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Jake No More

By Alecia D <> for story comments

(c) copyright 2002, Alecia D

Jake Robinson didn't care. He just didn't care at all.

He figured a cruise ship would look a lot classier than this barge, but
fuck it. He didn't give a shit if it was the SS Imperious or the Titanic
returned from her watery grave. He'd go through the motions and after the
trip was over tell Stacey they were through. Sure, he said they could work
out their problems on this vacation, but in fact, his only real problem was
Stacey and he already knew what he had to do about her. Divorce was a
simple expedient and the sooner the better.

They were only two days into the cruise, but already it seemed like a
death march. Five more days to go and then it was over. Five more uphappy
days and then a new life could finally begin.

Jake was a success and he knew he had a lot better things left to do
with his life than waste it on a woman like Stacey. He was on top now and
planned on going a lot higher. He was a partner in his law firm and one of
the most respected attorneys in town. It was time he started taking care
of number one. Hell yes. He was going to have it all and he wanted most
of it right now. He wanted things like that hot little blonde babe in the
blue string bikini, who was walking across the deck toward him. Now there
was a piece of ass. He'd certainly be getting his share of that kind of
fluff as soon as Stacey was nothing more than a memory.

The memory was lying by the pool next to Jake. It was obvious she was
unhappy and didn't know what to do. Jake said no more than 100 words to
her since they left Ottawa. Most of those words were critical of one thing
or another. They were supposed to work on their relationship during the
cruise, but the vacation seemed no different than the way things were back
home. She hadn't thought it would really be different just because they
were on vacation. Not at all. They'd been married for ten years and the
last seven were nothing more than a downhill slide to oblivion. She knew
that if something was going to change, she had to be the one to make it
happen. She would have to solve this herself without any help from her ego
driven husband. Stacey knew she had to do it and she thought she had the

Stacey watched the young blonde girl, too. She watched her with a
special appreciation. She saw Kelly coming toward her and now it would
only be a matter of time before everything fell into place.


The Imperious was not the type of ship a typical travel agent might
suggest when one thought of a cruise. Passage on this vessel is usually
arranged via word of mouth. One friend telling another with final
arrangements made discreetly by letter or phone. Far more staff than
passengers, of course. Expensive? Certainly, and yet well worth it for
those who have special needs.

The Robinsons started the trip on a low point and things got worse from
there. They found their luggage already in their stateroom when they
arrived. A room which was small, even by cruise ship standards, but
neither one seemed to care all that much. Certainly not Jake who only
wanted the week to quickly pass so his unhappy marriage could all be behind
him. Certainly not Stacey who had her mind on the other things she knew
were going to happen while they cruised the Caribbean.

Stacey set about putting their clothes and personal items away as Jake
paced the room like a caged tiger. She wished him to leave her alone for
now and go elsewhere. She was in luck.

"I'm going to get a drink. I'll be back later." And so their vacation

A drink. He would be back later drunk and hostile. He would be in a
bad mood. It would be her fault and he'd take it out on her again. No,
nothing is different.

He repeated this pattern several times during their first two days on
board the ship. Just like the many other times during the last months and
years. It was time for a change and Stacey was willing to do anything to
make that change happen.


Stacey met Kelly's eyes briefly as she passed her and walked round the
pool. They shared a secret. A secret so terrible and so wonderful that
Stacey could hardly bring herself to think on it. And, yet she had a hard
time thinking of anything else.

Stacey made her decision and was ready to act.

She told Jake she was going back to the cabin, and he said that he'd
head back with her, get changed, and go to the bar. A few minutes after he
left, Stacey heard a knock at the door. She hoped it was Kelly because she
needed to talk with someone who would want to hear what she had to say.
She needed to talk with another woman and she needed to do it now. She was

"Open up, Stacey, it's me, Kelly."

Kelly had waited until she saw Jake leave before knocking on the door.
She shouldn't really be here, but they had a few last minute details to
take care if the plan was going to be a success.

"You need to make your decision now, Stacey. We don't have a lot of
time left. What do you want to do?"

Stacey raised her shoulders with a sigh of determination. "I'm ready to
start now. In fact I'm more than ready, Kelly, and can't wait to change my
life forever."

"Okay, ask Jake to take you to the bar after dinner and slip this pill
into his drink as soon as you get a chance."

The pill was quite small and innocent looking. Stacey already knew that
Jake would get drowsy at first and then need to sleep. He'd just think he
was drunk and want to go back to their stateroom to lie down. And wouldn't
he be surprised when he did.


It went as planned.

Jake took her to the ship's main lounge as soon as she said she wanted a
drink. She ordered a glass of white wine and Jake kept on drinking
straight scotch doubles. He was already slurring his words, but
fortunately, he was not being as abusive as usual. Well, thanks for small

"I feel like crap. I'm going back to the cabin to take a nap. Are you
coming?" He didn't wait for her answer. Jake staggered off to the
stateroom oblivious to the fact that Stacey was not going with him.

"Hi, Stacey. Nice job getting rid of Jake. I thought you'd never be
able to get him to drink that pill and I missed you." Kelly sat down and
placed a hand on Stacey's thigh.

"You better watch it, Kelly, people are going to notice us." Kelly
didn't seem to care if anyone noticed or not. She examined the contours of
Stacey's well-formed leg as she pushed her skirt up even further. She put
her other arm around Stacey's shoulder and somehow the young girl's breast pressed lightly against her older friend.

"Don't sweat it, Stacey. Clients can do just about anything they want
on this cruise and discretion is assured."

This is what the agent explained to Stacey when she paid for the trip.
The person who makes the payment is the client. The client determines what
special amenities might be required and what will occur on the journey.
The client might bring another person or even two or more along on the
trip. The contract was quite flexible and it was just a matter of money.
Stacey had been over this part with Kelly several times and it was clear
what would happen when she said it was time to move forward.

She wanted to move forward now. She wanted it all and knew Kelly was
the key. The key to everything she needed.

The pill would knock Jake out for at least 12 hours and so the two women
were on their own for now and they decided to make the best of it. A few
more glasses of wine in the lounge relaxed Stacey and she soon was able to
get into a romantic mood. Her inhibitions were gone after a few tender
kisses from Kelly and gone even farther when she returned them with more
heat and passion. There were other same sex couples on the dance floor and
no one thought it odd to see the two women dance together in what appeared
to be an embrace of passionate rubbing and movement. The late night buffet
was just what they needed before going back to the well-appointed suite
assigned to Kelly. Their lovemaking was wonderful but tempered by the
knowledge of what would happen when they finally woke up in the morning.


There is something about a body wrapped in leather that can't be

Conrad was pleased with his handiwork. The head was completely enclosed
in a leather wrapper designed to allow the person to breathe, but not see,
hear or talk. The body was upright and tightly held in a spread- eagled
position by leather straps attached to metal fittings on the two vertical
sides of the frame which outlined the form in a window box effect. Tight
leather straps constricted circulation to different parts of the body.
Leather and metal both hid and showcased the body which hung there,
unmoving. The ass, nipples and genitals were completely exposed of course.
Yes, it was quite easy to tell that the victim was a man. A man who might
not be lucky enough to stay a real man for very much longer. Of course
that was up to the client. Conrad was only here to assist and he was ready
to do whatever was required to please the client.

Stacey recognized Jake as soon as she saw his cock hanging down between
his legs. She wondered if he would be such an arrogant bastard once he
woke up and found himself in this position. Very unlikely, indeed.

"Would the mistresses care to do anything to your sub before I wake

Stacey liked the sound of that and couldn't wait to start. She motioned
to Conrad to go ahead and wake him and watched as he used a hypodermic
filled with a yellow solution to revive Jake. The antidote took only a few
seconds to work and soon the women heard muffled sounds coming from
someplace inside the leather mask. They watched as Jake struggled to free
himself from his bindings to no avail. With the exception of his head, his
other extremities were stretched so tightly it was impossible to move them
in any way. Conrad soon attached the leather headpiece to a pulley at the
top of the frame and tightened it until it wasn't possible for Jake to even
move his head. The restraints left him physically helpless, The drugs did
the same thing to his mind.

Kelly was far more familiar with this sort of thing and so Stacey had no
problem letting her take the lead for now. "We have to stop all the
whining first, Stacey, but it's quite easy to do as you'll soon see."

Kelly selected a long thin leather rod from the collection in the rack
next to Jake's trussed up body. Each time she heard a sound, she fiercely
slapped his cock and balls with the leather shaft. It took a number of
strokes before Jake put it together and stopped making his outcry. The
women stopped to admire the red welts that formed on Jake's cock and
surrounding areas. It was amazing what just a few well-executed blows
could do to put someone in his place.

Conrad handed Kelly a large sponge. She took it carefully and proceeded
to rub the swelling red lines that striped the most personal parts of
Jake's body. Jake reacted as if it had been hit by a lightning bolt as the
liquid dripping from the sponge made contact with the open wounds around
the his genitals. The two women could hear a long muffled scream coming
from behind his mask as Kelly continued on with her ministrations.

"Alcohol, darling. It does wonders to open wounds and injuries. It
adds just that much more to the pain. I wish we could know what he was
thinking now. I always wonder what the poor buggers are thinking when they
realized that they are under my complete control."

Stacey thought she would have some regrets when it started and might
even want to stop the pain and suffering. She'd never done anything like
this except in her fantasies and it seemed to go against everything she was
taught in her middle class home as a young girl, but she had no regrets,
none at all. In fact she wanted to get on with it. She wanted him to
suffer for every bit of pain and indignation he had heaped on her over the
last ten years.

Kelly took Stacey's arm and guided her behind Jake's spread-eagled form
where each woman picked up a three foot long cane. The canes were very
flexible for such a thickness and obviously crafted by someone who knew how
to make a fine instrument of torture.

"Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! "

Kelly didn't hold back as she applied the cane to the easily available
tender flesh of Jake's ass. She looked expectantly at Stacey and soon both
women were alternating blows on that unprotected private area.

"Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! "

Somehow each blow caused a weight of abuse and mistreatment to float
from Stacey's mind to the defiled body that was now at her mercy. It was
her turn to give him intense physical pain and suffering for all the mental
horrors he forced upon her during their marriage.

"Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! "

After each woman assaulted Jake with 20 to 30 well placed blows, Kelly
called a halt and found two more tools in the rack. She handed one to
Stacey and took a few practice swipes with the one she kept for herself.
This time they were only 18 inches long and made out of rubber. Kelly
smiled when she realized that Stacey wanted to really hurt Jake. The
devious rubber truncheons were just the tool for this job.

"Ha ha! Don't worry Stacey. He'll feel these, but in just another
way." While Kelly was talking Conrad pressed some buttons on the console
next to the frame and it started to slowly move. Stacey watched as Jake's
body was lifted off the ground and turned to a horizontal position. Even
though there was no support behind his back, his body was straight as any
piece of lumber. When the body was in place, Kelly stepped forward and
applied a mighty blow to the leather mask covering the face. She hit an
arm next and then the chest. She struck out randomly at first, but then
approached her task in an organized manner and started delivering blows to
Jake in a consistent way that didn't miss a single place.

"Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!"

When Stacey saw what was going on, she moved to Jake's other side and
applied her own litany of pain to the helpless man's unprotected corpus.

"Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!"

Soon the two women were exhausted by their efforts. When they stopped
to rest Kelly explained that rubber hoses were quite painful, but didn't
leave the same markings as wood or hard leather. Jake had to be softened
up if they wanted to accomplish their mission. Conrad would take care of
that work using rubber and drugs. He would leave the making of the serious
welts and wounds for later when the two mistresses were ready to train the
slave themselves.

The two women left arm in arm as Kelly explained that it would take at
least two and perhaps three days before Conrad broke Jake. There would be
a lot of physical pain, to be sure. Conrad would also use military drugs
designed to reduce a person to a spineless nothing and when they returned,
Jake would be a cowering slave.

They talked about the fun they would have when Jake was ready for the
next step in his training. Stacey could hardly believe how easily she was
able to step into her role as Jake's top. Maybe this was really her and it
just required this opportunity to uncover her true nature. She saw herself
in a new light and she liked what she saw.


They became such good friends.

The next two days just flew. In the end they were as close as if they
had known and loved each other since childhood. Stacey had never found
such love and tenderness in bed and realized she could get used to it very
easily. Kelly seemed able to play her body like a delicate instrument and
play a tune only Stacey and a few spirits could hear.


They were dressed like twin angels of no mercy.

Stacey tried the uniform on the night before just to make sure she could
manage it properly. Four inch patent leather heels were not as much of a
challenge for her as they might be for another woman. Stacey wore high
heels for as long as she could remember, trying to be as tall as Jake. The
black seamed nylons seemed right for the outfit. And the rest was made up
of clever leather undergarments. A garter belt that held stockings securely in place. A leather G-string that hinted at the secrets buried
under the leather finery. A leather push up bra that presented the tits like graceful treasure troves. Delicate bands of leather and metal adorned
the wrists and neck accentuating the feminine lines so well. A small cat of nine tails set it all off. A tool that was not just for decoration as
Jake would soon find out.

Conrad continued treatment for the two days the women vacationed. He
could apply a great deal more strength with the rubber truncheon and he
knew just how much of the drug a human could stand before death stepped in
to end it all. Jake remained alive in the horizontal trap unable to move.

"Take him down now, Conrad, and let's see what we've got."

The body was lowered to the floor and all restraints removed. The
zipper that went from the back of the leather mask to the front was opened
and the garment was quickly removed. Jake's face was a picture of crazed
fear and horror. A small scream came from his mouth at first and then grew
to some loud combination of shock and lunacy. Both women looked on in
disgust as the grown man cowered on the floor unable to move as the muscles
that had been imprisoned for days failed to cooperate with his mind's
command to run away.

"This looks right, Stacey." Kelly walked forward and attached a long
leash to the collar around Jake's unresisting neck. He moved back when she
approached, but not very far as his body continued to let him down.

"Jake, my name is Kelly and I'm here with your lovely wife. You have a
choice, a very simple choice."

It was difficult for Jake to understand what Kelly said. The
combination of the drugs and the intense pain overwhelmed his mind and
body. He could not understand what was happening to him. He was no longer
in charge and he was very afraid. He knew his wife was standing right in
front of him in some sort of uniform, but he didn't know why. He thought
he only went on vacation and now didn't know where he was. He didn't know
much but he knew he was afraid, very afraid.


The endless barrage of pain made it easy for the psyche altering drugs
to take control of Jake's mind. All his hidden fears were magnified to the
proportion of giants and his ego reduced to nothing more than a faint
memory of some far and distant person.

Conrad attached the hobble to both of Jake's knees. He spread the
slave's legs apart and tied a sturdy bar to the knee hobbles. There was
just enough play in the ropes to allow a slow forward motion, but it was
not possible to stand or stretch out either leg with the devices securely
in place. He would learn to crawl again.

"Why are you doing this to me?" It was more the whimper of a young child
and not the voice of a full grown man.

Kelly brought her cat of nine tails down on the unprotected creature and
Stacey quickly joined in slashing her whip down again and again. He would
learn who was in charge and he would learn that he did not speak unless
someone asked him a question. It would take a bit of time, but he would

Conrad pulled a halter over Jake's head and jammed a metal bit into his
mouth. The halter had a set of reins attached to the metal bit making it
quite easy to control the victim of this mechanism. Decorative leather
straps with silver and gold studs were attached to various parts of his
body. Nothing was covered, of course, and certainly nothing was protected
from the two mistresses who were now ready to accept their due.

"The drugs have beaten down his will, but it will still take a strong
measure with a whip to make sure he learns to do just what you say. I
think this carriage whip might be a better choice for you now, Stacey."

Kelly handed Stacey a sturdy three foot rod with a thin leather coil
attached at one end and a well formed hand grip on the other. Stacey
hefted the measure of her new toy and took a practice swing to get a better
for how the new whip might work.


"Ah, what a wonder. This is going to be fun, Kelly. You've made a
wonderful choice, sweetheart." As Stacey positioned herself at the front of
the slave, she happened to step on his hand with her spiked heel. He
screamed out and almost knocked Stacey over as he tried to get away. As
soon as Kelly realized what Jake had done, she struck him with her own whip
with a vengeance reserved for slaves who try to stop their dominants from
controlling their every action.

"Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! "

"Listen, you son of a bitch, never again put a hand on your mistress.
If you do, you may just lose it next time, you lowly piece of shit." Kelly
applied the whip again and again until it seemed that every part of his
back was crossed with an angry red stripe that told of all the pain and
suffering the slave received for this serious indiscretion.

"Conrad, hobble the front here. That's a good man."

Conrad put another bar arrangement on the floor and tied Jake's wrists
to the short ropes attached to each end of the hobble. He could now
clumsily move one of his hands or legs only six inches forward or backward
before he had to move the other one. He was only able to move slowly now
and it would take some time before he learned how to move properly in his
hobbled condition, but of course he would learn. He would learn that and
much more.

Kelly removed a strap-on dildo from the tool rack and handed it to
Stacey. "Here put this on and do to him what he's been doing to you for

The dildo was twelve inches long and thicker than any cock Stacey had
ever seen. When she finished attaching it to her waist and legs, it thrust
out as if it had always been part of her body. It stuck out in parody of a
real cock, but unlike a hard-on a man might have, this one never went limp
and was always ready to fulfill its purpose.

The hobble prevented Jake from moving away or closing his well spread
legs. Stacey made sure he saw the strap-on bob up and down as she slowly
walked in front of him. When she moved to his rear, she could see his
manhood hanging from between his legs and his waiting asshole easily
available for any purpose she had in mind.

She grabbed the reins and pulled his head back. When she did this, she
jammed the strap-on into his asshole and put the whole weight of her body
into the thrust. The bit prevented Jake from screaming as loudly as he
wanted to scream, but it was clear that he felt the big intruder violate
his asshole. Yes, he felt it all right.

"Well done, Stacey. You must be in a good six inches now. Keep it up
and see if you can bury that thing in his ass."

Stacey started fucking Jake in the ass and continued thrusting the
enormous probe into his hole again and again. With each thrust it went
deeper and deeper into the tiny brown hole that no longer had the will to
stop the large invader. Stacey found herself getting excited by all of
this and could feel the hot juices well up in her pussy. She was
relentless as she crashed into his asshole over and over again. His
screams and moans died down and were replaced by something else.

Kelly could see the erection forming between Jake's legs. She could see
the look of fear change to a look of passion. The slave liked what was
happening and was aroused by what Stacey was doing to him . Stacey pounded
his ass over and over. She felt the dildo rubbing on her pussy and she
soon came with an orgasm so intense she almost passed out.

"That's enough, Stacey, dear. The slave is just about ready to cum and
we wouldn't want anything like that to happen now would we?"

It was true. Jake's cock looked ready to explode. She couldn't believe
how he was aroused by his violation. This was certainly something new and

The two mistresses took turns with his training. There was some
resistance at first, but nothing a kick or a lash could not overcome. At
the end of the three hour session, Jake's body was covered with welts and
bruises. He paid the price for any misstep or hesitancy and soon he was
moving through his paces as well as any show horse. He moved on command
and so learned how to react to the pulls on his reins. Several different
drugs were administered during the course of the training which enhanced
his learning ability greatly.

"Conrad, he must be ready for our last night at sea. Stacey needs to
have him available for the final shipboard party so continue on with his

The women spent several hours a day training their slave. Conrad and
several assistants took over when they lost interest and continued the
regimen for 20 hour days. Jake was lost and confused and had the slave
mentality firmly imprinted on his weak and passive mind. He had gone from
a strong and independent man to a weak and quivering parody of a human
being. The training went on for the next four days with a vengeance and
Jake was transformed into a perfect slave who performed whatever action
requested by his Mistress.


Stacey and Kelly were dressed in designer originals as they entered the
large ballroom. Most of the other clients were already there by then and
since this was the one night the slaves were allowed to join in, many of
them were in attendance. Stacey was amazed with the unique ways in which
the various clients dominated their slaves. None of their private areas
were covered in any way of course. In fact, if a submissive tried to hide
anything punishment was swift and sure. The slaves watched their masters'
every movement in order to anticipate an order or command. None wanted to
suffer the wrath of an angry master and certainly not tonight when the
punishments would be far worse than usual.

A round of applause started at the entrance to the ballroom and soon
spread to all corners of the hall. Stacey regally entered the room holding
a gold metal leash delicately in her hand. It was attached to a leather
collar fastened securely around Jake's neck. The hobbles that Jake wore
now allowed him more movement and he was able to trot on hands and knees at
the side of his mistress as they made their way to a table of honor. Kelly
looked angelic as she followed the two at a short distance. Her work was
almost done now and she was very pleased with the results.

The evening was a pure gala for Stacey. A number of people stopped at
their table to comment on how well training was proceeding with Jake. And,
as was customary in these situations, each one did something to humiliate
or degrade the new submissive. In some cases it only consisted of a brief
fondling of his balls and dick. A few stuck a finger or some other object
in his asshole and briefly frigged him. Other people felt like testing the
process and Stacey let them proceed.

More women than men wanted to take the measure of their whips or lashes
on Jake's well available ass. He must have had well over 50 strokes in the
first hour he was in the room. Several people laughed when they realized
that the punishment only served to arouse Jake. He could do nothing to
hide his full erection from those around him and soon he was sport for the
people at all the nearby tables. One man sent his two submissives over to
play with the new slave. The two women took turns sucking his cock and
fucking his ass with a black dildo they had previously been using on
themselves. From time to time they would stop in anticipation of his
orgasm. An orgasm he was not to have since the two women were expert in
the ways of the human body. He would get close and then they would stop,
again and again. He ached with the need to cum, but his helplessness
prevented him from doing anything to satisfy his own needs.

His abuse at the hands of the other submissives continued for more than
two hours. The clients instructed their subs and had them perform all the
interesting rituals used to degrade and humiliate a human being. While it
was fun for all concerned save for Jake, it did serve a valid purpose.
Each embarrassment, each bit of pain, and each loss of dignity destroyed
another layer of will and broke down any remaining resistance. By then,
Jake considered all of it part of his life and did anything he was told.
Even the other subs were on a higher plane and towered above his lowly
position. The tasks set forth were devious and horrifying and yet he went
ahead and did everything he was told. He was violated by women and men as
individuals or in groups of two and three. There was no part of his body
he could call his own. No indignity he could prevent from happening to
himself. He was a slave.

When it came time to leave, Jake was covered with bruises, welts,
injuries, cum, food and anything else a person felt like rubbing on him or
throwing at him. He found it hard to move given the pain he suffered from
all the abuse, but his mistress did not care. She slashed out at his ass
with her whip each time he faltered or seemed dazed or confused.

"Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! Swish! Thwack! "


"Don't worry Stacey. We'll see each other soon. I have so much work to
do helping women get control of their marriages that I simply have to get
on my way. But, don't worry. As soon as Jake finishes his final training,
I'll come to your place and stay for a few weeks."

Jake had already been crated up and sent to the training facility where
the real work would begin. A cover story about an accident on some small
island was already in place and should stop any questions. Jake would
spend several months being readied to take his place in the world, no
longer capable of doing anything on his own, but still able to convince the
world that nothing was wrong. Yes, he would be making the large income and
heading to the top of his profession, but this time it would all be for
Stacey. He would present a facade to the world and be the most submissive
of slaves in private when only his mistress was present. He would learn
that he no longer mattered and he would have to accept things that way or
suffer the consequences. The discipline would never end. He would never
stop taking the drugs and in the end he would be everything that Stacey
wanted him to be and so much more.

The two women had enjoyed their last shipboard night together in Kelly's
suite. Jake was chained to the bed and told to watch everything that Kelly
did since he would be taking her place in the future. Just before they
fell asleep, they freed one of his hands from the hobble and let him
masturbate as they watched and made rude suggestions. He didn't care how
humiliating it was, he needed to relieve himself and went at it with the
lack of concern any other animal would have in the same circumstances.
When he finally came, the girls made him lick it up from the floor and
swallow every little bit of the white substance.


Jake was right. All they had to do was go on a cruise and they would be
able to solve all their problems.

The End

By Alecia D <> for story comments

(c) copyright 2002, Alecia D


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