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Archived Sex Stories

Jam Of Tarts 13 The Guest Who Came At Dinner



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



Sonali drove home slowly, relaxed in the post-coital languor of
her exhilarating sex with the peon, Chiman. Her husband was home
when she arrived. She kissed him gently.

"Hi. You're late."

"Sorry. Got stuck in the office."

He knew what that meant. "Who with?"

"Chiman. The peon."

"Good fuck?"

"Yes, very. I was watching some of the others fucking in the
chamber when he came in. I was hot and wanted a fuck and he was
there. It was good, nice and hard."

Sameer looked worried. "You going to be able to do it again
tonight with Nikhil?"

"Is that his name?"


"No, it's not problem. I've got some pills, and anyway, I'm quite
randy. As usual." She smiled.

Sameer laughed. He was glad he had married her. Sonali was a
sexual libertine, with a no-holds-barred, utterly uninhibited
attitude to sex. She had a wealth of sexual experience: she had
first got laid at fifteen and had seldom been without a lover for
long since. He kissed her again, caressing her petite body. She
squirmed gently against him, rubbing her crotch against his. At
last, she stepped away.

He followed her to the bedroom and watched as she undressed
quickly, taking pleasure in her nude, firm, petite body. Their
servant, Ganpat, was making the bed, but neither Sonali nor Sameer
asked him to leave. He had been her lover since she was fifteen
years old, and he fucked her still. He finished and straightened
and Sameer watched as his naked wife kissed his servant. He cupped
one breast and squeezed her buttock.

"Do you want me to fuck you quickly?" he murmured.

She shook her head and smiled. "Not now, thank you, Ganpat. Maybe
later. But I could suck you off if you like."

"That would be nice."

Sameer grinned and settled into a deep armchair and lit a
cigarette. He enjoyed watching his wife and his servant have sex.
It was very erotic.

Sonali was already on her knees in front of the dark, handsome,
muscular man. He wore shorts and a vest, and she pulled his shorts
down with practiced ease. His penis was dark and long and thick.
She smiled with pleasure and took it in her hands and began to
masturbate him deftly. Ganpat stood with his head bowed, watching
her. He put his hand on her head and pulled it forward to his

"Come on, whore," he murmured. "Suck my cock, whore!

He liked using words like that, and she liked hearing them. She
slid the foreskin back off her servant's cock-head and sensuously
swirled her pointed tongue over the gorged knob. The man grunted
softly and jerked his hips forward. She licked his cock-head
gently, lovingly, running her tongue round and round the hard
knob. His shaft throbbed and pulsed and came erect at her lips.
She opened them wide and slid them around his penis. Ganpat
groaned softly. Murmuring happily, she sucked his penis, rocking
her head back and forth between his legs. Her servant gasped and
moaned as he fucked her face, moving her head back and forth with
one hand. She sucked him steadily and expertly and he arched his
face and closed his eyes. Sameer knew well how wonderful it felt.
His wife was one incredible piece of ass.

As he watched, his servant fucked her mouth faster and faster,
gasping and grunting. Suddenly, he groaned and exploded. Sonali
was ready for him, and she opened her mouth wide and let both men see her servant's jizz spurt into her mouth in thick jets. It
dribbled over her chin and cheeks and she shook it over her
breasts, spattering them. Ganpat stepped away with a smile and
pulled up his shorts. She got to her feet and kissed him.

"Fuck me later," she said again. "After dinner. Late at night,
long and slow."

"Yes," he said. "I'll do that."

Ganpat left them alone and Sonali walked across to Sameer in the
armchair. She bent over him and kissed him gently. He could taste
Ganpat's gunk and it excited him. He cupped her swollen pendulous
breasts in pleasure, enjoying the feel and weight of them in his
hands. They warmed and swelled, the nipples quickly stiffening in
his palms. Her kiss grew more ardent and she gasped softly as he
tweaked her nipples. His fingers grew sticky with his servant's
gunk. He released her, and she slid onto his lap, smiling.

"I love you," she murmured, pecking his cheek, biting his earlobe.

"I love you, too."

"I know."

His hands slid up and down her naked body, caressing her.

"I can still smell him on you," he murmured.

"Turns you on?"

"Yes. Definitely."

"Want to fuck?"

"Love to, but no. If you're really randy, you might as well simmer
for Nikhil."

"It's that important?"

"Yes. If it goes through, I should take about a two and a half
million, maybe more."


"Yes. It's a big deal, Sonali. The biggest I've ever done."

She looked worried. "Sameer, can you trust this guy?"

"Why do you ask?"

"No, not that I mind sleeping with him for you - or even just for
the heck of it, really - but I don't want you to take a knock in
this. What's the risk?"

He smiled and kissed her. "God, I really do love you, babe," he
muttered. "When it's done, I'm going to fuck you to kingdom come."

"That apart, love, you haven't answered the question."

"Well, there is a certain risk. I could lose half that, more
maybe, if things get bad."

"Oh, that's all right, then." She nodded. "Do you have the money
or shall I arrange it?"

He shook his head. He knew she was wealthy in her own right. She
had an enormous income from the two oldest professions in the
world: law and prostitution. His own business was doing well, but
there was always an element of uncertainty and risk.

"No, babe - I'm okay. Thanks anyway," he said with a smile.

They kissed slowly and deeply, caressing each other. She slid her
tongue into his mouth and aroused him despite his mumbled
protests. His penis stirred under his jeans and she writhed
provocatively against him and slid her hands under his open shirt.

Sameer was tall, well-built, with a firm, muscular body and a
handsome face. He was deeply tanned, with a lean, aquiline,
clean-shaven face, a strong nose, a square jaw, the eyes deep-set,
dark, powerful. His thick hair was jet black. His mouth was
slender and strong, the teeth even and healthy. His torso was
V-shaped with broad, strong shoulders, a deep, cleaved chest. The
back was strong and straight, the hips high, the buttocks firm and
small, the waist narrow. His arms and legs were long and thick with muscle, the forearms and biceps and thighs round with heavy
bunches of strength. His cock was wonderful: erect, it was nine
inches long, nearly two inches thick with heavy, low balls.

Now she tongued his ear lasciviously and it was a struggle to
refuse her. She was aroused and her face was a vision of
sensuality. Her body smelled musky and warm and sexy. He was
sorely tempted. But there was too much at stake. He had to get
this contract. It would put him in clover. He struggled for
control. She sensed it and stopped, leaning against him for a long
moment with her head on his shoulder, steadying her breathing.

"Later," he promised. "I'll fuck you hard. Later."

They kissed again, and she got up reluctantly, and went into the
bathroom. He lit another cigarette and went out to await his guest
and prospective partner in business.

She showered and changed, selecting her most exotic perfume and
dabbing her breasts and cleavage and inner thighs and the backs of
her ears with it. She did her make-up carefully, lining her eyes
with *kajal*, lightly rouging her lips.

Browsing through her wardrobe, she selected an elegant,
translucent *churidar- kurta* ensemble. It afforded a tantalising
hint of her aureoles and nipples and pubis. The material was soft
and clung to her body and accentuated the thrust of her breasts.
She wore no underwear and her breasts bounced suggestively when
she moved. She tied her hair in a high pony tail and fastened it
with a circular large-toothed comb-ring. Humming to herself,
Sonali opened the drawer of her bureau and picked out a large box
of pills, vials, capsules and tablets. She selected several
carefully and took them in the prescribed combination. They were
highly potent aphrodisiacs and, within seconds, their effect hit
her like a hammerblow. The adrenaline pumped, her pulse raced, her
nipples shot erect, her loins flickered with lust-heat and she
felt her cunt grow damp.

Almost without thinking, she reached for her favourite vibrator.
She was about to strip again, when she heard the doorbell. It
jerked her out of a growing sexual reverie and she replaced the
vibrator wistfully. She was about to shut the door when her eyes
fell upon a large jewellery box. She smiled to herself and pulled
it out. It was lined with velvet and had an inlaid ivory lid. The
box contained a large selection of Ben-wa balls, silver orbs
weighted with mercury, carefully arranged in matched pairs. She
picked up two of the smaller ones and replaced the box. Dropping
her *churidar*, lifting her *kurta*, she lay on her back on the
edge of the bed and, spreading her legs, quickly popped the twin
balls into her cunt. She gasped softly and then rubbed her thighs
together with a sigh of pleasure. The weighted orbs rolled
smoothly around her clitoris, stimulating it gently. They would
keep her aroused and on the brink of an orgasm, stimulating her
with every body movement, steadily stoking her cunt fires. Yet
they were small enough not to have to be removed during sex. If
her partner's cock was on the smaller side, they would compensate
and arouse her as a larger penis might; and if it was bigger, they
would augment the pleasure for her partner as well, caressing his
cock within her cunt. She got up and dressed, hoping that their
guest would be an attractive, well-endowed man, worthy of sharing
her bed.

Nikhil turned out to be an intelligent, good-looking young man,
obviously extremely rich, from his clothes and manner,
well-travelled and worldly. She set a good table and he ate well,
enjoying his meal. As she brought out the dessert - a delectable,
delicate orange soufflé - the conversation turned to
unconventionalism in sex. Nikhil bemoaned the hidebound outlook of
the middle-class. Sameer pointed out that it was true of the
middle-class anywhere. Nikhil was forced to agree. Sonali said
that actually, in her experience, the Indian urban middle-class
was far more sexually active than was generally supposed.

"It has to do with architecture, in a sense," she said. "No, don't
laugh, think about it. Our cities are crowded and crammed - most
of them anyway. The run-of-the-mill house lacks any sense of
design and throws all considerations of form and function to the
winds. We build boxes and expect people to make do. There's no
division of space and no privacy. So people have to eat, cook,
sleep, and, ultimately, have sex in a single space. The pressure
is enormous. Add the social chastity belt and you have all the
ingredients for a sexual revolution."

"Revolutions are generally by the poor, Sonali," Nikhil laughed.

"Wrong again. Historically, revolutions have always been
engineered by the middle-class. The poor only provide the muscle.
That was true even of the French revolution. And every other, even
the Marxist ones."

"Possibly you're right," Nikhil admitted. "So, are you suggesting
that we are on the brink of a sexual revolt from the middle-class
in India?"

"I'm not suggesting it. I'm saying it's already taking place, even
now. More people are sating their sexual desires than ever before
and they're transgressing every sexual more that's been dinned
into their heads."

"And even your soufflé is laced with Spanish Fly, then?"

"Certainly not."

"What a shame."

"It's got something far more potent."

"What's that?"

Sonali grinned mischievously. "My cunt-juice."

There was a terrible little silence, and then Nikhil smiled
slowly, his eyes glinting. Sonali glanced at her husband and
sensed his relief. They all laughed.

"And what will that achieve?" Nikhil asked.

"A certain feistiness, I imagine."

Nikhil chuckled. "Obviously, you don't have any qualms about, say,
extramarital sex?"

Sameer and Sonali glanced at each other, and then he turned to
Nikhil with a smile.

"No, we don't have any such reservations, Nikhil. We can't afford
to. We fornicate all the time. Everyone in our family does, and so
do our friends."

"Let's cut this genteel crap, Nikhil," Sonali said quietly.
"Simply put, we enjoy fucking. All of us do. We swap. We have
group sex. We fuck all kinds of people. Take me, for instance. I
fuck my peons and servants almost daily. Ganpat, our servant here,
has been fucking me since I was fifteen and he still does. Why,
just before you arrived, I sucked his cock till he creamed in my
face. I enjoy that, too. And I do all kinds of other things as
well. I enjoy lesbian sex. I also perform on stage and in films
and for magazines. Live shows, too, not necessarily with each

"And she's a whore," Sameer said.


"My wife is a whore. She gets paid for sex."

"Yes. I enjoy that. It's fun. The sex is good, and I get paid to
have fun."

"I can't imagine you do that voluntarily!"

"Oh, but I do. It's quite a trip being fucked by someone whose
name you don't know, who you know nothing about, who just walked
into your life and without any small talk, got on with the
fucking. It's completely honest, there are no pretensions. The
client has only one thing on his mind. So do I. He comes in and
fucks me. He pays me and leaves. Other guys come in. They get to
know me in my most basic, elemental state, and then they walk out
after they're done and very often, I never see them again. It
really is a massive turn-on."

Ganpat came in with a tray. "Coffee?" Sonali asked.

Nikhil stared at her in surprise. In a fraction of a second, with
just one word, she had switched from gutter-slut to society
hostess. He flicked a glance at the servant and tried to imagine
him fucking Sonali. A vision of them flashed in his mind: Sonali
gasping and moaning like a whore, panting and heaving, thrashing
under him, her face flipping from side to side, moaning
obscenities as the servant thrust his cock into her cunt again and
again. It was incredibly y erotic.

"Coffee?" Sonali repeated.

"Yes, please. Black, no sugar." Nikhil mumbled, snapping out of
his nympholepsy.

She poured him a cup and got up to hand it to him. Nikhil watched
her move, noticing the bouncing of her breasts. Obviously, she was
naked under her clothes. He could see the points of her nipples
and a hint of the aureoles surrounding them. She was very
attractive, he thought; short, petite, with a body that was
perfectly formed for her height. Her face was cute: oval, with
lovely eyes lined with *kajal*, high cheekbones and a delicate
line to the jaw. Her hair was superb. Her breasts looked full and
firm. Her belly was flat, the hips and buttocks nice and firm, not
too wide, the legs and arms neatly turned, the fingers elegant. He
noticed her jewellery, the gold chain with its inverted sepal
pearl pendant, her pearl and gold earrings, her finger-rings and
lone diamond-studded bangle.

She bent forward to hand him the cup and he could see the
tantalising shadow of her deep cleavage, the swell of her breasts almost down to the nipples.

"I would like to fuck you," Nikhil said softly to Sonali.

She looked up at him, remaining as she was.

"May I?" he repeated.

Without waiting for an answer, he slid his hands under the lapels
of her *kurta* and cupped her breasts. He fondled them gently, and
she bit her lower lip. Enjoying the feel and weight of her flesh
in his palm, he watched as her eyes fluttered and her lips parted
slowly in an unmistakable sign of excitement. Her eyes looked
glassy, and her breathing shortened. The Ben-wa balls in her cunt had been steadily stimulating her clitoris and she felt her cunt ooze in delight. She slid forward onto his lap and pulled open the
last two buttons of her *kurta* and exposed her breasts. Nikhil
smiled and kissed one breast gently. It was hot and turgid and her
nipples were already stiff.

"I take it you have no objection?" Nikhil asked Sameer.

"None whatever."

"Then this has happened before?"


Sonali leaned forward and swirled her tongue through Nikhil's ear.
He murmured and they kissed and her tongue snaked between his lips
into his mouth. She began to unbutton his shirt. He could feel the
heat of her cunt through her *churidar*.

"Do you watch?" Nikhil asked Sameer.

"Whenever I can. It excites me."

"Will you watch us tonight?"


Sonali had bent her head and was licking his throat, slowly
descending to his nipple. She ran her tongue around it and began
to suck it gently. It felt wonderful.

"There is a price for this favour, no doubt?" he said to Sameer.

"I'm afraid so." Sameer didn't sound the least bit sorry.

"Which is?"

"My terms without negotiation."

"That's asking rather a lot."

"My wife is an extraordinary fuck."

"So you keep saying."

"So you'll see. Try it and decide for yourself."

Sonali had moved to Nikhil's other nipple and now she was going
down slowly, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his firm, hard
belly, till she was on her knees between his legs. She fumbled
with his trousers and belt, undid them, pulled down his zipper and
drew out his penis. It was long and thick and dark. Moaning
softly, she kissed the cock-head and, flipping back the foreskin,
swirled her tongue over the bulbous knob. Nikhil grunted and
chuckled and looked down at her.

"I'm still not sure she's worth it. In effect, you're asking for
several lakhs for the privilege of fucking her."

"She's worth every penny."

"You might think so. I might not."

"I doubt it."

Sonali stopped and looked up. Nikhil's cock was stiffening at her

"Might I suggest something?" she said softly.

"Certainly," Nikhil replied.

"Let's make a deal. If you're satisfied with me, then Sameer gets
his terms. But, remember, I said I was a whore. So, in addition,
you get to fuck me anytime you want, on a priority basis, and

"And if I'm not satisfied?"

"I doubt the question will arise, but anyway. If you're not happy,
you get your terms, however onerous they are, and you still get to
fuck me on a priority basis, for free."

"So either way I win."

"As far as fucking me is concerned, yes."

"That's very fair."

"I thought you'd see it like that."

"But I want something more."


"I want to watch your servant fucking you."

Sonali laughed. "Certainly, no problem there. Before or after?"

"After, please."


"Incidentally, what are your charges as a whore?"

"I'm in the second highest slab. That's very expensive." She told
him how much she took.

"You're very expensive."

"I'm very good."

"We'll see."

"You will. Believe me."

Sonali rose and kissed her guest in unfaked sexual hunger. He
squeezed her breasts and found her nipples stiff and quivering
with excitement. She slid her hands under his shirt, pulled it out
of his trousers, and deftly knotted his shirt-tails across his
belly. His chest was deep and solid, well-muscled, hard and
cleaved, hairless, the skin smooth and warm. His belly was hard
and flat, the hips narrow, the torso V-shaped, with broad, strong
shoulders. He had arms and legs that were bunched with muscle. His
face was clean-shaven, square-jawed, with a fine, long nose, a
wide, slim-lipped mouth, high cheekbones and strong, lined,
hollowed cheeks. His eyes were deep-set and dark brown, the thick hair cut short.

She expected he would have a sizable cock. She smiled at him with
genuine warmth, her eyes glittering with excitement. She pulled
off her *kurta* and he squeezed her exposed breasts, offering them
to him wantonly. Sonali murmured in pleasure as the hot fires of
lust rippled out of her breast-tips, her aureoles puckering in
excitement. Her face was a vision of lust, the lips parted
sensuously as she smiled. Her nostrils were flared, her breath
sharp, warm and musky on his face as she kissed him yet again,
slowly, deeply, their mouths apart and parted, tongues flickering
in and out of one another's mouths sexily.

He bent his head to her chest and she murmured, her head turned to
one side, a gentle smile on her lips, her face languorous, her
eyes on him as he slid his lips down the line of her throat. The
gold chain with the pearl pendant in the inverted sepal pendant
that hung around her neck glimmered on her chest, nestling in the
deep, inviting vale between her inviting breasts. Her nipples were
already stiff, quivering. He moistened his finger and gently
rubbed it around one nipple, then the other. Sonali murmured in
pleasure. Her breasts swelled and grew hard, the nipples
stiffening further and warm rivulets of pleasure rippled
sensuously from her breast-tips.

She lifted her breasts in her hands, caressing them sexily. His
lips hovered tantalisingly over her breasts. She squeezed the
fleshy mounds in her hands, rolling them together, bunching them,
deepening the valley between. He smiled in pleasure at the sight,
and bent his head. His lips parted and his tongue slid out over a
nipple. Sonali sighed in pleasure, her eyes fluttering. She
squeezed the mound harder and his lips parted, his tongue still
moving in circles around the puckered aureole and the stiff
nipple, flicking it this way and that. He slid his lips down
around her breast and she gasped softly as the warmth of his mouth
enveloped her breast. His other hand was on her free breast,
fondling it tenderly.

"Mmm, that's nice ..." Sonali murmured.

Nikhil found her breast swelling, growing hotter, the nipple
hardening in his mouth. He teethed it, rolled it across his tongue
and gums and the roof of his mouth, sucked hard, let go, sucked hard, paused again. Sonali gasped softly. He moved to the other
breast. She caressed his head, fondling his chest under his open
shirt, his strong back. His lips slid lower, down the creamy, firm
belly, his tongue slithering in and out of her delicate navel.

"Just a minute," she murmured, undoing her *churidar* and kicking
it aside.

She was naked beneath, her cunt-fuzz already damp with excitement
and the constant stimulation of her clitoris by the twin Ben-wa
balls in her cunt. He slid his fingertip along her slit. Sonali
murmured in delight and her hips jerked in pleasure.

"I want to lick your cunt," he muttered.

She smiled. "I like having my slit licked."

"I like doing it. There's nothing quite like the heady scent of a
hot broad's cunt."

"I know. I do lesbian sex, too."

Her lips parted, breathing heavily with excitement, she nodded and
he got up and she settled into the sofa beside his chair. Now he
knelt between her legs and thrust his head between her thighs.
Parting her damp cunt-lips wide with his fingers, he drove his
face into her crotch. Sonali gasped and arched as his hot breath
seared into her. Her body lifted off the chair. She dug her
fingers into his hair in excitement as his tongue snaked out. The
musky odour of her cunt made his head swim with excitement and he
felt his cock begin to swell. His tongue flickered in and out and
up and down and round and round in her cunt, teasing her clitoris.
His lips pushed in and he sucked on the gorged ridge of her
clitoris and nibbled it gently. Sonali cried out and arched, her
hips lifting off the sofa in excitement as she felt his hot, rough
tongue in her cunt. He held her thighs apart and ate her cunt,
savouring the taste and odour, enjoying the hot moistness of her
flesh. She clenched his hair, gasping and crying out. Now her neck
was on the backrest of the sofa, her head upturned, hair hanging
down the back of the sofa, her feet on the floor, hips grinding
and writhing ecstatically. He slid a hand down between her
buttocks and pressed a fingertip to her anus. She moaned
ecstatically, her head rolling from side to side. Her sphincter
yielded and she gasped and arched as his thick finger slid into
her rear channel.

At last he stopped, leaving her teetering on the brink of an
orgasm. By now, Sonali's body was blazing with lust and aching for
release. Her cunt hungered for his cock. She slid off the sofa on
to her knees, her breath short, chest heaving, nostrils dilated.
Sonali's eyes widened at the sight of his erection. It looked
huge, a good ten inches long, nearly two thick. It was bigger than
Sameer's. She leaned forward and he gasped as her hot tongue and
warm lips closed around the cock-head. His balls were heavy, low,
his pudenda dangling from a mat of neatly trimmed curly, springy
black hair. She curled her fingers lovingly about his cock and
began to jerk him. He gasped, then chuckled as she caressed her
face with it. She rose on her knees, too, to rub it sexily over
her swollen breasts and her rigid nipples, her body glowing as she
felt the cock leave its sticky trail of pre-cum gunk on her
breast-tips. She squeezed her breasts into a taut sheath over his
cock and he gasped at the warmth of it. She moaned to herself,
rubbing her nipples along its length.

"C'mon bitch ... suck it!" he grunted, his excitement mounting.

She ducked her head and expertly rolled back the thick foreskin of
his cock. Her eager tongue snaked out and swirled lovingly around
his gorged cock-head, making his gasp. She could taste the musky
cum on him. She ran her tongue and teeth up and down his shaft,
sucked his balls by turn delicately, slowly jerking his cock in
her fist. At last, she returned to his cock and slipped her lips
around his cock-head, enveloping his enormous pestle in her mouth,
all the while caressing it lovingly with her tongue. Nikhil gasped
and flung his head back. Her mouth was gloriously warm and moist,
her tongue adept, her fingers on his balls, in his anus, slowly
twisting in, making him gasp and thrust his cock at her mouth, now
distended with his penis. She began to suck, let go, suck, let go,
lick, suck, let go, and then sucked harder and harder, her head
bobbing and rocking back and forth, his cock glistening as it went
in and out of her mouth and lips. He held her head in his hands
and began to move it as he fucked her mouth. Sameer could see his
guest's swollen penis slithering in and out of his wife's lovely
mouth, could see, too, the excitement on his face, the naked lust
on hers. Her lips and cheeks and fingers were sticky with his gunk
and she smeared it with longing over his whole cock, lubricating
it, over his balls and thighs and her breasts. Her cunt tingled
and she thrust a hand between her legs and began to masturbate.

Behind her, Sameer watched her elegant finger, curled up into her
cunt, moving in and out, in and out, in and out. He saw her finger
become wet and saw, too, the glint of cunt-juice on her cunt-fuzz.

"Mmmm, ohhhh uhhhh yeh uhhhh Ohhh yeh Sonali baby yeh!" Nikhil
gasped in joy.

She, too, was capable of timing things just so. She stopped,
leaving him quivering on the brink of an orgasm and he gasped,
struggling for control. Sonali smiled to herself. Nikhil groaned,
barely managing to contain himself. His cock throbbed and his
balls ached.

"C'mon Nikhil ... fuck me," Sonali murmured, rising to her feet.
"Show me how good *you* are."

Nikhil lay on his back on the sofa, his legs spread, his head
against one of the arms, resting on a cushion. Sonali smiled and
bent her head between his legs again and took his penis in her
mouth once more. Her head bobbed over his thighs and he felt his
balls throb. She sensed it and slid up astride him. Her body was
bent over his, their faces very close. His cock was in his hand
and he fumbled for her cunt. Found it. Paused. She bit her lower
lip in exquisite tension and then, with a loud, shuddering gasp,
slowly slid her hips down, engulfing his cock in her taut cunt,
sliding it inexorably downwards till he was embedded in her to the

Nikhil gasped in shock as he felt the hard Ben-wa balls in her
cunt rasp along the length of his cock as it slid into her cunt.
The sensation was incredible: the balls delicately rolling around
his cock-head and over his shaft. She grinned at his stunned

"Like it?" she murmured, lasciviously tonguing his ear.

"Fantastic! You're a helluva piece of ass, whore!"

"Thank you," she giggled. "I have to be, at my price. Part of the
job. Call it a professional courtesy."

Her cunt convulsed on his massive, pulsating penis and he gasped
at her heat and tension. Her cunt was a tight, hot furnace. She
kissed him hungrily, lasciviously arching her tongue into his
mouth. Caressing her breasts, her superb back, her creamy, firm
buttocks, he murmured his pleasure. The gold chain around her neck
brushed cool on his tacky skin. She pressed against him, her cunt grinding on his loins, her breasts flattening on his hard chest,
kissing him in obvious hunger. His knees rose behind her, between
her spread thighs. His hands slid down her back to her buttocks,
pulling them wide open, a finger gently pressing to the puckered
flesh of her anus. Sonali moaned softly, tonguing his ear, her
cunt writhing on his cock as he slowly slid his finger into her
asshole. She rose on her elbows, a smile of languorous pleasure on
her pretty face. Her breasts brushed his lips and face and he
sucked on one pendulous, succulent breast gently, making her moan.
She smiled in delight at the touch of his tongue and lips and
teeth on her breasts. He cupped and squeezed them.

Sonali rose higher and began to move on her knees and forearms,
her face close to Nikhil's, eyes closed, head upturned, lips
parted and moaning softly, erotically. Her hips began to pump,
rising and falling, rising and falling, gyrating in taut,
exquisite little circles, grinding round and round. Nikhil groaned
and bucked under her as her delectable cunt spasmed and clamped,
rose and fell and rose and fell on his pillar of delight. His cock
shone and glistened with their comingled juices as her cunt slid
up and down, up and down the shaft, the weighted Ben-wa balls
rolling sensuously along his length with her cunt's bucking. Her
breasts jigged against his face and chin, her body felt warm on
his. He began to move with her, slowly at first, his hips heaving
and pumping in a steady, yet insistent rhythm to match hers

"Mmm, yeh ... uhhh oh yeh ohhhh ... uhhh Ohhhhh uhh that's so good
yes ... mmmm, yes oh my ohhhh yes ohhh god yes yes," Sonali
muttered thickly in pleasure, rocking back and forth, up and down
on his lap.

"C'mon take it ... take it all, bitch ... take it!" he gasped.

They began to move faster and faster, her cunt jerking up, then
slamming down, their rhythm becoming frenetic and frenzied as the
fires built and grew and spread. His huge cock seared and throbbed
inside her belly, making her moan in ecstasy, the Ben-wa balls and
his rough-skinned shaft rasping against her engorged, inflamed

"Ohhhh uhh OHHHHH uhh OHHHHH god yes Fuck me yeh ohhhhh uhhh yeh
that's it ... mmm, yeh FUCKMEBABY ... uhhh Ohhhh uhh OH!" she
cried, gasping and panting.

Her body shook and trembled and her cries rose in pitch and volume
and obscene lust. Her cunt heaved and bucked furiously now,
jerking up, then thrusting down hard and deep, engulfing him in
her fiery little cunt, his rod searing, his hips pounding and
jerking hard up and down, up and down, tossing her petite little
body on his lap. Her cunt was going up a good eight inches or
more, then running down on his lance fully, rising again,
thrusting and ramming itself again, impaled deeply on his penis.
She straightened, moaning, her face a vision of lust, her head
flung back, lovely lips parted, perfect teeth bared in a rictus of
sexual heat, her body heaving and bouncing on his lap. His hands
were under her thighs, moving her on his cock, lifting her up,
jerking her down, up and down, up and down, up and down, faster
and faster. Her breasts jiggled, her gold chain flapped and tossed
on her chest. She hissed and sucked in her breath sharply as he
thrust especially deep into her, her hands sliding erotically up
her body, over her breasts, cupping and squeezing and crushing and
mauling and rolling them in excitement.

"OHHHHh uhh OHHHH uhh OHHHH uhh OHHHHHH!" she moaned as she jerked
and bucked and jigged on his cock, her cunt a hot, wet vice on his
burning cock.

Nikhil could barely hold back. Moaning ecstatically, his belly and
balls aching for release, he gasped as her cunt clamped on his
cock, the balls in her cunt rolling furiously up and down, up and
down his length, driving him wild.

"Yehhhh ohhh baby yeh yeh yeh take it ... take it bitch ... take
it all cunt ... mmm yeh yeh oHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHH!" he cried. "Oh
fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes!"

Sonali gasped and cried down, bucking up and down, her cunt rising
and crashing down and taking him deep into her. She came
violently, her cunt convulsing frantically on his penis. Somehow,
he managed to hold back, and chuckled at the look of frustration
and pleasure in her eyes. The orgasm did not sate her. The drugs
she had taken sharpened her sexual hunger with every orgasm. It
would take a great deal to satisfy her tonight.

Moaning thickly, she slid off his cock and, greedily, took his
penis in her mouth again. He moaned and jerked his hips at her
face. She had an idea, and paused. He craned his head to see what
she was up to. She half-turned on her side and lifted one leg,
splitting her cunt-lips open and thrust a finger into her cunt.
She rummaged for a second and then flipped out the two shining
Ben-wa balls that had lain in her warm oven. As Nikhil watched,
Sonali smiled and popped them into her mouth. She slid up his body
and kissed him, and let the balls slither out along his gums and
lips and tongue, rolling them into his mouth, then smoothly
withdrawing them again. Nikhil could taste her musky juice, his
cock smell on them, and it excited him. She slid lower again,
kissing and licking his hard body, tonguing his belly and navel.

Taking the mercury weighted orbs in her hands, she masturbated
him, letting the balls slither and roll along his shaft. Nikhil's
balls crackled with heat. Again she popped the balls in her mouth
and took his cock in her mouth. The smooth balls rolled gently
about his cock-head in her mouth, and rippled up and down his
shaft, around the cock-head again, round and round, up and down.

"OHHhhh uhh OHhh yeh baby yeh ... c'mon cunt, do it ... ohhh ...
mmm... yeh ... ohhh ohhhh uhhh OHHhhh uhh OH yeh uhh OHHHH!" he

His hips jerked and heaved and he gripped her head and slammed it
up and down as he ram-fucked her mouth. He wanted to stop her
then, wanted to fuck her, but she would have none of it. Her
fingers curled about his cock's hilt, jerking him, the other hand
cupping and rubbing his balls, fingering his asshole. Her lips
clamped taut, her mouth hot and wet on his cock, her tongue
rolling and swirling over his cock, her face distended, slurping,
her cheeks hollowing, she sucked him harder and harder and harder,
siphoning his juices. He surrendered and exploded violently in her
mouth, deep in her throat. She was ready for it and sucked relentlessly and swallowed his seed till she was sure she had
every last drop of him. She parted her lips and, standing beside
them, Sameer saw their guest's spoot squirt into her mouth and
over her face and breasts. She rose and kissed Nikhil and let him
taste his jizz, then spat out the Ben-wa balls. They had served
their purpose well.

"Done?" she grinned at him.

He shook his head. "Not yet, whore," he growled with a grin. "No
such luck. Come on, roll over - I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch!"

Sonali was surprised and pleased by his staying power. Eagerly,
she turned onto her forearms and knees, her buttocks thrust back
at him. He got up behind her, his cock in his hand, with one knee
bent on the sofa, the other leg wide, foot on the floor and moved
forward. She stretched her hand down to part her cunt-lips for
him. He squeezed his cock between her buttocks and into her cunt slowly. Sameer watched, transfixed by the sight, as Nikhil's
massive penis disappeared slowly between the creamy globes of
Sonali's buttocks. She groaned and her eyes fluttered shut.

Nikhil gasped as her cunt convulsed powerfully on his penis. Her
head arched, her eyes closed and she felt the immense size and
heat of his cock in her flesh, pranging her deep. Whimpering her
joy, she began to rock slowly back and forth, driving her buttocks
back and forth on his cock. He moved with her, and her lips parted
in a wide 'O' of lust as he fucked her heavily, his hips pumping
and swinging smoothly back and forth. The huge cock distended her
cunt-lips and appeared and disappeared between her buttocks,
glistening as it went in and out. His buttocks flexed and unflexed
and his thighs slapped against hers, his balls squeezing up at her
buttocks with every thrust.

As the fires roiled and grew in his groin, Nikhil began to move
faster. Holding Sonali by her hips, he swung his hips rapidly back
and forth, jerking her cunt down onto his cock at the same time.
She gasped and cried out, her face twisting with lust. Her body
rocked under his, and her pendulous breasts jiggled and the gold
chain around her neck tossed. Faster and faster he went, ramming
and reaming his cock deep and hard into her, his buttocks flexing

Sonali soared toward another orgasm, and her cunt spasmed and
convulsed eagerly on his pistoning penis, making him moan
joyously. Their cries grew louder and lewder and rang in Sameer's

Suddenly, he jerked his cock out of her and flipped her over onto
her back. She spread her legs and lifted one over his shoulder and
stretched the other wide with her foot on the floor beside his and
arched her hips up in hunger.

"Fuck me, Nikhil," she gasped. "Fuck me hard!"

Gasping, he squeezed his cock-head into her cunt, paused, took a
deep breath and then, flexing his buttocks, his belly sucking inwards, he swung his hips forward and drove his cock deep into
her with a single deep thrust.

"Ohmauhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhunhhh Ohhhhh god yes!"

Sonali cried out, her head snapping back, her face contorting, her
mouth jerking open as his cock slid savagely deep into her. Her
cunt spasmed frantically on his cock and he gasped, tossing his
head and grinding his hips at her cunt. Without waiting for her,
he started ram-fucking her, his buttocks jerking back and forth
like a trip-hammer, his cock pistoning furiously in and out, back
and forth, in and out. Dark and gleaming and glistening and
throbbing, it came out, then plunged in again, rivening her
cunt-lips wide open. She cried out and jerked her cunt-lips
further apart, thumbing her clitoris. She curled finger and thumb
around his cock and felt it rasp in and out of her cunt. He gasped
and rammed into her repeatedly. Her body jerked under his, her
breasts jiggling, the nipples stiff and hard. Faster and faster he
went, gasping and moaning and crying out, his hips swinging back
and forth. She came again, and, this time, there was nothing he
could do to prevent his own deluge. He thrust into her quickly,
once, twice, three, four, five, six, seven times, and then gasped
his joy as his jizz spurted from his cock-head and shot in
steaming jets into the damp furnace of her cunt.

Gasping and panting, he bent his head and kissed her, sliding his
tongue into her mouth. She murmured, her chest heaving, her
breasts flattened against his chest and caressed his back
erotically. He tongued her ear.

"Thank you," he said. "That was fabulous."

"Are you done?" she asked, licking his nipple.

"Yes, I'm afraid so."

"You were very good."

"Thank you," he repeated.

Slowly, he eased out of her and sat on the sofa, catching his
breath. Sameer smiled and gave him a fresh drink. Sonali lay on
the sofa, her cunt sticky with her guest's jizz, her body still

Sonali beckoned to her husband. He came across and she pulled his
head down and whispered in his ear. He nodded and, chuckling, left
the room. Nikhil heard him talking on the telephone, but couldn't
make out what he was saying.

"What's up?" he asked Sonali.

She smiled and sat up. "Nothing much. A small surprise for you.
You'll have to wait a few minutes for it, though. I hope you don't

"Not at all," Nikhil smiled. "I trust it will be exciting?"

"That I can assure you," she laughed.

Sameer returned and, over his shoulder, called for the servant.
Ganpat came in and smiled when he saw Sonali naked on the sofa.

Nikhil gaped. He had quite forgotten his demand that he be
permitted to watch the servant fucking Sonali. She turned to him
and smiled.

"I keep my promises," she murmured. "Now watch my servant fuck

She got to her feet and went across to Ganpat and wound her arms
around him and tilted her face to his. He squeezed her buttocks
and breasts and bent his head to hers and kissed her. Nikhil could
see him push his tongue into her mouth. Slowly, she undid his
tunic and pulled it off his torso. It was trim and muscular. She
slithered to her knees and opened his trousers deftly. They
puddled at his feet. His penis was long and dark and thick and,
without further ado, she took it in her mouth and began to suck
it. The servant chuckled, his eyes darting from her to Nikhil, and
fucked her face gently, holding her head and rocking it back and
forth, pumping his hips.

"C'mon, whore," he muttered. "Suck my prick, bitch. Suck it good!"

Sonali sucked Ganpat's cock steadily for several minutes. Her head
rocked back and forth between his thighs and he pumped his hips at
her face. She licked his cock-head lasciviously, pumping his shaft
in one fist. At last, he pushed her head away. She rose to her
feet and turned around with her back to him. She leaned against
her servant's body, facing her guest, and turned her face to one
side, looping her arm over Ganpat's neck and bringing his mouth
down to hers. Nikhil watched the man squeeze her breasts and
finger her cunt. Her buttocks squirmed against his rigid cock and
she reached down for it.

"Fuck me, Ganpat," she muttered. "Fuck my cunt ..."

Ganpat grinned at Nikhil over her shoulder. "I've been fucking
this whore since she was fifteen ... isn't that so, whore?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes, it is."

Laughing, he moved her to the low wooden coffee-table in front of
the sofa on which Nikhil sat. She knelt on its surface and Ganpat
pushed her forward so that she was bent over with her hands on the
floor on the other side of the table, and her buttocks were lifted
up high to her servant. He stood behind her and prised her
buttocks open.

"First, I'm gonna fuck her cunt. Then her ass. Watch me," he

Sonali groaned, her head hanging between her arms, her breasts pendulous. Slowly, Ganpat squeezed his cock into her cunt. She
gasped, biting her lower lip, her head lifting. Chuckling, Ganpat
squeezed his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. She cried out,
trembling and gasping. Nikhil watched it disappear into her cunt.

He fucked her slowly and unhurriedly, holding her buttocks and
rocking her body before him. Swinging his hips rhythmically, he
drove his cock steadily in and out of her cunt, his buttocks
flexing and unflexing. Nikhil had to admit that the man was a
superb lover, with immense control. Sonali gasped and whimpered,
her body jerking under his thrusts, her breasts swinging. Ganpat
fucked her steadily for several minutes, chuckling and smiling at
Nikhil's expression.

"Now her ass," he said and slid his cock out of her cunt.

He prised her buttocks wide open and pressed his cock-head to her
anus. Sonali gasped and tensed. Ganpat took a deep breath and,
flexing his buttocks, slowly squeezed his cock into her asshole.
Sonali cried out thinly, her head snapping up.

Nikhil gaped as he watched her servant fucking her butt. Deeper
and deeper he went and then began to fuck her rapidly, jerking his
cock swiftly in and out of her ass.

Sonali's cries rang in Nikhil's ears. Her body jerked and her face
was contorted with pain and lust. Ganpat gasped and grunted,
moving steadily, going faster and faster. Sliding his hand under
her belly, he began to finger-fuck her cunt at the same time.
Sonali cried out, lurching and writhing, her buttocks rocking back
and forth along her servant's shaft. Now her cries were lewd and

"Yes ... yes Ganpat yes ... fuck me ... fuck my ass ... Ohhhhh yes
... yes ... fuck my ass hard Ganu ... fuck it harder! Oh ma oh ma
oh ma ohhhh unhh Ohhh god oh yes Ohhhh uhhhh

The servant obeyed and she cried out. Laughing at her, he clenched
her hair and jerked her head up so that Nikhil could see the lust
on her face. The servant laughed.

"Good, isn't she? I taught her myself!"

He fucked her ass rhythmically. Nikhil watched Ganpat's cock
pistoning in and out of her ass. Suddenly, Ganpat pulled out of
her butt and jerked her away roughly. She winced and cried out,
but didn't protest. Chortling, Ganpat moved her on her back on the
table, spreading her legs wide. He bent in a squat over her and,
leaning forward, his hands on the floor on either side of the
table, rammed his cock into her cunt with a savage thrust. Sonali
cried out and her body arched and twisted under his. As Nikhil
watched, her servant began to ram-fuck her rapidly, slamming his
cock in and out of her cunt. His buttocks bobbed, flexing and
unflexing, and his cock pistoned like a trip-hammer. She cried
out, kissing him, sucking his nipples, clenching his arms, begging
him to fuck her harder, harder, harder. Her breasts wobbled under
his thrusts. Nikhil saw her orgasm and, seconds later, growling
his satisfaction, the servant slammed into her repeatedly and then
jerked his cock out of her. Gasping, he shook it and exploded,
showering her petite body with thick streamers of hot jizz. He
bent his head and kissed her and she moaned, returning the
embrace, caressing her servant-lover tenderly. Ganpat got up and
began to dress, chuckling softly.

"My god," Nikhil gasped in awe. "She's incredible."

Sameer grinned. Just then, the doorbell rang. He rose to answer
it. "Hey, that's nothing. Wait till you see this!"

Nikhil was introduced to Vinod. He was a peon from her office, and
a lover. She had asked him to come over and fuck her, just for
Nikhil's benefit. They all moved to her bedroom. Sonali went into
the bathroom and returned after a few minutes, washed and douched.
Sameer started the video player.

A pornographic movie started playing, starring two lovely young women called Nisha and Nandini. Watching it, Sonali felt horny
again. Vinod and she were naked on the large, well-sprung
double-bed. It was a warm night, and his body was tacky with
sweat. He felt the first erotic trickle of perspiration on his
chest. He sat with his arms around her, his back against the
headboard, his legs spread wide and she sat between his legs,
leaning against his dark, solid body. Watching the movie, she
tilted her head back, her head against his neck.

He caressed her neck and face and breasts gently. Her breasts were
full and firm, and they grew hot and hard at his touch. He
delighted in their weight and fullness. She hunched her shoulders
and squeezed her breasts together, trapping his fingers between
them. She turned her face to his and their lips met in a lingering
kiss, his tongue sliding between her lips. He tweaked her nipples

Sonali tensed, her body growing hot. Her legs spread apart, and
her cunt was already wet. Vinod really turned her on. Vinod
squeezed her breasts gently, thumbing her nipples. He was a
handsome young lad, scarcely out of his teens. He was
clean-shaven, with a square jaw and slightly hooked yet straight,
strong nose. He had a sexy cleft in his chin. His eyes were
smiling, deep-set, dark, the cheeks firm and hollowed, the mouth
sexily masculine with the upper lip slim and the lower one
straight and full. He smiled often, his eyes crinkling, deep lines
forming in his face. His hair was short and dark and curly. She
loved his body. He wasn't very tall, but then neither was she. His
cock was big: over nine inches long when erect, over an inch and a
half thick and it would slide into her cunt like a sword into its
sheath, a perfect fit, filling her cunt without hurting.

His shoulders were wide, broad, the chest deep and curved and
hard, the belly hard and flat. His torso tapered in a sharp V and
was quite hairless, even the armpits depilated. His hips were
high, the waist narrow, and his legs and arms were long, with
thick muscles bulging in them. He wore a thick silver chain around
his neck.

Vinod moistened a fingertip in his mouth and gently caressed
Sonali's breast-tips again. She shivered in delight, closing her
eyes and leaning against his hard chest, her nipples stiffening
even further, quivering in his fingers. He smiled as she gasped,
her arms rising back to curl about his neck. They kissed again,
and she sucked his tongue, taking it deep into her mouth, meeting
it with her own in flickering, eager response.

The videotape ground on relentlessly, showing Nandini gasping and
panting, hot and sweaty, being fucked steadily by two dark studs
simultaneously in her cunt and mouth. The erotic music and sounds
of sex fired Sonali's lust.

She slid down slightly and turned her face on his chest, her lips
hovering over his nipple. He smiled down at her, caressing her
lovely face. Sonali's sharp, pointed bright tongue snaked out and
flicked at his nipple. He grunted as it swirled and coiled over
the small sharp ridge of flesh. Then her lips widened and closed
over it and she began to suck on it gently, with insistent
pressure. She moved to the other nipple. He fondled her breasts and belly.

His fingers slipped between her shapely thighs. They slid apart
and he drew his finger down her fuzzy slit to find it moist
already. Vinod's body began to tingle with excitement, as her
warm, moist mouth enveloped his nipples, her tongue flicking and
teasing them. His cock throbbed and pulsed, hardening, pressing
against her back. Sonali squirmed against it, wanting it. She
released his nipples and, her face suffused and softened with
passion, the nostrils flared, breathing heavily, slid lower.

Vinod flicked a glance at Nikhil, for whose benefit they were
putting on this performance. Vinod loved fucking for an audience,
as did Sonali. Nikhil's eyes darted from the sexy film to the
couple on the bed, obviously torn between temptations. On the
screen, a lovely young woman named Nisha was crying out aloud as a
dark man with an enormous penis fucked her cunt rapidly, thrusting
it in and out of her body. She lay on her back, heaving and
thrashing, moaning obscenely, begging him to fuck her harder and

On the bed, Sonali slid lower still and Vinod spread his legs
wide. He thought she looked even lovelier, her eyes glazed, the
sexual hunger burning in tiny flames deep within the dark brown
irises. She was down on her back now, her face between his thighs,
his knees raised on either side of head. His cock was thickening
rapidly against her face, growing hot and hard and thick and long.

She took it in her hand and began to caress her face with it. He
grunted as her warm lips fluttered up and down its length, over
the cock-head, down to the base of his shaft. She lifted it and
ran her fiery tongue down its length, then dipped lower to tongue
his heavy balls. They were big and the scrotum was relaxed and
loose, the skin crinkled. His balls surged upward as her lips drew
in each of the big testicles by turn, suckling gently on them. His
knees rose higher, spreading wider and her tongue slid instantly
lower down the hard ridge beneath his balls to his puckered, tangy
anus. Vinod gasped and arched and his cock throbbed erect as her
tongue swirled about his asshole and slowly probed its dank
recesses. He flung his head back, his hands on her head, his hips
squirming in pure delight. He began to masturbate slowly over her
face. Nikhil turned away from the screen and watched them in

Sonali could feel the heat of Vinod's loins against her face. Her
head rose again, still upside down and now she craned her neck,
her lips parting, and her long, sharp tongue flickered out to coil
lovingly about his gorged cock-head as she flipped his foreskin
back with practiced ease. His cock-head was already gorged and
slimy with pre-cum gunk. It tasted heady, tangy and musky and the
taste excited her. Her lips slid up about his cock-head and he
moaned loud and long, dropping his hips, his cock slipping deep
into her mouth. It felt wonderful: her mouth was warm and moist,
and she sucked his penis with a steadily increasing pressure, her
tongue rolling and coiling and swirling incessantly at his
cock-head. He fondled her breasts excitedly and felt her nipples
quiver in his fingers.

"OHHHHHHhh ... uhhhh ... OHHHHH ...," Vinod gasped.

Sonali's legs rose and split wide. She reached down and prised her
cunt-lips open. The dark triangle of springy pubic hair was neatly
trimmed and sparse. Vinod could see the glint of cunt-juice on her
pubic hair. The sight of it aroused him even further.

Kneeling over her face, he leaned forward across her body.
Instantly, her cunt arched to his face. He waited, his silver
chain brushing cool and sexy against her belly and thighs, still
fucking her mouth slowly, his hips pumping slowly and heavily over
her face. Her mouth was hungry and eager, sucking harder and
harder and her tongue rapped at his cock-head.

Now she took his balls in her fingers, fondling them, a slim
finger probing into the cleft between his lean buttocks, pulling
them open, pressing at his puckered anus. He grunted in pleasure,
his head arching, eyes fluttering shut, his lips parted in a soft,
heavy moan as he quite deliberately yielded and let her slip her
fingertip into his ass. It felt wonderful, his cock in her mouth,
her finger in his anus, and his excitement mounted. He felt her
breasts press against his belly and thighs. His cock slid slowly
in and out of her mouth.

At last, he bent his head to her dripping slit. He parted her
cunt-lips carefully and she tensed beneath him. Then she arched
suddenly, gasping, releasing her mouth-hold on his cock for a
second as his tongue slid heavily into her cunt and moved
downward. Her hips bucked and shook. He thrust his tongue in
deeper, rolling it in and out, round and round, up and down her
musky, tangy cunt. Her hips began to writhe and lurch under his
face and he tongue-fucked her mouth rapidly and hungrily. Her
juices flowed freely and he opened his mouth wide, flicking her
gorged clitoris this way and that.

Sonali's cunt bucked at her peon's face and he felt her teeth
nibbling delicately on his cock, her finger sliding even more
deeply into his anus. He gasped and slid his cock deeper into her
mouth. He prised her buttocks apart and found her anus. It yielded
at his touch and they went into a feverish sixty-nine, their
mouths at each other's loins, their fingers in one another's
assholes. Locked together, they rolled over gently so that she was
on top of him and he beneath her. Her hips ground and pressed with
increasing urgency at his face. Her cunt was streaming with
love-juice. Her body squirmed over his, writhing and pressing taut
to his, her nipples rock-hard against his thighs and belly. His
cock was on fire in her mouth, her lips and teeth and tongue doing
magical things.

She hit the peak and he allowed her to crest over without any fear
that she would therefore lose any of her ardour. She lifted her
head, her hands gripping his shaft and jerking it feverishly as he
thrust his tongue into her cunt, found her magic love button and
began to suck and nibble on it. Her eyes were closed, the lovely
lips parted in a wide ' O' of delight as she cried out, grinding
her loins to his mouth. Her body jerked and rocked eagerly under

"OHHHHHHHh Vinod-Vinod-Vinod-Vinod uhhhhh OHHHhhhh uhhh OHHHH!"
she went, exploding in his mouth.

The orgasm left her panting, shaking, flushed and sweating, and
hankering for more. She swung off him, and bent her head to his
lap again, taking him deep into her mouth, sucking and licking
furiously on his cock, her hands curled about his shaft, jerking
him up and down, her head bobbing and rising and falling faster
and faster, her cheeks hollowing and billowing as she slurped and
sucked noisily on it. She paused, but only to tuck an errant
strand of hair behind her ear. Her lips and fingers and his cock
shone with thick, sticky streaks of his pre-cum gunk. He moved her
head with his hands, and craned his neck to watch the sight of her
face bobbing between his strong thighs, his cock glistening as it
went in and out, his hips pumping eagerly, fucking her mouth.

The fires in his loins were now almost unbearable. He felt his
spunk surge and sizzle up and with a great effort he held himself
in check, pushing her head away from his cock in the nick of time.
She quelled her disappointment. She had wanted his spunk in her
mouth, wanted to swallow and drink his jizz juice.

He read her mind. "You can have it later," he said in the
vernacular. "Now get on my cock, whore! *Chulmerelundpechadhja*!"

She dawdled, gasping, her lips and fingers shining with his gunk.
In his excitement, Vinod hit her breasts lightly. Sonali winced.
Nikhil gaped at them, mesmerised. Obviously, his light blows only
aroused her further. She slid up and was about to sit on his cock,
when she stopped. Evidently, she had thought of something. She
rummaged in a drawer in the bedside table and fished out a sexual
aid. It was sheath of fine latex, curiously designed with a large
hole in the head to permit actual ejaculation but with the rest of
it covered by numerous randomly placed knobs and spikes and ridges
of hard rubber. It was firm and taut and could hold an erection in
place for a long time, besides providing increased enjoyment to
the female. Vinod saw it and grinned with delight. Nikhil gaped.
She saw his expression and smiled.

"You should try one of these, Nikhil," she said. "They're
fantastic. Just watch!"

She caressed Vinod's body and penis, squeezing his balls. "Isn't
he lovely, my peon? Such a lovely cock ...I love fucking him!"

Taking Vinod's erect penis in one hand, Sonali carefully slid the
sheath over it. It was a snug fit, and his cock throbbed visibly,
braced by the sheath. His cock-head popped out of the sheath as
she tugged it into place. Sonali's face glowed with lust. She
caressed his cock and smeared gunk from his cock-head on the
sheath, lubricating it.

His cock was irresistible. She bent over it again and he gasped as
her tongue swirled and coiled lovingly over his cock-head. Her
lips were already apart and slowly, she slipped them around his
cock-head, sucking gently. Vinod gasped and held still, fighting
for control. Her thirst for his jizz was insatiable.

She relented reluctantly when he pulled at her head. Breathing
heavily, her nostrils dilated, she slid across his lap, his cock
in her hand, her cunt poised over it. He took his cock from her
and his loins arched, hers dipped. She felt his cock-head burn at
the portals of her cunt and she sucked in her breath sharply,
holding it, quivering with excitement.

At last, with a shuddering *OHHHHHHH* and a hissing *Uffffff*, she
let her hips sink slowly. Vinod gasped as her steaming slit
slipped down about his cock-head. She leaned forward on
outstretched arms, her shoulders hollowed, her face bent, her hair
hanging in a fine curtain about her face, her face contorted with
lust. The gold chain around her neck with its pearl pendant and
her breasts hung pendulous over his body. They waited, prolonging
the delicious agony of the moment. Her hips began to sway and roll
in taut little circles and her head arched slowly, her buttocks
rolling over his motionless cock.

"OHHHHHHHhh Vin...ohhhhhh...d...," she moaned.

He caressed her hot body, cupping her breasts, fondling them. She
gasped and winced. She could bear it no longer. She had to have it
inside her. With a low moan, her hips sank lower and lower and she
cried out loudly as the rough-sheathed shaft squeezed into her
cunt, scraping and raking her gorged clitoris.

Her cunt spasmed on his cock, hot and hungry and Vinod cried out
beneath her, arching hard, his mouth jerking open in a cry of pure
pleasure. Slowly, inch by glorious inch, her cunt slid down the
length of his magnificent cock. As the sheath pierced her flesh,
Sonali hissed again, her teeth gritted, then parting, her pointed
tongue pressing sensuously against her upper. Vinod's belly sucked in sharply with the incredible heat and tension of her cunt.
Nikhil gaped at the sight of the sheathed cock disappearing into
her vagina, the large spikes bending, the knobs popping inward,
the ridges rippling through her cunt-lips.

At last, she had it all inside her cunt. She gasped, her breath
short and sharp and rapid, her nostrils flared, lips parted, her
eyes closed, her pretty face upturned. Vinod caressed her body,
overwhelmed by an intense lust. She looked stunning, her shoulders
hollowed. He noticed the dainty little beauty marks far behind her
jaw and smiled with pleasure. He slid his hands up and down her
body and back, thumbing her nipples, squeezing her breasts. Sonali
shuddered and trembled. Her cunt was like a hot vice on his cock,
clamped taut about it. He slipped his hands down her back to her
buttocks, parting the firm lobes gently. Sonali tensed, knowing
what was coming, savouring it. Slowly, he drew his finger down the
dark crevice between her buttocks, down to her anus and paused.
She moaned. Her sphincter yielded, her cunt relaxed its
stranglehold on his cock. Instantly, he slid his finger into her
anus and heaved his hips, driving his sheathed cock deep into her

ecstatically. "Ohhh yes! Oh ma unhhh yes! OHHhh unhh yes! Ohhh god
yes-yes! Ohhhh fuck yes!'

He chuckled softly, his eyes rivetted on her lust-ridden face. He
squeezed her breasts eagerly, and she groaned and writhed. Sonali
and her peon began to fuck rapidly and hungrily. Her hips bucked
and rolled and swung and bobbed frenetically over his heaving,
gyrating loins. Her hair-rimmed cunt s lid up and down his shaft
and she could feel his fiery heat through the latex sheath. It
seared in her belly with each thrust. She bucked and lurched back
and forth on her hands and knees, the gold chain and her breasts swinging with her motions. She bent low and kissed him, thrusting
her tongue deep into his mouth. He gripped her buttocks and heaved
under her. Nikhil could see her cunt rising and falling along the
length of the young peon's penis, the shaft appearing and
disappearing between her buttocks. She flexed her buttocks
rapidly, squeezing his cock with her cunt and he gasped and reared
into her. Her cunt rasped and squelched audibly, grinding down
hungrily, swinging in erotic circles.

UH *HANH*!" she cried.

"Take it! Take it! Take my cock! Take it all you whore! Take it
OHhhhh yes!" he gasped. "*Le*! *Lelemerelavdeko*! *Chul*,
*saalirundi*! *Chul*!"

Abruptly, he jerked her down onto his cock and held her still. She
moaned in frustration, but knew what he wanted. They waited for a
moment while the imminence of their orgasms receded. Then,
gingerly, still panting and moaning deep in her throat, her body
glistening with sweat, she slid off his cock and, turning around,
dropped in a low squat over his hips, with her back to him. She
leaned forward, her feet on either side of his hips and supported
herself on outstretched arms, presenting her buttocks and cunt to
his cock. He maneuvered his cock between her thighs and again
squeezed his cock-head into her. She gasped softly, biting her
lower lip in tension and sank her hips, her cunt engulfing his
cock slowly again. Her buttocks lobed outward, exposing her
puckered anus to him.

Gently, Vinod prised her buttocks further apart and pressed his
forefinger at her asshole. Sonali gasped and stiffened, her head
craning back, her back bowing, quivering in tension. Hollows
appeared in her shoulders. Her nipples stood out stiff and
nut-hard in their puckered aureoles. She yielded and he forced his
finger into her ass again and began to twist it round and round
and in and out. Sonali moaned thickly as he finger-fucked her ass
with his cock embedded deep in her cunt, his balls at her
cunt-lips. His cock and his finger were now separated by the
thinnest membrane of flesh. Every fibre of her being now screamed
for release in exquisite agony.

Her hips writhed on his lap and he watched, fascinated, as her
buttocks gyrated round and round on his finger and cock both of
which were in her flesh now. She reached down and cupped his heavy
balls, squeezing them in indication of her urgency. He grunted and
his legs rose at the knees. Gently, slowly, he began to move
beneath her, his powerful buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips
pumping slowly up and down under her, heaving her up and down on
his lap. Sonali moaned and arched, her hands flying to her breasts to squeeze them in agony, her head flung back, her mouth open in a
wide 'O' of lust, her lovely hair hanging down her back. Her hips
moved in unison with his, her buttocks flexing and unflexing with
his, her hips rising and falling, her cunt sliding up and down the
sheathed length of his magnificent penis. Nikhil watched,
rivetted, as her cunt slithered up, then rushed back down on his
shaft, the knobs and spikes pressing and squeezing into her
steaming cunt. Vinod slid his finger out of her ass, making her
gasp. She squeezed her breasts in erotic excitement and then,
leaning forward on her palms, began to move with better control,
panting and gasping, moaning obscenely.

The peon's enormous cock appeared and disappeared between the
creamy lobes of her buttocks. Faster and faster they went, her
body tossing and bucking on his lap, her breasts bouncing.
Moaning, she leaned back on one arm.

"Ohhhhhhh ... Ohhhhhhhh ... Ohhhhhhhh," she gasped huskily.

Nikhil watched her finger her cunt with the other, and saw the
young peon's swollen penis rushing in and out o f her body.

"C'mon, whore, c'mon! Take it, slut! Take my cock! C'mon,
whore-bitch!" the peon replied. "*Chul* ... uhh *hanh* ... uhh
*chul*, *rahndchul*!"

Again they paused to change positions. Now she turned about and
knelt on the bed, her body angled forward and down, supported on
her forearms, her face upturned. He knelt behind her, taking the
sheathed cock in his hand and, pressing it between her buttocks,
squeezed it into her tight-as-a-drum cunt. Moaning, his handsome
head flung back, his belly sucking in with the exquisite strain,
he pushed deeper and deeper, till he was inside her again. She
gasped and moaned in return, her eyes closed, her mouth in a wide
'O' of lust, her buttocks trembling, shaking and swaying with his
thighs pinned to her derriere. Her breasts dangled hot and
swollen, like juicy fruit, succulent. The gold chain around her
neck hung free of her body. He held her hips and waist and began
to fuck her with intense pleasure, rocking his hips slowly back
and forth, driving his swollen and fiery cock in and out of her
slit. As he fucked her, he rolled his hips, taking her from all
angles, his cock probing every conceivable recess of her
convulsing cunt. The stiff spikes on the sheath bent and bowed as
they scraped past her gorged clitoris, making her shudder and
moan; followed by the thick, round knobs that only heightened the
pleasure; and then the long hard crisscross ridges that distended
her cunt-lips to their fullest.

"OHH UNHh *hanh* ... *chul* ... *chul rundi chul* ... *le* ... *le
mere lund koHANH*!" he cried. "C'mon whore ... take it! Take my

"OHHhhhhhhh Vinod ... Vinod ... VinNNNNnOHHHHhh ... Ohhhhd...
*Hanh* ... oh ma uhhh *hanh* ... *le* ... *hanhle mujhe* take me!
*Jorse chodh * fuck me hard! *Lemere chuth kohanh* take my cunt uhhh yes uh ohhhh ... OHHHhh ma uhhhhh *hanh* uhhhhh *hanh*!" she
responded in a frenzy.

He pushed her further down, her shoulders on the bed, her face on
its side and bent deeply over her, his hands thrusting under her
body to cup and squeeze her turgid breasts, pinching her nipples.
Sonali moaned and lurched, pinned under him, her legs spreading
wider still, her back in a steep, almost painful arch, knowing
that he would now fuck her hard and deep and fast.

He paused, took a deep breath, and then, without waiting for her,
began to ram-fuck her cunt. Sonali's mouth snapped open, the
breath driven from her in a rushing cry as he lifted his hips high
then slammed them back down. Again and again his hips rose and
fell, rose and fell, rose and fell, faster and faster and faster,
his cock sheath now dripping with their juices, his cock-head
glistening, the mighty shaft coming out then disappearing in an
awesome rush. His buttocks flexed and unflexed, his hips hammered
vigorously back and forth, his awesome cock thundered in and out
of her cunt, pillaging it. Now all three men were watching the
couple on the bed, and the videotape ran out and the screen
flickered unwatched. Sonali teetered on the brink of a wild orgasm
and instantly, Vinod jerked out of her. Sonali gasped, moaning,
almost weeping with frustration and joy.

Roughly, he spun her onto her back and, still kneeling between her
splayed thighs, jerked her hips up high. She thrust her hands
beneath her buttocks, supporting them and he spread his knees to
lower himself slightly. Taking his cock in his hand, he quickly
rammed it into her cunt again. Now her body was joined to his at
the waist, her shoulders and neck and head on the bed, her face
jerked to one side, her mouth open, her chest heaving. He held her
waist and kept ram-fucking her, thrusting with rapid, driving
strokes, skewering her cunt, pistoning and sledgehammering in and
out, in and out, in and out, in and out, gasping and grunting with
gutter obscenities. He slid his hands under her waist and
supported her weight, leaving her hands free to fondle her
jiggling breasts. Her body jerked and snapped back and forth on
the bed with each heavy thrust of his loins. Her hands flew down
to her groin, pulling her cunt-lips even wider open, her finger
forming a tight ring about his cock, feeling it rasp between them
and into her flesh and out again and in again and out again and in

Finally, with a loud cry, arching and stiffening, she exploded
wildly, her cunt clamping down on his cock like a hot vice, oozing
hot juice over his cock. With a growl and a shudder he let her
come and kept moving, rapidly forcing another orgasm, then
another, then still a third.

At last, he released her, letting her sink to the bed with a loud
whimper, sobbing with joy. He eased himself out of her and pulled
off the sheath. He still hadn't come. With a grunt, he slid up
over her chest, caressing her breasts with his cock, then moved
higher. She understood and her lips parted again and he groaned as
he pushed his cock into her wonderful mouth again. She sucked hard, licking and sucking his incredible cock.

He fucked her mouth heavily, moaning and gasping, till finally it
was too much for him. He growled and let his hips sink even as she
probed his anus with her finger. His cock slid into her mouth,
going down deep and then he stiffened. She felt his cock throb,
his spoot surge forth and readied herself in the nick of time as
the huge flood of his jizz came spewing out into her mouth,
jetting down her throat and spreading in a crawly flood over her
lips and neck and down over her still-gorged breasts, slaking her
thirst for his seed.

Nikhil rose to his feet. He shook hands with Sameer and kissed
Sonali gently on the lips. She was still lying on the bed, panting
and gasping, with Vinod's body half across hers. Nikhil nodded at
Vinod and Ganpat and Sameer saw him out. As he left, he looked
over his shoulder and saw her beckon to Ganpat, inviting him to
bed. Ganpat was already stripping. Nikhil saw him slide into bed.
She smiled, giggled and turned to kiss her servant's penis and
slowly took it in her mouth. Shaking his head, he stepped out.

"Have a drink? One for the road?" Sameer asked.

"Yes, thank you. I need one."

They returned to the living room, and Sameer refreshed his glass.
Nikhil sipped the liquor and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth
trickle into his belly.

"She's incredible," he murmured, sitting down.

"Mm. I know."

"You're a lucky man."

"Thank you."

Nikhil could hear her fucking her two servants in the bedroom.

"Would you like to go back and watch some more?" Sameer asked.
"She'll be taking them both now."

"No, thank you. I've seen enough for tonight." He finished his
drink and rose. "I must be off. I'll see you tomorrow."


"Where do you want to meet?"

"At my office."



Sameer shut the door behind Nikhil and returned to the bedroom.
Sonali, Vinod and Ganpat were locked in a menage. He watched the
two servants fucking his pretty wife. Vinod was fucking her mouth,
Ganpat her cunt from the rear. Sameer grinned and shook his head.
She was incorrigible. He lit a cigarette and settled down to watch
the tape of Nisha and Nandini again. He would fuck her when the
servants had finished with her. He knew it would end with them
taking her in cunt and ass together, something she dearly loved.
He stripped and began to masturbate as the movie started.

Half an hour later, Ganpat and Vinod finished fucking Sonali,
coming simultaneously in her cunt and ass. They left and she went
into the bathroom. Sameer watched the tape. It was an excellent
film, and Nandini and Nisha looked stunning.

He watched it through, rewound it, and returned it to its box.
Yawning and stretching, he turned to the bed. Sonali was lying on
her front, naked. He smiled to himself. He felt enormously randy.
His cock was erect, fully nine and a half inches long, over an
inch and a half thick, the balls loaded, full of juice, bursting
and aching for release. He moved onto the bed over her and she
gasped in surprise as he kissed the nape of her neck, tongued her
ear gently, nibbled her lobe, kissed her cheek. She felt his cock
at her thighs and her buttocks.

"Fuck me?" she murmured.

"With pleasure," he chuckled, kissing her slowly, his tongue
slithering into her warm mouth, tasting her other lovers' jizz on
her lips and cheeks and tongue. It excited him.

She rose under him, arching her buttocks and hips, on her hands
and forearms, her buttocks thrust back at him in flagrant, open
invitation. She reached down to part her cunt-lips wider for his
cock. Her breasts and the gold and pearl chain hung pendulous on
the bed as he knelt behind her, cock in his hand. He squeezed it
slowly into the cleft between her buttocks, pushing it into her
dripping, sticky, warm cunt. Sonali gasped and moaned, hissing
loudly and sharply as she felt the electric touch of his enormous cock-head in her fiery cunt. Her head arched, her lips fluttered
open into a wide 'O' of lust, her eyes half-closed.

"Yes ... mmmm ... stick it all in Sameer ... and fuck me ... I
want to feel it ... all of it ... come on ... shove it in deeper
.. ahhhhhh yes ... mm, that's it ... more, baby more ... deeper
... ohhhh yes yes ... oh that's so good ... yeh ... oh god yes ...
Ohhh uhhh yes ... god, you're so hot ... so hard in there ... god,
it feels so good ... do it baby ... take me ... fuck me hard ..."

He inched his cock length into her till it was buried in her cunt to the hilt. Sonali moaned, feeling it throb and pulse, a hot,
gunk-filled cattle prod embedded in her flesh, big enough to make
her feel it would pierce her belly, erupt from her throat, tear
her asunder. He gasped as her cunt spasmed and clamped on his
cock. He began to move his hips in slow, grinding circles, mashing
her cunt flesh with his massive pestle.

Sonali whimpered. Her breasts were hot and turgid, the nipples
nut-hard, painful. She cried out when he leaned forward and
pinched them, twirling them hard in his fingers, then squeezed the
hot mounds, marvelling at their form and size, crushing and
rolling them together.

"C'mon baby ... fuck me ... please ..." she moaned deeply. "Fuck
me hard, Sameer ... fuck me like a bitch ... Ohhh god come on come
on ... please! Ohhhhh yes ... ohhh god Sameer that's so good!"

Her hips were rocking beneath his, swaying from side to side in
the heat of pleasure. Sameer straightened and slid his buttocks
back a bit, moving his cock slowly out of her, till only half the
cock-head was inside her, his cock seemingly extruded by the
red-hot centrifuge of her cunt. Sonali's cunt and clitoris tingled
for his touch again. She rocked back on her knees and arms, her
cunt slowly sliding down the length of his shaft till her buttocks
were against his thighs, taking him deep into her again. He held
still and let her move for the nonce. She hit a rhythm, gasping
and moaning, rocking back and forth, moaning and crying out
eagerly, her body rocking and jerking under his, her cunt sliding
up and down the length of his cock, making it disappear, then
emerge, then disappear again, between the creamy lobes of her
buttocks. With every downthrust, her buttocks lobed outward,
revealing the puckered flesh of her anus. He fingered her asshole,
heard her tense and quiver and moan in excitement, and slowly slid
his finger into her bottom. Sonali's body blazed with lust and

"Ohhh yes! Yes Sameer yes! Ohhh god yes!" she gasped.

His head was bent to watch the sight of his cock going in and out,
in and out. He held her hips, her waist, her buttocks, her
breasts, fondling her. Her breasts and the gold chain swung back
and forth as she rocked beneath him. She lifted one hand to her
breast, fondling it in a frenzy as the fires grew.

He saw it and took over. He held her still, his hands on her hips
and began to fuck her with long, steady, deep, skewering thrusts
of his hips, rolling his buttocks in unpredictable circles, taking
her cunt from all angles. Sonali cried out in joy, her head
arching, her buttocks writhing and twisting, pumping and heaving
as he took her. He pounded steadily in and out, in and out, in and
out, pausing at each top stroke, then coming down into her with a
roll and a thrust. Out. Pause. In with a roll, pause. Out again,
and pause, in with a roll, pause, and then
inandoutandinandoutandin and then in and out and in and out and in
and out and in and out and in and out and in and out.
In-out-in-out-in-out-in-out-in-out, he went; his hips went back
and forth, swinging steadily like a mechanised jack-hammer, his
cock glistening and gleaming as it stroked and pistoned powerfully
out of her cunt, rasping against her inflamed clitoris. She
reached down to finger it, moaning and crying out, a series of
*Oh's* and *Uh's* and *Ah's*, saying *fuck me yes yes yes ohh uhh
yes yes yes*. He was gasping, head flung back, eyes hooded, mouth
open, belly sucked in, pumping away, crying *take it bitch, take
it all ... mmmm ohhhhh yeh yeh yeh take it yeh that's it yes ...
take it ... take my cock!*

Sonali bent forward more steeply, her back bent and arched low,
her neck craned up, her breasts crushed against the counterpane,
to let him take her hard and fast. Sameer paused and moved his
legs, rising to his feet in a deep squat astride her buttocks, his
hands clenching her buttocks painfully. He groaned as her cunt convulsed on his cock. He paused, regaining control.

"Take it take it take it bitch yeh yeh yeh!" he cried as he began
to fuck her furiously.


His buttocks bobbed and bounced and rose and fell and rose and
fell furiously, flexing and relaxing alternately as he hammered
away, ram-fucking her cunt, driving his huge pole deep into her
cunt, rasping and squelching and scraping into her. Sameer's penis
distended her cunt-lips wide open, the enormous, dark, vein-ridged
shaft rasping at her clitoris and cunt-lips as it drove into her,
rushing down into its scabbard, pumping, rising, pumping.

Their hunger for it was uncontainable. He jerked out of her,
making her cry out and she turned instantly, aching for his cock.
He leaned back on the bed, his superb body supported on one
outstretched arm behind him, his feet on the bed, hips up high,
off the bed altogether and yanked her head to his loins. She
sucked his cock without further ado, taking him deep into her
mouth, his fingers dug into her lovely hair. He jerked her head up
and down, up and down, his hips pumping, his body slanted away and
angled on the bed, his hand moving her head rapidly up and down,
up and down as he fucked her warm, moist, lovely mouth. She loved
the feel and taste and weight of his cock in her mouth. She cupped
his balls, feeling the weight of their juice, wanting his seed in
her mouth, tasting the pre-cum gunk. She sucked hard, let go,
sucked hard, let go.

"Yeh ... oh yeh ... suck it ohhh god yes!" he growled.

Sonali sucked his cock furiously, her head jerking and bobbing
over his groin, her tongue working his cock-head frantically.

He took her again, slowly at first. She turned on her back,
spreading her legs wide and he bent over her, between her legs,
letting her curl her fingers lovingly about his sticky cock, and
guide it into her cunt. He gasped as her cunt clamped like a
suction pump over his cock-head, a veritable whirlpool that sucked him in deeper and deeper, inexorably, ineluctably, till his lance
was embedded in her flesh to the hilt.

They began to move together, her legs wound about his hips at
first, keeping him deep inside her as they rocked together, hips
pumping and heaving and writhing, kissing each other deeply,
hungrily. He paused and she moved her legs, lifting them high,
folded over her torso, her hands on the insides of her thighs so
that he could take her even deeper. He went in slowly again,
fucking her with slow, heavy, skewering thrusts, gasping and
growling in hard lust, making her whimper and moan, her face
contorted with lust, twisted to one side as he stroked slowly in
and out, in and out. Then his hands were on the insides of her
thighs, her legs hooked over his shoulders and he was going faster
still, ramming in and out, in and out, in and out.

He paused and straightened, her hips rising with his, her body
bent in a deep arch away from him. He fondled her breasts, she
fondled them in turn and moaned obscenely. He bent over her again,
spreading his legs, levering her thighs wide apart.

She tensed, knowing what would happen next. He began to fuck her
rapidly again, driving his enormous pole in and out, up and down
out of her cunt, his head flung back, gasping, their bodies
streaming with sweat, droplets splintering off them, her breasts and chain jiggling and jogging as he pounded her cunt with his
battering ram, moving it like a piston, his buttocks bobbing and
bouncing furiously over her thighs, taking her like a two-bit

Faster and faster he went, her body snapping and jerking, her
cries louder still, rising and ringing in his ears, and still he
went on, even after she hit one orgasm, then another, then a
third, a fourth, a fifth, her body shaking and shuddering as he
took her relentlessly. Faster and faster he went, pounding away,
gasping and groaning, slamming his cock savagely in and out of her
cunt, crying obscenely.

"Oh yeh take it! Take it baby take it! Take my cock, bitch ohhhhh

"Ohhhhhh Unhh Ohhh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohhhhhh!" Sonali cried.

At last, she felt him growl and stiffen inside her, slow down,
pause, pull out, thrust in with a deep, skewering, punishing
stroke, once, twice, three, four, five, six, seven times, and
then, at long last, came the sweet relief of his orgasm as he
growled and thrust into her and stiffened and quivered and shot
and shot and shot, emptying his tanks of their burning fuel-load
into her sizzling cunt.

The next afternoon, Nikhil kept the appointment. At the office,
Sonali led him to the conference room and handed him the contract.
He signed it blind, then leaned back and read it. As he turned the
pages, his eyes grew larger, his jaw dropped open in amazement. He
looked up at last, incredulous, his mind scarcely believing what
he had just read. They had let him off lightly. The terms were not
onerous, but eminently fair and reasonable.

"You approve?" she asked softly.

"I ... I don't ... I didn't expect ... my god!" he gasped at last.

Sameer grinned, Sonali smiled. "Yeah, we figured you weren't such
a bad sort, cock, didn't want to make it too difficult."

"Difficult? This is better than I would have got *without* the
bet, damn it!"

"I know," Sonali said. "But you were good in bed, and that
mattered, you see."

"My god!" he cried again. "You mean you're letting all that money
go, just because you liked making love with me?"

"No. Not making love. Fucking. Remember that."

"Fucking. I see. You liked fucking me, so ... I don't believe
this. I just do not believe this!"

"Well, you've signed it."

"Thank god for that!" Nikhil gasped, leaning back in the chair,
closing his eyes.

Then he smiled, and they all laughed. They shook hands on the
deal. As he left, Nikhil turned to Sonali.

"Can I see you again?"

She turned to Sameer, who grinned, and then turned back to him and
laughed prettily.

"Of course. That was part of the deal. That term remains. Though
I'm sure you'll understand why we can't put it into the written

She kissed him and squeezed his penis through his trousers. "I
have an idea, though."


She unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis. "I think we
should have a contract, after all. An oral contract."

Nikhil laughed, but Sonali was already on her knees, kissing his
penis and taking it in her mouth again. He groaned and closed his
eyes. It was the best deal he had ever made.
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