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JOHN5 guys stripped rapidly She said



John's Dilemmas

Chapter 5

The rest of the trip home was charged with the sexual energy.
They were both filled with anticipation. As soon as she walked into the
apartment Sue looked up Larry's phone number and dialed it as she told
John to get on the extension.

"Hello Larry... this is Sue."

"Sue... what a great surprise... how are you? I've been thinking
about you a lot since last night."

"Me too Larry..... but I have a couple of questions for you baby.
Does Claire around too... do you and she.... together with another
couple perhaps?"

"I understand ... Claire and I have an "open" arrangement. We
have never ... uh ...known another couple. Claire has had lovers as I
have.... but not as a couple... at least not yet."

"I see ... and another question... how do you feel about bisexuality?"

"I love bisexual women... I have never tried it myself."

"Are you curious about it for yourself?"

"A little. Would you mind telling me what is going on Sue?"

"I told John about you coming on to me last night, about the way you
touched my breasts, about the way your hard thing felt against my butt,
about how turned on I was after that. We talked and talked and we
think we may want to open our relationship to some special other

"God I would love to be included... shall I talk to Claire?"

"I don't know... would you like to explore it with just John and I

John nodded yes vigorously as she looked over at him.

"Yes Sue... I think that would be interesting.. But tell me hon, is
John bi?"

"Let's just say he is bi curious at this point?"

"Claire is definitely bi Sue. Are you?

"I never have but I definitely would be interested in trying it.
Larry if you and Claire are free tonight we would love to have you
come over for drinks...say.... around 8."

"Sue... I will be there. I don't know if Claire has something else
going tonight or not. Would it be OK if I came alone?"

"Very OK Larry. I want you to know I am very excited right now."

And she hung the phone up. John did too and they just stared at
each other.

"It's going to happen isn't it Sue?"

"I think so John unless you change our mind."

"You want it don't you?"

"You know I do.... do you ?"

"Yeah... I loved listening to you and Larry."

"Please fuck me now John."


At the stroke of eight the doorbell rang. John walked to the door
and opened it. Larry stood there alone. "Hi John" he said in a very
tentative voice as if he weren't sure what John knew about the phone

John shook his hand and pulled him inside saying, "Welcome
Larry, I gather Claire had other plans this evening. Too bad, maybe
next time. But I am glad to see you. Sue will be in shortly... last minute
dress change.. she is a bit nervous."

"God me too John....."

"That makes it unanimous Larry... let me get you a drink. What
would you like?"

"Scotch rocks please John."

John fixed three drinks and handed Larry his as he lifted his own
and toasted, "To close friendships Larry."

Larry looked at John and smiled warmly and repeated, "To very
close friendships. You know John... I've talked with Sue quite a bit but
I've never had the pleasure of much time with you. You two are an
attractive couple. I hope the three of us become much better friends,
and perhaps Claire can join us next time."

"Larry I think that is why we asked you over, with or without
Claire. Sue and I think there may be a very close friendship possible
here. I trust you are not under any time constraints."

"None, Claire won't be home until tomorrow some time. She
mentioned she was going to a party in Vail and wouldn't be back until
about noon."

Sue interrupted them as she entered the room... she looked
fabulous in a brief mini-dress that was very short and very low cut. John
guessed she wore nothing under it. She smiled at them and said, "What
are you two plotting? Is it safe to join you? Are we still of the same
mind about tonight?"

John smiled and he watched as Larry drank in the hot view of
Sue. He dropped his eyes to Larry's crotch to see an obvious hard on
pushing out. John looked back to Sue and answered, "I think we are
darling. Why don't you greet Larry properly."

Sue walked up to Larry and took his glass and sat it down. Her
arms slid around his neck and her parted lips met his. The kiss was hot
with a lot of tongue. Sue was slowly hunching her pussy against Larry's
hard cock. It was all obvious to John as he stood and watched.

He felt his pulse quicken and his own cock rise. There was
something so sexy about his Lady in a tight passionate embrace with
another man. After a long kiss, where he could hear their breathing
become raspy, faster, as they clearly became even more excited, Sue
broke the kiss and keeping one hand on Larry's neck she held her other
arm out for John. As John moved to her, they kissed just as Sue and
Larry had. When that kiss broke Sue said, "I want you both so bad I
can taste it. Could we go to the bedroom. I assume you both are
planning to fuck me."

Without waiting for the obvious answer, Sue lead the way, Larry
a step behind and then John. As Sue walked slowly, she unbuttoned
her dress and let it drop to the floor. She was delightfully nude then and
they both enjoyed the view of her cute bare ass.

In the bedroom Sue lay down on their king size bed and watched
as the guys stripped rapidly. She said in a husky voice, "Larry come
here and fuck me....and John honey, I want you to put his big cock in

She spread her legs wide as Larry crawled on the bed, moving
between her legs. John nervously reached under Larry and caught his
hard cock in his hand and pointed it at Sue's waiting cunt. Sue said
softly, "John honey, stroke his cock some before you put him in me.
See what it feels like to handle another cock besides yours. Doesn't it
feel nice?"

John slowly slid his hand up and down on Larry's rigid member. She
was right, he thought, it does feel good. Then Sue said, "Now put him
in me baby. Show me you want another man to fuck me." John pointed
the head of Larry's cock and eased it between the outer lips of Sue's
wet pussy. Larry pressed and John watched as this foreign cock slid
easily into his love. John had never been as excited, as he was at that
moment. Then Sue looked over at him and said, "Oh damn..John
honey, his cock feels so good going in me. Watch him fuck me baby.
Watch him .....fuck your lady. Then I want you...."

John sat on the bed beside them and watched as Larry's cock
pumped in and out of her in long deep strokes. Watched as Sue
hunched her cunt up to meet each of his strokes as she moaned, "Oh
good... so good.. fuck me Larry... please fuck me...." Then she looked
over at John and smiled, "Do you like watching me get fucked by
another man honey?"

John nodded in a trance and answered, "Yeah Sue... fuck him
good. You two look so hot. I think this could be habit forming."

Sue lost it then and started cumming. John was amazed at how
violently she came. The look on her face was indescribable. He
recognized the familiar sounds she made and the way she twisted and
pressed up trying to get more of that cock inside her. Her actions
pushed Larry over and he groaned and started cumming deep inside
Sue. They strained together, trying to feel it deeper, and then collapsed,
spent, in a pile of arms and legs and body parts.

In a moment Sue looked at John and said, "That was fabulous
John, I loved it so much... I loved you watching..... It made it so much
better. Thank you for letting me have this sweetheart. God I love you."

John looked at his lady with this other man's cock still in her, he
leaned over and kissed her whispering, "I love you too my hot, hot
lady... you are so beautiful like this. I hope you want to do it a lot more."

"I do...I do.....Anything you want me to do baby... I am yours."

Larry raised his head and Sue smiled at him and kissed his lips
letting her tongue dart out as John watched, "Hmmm Larry that was
great...... but if you would move please I want my guy to eat me and
then fuck me while you watch."

Without hesitation, as Larry rolled over beside Sue, John rolled
between her legs and buried his face in her just filled pussy, eating her
pussy ravenously. Sue came several times before she stopped him
and said, "I want you in me now.... Larry put him in me."

Larry smiled and as John moved into position he caught John's
cock and without being told, began to jack him off slowly. John and
Larry looked at each other and just smiled a little self consciously. After
a few seconds of this, Larry started John into Sue's waiting pussy.

Some time later, when John had deposited his cum in Sue's
wellfucked pussy, Larry ate her freshly filled cunt, just as John had.
The three of them cuddled without much conversation for a short while
as they rested and reflected on what they had done. Sue eventually
said, "John honey, if you don't object I want you to fuck my cunt and
Larry to fuck my ass.... is that OK?"

John smiled and just nodded. He lay on his back for Sue to mount
his refreshed uptight cock. Sue groaned loudly as she eased down on
his hard weapon. Larry knew his roll and moved behind Sue. He
started to play with her small round butt hole, using pussy juice to
lubricate it as he slowly entered and then finger fucked it. Soon Sue felt
his cock slip into her eager butt and she moaned, "Oh John he is in my

It was much later when they showered and returned to bed. Sue
smiled at John and Larry and told Larry to lay on his back. He was
eager now, after everything they had enjoyed, to respond to anything
she suggested. Sue lay with her head between his legs and took his
growing cock in her mouth. Keeping him in her mouth she looked over
at John and motioned him to her. John smiled nervously, knowing what
was coming, as he lay down between Larry's wide spread legs beside
Sue. After John watched her bob her mouth up and down on Larry's
hard cock for a few seconds, she pulled it out and licked it from base to
head, concentrating on just under the crown, She was looking at John
the whole time and then she stopped and said softly, "Time for you to
find out sweetheart."

John looked at her and froze. Sue pushed Larry's cock over
against his lips saying, "Take it." John opened his mouth and took the
cock deep inside his mouth. His curiosity was finally satisfied. He
closed his lips around another mans cock for the first time. He ran his
tongue over it tasting it, and feeling the texture. John sucked and
bobbed his head slowly as he heard Sue say, "Yes baby... that's the are doing it great.... do you like it baby?" But the answer was

end part 5


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