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Jam Of Tarts 03 Suck Hard Suck Deep



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



Varsha loved sucking cock. Like all of Rajeev's women, she was an
exceptionally skilled lover and she enjoyed sex immensely. But
most of all, she loved the taste and smell of a thick, long cock
in her mouth, the sharp tang of fresh, hot jizz.

There was something about her face and manner and body that
instantly made men want to fuck her mouth. She was good-looking in
a slightly fleshy sort of way. Yet somehow, beneath her
middle-class exterior, she managed to exude an enormous sex-appeal. Her skin was utterly clear and smooth, totally devoid
of even the minute hair that marks the skin of so many women. Her
lips were full, slightly pouting, the eyes small and dark, set
wide and deep. The nose was full and two lines curved down her
face from the middle of her nose, giving a slightly down-turned
look to her mouth.

She had long hair, down to her fleshy buttocks. Her jaw was
well-defined, the face oval with a delectable cleft in her chin.
Her breasts were full and heavy and big, thrusting proudly out of
the blouses beneath the *pallu*'s of the *sari*'s she always wore.
The blouses were invariably cut in deep V-necks, the *sari* slung
low, well below the fair, creamy spread of her slightly
protuberant belly. She preferred translucent *sari*'s that
afforded a good glimpse of her dark and deep and inviting
cleavage. Her buttocks were luscious, spreading erotically, yet
not too big and, thanks to the incessant lectual exercise, finely
toned and taut.

She was in Rajeev's office now. He smiled gently and kissed her,
thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. She smelled sweet and
slightly musky, erotic. His hands slid up from her waist, over her
luscious breasts, cupping them gently. She shivered in pleasure as
his fingers trickled into the deep V neck of the blouse, caressing
the slopes of her breasts. He slid the *sari* off her shoulder,
caressing her belly.

"I want to suck your cock," she said softly. "I want your cum in
my mouth."

He nodded. Varsha smiled gently, and began to strip him. He leaned
back against the desk and closed his eyes, letting her draw the
tensions of the day out of him in her inimitable fashion.

Even limp, his cock was massive, as thick and long as most other
men erect. She loved him, his enormous cock, his magnificent body,
his generous lovemaking. She had innumerable lovers, but none of
them could make her feel as Rajeev did.

She unwound her *sari* and dropped her petticoat, standing before
him only in her blouse. She flicked open all the buttons except
the last, her breasts straining at the blouse, stretching it wide
open, her breasts almost fully revealed to his hungry gaze.

She bent her head and, with her fingers encircling the hilt of his
cock, without rolling back his foreskin, gently sucked on just the
very tip of his penis, taking only the forefront of his cock-head
into her mouth. Her tongue swirled erotically about his foreskin,
flicking it this way and that and she tried to roll it back with
her tongue. The sensation was extraordinary, and he gasped, crying
out aloud. Her mouth was warm and moist, gentle yet insistent. His
cock began to swell and thicken, growing hot and hard in her
mouth. She sucked the tip of his penis relentlessly, till he was
erect and hard. She stopped and looked up at him, smiling in
pleasure. He grinned down at her, his eyes glittering with lust.

In an intensely erotic motion, she dragged her tongue down the
upper side of his cock-shaft and through the dark fuzz of his
pubic hair, rising slightly on her knees. His belly rippled with
excitement and she swirled her tongue through his navel. Her
breasts pressed against his thighs. She took his throbbing tool in
her hand and guided it into the deep channel of her cleavage,
between her breasts and under her blouse.

The sensation was exquisite. Her warm, fleshy, slightly sweaty
breasts enveloped his tool in a taut sheath, her breasts squeezed
by the tightness of her blouse. She hunched her shoulders and
began to move her torso slowly, jerking his cock between her
breasts, swaying slowly from side to side and up and down so that
his cock-shaft pressed hard against her breasts, rasping against
her nipples and the blouse material. She raked her fingernails
gently up and down his thighs and over his balls. He looked down
at her mesmerised. Her lips were parted, her nostrils flared and
she was breathing heavily with excitement. She lifted the cock out
of her breast-sheath and lasciviously caressed her cheeks and lips
with it. She leaned away from him, releasing his cock slowly,
almost reluctantly.

"Turn around," she commanded softly.

He obeyed, turning his back to her and leaning forward on his
desk, his buttocks thrust back at her face. Kneeling behind him,
Varsha began to lick and kiss the back of his thighs and buttocks,
teething them gently. She pressed her teeth against his buttocks
and he squirmed in delight. She reached around for his tool,
gently rolling it between open palms like a long sausage, jerking
it back and forth slowly. At the same time, her tongue snaked into
the crack between his buttocks, questing for his anus.

He shuffled his legs further apart and eased his torso down onto
the desk. Reaching behind him, he clawed his buttocks open. Her
tongue swirled around the puckered flesh of his anus and she
moaned softly in pleasure. It tasted musky and erotic. His
sphincter spasmed as her tongue tip pressed insistently at it,
then yielded and he gasped as she pressed her tongue into his
asshole. He groaned softly, his hips trembling, his cock
throbbing. His loins blazed with lustheat.

He felt her fingertip at his anus and he tensed. She pressed it
firmly forward and he moaned and let her slide it into his ass.
She held her fingertip inside his anus and drew her tongue
downward. Her soft face and lips slid between his buttocks and
thighs, her fingertip still locked in his asshole.

Gently, she lapped at his balls, examining their contours with her
tongue, taking their loaded weight between her lips. Her lips
parted and he groaned in pure joy as she began to suckle on the
orbs gently, one by one, then both together. Fire roiled up in his
belly and his balls ached for release.

She continued to torment him. She bent her head, drawing her long,
tasseled plait before her, and slid it up between his legs,
winding her hair and the black and silver-shot tassels around his
tool. Now she began to move her finger in his butt, twisting it
round and round and in and out. She frigged his cock slowly,
simultaneously sucking his balls. He felt as though he was being

"Christ yes," he gasped. "Yeh ... that's so good ... yes ..."

Her head moved lower and he gasped again as her warm, moist lips
found his cock-tip again, sucking gently on it, her tongue playing
with his cock-head once more. Her head was between his thighs,
arched way back like a suckling calf. He could see the valley of
her breasts, shining with his precum gunk.

Slowly, she pulled her finger out of his ass and he gasped at the
release of tension. He moved to turn around, but she forced him to
remain as he was. She turned around and shuffled backwards between
his thighs, her head tilted back. She lifted her long black and
gold *mangalsutra* and pressed it with a fingertip to ass once
more. He groaned in pleasure and yielded. Gently, she slid her
necklace into his asshole. He cried out, his face contorting as he
felt the small, hard beads squeeze into his rear channel. She took
his shaft in her fist and gently rolled back his foreskin. Her
mouth was still maddeningly distant from his cock, driving him
wild as her hot breath and fiery tongue flickered serpentine
across his throbbing cock-head.

"C'mon whore! Suck it! Suck my cock!" he cried hoarsely.

She kissed his cock-head, and held her lips there. He waited,
trembling and tense. Her lips parted, and her tongue met his
cock-head. Her lips slid down, her tongue winding round and round
his cock-head. Lower and lower went her lips, her tongue trying to
pry open the slit in his cock-head, making him gasp and groan.

At last, she began to suck his swollen, throbbing penis. Her mouth
was warm and sticky moist, sucking sharply on his tool. He gasped
loudly and she began to frig his butt, sliding her necklace in and
out of his cock with her fingertip. His sphincter convulsed and
instantly, she thrust the twin strands in deeper, taking even more
of his cock into her mouth and sucking hungrily on it. dragging
her head lower onto his tool and left it there.

"OHH Varsha uhhhhh yes ... uhhhh yeh ohhh god yes ... ohhh that's
good ... mmmm yes .... do it cunt ... yes ... do it!" he cried.

His hips swung and gyrated, pumped back and forth, up and down,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing on her finger. He thrust a hand
down and held her head, jerking it hard back and forth, fucking
her face. She took it smoothly, not missing a beat, her tongue and
lips encasing his rod firmly. He bent his head and looked down and
saw that she was masturbating, one hand between her leg, jerking a
finger in and out of her cunt, her hips lurching and writhing. Her
cheeks billowed with his size.

He began to fuck her mouth harder, his hips plunging back and
forth, thrusting the gorged, bursting, dark cock in and out of her
distended mouth, going faster and faster, faster and faster. Her
head moved rapidly back and forth, snapping furiously between his
legs and she began to frig his ass harder, her finger jerking in
and out to the knuckle.

He felt his spoot roil up from his balls. She sensed it, too and
timed it beautifully. At the very last moment, she jerked her head
back, lips wide, tongue under his cock-head. The backward jerk of
her neck snapped her *mangalsutra* out of his anus and his head
arched and he gasped loudly and came, shooting hot jizz over her
tongue, deep into her mouth, straight down her throat and over her
face and into her deep cleavage. Varsha moaned softly and
swallowed it all. His load was prodigious and she felt giddy with
the tangy taste and odour of it. As the spurts slowed, her lips
closed on his cock once more and she sucked hard trying to draw
out every last drop. He groaned, panting, head bent between his
arms, his chest heaving, catching his breath.

She waited, his cock in her mouth, gently sucking and licking him
till he was ready again. His cock was still rock-hard and she knew
that what she had swallowed was but a fraction of what his balls
held. It was a larder that never emptied.

He fucked her on her back on the floor. Varsha had unhooked her
*mangalsutra*. She took him between her forked, raised thighs,
guiding his cock-head to her cunt-lips. He went into her smoothly
and deeply and she gasped and arched under him, pulling his head
down to hers, her tongue snaking up into his mouth, her breasts hot under his chest. Her hands slid down his powerful, sharply
tapering torso to his buttocks once more and she teased them
apart. He lifted them and waited, gasping, sucking on her breasts.
She forced her *mangalsutra* into his anus once again, and he
groaned, his hips writhing. This time, she slid more and more of
it into him till only the amulet lay outside his anus.

"Now ... fuck me hard ..." she muttered thickly. "Fuck me hard!"

He rammed into her violently, delirious with joy and the breath
whooshed from her throat and she arched and twisted under him, her
face jerking back and to one side, contorted in a rictus of lust.

"Oh ma unhh oh uh ah-ah-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Varsha cried.

Her cunt was a vortex that sucked him deep into her flesh.

"Take it! Take it, whore, take it!" he shouted.

He slid out and slammed into her again and again, hitting a
furious, bucking rhythm, his buttocks and hips pumping
frenetically up and down, up and down, his cock sliding in and
out, in and out, rivening her cunt-lips wide open. Her body jerked
and snapped under his thrusts and her cries rang his ears.

"Oh god yes, yes ohhhh yes Rajeev yes oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhh Ohhh
uhh oh oh oh oh uhhh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh Ohhh ma oh ma oh ma oh
yes!" Varsha's erotic litany throbbed with their motions.

"Oh fuck yes oh yes take it! Take it whore, take it! Take my
prick, slut take it all ... mmm oh yes ... yes ... more! Ahhh yes!
Oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh yes!"

Faster and faster he went, pistoning and pumping like a dervish,
ram-fucking her cunt. She orgasmed violently, arching and bucking
under him and he groaned and rammed deep into her again and again
as her cunt convulsed on his tool. He quivered with the imminence
of his release, his hips twitching at her thighs, and she pulled
at her *mangalsutra* and began to draw it out of his asshole.
Rajeev arched his head and cried out as the beads popped out of
his ass one by one. The heat burst forth again, and he came
violently, shooting jets of sizzling white-hot spoot deep into
her slit.

Still he was not sated, and Varsha moaned deliriously, in deep
rut. He slid out of her cunt and, moaning and panting, her body
trembling still, she slid over him. He kissed her deeply,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

"Oh god I want you," she moaned softly. "I want to suck your cock

He smiled and kissed her hot, swollen breasts. "Go ahead, babe ...
be my guest," he murmured.

Varsha smiled, her face radiant with joy as she snaked down his
body again and nuzzled his crotch. His penis was still erect,
massive, irresistible. Whimpering deep in her throat, she kissed
it tenderly and licked the thick bulbous head. It smelled of jizz and cunt-juice in a potent cocktail. Slowly, she took it in her
mouth and began to suck it, her eyes closed in happiness. Arching
his head, Rajeev studied her. Her glossy hair fell in a thick veil
over one side of her face, and her head rolled from side to side
as she sucked every inch of his cock. Her fingers cupped his cock
tenderly as she pumped it in her fist. It was an erotic vision and
he smiled in pleasure and, sighing softly, surrendered to her
= o =


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