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Jane Joe's Prison Ordeal


Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience.

Author: Arthur Kay Title: Jane/Joe's Prison Ordeal! Summary: Joe Jacoby
undergoes a transformation under the guidance of Jose, 'Girly Coordinator'
for 3 black guys who run the jail. Do what you will, thought Joe, but I
ain't ever gonna punk up or like it! Keywords: M, MM, cbt, nc, rape, ws,
humil, interr, anal, ws, humor

WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. If you are a minor (under 21) or if you are
offended by this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any
resemblance between this story and a real event is coincidental. The
participants are imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences
other than those portrayed in the story. The story is intended for
entertainment and should not be emulated in the real world.

Jane/Joe's Prison Ordeal!

by Arthur Kay

FOREWARD: While the following tale is purely fictional, it is based on
real happenings and events uncovered during my research on the forced rapes
of many male convicts.

While I abhor the rape of any person, male or female, in any form it may
take, I do find the whole subject fascinating. And not just from a lewd
perspective, either. Some of the victims, a small percentage to be sure,
went from abject humiliation and horror to acceptance and, ultimately, to
enjoying the ordeal in what I consider to be a very short time, indeed.

This amazed me, especially so when reading about basically heterosexual
men who gave themselves over to the physical pleasures that can come from
person to person contact even though their partners were of the same sex.
Here they were, these straight guys, sucking cock, taking it up the ass,
and much more, and they ended up liking it.

It's easy to say, "Oh, well, they were gay to begin with." but that
doesn't fully solve the riddle. At least it didn't for me. I found the
more I read the more I came away with a feeling that perhaps, even more
than perhaps, there exists a basic gayness in all men and what prevents
them from exploring that side of themselves is the societal pressure to
conform to the idea of the supremely macho male. To most men, being tagged
as a cocksucker is a fate worse than death as it connotes weakness and
femininity. To wit, them's fightin' words!

Perhaps, in the "forced" prison setting, where choices are no longer
theirs to make, they feel a freedom to let their hair down, so to speak,
and put all preconceived ideas of the mythic male out to pasture. Saying,
in essence, "I may be enjoying it, but they made me do it." Who knows?

Yeah, the psychology of it all would fill a book, if not a library, and
would keep any discussion on the subject going full bore for some time.

As I said, I find it all very fascinating. I also found reading about
Donny "The Punk" Stephenson, the founder of Stop Prison Rape (SPR), truly
remarkable. Yes, he was bisexual to begin with, but even the world's
greatest lover of cocksucking would find doing 60 men in a day and a half
more than just an ordeal. It was a mind-fucking, mind-numbing situation
that Donny refused to let blow his psyche to smithereens. Or to suicide.

Your gone now, Donny, but where ever you are, I want you to know that
this story is dedicated to your unbeatable and unbelievable spirit. Arthur
Kay 2002.

. . . . . . . . . .

Joe Jacoby stood there, in the courtroom, understandably nervous and
waited for the judge to decide his punishment, his fate, and his future. A
punishment that would soon be meted out to an innocent man. He had not
robbed that liquor store. In spite of what the three witnesses said, just
a week ago in this very courtroom. It was a travesty of justice, a case of
mistaken identity. But his lawyer, who Joe felt had really tried his best,
couldn't prove him innocent. If only he had a better alibi than sitting
home alone watching TV. But he didn't know he'd need one.

The judge spoke. "Mr. Jacoby, you know you're facing the possibility
of ten years in prison, don't you?" Joe nodded his head. The judge
continued. "Good! Now, today is your lucky day, sir. Because you have no
prior record and have appeared remorseful for this misdeed, I'm going to go
easy on you. You're only nineteen, Mr. Jacoby, and it would be a shame to
ruin every chance you have at becoming a decent and productive member of

Probation? Joe hoped. It wasn't to be. "Mr. Joseph John Jacoby,
having been found guilty of the crime of armed robbery, I hereby sentence
you to two years, the place of incarceration to be decided by the Sheriff's
Department of Corrections Office. Do you have anything you wish to say,
Mr. Jacoby?"

Joe shook his head. "No, sir, and thank you, sir!" There was no use in
saying he was innocent. He was resigned to just do the time and get it
over with. After all, how bad could it be? He would be out in nine months
with time off for good behavior. He most certainly planned on being good
and behaving himself. No percentage in being a wise-ass in a place
designed to handle wise-asses.

Two days later found Joe, all by himself, in a one man cell in the state
prison. He flopped down on the simple cot and looked up toward the
ceiling. The simple effort tired him, so he closed his eyes to see if he
could catch up on all the sleep he had missed in the past few days.
Thinking about being back on the street, he fell asleep.

Joe had no idea how long he had slept, but someone was now prodding his
shoulder. "Hey, new friend of mine! Wakey wakey!" Joe opened his eyes and
saw the largest black man he had ever seen. He had to be almost 7' tall as
his head wasn't but a foot from the ceiling. If he weighed a pound, he
weighed three hundred. All solid muscle. The guy looked as hard as
concrete. Maybe harder.

"Hello," Joe said lightheartedly. "I'm Joe Jacoby. Who are you?" The
man laughed.

"They call me Bruiser, but you can call me Sir Bruiser! Get it, punk?"
Joe not only 'got it,' but fear had suddenly coursed through him like a
tornado. He was in for a rough time with this guy, he was sure of that,
but he didn't yet know why. This man didn't even know him. Joe sat up on
the cot and Sir Bruiser wasted no time in establishing their "living"

"Listen, punk, and listen good! Here's how it's gonna play out. Me and
two other guys, Sir Thor and Sir Cougar, run this fucking cellblock. We
control every fucking thing that goes on here. Say, 'Yes, Sir Bruiser,
sir." if you unnerstan' me."

"Yes, Sir Bruiser, sir." Joe didn't want to create any trouble. He had
been warned earlier that any trouble would surely add more time to his two
years. The path of least resistance would see him through. After all, how
bad could it be?

"Good! You learn fast, Jane!" Uh oh! Joe thought. "Now, Jane, here's
what's going to happen . . . right now. You're going to get on your knees
in front of me, take them two hands of yours, which ain't broken yet, and
fish my dick out of my trousers . . . and then suck me off. And you will
suck me real good, too, Jane. Unless you want me to arrange for your early
death! You got one minute to choose, Jane!" Sir Bruiser looked away from
Joe and fixed his eyes on his wristwatch, timing the minute.

With fear gripping him hard, Joe thought about it. Shit, he couldn't
fight Sir Bruiser--he'd get killed! And, looking at Sir Bruiser now, he
knew there was no amount of logical reasoning the man would listen to. Go
to the authorities? What if they didn't believe him and sent him back? He
knew what happened to snitches in prison. Ugh! And besides, going to the
authorities would take place after he had sucked this guy off.

Joe fought back the impulse to cry, to start bawling like a baby. He
knew this would only anger the man. Christ, thought Joe, what have I
gotten myself into? He was now so nervous he felt like taking a crap and
pissing at the same time. What to do? His minute was coming up fast and
he had to decide on something. He did.

As Sir Bruiser looked up from his watch, Joe preempted him from saying,
"Times Up!" by moving forward and kneeling in front of the big man and
looking up at him. Sir Bruiser looked very pleased as Joe reached out and
unzipped the big man's fly.

Sir Bruiser reached out and tilted Joe's face up. He smiled down at
him. "Good girl, Jane And you'll see. It ain't gonna be too bad. It won't
be no worse than sucking on a big, black lollipop! But this particular
lollipop wants to be sucked on real good! You got that, girl?"

"Yes, Sir Bruiser, sir!" Joe said as he struggled with the trouper's top
button. Joe glanced down and saw a large bulge running down Sir Bruiser's
left trouser leg. It looked unrealistically long! animal like.

The fly undone, Joe nervously hooked his fingers in the big man's
trousers and underpants simultaneously and pulled them down to the floor.
The large black cock sprang up at him like a striking black snake. To Joe,
it looked even bigger in person. And it wasn't even fully hard yet! Limp,
it hung down 8"!

Joe had never sucked a black man's cock in his life, but he knew it had
to be done now to keep on living. There was no other reasonable choice.
He reached out and took the fat black cock by its base and lifted it up,
pointing the huge cock head toward his mouth. Sir Bruiser moaned.

Joe sighed, aimed the large, spongy cock head at his lips, moved forward
and put his mouth around the big, wide head. It felt awful. Degrading.
Humiliating. Not in the least bit enjoyable. But he had no choice, if he
wanted to continue breathing. It was suck the man's dick or die. God, he
thought, the fucking head is humungous!

As he went up and down on the bulbous cock head and part of the shaft he
felt it hardening up. A few seconds later it was fully erect and was
easily over 12" in length and 2" wide. A monster of a cock that Joe now
had in his mouth. Sir Bruiser moaned again.

"You doing good, Jane, keep doing it good." Joe sucked away, feeling the
large cock head threatening to touch the entrance of his throat. He knew
he'd gag something awful if the big head went even slightly down his throat
so he moved his mouth back a little. That felt better.

Sir Bruiser now took Joe's blond head firmly in both of his large hands.
He then pushed his cock in further and Joe felt as if he would upchuck. It
was now just a smidgeon down his throat, but it was touching his gag reflex
and making it twitch as it tried to eject the massive intruder. Tears
welled up in his eyes and he had the urge to sniffle. He could smell the
cloying muskiness emanating from the big black man's crotch area. Sweat
could be felt forming on his neck and back.

Sir Bruiser pushed forward another inch or so. It was just too much.
Joe started gagging and retching fiercely and was afraid he would vomit at
any moment. He knew this would piss Sir Bruiser off, and a beating, or
worse, could result from that.. But he couldn't help himself. Then he got
a small reprieve. A silent prayer was answered. Sir Bruiser backed up
some. The relief Joe felt was immediate.

Sir Bruiser, his cock still in Joe's mouth, reached out and tilted Joe's
head up. "Since you've been cooperating so far, Janie, I'm gonna go easy
on you. This time! But before long, sweetie, my balls are going to be
resting on your chin and my pubes are going to tickle your fucking nose."
He was looking right into Joe's eyes. "Now! You just go ahead and work my
cock's big old black head any old way you want. I won't move a muscle. I
won't try to choke you, either, but you gotta put some passion behind your
sucking. You unnerstan' me?" Joe nodded, his mouth still on the big man's
prick. He was grateful he wouldn't have to attempt to swallow it all. At
least for now.

"And," Sir Bruiser continued. "When I bust my load you betta swallow every drop of my love juice. I don't wanna see even one drop hit the
fucking deck! Now start sucking, fucker!"

The vehement way Sir Bruiser had spoken told Joe the man was very
serious and meant business. He also knew that if he didn't please Sir
Bruiser fully, it could, and probably would, get much worse. With this in
mind he proceeded to blowjob the big cock with as much passion and ardor as
he could muster up. Which wasn't too much and was done halfheartedly. He
felt deeply ashamed of himself, but what choice was there? It was suck or

He sucked, his lips sliding back and forth on the big cock head, taking
only two inches or less of the shaft. Any more brought about gagging. He
worked the big prick for about five minutes and then heard Sir Bruiser
yell, "Here I come, baby, get ready to take it all! Ohhhfuckingwee! Oh,
yeah, here I go! Suck it, you fucker, suck it!" Sir Bruiser had tightened
his grip on Joe's head.

Joe felt Sir Bruiser's cock head swell up and immediately unload. It
felt horrible! Sir Bruiser was coming and coming. Gobs and gobs of the
thick, scummy liquid. It reminded Joe of thick, lumpy yogurt.

His mouth filled up fully and he had to swallow, making a big gulping
noise. He heard Sir Bruiser laugh after he heard the sound. Then his
mouth filled again. He swallowed again, but less audibly this time. Then,
holy shit, Sir Bruiser flooded his mouth once more! He swallowed again,
tasting the acrid juice throughout his mouth and especially on his tongue.
It tasted foul and nasty. As if it was rancid. In the past, out of
curiosity, Joe had tasted his own sperm--once. It had a much sweeter taste
to it, that's for sure. And was noticeably smoother.

Sir Bruiser pulled his cock out of Joe's mouth and wiped the sticky cock
head back and forth over Joe's lips three times. Joe's lips felt sticky
and very yucky. His mouth felt awful.

Sir Bruiser ordered Joe to sit on the cot. Then Sir Bruiser took a seat
next to him, just like two old buddies having a heart-to-heart chat. Sir
Bruiser put an arm around Joe's shoulders and spoke gently. So gently it
scared Joe right down to his shoes.

"Now, Jane, it's obvious to me your mouth was virgin, which I liked.
But unless you learn to suck a cock all the way down, right to the balls,
and with way more passion, you in for a mess of trouble." He laughed,
squeezing the shoulder gently. "But don't you worry none, Jane! I'm gonna
see to it that you get lots of practice, starting in a few minutes from
now." Uh oh! Then Sir Bruiser tightened his grip on Joe's shoulder.

"You ever hear of Ride-The-Whip?" Joe shook his head from side to side,
fighting back tears. Sir Bruiser picked up on this. "You start
blubbering, fucker, and I'll make you eat all the shit on this cellblock,
every fucking turd. You unnerstan'?"

Joe said, struggling to compose himself, "Yes, Sir Bruiser, sir! Yeah,
he understood, all right. All the way down to his gut. Just the idea of
eating shit made him feel like retching.

Sir Bruiser spoke, again very gently, "Ride-The-Whip means you sit on a
guy's lap, in your case it will be Sir Cougar, with his cock up your ass.
Then, one by one, every guy, all 65 of them, is going to come in here and
put his cock in your mouth." He squeezed Joe's shoulder again, but this
time even harder.

"And, Jane, you will cock-suck each and every one of them, making sure
you don't spill even one drop of their cum balls. You unnerstan'?" Joe, in
fear and trembling, told Sir Bruiser he understood. And he did understand,
only too well, while he dreaded all that was going to happen.

Sir Bruiser whistled loudly, a short, sharp, high note. Then he spoke
even more gently than before, almost in a whisper. "Now, Jane, you be a
good girl and go and take all those clothes off before Sir Cougar gets
here. I want him to see you all cute and naked. And, you'll see, it won't
be so bad." Yeah, right, thought Joe, for you anyway.

Joe stood up on weak and wobbly legs and proceeded to strip. In a short
time he stood completely naked before Sir Bruiser's leering gaze. Sir
Bruiser told him to turn around and show him his, what he called,
ass-pussy. Joe complied, feeling so ashamed and defeated that he hated
himself. As he stood there naked, sensing Sir Bruiser's eyes on his back,
he felt more helpless and trapped than he ever imagined he could. He
fought back the urge to cry.

"Hey, Sir Cougar come on in! This is our new girl on the block! Jane,
turn around and say hello to Sir Cougar!" Joe turned and saw another large
black man. Not as large as Sir Bruiser, but much larger than himself.
Following Sir Bruiser's command, Joe said, "Hell . . . hello, Sir Coo . .
. Coo . . . Cougar, sir!" Kill me someone, he thought, anyone.

Sir Cougar grinned and said to Sir Bruiser. "Why the fuck is she
stuttering, Sir Bruiser, you go an fuck out her vocal cords?" Sir Bruiser
laughed. "No, man, she's just girlishly nervous. You know. It's her
first time doing all this shit. And besides, she's embarrassed that she
can't give deep-throat yet. Gags up a fucking storm, she does!" Sir Cougar

"Well, well, well," Sir Cougar said, looking directly at Joe. "The Whip
will help fix that up, Janie girl!" The two big black men laughed heartily.
Joe didn't. He didn't feel very much like laughing. He felt more like
dying. He could feel perspiration forming all over him even though the
cell was air conditioned.

Sir Cougar said, "Now, Jane, let's get your ass-pussy ready for The
Whip!" He ordered Joe to bend over and Joe soon felt a rough, hard hand
pushing something wet up his ass. A chair was dragged to the middle of the
room. Sir Cougar then ordered Joe to stand in front of the chair with his
back to it. Joe meekly complied. He stood there and awaited his fate.
Which came real soon, too soon if you asked Joe.

Sir Cougar got behind Joe and commanded him to bend over at the waist.
Joe did and dreaded what was about to take place. First, he was told to
place both of his hands on the area above his knees. Then he was told to
reach behind himself with his right and play with Sir Cougar's dick. He
had to lean his right shoulder backwards and to the right in order to reach
his objective, but he soon found the man's thickish cock in his hand.

Not really knowing what to do he just stroked the silky-feeling cock
back and forth behind his ass. The cock elongated somewhat and Joe
trembled at the thought that this cock that he was now giving an awkward
hand-job to would soon be shoved into his rectum. On about the fourth or
fifth stroke, Joe felt the man's full erection. It seemed long, very long.
Then, as if to answer an unasked question about its length, Sir Cougar said
gently, "Janie, in case you're wondering girl, my cock gets to ten and
one-half inches when it's fully angered. Now, take your sweet hand, dear,
and explore the full length and width. Do it! Now!"

Joe explored. As he moved his hand over and around the penis he found
out the shaft was super-rigid with a coating of flesh that felt tightly
bound to it, with little play. The shaft's cock-head was enormous. Both
fat and wide. It was, like the shaft, very hard and unyielding. The idea
of having it thrust up his ass made Joe feel like swooning. He felt the
ground underneath his feet sway.

Sir Cougar told him to stop. Joe withdrew his hand and placed it back
on his knee. Then he felt Sir Cougar's fingers probing the entrance to his
anus. The fingers felt wet, slippery even. He guessed it was some form of
lubricant, but he knew it wasn't Vaseline for it had no discernible odor.
Sir Cougar pushed a finger into his anus and moved it in a small circle.
Another finger joined the first. The two fingers then spread themselves
out and he felt immense discomfort at their widest point. Then the fingers
were removed.

He felt Sir Cougar's hard erection begin to probe the entrance to his
ass, in the same way he felt the fingers, but the sensation signalled a
much blunter and wider object. The big man used one hand to keep Joe's
cheeks spread and the other go guide his cock.

Then Joe felt Sir Cougar push firmly inward and the pain came
immediately. "Ow! He called out involuntarily. Man, it hurt! Something
awful. Sir Cougar said, "Cry all you want, fucker, it's still gonna go

Sir Cougar made it clear he didn't care about Joe's comfort by ignoring
Joe's repeated 'Ows!' as he pushed further and further inward until his
cock, all 10-1/2" of it, was buried as far as it would go into Joe's ass
canal. Joe was sweating profusely, his knees wobbly, and felt as if he had
to take a crap. Sir Cougar held his cock in place for over a minute before
pulling it halfway out. He then gently pushed it back in as far as it
would go. He repeated this action a few more times being very gentle
throughout. The pain had subsided greatly. Sir Cougar sensed the change
in Joe and started slowly backing up, taking Joe with him.

Sir Cougar told Joe to stay on him until he was seated. Joe complied,
still bent over, and backed up with the man. Although the initial pain had
decreased, it was still there, but it was more bearable now. Sir Cougar
wrapped both arms around Joe and plopped the both of them down onto the
chair at the same time. The sudden jolt drove Sir Cougar's cock deeply
into Joe's ass and he let out a yowl. Sir Cougar laughed, as did Sir

Joe now felt impaled on the long cock's shaft with no hope of ejecting
it from himself. He also felt even more defeated than before. Although
Joe's feet still touched the floor, the angled position he was in kept the
cock fully inside. And any movement, however slight, brought full
awareness to his mind that he did, indeed, have a large cock in his rectum.
But, in spite of all this discomfort, Joe could also feel strange and
weird sensations running through his bowels and spreading out through his
upper legs and ass area. And the sensations weren't horrible, in fact they
felt pleasurable, similar to the sensation of relief one gets from
crapping. This facet upset Joe and confused him, but he was thankful that
the sensations had replaced the earlier pain.

Sir Bruiser whistled again. What now? Thought Joe, the parade of
blowjobs? A moment later a nice looking Latino guy entered the cell. He
carried what looked like a doctor's black satchel bag. He also seemed
quite cheerful, jovial, in fact. He was in definite contrast to the other
two men in the cell. Christ, thought Joe, is this guy a weird doctor of
some kind? The thought of being castrated crossed his mind and sent barbs
of fear throughout his mind and body. He shuddered, feeling Sir Cougar's
cock move again.

Sir Bruiser greeted the man. "Hey, Jose, my man, we got a new girl for
you to fix up." Sir Bruiser then introduced the man to Joe as Jose. He was
to be Joe's mentor and teacher.

"Jane," Sir Bruiser said gruffly. "Jose is my Girly Coordinator. You
listen to everything he tells you and your life with us will be much betta.
Got that?" Joe nodded and said, "Yes, Sir Bruiser, sir! Sir Bruiser
grinned at him and stepped aside. It appeared it was Jose's show now.

"Now, Jane, old girl," Jose said lightly. "Let's get you set up! It'll
be fun, you'll see!"

Jose reached into his bag and brought forth a brown leather ring. Joe
recognized it as one of those cock rings. Although Joe had never used one,
or even seen one, except in catalogues, he knew its basic purpose. It
would give a man an erection and that erection wouldn't, and couldn't, die
down until the ring was removed. It would also prevent the man from having
an easy orgasm, a premature one. To achieve orgasm, with the ring on,
required more work and effort than Joe thought it was all worth. And why
these guys wanted him to wear one hadn't dawned on him just yet.

Jose put the cock ring on the base of Joe's cock and down and around his
balls. He had it adjusted to fit in less than a minute. Joe felt its
tightening effect almost immediately. He felt his balls swell up. His
cock, its blood now squeezed off, was hardening up rapidly. In less than
60 seconds he had a full-fledged, stone-hard erection. His cock head felt
enormously expanded.

He felt embarrassed by it all, being this way in front of these men, but
he made no attempt to conceal his erection. He knew they didn't give a
shit and it would only make them laugh at him. Or worse.

"Now, Jane," Jose said lightly. "In case you're wondering why you have
to wear this little doodad, I'll tell you. In a few minutes you will be
sucking the first cock of many such cocks." Joe looked sickened by the
words. "And we want you to enjoy yourself!" As if I would or could, Joe
thought. "So, this ring will keep you in a state of sexual agitation. In
other words, Jane, you'll be exceptionally horny in spite of yourself!"
Jose laughed. The other two guys also laughed. Joe didn't.

Fuck you, Joe thought, no hard-on of mine is ever going to make me enjoy
sucking dick. Never! No fucking way! You can call me Jane and keep me
horny 24/7, but it ain't gonna change me a bit. The name Jane/Joe popped
into his mind. He immediately tossed it out, but deep down he suspected
that he was now, as far as it went, Jane/Joe. For nine more months, for
crissake! Could he live through it? What choice did he have? Really?
None, he thought.

The feelings stirred by the cock ring joined with the pleasant pressure
Jane/Joe felt in his rectum. Sir Cougar reached around to the front of
Jane/Joe, took his hardon in his hand and started fiddling with it. He
started running a wet thumb across the tip of Jane/Joe's cock head, back
and forth, side to side, tickling the tip and creating weird sensations in

It was pleasurable and at the same time, extremely annoying, irritating.
He had teased his own cock this way, many times, to get it agitated and
sexually stirred up, but when it became too unbearable, the relief given
through masturbation always followed. Jane/Joe knew, in this case, he
wasn't going to be allowed to masturbate. They wanted him erect throughout
the ordeal. He tried to imagine away the sensations, to wish them away,
but it was hopeless. Like trying to wish away a toothache.

Was Sir Cougar gay? Jane/Joe thought. He guessed he wasn't. It was
just part of their silly fucking game to keep him stirred up, horny, and
hot. Ha ha! So he would enjoy sucking cock instead of being repulsed by
it. Well, he thought, I'll suck the dicks, but you'll never make me like
it, no matter what you fuckers do or make me wear.

With the cock ring in place, Jose wasn't finished with Jane/Joe, not by
a long shot. He reached into his satchel bag and pulled out what Jane/Joe
knew was a set of nipple loops. But this particular set didn't look like
clamps to Joe. They looked more like loops. Two loops joined together by
a silver chain.

From the center of the chain hung a small spray bottle. Jane/Joe had no
idea what the bottle was used for. None of the catalogues had shown
anything similar to it at all.

Jose wrapped one of the loops around Joe's right nipple and pushed a
metal collar up to tighten the loop around the nipple. The more the collar
neared the end of the loop, the tighter the loop became. Jose pushed the
collar up until he heard Joe say 'Ow!' He then backed the collar up a
smidgen. Joe's nipple became hard immediately and he could feel a mild
pain throughout the area. Not enough pain now to make him cry out again,
but enough to make sure he wouldn't forget it was there. Jose repeated the
procedure with the left nipple.

The nipple loops, Jane/Joe guessed, were meant to keep his nipples in a
state of hardness and horniness, much like the cock ring's purpose.

And every item was working. He felt sensations now in three areas. His
nipples tingled. His cock head tingled. His ass tingled. Shit, he
thought, there are lots of weird tingling sensations taking place at the
same time. I gotta fight 'em as best as I can! He thought this just as
Sir Cougar shifted around a bit, pushing his large cock firmly back into
his tingling, burning and stimulated ass.

Then he felt Sir Cougars thumb again. Moving on his cock head in little
circles, pressing into the flesh, teasing and tantalizing him. It was
almost unbearable. Then Sir Cougar stopped and moved his fat hand down to
Jane/Joe's cock shaft. He just held the cock, not moving at all. Jane/Joe
felt his erection twitch at Sir Cougar's touch. Then it did it again.

Jose said, "Jane, I know those nipple loops hurt a bit, but you'll get
used to the slight pain, and anyway, you won't have to wear them at all
times. In fact, tonight, they'll be removed every twenty minutes and left
off for twenty more minutes. So, see? it won't be too hard on you."

Jane/Joe felt relieved learning of that fact. Jose then said, "Oh, you
won't have to wear the cock ring at all times, either. That will also be
removed periodically." He smiled at Jane/Joe.

Jose next took out a large bottle of perfume. He dabbed a bit of it on
the backs of Jane/Joe's ears. It smelled cheap, tawdry even, and reminded
Jane/Joe of a cathouse. It was the kind of perfume women bought by the
quart, not the ounce. You didn't dab this kind of scent on your body, you
splashed it on. Had they chose, anyone could easily afford to bathe in the
shit. Oooh, Sir Cougar had resumed his thumb pressure. Jane/Joe suspected
that Sir Cougar was putting something on his fingers, some lubricating
agent, for the thumb was always moist and slippery. He couldn't imagine
the man spitting on his thumb. No, he was definitely using some kind of

Jose reached into his bag of tricks again and pulled out a lipstick
tube. He showed it to Jane/Joe. Jane/Joe could read the words Suckit red on the end opposite the lipstick. Oh, shit, Jane/Joe thought, more fucking
girlying up! Aaaah! Sir Cougar had released the cock head. At least for

Jose told Jane/Joe to pucker his lips and then proceeded to adroitly
paint them. He then had Jane/Joe blot his lips on a paper towel. Jose
then stood back to admire his handiwork. He looked pleased with himself.
Jane/Joe licked at the lipstick and found it had no taste at all.

Jose then spoke, "This lipstick will stay fresh looking for 24 hours and
it's smear proof, but you should reapply it every morning. I'll show you
how to do that much later. OK?" Jane/Joe nodded. He understood. Every
morning. Christ! What were they turning me into? A girl you dope! They
want me to be as girlish as possible. Oh, shit, I hope they don't make me
wear a fucking dress! Or a garter belt! Or panty hose! Or a fucking bra!
Oh, shit. Fear hit him and made him tremble.

Sir Cougar laughed. "I like when you wiggle, honey! It feels sooooo
good!" Jane/Joe stopped his trembling in a heartbeat. Sir Cougar pressed
his thumb into Jane/Joe's cock head once more. A few twirls that forced
those exquisite sensations and then he quit. Fuck, thought Jane/Joe, he's
playing me! Alternating me between relief and torture. He's done this
shit before!

Jose had two last tricks up his sleeve. He told Jane/Joe to open his
mouth as wide as he could manage. Jane/Joe complied, not knowing whether
to be scared or not. Jose then reached down and got the small spray bottle
that hung loosely from the nipple loop's chain.

"Now, Jane," Jose said. "I'm gonna give your throat a quick spritzing.
It won't hurt and it tastes just ducky. Trust me. What it will do is numb
your entire throat, similar to Novocain, and put your gag reflex totally
out of commission, too. OK?" Jane/Joe nodded and opened his mouth a little
wider to make sure Jose didn't miss his throat.

The spritz soon followed and Jane/Joe felt as if his throat had just
suddenly up and disappeared. Vanished! It amazed him. Jane/Joe sensed
from all the "professionalism" being shown that these boys had done this
sort of thing many, many times before. They had turned it into an art

And he knew the object of it all. Girly him up, force him to suck cock
until he loved it so much he'd be a fag, and then pimp him out. He'd read
about this kind of shit before. Prison punks, if he remembered correctly.
Then a silly memory flashed through his mind. He remembered one of those
Fletch movies in which Chevy Chase is tossed into a jail cell with a big
bruiser of a guy. Fletch asks the guy his name and the guy answers, "Bend
over!" Fletch then replies, "Nice to meet you, Ben!" Thinking of it now
made Jane/Joe smile in his mind and it made him more resolved not to turn

He thought, fuck you guys! Do what you want to me, dress my ass like
Cinderella, make me suck all the cocks you can find, but when I'm outta
here in nine months, I'll still be Mr. Joseph John Jacoby, heterosexual
straight man, thank you!

While Jose had been making his little speech about throat numbing, Sir
Cougar had twiddled his thumb on the sensitive cock head three times.
Three excruciating times.

Jose's very last trick was in the form of a cut-off white tee shirt. He
had Jane/Joe put it on. It came down to just a few inches below his
nipples. And it was one size too small. The cotton fabric stretched
across his chest and pressed into both of his nipples at once, sending
sensations through each. Man, he thought, they haven't missed a trick!

"You will be supplied with seven of these tees, Jane, and you are to
wear a clean one each and every day. OK?" Jane/Joe nodded. It looked as
if there would be no dress to wear, no garter belt, no bra, no panty hose.
Thank you lord! Oooh! It was Sir Cougar again. One full circle with his
thumb on the cock head's dead center, then poof! his thumb was gone.

Jose was saying something more. "Now, Jane, this is a butt-plug."
Christ, Jane/Joe thought, how many more fucking gizmos are they gonna put
on me!

Jose held it up for Jane/Joe to see. Jane/Joe had seen butt plugs
before, but he couldn't imagine why anyone would want to shove one up their
ass. Oooh! Sir Cougar's thumb was back. Three short circles with his
thumb on the cock head and then it was gone. Bastard!

"Obviously, Jane, you have no need for it now," He pointed at Sir
Cougar, "so I'll instruct you on its use later. These . . . " Jose held
up a pair of silky-looking light blue short pants and waved them around.
". . . are your short pants. You will wear these short pants at all
times, Jane. Without underwear. Understand?" Jane/Joe nodded. No
underwear. OK, big deal. Jose continued.

"Like the tees, you will be given seven pairs. They are to be kept
spotlessly clean. OK?" Jane/Joe nodded. He looked at Jose and wondered
about him. What was his status in all of this? Why didn't Sir Bruiser
refer to him as Josephine? He surmised he'd find out later. Later! Later
meant, he thought, after sucking a mile of man cock. Shit! Give me
strength lord! Oooh! The human butt-plug's thumb was at it once more.
Twice, this time. In rapid succession.

Jose was now finished with Jane/Joe. He stepped aside to allow Sir
Bruiser to survey his craftsmanship. Sir Bruiser walked all around
Jane/Joe and finally said, "Damn, Jose, you've done it again! She looks
great, our sweet little Janie! Primed and ready for cock meat!" Then he
turned to Jane/Joe and said, "You ready, Jane, for some cocksucking
lessons?" He laughed. Then he scowled at Jane/Joe.

Jane/Joe looked at the big man. "Yes, Sir Bruiser, sir, I'm ready." He
certainly wasn't, but what else was there to say? Ooooo! Sir Cougar's
thumb was back. It pressed slightly harder into his flesh than before.
Jane/Joe spasmed involuntarily, feeling the cock in his ass poke in further
as he did so.

Sir Bruiser whistled again and a moment later a young black guy came
into the cell. He looked approvingly at Jane/Joe and whistled. One of
those wolf whistles that men at construction sites toss out at a pretty
girl as she passes by.

The man was introduced to Jane/Joe as Sir Thor. He wasn't as big as
either of the other two "sirs," but he looked meaner. And very evil.
Jane/Joe noticed that he hadn't felt Sir Cougar's thumb in a while. The
relief was appreciated by him even though he knew it was temporary.

After Jane/Joe obediently said hello to Sir Thor, the man wasted no
time. He took a place in front of Jane/Joe and barked, "Remove my trousers,
push them down to the floor and show me how hot your mouth is!"

Jane/Joe immediately obeyed. As he move forward slightly to undo Sir
Thor's trousers he was reminded that he had Sir Cougar's cock still in his
rectum. It felt strange. And his moving forward had given the other items
new life. His nipples tingled greatly and his cock felt even harder. It's
impossible, he thought, to forget you have a boner.

Now, for pure accuracy, and Bruiser's dick aside, it wasn't that he
hadn't sucked a cock before. He had. Once. And only the once.

He had been hitchhiking from school to home and was offered a ride by a
middle aged man in a pickup truck. The forty-five minute trip started
innocently enough, blah, blah, blah, but it soon turned to the sexually
interesting ideas of getting a blowjob. The man appeared to be an expert
on the whole matter.

He went on about how it was so great to have a hot mouth on your dick.
At that point he asked, "Know what I mean?" Joe said, without even thinking
about it, "Oh, yeah, ain't nothing like it!" Oh, yeah, what a liar. But a
liar whose hardon could now be seen running down his pant's left leg. He
was turned on, no two ways about it.

Maybe that's why he mumbled a "Sure." when, a short while later, the man asked him if he'd like to have a good blowing right now. Who knows?

The man pulled the truck off onto a wooded side road and wasted no time
in reaching out for the pant's bulge. The first touchy squeeze sent 50
million volts throughout Joe's body. The cattle prod he had accidently
touched on the business end one time, just to see what it would feel like,
was nothing compared to this.

In the dim moonlight, Joe watched in fascination and pleasure as the man fished his boner out and put his mouth on it.

The man's mouth felt fantastic. It was hotter than hell and wetter than
water. And it was doing things he'd never even imagined. Squeezing him
hard-like, then soft-like, as it went fully up and down his shaft. Unreal
and unbelievable.

Joe only lasted a couple of minutes before he felt the cum just get
ripped out of him. He'd never cum this intense before, not even that time
he jerked off to a polaroid of Becka Worthington's titties as seen through
her bedroom window, a picture snapped by her next door neighbor, Will

The man sat back in his seat, Joe's cock just hanging out in the air
like that, surprisingly still hard, and unzipped his fly. Joe just sat
there, euphoric and mesmerized as the stranger's cock appeared. It looked
fat and long and untouched by the sun. And it was obviously fully aroused.
The man, not even looking at him, said, "Your turn. And do it nice and
slow, just the way I did it to you. Don't rush none, I don't like
rushers." He reached over and put his right hand behind Joe's neck and bent
his head over in the right direction.

Why he hadn't refused, then and there, he didn't know. Maybe it was
that old saw he'd been raised with and heard a million times. "Fella does
a good turn to you, it's only fair you return the favor." Whatever the
reason, he soon found himself with a full mouth of strange cock head.

The man, knowing Joe was a pure beginner, directed him step by step with
comments such as, "Now, that feels good, but tighten your lips a bit." And
"Move your tongue from side to side on the underside, pressing it in as you
do." Joe followed every directive immediately as if grateful for the

The cock had felt good to his mouth as he, without any shame, sucked the
man off. When the man finally ejaculated, Joe knew enough to swallow, but
the amount of the load surprised him. Not at first, for it had started
very slowly with just a mild dribble. A puddling on his tongue. Then the
dribble became a bigger dribble as the man's spasms increased. Then more
and bigger dribbles flooded in. The man hadn't spurted as he knew he had,
but there was way more of the sticky stuff.

He had swallowed early, but found he had to swallow again. And again.
And, lordy, even a fourth time. It was here that the taste of the cum made
itself known. It tasted like sweet, but slightly salty, onions. And also
made itself evident with a slightly burning sensation in the back recesses
of his throat.

Joe had liked it, the getting and giving of oral pleasure, but when the
man asked for his phone number as he dropped him two blocks from his house,
he had turned him down, with no real reason given. The man had seemed
truly disappointed, but he soon drove off leaving Joe to ponder on it all.

But that was then and this is now.

Aware of Sir Cougar's cock in his ass, Jane/Joe struggled to get Sir
Thor's trouser off and down to the floor. His wiggling made his ass
sensations even more pronounced. He tried to hurry the chore, but it
resisted hurrying. As Sir Thor's trousers and boxer shorts finally fell to
the man's ankles, Jane/Joe got the full picture of the man's cock and
crotch area. Though it hadn't been obvious when he man had his pants on,
Jane/Joe saw the guy had a full hardon. Somewhere between 7" and 8," it
had, at its base, zillions of wiry, curly black hairs. For some reason it
looked as evil as the man who owned it.

"Suck it! And do a good job!" Sir Thor growled.

A moment later, Jane/Joe had Sir Thor's cock in his mouth, aware of his
own full erection that, right now, Sir Cougar was back to fondling and
teasing. Sir Cougar fiddled around with the tip, just twice, a few seconds
apart, and then stopped. He had used just the right pressure to make
Jane/Joe involuntarily moan each time around the hard cock in his mouth.

Jane/Joe didn't want to moan, lord knows, and he knew if he concentrated
he could prevent it, but he also sensed that moaning made the sensations
seem less. The moans were a relief of sorts. Whereas, he felt, the other
path would soon have him climbing the walls and screaming. With whatever
cock he had in his mouth at the time.

"Deep-throat me!" Sir Thor barked. Jane/Joe thought of balking, but
decided to give the throat spray a chance instead. He found it was easy
now to take the man's cock all the way down his throat. His throat felt
nothing. His gag reflex had died, too.

Even when Jane/Joe's lips were pressing against Sir Thor's groin and he
had his nose pressed against the guy's belly, he didn't feel like gagging.
He also felt the man's pubic hairs brush against his nose. It amazed him.
Shit, he was deep-throating a large, thick cock and it didn't hurt a lick.
With his lips locked around the base, Sir Thor now gave him more

"Stay way down on it like that to the count of five. Then scoot back up
to the head. Work my head a few times and then throat it again for five.
And through it all, don't swallow your saliva. Just let it flow out.
Remember that, because I want you to do it with every cock you suck from
here on in. Now, do the deep-throat routine again and again until I shoot
my wad."

Jane/Joe complied. He brought his mouth back up to the cock head, went
up and down on it three times, varying just how far past the ridge he would
venture, and then deep-throated the pulsing, throbbing member, staying down
on it there for five seconds. Then he repeated it. His saliva flowed
freely, too. Sir Thor's dick was covered with it, making it slick and
slimy feeling. And, for some weird reason, it felt very erotic to
Jane/Joe's mouth.

As he sucked, he could feel Sir Cougar's thumb rubbing back and forth
over his cock head. It was driving him wild. The sensation was one that
made him want to cum, but the damn cock ring prevented that release. It
was exquisite and pleasurable torture. And, try as he might, he couldn't
extinguish the incessant sensations from his mind. They even seemed to be
sending their messages to his mouth as he worked SirThor's sizeable
saliva-slick 7+" dick.

As he repeated his deep-throating, Sir Cougar's cock in his ass seemed
to get harder, if that was possible. His own cock head had hardened up
more, too, if that was possible. It was all having a strange effect on
Jane/Joe. He was getting too many pleasant and unpleasant sensations and
too many painful sensations, all at the same time.

He was aware of his mouth and his body in ways he had never dreamed
about. His mind was getting fucked up. And damn that Sir Cougar with his
rub, rub, rubbing! He knew that Sir Cougar knew what he was doing. He was
expertly reading Jane/Joe's head movements, body language, and ass twitches
to time the thumb rubs. He knew just when to apply them. Just when it
would have the greatest effect. To make him so fucking hot he'd suck a
gorilla's cock if the ape promised him he could jerk off afterwards.

There was no doubt that it was all having an effect on Jane/Joe. And he
knew the men could see it, the changes happening to him. His ass
twitching, his erection jumping around, throbbing and twitching wildly, his
legs trembling with nervous excitement, his mouth working Sir Thor's
erection more and more passionately, slobbering over it--they all gave the
game away. He was sucking a cock and they knew he both liked it and hated
it. If anyone had told me this two weeks ago . . . Oooo! His thought
died as Sir Cougar's thumb rubbed again.

As his nipples and cock tingled incessantly, adding to the strange and
not unpleasant sensation of the hard cock up his ass, the cock in his mouth
started to feel very nice. As he worked his mouth, lips, and tongue on the
throbbing prick with the very hard cock head, sucking it and deep-throating
it, saliva flowing, with Sir Cougar moaning loudly above him, he felt
sexually aroused and horny. And he didn't understand why he couldn't
control himself. Why his resistance was breaking down from mere
sensations. Mere? No, he thought, they're far from being mere!

As the action heated up, Sir Bruiser said, "Jane! When Sir Thor is
gonna spurt, put both your hands on his ass cheeks and pull him to you.
You unnerstan'?" Jane/Joe nodded as he went up and down on Sir Thor's hot
penis. Sir Bruiser added, "And I want you to remember to do that with each
guy that comes in. Hands on their ass cheeks when they shoot.
Unnerstan''?" Again Jane/Joe nodded on the thick, slobbery-wet dick.

Then Bruiser had another idea. He bent down and looked at Jane/Joe's
face. "Open your eyes, Jane!" Jane/Joe complied. "Closing your eyes is an
insult to whomever you're sucking! So, keep your eyes open at all times.
Someone will be taking peeks at you from time to time and it's shit eating
time if you get caught with them closed. OK?" Jane/Joe nodded up and down
on the dick, his eyes wide open.

He was now staring at wiry pubic hairs and he could see the shaft
clearly as he sucked away. If he needed a reminder that he was sucking cock, this sure did the trick.

In wasn't too long before Sir Thor started to tense up. Jane/Joe knew
he was going to cum soon. Heeding Sir Bruiser's words he reached behind
Sir Thor with both hands and grabbed and squeezed the ass cheeks, then drew
him toward his mouth. A moment later Sir Thor's cock erupted.

Sir Thor pushed his cock into Jane/Joe's mouth so only the head was
inside. At the very same time Sir Cougar tickled his cock head-- fiercely.
As Sir Thor's cock twitched, spasmed, and spurted it's hot cum, Jane/Joe
moaned deeply. "Mmmmm!" Damn that Cougar! The saliva in his mouth added
to the copious amount of cum coming in and Jane/Joe was fearful he would
gag and have to spit up.

Remembering Sir Bruiser's admonition, he forced himself not to gag.
Though a very rough struggle ensued, he swallowed every drop, gurgling and
sputtering to be sure, but not missing a thing. His eyes threatened to
close up on him, but he forced them to stay open.

He could taste the cum and yet he couldn't. Not fully. Too much was
happening to him and he had way too much saliva in his mouth.

He was ordered to keep sucking until it was drained and told to stop. A
short time later, Sir Thor pulled his moist limpish cock from Jane/Joe's
mouth. It flopped out with a shlooshing noise.

Sir Cougar, that bastard, moved his thumb across the tip once more.
Then stopped. Oh, God, thought Jane/Joe, how much more of this can I take?
The thought of 60 or more guys drove his mind into a tizzy. He swallowed
loudly and tasted cum in the back of his throat. It burned slightly. And
it burned with each and every swallow, reminding him that cum was there and
had just been swallowed by him.

"You know, Sir Bruiser," Sir Thor said, pushing his dick back into his
trousers, "This bitch has potential!" He laughed.

As Sir Thor made his exit, the three remaining men in the room also
laughed. Joe didn't. He just sat there, impaled on Sir Cougar's stiff
prick, with mixed feeling running through him. He now had nothing to do
but wait for the ordeal to resume itself with the next man to cross the
doorway. He didn't have long to wait. Oooh! You bastard! Stop that!
Leave the fucking head of my cock alone, all ready!

One by one, one after another, the men arrived. One after another,
Jane/Joe sucked their cocks, deep-throated them and swallowed their
salty-tasting, burning cum. The taste of cum was inescapable to Jane/Joe's
tongue. The taste was everywhere in his mouth. It coated his teeth. His
gums. His tongue. And it burned itself deep in his throat. His mouth
felt awash in it. He could have used a little water to help wash it down,
but he knew that it would be futile to ask. They wanted him to suffer.
There would be no water coming his way. Water? You don't need no stinkin'
water, not when you got delicious cum to drink. Yeah, he could hear them

The third guy brought a scary realization to Jane/Joe. As much as he
hated to admit it, that damned Sir Cougar's cock felt good! Very good. He
had the overwhelming urge, and a great desire, to just surrender to the
good feelings and start bouncing up and down on the man's big prick.
Wildly, as a wanton slut might. But as nice as he knew it would feel, he
refused to let it happen. He didn't want them to see him like that.

However, he did make one small concession to the sublime sensations. He
went surreptitiously up and down on Sir Cougar's cock with an up and down
movement so miniscule he felt sure no one could detect what he was up to.
Not even Sir Cougar. He tried to make it appear that it was part of his
normal movements. And, oh God, it felt sweet! So much so that he found
himself, at times, beginning to increase the length of his up and down
moves. Whenever that unwelcome event happened, he would immediately go
back to the tiny moves.

He was doing this routine again with the fourth guy, too, but something
occurred that scared him a little. On one of his downward pushes, a tiny
push to be sure, he felt the truly unmistakable repeat spasms of Sir
Cougar's prick. Oh, oh, he thought, I've made him cum!

Would that please him or piss him off? He tried not to move. The
spasms were numerous, too. Seven? Eight? More? He didn't know, but when
Sir Cougar stayed in him for some minutes after the last one had come and
gone, and didn't push him off of his lap, he felt it just might be okay.

Around five minutes later or so, Sir Cougar's spasms started again!
Right after a fresh miniscule up and down movement by him. He ain't
cumming again! He thought. No, it was obvious to him now. Sir Cougar was
sending him Morse code! Of a sort. He was letting him know that he knew
about his little miniscule up and down secret. The bastard! Just too
fucking clever by far. How long had he known? Probably from the gitgo, he

Why hadn't he said something about it to the others? They would
certainly get a big kick from knowing. Perhaps Sir Cougar was making it
their little secret to inspire him to keep doing it.

Well, fuck it, he thought, if that's the way he wants it, fine. He now
felt he had slightly more freedom with the man, a silent permission of
sorts, and could now increase the distance of his up and down excursions,
which he knew would make it feel much better. But he didn't want to make
it public knowledge, however, so he merely went from miniscule to an inch
each way. Oh, God, he thought, this is fucking heaven--on a man's lap, no

Sir Cougar kept up his cock spasms here and there with timed variations.
Pulse, pulse, Pause. Pulse. Pause. Pulse, pulse, pulse, Pause, Pulse and
so on. Morse tapped out with a penis.

Just for shits and giggles, on one of Sir Cougar's spasm episodes,
Jane/Joe used his ass muscles and squeezed back. His ass executed a
sequence of squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, pause, squeeze, pause, squeeze,
pause , squeeze, pause, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Any old salt would
easily read this as . . . - - - . . . and translate it to SOS. Save Our
Souls or Save Our Ship, take your pick. Jane/Joe almost let out an audible
giggle at his cleverness.

Then Sir Cougar surprised him by pulsing right back with pulse, pause,
pulse, pause, pulse, pulse, pulse, pause, pulse, pulse, pulse. Unless
Jane/Joe was mistaken, the man had telegraphed ASS with his cock! What

Throughout the night, and with each and every blowjob, the pulsing
gibberish from both parties involved continued. As did Jane/Joe's up and
down movements on the stiff, 10-1/2" cock rammed fully and snuggly up his
ass. Accompanied by Sir Cougar's sexually arousing thumb foolery and
Jane/Joe's audible moanings. If Sir Bruiser and Jose noticed anything
different in him, they were keeping it to themselves.

And, as he sucked each cock, his eyes wide open, he had the clear vision
of the many different kinds of public hair available. And he could see the
cock shafts disappearing somewhere below his eyes as he deep-throated each
man. In some cases, he could actually see the man's balls rise up, just
seconds before his ass grabbing and cum swallowing act.

How many dicks so far? How many to go? He had no idea. It had to end
before he was eligible for Social Security, didn't it? Maybe not.

And, as he sucked, Jane/Joe couldn't help but let out those moans from
time to time. They were forced out of him by Sir Cougar's thumb
manipulations. And, every now and then, his thumb would leave the cock
head's tip to explore that super-sensitive area on the underside of the
head where the two roundish hemispheres come together, the area known as
the glans penis.

Whenever Sir Cougar touched the blessed glans penis area, Jane/Joe went
wild. His ass, his body, his head, and his legs, all involuntarily
twitched and he was forced to moan throughout a shudder. It was
involuntary and he had no choice about it, he knew, but he felt embarrassed
knowing it appeared he was enjoying sucking each dick. Which he sure
wasn't now, was he?

Sir Cougar's thumb work wasn't the only new sensation Jane/Joe was
receiving, either. Someone, at times Jose, judging from the voice, was
running their fingernails lightly up and down his back on both sides of his
spine. The feathery touch added substantially to the other tingly-wingly
feelings and caused goose bumps to break out all over his body. It was
just one more sensation flooding his brain, one more reason to make him
moan out loud.

Many times, Jane/Joe felt as if he was about to cum. To blast his pent
up load right into space, not caring where it landed. Or on who! He could
feel that wonderful moment start to kick in, the one where you feel no
longer capable of holding it back and glad of it. But Sir Cougar sensed
it, too. He would withdraw his thumb just before it could happen, leaving
Jane/Joe all the more tantalized and supremely frustrated. And just
hanging-horny. And seeking relief.

It was at this point that Sir Cougar chose to talk to him.

He leaned over and whispered into Jane/Joe's ear, "Jane, I know what I'm
doing is driving you wild. But I ain't gonna stop anytime soon. Not until
you've sucked every last cock we tell you to suck. So, if you want to
escape my thumb, you better start sucking cock a whole lot better." He
paused for a few seconds. "Think about it, Jane. The better you suck
them, the faster they'll cum, and the sooner you get out from under my
thumb." He had sing-songed that last part. Jane/Joe laughed in his mind at
the stupid poetry as Sir Cougar continued his whispering.

"You're not just a cocksucker now, Jane, you're our cocksucker. And it
is a personal insult to us if you're not the greatest cocksucker you can
be. Now, Jane, when the next guy comes through that door, I want you to
show me that you can suck a cock with the best of them. Make me proud and
I'll make your future a lot rosier. piss me off and you won't have a
future." Then he said, in a normal voice, "Now, Jane, I want you to say to
me, and to Sir Bruiser here, that you love sucking cock and want to show us
how much you do. Say it, sweetheart." Sir Cougar leaned back, wiggling and
pushing his cock firmly into Jane/Joe's ass.

Sir Cougar had whispered the words so gently, so unmenacingly, that they
scared the living daylights out of Jane/Joe. Thus, with a dry mouth, he
swallowed and said somewhat hoarsely, "Sir Bruiser, sir and Sir Cougar,
sir, I love sucking cock and I hope you will let me show you how much I do,
sirs." He swallowed again, loudly this time, and the three men in the room
heard it. The room stayed very quiet. No one spoke for a full minute.
The air in the room was filled with tension. For the first time, Jane/Joe
noticed that the room smelled of sex, of men's musk. It hung in the air.
Then Sir Cougar leaned forward once more, his cock pressing inward with his
movement, and whispered, "Don't fuck up, angel!"

And, for sure, with each guy he sucked off, he felt Cougar's thumb
playing. Rub, rub, rub. Rub a fucking dub! It was driving him out of his
fucking mind! His own cock head felt twice its normal erect size. Swollen
and primed. And it spurred him on, too. It was as if the torture of the
exquisitely pleasurable sensations were telling him to suck each guy a
little better so it will be over sooner and you can go and jerk off for
some well-earned relief. An echo of Sir Cougar's little speech. Because
you ain't getting any relief, sonny, until it's over and every last fucking
guy in the cellblock is satisfied with your blowjobbing skills. Oh, God,
he thought, if I could only keep myself from moaning on their dicks! But
he knew that was a blatant futility.

Just two blowjobs later found Jane/Joe letting out one of these very
same moans, but it was so loud it would have been heard ten cells away if
it hadn't been muffled somewhat by the short, but abnormally fat and beefy,
cock in his mouth. Then he moaned loudly again, and then once more as Sir
Cougar pressed his circling thumb into the glans penis.

And Sir Cougar's timing couldn't have been any better, either.
Jane/Joe's three super moans were accompanied by the baritone moans and
grunts of the owner of the beefy cock as he unloaded his visibly twitching
and pulsating meaty dick into his mouth. Anyone watching would have seen a
very hot cocksucker giving an expert blowjob and undoubtedly enjoying his
well-earned cum reward. Courtesy of Sir Cougar, the cock head tip
manipulation artiste.

During the ordeal, and many hours into it, Jane/Joe was given his only
break. He had to pee. Sir Cougar pushed him off his dick and escorted him
over to the commode. And pee he sure did! A race horse comes to mind.
Jane/Joe pissed and pissed and pissed. Noisily, and straight into the
bowl's water reservoir. He was pissing for so long that at one point Sir
Bruiser said, "Fuck, girl! You piss any more and you're gonna up and
disappear!" He let out a short laugh.

Jose giggled a hee-hee while Sir Cougar merely chuckled. Then Jane/Joe,
still pissing, mind you, turned his head in the direction of Sir Bruiser.

"Well, Sir Bruiser, sir, if that did happen right now, sir, you'd sure
as hell miss me, Sir Bruiser, wouldn't you, sir?" Sir Bruiser took this in
a few seconds and busted out laughing. Sir Cougar roared! Even Jose
couldn't help himself as he laughed loudly, joining the two big men's

Then, still pissing, Jane/Joe started to laugh, too. A hearty laugh
that no one who heard it could ever say was in the least bit phony. As
they all stood there laughing to the tune of piss hitting water, an
invisible line had been crossed and they were all now smack-dab in The
Boy's land called camaraderie. And Jane/Joe benefited from it, too. For
the rest of the program he was treated much, much better. As if he was, ha
ha, one of them now. Or, at the very least, one of Sir Bruiser's favorite

Before this event, Jane/Joe had endured the usual verbal putdowns with
most of the guys he chewed on. Such as, "I'm gonna shoot, you faggot, so
swallow it!" And, "Take all my dick, you fucking queer cunt!" And, "Oooh!
This white bitch just loves to moan on my big black cock!" And many more,
as anyone can imagine.

After Jane/Joe's stand-up comedy pissing routine, Sir Bruiser put an end
to that bullshit. When the very next guy to utter slurs, uttered them, Sir
Bruiser grabbed the guy by the collar and yelled loudly and very vehemently
into his face, his spittle hitting the man, "Don't you be insulting my
favorite girl, you dumb fucker! You're done here! Go jerk off!"

And, as he violently let go of the guy's shirt, Sir Bruiser spat out,
with a look on his face that would even scare the crap out of Satan, "Pass
the word you dumb fuck! The next fucking clown to insult my Janie here is
gonna take her place so he can learn what it's like! You unnerstan' me?"
Sir Bruiser's face, from it's 7' high perch, looked so menacing that even
the deafest man would have gotten the message.

The visibly shaken guy, struggling to get his now limp dick back into
his trousers, meekly nodded his head up and down and said, "Yes, Sir
Bruiser, sir, I hear you loud and clear, sir!"

And Sir Bruiser's "word" was passed, in spades. Each guy who entered
the cell did so with a humbled, slightly scared look on his face. And all
had a newfound sweetness in their hearts that was lavished on Jane/Joe.
One dufus actually said, "Thank you, Jane, my dear, that was the finest
blowjob I ever had and that's no lie, you lovely creature." Who ever said
men are untrainable?

This new friendly atmosphere had a powerful effect on Jane/Joe, too. At
some point, he stopped resisting. He just let the wonderful and weird
sensations swarm over him. He gave into his horniness because it was
futile any other way. He started sucking the men as best he could, moaning
at will, many times without Sir Cougar's assistance, and looked forward to
the blessed relief that would arrive at the end of his ordeal.

Every man who now came through the door was getting the best, sloppiest,
wettest, hottest, blowjob in the world. Complete with unforced moans and
groans. And, they loved it. Jane/Joe still liked-hated it, but no longer
cared that he did. He simply cock-sucked them all with every bit of
passion he could find his soul. And they all, every one of them, knew it.
He had been punked out, turned out, and was now one of the prison's
cock-suckers extraordinaire. Sir Bruiser's favorite girly man. But deep
down he knew that he was still Mr. Joseph John Jacoby, heterosexual, man!

Every now and then Jose would remove the cock ring and replace it some
time later. He did this many times during Jane/Joe's ordeal. How much
time passed between having if off and having it on, Jane/Joe had no idea.
His mind was beyond caring. He also didn't care why it was done. It was
the same with the nipple loops. And the throat spray. Joe would, every so
often, be told to take a spritz from the little bottle.

After who knows how many men, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, you
name it, had been satisfied by the new girl on the block, the game changed.
It got downright ugly. Sir Bruiser started the ugly rolling right after
the last of the dozen or so had left and before he whistled the next guy

Sir Bruiser stood in front of Jane/Joe. "You're doing real good, Jane,
so I've been treating you real good, too, but it's time to break your mouth
in real good! To teach you what's what, so to speak. To remind you of
your place." Jane/Joe had no idea what he was talking about. That was soon
taken care of.

"Open your mouth, cunt! I gotta piss!" Oh, hell! Save me . . .
anyone! Jane/Joe thought. But there was no one there to answer that
particular little prayer. Even his looking pleadingly at Jose brought
forth nothing. All he got from him was a look that said 'I can't help you,
man. Would if I could, but I can't.'

And, even in spite of what he knew was going to happen, his mouth filled
with piss, that fucking hardon of his still wouldn't die! Fuck, he
thought, nothing can kill it! Rub, rub, rub. Sir Cougar, you bastard,
bitch fucker! Rub, rub, rub. Long pause. Rub, rub. Pause. Rub.

With the hairs on his neck standing straight out, Jane/Joe took Sir
Bruiser's limp fat cock into his mouth. And waited. Sir Bruiser tilted
Jane/Joe's head up and said, "Listen and listen good! You better swallow fast and often, for if one drop of my piss comes out of your mouth, well, I
don't have to tell you, do I piss-mouth?" With the limp cock still in his
mouth, Jane/Joe shook his head from side to side. Oooo! Rub, rub. Fuck!

Then the big man's deluge of urine began. Warm and very pissy-tasting.
Worse than he could ever imagine it would be. His mouth filled so rapidly
he almost didn't swallow soon enough. But he did, grateful that none had
spilled. And he kept swallowing, rapidly, one swallow after the other, the
pissy taste increasing.

It seemed as if it would last all day, but finally Sir Bruiser pulled
his cock from Jane/Joe's mouth. Jane/Joe swallowed one last time as Sir
Bruiser wiped his pissy cock head across his lips. Ugh! The taste was
horrible! And worse, he knew it wouldn't be the last cock he would be
doing this despicable act with tonight. And he was right. So very right!

But not with the next guy, for Sir Bruiser planned on being the next

"Now, Jane," Sir Bruiser said. " You little piss-mouth, Jose signals
it's time for another one of your spritzes, so you do that and then I want
to see how good the shit works. You gagged up a storm on our first little
date, but I think you'll have no trouble taking my 12-1/2" now. Show me
I'm right!" Jane/Joe did the spritzing thing, tempted to give it two shots,
but decided not to. The stuff had worked so far, even with cocks he'd have
previously guessed no one in the world could deep-throat.

Jane/Joe leaned forward and took Sir Bruiser's semi-erection in his
right hand, holding the beefy schlong by the base. God, how thick, he
thought. As he munched back and forth on the wide, wide head, he could
feel it come to life. It elongated both in length and in girth. It's 2"
plus width now stretched his lips out. He slobbered on the unbelievable
head for a few more minutes, putting as much saliva as he could on the

"Enough dillydallying!" Sir Bruiser growled. Jane/Joe didn't debate the
man. He just started his mouth going forward on the big human salami. As
he felt the big black head push into throat, he was amazed. It went right
in and down his throat without any problem at all! Shit, he mused, with
this spray a cocksucker could rule the fucking world!

He moved his mouth forward and the inches were just gobbled up. In less
than thirty seconds he was down to Sir Bruiser's belly. And he felt full.
Full of black cock. None of the guys before this had made him feel this
full. Then, to make sure he got fully used to it, he stayed down at the
base for almost a full minute. He tried to, and found he could, move his
tongue from side to side. Sir Bruiser let out a moan as he did this
action. He mused to himself, Christ, to the other guys it must look as if
I'm trying to swallow a black oak tree! One with curly pubic hairs! Now,
it was time to move back off of the roots.

He worked the head sloppily, deep-throating the man here and there,
while listening to his moaning. Then Sir Bruiser grabbed his head with
both hands and started fucking in and out. He'd mix it up with a
full-depth plunge here and there with half-depth thrusts thrown in. At
times, his cock would bend at the middle but straighten itself quickly as
it entered Jane/Joe's mouth. He sawed in and out this way for an
interminable amount of time before finally yelling out:

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm there!" The long, growl-like moan
was accompanied by sperm spewing out of him in tablespoons. One after the
other. But Jane/Joe never tasted even one drop of the copious cum because
Sir Bruiser's cock head was fully down his throat. It all went straight to
his stomach. Jane/Joe's only reward for his tree eating was to feel the
throbs, pulses, and twitches of the black man's huge member as he unloaded.
Sir Bruiser was drained, but he kept his cock down Jane/Joe's throat for
a full minute more as he savored his ejaculation. Sir Bruiser just stood
there, looking glassy-eyed, and rubbed the back of Jane/Joe's neck gently
and lovingly like. Finally, he pulled the black oak out.

He looked down at Jane/Joe, a big grin on his mouth. "You win, Janie,
baby! You is the world's best cocksucker, for sure. I'm gonna call
Guinness and tell them about you! They won't fuckin' believe it. No sir,
they just won't fuckin' believe it. No one has ever taken my pole like
that, no one!" He paused, pushing his now limp dick through the trouser's
fly. "Yeah, Janie, you be doing me often from now on, you betcha! You
gonna be my favorite girl from here on out! You like that idea?" He smiled
at Jane/Joe.

"Yes, Sir Bruiser, sir, I like that idea, sir!" He didn't. Not really.
But what else was he to say? At least he hadn't gagged, or worse,
upchucked, and it now looked as if Sir Bruiser just might go easier on him
in the future. Depending, of course, on how he treats his favorite.
Jane/Joe got a picture of that very idea just a few moments later, just
after he had been placed back on Sir Cougar's prick again. A bunch of
thumb rubs in a row, six? seven? welcomed him home.

As guy after guy continued to appear in the cell, Sir Bruiser told each
that if they had to take a piss, they could use Jane as their human urinal.
Almost half the guys took advantage of the offer, with sweetness in their
comments, to be sure, that didn't matter to Jane/Joe, Sir Bruiser's
favorite girl.

So there Jane/Joe was. sucking cock and swallowing cum one minute and
drowning in piss the next. How many guys had there been? Jane/Joe
wondered. Forty. Fifty. Sixty. More? He had no idea, but he knew it
was more than thirty. Way more. Ooooh! Rub, rub.

Then, as if someone had heard one of his silent prayers, Jane/Joe heard
Lights Out called, signaling fifteen more minutes of artificial lighting.
Or, and Jane/Joe couldn't know this, thirty minutes on Ride-The-Whip
nights. Please, thought Jane/Joe, don't let them continue all night! I'll
fucking die if they do! I can't take it no more. The rub, rubbing had
stopped right after the Lights Out call, as if rehearsed.

This newly thought prayer was answered, too. Sir Bruiser leaned over
and spoke to Jane/Joe. He spoke so gently it petrified him. "Janie, dear,
it's almost beddybye time. You only have one more chore before you drift
off to sleepyland." Oh, shit, thought Jane/Joe, what now? Eat some shit?
Well, they try that and they'll just have to kill me! Right here and right

The 'what now' was an order to lie on his back on the cot with his legs
as high up on his chest as they could go. Sir Cougar was going to ass fuck
him. And they wanted him to masturbate himself at the same time. He was
to have an orgasm and he was to tell Sir Cougar just before that was to
happen. Sir Cougar, he was told, wanted to feel his Jane/Joe's asshole
spasm at the same time he unloaded his sperm into the ass-pussy. Sir
Cougar just loved doing that sort of fun he was told.

The naked-man-on-his-cot scenario was quickly in place and there he was,
Sir Cougar's hard cock pistoning in and out of his ass while he jerked
himself off. And, as horny as he was with the cock ring still in place, it
was hard to be inspired. He was turned off by the taste of cum and piss still way too fresh in his mouth. And the glaring overhead light. And the

But he knew he had to cum. So he concentrated really hard, closed his
eyes, and tried to conjure up a vision of a naked woman. But he kept
getting crossed up by images of cocks, balls, and pubic hairs. It was hard
work, but Sir Cougar didn't seem to mind. "That's it, Janie baby! You
beat it real good! And don't you forget to tell me when you gonna bust."
This foreplay chatter forced Jane/Joe to concentrate even harder as he
whacked away at his swollen member.

Finally, mercifully, Jane/Joe felt it. The beginings of an orgasm.
Thank you, lord, Jane/Joe thought just before he yelled out to Sir Cougar,
"Now! Sir Cougar, sir! I'm gonna shoot, sir!" He felt Sir Cougar pick up
the pace a bit, banging in and out of his ass with purpose, trying to drive
himself to his own orgasm. Sir Cougar was now leaning over him and he
could feel drops of the man's sweat hit his chest and belly. They both did
their respective parts for a few second more. Then . . .

Then Sir Cougar held stock-still as he felt the first of Jane/Joe's
asshole spasms. Sir Cougar moaned. "Oooooh yeah! Oooooh yeah! Oooooh

As the spasms continued, Sir Cougar started fucking in and out rather
gently. Then he yelled, "Ooooh fuck! Take it, Jane, and love it, 'cuz
here I come, ready or not! Ooooh, yeah!"

Sir Cougar spasmed. Jane/Joe spasmed. Simultaneously. Again and
again. As Sir Cougar's sperm filled his asshole, Jane/Joe's pent up sperm
burst out of him as if fired from a water cannon. It went straight up and
then arced, landing in huge blobs, one after the other, like a rain of cum,
on Jane/Joe's face, shoulders, neck, chest, and even his hair. He felt
awash in his own sperm.

But the long overdue release, the blessed needed relief, felt fantastic.
Even Sir Cougar's cock in his ass felt good. He had moaned and moaned and
hadn't cared who heard him. And having Sir Cougar's cock in his rectum
seemed to make his orgasm more intense, unlike anything he had ever known
before. Which both fascinated and scared him at the same time. Then it
was over. And there would be no sweet afterglow cuddling. Or even the
clich d cigarette.

Sir Cougar pulled out of his still twitching rectum roughly and quickly
left the cell, just like that, without saying a word. Jane/Joe just laid
there, his legs still against his chest, breathing hard and covered in his
own cum. His overworked hand still holding his still hard cock-ringed
dick. His eyes were closed and he looked, well, completely euphoric. As
any woman would whose husband had just expertly fucked the living hell out
of her and given her the orgasm of a lifetime. Jane/Joe just laid there,
enjoying the mind-blowing aftermath of his own orgasm of a lifetime.

Sir Bruiser came over and said matter-of-factly, bringing back reality,
"You did great, Jane, just great! Now, you get your beauty sleep, my girl,
because you've got a big day again tomorrow. And every tomorrow after
that. Just like today. Until you either fag up and start loving and
enjoying your cocksucking, or you kill yourself and die. Don't matter one
shit to me either way, girl" He bent his tall body down until his head was
just above Jane/Joe's head.

"Now, goodnight, sweet lips." He leaned over and planted a sloppy, wet
kiss on Jane/Joe's forehead. Then he stood up, took a last glance at the
new girl on the block, winked at Jose, and left. His leaving spurred
Jane/Joe to sit up on the cot and swipe at the cum with his hands. He
wiped them on the blanket, not caring who knew. Let the maid worry about

Jane/Joe was now alone with Jose. And his fears and dreads about
tomorrow. And all the tomorrows to come after tomorrow. He sat there and
visibly trembled, staring at Jose, a look of terrible misery on his face.

Jose said quietly, "Hey, Jane, don't worry about tomorrow. Sir Bruiser
just said that to throw a scare into you. To fuck up your head. Tomorrow
will be a whole lot easier now that you're broken in somewhat. You'll see.
Besides I can read Bruiser real well. He was very happy with your
performance tonight. He liked it that you had cooperated so nicely and
didn't bust out bawling. He just hates a bawler! And, in case you're
interested, Bruiser had me keep count of the guys. He likes facts and
figures! You, my dear Jane, really impressed old Bruise! In eleven hours
and twelve minutes you sucked off 53 guys and 31 guys pissed in your mouth.
And you didn't bitch or complain, not even once. So, Jane, don't you go
worrying about tomorrow. You hear?"

"You're not just saying that, Jose, are you?" He looked like a deer in
the headlights.

"No, Jane, I swear. I'll come by tomorrow, real early, and fill you in
on how to act, what to say, and what is expected of you. From here on in,
you're one of the big three's, Bruiser, Cougar, and Thor's, working girls.
In case you're curious, we have fifteen such girls right now. You all go
out on dates, which I assign and, as you can surmise, with fifteen on
rotation and only 65 guys on the cell block right now, you should, on
average, have only five or six dates a day. Piece of cake compared to
tonight, huh?" Jane/Joe nodded. Jose continued.

"Now, the first three days of your, shall we say, initiation, you'll
have to do 12 to15 such dates. Their way of keeping you in line with the
threat of Ride-The -Whip still fresh in your mind. A reminder, so to
speak. The fourth day will start your regular rotation. Oh, the good thing
is, if there is a good thing in all this bullshit, no one, but no one will
fuck with you any more. You'll be considered the personal and private
property of the top three dogs. Oh, and, another good thing. No one will
piss in your mouth. Well, except the big three. But that only happens
here and there. Figure on no more than three or four times a month, if
even that. They don't want you or your clothes smelling of urine, you
see?" Jane/Joe nodded. He didn't see, but what the hell.

"Well," Jose said. "You have any quick question you want to ask?"

"Yeah, four. If I had refused all this Whip shit, would they really
have killed me?"

"Kill you? Fuck! They'd kill you and eat pizza off of your dead
carcass! Next question, Jane."

"Why do they call you Jose and not Josephine?" Christ, the question
sounded as if he was trying to make small talk. Maybe he was. He thought,
What's the next question to be? You come here often? Thinking this made
him smile.

Jose laughed. "Because, Jane, my sweet Jane, I got promoted! To girly
coordinator. And, in case you're curious, no, I no longer have to do
dates!" He grinned at Jane/Joe. "Unless, which happens more times than you
can imagine, I want to!" He grinned again, his face lighting up.

"Jane, I've been here five years now. And when I first arrived they
made me ride The Whip, too. Back then you had to ride it three days in a
fucking row! A fucking mind-bending ordeal, to be sure. And, at the time,
there were 80 guys on the block! That Bruiser, the fuck, had me suck off
all of them twice, 160 blowjobs in three days! And the fourth day was no
picnic, either. For ten hours I was double-clutched, on all fours with a
cock in each end. And who knows how many gallons of piss I drank? Lordy,
I felt like piss city!

"Well, nearly half the guys who had to do it, committed suicide. They
couldn't take it, as you can imagine. So, I went to Bruiser and told him
to reduce it to just one day so he'd have more fucking survivors that he
could make money off of. I told him it was one thing to bend a man's will
to yours, but if you broke it too badly, the guy would freak. Well,
Bruiser sat on this thought for over a week.

"Then a guy named Donny, a petite little fucker, who'd just finished his
third day, took a butter knife to Bruiser. Bruiser had no problems
disarming the guy and putting him in the hospital, but it had scared him.
He might be the toughest fuck in the world, but a sneak attack just might
find his Achilles' heel. So, he sent for me, ready and willing to listen.
He liked my logic so much he immediately promoted me. From just a trick
whore to coordinator of his girls and, if you must know, everything else
he's into. Which I ain't gonna tell you about."

Then, as if to answer a question he knew was in Jane/Joe's mind, but
hadn't been asked, he said, "Jane, before I came here, I was as straight as
they come. wife and three kids, to boot. Well, with me facing a ton of
years behind bars, the old lady divorced me and went somewhere with the
kids. Which is another story, but anyway, after sucking a mile of dick and
swallowing an ocean of cum, not to mention being ass-pussy fucked up the
wazoo, I realized I liked it!

"And why not? It's sex. It's human contact. And it's exciting if you
just let yourself just relax. And, fuck if it don't feel good, too!" He
laughed. Jane/Joe giggled. "Yeah, I'm a cock-hungry, cum-lover, for sure!
And, Janie, you'll see. Before you know it, you'll not only like it,
you'll fucking love it, too. And you'll look forward to it. Don't seem at
all possible now, I know that, but give it time. If it doesn't drive you
crazy and make you kill yourself, you'll discover just how much pleasure
there is in doing it. And there's another benefit from fagging up. The
guys treat you better, way fucking better!" He laughed. Jane/Joe nodded as
if he understood the man.

Jane/Joe asked. "Why are you in here, Jose?" Jose grinned.

"Well, to make a long, dull story short, I killed an innocent man! He
was my best friend and neighbor." Jane/Joe's eyes widened. Jose went on.
"Yeah! Well, anyway, my daughter, Gloria, who was thirteen at the time,
told me my friend had raped her. Right in his living room! I believed
her. Who wouldn't? So I went to his house and confronted him. Naturally,
he denied it, but that pissed me off even more. We started to fight and I
pulled a knife and stabbed him.

"Only once, but it did the trick. Later, I found out Gloria had made
the whole fucking story up. She was trying to fuck up my friendship with
the guy simply because he had forbidden his son to see her any more. Ain't
that a fuck! Now I'm facing thirty years to life. I'll probably die in
here. But, Janie, old kumquat, before I go I'm gonna suck cock and get
fucked as much as I can and want!" He laughed again. Heartily. This time,
Jane/Joe laughed heartily, too.

"And your last question?"

"Well, I've, uh, swallowed a lot of cum tonight and I know I'm in for
ass fucking, too. What do I do if I get VD?"

"VD? Impossible! Years ago Sir Bruiser got the warden to set up a
quarantine and STD tests for each incoming prisoner, and . . . "


"Sexually transmitted disease. Anyway, if a guy comes in with an STD he
serves his time in the prison hospital. Forever, if need be. So, Jane,
you can swallow all the cum your little heart desires without the slightest
fear of catching anything. This is, and it's no lie, the safest place on
the friggin' planet when it comes to STDs. Shit, you should try out
Bruiser's women sometime! He's got four of them working the cellblocks.
All as clean as mother Teresa. And they're kept that way, too. They're
all as ugly as sin, but they do have nice bodies. And getting your mitts
on some pussy and tits can be a big help if and when you start to feel too
damned faggy.

"In case you're interested, Bruiser got them off the internet! He
advertised for single women who wanted to earn some pocket money and get
royally fucked over and over and over. It amazed me when I heard about it,
but Bruiser got over a hundred responses! The four he picked were put
through a rigid STD testing and were told that if they fool around on the
outside and bring a problem back to Bruiser, well, you know. They're paid
in chump change, too. Bruiser charges guys $30 for a fifteen minute
session and gives the gal a mere ten bucks. But his ladies love fucking
more than money and I've yet to hear one complain.

"The four women are all trucked in once a month and stay four days.
They each do about ten men a day. Shit, one gal even brings her husband!
He even watches when it's okay with the customer. Nice guy actually, but,
wink-wink, a little too kinky for my taste!" Jane/Joe laughed.

Then another question popped into Jane/Joe's head. Looking sheepish he
said, "Jose, I'm curious. Sir Cougar was in me almost all the time and he
didn't cum. Was he wearing a cock ring the whole time?" He hated asking
that kind of question, but he was curious.

Jose chuckled. "Cock ring? old Cougar? No way, Jose! He can stay
like a tomcat in heat for who knows how long? That's why they use him.
The fucker has superhuman mind control over his dick! His record is
eighteen hours straight without limping up. Amazing, huh?" Jane/Joe just
nodded. It was that, for sure.

Jose said goodnight and left the cell. Jane/Joe laid there on his cot
just staring into the now darkened room. I may do it, he thought, but no
fucking way, just no fucking way, will I ever like it! And love it? Baby
pigs will be born with fucking eagle feathers before that ever happens!

With that defiant thought in mind, Jane/Joe drifted off to sleep. And
had a strange dream. One he'd never had before in all his nineteen years
of living. It woke him in the middle of the night, covered in sweat and
with an erection. It had scared him, too, as any nightmare might.

The next day arrived along with Jose. He was there to do as he had
promised. School was in session. The first thing he showed Jane/Joe was
the Girly Cock-sucker's Code. It was to be committed to memory and recited
each and every time one of the big three called for it.

Jose handed him a sheet of paper on which was printed:

The Girly Cock-sucker's Code:

I am your girly cocksucker, sir, because:

1. I love sucking your hard manly cock, sir!

2. I love swallowing your delicious manly sperm, sir!

3. I love deep-throating your big manly cock, sir!

4. I love being ass-pussy fucked by your large manly cock,


5. I will always have an erection, hard nipples, and

a stimulated asshole, sir, so you know I am hot

for your delicious cock at all times, sir!

6. I am your personal cock-hungry, cum-loving

sex slave cocksucker, sir, and will do anything and

everything you command me to do, sir!

7. How may I please you now, sir!

What crap, thought Jane/Joe. He knew it wasn't impossible to memorize,
but it had some tricky shit to it. It would be easy, under pressure, to
leave out an important word or two. Jane/Joe didn't sweat that too much
because he knew he could count on his photographic memory. Which, he
hoped, wouldn't fail him under the severe pressure he was afraid he might
feel standing in front of the likes of Sir Bruiser in his outlandish
outfit. He deemed it wise to back up his usually dependable memory with
some old-fashioned rote learning.

Then, as if reading his mind, Jose said, "Yeah, it's bullshit, but it's
their bullshit. Learn it by memory, Jane, for if you fuck it up, even
once, even one word in the wrong place, it's back to Ride-The-Whip time,
for a day to a full two weeks, depending on their moods and whims. Got
it?" Jane/Joe nodded. Jose continued. "To give you enough time to
memorize it, you won't be asked to recite this for four days" Whew!
Jane/Joe thought, piece of cake.

Jose then handed Jane/Joe another sheet and said, "You don't need to
memorize this. Just follow it carefully."

1. I will ALWAYS wear fresh cut-off tees and shorts. Without

2. I will ALWAYS wear fresh Suckit red lipstick and my

3. I will keep my butt-plug in my ass at ALL times, the only
exceptions: crapping and during ass-pussy fucking.
(I will also douche my ass after every anal fucking.)

4. I only have to wear my cock ring DURING my date and when GOING TO or
COMING FROM a date. (I may remove it at all other times.)

5. I only have to wear my nipple loops DURING my date and when GOING TO
or COMING FROM a date. (I may remove them at all other times.)

6. I will keep ALL HAIR, except head hair, completely shaved off.

7. I will only jerk off AFTER Lights Out and NEVER AFTER MIDNIGHT.

8. I will carry my purse at ALL times.

9. I will NEVER pee standing up. Don't risk it--the punishment is

Sounds easy enough, Jane/Joe thought, almost like boot camp training.
But purse? What fucking purse? Shit. He had a few questions, but he felt
they could wait. Jose, however, didn't miss the look on Jane/Joe's face
that said, How fucking silly this all is.

"Jane, you'd better take this stuff seriously. Bruiser and his cohorts
are not people you joke around with."

"Ok, ok, I'm sufficiently chided. I get your point."

"Goody, goody, Jane! Now, before I forget, Sir Bruiser was so taken by
your performance yesterday that he wants me to add two more directives.
One. You are to, just before the guy cums, grab his ass and pull him
toward you. And two. As he cums, and throughout his cumming, you are to
moan very convincingly as if showing great appreciation. As if you just
loved it. Bruiser wants the guy kept in Happyland. So, Jane, give it your
best Academy Award performance." Jane/Joe couldn't help himself from
getting frisky.

"Gotcha, Jose. And I can see it now." He stood up and looked down at
his hands as if they held something only he could see. "And the winner for
best cocksucker in a blowjob scene goes to . . . riiiiiiiiip! . . . Joe
"Hot Mouth" Jacoby, for his brilliant tour de force in Sam Peckerpaw's
Prison Punk Pinkies.

"Then, I make my way to the podium accompanied by thunderous applause
and a standing ovation. "Thank you, thank all you voting members of the
Academy. And thanks, mom and Dad, for giving me the puffiest lips in show
biz. And thanks, Sam, for teaching me how to moan around the biggest dicks
on the planet." Jose just stared at hm, his mouth agape. "And I'd also
like to thank Pamela Asspussy, my drama coach. Pammy passed away last
year, but I'll never forget her sage advice: 'There are no bad cocksucking
roles, only bad cocksuckers!'

"I raise my Oscar as I look skyward and say, quite passionately, 'Thank
you, Pammy, baby, for having faith in a beginner and seeing the potential
in his lips. Love ya, Pam Pam, love ya!' And the fucking crowd goes wild.

Jane/Joe stood there, his hand still holding his invisible Oscar high
above his head. His overall look one of triumph.

Jose smirked and said, "You're one sick fucker, Jane, but I guess a
sense of humor can't hurt." Then his face turned more serious.

"Now, Jane," Jose said. "This being your first working day, I've got
you down, pardon the pun, for fifteen dates. I'd make them less, but Sir
Bruiser had to approve it. The first is in one hour from now, so we have
plenty of time to get you prepped." He handed Jane/Joe another sheet of
paper. This one listed the men's names, all fifteen of them, their cell
numbers, and what it would take to pleasure them.

The code next to each cell number was obvious: BJ for Blowjob. A for
Anal. With BJA signifying that both was wanted. Simple. A quick glance
told Jane/Joe that thirteen of the men wanted to be sucked off, leaving
just two for anal. There were no BJA's listed. Thus it was mostly going
to be a cock and mouth show. He felt his ass muscles involuntarily twitch.

"Now, Jane, here's your daily schedule." Another fucking sheet of paper!
He thought.

1. Shower. Take a crap. Use an enema if needed. Grease up ass and
install butt-plug.

2. Apply lipstick and perfume.

Fifteen minutes before each date:

1. Put on nipple loops. Check amount of throat spray remaining.

2. Put on cock ring. Adjust.

3. Put on tee.

4. Put on short pants. No underpants!

5. If anal has been schedule by the date, remove butt-plug, grease up
ass. Replace butt-plug. Butt-plug is to be taken out just prior to
penetration by the date and put back in immediately after the date is finished
with you. When back in your cell, you will immediately remove
the butt-plug and douche your ass out with water. You will wash the
butt-plug, grease your ass again and reinsert the butt-plug.

6. Check and verify contents of purse.

Simple, too.

Jose said, "Now, Jane, let's get you going. To start you out, I'll give
you one lipstick and one bottle of throat spray. And two bottles of WET.
That's an ass lube that is greaseless and odorless and washes away easily
with soap and water." Jane/Joe thought of Sir Cougar's thumb. "When you
run out of these items you'll have to pay yourself to get more. Give me
advance notice so I'm sure I don't disappoint you. The butt-plug, cock
ring, and nipple loops will be supplied to you and they should last for
years. I'll also give you seven tees and seven pairs of short. When they
start getting the least bit ratty, dump 'em and buy more. Now, let's get
you shaved and then you can go and take a shower. Then I'll show you how
to apply your lipstick. It's fairly easy, but it takes a little practice
to make it look good."

Jose took an electric razor from his kit bag and proceeded to make
Jane/Joe mostly hairless. In no time, it was done. His arms, his legs,
his chest, his face, his underarms, his pubic area--all as bald as an
eagle. The only hair on his body resided on his head, his asshole, and his
eyebrows. Jane/Joe felt peculiar. And felt more feminine than he would
have imagined he could. With a downcast heart, he headed for the showers.

Jane/Joe was back in less then fifteen minutes. Ready for his lipstick
lesson. Totally nude, he learned how to apply it and dry it. It was
easier than he thought it would be. Jose then told him to douse the back
of his ears with the cheap-smelling cologne. He did with his nose
wrinkling up.

It was time for his butt-plug. It was the same one Jose had shown him
the day before. It was about 3" long, 2" in width, and red, like Japanese
or chinese red. Take your pick.

With tender fingers, Jose applied the WET to Jane/Joe's anus. And to
the butt-plug. It took one hard push, plus and "Ow!" from Jane/Joe, to get
it snuggly in place. To Jane/Joe, it felt strange, but not unlike the
sensations he had felt from Sir Cougar's cock. It also felt weirdly
pleasurable, giving him the same pleasant fullness that Sir Cougar's cock
had. This, Jane/Joe thought, was probably caused by the plug's continuous
inner stimulation. To go all day with it in, however, was something else
altogether. But if he had to, he had to. But it didn't hurt to ask the

"Jose, why do I have to wear the butt-plug all day, for crissakes?" Jose
grinned at him.

"Well, a few reasons. By now you can probably tell that it stimulates
your anus constantly and pleasurably. They want you walking around in a
state of mild and pleasant sexual arousal. Plus, it will also keep your
ass muscles loose and prevent them from tightening up. Believe me, this
will help you greatly when being ass-pussy fucked! Some guys, in case you
haven't noticed, are quite fucking hung. Because you'll be taking the plug
out just before the guy puts it in, your ass will be able to take him
without too much pain. The last reason is somewhat psychological. No
matter what your're doing and no matter where you go, you'll be reminded
that they own your ass!" He laughed and looked at his watch.

"Fifteen minutes, Jane. We have plenty of time." Jane/Joe was then told
to put on the nipple loops, which he did. The slight pain pressure he
immediately felt made his nipples rock hard and he was now fully aware he
had two of them. Like last night, they both tingled.

"Oh, before I forget, use the throat spray just before you put your
mouth on the guy's cock." This was Jose's only instruction on that item.
Nothing more was needed.

Jane/Joe was then shown how to put on and adjust the cock ring. How to
wrap it around the balls and base. The ring was made out of leather and
had its sides covered with Velcro. A quick pull would release it. Jose
told him to make sure it was tight enough to give him an erection, but not
cause great pain. Otherwise, if one of the big three happened to see him
on his way to a date and they didn't see an obvious erection leading him,
the shit would hit the old fan.

Once the ring was on, it sure worked fast. He had a semi-erection
almost immediately. From flaccid to woody in less than a minute. And it
didn't feel too tight, either. But it did feel annoying somewhat.

"And, Jane?" Jose said. "As you read, you only have to wear it to the
date, on the date, and from the date. Take if off the minute you get back
to your cell. Leaving it on for too long can cause some nerve damage.
OK?" Jane/Joe nodded.

Jane/Joe was now ready for the finishing touches. He slipped on the
cut-off tee shirt. He immediately felt its effect as it stretched across
both nipples. He shuddered, remembering last night. Jose then handed him
the silky-looking short pants. They looked harmless enough.

"You'll notice, Jane, that there's no belt. Just an elastic waistband.
There's a reason for that. If a guy tells you to drop trou all you have to
do is push them down just past your hips and gravity will do the rest.
They'll fall right to the floor. Now, some guys don't like a girl to bend
over in their presence, so this will avoid a confrontation. Yeah, it's
crazy, but what the fuck. There are also some guys, about fifteen at the
present moment, who want their blowjobs given to them by a naked man. Why,
I never figured out, maybe they like to see you excited, but they just do,
so drop trou when asked. OK?" Shit, even the shorts came with

"And Jane, you'll notice that there is no fly." Jane/Joe looked. For
sure, there was no fly. Not a fly that had been sewn shut, either. Just
no fly. "That's to remind you that they want you to pee like a woman,
sitting on the bowl. Yeah, it's psychological reinforcement, for sure, but
don't risk pissing standing up. This is one of Sir Thor's pet peeves. And
he's one evil fucker."

Jane/Joe nodded as he donned the shorts. Simple enough. But the shorts
were tight-fitting and made out of a lightweight faux silk fabric that
caressed and annoyed the very tip of his permanent erection. This would
keep him in a state of agitated excitement in case his dick decided to jump
ship and head south. Well, it was working. Christ, he couldn't move at
all without feeling the fabric's tingling effect on his cock head's tip.
Any thoughts he might have of willing it limp would be quickly defeated.
He was starting to feel nervous again.

He looked down. Shit, he was just standing still, not moving even, and
a blind man wouldn't miss the fact that he had a boner. Christ, how was he
going to walk the corridors like this? His hardon sticking out this way?
He tried walking a few steps. Damn, walking made the short's silky fabric
even more insistent. I'll jjust have to crawl everywhere I go! He thought
Jose, the mind reader, said, "Jane, you'll get used to the shorts.
Everyone does. At first, they'll drive you up the friggin' wall, but in
time you'll learn to ignore them." Yeah, right!

"And, remember this, Jane. No date can ask you to recite the Girly
Cock-sucker's Code. Only the three top guys can do that nonsense. And no
guy can piss in your mouth except those three. Just use the word 'Sir!'
often, with your dates, and just do what they want you to do and you'll
have no problems whatsoever. Keep in mind that, to the top three, this is
more than just sex. To them it's a business. They charge for your
services. Ten bucks for a fuck and five for a blowjob. Oh, for sure, they
sometimes work it out with cigarettes or favors, but that's not your
business. They ain't gonna get rich, but they do live a whole better
lifestyle than the rest of us schmucks."

He looked at Jane/Joe. "Any more questions?" Jane/Joe had none he could
think of.

"Good!" Then Jose said, rather giddily. "Now, Jane, one last item.
Your cutesy little pocketbook." He handed Jane/Joe a small red purse, the
kind that just might be carried by Little red Riding Hood. Jane/Joe opened
it and looked inside. It contained a Suckit red lipstick, a small bottle
of spray perfume, and a very small bottle labeled WET, that odorless and
greaseless lube. The last item was an 8" tall clear plastic squirt bottle.
It was filled with what Jane/Joe surmised was water. It was his ass-pussy

Without thinking, he turned the purse around. He immediately saw the 1"
high white plastic capital letters that spelled out just one word: JANE.
Man, he thought, if I didn't think they had thought of everything before, I
sure do now!

"Jose? I'm not sure if I can pay for the items that runout. You know,
like the lipstick. I'm not exactly raking in the dough, you know. What
happens then?" He looked nervous, as if he feared the answer.

"But, Jane, you are working! You will be paid a buck for a blow and a
deuce for your ass-pussy. At the end of this day, you'll be seventeen
dollars richer than yesterday." Jose smiled.


"Yeah, really. I talked Bruiser into this about three years ago. With
some help from Cougar. Back then, the girls were calling in sick more
times than were normal, if you get my drift. I told him that paying the
girls was good for business. It would spark the girls to work more, ergo,
more cash for him. And I told him that it was bad for business to beat up
the one's on sick call to send the others a message. But he didn't buy the
idea until Cougar jumped in, see? There all doing life without parole, all
three of them. So Cougar told him what the fuck we gonna do with more
money? Shit, there ain't nothing more to buy. Think about it, Jane. In
here there ain't too many luxuries you can own. No need for a new car or
that fancy suit, now is there?

"Well, Bruiser surprised everybody by seeing the logic in it. So I set
up the pay scale. The friggin' sick calls went down by 90%! And the girls even wanted more work! Shit, it's all I can do sometimes to keep them from
wanting to work around the fucking clock! This girl named Brenda worked
thirty tricks just yesterday to help buy her mother a birthday present.
Shit, Jane, we have a regular little business going on here." He stopped,
but held a finger up when it looked as if Jane/Joe was going to speak.
Jose wasn't quite finished.

"And guess what? Your birthday is next month and you can look forward
to a party! Just ice cream, cake, sodas, and silly games, but a party,
nonetheless. And, Jane, they even give you a gift! You get 10% of all the
tricks you did in the past month. And we use the warden's conference room,
no less!"

"No shit? He allows that?"

"Hell, he lets Bruiser do whatever he wants to do. Ten years ago this
place was nothing but, fights, killings, and riots. Bruiser made a deal
with the warden to clean it up. Well, it worked because there's only been
two fights in the last ten years. So, if Bruiser wants the conference
room, it's just a done deal. Now you know why no guards came around during
your Whip fun and games. Bruiser told them all to go play cards. The only
thing they said to him was, for how long? Bruiser runs not only this
cellblock, but all six of them. Not so much by brute force as by the
threat of it." Jose glanced at his watch. "But, anyway, Jane, it's time
for you to get on your merry way and give Barker a reason to live up to his
name. Bark! Bark!" He laughed.

With trembling fingers Jane/Joe picked up his date sheet. His first
date was at 7:00 a.m. with someone named Barker who lived in cell 15.
Next to his cell number were the letters BJ. It don't get simpler than
this, thought Jane/Joe, does it?

He noticed that Sir Cougar was down for 3:00 p.m. for a BJ. What? he
thought, no ass this time, Coug? Sir Bruiser was there, too. On the 5:00
p.m. line. He only wanted a BJ, too, but alongside the BJ letters was a
handwritten scribbly note: We'll get to A after you had more practice! The
A was circled. Oh, God, he thought, a fucking tree up my ass!

He thought some more and decided to share this thought with Jose.

"Let me see if I understand the program, Jose. I'm to just sashay on
over to Barker's cozy little place, my perpetual boner proudly leading the
way, dressed like a French whore and smelling worse, with my cock, ass, and
nipples tingling like crazy, with as much hair on me as a grape, swinging
my dainty little red purse, with my red slutty lips just puckered up and
eager to say, "Hey, Barker, you order a blowjob? How'd I do, Jose?" He
bust out laughing.

"See, Jane," Jose said mirthfully. "You're having great fun all ready!
Except don't forget to use the word Sir after Hey, Barker, and blowjob.
OK?" They both now had a good laugh which removed any tension either of
them had previously felt.

Jose then filled him in on the proper way to introduce oneself to the
dates. He told him what to say. It was to be said from their cell
doorway. He was not to enter the cell without permission and an invite.
Then it was time for Jane/Joe to go to his first date of the day, a blowjob for a convict called Barker. He said goodbye to Jose and sallied forth to
meet the world.

Jane/Joe knew that cell 15 wasn't a long trip, but every step he took
seemed to magnify the strong feelings, the vivid sensations, in the tip of
his erect cock. The silky-like short's magic was working very well he
knew, for he felt as horny as fucking hell as the delicate fabric went rub,
rub, rub against his sensitive cock head. It reminded him of that fucker
Sir Cougar with his expert thumb and finger manipulations. He moaned.
Softly. He tried pushing his erection to one side, but that only made it
much worse by giving the fabric a tighter play across the head.

Oh, lord, he thought, if I could only cum! Man, I'd fuck Godzilla right
now if he asked me! He was going sexually crazy, what with the other
annoying, but pleasurable sensations caused by the butt-plug and the nipple
loops. They were now chiming in with the cock ring's delicious torture,
making him twitch and shudder as he walked, making him desire relief, and
making him hornier and more aroused than he'd ever been in his entire life.
Including last night, for he now had the silky shorts to contend with. Who
designed these, he thought, the marque De Sade?

The overall sensual effect also made him more than eager to get back to
his cell as fast as he humanly could so he could remove the two most
pleasurably annoying items, the cock ring and the nipple loops. He fully
realized now, as he tried to walk faster, which only made the sensation
more vivid, that there was only one thing standing between him and the
relief, and release, he would get by shedding them: sucking off Barker's
prick and getting him to cum! He made up his mind, right then and there,
that Mr. Barker was in for the blowjob of his life! And hopefully, the
fastest one, too.

And the fucking little red purse! He didn't know how to carry the
damned thing. It felt awkward in his hand when carried it like a football.
And it felt just too fucking feminine to let it swing and sway by holding
its little red handles. How the fuck did women do it? As feminine as it
felt, he decided it was easier if he held the handles and just let the
purse rock and roll.

On the short trip he encountered only two other guys. He couldn't tell
if they noticed his erection or not, but neither made any comment. Shit,
how could they have missed it? He looked as if he was hiding the fact that
he had been born with a short third leg. He looked down and saw that the
entire outline of his cock head was clearly visible to anyone with eyes.

A short while later found Jane/Joe standing outside cell 15. His legs
trembled as he stood there, his erection unhideable and rubbing against the
thin fabric. He felt himself twitch all over, making him shudder. Christ,
I can't stand it!

He looked in and saw a chubby, paunchy white guy, in his late 50's or
early 60's, with shocking white hair. The man was writing at a desk. He
sensed Jane/Joe's presence and looked up toward him, glanced down at
Jane/Joe's boner tilt, and said, very politely, "Yes? May I help you?"

From the doorway, Jane/Joe recalled what Jose and told him, and said,
"Hell . . . hello, sir. My name is Jane, sir. If you are Mr. Barker,
sir, then I am your cock-sucking slave for the next half hour, sir." All
this struck Jane/Joe as more than ludicrous, but he had no choice but to
play their silly game. And he wanted to get home lickety-split.

Barker invited him in and they engaged in some preliminary conversation,
which drove Jane/Joe crazy as he stood there twitching and shuddering.
Christ, he couldn't help himself, he had no control over his body.

Barker bullshitted about flowers, of all things! How the rose was his
favorite, blah, blah, blah. Hurry it up, you dumb fuck! cum in my fucking
mouth so I can go home all ready!

Then Barker told him how nice it was that a young man like Jane could be
so accommodating with his pretty young mouth. To Jane/Joe, the man looked
lecherous, almost to the point of drooling, but otherwise he found the guy
pleasant enough. Nice even. He didn't appear to look down on him.
Jane/Joe appreciated that small fact.

They chatted some more, to Jane/Joe's chagrin, and then Barker, finally,
thank you God, told Jane/Joe to 'drop his trou'. Ah, so! He was one of
those that wanted his blowjob delivered by a naked man. A naked man with
an obvious hard-on who looked as if he was enjoying himself.

Jane/Joe complied, knelt before the man, his erection pointing straight
up and throbbing. He glanced at it and saw that a large gooey blob of
precum had formed at the tip. He swiped at it with his thumb, hoping
Barker hadn't seen it. But he had.

"Oooh, I like that, Jane!" He licked his lips. "You being so hot to
suck my old dick! Well, girl, get to it! Put those sexy lips on it and
drive me crazy, girl!" Now Barker was drooling!

Jane/Joe started sucking Barker's 6" + cock by lavishing it with licks
and kisses. Up and down the rigid shaft and all around the head area.
Drop after drop of precum popped out and made his lips and the cock head
sticky feeling. Then he remembered something. Something that just might
make it all go faster.

"Would you like me to suck on your balls, sir?" He said it seductively
hoping hoping his tone would rock Barker's sex cage.

"Oh, yes, Jane dear, I'd love that!" Jane/Joe gave his nuts a good, if
quick, wetting down. Barker moaned and moaned. "Oooo! Heaven!"

Then Barker surprised him by somehow by touching the head of Jane/Joe's
cock, without even bending over! He shuddered and twitched and let out a
low moan. Jane/Joe looked down at his own cock area. Christ! Barker had
a long round piece of dowel with a lubed up sponge glued to its tip. Why
hadn't Jane/Joe noticed the smell. Vaseline! He was using the sponge to
fiddle with the cock head's tip. "Moan, baby, I know how good that feels
to you. You just ignore me and work on my prick." Ignore him? For
crissakes, how? The soft abrasiveness of the sponge was doing as good a
job as Sir Cougar's thumb. Maybe even better.

Barker's cock was rather average in width, with a normal looking cock
head, but it had an acute upward tilt to it that Jane/Joe didn't find
unpleasant. It felt good in his mouth. Weird, but good. Even the drool
from Barker that dribbled onto his shoulders seemed erotic somehow.

As he sucked the man, he felt his own ringed cock grow even harder.
That surprised him. Barker must have noticed it, too, for he said,
"Sucking my cock makes you very excited! I like that, Jane!" Then Barker
gave the cock head a feel with the sponge. Ohhh! moaned Jane/Joe, his
mouth fully down on Barker's erection. Barker moaned, too, and he seemed
almost to the edge.

He kept sucking on Barker, up and down, slow and fast, and had him
spewing his load in less than five more minutes. Barker moaned and groaned
the whole time. And Sir Bruiser would be proud. When he sensed Barker's
climax about to arrive, he reached around the man, clamped both hands on
his old ass cheeks and pulled him forward. At the same time, Barker
grabbed Jane/Joe's head and as he did, Barker yelled, "Oh, honey, oh yes!
Here it comes! Ohhhhhh! Take me, take me, take me!" Jane/Joe thought the
man might faint.

As he swallowed Barker's slightly more than average load, Jane/Joe
realized that he had made the guy really happy and by doing so had also
pleased himself. Immensely! As he pulled the faux silk shorts back on,
the fabric rubbed his cock head once again, he found it felt good this
time, even with its tantalizing teasing ways.

He left Barker and felt a spring in his step that he hadn't felt in
quite some time. One down, fourteen to go! He said cheerfully to himself
as he briskly walked toward his cell, his boner displayed proudly, his ass
enjoying the butt-plug.

Maybe, Jane/Joe thought, there's something to this giving pleasure
business after all. Could Jose be right? Would he eventually enjoy it?
Shit, if you had asked him last week to suck a guy's cock, telling him he
would enjoy it, he would have had you committed.

Well, he thought, I know I can give a guy pleasure without really
enjoying it myself. It'll make them cum faster and get it over with. It
won't hurt my reputation with the big three, either. Now, if I can only
make it back to my cell without this fucking cock ring driving me totally
whacko, I'll be mighty grateful.

At one point, halfway home, he was tempted to remove the insistent cock
ring. He had just placed a hand down the front of the shorts for this very
purpose when Sir Thor popped out of a cell and looked right at him. As
Jane/Joe tensed up, the man said, "Don't play with yourself, Jane, it's not
Lights Out yet!" He laughed. Then he approached Jane/Joe.

"When is your next date?"

"In an hour and a half, Sir Thor, sir!"

"Good! Come with me!" He led Jane/Joe to a nearby empty cell. When
inside, Sir Thor said matter-of-factly, "Drop trou!" Jane/Joe complied and
stood there almost totally naked before the man's gaze. Sir Thor looked
him over and said, "Does that hard-on you have mean you're hot for Sir
Thor's black cock?"

"Yes, sir!" The evil looking Sir Thor grinned. Then he unbuckled his
belt, unzipped his fly and pushed his trousers and underpants to the floor.
They were both now naked from the waist down and about a foot apart. The
nineteen year old white guy and the black man who was now his total master.
Jane/Joe glanced down at the man's crotch and saw that he was not even
hardening up. But, to Jane/Joe, it appeared this was going to be a simple
sucking job. He was wrong!

Sir Thor reached out with both hands and placed one on each of
Jane/Joe's shoulders. He looked Jane/Joe straight in the eyes and said
menacingly, "Play close attention, cunt! Here's how it's gonna play out.
I'm gonna piss in your mouth and you are gonna swish it all around so the
taste is everywhere. Then I'm gonna turn my back to you and you're gonna
kneel down and lick and suck my asshole while I jerk off. While you're
doing that I'll tell you just how I like it. When my load is ready I'll
turn around and I better find you with an eager and opened mouth. Any

"No, Sir Thor, sir!" Christ, he was now going to do a rim job on a black
guy's funky asshole. Before he could think any further, the commands came
out, with Jane/Joe obediently complying to each and every one.

"Kneel!" He kelt.

"Open up!" He opened his mouth. Sir Thor put his cock into it and
pissed. Then he stopped. Jane/Joe swished and swallowed. This was
repeated three times. Then Sir Thor turned around.

"Spread my ass cheeks!" Sir Thor was fondling himself.

"Now lick my asshole all over, all around!" Jane/Joe was surprised that
the taste wasn't too unpleasant. It was bearable almost.

"Stick your tongue in and wiggle it all around!" He stuck his tongue in
the hole and wiggled it, up, down, and in small circles. Sir Thor moaned

"Now suck on it with your whole mouth!" Sir Thor was beating his meat
fiercely now. The ass licking and mouth-to-ass sucking went on for a few
more minutes and then Sir Thor turned around. An open and eager mouth was
there for his use. In less than a few seconds, Sir Thor burst his cum dam
into the hot, wet mouth. Sir Thor moaned and moaned. And, shit, if
Jane/Joe didn't moan, too!

Sir Thor emptied his full cum load into him and, when he was done, he
said, somewhat gently, "Jane, from now on I'm gonna be on Jose's list every
day. I like the way you are so respectfully obedient. It turns me on!
Tomorrow I will fuck your ass while you sit on me and jerk off. You will
tell me when you're cumming so I can feel your spasms with my dick. You
are to cum on my chest and then lick it off, every drop. OK?" It was going
to be a repeat of Sir Cougar's ass spasm enjoyment with the twist of
licking his own cum off Sir Thor's hairless chest.

"Yes, Sir Thor, sir!" Jane/Joe said. Sir Thor said, "Good!" and quickly
left the cell.

If Jane/Joe had been horny and eager for relief after Barker, his
session with Sir Thor left him absolutely insane to masturbate. He made it
back to his cell in record time and gave his cock a quick workout. He
wasn't displeased, either, that the butt-plug made his orgasm more intense
and pleasurable.

After his climax he felt much better. At least he did until it dawned
on him that there, across the room, sat a little piece of paper with his
second date of the day on it. Christ, he thought, the fucking day is just
starting! He crossed the room and looked down at the sheet.

8:30 a.m. Carter Cell 18 BJ

Oh, shit, he thought as he looked at the cock ring lying on his cot,
right next to the nipple loops, I can't jerk off after every session! I
just can't. My cock will rupture or something. I guess I've just got to
get used to it all. Somehow. If I can't I'll just have to kill myself.
He thought that, but he knew he could never take that step, no matter what

Any life is better than no life was his philosophy. Then his mind
tossed him what he felt was a saving grace, his only hope, that anyone can
get used to anything . . .if they try hard enough. Besides, he now
remembered, Jose told me that in a few days I'll only have to do it five or
six times a day. Somehow that thought was very comforting and made it all
seem more humanly manageable to Jane/Joe. And it was, at least, a light at
the end of the long and dark, cock-filled tunnel.

Then a silly thought smacked him. He had sucked off and swallowed the
sperm and piss of many black men. Even licked one's asshole. So no one,
but no one, could call him prejudiced, now could they? Oh, no, he mused,
I'm an equal opportunity cock-sucker! An EOC! That, he thought, will look
just great in my classified ad for black men wanting to find a new

He giggled and thought, trouble is, the only position open to them is
standing in front of me with an erection! And with that easy requirement,
his EOC enterprise should haul them in by the hundreds. If not by the
thousands! Maybe, he further mused to himself, if my cock-sucking business
picks up, I should get incorporated! For incum tax purposes! This tickled
him so much he laughed out loud.

Thus, his spirit buoyed somewhat, he prepared himself for Mr. Carter.
And steeled his mind to accept the sexual sensations he knew he would be
feeling before, during, and after the date.

Thus started Jane/Joe's first day as one of the powerful triumvirate's
working girls.

One fear that Jane/Joe had concerned the mess hall. How would he be
able to handle going there, with all the guys gawking at him in his Jane
Does Jersey getup that reeked of a cat in heat smell, with his unhideable
boner that just screams out to the world, See? I'm so hot for cock I stay
up all day and night just waiting for one? And the red painted lips that
looked as if they were born to encircle any engorged organ. I'll diet, he
thought. I just won't eat for nine months.

His fears were unfounded, however. No one said a word. Or even hinted
at a desire to embarrass him. They were, Jane/Joe now sensed, too afraid
of Sir Bruiser and his charming cohorts to insult one of their girls. He
felt a newfound power in the fact that these rough men deferred to him and
treated him with some respect. A sham respect to be sure, but it felt
nice, anyway.

Early in the meal, as he put his mouth on the banana he had just half
peeled, he heard someone snigger at his table. But, as he looked around at
the men, not one of them was seen to be the culprit. They all looked as if
they were in church, all innocent looking, and quite properly behaved.
There were a few more sniggers and giggles from the nearby tables.

He looked around, grinned and quipped out loud, "Gotta practice!" The
laughter from many nearby tables was immediate and uproarious. Then, as a
finale, he took a big bite of the banana's "head." He immediately heard
moans, groans, and one large groan followed by, "Whoa, man, that fuckin '

Then someone to his left, he couldn't see who, yelled out toward him,
"Fucking A, baby, you sure need the practice!" More laughter. Jane/Joe
then threw them an encore by taking another big bite of his banana cock,
but this time he did it in an exaggerated, tooth-showing manner. He smiled
to the many groans, giggles, and guffaws that followed. Then, flushed with
himself and his small success, he stood and bowed from the waist. This was
quickly followed by every man at his table standing up and applauding.
Loudly. Other nearby tables soon followed suit.

Not even knowing what was going on exactly, a few other tables stood up
and clapped. As two strong men hoisted him up onto the table, other tables
joined in. The applause was now spreading out and becoming thunderous.
Even the two mess hall guards were clapping away.

As he stood there, as garish looking as garish can get, he gave the now
stubby banana cock a sham blowjob, complete with loud, exaggerated
moanings. Then every table in the room got involved. Everyone knew what
was going on, even if they didn't know the exact reason why.

As he sucked up and down sensually on the yellow member, the mess hall
went wild. Shouts. Guffaws. Lurid comments and catcalls were heard. And
the clapping grew louder and louder, now accompanied by intermittent short,
sharp whistles. It was a sight to behold! No actor has ever had a better
standing ovation than the one received by this new girl on the block. The
new girl who was now feeling, strangely enough, more like one of the boys.

That night, Jane/Joe was surprised to discover that sucking off thirteen
men, and spreading your ass cheeks for two more, was absolutely exhausting.
The muscles in his jaw area felt achy and his legs hurt from all his
kneeling. How the fuck did hookers manage it? He now had greater respect
for the ladies of the evening.

He was so wiped out he nearly forgot to remove the cock ring, which he
knew, because Jose had told him, could lead to permanent nerve damage. As
he removed it he felt just like a woman who couldn't wait to get out of her
tight-fitting shoes after a day of shopping. What relief, what blessed
relief it was to shed the damned thing. His cock wasted no time in
shriveling up as if it was trying to hide in his pubic hairs. Aaaah! He
thought, that feels good!

But as tired as he was, he knew he had to try to memorize the stupid
Code. Since he had fifteen minutes until Lights Out, he took out the Girly
Cock-sucker's Code sheet and read and reread it a dozen times or more.
Then, Jane/Joe plopped back onto the cot and quickly nodded off to sleep.
And along came the dream. It was the same dream he'd had the night before.

His second day was to be a mix of eleven men for oral and three for
anal. Fourteen cocks to service. Fourteen cocks! It amazed Jane/Joe just
how many different types of cocks existed in the world. And he knew it was
just the tip, pun intended, of the iceberg.

Long ones and short ones. Skinny and fat. Cocks that pointed straight
out. Or bent down or up. Some even going out sideways. And cock heads
were varied, too. They ran the gamut from full, fat, and plump, to
mushroom shaped, to hardly there at all--you name it.

And cum varied, too. From sugar sweet to bitter to downright fucking
nasty, and to everything in between. It was amazing to him. Nature sure
hated monotony.

Sir Cougar was there on the list again. This time for a BJA, again at
3:00 p.m. Sir Bruiser was there again, too. At 5:00 again. And again
with only BJ next to his cell number. Whew! he thought, dodged another

His second day had only one surprise in it. His fourth date. When he
arrived at the cell he was greeted by two men in their thirties, one white,
one black. He was to be double-clutched, or as one of the men informed
him, spit roasted. He had missed that fact because the information on
Jose's date sheet had only read: 3:00 p.m. Baker Doozy, cell 48, BJA. One
guy was Baker, the other Doozy.

Jane/Joe spent the next half hour, on all fours, sucking Baker's almost
8" cock while Doozy shoved his fully 7" cock up his ass. They had done
this before. It was easy to know that because their timing together was
perfect. As Baker throated him, Doozy put it all the way in his rectum.
One of them even said the expected, "Let's meet in the middle!" The other
laughed. Oh, yeah, they'd done it before all right.

That fact was also reinforced when both men orgasmed in unison. As one
large load filled Jane/Joe's mouth, another load filled his rectum. And
both men moaned loudly when they came. In deep baritones that, together,
almost sounded musical. As Jane/Joe swallowed the first of Baker's
emission he heard himself humming along, making it a trio.

With his slightly higher moans adding a counterpoint to their deeper
ones, it did sound as if they were harmonizing. If we practice enough, he
thought giddily, we can put on shows! We'll call ourselves The Spit
Roasters, featuring the hot, hot lips of Janie Jacoby, the girl with the
golden tongue! We'll make millions!

A weird thing happened, too. As both men were spurting and twitching,
moaning and groaning, Jane/Joe could feel them move forward across his
back. He then heard them kissing and moaning into each other's mouths.They
did this without any attempt to conceal it from him. Jane/Joe kind of
suspected they were lovers. And had been for some time.

Jane/Joe was thanked by the two of them and was told he could count on a
rematch real soon. He inserted the butt-plug, with an assist from Baker,
got dressed, and left the cell feeling strange inside for he knew that he
had enjoyed the double entry. It was not only different, this being
spit-roasted, it was immensely pleasurable, too. He had, at some point in
the doings, lost himself in it and he knew he had surrendered somewhat to
the sexual sensations.

Baker's slurpy-slick, burgeoning erection had felt wonderfully magical
as it plunged in and out of his wet, hot mouth as it added its magic to the
sublime feelings that Doozy's stiff prick was rendering to his full-feeling
rectum as it sawed in and out. Must admit it, he thought, it felt good,
but so what? So it felt good. So sue me.

As he walked back to his cell to prepare for his next date, his erection
talked to him. Because the rest of the day was scheduled for nothing but
blowjobs, he decided to give himself a treat by jerking off. He needed
that release as he was quite worked up.

As he turned into the last corridor that led to his cell, he felt as if
he was following his erection home. It stood way, way out and, by walking
rapidly and swaying his hips slightly, he made sure that the tantalizing
and exquisite torture was at its fiercest. He twitched and shuddered here
and there as he walked. And enjoyed it knowing he would soon be home.

Once in his cell, he quickly snapped off the cock ring, took his still
hard cock into his right hand and, with his eyes closed, stroked it back
and forth slowly. It felt fantastic. But he knew he could make it even
better. He put the cock ring back on. In seconds, the head was hard and
bloated and very sensitive to his touch. He wet a thumb with his mouth and
pressed the digit into his cock head, right on the very tip. He made small
circles with the fat digit. Ooooooh! He moaned softly. Oh, yes, that is
fantastic! Even better than Sir Cougar's finger fiddling.

At first, while he stroked his over-tantalized cock, he had thought
about nothing at all. Then, as he knew it would, a scene of the two recent
men entered his mind. Because the reality was so fresh, he had no trouble
picturing Baker's long, hard cock in his mouth. Christ, he could actually
taste it now!

As he lovingly stroked away, he relived the spit-roasting scene and
imagined he could actually feel Doozy's plump prick in his ass. Oh, man, I
was sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time! And they had cum in
me at the same time! Baker in my mouth and Doozy in my ass. What a
feeling! Just like the one the butt-plug was making now that made his
asshole tingle and twitch. Oh, God, I'm so fucking hot! He relived the
scenario, jumping from one point in it to another and then back again.
Cock in mouth, cock in ass. He reached down with his left hand and
massaged his balls knowing he was getting close.

Then he was ready. He held out his left hand and made a cup out of it.
With his eyes still closed he filled the palm with his sperm. When his
cock was drained, he looked down at his hand/cup. It held at least more
than two tablespoons of his hot, gummy, juice.

He raised the hand to his mouth and started lapping, knowing he was
adding his cum to the sperm that Baker had put in his mouth just a while
ago. It tasted strong and sharp and smelled slightly like detergent. In
five licks his palm was empty. He gave it two more licks anyway. Then,
feeling drained but, amazingly, still horny, he went to take a piss.

As he was about to piss, he noticed a paper cup sitting on the toilet tank's cover. For a reason known to anyone, including himself, he grabbed
the cup and pissed into it. When the cup was two-thirds full he finished
his pissing into the toilet bowl. He then raised the cup of pee up to his
lips, took a small sip, made a face, then swallowed and said out loud,
"Waiter, I like it! It's a saucy little vintage, delightfully
pissy-fruity, with a nice nose and an impertinent aftertaste. Cheers!"

He then brought the cup of pee to his lips and drained it in one long
chug-a-lugging swig. His mouth was now full of piss. He swished it around
as he had done with Sir Thor and then swallowed it entirely with a loud
gulp. Man, he thought as he tasted the piss, I'm fulla surpises now, aint'
I? Guess I better brush my teeth before the next date just in case the
dumb fuck wants to kiss me.

He completed his second day as he had the first. Totally exhausted.
And when he slept, he had that same vivid dream. And, just as it had last
night, he awoke in a sweat. With an extra-hard erection that was not
brought on by any old cock ring.

Ah! The dream! That fucking weird dream. Beautifully strange, but
scary, too.

Jane/Joe had had it two days in a row now and it was exactly the same
each time. In the dream his name was Jane. And he was both the performer
and the watcher. In the dream, Jane was sitting in a gay bar talking to a
young man whose face he couldn't quite make out. However, the overall
impression he had was of a muscular guy in his late teens to early
twenties. With curly blond hair. And with a very large and obvious bulge
in his pants. The Jane of the dream, the performer, couldn't take her
leering eyes off the bulge. It scared him, in the dream, that he, the
watcher, couldn't either. The bulge looked as if it was hiding a cock that
was huge, fat and long. It seemed inviting. Very tantalizing.

And, wouldn't you just know it, Jane was actively trying to talk the
young man into going home with him and it was rough going. The watcher was
surprised by the young mans reticence. He was also surprised that Jane was
totally naked except for a red garter belt, fishnet stockings, and red shoes. With lips created by Suckit Red. And twirling a small red purse.

Then the dream shifted to an apartment that had, as its only piece of
furniture, a king-sized bed. The young blond man was on the bed, on his
back, fully clothed, with his humungous bulge still quite evident. Jane
was sitting on the edge of the bed hovering over the young man. She looked
like lasciviousness incarnate.

The young man was still playing hard to get even though Jane was
pleading with him, telling him how great a blowjob he'd get if he would
only relax a bit. Jane wanted to suck this young man's cock something
fierce. Couldn't he see that? Was he retarded?

Jane reached out and started to massage the large lump. This seemed to
have a positive effect on the young man, so Jane continued the fingered
assault. The watcher heard, quite clearly, the words Jane spoke, "A young cock like yours needs to be aired out at times. You don't want it to
atrophy, do you?" The young man mumbled something indistinct, but it must
have been in a positive vein for Jane proceeded to slowly unzip the young man's trousers.

It was at this point in the dream that the watcher, who was seeing Jane
getting ready to put her bright red mouth on the swollen cock head, got a
real life erection. He could sense it trying to intrude on the dream,
annoyingly, and it made him angry. Especially when now, in the dream, the
young man's resolve was weakening and Jane had succeeded in getting his
cock out and was now massaging the large, plum-like head in preparation for
a hot lip attack.

The watcher heard Jane speak again. "Please let me suck your
magnificent cock and I'll show you how the world's greatest cocksucker does
it. Please! You won't regret it. I can deep-throat you and drive you
wild, young man. You'll feel excitement you can't even dream about.
Please let me prove it to you! Please, please, please! Let me show you,

The watcher twitched and shuddered in his sleep as he saw Jane greedily
devour the large cock head with her ruby red lips. As she did so, the
watcher could feel his real-life erection getting more insistent. Not now,
he sleepily and dreamily told the pecker, can't you see he's finally going
to let me, er, Jane suck him off? Go away! You're ruining everything!
The watcher massaged it a bit as if that might pacify it and make it shut
up all ready.

As the watcher watched Jane suck the young man, the young man called
Jose, he could actually feel the guy's cock himself, with his own lips,
tongue, and mouth. And it was delicious!

It was now fully erect and topping out at over 7+" of hard, cock head
and shaft. He could feel the cock invade his throat and take possession of
it as he went for the deep-throat maneuver. When his lips--or was it
Jane's lips?--were finally pressing tightly around the cock's base, with
the blond Jose's pubic hairs tickling his--or was it Jane's?--nose, the man called Jose suddenly jumped up and yelled, "You ain't sucking my prick, you
fucking faggot!"

Then the young man rushed out of the room and left Jane lying on the bed
and moaning. Loudly. Then her moans seemed closer to him. They soon
engulfed him. And they were so loud. And all around him. Then he
realized that they belonged to the watcher.

It was here in the dream that the moans were so loud they woke him up.
He was sweaty, with a cement-hard erection, and a vivid vision of the young man's magnificent prick hung there in the darkness that was right before
his open eyes.

Oh, God, Jane/Joe thought, now fully wide-awake, I've been fully fagged,
I have. Shit, I can't dream about tits, ass, and pussy anymore! I've
forgotten what they look like. It was true in more ways than one. Right
now, if Jane/Joe went to jerk off his cock, the only pictures he could
muster up were ones of his hot mouth on a hot, oversized, and fully erect
prick. Or someone's hard dick up his rectum. It had happened twice now,
with him cumming his real-life load at the same time an imagined prick
unloaded into his mouth. Or his ass. Take your pick.

Fuck, thought Jane/Joe, I've become cock happy and cum crazy! In less
than a few days, for crissakes. He looked at his watch: 6:15 a. m. Time
to put on his lipstick, get girlied up, and wait for Jose and his list of
the day's cocksucking and ass-pussy fucking events. But he still had time
to do one thing.

Thus, in need of understandable relief, and with a vision in his head of
a large, bulbous cock head approaching his eager lips, Jane/Joe started to
whack off his complaining erection. He was just starting to get seriously
into it when a bright light hit his face, blinding him. He was busted!
And, because he slept in the nude, and was now not even covered by a
blanket--really busted!

"You wanna go blind?" It was Jose. What was he doing here so late?
Jane/Joe sat up on the cot, trying to see past the blinding light. Jose
lowered the flashlight torch and entered the cell.

"I just came by to see how you're doing. How you're handling it all.
Now I see! You handle that big cock of yours pretty well!" He sat on the
cot alongside Jane/Joe and set the torch on the floor, its beam hitting the
ceiling and creating weird shadows here and there. It was eerie.

"I'm sorry," Jose began, "for interrupting your, uh, sleep!" He giggled.
"But I wanted to make sure you weren't freaking out, you know?" Jane/Joe
nodded. He knew. And he appreciated Jose's concern. It seemed very

He told Jose all about the dream, every detail. Jose listened,
fascinated by it all. Then he said, "Well, Jane, it looks as if you're on
your way to liking cock. Happened to me, too, the weird dreams. As I told
you, Jane, you can't keep giving pleasure without it echoing back on you.
You're human after all. Think about this. We are born sucking! Right?
It's a natural thing a baby does to calm itself or get fed. Christ, a baby
would suck the scales off an alligator if it thought it was hiding some
milk!" He and Jane/Joe both laughed. Christ, Jane/Joe thought, I'm getting
hard again! Oh, man, what's happening to me? The mere mention of the word
suck turns me on and puts images of cocks in my head.

Jose saw the change in Jane/Joe's rising cock and, without asking, put a
hand on it. Jane/Joe didn't draw back or pull away. Jose stroked it and
then used his other hand to caress Jane/Joe's balls area. Jane/Joe moaned.

"Feel good?" asked Jose."Yeah, it does." Jane/Joe answered. And it did.
He instinctively searched for Jose's cock. He found it and felt it through
the fabric of Jose's trousers. It seemed to be similar to his own 7+ fat
inches. He couldn't wait to see it. Jose moaned and then stood up.

As Jose unzipped and fished out his growing cock he whispered, "Let's
suck each other off. You do me first and then I'll do you. OK?" Jane/Joe
nodded, his erection keenly felt.

Jose undid his own belt and pushed his trousers and underpants to the
floor. He was now standing in front of Jane/Joe naked from the waist down
and eerily lit by the torch's wide beam. His fat headed cock had shadows
along one side and was pointed straight at Jane/Joe's face. A big blob of
precum had formed and was also lit from the side. It was so big it looked
as if gravity would soon make it fall.

Jane/Joe beat gravity to the punch. He leaned forward and licked at the
big blob, drawing it into his mouth. It tasted like salty onions, but
sweet somehow. Jose moaned above his head.

For some unknown reason, Jane/Joe felt the need to take his time, to
examine Jose's cock. He looked it over. It was very similar to his own. A
largish spongy head that was nicely ridged, the shaft thick and slightly
veiny. Jose's crotch hairs were wiry and seemed to come halfway up the
shaft in an unruly way. Funny, Jane/Joe thought, Jose doesn't have to
shave. Rank has its privilege, I guess.

"Wait!" Jose said. "Let's put cock rings on!" In no time they had them
in place. Their cock heads looked hard and enormous, their balls swollen.

Jose moved in a bit, guiding his plump, rock-hard cock head toward
Jane/Joe's lips. The lips opened and took the head in. Jose said, "Mmm,
hot and wet, baby, just the way I love it!" The lips took more of the cock
in. They were tightly wrapped around a place a few inches past the ridge.
Man, Jane/Joe thought, his fucking cock head is hard as hell! It felt

Then his mouth started its forward and backward motions. Jane/Joe heard
himself moan. He took in even more of the cock, feeling the rock-hard head
enter his throat. Half inch by half inch, he worked his lips toward the
bottom of the base. Jose moaned throughout the entire slow-paced trip.

When he felt his lips touch Jose's belly and the pubic hairs touch his
nose, with Jose's entire cock head now fully down his throat, Jane/Joe
realized something. He had deep-throated a 7" + hard-headed cock without
using the throat spray! At first he thought that some of the spray must
still be active, but Jose had told him it wears off in an hour. It had
been three hours since his last spray. Why hadn't he gagged? Was he
unconsciously controlling his gag reflex? He wanted to do it again, but
this time paying more attention to his throat.

The cock head was in his mouth, but not near the throat area. He
pressed slowly forward until it not only hit the opening to his throat, but
also started in. He took more of the cock. He felt it going down his
throat, an inch down, then two inches. Then even more. He concentrated on
his throat area and tried to bring the gag reflex into play. It worked.
He felt like retching.

He concentrated again and found he could will the gag reflex away. He
played with the gag reflex a few times this way until he was sure he could
control it at will. He made a mental note to tell Jose about this later.
Or maybe he already knew.

With his mind now fully back to the task at hand, he proceeded to give
Jose a very fine blowjob. As he expertly worked, he moaned. Jose moaned,
too. Then Jose started to mouth fuck him, slowly and very deliberately.
Gently in and out. Some strokes going fully down his throat, some not.

Jose pulled back until only the cock head plus a bit was in Jane/Joe's
mouth. Jose held the sucking man's head in place very gently, lovingly
almost. Jose stood very still, not moving forward or backward, just
letting Jane/Joe suck the big, bloated, blood-gorged cock head. They were
both breathing heavily. Jose's breathing got even heavier as his moment
neared. Jane/Joe felt Jose's balls rise up. Jose was ready. He was
ready, too.

Jose moaned, then whispered, "Here it is, Jane!" That was all he said as
he felt Jane/Joe's hands squeezing his ass cheeks, pulling him forward.

Jane/Joe's mouth and lips felt Jose's cock head swell up just before the
first warm, sticky liquid poured forth from it. The cum tasted sweet as it
spewed forth into his mouth. He swallowed and a tablespoon or slightly
more followed. It was sweet, too. He swallowed, and other than a few last
second dribbles, Jose was drained. He pulled his cock from the mouth, bent
over and whispered in Jane/Joe's ear. "Now, Jane, I want you to whisper,
loud enough for me to hear, that you loved sucking my cock. Now, say it!"
Jane/Joe didn't want to say it, not really, but then again, he did.

Jane/Joe whispered to the face so close to his, "Jose, I loved sucking your cock!" The bitch is, he had. And he knew Jose knew he had. But it
still fucked with his mind somehow.

His face still near Jane/Joe's, Jose whispered, "Say Jose, I loved
swallowing all your cum! Say it!" Jane/Joe turned to the eerily lit face
again. "Jose, I . . . I loved swallowing all your cum!" That was true,
too. Why deny it? Jose whispered again, "Yes, Jane, you're either a
full-fledged cocksucker right now or you soon will be!" He stood up. It
was Jane/Joe's turn to get sucked off. And Jane/Joe was looking forward to
it, too. Eagerly.

Jose got right to it. He went on his knees and took Jane/Joe's
hard-headed prick into his mouth. Jane/Joe thought he would die from the
pleasure. He felt the butt-plug in his ass and he moaned and twitched, his
cock getting even harder.

Jose then sucked him off in a way very similar to the way Jane/Joe had
done to him, but his throat seemed to have muscles in it that caressed the
dick while he sucked. Jane/Joe made a mental not to practice that
maneuver. If he could manage it, that is.

Under Jose's expert cocksucking, Jane/Joe soon busted his nut. Jose
swallowed it greedily, but didn't stop sucking on Jane/Joe's prick until it
had gone completely soft. Then he stood up.

"Now, Jane," he said, not whispering but still below a normal voice
level. "I want you to answer me very truthfully. Did you or did you not
enjoy sucking my cock and swallowing my cum?"

Without flinching, Jane/Joe answered. "Yes, I did. To both."

"And do you want us to do this again . . . and again?"


"And how about ass-pussy fucking each other?"


"And if I want to piss in your mouth and have you piss in mine?"

Jane/Joe was quiet, thinking. Then:

"Yes, even that. Especially now, 'cause I have to piss!"

"I do, too! You want to go first or second?"

Jane/Joe thought. "First!" He stood up, his limp cock in his hand, and
pinched the base off. He had to piss really bad now and it was somewhat
painful, but in seconds Jose's hot mouth was on him. He released the base
and his piss flooded out.

Jose took his piss. It was, naturally, the first time Jane/Joe had ever
pissed in anyone's mouth. It felt good. It was nice pissing into a warm,
wet mouth. Jose swallowed rapidly enough to take every drop. Then it was
Jane/Joe's turn to kneel. He wasted no time for he could see Jose pinching
the base of his cock off.

He put his mouth on the limp dick and it started to flow immediately.
Copiously. He tasted its bitterness and swallowed. Each time he
swallowed, the bitter taste was renewed, rejuvenated. Then it hit him.
The taste, he thought, wasn't that horrible now. Oh, yeah, it was
pissy-bitter, but he could see someone getting used to the taste. The
thing he liked, he felt, was the volume. It was as if Jose was coming the
world's biggest load, but it was a cum with a sharper edge to it. Then
Jose was finished. Jane/Joe stood up.

As Jose prepared to leave, he said, "Hey! Let's do each other's balls
next time. I like that. OK?" Jane/Joe nodded. "OK, I kind of like that,
too. It was a lie. He didn't like it. Yet.

After Jose had gone home, Jane/Joe lay on the cot thinking. It had been
nice with Jose, different from the other men. Like two real close buddies
who just happened to suck each other off. It didn't seem as guilt-ridden
as his encounters with the others had been. He had even enjoyed Jose's
piss. And he sure as hell enjoyed pissing into Jose's mouth.

Was he, he wondered, turning? Becoming gay? Queering up? A
cock-hungry, cum-loving faggot? He didn't think so. It hadn't turned
Jose. Or had it? He was confused. gay was something you're born with.
Christ, he'd read that much somewhere. You don't go from heterosexual to
homosexual in on fell swoop. Maybe he was bisexual. That would explain it

He had only one ace in the hole, if you could call it that. In less
than nine months from now he would be back in his own world. All this
would be behind him and would eventually be a dim memory. So what if I had
enjoyed nine months of being a cocksucker? Who was to know, anyhow? But,
could someone slip in and out of gayness? Just as one could put on a new
outfit and feel different? Why not? He thought. Made sense. It was
logical, wasn't it? With a myriad of confusing thought flowing through his
mind he drifted into sleep, with a last thought that made him fret. What
if gay is something that becomes permanent?

And the same dream happened. And again, the young man named Jose
refused to play ball. Refused to let the dream girl Jane suck him to
completion. The dream man Jose had jumped up and cursed her again. As he
did every time. What was wrong with the guy? Didn't he like having his
dick sucked? Unhuman. But in this dream, the watcher got a better view of
the young man's face. He looked familiar somehow. He'd seen the face
before, but he couldn't figure out just when or where. Jane/Joe then heard
a voice. It was friendly and loud.

"Hello, Jane!" the voice said cheerfully. It was Jose, his precious
date list in one hand, his little black doctor's satchel in the other.

"I hope you slept well, honey, because you have a full plate today. I
hope you're hungry! Ha ha! For your last heavy day, you have fifteen
guys, Jane, with four of them wanting your sweet ass-pussy. So, out of
bed, sleepyhead! Chop-chop, there's cocks' awaiting!" Jane/Joe liked Jose,
but he now discovered he could be annoying at times.

Jose looked into Jane/Joe's sleepy eyes. "Just look at you! No
lipstick, no nothing. You're just lying there like a wanton slut who
thinks the world is going to wait on her. C'mon, Jane! Grab your socks so
you can grab those cocks, girl. Time's a-wasting!" He giggled.

Jane/Joe held out a hand. Jose read it as a request for the date list.
He handed it to Joe and said, "You're getting popular, sweet lips! There
are six requests on there for rematches. Guess I taught you too well, eh?"

Joe didn't answer. He read a bit and said, "Sir Cougar again! Shit, he
can't seem to get enough of me." Jane/Joe noticed that Sir Cougar wanted a
BJA. The last two times he had only requested a BJ.

Jose said, "That's 'cause he just loves your beautiful cock-sucking
lips, Janie, baby! Which, right now, need some lipsticking up if their
going to please Sir Cougar--and the rest of the boys." He made no mention
of the previous night's action. As if he didn't want to discuss it in the
daylight. Oh, well, thought Jane/Joe, suits me.

Jane/Joe sat up on the edge of the cot, rubbed his eyes and yawned.
Another day was about to begin, he thought, another day of a mere eleven
blowjobs and four ass-pussy fucks. He thought of the Ride-The-Whip. Oh,
well, I guess it could be worse! At least no one's pissing in my mouth on
a regular basis. Yet! He stood up and went looking for his Suckit red lipstick tube. Now where had he left the damned thing? There you are!

"Good girl, Jane," Jose said lightheartedly. "Carpe diem, Jane baby!
Grab the day! And whatever else you can grab! Ha ha ha!" Then Jose
disappeared leaving Jane/Joe to himself and his daily girlying-up routine.
And the vision of Sir Cougar's oak wood hard, 10" prick swirling through
his mind.

He checked his watch. He had time. His first "date" wasn't until
seven. He wrapped a towel around him and headed for the showers, glad for
the fact that no one fucked with him anymore now that he was one of Sir
Bruiser's girls. Before showering, he removed the butt-plug. He took a
crap, glad for the temporary relief from the insistent plug.

Back in his cell, his butt-plug fully reinstalled, Jane/Joe applied the
lipstick, dabbed perfume behind each ear, put on a freshly-washed cut-off
tee, and laid out the cock ring and nipple ring/chain on his cot. He
checked the level of the small spray bottle affixed to the chain. Damn, he
thought, I'm running low. He wrote a note as a reminder to tell Jose about
getting him a fresh refill. He checked his watch again. 6:48. Better

It was time to put on the light pain-giving nipple loops with the chain
that held the magical throat spray. And it was time to put on the
cock-choking ring, too. And damn, it wasn't but thirty seconds after he
had the cock ring in place that he had a full erection! The ring had
gotten speedier! He slipped into the elastic waistband shorts and
immediately felt the lightweight fabric caress and tingle his erection. He
wiggled in place and shuddered. Oh, fuck, he thought.

Jane/Joe took out the small mirror and looked at the face, his face, her
face, Jane's face, Jane/Joe's face, looking back at him. Shit, he thought,
Jose's right! My lips are the pouty lips of a cock-sucking slut! The ruby
red lips were inviting, that was for sure. The bottom lip was plumped up
and puffy, and jutted out seductively, as if inviting cocks to come right
on in. He formed an 'O' with his lips, showing no teeth. He looked in
amazement. Any man, he thought, would want those lips around his dick.
Shit, he thought, even I would!

Jane/Joe left the cell and headed for cell number 28. Waiting there,
Jane/Joe knew, was a guy named Ransom who was probably even now looking
forward to his first blowjob from a guy named Jane.

He checked his watch. 6:56. He picked up the pace, feeling the nipple
loop's chain start to sway from side to side as it bounced its spray bottle
gently against his hairless chest. Walking faster also made the
lightweight fabric of his short pants send more constant tingly sensations
through the tip of his erect dick. Keep me horny! I just love it.

As he walked, he psyched himself up for what was about to happen. He
recited the Girly Code. Just in case. He repeated Jose's oft-said
instructions to himself: Suck the guy's balls first. Get them nice and
wet. Get the cock's shaft and cock head nice and wet, too. Show the guy
you love sucking his cock. Suck with passion and vary the routine.
Deep-throat him and moan appreciatively as you do. While you suck him,
caress his balls, and fondle his ass cheeks. Stick a finger up his ass
unless he offers resistance to it. When he cums his load, grab his ass and
moan. And don't forget to thank him, sir, for cumming in your mouth.
Christ, thought Jane/Joe, it should be easier than this! Whoops! Cell 28
was here.

"Hello, sir! If your name is Mr. Ransom, sir, I'm Jane, your
cock-sucking slave for the next half hour! sir!" Ransom waved him to
enter. Jane/Joe pursed his lips seductively, running his tongue across
them, as Jose had taught him, and entered the cell, making damn sure to
sway his hips provocatively. The effect wasn't lost on Ransom, who
whistled softly in appreciation.

Ransom stood there in the middle of the cell, a large, powerfully built
white guy in his thirties, and sized Jane up. "Sir Cougar was right,
Jane," he said. "You do have pretty lips, girl. Come over here and drop
your trou, I've got something I've been saving up for over a week just for
your cute red mouth!" Jane/Joe realized Ransom enjoyed being blown by a
naked man, like Barker. Or, to put it more accurately, a naked girl named

"Yes, sir!" Jane/Joe said as he approached Ransom. As he dropped the
shorts to the floor and knelt, naked from the bottom of his cut-off tee
down to his ankle, in front of the big man, Jane/Joe reached down and
brought up the throat-numbing spray and gave his throat a good spritz.
Jane/Joe then looked up at Ransom.

"Sir, would you like me to take your cock out or would you prefer doing
that yourself, sir?" Ransom told him that that would be a nice touch. But
not just yet.

"Let me look at you first, Jane. I see you have a hard-on. Does that
mean you're hot to suck me off?"

"Yes, sir!" He couldn't believe how quickly he had said the words. But
he was hot.

"You gonna give me the best blowjob I ever had?"

"Yes, sir!" Shit, he again answered very quickly. Way too quickly.

"And when I cum are you going to swallow every single drop?"

"Yes, sir!" Again, a tad too quick on the trigger.

"Now, Jane, I don't just want my cock sucked off. I want you to make
love to it. To show me that you love what you're doing. And, since I
don't believe in masturbation, I've got a load that will be enormous. Can
you handle it all without spilling?"

"Yes, sir!" Oh shit. Who am I?

Ransom then told Jane/Joe to fish his dick out. Jane/Joe said, "Yes,
sir!" and was soon looking at a very hairy, thick cock with a large,
bulbous head. It looked, in a word, extremely meaty. thick and fleshy.

It hung down, thick and semi-hard, for a good six inches. The shaft was
whiter than the head, which was a pinkish purple. The head also looked
longer than any one he'd seen so far. He guessed its length to be at least
2" or more."

Jane/Joe reached out and caressed the big man's ball sack. "Sir, would
you like your balls sucked on, sir?" Ransom said, "Not yet. First play
with my dick some. Not with your mouth yet, with your hands." Jane/Joe
complied, massaging the limp sausage gently. He played with the cock head
a bit and then applied long strokes to the shaft. He watched, fascinated,
as it elongated and hardened up. At full erection, it topped 8" and the
cock head was very wide. It's flanged ridge stood way out from the shaft,
giving the head a very pronounced look. The cock head's length seemed to
occupy one fourth of the total overall length. He felt the spongy head and
was amazed at its hardness. It was unyielding.

"OK, Jane," Ransom said. "You may suck on my balls now!"

With no hesitation, Jane/Joe went to work on them. In no time at all
they were sloppy wet from his saliva, the pubic hairs matted up. "Now go
for it, suck my cock, Jane . . . With passion."

Jane/Joe then proceeded to give Ransom the complete, and uncut, girlie
cocksucking routine, complete with appreciative moans throughout. As
Jane/Joe sucked on the fat, hot and large-headed throbbing cock, his hot
saliva flowing freely, the big man's moans coming from above his head had
an electrifying effect on him. The more the man moaned, the harder and
more passionately Jane/Joe sucked. And the more he was turned on by it

The two of them were getting a nice rhythm going that was unbelievably
timed. The mouth/cock connection was almost on a Zen level. Surreal. His
mouth was Ransom's cock and Ransom's cock was his mouth. A yin and yang of
cocksucking. Ransom was moaning above and Jane/Joe was moaning below, his
mouth glued to Ransom's saliva slicked prick as he went up and down. It
felt supreme.

On one deep-throat plunge, he grabbed Ransom's balls and squeezed them
gently. It hit Ransom as if it was a cattle prod. He jumped and twitched,
both legs shaking, and let out a moan so deep and real it echoed through
Jane/Joe's brain like a drum beat.

Shit, Jane/Joe thought, I I'm liking it, too! And it was true.
Jane/Joe was no longer faking the passionate moans for Ransom's benefit.
They were now popping out for real. The man's plump and sizeable cock head
was feeling undeniably wonderful to his mouth, his lips, and his tongue.
The taste of the cock was also driving him wild.

He felt that Ransom's entire cock was the perfect fit for his mouth and
throat. He continued sucking, passionately, lovingly, even enjoying the
sweaty, musk-filled aroma coming from Ransom's crotch area. As he breathed
the heady smell into his nostrils, he felt a euphoria come over him.
Oooooooo, wonderful, so wonderful. Oh, god, he thought, I just love doing

Jane/Joe found himself voluntarily moaning every time his lips crossed
the pronounced flanged ridge, his lips forced to change shape. God,
Jane/Joe thought, his fat cock head feels so sublime! It's hard and yet
soft. And so long! And it fits my mouth so perfectly. And when I hit his
base with my lips I feel absolutely full of cock. God, it feels good! No
wonder fags and women love it so much! It's fucking mouth magic!

He thought, his mind in heaven: Oh, yes, let me suck you off, Ransom.
Let me suck you off really good. Let me drive your cock crazy until it
rewards me with your hot juicy sperm. Oh, fuck, Jane/Joe thought, this is
good! So fucking good! That long, sponge head. The way the ridge bump
changed the shape of his lips as they crossed it. Oh, mother!

He worked the big man's cock feverishly now, his spittle coating the
entire cock and some dribbling out on his chin and then to the floor. He
was wild now, totally lost in his passion, deaf to the entire world, and in
love with the cock he was sucking. He wanted to suck this tasty cock
forever, even though he knew a climax, which had to arrive sometime soon,
would end the love affair. Fine, he thought, there's always tomorrow.
Many tomorrows.

He varied the pressure with tight-lips, squeezing the cock, and then
with relaxed, caressing lips making love to it. And his tongue got into
it, too. He swirled it back and forth across the cock head's underside,
feeling the two small and hard round hemispheres, that glans penis area,
with their pronounced split, press against his tongue. His tongue pressed
back. God, the head was so spongy, so mouth filling, so tasty. He was in
heaven squared. And his moans were more frequent now. He had the strong
urge to jump up and kiss Ransom wetly on the lips and then yelling for the
whole world to hear, "I love you, Ransom, I love you!" He didn't.

It also felt good when Ransom finally came his humungous longer than
week load, yelling out loud, "Ooooh, Jane girl, here it comes! Get ready
to take me, baby! Ooooooooooo, yeah! Oh, fuck, that feels good, girl!
Swallow it all and show old Ransom how much you love his nasty jizm going
down your sweet little throat!" Jane/Joe moaned very loudly.

As he felt the first of the big man's thick, hot, sticky, gooey, and
juicy sperm spurt into his mouth, Jane/Joe let out a moan that not only
surprised himself, it scared him, too. For, as the big man unloaded, with
his cock head expanding and contracting violently, his balls rising up, his
dick twitching and pulsating madly, his cum flooding his mouth and going
down his throat, he knew he had, for the first time in his life, developed
a love for cocks. And a love for cum, too. It was inescapable. It just
felt too fucking good to be anything else. Too fucking good.

He had forgotten to grab Ransom's ass cheeks when he came, but he didn't
think it mattered. Ransom, if Jane/Joe knew anything at all, was
completely satisfied and very happy. He, himself, felt very happy, but not
in the least satisfied. That would come later. Just try and stop me!

Jane/Joe had crossed an invisible line and he knew there was no going
back now. He actually found himself, as the big man's fully spent cock
deflated in his mouth, looking forward to the day's blowjobs, to the next
guy on Jose's list who needed his erection sucked off and his pipes cleaned
out. Jane/Joe would not only suck them off now, he would make passionate
love to their pricks. For he now knew that the more pleasure he gave, the
more he'd get. It was so simple, really. Why hadn't he seen that earlier?
Why had he deprived himself of it all?

Jane/Joe now felt insatiable and obsessed with cock. And he no longer
wanted to fight the feelings. Thus, instead of being turned off by the
idea of having to suck off ten more men, as he had just yesterday, he was
now fully turned on by the idea and looked forward to the many encounters.
He was hell-bent on recreating that unbelievable feeling he had just gotten
from sucking off Ransom. The exquisite feeling of giving pleasure and of
receiving it. And he didn't give a fuck who knew it!

Christ, Jane/Joe thought, even the ass-pussy fucking to come now turns
me on! He also loved the constant erection brought on by the cock ring.
He felt the overall constant insistence of the big butt-plug in his asshole
as it forced his inner ass muscles to twitch and react. He felt the
electrifying pleasure-pain of the nipple loop chain. He smelled his
perfume. He smelled the musk emanating from the big man's balls and crotch
area. He breathed it in deeply, almost swooning from its effect. And he
felt no shame, either. As he stood up, he felt absolutely giddy. And
very, very girlish. Faggy even. And he didn't care a fig.

"Thank you, Mr. Ransom, sir, for cumming in my mouth. I loved it and
it was delicious, sir. I hope I pleased you, sir." Ransom grinned at
Jane/Joe and simply nodded his head.

"You sure did, sweet lips, that's for sure! So much so I'm gonna tell
Jose to put me down for four times each week from here on out. That OK
with you, sugar?"

It was, it really, really was. Jane/Joe said with a large grin, "Yes,
sir, Mr. Ransom, sir! I look forward to it, sir!" And he did, he really,
really did.

Ransom said, "I've never fucked an ass before, but in your case I think
I'll try it the next time. Would you like that?"

He would, he really, really would. "Oh, yes, sir, Mr. Ransom, sir! My
ass-pussy is yours, sir, whenever you want it, sir." And it was, it really,
really was.

Then, just as he was about to leave the cell, he turned to Ransom and
said, "I don't know why, Mr. Ransom, sir, but it is important to me that
you know that I meant every word I said. I really loved what we just did,

Ransom smiled at him, a gentle look on his face. "I know you did, Jane.
It was easy to see. And I loved it, too." He walked over and took Jane/Joe
by the arm and led him to an area off to the side of the cell's entrance.
"Jane, I also have something to tell you that I want you to know. I'm not
gay, but in here. what else is there? There is something in you, about
you, that really gets to me. I don't know what it is, but we seem to have
connected on a strange level. I won't call it love, but I know it will
make our future times together fantastic. And, you should know, whatever I
do to you in the future sexwise, I want you to do to me. All of it!" With
that said, Ransom squeezed the tilt bursting out of the silky pants.
Jane/Joe shuddered at the touch.

Then Ransom said, in a whisper, "Of course, no one is to know. OK?"
Jane/Joe nodded. Then Ransom shocked him completely by leaning in and
kissing him. It was a simple, quick kiss with just a touch of tongue to
it, but it made Jane/Joe weak in the knees and made him swoon. Ransom put
his lips very close to Jane/Joe's ear and whispered, "Let's just love each
other, Jane." Jane/Joe nodded and said, "Yes!"

Jane/Joe left cell 28 still very giddy, his legs weak and wobbly. One
of the two guys who were coming toward him said, "What you smiling at,

"Wouldn't you just like to know, darling!" Jane/Joe said, winking,
sounding girlish and swaying and swishing his hips for their benefit as he
walked by them. Then, to shock them even further, he turned his head back
in their direction and lisped, in a whisper, "I just sucked a big,
beautiful cock, honey, and I'm on my way to suck another lovely one!"
Jane/Joe giggled at their surprised expressions. He tossed his head back
haughtily and continued on his merry way.

Jane/Joe swished his hips provocatively all the way down the long
corridor. The corridor that would take him back to his cell, where he
would get ready for the next hot man on Jose's long date list. And as he
swished, he discovered that the faux silk of the shorts really attacked his
cock head! As the material flew from side to side it made longer then
usual contact with his cock head, amplifying the sensations. It felt so
good it was driving him crazy. His cock had never been harder! He
couldn't wait for Lights Out!

Shit, Jane/Joe thought, if they wouldn't piss in my mouth, I'd break one
of their precious rules just to be put on the Ride-The-Whip! All those
cocks! And a fucking smorgasbord of cum!

He felt absolutely out of control when he mused to himself, Shit, let
'em piss in my mouth! I'll love that, too! It was for sure he'd come a
long way in just a few short days. A long way, indeed. He said to
himself, I want to learn to love ass-pussy fucking, too, even more than I
do now!

For the first time since it had all started he now admitted some things
to himself. Sir Cougar's cock had felt wonderful up his ass that first
day. And the butt-plug feels sexy, too. If this much fantastic pleasure
makes me gay, then fuck it, I'm queer and I'm here! Use me! Use me!

Jane/Joe was now, to say the least, totally obsessed with cock-sucking
to such a degree that his transformation was now complete. Fourteen more
men didn't know it, couldn't know it, but they were now in for one Helluva
sexual trip! Jose didn't know it, couldn't know it, how his creation had
now morphed into a cock-hungry, cum-loving slut. Who, from now on, wanted
to be called Jane. Just Jane. And there was nothing plain about her! Not
anymore, anyway.

But when Jose did learn of Jane's metamorphosis, which he soon would, he
would be proud. And rightfully so, one might say.

To say that Jane made the rest of the day's dates happy is to put it
very mildly. He made them ecstatic! His repeat customers noticed the
change and even remarked about it. One said, to sum up, "Wow! Jane, you
gave me the best fucking blowjob I have ever had in my entire life! Baby,
I'm gonna make sure Jose puts me down for six times a week!"

During the day, Jose had dropped by Jane's cell to see how things were
going. When he saw, and was told about, the transformation that had taken
place in Jane he said, "Wait here! I'll be right back." Five minutes later
he returned and handed Jane a book. Jane took it and read the cover: A gay Man's Guide To Pleasing Your Lover by Peter Long.

"Peter Long?" Jane said. "Why not Peter Pecker?" Jose laughed.

"Well, Jane, now that you're on the girl's team, I think you'll like
this book. It has all kinds of beautiful tips and tricks in it on sucking cock and giving anal. It will absolutely add to the pleasure you get from
giving and getting. Read it, you'll like it. Now, I'll catch you later.
Enjoy it!" He headed for the door. At the doorway he turned and said, "You
up for some late night action with me?" Jane nodded, smiling broadly.

That night, after an intense alternating ass-pussy fucking session with
Jose, Jane was in bed looking at the darkness. Weird thoughts invaded his
mind. He almost regretted that he had only nine months more of his
sentence to serve. What would the outside world hold that he couldn't get
in here? Did he really want to play the fucking boring dating game again?
With all the attendant bullshit? With women who mostly wanted security and
not true love. And, should he decide to go faggy on the outside and
frequent some gay bars, what would that hold for him? More fucking games,
he surmised.

In here he had a truly captive audience. Horny convicts without too
many sexual choices who had lovely, hard pricks and hot cum loads and
eagerly desired his services. Christ, he all ready had repeat customers
set up, which guaranteed him a steady supply of sex. Try getting that on
the outside, buddy.

Perhaps, just perhaps, he thought, I could ask Jose what it would take,
what infraction I would have to perform to add, say, five more years to my
sentence. And, if Jose didn't know, I could go to Sir Cougar. The way he
loves doing me I'm sure he would just love to know I'd be around for some
time to come. Thus, a plan emerged. A weird and wacky plan, but one that
Jane now wanted desperately to carry out. And would.

Jane closed his eyes and immediately pictured his session with Ransom.
He pictured Ransom's beautiful penis, hard and ready to be sucked on. He
imagined what it would be like to be fucked by that magnificent cock. To
feel his ass chock full of Ransom. He also imagined a scenario in which he
had a threesome with Ransom and Jose. It was too much! Could it happen?
He hoped so. And, delight of delights, Ransom was going to blow him, just
like Jose, and let him fuck him, just like Jose. Oh, God, he thought, if
Ransom lets me piss in his mouth, I'll marry him!

Jane felt his cock stirring up too much so he changed his thoughts to
other things, such as his wacky plan. He didn't feel like jerking off just
now. Sleep was more important.

With pleasant thoughts of the future, Jane drifted off into a deep,
dream-filled sleep. The same dream as before, but this time he didn't
awake in a sweat. Oh, no. This time he not only succeeded in getting his
hot mouth on the young blond man's super-large, blood-filled penis, he
brought him to an orgasm that was so fierce, so violent, so powerful, the
king-sized bed broke!

And, there was no longer a watcher in the dream!

Jane could feel himself waking up, slowly, a mere second at a time.
Man, the dream had been vivid, very vivid, even more so than before. And
now, right now, his bone-hard cock head was being teased by a delicate
fabric. He shifted his legs to escape it's familiar torture.

He opened one eye, looked to his left and saw the digital display of the
clock, as he had many times before. It was a friend, now. A reliable
friend. The clock-friend said: 1:00 A.M. FRI.

With only the one eye opened, he used it to scan his cell. Something
was strange. Odd. The room was different. It looked more furnished! He
saw two dressers that he knew didn't belong in his cell. They wouldn't
allow . . . the thought vanished.

Then reality fully hit him. Christ, he wasn't a prisoner! Or in a
cell, either, for that matter! He was home, in his own bed, in his own
apartment. And he now saw that the delicate cock head tingling fabric was
his own satin sheets. A gift from his mother. I've dreamed the whole
fucking thing! He thought, The whole fucking thing! I didn't suck cock.
Or drink pee. Or . . . his thoughts trailed away again.

He sat up on the edge of the bed and just let it all sink in. He was
once again Joseph John Jacoby, 28, not 19, a lawyer by profession, not a
convict. And very heterosexual, thank you.

There was never a prison sentence. Not even a courtroom judge handing
him a two year sentence. Never a 7' black guy named Sir Bruiser. Or a guy
named . . . his thoughts fled again. He had to pee. Badly. He switched
on the bedside table lamp and headed for the john. His john.

Not bothering to turn on the bathroom light, he started to pee.
Standing up, Sir Cougar, he thought, if you don't mind, that is, Sir! As
he emptied his full bladder, he noticed a paper cup standing up on the
toilet's tank.

"No thanks, waiter, not this time," he said out loud. "I'm on the
wagon!" He giggled in the semi-darkness, feeling quite silly, but happier
than a clam.

As he gave his penis a few last minute wiggle-waggles, he was inundated
with thoughts. They came rushing in and flooded his mind, haphazardly, all
at once, and as disjointed and wildly confusing as a rally of morons. And
as vivid as reality can get.

Ride the Whip! "Suck it, fucker, you know you love it!" Jose's
hard-headed cock. "Keep that butt-plug in!" The taste of cum. "Don't you
dare pee standing up!" The taste of piss. "Swallow it, girl! All of it!"
Suckit Red. "You've got a full plate today, Jane!" He could feel his
nipples twinge. Ouch! Sir Bruiser's humungous cock tree filling his
mouth! Sir Thor's funky asshole taste on his tongue! The Ransom kiss.
Cathouse perfume. He could smell it as if it was in the room with him
right now. "Open up! I gotta piss, cunt!" Sir Cougar's expert thumb!
"Oooh!" He shuddered just thinking about it. "Let's meet in the middle!"

Then Barker's sponge dowel wiggled. "Oooh!" He shuddered again. Shit,
he had moaned out loud as the spongy-headed stick popped into his brain.
Too vivid! Too fucking vivid. He looked down and half expected to see his
cock head fully outlined and poking out of the too-tight silky short pants.
Being rubbed to insanity. He shuddered even though he could see he was
naked without pants of any kind on him. He shuddered once more. "Oooh!"

"I need a fucking drink!" He said out loud. "And a change of scenery!"
He quickly dressed. Simple slacks and shirt with loafers. No socks. No
need. He was in a hurry. The Halcyon Bar across the street closed at 2
a.m. A short while later found him seated at the bar and ordering a Chivas
Regal on the rocks with a twist of lemon. Eager to feel a cold glass on
his lips.

He looked around. Thirty or more night owls were evident, chatting away
like only night owls know how to do. He'd only been in the Halcyon a few
times, but he liked the atmosphere. It was cozy and friendly. And
friendly people frequented the place. It didn't seem in the least bit
phony, like some of the bars near the courthouse were, with their cadre of
smiling wannabes bellying up to the bar. No, this place had a better class
of people.

It had an eclectic mix of people, too. With a relaxed dress code that
meant you could just as easy see a guy in a three piece suit as you would a
construction worker in his overalls. The people mix was straight and gay,
with the straights running at maybe two to one. This gave the place an
aura of equality that was rare in most watering holes. Yeah, Joe liked the
joint. Even thought he'd been hit on twice by gay men. A simple 'no' from
him, with a "Not my bag," tossed in, had ended any further pursuit. Class,
real class.

As he was ordering his second Chivas, a young man came over and sat on
the stool just to his right. A young muscular man in his mid-twenties.
With curly blond hair. Familiar looking. The dream man? Joe thought.
Sorta. Kinda. The man spoke, gently and unthreateningly.

"Hi. Guess you couldn't sleep, either, huh?" Joe nodded slightly and
sized the man up. He looked straight, but it didn't take a real stretch to
place him as gay. The man's next comment cleared up any doubts Joe might
have had about sexual orientation.

"I've, uh, noticed you a couple times before, but I just didn't have the
nerve to approach you. But tonight I thought, you scaredy cat, you, it's
now or never!" He smiled, revealing perfect teeth. Joe smiled back, his
not my bag line almost on his lips and lowered his eyes. Ooops! There's
that bulge! Just like in the dream. Christ, it came down to just above
his knee! This was way too fucking much. The man had said something else,
but Joe hadn't heard it.

"Huh?" he said, looking back up at the man's face. The man had his hand
out as if offering to shake with it.

"I said, you cute sleepyhead, my name's Jose. Jose Cougar. What's
yours?" Hearing the name, Joe grinned. A strange feeling washed over him.
A new feeling that he had only dreamt about. He reached for Jose's hand.

As he pressed Jose's warm flesh into his, Joe looked directly into
pool-blue eyes.

"Jose, do you believe in d j vu?"

End. Jane/Joe's Prison Ordeal!

That, dear reader, was one ending to my tale. Here is the other . . .

And, there was no longer a watcher in the dream!

Good night, Jane. Sleep tight for tomorrow's another busy day.

EPILOGUE: Did Jane find a way to extend her prison term? Yes, and it
was a piece of cake to pull off! Jose had a friend who knew how to hack
into the prison and court records. It was simple as shit to add as much
time to Jane's sentence as desired. Jane chose seven years as a tack-on
and it was done.

Sir Bruiser added a new item to Jane's little red purse. A remote
control device that could, with a range of 25' or so, make the new
butt-plugs that came with it vibrate. In three speeds, low, medium, and
Mamma mia! It was to be handed to the date immediately upon meeting him.

Thus, the date could have his cocksucker slave really revved up, and
wildly aroused, throughout the encounter merely by pressing a button. Each
date was initially given an instruction sheet that detailed the best
button-pressing sequences for getting the cocksucker slave "Over the Moon,"
as Sir Bruiser had called it. Barker called it the greatest sex toy of the
new millennium. He was so taken with the device he threw away his dowel
stick with the lubed up sponge.

In one particularly hot blowjob and anal encounter with Jane, Barker
fucked up the remote by drooling on it! It's putting it mildly to say that
he was the happiest man alive when he heard that Jane had a replacement.

No one doubted, neither dates nor cocksuckers, that the new item brought
cocksucking to a new level of passion. Especially for the cocksuckers
whose dates had taken the time to master the simple device.

Each butt-plug also had its own "unique" three digit code that could be
entered on the keypad of a "special" remote control that only Sir Bruiser,
Sir Cougar, and Sir Thor possessed. Thus, none of the girls ever knew when
their asses would just up and vibrate, making them twitch, shudder, and
moan, whether in the mess hall or in a corridor. Or any place else, for
that matter. The only escape was to get outside of the remote's 25' range.
The three top dogs had loads of fun watching the girls squirm and squeal as
they headed for the zone of safety. Great fun, indeed!

After a while, however, most of the girls just refused to run,
preferring to just smile, close their eyes, and enjoy it. As the novelty
wore thin, the top three dogs rarely carried the remotes with them. To the
relief of some girls and the chagrin of others. But anyone who missed it
always knew their next date would take up the slack.

Did Jane have a threesome with Jose and Ransom? That, dear reader, is
another story!

End. Jane/Joe's Prison Ordeal!

I'm tempted to write a third ending. And a fourth! And maybe tag
endings on it forever or until I run totally dry, whichever comes first!
Then again . . .


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