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Archived Sex Stories

Jam Of Tarts 08 Her Lover Her Master



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



She was very beautiful. Hansa had a quality that Jayant found
intensely erotic. Her face, her manner, her softly musical,
sibilant speech made men want to fling her to the nearest bed and
fuck her passionately. Her hair was thick and glossy with auburn
highlights. Her nose was fine and straight, her mouth full, wide
and sensual and her teeth even and strong. She had a firm-chinned,
oval face and her eyes were devastating, elongated, almond-shaped,
rimmed with *kajal*. She was of medium height, fair-skinned,
slender, stunningly curved. She had a long neck, around which she
wore the traditional symbol of her marital status, a
black-and-gold beaded *mangalsutra*. Her husband was a drunk and,
till Jayant put a stop to it, had forced her to whore for him, to
keep him in liquor. Now she rarely saw him. There were plenty of
other men in her life. Her long, graceful neck led to full
breasts, superbly shaped, like ripe mangoes, succulent and shapely
with long nipples in dainty bright aureoles. Her belly was firm
and flat and her hips flared to softly delectable buttocks that
closed around a particularly dainty, puckered anus in which she
especially enjoyed entertaining a thick, hard penis. Her arms and
legs were smooth, slender, nicely turned, and her hands and feet
were shapely and elegant.

Apart from the *mangalsutra *she wore a small silver nose-stud in
one nostril, gold earrings, finger-rings, bangles, anklets,
toe-rings. She had a wonderful posture: the spine dipping in a
delectable hollow down its length. Her body was curved like an
hourglass, sweeping from her shoulders to a narrow waist, then
opening out again to her hips and buttocks.

Her beauty was complemented by her enthusiasm and aptitude for
sex. Ordinarily, no man could pass her by without a second glance.
She was every man's genicon. In her, fortune brought fantasy to
truth: in bed, she was irresistible. There was magic in her
tongue, in her teeth, in her incredible fingers, between her legs.
Once aroused - which was often and easily - she could hold her
lover for hours together. Even in Jayant's world of incessant
debauchery, with its Olympian sexual standards, her prowess was

Jayant and she had been lovers since she was sixteen and he
twenty. He never tired of her, nor she of him. He regularly
commanded her to his bed and each time, he was filled with a sense
of delight at her eagerness and ability, the way she surrendered
herself to him without reserve. For her part, she loved him from
the first, as all his lovers did, for his gentleness, his
patience, his kindness and above all, for his awesome sexual

Hansa had taken lovers before, during and after her marriage, and
borne four children, none of whom looked alike, although they all
bore her unmistakable stamp. She herself could not have said with
any certainty who their fathers were. But, astonishingly, four
parturitions had done nothing to put surplus weight on her or to
deplete her fine figure.

She smiled gently at Jayant as he stepped out of the bathroom,
fresh from a shower, clad only in a thick white terry-cloth robe.
His jet black hair was slicked back. His cologne was quiet, but
entirely sensual. The robe was belted loosely about his waist and
she knew he was naked beneath. The thought of his warm, superbly
sculpted body excited her, and, involuntarily her lips parted.

His eyes smiled at her in return, bathing her in their limpid,
fluid warmth, beckoning, irresistible. She wore a light printed
*sari* with a *bindi* dotting the middle of her forehead. There
were small gold earrings in either lobe, and except her
finger-ring, anklets, bangles and *mangalsutra*, she wore no other
jewelry. She had deliberately worn the *mangalsutra* although she
had been sorely tempted to discard it, especially once she had
found an adequate and unending source of male companionship in
Jayant's household with a variety of men. But she had resisted the
temptation knowing well how it excited some of her lovers to feel
that they were fucking another's wife.

Now they were very close, their bodies almost touching. Silently
he took her by her slim waist and drew her to him. Her back never
failed to give him pleasure with its superb posture and erotically
hollowed spine, the smooth skin, like satin, the hollows above the
collarbone. His fingers were warm and strong on the naked flesh of
her bare midriff and she felt her innermost being throb with
pleasure at this merest of touches. Her breath shortened, and she
leaned her forehead against his chest, fighting for control. Even
after all this time, this man could make her feel like a wanton,
desperate slut, craving flesh in flesh.

She slipped her long, slender fingers under the lapels of his robe
and pulled it wide open, tugging open the knot, slipping the robe
off his massive shoulders. Her bare feet climbed his and now she
tingled in pleasure as she felt the enormous size and weight of
his penis against her belly. Her magical fingers glided over the
magnificent contours of his torso as, at last, she tilted her face
up to his, her lips fluttering open.

His eyes held hers for a long moment and the fires of her lust
danced in her eyes. Her nostrils were slightly flared and her
breath was warm and sweet on his face. She slid her arms up and
around his neck and arched her head, rising on her toes and he
bent his head to hers. His lips met hers and she stiffened at the
first, electric touch of his lips and then his tongue slid past
her lips and met hers in flickering reply.

She sucked on his tongue, on his lips, met his kiss in measure.
His hands were on the nape of her neck, caressing, sliding up and
down her slender frame, cupping her breasts. He slid the *pallu*
of her *sari* off her shoulder, unravelling it expertly. It
rustled to her feet and he tugged at the draw-cord of her
petticoat, letting that, too, drop. She was naked beneath that,
her cunt fuzz neatly trimmed in anticipation. One by one, he
flicked open the buttons of her blouse and she wriggled out of it,
finally naked in his arms, his for the asking, for the taking, to
be had and possessed and enjoyed at will. She murmured softly, her
eyes closed, arms taut about his shoulders as he tongued her ear
and sucked and nibbled on her earlobe. Her nipples stiffened
against his chest and she moaned softly when his big, strong hands
cupped her breasts with infinite tenderness. Her aureoles puckered
and her nipples grew longer and stiffer in his fingers, her body
going hot.

She took his face in his hand and kissed him hungrily, already
burning with lust. He had that effect on his women. Possessed of a
rapier-like mind of considerable renown in several distinct fields
of endeavour, he was also devastatingly handsome and impossibly
muscled. Clean-shaven and square-jawed, with a wide, clear brow
and a fine, aquiline nose he was often mistaken for a film star.
He had wide-set, deep, gentle eyes of a dark brown that could
change from ice to fire in minutes. His merest look could do to
women what lesser men - and his women had yet to meet one not
lesser - would have spent a fortune and hours, if not months and
years, to achieve. His mouth was wide and sensual without being
fleshy, the teeth very strong and white and even. He had high
cheekbones and slightly hollowed cheeks and a cleft in his chin.
His face was that of an outdoor man, used to long hours in
merciless sun, doing manual labour - rugged and tough, with every
feature honed, filled with strong sinew and deep reserves of
strength and power and speed.

His body matched his features in every respect. His shoulders were
immense, broad and deep and bulging with muscle. His back was a
superb, deeply sweeping, swooping ripple of musculature from
shoulder and arm to spine and beyond again. His neck was thick and
bullish with strength. The chest was immensely deep and heavy, the
pectorals like two huge slabs of rock, the cleft between them deep
and ridged with veins and muscles, the taut, dark nipples pulled
wide and low on either side. From his triceps, a continuous ridge
of muscle flew down the immensity of his chest in a mighty W to
its counterpart opposite. His belly was flat, and like a
washboard, the flesh marked with the rectangles of muscle. The
waist was narrow and small, the hips high and arrogant, the
buttocks taut and firm. His arms and legs were long and thick and
rounded and bulging with muscle, the feet and hands big and
powerful. His forearms were thick and ridged with veins, the
calves and thighs stronger than oak. There was no hair on his
torso anywhere; even the armpits were depilated. He took good care
of his body, and used it well - in combat, in play, in work.

Above all, there was his penis. It was a thing of beauty, a joy to
behold, a greater joy still for a woman to stroke and caress and
lick and suck and then be fucked by. Limp, it was bigger and
thicker and longer than most erections: it dangled a good ten
inches in length, over an inch and a half around, before a brace
of big, low, loaded balls that stored, she knew, an almost
unending cornucopia of delicious jizz. When erect, it would swell
to an awe-inspiring eleven-and-a half inches or more in length,
over two and a half around.

It sprang from a mat of cropped black curly pubic hair. He
regularly had one of his lovers shave the shaft all the way down
to the base. There were good reasons for this. For one thing,
there were some women with whom he performed on stage or on film
who could take his cock whole, when erect. Then, the sight of his
smooth, hairless penis glistening and throbbing, plunging in and
out of cunts, mouths, anuses added to the eroticism. But, more
important, he found it gave him greater satisfaction and allowed
him to gauge his lover's responses a fraction more accurately. It
was this attention to detail, to minutiae, that set him apart from
the rest and made him their leader. She loved it this way. She
loved him, every bit of him, every inch of his cock. True,
Kishore's was a tad bigger - but, as he himself readily admitted,
Jayant was by far his superior in matters lectual.

Now Jayant smiled in pleasure as Hansa bent her head and began to
suck on his nipples gently, her sharp, warm, moist tongue and
fierce teeth nibbling and suckling and toying with his nipples,
arousing them painfully. Meanwhile, her elegant fingers coiled
about the shaft of his cock and began to caress it expertly and it
swelled and thickened in her fist. She moved to the other nipple,
sucking hard, letting go, sucking hard again. He moaned and
murmured and caressed her face and the nape of her long neck, her
dangling breasts, finding them swollen and turgid.

Hansa slid lower, her lips at his belly, then lower still. Jayant
gasped when Hansa knelt before him, and, her breathing short, her
fist curling lovingly around his cock, her lips parting, her long
tongue snaked out over his cock-head and flickered across his

Hansa felt a thrill of pleasure at his response. She began to jerk
his cock slowly, licking and kissing his cock, sucking on his
balls, not yet giving him the satisfaction of her warm mouth. He
held her head in hands and tugged her mouth to his rampant penis.

"*Chul* ... *chul* Hansa ... *choos* ... *jorthi choos*!" he
gasped in Gujarati. "Suck it hard!"

At last, she relented, her face distending, cheeks hollowing as
she parted her lips wide to engulf him deep in her mouth. He
groaned, holding her head, looking down to watch her, fascinated
by the sight of his enormously swollen penis, now dark and
glistening, flecked with his pre-cum gunk emerging and
disappearing into her mouth. She licked his cock-head slowly,
sucked tenderly. The warmth, the moisture, the incessant sucking setting his loins aflame.

Her cheeks were distended with the size of his monstrous cock in
her mouth. The bangles tinkled on her slim wrists. Her head jerked
back and forth, the strands of the *mangalsutra* tossing on her
chest. Her *sari* was undone, her blouse open, her breasts, small
and firm bare, the long nipples hard as rock. He groaned as she
began to suck him off harder still, her head rocking back and
forth, drawing him deeper and deeper into her mouth, slurping
audibly on his cock. He grunted, fucking her face slowly, with
exquisite pleasure, moving her head with his hands to suit his
pleasure, moving it back and forth, back and forth.

Her fingers were now sticky and shining with his jizz. His balls
ached for release. He felt his jizz surge powerfully in his loins.
Her mouth was pure magic, warm and moist, sucking with an
insistent pressure. Her delicate tongue toyed and played with his
cock-head and shaft so adroitly that he was tempted to cave in and
let her drink his juice. He succumbed to the temptation. He fucked
her mouth rapidly, pumping his hips at her face, jerking her head
back and forth with one hand. She sucked him effortlessly and
hard, knowing what he intended and desiring it, too. He came
suddenly, spurting hot jizz into her mouth. She groaned in her
throat and swallowed his gunk, opening her lips wide and closing
her eyes, shaking his cock to spatter her face and breasts. She
licked her lips lasciviously and caught the dribbling gunk on her
cheeks and licked her fingers sensuously.

He grinned. His cock was still rock-hard and she knew he could
fuck her several times before he was sated. She sucked his cock
again and he fucked her face gently for a long time, till he was
finally ready for her cunt. He dropped to his knees beside her.
They kissed again, and he tasted the muskiness of his own jizz on
her lips and tongue as she responded hungrily, her arms curling
lovingly about his massive shoulders. He stripped her completely
and caressed her slender body tenderly. She quivered at his touch,
her large breasts growing hot and tight as he fondled them, her
thick, long nipples quivering exquisitely. Kneeling before each
other, they kissed and caressed one another. She moaned, her mouth
wide open, her eyes fluttering as thick rivers of passion rippled
through her body. He drew his finger along her slit and she
trembled, dying for something - anything - to fill it. Her
cunt-lips were sodden, the juices flowing and oozing warm and

He moved back with his legs folded beneath him, on his knees, and
made her turn around, her back to him. She understood at once the
position he desired to take and she turned about on her knees, her
thighs spreading wide. She backed herself onto his lap, one hand
on the floor before her, the other between their legs, holding his
rigid, throbbing cock delicately by the cock-head, guiding it to
her hole. She paused, trembling, with his burning cock-head at the
portals of her wet cunt. Tensing, her head arching, she squeezed
his cock-head into her slit. It was huge, distending her cunt-lips
painfully wide open, hot and throbbing, pulsating and vibrating
inside her.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She moaned in a low, lust-laden tone.

"Mm c'mon ... *chul* ... Hansa *chul* ..." he murmured softly, her
cunt like a furnace, hot and wet, clamping, sucking, spasming
almost uncontrollably on his penis.

She released his cock, and leaned forward on both hands now. They
paused for a long moment, savouring the exquisite delicacy of the
sensations in their loins. Her head was arched, her back and
lovely spine arched deeply inward, her buttocks flexed and taut as
her cunt spasmed and clamped and sucked hard on his cock. He
caressed her gently, his hands sliding up and down her flanks and
back and torso, making her shudder in delight. He reached around
her and caught her rigid, throbbing nipples, twirling them in his
fingers. His lips pressed hot at the nape of her neck, and her
face turned now to one side, her lips questing for his. He kissed
her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, fencing it with
her own. Their lips parted reluctantly, plucking at each other's,
and again his hands ventured over her slender body, exploring all
of it, now at her cunt-lips, fingering her clitoris, now between
her buttocks, lobing them open and teasing her puckered anus. She
moaned thickly, overcome with lust. Her hips began to writhe,
undulating and rolling in heavy, slow circles, churning her
cunt-flesh with his massive pestle. He gasped and leaned back on
his buttocks, his hands prising her buttocks apart, his eyes
rivetted by the sight of her expanding cunt-lips gyrating and
slowly descending on the monstrous enormity of his penis. Her
breath came in short, rasping gasps as her cunt sank and sank and
sank, slowly descending the length of his cock, his penis dark and
hard and thick and long disappearing inch by glorious inch into
her hot cunt. He pressed his thumbs between her buttocks and she
groaned as she felt the insistent pressure at her puckered anus.

Again she paused, and now only a good third of his cock still
protruded from her impaled cunt. Her shoulders hunched, her head
sagged and she gasped, her body heaving and shaking with tension,
her belly and loins on fire, her breasts hurting. His cock was so
big, so incredibly huge that she thought it would rip in her two
from head to cunt, it must surely pierce her and erupt from her
throat - and there was still more, and she wanted it all, every
little bit; both knew that she could take it; that she would.

Gasping, she began to move before him, rocking back and forth,
back and forth on her hands and knees. Her buttocks rose and fell,
rose and fell, her spine dipped and arched, her long *mangalsutra*
tossed and swung. His cock emerged and disappeared between the
lobes of her slim buttocks, her cunt rising up its length, then
slithering down again. His hands on her hips, he guided her
motions, keeping her rhythm steady. With each downward thrust, her
cunt slid down deeper and deeper on his cock. He himself did not
move, letting her do the work, knowing well what utter
satisfaction she derived from it.

Her buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly in a squeezing motion,
her cunt contracting powerfully on his penis. He grunted. Her
belly drew in with the strain and now she was moving rapidly,
jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth, back and
forth, up and down, faster and faster and faster.

"OH ... OHh ... uhh OHhhh ... Uhhhh ... OHhh ... uhh OHma uhhh
Ohma uhh OHhhhmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhhh ohhhh ... *saheb* ohhh
uhhh Ohhh ... OH ... Oh-OH- OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!" she went.

She was gasping and panting, her head now arching, now sagging,
now arching again, her voice ragged already. He fondled her
expertly, his own belly sucked in, his hips utterly still, his
head bent, watching her buttocks come down deeper and deeper onto
his cock. He pursed his lips, his nostrils flared, heat and jizz surging in his loins, his cock hard and hot and throbbing, the
thick veins standing out angrily along its length rasping against
her inflamed clitoris.

She reached down again with one hand, her long finger coiling
around the bulge of his shaft and the lower rim of his cock-head
as her cunt glided up and down on his penis. She held it with
elegance even then, at first with her fingers and thumb curled
beneath the cock-head, then with the forefinger along the
underside of the shaft, the other three fingers on the other side.
She fondled his cock, jerking and squeezing it with increasing
fervour, moving it round and round inside her hot cunt.

At last, she thrust down hard with a long, low cry and her cunt sank down deep, swallowing his penis smoothly to the very hilt.
Instantly, he held her pinned, and the breath hissed from her
fiercely clenched teeth. Again he fondled her breasts and kissed
her. Teetering on the brink of an orgasm, Hansa reared up, her
head flung back, her hands on her bent knees, her shoulders
stooped, hollows deepening above her collarbone, her body bucking
and jerking rapidly up and down, her gasps and moans rising and

Finally, he released her and she immediately resumed her rocking
and jerking motion, riding him hard and rapidly, her cunt rising
and falling, sliding up and down the gargantuan length of his
penis, which glistened as it emerged and disappeared between her

"Mmmm ... *hanh* ... c'mon ... Hansa *chul*!" he muttered thickly
behind her.

She orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploding in her head and he gasped
as he felt the hard spasm of her fiery cunt on his penis as she
came in one tidal wave after the other. She tensed, arching her
head, her body rigid with tension, her buttocks flexed taut,
squeezing painfully on his penis as the orgasm thundered through
her, leaving her panting and moaning and shuddering at the end.

Jayant held her gently as the spasms shook her body. She was
gasping and moaning thickly, shaking still with the rigours and
tremors. His cock was still rock-hard and swollen, throbbing
gently and patiently inside her - something that continued to
astonish her, no matter how often she slept with him. She knew
that he could fuck her repeatedly.

She gasped as he slid out of her slowly, his cock virtually
extruded from its position embedded deep in her cunt. For a
moment, as she remained there on all fours, letting him decide, he
was tempted by the wink of her anus. She especially enjoyed that
and he knew that he could not disappoint her; he would have to
fuck her ass before he was through. He decided against it for the
moment, and gently, he turned her over onto her back on the floor.
Mistaking his desire, her legs parted at once, welcoming him into
her flesh again.

He smiled at her and slid over her, kissing her gently at first,
then more deeply. She responded with a deep fondness and growing
urgency, her tongue fencing against her, sucking on his lips, her
hands busy between his legs. He broke from her and began to slide
his lips down her body. He paused at her swollen breasts, and she
gasped as his tongue swirled sexily over each nipple in turn,
flicking and rolling it this way and that. He scraped the nipples
against his teeth, rolled them in his fingers, pinched and then
kneaded the turgid, taut mounds. They felt hot and tight. He
parted his lips and her back bowed upward, hard, as he sucked sharply on one breast, her breath hissing from her throat in a
shuddering gasp. He nibbled the breast, sucked on the nipple,
plied it with his tongue, let go, resumed, let go, and then moved
on to the other and repeated it.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" She gasped thickly as he took her *mangalsutra* in
his lips and rolled the beads roughly over her hypersensitive,
aching nipples. She thought her breasts would burst, so hard and
taut were they, so full of lust.

Hansa felt her juices begin to ooze again, her body's lust heat
flaming, tongues of passion licking at her genitals and
breast-tips. Her entire body felt like one gigantic erogenous
zone. His hands were everywhere, between her legs, at her anus, on
her breasts, at her lips, everywhere. Jayant moved lower, his face
nuzzling her smooth, flat belly and the soft fuzz between her
thighs. Her cunt smelled musky and erotic and the cunt hair was
damp, clinging to her skin.

Hansa tensed as he burrowed deeper, her thighs splitting wide and
high, her mons arching eagerly. She loved being tongue-fucked. Now
he was bent deeply between her thighs, his face thrust forward at
her cunt. He clawed her cunt-lips open and she gasped sharply as
his hot breath and thick, rough tongue pierced her cunt. Her hips
jerked and heaved, spasming under his face and her fingers dug
into his hair, pinning him to her writhing loins. Her hips ground
round and round under his face and he tongue fucked her cunt now,
slowly and steadily, sucking and nibbling on her inflamed clitoris
and lapping at her oozing juices.

"OHHh ... *saheb-saheb-saheb* ... OHhhh ... uhhhh .... OHHh ...
uhhh ... OHhhh ... uhhh *hanh* ... uhhh ... AHHHHH!!" she went.

Her head was arched to one side, her mouth open, her neck craned
back and she was moaning and gasping, moving his head between her
legs, fondling her breasts, hissing and gasping thickly. Fires
roiled in her cunt and breasts, and she felt herself soaring
again. He sensed it, heard her cries rise in urgency and, master
that he was, stopped just in time. She moaned softly in
frustration. He bent over her and kissed her again, letting her
taste her own juice off his lips and tongue. It was incredibly

Now he rose to his feet again, making her kneel before him again
and suck his cock for a second time. Her hunger was apparent now
as she took him in deeply, sucking and licking his cock, jerking
it, sucking his balls, moaning deeply. Her hand went between her
legs and she started to masturbate while he fucked her mouth,
holding her head in his hands and rocking it slowly between his
gently pumping hips, his cock huge and dark and shining.

His balls surged afresh and he tugged at her again and drew her to
her feet. He turned her around again and pressed her forward and
she understood at once. This was a position both enjoyed. Standing
at the foot of the low, hard bed, Hansa bent forward and put her
palms flat on the counterpane, spreading her legs apart and
offering herself to Jayant for his pleasure. Her large, swollen,
taut breasts swung pendulous. The long *mangalsutra* around her
neck dangled low, rising high on the back of her long neck,
hitting her chin. Her cunt was moist and ready, waiting for him.
She raised one hand and thrust it between her legs, clawing her
cunt-lips open to receive his gigantic cock.

Jayant grinned in pleasure at the sight of her smooth, naked back
curving away from him, the superb sweep of it, with its gentle dip
in the spine, exciting him. He shuffled behind her, between her
legs, his rigid, throbbing, pulsating, fiery cock in his fingers
and rummaged between her buttocks. For a second, he considered
taking her ass, for she enjoyed that immensely. He would do so
later; for now he wanted nothing more than to immerse himself in
her cunt. Jayant smiled. Her cunt hair was neatly trimmed,
welcoming. He shuffled between her thighs, his cock in his hand
and slowly squeezed it between the twin orbs of her creamy,
outward lobing buttocks. She gasped audibly as he slid his
cock-head further down to her cunt- lips. Her mind and body
exulted in joy.

Slowly, Jayant squeezed his cock-head, just the cock- head into
her crack. Hansa moaned thickly, her head rising as she felt the
hard, throbbing heat of his cock. Her cunt sucked on it eagerly,
wanting more.

He held her by the hips and, flexing his buttocks taut, slid his
hips gently forward, skewering her cunt deeply, impaling her on
his penis. His cock slid into her easily and smoothly and he
gasped, flinging his handsome head back as her cunt spasmed
feverishly. Deeper and deeper it went, hot and hard and thick,
huge, burning, searing inside her. Again, she felt it would rip
her asunder, tear her in two and come out of her throat, so big
was it, so huge, so hot, so wonderful. It went deeper and deeper,
touching the rim of her belly, till at last it was fully encased
in her sopping wet, hot sheath, his thighs firm against her
buttocks. Hansa gasped, her eyes squeezing shut, biting her lower
lip as she felt the searing, electric heat of his cock-head pass
between her sopping cunt-lips, rasping against her clitoris.
Jayant gasped at her heat, the taut, hungry clamp of her cunt. He
eased in deeper still. Hansa's lips tore open in a low, shuddering
moan. Jayant went in further, inching his way deep into her belly.
His hands slid up under her and cupped her naked breasts, fondling
them gently. Her shoulders were hollowed. There was still a bit of
it that he wanted to stick into her. He gripped her shoulders and
rammed her down hard against his hips, burying himself fully into
now, his balls between her thighs. Hansa cried out sharply, biting
her lower lip in tension.

"Oh ma unhhhhh AHHHHHHH oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHHHH
OH-OH-OH-OH-unhh-OHHHH!" she cried.

Hansa moaned and rocked on her feet and hands, her butt writhing
and swaying at his hips. Jayant put his hands on her buttocks,
prising them apart, watching her cunt writhe and wriggle, her hips
swaying slowly, rocking back and forth, up and down the length of
his monstrous cock. Her heat grew and she began to move faster
still, moaning and gasping and crying out, her chains and bangles
tinkling and her breasts jiggling. He gripped them in his hands,
gritted his teeth, and began to fuck her at last with a loud gasp,
his head flung back, his hips thrusting forward uncontrollably,
wanting to dip his flaming cock in her juicy, wet cunt. He began
to move faster, sliding out, thrusting in, sliding out, thrusting
in, out, in, slowly at first, then faster and faster, driving the
breath from her in a series of loud, shuddering cries and moans
and grunts, *OHHh*'s and *UHHHHH*'s shooting out of her throat as
his cock rammed into her belly from all angles, finding spots no
man had before, her body rippling with a lust she had never known,
till suddenly, the stars exploded in her head and she gasped, her
pulse hammering in her head as she orgasmed wildly, her body
shaking and trembling, tensing and arching, still rocking back and
forth as he continued to plough into her hot furrow.

"OHHHhhhh uhhh OHh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhhh ahhhhh!" she cried,
delirious with joy.

He paused for a long moment, regaining control, and she knew then
that it was to be a long bout. She took several deep breaths, her
hips gently gyrating and swinging in slow, heavy circles, her cunt mashing itself on his pestle.

He straightened and held her hips again.

"*Chul rundi* ... *haveh chul*!" he grunted. "C'mon whore ... now
come on!"

He began to rock her on her hands and feet, back and forth, back
and forth, holding her hips to move her, his own hips pumping with
a steady, unhurried rhythm. She took over and began to move of her
own accord, her *mangalsutra* swinging in wider arcs, tossing and
flapping as she lurched and swung back and forth, back and forth,
back and forth, back and forth. Occasionally, they swung their
hips in circles, gasping as he took her deeper still, from all
angles. His cock glistened and shone, thick-veined and hard and
dark and hot, emerging and disappearing between the smooth lobes
of her buttocks, pranging her deep, sliding out, then pranging her
again. He moved masterfully, fucking her like a god, in absolute
control. Hansa moaned loudly, her body blazing with lust. Her head
was arched, her luscious lips drawn back in a rictus of passion,
exposing her perfect teeth. Her face was an effulgence of
pleasure. Her lovely eyes were half-closed, her slender nose was
flared and the breath rattled in her throat, making her voice
husky and erotic. Veins and tendons stood out in her throat, her
shoulders were tense and hollowed as she rocked and swung, moaning
and keening. His cock was like a hot blade in her womb, piercing
and skewering her without respite, relentless. His cock throbbed
and pulsed like an electric prod in her belly; she could feel the
hot blood and steaming jizz sizzle in the veins that stood out
angrily down its length, clamouring for release, rasping
delightfully against her inflamed, engorged clitoris, distending
her dripping cunt-lips wide, reaming deep into her very being.

"OHHHHHHHHH *sahebhanh* UHHHHHH *hanh* uhhhh ohhhma uhh ahhhh uhhh
ahhhh uhhh*hanh*uhhhh*Hanh*!!" she cried.

Jayant flung his head back, his fingers digging into her hips, his
belly now sucked in with strain, his hips sliding back and forth,
back and forth, crashing against her buttocks as he took her
harder and deeper and faster. He clenched his teeth, his breath
hissing softly, thickly, his superb, massive body cording with
tension, the muscles rippling.

"Uhhh ohhhh uhhh uhhh ahhhhhhh uhhhhhh *hanh* uhhh *chul* ...
*chul rundi chul* ... c'mon whore c'mon! H*anh* uhhhh *hanh* uhhhh
OHHHH uhh OHHHHH!" he grunted thickly, obscenely.

He began to alternate his rhythm without warning. After several
minutes of long, steady stroking he suddenly began to ram-fuck her
with deep, hard, rapid thrusts, pounding his hips savagely at her
cunt, building up steam, feeling his jizz swell his cock even more
as her cunt spasmed uncontrollably on it, hot and tight as a vice,
sucking taut and sharp. Just before he lost control, teetering on
the verge of an orgasm, he slowed again.

Hansa bit her lower lip, beside herself. Her breasts and nipples
ached for his touch, her cunt was a furnace. He caressed her
breasts and she moaned, writhing beneath him. Again he struck a
rapid, jack-hammer rhythm, reaming and ramming his cock deep into
her. Again he slowed. Hansa whimpered, her slender legs trembling
with the strain. Gently, Jayant let her sink to the floor, onto
her knees, going down with her so that she was kneeling now,
leaning over the edge of the bed, with him on his knees behind
her. She moaned softly, her face arching, her forearms along the
bed, long fingers scrunching the counterpane as he resumed his
lovemaking. Holding her slim hips, he began to rock back and
forth, back and forth, back and forth, his hands everywhere, under
her breasts, cupping and squeezing them hard, under her belly,
thumbing her clitoris, caressing her. His hips rocked slowly and
unhurriedly back and forth, back and forth, his nostrils flared,
the eyes glassy, grunting and panting heavily.

His enormous cock glistened as it stroked smoothly in and out, in
and out, in and out of her cunt, emerging and disappearing into
the hair rimmed folds of her cunt-lips. Her cunt was a hot, wet
vice that spasmed and clamped on his penis. His cock throbbed and
burned inside her, huge, impossible, his buttocks swinging now in
circles, taking her from all angles, finding the innermost
recesses of her being. She began to whimper and moan as he
expertly stoked her fires anew. Her body began to move with his,
rocking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth beneath
him. Her hips swung in pleasure, of their own accord, her buttocks
writhing and rolling under his hips, flexing and unflexing as he
ran his cock into her. Then she rocked back and forth, up and
down, her buttocks parting and closing as they swung up and down,
her body gently arching and bowing alternately beneath him, her
cunt sliding down, off his cock, then slithering back up to impale
itself on his throbbing member again. Her cunt contracted on his
penis and Jayant moaned softly in deep pleasure.

His rhythm quickened. Hers matched his pace, her buttocks now not
swinging or swaying but bucking and jerking rapidly up and down,
up and down, up and down, pumping and pounding at his jouncing
loins. Now he was pistoning rapidly in and out, in and out, in and
out, in and out of her cunt, biting his lower lip in tension, his
handsome head flung back, hands on her hollowed shoulders, jerking
her hard down onto his penis as he slammed into her. She began to
moan and cry out loudly as his cock plundered her flesh,
thundering in and out like a battering ram, going faster and
faster and faster still till he was pounding and reaming and
ram-fucking her cunt, his balls thumping against her slender

Jayant took pity on her and eased her forward onto the bed, onto
her hands and knees. Her strong, shapely feet, steeply arched were
pointed toe-down on the bed, the delicate silver anklets swinging.
He knelt behind her, his cock inside her and rock-hard still. She
was panting and moaning, almost sobbing with passion, desperate
for the release he would not give her. Her long, thick silken
tresses swung loose over one shoulder. He buried himself into her
cunt and pressed his lips to the nape of her neck, tongued her
ear, cupped and squeezed her hot, succulent breasts.

"Oh *saheb-saheb-saheb* ..." she whimpered, her hips writhing
uncontrollably, her body swaying and shaking, hot and feverish to
his magic touch. "Fuck me ... fuck me like a whore ... please ...
I beg you ..."

"I want you ... again and again ... I want your ass, too ..." he

She moaned and began to move again, moaning thickly, beyond
herself with lust and desire, her mind whirling insensate. Back
and forth she rocked, back and forth, back and forth, back and
forth, back and forth, back and forth, her cunt sliding up and
down, up and down, up and down the length of his shining penis.
Her buttocks flexed and unflexed, lobed outwards, his cock
glistening as her buttocks and hips rocked up its gargantuan
length then scrunched back down with a rasping sound.

He held still. There was still time. He stretched his hands down
and again caressed her turgid breasts gently, making her shudder
and moan even more loudly. He bent and kissed the nape of her long
neck, trickled his tongue down the sweet dip of her spine. Her
slender body was hot, burning.

"OHHHHhh saheb ...*hanh* ... uhhhh *hanh*!" she went.

To her relief, he relented at last and began to move again,
fucking her steadily and unhurriedly, stroking masterfully with
his hips, swinging them round and round, back and forth, round and
round, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, his cock
going in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Holding her
hips and moving her with him to suit his rhythm, his pleasure,
literally masturbating himself on her cunt, he gradually picked up
tempo as he let himself go, arching his head. Now his hips were
pumping furiously, with a kind of demonic energy and strength,
pistoning and pummelling her buttocks, plunging his skewer deep
into her, slamming into her cunt, ram-fucking her, going faster
and faster, harder and deeper, grunting and gasping.

She moaned louder still and began to orgasm at last, shivering
with tension, moaning and biting her lip, crying out loudly as the
sharp orgasm hit her again and again. He kept up his rhythm,
adding to the intensity of her orgasm, letting her feel the hard,
rasping length of his cock invade her again and again and again,
relentless in its magnificent power.

He paused and rose, going into a deep squat astride her, his hands
on the small of her back, pushing her body down deeper so that her
face was pressed to the bed, on its side. Her mouth was open in a
wide 'O' of lust, her eyes closed. He paused, his cock half in,
half out of her and then, with a loud, shuddering gasp, he sank
into her flesh again and she cried out, the breath rushing from
her throat in a rattling gasp, her neck arching, her body jerking
forward on the bed as the monstrous, wonderful instrument of joy
seared into her flesh. He began to move rapidly, pumping and
pistoning, his buttocks jouncing and bobbing swiftly up and down,
up and down, his belly sucked in with the strain, his mouth open,
eyes hooded, head flung back, holding her under him, his cock
rising and falling, shining, glistening, going in and out, in and
out, in and out, in and out, and again she felt herself soar high,
high, high, teeter on the verge and then spill over with a loud,
ululating, gasping moan and cry of wonder.

He waited patiently till the tension ebbed out of her and her cunt had relaxed its stranglehold on his penis. All the while, he
caressed her body lovingly, fondling her breasts, her cunt-lips,
her clitoris, her anus. There was nowhere his fingers did not
reach. Her body tingled and vibrated like a stringed musical
instrument in his fingers. Within minutes she was moaning with
renewed hunger.

"Ready?" he asked her at last, murmuring.

She gasped her assent. He slid out of her smoothly, his cock still
rock-hard and hot and turned her over onto her back. This was for
him, and both knew it. She succumbed to him willingly and without
hesitation, spreading her legs wide and lifting them high, coiling
them around the middle of his massive, powerful back. He bent over
her and she took his cock in her hands, guiding him to her
cunt-lips and gasped and arched steeply under him as his cock-
head breached the walls of her cunt and speared inward. This time
he penetrated her quickly and smoothly, his cock sliding in deep
like a hot knife into butter. She moaned as he went in and arched
under him. His head snapped back in delight and she gasped,
arching, her head upturned, back bowed, her long neck craned as
his cock went in deeper and deeper and deeper till she thought it
would surely rip her asunder, pierce her belly, come out of her
throat. She wanted him, she could not deny him. Her slender,
curved, fair-skinned body shone with sweat.

Their fucking cleaved through all social barriers and she was now
just a female of the species in deep heat, he a male in rut just
as though she were some whore for his pleasure. She gripped his
buttocks and hips tightly, her legs rising, winding taut about his
slim hips and waist. Her hands caressed his deep, hard, solid
chest, his thickly muscled, outstretched arms and coiled about his
thick neck. He bent his head and thrust his tongue into her mouth,
feeling her own respond in kind. He squeezed her heavy breasts,
the nipples nut-hard and stiff, then sucked on them. Hansa moaned.

He knew that she would respond superbly, that she would come
again, the next orgasm even better than the first. He bent over
her, his arms outstretched, his palms on the bed, his biceps and
triceps bulging powerfully. She dug her fingers into them in
tension, biting her lower lip, arching her face, her hips and
began to move under him, her hips heaving and jerking and writhing
heavily. He levered her thighs apart with his knees and then, for
the last time that evening, began to fuck his maidservant again,
taking her for himself now, finally intent on his own

He built himself up slowly, without pause, his mind focussing
utterly on the exquisite sensations that coursed through his
powerful loins, his balls aching for release. His hips rose and
fell, up and down, his cock going in and out, shining and hard and
hot. He fucked her with long, slow, caressing, wonderful strokes
at first, his cock sliding in and out, in and out, in and out,
slow and measured in tempo. Then he began to build up speed,
moving ever faster and faster and faster still, his hands raking
her slim legs wider apart and high, his buttocks rising and
falling rapidly, bobbing and bucking over her heaving hips, her
body jerking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth on the
bed, her head snapping from side to side in a frenzy of delight as
his cock seared inside her. He started to swing his hips in savage
circles with every downstroke, taking her from all angles,
piercing and probing and exploring every nook and cranny of her
dripping cunt. His cock seared and rasped and squelched into her,
twisting this way and that. Now they were both gasping and crying
out in unison.

"OHHh ... Hansa! Oh .... uhhh .... OHHH .... *hanh* .... uhh
*chul* ... *rundi* ... *chul* .... OHhhhh .... uhhhh come on,
whore! Take it!" he gasped, his handsome head flung back, his
dark, powerful body streaming with sex-sweat now.

"UHH ... OHHhhh ... uhhhh ... AHHHHH...uhhh...AHHHHH...uhhh
UHHHHHH ahhhhhAHHH uh OH-ma-uh-oh-ma-uh-oh-ma-uh-OHHHHH!" she
went, responding to him measure for measure.

He picked up speed smoothly till he was ram-fucking her again
with hard thrusting, reaming strokes, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing, bobbing and pistoning furiously. He let himself go,
arching his head back and grunting and gasping. Her body jerked
and lurched and arched with every thrust, her breasts jiggling,
the *mangalsutra* looped over one hot, swollen breast, her hips
bucking furiously up as his came crashing down, her legs
tautening about his hips as she drew him in deeper still. She
clenched his buttocks, prised them apart, and slid her finger
into his anus. He gasped, his mouth jerking open and she moaned
as he ground down powerfully into her, skewering her deeply.

"OHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHHH uhhh *hanh* UHHHh *hanh* uhhh
*hanhhanhhanh*!" he cried as she began to orgasm, moaning and
shuddering, jerking and spasming under him.

Once, twice, three, four, five ... a dozen times he thundered into
her, reaming deep into her with a savage, cruel twist and roll of
his hips that made her arch and cry out, rolling down deep into
her, pausing, then ram-screw-spiralling down again and again. He
went faster and faster and faster, and Hansa moaned and began to
orgasm again, gasping and mewing and crying out. This time,
seconds after she exploded, she heard him growl deeply and felt
him thrust into her again and again and again, harder and deeper
and faster, pausing and quivering and stiffening at the end of
each thrust, till at last he could hold back no more and relented.
Bending his head, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he
exploded. She felt him quiver and tense, embedded deep inside her
and then came the awesome flood of his jizz, a copious, never
ending deluge of white hot spunk that burned like angry tongues of
fire into her sopping slit and oozed thick and warm over her

Trembling and shaking, her slender legs unwound from around his
hips. Jayant kissed her lingeringly, exploring her mouth with his
tongue. His cock was still hard. She groaned softly as he bent his
head to her breasts. He was utterly relentless. He would fuck her
for as long as she wanted. He moved his hips slightly, and she
murmured as his cock stroked gently in her cunt.

"Again," she murmured, tonguing his ear lasciviously. "Fuck me

He rolled over with his cock still inside her and swung her
astride his body. She straddled his hips and adjusted herself till
she was in a deep squat over his lap. Her feet were on the bed on
either side of his hips, her legs steeply bent. Her hips sank and
sank and sank and he groaned as her cunt swallowed his cock. She
gasped, biting her lower lip, her shoulders hunched, her head
arching back. He slid his hands up over her breasts. Gently,
steadily, she began to move, rocking up and down on his cock. Her
cunt slid up and down the length of his shaft. He groaned, pumping
his hips rhythmically under her. She gasped softly as he fingered
her anus and her clitoris alternately. Her hips began to gyrate.
He kept up his steady rhythm and now he held her buttocks and
moved her on his cock, forcing her down deeper and deeper. She
cried out deliriously, in unbridled joy. She whimpered and bent
forward, her hair framing her lovely face in a fine sweep,
cascading down her front, caressing his chest, smiling gently. Her
face and body were dotted with beads of sweat. She slowed her
motions and shuffled her legs backward to kneel astride his lap,
deeply impaled on his cock. Her hair tumbled onto his torso. He
caressed her lovely face and she murmured softly, kissing his
fingertips. He caressed her large, swollen breasts, kneading them
gently so that she shivered in excitement.

Jayant took his time over it, never hurrying, gently coaxing her
to a long, slow, intense orgasm. Hansa groaned and gasped as it
hit her. This time, he pulled her down deep onto his cock and with
a shuddering cry, exploded yet again, spattering his jizz deep
into her cunt. Whimpering her pleasure, she leaned over him and
kissed him deeply and gently, her heavy breasts hot on his chest,
her body tacky against his.

"Now," she whispered, licking his nipple. "Now fuck my ass."

Jayant eased her off his lap and she slithered down his body,
kissing and licking it hungrily and sucked his cock again. He
craned his head to watch her. She held his upright penis and
licked its shaft slowly, her mouth wide, her fingers sticky with
his jizz, her eyes smiling lasciviously at him. He watched as she
rose to squeeze her breasts over it.

"God, I love your cock," she muttered, squeezing his penis into
her tight tit-sheath, and he felt her rigid nipples ripple up and
down his shaft.

Slowly, the lovely creature drew his penis into her mouth again
and Jayant groaned and arched his head in pleasure, spreading his
legs so that she could lick and tease his tight little anus, suck
his balls. Her tongue and lips were fiery, erotic, relentless, and
the heat surged in renewed hunger in his loins. Jerking his cock
adroitly, she sucked his cock rapidly, her head bucking up and
down over his groin. When he was ready, he pushed her head away.

Smiling happily, her chest heaving with excitement, Hansa slid up
his body to kiss him, feeding her breasts into his mouth. He
squeezed them together and sucked on them sharply, making her
groan. Then she rolled off him and turned on her front in a
*namaz* pose, with her shoulders on the bed, her knees bent, her
buttocks and thighs forming a great obtuse V, and lifted her
buttocks high for his pleasure. Kneeling behind her, Jayant smiled
and caressed her fair, naked body gently, his hands roaming over
her buttocks and in her crotch and up to her breasts. Hansa
shivered and spread her thighs open. Jayant reached for a jar of
lotion by the bed and, tipping some into his palm, anointed his
cock lavishly. It glistened, thick and hard and smooth. He smeared
some lotion on her anus. Hansa trembled, tensed, her face turned
to one side.

"Do it," she muttered. "Come on, *saheb*, fuck my ass ... do it!"

Jayant rose in a deep squat astride her hips and, pulling her
buttocks open, pressed his enormous cock-head to her anus. Hansa
tensed as she felt its heat, the insistent pressure. He cupped her
breasts and she relaxed and yielded and his cock-head burst into
her rear channel. The breath ripped from her throat in a rattling
cry, and her face contorted in a rictus of lust, her teeth bared,
her lips drawn back. Jayant's head snapped back and he gasped in
joy as her hot, tight asshole convulsed frenetically on his cock.

"Oh fuck yes!" he cried.

He paused, waiting patiently till she had regained some control,
adjusted to his size. Her breathing steadied somewhat, though
still ragged, and then, gently, he eased himself into her anus.
Hansa whimpered, a cry of pure pleasure now, as the enormous penis
drilled into her asshole, skewering her anal flesh.

Jayant sodomised the maid slowly and unhurriedly and gently,
pushing and squeezing his cock deeper and deeper into her, till he
was fully buried in her convulsing asshole. The breath rattled
from her throat in choking, heaving gasps. Her anus and cunt burned with lust. Jayant paused, enjoying the frantic squeezing of
her rear channel on his monstrous penis. Hansa whimpered

"Is it too much? Shall I stop?" His words were gentle and he
caressed her back and breasts tenderly.

It was the last thing she wanted. "For heaven's sake, don't," she
gasped. "Whatever you do, don't stop!"

Jayant smiled happily and waited patiently. Hansa's breathing
steadied gradually.

"Tell me when you're ready," he murmured. "I can wait."

She nodded in gratitude, moaning and whimpering. Then, as the
lustfires drowned the initial discomfort, her buttocks began to
grind and sway under his. He was a master of the art of amation
and instantly, he began to move, gently sliding his penis out of
her ass. Hansa gasped at the sudden release in pressure. Further
and further he retreated, and her buttocks rose with his groin, as
if unwilling to part company. When just his cock-head was still
within her anus and she was gasping and moaning, he slid his hips
smoothly forward again. The clean-shaven, lotion-anointed penis
slid easily into her anus again. Hansa gasped and lurched forward
under his thrust. He bent and squeezed her breasts, crushing them
in his hard palms.

"Oh god yes ... fuck me ... fuck my ass! Fuck me, *saheb* ... do
it!" she moaned.

Jayant butt-fucked the maid slowly and lovingly, stroking his cock
gently in and out of her ass. She gasped and cried out, moaning
and whimpering, rocking and jerking under him, begging for him
never to stop. He went on and on, fucking her ass for a good
fifteen minutes, in which time she passed through half a dozen
violent orgasms as he fondled her clitoris with two fingers,
squeezed her breasts, and rocked deep into her anus. Her body
rocked and jerked and swung under his. Her face was contorted in a
rictus of lust. Her pendulous breasts swung and her *mangalsutra*
slid up and down her neck. She bent more steeply, lifting her
buttocks higher, spreading her legs wider and he straddled her
hips and bent over her like a hairpin, understanding her need. His
hips began swinging faster and faster and her face twisted and
contorted, her eyes shut, her mouth torn open, moans and gasps and
loud cries ripping from her throat as his penis pistoned and
plunged in and out her anus, plundering her flesh.

"OHHHHH YES YES YES Ohhh god yes ... Fuck me! Fuck my ass,
*saheb*, do it!" Hansa gasped.

Jayant pressed his lips to the nape of her neck, tongued her ear.
She twisted her face to his and he thrust his tongue into her
mouth, gripping her breasts and squeezing hard. She writhed under
him, her buttocks squirming against his loins as his cock went in
and out of her cunt. Faster and faster he moved, his thighs and
balls slapping at her buttocks, his cock glistening as it went in
and out of her ass, emerging and disappearing between the curves
of her buttocks, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips
bucking and bobbing. In and out, in and out he went with a rasping

"God, you're fantastic," he gasped, his tongue hot in her ear
again. "I want to fuck you forever."

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes!"

"C'mon ... take it ... take it whore ... take it!"

"Ohhh yes! Fuck me! Yes, *saheb*, yes! Fuck my ass, *saheb*,

Her body was slippery with sweat, and smelled sweetly musky and
erotic. He moved faster, arching his head, his handsome body
cording with strain, his hands on her hips and the small of her
back, moving her body back and forth under his. He groaned, his
eyes half-closed and rocked in and out of her faster and faster.
Thrusting a hand under her belly, he fingered her gorged clitoris.
Hansa exploded violently and her anus convulsed helplessly on his
pistoning penis. Her hips swayed and ground and writhed against

At last, he relented and, sliding smoothly into her, held fast,
quivering in pleasure, sighing in satisfaction as the heat erupted
from his cock and spewed into her ass. Still ejaculating, he slid
smoothly out of her, making her gasp at the sudden release of
pressure. His cock spurted jizz over her buttocks and thighs and
back. He spattered her anus, sticky and lubricated, with more
jizz. Hansa bit her lower lip and groaned softly. His cock was
still erect and he squeezed it slowly back into her asshole. She
gasped, lurching and falling forward. Her body sank and he
descended with her, his cock impaling her anus. She groaned and
writhed, pinned under him and he fucked her ass again for a few
minutes, slowly pushing his cock in and out of her asshole, his
groin slapping at her buttocks. Hansa gasped, her face contorting,
her face writhing as the enormous penis seared and burned in her
rear channel. Jayant thrust his hands under her body and crushed
her breasts. Bent over her, he nuzzled the nape of her smooth,
long neck, tongued her ear. Hansa whimpered and sucked greedily on
his tongue when he kissed her. Gently, he eased out of her anus.
She moaned in delight under him and he squeezed his cock into her
cunt again. She was wet and hot and ready and eager for him.

"Yes," she whimpered. "Fuck me again, *saheb* ... don't stop
fucking me."

She stretched her legs and lay flat on her front on the bed.
Jayant grunted and rose on powerful outstretched arms, spreading
his legs wide on either side of her body. Lifting himself on his
toes, he paused, his muscles taking the strain of the position
smoothly and easily. Then he took a deep breath and with a deep
sigh of pleasure, flexed his buttocks slowly and let his hips
sink. His cock ran into her cunt like a hot knife into butter.
Hansa gasped, her face twisting and contorting in joy and her
buttocks jerked and rose up to meet his cock in descent. He
plunged into her cunt, going in deeper and deeper, his head
arching slowly and then, with his cock deep in her cunt, he
paused. Hansa groaned, her body arched, tensed, her buttocks
lifted high. Then he lifted up out of her and she gasped at the
slow, exquisite release in pressure; and then his hips sank again
and his cock pierced her flesh. Again and again, and in and out
and soon he hit a rhythm with deep, long, penetrating thrusts,
plunging his cock in and out of her cunt. Hansa gasped and cried
out and moved with him like a thoroughbred.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma Ohhh unhhh!" she gasped.

Faster and faster he moved, his body rocking up and down, his
groin and thighs slamming and slapping at her quivering, bouncing

"Ohhh fuck yes! Take it! Take it, whore! Take my cock, whore!" he

Faster and faster he went, hammering greedily at her creamy flesh
and she writhed and thrashed under him as the fires grew and
spread, moaning and gasping as her orgasm loomed and approached, a
fireball in her head. His buttocks bounced furiously, his hips
snapped and swung up and down and now he was ramming and reaming
madly into her, panting and gasping, reaming his enormous cock
into her cunt. Her orgasm broke and instantly, he jerked out of
her, making her gasp and cry out in shocked disbelief. He dropped
to his knees, jerked her hips up and, opening her buttocks, pushed
his cock into her anus in a long, smooth thrust. Hansa's mouth
tore open and she shrieked softly, her anus and cunt convulsing
frantically as the huge penis ran into the hot clonic tightness of
her anus. Jayant stroked slowly in and out of her anus till her
orgasm passed and then he slid out of her and turned her on her
back. Pulling her legs wide apart, lifting them high, folding her
body in half, he bent over her and entered her again. Hansa moaned
deliriously and squeezed her breasts in frantic excitement.

"Ohhh god yes!" she cried, her body hot and trembling with lust.
"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, *saheb*! Fuck me hard! *Chodho mhane* ...
*jorma chodho*!"

Jayant fucked her for another hour or more, relentlessly driving
her from one orgasm to another, till she was soaked in sweat,
whimpering and gasping, totally drained. He came repeatedly, in
her cunt, in her mouth, in her anus again, over her breasts and
belly. No matter what he did, she was unable to resist. The joy
was indescribable, beyond compare. But then, that was to be
expected of this man, her lover, her master, her god.
= o =


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