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JOURNEY video Abernathy had left him But

Keywords: M/F, MF/F, oral, anal, voy. b&d
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Set a Whore- Sam Hill IV

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Set a Whore (Formerly: A Long Day's Journey into Smut)-
(journey.txt)- There may be more sex in this installment than in the
others because of the reduced plot needed in this gumshoe tale. The
search is long, but the denouement rapid as Sam deviates from the P.I.
code just a bit. M/F, MF/F, oral, anal, voy. b&d

Set a Whore
(Formerly: A Long Day's Journey into Smut)
A Sam Hill Mystery
The picture was grainy and indistinct. It was obviously a well-
worn tape and the picture looked more like shadows across a snow cap.
The girl was sucking something up her nose from a mirror and then
she lay back with her legs spread in the air. The quality was so bad
Sam wasn't the least bit aroused by what he knew was an obscene show.
He grunted his displeasure.
"Just kicks you in the pit of the stomach, doesn't it?" said the
balding man in the gray suit.
Mr. Abernathy had other reasons to be disgusted by the display.
It was purported to be his little Lucy on that screen. As the camera
was set down and a man came into the picture, he stopped the tape.
"I found it in the mailbox with a Post-it note stuck to the
front," Abernathy explained, "It said: don't watch this with kids."
"Did you watch the whole thing or just enough to identify your
daughter?" Sam asked.
"What are you asking me?" Mr. Abernathy was preparing to be angry.
"Do you know what's on the tape or have you just seen this part,"
Sam said again, "It could be helpful determining where it came from."
"Oh," he said, losing all his righteous indignation, "I didn't go
much farther than this."
"Then I better keep the tape as well, so I can look at the whole
thing. If I make copies to try and enhance it, I will give them to you
when I return the original," Sam said trying to sound professional.
"I appreciate it. Do you think you have a chance of finding her?"
he asked.
"Since someone has been in contact, I think the chances are
better than they'd normally be," Sam said, "These little trinkets-
intentionally or not- could provide the link we need back to Lucy."
He wasn't lying exactly. Chances were down into the tens of
thousands to one now from the millions to one if Sam had to start cold.
And Sam felt Abernathy was praying for a long shot. He was willing to
be that glimmer of hope for $100 a day.
Fortunately, the tape wasn't all Sam had to go on. Abernathy had
brought pictures of Lucy from the time she was six up to the graduation
picture and the picture of her sitting behind the wheel of her
graduation present. They were almost a year old, but they were a lot
better than the image caught on the worn video tape.
When Abernathy had left, Sam leaned back and hit 'play'.
The camera had been set on a dresser or table and provided an
unimaginative view of the bed. The guy humped her awhile in the
missionary position and then got to his knees and tugged at her as she
got onto her knees in front of him. He fucked her doggy-style but Sam
couldn't tell much more than that. It began to bother him.
Why was this tape made? If he was going to record himself having
sex with a girl, he'd damn sure use a good tape. The quality was so bad
it wasn't arousing. What was the point of making a record that was so
He let it run after the girl turned and took the man's orgasm in
her mouth. There was some twenty seconds of snow and then the picture cleared to show a different woman laying open-legged on a bed. The
camera moved in, lowering and closing on the woman's crotch until Sam
could tell there was semen leaking from her snatch. It was another hand-
held shot and then that too dissolved into snow.
The gap was a bit longer this time, but when the picture cleared,
it really cleared. Sam wished he was looking for the attractive brunette that stared up into the camera. There was cum on her face and leaking
over her lips and her tongue protruded from an open-mouthed grin as she
licked the cock that had presumably put the cum there.
She looked like she was having a good time as she flicked her
tongue under the head of the cock and then went down to suck on it some
more. The camera jiggled as she sucked, so Sam knew the operator was
having a good time with her after-play.
It was a bit of a production as the camera rolled on and the
woman was evidentially told to stop sucking. She looked into the camera
again and sensuously pushed the semen into her mouth with a finger
which she then licked clean with a seductive look.
"Previewing porn for a living now?" Staci's voice made Sam jump.
"No, it's business," Sam snapped, "Sit down here and when I get
to the end I'll rewind it and show you what I'm looking for."
"You could just ask me, Sam, I don't need pictures," she teased.
He let that pass. He had been getting into that brunette sucking that just-cum cock. There were a few more jumps in the snow, but no
scenes that cleared enough for Sam to get a look at them. Then the tape
thumped to the end and Sam hit stop.
"The pictures are right there," Sam indicated his desk, "You won't
be able to tell from this tape."
He rewound the tape to the beginning and hit play. He hadn't seen
it from the beginning before. There was his brunette in a pale blue
blouse patterned after a man's shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She was
posing and her hands were slowly undoing the blouse buttons.
Then it snowed and the coke snorting and fucking he had watched
before began.
"How can you tell it's her? This picture is terrible," Staci
"Her father says he recognizes her," Sam said. "He wants me to
find her and rescue her."
"How do you know she wants to be rescued?" she asked.
"How do I know it's his daughter and not his favorite whore?" Sam
said, "He's paying me, I don't care."
"There's more?" Staci asked as the tape went past Lucy's scene.
"Tape has been used quite a few times, there's a few more ends,
but not of our girl," Sam said and clicked the player off before it got
to his favorite girl.
"And how are you going to- oh Jeeze!" Staci started and then
answered her own question, "Sam, you'll get a disease!"
"I'll be good- or I'll be careful," Sam said, "Unless you have a
better idea how to find a whore."
Sam had toyed with the idea of having Staci infiltrate the world
of prostitutes, but he remembered her first, and he hoped last, entry
into the world of an operative with a shudder. Anyway, he had a tab and
it would be a waste not to knock off a couple whores on Mr. Abernathy.
Sam found out Lucy didn't run in the usual circles.
"Come on, Sam, what's so special about this one?" Darla Dare asked
him with a sour look, "She don't even look like she knows what to do."
"First off, it's a high school picture and second, I'm trying to
find her for her daddy," Sam said.
"Not in the market yourself, huh?" she asked hopefully.
It was early for a woman in her profession, just past five. Darla
was trying to get a quick start on the evening. She was a decent type,
friendly and full of wisecracks. She wandered around town, trying to
keep a step ahead of any man who would try to add her to his stable. It
made her a good chance to have run into Lucy.
"Can't afford a high-priced whore like you, Darla," Sam ribbed her,
"Besides, I might have a heart attack if I had good sex."
She didn't laugh. She didn't even have a sour look. It wasn't
like Darla. Sam felt tender all of a sudden.
"Okay, what's the sob story?" Sam asked.
Darla took a deep breath and sighed.
"I'm getting squeezed out of all the good spots," she shook her
head, "If I was paranoid, I'd think they were all out to trap poor
little me. Look around. Not prime whore territory is it?"
There was a bowling alley down the street and a couple of bars
that looked like they catered to the kind of patron that didn't tip and
paid for drinks in nickels.
"Fast Eddie?" Sam asked.
"Naw," Darla shook her head, "At least I ain't heard from him in
a while. It's everybody, they chase me off 'their' turf and it's gettin'
so I don't have nowhere to go."
Fast Eddie was a pimp that had chased Darla across the city trying
to sweet talk her into being one of his women. He hadn't got to the
beating her part because Darla wisely kept her distance from him.
It was clear times were rough for Darla. Sam reached in his pocket.
He wasn't a soft touch, but he felt sorry that her independent spirit
hadn't been better rewarded.
"Can I help you out?" he asked.
"Don't take charity," she said, "But I'll blow you for that $20."
Now it was Sam's turn to crack wise. He had a joke she'd like.
"I don't buy $20 blow jobs. If you don't charge me $50, you can
forget it," Sam said.
She knew what he was doing, but he was doing it nice. She stepped
back and let him walk into her crummy apartment. It was a bed, a wooden
chair and a lamp with a bathroom off to the side. Sam walked to the bed,
took off his pants and sat down.
"You ain't got no diseases, do you, Sam?" she asked.
"No favors," he scolded her, "This is business. Act that way every
time. You should know better."
"I know, I know, I was just going to give you a break 'cuz you're
a friend," she said.
"Thank you, but I need a receipt and I think my client will fork
over $50 not to have to look at a rubber full of cum," Sam laughed.
She was about to berate him for using her as a business expense,
but time was a wasting. She cut off the banter and got down on her knees.
She licked his balls as she jacked him hard and then rolled on a condom.
Sam recognized the bite of the Health Department condoms, which
were smaller than a Trojan you might buy at the druggist. Anything to
lower the overhead, Sam guessed.
He changed his mind about a dozen bobs of her head into the blow
job. It was still reminiscent of jerking off with gloves on, but the
tight latex suffocating his cock put some of the urgency back into the
tight sleeve of her mouth and tongue sliding up and down on his cock.
"Come on, asshole, overpaying don't entitle you to hold back on
me," she railed at him while she jacked his cock and caught her breath.
It was a unique brand of dirty talk but when she went back to work
sucking on the head of his cock while her hands still flew up and down
the shaft, Sam felt suddenly induced to cum. As he reached the point,
Darla went all the way down on him and sucked with firm, long strokes
to take him over the crest and make him fill the rubber with his cum.
"Let's impress this client of yours," Darla said as she held the
condom tight on his cock and slid it up a little.
She unrolled more and slid that up and unrolled more until she
had nine inches of sheath drooping off his cock. She squeegeed his
semen into the rubber with the circle of her fingers and then expertly
tied off the end.
"Let him think you need the whole thing," she said with a grin.
Sam knew there was a house on the East side, but it was strictly
an appointment only kind of place. It was also on the other side of
Lucy, class wise. Darla may have been shooting a little too low, and
this house was probably too high. Of course, snorting a couple of lines
of coke with a client didn't make Lucy a drug addict, but it was a sign.
An escort service was more like it but it was like looking for a
whore in a haystack. He might as well drive around town hoping to see
her walking by.
In this case, Staci was just a distraction. She had the perfect
plan. She'd be the whore again and go looking for Lucy inside the
business. It was her one note and Sam wasn't listening. He wanted a
secretary, not a partner.
"I still have the dress, you could watch from the car," she
She did have one point. If Lucy didn't want to be found, which
seemed likely, her co-workers would be on her side and clam up when
Sam started asking questions. Another whore would be able to ask around
without arousing suspicion.
Then Sam had an idea. If you need a whore, why not use a whore?
There were a couple of details to work out, but Sam would like working
on the problem.
"You still the jealous type?" he asked Staci out of his musings.
Staci recognized the question from left field as another of Sam's
great plans. She knew better than to give him an answer until he had
explained himself.
"So what hurtful plan have you come up with?" she asked.
Sam explained his idea and the problems. Darla already was a whore
and a whore without much of a business. They wouldn't be interfering
with her huge profits if they had her snoop around. Problem one was
talking Darla into the idea. Problem two was Darla herself. She was a
nice broad for a whore, but she wasn't walking the streets by accident.
There was a little problem of looks and polish if she was going to move
up a level into one of the rackets.
"You want me to teach her to be a high-class whore?" Staci asked
in amazement, "And you assume I know all the tricks?"
"She knows how to be a whore," Sam answered, "You just fill in the
high-class. Make-up, dressing, perhaps a more genteel way of talking,
you show her how to be high-toned like you."
Staci knew he was blowing smoke up her hoo-hah, but he was
proposing a plan that was acceptable and probably a better idea than her
going undercover again. But her female radar was telling her there was
more to this than a logical plan to use this woman as a scout.
Darla was only slightly more impressed with the plan. From what
she knew of houses, it was a good middle road. She would still be giving
up some of her take, but she'd get to keep some too. And girls were
fired, they weren't beaten with coat hangars. She was instantly
suspicious of Staci, however.
"I don't want to be ungrateful, Sam, but what does she know about
being a lady?" Darla said in front of Staci.
Tact had never been his strong suit, so Sam struggled to find an
answer that would keep everyone from having their eyes scratched out
in a catfight, particularly himself.
"She's a professional in the front end of your new profession,"
Sam said and Darla dropped her eyes to Staci's huge tits in response.
"I mean she's a meeter and greeter, calm them down and get them in the
mood for business when they see me. You'll be doing the same, but you
take care of the business yourself. I know you can handle that part of
the job."
He'd been careful to throw them each a compliment and it seemed
to momentarily calm the waters. Then he grabbed his hat and cleared the
area. Nobody had ever taken him to the circus, so he had never had a
desire to be a ringmaster.
Sam wandered aimlessly, wandering and thinking. He watched people
in hopes something they did would give him an idea. It gave him the
idea to step back into a doorway when he saw Detective Catalano. No
reason to court a ball-busting from the over-officious detective.
And for once, the station house joke had a purpose on the planet.
Seeing Catalano made Sam think of Baker. Thinking of Baker reminded him
that the Catalano's partner had worked vice for years before being
saddled with the mistake with a gold badge.
There were leads galore if he could pry them out of Baker without
having to tell him his life story. Little Lucy might even have a rap
sheet that might narrow Sam's search. Baker was friendly, but Sam didn't
think of him as a friend. Mostly it was a poker game between them with
Baker filling Sam in on things where a little unofficial snooping might
help him solve a case.
Sam wished he was a nicer guy and Baker was his buddy. Then he
went on walking and thinking.
There was the sound of laughter coming from the office when he
went back. It was better than a deadly silence.
"...so he's getting all mushy and he thinks somehow I'm on the
same wavelength and am changing my way of looking at him too," he
interrupted Staci's rather loud declamation when he opened the doors.
"Ahhhh, this looks better," Sam said as he saw the two.
Staci had been gesturing with a glass in her hand and Darla was
sprawled rather comfortably in Staci's chair. They both were drunk.
"We decided that we got along better this way," Darla said with
an over-precise enunciation.
"Yeah, we're great buds now," Staci agreed.
Staci didn't get dancing on the tabletop naked drunk very often
and Sam could see she was several drinks ahead of Darla. Not that Darla
hadn't drunk herself into an unmoving and grinning inebriation. Two
drunk women... Sam bit the head off that thought. There would rarely be
a pair that would be more trouble when they remembered what he did.
He made a joke of the idea.
"Wow, two drunk babes, it's like my birthday and Christmas rolled
into one," he kidded, "Staci looks ready for the top to come off, how
about you, Darla?"
Darla found him immensely funny and bubbled into gurgles at his
comment. Staci turned and drew herself up. Her regal bearing was
compromised a bit by her swaying, but she had things to tell Sam.
"I suppose your levity masks a deep desire to know us both
carnally," she squinted as she spoke, "Darla knows all about you. We
were talking about you when you burst in here."
"You mean you're not in love with me?" Sam feigned shock, grabbing
the idea from the half-remembered bits of the conversation he had
"No, I mean you forgot all the times you boasted about the women
you laid while working the cases," she pointed with her drink, "But you
weren't horny for me yet, so I guess I was another person."
Even after she told him, Sam had difficulty remembering what she
was talking about. Obviously breaking in on him when he was dick-deep
in a client had affected her no matter how much she denied it. She was
still going on about it. But Sam thought back and had to admit that
there wasn't a time where Staci had said anything about being his only
one. That was his own 'good knight' code talking. But he had more
pressing things to deal with at the moment.
"Hey, if you guys want to do something kinky, we can work
something out," Darla said with a wave of her hand, "I'd like to see
them tits in the flesh myself."
"Really, dear?" Staci spun a little unsteadily to face Darla,
"Then I don't mind showing you."
It was a comedy, but a sexy one. Staci genteelly stumbled over to
the desk to set down her drink and then yanked her blouse up to her
chin in a decidedly un-ladylike display. It was enough to send Sam's
stirring cock in a head-raising rush against his zipper.
"See, it was time for my top to come off," Staci turned to taunt
Sam was interested in how this was going to play and didn't rise
to the lure. Staci began undoing the buttons with one fierce move after
another in reply.
"I guess he wants me to dance naked on the desk," she said and
cracked up over her own joke.
"Whatever does it for you," Darla agreed jovially.
Staci got the blouse off, but the fastening of her bra kept
seeming to avoid her flailing fingers. Finally she pulled down the
straps and pushed the whole thing to her waist. Then her hands went to
the side zipper of her skirt.
"Wow, those are real, aren't they?" Darla marveled, but betrayed
her interest as professional by adding, "I could make a mint with a pair
like that."
Staci was busy showing Darla that she was ready for action in hose
and a garter belt. She stopped before the panties and made motions
as if she was attempting to get on the desk.
"I don't think a high-wire act is necessary," Sam cautioned, "If
you want to dance, I suggest you do it on the floor."
"How can I dance naked on the desk if I don't get on the desk?"
Staci asked.
"At least take off the heels," Sam reasoned.
It happened that she did neither. The exchange seem to have
satisfied whatever Staci wanted and she stayed on the floor swaying
seductively and running her hands over her body. Sam's cock began to
argue with him for control of his legs.
Staci became disinterested in her dance or comfortable in parading
around half-naked in front of Darla quickly. She stopped her little show
and seemed to be pondering her next move. After a minute, Sam realized
she was just being drunk.
"Well, ladies, I think there's a couple of us that really ought
to sleep it off," Sam cajoled.
"Don't you mean, sleep on it," Staci asked.
"Well, I don't think it's be wise for either of you to go anywhere
and if you're not going home, I live here," Sam said.
Staci was squinting again as she tried to sift through Sam's
words. She knew there was something important he was leaving out. Then
it came to her.
"All three of us, like in an orgy?" she asked.
"Yeah!" Darla put in.
"While I would dearly love to get some relief here, I don't know
that you two are in any condition to do anything more than sleep," Sam
"Fuck you, Sam, and I mean fuck you!" Staci turned on him, "I
didn't get naked and horny to pass out on some cot."
"Yeah!" Darla added.
"What about our guest? Don't you think it would be rude to have
sex in front of her?" Sam asked, hoping to prick some modesty.
"She can watch, I don't think she'd care and you're used to having
women watch you fuck," she said.
"Yeah!" Darla said.
There it was. This was some kind of payback for her embarrassment.
Sam might not in fact be used to having women watch him fuck, but he
was open to the idea. And with Darla it was like taking off your
clothes for a doctor. She was a professional.
Fortunately Sam was sober and able to handle the logistics. He
walked over to Staci and sat down on the desk beside where she stood.
He started taking off his shirt. Somewhat belatedly Staci realized that
she should help him. Sam had his shirt off before she started on his
belt. He kicked off his shoes and let her go to it.
He left before she got to his underwear.
"C'mon Miss Adventure," he said to Darla, "We'll have to show you
the way."
She broke into more giggles and Sam carried as much as led the
drunk whore into the other room. He plopped her into his own chair and
then tended to their bed for the night.
His cot was more than a cot, but it was no opulent bed fit for
three. That was going to be a problem. Sam didn't have time to think
about it at present. Staci was draped over him with her tits pressed to
his back as if she was humping him from the rear.
"Come on, doll, this ain't no R-rated movie," Sam growled at her,
"We need to see the cunt. Show your friend your pussy."
Sam sat on the bed and took off his socks as Staci wiggled her
hips and pulled down her panties. She was playing to Darla purposefully.
She stopped short of the deep knee bends and grinds, but she was
wiggling her ass and then turning and grinding her pelvis for the whore.
"Now comes the unveiling," Sam directed, "Take out my cock and
show it how much you want it."
How much it wanted Staci was evident by the way it popped up and
slapped into his belly as she pulled down his shorts. She paused with
his shorts at his knees and pushed his cock up against his belly with
her tongue as she licked up and down his cock. Sam looked at Darla and
Darla was watching Staci like she was picking up pointers.
Staci got his underwear off and Sam sat on the edge of the cot
and spread his knees. He knew Staci wouldn't be too quick to her feet in
her drunken state and he was giving her something to do as she knelt in
front of him.
He didn't let her suck on his cock too long before he helped her
up and rolled her onto the cot. He enjoyed her uninhibited dives down
on his cock, but the urge to fuck his cock down her throat was great.
Her depressed gag reflex might make that a great experience, but she
might puke all over him too. Sam didn't want to waste himself on
that chance. He had been horny since the air had become sex-charged on
his entrance and he was eager to put his cock to good use inside Staci.
"You don't care who's watching, do you?" Staci asked as she
looked up at him.
"I'm not ashamed of my passion for you," Sam said. "I think
you're turned on by the audience."
Staci giggled in answer, but Sam wasn't sure if it was his words
or the alcohol.
"We should have Darla tape us in case you ever turn up missing,"
Sam kidded.
Staci giggled again at the idea. Sam wasn't serious, but he was
going to take advantage of Staci's loosened inhibitions. When he moved
up her body, he took her feet with him. Her knees were squashing her
breasts flat when Sam's groin pulled level with Staci's.
Her let her go to support himself as he pressed against her
wetness. Staci immediately relieved the pressure on her chest but she
stopped with her legs straight up in the air around Sam. He wished they
were taping as he pushed inside the warmth of her cunt.
He knew her feet flopping in the air as he drove into her would
be hot to watch. He also knew she was loud and hard to please when she
was drunk and there would be a lot of flopping before they were through.
"Oh yeah! Go for it big boy!" she started right as Sam started.
Staci was putting everything she had into fucking Sam. Her hands
twined up his arms to hold onto him. Her legs were indeed flopping in
the air as she pulled her thighs up each time Sam plunged into her to
help him drive deeper into her.
Her urging descended into groans as Sam responded with an athletic
fuck of his own. The sound of his belly slapping on the broad flatness
she made with her legs in the air threatened to drown out her moans.
He drove into her as if he was in a competition. The louder he
smacked against the expanse of cunt and thigh, the harder he drove into
her. And as the effort took its toll, Sam strained more to keep up his
power and speed.
It might not have been the sexiest fuck they ever had, but it was
one of the most committed. They were after each other like animals in
a fury to force the surrender of orgasm from the other one first.
In that sense, Sam lost. Try as he might to wring a response from
Staci's alcohol-numbed senses, he couldn't do it before his deep, hard
fucking took him over the edge.
"Oh geeze," he groaned as he finally gave up the pretense of
fucking her while the cum ran down her ass. "You wore me out on that
Staci let her legs flop back to the bed and grinned at him. Then
Darla reminded them of her watchful eyes by making Sam's chair creak.
"Do you guys go at each other like weasels every time you fuck?"
Darla asked.
"Only when she drinks," Sam said.
"Then, honey, I'd become a lush," Darla advised Staci.
"Oh, he's got a lot of tricks," Staci said, "I don't have to put
up with the same thing all the time. Like you said about sucking cock,
sucking cock, sucking cock all day long."
She wasn't even feeling the thrill from fucking in front of Darla.
Staci was in her own little world and even the most outrageous things
all seemed normal. There was no reason for the idea to pop into Sam's
head, but he knew what he was doing next.
First, he had one more woman to get into bed.
"Darla, you can't sleep there. Take off some clothes and get over
here," Sam told her.
"I gotta fuck for a place to stay?" Darla asked
"Sure," Sam guffawed, "I'm so ready. Get over here now and get
some of this."
He rolled on his side to shake his limp dick at Darla. Then he
got up to help her.
"Just get ready for bed," he told her, "You can't sleep in that
chair all night."
She seemed less drunk and more sleepy as Sam helped her slip out
of her dress. Given her profession, there wasn't a lot more there.
Sam stepped back, but Darla kept going until she was naked as the other
"I sleep nude," she said to no one in particular. "That's the way
I am."
They were both sliding off into the land of unconsciousness when
Sam slipped out from under the pile of female flesh he had piled on
top of him on the cot. The cot was comfortable, if cozy, for two
people, but three was cramped and crowded. He liked both the women,
but he didn't want to be that close to them that long.
He wasn't drunk. There was really no reason that he couldn't go
to Staci's and sleep there.
When he got back in the morning, a subdued Staci was alone in the
office. Darla wanted to go home and she was left breeding a hangover
that promised to make her miserable at least all morning.
"Did we have an orgy?" Staci asked from her fog.
"I don't know about you girls, but I only screwed you last night,"
Sam said and got a blush from Staci.
"I seem to remember people fucking like animals in front of
everybody," Staci said. "That was us, wasn't it?"
"Yup," Sam said. "But I'm used to how kinky you can be."
It was one of his confusing retorts for Staci. She understood him
fine, but was unable to decide if she should be flattered or pissed. He
was making fun of her, but she could tell it had been a good time for
him. And her head hurt too much to think about it.
Since he was well-rested, Sam decided to hit the streets on his
hopeless quest. Perhaps he could check out the escort services to see
if Lucy had been working for any of them.
It was morning. He wasn't a customer. The people he could raise
wanted to know why they should help him. That was easy. It was like
having an illegal for a maid. You threaten them with INS.
"If I don't find her, this guy is going to the cops. You want them
asking these questions?" was Sam's standard reply.
"We like cops," said one sleepy gal at the address listed for
Needa Date Escort Service. "We're cop friendly here."
"Then be friendly and tell me if you've seen this girl around,"
Sam showed her the picture.
"You said you're not a cop," she replied.
"I'm not asking for you to be that friendly," Sam said. "I'm just
looking for leads to this girl."
"I don't work here. I just answer the phone," she said.
"Then tell me what you say when people call up and ask for this
girl," Sam continued the sparring.
"I ask for a description and I send the closest match that's
available," she said.
"And what if I said I wanted a short brunette, a little plump and
likes to wear a paisley robe over sexy underwear," Sam asked, describing
"I'd tell you I don't work here, I just answer the phone," she
said without blinking.
"What if I said I just wanted to talk and that I'd go get coffee
and a Danish, no, a bagel and cream cheese from the shop on the corner,"
Sam was in hunting mode now and she intrigued him as prey.
He had been encouraged when she let her robe slip open a little
after he had come on to her. Now her eyes lit up at the mention of
coffee and food.
"Make it one of their ham and eggs on a bagel and I'll give you a
few minutes," she agreed.
If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Sam found the
same route helpful to get to a woman's cunt. The girl wasn't the girl of
his dreams, but she was the best bet he'd encountered to get some inside
information on the structure of prostitution in the city. And she was
cute in a chubby, baby-fat kind of way.
She knew her delis. The bagel she wanted looked like breakfast in
itself. Sam got a bagel with cream cheese to be social and took it back
to Needa Date. She was still in her robe and looking hungry.
"It's almost like breakfast in bed," she giggled as she greedily
took the food and coffee.
Sam didn't believe in accidents, less so where women were involved,
so he took the 'accidental' gaping of her robe over the purple bra as a
sign. It was saying she could be as sexy as any of the girls she sent on
"Do you, or any of the other services keep books or lists or
pictures of the girls, or is it pot luck?" he asked to keep it light
while they ate.
"We've got four girls," she confided through a mouthful of bagel,
"Two blacks, a blonde and a brunette. The blonde puts on a red wig if
that's what the client wants. I guess Lonly Hearts might keep a book
because they've got at least a dozen girls."
"And you never fill in?" Sam started in on her as she got to the
last two bites of her sandwich.
She laughed with a deep, throaty laugh and said, "You know, you
are pretty smooth. If I was the babe in the woods you seem to think I
am, I might be drawn in by a little flattery."
"And if I believed in accidents, I'd think that robe has been
parting on its own," Sam countered. "Lord knows it's got me interested.
How can you fault me for wanting what I want?"
"Well, it has been a long time since anyone looked at me, just
me," she said and Sam could see she was thinking.
"I guess after a while it rubs off on you even if you just answer
the phone." she went on.
"Then let's pretend we didn't get honest with each other and you
just keep on letting it rub off," Sam told her, "You've certainly got me
more than just interested already."
She didn't acknowledge his proposal, but went into her act all the
"Mmmmmmm, That was good," she said, leaning back and rubbing her
The action loosened the tie of her robe most subtlety so when she
sat up again her cleavage and a strip down her belly was open for Sam's
inspection. Plump was a bit kind. She had no waist. It was a straight
line down her torso with a bit of a spread when it got to her hips.
But the purple-encased breasts were likewise plump and she had
succeeded in making Sam need to know what was under the cover.
"I know this is way out of line, but I've got a woody that's
starting to hurt from looking at you," Sam said, "What can I say to get
you to model that sexy underwear for me?"
"Show me this woody," she challenged him, "If you're really hard,
then I'll take off the robe."
Her self-image must have suffered some blows along the way. That
made her great for a horny dog like Sam. He opened his pants as he stood
and let them fall away from the bulge pressing out his underwear.
"You want to see it in the flesh- I'd like to see you in the
flesh," Sam offered a version of show me yours and I'll show you mine.
First she made good on her promise. She stood and let the robe
fall from her shoulders. She didn't look much thinner standing, but she
did appear firmer- except for her breasts. They moved fluidly long after
the rest of her had stopped.
She looked meaningfully at his crotch and then slowly reached up
to brush her bra straps off her shoulders. Sam turned down the band of
his briefs in reply. She reached behind herself in a move that made
her breasts a pair of proffered pillows and opened the strap. She paused
holding the bra closed and waited until Sam had his finger in the band
of his underwear. Then they both uncovered at the same time.
Tiny, taut little nipples floated on the milky swellings of her
breasts. They cried out to be sucked on. Sam was so attracted than he
didn't care if she took off the panties or not.
"We're going to do something, right?" he asked, almost in pain, "I
mean I'm going to get some relief, aren't I?"
He was sure she had made up her mind already. Her hesitation was
just for effect and it had the effect of making him want her more. He
wanted those tits and eventually he wanted to cum in, on or around her
in huge gouts of jet-propelled jizz.
"We're not being honest now," she scolded him, "You're going to
have to wait in blue-ball anticipation until you find out."
Then she was going to find out what kind of monster she had
unleashed. Sam lunged across the coffee table separating them And pulled
her breasts up to his mouth. Her nipple was like a jujube in his mouth
as he sucked it. Before he could switch to the other nipple, she had
melted under his attack.
"Okay, big boy, you get what you want," she gasped.
Sam left his socks on and stripped off the rest as he came around
the table. She slumped back onto the couch and waited for him.
"This is the little beauty that got neglected," Sam said as he
held her tits again and dropped his mouth on her other nipple.
Her tits were as soft as if they were filled with marshmallow
creme. It was a baby-soft feel that made Sam want this woman with an
urge that ran up and down his spine. For all the brassy broads he had
fucked, this melding of street-wise and never-been-fucked had him horny
beyond all reason.
He would hold on to that memory of need far longer than he would
remember the fuck. She was very warm and very eager and very pleasant to
be inside of. She was even tight in a plump sense, but it was a fuck
like most fucks. It was the desire he had that made it special.
She had a better reason to remember. She gave out a groan that
sounded like relief when he first entered her. When he thrust strongly
into her with long, slow strokes, she almost whimpered as he filled her.
She began throwing her legs to help move him in and out and panting with
the fire that was building in her groin.
Sam gave her the straight hard fuck because she was asking for it
so hard. She built and exploded into an orgasm and Sam rode her through
it. Then he switched to grinding corkscrew motions to give her a thrill
before he went back to varied strokes, quick and then slow to let her
build to another climax.
He got his huge gouts of jet-propelled jizm when she jerked
beneath him and shivered into a second more intense orgasm. Then the
need was hers as she clamped him to her body and came under him.
Staci was in only a slightly better state when Sam made it back
to the office. Sam didn't bother her with details because she was hung
over and because motive wasn't a point in this case. He didn't care why
Lisa was on the run. He was just trying to find her.
He was curious what had led to the drinking bout with Darla the
night before. Had they got anything done before they hit the bottle?
"How far is our little whore from passing for cultured?" he asked
in what he hoped was a disinterested tone.
"How long does she have to pass?" Staci asked, "I can give you ten
minutes, I suppose."
"I'm not having you train her to take over your job," Sam reacted
to her defensive tone, "I just want her to get a job in a whorehouse."
"And it would go better if she wasn't trying to turn me into a
streetwalker right back," Staci said. "She argues with me all the time."
Obviously, some of the arguments found their mark because Staci
was too agitated to be explained by an unruly student. The sparks had
been flying while Sam was thankfully absent.
Sam knew he could translate Darla better than Staci. He decided to
continue the interrogation with her.
"You know I could make a lot more than $100 if I worked tonight,"
Darla was already scheming.
"You know you'd have to suck a lot more cock, too," Sam sparred.
Sam didn't know what her best night could be, but he knew $100
was more than she needed to get by. And there were all the improvements
to her job description she was getting free.
"If you stick in a house, I imagine you could make $200 in an easy
night and look forward to making it at least six times a week," Sam
reminded her of the real benefit to herself.
When she saw she wasn't getting any more from Sam, she let the
matter drop. It was just an attempt to see if she could talk more out
of him. Now she was ready to talk Staci with Sam.
"She says you give her a hard time," Sam reported.
"She wants me to act like I've got a steel rod up my ass," Darla
"Because men with steel rods up their asses pay better for sex,"
Sam said, "If they didn't think it was dirty, they wouldn't pay so much
to keep the whole nasty thing quiet. How much do your present clients
care about someone knowing they fuck whores? About $20 worth, I'm
"I get what the traffic will bear," she said.
"I know you do. And that, I imagine, very fun to use skill of
yours will be one of the regrettable losses when you move up to
working in a house. They'll get you a good price and you won't have to
work so hard," Sam said.
Darla didn't believe in pie in the sky, either. She'd see it when
she saw it. But she had pretty well exhausted the subject.
"You must have had some big to-do about something," Sam said,
"Staci gets weird when we talk about you."
Darla laughed. It wasn't a mean laugh, but it came out of her in
a witch's cackle. She grinned as she explained.
"That would be from this morning," she said.
"Okay, what happened this morning?" Sam asked when it was clear
Darla wasn't going on without prompting.
"Oh my! She didn't tell you?" Darla was making a joke at Staci's
expense now, Sam could tell.
"Your little secretary woke up with a death-grip on my tits and it
bothered her a little," Darla said, bit Sam knew there was more.
"And..." he prompted.
"And she pretended to be still asleep when I hugged her face into
them," Darla said and then tired of her game, "She was digging it, but
then she got freaked because she was enjoying it. I could have made her
a basket case if I had come on to her. She might have even let me get
her off, but then I bet she would have literally exploded."
Ho, ho, ho. Staci had a lot to think about with an alcohol-fuzzed
brain. That fit her mood all day. Sam knew he could tease her or be
nice. He liked both alternatives.
If he was nice, they would bond and she would owe him. Teasing
would plant the seed for many games and give him a prod to use during
their bondage scenes. He decided to be nice now and tease her later.
It seemed Sam's reminders gave Darla a new attitude. Or it could
be that Staci was up to dress for success. The two women were chirping
happily when Sam walked in Staci's apartment.
They were going through wardrobes and had clothes laid out all
over. Mix and match, schoolgirl look, power suit, seductress; they were
playing with the transformations that clothes could make for Darla.
Sam's contentment with them playing nice became edged in lust as
schoolgirl Darla hunted topless for the right blouse to go with her
plaid skirt and knee socks. It triggered another fantasy for Sam.
"You girls hit on hillbilly sheik?" Sam asked.
"I hear a fetish coming on," Staci said and then asked, "What's
that, Sam?"
He pointed to Darla and said, "Just like that with blue jeans and
no socks."
"That's a little brassy, don't you think?" Staci said.
"She could get away with topless in a house and, like you said, it
plays to a fetish. I think there's room for games like that if you want
to stand out in a room full of whores," Sam ventured.
"He's just getting horny, look at that grin," Darla changed the
subject and turned it on Sam.
"You should be happy with that," Sam said, "It means this wardrobe
thing is working."
"If it wasn't you, Sam, I'd feel better about it," Staci put in,
"But you get horny when a breeze blows."
The ribbing masked the change in the air. From playing with the
idea of seduction, they were turning on a subject for seduction and the
mood had changed from dress-up to sex.
Darla found the white blouse she was looking for and covered up.
It didn't do much to blunt the sexuality of her outfit. She was innocent
schoolgirl, but innocent schoolgirl very evidently braless. It gave her
an air of daring, like she was a virgin hungry to lose that status.
"That outfit takes years off you," Staci said, returning for a
moment to fashion coordinator. "I think that's a good way to dress to
apply for this position."
Darla was watching Sam out of the corner of her eye and had other
matters occupying her mind. Sam could almost hear the gears clicking.
"I thank you for the help," Darla said, "You opened my eyes to
many possibilities. Now I need to find a place that will take me."
Sam knew that was his job and that he had no idea how to get her
the opportunity. He was a small fish. He needed a big fish to make the
introduction. Darla broke that train of thought as she spoke again.
"And I think I'd better go," Darla said, "Sam looks like he's
going to jump one of us any minute and I'll give you some privacy unless
you need me to be here and watch."
"Sam won't get any until we say he gets it," Staci said, showing
off for Darla, "You're welcome to stay as long as you like."
"You mean it isn't your turn to watch her fuck me?" Sam asked
Staci, trying to pull the balance back in his favor.
"I've seen you fuck all the women I want," Staci said icily.
Darla didn't understand the game being played. She only sensed the
charge in the air and wanted to be elsewhere. She gathered the clothes
she had worn and left wearing the schoolgirl clothes.
The temperature in the room seemed to shoot up ten degrees as
Darla shut the door. Sam got up and began looking at the costumes laid
out everywhere. With every step toward Staci, her resolve crumbled a
little more.
She was still putting on the brave front when Sam got to her, but
her breath was too quick and shallow for her pretense. Her eyes widened
as Sam pulled his belt from the loops. He pulled her hands behind her
and encircled them with his belt looped through the buckle.
"Sam gets it when Sam wants it," he said, holding the belt tight
around her wrists with one hand and smacking the tail down on her rump
with the other.
"Please don't hurt me! I didn't mean anything by it," she begged,
"I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Don't hurt me."
The lie in her protest was evident from the strong smell of sex
that surrounded her. Sam knew the crotch of her panties was soaked and
was trying to choreograph a transition to a fuckable bondage pose that
would keep her in that state of excitement.
His eyes fell on the table. It was covered with a proper-looking
skirt, blouse and blazer that must have been the schoolteacher costume
for Darla. He pulled a whimpering Staci backwards around the table and
then lifted her onto it.
Sam passed the belt between her arms to bind the loop into a
figure eight and then fed it through a slot at the edge of the table. He
lifted the table leaf to bind the belt in place and Staci was trapped in
an awkward sitting position.
"Sam gets his however he wants it too," Sam told her as he reached
under her skirt to pull off her dripping panties.
He pulled her ass to the edge and left her thighs cradled in the
crook of his arms. He couldn't put his dick in her until he dropped
his pants, but he jabbed the cloth-covered rod against her anyway.
"Sam! You're hurting me! Please, I'm sorry!" she begged.
He let one leg drop and pulled down his zipper. He fished out his
erection and guided it into her saturated snatch. Then he picked up the
leg again and pulled her ass off the table and onto his cock.
Staci let out a breath like she was punched in the stomach when
she settled fully on Sam. He used her legs to help him as he worked
his cock into her slowly and thoroughly. She was appreciative in her
submissive kind of way.
"Oh please don't, not like this," she whimpered, "I feel like such
a slut. Not here. Not like this."
"Yeah, this is like fucking a whore against a wall, isn't it," Sam
added and held her up with his pelvis while one hand popped open the
buttons of her dress.
"Now you look more like the nympho you are," he announced as he
pulled her bra cups down to expose her breasts.
She begged and pleaded about the way he was degrading her for a
while as he went back to the strong and slow exploration of her recesses,
but then she broke. Sam's heaves against her were too far separated and
she was only being teased by the time he spent stimulating her as he
ground against her with his cock fully sheathed inside her. She had
waited too long and the begging changed.
"Dammit it, Sam, if you're going to make me a slut, hurry up! she
"Is that little Missy Prissy begging for more I hear?" Sam teased
It was the change of one game for another. Sam was turning her
fantasy debasement with its make-believe virgin into the bound reality.
She was at his mercy and would have to play his game to get relief. It
was closer to her heart and a harder game, just right for the change
from slow build up to no holds barred fucking.
"Yes, you bastard!" she glowered at Sam, "Fuck me like you mean it.
Fuck me so I know there's a man inside me!"
Sam was ready. He heaved into her and lifted her legs with a
thrust that pushed her ass back onto the edge of the table. Now he could
pull back without her cunt following and give them both the benefit of
long, deep strokes.
Staci wanted it bad enough to challenge him and Sam responded to
her need. She knew there was something inside her and Sam fucked her so
it would feel like that something was trying to crawl all the way
through her through her center.
Staci was jerking on his belt as she fought to drive back at him.
Her upper half was trapped and she could only try and use her legs as
levers on his arms to move herself to his thrusts. She was heaving as
hard as Sam in her drive to get more of his cock inside her.
Oh yes, please give it to me!" Staci was still begging, only this
time it was for release, "Fuck me good and get me off!"
The game was over for now. Sam scarcely noticed the wave motion of
her breasts as they swelled up and dropped back with their collisions.
Staci's only reminder was the tug on her wrists as she tried to meet
him in rhythm. It was only cock in cunt and the need to fuck and be
fucked that was driving them.
"Oh please, Sam! Please, Sam! Please, Sam!" Staci was truly
begging as she felt him swell and start to deliver his load into her
hot depths.
But Sam wasn't half done with her yet. The violence with which
they had reached his climax was still hot in his blood and he kept
plunging into her as the seed shot out of his cock. He needed to drive
it in and plant it deep and keep the geyser coming. It was like he
was drenched in electric fuzz when one jerk set off Staci's spasms
and they both writhed and flopped in their sloppy continued attempts
to merge while they tumbled down into their orgasms.
The crash at the bottom was like waking up in heaven. Fucking
Staci always left Sam with a grin, but this time it was a grin and a
chuckle as they were still moving toward each other even as the
excitement drained away.
"Now can you let me up?" Staci asked, "Now that you've had your
way with me."
"You watch your mouth, young lady," Sam scolded her, "If this
wasn't your place, I might toss you out for talking back to me like
Staci laughed at his mock seriousness. She wanted her arms free to
hug him. They both were feeling the winds of change in the way they
viewed each other and Staci was getting mushy about the trouble Sam
went to in catering to her little kinks.
Or perhaps she was investing him with that kind of understanding
in advance. An understanding man wouldn't make her feel worse when her
homosexual encounter came to light. She knew it would, but only recently
had she decided that it was for the better.
"I think everyone's perception is that it's more normal for women
to be attracted to each other," Sam was telling Staci after her
He didn't let on that Darla had already told him. And he wasn't
sure if he wanted to tell her the idea that her confession had made pop
into his head. It was too cold. She might not mind, but the way he
thought of it was way too manipulative for Sam to feel comfortable.
"But it wasn't just that," Staci said, "Actually doing something
was like giving in to the feelings I had been having all evening. I bet
I was much more turned on by her watching me get fucked than you were."
"Well, I admit that I like watching more than being watched- I
better in this business," Sam said, "And I know I'd rather watch someone
fuck you than have someone watch me fuck another woman."
"Sam! I am not saying that I want to have sex with Darla!" Staci
jumped, "And I wouldn't want you to watch."
"I wasn't talking about anything specific," Sam lied, and then
veered back to the truth, "Swear to God, I was picturing you with a man."
That caught the bosomy woman by surprise. She leaned back against
the pillows and thought about that herself.
"I bet it would get you over the guilt of fucking other women,"
she said after a while.
Sam winced. He didn't really feel guilty about that. But that was
hard to sell, even to himself, when he remembered the cold feeling he
got when she had walked in that one day. No, the only thing that would
put his guilt to rest was to have Staci watch him fuck another woman at
her own request.
Her idea, however, was playing into his hands. Sure it was being
manipulative, but only he, you and the author knew that. And he knew
Staci would figure it out real quick.
"So it's okay for me to call Gus in?" Sam teased, and called out,
"Hey, Gus, she says she'll do it!"
Staci waited for a moment to make sure it was a joke and then hit
Sam with her pillow.
"You rat! You would do something like that, wouldn't you," she
said as she beat him.
"You think that I might, given that pause," he said. "Was that
hope that the door would open?"
"You want me to do it, don't you," Staci was suddenly serious,
"You wouldn't be playing around like this if you weren't trying to find
out if you can convince me."
Sam owed her the same kind of seriousness. She wouldn't be too mad
if he leveled with her. But at least she was in the mood to listen
seriously now.
"I had an idea and it's terrible and wrong and really sick," Sam
apologized in advance. "It just would work. There's no other excuse
for it."
"You don't want me to hook, or we wouldn't be putting the time
into Darla," Staci assessed, "So spill it. What were you thinking?"
His guile deserted him. Sam couldn't think of any way to approach
it. He just blurted it out.
"Baker would use the FBI itself to find this girl for a chance to
get in your pants," he said quickly, "I could get all sorts of vice
files and at least some good leads."
"Eeeuuuwwww! I know why you were so shy," Staci wrinkled her face,
"Pimping your secretary for information isn't nice at all."
"I know. I said it was sick," Sam defended himself, "It was just
the answer to a question I asked myself a couple of days ago: What could
I give Baker to get some info out of him."
"I've seen him eye me, or rather, my chest," Staci agreed, "That
would get anything you want from him for sure."
"He calls you a 'big-titted cooze' to boot, Sam said.
"I didn't need to know that, Sam," she scolded, "I'm still trying
on the idea of fucking a stranger."
"I'm not serious. You're right, it's too stupid. I don't expect
you to whore to make my job easy," Sam said.
"You can look at it a lot of ways," she said. "Baker can't be
thinking clearly if he trades information for sex either. And if you
really would be turned on by watching me with another man, what
difference does it make if it happens to do us some good at the same
For someone so attuned to the smell of blackmail, it amazed Sam
that he hadn't seen the reverse twist on getting Baker in bed with
Staci. He guessed he was blinded by the Brownie points he would get in
the Boy's Club for talking Staci into it.
"It still stinks for me to bring it up," Sam tried to back off.
"You're making that very clear, Sam," she said. "But I'm telling
you it isn't about Baker any more. I'm thinking it would be interesting
to complete the circle this way."
"What are you talking about?" Sam asked.
"Clear up the loose ends," she said, "Just business for you, just
business for me, you go get women all day long, I have a man come to me,
I watch you, you watch me, I think it would be good for you. Get rid of
that lingering guilt."
Sam couldn't deny that it was still an event in his mind, but he
was suspicious of her motives. Maybe it was more revenge than penance.
But either way it was looking like it could happen. That was no little
thing. He couldn't resist one more shot.
"You didn't do that when you played the hooker?" he challenged.
"That was LaVon LaTour, not me," Staci huffed, "You know that as
well as anyone."
For all Sam knew, Baker had a big dick. If she said she'd do it,
why should he hesitate? It was his idea in the first place.
"What are you saying, Sam?" Baker asked.
"And you call yourself a detective," Sam sneered, "She caught me
with this broad and she is bound and determined to pay me back. I figure
if she's got to fuck one of my pals, it might as well be you."
Baker was just the guy to fall for that one. He'd believe that Sam
talked about his powerful friend Detective Baker all the time. He'd let
himself believe that Sam wanted to do him a favor. And Staci's tits
would make him believe that she wanted him.
All they needed now was the unnecessary hook to make Staci fall for
their plan.
"Now what we have to do is figure out how to set it up," Sam told
Baker, "What could you be looking for that would take you to my place?"
"I dropped by for a drink," Baker offered.
"And that last happened when? She's mad, not stupid. Try to be
real, will ya? I'm trying to get you laid here," Sam rejected.
He enjoyed watching Baker struggle to come up with a plausible
excuse. When Baker suggested bringing a lead, a switch flipped in Sam's
"Nah," he started and reached in his pocket, "She writes up my
cases and unless you can tell me something about this girl, she wouldn't
buy it."
His idea had been for Baker to come to take him downtown, and he
was waiting for the detective to stumble on that idea. But this way
gave him a chance to hit Baker up for the information without his ever
knowing what happened.
"Lemme look," Baker said.
He looked at the picture and then at Sam, "Runaway hooking on the
"And daddy wants her back," Sam finished for him.
"Shit, that's easy," Baker said, "I'll tell her the girl got
picked up in the Lonly Hearts bust."
"She did?" Sam was amazed.
"How do I know? I'm not looking for the girl," Baker snapped, "But
that's what I tell her."
"And when I don't turn up with her?" Sam prompted.
"She made bail and skipped," Baker said, "With night court a girl can get busted and still get out early enough to earn her fine that
night. But it would be a lead."
It was at least as valuable as having Baker say he was looking to
take Sam downtown. And it did make it easier to put pressure on him.
Sam could tell Baker that Staci was on his neck about finding the girl.
After she fucked him, Baker would be pretty well disposed to making her
happy, Sam imagined.
The comical aspect was not lost on Sam. It was such a transparent
and obvious sham that he could hardly restrain himself as he sent Baker
in to deliver his scoop to Staci. Staci was never there in the evening.
And she wasn't Sam's 24-hour secretary.
She was expecting the going downtown story, so Sam was interested
to see how she handled the change.
"Hi, doll, the boss around?" Baker stumbled into his presentation.
"I sure am, sugar, what do you want to see me for?" Staci shot
"No, I mean Sam. I think I've got something for him," Baker said.
"Hard and round and about this long?" she said, holding her
fingers about four inches apart.
"No, I'm trying to help him," Baker was flustered.
"Then no Life Savers for Sam?" she asked innocently.
Sam was proud of Baker for getting the joke.
"We're not in the candy-trading business," he said, "I hear he's
looking for a runaway and I think we picked her up yesterday when we
busted an escort service."
"Oh, I see," Staci said, feigning seriousness, "Then you better
sit. Sam should be back here any time. He said he'd only be gone a
Now Baker went into his smooth operator mode. He set his hat
carefully on her desk and slouched down into the chair in front of her.
"You're pretty lady, you know that?" Baker beat Staci to the
schmaltz by a heartbeat. "Sam's a lucky man to get to look at you all
Staci closed her mouth and smiled. She was going to let Baker talk
her into bed. It saved her the trouble of thinking up insincere
"Why detective! Listen to you talk," she encouraged.
Sam had finally secured a vantage point where he could see them
both and have a quick passage to the other room when they moved. He saw
that Staci had unbuttoned an extra button in preparing to entertain
the detective. Baker wouldn't be talking polite long staring at her
generous cleavage in its present display.
"I'm supposed to notice things," Baker was saying, "And I'd be
a damn poor detective if I didn't notice someone as good-looking as
He was staring at her chest again.
"Why detective! I do believe you are trying to sweet talk me,"
Staci teased him.
"I know it's tough being a talented woman with so much to offer
and being hit on all the time, so I'm trying to be nice," Baker said
from some sensitivity lecture he had slept through, "But what I see is
what I see. You are one good-looking woman."
"Talk like that could turn a girl's head," Staci encouraged,
Baker was grinning like cat with a mouthful of canaries. He
thought his smooth moves were getting to the girl. It was a lot easier
than he thought it would be, even seeing that she was in the market for
a man to get back at Sam with.
"I'm just telling you what I see," he plunged ahead, "And to me
you are one of the most desirable women on the planet."
Staci could believe that one. She had seldom seen such lust, naked
and unabashed as she saw in Baker's eyes. He really did want her that
much. And that was sexy in its own way.
"My, is it getting warm in here?" she asked and fanned herself
with one hand while toying with her neckline with the other.
Baker's eyes were glued to her chest, hoping for a millimeter more
exposure of her magnificent breasts. He was a simple man, Staci decided,
and his lust was pure. It was nice to be wanted so much.
Only when she was sure Baker was stuck for a way to bridge the
next gap did Staci help him across.
"Would you mind if I left you for a moment to rearrange my
clothes?" Staci asked.
"I won't peek," a grinning Baker promised.
He made no move to cover his eyes or even close them. He was
obviously expecting her to strip for him and then jump on his cock.
Staci didn't like his assumption that she toppled so easily. He had to
work a little harder than that.
"But it will ruin the surprise," Staci pouted, "You wait here and
-get comfortable- and I'll call you in a minute."
She went into Sam's office and took off her underwear. She put her
blouse back on, buttoning one button below her breasts for the most
salacious display and waited a bit.
"All right detective, I think you should wait in here," she called
out after her pause.
It was all she could do to stifle the laugh when Baker bounced in
wearing boxers and socks. He obviously had expected her to be waiting
naked, and even he was chagrined when he saw she was still dressed.
Staci eased him over his faux paus.
"My, that does look comfortable," she said, "But they don't seem
to fit too well in front."
"Come over here and I'll see if I can fix that," she told him.
Baker was like a little lamb now. Sex was about to happen and he
was in awe. Sam figured Staci could have told him to crawl and Baker
wouldn't have hesitated.
There was method in her madness. When he brought his bobbing
boxers over to her, he could see that her tits were unfettered and all
but exposed in her blouse. That restored the stiffness that his cock
had lost in embarrassment.
"There isn't a way to make them sit right," Staci said in mock
frustration as she slid the material back and forth over his hard-on.
"Maybe I have to look inside."
Baker was her slave. She pulled down his shorts and let them drop
around his ankles. She smiled up at him as he stood still like a tin
soldier with his cock at attention.
"Maybe that would fit better in here," Staci said and pulled him
Baker had to be afraid he would wake up from the dream as Staci
maneuvered his cock between her breasts and began rocking up and down.
The marvelous globes were still trapped by one button and hugged him
as she made his cock move in her cleavage. Baker's face was covered in
"Now isn't that better," Staci prodded him for his reaction.
"Oh Jesus, it's just heaven, that's all," Baker groaned.
"It might be even better if you helped," Staci told him.
"I'm afraid I'd get those beautiful tits all sticky if I moved."
he told her.
"Ooooo, I like the feel of nice warm cum on my tits," Staci cooed.
"I was hoping to give you that warm feeling somewhere else," Baker
"I'm only worth one shot?" Staci pretended to pout.
Sam was surprised that Baker didn't cum from hearing that.
"Oh no, but I might be only good for one and I wouldn't want to
miss out," Baker protested.
He was smarter than he looked, Sam thought. It felt real good to
nestle between a pair of big jugs, but it took more work than you'd
think to get off fucking them. He always made sure Staci was in position
to suck on his cock when it popped up through her cleavage when he
fucked the magnificent mounds.
"Oh, I see," Staci teased, "You're expecting more."
"Oh no, not expecting, only hoping," Baker said, "I've learned
that you get what you expect more often when you don't expect anything."
Staci didn't want to play any more word games with Baker. He was
an interesting mix of savvy and stupid and she wanted to see what he was
like in bed. She imagined he'd been with a woman before.
"Then you don't mind if I open this little button?" Staci asked.
He had seen everything already the way her tits pressed against
the thin fabric of her blouse, but somehow the unveiling had an almost
religious significance for Baker. Her tits were icons that he had
worshipped from afar and he tingled with the chance to adore them
He was not disappointed. There were tits that could be
overestimated and be a let-down, but Baker couldn't imagine a pair any
better than Staci's. They were huge globes, perfectly formed, like the
prototype of smooth curve and heavy swell blown up to her DD proportions.
Nothing else mattered as he finally looked on those twin beauties.
That is, until Staci stood and pressed them against his chest as
she wiggled out of her skirt. Then he wanted to bury his face in her
tits and his cock between her legs and live there for eternity.
Staci saw his state and decided that she needed to be in control.
It would be easier for him to live out his fantasies with her flesh if
he didn't have to think about fucking her.
"Why don't you lie back and let me take care of you," she
suggested as she led Baker to the cot. "Then you'll have your hands free
to play."
It all sounded fine to Baker. Everything was fine while he could
watch her tits swing. It was all fine while they were naked together.
It was very fine when Staci rubbed his cock between her legs and
forced herself down on the pole. His cock was home and her amazing tits were oh so close to his face.
Staci knew all the fantasies about big tits. She had heard them
all at one time or another and she ran through a few to keep Baker
speechless. She slapped their weights back and forth against his face as
her hips ground around the base of his cock. She let him grab them and
squeeze handfuls just to see how much still spilled over.
And then he lifted them so he could suck one nipple and then the
other. Staci's hips moved in a wave-like slither on him in time with
his sucking her tits. He sucked hard and she pounded down on him.
She let him guide the motion of her hips with the intensity and
rhythm of his mouth. That only drew Baker more into the thrall of her
bosom. It left the impression that his tonguing was directly
responsible for the warm grasp moving on his cock as if her tits could
fuck him as well as fill his mouth.
His enjoyment was so total that he was lost in all the sensations.
Afterwards all he had was a recollection that it was the best fuck ever.
His joy at being buried in the huge swinging tits even blurred the
explosion of his climax. And he had no concept of how long he lay under
her moving hips and played with the massive globes.
Sam could tell him. Sam could quote Staci's words as she told him
to suck her tits like her baby. And he could time how long it took
Baker to shoot his load into his secretary from the video tape.
Staci knew the scene by heart as well. She learned it second-hand
watching the tape play. She learned it with her face inches from the
screen, on her hands and knees, and with Sam behind her, fucking her
hard to emphasize key points in her performance.
"Look at the butt hammer down on him," he spotlighted with deep
thrusts, "Looks like she wants it bad doesn't it?"
"He's cumming now, isn't he? Isn't he? Isn't he?" he slapped his
belly hard on her ass to make her answer.
"I think he was," Staci whined, and admitted, "I was so wet I
don't know when he came."
"Well, I'll make it clear for you," Sam kept up his mock anger and
arched her back by pulling her hair.
He pulled her around by the grip on her locks and held her face on
the level her butt had been. Then he slid his cock into her mouth like
he was going back into her cunt and fucked her face while he held her
in place by the hair.
"You'll know when I come off," he promised as he fucked her mouth.
The coughing and choking marked when he shot his jizm into her
throat. Staci would have been better prepared if she wasn't cumming
herself from the violence of her subjugation, but the punishment of his
jizm spattering her throat and straying into her windpipe only made the
jolts of her orgasm sharper and more intense.
"This fucking other guys turns you into an animal, Sam," she said
a little hoarsely when she caught her breath, "Got any other friends you
want me to fuck?"
Sam was sheepish about his reaction. He had lost it a little once
he had got into it. Watching Staci fuck other guys was hot, he had
known that. He hadn't known how much it affected him until he let the
monster loose while he was fucking Staci afterwards.
"It's fun to play jealous rage when you're not so mad that you
don't feel what you're doing," Sam tried to explain, as much to himself
as to Staci. "And you know how much I like to hear the sound of gagging
when I'm shooting off in your mouth."
Staci changed the subject back to business.
"So, you march in with a copy of the tape now, or what?" she asked.
"Got that covered," Sam said, "He gave me the key when we were
thinking up the story he could use to get laid."
He explained that Staci would be the bad guy. She'd want to get
this information and Sam would keep going to Baker to get it.
"Good, you've got that- 'don't disappoint the big-titted cooze'
thing going for you if you go at it that way," Staci approved.
Baker didn't know nothing from Lucy. He hadn't worked vice in
years and, as he pointed out, the game moved around because it was
illegal and had to keep moving. Sam let him off the hook for running
her picture for a rap sheet. They both agreed her high school picture was unlikely to match her present appearance and Sam had another favor
he thought might be better.
"You do keep in touch with the whorehouses, though," Sam pried.
"Okay, I smell this coming, what do you want?" Baker asked him.
"I want a woman inside and I don't have the juice to get anyone
hired," Sam said, "Maybe you do or you know a place that would listen
to a proposal."
"You're going to whore your secretary?" Baker was amazed.
"Calm down, hot pants," Sam growled, "I mean Darla Dare. She's
tired of dodging pimps anyway and it's a move that works for both of
"Darla? That tired old piece? I don't think she's right for a
house, Sam," Baker argued.
"Staci has been helping tidy her up and I think you'd be surprised.
I only need her a couple of days any way. If she fucks up, it's her
own look out," Sam said.
Sam could see Baker was thinking and that could be dangerous. He
would try to squeeze Sam for everything he could get.
"Well, Madame Louise owes me a favor, but I can't be dropping a
burden in her lap," Baker teased.
"Spill it, what are you trying to get out of me?" Sam asked.
"Sam, you're my buddy," Baker sounded hurt, "My very good buddy
now. I'm just trying to do something for everybody involved."
Sam relaxed a little bit. The purr in Baker's voice meant he
wanted to fuck someone and Sam was confident it wasn't him. He wasn't
sure who Baker did want to fuck, however.
"And what do you get out of it?" Sam asked, bluntly.
"Well, I don't know how I could recommend anything to Madame
Louise if I didn't know anything about it," Baker began.
Sam relaxed. Getting Darla to fuck Baker would cost him $100,
worst case. It was even a reasonable fee for the service Baker would
"You're not up for it now, are you?" Sam asked.
"You always were a quick one," Baker sat back, "I just need to
check it out before I send her over."
"Who's Madame Louise?" Darla wanted to know.
"She runs a classy house over near Bradenton," Sam said.
"That's pretty far uptown," Darla said after a low whistle.
"That's why Staci has been coaching you," Sam said, as if to a
child, "But don't get too panicked, I think the clientele is mostly
business types, store owners and crap like that. They'll expect you to
be classier than they are, but they won't be able to tell."
"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Darla snorted, "It's a nice
thing to say when you want a favor."
"I'm just saying you'll fit in." Sam squirmed and then got back
to the sales pitch. "And it's not really a favor as much as a little
advance tip to a guy that can help you out. I'm not the one that's
getting a good job out of it."
"Yeah, and you aren't the one holding out for a taste, either,
but you're the one I can yell at," Darla admitted.
They both agreed on Sam's office as neutral ground and Sam took
Staci out to lunch so they could make their connection in private.
"I'd be just as happy if the divorce business started rolling in
again," Sam said over his corned beef as Staci picked at her salad.
"Can't stand thinking about Baker getting lucky, can you?" she
"Naww, it's the whole thing. Theft, runaways, missing disks, it
doesn't have the flow of divorce work," Sam said.
"Is this the same mighty 'solve the mystery' detective that was
always feeling like an under achiever chasing unfaithful spouses?" she
"Yeah, I guess so," Sam admitted, "I guess the grass is always
greener, huh?"
Staci checked that the next booth was empty and said, "I think
you've just been screwing your secretary too much and you wish you were
getting more strange."
That was good for a laugh.
Darla was sitting at Staci's desk swinging her foot when they got
back. Sam wasn't able to discern her mood.
"You didn't bite it off did you?" he asked Darla.
"Nahh, it went fine," she said.
"Then why so quiet?" he asked.
"I was just thinking," she said and then went on after a pause,
"Why are you doing this really? What do you want from me?"
Sam got as far as, uhhh, before Staci took over translation.
"He's a soft touch, honey," she told Darla, "He doesn't think hard
enough to have an ulterior motive."
"I told you what I want," Sam broke in, "I want you to nose around
for this girl or someone who knows her."
"But look what I'm getting out of it," Darla said, "I was scraping
back there. This could be the best break I've ever got."
"Then say, thank you," Staci told her, "I tell you, deep down he's
a nice guy."
"It's your job, you're going to do the work," Sam said, "I'm not
going to fuck the guys to earn you money. You got to keep the job."
"Thank you," Darla responded to Staci and then got her familiar
grin, "If I didn't know you were nuts for her, I'd tell you that you've
got a free pass with me from now on."
"If he didn't get the hint, I'll explain it to him later," Staci
replied to the transparent ploy.
"You too, honey..." Darla started and then bit back her words
when she thought what she was saying.
"I mean, if you guys want to have one of those three-way scenes,"
she tried to rescue her faux pas.
Sam pretended he didn't know and Staci smiled.
"I'll keep you in mind if I decide to do something different,"
Staci said.
It was such a sweet little scene. Darla was being maudlin, Staci
had been enjoying Sam's embarrassment at Darla's gratitude and now he
was turning the tables on her. Darla bailed.
"Well, I got things do to before Baker takes me over tonight,"
Darla said in parting and scooted out the door.
"That was sweet, wasn't it?" Staci said with a grin.
"Darla was always just trying to stay away from the sharks," Sam
said. "What can you do? She was being smart."
"You're just a soft touch, admit it," Staci ragged on him.
"Hey, I've got a lot in common with underdogs," Sam protested.
Staci was smiling and it wasn't at Sam's sheepish protests over
his good deed.
"Since you don't seem to like that subject, why don't we talk
about something else," she said.
Sam knew playful when he saw it. He wasn't sure what had caused
her mood shift, but he knew what it had shifted to.
"Staci, it's the middle of the afternoon," he protested to force
her to stalk him.
"It was for them, too," she responded, "And there's a nice, sweaty
bed in your office if I don't miss my guess."
Sam had a couple of quips on his tongue- about her re-creating
her tryst with Baker, about wishing it was Darla, but the idea, or more
precisely his cock, was growing on him. A little unscheduled fuck would
go pretty good right now, he decided.
Staci seemed disappointed that someone, probably Darla, had pulled
the covers back up to cover the bed. But when she pulled it down she
brightened. The rumpled bottom sheet still held the impression of two
people fucking on it. Sam was getting the hint.
"This a memory of days gone by?" he asked Staci, "You and the
tight end following the quarterback and his girl at some beer party?"
"More like me and the manager following everybody," Staci said,
"And him not being able to get it up because he was afraid of me."
"Look here," Sam said, unzipping and proudly showing off his
erection to rescue her from a maudlin memory, "It doesn't look afraid
at all."
"But, Sam, it's the middle of the afternoon," she threw his
protest back at him.
It was the perfect lead-in for him to throw her down and 'force'
her, but Sam sensed there was something better hiding behind Staci's
innocent stare. There was something much older he might be able to tap.
"Get on your back and grab your ankles if you want to keep
working here," he threatened her.
She hopped into the bed and did as she was told. Her knees were
spread wide to allow her arms between them and bent so she could reach
her ankles. It gave Sam a broad vista of her crotch and ass.
But he had neglected to make her take off her panties first. There
was a dark stain spreading in the hump covering her pubis. He studied
her panty-clad bottom for a moment before moving.
"Did I post the uniform of the day or not?" he snapped at her as
his hand landed with a crack on her ass.
"I didn't see it. What did it say?" Staci asked after her grunt
from his hand smacking her bottom.
"No un-der-wear," Sam said, smacking her with each syllable.
"Ow, ow, let me take it off then," Staci pleaded as Sam's none too
gentle blows rained down in her buttocks.
"All right," Sam relented, "But I want you to stand up and pull
them down to your ankles without bending your knees."
Staci knew what this vulnerable pose would look like to Sam. She
also suspected his reasons, given the paddling he had begun. She stood
and reached for the waistband of her panties as Sam held her skirt up
in back.
She pushed her underwear to her knees and then bent as Sam had
ordered to push them down to her ankles. Sam didn't disappoint her.
"There," he said over the loud crack of his hand landing on her
ass. "Now don't move."
She expected more spanking, but Sam instead ran his finger up and
down her labia as they winked out beneath the curves of her ass and
between her thighs. Then he pushed his finger into her until his palm
was flat against her ass and wiggled it inside her.
"Feels like you've had bigger things than this in there," he
mocked her.
The finger was doing nothing to scratch Staci's itch. It only made
her want relief all the more. Sam was toying with her.
"Now step out of those panties and get back into position," he
said as he withdrew the finger.
"Should I take off my blouse?" Staci asked.
"Why? What do you have in there that anyone would want to see?"
Sam growled at her, "Just get on your back with your legs in the air."
Sam helped her by pushing her knees up by her ears and made it
easier for her to reach her ankles. He even lowered his pants and
underwear to his knees before he got in place between her upraised
thighs and pushed his cock into her.
Staci was usually fighting the ropes or the cuffs or some other
restraint when Sam took her this way. This touched another part of her
secret desires as she held herself open for him to plunge so deep into
her center. His arms bridged over her thighs as he drove deep into her
and that kept him at a distance that drove home the point she only
existed as a cunt for his use.
"Get used to this," Sam growled, "It's the only reason I might
keep you around."
Sam was a good detective. He might not know why, but he had
sensed that his talk would give her the tingle it did. Staci moaned at
the idea she was only valuable as a receptacle of his lust. She got
a thrill as he took her like some clueless teenager who thought she had
to submit.
But then they forgot the play. Sam could feel the hot, open
reception to the root of his cock where it flattened her cunt lips when
he pushed all the way into her. Staci was transfixed by his cock
piercing so deep into her exposed cunt. All impediments were pulled
out and away and Sam had free rein to smash his groin into her without
any stay.
Staci's cunt was the first point of contact as it protruded out
from her pulled back thighs and Sam let his weight down on her sex as
he drove his cock into her. She was cunt, only cunt to Sam and his use
of her shared that feeling with Staci.
Then he fucked her and Staci yowled as the base of Sam's cock and
his broad belly slapped down on her cunt with stinging force. Her clit
was being whipped into ecstasy in sharp nips of pain as he slapped
loudly against her out-thrust cunt.
"Oh God! Do it! Fuck me like your whore!" Staci cried out when
she couldn't stand to remain silent in the face of the pulsing thump
of him on her exposed and punished pussy.
"You just take it, bitch, You just take it all," Sam groaned back
in his own throes at feeling he possessed her as fully as was possible.
"Drop your ankles!" Sam fairly screeched as he felt the tickle
of cum running along the underside of his cock.
He jammed deep into her and ordered, "Squeeze me with those
thighs! Help me shoot it deep up you!"
The banging of his hips was purely instinctual. He was jammed
tight against her and could go no deeper as his balls jerked and sent
hot jets of his cum shooting out into her.
Staci pulled him tight with her thighs and rode to her own crest
as those vestigial thrusts ground on her sex and lifted her to climax.
From the doorway, they would have seemed to be merely struggling to
little effect, but their small motions belied the explosions that were
going off in each of their heads as their genitals thrashed and twisted
in a hidden maelstrom of action.
Sam was the first to regain his senses and he looked down at the
still stunned Staci with a grin.
"Maybe we ought to see what you've got here," he said as he
reached up one hand to undo her blouse buttons.
"Sam! It's the middle of the afternoon!" Staci scolded as she
snapped back.
She pushed his hands away and re-did the buttons. But then she
had to release him, because she had forgotten she was still holding
him deep within her with her thighs. Sam got up and looked down at
the sight of her well-fucked cunt still exposed beneath her thrown
up skirt and between her stocking legs.
It was going to take a while before he remembered where they were
before they hustled into the back room for this fuck.
Sam decided he could wait for Darla or investigate Lonly Hearts
escort service. They had just been hit, so maybe there was a better
chance the girls were circled up and ready to answer an innocent
question or two.
He didn't know how stupid a decision he was making. The girls were circled up all right, along with management and security. Sam
saw it as an opportunity.
"I'm looking for a girl," he said.
"Ohh, a wise guy," said a particularly beefy man with his hair
pulled back into a ponytail.
"Not like that," Sam tried to explain, "I just want to find her
to give her a message."
Sam chose an older dark-haired woman who he hoped was in charge
and showed her the pictures.
"Her name is, or was, Lucy, Lucy Abernathy," Sam said.
He was hopeful as the woman at least gave the picture a a look,
but when he gave the girl's name her head snapped up to stare at him
with her eyes narrowed.
"Abernathy?" she said and nodded to the big man.
Sam felt like he had wandered into a slaughterhouse with all the
beef that surrounded him.
"You don't look that stupid," she said as she looked Sam up and
down, "Tell me what you know about this Abernathy."
"He's a client, I don't have to talk about my clients," Sam said.
He was in the wrong place to play hardball. The next thing he
knew, his arms were pinned behind him and ponytail was digging his
fist into his solar plexus. A kidney shot later, the goon stepped back.
"Now I have a feeling you'd like to talk," the woman said, "How
do you know Abernathy?"
"He wants me to find his daughter," Sam said, knowing it was
pointless to get beat up for what little he knew.
She snorted.
"So he picks your name out of the phone book and brings you his
sad tale?" she said sarcastically.
"I don't know how he found me. All I know is he comes in with
these pictures and wants me to find his daughter," Sam said.
"And that don't seem strange to you? You do this kind of work a
lot?" she asked with narrowed eyes.
"I don't care. The money's good and if it takes forever there's
that much more of it," Sam said.
"So you're hoping to bleed this guy white?" she asked.
"No. I'm hoping to find the kid, but... you know how things go,"
Sam said.
She smiled at him and said, "Oh yeah, I know how things go. I
like that attitude. But I think you're holding out."
She nodded and ponytail stepped up and hit Sam again. He felt a
rib crack. One more in the gut made him want to empty his already
empty stomach onto the floor. It was hard to appreciate from his end,
but ponytail was good at his job.
"Will someone tell me what I'm supposed to know?" Sam yelled out
as he took his beating.
The woman stopped ponytail and stepped up to look Sam in the face
"Do you know where Abernathy is now?" she asked.
"Some hotel on Demeter Street," Sam said. "He left the number of
the front desk as a contact."
That seemed to jive with what she knew.
"Okay, say I believe you, where are you going next?" she asked.
"Depends on whether you tell me what's going on," Sam croaked.
"Let's just say the girl isn't Abernathy's daughter. And I
suppose it wouldn't make any difference if she was. He doesn't have any
fatherly interest in her," she said. "We're interested because he likes
to find his daughters among our girls."
She hadn't said anything directly, but Sam was beginning to see
the light. He'd joked about the possibilities and now she was telling
him it was no joke.
It didn't change his situation much. He still had to muddle
through and make his own call.
"But you're saying- or not saying- that Lucy isn't one of them,"
Sam asked.
"No." she said, "And I don't know anything about the girl in the
She began to walk from side to side in front of him and Sam
could tell she was thinking about his final disposition. He was hoping
it wouldn't be his final disposal.
She stopped and looked into his face again. Then she scared him.
"Straighten him up," she ordered.
Sam thought she was going to take over the beating and flinched
as she reached for him.
"Whoa there, big fellow," she teased him, "I think you'll like
this better than our interrogation techniques."
She opened Sam's pants and let them drop. She pulled his
underwear to his knees and then reached out to gently fondle his prick.
"If you're being straight with me, consider this an apology," she
said. "If you think you're being smart, think about what you have to
With that, she went to her knees and started to lick his cock.
This was Staci's kink. Sam felt nothing but uncomfortable as the goon
held him for the woman to suck his dick. It was a little too public for
his tastes. True, the girls had wandered off, but ponytail and the
man holding him were there and ponytail had a grin that made Sam wish
he could smack off his face.
When his cock slid into her mouth, it was less of a problem. He
was a man. This was a blow-job. His cock came erect in her mouth and
Sam blocked out the bad to concentrate on the moving wet at his groin.
The old broad was probably dreaming of being a young whore again.
All things considered, it was better that she was an old broad. She had
learned a lot of things as she sucked thousands of cocks. She was using
most of them as she chomped on his choad.
She was taking advantage of Sam's captive arms to actually grind
his cock between her molars, although without closing down painfully.
The paranoia that invoked in Sam became increased lust as the old whore
began to suck eagerly on the top half of his cock.
She made wet popping sounds as she sucked hard on the head of his
cock and pulled back to make his cock pop out of her mouth. Then she
licked him in a frustrating delay before she went to the oil-pumping
up and down on his cock to let him finish explosively in her mouth.
"You didn't cum like a guilty man," she said, wiping away non-
existent jizm and licking her fingers.
She stood up and made a shrug of her shoulders that had the man holding Sam let up a little. Sam's arms were still behind him, but it
was more by mutual consent than by force. Sam figured they were testing
him. He stayed put.
"In fact, you tasted pretty sweet," she winked at him as she
carefully tucked his penis back into his pants, "If you ever want a
date, ask for Darlene. I don't work any more, but I'd make an exception
for you."
She had to be joking. Sam didn't let his distaste show. He was
waiting to see what they did next. He didn't feel like he was out of the
"Now, are we going to have any more trouble from you?" she asked
"From me?" Sam was incredulous, "Hey, I'm sorry I made you beat
me up. Believe me, it wasn't my plan."
Beefcake tightened up on his arms again, but the woman shook her
head and he relaxed.
"I mean, you know how things are," she said, "It's a rough
business and we have to protect ourselves. No hard feelings?"
"Well, if you mean am I going to make trouble, no," Sam said, "But
I'm not happy about all that stuff before the blow job."
"That was to make it up to you," she said, "Wasn't that good
"Sure, that was nice," Sam said, "But I was hoping you'd tell me
what goes on with Abernathy."
"Let him go, Turk," she said and the man stepped back. "I thought
you'd figured that out by now. You look like a smart guy."
"I figure he deals in girls somehow, but it doesn't make sense for
him to hire me," Sam said. "If one of yours left, you'd just find
another, wouldn't you? You wouldn't have me chase her down and drag her
She thought for a minute. It was obvious she didn't like to tell
anybody anything. It was also obvious that she was amused by Sam and
wanted to give him something to go with his blow job.
"Let's just say we're in different ends," she began, "We lease.
Abernathy is in sales."
Sam didn't try to hide his displeasure. He didn't like working for
slime. He particularly didn't like deciding his golden goose was laying
tainted eggs. He didn't like the gig, but the money had been so good.
Staci was madder than Sam at his treatment- even with him leaving
out the blow job. She had several ideas about making trouble for Lonly
Hearts as she taped Sam's rib.
"It was our client, not me, that they were mad at," Sam said.
Staci was even madder at Abernathy when Sam explained. She was
hung up on the ethical problem he presented. Of course they wouldn't
deliver Lucy into his hands, but that wasn't enough. The man should
be in prison- or in a deep hole breathing dirt.
But you couldn't turn on clients. That wasn't good for business.
And Staci was not immune to pull of money rolling in. It was an
uncomfortable position between ethics, greed and morals.
Even Miss Human Behavior was stuck for a good solution to this
one. It was going to take Sam's native cunning to find a way to fix it.
He, as usual, deferred to the parade of events. Something would
come up and give him an idea. It was a problem on the horizon. It
wouldn't be critical until they were closer to finding Lucy.
It was time to give up the footwork and start lighting up the
"Yo, bunny-humper, time to start that tradition of stopping by for
a drink," Sam said when he had Baker on the phone.
"Your secretary didn't get enough?" Baker asked, "She want some
"Come over and find out," Sam teased him, "I want to talk and the
phone isn't a good way to do that."
Baker appreciated his caution. Besides, he was never one to turn
down a free anything.
The next call was to the number Abernathy left. Sam wanted to
check and see that nothing had changed for the 'grieving parent'. There
was a pause, supposedly to ring his room, and Abernathy came on.
"Mr. Abernathy?" Sam began, "I hate to bring this up, but I've
gone through your retainer and I'm going to need more money to explore
a lead I've uncovered."
Sam thought he heard a chuckle on the other end of the phone. That
was a good sign. At worst, Abernathy thought he was shaking him down.
He didn't seem angry, so no word of the fiasco at Lonly Hearts had
reached him.
"I'm not a rich man," Abernathy pretended to protest, but then
went into the desperate parent mode, "but I'll give everything I have to
get my sweet Lucy back. How much will you need?"
"Would you be able to get another $500 to me today?" Sam asked,
"I did warn you that this could be an expensive undertaking."
Abernathy was stifling a laugh. He figured Sam for a cheap
"It will take some time," Abernathy was trying to sound pained,
"Can I drop it off at your office in the afternoon?"
"That would be fine," Sam said, "This is mostly night work, you
know. If I'm not there, you can leave the money with my secretary."
At least he should pay for the service, Sam thought as he hung up
the phone. That made it a little easier to consider his next move.
When Baker showed up for his drink, the $500 was in Sam's pocket.
He had stayed in the back as Abernathy had a sorrowful conversation with
Staci. She was perfect at comforting him in his grief. It was revenge of a sort, however small, for her to deceive him.
Whatever Baker was expecting, an actually social Sam was not it.
He wanted to know how it went with Darla.
"She surprised me," Baker admitted, "She and Louise seemed to hit
it off right away. They went in the back for a while and came out
chatting like old friends."
"See, I've done you a favor again," Sam said.
"And now you want what?" Baker was wary.
"I want to do you another favor, but maybe not for a while," Sam
"Staci wants it again?" Baker was hopeful.
"I didn't ask her. That's for you to find out," Sam said, "I've
got a hunch there might be a bust in this for you- nothing to do with
Madame Louise- but a nasty character I might be able to dump in your
"Sam, I didn't know you cared," Baker was suspicious.
"He's an asshole and they just won't let me arrest people," Sam
said. "He deserves to rot and I thought you might earn some brownie
points if you were the one to bag him."
"And how is this going to go down?" Baker was curious now.
"Don't have that figured, but I'll make it good, trust me," Sam
said. "All you'll have to do is nab him. I'll make sure he's dirty."
"I don't need some suspect bust that falls apart on some loophole.
It's got to be jake," Baker warned.
"He's dirty. I'll make sure you can prove that. I'm thinking I'll
tell you when he's about to make a move and you can catch him
red-handed," Sam said.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Baker asked. "Make sense."
Baker was a literal guy. He was dogged and not flashy. Sometimes
that made him slow, but it also made his cases stick. Sam broke it
down for him.
"The girl I'm hunting isn't a daughter. She's a white slave. And
my client is the agent," Sam told Baker. "I think he should be taken
out of circulation."
"Christ!" Baker spouted, "You'll work for anyone."
"I found out today, give me a break," Sam defended himself from
Baker's disgust. "And you know I don't usually set up clients. I'm
more pissed than you are."
"So how are you going to set him up?" Baker asked.
"I don't have it figured out yet," Sam said, "And it's better if
you don't know. I'll let you catch him dirty. That's all you need to
know. You don't want to have it look like entrapment."
Baker was turning that over in his careful mind when Sam changed
the subject.
"So, how do I get into Madame Louise's?" Sam asked.
"She's involved in this?!" Baker was shocked.
"Different story. I want to meet with Darla and I figure it would
look more normal if I bought an hour of her time," Sam explained.
"You're still trying to find that girl, knowing what he wants her
for?" Baker was amazed again.
"You might thank me later for finding you a witness to testify,"
Sam reminded him. "I want to see if she's still alive and make sure he
doesn't get her. Besides, I'm spending his money."
Armed with the calling card and Baker's blessing, Sam paid a visit
to the upscale whorehouse.
He had done Darla quite the favor. The main room looked more like
a fancy dining room than the usual garish colors of a house. Everything
said money and Sam began to wish he had hit Abernathy up for a grand.
He wasn't sure he could get a blow-job for $500 here.
Then he found out Baker's card was like gold. Madame Louise
herself came to greet him. Any friend of Baker's was a friend of hers,
she said. They went back a long ways, she and Baker did, she said.
When she found out he was Sam Hill, Madame Louise was even more
impressed. It seemed her information was the best there was. She knew
who he was looking for and, more importantly at the moment, what he had
done for Darla.
"You know we all have hearts of gold," she joked with Sam, "I'm
going to add to the myth tonight. You go in there and enjoy yourself
and bring your tab to me."
"I didn't come looking for a freebie," Sam said, "I'm spending
my client's money."
"You may not have heard me," Louise scolded, "You're not spending
anything. I would like to rip off your client as much as anyone, but
Darla told me what you've done for her. Baker filled in the rest. And I
have little birdies around that tell me a certain nasty man might be
getting his because of you. I think you should be rewarded."
"I guess I should have come to you in the first place," Sam
marveled, "Seems like that would have solved the case at the start."
"I have my sources," Louise said, smiling, "But I don't know of
this Lucy, so I wouldn't have been much help. I do know Abernathy,
however, and since my sympathies are not that far removed from the girls that work for me, I would like to see his raiding ended as much as
they do."
Their interview made Sam a little more comfortable in his rumpled
suit among the $1,000 silks in the main room. He would be spared the
embarrassment of his slight means. Even more valuable was the thought he
had an ally in Madame Louise. She could certainly figure into his
scheme to end Abernathy's career.
Then he saw her. Darla went unnoticed as Sam caught a glimpse of
the brunette from Abernathy's tape. He hid his irritation as Darla
pulled on his arm.
"Sam! Am I glad to see you!" Darla said.
The brunette was lost at the other end of the hall and Sam turned
to smile at Darla. He was amused to see her dressed like Staci in a
blouse, blazer and knee-length skirt.
"This is paradise. Actual fucking paradise," Darla said. "It's
better than I could have imagined. Louise even gave me bonus points for
my hard times on the street."
"I just met her. She seems like a nice lady," Sam said.
"She was in the business all her life," Darla gushed, "I was
afraid she'd be like a female pimp, but she's really nice. It's like a
family here. And, you know what? I made a grand on my first night!"
Sam wasn't sure how that ranked. He also was a little
uncomfortable with her unrestrained gratitude. He wasn't here to
attract attention. She was making him look like a super-stud and it was
all he could do not to blush.
"You want to risk that success and go to a room so we can talk in
private?" Sam said.
"We're doing more than talk," Darla grinned. "Now I've got ten
times the reasons to thank you for getting me in here."
Sam didn't see how she chose the room, but there seemed to be
some system, some code that managed which room was available. Darla
closed the door and then stood in front of it like she was forbidding
Sam to bolt.
"Get your clothes off," she ordered, "Staci isn't here to rescue
you this time. I'm going to fuck you into a wet spot on the bed."
"Are you this aggressive with all your clients?" Sam wondered as
he started on his tie.
"Not right off, but you'd be surprised how many of the clients
here like it," Darla explained, "I have to act classy, but they like me
to be a tiger underneath. Louise said that would be my specialty here."
"You know all I want to do is talk," Sam said as he went to work
on his pants. "But I guess it is best that I use up my freebie on
someone that wants to thank me."
"Madame Louise said to bring her your tab?" Darla asked.
"Don't you have some code to announce that?" Sam asked, "Yes, she
knows what I'm working on and she's behind me."
"Then you don't want to waste it on me," Darla said. "I'm a
freebie every time. You ought to pick yourself one of the other girls tonight and get it from me some other time."
Sam really didn't want to say it, but there was the brunette. She
had stuck in his mind since he had watched her lick the twitching cock
in the video Abernathy had left him. But it would be so cold to Darla.
"What is it?" Darla asked.
"Nothing," Sam said and pulled off his underwear.
"Look, I'm a whore. I'm not going to be offended if you like some
other girl. We'd all be out of business if men were satisfied with the
same woman all their lives," Darla explained, "It's stupid to waste
Madame Louise's gift fucking the same woman again. Tell me who caught
your fancy and I'll get her in here. Hell, we'll do you together if
that's what you want."
"What I want is to talk," Sam lied. "But if it makes you feel
better, there's a brunette with a turned-up nose I'd like to talk to
"Shoulder-length hair, looks like Jeanna Fine?" Darla asked, and
added when Sam nodded, "You think she knows something, don't you?"
"She was on the tape before and after Lucy," Sam explained. "It
was an old tape when it was used, so I don't know, but it's the only
lead I've got."
"Well, I think you're right because she got strange when I was
asking around about Lucy," Darla said. "Her name here is Passion. I'll
see if she's busy and get her up here."
Sam had left out the part about the ache in his groin when he
thought about her. The name Passion said it all for Sam.
Sam had plenty of time to look around while he waited for Darla
to return. It was obvious that this was a work room. The drawers held
all sorts of toys and paraphernalia for every kink imaginable. The
closets held women's clothes large enough for Sam.
He was tired of his explorations by the time Darla returned with
the brunette. Passion was sullen as Darla showed her into the room. She
seemed surprised to find Sam naked when she walked in.
"That your interrogation outfit?" she asked sharply.
"This is my birthday suit," Sam announced proudly. "I thought it
was appropriate dress for a whorehouse."
"I was read the riot act by Madame Louise," Passion snapped. "But
we both know what you really want."
"Obviously, one of us doesn't," Sam said. "Yes, I saw you on the
tape Abernathy gave me. No, I don't think that means you hold the one
clue I need. No, my interest isn't all business. Yes, I really want you
to fuck and suck me like every other client. What I got from seeing you
on the tape was a huge hard-on for you."
Sam could tell she wasn't convinced. Not having the aforesaid
hard-on may have strained his credibility. Darla was the one that put
her back in the proper mindset.
"I told you," Darla snapped. "Sam's a good guy. You wouldn't
have to be so snippy if he wanted to ask you a question. And there's
no doubt he has an interest in the ladies. He's a bit of a legend."
"So you really aren't here to ask about that other girl?" she
asked, still suspicious.
"I'm here to watch you lick my cock with my cum all over your
face just like I saw on the tape," Sam said and his cock backed him up
by beginning to rise with the thought. "We can straighten out anything
else some other time."
"You still want me here?" Darla asked.
"Shit yeah," Sam said, "It's a freebie- I want the works."
"Then what do you want?" Passion asked.
"Let's all get naked and go from there," Sam said and sat down on
the bed to watch.
The tape had blinked off as Passion had reached for her blouse
buttons. Sam had been hoping for this moment since the case began. This
time Passion opened her loose dress and emerged without interruption.
With a practiced air, she turned to pull her panties below her buttocks
and then turned again to let him watch her bare her pussy.
Passion belonged in a place like Madame Louise's. She was a pro
at every part of catering to a man's lust. She had Sam thinking only
about how much he was going to enjoy putting his cock in her.
Darla was a nice kid, but Passion was one fine woman. He hardly
noticed his plant as she snuggled up to him while Passion was still
stalking slowly toward Sam. She stopped a pace away and bent from the
waist to put her hands between Sam's legs on either side of his cock
and bring her face next to his.
"Have we decided what we want yet?" she asked.
"I want it all," Sam told her, "But the one thing I'm sure I want
is to cum on your face and watch you lick me clean."
She collapsed to her knees to start and Sam reached under her
chin to turn her face back up at him.
"Not the first one," Sam said, "I don't think I'll be able to
afford you again and I want my money's worth."
"Then what?" she asked, a little cross.
"Let Darla do that. You lie back with your legs in the air and
play with yourself while I get ready for you," Sam said.
If she wasn't going to be impressed with his lust for her, he
would live out the fantasies he had from watching her on the tape. It
wasn't as good, but it was good enough. There was something about her
that Sam wanted and he would play around until he found it.
Darla was glad to replace Passion and Sam had to stop her from
rolling off the bed to take her place on her knees. Passion wasn't
going to need the headboard. Sam directed her to face her legs in the
direction of the top of the bed and used the headboard himself.
He had Darla crawl up between his legs and mouth his cock.
Passion lay back with her knees high and wide and her feet on the bed
to give Sam the front-row view of her act. Sam had no doubt that she
was exciting herself, but he knew she was doing it the way she thought
he would like and not necessarily the way she would for herself alone.
She knew that part of her work as well as the rest. Sam was glad
she stayed mostly on top and around the sides of her cunt. It was a
nice cunt to look at. The inner lips looked delicate and shy, staying
hugged close to her outer lips even when she was fully aroused. And
they did well to hug that pout on her pubic mount because it was
pretty as a peach, a peach so ripe it had split and was showing the
juicy goodness inside.
She looked tight. She looked good. She looked hot. And Darla was
making sure he was ready when he couldn't stand just looking any more.
She wasn't trying to get him off. When she went down on him, she stayed
with her mouth covering his cock and lazily ran her tongue over his
engulfed prick. She would suck back to the head and lash it with stabs
of the same tongue, all to keep him at the peak of desire without
encouraging him to start toward climax.
She knew he wanted to fuck Passion. She wanted it to be a great
fuck. She was going to help out however she could. Sam could
understand that in Darla, though it took an effort to think that way.
It was the same assumption of jealousy he made with Staci, he realized
in a flash.
And in just as quick of a flash, the revelation was lost as
Passion slipped one long-nailed finger inside her cunt. It made Sam's
cock jerk in Darla's mouth with wanting to be that finger. She had
incited him and Sam was more than ready to take it out on her.
"Excuse me, Darla, I see something I want," he said.
Darla lifted her head and questioned him.
"You like her looks don't you?" she asked and then went on
without waiting for the obvious yes, "Then let her come up here and sit
on your cock."
Sam had no complaint with that suggestion. He agreed and Passion
stalked over to him on her hands and knees before moving astride him.
"Darla knows I am a legend," she said as she settled down on his
If she wasn't, she should have been. Her control moving on his
cock was as precise and sexual as all her other acts had been. She was
good at what she did. Sam appreciated that, but having her breasts to
fondle and her face to stare into was as much of a thrill.
Besides, he was a champ at keeping his cool with a woman on top.
He was going to get his money's worth out of this freebie. Passion
wasn't hurrying him in any case. She didn't have another client
waiting. She was giving Sam her best and that was pretty amazing.
Sam was surprised that she was so nimble even with him propped in
the half-sitting position. She didn't have much room to work, but she
was able to use every inch. It was like the lower half of her body was
independent and her cunt moved freely in that independent lower part.
The grip of her cunt wriggled as she moved on him. It seemed to
slap his cock back and forth between her cunt lips with no
corresponding side to side movement of her hips. She looked like she
was rising up and settling straight down, but his cock was caught in
a maelstrom of hot sex inside that simple rise and fall.
Sam was a champ all right. Passion had him grunting and twisting
under her in two minutes. She was not your normal fuck. It was she who
reached back and slapped him rather sharply on the balls to slow him
"You want this to last, don't you," she answered his shocked look.
"I want it to go on and on and on," Sam agreed, "But I don't care
how many times I cum along the way."
"Oooooo! A real stud!" she mocked him.
"I think I will be with you," Sam said.
"Then show me, stud boy," Passion challenged.
Her cunt stopped playing with him. It felt deadly serious as it
clamped down around his cock and she moved in his lap. Her cunt felt as
tight as a fist and she was giving him a brusque hand-job with it. She
was going to make him pop as quickly as she could.
That was too far the other way for Sam. She was trying to make a
chump out of him. He grabbed a handful of butt in each hand and threw
their bodies sideways. He didn't have the leverage to get her to her back,
but it only took a roll to turn side by side into Sam on top.
"Keep your cunt tight like that," Sam growled at her, "It reminds
me of my mother."
Sam didn't know where that came from. It just popped out. He wanted
to regain control and for some reason that sounded like the thing to say.
It did have an effect on Passion. She seemed very agitated as Sam fucked
into the tight grip of her twat.
He was still going to get off in record time, but at least he would
be the one making the motion. He wasn't worried about getting it up again.
There was no way he wouldn't keep his passion for the aptly-named whore.
"Face!" Sam barked mere instants later.
She remembered because she was a pro. Passion lifted up and tilted
her face back. It gave Sam the perfect target when he pulled out and
reached for his hard-on. Darla's hand beat him to it.
She jerked on his cock and made him scramble closer to Passion's
face as she jerked him off. With excellent aim, Darla directed his geysers
of jizm across Passion's upturned face.
Cum streaked her cheeks and one jet glanced along her nose and
buried its dripping goo in an eyebrow. The last gasps spattered her mouth
and barely reached the edge of her jaw.
When Passion pushed herself up to a sitting position, it was these
last offerings that dripped lewdly from her chin. Sam stood up on the bed
and walked to her face. He was sure he wouldn't lose his hard-on as he
looked down at that fantasy face from the video tape.
Her tongue came out and Sam's cock jerked even before it touched
him. It felt as good as Sam had imagined and he didn't have to just
imagine it. Her tongue teased him to near insanity as it stimulated his
over-sensitive cock, but not enough to send him into a fit of ecstatic
jerking like it could.
She pushed him along the edge between very good and too goddamn good
as she licked his prong. He pushed his cock into her mouth and she
continued the same restrained stimulation as she sucked him with just the
right force.
It was every bit as hot in person as it had been imagining it was
his cock on the video tape. And this time he wouldn't have to beat off to
relieve the lust it lit in him. He could go back down and stick it in
this beauty and fuck her until he had another mind-blowing climax.
It didn't take any superhuman virility to stay hard with Passion
sucking his cock. It would have taken a really different kind of guy to
go limp while this perfect doll had his cock stuffed in her cum-drenched
face. And she knew what she was doing.
Passion shifted into a more demanding gear as she sensed that his
sensitivity was fading. She didn't attack him at first, but there was a
change to purposeful sucking as she worked to keep Sam's ardor alive.
Her subtle change and the expert way she understood just when to
make it tickled more than Sam's cock. It aroused the detective in him at
the same time. She wasn't an old woman, perhaps halfway through her
twenties, but she knew her job like a woman twice her age.
He wondered how she had become this marvel. He realized at the same
time that her incredible allure was another product of her precocious
understanding of what men wanted.
That observation flickered in Sam's head for about three seconds
before he was drawn back into his basic desires by Passion's mouth. It
didn't seem important how she got so good any more when his cock was
throbbing and ready for more action.
He was in a high-priced whorehouse getting a freebie, for Christ's
sake. It was no time to look a gift whore in the mouth. It was even
getting a little late to have his cock in the gift whore's mouth.
Sam wanted to dip into that talented pussy again. He'd satisfied the
craving he had carried since first seeing her cum-dripping face on
Abernathy's tape and now he wanted to wrap himself in Passion's sexuality
and get lost in the debauch.
The fly in the ointment was Darla. She squatted on a corner of the
bed with her face glowing as if it was being lit for a close-up. Sam saw
her as he pulled away from Passion and it triggered his sense of guilt.
Darla said she understood, but Sam didn't believe her. Sam didn't
want to believe that she could watch him get laid and not feel left out.
Sam wanted to believe that Darla needed to please him. Then he had an idea
that would keep his fantasy intact.
"I want to watch you girls go at it," Sam said, directing Darla to
lie down on the bed.
Sam felt like the magic man as Passion climbed over Darla. Passion
was taller than Darla, enough so that she had to roll up to bring her
mouth to Darla's crotch while tucking her hips under to let Darla lick her
in return.
It was a perfect pose for Sam. He could see that he would slip into
Passion at a nice upward angle when he joined their little girl-girl show.
Darla would be able to lick his balls while he fucked Passion.
He didn't give them much time to put on the show for him. His
anticipation of all those good feelings brought him up behind Passion only
seconds after they had gotten situated in their '69'. Sam didn't regret
his hurry for an instant as he pushed his cock into the juicy confines of
Passion's cunt.
He could watch them while he fucked Passion. True, all he could see
was Passion's dark hair cascading into the valley formed by Darla's
thighs, but he knew what was happening under the hair and he was fucking
into Passion's heat as a bonus. Passion was even better when Sam could
push up against the perfect curves of her ass as he drove into her.
Her cunt gripped him at the end of every in-stroke like a reflex.
It seemed Passion was a natural sex machine right down to her cunt's
instincts. She was like a perfect dream of partner from her appearance on
the outside to her arcane mastery of pleasing a man on the inside.
Sam didn't try to sort it out too much. He just noticed how she was
the best piece of ass he'd ever had his dick in. He knew that however
much she charged, she was worth it.
And then he felt Darla's tongue lap at his balls. There were just
some things in life that were worth paying extra for, Sam thought as he
enjoyed the twin attentions of the two women. He was even more relaxed
knowing that he wasn't the one paying.
"Let me borrow Darla for a minute," he said totally unnecessarily.
Sam had a moment of doubt as he pulled his cock out of Passion's
cunt. He decided it was a good choice when he aimed his cock down and
pushed it into Darla's mouth. He let her suck it hard while he jabbed
it into her mouth a few times. Then Sam put his cock back into Passion
with a new urge.
Both orifices were exquisite and each one touched a different part
of Sam's lust. And each was far enough off the thrill of the other that
the transfer would let him enjoy both of them for a longer time.
Sam fucked into the snap of Passion's cunt until the call got too
loud and then let Darla suck him to a different brink before he went back
for more pussy. He wanted to stay in this land of wonder for the rest of
But Sam couldn't hold out forever. He came just to the edge of
cumming so many times that his balls hurt. The pure pleasure of existing
at the peak of excitement wasn't so pure anymore. He stuck his cock deep
into Passion and let her squeeze his cock until it flooded her with jizm.
They bracketed him like mis-matched bookends and helped him sink
to the bed. There was no miracle that could help Sam now. He'd used up
all the magic.
"Was that everything you thought it would be?" Passion asked.
"I've had a hard-on ever since I saw you on that tape," Sam said,
"And my fantasies didn't scratch the surface of how good that was."
"So you won't be needing us any more?" she asked.
"Where did you get that idea?" Sam asked right back, "I'm going to
relax and try to think how we can top it."
Darla laughed at his bold claim. She grinned at Passion.
"I told you he's a legend," Darla said happily. "He likes to fuck
and he likes women too. He can't get enough."
Sam hoped that was whore code. He knew what Darla meant but he
wasn't sure it translated into English. He looked at Passion for her
reaction. Her eyebrows were arched and pushed together.
"And you're not here to ask about that tape?" Passion asked again.
"If you came here prepared to break down and confess, let's pretend
I've gone over you hard and you're ready to spill your guts. You keep
bringing it up like you want to say something," Sam said. "If you've
got something to say, say it. Otherwise, let's forget it and fuck."
Passion relaxed, but she didn't look convinced. Or maybe there was
some other reason she remained restive. If she had something to tell
Sam, she didn't come out with it.
Instead, Darla piped up to move them back onto the road of pleasure.
"I got it, Sam, I know how I can really help you get it great from
Passion," Darla said happily, "That is, if that's what you want to do."
"We're a minute or two away," Sam observed. You girls want to get
a drink? Have a smoke? Suck my dick?"
It always seemed like such a social occasion when two women got
together to suck a guy's dick- at least when Sam saw it in porno flicks.
Since one industry seemed to influence the other, two whores sucking a
dick looked likewise social.
They were doing more touching each other than they were touching
Sam. They seemed more interested in kissing each other than kissing
Sam's cock. At that point, the show was probably more effective than
trying to suck his limp dick would be. After all, they were
Sam noted his toenails were getting a bit long and then looked
down at the women with their mouths joined around his cock. Even if it
wasn't doing much good, it was fun to watch them play with his cock.
He'd just as soon watch women suck his dick as anything while he waited.
Sam didn't consider his wait over when his cock rose again. It
was his cock. He knew how much it liked to brag. He knew it would stand
right up, pretending it was ready and then fold by the time he got to
a place to stick it in.
"You girls come up here," he said, spreading his arms, "My other
fantasy is every girl in the world is in love with me and can't get
Passion on his left, Darla on his right, they lay next to Sam and
cuddled close. He wrapped his arms around them and smiled.
Now it was Sam and not just his dick getting excited. They felt
good against him. It was sexy as hell to feel a little fur, the weight
of tits, but it was good old warmth and comfort that was making Sam
Fuck that! It was warm and cozy and all, but he had lusted after
this girl that called herself Passion too long. Maybe the, 'just lying
around home in bed', part accounted for some of it, but it was who he
was lying around with that was making Sam's pulse pound. Sam had not
only located the woman that triggered his lust, he was fucking her and
was about to fuck her again.
"Now let me do this," Darla tugged on Sam's arm as she saw him
move toward Passion.
Darla was a good kid. He'd shot off on Passion and fucked her
already. Sam could understand Darla feeling left out. It would be
pretty good fucking her too.
"No, don't turn this way," Darla squelched Sam's generosity,
"Passion, you know what to do."
"Where you going?" Sam asked as Passion crawled out of his arms.
"Your friend wants to fuck me, so I got to get in position,"
Passion said.
Sam liked the idea of fucking Darla better. He didn't get very far
down that blind alley before Darla was pulling him up. Passion was on her
knees in front of him and Darla was getting Sam to his knees behind her.
"I thought you were going to fuck her," Sam said.
"And I'm using your dick, since I don't have one," Darla snickered.
Sam's cock had been wavering a bit, but finally understanding, or
at least partially understanding, Darla brought his cock back to full
stiffness where it lay on the crack of Passion's ass.
Sam could feel Darla form-fit to his back as she reached around
him to grab his cock. It was a feeling he would become used to. Her
hips pushed a little tighter against Sam's butt as she aimed his cock
at Passion's cunt.
Then she pushed Sam forward to sink his cock into the kneeling
Passion. Darla wrapped her arms around Sam and moved him in and out of
Passion. His arms pinned to his sides, Sam did feel like the world's
largest dildo as Darla fucked Passion with his cock.
Sam also vaguely felt like Darla was fucking him as her hips
pushed against his rear to force him into Passion. That and being used
as a passive tool disturbed Sam little. His cock was moving in and out
of Passion and that more than made up for it.
"I've wanted to put it to you since I got here," Darla said to
Passion, "You're so hot even I want to fuck you."
Sam sympathized with Darla. He had been mesmerized by a glimpse
of Passion on tape. At the same time, he was glad he was feeling her
cunt on his cock and her small, but immensely exciting movements as Darla
fucked Passion with his dick.
"You've got to do better than that, bitch!" Passion taunted Darla.
"I'll do the best I can with the equipment available," Darla took
a swipe at Sam.
She did try to ram Sam's cock into Passion harder and Sam stopped
being so passive and helped her. Passion was the fuck of his dreams, and
that made Sam want to break her down and make her want him as much as
he wanted her. He found it hard to wait for Darla to bump him so he
could drive hard against Passion's upraised rear.
Then he realized Darla knew what she was doing. After lulling
Passion with the stout measured thrusts, she humped Sam into her with
a flurry of thrusts. That was the way Sam wanted to fuck Passion. It
was also the motion that made him appreciate being the man in the
man sandwich.
Not only did his dick feel marvelous in Passion and her ass feel
wonderful as he pushed against it, the charm of Darla's body pressing
on him from the rear became a special treat as they worked in close
quarters. Darla had told him he'd like it. Now he agreed.
"I think you're going to make him cum!" Passion reacted to the
throb of Sam's cock inside her.
"Then take it, bitch!" Darla snarled back, "Get yourself a nice
sticky load up your overpriced cunt!"
Except any cunt that you could just grind around inside and cum couldn't be overpriced, Sam objected internally. Externally, he was
letting Darla wriggle his hips against Passion and feeling his cock
crouch for the firing of his load into the tight cunt surrounding it.
"Damn!" Sam wheezed as Darla let him fall back to the bed. "That's
it. That's all. Even legends can only do so much."
"Oh no," Darla argued, "You're not done yet."
Sam thought he was going to have to convince her when Darla bent
down over his crotch and licked his cock. She saved him the trouble
with her explanation.
"You're not done until I clean you spit polish clean," Darla said.
Like Jell-O, there was always room for a little dick licking.
Passion had a puzzled look on her face when Sam got up and started
pulling on his clothes. He immediately mis-interpreted it.
"I'd love to tip you, but I can't afford what you're worth," Sam
alibied. "You make in a week what I make in a year. I just hope Madame
Louise takes care of you."
Passion looked at him like he was a pathetic child.
"Madame Louise hates Abernathy. If you're trying to bring him
down, she'll be more than generous to us for being nice to you,"
Passion said. "I was just waiting for you to drop a few innocent
questions my way."
Sam felt like an ass for assuming her look was mercenary, but
then Passion herself had strayed into an area of stupidity.
"I know you're holding out on me," Sam accused, "You're as
nervous as a dog at flea circus and this is the third time you're tried
to tell me you don't know nothing. You do know something, but I don't
want to beat it out of you and I'm beginning to think that is what it
would take."
Sam zipped up his pants and reached for his shirt.
"If you've got something, give," he went on, "It's obviously
eating you up. If you want to clam up then for chissakes, clam up."
Nice hadn't cracked her. Now confrontational only set her heels.
She didn't have to put up with tough talk from a penny ante detective
like him. She just glared at him.
It was better that she didn't like him. She was dangerous to
Sam's well-being. She had the kind of attraction for Sam that made him
fall crazy in love. That always led to disaster.
"Whatever she knows isn't about the girl," Darla told him as she
led him back down the stairs. "I'm pretty sure about that. Even
Madame Louise asked her and Madame Louise is hard to lie to."
Like the devil, Madame Louise seemed to be conjured by the
mention of her name. She was waiting for them at the bottom of the
"I thought you had slipped out before I started watching for you,"
Madame Louise said. "Now I see I estimated you in the wrong direction."
"He had to take care of me and Passion and he has a legend to
protect," Darla rushed to his defense.
"Hmmm..." Madame Louise looked Sam over again. "I see that you
cut right to the chase."
Sam's radar worked fine on Madame Louise. He knew she wasn't
considering his legend.
"Passion was on the tape. It looked like old video of her that
was taped over several time before this Lucy was put in front of the
camera," Sam revealed. "But it seems Darla already knew about her."
"As did I," Madame Louise nodded at his implication. "Let's
go somewhere more private and discuss this."
It was her house. She would know private best. And private didn't
include Darla. Madame Louise didn't shoo her away overtly. There was
only a look that passed between them.
"Sam, I've got to earn my keep," Darla made the lame excuse to
leave them.
Old whores seemed to like Sam best. He was reminded of the tough
bird at Lonly Hearts when Madame Louise settled in a trifle close to
him in her office.
She seemed amused by the reaction and moved even closer. But her
mind was on business- Sam's business.
"You piqued my interest with something you said before," she
began, "Something about my ways of gathering information. I have to
admit that I had never thought of asking about this girl. I was more
interested in what you were really after."
Sam wanted to reassure her, but Madame Louise was not yielding
the floor.
"I know the story now," she held up her hand to silence him, "But
think how it looked to me. A cop wants to give me a whore. This whore
says some detective wanted to help her get off the streets. That story doesn't just stink- it reeks. I had to find out the real story."
"And that stinks even worse," Sam finally interrupted. "I wasn't
happy when I found out who I was working for."
"I know your story now," Madame Louise said again, more firmly.
"While you amused yourself, I did turn that network loose on this
Lucy girl."
Sam sat up. She must have found the girl.
"Relax," Madame Louise held up her hand again, "I don't have the
magic pill. But I'm reasonably sure that means she left town."
That fizzled plan "A". Sam leaned back and slumped in his seat.
"I guess we should be glad she got away," Sam shrugged.
"Just so the other fish doesn't slip through the net as well,"
she said. "I think I know a way to flush him out into the open."
Her plan would have been neat if Sam had wanted to gut-shoot
Abernathy and leave him bleeding in the street. There was a girl that
might fool him at a distance. They might be able to bring Abernathy
out in the open, but that was a far cry from delivering him to Baker
Sam pointed out the problem with her plan.
"Then flush him out and I'll shoot him," she snarled.
Sam had no doubt she could. She'd shoot him, spit in his eyes as
he died and then sleep like an innocent. You didn't run a house in this
town without some steel in your backbone.
That wasn't Sam's way. He did take the girl's number in case he
thought of a better idea.
Staci only confirmed his doubts. She didn't think Abernathy was
interested in next best. If he was, he wouldn't spend the time or money
trying to track this one down. He would have snatched another one to
fill the order.
If the problem was what she knew, then the decoy would be in
danger of losing her life. If- again the same if- if he didn't see
she was a fake before he got close enough to be busted.
Catching him dirty was looming as a large project. Worse, Sam was
sexually drained and unable to use his best tactic- a miracle idea
that came to him as he cruised for poontang. He would have to think his
way out of this one. He wasn't sure he was properly equipped.
Madame Louise pointed out that his self-recrimination was
worthless. Abernathy wasn't going to commit a crime without that girl.
Sooner or later he would give up and they would lose track of him. The
next girl would go down his pipeline unnoticed.
She offered girls to set Abernathy up. They'd swear he had
abducted them. Sam's objection had nothing to do with right and wrong.
He wasn't willing to trust Abernathy's conviction to a jury believing
a whore. It was chancy at best.
Chancy turned out to be the best they could do.
"What's in it for me?" the slim blonde ringer asked Sam.
"Safer streets and the adulation of your peers," he quipped. "What
do you want?"
"Five hundred bucks," she said bluntly.
"You want a month's pay to play bondage games with an old bald
guy?" Sam was incredulous.
"Five hundred bucks," she wasn't negotiating.
She held up her hand as Sam drew a breath to try some other barter
to lower her price.
"You said he's dangerous," she reminded Sam. "Danger costs money.
Five hundred bucks. I already let you take pictures of me for free."
She must have smelled the envelope in Sam's pocket. She had
established the price. Sam wished they had not pulled the plan into
place before gathering her into the fold.
It felt like he was giving away a body part as he dragged the
envelope Abernathy had given him out of his pocket. He had $2,000 worth
of plans for that $500.
"Five hundred bucks," Sam said dejectedly as he handed over his
dreams. "We've got a townhouse for you uptown. I'm telling Abernathy
a small-time punk runs two or three girls out of the building. Madame
Louise will fill you in on the rest."
She disappeared with the money. Sam could see she was curious how
Madame Louise figured into it, but she had priorities.
She came back from her hiding place in the freezer or behind the
toilet tank or behind the loose molding and made sure he hadn't
been following her. Sam figured it would take him five minutes to find
her stash if he wasn't so honest.
"Okay," she said. "Let's go."

Dorothy, the ringer's name, didn't play games with Madame Louise.
She listened and nodded as she was led off to prepare for her part.
Sam had to work into his own character waiting for Abernathy.
He had a bigger part to play.
"One of the whor- street girls- was pissed off at her for
something," Sam said. "She pointed out her window. That's where I got
these shots."
Sam was acting like a big-shot. After all, he had cracked the
impossible case for this guy. He wasn't the only one acting.
"I don't know how you can wade through this filth," Abernathy
had turned on his best moral outrage. "I have to go straight into the
shower every day I come off these streets. If feel like it clings to
That was a bit thick. Sam stopped himself from laughing in
Abernathy's face with the sobering conviction that Abernathy would slit
his throat in the bathroom if he felt the real stain from his own evil.
He looked at the pictures. There was only one of her facing front
and Sam had posed her far from the window so her features were faint.
He looked up and nodded.
"That's my Lucy," he confirmed. "Please tell me where she is."
Sam tried not to let out a sigh of relief. It was the first hurdle.
They had fooled Abernathy once.
"I'll take you there," Sam suggested, "Back you up for moral
Now it was Abernathy's turn to squirm. He wouldn't want witnesses
whatever he thought of Sam's ethical standing. For him a greedy
blackmailer was worse than an honest citizen.
"Oh no, I'm afraid that might scare her off," he said and then
got all sobby, "I couldn't stand to get this close to lose her again. I
can't take the chance that I'd never find her."
Sam debated one more stab and then had a better idea.
"If I'm out of it, then I guess we better settle up accounts," he
tried to sound greedy.
Abernathy would trust greedy.
"How much do you want?" he despaired, "You've already asked for so
"Look, I worked nine days on this and you've given me $600 total,"
Sam said. "Even clear of expenses, you owe me $300."
Then, to enhance his aura, Sam started adding things up.
"Now I did keep $300 of the $500 you gave me, so we'll call that
$400 toward your total," Sam counted on his fingers, "That leaves $500
and another $50 I gave to an informant."
Sam could see Abernathy's eyes dance. He was enjoying Sam's
shake-down. The trouble was Sam was being honest.
"I suppose you can't get receipts from informants," Abernathy
said suspiciously.
Sam grinned. He had been waiting for this. He opened his drawer and
pulled out the foulest smelling condom that had ever stunk up his desk.
"She left me with this," Sam said.
Abernathy recoiled in genuine disgust. The thing was seven days
old and foul.
"Okay, put it away, I will give you your money," Abernathy cringed.
Sam enjoyed the strange irony that Abernathy trust increased the
more untrustworthy he proved. Sam enjoyed that Abernathy paid in cash
even more. He gave the slaver the address of the townhouse.
There was no one to blame for the way it unraveled. The whole
premise was based on a faint hope. The blonde did not look so alike
when Abernathy and his man stood over her.
Abernathy quickly instructed his man to put away the ropes and
canvas bag. He could smell the odor of a trap coming up from the woman
he had knocked to the floor when she had opened the door. He knew too
well the woman he had entangled with drugs and then enslaved with
separation, repitition and trauma. This was not that creature.
It was some ruse. He did not have to decipher it to know it
meant trouble. They had to walk away clean- blameless. There must be
no evidence to use against him.
For that, there was no blame in Baker's failure at his car.
Then credit is due Madame Louise, who proved to be the most
cunning of the lot. It came about as she had anticipated when Baker
at last spotted the parcel in the back of the car, on the floor.
Abernathy was still confident in his escape even then.
"You cannot find one person who saw me put that thing back there,
because I have had nothing to do with it," Abernathy blustered.
"You better stop throwing your arms around, or I'll charge you
with resisting arrest," Baker tried to bully him.
"That will just mean more money when I expose this charade and sue
for false arrest," Abernathy blustered more.
Baker was foolishly confident and persisted in putting both men and handcuffs. Sam watched from the third floor across the street. He
knew it had all fallen through. There was no evidence to hold Abernathy.
It wasn't even a particularly good effort, but it was good hearted.
Passion then must be the hero. The package moved and threw off the
canvas covering her upper half.
"They will find your Lucy soon enough and then she will add her
story, but for the moment I am sure I can tell them enough to hold you,"
Passion interjected defiantly.
Abernathy drained to white.
"Susan! What are you doing to me?" he gasped.
"Atoning for not having the courage to stab you through the heart
while you slept, daddy," Susan Abernathy confronted her father.
"So she just sat around and watched you try and save this other
girl and wouldn't help? Then she pops up and does a big confession thing
in the middle of the street?" Staci asked.
"I think she wanted to tell me a couple times, but she must have
been pretty scared of him to be hiding out in a whore house," Sam said.
"I think it took seeing him in handcuffs to give her the courage to
speak up."
"And Madame Louise knew about this?" Staci asked.
"I think she was confident that Passion had a story to tell," Sam
said, "Besides, like every other failed part of the plan, what could it
hurt to try?"
"Well, I think it's obvious that she would hide in a whore house,"
Staci said.
"Why? It's too close to daddy's business. She had to be terrified
of him finding her," Sam argued.
"You dolt. Look at her on that tape. How old is she? Daddy was
training her to be one of his girls," Staci snorted. "It was what she
knew and she probably excelled at it. As for being caught, I don't think
she escaped the first time. I think he let her go."
She had excelled at what she did, Sam found himself musing. Then
Staci had another concern.
"I was wondering where you're going to hide now, if you didn't
hear me the first time," Staci said sharply to rouse him.
"Why do I need to hide?" Sam asked.
"I thought you'd feel shamed for breaking the P.I. code. How are
you going to look at yourself after betraying a client's
confidentiality?" Staci asked.
She was only half in jest. She was serious about the detective
business down to her dreams.
"Well, now, I did think about that," Sam smiled. "I figure
Abernathy terminated that relationship when he refused my company to go
check out my lead. I got paid off. The rest is his problem."
"Did you get paid enough to make up for your expensive pigeon?"
Staci asked, referring to Dorothy's $500.
"There was a lot of money flying around there for a while, wasn't
there," Sam smiled.
"It seemed to all be flying away from you," Staci observed.
"Everybody did get a hunk, didn't they?" Sam said.
"How about you? What did you get from Abernathy?" Staci asked.
"How about the best high-class whore tutor in the world?" Sam
smiled, "I think she deserves a bonus."
He had Abernathy's envelope in his hand and riffled the bills for
Staci to see. He picked the $50 out of the $100s and held it up.
"This is for you, doll," he said.
He had an evil grin when he held it out and then dropped it
behind her. Staci understood the plot.
"I know what you're thinking, Sam Hill," Staci accused him. "You
want to get me bent over so you can attack my behind."
"Is that nice?" Sam kept grinning. "I want to thank you with a
little extra pay and you think I've got ulterior motives."
"I know you Sam," Staci said. "You want me to bend over and then
you're going to fuck me in the ass."
"That's a terrible thing to say," Sam alibied. "How can you accuse
me of something like that?"
"Because you always fuck me in the ass when you've solved a case,"
Staci reminded him. "And if you do- you're a fucker."
She fixed him with a fierce stare before she turned around. She
feinted once and then bent over to pick up the bill.
Her dress was up. Sam was there.
"You FUCKER!" Staci screeched.

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