Fantasy my love. Exciting isn't it. Close your eyes and think
about this as a fantasy. Larry comes over here some day when you are
gone. He starts to hit on me again, only this time I can't resist his big
hard throbbing cock and soon we are fucking our heads off. You come
in and watch us for a while and then you join us. The two of you double
fuck me for a long time making me cum over and over. I go down on
both of you. Before either of you cum I pull you down on your knees
beside me and I push Larry's cock in your mouth. You suck him and he
cums big time in your mouth. It turns out that Larry is bi too and he
sucks you off also."

After pausing briefly she kissed him and caught his raging cock in
her hand and said, "You like my little story I think."

He didn't say anything but came as Sue stroked his cock. His
cum shot high into the air and all over both of them. Sue laughed and
said, "Well there is my answer huh baby?"

They showered and cleaned up the mess and cuddled in their big
bed. John said softly, "Am I just totally weird to get so damn hot about
the idea of another guy fucking you.... and then me sucking his cock?

"Weird?... I don't think so. Unusual? Maybe a little but who
cares? The question is, do you want it to really happen?"

John just lay there feeling his cock begin to stir. He kissed her
goodnight and said, "I don't know. Lets go to sleep now."


The next morning when Sue awoke, John was already out of bed...
unusual for him. She slid out of bed and into a thin short robe and went
looking for him. He was sitting on the balcony staring out at the Denver
sky line, sipping his coffee. She walked up behind him and leaned
down kissing his neck. His hand came up and caressed her face
tenderly. "Morning John.... you OK sweetheart?"

"Morning my love, am I OK? I don't know. I dreamed all night.
About you and Larry..... and you and Larry and me. It was your story over and over.... as soon as we finished, the dream would start over

"Let me refill our coffee cups and then we need to talk darling."

She returned shortly and sat on the chaise lounge facing him.
She leaned forward looking at him with concern and said, "What are we
going to do?"

"I still don't know. What would you think if I had sex with another

"It would depend..... if it were just sex it wouldn't bother me. If
you were attracted to her for more than sex then it would devastate me.
Why? Is there someone you want?"

"No..... I just wanted to be sure I understood how you felt on the
subject. And if you walked in on me having sex with another man?"

"Same answer John. In any case I would want to be a part of it.
I would want us to do it together."

"So it would be OK with you if we swapped partners with another
couple or couples?"

"The answer is still the same John. Hear me again dear, you
know my history. I loved having sex with lots of guys. When I met you
that stopped cause I loved you and you weren't into that. Sex without
love to me is like a sport, like tennis. You can play with lots of partners
and even play doubles. When the game is over you go home and
continue your life. I don't play tennis now because you don't like tennis."

"What if I took up tennis and liked it?"

"Then I guess we would play a lot of tennis. All the tennis you
would want. With all the different partners you would want. You know
me..... I would love it. If you were comfortable with it. You set the rules

"Does the idea excite you too Sue?"

"Come feel me.... I am so wet... so horny. How would you feel
about fucking me out here so the whole world could watch."

"God that sounds hot."

He stood up and dropped his robe. His cock stood out as big
and as hard as Sue had ever seen it. She slipped her robe off her arms
and lay back open for the world to see. As she spread her long trim
legs, John slid between them and guided his cock into her delightful
cunt. It was a wild flailing fuck and they had trouble staying on the
chaise lounge. The balcony was in clear view......

Later they showered and dressed and went for a drive up in the
mountains to see the Aspen leaves changing color. It was a great day
and the two of them never felt closer. They had lunch in a little out of
the way cafe and they sat very close to each other just loving being

As they drove toward home along I70 John said "I want to try it."

"Try "tennis"?

"Yeah..... but if I try it and don't like it can you stop?"

"I think so John.... I did before. Are you sure? Can you watch
me in a tennis match with other partners? Even doubles? Or in a group
lesson even?"

"Yeah... I think I can... the idea is an unbelievable turn on."

"Where do we start?"

"Larry seems to be handy.... I wonder if his wife is also

"Want me to find out?"

"Could you?"

"I will just ask him.... if she isn't do you still want to "invite" just
him over to play? With both of us?"

"Yeah... I do."

"John... you have to know, I am unbelievably excited over this."

"So am I Sue. Could you call Larry as soon as we get home?
Maybe ask he and Claire over to dinner tonight?"

"Do you want to ask them over even if Claire doesn't play?"

"I do... I think it would be a fun evening... knowing you and Larry
were about to get it on, with or without Claire."

"I agree with that.... do you want me to fuck Larry tonight?"

"Only if I can watch."

"Oh shit I like that ... the idea of you watching me fuck another
guy. Will you participate?"


"Do you want to have sex with Larry too?"

"I think so... I won't know until I am there."

"God I hope you do. That idea is so hot to me baby."

end part 4


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