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JOHN6 sucked hard and pulled the last



John's Dilemmas

Chapter 6

John forgot everything but what he was doing. he didn't hear Sue
encouraging him. He didn't hear Larry groaning or warning him he was
about to cum. He was totally engrossed in the thought of what he was
doing and the sensations he was experiencing.... then Larry flooded his
mouth. John was caught, not expecting this flood. He swallowed as
fast as he could but a great deal flowed from the corner of his mouth.
John had tasted his own cum a number of times, on Sue's tongue and
lips most recently. He had eaten Larry's cum from Sue's cunt. But this
was different, the volume, the temperature, the pressure as it flooded his
mouth. John sucked hard and pulled the last drop into his mouth and
then swallowed that.

When he sat up he looked for Sue. She was sitting beside him
with her arm across his back. She smiled and said, "You were
awesome to watch my love. I know Larry loved every minute of it."

Larry sighed deeply and said, "Yeah buddy that was fantastic. As
good as I have ever had. Tell me what it was like?"

Sue laughed and quipped, "Oh no... you are going to learn that
first hand Larry. Now it's your turn. Lay down John my love while Larry
and I entertain you." It was a repeat, to John's great delight of what he
had just done. While Larry was using his mouth so well, after he
finished John Sue pulled his face into her wet pussy and he delighted
her as well.

It was near dawn when Larry left, talking about future repeats,
with or without Claire. John was hungry all of a sudden and he fixed a
big breakfast again, just the way he had the night he and Sue had met.
They ate silently and then Sue asked softly, "Well.... how do you feel
my love? You still OK that another man fucked me?"

John looked at his beautiful roommate and smiled, "I really loved
it all Sue. I loved watching you and Larry together. And I learned what
it feels like to suck a cock. I'm not sure if I will ever do it again but I'm
not afraid of it any more. Did I disgust you?

"Because you sucked a cock? Of course not. I do that all the
time why shouldn't you my love? Tell me, are you still worried I will
fuck everything I see like I used to? Or are you comfortable that I can
have sex with another man occasionally and still love you?"

"I'm not worried any more Sue. I love you and I feel your love. It
doesn't have anything to do with this.... as you said, it's like tennis."

"Good honey, I'm really glad you are comfortable with this. Are
you interested in future matches?"

John smiled and pulled her to him, kissing her full lips lightly,
"Yes, but someone new.... and if you are OK with it, next time let's find
a couple......"

Sue just smiled at him and then they cuddled close and fell

When they awoke it was dark out. They had slept the entire day.
John lay there looking at Sue, thinking about what they had done, even
thinking about what they might do in the future. He was amazed at Sue.
She was so young and yet so experienced. So shy in some areas and
so assertive in others. He leaned over and kissed her lips, saying
"Wake up my love... I want to propose to you."

Sue sat up in bed and looked at John with this look of disbelief on
her face .She just stared at John waking up and then she said, "What
did you just say?"

"Never mind what I said, Sue lets get married,,,"

She looked at him still in disbelief that her ears were working
right. "You want to marry me?"

"I do... I can't think of any one I would rather spend the rest of my
life with. Interested?"

She smiled at him and the tears started to run down her cheeks.
She wiped her face on her hands and said, "Of course I'm interested,
but I never expected it."

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his lips. Then she
jumped up and stood in the middle of the bed and started bouncing on it
like a trampoline singing, "John wants me to marry him... John wants me
to marry him.", until John caught her and pulled her back down into his
arms smothering her face with kisses.

Later she got out of bed and went to the kitchen to fix supper
singing loudly. John laughed and thought of their future together .... and
all the new friends they would make.

end John's Dilemma


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