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JOURNALC hurt her She looked


Copyright « 1997, MAX FREE, ALL Rights Reserved

File: JournalB.txt Title: 'A JOURNAL' Author: Max Free ( snuff nc MF g )
A pair catches a girl in order to use and then kill her.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. Else it may be freely distributed on condition that
this notice remains attached and that the usual precautions have been taken to
prevent it being read by unauthorized persons, especially under age children,
or by persons that might be offended by its contents.

The author may be contacted at .

This story contains graphical descriptions of sexual activities, also of
adults with a child, and of particularly cruel treatment of a child.

If you decide to read this story in spite of my warning, then keep in mind
that it is just a story, a nightmare, not the description of a reality.
Still, things like described in this story could happen, maybe they take
place at this very moment in the house next to yours. Also the Donald and
Jane in my story are such a nice couple, as long as you don't know them better.

Max Free.

by Max Free
March 19

My name is Donald and I have a very attractive sweet little wife, her name is Jane,
thirty years old, two less than I. She is of a little less than average height and
has a very well proportioned body with slender legs. Doing a lot of exercise,
mostly jogging and work-outs in our gymnasium, she has not an ounce too much but
she is nevertheless very feminine with beautiful long dark hair, nice ample but not
really big boobs without any sag. Her face is very regular with a nice straight
nose, very intense blue eyes and a full mouth, as if specially made for kissing and
sucking. She likes fucking as much as I do, or even more. So we should be a very
happy couple, especially as we have also quite some money without having to work
for it. The sad truth is, however, that, after 10 years of marriage, without
children and nothing much to do, we are bored, we are terribly bored. Only our
sex brings us some excitement, but by far not enough and anyway you cannot fuck
all day long.

So I had come to the conclusion that we had to find something to make life
interesting again, if possible even better, to make it adventurous. I thought a
bit about traveling or swinging and things like that. In fact, before we were
married, when we were students, we already did a lot of foursomes and swapping with
a pair of friends, so that would not have been a very new experience, and finally I
found something much better, that would be very exciting and adventurous, especially
because it would be very risky. It was something so special that I at first did not
even dare to talk about it with Jane, afraid of her reaction. But I found occasions
to test her feelings about what I considered to do, without asking her directly but
just listening to her reactions on news in the papers and on tv about similar
activities as I wanted to propose, and finally I thought I could risk it to talk to
her about it.

At first she thought I was not serious, then she said I must be mad, but, knowing
that I am not mad, she slowly began to understand that I was very serious. AND
TODAY SHE HAS GIVEN IN. I did not really expect her to, my proposal being really
outrageous, but Jane, who is not sentimental, not softhearted at all - in fact
she has some sadistic tendencies - also got excited when she accepted to think
about it. We shall be really in charge, the masters, the deciders of destiny, we
are going to replace GOD, at least for one person.

So now we have really started to live again, we have something to look forward
to, something to work on together!

Already planning everything is very exciting. There are many things that we shall
have to prepare and organize and we shall have to surmount many difficulties, but
we have several trumps in our game.

To begin with, we have a house standing in a large garden with high dense bushes
all around. It is not really isolated, but still not too near neighboring houses.
There are no houses opposite or behind ours and it is hidden from the two
neighboring ones by those bushes. We know our neighbors only superficially, we
are just on greeting terms with them.

Very important is that we have a house with a built-in garage with direct access to
the house. Once we have entered our car, nobody can see what, or WHO, we
take out of it and into our house.

Furthermore we have in our cellar a room that was installed long ago by someone
very pessimistic as a refuge in case of an atomic attack. So it can be hermetically
closed, only letting air in through a ventilation system. The filter in that system
we shall not really need, but it will still be useful in preventing any cries from
inside to be heard outside. And cries will have to be expected! We already tested
its noise isolating capacity, Jane screaming loud inside, and I never heard her.

At present the existence of that room is only betrayed by the door leading into it,
so if we hide that door nobody will know or even suspect it exists. The idea for
the way to do this I got from a report on tv about a Belgian child abductor years
ago. He had replaced a door in his cellar by a well isolated door made of concrete,
such that it seemed to be just a part of the wall and then he had fixed a shallow
cupboard on it. The door could be opened from within the cupboard, the whole
contraption swinging out: very ingenious, the police once looked around in that house
and never noticed that there was a door! It will require a lot of work but it is
feasible. I am going to start hiding this door tomorrow. And just as this man,
I will isolate this room so well that no cries for help inside could ever be heard

In the mean time we shall have to think about the girl, what age must she be, must
she be blond or dark, where shall we look for her, how shall we capture her. We
must also plan what we will do with her and how we will finally dispose of her.
Already thinking about all this is delightfully exciting.

March 24

Before starting any work on the ROOM we have created the scenario for the girl.

We have come to the conclusion that the ideal age for the girl is eight, nine years.
She will already start to be a little woman but she will not be able to cause us any
trouble, not having the force or mental development for that. And she will have to
be blond and not too thin, rather a bit chubby. The dark ones do not know how
lucky they are! When Jane and I talk about her in bed we already nearly cum at
the idea of seeing her lie on her back softly crying - her beautiful long blond hairs
draped around her head, her beautiful little body with a really virginal slit between
nice long legs, a soft skin without a blemish - of letting our hands glide over her
body and legs towards her soft hairless mound and her little pussy while we kiss her
eyes and mouth and neck and already slightly rising nipples, getting her moaning
,instead of crying, and wet by licking her little clit and then tasting the inside of
her impeccable pussy while squeezing her fat little buttocks and pushing a finger
into her anus.

We discussed also how long we will keep the girl and what we shall do with her
when we have enough of her. It will of course be impossible to keep her indefinitely
anyway. And as it will be too dangerous to release her we came to the conclusion
that we will be obliged to kill her finally. To our amazed satisfaction we found it
very exciting to discuss how we will do that. We shall tell her only at the last
moment that we are going to kill her. We played head or tail to decide who would do
the killing this first time and Jane won. She is free to decide how she will do it.
I am already very excited to think about looking at the little girl when she
understands what is going to happen, to see how she reacts, and about looking at
Jane doing the killing. Also Jane got very excited at the idea, she admitted getting
a very wet pussy thinking about it. She said she had already some nice ideas!

We have decided that we shall keep this first girl for exactly seven days, Jane will
kill her in the evening of the seventh day. This decision now will prevent any
hesitation at the end. It will depend on the experience we will gain with this girl
if there will be another one. If so, we might keep her a little longer, we might
also one day have two girls at the same time to play with.

The disposal of the body will be my task. There must not remain a trace of it in
our house and, if possible, no identifiable trace outside. Anyway nothing should
remain by which she could be traced back to us. I will have to think about this.
May 3

The ROOM is ready! We have worked hard and we are very satisfied with our
accomplishment. Nobody would think that there is a nice little room hidden behind
the cupboard in our cellar. This cupboard is filled with all kinds of things to
be used for painting. The odor of this material might present a supplementary
difficulty for a dog, in the extremely unlikely case that somebody would use one to
find the little girl inside our house. We do not expect anybody to ever suspect us,
but we cannot take too many precautions..

Jane has helped with ideas for the installation. We think that we can often let her
wash and even eat upstairs and also let her use the toilet there, but we have also
installed a chemical W.C. from a camping car in the room, just in case of necessity.

Most important, I have constructed a large cement "bed" 50 cm high against the
wall in a corner. I have fixed several rings to the wall and the "bed" which can
serve if we want to attach her lying on the bed or standing/hanging against a wall,
using leather cuffs that I bought in a sex shop in town, not the town where we live.
On the bed we have put a mattress with an impermeable cover and some sheets.

I have installed a thermostatically controlled electrical heating system. Its
controls can only be reached from outside. I have also installed a CD-player,
in a closet that can be hermetically closed, so that we can have some music inside.

And finally I installed a TV-camera, so that we will be able to see on our
TV-screen upstairs what she does. We can also record the images. Later on it
will certainly be exciting to look at the recordings of our activities with her.

I have meanwhile been thinking a lot about the disposal of her body.

I think that this first time we shall have to dump it somewhere outside using my
car for transport. The gas reservoir of the car must be full so that I will not
need to refill on my trip with the body.

The body must give a minimum of clues. Therefore we must clip the girl's nails
very short on her last day with us. After my last ejaculation inside her we shall,
before killing her, thoroughly wash out her vagina in order to remove all seminal
liquid to prevent any ulterior identification by DNA.

All handling of the body after the killing will be done with gloves on.

I intend to put the body in a large plastic bag with many small perforations. The
day after the killing I will put this bag in our car. I will attach to it two
perforated plastic bags filled with stones, one at the feet and the other at the
neck. The stones will be collected in a wood about 100 km from here when we are
sure nobody is looking.

Leaving at midnight, I will drive about 200 km to a rest place along a freeway
bordered by a small canal. When there is no other car there, I shall drop the
weighted bag with the body in it into the canal, where it will sink immediately.
I will drive back home immediately. It is not to be expected that the body will be
found soon, if ever. The decomposition will cause gas formation, but this will be
able to gradually escape through the holes in the bag, so the bag will stay on the
bottom of the canal.

For a next girl I will have a safer disposal method. I intend to build an electrical
furnace with a smoke outlet inside our chimney. The body will first be submitted
to a hot airstream of more then 100°C in order to quickly dry it out without any
deterioration. Only when all water will have been removed will I slowly raise the
temperature to reach about 800°C. At that temperature there should be no residue
left in the furnace or maybe just a little amount of ash. I intend to first try
out the system with first some meat and then e.g. a rabbit bought at the local
super market using the electrical kitchen oven we have that has an automatic
thermal cleaning system at 800°C.

Everything being ready for her stay and removal we must now develop a plan to
find and get her. We already started to try and act out the capturing. This must
be done rapidly without a flaw. Just opening the door of the car, getting her in,
closing the door and getting away in a flash, so that anybody seeing it from afar
would not suspect an abduction.
May 6

We have agreed on the principle of a plan for catching a girl that would seem
to be safe and feasible.

Girls can e.g. be found near schools and swimming pools and it is at such a
location that we will try to make a selection. The girl must be one who lives
some distance from the chosen location and who travels alone, at least part of
the way. Our car will be waiting on her route there where there are normally no
or only very few people around. Jane will be at the steering wheel and the door
at the other side will stand open. The girl will be approaching from behind and
I will be there, e.g. leaning against a wall as if waiting. The moment she
passes between me and the car, I pass an opaque plastic bag over her head, push
her on the floor inside the car, sit down next to her and close the door. We
calmly drive away with the girl at my feet.

We are very excited! We are going to start our prospecting tomorrow. We will
try to find a girl who takes a bus. Later we will then find out where she gets
off, and if she has then a further walk home she may be the candidate we are
looking for. We realize that finding an adequate girl will take some time.

June 12 Day No 1 Making acquaintance


But it took us much longer than we expected and we did not get her the way
we planned. She is also quite different from our 'ideal type', but she is

There were only few girls who went home alone and we never found one who
finally ended up somewhere where we could get at her safely. It was very

Today we had waited in the car some distance from a bus stop for a girl to
descend from it, but she was not in the bus. So we drove away, out of the
town along a secondary road, disappointed if not discouraged. There was
very little traffic, nobody to be seen and no houses nearby, when all of a
sudden we saw her. A little girl of about 10 years old, wearing a white
blouse and a blue skirt, briskly walking along the road in the same
direction we were going. We immediately decided to take her. We passed
her driving slowly and then Jane stopped the car. I opened the door with
a map in my hand as if I wanted to ask her something. She came towards
me without any suspicion and I simply grasped her right arm with
my right hand, drew her inside, turning her around and putting my left
hand on her mouth, and then closed the door. It was all a matter of
seconds and we were again on our way. I immediately put a big sticking
plaster that Jane handed to me on her mouth .

When the girl started to struggle a bit I gave her a few slaps on her face
and told her to stay quiet or I would really hurt her! She looked at me very
scared and after that she did not cause us any trouble at all. I bound her
hands behind her back and attached her feet together. Then I pushed her down
at my feet and covered her with a blanket. I could not prevent myself, however,
to feel up her legs under her skirt for a few moments. It was an exciting
sensation to get the first feel of our girl. She has a very smooth and soft
skin on the inside of her legs.

We were very excited that we had at last succeeded in getting a girl and we would
have liked to drive home very fast but, of course, being stopped by the police for
speeding was the last thing we wanted to happen. Remember the Oklahoma bomber
being stopped by the police because his getaway car had no license plates?

When we were at last at home inside our garage we immediately had a close look
at the girl and we were very satisfied with our catch. Although she is quite
different from the ideal image we had drawn up, the essentials are all there. She
is a little older than we planned but maybe that is even better, she is still very
much a child but already beginning to become a little woman. She is not blond,
but she has beautiful wavy red-brown hair, green eyes, a very regular face with a
pert little nose with a few freckles on it, a nice somewhat wide mouth ready to be
kissed and to suck and lick. A nice body, not really fat but certainly not thin,
a long neck, her head held high -- well, normally, immediately after we got her
she was not in her best form — a straight back, nice fat little buttocks and long
legs. A very nice little girl!

After our first inspection of her we brought her to her ROOM and freed her hands
and legs. Then I removed the plaster from her mouth and made her sit down on
the bed. She looked very shaken, no wonder, and when I asked her her name she
could hardly speak, but finally we understood that she was called Becky and that
she had just become eleven years old.

When we told her to undress she began to cry and we removed her clothes ourselves
which she let us do without any resistance, only continuing to cry. We saw that
she had a very beautiful skin without a blemish, very soft and smooth to the
touch and that she already had started to develop little breasts.

We then told her that crying would not be of any help, that we had kidnaped her
to get money for her release and thus that we would let her free as soon as her
parents would have paid the money. We warned her that this would certainly take
many days. Meanwhile we did not want her to be a nuisance. She would have to
obey us without any question and she would get a good spanking each time she was
not nice. And, Jane added, if she did not very soon stop crying we would give
her a really good reason to cry. Very sensibly she then slowly stopped crying,
only continuing to let out a little sob now and then. She asked if she could
have her clothes back. We told her no, perhaps later if she behaved really well,
but that we liked to see her naked and that she did not need clothes anyway,
the temperature inside the ROOM being maintained at 22°C. We then attached her
lying on her back on the bed. She was quite a sight and her little slit now
clearly visible between her legs which we had attached in a spread position
looked very promising. We sat down on the bed next to her stroking her soft
belly and her thighs for a few moments, telling we thought she was a very pretty
girl, and then we left her, telling her that we would come back later. We left
some light on and even put on some soft soothing music.

When we returned in the evening she was sleeping, the best thing for her to do.
She woke up when we came in and we gave her something to eat and drink. Then
we brought her upstairs to the bathroom. There we put her in the warm bath we
had prepared and Jane washed her very thoroughly paying special attention to her
private parts.

When we were back in the ROOM Becky seemed to have accepted the situation and
we had a long discussion with her. I shall try to report what we said and did
that first time.

"Now Becky" I started. "Listen. As I we told you we are going to release you
when we will have received the money from your parents. This will take many
days, maybe even weeks. To pass the time and profit from your presence as much
as possible, we are going to amuse ourselves with you, playing games. Not
children's games but sex games. We think that you probably are already playing
sex games at home, probably solitary ones. Many girls your age play with their
pussy. Do you do that also?" She did not reply, looking rather embarrassed.

Jane then asked her "Come on Becky, when I washed your pussy I got the
impression that you liked my doing that and we think that you regularly play with
it, just like nearly all little girls. Are we right about that? Becky nodded.
Yes? Many girls start doing this already before they are five years old, and you,
since when have you been playing with your pussy? "

Very timidly and nearly inaudibly Becky said "For about two years".

Jane then took the naked little girl on her knees and asked "Does your mother know about that?" Becky shook her head.

Then Jane said "There are also quite a number of little girls who play sex games
with a friend or somebody in their family, e.g. their father or mother, a brother
or sister, an uncle, a nephew or a granddad., and we are going to play such kind
of games with you. Has anybody else than yourself ever played with your pussy?"
She looked a bit confused and again shook her head.

Jane then continued "Now you must show me how you do it when you play with
your pussy."

Becky then began to cry and immediately Jane turned her around on her knees and
gave her a few hard slaps on her buttocks, Becky screaming "Ow!.. Ow... No...
No... Please.... No!" It was a nice sight, her pussy lips showing between
her legs and her buttocks immediately becoming nicely red. Jane then drew her
up, put her down again to sit on her knees and said "I told you that you must
always obey us immediately. Now show us how you play with yourself or shall I
spank you some more, and then a lot more and using a hairbrush instead of my
hand!" Jane then took Becky's right hand and pushed it towards her pussy saying
"Show us!".

Becky, understanding that there was no escape, then opened her legs and started
to rub her pussy, although not with much enthusiasm, while Jane dried the tears
off her face using a handkerchief.

"Very good little girl, now lie down on your back on the bed and continue what
you are doing so that we can better see it. We want to see if you do it

Becky this time immediately went to sit on the bed, lay down on her back, raised
her knees so that her feet were against her buttocks and began to rub her pussy again. We saw that it now stood slightly open.

When she had been rubbing for some time Jane said "Now I am going to make it
even nicer for you" and she kneeled before the bed, put her head between Becky's
legs and, after removing her hand from her pussy, she began to rub and pinch her
pussy lips a bit, while I went to lie down on the bed beside her and started to
kiss her mouth and eyes. At first Becky looked very upset, but it seemed that
she slowly at least accepted the situation.

After some time Jane tugged open her pussy to have a look at her little clit.
It was a charming sight. It was not at all very small but well hidden in its
sheath. Jane then grasped a thigh in each hand and started to use her tongue
on the girl's pussy, licking it up and down, taking care to touch her hidden
clit each time when going up. Meanwhile I started to lick her nipples that
stood on the mounds that were her developing boobs. Soon Becky gave signs that
she was now becoming affected and even excited by what we were doing to her.
Her nipples became very hard and she began to pant slightly, Jane saying "Your
pussy is becoming quite wet Becky, I believe that you like very much what we
are doing to you, don't you Becky, tell me" and Becky said "Yes... Yes... it
is nice".

Jane then put her tongue into Becky's little fuck hole and said "Hmmm you are
tasting delicious, I believe much better than my own juice! Don you must taste
her also." I quickly joined Jane at Becky's pussy and I fully agreed with her,
this was fantastic! I had never tasted such a young pussy but it was better
than any pussy I had ever tasted before.

We then decided that we had done enough this day. We told Becky that, if she
was nice, we would play with her every day and that we were sure that she would
like it more every day. Then we left her after extinguishing the light. We
thought she must be very tired from all her emotions and we were too. We did
not attach her this time, telling her that we would normally only attach her
if she did not behave.

June 13 Day No 2 A bad day that ends well
We do not think Becky slept well. But we do know that she was impossible
today. We did not hear her before we opened the door of her room, a proof that
it is extremely well isolated, but when we opened the door early in the morning
we found her sitting on her bed and when she saw us she began immediately to cry
hysterically that she wanted to go home. So we thought that she needed a good

Jane dragged her from the bed, gave her a few hard slaps on her face and said:
STOP IMMEDIATELY. Becky indeed stopped wailing but continued to cry silently.
Jane then told her "We are very disappointed. We were very nice to you
yesterday and now you thank us by behaving like this. So we will show you that
we can also be very disagreeable. Today we are going to give you good reasons
to cry. After that you may choose if you want to continue like yesterday or like

Jane then sat down on a chair with a ruler in her hand and made Becky stand
before her while I stood behind her holding a switch. Jane then ordered her
to hold out her right hand, palm upwards and told her that she was going to
strike her five times on each palm using the ruler. Each time she would draw
away her hand, she would get a whipping from me. When she seemed to have
understood her choice, she hesitatingly held up her hand and Jane hit her hand
with the ruler, hard. She immediately started to wail again, now from the pain
and she drew away her hand when Jane swung the ruler again. We then pushed her
down over Jane's lap, offering us a nice view of her hairless slit between her
buttocks, and while Jane held her by an arm and her neck I lashed her three
times with the switch on her buttocks, causing nice red welts to appear and
making her shriek with pain. Then we put her back on her legs and gave her
the choice: ruler or switch. She did not make a choice so she got three more

She ended up by getting three slaps on each hand and thus twelve lashes on her
buttocks, constantly shrieking from the pain we inflicted on her. We then gave
her some water to drink, telling her that that would be all she would get this
day, and we attached her standing face to the wall. Then we extinguished the
light, and left her, still crying, telling her that we would come back for her
further punishment.

When we came back after our lunch she had obviously done some thinking. She
looked at us with red eyes from crying and said "Please do not hurt me any more.
At home nobody has ever struck me. I will be very good, I promise, I will do
anything you want me to do, but do not hurt me any more" Jane then told her that
we would continue to punish her, but as she was now promising to be good, we
would only give her half the punishment that we had intended. When she then
began to cry loudly "No Nooo... Nooo...!" Jane said: "Stop that noise
immediately or we'll give you the whole punishment" and then she stopped the
crying but she could not prevent herself from continuing to sob softly.

We then changed Becky's position, attaching her spreadeagled against the wall,
still face to the wall now but upside down. It was nice to be able to look down
into her slit between her buttocks. We told Becky that she would receive ten
more lashes with the switch. As a special favor we would allow her to choose
herself where we would hit her. If she would not make a choice we would choose
for her.

Again it was Jane who carried out the punishment. She really liked that. Becky
chose her back for the first four lashes, but then she hurt so terribly that she
would not tell us where she wanted the next, so Jane gave her a vicious blow on
her cunny and she screamed loud from the pain. She had just enough presence of
mind left to choose her legs for the following four and her buttocks for the last
one. We then told her that we were going to put some soothing cream on her
welts but we by 'mistake' started to use a bottle of red pepper. Feeling what
that did to her Becky gave a loud scream and fainted.

We then took her off of the wall, attached her on the bed and left her. It seemed
that there was no fun any more in it for us.

That evening when we returned she was still in great pain and we now treated her
welts with some really soothing ointment. That very much diminished her pain and
we then told her that she could show her gratitude by starting to learn how she
could give us pleasure.

We made her start with me. I lay down on the bed, naked on my back, and we
told her to sit beside me after which we gave her a full course on male sex
anatomy and function. Then I showed her how she could get my cock hard by
rubbing it and the best way to do that. She at first was a little hesitant but
we told her not to be afraid and to take a good hold on my cock and soon she was
rubbing it as if she had been doing this for years. She was very interested to
feel my cock grow in her hand. Then we taught her the elements of cock sucking.
Again she was rather hesitant to comply, but I think that she not only understood
that we would again become very nasty if she did not obey, but also I had the
feeling that she began to find handling my cock quite exciting and so she very
soon had my cock in her mouth..

Feeling my cock in her soft mouth was a real joy and when she had understood
how to move her head up and down with my cock inside and to use her tongue to
give a few licks now and then to the underside of my cock it was really heaven,
which I told her. While she was busy with my cock I let my hand rove over her
sweet little buttocks and between her legs. I did not want to go further tonight
and so I said "Becky, you are a good pupil. Tomorrow I will let you suck me until
I shoot my cum into your mouth, but now it is time to learn and give pleasure to

Jane then lay down on the bed on her back, of course also naked, with a cushion
under her buttocks in order to render her cunt easily accessible. When Becky
tarried to start licking I pushed down her head and gave her a few encouraging
swats on her fat little buttocks. She then began to lick, but only hesitatingly
with the point of her tongue. When I then gave her a few more little swats and
said "Go ahead, it won't bite you" she began to lick and suck Jane's pussy in
earnest. This time we did not need to give many explanations to Becky, she knew
exactly where the hot spots were! We asked Becky if she liked Jane's taste and
I believe she meant it when she said she did.

Jane then said "We think that this is enough for today. You will now have
understood what we want to do with you and what we want from you, and also that
this can be very nice for you."

Becky promised to be a very good girl the next day. We gave her a little water to
drink and left her, promising her that next day she would again have normal meals,
.... if she was nice.

June 14 Day No 3 Becky's first fuck

We saw in the newspaper that Becky's disappearance is a great mystery. Nobody
understands what has become of her. And nobody will ever know.

When we went down this morning we found Becky awake. She seemed to be in
good form considering the ordeal she had lived the day before. And no crying any

As we expected Becky was very hungry and therefore we exceptionally started the
day by having a light breakfast. Then we took her to the attic where we have
installed a gymnasium. This attic has only windows in the ceiling and thus one
can only see the sky from there. To Becky's great surprise we invited her to join
us in our daily work-out. We told her that we thought she should have some
exercise each day and this was the best way as she would not be able to go for a
walk during her stay with us. Becky, maybe understanding that it was in her own
interest to keep fit and certainly that she had no choice anyway, accepted to
exercise with us and even proved to be a good and able pupil.

After a half hour the three of us, all in the nude, were hot and sweaty. We then
went down to our bathroom, no view to the outside here either, and took a
shower. After this we then put some balsam again on Becky's welts that still
caused her some pain, but we left her nude. Finally we went back to the ROOM
where we left her with some comics and even some sex picture books so that she
would have something to do, telling her that we would be back at lunch time.

We brought Becky her lunch in the ROOM and when we were all finished we told
her that we were now going to do what we promised her the day before and
continue what we had begun to do the day she had arrived.

Becky was now completely at ease to be nude all the time and she did not protest
in any way when we laid her down on the bed. I then spread her legs and started
to lick her pussy, this time giving very much attention to her clit, licking it
after pushing up its sheath. I also started to push my tongue as far as possible
up her love hole. While I did this Jane kissed her naked body everywhere.
Becky's cunt became much wetter than two days ago and after I had licked it for
some time I asked "Becky, do you like it when I lick your pussy, do you want me
to continue?" and she replied panting "Yes ... Yes ... please".

I then said to her "You certainly know already how babies are made, tell me what
you know of it" and she said "The man puts his thing in the woman and then his
seed goes to her little eggs and the baby begins to grow." I then put my finger
against the entrance of her pussy hole and pushed it in a little saying. "Yes,
but to let the seed come out of a man's cock he must first fuck the woman, that
is rub his cock inside her like this" and then, Jane holding her in her arms and
continuing to kiss and fondle her, I began to fuck her very gently with my finger
taking care not to break her hymen. Meanwhile I continued to lick and suck her

Then I said to her "You know that young girls have a thin piece of skin, called
hymen, that partially closes off their hole. So before a man can push in his
cock completely he has to remove this hymen. I am now going to do that, pushing
with my fingers, and that may hurt a little but after that we shall be able to
really fuck and you will like that very much, so you will afterwards be very
glad I did it. So just relax and let me do it."

Becky looked very scared but she did not begin to cry when I then began to put
in two fingers and said "Relax... Relax... I have not reached your hymen yet,
I will tell you when I am going to push and open it. Then do not try to resist
but instead push yourself up, the quicker your hymen breaks, the less it will
hurt". When I felt her hymen I said "I'll count till three and then I am going
to push. Ready? One Two Three!" and I drove in both fingers. Becky is really a
plucky girl, maybe she did not really push up her cunt but she did not withdraw,
so that I broke her hymen easily. Of course Becky gave a little cry as it hurt,
but Jane told her that all was over and that very soon she would again be able
to enjoy what I would do to her. And indeed, the pain quickly diminishing, she
soon forgot it while I continued to lick her clit, leaving my fingers in her
hole without moving them. Soon she got very excited again and I resumed my
finger fucking her without further problems. When I drew out my fingers there
came out a lot of fluid showing her excitement and it was colored only slightly
red with her blood.

We thought that it was time for Becky to become a little more active and we told
her that it was now her turn again to give US pleasure. I said to her "We shall
give your pussy some rest now, but you must merit this by giving pleasure to Jane,
the same way you did yesterday evening, that is by licking her pussy and her clit
and by finger fucking her, but now bringing her to orgasm."

Then Jane lay down on the bed with her legs opened wide and I told Becky to
crouch between them and to start licking Jane's cunt. In order to help her a
little I sat down beside Jane and held open her cunt lips for Becky.

Jane keeps her pussy shaved except for a little patch of hair on her pubis, so
her cunt does not looked very different from Becky's. I pointed out to Becky,
however, that Jane's clit was already quite stiff, jutting out of her slit, and
that some liquid showed at the orifice of Jane's cunt hole, both signs of her

"Now lick Jane's slit up and down from her cunt hole to her clit" I told Becky,
"You said yesterday you like the taste. Do not forget to pay much attention to
Jane's clit and also now and then push your tongue as far as possible into Jane's
cunt hole, just as I did to you. Becky had no problem to do what I asked her and
while she was licking and sucking, with her arms under Jane's legs, very naturally
holding Jane's buttocks in her hands, I stroked Becky's buttocks, now and then
letting a finger lose itself in her crease rubbing her ass hole and her slit.
Jane was very happy with Becky's licking and told her so while I also encouraged
her, telling her that she was doing very well.

After some time I told Becky that she must now try to let Jane cum while finger
fucking her, just as Jane had done with her. This she did, continuing to lick and
suck Jane's clit, while I rubbed and sucked Jane's tits. Soon Jane was crying out
"YES YES go on, it is so nice, so nice". And then Jane's body tensed and she had
a tremendous orgasm. Becky was a bit surprised when all of a sudden Jane's
juices wet her face, and sat up to look at Jane in her post-orgastic splendor.

I was so excited by the girl's performance that I then fucked Jane, with Becky
looking for the first time of her life at a fucking pair. I was already quite
hard and Jane could not be wetter, so I just put my cock deep into Jane's cunt
and soon we were fucking like mad. I asked Jane to rub her clit so that she
would cum first. When she had her second orgasm of the afternoon I asked Becky
to come nearer and to rub my cock after I had pulled it out of Jane's cunt so
that she could have a good look at my cum jetting cock. When I pulled out my
cock I took her hand in mine and guided it rubbing up and down my cock. Soon
I was cumming too and I cried out "YEA YEA I'M CUMMING OOOOOHHHHH THAT IS
while my cum squirted onto Jane's breasts and belly.

I then told Becky to lick Jane clean. I had again to encourage her with a few
swats on her buttocks, but once she was licking she continued until she had
licked up all the globs. When I asked her if she liked the taste, she said
"I don't know, it is very special" , but I think that she will soon like cum
taste very much.

We then told Becky that she had done very well and that I would reward her that
evening by trying to let her also have an orgasm while I fucked her. She did not
look too happy then, but we told her that she sure would like it.

We then left her alone until about eight when we brought her a simple but nice

When we had finished our dinner we told her to lie down on the bed and we put a
cushion under her buttocks. Kissing and hugging her, we then told her to raise
her legs, just as Jane had done in the afternoon and I said to her "I am first
going to suck your pussy and your clit until your cunt hole will be wet and
slippery. Then I will put in my cock and start to fuck you, while Jane is
going to kiss and lick your nipples and rub your clit. As you see my cock is
not very much thicker than the two fingers I put into your hole this afternoon,
so you will be able to accommodate it easily. A girl's cunt is very elastic,
else it would not be possible later on for a baby to pass through it, so don't
worry and relax."

This her first fuck was a great success. When I began putting in my cock she
gasped but I went in only very slowly. When I reached the bottom of her cunt hole I did not move for some time while Jane continued to kiss her and rub her
clit and her nipples. When I felt the tension on my cock diminish somewhat, I
started slowly to fuck our little girl and then soon Becky was beginning to
become excited, meeting each thrust by pushing up her cunt. Finally she was
calling out to me "OOH OOH IT IS SO NICE" and when I told her I was going to
cum, her excitement increased still more so that when she felt my cum shoot
into her hole, she screamed "OOOOOOOOHHHH" and had the first orgasm of her
life. I then rolled onto my so that she lay on top back, still with my cock
in her cunt, and I kissed her warmly while stroking her back and buttocks.
She finally lifted her head to look at me and said "I never thought it would
be so nice." and she looked at me really gratefully; one moment I thought she
was even going to kiss me! Jane then said "Hey, look out I am beginning to be
jealous" and lifting Becky aside I went to Jane to kiss her, so that we all
were content.

It is really a pity that we shall have to kill her in a few days, but there is
nothing we can do about that.
June 15 Day No 4 More fucking
Becky started the day crying, perhaps as a reaction to her new experiences of
the day before but we soon made her stop that giving her a few slaps on her
buttocks, just to remind her of what we could do with her if she did behave,
but then I calmed her down by taking her in my arms saying "Don't cry Becky.
You will soon be home again, but in the meantime we can have a lot of pleasure
together. Didn't you have a lot of pleasure already? I think you very much
liked the orgasm we gave you yesterday. Is not that true?"

And Becky had to admit "Yes it was great."

And then, while softly stroking her little pussy I said "Yes I think you even
wanted to kiss me Becky, I liked that very much. Would you like us to do some
more fucking today?" and when Becky shyly nodded I continued "Alright Becky,
we understand that these days are difficult for you but you are behaving very
well now so today we are really going to pamper you. But first we are going
to have our daily exercise, showers and breakfast."

And so we did, Becky really behaving as if she were our invited guest.

When we were down in her ROOM again we told Becky that we would show her
how we could have pleasure the three at the same time and we asked her to start
eating Jane just as she had done the night before, lying between Jane's spread
legs. When she had been busy for some time I pushed wide Becky's legs and
introduced my cock into her cunt hole from behind. I found that she was already
quite wet; what she was doing to Jane was exciting her! When she felt my cock
go in, Becky stopped licking Jane's cunt and clit for a moment and lifted her
head, just as if she were listening to something , in fact savoring the feeling
of my entering cock. She then gave a deep sigh and said "Hmmm that is nice!"
after which she continued to suck Jane while I started to fuck her.

I managed to cum inside Becky just after Becky had brought Jane to orgasm, it
was great, I went to Jane kiss her and we lay on the bed panting for several
minutes, while Becky spontaneously stroked Jane's tits and my slippery cock.

When we had recuperated we hugged Becky, kissing her and telling her how
thankful we were to her for the pleasure she had given us. Becky looked really
proud and happy.

Then we rewarded Becky by giving her also an orgasm, Jane licking her cunt,
also savoring the mixture of my cum and Becky's cunt juice, and I kissing and
stroking Becky's face and tits, and rubbing her clit

Becky's orgasm was great again. She said herself "I cannot believe it, it
is better each time. Next time I think I will die!" So she was now already
thinking about next times! She was making great progress our little Becky.
I asked her to kiss me and she did!

We gave Becky time to rest again the whole afternoon, letting her do what she
wanted in her ROOM.

That evening I fucked Jane in the missionary position while Becky sat with her
cunt on Jane's mouth, Jane licking her clit. It was great to see this beautiful
little girl riding Jane's mouth and to see her excitement increase until she
collapsed with her climax while I spurted my cum into Jane. It took me only a
few moments to bring Jane also to climax after this and there we lay panting
and laughing with joy a man, a woman and a little girl.

We warmly hugged Becky before she went to sleep. Then Jane and I drank a
glass of wine. As a result I am rather sleepy writing these words, but I
wanted to put this on paper while it is still hot. Only two days more, what
a pity!

June 16 Day No 5 Another nice day
Today we found Becky in very good spirits. During breakfast she asked us if we
thought she could go home soon but she also said she looked forward to what we
were going to do during this day.

What we did was more or less a nice repeat of yesterday but a little more intense.
I had bet with Jane that we could get Becky to cum at least three times. I think
that she would have developed into a woman experiencing multiple orgasms, given
the time and the right partners,.

After breakfast I started to fuck Becky doggy-wise while I reached under her to
manipulate her clit. After a few minutes only she collapsed on the bed with a
great orgasm with me on her back. I continued to fuck her narrow hole until I
spurted my cum into it.

Jane had found that she liked very much the taste of Becky's juice mixed with my
cum and she rapidly went down on Becky to lick out her cunt. She then also
began to lick and suck Becky's clit meanwhile stroking and tweaking her nipples.
Becky had an orgasm again after about ten minutes and we suspected her of
fighting her orgasm for many minutes in order to let the pleasure last longer.
But then she literally screamed when it burst out.

Becky lay there panting for a considerable time, her eyes closed. When she
opened them she said "I really died this time. It was too much." And Jane
replied "That is why the French, whose men are the best lovers in the world,
call fucking 'the little death'."

When I pushed down Becky on her back and she saw that I had ready for her a
new hard-on, she protested and said "No, no, I cannot any more, no." but I
nevertheless pushed in my cock and started to fuck her again very slowly while
kissing her beautiful face and stroking her body all over. And after some time,
unbelievable for such a little girl, she began to be aroused again. And when I
began to rub her clit she soon again was on her way to a new orgasm. I had won
my bet, gradually she became more excited, first breathing harder, then panting,
moaning and finally announcing a new climax crying "OOOH... YES... YES...

I decided not to cum. I must confess that the sexual activities of the last days
taxed my cumming capacities to the limit and I wanted to keep something in stock
for the evening.

We all had a good rest during the afternoon, we all really needed it.

During the evening we introduced Becky to some more varieties of sexual activity.

We started the evening very calmly, just talking a little with Becky about her
parents, her brother, her friends and school but often bringing up sexual subjects
in the context. And slowly we started to arouse little Becky in order to make her
want to have further sex with us. Of course the fact that we were all nude helped.

Then we made her sit on Jane's mouth who then licked and sucked her to climax
while I fucked her in her mouth, this time letting my cum jet into her mouth.
This surprised her and a lot of my cum leaked out of her mouth but she swallowed
quite a lot of it, even licking her lips to recuperate as much as possible of it.
After this we brought Jane to climax, Becky doing most of the ‘work' licking and
sucking Jane's clit.

We had again a glass of wine but this time also with Becky. We gave her some
sweet white wine that she liked very much.

We will certainly sleep very well. Tomorrow will be Becky's last full day with us.
Day No 6 The last day
We started the day the way that had become routine for us.

Once back in Becky's ROOM we told her that we were going to bring the
finishing touch to her sexual training and I would begin by teaching her
to deep throat me.

When I explained what that meant Becky nearly began to cry. I then took her in
my arms and told her that ‘deep throating' was just a trick and I made her read
the directions for deep throating that I found once on the Internet. After she
had read that I said "You do not have to be afraid. My cock is not very thick
and I am sure that you will be able to swallow it. Because that is what you
must do. When you feel it touch the back of your mouth you just swallow and
in it goes. At first there will be some failures because you will start to gag
but you will see that finally it is much easier than you think now. And all
men you will meet later will love you when you do it to them. If you manage to
do it you may make a wish for what you will have for dinner."

And I was right. We let Becky sit up while she tried to deep throat me so that
she was in control. So she began to fuck me with her mouth, at each stroke
letting my cock go in further down and swallowing each time she felt my cock
starting to go into her throat. After only a few failures she started to
understand how to do it and all of a sudden she was deep throating me like a
pro. I was very excited, first to see my cock enter her mouth so far and then
to feel it in her throat so that I started to cum very soon. I cautiously drew
back my cock in time, warning her that my cum was going to arrive in her mouth
and this time she let escape hardly a drop of it, obviously liking very much to
swallow as much as possible of it. I hugged little Becky congratulating her
and thanking her warmly for this exploit. She was obviously very proud and happy.

After this we managed to let Jane and Becky have a 69. Becky being a little
small, Jane went on top, presented her cunt to Becky's mouth to be licked and
sucked and used a thin penis form vibrator and her fingers to excite Becky,
entering the vibrator into Becky's cunt hole while manipulating her clit. Soon
they were licking and panting like experienced lesbians. When Jane felt that
Becky was beginning to reach her orgasm she went down on Becky's cunt to finish
the job licking and sucking - she liked the taste of Becky's cunt juice so much
- and I then took Jane from behind and started to doggy fuck her, giving cumming
Becky a nice view of my balls and of my cock pistoning into Jane's cunt. Using
a finger on Jane's clit I soon made her reach orgasm too. I then asked Becky to
make me come in her mouth, deep throating me once more while I lay on my back,
which she managed now without any problem. After this I lay for a considerable
time with Jane and Becky in my arms, all kissing each other - we were all three
so happy.

We again rested during the afternoon and we had dinner at night with a special
desert as asked for by Becky as a reward for her deep throat performance.
During this meal Becky surprised us by saying that she would be glad to go home,
but that she would also miss us, and especially having sex with us, very much.
She knew now how much pleasure there was to have from sex, but at home there
was nobody with whom she could have it and she would have to go back to just
masturbating. She asked us if we could not kidnap her once more in the future!
It would be very easy as she would then be a willing 'victim'! We told her
that we would think it over.

Playing her game, we suggested to her to try and seduce her father when she
would be back home. We did not think that her father would be able to resist
very long if she really wanted him to fuck her. She could start by giving
him as many occasions as possible to see her cunny, further letting him have
the initiative. But it would certainly be easier and it was maybe also better
to try and seduce her 15 year old brother. We told Becky that there were quite
many girls having sex at home with a brother, father, grandpa or uncle, only
nobody talked about it because of the taboo on incest and also in order to
prevent police intervention that always was very disagreeable. Seducing her
brother should really be easy. All boys masturbate a lot and she had only to
surprise him once doing it and to suggest that she would like to do it for him.
After that she could ask him to masturbate her and then they were sure going
to be fucking very soon. She must not forget to ask him to use a condom, at
the latest in a few months, however.

That evening we did a lot of fucking, knowing that this was Becky's last day with

Before going to bed we again drank wine with Becky; we gave Becky a lot and
also Jane and I drank a little too much, thinking about what we were going to do
tomorrow. So I had some difficulty writing down these lines.


June 17 Day No 7 The END of Becky
We rise early and have a quick summary breakfast. We fetch Becky, have our
shower together and then we immediately go downstairs to the ROOM.

Becky is a little surprised that she does not get breakfast and that we attach
her on the bed, spreadeagled. We tell her that today we are going to do
something special.

I position myself between her legs and start to lick her slit and her clit while
Jane strokes and kisses her nipples. Very soon Becky begins to pant and then to
moan very softly. She is so nice like that and her cunt starts to drool. She
is very ready to be fucked and now she even says "Please fuck me, fuck me...
please..." So I put my stiff cock at the entrance of her fuck hole and while
Becky says "Yes... Yes.... Ooooh...." I enter her completely. I stay like
that for some time, looking at her beautiful face, her beautiful red-brown hair
spread out around her head, her eyes closed, the expression on her face being
one of utter happiness.

I then start to fuck her. She meets my strokes, trying to push her clit against
me for maximum feeling and soon we are both on our way to orgasm. Jane then,
continuing to stroke Becky's nipples now also rubs her clit, increasing her
excitement in phase with mine. I try to make our pleasure last as long as
possible but finally I reach my orgasm and I spurt my sperm inside her. When
Becky feels that she also goes over the top and utters a few high pitched
shrieks. We then stay without moving for some time, with me lying on top of
her, my penis still captive in her narrow hole. Becky looks at me lovingly,
she obviously would have liked to embrace me, but she cannot, he arms are
attached to the bed.

Now the moment has come for her to leave us. Jane sits down on the edge of the
bed beside her and I lie down at her other side. I take her in my arms softly
stroking her soft little developing boobs and her nipples that are still erect.
Then, while kissing her face, I tell her that we are very sorry but that we are
going to kill her. She does not react at all, probably she does not really
understand what I have said. Or maybe she cannot believe she heard it.

Then, while I softly stroke her pussy, Jane lovingly puts her hands around Becky's
neck and slowly begins to strangle her. Jane has very strong hands and all goes
very fast. We now see in Becky's eyes that she starts to understand, she wants to
say something but we hear only "NHH .... NHH ... NHH ", and she looks terrified,
shaking her head. Of course she does not accomplish anything. Jane is now very
excited by what she is doing, looking Becky in the eyes she continues to increase
the pressure exerted by her hands so that the veins in Becky's neck begin to swell
while her nice little face becomes more and more red and finally blue. Her eyes,
her beautiful green eyes, begin to protrude. She again tries to say something but
now she can only make a hoarse noise. I kiss her soft cheek, while continuing to
rub her pussy. Becky's body stiffens, it is as if she has her last orgasm and
then her wide open eyes begin to lose their expression. All of a sudden her body
completely relaxes and she lets go all piss from her bladder. She is dead.

Jane's excitement has now disappeared but she continues to maintain the pressure
on Becky's neck until she gets tired. She then lovingly kisses Becky for the last
time. We tie a scarf around Becky's neck and pull it very tight in order to
maintain the pressure and thus make sure that there is no possibility that she
might come to life again.

Jane and I warmly kiss each other. We have done what we intended to do and it
was a great experience. We shall certainly repeat this with another girl some
day. But first I have to make disappear the body. I have already prepared
everything for that, so we do not worry about that.

We leave the ROOM extinguishing the light and go upstairs.

Under the shower Jane tells me that killing Becky was so exciting that she has
cummed while doing it. I am looking forward to do the killing next time; I
already have some ideas about how I will do it.

All of a sudden I remember that we have forgotten to wash out her vagina before
killing her. Well, I think we can still do this, even if she is dead.
June 17 The end of day 6

When I woke up it is was only just past midnight and I realized that I had
dreamed how we killed Becky. A real nightmare! I went to the kitchen to drink
a little milk. When I came back in our bedroom there was a light on. Jane was
also awake and she looked at me saying "You want to let her live, don't you?"
And then we had the following conversation.

"Yes, she is such a nice little girl, and I think she really has started to like

"But you realize that her idea of coming back to us now and then is impossible?"

"Yes, I would like to have her again, but that is much too risky. It is even
risky to let her go at all, but I think we can trust her to tell very little
about what has happened to her. "

"When do you want to return her and how?"

We brought her back that same night. We woke Becky up, telling her that we were
going to return her, without asking for a ransom. We had found out that her
parents were not rich enough to pay a good ransom. I told Becky that I was going
to bring her back to the spot where we had found her. But she must promise to
tell her parents and the police as little as possible about us; then maybe we
would contact her one day for another stay, but then unforced. This she promised.
We reminded her also of our suggestion to seduce somebody of her family and wished
her much luck and pleasure with that.

We then washed out her vagina, just as a precaution, and I gave her some warm
milk to drink with a few sleeping pills. I kissed her for the last time, lay
her down in the car where she was asleep very quickly and rode to a little
thicket near her house where I deposited her; no problem, it was a quite warm
night. I was there only a few seconds and nobody saw me come or go.

The next day it was in all the papers. The little girl was back. She had
woken up after about an hour or so, when I was home already, and within a
quarter of an hour she rang the bell at her home.

A medical examination proved that she had been sexually abused, but she said she
remembered nothing. She was in amazingly good condition. She did not seem to
have been really harmed, apart from her defloration. They thought she had been
kept drugged all the time.

We do not know if we shall repeat this experience, but it was certainly worth our,
and finally also Becky's, while.

I wrote down as much as I could remember of my nightmare.

June 20

Nothing any more in the papers on Becky's adventure.

Meanwhile Jane and I have decided that we are not going to kidnap a girl again.
In fact we regret a little that we did not do the killing, but that became
impossible once we knew her better. Becky was just too sweet. We should have
killed her at the end of the first day after thoroughly fucking and using the
girl in any way possible.

For the moment we have another plan however. We are going to acquire a little
girl by just buying or by legally adopting one. We now know a lot about how we
can train a little girl to satisfy our sexual appetite and we have enough money.
After introducing her to sex pleasures she will be able to serve us sexually for
many years, and like it!

We also decided to keep track of Becky, if possible. We might invite her in a
about 8 or 9 years, when she will be on her own, to participate in the training of a
new girl.

We really have a lot to look forward to.

I am a happy man to have a wife who appreciates girls at least as much as I do and
also likes to be fucked. I love Jane.


This is the end of this Journal. I may start another when we are getting another


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