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Archived Sex Stories

Jam Of Tarts 11 In Praise Of Younger Men



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



IN PRAISE OF YOUNGER men ----------
*How he's grown*, Falu thought to herself as she lay beneath the
young man. She traced the contours of his deep, well-muscled chest
with her fingertips. His body had filled out wonderfully. The weak
thinness of his boyhood had metamorphosed into superbly sculpted
musculature befitting his aquiline, clean-shaven features and
gentle eyes. His lovemaking had improved immeasurably. She smiled
to herself at the memory of what he had done to her and made her
do to him; a year ago, he had not possessed such strength, such
stamina, such staying power. Now he could fuck masterfully,
alternating between a savagely demanding ram-fucking and a gentle,
intense stoking of his lover's passion. The combination was like
fire and ice, and his lovers were ecstatic. Falu kissed her
handsome young nephew tenderly, her tongue slithering between his

Suresh was an intensely handsome young man. He had a square,
masculine jaw, a strong, aquiline nose, deep-set eyes, short,
thick hair. His chest was well-defined and muscled, the belly hard
and flat. Broad shoulders, padded with muscle, sliced in a sharp V
to a narrow waist and high hips. The torso was smooth and
hairless. A thin gold chain glinted around his neck. His arms and
legs were curved with muscle. Between his legs, ten inches long
when erect, and correspondingly thick, his uncircumcised penis was
an instrument of joy.

Over time, he had learned to use his body with great skill and
dexterity. He was doing so now, and Falu was going wild. Much
older than him, she had retained her looks and figure and was
often mistaken for a woman several years younger. Her oval face
was cute, with a pert nose, slightly hooded eyes, a rosebud mouth
with sensual lips. Her skin was fair and smooth as cream, and her
hair was silky and short. Her breasts were full and shapely, with
stiff and stubby nipples in puckered aureoles. Her buttocks were
firmly rounded, her belly firm. Her arms and legs were firm and
shapely. She wore earrings, a gold wedding band, a thin gold
necklace, gold bangles and a long black-beaded *mangalsutra* with
a diamond studded pendant.

Suresh's hips rocked slowly back and forth, pumping evenly. He
fucked her cunt unhurriedly, standing on the floor beside the bed
on which Falu lay naked with her hips at the edge. Her legs were
splayed wide, her feet locked about his hips. He bent over her,
forcing her legs wide and high with his hands. His cock went
slowly in and out of her cunt and he grinned, his handsome face
flushed. The gold chain slithered on his chest as he watched her
writhe and moan in ecstasy beneath him. He loved fucking his
aunts, Sunnu and Falu. They were wonderful in bed and had taught
him much. The incestuous nature of their relationship didn't
trouble any of them. After all, he regularly fucked his own
sister, Neena, and so did his uncles, Jayant and Pramod, who were
married to Sunnu and Falu.

Now he fondled Falu's swollen breasts and she arched with a loud
gasp, her hands flying down to caress his balls and thick shaft.
She spread her cunt-lips further open to receive him. Her breasts squeezed together as her shoulders hunched. He caressed her hard
clitoris and stroked her belly and thighs and cunt and breasts.
Gripping her hips, he swung his buttocks in slow circles, grinding
down into her.

"OHHHHH Suresh yes ... OHHHH god yes ... fuck me baby yes oh UHHH
oHHH uhhhh OHHH uhh Suresh-Suresh-Suresh uhh OHHHH uhh OHH," she
called, her cries rising.

Her young nephew flexed his buttocks and swung his hips
rhythmically. Her face jerked to one side, contorting with sexual
excitement, her white teeth bared and her back arched steeply. His
thrusts rolled her body up onto the small of her back, jerking and
snapping. Her breasts bounced as he began to move faster.

"C'mon ... take it ... mm, yeh .... ohhh yeh ... take it bitch ...
take it!" Suresh gasped.

"Ohhhh yes ... that's it ... mmm yeh ... ohhh yeh ... do it lover
... do it ... fuck me good baby mm OHHH yeh ohhh yes yes ..." Falu

He went into hard, and she sucked in her breath with a loud hiss.

"OHHH Suresh OHHHH uhhh Suresh uhhhhh OHHH uhhh - OHHH," she
moaned deliriously. "Ohhhh god baby yes ... ohhh that feels so
good ... mmmm yeh ... that's it baby ... yes ... do it ... do it
Suresh ... ohhhh uhh OHHH uhh OHHH uhh OHHH I want you babe Yes
uhhh OHHHH yes-yes-yes!"

"Take it uhhhhh yeh ohhh god yeh yeh ... take it ... take it all
you whore take it!" Suresh growled, exciting her with his
language. "C'mon you slut ... take it ... take it whore ... take
it OHHH fuck OHHHHH yeh OHHHHH uhh OH!"

Falu's cunt convulsed and contracted like a hot, wet suction
device on Suresh's dark, throbbing, vein-ridged tool. He swung his
hips, and she moaned louder as he churned her cunt using his cock
like a pestle. Her hips rolled under his, and her back arched and
fell, arched and fell. Her head jerked from side to side. Her lips
were parted, her eyes closed. She ran her tongue sensuously over
her upper lip. She squeezed and rolled her breasts under her
hands. His cock was wonderful, its thick veins pumping blood and
rasping against her gorged clitoris. In and out, in and out, he
went, abruptly changing the tempo to a furious
inoutinoutinoutinout, making her whimper and cry out loudly in
sheer delight. Abruptly, he slowed again, then hit a rapid-fire
stroke without warning, slowed, quickened, slowed and quickened,
slowed and quickened, slowed again. Falu cried out deliriously,
her body whipping and writhing and thrashing on the bed in front
of him. Suresh chuckled softly and squeezed her breasts. She
moaned. Slowly, he eased his cock out of her. His body glistened
with sweat. He breathed heavily through flared nostrils, not yet

Suresh felt good. He had the stamina, the control. He could fuck
her for a long time yet before he came. He squeezed his penis into
her cunt again and Falu arched steeply under him, gasping and
moaning her pleasure. Laughing at her reaction, in complete
control of himself, Suresh slid his hands up her body and squeezed
her swollen breasts. His penis surged into her flesh, driving in
deeper and deeper till he was fully embedded in her slit. Falu
groaned, her head arched to one side, her hips arched up in
exquisite tension. His penis was heavenly inside her, hot and hard
and thick and heavy.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Come on, Suresh, fuck me! Fuck my cunt ...
Ohhh baby yes! Ohhh yes ... Mmm ... yes ... ohh that's so good ...
yes ... fuck me!"

Chuckling at her fervid, obscene love-calls, Suresh fucked his
aunt slowly, with immense enjoyment. Her cunt was hot and tight
and it convulsed powerfully on his throbbing penis. She had
considerable experience and she controlled the contracting of her
cunt muscles in a steady, erotic rhythm, gyrating her hips gently
in tight circles to caress his aroused shaft. He flexed his
buttocks and slid into her flesh again with a soft sigh, swinging
his hips and entering her from all angles. Falu kissed him
hungrily. His buttocks rose and his great cock slid up and out,
paused, then squeezed steadily into her flesh again, squelching
and scrunching softly through her sodden cunt-flesh.

Suresh got onto the bed on his back with his hips at the edge, his
legs hanging over. Falu swung a leg across his hips and straddled
his crotch, her back to him. Taking his penis in her hands, she
positioned herself over it. With a loud, rattling gasp, she sank
her hips onto his upright penis. Beneath her, Suresh gasped as her
hot cunt engulfed his cock. Moaning, she writhed ecstatically on
the burning member between her legs, her face flushed with lust,
her body shining with sex-sweat. Her hips swung erotically in
tight circles, spiraling down onto his penis till it was embedded
in her cunt-flesh.

"OHHHH baby YESSSS!" she gasped, her buttocks flexing, her hips
grinding round and round. "Yes! Ohhh god yes, Suresh, yes!"

He slid his hands under her buttocks and she bent forward, her
legs folded beneath her, her hands on his knees. They began to
move together. Her back swung and curved and bent like a bowstring
as he pumped his hips under her, thrusting his cock into her hot,
wet cunt. Her buttocks rose and fell, going steeply up and down,
up and down, up and down, a good eight inches or more each time,
their groins scrunching wetly together. Her cunt-lips slid up the
rigid, throbbing, vein-ridged shaft of his cock and jerked down
again. Her face turned up, her lips parted, her eyes fluttered and
she panted and moaned deliriously in bliss as hot fires spread
through her body. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed
them in excitement, crushing them in her hands. Holding her
buttocks, he pulled them open and pressed a fingertip to her anus.
She moaned, writhing on his cock.

"Oh-uhhh-OH-uhhhOh-uhhh-OHHH-uhhh," she cried. "Fuck me, Suresh,
fuck me!"

"Yeh! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take my cock, bitch! Take it all!
Come on, whore, come on, come on, come on OHHHHH yeh!"

In bed, she was no longer his aunt, and he used no honorific in
addressing her. Now she was a woman to be bedded well and fucked
hard, like a gutter-whore.

Trembling and whimpering, her cunt convulsing feverishly on his
penis, Falu bucked up and down on her nephew's swollen penis, her
head arched back, her lips wide, her eyes half- shut, moaning like
a slut. Her breasts jiggled and bounced with their motions, and
she squeezed them hard in her hands, rolling her palms over her
rigid nipples, moaning obscenities. Reaching down, she squeezed
his heavy balls and fingered his shaft.

They slowed and she rose off his penis and, turning around to face
him, impaled her cunt on his cock once again. Bending forward, she
thrust her tongue greedily into his mouth, grinding her hips on
his. Moaning thickly, leaning forward on outstretched arms, she
began to rock and jerk up and down on his cock. He groaned and
moved with her, thrusting his enormous penis into her again and
again. Her cunt slid up and down the length of this cock, which
appeared and vanished between the creamy lobes of her buttocks.
She flexed them rapidly over his penis, her cunt contracting
powerfully on it and he gasped and thrust up hard into her. She
moaned and rocked faster and faster. Her breasts jiggled and
bounced and her necklaces danced and tossed this way and that. She
flung her face back and he squeezed her breasts hard. She moaned
obscenely to him to fuck her harder. Faster and faster they moved,
their bodies jerking hungrily. Craning his neck, he squeezed her
breasts together and sucked sharply on both nipples at once. Falu
hissed in joy.

"Yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Suresh ... fuck my cunt ...
Ohhhh yes!" Falu cried.

Suresh gripped her buttocks and rocked her rapidly up and down on
his pumping hips. Pulling her buttocks open, he pressed his
fingertip to her anus. Instantly, she gasped, her cunt grinding
down hungrily onto his penis.

"Suresh ... use the dildo ... the long, thin one ..." she

Her nephew understood at once. He picked up a slim, nine-inch
long, pre-lubricated rubber dildo and pressed the conical head to
her anus. Falu paused, tense, her buttocks split open as he
pressed it to her rectum.

"Now," she gasped. "Shove it in, Suresh!"

His finger tightened and he slid the dildo through into her
rear-channel. Falu's head whipped back and she cried out, her lips
tearing wide in a rictus of joy, tendons popping in her neck. The
dildo and his penis were separated by the merest membrane of


Falu's cunt slammed down on his penis, convulsing frenetically.
Suresh gasped, arching into her. She moaned. Her buttocks and hips
trembled and writhed.

"More," she panted. "More, Suresh! Put it all in! Quickly!

Suresh sucked sharply on her swaying breasts as he forced the
dildo deeper and deeper into her anus. Exercising control, he held
himself still under her. Falu began to move, her hips swaying and
rolling and rocking and bucking over his lap. Keeping his hips
rock- steady, letting her move, Suresh slowly slid the dildo out
of her anus. Falu gasped sharply, her face contorting at the
sudden release of pressure. Her cunt slammed down on his penis and
instantly, Suresh forced the dildo deep into her anus.


Suresh chuckled at her joyous, lusty shriek. Her anus and cunt convulsed frenetically on the dildo and his penis.

"Like it?" he growled. "Like it, bitch? Like having it in both
your ass and cunt, hah ?"

"Yes ... Ohhhh ... yes yes yes," she moaned feverishly, kissing
his face.

"Then come on, whore ... take it ... take it all!"

Suresh began to move under her, pumping his hips up and down,
driving his cock in and out of her heaving, writhing cunt, while
he stroked the dildo smoothly in and out of her anus. Falu was
delirious with joy. Her head snapped back and forth, and her body
jerked and bounced in a frenzy over his, her breasts bouncing
violently. Her moans and gasps were loud and lewd. Suresh slapped
her swinging, pendulous breasts lightly with the back of his free
hand and she hissed in delight and lowered them to his mouth.

Prolonging the pleasure, they slowed and he eased the dildo out of
her anus. Falu whimpered and slid off his penis. Gasping and
panting, she slid down to kneel on the floor and buried her face
in his crotch. Suresh grunted happily and spread his legs. Her
mouth was warm and moist and her tongue was electric and hungry.
She sucked his cock greedily, licking the cock-head rapidly,
probing his glans with her tongue-tip. The sensation was exquisite
and extraordinary. Suresh moved her head over his lap with one

"Mmm ... yeh ... suck it, bitch ... suck my cock, Falu ... suck it
... yeh ... that's good ... yeh ... mm ... suck it all, slut ...
come on!" he murmured happily.

Suresh craned his head to look at her and smiled at the sight. Her
head bobbed rapidly over his lap, her fingers curled lovingly
around his erect penis, pumping it deftly. Her lips were clamped
about his cock-head and good part of his shaft, and her face was
distended with the size of his cock. Her tongue worked his penis
incessantly and adroitly, curling and swirling around h is bulbous
cock-head, probing the glans. She scraped his shaft delicately
with her teeth, making him grunt in pleasure. Her eyes flicked up
and she saw him watching her and smiled, her eyes dancing
mischievously. Pausing briefly, Falu looped her long *mangalsutra*
and gold necklace several times around his penis. Now her head was
pinned to his crotch. Suresh groaned as she took his cock in her
mouth again and he felt the sharp rasp of her necklaces on his
cock-head and shaft.

"Stop," he gasped. "Enough, Falu ... stop!"

Falu paused, giggling and gently unwound the necklaces. Sliding
upward, kissing and licking his hard belly, tonguing his navel,
she squeezed her breasts around his throbbing shaft. Suresh
groaned and flopped back. Her hard nipples raked his shaft and the
warmth of the breast-sheath made him tremble with pleasure. She
masturbated his penis deftly with her breasts, occasionally
licking and sucking his cock-head. Gasping, his chest heaving,
Suresh pulled her up over him. Her breasts scraped against his
lean, muscular body and they kissed, her tongue roving hungrily in
his mouth. He fondled her swollen breasts tenderly as her hips
squirmed and writhed against his. She groped for his cock, moving
it between her thighs and quickly slipped into her cunt. Suresh
chuckled, smiling with pleasure. She grinned down at him, kissing
his nose and eyes, tonguing his ear, her hips rocking gently over
his, her cunt slithering up and down his shaft.

"This is wonderful," she murmured, bending her head to suck on his
nipple. "I love your body, Suresh ... and your cock ..."

He laughed, caressing her smooth, firm back and buttocks, gently
teasing them apart to finger her anus, fondling her thighs and
breasts. She squirmed and writhed over him.

"I want to lick your slit, babe," he murmured, kissing her. "Come

Gently, Suresh rolled over, his big, thick penis still in her
cunt. She laughed, her body under his and caressed his wide
shoulders and deep chest sensuously. His hips rocked gently back
and forth, his penis glistening as it stroked and pumped gently in
and out of her cunt. Her hips writhed and bounced in unison with

Slowly, he eased out of her cunt and, bending his head, dragged
his tongue over one breast. Falu murmured happily, closing her
eyes. His tongue flicked at her rigid nipple, moved to the other,
returned to the first. Squeezing the warm, turgid flesh in his
hand, he sucked on her breast and Falu groaned softly, erotically
caressing the other breast under her open palm. He moved to the
other breast, swirling his tongue over her puckered aureole,
scraping the hard nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of
his mouth and Falu hissed softly in pleasure. Twining his fingers
in her necklaces, he rasped them across her nipples, making her
gasp and arch sharply in delight. Her fingers entwined in his hair
and she clenched his head to her chest. Squeezing her breasts together, he plied both nipples simultaneously with his tongue,
nibbling gently on them. Falu arched, groaning her pleasure and
then gasped loudly as he dragged her necklaces between his teeth
and rolled them with his tongue over her rigid breast-tips.

"Yes!" she murmured. "Oh yes!"

Still sucking and nibbling her nipples and breasts, he slid his
fingers down over her belly to her crotch. Her legs opened wide.
He dragged his finger down her slit and masturbated her gently and
deftly, knuckling her gorged clitoris. Falu trembled, her hips
writhing against his hand. Suresh released her breasts and slowly
moved downward, swirling his tongue through her navel, descending
lower to nuzzle her crotch. Falu pulled her cunt-lips open for

"Come on, Suresh," she groaned softly. "Lick my slit!"

Suresh pulled her cunt-lips open and his tongue rippled through
her sodden crack and Falu moaned thickly, arching her back, her
hands flying to her breasts in excitement. His tongue felt
wonderful, thick and heavy and it darted and flickered in and out
of her cunt, rapping at the hard knob of her clitoris. He shoved
his face in deeper and sucked on her clitoris. Falu gasped,
gripping his head and moving it round and round between her
thighs, her hips writhing ecstatically.

"Ohhhhh! OHhhhh yes, Suresh! Ohhhh god yes!" she gasped. "Ohhh
baby yes! Oh ma unhhh yes!"

Falu's young nephew tongue-fucked her expertly. Leisurely
exploring her moist cunt with his tongue, he drove his lovely aunt
towards an orgasm. His tongue flickered and darted this way and
that in her cunt-flesh. Her cries were sharp and staccato. Her
loins lurched and writhed eagerly under his head and her face
flipped from side to side, contorted with lust.

"Ohhh god Suresh yes! Ohhh baby yes ... ohhhh that's so good,
baby, yes!" she gasped , squeezing her breasts hard in her hands.

Falu's cries grew sharper and Suresh sensed her orgasm. He
continued plying his tongue in her slit till she was frantic, her
body jerking and snapping eagerly back and forth on the bed, her
breasts bouncing gently. She pinched and twirled her throbbing
nipples and hissed joyously, a hand flat on the base of her belly,
which was sucked inward with tension. Her face was suffused with
lust, her lips in a wide 'O', her eyes closed, her nostrils
dilated. The sensations between her thighs were overpowering. She
soared towards another orgasm.

"Come on come on come on Suresh ... come on ... Ohhh yes ... Ohhh
baby yes! Ohhh unhhhh Ohhh ... Unhhhhh Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes!"
she cried.

Just as she was about to come, he stopped and lifted his head.
Falu gasped in shock and disbelief, panting and moaning, cursing
him savagely, pleading for release. Suresh laughed.

"Not so fast, bitch," he chuckled. "I'm going to fuck your brains
out, whore!"

Rising to his feet, he flipped her over onto her front, her knees
on the edge of the bed, her hips and buttocks raised high so that
he could fuck her cunt from behind. She bent forward on her
forearms, her breasts swinging, and moaned aloud as he squeezed
his penis between her buttocks and into her cunt.

"OHHHH yes!" she gasped as the heat of his penis surged into her
flesh. "Fuck me, Suresh baby ... fuck me hard! Ohhh god I want it!
I want it all!"

Suresh grunted as her cunt convulsed on his throbbing penis.
Flexing his buttocks, he slid it deeper still into her flesh, and
deeper still, till his thighs and balls were pressed against her
buttocks and his cock was fully embedded in her moist warmth.
Beneath him, Falu whimpered deliriously, her buttocks swaying and
writhing and squirming greedily against his thighs. He slid his
hands up her smooth, lovely back and cupped her pendulous breasts.
Falu groaned softly.

He began to fuck her slowly and unhurriedly, holding her breasts,
flexing and unflexing his buttocks rhythmically, moving his
throbbing penis in and out of her cunt-flesh in long, smooth
strokes. His cock distended her cunt-lips and went into her with a
squelch, pulled out a good eight inches, then spiraled in again as
he rolled and swung his hips gently.

"Take it, babe ... take it!" he grunted, his lips hot on the nape
of her neck.

Falu twisted her face and he kissed her roughly, thrusting his
tongue into her mouth, squeezing her breasts, pressing his thighs
to her buttocks. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight and enveloped
his penis like a glove. He buried himself inside her and paused.

"God, you're good," she gasped. "You're so good ..."

He laughed softly and moved again and she scrabbled at the
counterpane in delight. Now he went in with a roll, paused, slid
out, paused, went in with a quicker, faster, twist, then came out,
paused, went in, came out, paused, went in, paused, came out,

"OHHHhh yeh OHHH god yes ohhh yes ohhh uhh OHHH uhh OHHHH uhh
OHHHH uhh OHHHHHHHHH uhhh!" Falu whimpered.

"MMM, yeh...ohhhh god yeh ... take it ohhh yeh ... take it .." he

He began to move faster. Falu moaned and rocked under him, her
swollen, pendulous breasts and necklaces swinging and tossing.
Suresh straightened, his hands on her hips and began to move her
body up and down, jerking her cunt back and forth along the length
of his shaft as he pumped his hips steadily at her buttocks.

"Harder!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder, Suresh! Come on! Do it! Do
it to me! Give it to me, Suresh! Take me! Ohhhhhh yes! Ohhhhh god
yes! OHHH unhhh OH OH OH OHHH!"

Suresh moved even faster, plunging deeply into her cunt, steadily
increasing the tempo till he was pounding furiously into her,
ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. Her body rocked and
jerked and swung under his, her breasts jiggled back and forth,
her necklaces flapping wildly. He squeezed her turgid breasts and
tugged at her rigid nipples. Falu's face contorted in a rictus of
passion. Suddenly, he hammered his hips at her in a series of
wild, savage, ramming thrusts.

HARDER SURESH!" Falu cried.

He was insatiable. Falu felt dizzy with lust. On and on he went,
ploughing in and out of her, plundering her body, thrusting
rapidly in and out of her flesh, his thighs slapping against her
buttocks, his penis squelching and grinding in and out, in and
out, in and out.

"Take it ... ohhhh yes ... take it ... take it, whore, take it!"
he growled softly.

Gripping her thighs, he pulled them down and she fell forward on
her front with a gasp. Suresh bent deeply over her and hit a
furious, ram-fucking stroke, his buttocks pounding violently over
hers, his cock pistoning savagely up and down, up and down, in and
out of her cunt. Falu's face was turned to one side and her gasps
were sharp and staccato. The huge penis burned and throbbed and
seared as it plunged in and out of her cunt.

"Take it! Take my cock! Take it you fuckin' bitch! Take it!" he

Now their lust was uncontainable and both were aching for the
sweet relief of an orgasm. Suresh moved up onto the bed, turning
her over under him and slid his cock into her cunt again and
immediately began fucking her rapidly, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing, his hips snapping and swinging back and forth.

Falu groaned joyfully, arching her back, spreading her legs,
kissing and caressing his face and torso. His penis was hot and
hard and felt wonderful as it pistoned and drove powerfully in and
out of her convulsing cunt. Faster and faster they went, their
bodies crashing and rocking together and at last, with an
ululating cry, Falu orgasmed, her back cambering, the breath
hissing from her throat. Suresh flung his head back and moaned,
rocking into her hard several times, his hips twitching at hers.

At the last minute, he pulled himself out of her and, moving up,
straddled her face, pushing his penis into her mouth. She sucked it hungrily and, within seconds, groaning, he came, shooting his
jizz into her mouth and spattering her face and breasts with his
gunk. Falu moaned softly, a wide smile of pleasure creasing her
face as she jerked his cock for more. She swallowed his gunk,
licking her lips, still sucking her cock. Suresh grinned and moved
between her legs again. His penis was still hard. With a sigh of
pleasure, he squeezed it slowly into her cunt again. Falu groaned
and pulled his head down to hers and kissed him.

"Now," she said. "Fuck me all over again, Suresh. Fuck me hard!
This time, I want it in my ass!"

She lifted her legs high, her hands under her knees, rolling her
buttocks up. Her anus opened in invitation. Suresh bent over and
pressed his cock-head to her asshole. She tensed, then moaned

"Come on, Suresh ... shove it in! Fuck my butt!" she gasped.

Suresh smiled down at her. She really was an incredible mistress.

"After you suck my cock some more, whore," he grunted. "First give
me head!"



Suhas was an aficionado of the varied pleasures the city offered.
He was well-off and enjoyed spending his money on whores and
call-girls, especially Falu.

She was one of the best, and only three other women he knew came
close Her sister, Sunnu, their niece, Neena and their friend,
Harsha. These were the finest whores in the country and, quite
possibly anywhere. Suhas was a well-travelled man. To his mind,
few women were as sexy or competent. What set these girls apart
was their unbridled and evident enjoyment of their work: Each one
was passionately addicted to sex. There was nothing mechanical
about their lovemaking, no hint of indifference or ennui, no
matter how many men they serviced. They gave themselves completely
to every client, as they would to a lover or a bridegroom.

Suhas looked forward to a night of exceptional fucking. As a
regular client and because he had chosen one of the top four, he
was granted the privilege of using of Jayant's several residences,
free of charge. He selected the beach house.

The night was clear and warm, with a gentle breeze from the sea.
Falu and he were out on the broad, long porch that ran the length
of the frontage and onto which the French windows of the ground
floor opened. Half a dozen shallow and broad steps led to the lush
garden that sloped gradually to a private beach.

Falu was seated on the top but one step, looking relaxed and
lovely. She wore a dangerously small bikini, the brassiere barely
covering her breasts, the panty very small and thin, barely
covering her cunt.

Falu was extremely sexy. She was of medium height, with a
well-kept figure. Her face was round and sweet, with a pert little
nose, dark, hooded eyes, hair that hung to the middle of her back
in a wave and was clipped behind her neck in a pony-tail with a
broad tortoise-shell clip. Her rosebud mouth was lightly rouged.
Her skin was smooth and creamy and fair, and she had square hands
and feet. The wrists and ankles were slender and nicely turned,
the limbs smooth and unflawed. Her breasts were full and high and
firm. They thrust invitingly outward, squeezed together by the
taut bikini-top to form a delectable cleavage. Her belly was flat
and firm, her hips curved with slender buttocks, her legs shapely.
She wore a thin gold necklace.

Suhas knew she was married to another, but that only made it more
exciting. There was a diamond ring on one hand and a gold wedding
band on the other.

Suhas was a tall, well-built young man in his late twenties,
slightly younger than her. He had a good, hard, lean body. He had
a V-shaped, hairless torso with a hard, flat belly. The chest was
broad and deep, the shoulders and arms thick with muscle, as were
his legs. His face was lean and handsome, clean-shaven, with a
firm jaw and a fine nose and a slim mouth. His hair was cut short,
the eyes dark and deep-set. Falu knew his body intimately.

He smiled at her now, his perfect teeth flashing in the darkness.
He was dressed in an open shirt and beautifully tailored dark grey
flannel trousers. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up and his
forearms and biceps were thick and rounded with solid bunches of
musculature. His hands were large and strong.

Falu let her eyes slide over his body and felt a ripple of genuine
desire. She returned his smile. He moved closer to her. She leaned
on her elbows of the step behind her and tilted her face up. He
reached down and cupped her pretty face in one hand, his eyes
sliding down the deep valley between her breasts. The bikini was
of some translucent material, and he could see the stubby points
of her nipples and the dark shadow of their aureoles.

She toyed with her necklace sensuously, twining her fingers in it,
moving it between her breasts, encircling one mound with the
chain, stroking her nipple with it. She lifted the necklace to her
sensual lips, parting them, letting her tongue slide out and
around the gold braid, plucking at it with her lips. He grinned.


"Very. And getting hotter by the minute."

"That's good."

"It's what you pay for."

"Is that all that matters to you?"

She grinned. "No. You know that. It's the man that counts ."

"You sound like a Camel filter ad."

"Or, Virginia Slims. You can come along the way, baby."

He laughed. "Yes. I do get value for money."

"I should think so."

He chuckled. "That's why I spend on you."

"I'm glad you do," she replied softly, her eyes glittering.

He bent forward and cupped her breast in one hand, his head
bending to hers. He felt her breast swell and harden in his hand,
the nipple shooting erect as their lips met. Her lips parted
slowly beneath his, her tongue snaking out to fence against his,
her lips plucking at his. He flicked the straps of her bikini off
her shoulders and it fell low, exposing her now turgid breasts.
She sighed and her face became gently suffused with pleasure as he
fondled one breast then the other. His head dipped, his tongue
sliding down her neck.

Falu's body warmed at his touch. He was a good lover, competent
and gentle, and she enjoyed the sex. He plucked off the bikini-top
and fondled her breasts, relishing the weight and shape and size
of them, thumbing the erect nipples gently. Falu murmured softly
in deep pleasure. His lips hovered tantalisingly over her breast,
and Falu sighed deeply, her eyes closing languidly. She arched her
chest to his face, lifting and squeezing the mound to his lips.
She gasped softly as his tongue snaked out and swirled over her
aureole and nipple, flicking at it rapidly. His finger slid
between her thighs and they parted without hesitation. Suhas slid
his thumb under her panties and rolled them down. She kicked them
off quickly, and forked her legs wider still. He slid his
forefinger down her crack and it came away wet. Suhas grinned at
the look of unfaked lust on her face, and bent his head to her
breasts again. She arched, her face turning to one side as his
lips parted and she felt her gorged breast slip into his warm,
moist mouth. Her body arched and she clenched his head, her eyes

"Mm, that's lovely," she murmured. "Yes ... ohhh yes ..."

Suhas sucked on her breast gently, then more firmly, and she
gasped, moaning thickly as his teeth and tongue rippled at her
breast-tips. He scraped his teeth across the nipple, squeezing and
crushing the other breast, pinching and twirling and tweaking the
nipple in his fingers. His tongue rolled and coiled and swirled
lovingly around the one in his mouth.

"Mmmmm, yes ohhhhhh yes baby yes ..." Falu moaned softly.

Suhas moved to the other breast, and now Falu raised her foot
high, pressing it to his crotch. Suhas' cock throbbed and began to
rise. She began to stroke it through his trousers with her shapely
foot, moving it up and down. Suhas sucked on her breast hard,
making her whimper thickly. Slowly, he slid lower, his body
warming as she caressed him. She leaned back further, tilting her
face upward as he kissed her fair belly and ran his tongue through
her navel, stroking her thighs with his fingers. Her legs splayed
wider apart and her hips arched as his head slipped even lower. He
paused, his mouth inches from her fuzz-rimmed cunt-lips and
chuckled as she lifted her loins and clawed her cunt-lips open.

"C'mon Suhas ... lick my cunt ...," she muttered.

He leaned forward, pulling her cunt-lips open and she moaned
thickly as his hot breath seared into her cunt. His tongue swirled
into the pool of cunt-juice between her thighs and Falu moaned
thickly and her head dropped forward. Her lips parted and her face
glowed with excitement. Her shoulders hunched and her breasts felt
hot and swollen and hard. She caressed them sensuously, watching
him tongue-fuck her, excited as much by the sight as by the
exquisite sensations flooding her loins. His tongue darted in and
out and rolled round and round in her cunt. His head swam with the
taste and musky smell of her cunt-juice. She gripped his head and
moved it round and round and up and down between her thighs,
moaning as it rippled in her slit. Her loins writhed and twitched
under his mouth.

"Mmm ... ohhhh yes ... mmm yeh ohhhh mmmm yeh ohhhhh yes yes ...
mmm, yes ... ohhh that's so good ... yes ...," she moaned softly,
arching her head.

He left her teetering on the verge of an orgasm when he rose to
his feet, his lips shining with her juices. Falu was in deep heat
now, like a rutting bitch. He smiled. Like the very best whores,
Falu enjoyed her work.

Falu slid to her knees before her client and, reaching up, undid
his shirt, knotting the ends at his waist. Then she flicked open
his trousers and slid down the zipper, tugging the trousers down
to his ankles. His cock was thickening already, big and long and
dark. She took it in her hands and he gasped as her adroit fingers
curled lovingly about the thick, vein-ridged shaft. She began to
caress his cock, jerking it slowly, rolling it in her open palms.
She was an experienced and adroit lover and knew how to give

She slid the foreskin back and he gasped as her long tongue snaked
out and coiled and swirled over his cock-head. It was wet and
warm, incredibly erotic. His loins surged violently. He controlled
himself, head bent, his breath short, jerking his hips at her
face. Her lips parted and slipped down around his cock-head, her
tongue still flicking at his, teasing it. Slowly, she took more
and more of it into her moist, warm mouth and her cheeks hollowed
and her face distended as she began to suck his penis, still
jerking his tool with her hand. Her head bobbed slowly back and
forth. She paused, licked his cock-head, then resumed her sucking.
Dipping her head, she sucked his balls, tongued them, drew her
tongue down into the crevice between his buttocks, rose again,
sucked him again.

Suhas fucked her mouth slowly, holding her head, moving it back
and forth to suit his pleasure, his hips pumping and jerking
slowly at her face.

"Ohhh fuck yes!"

Suhas bent his head and gasped, rivetted and excited by the sight
of his enormous cock sliding wetly in and out of her lovely lips.
His cock throbbed, his loins burned and there was an ache deep in
his belly.

"Mm ... yeh ... ohhhhhh yes Falu yes ... c'mon bitch ... suck it
good ... mmm, yeh that's it ... oh yeh baby ... yeh ... suck it
... c'mon slut ... suck it hard ... OHHhhh yeh that's good ohhh
yeh yeh ... that's it ... mm, yes baby yes ... suck it, you whore
... suck my cock ... mm yes ... suck it hard!" he moaned.

He tugged her to her feet and she turned around, standing on the
ground and leaning over on the topmost step on her hands, her
buttocks thrust back at him. Suhas stood behind her and,
moistening four fingers with his tongue, lubricated her anus. He
masturbated for a minute, and then pressed his penis into the
cleft between her buttocks and smeared her asshole with his gunk.
Falu knew that he loved fucking butt. Fortunately, she enjoyed it,

"I want your ass, whore," he rasped. "I want to fuck your butt.
Come on, whore ... let's do it!"

She was paid to please him. Moaning softly, Falu leaned forward to
rest her shoulders on the top step and reached back and pulled her
buttocks open, exposing her puckered anus. His eyes glittered with
lust at the sight of her creamy buttocks pulled wide in her hands,
the gold wedding band glinting. Her puckered anus was irresistible

"Shove it in, Suhas," she gasped. "Come on, fuck my ass ... I want
your cock in my butt ... fuck it hard!"

Falu's client grinned at her words and flexed his buttocks. His
swollen cock-head popped into her asshole. She cried out, her head
snapping up, her mouth jerking open, her lips drawn back in a
rictus, but remained as she was, holding her buttocks open. Suhas
gripped her hips and flexed his buttocks and slid his hips
forward, squeezing and forcing his penis into her rear channel.
Falu gasped loudly. His penis was hot and hard and throbbed
fiercely in her ass. Waves of pain and pleasure washed over her.
Spreading his legs wide on either side of her hips so as to
penetrate her even deeper, groaning and flinging his head back,
Suhas flexed his buttocks and, his belly sucking inward, eased his
hips forward, pushing his cock inexorably into her ass. Deeper and
deeper it went, and she cried out in agonised lust as it sizzled
and seared into her. At last, he was buried in her ass with his
thighs pressed to her buttocks, her hands pinned between their
bodies. He relaxed slightly and she pulled her hands away and
clung to the edge of the top step, panting and groaning in an
agony of pleasure. Her buttocks moved slightly, swaying and
writhing against him. Suhas chuckled softly and leaned forward to
squeeze her swollen, pendulous breasts that swung like succulent
jack- fruit.

"Like it, eh, cunt?" he grunted, nuzzling her neck. "Like my prick
in your ass, eh?"

"Yes," she whimpered. "Oh god yes!"

Slowly, grunting with pleasure, the handsome young man fucked
Falu's butt. His buttocks unflexed slowly and his cock slid
outward. He paused for a fraction of a second and then slowly
skewered her anus again with a low sigh of pleasure. Falu moaned
thickly, her body swaying and undulating erotically under his. His
hands slid down to her hips and he slid out and in again. Her anus
convulsed and spasmed on his throbbing penis.

"Mmm ... yeh ... your asshole's nice and hot and tight, bitch," he
grunted. "Yeh ... take it ... take my prick, whore ... yeh ...
that's it ... mmmm ... yes ..."

"Ohhh ... UNHHHH ... OHHHH ... OHHHH ... Unhhhh OHHHH!" she

Suhas sodomised Falu slowly and unhurriedly, savouring every
minute. His hips swung gently yet steeply back and forth, his
penis sliding in and out a good six inches or more. Falu lurched
and jerked beneath him, her face contorted with pleasure as the
pain receded. For several minutes, he butt-fucked her steadily as
the fires grew and spread in his loins.

"Suhas," she gasped. "Come in my ass ... I want your jizz ... in
my ass!"

Falu orgasmed slowly, the climax building inexorably, then
flooding her with an intense warmth. Her cunt and anus spasmed
frantically on his stroking penis. Suhas gasped softly and,
swinging his hips in a gentle circle, spiralled deep into her
anus. Falu cried out as she felt his hard penis surge into her
again. Deep in her, he held still, his hips twitching at her
buttocks. With a low, shuddering moan, he exploded and Falu gasped
softly in joy, chewing her lower lip as the hot spoot spurted into
her anus.

With a satisfied chuckle, Suhas slid his penis out of Falu's anus.
She fell to her knees, gasping and panting and whimpering, her
head bowed between her arms. Her body trembled. Casually, Suhas
strolled across the flag-stones to a silver ice-bucket cradling a
bottle of vintage champagne. On a small table stood a pair of
crystal flutes, an inlaid marble box with several sex-pep pills
and specially prepared, highly potent aphrodisiacs. Popping the
champagne cork deftly, he poured it into two glasses and dumped
the bottle back into the bucket. Flipping open the marble box, he
selected four pills and two vials of amber fluid. He swallowed two
pills, washing them down with the champagne and snapped a vial
under his nose. The drugs were very powerful, their effect
assured. Instantly, his penis snapped erect, gorged and hard and
hot and his balls surged with renewed vigour. He gasped softly at
the reaction and then turned to where she still knelt, slowly
steadying her ragged breathing. He grinned and strolled back with
the glasses and the drugs.

"Here," he said, thrusting the pills and vial at her.

Falu nodded gratefully and swallowed the pills with a sip of
champagne. He snapped the vial and waved it under her nose. Falu
gasped. Her body stiffened and quivered and he knew she was
orgasming again. Her breasts swelled, grew hot. She turned around
on her knees before him. He thrust his cock at her face.

"C'mon. Suck it again," he commanded.

Falu smiled lasciviously at him and, lifting her flute, slid it
around his penis. Suhas gasped as the ice-cold fluid bathed his
swollen, hot penis. Trails of gunk floated in the alcohol. Falu
raised the glass to her lips and took a large sip. Keeping the
liquor in her mouth, she slid her lips around his penis. Suhas
grunted softly, a grin creasing his handsome face, his head bent.

"Yeh," he muttered, sipping his champagne. "That's good. Suck it

The contrast between the coldness of the champagne and the warmth
of her mouth was sharply erotic. Slowly, Falu swallowed the drink
while she caressed his cock-head lasciviously with her tongue, her
fingers cupping and rubbing his heavy balls. Holding his shaft in
one hand and pumping it slowly, her other hand dug into her crotch
and jerking back and forth, Falu sucked his penis greedily. Her
head rocked between his thighs, and her face was distended by the
size of his penis. Suhas arched his head and closed his eyes,
savouring the pleasure. It would not be long now.

"Mm ... yeh ... c'mon ... harder! Suck it harder, whore! Ohhh yeh
... that's it ... mm, yes! Oh fuck yes!"

With a soft sigh, he exploded. Falu sensed it coming and opened
her lips wide, tilting her head back and jerking his cock. jizz spurted into her mouth and spattered her face and breasts. She
moaned softly, swallowing his seed. Trails of spoot dribbled over
her face. Suhas looked down and grinned. The drugs were still
working their magic: his penis was rock-hard even after his

"On your feet, bitch," he commanded. "I want you from behind."

Once again, Falu turned on her feet and leaned over the top step.
Suhas took his cock in his hand and pressed it between the lobes
of her creamy buttocks. She reached down and caressed the
cock-head, guiding it to her cunt, spreading the lips wide to
receive him into her flesh. He paused with his cock-head at the
portals of her cunt.

"C'mon Suhas baby ... take me ... fuck my cunt, come on!" she

He took a deep breath, flexed his buttocks and slid his cock-head
up into her. She gasped softly, arching, as it slid through her
cunt-lips and into her flesh. Her cunt convulsed at the intruder.
He groaned and buried himself in her cunt, trying to put out the
burning heat in his loins. Her cunt was a hot, wet, tight furnace
and it contracted powerfully on his cock, sucking it in deeper and
deeper. Suhas groaned, his belly sucked in, and squeezed her
pendulous breasts. Her hips writhed against his.

"Come on, Suhas ... fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she whimpered in lust.

Suhas started fucking her heavily, grinding and spiralling his
cock in and out of her cunt. She moaned and gasped, rocking back
and forth on her hands and feet before him, forcing her cunt up
and down the length of his shaft. Suhas chuckled softly and sipped
his champagne, one hand on his hips, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing rhythmically, his cock grinding in and out of her cunt.
Her head arched and she moaned softly, thickly, panting and mewing
and keening like a bitch in heat. Suhas tilted the champagne flute
over her hips and buttocks and she gasped and writhed as the cold
liquid trickled between her buttocks and over her anus and cunt.
He laughed and swung his hips in tight, grinding circles, mashing
her cunt-flesh. Falu whimpered and her cunt contracted and
convulsed on his throbbing penis. Her body was hot with lust. She
stretched an arm between her legs and fondled his balls.

"Come on, come on, come on," she muttered. "Fuck me ... fuck me

Holding the glass in one hand, his hand in the small of her back,
Suhas fucked her rapidly, pumping his hips at her cunt. She gasped
and murmured in pleasure, rocking swiftly back and forth before
him, running her cunt up and down the length of his shaft.

"Like it, bitch?" he chuckled. "Tell me you like it!"

"God yes ... ohhhh yes, Suhas ... it feels so good ... come on,
please ... fuck me harder! I want it, Suhas ... ohma unhhhh yes!"

He laughed and slid smoothly out of her. Falu gasped in disbelief
and frustration. Chuckling, he dropped to his knees behind her and
pressed his face between her buttocks. Falu gasped softly, her
head arching, as she felt his thick, heavy tongue swirl over her
anus, so recently invaded by his cock. Her legs shuffled open and
he stretched her cunt-lips wide with two fingers and wriggled a
third in her cunt. She groaned, her hips swaying and writhing
erotically. Her anus was musky and erotic and he licked it
hungrily, pressing and probing at the puckered flesh. Then his
tongue dipped lower and she groaned in pleasure as he pushed it
into her cunt. Her slit was wet and seeping love-juice. He licked
her cunt, his tongue swirling through her warm, moist flesh,
flicking at her gorged clitoris.

"Ohhhhhhh yes! Ohhhh yes, Suhas, yes!" Falu shivered in pleasure.
She loved having her cunt licked.

Suhas jabbed his tongue in and out of her cunt and sucked on her
clitoris, nibbling it tenderly. Falu gasped sharply as the heat
flooded her body and the dams threatened to burst. Her hips bucked
and writhed over his face. He stopped and suddenly and got to his
feet. She groaned and looked over her shoulder at him, her face a
mask of lust.

"Stay as you are, whore," he chuckled. "Back in a minute."

He fetched the magnum of champagne from its bucket and carried it
back to the steps. He replenished their glasses and then, taking a
sip from him, sat on the top step between her outstretched arms.

"Suck." He pointed to his cock. "Now."

Falu moaned and buried her face in his crotch. Holding his hips,
she took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked it eagerly. Her
head rocked up and down and rolled from side to side. Suhas
grunted in pleasure. She gave exceptionally good head. Her tongue
worked his cock-head cunningly, and the pressure from her mouth
was insistent. He caressed her head and smooth, creamy naked body,
fondling her succulent, pendulous breasts, kneading them slowly in
both hands. His hands stretched down her body and he slid his
finger between her buttocks. Falu writhed and her legs opened
again. He chuckled and arched a finger into her anus. She moaned
and sucked harder, her buttocks wriggling as he masturbated her

He noticed the magnum and grinned mischievously. Picking it up, he
pressed the open mouth to her anus. Falu gasped and tensed and her
head jerked up.

"Keep sucking, whore!" he grunted. "I didn't tell you to stop, did
I? Fucking whore!"

Whimpering, she obeyed. She was paid for and she had to obey.
Whatever he desired of her, he got. She took his penis deep in her
mouth and sucked it heavily. He held the magnum in both hands now
and pressed the mouth to her anus.

"C'mon, bitch, open up!"

Falu groaned and yielded. He laughed and pressed the mouth into
her anus. Her head snapped up and she cried out, her face twisting
as the cold thick glass speared her asshole. He laughed down at
her and pushed it in gently. She groaned. Holding it with one
hand, he pressed her head back to his crotch with the other,
grunting as his cock went into her mouth. Then he tilted the
bottle up. The cold champagne flowed into her anus. Falu moaned
deliriously deep in her cock-filled throat. It felt wonderful, the
cold sting of the champagne against the heat of her anus. He
twisted the bottle round in both hands and masturbated her with
it. She loved the sensation and her hips churned and gyrated
erotically, swaying and writhing in pleasure. She sucked him

Suhas pushed her head away and got to his feet, his cock erect,
throbbing, glistening with pre-cum gunk, dribbling on her face.
She moaned and stopped him, kissing and licking it lasciviously,
squeezing her breasts over it. He laughed and let her work him for
a few minutes and then pushed her back.

Keeping her bent over, he went back behind her. Picking up his
champagne flute, he dipped his cock into it, gasping at the cold
touch of the liquid on his burning cock. Then he pressed it to her
cunt-lips and, before she could react, gripping her hips, rocked
his cock deep into her cunt. Falu cried out, gasping in shock and
delight as the hot-cold, cold-hot cock surged into her flesh. Her
client laughed at her reaction and fucked her furiously for
several minutes, holding her hips and jerking her cunt up and down
on his cock.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh unhh ohhh yes yes ohhhh god yes!" she

The aphrodisiacs made him insatiable, and restless. He stopped
after several minutes. Falu collapsed on the steps, her arms
aching, her body trembling with lust and desire. The drugs were
incredibly potent. She lay on her back on the top stop, her hips
at its edge and Suhas knelt over her face and pushed his cock into
her mouth again. Bending forward, he took the magnum and pushed it
between her legs. They spread instantly and he chortled in
pleasure and slid the neck of the bottle into her cunt. Fucking
her mouth, he masturbated her with the champagne. Falu's body
thrashed and writhed under his as the cold liquid flowed into her
cunt and mingled with her own steaming cunt-juice. His buttocks
bobbed over her face and his arms and shoulders rippled smoothly
as he rocked the bottle in and out of her cunt.

He wanted to bugger her again. Removing the bottle, getting off
her face, he knelt on the step below and pushed her legs high and
wide, lifting her buttocks. She groaned, her body bent in half,
his hands under her knees high above her head. She reached down
and guided his cock to her asshole.

"C'mon Suhas ... do it ... fuck my butt," she muttered in a
guttural tone.

He groaned and slowly squeezed his cock-head into her anus. The
breath rushed from her throat in a rattling gasp and her face
twisted in an agony of lust. Falu's back arched and she clawed at
his shoulders, her body doubled over. Suhas grunted as her anus
convulsed frantically on his penis and held still.

Falu's chest heaved. She moaned softly, and her hands slid up to
his face, over his chest, down between her splayed thighs to his
belly and cock. She gripped his protruding shaft. He waited, his
body tensed, his thighs rigid with strain, his buttocks trembling,
his knees bent.

"Come on ... do it! Fuck my ass, Suhas!" she groaned.

He chuckled softly and his buttocks squeezed taut and his hips
slid forward. His penis ground into her asshole. Falu moaned
thickly as the heavy penis pushed between her fingers and pierced
her anal channel. It felt wonderful, hot and heavy and hard. Falu
loved having her butt fucked and Suhas was one of the best. Deeper
and deeper he went, till he was fully buried in her ass. She
hissed in pleasure and her fingers went to her cunt, spreading her
cunt-lips and she arched a finger into her slit, flicking her
clitoris rapidly. Her hips writhed in pleasure under him.

"Mm ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me Suhas ... fuck my ass! Come
on, do it!"

Grinning down at her, his face flushed with excitement, Suhas
ground his cock into her anus. She moaned. He pressed his hands on
the insides of her thighs, folding her body in half, his body
angled over hers, his toes on the lowest step, his powerful
muscles corded with the strain. His shoulders rippled and his arms
bulged and she clenched them fiercely as he began to move, slowly
rocking his hips back and forth, pushing and squeezing his cock in
and out of her asshole. Falu gasped and panted deliriously,
watching the growing lust on his face. Her body was pinned under
his, bent to his will. Her loins flamed with lust. She started
masturbating again, slowly toying with her gorged clitoris. His
hips ground back and forth, his cock tunnelling in and out of her
asshole, pushing and squeezing through, crushing her anal flesh.
She moaned, and her finger whipped her clitoris rapidly and she
orgasmed, gasping and moaning. Her anus convulsed on his cock and
he groaned, his head arched, his buttocks flexing and unflexing
slowly, his hips grinding heavily back and forth.

"Come on bitch, come on come on come on," he grunted.

With a soft, shuddering moan, he yielded and, sliding smoothly
out of her, masturbated rapidly. Falu grabbed her legs and kept
them high and bent. He gasped, and thick jets of jizz spurted
from his cock-head and Falu gasped in pleasure. The gunk
spattered her buttocks and thighs and cunt and belly, hitting the
underside of her breasts. She moaned softly. He grunted and
slowly squeezed his cock into her anus again. She groaned,
rocking back and forth under him.

His cock was still rock hard. He moved out of her anus and pushed
it slowly into her cunt, leaning over her now, his hands on the
step on either side of her chest. She smiled radiantly, in deep
rut, murmuring soft, obscene encouragement, caressing his chest
and shoulders and face. His hips rocked steadily back and forth,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, and his cock
crushed in and out of her cunt-flesh. She loved it and responded
like a thoroughbred, her hips arching and writhing, undulating
under his.

"God, you're good," she murmured, her face radiant with pleasure.
"Very good."

"With cunts like you to keep happy, I have to be," he laughed.

"Arrogant pig."

"Pig in a poke. You're the poke."

"And how. Come on, stud. Poke me. Hard!"

He smiled and began to move faster, his hips swinging and rocking
rapidly back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing in a
swift, yet controlled rhythm. His penis plunged deeply in and out
of her cunt and he swung his hips in tight circles as he thrust
into so that he was entering her cunt from all angles, spiralling
downward. Falu's body rocked and lurched under his, jerking with
his thrusts.

"Oh ... unhh ... ohhhh ... yes ... ohhh god yes ... ohhh yes
...c'mon do it ... yes ... fuck me! Fuck me hard, Suhas yes ...
OHHHHHHH yes yes that's it ... mm, yes ... oh god yes ... do it,
lover! Fuck meunhhhhoHHhhyesSuhas oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh oh
oh oh oh OHHH OH OH Suhas-Suhas-Suhas-SuhAHHHHHHHHHHHHS!"

He moved faster and faster and suddenly moved his hands to her
breasts, his arms outstretched, her breasts crushed in his palms.
His hips hammered back and forth, his thighs pummelling her
buttocks, his balls slapping at them, his cock thundering in and
out of her cunt, pillaging and ravishing her flesh. Falu's cries
rent the air as she jerked and thrashed and lurched under him, her
neck arched, her face contorted in a rictus of lust. She exploded
violently and he groaned as her clonic cunt bit down on his
throbbing penis.

He did not come, yet retained his massive erection. Falu felt no
disappointment. He was a fine lover and her pleasure mattered as
much to him as his own. He slid out of her and sprawled on the top
step beside her. She lay for a moment, gasping and moaning, her
breasts and cunt still alive and tingling with his touch. Slowly,
she turned and leaned over him, her hand sliding down to his
crotch. He smiled at her and kissed her pendulous breast, gently
nibbled her stiff nipple. She sighed in pleasure.

"Let me suck your prick," she said. "I like sucking cock."

"Do it, then."

"Not here. Out on the beach."

"Lead on, m'lady of the night."

"Follow me, kind sir."

"With the greatest of unbridled pleasure, I assure you."

She laughed. "One that is mutual."


"The very best."

"Randy bitch."

"Mm. Lucky you."

On the beach, Suhas sprawled on his back on the soft white sand
under the silver moonlight as Falu bent her head over his lap and
sucked his cock. She did it slowly, relishing the heady taste of
his jizz and her cunt and ass juices on it and squeezed her
breasts over it. He groaned softly and fucked her face in
pleasure, rocking her head up and down with both hands, pumping
his hips under her head. Then he tugged at her shoulders and drew
her up over him.

Falu knelt over his lap and, holding his cock, slowly impaled her
cunt on it. She moaned softly, biting her lower lip at her cunt engulfed the fiery heat of his penis. He slid his hands up her
body and crushed her heavy breasts. His hips rose beneath hers.
They began to move together, bucking and jerking up and down,
their cries echoing against the incessant murmur of the surf. Her
breasts bounced and the gold chain around her neck tossed and
slapped on her fair, creamy skin. She leaned forward over him and
rocked her hips up and down, suddenly clapping her buttocks
together and swinging her hips so that her cunt churned and sucked fiercely on his cock. They gasped in unison. Suhas gripped her
buttocks and jerked her body up and down on his cock. Falu gasped
and cried out, her cunt convulsing in delight on his penis. They
fucked furiously for several minutes and then slowed, prolonging
the pleasure and drawing it out as much as they could.

Suhas looked at her in delight. She was the finest of fucks and he
could never tire of her. She smiled down at him and, bending,
kissed him deeply, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her hips
ground round on his cock in erotic, churning circles.

"Come on, Suhas," she said, her breasts hot on his chest. "Let's
go for a swim."

In the water, thigh-deep, Suhas kissed her hungrily, holding her
buttocks as she clung to him, her legs wound taut about his hips,
her cunt churning greedily against his cock. Her fingers dug into
his powerful shoulders and she flung her head back and moaned in
joy, her voice rising up to the stars. Suhas gasped and, moaning,
pressed his throbbing, burning, aching flesh into hers.



Jayant cupped Falu's lovely face in both hands and smiled gently.
She was utterly delectable, totally irresistible. Her nose was
pert, the face sweetly rounded, always alive with joy and
laughter, the rosebud lips soft and inviting. Her teeth were
perfectly even and very white. Her eyes were a deep brown, gentle,
and her voice was gentle and soft.

He bent his head and kissed her tenderly, his lips fluttering
against hers. Her lips flowered under his and slowly, tentatively,
her tongue flickered into his mouth. He drew his hands down her
body. She was very sexy. Her hair was short, hanging just below
her shoulders, now bound behind her head with a broad clip in a
high pony-tail. Her breasts were full and firm, not the detestable
cones that marred so many woman, but full and firm and ripe so
that they filled her clothing and strained at every seam. She had
stubby nipples in dense, bright aureoles. The belly was firm and
flat, and her buttocks were slim, almost boyish, but firm and
neatly curved, leading to shapely legs. Her arms and legs were
slender and smooth, the fingers and toes square and strong. Her
skin was smooth and fair and flawless, with the texture of cream,
or a ripe grape, soft, silken, firm, with no trace of the fine
downy hair that blemished so many women. Jayant loved the feel of
her flesh, cool and smooth and alive to his every touch.

She wore a gold wedding band on one finger, a gold necklace and a
long *mangalsutra*, signifying her marital status. It dangled low,
of gold and black beads with a twin-cupped pendant that rested
against her naked midriff. Her lobes bore delicate earrings, and
she had a small *bindi* on her forehead.

She was clad in a *sari* of some light synthetic material. Falu
wore *sari*'s like no one else: without an inner petticoat and
slung high on her hips and dipping precariously under her belly
and back so that it was just above her pubis and buttocks, she had
discovered a way of wearing it without any supporting
underclothing. As a result, the garment clung to her every curve
and unraveled at the slightest tug. Her blouses were provocatively
cut, scooped deep and wide to reveal a tantalising cleavage, the
lower hem very high so that it ran hard under her breasts, which
jutted out on all sides like heavy, over-ripe melons. The blouse
was very taut and her breasts strained at the confines,
threatening to burst free.

Their kiss deepened, and he cupped her breasts, sliding his hands
under her *pallu*. Her breasts grew heavy and he felt her nipples
jump erect. He slid two fingers into her cleavage.

"It's been an age, Flo," he murmured, teasing her lips with his

"Mm. You've been too busy to even think of me."

"Not true. I've been thinking of fucking you constantly."

"That sounds like heaven. Fuck me constantly."


"Seriously, I'd love it if you did."

"I'd love to do, too, but I can't. So let's just enjoy what we
can, shall we?"

"Mm. Yummy."

Since her early teens, Falu had been fucked by more men than she
could remember. Her husband, his brothers, other relatives, their
servants, guests, visitors, cooks, drivers, peons, cleaners,
sweepers, strangers - she slept with them all. She was a whore for
Jayant and her clients included some of the richest and most
powerful men in the country.

But he was different, without equal. They went back a long time,
to a dark age when he had single-handedly rescued her from a
purgatory with her depraved guardian and taken her through the
gates of a paradise that he created from nothing. He was
intelligent, India's finest legal mind, immensely wealthy, a
connoisseur of art and music, food and fine wine, and he had the
best women at his beck and call.

He was sexually unrivaled. None of her lovers even came close.
Devilishly handsome, his face was clean-shaven, square-jawed and
utterly masculine. He had a strong nose, dark, deep-set eyes, a
shock of thick black hair. His neck was thick and bullish. His
cheeks were slightly hollowed, tough and rugged, the face that of
man used to much labour and hardness. His voice was rich, velvet
baritone, and his eyes were a deep brown, ever gentle.

His body was stunning, that of a master body-builder but without
the crudity. The heavy neck led smoothly to sprawling shoulders,
heavy with muscle. His back was deeply curved by musculature and
his spine narrowed inward. His chest was immensely broad and
square, cut in a heavy W that swept from one armpit to the other,
with a deep cleft in between. His nipples were small and pinches
and pulled taut and low on either side. His belly was hard and
flat, divided into strong rectangular patches of muscle. His
biceps were enormous bulges and his forearms were ridged with
thick veins. His torso slashed in a savage V from the shoulder to
high, narrow hips above taut, firm buttocks that led to long legs,
strong as tree-trunks. His hands and feet were large and strong.
His torso was completely hairless and even his armpits were

But best of all was his penis - an astonishing, impossible,
incredible mass of cartilage and flesh, it hung ten inches long
limp - and limp was not a word frequently associated with it. Even
in that state it was larger and thicker and harder than most
erections. Fully aroused, it was all of eleven and one-half inches
long, nearly three inches thick ridged by heavy veins, as big as
man's forearm. He was careful to keep it smoothly shorn down to
the hilt; not only did it look better in celluloid close-up, but
it facilitated smooth entries into human orifices, especially
anuses. His balls were heavy and low and brimming with hot, creamy
jizz. He had the staying power of a bull, and could come
repeatedly without tiring. It was the equipment of a rampant
stallion in heat.

Falu knew only one man with a larger cock, Kishore, Jayant's chief
lieutenant, whose penis was fully a foot long and three inches
thick. He had fucked her often, even in her ass with it, but even
he acknowledged that Jayant was by far his superior in the art of
fucking a woman.

Jayant was an untiring lover with an innate ability to sense his
lover's moods and needs and the ability to adjust to them
instantly. He maintained that his greatest pleasure sprang from
the giving of the greatest pleasure. Few women could match him.
The only one who did, effortlessly and time after time, was his
wife, Sunnu, Falu's sister. With her, sex took on awesome
dimensions, and their fucking was that of the gods.

Falu knew that Jayant and Sunnu would fuck incessantly for a week
till, in the end, both were drained and exhausted. Their love and
lust was so intense that it threatened to consume their beings,
and they seldom fucked except by careful design. Instead, both
contented their natural sexual urges by fucking outside their
marriage. Falu was glad for it.

Falu closed her eyes and pictured Jayant's cock. It would be dark
and thick, too thick to take fully in her mouth, too thick even to
encircle fully in her fingers. It would be long and strong,
pulsating, dark, thick-veined. She could almost feel it now,
touching her cunt-lips, gently prising them open, then spreading
them wider and wider to receive its immensity, then piercing
through, touching her very soul. She ached for it, for that
beautiful enormity to invade her flesh and plough into her body
mercilessly, tormenting her and driving her to fits of passion
that no one else could. She knew and loved every inch of his body
and his cock, every vein, every curve and contour; and she knew
his cock with her mouth, her face, her breasts, her cunt, her
anus, her entire being.

He drew her closer and her body warmed at the touch of his hands
on her naked midriff. His head bent to hers and her eyes fluttered
shut, her lips parting slowly under his. His lips met hers,
brushed them, then slowly he drew the lower one between his and
sucked on it. His tongue invaded her mouth slowly, gliding between
her lips and flicking against her own and she groaned deep in her
throat as her excitement mounted. His hands slid up over her
short, tight blouse to cup her breasts. As he squeezed the fleshy
mounds gently, marveling at their superb contours, relishing the
feel and weight and shape of them filling his hands, they grew hot
and hard and swelled, her nipples stiffening quickly. His lips
slid down over her mouth, down the line of her neck and throat and
he slid the *pallu* of her *sari* of her shoulder. His lips and
tongue trickled into the deep valley between her breasts, and his
hands and fingers stroked her bare belly, caressing it just above
her pubis, gently sliding around to her buttocks, back again to
her thighs. He flicked open the buttons of her blouse and opened
the top two.

He bent his head and his tongue explored the deep vale between her
breasts. Falu trembled in excitement. His hot breath seared on her
nipple through the thin material of the blouse and she shuddered
in excitement, arching her head. Her nipple quivered between his
lips. He tugged at it gently with his teeth, rolled it between
them. She gasped as the fires leapt to her groin. He moved to the
other breast, kneading the first in his fingers.

Falu unbuttoned his loose shirt with trembling fingers. She pulled
it off and, moaning softly, caressed his sculpted chest. His hands
slid down her smooth back and he tugged at her *sari*. It
unravelled and fell to her feet with the softest of whispers. She
was naked under it and his hands slid over her firm, flat buttocks
and slender thighs. She trembled and bent her head to his chest,
licking his nipple. He sighed softly. Her tongue swirled over the
tough little knot of flesh, and then her lips flowered around it
and she sucked gently. Jayant sighed in pleasure as tiny flames of
pleasure leapt from his nipples and coursed through his
magnificent frame. He cupped her cunt and was delighted to find it
already wet. She groaned and her legs shuffled apart, her
cunt-lips opening for him. He arched a finger into her slit and
she whimpered deep in her throat, moving to his other nipple, her
hips swaying and writhing erotically.

Falu began to move lower and Jayant murmured in pleasure as her
tongue and lips snaked down his torso. He slid his hands into her
blouse and cupped her swollen breasts, flicked her rigid nipples.
Kneeling before him, Falu nuzzled his crotch.

She moaned softly and kissed the enormous bulge between his
thighs. Slowly, her hands crawled up to the clasp of his trousers.
She flipped it open and slowly pulled down his fly and stretched
it open in a wide V. She moaned at the sight of his mammoth shaft
tucked neatly in the fly; he wore no underwear. Her lips parted
hungrily and her eyes glittered with lust, her nostrils flaring.
Jayant knew the signs well and he smiled gently.

Whimpering in excitement, Falu pressed her lips to the base of his
shaft as she pulled his trousers open and tugged them down his
legs. They puddled at his ankles and his limp cock hung before her
face, gargantuan, glorious, gorgeous. Falu thrilled with lust at
the mere sight of it. She joined her palms from heel to the tip of
her little finger, forming an open, shallow cup, such as Hindu
priests are wont to use in rituals. She cupped his shaft in her
palms, the cock-head between her wrists, and lifted it gently to
her parted lips. Jayant reached down and rolled back his foreskin,
watching her with a slight smile. Her face was suffused with
excitement, her eyes half-closed. She was almost in a devotional
trance. Slowly, her lips parted further and her tongue slid out
and coiled sinuously around his bulging cock-head. He murmured
softly. It felt wonderful. She licked it again, moaning deep in
her throat and slowly, her lips inched towards it. He waited
patiently. Her lips pressed to his cock-head, then parted and
slowly slid down around it. He murmured as he felt her tongue at
work on his cock-head in her mouth. She raked her fingernails up
and down his shaft, cupped his balls lovingly.

The shaft of his penis was shorn smoothly to the base; his scrotum
was shaved clean. He did this because, for one so hugely endowed,
it was essential to ensure no discomfort to his partner,
especially if he was sodomising her - which he fully intended to
do to Falu. She loved having her butt fucked and he did it better
than anyone else. The shaven cock-shaft also heightened his own

Jayant sighed in pleasure as her warm, moist mouth engulfed his
cock-head. She sucked cock like few women could, with longing and
deep, genuine desire and relish. His belly rippled and he focused
his mind on his groin, savouring the exquisite pleasure of her
lips and tongue on his cock-head, her fingernails and teeth raking
his thick shaft. Slowly, his cock stirred, warmed, filled with
blood and lust. It grew longer and thicker and hotter and harder
in her mouth, distending her face. Falu moaned softly, sucking insistently, rising with his cock, her hands lifting her breasts erotically. Jayant murmured in pleasure and fucked her mouth
slowly and heavily, holding her face in both hands and rocking her
head back and forth between his legs.

His cock felt heavenly, hot and thick and hard, throbbing with
lust, musky and erotic. Falu's head swam with excitement and she
sucked it lovingly, with mounting desire. Slowly, her head rose
and she moved higher, kissing his belly, tonguing his navel, and
guided his cock into her cleavage inside her blouse. Jayant sighed
as she squeezed her breasts over his penis.

"Mmm, yes ... that's nice," he murmured.

She groaned, rubbing her breasts over his shaft, raking it with
her nipples. He could feel her long *mangalsutra* and gold
necklace rippling against the shaft of his cock and it felt very

"Jayant ... please ... cream in my face ... and on my tits ... "

How could he refuse? He smiled gently and nodded.

Falu slipped his penis out of her blouse. Smiling seductively, she
lifted her hands behind her neck and released the clasp of her
long *mangalsutra*. Jayant watched, intrigued, waiting patiently.
Her eyes dancing mischievously, she twisted it once round his
shaft and then looped it over his hips, fixing the clasp in the
small of his back. Now her *mangalsutra* was his girdle, the
twin-cupped pendant nestled under his shaft against his balls.

"That's better," she murmured, licking his cock-head. "That's very

Jayant chuckled softly. If it turned her on, he saw no reason to
object. On her knees, she leaned away, on hand outstretched, palm
on the floor by her calves, her breasts thrust up. She guided his
penis into her blouse again, this time from beneath, past the
lower hem, so that it tunnelled through her cleavage and the
cock-head popped out in the neck of her blouse, towards her face.
She smiled sexily and her mouth opened and she craned her neck,
questing for his cock. Jayant was deeply aroused. Falu rocked
slowly on her knees with her hands behind her legs, her back
curved and breasts thrust upward. As she moved, her breasts squeezed over his shaft, masturbating him. At the same time, her
mouth was open and his cock-head was between her lips. And his
penis was festooned by her *mangalsutra*.

Jayant grunted in pleasure and fucked her breasts and face. Bent
backward on her knees before him, Falu sucked and licked his penis
greedily, moaning as the heavy shaft rasped between her breasts.
Her nipples were hard with lust, her breasts heavy and swollen.
Jayant pumped his hips rhythmically back and forth. She thought
the sight of her *mangalsutra* on his hips, the pendant on his
balls was infinitely erotic. She sucked his penis languorously,
almost lazily, swirling her tongue over the swollen cock-head,
rocking back and forth. Jayant savoured the gentle burgeoning of
blisson in his gonads. Arms akimbo, he pumped his hips back and
forth at his sister-in-law. Finally, murmuring in pleasure, he
allowed himself the pleasure of surrender. His cock throbbed and
quivered. Falu sensed his orgasm and opened her mouth wide, his
cock-head resting on her lower lip. jizz spurted suddenly from the
slit in his cock-head and flooded her mouth. Falu moaned and
swallowed his spoot, thick trails of it dribbling over her chin
and cheeks. He slid out of her breast-sheath and she shook his
cock in her fist. More gunk spurted out and spattered her face.
She pointed it to her cleavage and jerked it vigorously. jizz dribbled between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts over his
cock again. Murmuring softly, she caressed her gunk-spattered face
with his penis.

"It looks very sexy, with my *mangalsutra*," she murmured. "I want
to suck your cock again."

"Later," he grunted, pushing her head away. "Enough for now."

"Never say that," Falu giggled. "Not about your cock."

He laughed and they fell to the floor, kissing and fondling each
other. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, squeezing her
hot breasts, sticky with his seed. He massaged his cum into her
flesh, her aureoles, pinched her nipples. She shivered and
writhed. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her
mouth. She sucked on his tongue and her hands roamed his body,
tracing its superb contours, caressing his flesh, crawling down to
his crotch to fondle his penis. He cupped her cunt and she writhed
as he split her cunt-lips open and rubbed his knuckle against her
clitoris. She gripped his wrist and tried to get him to push a
finger - preferably, several - into her flesh, but he broke free.
His tongue swirled through her ear and then followed the line of
her face down to the hollows in her shoulders and slipped lower.
Falu whimpered in pleasure, her face turning to one side.

His lips and tongue snaked lower, over her breasts, climbing one
swollen crest, dipping into the sticky vale between, rising up the
other, running rapidly around the stubby point of the peak. Falu
shuddered and gasped. He sucked on one breast, nibbled the nipple,
rubbed it across his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth,
then moved to the other. Squeezing both breasts together, he
sucked on her nipples simultaneously. Falu gasped and arched under
him, her hands digging into his thick hair. He plucked her long
gold necklace between his lips and rasped it over her nipples. She
moaned, twisting and writhing in an agony of pleasure under him.

Still squeezing her breasts, he moved lower, nuzzling her belly,
tonguing her navel, moving his head between her thighs. Falu
moaned and spread her legs wide apart and stretched her cunt-lips
open with the fingers of both hands. Her cunt was dripping wet;
its musky, erotic odour made his head swim. His tongue slipped
into her crack and Falu gasped, arching sharply. His tongue was
wonderful in her cunt, heavy and warm and hot. It slipped into her
cunt-flesh, rippled through the moist softness, flicked like
lightning at her gorged clitoris, slipped out, snaked inward
again. Falu gasped and panted in excitement. She clenched his head
and moved it round and round between her thighs. Her hips jerked
and lurched up and down. Her body snapped back and forth with
little jerking motions, as though she was being fucked. Her mouth
was open and she groaned and whimpered in pleasure, her head
flipping from side to side. Her hands mauled her swollen breasts.

"Ohhhhh ... yes ... yes ... oh god yes Jayant yes! Ohhhhhh yes!
Ohhh that's so good ... mmm ... yes ... that's it ... lick me,
Jayant, yes! Ohhh lick my slit Ohhh ma yes!"

Falu loved being tongue-fucked. The sensations were exquisite,
delicate, intense, profound. His tongue rapped and jabbed at her
clitoris, flicked it, his teeth nibbled it, his lips sucked it.
She gasped and cried out, crushing her breasts in her hands, her
hips pumping joyfully up and down, her cries frenzied and aroused.
Her cunt-juices flowed thick and free and Jayant lapped them in
pleasure, relishing the musky taste of her sex.

She was on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped and pulled away.
She groaned in despair, her hips twitching and heaving, her
breathing ragged, her voice hoarse. He laughed gently and got to
his feet again, pulling her up to her knees, pushing his cock at
her face. Moaning, Falu began jerking it one fist and then took it
in her mouth and started sucking him again. Now her hunger was
sharp and keen and she gripped his hips and sucked his cock deeply
and hungrily, her head rocking back and forth between his thighs.
He pumped his hips at her face, holding her head and moving it
back and forth, reaching down to fondle her swollen breasts. She
caressed his balls, tongued them, licked them, smiling to herself
at the sight of her *mangalsutra* draped around his hips, twined
over his shaft, its amulet against his balls. She scraped his
shaft with the *mangalsutra* between her lips and he grunted and
pushed his cock into her mouth again. She slid a finger between
his buttocks and pressed it to his anus.

"Mm, yeh ... c'mon suck it, bitch," he grunted. "Suck it good ...
mm, yeh ... that's it c'mon ... suck it harder ... Ohhh yeh!"

His anus spasmed and convulsed under the pressure of her finger.
That gave her an idea. She stopped sucking him and looked up.

"Turn around. And bend over," she murmured. "I want your ass."

He chuckled and obeyed. Turning his back to her, he bent forward
over the low bed, his hands flat on the counterpane, his legs
spread wide.

Falu shuffled around till she was behind him, on her knees. She
pressed her face between his buttocks. Jayant moaned softly. His
anus was taut, puckered. Her tongue swirled over it. He moaned
softly, his pulse quickening with pleasure. He could feel the
softness of her face, the smooth skin of her cheeks and the
moistness of her tongue between his buttocks. Her tongue rapped at
his anus and her fingers stroked his cock and balls gently,
deftly. Jayant's body rippled with lust; his balls surged with
excitement. Now Falu unclasped the *mangalsutra* from the small of
his back and drew the two strands between his thighs and up into
the cleft between his buttocks. Her lips slid lower, down along
the hard ridge of flesh under his anus to his balls. She sucked his balls one by one, flicked them with her tongue in her open
mouth. She took the ends of the *mangalsutra* and pressed them to
his anus with her fingertip as her head burrowed between his
thighs. Now her head was under his cock, tilted back like a
suckling calf's, and the *mangalsutra* ran over her cheek and
behind her, to his buttocks. She flipped around between his legs
and began sucking his cock again and pressed her finger to his
asshole. Jayant gasped and yielded and she slid the strands into
his anus. He flung his head back and moaned loudly.

"Oh fuck yes! Ohhhh yes Falu yes! Ohhhhh god yes!" he gasped.

Her fingertip slipped into his anus and he groaned, jerking her
head back and forth, pumping his hips at her face, his head flung
back, his penis throbbing in her mouth. Her finger slid in and out
of his anus, twisting and rolling the beads of her *mangalsutra*
in his rear channel. The fires in his loins grew and spread. He
gasped, his magnificent chest heaving, his face flushed with

Abruptly, she stopped sucking his cock and slipped her finger out
of his anus. He groaned. She grinned at him, and ensured that a
good bit of her *mangalsutra* was still in his anus. He was about
to pull it out when she stopped him.

"Leave it. I want it there. For later."


"It takes two to tango, stud," she giggled. "That's my insurance."

"For what?"

"To make sure you come inside me."

"Fuck you."

"I certainly hope so."

He grinned and pushed her down on her back on the large, low,
well-sprung bed. She giggled at the sight of her *mangalsutra*
twined round his cock and balls, embedded in his ass. He scowled
at her in feigned irritation. She giggled again, and her laugh was
infectious and he laughed with her.

"It looks very cute," she said.

"Married to the cock."

"Mm. C'mon, Jayant. Let's fuck."

"Do let's."

He bent over her and they kissed slowly and deeply, fondling each
other's bodies. He cupped her breasts and she caressed his
muscular back and deep chest sensuously. He rummaged between her
legs and they opened readily for him. Reaching into the drawer of
the bedside table, he found a dildo. It was ten inches long, a
hollow cylinder with knurls and knobs and spikes and ridges on its
surface. Both ends were open, one slightly narrower than the
other, so that it tapered. The edges were smoothly rounded.

It was one of Falu's favourites. Her eyes glittered when she saw
it in his hands and she opened her legs and pulled her cunt-lips
wide with one hand for it.

"Fuck yes, I want that," she muttered. "C'mon, shove it into my

Slowly, Jayant pressed the tube into her cunt. Falu gasped and
arched, the fingers of one hands keeping her cunt-lips stretched
wide, her other hand digging into his shoulders. Her back arched
and her mouth jerked open. Jayant bent his head and sucked her
breast, lying on side beside her. He pressed the tube deeper into
her. Falu's head snapped back, her neck craned, her face twisted
in a rictus of lust. She squeezed her breasts with her free hand
in a frenzy, her other hands clawing her cunt-lips wide. The huge
tube tunnelled into her flesh, the knobs and ridges and knurls
crushing her cunt-flesh and clitoris, the hard spikes bending as
they went in, then flipping up inside her to scrape her cunt-flesh

"Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ohfuckohfuckohfuck ohh yes oh yes oh uh oh
oh oh uh oh uh," Falu gasped, her chest heaving, her body
writhing, her hips pumping.

Jayant slid the dildo deeper and deeper into her and then began to
masturbate her with it. His eyes never left her face. Falu moaned
and gasped, writhing and thrashing erotically on the bed by him.
Her face was radiant with lust. He kissed her hungrily, immensely
aroused by the sight of her. She groaned and caressed her breasts sensuously, hissing in pleasure as he rocked the dildo in and out
of her flesh. Her hips pumped and jerked and her body jerked and
snapped and rolled gently up and down on the bed. Jayant sucked her breasts sharply and then, without warning, pressed his lips to
the open end of the dildo and started blowing into it. Falu gasped
and cried out and arched steeply, her fingers digging into his
hair. His breath was funnelled by the dildo and speared her slit
like a hot knife. He exhaled sharply, repeatedly, and her body
jerked and arched, convulsing frantically. He crushed her breasts in his hands and she groaned, her hips thrust up, quivering in
tension as the orgasm neared.

Just before it broke, he rose. Her face twisted in rage and then
the anger gave way to an expression of incredulous joy and wonder,
for he had moved up over her, between her legs, and was slowly
squeezing his rigid penis into the tube that impaled her cunt. He
grinned down at her.

"Like it?"

"Oh fuck yes!" she gasped in awe as she felt his huge penis
stretch the sheath and, through it, her cunt.

His penis squeezed through the sheath, both moving deeper into
her, the ridges and knobs and knurls and spikes crushing her
cunt-flesh. She gasped and moaned, her breath coming in sharp,
heaving, ragged cries as he pushed and tunnelled deeper and

'Oh god yes oh yes oh yes fuck me Ohhhh fuck me yes ohhh god yes
Jayant yes fuck me please ohhh yes!" Falu gasped.

Now his magnificent body was angled over hers, his arms
outstretched, his biceps bulging. On his knees between her thighs,
he flexed his buttocks slowly, squeezing his cock deeper still
into her flesh. Falu's head swam with delirious excitement. It was
wonderful, the very best fucking, better than with anyone else.
She clung to his arms, panting and gasping like a bitch in heat,
her chest heaving. Jayant grinned down at her and pushed his cock
deeper into her cunt. She was a fabulous fuck: her cunt was hot
and tight as a vice, sucking voraciously and greedily on his
mammoth erection and her fair-skinned, curved body throbbed and
writhed eagerly for more. Deep in her flesh, he paused.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh,"
Falu panted.

Her eyes were closed, her lips parted, her nostrils flared and her
head was arched. Her chest rose and fell rapidly. Jayant thought
she looked incredibly lovely. He bent his head and dragged his
tongue down her face to her breasts. She moaned as he lapped at
one stiff nipple, then the other, then slowly nibbled on them. Her
hips gyrated beneath his.

"Come on, come on, come on," she muttered. "Fuck me, Jayant, fuck
me ... please!"

Gently, he began fucking her with smooth, long strokes, moving his
hips steeply up and down, slowly back and forth. His penis moved a
full ten inches in its sawing, grating, grinding, spiralling
length; and the thick rubber tube rasped and scraped over her
cunt-flesh as he moved. His buttocks flexed and unflexed
rhythmically, steadily, unhurriedly. His penis crushed her
cunt-flesh. Beneath him, Falu gasped and panted, her back arching
and falling in a rhythm that matched his thrusts. Jayant watched
the spasms of lust and pleasure on her face, moving slowly and
unhurriedly. She dug her hands into his thick biceps, her forearms
along his. Her breasts were hot and swollen. Her cunt was
incredible: hot and tight and wet, convulsing and cramping
powerfully on his pistoning penis.

"Ohhh Jayant yes! Ohhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhh ... uhhh
... Ohhhh ... uhhh ... ohhh uhhh ohh uhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh
uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh ohhh uhhh yes!" she gasped.

Her body rocked and jerked and her breasts jiggled and bounced
with his thrusts. Jayant kept moving with an utterly steady,
metronomic action, his penis sliding in and out, in and out, in
and out. Falu's head rolled from side to side and she whimpered
deliriously. His mammoth penis, sheathed in the hard rubber tube,
crushed and plundered her flesh, filling her cunt to bursting. She
could feel the extraordinary heat and hardness of him. Whimpering,
her hips and cunt heaving rhythmically under his, she smiled
sensuously at him, caressing his handsome face, his deep chest.
Arching her head, she licked his small, hard nipples. Her hands
slid down his back to his buttocks and she began toying with the
*mangalsutra* that was still half-embedded in his anus. Jayant
smiled, grunting in pleasure, as she moved it in and out of his
ass with her fingertip and then slowly began to draw it out. The
release in pressure was exquisitely erotic. He groaned and pressed
his cock deeper into her flesh, making her moan and arch in
delight under him. The *mangalsutra* twined in her fingers, she
caressed his body and back and arms. Jayant's rhythm did not vary
and Falu whimpered deliriously; it was incredible, this
relentless, demanding, driving fucking.

Jayant paused and slipped the sheath of his cock. Falu waited,
whimpering, gasping and panting under him. Slowly, he slid into
her again. She gasped, arching hard as his huge penis tunnelled
into her flesh, hot and hard. It felt wonderful, having his naked
cock in her cunt at last. She groaned, and her hips churned hard
against his. He fucked her for several minutes in that position,
with the same, steady, unvarying rhythm.

And then he began to move faster.

Beneath him, Falu cried out, her body twisting and lurching and
writhing as the huge penis plundered her flesh. His buttocks
flexed and unflexed and his hips rose and fell in a mesmerising,
rapid rhythm. His cock appeared and disappeared into her flesh,
pushing and squeezing and tunnelling and burrowing and plowing in
deeper and deeper.

"Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh
oh uh oh ma uh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh," Falu
panted deliriously, her head whipping from side to side.

"C'mon, take it, take it, bitch, take it, take my prick, whore,
take it! Oh fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes oh fuck yes oh
fuck yes take it *rundi, chul saali rahnd chul*!"

His words burned in her ears. He bent his head and thrust his
tongue into her mouth. She arched her body under his, her breasts hot under his chest. She gripped his face, her *mangalsutra*
twined in her fingers, and kissed him feverishly, sucked his
earlobe, swirled her tongue lasciviously through his ear in an
utterly wanton gesture.

"Harder," she gasped. "Fuck me harder, Jayant! Fuck me like a

He grunted and rose on his outstretched arms and knees. Flinging
his head back, gasping loudly, he started ramming and reaming his
cock into his sister-in-law's flesh. His hips snapped rapidly back
and forth and his huge penis plunged went faster and faster, in
and out of her cunt, till he was entering her at a furious,
ramming pace. His knees levered her thighs wide and Falu lay
pinned under him, her body jerking and rocking violently with his
thrusts. Her orgasm loomed and then broke in a series of crashing,
back to back orgasms. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his penis.
Groaning, he slowed abruptly and skewered her heavily, with a
cruel, rolling twist of his hips that made his penis enter her
from all angles. She gasped and cried out, her hands crushing her
breasts in an erotic frenzy and then, abruptly, he resumed
ram-fucking her. Falu cried out thinly, her face contorting and
twisting with lust as the huge cock hammered into her flesh. Her
orgasm intensified and dragged on.

Finally, it ebbed and he slipped out of her cunt and turned her
over onto her front. Falu moaned thickly, her body still trembling
with tension. Jayant leaned over, his lips hot on her skin. She
was sweating and strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her
neck. His hard penis throbbed against her buttocks. He shoved his
hands under her body and cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard.
She groaned. Her face was turned on one side. He tongued her ear,
sucked her lobe, kissed her deeply. He pressed his penis into the
cleft between her buttocks. Falu murmured softly as she felt the
huge cock-head at her anus.

"I want your ass," he murmured. "I want to fuck your butt."

Falu loved being sodomised. The algedonic sensations of being
fucked in the ass were unmatched; and no one did it better than
Jayant, with his monstrous penis and awesome skill. Incredibly,
there was never pain, just wave after wave of intense pleasure.

She spread her legs, squirming, lifting her buttocks. Jayant

"Later," he murmured. "After I finish with your cunt."

Kneeling behind her, he pulled her up onto her knees and forearms.
Falu groaned as he caressed her body, fondling her swollen,
pendulous breasts, her belly, her hips, her buttocks and thighs.
Her knees spread and he pressed his penis between her buttocks to
her cunt. She groaned softly when she felt the fierce heat of the
cock-head at her cunt-lips; and then, with a loud moan, flexing
his buttocks and swinging his hips, he thrust into her smoothly
and deeply. Falu gasped sharply as the enormous penis burst into
her cunt, surging swiftly deep into her body. Her head snapped up,
her mouth jerked open in a wide 'O' and her body lurched forward.

"Ohmaunh AHHHHHHHHH!" she gasped. "Oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHH!"

"Yeh ... ohfuckyes!" Jayant breathed as her cunt convulsed
frantically on his hard, throbbing penis, squeezing it eagerly.

Falu's face creased in radiant pleasure. Moaning, she swung her
hips gently in circular motion, mashing her cunt-flesh with his
cock, spiralling backward onto his penis.

"C'mon Jayant fuck me fuck me ... please ... fuck me," she

Grunting in pleasure, his fingertips in the small of her back,
Jayant fucked her steadily and swiftly. His hips swung back and
forth in an undulating, curving action so that his penis sawed in
and out of her cunt like a scimitar. Falu moaned and cried out,
rocking and jerking under him, her body swinging back and forth,
her heavy, swollen breasts bouncing. Jayant grabbed her
*mangalsutra* from the bed where she had abandoned it and,
flipping it over her neck again, twined his fingers in it and then
cupped her breasts. Falu gasped as the hard, cold metal bit into
her aching, rigid nipples.

"Oh yes! Ohh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Jayant! Fuck me harder!" she

They moved faster and faster and his penis appeared and
disappeared between the creamy curves of her buttocks. Her breasts wobbled and swung with her necklaces. Her buttocks bounced off his
thighs. He gripped her breasts and jerked her back and forth on
his cock, dragging her cunt down deeper and deeper, burying his
burning penis in her hot, wet cunt-flesh. Her cunt convulsed and
cramped in a frenzy of his penis and he groaned. She shoved a hand
under her thighs and squeezed his balls eagerly. Gasping in
pleasure, Jayant leaned forward over her, his hips pummelling her
buttocks, and gripped her pendulous breasts. Falu whimpered in joy
and her buttocks writhed erotically under him. She turned her face
to his and he kissed her hungrily, thrusting his tongue deep into
her mouth. Her breasts were hot and swollen in his hands, the
nipples rigid. Jayant crushed his cock deeper into her cunt. With
a shuddering moan, Falu orgasmed, her cunt biting down on his
sawing penis. Jayant gasped and grimaced, his handsome head flung
back, his muscular body corded, sheathed with sweat. Holding her
hips, he jerked her body back and forth greedily, yanking her cunt up and down the length of his shaft. Falu moaned thickly, her head
hanging between her arms.

At last he slowed and sank back on his haunches, his cock still
inside her, bringing her body upright on her knees. She knelt in
front of him, his cock deep in her cunt, his hands on her swollen
breasts. She tilted her face back and looped an arm over his neck.
He kissed her, licked her armpit, sucked her breast. She moaned,
writhing her buttocks on his lap.

"God I love your cock in my slit," she whimpered.

"And I love your cunt on my prick," he smiled, licking her nipple.

Jayant squeezed and fondled her swollen breasts. Falu whimpered,
writhing in pleasure on his lap, and kissed him hungrily,
thrusting her tongue into his mouth. His penis throbbed in her
slit. Groaning, she arched her head and, leaning forward on her
outstretched arms, began to move her body back and forth, sliding
her cunt up and down the length of his immense shaft. Her cunt spasmed and convulsed on his penis, squeezing eagerly on its
thickness and hard heat. Jayant crushed her breasts and moved her
body up and down on his penis. They moved faster, their bodies
rocking and jerking with rising urgency, her cunt sliding steeply
up and down the length of his immense tumescence. Jayant squeezed
her heavy, swollen breasts and rolled them in his palms. Falu
moaned and ground her cunt around on his cock.

"Fuck me ... yes ... fuck me Jayant ... ohhhh god yes!"

"C'mon, take it! Take it Falu, take my cock!" he grunted, swirling
his tongue through her ear.

Falu trembled and moaned and arched her head. "Ohhh yes! Ohhh god
yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Jayant yes ... ohhh god yes!" she gasped.

She whimpered and moaned as another orgasm rocked her body. Her
cunt convulsed on his cock and her hips sank down deeply. Her face
jerked upward and she gasped loudly, her back arching stiffly.
Jayant crushed her swollen breasts and tugged at her nipples. She
shuddered and writhed on his lap. He waited patiently as the
orgasm ebbed.

"Now," he grunted, his tongue in her ear. "Now I want your ass,
bitch. I want to fuck your butt. Come on."

Falu groaned thickly. Her head swam with pleasure and excitement.
She enjoyed being sodomised and no one did it better than her
brother-in-law. Gasping, she slid off his penis and she leaned
forward again, pressing her shoulders to the bed, lifting her
buttocks and hips high. She spread her knees wide apart and her
buttocks creased open, exposing her tender anus to his view.
Jayant chuckled softly and caressed the narrow opening. Falu
writhed at his touch. Bending, he pressed his face to her butt and
rimmed her ass with his tongue. She groaned loudly, her face
turned on side on the bed. Her anus was musky and erotic to the
taste. Her buttocks writhed in pleasure as he ran his tongue round
and round the puckered flesh, pressing inward.

He rose and straddled her hips in a deep, strong squat, his knees
bent. Falu tensed as he pressed his penis between her buttocks.
The enormity of his cock-head was at her anus.

"Set?" he murmured.

She nodded. Slowly, he flexed his buttocks. His hips slid forward.
The huge cock-head pressed at the tight flesh of her anus, pushed
through. The cock-head popped into her rear-channel.

"Ohunhhohunhunhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The breath whooshed from Falu's throat. She dug her fingers into
the rich counterpane. Her face contorted in a rictus of lust, her
mouth wide open, her eyes squeezed shut, her lips drawn back over
her strong, white, even teeth. Her neck jerked back and her body
arched inward. Her buttocks stiffened, quivered, tensed. Jayant
paused with his cock-head in her asshole.

"You okay?" he murmured softly. "Shall I stop?"

Falu gasped and shook her head. "No ... for god's sake don't ...
stop ... shove it all in Jayant ... slowly ..."

Jayant took his time. Few women could receive the immensity of his
penis in their cunts, let alone in their anuses. Falu was one of
the exceptions. He knew that she loved this as much as he, and
would want his entirety in her anus. Gently, unhurriedly, he slid
himself deeper into her anal channel. The algedonic sensations of
her brother-in-law's monstrous penis squeezing and crushing
through her anal flesh were overwhelming. Waves of pleasure racked
her body. Falu gasped and moaned, rocking and swaying gently back
and forth and from side to side. Deeper and deeper he went, his
cock seemingly endless, pushing and probing the innermost recesses
of her being. Her belly and anus ached and her body throbbed with
hot lust. His hands slid gently up her flanks and cupped her
succulent breasts. She groaned and pressed herself into his hard
hands. Thrusting an arm under her body, she squeezed his heavy

"Ohh ... uhhh ... ohhhh ... uhhh ... ohhh yes ... yes ... oh god
yes, Jayant, yes ... do it ... fuck me, baby ... fuck my ass!"
Falu panted.

Bent over her, his body angled steeply forward, his hands
clenching and squeezing her breasts in excitement, Jayant began
fucking Falu's ass. It convulsed frenetically on his throbbing
penis, making him groan in pleasure.

"Take it ... fuck yes! Take it all, whore ... take my prick!" he

Slowly, he slid his hips back, unflexed his buttocks. His penis
slid outward, and Falu gasped at the exquisite release in
pressure. Out and out he went, till just the tip of his cock-head
remained in her anus. She moaned and her buttocks rose eagerly,
splitting open wantonly.

"Shove it in, Jayant!" she gasped. "Shove it in again! Oh! Uhhh
OHHHHH uhhh OHHH yes OHHHHHHHH yes-yes-yes!"

Jayant slid his throbbing cock into her anus again, and Falu
gasped thickly, her body bending and arching, sliding forward
under his thrust. Slowly, he slid out and in again, stroking
gently and smoothly in and out of her clonic rear channel. Falu
felt giddy with pleasure. His cock was enormous and it plowed
deeply in and out of her anus with a smooth, slow, mesmerizing
rhythm. She masturbated frantically, flicking her gorged clitoris
with two fingers. Her buttocks writhed and shook as he impaled her
asshole again and again. Her body rocked and swung with his
motions. On and on he went, taking his time, sodomising her
unhurriedly and thoroughly.

"C'mon, bitch, c'mon ... take it ... uhhh yeh! Take it all, whore!
Take it! Come on ... come on ... *come on*!"

His buttocks flexed and unflexed rhythmically. His hips rocked
back and forth. His enormous penis glistened and gleamed as it
stroked slowly in and out of her asshole, appearing and
disappearing between the creamy curves of her buttocks. He was
bent steeply forward astride her, his hands crushing her breasts and, under him, her buttocks raised high, her shoulders pinned to
the bed, Falu moaned and gasped, her body rocking back and forth,
sliding up and down the sheets with his thrusts. Between her legs,
her fingers worked her cunt and clitoris frantically. Her hips
swayed and trembled and shook with excitement as her orgasm

"Ohhhh ... yes! Ohhh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass Jayant Ohhh
uhhh OHH OH OH OH OHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes! Yes!"

With a shuddering gasp, Falu orgasmed. Her cunt convulsed on her
pumping finger and, simultaneously, her anus contracted in a
frenzy on his penis. Jayant gasped and slid deeper into her, his
handsome head arching back. Burying himself in her anus, he
waited, savouring the exquisite pleasure of her orgasm. It ebbed
slowly and he began moving again, fucking her butt once more,
moving gently and steadily. The fires in his loins were
uncontainable and, within seconds, he let himself go. The heat
poured from his cock and she gasped as the searing jizz spurted
into her asshole. Slowly, still ejaculating, he pulled out of her
and spattered her buttocks and anus and cunt-lips with his jizz.
Falu gasped softly. He groaned in relief and gingerly squeezed his
cock into her anus again. Falu moaned thickly. Her body sagged to
the bed and Jayant bent over her, his legs spread wide, his cock
embedded deep in her anus, and kissed her neck and tongued her
ear. She writhed under him. Slowly, he pulled out of her.

A few minutes later, he was on his back and she turned and slid
over him and kissed him deeply. Her breasts were hot and heavy on
his chest. He caressed her body tenderly.

"God, I love fucking you," he murmured, sucking her lip.

"That makes two of us," she smiled, her nipples hardening in his
hands. "I want to fuck again."

"Crazy whore."

"Mm. But lucky."

"If you say so."

"I do," she murmured and began to snake down his body, kissing his
chest, licking and sucking his nipples, going down to take his
semi-erect penis between her breasts.

She squeezed them in a warm, tight sheath over his cock and he
could feel the hardness of her nipples scraping his shaft. Then
she slid down and her lips opened and her tongue swirled out.
Jayant craned his neck and watched, his lust mounting, as she
began sucking his cock again.

Falu moaned softly as she bent her head over Jayant's lap. Holding
his erect cock in one hand, she pumped the shaft eagerly. Her face
was tilted to one side and Jayant saw that it was radiant and soft
with lust. Her lips parted and her tongue swirled over his
cock-head. His penis was tangy and musky, erotic with the combined
tastes of her cunt and ass and his jizz. She cradled his cock in
an open palm and wound her tongue languorously around his
cock-head. Jayant groaned in pleasure. Whimpering and keening
softly, Falu took his cock-head in her mouth and began to suck it
gently. Jayant gasped at the touch. He caressed her face and
breasts and then, as her sucking grew in ardour and intensity,
held her head and rocked it up and down over his lap, pumping his
hips under her face.

"Oh fuck yes! God yes ... c'mon suck it! Suck it, whore! Suck my
cock!" he groaned.

Falu's head moved rapidly up and down over his lap as she pumped
his cock-shaft in her fist. His penis hardened swifly in her mouth
and fingers, regaining its awesome proportions. Dipping her head,
she scraped her teeth down the underside of his cock-shaft and
gently licked and nibbled at his balls. The softness of her face
in his crotch, the gentle tickle of her tongue and lips on his
testicles was exquisite and delicate. As her tongue moved lower,
Jayant spread his legs wider still and, bending his knees, lifted
his legs high. His buttocks parted to expose his anus and he
groaned thickly as her tongue pressed to his anus. His body bent
in half, he quivered in sexual tension. The musky tang of his anus
made her head swim. She licked his asshole lovingly, masturbating
his penis with her free hand. Her fingers grew sticky with his
pre-cum slime.

"Jayant," she groaned. "I want to fuck your ass."

Jayant moaned. "Get the dildo. Go on."

Falu rummaged in her bedside drawer and pulled out a long, slim,
double-headed dildo. Jayant turned around on his hands and knees
and waited, his balls and rampant penis dangling. Kneeling behind
him, Falu sucked his cock and balls again, licked his anus
eagerly. Unscrewing the lid a of a small, wide-mouthed jar, she
dipped both ends of the dildo in it one by one. The jar contained
a clear aromatic gel that was one of Hedon & Venery's most potent
aphrodisiacs. It worked sub-cutaneously or internally and its
effects were devastating.

The dildo glistened in her hands. Kneeling behind him, Falu spread
her knees and slowly inserted one end of the dildo into her cunt.
The aphrodisiac worked instantly, and she gasped, biting her lower
lip as her nipples popped painfully erect. She moaned, her face
twisting with lust, and crushed her swollen, heavy breasts with
one hand, the fingers of the other tightening on the protruding
stem of the dildo. Groaning, she masturbated violently for a few
seconds, pumping her fist between her thighs, ramming the dildo in
and out of her cunt. Jayant looked over his shoulder at her.

"C'mon Falu ... do it!" he gasped.

Panting, she scooped gel on her fingers and slowly smeared it on
his anus and balls and cock. Taking more, she slid her hands up
his body, smearing his flesh and nipples with the aphrodisiac,
pressing her fingertips to his lips and gums. Jayant's entire body
burned with lust. The aphrodisiac seeped through his skin and lips
and gums, burned through his cock and balls and anus into the
innermost core of his being. The fires in his loins grew and
spread, and he felt the familiar surge of his jizz roiling upward.
He contained himself with an effort.

Behind him, moaning in excitement, Falu shuffled forward and
straddled his hips in a deep squat as he so recently had hers, and
pressed the free end of the dildo to his anus. Jayant groaned at
the pressure and then yielded. Falu flexed her buttocks and slid
her hips forward, still holding the dildo in place. Its head
surged into Jayant's anus and he gasped loudly, his face snapping
upward. It slipped out, went in again, established, and Falu
paused, panting, gripping his lean hips fiercely.

"C'mon," she gasped. "Take it!"

"Do it! Do it quickly!" he cried.

Falu's buttocks snapped taut and her hips surged forward. Jayant's
head jerked up, his mouth a wide 'O' as the slim lubricated dildo
plowed into his anus. His ass convulsed on the tube and the
pressure forced the other end into her cunt. The tube was
air-filled and pressure at one end made the other swell. The dildo
vanished into their flesh and he felt the soft, now sticky, fuzz
of her pubis brush his buttocks. There was a full-length mirror
above the bed and he watched their reflection. Her face was
suffused with lust and as she moaned and began to fuck his butt,
spasms of pleasure contorted her visage. She squeezed her swollen
breasts with one hand. Jayant groaned and rocked under her as she
thrust in and out of his anus. Groaning, she scooped more gel on
her fingertips and, leaning forward again, began to masturbate him
with both hands. Jayant gasped deliriously.

The sight was undeniably erotic. Falu's creamy, sweat-flecked body
writhed and jerked back and forth, the gold chain slithering on
her skin. Her heavy breasts bounced and jiggled. Her face rolled
from side to side, a vision of passion. Her hands worked his
rampant penis frenetically. Between their bodies, the long,
glistening dildo slid in and out of her cunt and his asshole. When
his anus squeezed one end, the other ballooned in her cunt, making
her gasp and writhe, chew her lower lip. Jayant moaned as he
rocked and swung with her lurching, greedy thrusts.

"Jayant," she moaned. "Don't come ... I want to ... eat your cum ... ohhh god ... yes ... I'm coming ... Ohhhhh yes! Yes! Ohhh

She orgasmed violently, gasping and moaning, squeezing her breasts in a frenzy. Jayant shuddered and took several deep breaths,
struggling for control. Her orgasm waned slowly and she slid the
dildo out of his anus and her cunt.

Desperate for release, Jayant whipped about and got to this feet
on the bed and jerked her face to his crotch. Kneeling before him,
Falu took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked it furiously.
Gasping and panting with pleasure, he fucked her face rapidly,
pumping his hips back and forth, jerking her head in his hands. He
came in seconds, and Falu gasped, opening her mouth as the hot
jizz spewed down her throat, shaking his cock and spattering her
face and breasts with his seed.

With a soft moan, Jayant slid to his knees and eased himself onto
his back. Falu followed his body's descent, still sucking and
licking his penis sensuously. His erection had not waned and she
knew he would fuck her again if she wanted it - and she did. He
lay back and she sucked his penis gently and deeply, holding his
shaft in one hand, moving it up and down, her head rolling and
rocking over his lap. Her silky hair cascaded over one side of her
face, framing its loveliness. Jayant moaned in pleasure and moved
her head up and down in his hands. Her cock-sucking was

Her lust mounted and she moved up to straddle his groin with her
feet on the hard bed on either side of his lean hips, her knees
apart, her thighs spread wide open. She took his cock in her hand,
and slowly lowered her hips in a deep squat, impaling herself on
his upright lance. She gasped as the hot cock-head seared at the
portals of her cunt, then ploughed in swiftly, thrusting deep into
her belly. Her taut channel convulsed in excitement, contracting
on his cock as it rasped into her flesh. She arched in delight,
her mouth snapping open. He grinned at her reaction and flexed his
buttocks and thrust his hips up sharply, plunging his cock into
her cunt. She cried out as his huge cock drove up into her. Her
head flung back, she squeezed her breasts hard in excitement. The
sight aroused him. He held her buttocks and dragged her down
deeper onto his cock.

"Oh god oh god oh god ohhhh uhhh OHHh uhhh OHHH," she moaned.

"C'mon, whore! Take it! Take my cock! Ohhhhh yes! Take it all,
bitch, yes!" he cried.

Her shoulders hollowed, her head flung back, her belly sucked inward in tension, squatting deeply over his lap, Falu rode her
brother-in-law's penis, bucking and bouncing heavily. He held her
thighs and jigged her on his cock, moving her up and yanking her
down. His own hips jerked and bucked under hers, and his huge cock
distended her cunt-lips and went all the way in, glistening and
gleaming. It slid out and her cunt rose up his shaft. Then he
heaved his hips and her cunt crushed down on his cock, engulfing
it. Up and down, up and down she moved, her body jerking
frenetically. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed
them in excitement. Her mouth was open and she cried out loudly in
joy. Her face arched back, flopped forward, arched back again as
she went faster and faster. The gold chain around her neck slapped
on her fair skin. Jayant held her waist and rocked her cunt up and
down on his inflamed penis.

"OHHH Jayant-Jayant-yes ohhh god yes yes ohhhhh yes ohhh god yes
yes ohhh uhh OHHhh uhh OHHhh uhh OH UH OH UH OHH uhh OHH uhh Oh uh
Ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah-uh-ahhh uhhh AHHHH!" Falu cried.

She was sweating heavily. Her voice was husky, filled with
obscenities, and he responded in like fashion. Falu bucked and
bounced furiously up and down on Vinod's cock. Her cunt slid up
the shaft, then scrunched down. Her belly trembled and quivered as
his penis penetrated her innards. She leaned back on an
outstretched arm and, with her other hand, opened her cunt-lips
wide and let his cock rasp between her fingers into her cunt. She
squeezed her breasts in excitement, her head arching back, her
face twisted with lust. She hissed in delight as he rocked up hard
into her. She toyed with her clitoris.

"Yes ... there ... yes ... Oh ma uhhh *hanh* ... uhhhh ... yes!"
she gasped.

Then she leaned back on both hands and, arching her face upward,
swung her hips rapidly in tight, excited circles, churning her
cunt flesh with his pestle, moaning loudly with excitement. Her
shoulders hunched with deep hollows. Her breasts were hot and
swollen. Rivers of lust rippled through her delectable body.
Strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck as sweat
beaded her skin. The gold chain tossed and jumped around her neck.
Jayant fondled her turgid breasts, making her whimper and arch her
head in ecstasy. Faster and faster she went, rising and falling,
crying out and moaning louder and louder. She jerked and bounced
on his cock in a frenzy. Hitting a breathtaking orgasm, her cunt contracting fiercely on his throbbing penis, Falu arched back with
a shuddering moan, her cunt grinding down hard onto his upthrust
cock. He gasped under her. Somehow, he managed to hold back. She
moaned, her cunt impaled deeply on his cock and slowly, lurched
forward, her hands on his chest. Her hips writhed slowly over his.

"You know what?" he murmured.

"What?" she gasped.

"This is ... just like ... eating your *khichdi* ..."


"You know. Mashing it round and round till the *ghee* comes out on

Falu gasped and laughed, her face creasing. "You're mad!"

"Mm. About you."

"Thank god."

She lifted her hips gently till just his cock-head was in her
cunt. Jayant grinned and squeezed her pendulous breasts, pinching
and tweaking her rigid nipples. Her body angled over his, Falu
smiled wantonly and swung her hips in a slow, churning arc. At the
last minute, she snapped her hips around, tightening her cunt and
squeezing her buttocks together. Her cunt contracted on his cock.
Jayant grunted, smiled and arched. She moaned as his huge cock
mashed her inflamed clitoris and slowly, swung her hips again.
Round and round she went, and with each arc, her cunt slid lower
on his cock, spiralling downward.

"Oh my ... oh yes ... oh ma ... yes!" she gasped.

With his cock deep in her cunt, she slapped her buttocks together
rapidly, several times, and her cunt squeezed and pressed on his
cock. Her face arched, soft and suffused with excitement. Jayant
crushed her breasts in his hands, then gripped her hips and arched
his hips and drove his cock deep into her cunt. Falu gasped and
reared backward. Leaning back with both arms outstretched, her
arms on the bed, her head flung back, her shoulders hunched, Falu
groaned and swung her hips in tight, excited circles. Jayant
flicked her clitoris with his thumb. She gasped and arched her
back and squeezed her upthrust breasts in a frenzy of pleasure.

"C'mon ... c'mon ... *come on!*" she gasped.

The orgasm hit her like a thunderclap and she gasped, her cunt convulsing frantically on his penis, her hips grinding round and
round, sinking deep, rising, twitching, jerking. Her face
contorted in joy and she crushed her breasts savagely, kneading
the swollen, turgid mounds. Jayant groaned and pumped his hips
rapidly under her, tossing her on his lap. She gasped and cried
out, her body tossing and jerking on his groin, her breasts bouncing and jiggling, her gold necklace slapping on her skin.
With a shuddering gasp, Jayant erupted and she moaned and arched
as the hot spoot sizzled into her sodden slit. On and on he went,
coming in a copious flood. Falu whimpered, her cunt contracting
and sucking on his cock, her hips twitching and jerking in spasms
of pleasure.

With a shuddering moan, her body sank down onto her back between
his forked legs, his cock still in her cunt so that her head was
between his shins. Whimpering, she caressed her hot, sweating
body, cupping and fondling her breasts, her belly, her cunt,
fondling her clitoris and his shaft. Jayant's chest heaved. He
closed his eyes and groaned softly and his hand went down to their
interlocked groins. Their fingers met, intertwined.

"God, that was fantastic," she murmured. "Thank you."

She slid his cock out of her cunt and he turned around and
sprawled over her, kissing her gently, fondling her breasts,
tonguing her ear. She murmured softly, her face creasing in
pleasure and caressed his immense body. Her legs shuffled apart.
Jayant moved over her.

"Again," she said softly. "One last time."

Moaning, Jayant squeezed his still hard cock into her cunt. Falu
gasped as the huge heat of his erection entered her flesh, pushing
and tunelling and plowing in deeper and deeper, making her back
camber under him. She wound her legs around his thighs as he
started fucking her gently with long, smooth, unhurried thrusts.
They were lying with their heads at the foot of the bed and now,
as he moved faster, he rose and clenched the edge of the bed and
began swinging his hips in a quickening rhythm, thrusting himself
greedily into her cunt. Under him, Falu gasped and moaned, her
head rolling from side to side, her body jerking and arching,
lurching and snapping back and forth.

"Yes!" she gasped ecstatically. "Ohhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard,
Jayant! Fuck me like a whore!"

He thrust in and out of her, going in harder and deeper and faster
till he was moving furiously, his cock plunging and ramming and
reaming in and out of her cunt, pistoning thunderously in and out
of her flesh, her body rolling up on the small of her back with
his thrusts. Her breasts jiggled and bounced with his thrusts, and
she squeezed them in a frenzy and he straightened and pressed his
palms on them, squeezing and crushing them under his weight as he
moved faster and faster still, his hips rocketing back and forth,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing furiously. His cock pistoned
and plunged in and out of her cunt and he flung his head back and
moaned as he felt the heat of her orgasm crash over him, sweeping
him along in its relentless flood so that he too exploded yet
again, and, burying himself in her cunt with several long, hard
thrusts, shot and shot and shot.

Later that evening, Jayant found his mind returning to Falu. He
chuckled softly. She had been exceptionally horny, even by her own
standards, and their fucking had sated him as few women did. But
his libido was uncontainable, and a few hours after he left her,
he was ready for more. Fortunately for him, his evening had
already been planned.

Now he leaned forward and pressed his cock deep into Vinita's
cunt. She was another stunner, Falu's and Sunnu's cousin, and
Jayant's lover of several years. She was beautiful and sexy and
blessed with a voracious sexual appetite. She rocked on all fours
under him and he leaned over her, squeezing her heavy, succulent
breasts, nuzzling the nape of her neck. She moaned and her
buttocks writhed and squirmed in pleasure against his loins. Her
cunt throbbed on his penis, contracting steadily. She turned her
face to his, her eyes shining with lust, her nostrils flared, her
lips parted, and Jayant kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue
into her mouth.

"C'mon," he said, his tongue in her ear. "C'mon Vinita ... take it
... take my cock whore! Take my cock!"
= o =


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