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Archived Sex Stories

Jam Of Tarts 10 The Directors Cut



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



Jayant's vigorous and demanding fucking only whetted Falu's lust.
That evening, as she watched a new pornographic movie on the
state-of-the-art laser disc home entertainment system, memories of
the afternoon aroused her. The television screen was gigantic and
the unit was rigged to an array of eighteen speakers. The picture quality was pinsharp, the sound of the highest fidelity; not one
expression was lost, not one intake of breath went unheard.

The film was the latest Hedon & Venery production and, as usual,
was of exceptionally high quality with sizzling, steamy sex. The
camera work was superb, unobtrusive yet completely invasive,
probing and delving, revealing every conceivable detail to view.
The female lead was played by a newcomer, anxious to make it to
the silver screen and willing to use the casting couch route to
get there. Her name was Manisha and she had a gorgeous face and a
stunning body. There were several other regulars from Hedon &
Venery's stables in supporting roles. Falu herself featured in at
least three sequences.

In the film, Falu played Manisha's sister. Another sex goddess
from Hedon & Venery, Anjali, was Falu's closest friend. Manisha's
husband was played by Mohan, a handsome, muscular youth who was
one of Hedon & Venery's studs.

Falu, dressed in white *saris* with a long *mangalsutra*, was the
image of a sedate young widow in lifelong mourning. Her makeup was
carefully understated, only her eyes lightly rimmed with *kajal*
and a small *bindi* dotting the middle of her forehead. She looked
devastating in the film, especially because her white blouses were
of some fine, translucent material that showed the swell and
contours of her breasts. The necks were cut in low, wide plunging
scoops that revealed most of her deep, inviting cleavage. She was
evidently without underwear and the stiff stubs of her nipples and
the dark shadows of her aureoles were clearly visible through the
fine material of the blouses. They were tight and short, the lower
hem cut high, running hard under her breasts so that they jutted
out like succulent fruit, straining at the taut material and
leaving a wide expanse of her fair midriff naked. Her long
*mangalsutra* dangled low, curved over her breasts, its
twin-cupped amulet resting on her bare belly. The *saris* were
slung low above her buttocks and in front, well under the navel,
high on the hips. If Falu was a widow, she was without doubt the
most outrageously sexy one in town.

Anjali was a dusky, voluptuous, heavy-featured woman with large
breasts and flared hips, full, sensual lips over pearly teeth, and
large, laughing, *kajal*-rimmed eyes. In real life, Anjali was a
lawyer, Jayant's colleague; by inclination she was a whore; in
reel life, she was a sexually insatiable young woman.

The sequence Falu was watching now was especially steamy. Manisha
was shown standing at the door of a room, her eyes red with tears,
her hand to her mouth, watching Falu and Anjali in the bedroom,
Manisha's bedroom.

By the high handsome teakwood four-poster bed, Mohan and Falu were
kissing hungrily. She writhed against him, sucking his tongue
eagerly, feverishly undoing his shirt, kissing his chest, licking
his small, hard nipples. He pulled off the *pallu* of her *sari*
and slowly plucked open the buttons of her blouse. She had nothing
on under it. He pulled it wide and dragged his hands heavily over
her heavy, swollen breasts. Falu moaned, arching her pretty face,
shuddering in pleasure, her eyes fluttering. Whimpering, she
slipped to her knees before Manisha's husband. Groaning loudly,
she undid his trousers. They slipped to his feet and his long,
thick penis, still limp, hovered before her face. Falu moaned and
kissed it, caressing the long, thick shaft, slowly pumping it. Her
eyes half-shut, her face tilted slightly to one side, Falu rolled
back his foreskin and, opening her mouth, ran her tongue
sensuously over the bulging cock-head. Mohan sucked in his breath
and, opening his shirt, knotted its ends above his belly. He
fondled her face. His cock swelled rapidly, ballooning, hardening,
thickening, lengthening. Falu groaned and took his cock-head in
her mouth and began sucking him languorously, her head sliding
back and forth between his legs. Mohan groaned as he fucked her
face, pumping his hips back and forth, rocking his head in her

The camera cut to a shot of Manisha's ashen face. Her eyes were
wide, mesmerized and tears brimmed, glistening on her lovely
lashes. Her lips trembled and shook.

Back in the bedroom, on the bed, Mohan was fucking Falu, the
widow. Bent on her hands and knees before him, she moaned and
gasped in pleasure. Her body swung back and forth, her succulent
breasts swinging, her long *mangalsutra* slithering along the rich
linen. Her hair was in a tidy bun, caught in a net; her lovely
face was upturned, suffused with lust, the eyes hooded, the
nostrils flared, her lips parted in a wide 'O'. Mohan, a
wide-shouldered, hard-bodied handsome devil with a muscular
physique and hairless torso and an enormous nine-inch penis, knelt
behind her. Holding her waist, he moved her body back and forth
and pumped his hips rhythmically at her buttocks. His thighs
slapped audibly against her buttocks and his swollen penis
glistened and shone as it squelched wetly in and out of her cunt.
He grinned down at her, sliding his hands up her body to cup her
pendulous breasts. Falu whimpered and moaned, writhing erotically
against him.

"Mm ... yes ... ohh yes ... yes ... fuck me! Fuck me hard lover,"
she moaned.

"Take it ... take it whore! Take my prick!" Mohan grunted.

The camera moved up and down their bodies, lingering in close-ups
of his penis sawing steadily in and out of her cunt, appearing and
disappearing between the curves of her buttocks; then trolleying
up slowly to her breasts in his hands, upward to her face. It cut
to a shot of Manisha's beautiful face, the red-eyed,
swollen-lipped pain slowly giving way to a look of cold anger. Her
lovely eyes swivelled and the camera snapped to another corner of
the room.

There, Anjali was fucking one of the house-servants. He lay on his
back and she knelt over his lap, her cunt impaled on his cock,
rocking up and down, gasping and moaning feverishly. Her gold
necklace slapped on her dusky skin. Her large breasts, swollen
with excitement, the long nipples stiff, bounced with her
movements. The servant, a dark, handsome youth with a muscular
physique and big penis, grinned up at her and squeezed her
breasts. She moaned, leaning back to caress his balls, hissing in
pleasure as he fingered her clitoris. She looked down at him,
smiling radiantly, swirling her hips in tight, round, erotic

"Fuck yes ... oh fuck yes Ohhhhhhh yes!" Anjali gasped. "Oh that's
so good!"

She moved faster and faster, grinding her hips round and round on
his lap, churning her cunt with his cock. Her face contorted with
excitement and she squeezed her breasts in a frenzy. The young servant grunted and bucked his hips up and down under her. The
camera swirled behind and moved to a close-up of Anjali's buttocks
flexing and unflexing, her cunt sliding up and down the length of
his monstrous penis, the cock emerging and disappearing from her
cunt. She moved faster and faster, and her anus winked as her
buttocks opened and closed. The man gripped her buttocks and began
jerking her up and down on his cock. His balls bucked against her
buttocks and she leaned back to squeeze them in excitement. Her
buttocks bounced off his thighs.

The camera cut to a close-up of Manisha's face, her eyes hard and
cold, a determined smile playing on her lips. She was dressed in a
loose white button-down shirt of some fine material that clung to
her splendid curves, and a long skirt. She cupped her breasts slowly, her hands meeting in her cleavage, little fingers
together. The camera backed away a little and showed her in the
corridor looking in. Across the door, on the other side of the
passage, another servant appeared, moving away. He paused, looked
up. Manisha caught his eye and a delightful, gamin smile lit her
face. She beckoned to him, her finger on her lips signalling
silence and motioned to him to look inside. The servant, a dark,
sturdy young man with fine features, clad in shorts and a vest,
peeked in. A grin split his handsome face, showing very white,
very even teeth. The camera moved between them and entered the
room again.

On the couch, Falu sighed to herself, feeling very horny. She
remembered the wonderful fucking during filming - not one orgasm
was faked - and, more recently, of that afternoon. She needed a
man. She jabbed a button on a red intercom telephone. It was
answered promptly.

"Yes, this is three-oh-five. I want to speak to driver Lewis,
please." A minute later, "Lewis? This is Falu. Would you come up
please? I want to fuck. No, just you. Your friend can come up

She cradled the receiver and, smiling to herself, looked at the
screen again. Manisha and the servant were still watching the
others, but now he was beside her, behind her, close to her,
caressing her. She turned her face up and he kissed her, his hand
on her breast, her hand in his crotch.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "I want your cock in my slit."

The servant grinned. "What about them?"

"Look at them. Who cares?" Manisha said. "Forget them."

"Where d'you want to go?"

"Her room," Manisha pointed to Falu.

The camera snapped to a shot inside the room. Now Falu and Anjali
had swapped partners. Falu was on her back on the bed with the
servant, while Anjali and Mohan were at it on the floor. Falu
gasped and cried out, her back arching, her hips writhing and
heaving, her body jerking and rocking. The handsome servant,
Deepak, bent over on outstretched arms, his body weight on his
toes, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips rocking up and
down, his penis plunging and pistoning in and out of her cunt. She
clung to his shoulders, gasping in pleasure, her head rolling from
side to side, her long *mangalsutra* slithering on her fair skin.
Her legs opened wider and her feet climbed up the backs of his
thighs. She clenched his buttocks, dragging him deeper into her

"C'mon c'mon c'mon fuck me fuck me fuck me," she moaned in an
obscene litany. "Oh yes yes ohhh god yes yes fuck me lover fuck me
fuck my slit!"

The camera lingered on their bucking bodies, both glistening with
sweat. Deepak bent his head and kissed her deeply, thrusting his
tongue into her mouth and she moaned loudly, clenching his head,
her arm around his shoulders, the other hand sliding down to his
buttocks, a finger pressing to his anus. The servant groaned and,
sucking her swollen breasts, ground his hips in circles,
spiralling deeply into her. Falu gasped in pleasure, arching her

On the floor, Anjali, was on all fours, gasping and panting, her
body rocking back and forth as Mohan, kneeling behind her and
fucked her cunt with deep, skewering thrusts. She moaned delirious
obscenities, and his cock ground in and out of her flesh. Her
breasts were swollen and turgid and they swung heavily with their
motions. She whimpered thickly, her head rising. The young man grunted softly and, holding her hips, jerked her cunt back and
forth on his cock rapidly, making her gasp and cry out.

"Oh yes oh yes oh yes Ohhh yes!" she cried.

"C'mon take it, take it bitch, take it!" he responded.

The bell rang. Falu got up to answer it, letting the movie run on.
Lewis was at the door. He smiled at her and then grinned over her
shoulder at the screen.

"New flick?"


"Great. I'd like to watch."

"You do that."

"Yeh. And you get busy."

"Doing what I like best."

Lewis grinned at her and gripping her head in one hand, jammed his
mouth to hers. Falu moaned and squirmed against him. He squeezed
her breasts and her buttocks. She writhed erotically against his

"Real hot, aren't you, whore?" he growled.

"God yes," she whimpered. "Oh god yes!"

She was wearing a transparent synthetic gown tied loosely at the
waist and he pulled it open now and cupped her breasts. Falu
moaned softly and undid the buttons of his tunic. Bending her
head, she kissed and licked his chest, deep and muscled and
hairless, slowly slithering lower to her knees before her
chauffeur. He grinned down at her.

Whimpering in excitement, she opened his trousers and drew out his
penis. It was eight inches long, still limp, and correspondingly
thick, with heavy, low balls. Moaning softly, Falu jerked it in
her fist and then took it in her mouth and started sucking his
cock greedily and rapidly. Lewis groaned thickly and his cock
ballooned swiftly in her mouth. It felt wonderful to have her
teeth and tongue on his cock, her soft lips encasing his penis,
her mouth sucking insistently. Holding her head with one hand and
rocking it back and forth, he fucked her face slowly, pumping his
hips at her head. He looked up at the television set.

On the screen, the movie ran on. Now all four were on the bed.
Anjali was on her knees, kissing Deepak, who fondled her breasts and cunts with his hands while he fucked Falu on her back. Falu's
face was turned to one side and she was sucking the Mohan's cock.
Her body twisted and writhed and bucked and jerked feverishly on
the bed. The room filled with their grunts and gasps and groans.
Falu slid a hand down her belly and splayed her cunt-lips wide to
receive Deepak's penis. Her hips bucked and heaved rhythmically as
the huge penis sawed in and out of her flesh. With her other hand
she jerked Mohan's penis, sucking it greedily, her face distended
by its size. The man grunted and caressed her breasts, twining his
fingers in her *mangalsutra* and rubbing the thick beads over her
rigid nipples, making her moan. Deepak crushed Anjali's breast and
then, grinning, jammed his hand in her crotch. She gasped, arching
her head and he started masturbating her rapidly, thrusting three
fingers in and out of her cunt.

The camera craned upward to the ceiling, and took a shot of the
corridor on the other side of the dividing wall of Manisha and the
other servant, Hari. The camera craned down into the corridor.

Manisha's blouse was unbuttoned and she was on her knees sucking Hari's penis. His shorts pulled down to his ankles, his vest
rucked up his belly, he fucked her face happily and slowly,
gasping and grunting, rocking her head back and forth with both
hands, pumping his hips at her mouth. Manisha's pretty face was
distended with lust and the size of his penis. She gripped his
shaft in one fist, pumping it steadily as her head moved back and
forth and round and round between his thighs. He caressed her
pretty face, squeezed her succulent breasts. She moaned, her eyes
half-closed, sucking and licking lasciviously.

The camera lingered for a while in a close-up of her sucking his
cock, showing the lust on her face, her tongue working the
cock-head lasciviously, her lips glistening with pre-cum gunk, her
excitement evident from her glassy eyes and flared nostrils. His
penis was long and thick and dark, smoothly shorn down to the
base. The camera cut to his face, his head bent to watch her, his
mouth hanging open, moaning soft obscenities.

"C'mon whore suck it! Yeh! Suck my prick, bitch!" he grunted.

Manisha was very pretty. She had a lovely oval face with a fine
nose, high cheekbones, soft, limpid, elongated eyes lined with
*kajal*, full, sensual lips and white teeth. Her hair was thick and glossy with a fine sheen to it. Her long neck led to full,
high, ripe breasts with a beautiful, inviting cleavage. Her
nipples were long and stiff, prominent in small, bright aureoles.
Her belly was firm and flat and her waist was neatly nipped in;
then her hips flared smoothly to firm buttocks and slender,
shapely legs. Her wrists and ankles were sexily slim and her hands
and feet were superbly formed, delicate and long. Falu had little
doubt that she would become a major star. Her face was incredibly
mobile and she could move from heart-rending tragedy to sparkling
laughter to steaming, raw sexuality with effortless ease in
seconds. For instance, there was no doubt that she was genuinely
aroused by the sex now and that she enjoyed sucking cock. Yet, the
pain and horror in her eyes just minutes before when she watched
Falu and Anjali was equally undeniable.

If she made it, no one would be more pleased than Jayant. With
Manisha, he would achieve a clean sweep, a grand slam, a
hat-trick; for then, the top three movie stars of the country
would all owe their success to him. Before Manisha, Juhi and,
before her, Madhuri, had both emerged from Hedon & Venery stock;
and they, too, had performed, sucked and licked and fucked their
way to the very top. Their gratitude to Jayant was profound - both
Juhi and Madhuri returned to the Apistia with unfailing regularity
and gave thanks in the one way it would be most appreciated - they
performed free, on stage and in select films, servicing choice
clients. Manisha would soon join them.

For now, though, she was just another porn queen. The camera lingered a while longer on her sucking the servant's penis and
then circled around and went through into the bedroom again. The
bed was covered with writhing flesh and tangled limbs and the
camera moved slowly inward, closing in on its prey.

"Hey, this is great stuff," Lewis said to Falu.

"Mm," she murmured, still sucking his cock. "Cum in my mouth if
you like."

"Yeah. Maybe. Just keep sucking, babe," he murmured dreamily. "Yeh
... nice and slow ... yeh, that's it ... just so I can keep
watching the flick."

Lewis pulled off his tunic and flung it across the room. He pushed
her head away and, without looking back, walked quickly to a deep
sofa in front of the television set and flung himself onto it.

"C'mere, whore," he muttered. "C'mere and suck my prick."

Falu followed obediently, dropping her gown. Getting on the sofa,
she knelt beside him and bent her head over his lap, her swollen
breasts hanging like succulent fruit. Lewis grunted as her lips
slipped around his cock again. She started sucking his cock
heavily and deeply, jerking it deftly in her fist. The chauffeur
caressed her breasts and back and, watching the movie, slid a hand
down her back to her buttocks. Falu whimpered and her legs spread
open. Lewis slid a finger into her cunt and started masturbating
her gently and unhurriedly. Falu sighed in pleasure. His cock was
hot and hard, filled with tangy, heady, musky juice. She loved the
taste of it, and felt she could suck it forever, would never tire
of it. She ran her tongue around the swollen cock-head. Her lips
and gums tingled with his pre-cum gunk.

In the movie, she was back with Mohan again. Now he lay on his
back and she was in a deep squat over his lap, her feet on either
side of his narrow hips, her knees deeply bent. Leaning back on
one outstretched arm, hollows in her shoulders, her other hand
fondling her clitoris greedily, she swung her hips in tight,
erotic circles, mashing her cunt-flesh with his cock. The camera lingered in a close-up of her cunt swirling around the massive
penis, then tracked sensuously up her hot, sweat-slippery body.
She hissed in pleasure, her face creasing in joy, and crushed her
breasts with one hand in a frenzy.

"Ohhh yes! Ohhh fuck yes!" Falu moaned. "Ohhhh baby yes!"

Leaning back on both hands, rising on her toes, she swung her hips
rapidly back and forth. Then, taking her weight on one hand,
pressing the other hand to her crotch and fondling her clitoris,
she swirled and jerked her hips in a frenzy. Her long
*mangalsutra* danced and slithered on her fair, sweat-flecked
skin. Her breasts, hot and hard with excitement, bounced and
jiggled sexily. Her face was radiant with lust. At last, Mohan
moved and she moaned and gasped and began to move with him, their
bodies rocking and bucking together.

Beside them, on the bed, Anjali moaned, her body jerking and
rocking as Deepak plunged his cock into her cunt. She lay on her
back and he bent over her on outstretched arms, his buttocks
flexing and unflexing powerfully, his hips swinging and snapping,
his enormous penis plunging in and out of her cunt. She cried out
in joy, her hips bucking and heaving under his thrusts, her fleshy
breasts jiggling, her voluptuous face suffused with lust. She
caressed his thick biceps and deep chest, hissing in joy as he
rocked deep into her flesh.

"Yeh, c'mon lover, fuck me! Fuck me hard, Deepak, yes, do it!
Ohhhh yes!"

Deepak levered her thighs further apart with his knees and began
moving faster, plunging greedily and deeply into her slit, ramming
and reaming his cock into her cunt. Anjali whimpered and cried
out, squeezing her breasts in delight. His buttocks flexed and
unflexed and the camera lingered in a close-up of his thick, long
cock plunging and pistoning with a squelch in and out of her
dripping cunt. The screen filled with the shot of his cock and
balls and her cunt-lips and his buttocks; then her fingers stole
into the frame, gripping his buttocks, one finger slipping inward
to his anus. His actions grew frenzied and he started ram-fucking
her violently. The soundtrack resonated with their loud cries.

"Fuck, what a film!" Lewis gasped.

Falu groaned and sucked him furiously, her head rocking rapidly up
and down over his lap, jerking his shaft in her fist. The
chauffeur moaned and gasped, his fingers darting in and out of her
cunt. Her buttocks writhed and swayed in pleasure and her body
jerked and rocked on the sofa beside him. Lewis' hips bucked and
he flung his head back and gasped softly. Falu sucked him harder
and faster and then he lost control. She sensed his orgasm and
immediately jerked his cock rapidly, opening her mouth wide to
receive his seed. jizz shot from his cock-head and spurted into
her mouth. She gasped, shaking his cock and thick gobs of gunk
spattered her face and neck and pendulous breasts. Finally, his
penis stopped fountaining. With a soft sigh, Falu pushed her head
back into his crotch, kissed his cock and slowly took its tip into
her mouth again.

Lewis groaned. Falu sank down on the sofa, lying on her side, her
head in his lap, his cock-head in her mouth. He grinned down at
her, squeezing her swollen, heavy breasts. She raised a leg and he
fondled her cunt, opening her cunt-lips and arching a finger into
her flesh. She grunted and writhed. He arched a finger into her
cunt and held it there. She groaned, her leg twisting down,
clamping over it. He pressed his thumb to her anus. Falu
shuddered, her body writhing. She sucked and licked his balls,
nuzzled his crotch.

"Keep going, whore," he muttered. "Keep sucking my prick till it's
up again."

He turned his attention back to the screen. The shot had cut back
to the corridor outside the bedroom again, where Hari was now
licking Manisha's slit. Her blouse was opened out and her skirt
was flipped up over her waist. Her legs were spread and the
servant's head was thrust into her crotch. The screen filled with
a close-up of her cunt, the lips unfurled wide in her delicate
fingers, soft, wet black hair curling over the rims; his strong
face against her flesh, his mouth open, hard fingers stretching
her cunt-lips apart, his thick, bright, pointed tongue jabbing and
darting and flickering in and out of her sodden slit. It lingered
lovingly for a minute in tight close-up, then retreated slowly.
Manisha's face was radiant with lust: her lovely eyes were
half-closed, and her face turned languorously from side to side.

Her hips heaved and juddered up and down and her body rocked and
snapped gently on the floor as though someone was fucking her
slowly. Her hands slid up under her bouncing breasts; she lifted
them, squeezed them, crushed them, rolled her palms over them.
Hissing in pleasure, one hand went down, flat on her belly,
fingers pulling her cunt-lips open, the other hand clenching his
head and moving it round and round in her crotch. The servant
nibbled on her gorged clitoris and she gasped, chewing her lower
lip, her back arching, her long neck craned and her hand flew from
his head to her breasts.

"Ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes! C'mon lover do it! Lick my slit! Ohh
yes!" she gasped. "Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma

Her body rocked and jerked, her cunt heaving and writhing in
unbridled pleasure on the floor beneath her servant. The camera drew back further and began to rise above them, bent down, showing
her flat on her back, the broad V of the servant's torso bent
between her creamy thighs.

Again, the camera rose over the partition wall and glided over
into the bedroom. It slithered around to a corner and slipped
down, almost furtive in its movements now, prying, spying,
probing, delving, unwilling to miss an instant.

Now the activity on the bed was frenetic. Falu was on her side
between the two men, being fucked in her cunt and ass
simultaneously. Her face contorted with lust and excitement. The
two studs gripped her body and rocked their hips back and forth,
gasping and grunting their excitement and pleasure and lust. Their
huge penises sawed in and out of the adjacent orifices, separated
now by the slightest of flesh so that each could feel the weight
and thickness and throbbing hardness of the other through her
body. Falu moaned deliriously, her body whipping, jerking,
writhing and thrashing between theirs. Fucking her cunt, lying in
front of her, Mohan kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her
mouth. Behind her, his cock in her anus, his hands lifting one
buttock and thigh high for deeper access, Deepak groaned. She
turned her head back to his, breaking from Mohan and now Deepak
kissed her, squeezing her breasts.

"Ohh god oh god yes Ohhh yes ohh fuck yes oh yes yes fuck me Ohhh
yes Ohh unh oh oh oh oh oh oh ma unh oh unh oh OH OH OHHH!" Falu

Beside them, watching them, on her knees, her legs spread, Anjali
moaned deliriously, masturbating frantically with one hand, the
other crushing her breasts. Her eyes were glassy with lust and
envy and she squeezed her heavy breasts in a frenzy.

The men were insatiable. After several minutes, they abandoned
Falu who had obviously orgasmed several times, and turned their
attention to Anjali - who wanted nothing else. Panting, gasping,
their magnificent bodies streaming with sweat, Mohan and Deepak
started to fuck Anjali in her cunt and ass together, just as they
had done with Falu, but reversing positions. Now Deepak lay on his
back and Anjali straddled his lap on her knees, quickly impaling
her cunt on his prick with a loud, shuddering moan.

The camera swirled around to a shot of her splendid buttocks
bracketing his massive erection, the huge penis drilling slowly
upward into her molten flesh. Anjali leaned forward and her
buttocks spread apart, revealing the puckered temptation of her
anus. Chortling in pleasure, Mohan knelt behind her and pressed
his cock-head to her asshole. Anjali tensed, kneeling over
Deepak's body, her arms stretched, hands on the bed, fingers
scrunching the sheets, her heavy breasts swollen, succulent,
pendulous. Deepak grinned up at her and Mohan behind her and
squeezed her breasts. Mohan gripped her buttocks, pulled them open
and flexed his own, sliding his hips forward. A loud, ululating
cry erupted from Anjali's throat and her face contorted savagely,
the lips jerking back over her white teeth, her mouth tearing
open, her head snapping up, her neck arched. Deepak squeezed her
breasts. Mohan gasped and his buttocks squeezed taut, his hips
pushed forward. The camera cut to a close-up of his dark,
gargantuan cock-mass gliding inexorably into her flesh, burrowing
deeper and deeper into her rear channel. Pinned between the two
magnificent lovers, Anjali whimpered deliriously, her face
contorted in spasms of unmistakable lust. Her breasts were heavy
and turgid, her nipples nut-hard in dark puckered aureoles.

"OhmaunhhOHunhhOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Anjali cried.

Slowly, Deepak arched his hips under her, squeezing her breasts,
holding her waist. Gripping her buttocks, Mohan squeezed his penis
deeper into her asshole. Anjali whimpered and cried out, her body
twisting and arching, writhing between theirs. Her chest heaved in
excitement and lust.

"C'mon fuck me ... please ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!" she

Beside them on the bed, Falu whimpered in excitement. Lying on her
back, her knees spread wide, she masturbated with a thick, long
rubber dildo. Holding it in both hands, she ran it in and out of
her cunt, gasping and moaning. Her breasts were hot and swollen
and they jiggled and bounced gently as she fucked herself. Her
long *mangalsutra* slithered on her fair, sweat-flecked skin.

The two men were fucking Anjali heavily and deeply. She gasped and
moaned and cried her pleasure, her body lurching and twisting and
rocking back and forth, sandwiched between theirs. They moved in
synchrony now, Mohan pushing his cock into her anus as Deepak
thrust up into her cunt. The two distended penises sawed in and
out of the adjacent orifices. Anjali's face twisted and contorted
and her body shook and trembled between theirs. She moaned and
gasped, her head arched back, then falling forward. Mohan squeezed
her breasts and crushed them hard, making her moan.

The camera slid sideways onto Falu's body. She was masturbating
furiously now, rocking the dildo rapidly in and out of her cunt with one hand, her fingers tensed on his hilt, her arm stretched.
Her hips heaved. Her face snapped from side to side and she
squeezed her swollen breasts in a frenzy, scraping her rigid
nipples with the hard beads of her *mangalsutra*. The camera lingered in a close-up of her cunt, the hard, wet rubber dildo
crushing her sodden cunt-flesh.

The camera slipped off the bed and rose, just above eye level.
Looking down on the writhing, serpentine mass of limbs and flesh
on the bed, it backed slowly out of the room. At the door, it
pulled further back, moved down the corridor and, maintaining its
line of sight, sank towards the floor, pausing at hip level.

Manisha lay on her back on the floor, her head to the camera,
completely naked now. Leaning over her on his knees and
outstretched arms, Hari was fucking her slowly and heavily.
Manisha groaned, her lips parted, her pretty face tilted back, her
long neck arched. Her breasts were swollen and turgid, her nipples
nut-hard. His hips swung up and down in a slow, steady rhythm, and
his penis went up and down, in and out of her flesh, appearing and
disappearing. Her body rocked and snapped gently with his thrusts.
She gripped his bulging biceps, caressed his deep, dark, hairless
chest. He groaned softly, his head arched, panting with excitement
and pleasure. Her knees were bent and spread and her feet were on
the backs of this thighs.

"Yes ... fuck me! Fuck me, Hari! Fuck my cunt, lover!" Manisha

"Ohh fuck yes! Take it, bitch! Take my prick! Ohh fuck yes! Take
it, whore!" he said.

She smiled lasciviously, the camera catching the radiance of her
lust-ridden face in detailed close-up. Arching her head, she
sucked and licked his small, dark, hard nipples. Her hips bucked
steadily under his. The camera slithered down the lines of his
body, showing the smooth ripple of the muscles in his back and
shoulders and arms and torso. It circled around behind him,
showing his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips rocking up
and down, the hunched shoulders and bunched muscles. It moved
lower and burrowed between his thighs, which were spread wide.
Hari's enormous cock filled the screen, scrunching and squelching
slowly and heavily in and out of the soft, wet flesh of Manisha's
cunt. The dark, thick, long, vein-ridged shaft glistened and shone
as it went in and out of folds of her cunt-flesh. His balls were
heavy and low, and they pressed to her cunt-lips with every
thrust. The camera stopped moving and waited patiently, savouring
the sight. Hari moved faster, plunging rapidly in and out of her
cunt. The shot cut to one of her body rocking and snapping with
his thrust, her soft cries filling the soundtrack. She bit her
lower lip and her head jerked from side to side. Her breasts shook
and wobbled with his thrusts. She dug her fingers into his

"Ohh fuck me fuck me fuck me Ohhh god yes!" Manisha gasped.

The shot cut back to the close-up of his cock pistoning in and out
of her cunt, and now her hips rose and her legs spread and her
buttocks curved, so that the puckered flesh of her anus was
visible to the lens. Their loins crashed and jerked together
feverishly and his penis went deep into her cunt to its hilt,
rising up steeply, then ramming and reaming greedily in again and
again. Suddenly, with a shuddering gasp, he slowed. She moaned,
and he resumed his earlier, slower, squelching, scrunching,
skewering, spiralling actions.

The camera slithered around and showed them smiling at each other.
Her face was suffused with pleasure and excitement. The servant
bent his head and kissed her slowly and deeply, exploring her
mouth with his tongue. She arched under him, caressing his
powerful back and shoulders, squeezing his buttocks, tonguing his
ear wantonly.

"God, you're good," she murmured. "Your cock feels so good in my
cunt, Hari. Really nice and hard."

"Nice tight cunt for it," he replied. "Juicy and hot and wet and
tight. Just the way I like my broads."

He grinned and sucked her swollen breasts, making her shudder. Her
eyes were warm and glazed, and her lips were delectably soft and
moist. Sexy hollows appeared in her shoulders as she arched and
writhed under her servant. The camera paused for a while, enjoying
the sight of their erotic coupling and then retreated and
reentered the bedroom in one sinuous movement, gradually ascending
from hip level to bed level and then higher. It circled the bed
like a hawk its prey, in slow, reflective motions and then halted
by the side of the bed.

Now Anjali and Falu were in a lesbian sixty-nine, lying on their
sides, their heads in each other's crotches. While they licked one
another's cunts, the two men sodomised them, Mohan fucking Falu's
asshole while Deepak fucked Anjali's. In a series of cuts, the
film showed Falu's face in Anjali's crotch, her tongue whipping
around Anjali's slit; Anjali's thick tongue in Falu's cunt, her
fleshy face dusky against Falu's creamy thighs; Deepak's huge cock
grinding heavily in and out of Anjali's ass, appearing and
disappearing between her buttocks; Mohan's penis sawing in and out
of Falu's delectable anus. Deepak gripped Anjali's buttocks and
squeezed them apart, groaning in pleasure, grinding and pushing
deeper into her flesh. On the other side, Mohan's fingers dug in
Falu's waist as he snapped his hips back and forth, jabbing and
ramming and reaming his cock into her asshole.

The shot dissolved after several minutes. The next shot had Falu
and Anjali on their hands and knees, their backs to each other,
both sucking the men's cocks, Falu sucking Deepak's, Anjali
sucking Mohan's. The men fucked their faces slowly, grinning,
looking down, grunting, moaning, pushing their cocks in and out of
the women's faces, fondling their pendulous breasts. The girls paused fractionally while Falu picked up a double dildo, a long
and thick rod of hard rubber, curved slightly, with twin bulbous
heads simulated cocks at either end. The camera closed in to a
shot of her holding the dildo and feeding one end into her cunt,
her hands under her belly and between her thighs. She pressed it
in deeper and deeper, still sucking Deepak's cock, her hips
shuddering and writhing. Then she shuffled backwards. Now Anjali
took the protruding end and moved it to her cunt, moving backwards
and impaling herself on it. The shot closed in and showed the
rubber rod disappearing from view as Falu's and Anjali's buttocks
slid backward towards each other.

A cut to a mid-shot showed the two women writhing and whimpering,
still sucking cock, jerking and rocking back and forth on the
dildo that pierced both cunts together. Their buttocks pressed and
slapped together as they moved, the dildo appearing and
disappearing between their buttocks. Their breasts jiggled and
wobbled with their motions. Their necklaces swung back and forth.
The men held their heads and fucked their faces.

Now Deepak grabbed another two-headed dildo, similar to the first,
but slimmer and longer. He grinned at Mohan, who nodded.
Chuckling, still rocking his hips at Falu's face, Deepak pushed
the dildo between Falu's buttocks and pressed it to her anus. She
tensed, moaning, pausing in her sucking of his cock, her face
pressed to his thigh, his cock against her cheek.

"Do it!" she gasped. "Oh god do it!"

Laughing, Deepak pressed the dildo into her anus. Falu moaned, her
face contorting. Deepak grinned and slid it in deeper still and
then pushed her head down to his cock. Whimpering, Falu started
sucking his cock again.

"Fuck, and the bitch is a widow!" Deepak chortled loudly.

"Yeah. That's why she's so hot," Mohan replied.

"Meaning what?"

"Used to be very randy, even as a kid. Fucked the servants and
all. Got married to this great stud - they fucked all the time."

"How do you know?"

"She told me."

"No shit. And then?"

"He died, car accident."

"Oh. Tough."

"Yeah. He was with another woman. She was sucking his cock and
they hit an oncoming truck. Got his cock chewed off and this dame
went half-crazy, especially when they said she couldn't get
married again and had to wear white *saris* and nothing else.
First time I was alone after I married Manisha, she damn near
raped me."

"Mm. Fantastic piece of ass."

"Yeah. So's this one."

"Yeah. Come on, plug her ass."

Mohan laughed and moved the dildo in and out of Falu's ass. She
groaned. He told her to hold still and pushed the other end down
between Anjali's buttocks. She tensed, panting, whimpering,
gasping. Mohan pressed the other end to her anus and then,
opposite, Deepak gripped her hips and dragged her anus down onto
it. Anjali's face contorted with lust and excitement. The men laughed. Now the two women had every orifice filled, their anuses
and cunts plugged by the thick, hard dildoes, their mouths with
the men's cocks. The four rocked and swung together, the women's
bodies jerking back and forth on the rubber rods.

The camera cut to a shot in the corridor outside. Hari lay on his
back and Manisha straddled his hips, kneeling over his lap, her
cunt impaled on his cock. Hari bucked his hips under her, up and
down. Manisha rocked and bucked up and down on his lap, her cunt sliding along the length of his mammoth erection. A cut to a
rear-shot showed her buttocks bouncing off his thighs, his cock
appearing and disappearing between her buttocks, going in and out
of the soft flesh of her cunt, encased by the tender, hair-rimmed
cunt-lips. He gripped her buttocks, opened them, fingered her anus
and slowly pushed his fingertip into it. A cut to a shot of her
face showed it contorted with lust, the lips twisted back, the
head jerked around, the cry soft and sharp. Leaning forward, arms
outstretched, hands on the floor, Manisha bucked and jerked, her
breasts bouncing and tossing. Another rear-shot showed her
snapping her buttocks rapidly and repeatedly together, squeezing
his cock with her cunt. He crushed her breasts. She reared upward,
her back arching, her head flung back and hissed in pleasure, one
hand behind her, squeezing his balls, the other at the base of her
belly, fondling her clitoris. Her hand rose and she squeezed her
breasts frenziedly as she moved faster and faster.

"Ohhh yes yes yes Ohhh god yes!" Manisha cried.

"C'mon whore take it! Take my prick, bitch, take it!" the servant

Leaning on her fingertips, her face moving from side to side,
arching, falling, Manisha rocked faster and faster on his cock,
bucking up and down, up and down. Her cunt slid up the length of
his cock, came crushing down again, rose and fell, rose and fell.
He bucked under her, thrusting greedily upward into her slit,
gripping her buttocks and moving her faster and faster on his

Another cut and the camera was back in the bedroom. Now Deepak lay
on his back on the bed, his penis upright, throbbing. Anjali
squatted over his lap, her back to him. Reaching down, holding his
cock, she moved it between her buttocks to her anus. Slowly, with
a sobbing gasp, she let her hips sink, impaling her asshole on his
cock. Deepak moaned under her, squeezed her breasts, gripped her
hips, pulled her lower. Anjali chewed her lower lip, her face
twisting. Deeper and deeper she forced her anus. Then she leaned
back on her elbows, and straightened her legs spreading them wide.
The camera showed her body arched backward over Deepak's, her
breasts thrust upward, his cock buried between her buttocks in her
anus, his hands on her breasts. She turned her face back to his
and he kissed her greedily. Her cunt was wide open and she reached
down and opened her cunt-lips even further.

The camera retreated and now Falu entered the frame, her face a
vision of lust, her hair in erotic disarray, her body filmed with
sweat. One end of the twin-headed dildo protruded between her
thighs like some freak appendage; the other was in her own flesh.
Kneeling between Anjali's legs, she bent forward and, her arms
stretched, hands on the bed, kissing Anjali, pressed the dildo to
Anjali's cunt. Anjali guided it into her flesh and Falu flexed her
buttocks and swung her hips forward. Both women gasped and
Anjali's face twisted with lust. Falu bent her head and sucked Anjali's breast. A close-up showed Anjali's nipple in Falu's
teeth, Deepak's fingers just under the mound. Another close-up
showed the thick dildo disappearing into the two cunts. The women
kissed slowly, lasciviously, their tongues fencing against each
other's, their swollen breasts pressing against each other's

The camera pulled further back and now Mohan was behind Falu,
pulling her buttocks open, pushing his cock between them to her
anus. She tensed, and he gasped and slowly eased his hips forward
with a shuddering moan. Falu whimpered, her chest heaving, her
head hanging between her arms. As Mohan's cock drilled her anus,
her own hips sank and drove the dildo deeper into her cunt and
into Anjali's; and that thrust forced Anjali's ass down deeper
onto Deepak's cock. All four bodies were linked as one.

The men fucked the women in a steady, rocking, pendular manner,
first Mohan pushing down, the chain reaction forcing Anjali's ass
down onto Deepak's cock; and then the energy flowed backward and
up as Deepak reared under Anjali and thrust into her ass,
ultimately moving Falu's ass back on Mohan's cock. On and on it
went, the two penises sawing in and out of the women's anuses, the
dildo rocking in and out of their cunts. The women gasped and
moaned and twisted and writhed, kissing each other feverishly,
sucking one another's breasts, while the men grunted and groaned
in excitement.

After several minutes, the group broke apart. Now the men mounted
the women on their backs, Deepak fucking Falu, Mohan fucking
Anjali, the two women on their backs, side by side on the bed. The
men fucked them rapidly and hard and the women gasped and moaned
eagerly, bucking and lurching under them. Pausing, they exchanged
places, and continued fucking the women. After several minutes
more, they stopped again to change places once again. The women
were delirious and their cries were loud and lewd. They jerked and
writhed and thrashed uncontrollably under their lovers, begging
for more. With loud cries, both men jerked out of their cunts and
exploded, one after the other, spattering their bodies with gunk.
Changing positions, they entered them again, Mohan slowly
squeezing his cock into his widowed sister-in-law's cunt, the
servant, Deepak, doing the same to her companion, Anjali. The shot
faded out.

The fade in was in another part of the house, across the
well-appointed living area. Falu entered the room, clad demurely
in her white *sari*, carrying a silver *thali* with flowers and
vermilion and small flame, all the paraphernalia for a daily
*puja*. The *pallu* of the *sari* was drawn over both shoulders,
but loosely, so that her cleavage was visible and the long
*mangalsutra* around her neck. She crossed the room to a door on
the far side and pushed it back. She took one step inside and
stopped. Approaching from behind, between her shoulder and waist,
the camera swirled around close to her, showed her putting down
the *thali*, caressed the swell of her breasts, showed that she
had no underwear and revealed the stubs of her nipples before
sliding up to a shot of her stunned face. Her expression turned
slowly to one of amusement and then her eyes glittered with
excitement. A loud moan sang over the soundtrack. Falu let her
*pallu* drop and moved out of the frame.

The camera swivelled. In the centre of the room stood a high,
solid, teak-wood bed. On it, Hari was fucking Manisha. She was on
her forearms and knees, facing the door, completely naked. The
servant was in a deep squat astride her hips, his fingers digging
into her flesh. His buttocks flexed and unflexed and his hips
rocked back and forth. Her mouth was in a wide 'O' and her breasts swung and jiggled. She cried out deliriously, her eyes
half-closed. He moaned, his powerful body shining with sweat, the
muscles in his chest and shoulders and belly corded, his head
flung back, his eyes hooded.

"Ohhh yes! Yes! Ohhh fuck me! Fuck me Hari! Ohhh god yes!" Manisha

"Take it! Take it whore! Take my prick!" the servant grunted.

The camera dwelt on shots of her face, his face, his cock going in
and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing between the creamy
curves of her buttocks, her breasts swinging and bouncing, his
balls rocking against her buttocks. Then Falu entered the frame,
approaching the bed, her *pallu* trailing and Hari turned his face
and kissed her deeply like a lover, still fucking Manisha. Pulling
off her *sari* with one hand, undoing her blouse, Falu caressed
Manisha, cupped and squeezed her pendulous breasts.

A cut and now Falu was on the bed, sitting on the footboard,
holding the sideposts, her legs spread wide, her head flung back,
her belly sucked in as Manisha licked her slit while Hari,
grinning and chuckling, fucked her cunt. Falu hissed in pleasure,
and caressed her breasts. The shot faded.

With a sigh, Falu jabbed the remote button and the image died.
Lewis looked down at her, stunned, awed, excited.

"Fuck, that's one helluva flick!" he gasped. "Even by our

"Forget it," Falu murmured huskily. "I want to be fucked. Come

She looked up at her chauffeur, handsome, sexy, young, little more
than a lad, scarcely out of his teens, yet such a magnificent
lover. All this while, she had been toying with his penis. It was
erect now. He grinned and squeezed her breasts. Falu smiled and
pushed her head into his lap and took his erect penis in her mouth
again. The driver grunted, moving her head up and down with one
hand. He stretched her hand down her body and slid his finger into
the crack between her buttocks and into her cunt. She opened her
legs for him. Her buttocks writhed gently. He grinned down at her,
finger-fucking her slowly as she sucked his cock. She jerked his
cock with her fingers and looked up.

"Do you want to come in my mouth again?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I do. But I won't be able to fuck your cunt, then.
Not right off, anyhow."

"I can cure that," she murmured. "You want some dope?"


"Hang on."

She went into her bedroom and returned a minute later. She had a
small, inlaid marble box in one hand and something else in the
other. She put them down on the dining table. Going into the
kitchen, she fetched him another Coke. At the dining table, she
flipped open the marble box and selected four pills and two vials
and carried them back to him along with the other things.

"These should be enough," she said, giving him two pills.

"What about you?"

"I've got mine here." Falu popped two pills and washed them down
with a sip of Coke.

Lewis grinned at her. She was having an orgasm. Her pupils were
dilated, her nostrils flared, her lips parted, her breasts swollen
and her nipples nut-hard. She plunged a hand between her thighs
and masturbated furiously with a loud, drawn-out moan.

"Take them," she gasped. "Take them! Quickly!"

Lewis gobbled the pills, his eyes never leaving her face. He
sipped the Coke. Panting and gasping, her chest heaving, Falu was
in the throes of an unstoppable orgasm. He watched her hips gyrate
and pump, her hand snapping and pumping in her crotch, two fingers
plunging and twisting in her flesh. She snapped a vial and waved
it under his nose and then did the same for herself.

The chauffeur gasped. The drugs were potent aphrodisiacs with
instantaneous effects. His penis burst into an erection harder and
thicker than his first, and his balls surged with fresh, hot jizz.
His body tingled and his muscles popped and corded. He felt strong
and powerful, as if he could go on and on fucking without pause.
Falu's orgasm redoubled. She bent over and took his cock deep in
her mouth. He gasped and shoved his hand into her crotch again.
Her cunt was dripping wet. Falu sucked her servant's penis
hungrily and he masturbated her rapidly. Her fist pumped his cock
and her head rocked swiftly up and down. Her tongue swirled and
coiled and rapped cleverly at his cock-head. The chauffeur gasped,
pumping his hips under her face, gripping her head and moving it
up and down over his lap.

"Oh fuck yes ohhh yes suck it, c'mon suck my prick bitch, suck it
harder!" he gasped.

Panting with excitement, he pushed Falu's head away. Smiling
eagerly, wanton lust written all over her pretty face, Falu lay on
her back on the sofa and spread her legs wide apart, bending her
knees and splaying her cunt-lips open for him. Her pubic fuzz was
sparse, her cunt and cunt-lips clean and moist and tempting. Lewis
bent over and thrust his face between her thighs. Falu smiled and
murmured in pleasure. His tongue flickered in her slit and she
gasped, arching her back, clenching his head.

The chauffeur was wild with sexual hunger. Her cunt was juicy and
tasted like nectar. He burrowed his tongue and lips deeper. Falu
moaned sharply, gasping and keening. Her hips juddered and
suddenly, jerked up in a frenzy, her back lifting completely off
the sofa, her body supported by her shoulders on the seat, one
foot on the floor, the other on the sofa. He gripped her buttocks
and pressed his face greedily into her cunt. Falu's head whipped
from side to side and her hips jerked and bucked and lurched under
his head. Her fingers gripped his head in excitement.

frenzy as a series of violent, multiple orgasms racked her body.

They went into a sixty-nine, with his body over hers. Falu moaned
softly, her chest heaving with excitement. The orgasms had done
nothing to sate her lust. The aphrodisiacs kept her simmering with
desire. She sucked his penis hungrily while he licked her cunt slowly and heavily. His hips bucked and bobbed over her face and
began to move faster. She sucked harder still, taking him deep in
her mouth. With a muffled groan, the lad exploded. Hot, tangy jizz spurted from his cock-head and shot into her mouth. Falu's head
swam with pleasure. She sucked his cock, swallowing his seed.
Streaks of cum dribbled over her face. The servant rolled off her,
gasping. She smiled lasciviously, scooping jizz on her fingertip
and licking it wantonly.

Lewis' erection was undiminished. He wasn't surprised; he had used
these drugs before and knew their power. A wicked grin creased his
handsome features. Sitting on the sofa, he masturbated slowly.

"C'mon, whore," he said softly. "Want some of my cream in your
pussy now?"

Falu got up quickly, her eyes twinkling. "Yes," she said. "I want
more. But, first ... "

He chuckled when she picked up the other things she had brought
from the bedroom. They were a set of latex sheaths. She selected
one and moved towards him.

"Put this on."

Lewis took the sheath from her and examined it, turning it around
in his hands. It was long, and made of thin, clear latex. There
was a large aperture at the top end. The surface was covered with
soft, short rubber spikes, studs and criss-crossed ribs.

"You put it on." He handed it back to her.

Deftly, Falu slid the sheath around his erect penis. It was a
perfect, snug fit. His cock-head popped out of the top aperture.
Now his penis was sheathed in the latex armour. The chauffeur
grunted. The sheath was nice and firm, and he knew, from previous
experience, that it would enable him to retain his erection for a
longer period, while the studs and spikes and ribs added to her
enjoyment. He grinned in delight.

"C'mere, you randy whore," he said. "Sit on my prick ... dance on
my lance!'

She moved off the sofa smoothly and turned her back to him and
straddled his lap, her legs outside his. Reaching down with one
hand, she held his armoured cock and moved back till her cunt was
over it. Behind her, the driver watched in fascination as she
guided the cock to her cunt-hole. Her buttocks lobed outward as
her hips sank. The cock-head slipped through her cunt-lips. Now
the top of the sheath was at her cunt-lips. Falu released his cock
and, her hands on her bent knees, her shoulders hunched with deep
hollows in them, her head arched back, her belly drawn in, slowly
swung her hips in gentle circles. Her buttocks flexed slowly and
she smiled in pleasure. Under her, Lewis grunted as the soft, wet
heat of her cunt swamped his cock-head.

"Doesn't that feel good?" she smiled over her shoulder, her eyes
bright with lust.

"Yeh. Feels great. Come on, sit on it!"

"Slowly, stud, slowly. Patience! Control!"

Falu took her time, savouring the pleasure of having his swollen
cock-head in her cunt, gently swirling her cunt around it.
Reaching down, she cupped his balls, squeezing them.

"Now," she murmured. "Now."

Still churning in slow, wide circles, her cunt began to sink on
his shaft. The driver gasped. His sheathed cock-shaft slid into
her cunt and, even through the latex covering, he could feel the
heat and wetness of her flesh. He bent his head and watched,
mesmerised, as her cunt spiralled slowly downward on his upright
penis. The stubs and knobs and spikes popped into her cunt one by

"Oh my Ohhhh yes! Ohhhhh ma Uhhhhh yes Oh god yes Ohhhh yes! Yes!"

Falu gasped sharply, arching her head and biting her lower lip in
exquisite tension, her face creased with a smile of pleasure as
she impaled herself on his penis. Lewis held her slender hips and
began to move her cunt round and round. She murmured and smiled
over her shoulder at him again.

"That's better," she murmured. "Much better. Slowly. I want to
feel every bit of your fat cock in my slit."

"Really got the hots for it, haven't you?"

"Yes ... yes I do ... "

Steadily, Falu sank her hips lower and lower, spiralling
inexorably downward. Her cunt contracted and convulsed on his
penis, seeming to suck him inward. His sheathed cock felt
incredibly good in her flesh: big and thick and hard, it pumped
and pulsed electrically. She felt like an enormous cunt from head
to toe. Lower and lower she went, till, finally, her buttocks were
resting on his thighs and his cock was fully embedded in her
flesh. She squirmed her hips on his thighs, squeezing his cock
with her cunt, and leaned back against his deeply cleaved,
hairless and muscular chest, her fingers between their splayed
thighs, caressing his dangling balls.

She turned her face to his and he kissed her slowly and deeply.
Her tongue flipped sexily against his. He squeezed her breasts hard, pinching her nipples.

"Got to hand it to you, babe, you're one helluva piece of ass."

"Thank you kindly, sir," she smiled, tonguing his ear. "You're
pretty good, too."

Slowly, Falu sat up again, impaled on her servant's rampant penis.
For a minute, she paused, writhing comfortably on his lap, her
hands on her knees. Slowly, she lifted her hips. The youth stared
as her cunt slid up the length of his sheathed shaft, contracting
and sucking all the while, extruding his penis almost reluctantly.
When she had just his cock-head in her cunt, she paused and,
murmuring softly, swung her hips in a circular motion again. Then
her cunt spiralled downward again, but quickly now, and she gasped
sharply, her head arching back. The young servant gripped her hips
and tossed his head back in an agony of joy. Her cunt was a tight,
hot vortex that seemed to engulf him. Again, her cunt rose up,
paused and slowly spiralled down, and yet again, and again.

Lewis hardly realised when her rhythm changed. Smoothly,
imperceptibly, she began to slide her cunt up and down his
magnificent cock in a steady rhythm. Her hands on her spread
knees, her shoulders hunched and hollowed, her head arched, her
belly shuddering, Falu ran her cunt deeply up and down her
twenty-year old lover's penis. He groaned softly as her cunt contracted and convulsed powerfully on his throbbing penis. The
latex sheath glistened wetly with their comingled juices. She
gasped softly, her face radiant with joy. His penis was
wonderfully hot and hard, and the sharp spikes and knobs and ribs
of the sheath rippled over her inflamed clitoris, arousing it

"Mmm ... yes ... Ohhhh yes ... yes ... Ohhh god yes ... fuck me,
Lewis ... fuck me, boy! Fuck my cunt! Ohhh god yes! Ohhhh ... that
feels so good ... Mmmm .... yes!"

The young man closed his eyes, his head flung back and, holding
her by the waist, pumped his hips slowly under her. Her cunt was a
hot, wet, suction device. It enveloped his being, drew him deeper
and deeper into a hot, wet, squelching vortex of sensual pleasure
from which he wanted never to escape.

"Ohhhh yeh ... take it ... take it you randy whore-bitch! Take my
cock! Ohhh fuck yes! Ohh yeh! Fuck, yer cunt's so tight ... so hot
... take it, slut! Take my prick! Ohhhhh UNhhhh OHhhh unhhhh OHhhh
... Yeh ... Ohhhh yeh!"

Falu began moving faster, forcing his pace. Her hips rose and fell
faster and faster, still going deep onto his penis, but swiftly
now, with a squelching, scrunching rasp. His penis crushed into
her hot cunt-flesh. Her breasts bounced and jiggled as she moved
and she squeezed them hard and hissed, erotically rolling the
turgid mounds under her open palms.

"C'mon, loverboy ... screw me! Fuck me hard! Give me your cock,
stud! OHhhhh yeh! Ohhhh god yes! Ohhh yeh ... that's it ... do it,
baby ... do it!"

Faster and harder yet, till her body was rocking and bouncing
furiously on his lap. Her cunt ran up his shaft and plunged down
hard again and she cried out loudly, her body taut and tense, her
mouth wide open, her head flung back. Tendons popped in her
throat, and she broke in a light sex-sweat. Her buttocks bounced
and cannoned off his thighs as she went faster and faster. Every
downthrust made her buttocks lobe outward, and the driver groaned,
his head on his chest, mesmerised by the winking of her anus. He
wanted to fuck it.

"Lewis!" she gasped. "Lewis-Lewis-Lewis ... yes Ohhhh yes ... my
tits ... squeeze my tits, lover ... squeeze them hard!"

She dragged his hands to her breasts and moaned as he crushed them
with a loud chuckle. Holding her breasts, he jerked her body round
and round in savage circles, swinging his hips under her
simultaneously. Falu cried out, her face contorting in a rictus
of lust as the huge penis mashed and crushed her stormy

"Take it! Take it whore! Ohhhh yeh! Take it! Take my prick, you
bitch! OHhhhh fuck Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oHhhhhh yes!" the
chauffeur gasped.

Her gold necklace flapped on her sweat-flecked, fair skin. He
released her breasts and they jumped and wobbled almost painfully,
swollen and hard, the nipples quivering stiff. She squeezed them
in a frenzy. He held her hips and swung them violently in tight
circles and she cried out and slammed her cunt hungrily down onto
his penis. With an ululating cry, Falu began to orgasm. Her cunt spasmed and convulsed and contracted savagely on his throbbing
penis, and she jammed her writhing hips against his in joy as the
heat swamped her. The youth lifted her hips and jerked her cunt down hard onto his penis again and again, making her gasp and cry
out. She clenched her breasts, moaning.

The orgasm ebbed. The chauffeur grunted and noted with surprised
satisfaction that his own climax was not yet imminent. The sheath
was working wonders. Her hips rose slightly, then moved down
again. He could see sodden vulva and the distended, wet
cunt-flesh. He eased her off his cock, her cunt contracting and
sucking, almost as though reluctant to release his cock.

"C'mon whore ... I want to fuck you like a bitch again," he

Panting and groaning, Falu did his bidding. In bed, she was a
compliant sex-slave, ever ready to submit herself to all her
lovers' needs. He made place for her as she knelt on the low
couch-seat, her legs spread wide and leaned forward with her
forearms on the floor. Her body was angled sharply downwards and
away from his, and her buttocks were pulled open. For a second he
was drawn by the temptation of her anus. He paused, deliberating.

"Fuck my ass, if you want," she said. "Without the sheath."

"No," he said at last, making up his mind. "Not now. Later."

The chauffeur straddled her hips with his feet on the couch and
bent his knees deeply. Pulling her buttocks open, he pressed his
gloved penis to her cunt. Falu's buttocks squirmed as his
cock-head pressed to her cunt-lips.

"C'mon, bitch, beg for it!" he snorted, slapping her buttocks
lightly. "Say you want it!"

"Lewis," she groaned, "give it to me ... give me your cock ... in
my cunt ... I want it ... fuck my slit, lover!"

"That's better," he chortled. "Now tell me how you want it."

"Slowly," she muttered. "Fuck me slowly."

"No!" he shouted. "Wrong answer! You lose, bitch! You've got to
say hard! HARD!"

The young servant plunged his penis into Falu's cunt, ramming his
cock deep into her flesh. She cried out loudly, her head snapping
up, her body jerking under his thrust, her face twisting and
contorting in a rictus of lust as the huge, sheathed penis surged
into her flesh. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his penis. He
laughed, his cock jammed deep into her cunt, his balls and thighs
pressed to her buttocks, his hands on her hips.

"That's better!" he chuckled. "Feels good, doesn't it? Hah?"

"Yes," she gasped. "Oh god, yes!"

"Good answer, bitch. Full marks. You get first prize. Guess what
that is?" He was rock-still inside her.

"I don't know. What ... what, Lewis?"

He threw back his head and cackled. "This!"

He pushed her forward and slid his hips back, pulling his cock
outward and then rammed savagely into her again, jerking her cunt down on his cock.


Falu screamed thinly, her face contorting with naked lust and
tension, her fingers scrabbling at the deep-pile carpet.

"C'mon, whore, take it! Like this!" Laughing and chuckling, the
chauffeur pulled out and rammed in again.

Falu's cry was sharp and shrill. Her mouth was torn open, her face
contorted with lust, the lips drawn back in a rictus of agonised
joy. Tendons popped in her throat, and her body snapped forward
under his lunge, her breasts wobbling violently. The youth rammed
his cock into her cunt repeatedly, for several times. At last, he
jammed his cock into her and paused. Falu groaned, her chest
heaving, her voice hoarse, her breath ragged. His cock filled her
cunt, and the spikes and knobs and ribs on the sheath squeezed her
inflamed clitoris. Smiling, her servant waited, caressing her with
sudden gentleness, running his dark hands up and down her smooth,
fair body, leaning forward to fondle her breasts. She moaned,
panting, and her buttocks squirmed against his in longing.

"Don't ... stop ... that ... was ... great ...," she gasped.

"Yeah, I know," he chuckled arrogantly. "You say that each time."

"Fuck me, lover ... go on ... fuck my cunt ... please ...," she

"I love it when you beg for it like a real whore," he grinned.
"You really want it?"

"Yes! God, yes!"

"Okey-doke. Here goes!"

He slid his penis out of her and then ran it smoothly into her. It
was a quick, yet gentle, unforced action and Falu's face creased
with pleasure. She murmured her joy.

"Mmm ... god ... that feels so good ..."

"Yeh ... oh fuck yeh ... that's good ... mm yeh!"

"God yes ... fuck me, Lewis ... go on ... fuck my slit ... yes ...
ohhhh yes baby yes ... that's it ... mmmm ... like that ... put it
all in, lover ... shove it in all the way ... I want to feel it
all ... give it to me, lover ... yes ... ohhhh yes!"

The chauffeur flung his head back and closed his eyes, groaning
softly with pleasure. Her cunt was hot vortex and it sucked and
convulsed and contracted on his pistoning penis like a vice. His
fingertips on the small of her back, he moved her body back and
forth, swinging his hips rhythmically and steadily. His penis slid
smoothly in and out of her cunt.

Under him, Falu swayed and rocked on her forearms and knees. Her
breasts wobbled and jiggled and her gold necklace swung back and
forth. Her cunt slid up and down the length of his armoured shaft.
Her back bowed and arched, bowed and arched. His buttocks flexed
and unflexed steadily as he swung from the waist. Her buttocks
lobed open as her cunt slid down his cock-shaft and, looking down,
he grinned at the sight of her winking anus. It tempted him, and
he pressed his finger-tip to it. Falu's buttocks writhed and she
gasped in pleasure. Her sphincter yielded and, his head bent,
grinning from ear to ear, still fucking her cunt, the chauffeur
slid his finger into her tight asshole and began to move it round
and round and in and out. Falu groaned loudly, her body twisting
as she reached back for his hand, gripping his wrist and urging
him to push it in deeper. Grinning with delight at her reaction,
Lewis pushed his finger into her anus all the way to his knuckle.
Her rectum convulsed helplessly on it. Her ass was hot and tight
and the idea of sodomising her excited him further.

"Ohhh god Lewis oh god oh god OHHHhhh unnhhh Ohmauhhnn OHhhhma
uhnnn Ohmaohmaohma Ohhh unhh Ohhh LewUHHis Ohhh yes Ohhhh!" Falu
moaned in a frenzy.

He began moving faster still, jerking his finger rapidly in and
out of her ass while he swung his hips swiftly from the waist. His
penis pistoned and stroked in and out of her cunt, the latex
sheath squelching wetly through her sodden flesh. Lewis flung his
handsome head back and gasped as her cunt convulsed on his penis.
He slid his finger out of her, and, holding her buttocks open,
jerking her back and forth, fucked her faster and faster. His hips
swung furiously now, and his thighs and balls slapped against her
buttocks, bouncing and rebounding off them. His cock crushed and
squeezed into her cunt, pistoning vigorously. Falu jerked and
rocked under him, her head bowed, gasping and panting, trying to
still the raging fires in her loins. Her servant's fucking was
unbelievably good.

She lifted her head and moaned, her body snapping and jerking
under his thrusts, her swollen breasts jiggling and wobbling
almost painfully. Goaded by her love-calls, the youth grinned and
grunted and kept fucking her hard, ramming and reaming smoothly
into her flesh, pulverizing and crushing it with his distended
organ. Gasping heavily, he slowed, burying his penis inside her.
Falu's orgasm neared.

Lewis grimaced and gingerly spread his feet even further apart.
Slowly, carefully, so as not to snap his cock out of her or hurt her, he leaned deeply forward with his hands on the floor next to
hers. Now they were like two inverted hairpins, one inside the
other, with Falu under him. His crotch pressed taut to her cunt.
He had to rise on the balls of his feet, and corded sinew stood
out in his thighs and legs with the strain of the position.

Falu looked up, turning her head to his in surprise and pleasure.
He grinned and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.
She sucked on it hungrily. He swirled his tongue through her ear.

"Now," he murmured softly, panting, his breath hot on her face.
"Now I'm gonna fuck your cunt *real* hard, bitch! Like I fuck all
my whores!"

His hips moved again. Falu gasped as they lifted and his cock slid
outward. He flexed his buttocks and his hips sank rapidly, his
cock surging into her cunt-flesh. She gasped in pleasure. Again
his hips rose, rose and sank, rose and sank, rose and sank. His
cock pistoned steadily, and then he began to move faster; and
faster still; and faster yet. Pinned beneath him, Falu gasped
loudly, her body jerking and rocking. Faster and faster he went,
and now his thighs and balls were crashing against her buttocks,
bouncing and rebounding and cannoning furiously off them. Falu's
body snapped and lurched under him, her swollen breasts jiggling
and swinging frenetically. Her head arched, then bowed and she
moaned and whimpered ecstatically. Faster and faster he went, and
then, shuffling his feet still further apart, began ram-fucking
her demonically. His buttocks flexed and unflexed furiously. His
hips swung back and forth like a trip-hammer at full blast. His
cock thundered and pistoned and cannoned in and out of her cunt.
It appeared and disappeared between her buttocks, piledriving in
and out, ramming and reaming up and down, slamming in hard,
pulling out, then plunging deeply in again.

"OH! OH!


It was an incredibly erotic sight. The dark, muscular, handsome
servant with his immense cock bent over the curved, fair, naked
flesh of his *memsahib*, his cock hammering and plunging and
plummeting furiously up and down, in and out, up and down, in and
out; her lovely swollen breasts wobbling angrily; her pretty face
bowed, her eyes closed, lips parted, moaning in an erotic stupor.

From behind, a viewer would have been able to see his own anus,
shorn clean and puckered, winking as his buttocks bobbed and
bounced madly over hers. His cock, clad in its latex sheath,
thundered in and out of her cunt, and his heavy, loaded balls
slapped against her distended cunt-lips. He was unstoppable,
apparently insatiable, untiring. He continued fucking her
furiously for several minutes and, in that time, Falu had a number
of sharp, violent orgasms that ripped the breath from her throat
and left her shuddering and trembling and moaning.

He had to feel her cunt on his naked cock. He stopped briefly,
ripped the sheath off, and quickly plunged into her again with a
cry of relief. Her cunt was searing hot and tight as a vice. His
cock, shorn smooth down to the hilt, burrowed deep. It felt
wonderful. He plunged into her again and again, and the fires in
his loins roiled and spread, leaping upward. He could not contain
himself. With a shuddering moan, he rammed into her repeatedly,
his hips twitching at her buttocks and, at last, jerking out of
her, masturbating furiously, vented himself with a loud cry. Hot
gunk spewed from his cock-head and spattered her buttocks and
thighs and back. He pressed his dribbling cock between her
buttocks and slid it into her craven, thirsty slit again.

The aphrodisiacs continued to please him. He pulled out of her
slowly, his cock-head dribbling cum over her buttocks and paused.
His penis was still rock-hard and he sensed the copious abundance
still in his reservoirs. His cock glistened with their juices.
Pulling her buttocks open, he smiled at the sight of her anus. He
pressed his cock-head to her asshole.

"Now," he said softly. "I want your ass, whore. You ready for it?"

Falu groaned. Her limbs felt leaden and she felt dizzy and
light-headed with the violence of her orgasms.

"Lewis ... get one of those vials. I need another hit."

He chuckled and lumbered off the couch and fetched a vial.
Snapping it in his fingers, he waved it gently under her nose.
Falu was still on her forearms and knees, her head bowed. She
inhaled deeply, held her breath, her eyes closed. The drug hit her
and her body spasmed and trembled. A mild orgasm swept through
her, and she her lust grew afresh.

"Better. Much better," she said softly, in a husky voice. "Now
fuck my butt."

Lewis knelt behind her and pulling her buttocks apart, pressed his
cock-head to her anus. Falu's body rose on outstretched arms to
permit him deeper access. He grinned and slid his hands up to cup
her pendulous breasts.

"As my old man always said when he took me to the whorehouses with
him, when you're buggering a broad, take it easy. Nice and slow."

He flexed his buttocks, holding her hips firmly and his cock-head
popped into her anus. Falu gasped sharply, biting her lower lip in
tension, her head snapping up. Her nostrils were flared, and her
buttocks tensed and writhed, her anus squeezing the intruding
organ. The youth grunted in pleasure.

"Mm. Nice. Very nice. Hot 'n tight. Just the way I like it."

Slowly, he eased his hips forward, squeezing his penis deeper into
her anus. Falu's mouth snapped open and she groaned loudly, her
head rising. He squeezed her dangling breasts, writhing his hips,
rolling them, skewering her anus from all angles.

"Oh yeh, baby ... that's good!" he gasped. "That's real good!"

The chauffeur buried his penis in Falu's anus. She felt no pain.
The aphrodisiacs ensured that and, anyway, she loved being fucked
in the ass. Her body flamed with lust. Her buttocks writhed
eagerly against his thighs. She reached between her legs and
cupped his balls, squeezing them affectionately.

"That's wonderful, lover," she murmured. "You're cock's so good in

He grinned. "You're one hot number, slut. You really like it in
your ass, don't you?"

She smiled over her shoulder at him. "Oh yes. Yes I do. I just
love it."

Her eyes twinkled and Lewis thought she looked adorable. He
grinned. She was a wonderful, happy fuck.

"Come on, stud. Fuck my ass now," she said, arching her tongue
across her upper lip in an erotically inviting gesture. "Do it!"

He took his time sodomising her, fucking her ass slowly and gently
with erotic little rocking motions, not ramming or reaming into
her. Her anus was hot and tight and it squeezed his cock wantonly,
in evident excitement. His hips rocked gently back and forth, and
his penis slid smoothly in and out of her anus. Falu murmured in
pleasure, rocking on her hands and knees, rolling her hips,
swirling her ass around his cock, running it up and down the
length of his shaft.

"Mmm ... yes ... ohhh that's so good ... yes ... yes," she

"Yeh ... Ohhhh yeh! Ohhh fuck yes!" he gasped, his head tossed

Thrusting a hand under her belly, he fingered her clit. Falu
moaned and writhed against him. He squeezed her breasts and struck
them lightly, making her gasp and smile with pleasure. He
chuckled, pinching her rigid nipples, squeezing her swollen
breasts tenderly.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" he murmured.

"Ohhh yes, Lewis ... yes ... ohhh god yes ... come on ... fuck me,
lover ... fuck my ass! Ohhhhh yes!"

Smoothly, he picked up speed and began fucking her faster without
ram-fucking her. Falu gasped and moaned and whimpered in pleasure.
He went faster still, his thighs slapping softly against her
quivering buttocks. Falu began to orgasm, and her sphincter
cramped taut on his penis. The driver gasped and shuddered and
skewered her ass again.

"Come on baby ... come on come on come on ... come in my ass,
lover ... I want to feel your jizz in my butt," she muttered
obscenely. "Ohhh yes! Do it! Fuck my butt, Lewis! Fuck my ass!"

His thighs smacked against hers as he moved faster, pushing his
cock in as deep as it would go. Falu groaned in lust. He flung his
head back and moaned and, slowing, pushed it in all the way and
came to a grinding halt, his hips twitching at her buttocks. His
orgasm neared. He plunged into her again and again. Falu gasped
and cried out as his penis rocked into her, paused, lurched out,
rammed in again. Suddenly, he jerked out and, shaking his cock,
exploded violently. The heat surged from his balls and burst from
his cock-head. Falu's face creased in a smile of pure joy when she
felt the sharp sting of his seed on her anus and buttocks and
between them, over her back and down her thighs. Slowly, he pushed
his cock back into her anus. She groaned. His erection had not
waned a whit. He grinned in delight.

"Fuck," he crowed. "It's still hard!"

Falu giggled and, easing herself off his cock, turned around and
nuzzled his penis. "And good thing, too," she murmured. "Wouldn't
be much fun if you were hard and I wasn't hot, would it? Or vice

"Whatever that means."

"Never mind."

She opened her mouth and sucked his cock again. It smelled dank
and sexy, covered with spoot and the juices from her cunt and ass.
It was a heady, potent cocktail. She licked and sucked his penis
lasciviously, running her tongue and lips up and down every inch
of his shaft. The young servant groaned in pleasure. After several
minutes, she paused and turned on her back on the floor and pulled
him down over her. Between her thighs, his body bent over hers,
Lewis pushed his cock to her cunt. She held him and guided him
into her cunt again. He entered her smoothly and quickly and
deeply and she sighed in pleasure, arching under him as the hard
heat of his penis filled her flesh. Her legs rose and wrapped
around his thighs. Her groin squirmed beneath his. She kissed him
gently, exploring his mouth with her tongue, caressing his smooth,
sweat-slippery, muscular body.

They began to rock together, without urgency, murmuring their
pleasure, kissing and fondling each other like lovers. Her sharp
nipples scraped against his chest and he bent his head and sucked them, making her moan and arch her back in pleasure. His buttocks
flexed and unflexed and his hips rose and fell in a steady rhythm.
His penis glistened and shone as it pistoned up and down, in and
out of her flesh. Her cunt bobbed and bucked in unison with his.
She clenched his buttocks.

"Faster," she gasped. "Faster and harder! Fuck me harder, Lewis!
Come on! Ohhh fuck yes! Ohhh god yes!"

He groaned and rising on his outstretched arms, began swinging his
hips rapidly up and down. She gasped and arched under him, her
loins heaving under his. He flung his head back and moaned.

"My tits," she gasped. "Squeeze my tits!"

He put his hands on her breasts, supporting his weight, crushing
them under his palms as his hips rocked faster and faster. His
penis plunged deep into her cunt with a soft squelch, crushing her
cunt-flesh. Up and down it went, his balls squeezing against her
vulva with each downthrust. Faster and faster they moved, gasping
and groaning softly, their bodies slapping together and Falu
orgasmed yet again. This time he could not hold back. Groaning in
relief, he sank his penis into her cunt-scabbard over and over
again till at last he was sated. With a shuddering moan, he drew
out of her cunt and exploded again. jizz spumed from his cock-head
and settled on her breasts and belly and thighs like thick strands
of ticker-tape. Falu moaned in pleasure. Slowly, he shoved his
cock back into her cunt. Under him, Falu gasped, her cunt convulsing on his penis, sucking it dry, and, pulling his head
down to hers, kissed him deeply, her tongue arching into his
mouth. The servant groaned and bent his head, gasping and panting.
He felt dizzy with relief, and his limbs were heavy as the tension

"Cut!" The director shouted. "It's a take! Wrap it up boys!"

The heavy arc lights died. There was a little silence and then,
quite spontaneously, the film crew burst into applause, clapping
and whistling their appreciation. On the set, Falu flipped onto
her back, naked and spreadeagled, her body open to the stares of a
dozen pairs of hungry eyes and smiled. They were all her friends,
many were her lovers.

"Hey, Falu, try me next time!" A young spotboy swept down from his
high perch.

"Ask Hemant, Umesh," she murmured. "If he says so, fine."

The director scrambled onto the set, grinning hugely, snapping
directions, doing ten things at once.

"We'll figure out who you fuck next time, Falu my sweet pussycat,"
he chortled. "That was great, thank you."

"You think so, really?"

"On my mother's dishonour. Fabulous stuff. Okay, let's see,
what've we got next?"

He turned around to an assistant. Lewis was getting up, pulling on
a robe. He grinned at Falu, bent and kissed her.

"Thanks, that was good."

"Thank *you*, Lewis. Great control."

A costume girl gave Falu a moist napkin and robe. Lying there on
the set, Falu mopped her body, wiping her cunt and ass. Some of
the hornier crew boys ogled. She enjoyed their attention and took
her time. The director turned around with a clipboard in his hand.

"Okay, you can take a break. We'll shoot again tomorrow. The light
should be better then. With you and our lead stud, Mohan. That
gives you a good three or four hours yet. Suit you?"


"Okay, boys, pack up."

The director left her. Falu got up, pulled on the robe and walked
off the set and down a dimly lit corridor to her dressing room.
She washed quickly, changed into ordinary clothes, a simple
*churidar* and *kurta*, straightened her hair, did her eyes,
dotted her forehead with a small *bindi* and left the studio. Her
car was waiting outside, a dark grey Honda Accord. The driver was
Lewis. He smiled at her and she nodded as she got into the rear
seat. He pulled away gently, and she leaned back and closed her

Falu called the house from the car phone and told Mohan, her
servant, to start the jacuzzi. At the house, she dismissed Lewis
for the evening, and took the elevator up to her apartment. Her
husband and his brother and sister-in-law were out. Only Mohan was
in, and he was in the bathroom, clad in a jock-strap and nothing
else, adjusting the water in the jacuzzi. Falu stripped as she
walked in, shedding her clothes in a trail on the floor. She
showered in the small glass cubicle. It had spray nozzles at three
heights and she adjusted the lower and middle ones, gasping as the
hot water hammered her crotch and breasts. Then she stepped out
and slipped into the jacuzzi with a luxurious sigh. Mohan smiled
and pulled off his jock-strap. His penis was long and thick and
dark and his body was muscular and tough, the torso V-shaped and
hairless, the chest deeply cleaved, the belly hard and flat. His
face was rugged and handsome. He slipped into the water with her,
opposite her. Falu sat with her head tilted back against the lip
of the jacuzzi. Her servant floated over and, silently, began
massaging her body with his hands, caressing her gently. At some
point, he rose to his feet in the jacuzzi, the water crashing
around his sturdy thighs and Falu smiled and sucked his penis till
he was erect. He fucked her mouth slowly, savouring the wonders of
her tongue and lips and teeth on his penis. Her cock-sucking was
exceptional, her mouth soft and warm and moist, yet erotically
insistent in its pressure. When he was ready, she released him and
he sank gratefully into the water. Falu floated towards him and
sat across his lap, his erect penis in her hand. With a soft sigh,
she slipped her cunt around it, taking him deep into her flesh
smoothly and without hesitation. The servant murmured in pleasure
as the heat of her cunt enveloped his penis. She leaned forward
and kissed him languorously again, and he squeezed her breasts.

They sat in the jacuzzi for a long while, rocking gently back and
forth, keeping their lust simmering, fondling and caressing each
other. She was a most proficient lover: deftly, she kept him from
losing his erection while simultaneously holding him back. Her
cunt squirmed gently, imperceptibly squeezing his penis and she
kept his mind aroused by talking dirty, making erotic suggestions,
adroitly caressing his erogenous zones. She kissed him sexily,
flipping her tongue at his, scraped her fingernails across his
nipples and sucked and licked them, tongued his ear, nibbled his
lobe. He tensed with pleasure and fondled her gently.

They stepped out of the tub and went to her bed, dripping wet. She
turned on her side and lifted her upper leg high. He lay behind
her and slowly squeezed his cock into her again. Falu murmured
happily, and turned her face to his. He kissed her deeply,
squeezing her swollen breasts, and began fucking her quickly,
swinging his hips back and forth, driving his penis in and out of
her cunt. She jerked and lurched on his penis, her breasts wobbling with their actions. The bed rocked and bounced.

He slowed and rolled her over onto her front and took her again,
rapidly and hard, hammering his hips greedily at her cunt.
Kneeling behind her, holding her hips, he jerked her cunt up and
down on his cock, pumping his hips swiftly back and forth. Her
thighs were folded under her belly, forming a great obtuse V.

"Take it! Take it, babe, take it! Take my cock, Ohhh yeh-yeh-yeh
Ohhh yes! Ohh yes!"

Sprawled on her front under him, her buttocks raised high, her
face arched and suffused with excitement, Falu trembled and moaned
and gasped her pleasure as his penis plunged into her cock
incessantly, desperately. Her breasts swung and jiggled under his
thrusts and she lurched rapidly back and forth on her forearms and
thighs, shoving her cunt down deep onto his cock.

"Ohhhh yes! Yes Mohan yes! Fuck me! Ohhhh unhhh MohUHHHn Unhhh oh
MOHhhhhhhunhhhh OHhhhhh! Fuck me, lover! Fuck my slit Ohhhhhh god
yes! Fuck me hard baby yes Ohhhhh yes that's it! Ohhhh god yes!
That's it!"

"AHHHHHHHHH uhhh ahh unhhh ohhhh unh unhhhh UNH UNHH UNHHH UNHHHHH
pounding madly at her cunt.

Faster and faster he went, thrusting insatiably in and out, his
inflamed penis rasping over her gorged clitoris, crushing it in
passage, mashing her cunt-flesh. Falu squeezed her breasts, her
shoulders falling forward, her face turned to one side, radiant
with lust. Her eyes were closed, and her lips formed a large 'O'
as she cried out in unfaked excitement.

"Mohan," she gasped. "Take my ass! Butt-fuck me!"

Panting with excitement, the servant lurched out of her cunt and
quickly squeezed his penis into her anus. Falu gasped sharply,
then moaned as the huge cock penetrated her anus. It slid inward,
disappearing into her asshole and then he began fucking her
rapidly, thrusting eagerly in and out of her cunt, his thighs
slapping at her buttocks. She groaned, jerking and lurching
beneath him.

"Now," she gasped. "In my cunt again! Come in my cunt!"

The servant did as she asked and quickly plunged his penis into
her cunt. Falu cried out as the searing rod slid into her belly.
He fucked her savagely for several minutes, his cock plundering
her cunt, his cock ramming down hard into her slit till she came
hard, the heat swamping her, and sweeping him along in its tidal

Groaning, the man lurched out of her cunt and exploded, showering
her back and cunt and thighs with his hot, stinging jizz. Shaking
his cock, he spattered her buttocks with jizz, smearing it with
his cock-head into the cleft between her buttocks. Slowly, he
pressed his cock into her anus and she groaned and let him in
again. He slid in and out slowly for a few minutes and finally
slipped out of her anus and into her cunt, back into her anus, and
into her cunt.

Finally, he left her flesh. Gently, he eased out of her and
flipped on his back beside her. She smiled and snuggled her head
on his chest, her fingers tracing patterns on his belly.

"Once again."


Falu smiled and slid down to take his penis in her mouth again.
The servant sighed and leaned back, his eyes closed, his hands
caressing her head.

"Mmm ... yeh ... suck it, bitch ... suck it good ... yeh ...
that's it ... use your tongue ... mmm yeh ... that's it ... ahhhh
yes ...."

His penis was musky and tangy with all her juices. Falu's head
swam with excitement. She sucked his cock lasciviously, running
her tongue up and down its enormous length, scraping his shaft
with her teeth, sucking the gorged knob. Taking it deep in her
mouth, she sucked him rapidly, her head bobbing up and down over
his lap. Moaning, she caressed her face with it. Rising slightly,
she squeezed her breasts in a taut sheath over it. Mohan groaned
in pleasure. Her breasts were warm and soft and he could feel her
hard nipples scraping his shaft.

"Come on, whore ... sit on it," he grunted, pulling her up.

She rose, her eyes bright with lust, her nostrils flared, her lips
parted. Swinging a leg over his hips, she straddled his lap, his
cock in her hand between her legs. She pressed the cock-head to
her cunt-lips and lowered her hips gently with a soft moan.

"Mmm ... Ohhh yes!"

The servant grunted as her cunt enveloped his cock-head. Falu
paused, smiling down at him, squeezing his cock-head with her
cunt-lips, not taking the rest of his cock into her right away.
Mohan groaned softly.

"Does that feel good?" she murmured, bending forward to thrust her
tongue into his mouth.

"Yeh. Oh yeh, it feels good," he mumbled, squeezing her breasts.

He ran his hands down her smooth, creamy back, caressing her
buttocks and thighs. Falu swung her hips slowly in undulating
circles. Gently, her hips slipped lower, spiralling downward on
his shaft. The servant groaned as her intense cunt-heat enveloped
his shaft. Falu moaned softly and lifted her breasts to his lips.
He flicked his tongue delicately at one nipple, pinching and
rolling the other in his finger. Falu shuddered, her head arched
back. Her hips began moving up and down and he responded superbly,
moving in perfect unison with her.

"Ohhhhh yes ... yes ohhhh god yes ... that's nice ... that's so
nice," she murmured.

"Mmm ... nice hot cunt you've got, whore," he said, his fingers
tracing patterns down her back, making her tremble and shudder
with excitement. "Nice and hot and tight."

They fucked slowly and unhurriedly in that position, rocking
together up and down, her cunt sliding along the length of his
shaft. The servant moved smoothly with her, not forcing the pace,
tenderly making love to this wonderful woman. Falu groaned and
gasped and began moving with greater urgency as the fires grew and
spread. Her buttocks rose and fell, bouncing off his thighs. Her
cunt slid steeply up and down the length of his shaft and he moved
in unison so that his hips rose to meet hers in descent, his penis
penetrating deep into her flesh. Falu shuddered and gasped as she
orgasmed slowly and intensely. Her cunt spasmed on his penis.

They finished with him fucking her on her back, bent over her on
his knees, his arms stretched, his hands on the bed, his hips
rocking smoothly up and down, up and down, his cock driving in and
out of her cunt. Falu groaned and gasped under him, kissing her
servant, fondling and caressing his body, her hips bucking eagerly
under his, her legs twined about his lean hips. His enormous penis
plunged in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing from
her between her cunt-lips. Her breasts wobbled and shook with his
thrusts. His buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully, his hips
swung evenly back and forth.

"Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Mohan! Fuck me!" she

There was a short, sharp gasp. Manisha stood at the door, watching
her husband fuck her widowed sister. Her face was a tragic mask.
It filled the screen and then, slowly, as her eyes brimmed with
tears, began to fade.

"Cut!" called the director. "It's a take!"

Applause and whistles split the air. At the door, Manisha smiled.
On the bed, Falu groaned, her body lurching and writhing under

"No," she groaned. "Please, no ... not now ... not yet ... not yet

The image faded and the end-titles began to roll.
= o =


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