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Jam Of Tarts 04 Double Up



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



Anil thumbed the large wad of one hundred rupee banknotes with a
thin smile. A cool twenty-five thousand. Not bad at all for a
little entertainment by the wife. He folded the notes carefully
and stashed them in the secret drawer in his cupboard and locked
it. He dropped the key into his trouser pocket and turned around.

"Twenty-five thousand," he acknowledged with a nod. "Okay, it's
cool. You can fuck her now."

There were three people in the bedroom. Nisha, his wife, sat on
the large, well-sprung double bed between two men. Both were
strangers. They were her clients and they had paid well for her
services. Anil looked at her. She certainly knew how to give a man a good time, and he made good money from it. It was perfect. She
loved whoring and he loved the money. He was pleased. Thanks to
her, the poverty of their early life was now a distant and ugly
memory. He caught her eye and she smiled gently. He winked at the
two men and grinned broadly.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves, gentlemen," he said, winking at
his guests. "She's one hell of a cunt."

"She'd better be, at this price," growled one.

"Yeah," said the other. "Goddamned pricey bitch."

"Gentlemen, I assure you that she is worth every penny. I
guarantee you full satisfaction. If you are displeased with her in
any way, your money will be refunded, though, I must add, that has
never yet happened. You may be with her for as long as you wish
and do with her as you will. The only prohibition is physical
violence. No sadism, of any kind. The goods are not to be damaged
in any way."

Nisha was a good-looking young woman in her mid-twenties. She had
an oval face with a pointed chin and high cheekbones. Her eyes
were a deep brown, set deep, her mouth was slender, opening often
in a wide smile over perfect teeth. Her nose was slim and
straight. She was fair-skinned, her complexion creamy and
unblemished. Her neck was long, and around it she wore her
habitual black and gold beaded *mangalsutra*, the proud symbol of
her marital status.

Her body was luscious, with full buttocks and a narrow waist, a
flat belly and firm, succulent breasts with long nipples in small
aureoles. Her limbs were long and slender and shapely. She wore
long earrings, toe-rings, finger rings, anklets and bangles. Her
dark hair was springy, but thick and long and hung in a long braid
to her waist.

She was simply dressed in a long *kurta* and a *salvar* that did
nothing to conceal the fact that she was naked underneath. The
clothes were translucent and filmy and clung to her body, showing
the swell of her breasts and the cleft of her buttocks.

She looked at the two men seated on either side of her. They were
identical twins, and she could not tell them apart. *Double the
pleasure*! She thought suddenly, grinning impishly to herself.

The men were good-looking Muslims, tall and fair with handsome,
craggy, fine-nosed faces, their eyes deep and dark, hair thick.
Their bodies were solid blocks of muscle: broad shouldered, they
had deep chests and hard bellies and long, strong arms and legs.
Their mouths were slim and their jaws square and manly. They had
introduced themselves as Aslam and Salim. She did not know which
was which. It didn't matter.

She looked from one to the other and, smiling gently, tilted her
head back against the bed-stand. Her lips parted and her tongue
arched lasciviously across her upper lip. Her hands slid up her
body to cup her breasts. She flicked off her *kurta* buttons and
pulled it open, exposing her breasts. She crossed her arms,
cupping and squeezing the mounds, flicking her long nipples and

"I want you," she murmured softly, looking from one to the other,
her eyes glittering. "I'm your whore tonight ... I want to be
fucked hard ..."

She crossed her arms and pulled the *kurta* off her head. Lifting
her hips slightly, she tugged at the cord of her *salvar* and
rucked it off. Nisha cupped her crotch and arched a finger into
her slit.

"My cunt's already hot for you both," she said.

She slid her arm across the shoulders of the twin to her left and
turned her face to his, pulling his head to hers. She kissed him
in naked hunger, arching her tongue into his mouth. Languidly,
sensuously, she sucked on his tongue as he responded. On her
right, the other client nuzzled the nape of her neck and slid his
hand down over her breasts. He felt it grow heavier and warmer in
his hands. She turned and kissed him.

"Which one are you?" She murmured, sucking his lower lip.


"And you must be Aslam, then," she said to his twin.

"Obviously," he chuckled softly.

She smiled and drew his head down to her breast and turned to his
brother. Salim bent his head and squeezed her breast to his lips.
She sighed softly as his tongue flicked slowly over her quivering
nipple. Nisha kissed Aslam on the other side and began to undo his
shirt, caressing his chest.

"It's good to have you both together," she said as she pulled his
shirt off.

His body was wonderful, lean and hard and sculpted, smooth and
hairless. She bent her head to Aslam's chest and her pointed
tongue flickering over his nipple. He murmured softly. Salim
thrust his hand between her legs and she spread them wide open for
him. His finger raked down her cunt and came away moist. He
grinned to himself, and curled the finger into her cunt. Nisha
groaned softly and lifted her head from Aslam's chest and leaned
back against the bed-stand again.

Now Aslam began to finger-fuck her while Salim fondled and sucked on her turgid breasts. She gasped, her hips lurching, her back
bowing. Then Salim slid his hand down, too, and there were two
fingers going alternately in and out of her cunt. Her hips heaved
and she moaned. Aslam kissed her hungrily, his tongue roving deep
in her mouth. The two men paused for a moment and pulled off their
shirts and trousers. She noticed with pleasure that their cocks
were both about seven inches long and over an inch thick. She
guessed they would swell to a nine-inch length and corresponding
thickness. Both were circumcised and that pleased her. In her
experience, they lasted longer. They came to her again and she
took their limp cocks in her hands and began to masturbate them

"Hey, you mean your cocks are identical, too?" she laughed.

"You bet, whore, absolutely ditto!" laughed one, she didn't know

Nisha felt the pricks grow hot and hard, stiffening in her hands.
The men kissed her, one finger-fucking her cunt, the other sucking on her breasts. Salim - she supposed it was him - bent his head
between her thighs. She spread her legs and splayed her cunt-lips
wide open with clawed fingers. He fingered her cunt and then his
tongue was there, too. Nisha gasped loudly as his sharp tongue
flickered into her cunt. Aslam rose onto his knees on the bed
beside her and she turned her head to his loins, her hand on his
cock and, parting her lips, took it into her mouth. Aslam grunted
as her tongue and teeth and lips found his circumcised cock-head.
Nisha's hips lurched and jerked under Salim's tongue-fucking.
Aslam caressed and rolled her breasts in his hands, his head bent
to watch himself fuck her mouth, sliding his glistening cock in
and out of her distended face. Her cheeks hollowed and distended
as she sucked on his dick. Its musky odour aroused her. She cupped
his balls and rubbed them, her other hand on Salim's head, moving
it round and round in her loins, her juices streaming. She moaned
deep in her throat.

The men changed positions. Aslam lay on his back and Nisha
straddled his face, spreading her cunt-lips wide. His tongue
flickered up into her cunt and her head arched back, her shoulders
hunched, her shoulder bones stood out. She moaned loudly, bucking
and jerking on his face, the jewellery slithering on her chest.
Salim stood before her, and she took his penis deep in her mouth,
sucking hungrily on it, making him gasp and grunt. Nisha loved
having her mouth fucked. His hips swung and pumped at her face,
his hands rocking her head back and forth. She crushed her breasts in mounting excitement, her loins grinding and writhing on Aslam's
face. His tongue darted in and out of her wet slit, flicking her
gorged clitoris back and forth. She gasped, her cunt streaming
with excitement.

They fucked her in turns, at first. She lay on her back, her knees
forked wide and raised and one of them bent over her, between her
thighs. She felt his cock-head at her cunt-lips as she held his
face in her hands and kissed him deeply, her tongue snaking into
his mouth.

"Who are you?" she murmured.



"Nope. Aslam."

"Yes. Aslam. C'mon now ... fuck me ... give me your cock ... fuck
me hard!"

His buttocks flexed and his cock surged into her cunt. Nisha
gasped sharply, her back snapping in a taut bow under him, her
head jerking back, her mouth wide.

"OhmaUNHHhhh AHHHHHHHHH!" she called. "Ohhhh uhhhh OHHHHHH!"

"Unhhh yeh ... OHHHHh .... yes!" her lover-client responded.

Smoothly, Aslam slid his penis deep into her. His handsome head
craned back and he moaned. Her cunt spasmed and convulsed on his
throbbing penis. Her legs spread wider and rose higher, coiling
above his hips.

"Fuck me ... fuck me hard Aslam," she gasped. "Oh god ... that's
so good!"

He fucked her slowly and steadily, his hips rising and falling,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing. His twin got off the bed,
grinning hugely and watched Aslam fuck her. Standing behind them,
he could see his brother's enormous penis going in and out, in and
out of her cunt, his heavy balls slapping at her cunt-lips and
buttocks. Aslam's rod glistened and gleamed. Her hips bucked and
bounced under his eagerly. Aslam began moving faster and faster,
his hips juddering up and down, his cock pistoning rapidly in and
out of her cunt, slamming and ramming and reaming into her. She
gasped, her body jerking and rocking under his thrusts, her
breasts jiggling, her long *mangalsutra* dancing on her chest.

"Yes yes yes fuck me yes ohhhh yes fuck me harder OHhhhh uhhh Oh
yes yes oh god yes yes OHhhh uhhhh yes!" she cried, her head
flipping ecstatically from side to side.

"Take it ... take it whore ... take it!" Aslam grunted. "Ohhh yeh
... take it bitch ... take my cock in your cunt Ohhhhh ... uhhh
yeh ... c'mon slut ... c'mon ... yeh ... ohhh yeh ... that's it
... mmmm yes ..."

Faster and faster he went, his hips banging down hard, drawing sharp cries from her throat. She clenched his shoulders, then his
hips, then his buttocks, gritting her teeth and gasping and
panting as he drove her to a wild orgasm. He felt her cunt convulse powerfully on his dick and he groaned, grinding his cock
deep into her again and again. With a shuddering cry, he pulled
out of her and came, spraying her cunt and belly and breasts with
thick, sticky shots of hot jizz. Then he squeezed his cock back
into her and bent over her and kissed her. She moaned, her chest
heaving, caressing his head.

"That was wonderful," she murmured. "Thank you."

"My turn," her lover's brother announced.

Aslam chuckled and rolled off her. Salim turned her over onto her
front and got back on the bed. She lay under him, drawing her
knees up, spreading her legs, her buttocks lifted slightly. Salim
knelt behind her and, lobing her buttocks open, squeezed his cock
into her cunt. She murmured softly, gasping and biting her lip as
the huge cock tunneled into her cunt. She closed her eyes and
whimpered her pleasure, her chin resting on the counterpane.

"Mmmm ... god you're good in there," she sighed happily as the
heat of his cock seared in her belly. "Fuck me Salim ... fuck me
hard ..."

Now Aslam stood behind and watched Salim fuck her. It was an
erotic sight and he wished he'd brought his video camera. Next
time. Salim fucked her slowly, his dark, thick veined penis
appearing and disappearing into her cunt, his balls slapping at
the lovely curves of her buttocks. She gasped and moaned, her body
jerking under his thrusts, calling obscenely to him.

"Ohh yes Salim yes ... fuck me ... yes, that's it ... fuck me ...
fuck my cunt ... ohh god yes ... mmm ... yes ... Ohhhh ... uhhhh
OHhhh ... OHHH uhhh Ohma uNNHH ahhhh ... yes Ohhhhh uhhh OHHHHH!"
she went.

He bent over her and, spreading his legs to lever her thighs
apart, began to ram-fuck her. His head arched back and he grimaced
with tension. Her cunt was a wonderfully hot, tight sheath,
enveloping his tool. Faster and faster he went, his buttocks
plunging powerfully up and down, up and down, his cock reaming in
and out, in and out of her cunt, squelching and rasping in
audibly, glistening and gleaming, hot, dark, rock-hard. Nisha's
cries rose in pitch and volume and she felt herself soar up to
another orgasm. Salim felt it, felt the hot cramping of her cunt on his dick, felt the sharp sting of her juices and he slammed
into her hard once, twice, three times, then pulled out and,
jerking his cock, shot his wad. thick jets of cum splattered on
her buttocks and the cleft between them, on her anus. She moaned
softly. He, too, slid his cock back into her, making her moan. He
bent over and tongued her ear.

"You're good, bitch," he admitted. "Damn good. Now let's see how
do with both of us ... together ..."

They were all riding on a high of sex-pep dope. They could come
repeatedly without tiring. After a few minutes, she got off the
bed and knelt before them, taking their cocks in her hand, and
then began sucking them. She opened her mouth wide and took both
cock-heads into her mouth together. The twins chuckled when they
saw her playing with her breasts and fingering her cunt. cum dribbled on her belly and thighs and now her lips and cheeks shone
with their love-shot. The tang of their seed excited her. Moaning
and gasping eagerly, she got back onto the bed.

She straddled Salim's hips, his cock in her hand and eased herself
down onto it. He groaned and began to buck under her, tossing her
on his lap. She gasped sharply, biting her lower lip, arching her
head, her hands on her breasts, squeezing them together.

"Ohhhh yes ... yes ... yes ..." she gasped.

For a minute, Aslam waited, watching as she bent forward on her
arms and rocked back and forth on his brother's swollen dick. He
held her buttocks and moved her up and down, and Aslam could see
her hair-rimmed crack sliding up and down the bloated penis. Her
breasts swung and jiggled, her long *mangalsutra* swinging back
and forth. Her breasts were gorged and swollen, the nipples
nut-hard. Salim sucked on them sharply.

"OHHHh uhhh OHHHH uhh OHHH uhhOHHHHuhhhh OHHHH uhh!" she moaned.

Salim chuckled. "C'mon cunt ... take it ... take it cunt!"

Aslam got onto the bed and stood before her, his feet straddling
his brother's broad, deep chest. He jerked her head up to his
crotch and thrust his cock at her face. She took it in her mouth,
sucking hard. He held her head and rocked it rapidly back and
forth, his hips pumping at her head. She tossed and bucked on
Salim's groin, her moans muffled by the cock in her mouth and
sharpened by the ramming cock in her cunt. Her cunt ran up and
down Salim's shaft.

"Yeh ... suck it ... suck my cock, whore ... suck it!" Aslam

The two men swapped positions. On all fours, she sucked Salim's
dick while Aslam knelt behind her and slid his penis into her and
fucked her with hard, ramming, thrusting plunging his big cock in
and out of her cunt. On and on they went, taking her hard. Aslam
held her by her waist, rocking her body back and forth, jerking
down hard onto his bursting penis. Salim clenched her hair,
rocking her head back and forth at his crotch. Her *mangalsutra*
and breasts swung and jiggled and both men squeezed and fondled
her breasts together.

Both men were gasping and sweating, their heads flung back. He
groped her breasts and squeezed them. She moaned, twisting to
reach for Aslam's cock, wanting more of it inside her as his balls
thumped against her buttocks, shoving her forward. He went faster
and faster and Salim drove his cock deeper into her mouth. She
began to orgasm, her head swimming with joy.

"Hey Salim, the cunt's good, what say?" Aslam chuckled.

"Yeh. Hot stuff. Great piece of ass."

"Speaking of which ... wanna raid it?"

"Butt-fuck, yeah, sure! The man said we could."

"Okay. Your idea, you go first in her butt. I'll take her cunt."

The twins slid out of her cunt and mouth. Salim lay on his back
and pulled her over his lap again. His cock ran into her cunt like
a hot knife through butter. She gasped heavily. She knew what they
wanted and she wanted it, too. Nisha enjoyed having her butt
fucked, and it was best when combined with a cock in her cunt. She
murmured joyfully, rocking back and forth on his cock for a minute
and then drew her knees up higher. He clenched her buttocks and
prised them open, exposing the puckered flesh of her anus for his
brother. Aslam chortled, masturbating, his cock slippery with
precum gunk. He moved forward and knelt behind her and squeezed
his cock-head between the globes of her buttocks. She tensed as
she felt the hard, thick cock-head at her anus. It spasmed once,
and then she relaxed and yielded. Aslam flexed his buttocks and
squeezed his cock-head into her asshole.

Nisha's head snapped up and she cried out thinly, her mouth
tearing open as Aslam's huge cock burst into her rear channel. Her
body crackled with lust and heat, the pain and joy as one. Her
cunt and ass burned with the fiery prods in them. They began to
fuck her together, gasping and grunting loudly, her body
sandwiched between theirs. Aslam's cock rocked deeper into her ass
and she cried out, her hips forced down under his thrust, her cunt impaled deeply on Salim's erect lance. They moved smoothly in
tandem, their cocks running into her together, separated by the
merest membrane of her flesh. Her face contorted in a rictus of
intermingled pain and lust. Aslam squeezed her breasts and Salim
sucked her nipples, making her cry out thinly.

"OHHHHHHHhhhh uhhhh OHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Suddenly, they stopped and Aslam slid out of her, making her gasp
in shock. Salim eased her off his tool and made her turn around,
her back to him. Moaning loudly, she lowered her hips, impaling
her taut sphincter and rectum on his lance. He gasped and arched
under her, his cock thrusting into her rear channel. Nisha arched
back on her elbows, her head jerking back, tendons popping in her
neck, mouth snapping open in a cry of joy as it went in deeper.

"YES .... YES OHHHHHHHHHHH YES!" she cried.

They laughed and Salim rolled his hips under her, twisting his
cock in her asshole. She cried out, twisting on his lap, her hands
squeezing her breasts frantically. She reached down and clawed her
cunt-lips wide open for Aslam.

"C'mon Aslam ... shove it in ... fuck my cunt!" she gasped.

She arched back, opening her legs wide, her knees bent. Beneath
her, Salim spread his own thighs, levering her legs wider apart.
Aslam got between them and bent over and kissed her, his cock-head
at her cunt-lips.

"OHHHH ma ohh! uhhhhOHHHHHHHHH!" she cried as Aslam squeezed his
penis into her.

Her body was angled between theirs, her hands on the bed behind
her, her arms outstretched on either side of Salim beneath her.
Salim reached up and squeezed her breasts, his fingers twining in
her *mangalsutra*. She moaned as the hard beads of the necklace
rasped across her nipples. Flames of lust rippled through her. Her
shoulders hunched, her body shook, streaming with sweat, and her
head fell back at the overpowering pain and ecstasy of the two
cocks filling her adjacent orifices. She turned her head and Salim
kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

They began to fuck her slowly, their inflamed cocks going in and
out of her cunt and ass. They hit a rhythm, both cocks going into
her body simultaneously. Nisha felt they would tear her asunder,
Aslam's cock reaming up into her cunt, Salim's skewering her anus.
In and out they went and her body lurched and jerked and tossed
and rose and fell between their pumping, gasping, sweating bodies.


Superbly coordinated, without missing a beat, they began to fuck
her out of synch, Salim coming out of her ass as Aslam lifted her
cunt up onto his cock. Then Aslam slid out of her cunt and forced
her ass back onto Salim's dick. Aslam bent his head and sucked on
her breasts. Salim crushed her swollen breasts under

To their immense delight, she began to orgasm. They moved faster,
their cocks thrusting in deeper and harder and she cried out and
moaned in excitement as her cunt and ass convulsed on their cocks.

They let her come, and went on fucking her. She whimpered, gasping
and moaning, her body on fire. Sweat streamed off her body, beads
of perspiration dotting her forehead and upper lip, strands of
hair clinging damply to the nape of her neck. They paused for a
moment, sliding out of her and laid her on her side on the bed and
fucked her again, changing positions yet again. Salim lifted her
leg high over his hip and jerked his cock hard into her cunt from
the front. Now she wanted the other, too, and she clawed her
buttocks open and Aslam grunted softly and squeezed his cock-head
into her butt. The two brothers fucked her rapidly now, jerking
her body up and down between theirs, their rock hard cocks rasping
deeply in and out of her cunt and ass. She moaned deliriously,
giddy with lust, her body trembling and shaking.

It was glorious, wonderful sex. Steadily, they fucked her on and
on until she burst through the clouds again. This time, both men came, Aslam rocking up into her ass, thudding in deep, his cock
quivering and spitting a white-hot load of jizz. Seconds later,
his brother rammed into her cunt and exploded, his sticky, warm
gunk flooding her cunt and seeping over her thighs. They fell
apart, gasping and panting.

"Jeez," Aslam said. "What a fuck!"

"Yeh," his brother gasped. "Never had one like her. Oh man."

Nisha lay between them, panting and gasping, her chest heaving.
She moaned softly. Her body tingled and she could feel the warm
stickiness of their seed in her cunt and ass, on her thighs and
buttocks and breasts, on her face. She began to caress herself

"You were wonderful," she murmured. "That was really lovely."

She stretched either hand and squeezed their cocks affectionately.

"Was I worth your money?" she giggled.

"Every damn penny," Aslam growled. "Every *naya paisa*."

"Don't you want more?"

The twins propped themselves up on their elbows and grinned at
her. They squeezed her breasts.

"You want more?" Salim asked.

"Yes. Yes, I do."

"How d'you want it?"

"One at a time now."

"Where?" said Aslam.

"Shall I tell you?"


"I want to suck your cocks again. I want to eat your gunk. Both of

At the door, Anil grinned and watched as his wife sucked them off
one by one, kneeling before them. Her head rocked back and forth
between their thighs, their tools in her hands, her tongue and
lips lasciviously on their cocks. They fucked her mouths steadily
and both came in her mouth, shooting thick loads of jizz down her
throat, spattering her breasts and face with their seed.

At last they were done. They thanked her, kissing her gently and
got dressed. Anil shook their hands and they thanked him. He
handed them a small package.

"What's this?"

"A small token of our appreciation for your custom," Anil smiled.
"A videotape."

"What of?"

"Of this afternoon."

Aslam and Salim looked at each other and laughed. This was a real
pleasure. They thanked Anil again and left, chuckling happily.

"Okay, bitch, get cleaned up," Anil snapped at Nisha who still lay
on the bed. "Your next client is here."

"How much has he paid?"


Nisha nodded. She went to the bathroom, showered and douched, and
dressed in a fresh *sari*. When she returned to the bedroom, Anil
had laid out fresh sheets and her next client was waiting for her
already, a handsome young man with sharp features. Nisha smiled
and walked across to him. She knew him well. He was a regular

"Hello, Naresh," she said softly and, without another word knelt
before him and unzipped his trousers and buried her face in his
crotch, greedily swallowing his cock. She never tired of sex.
= o =


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