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Janene's Wishes


Disclaimer: Must be at least 18 to read this story.

Author's Note: The original version of this story was written in the
summer of 1998. I have put it through a revision more for grammatical
reasons than the story itself, but like every story that goes through a
revision, there has been a nip and tuck here and there to enhance the

Janene's Wishes by JR Parz

"So, you say you're granting me three wishes, huh?" asked the young sales girl with a disbelieving smile.

Derek had spotted the girl a few minutes ago. He had scanned her mind
and saw that she was only sixteen years old. The girl was very pretty and
very sure of herself. She wore her blonde hair long and possessed the
loveliest blue eyes. A further scan told him that she was used to getting
what she wanted...when she wanted it, and very much aware of her beauty.
It was these types of girls that sparked Derek's interest...not because he
had a problem with them... in fact, he thought more power to them, but
because he felt obligated to even out the playing field.

Derek bore into the girl's mind again to find what type of boy she'd
find attractive and assumed this appearance. To make sure he didn't alarm
her, he surrounded himself with friendly vibes...and in no time at all they
had themselves a conversation going. It was then that he brought up his
favorite topic, wish granting. "Three wishes... anything you want."


Janene smiled at the boy. He was cute...and she found herself
responding to his silly lines. "Well, are there any stipulations governing
these wishes? I remember seeing Aladdin and how the genie had a list of
what couldn't be wished this the case with your wishes?"

"Nope... most definitely not. You can wish for anything you want...
and to set the record straight, I'm not a genie and don't have rules. You
can wish for anything your heart desires... wealth, happiness, a new
sports car, a more mature about a sex slave?"

Janene blushed.

"I'll tell you what... I'll give you a free wish...just so you can
waste one. This way you can see if I'm telling the truth."

Just then a young woman came into the store, drawing Janene's attention.
She was very pretty and wearing a USC sweatshirt. It wasn't her beauty
that captured Janene's was her incredibly huge tits. Janene
watched them sway and jiggle beneath her sweatshirt and felt envious. Her
own tits barely filled an 'A' cup and she often wondered what she might
look like with a larger set. Then it hit her...why not? She smiled. It
certainly would put an end to this wish-granting charade... it might even
make the boy blush in the process. "Okay... You see that girl over


Derek had been monitoring Janene's thoughts the whole time and knew
exactly what she was going to wish...but for her benefit, he turned to look
at the college coed. "Yes, I see her."

"I wish that I had a pair of boobs as big and as beautiful as hers."
Janene stated.

"Done." Derek replied.


"Huh? How do I know...WHAT! WH...WHAT'S GOING ON!?!" Janene cried out.
"My tits! They're growing!" She exclaimed as they quickly filled and
strained against the cups of her bra. She tried pressing her hands down on
top of them to stop their growth. "Wh... wha...What did you do!?!"

"You wished to have big beautiful tits like the girl over there, and
that is exactly what I've given you." Derek replied.

Janene had to get her bra it now dug painfully into her new
flesh, so she ducked down behind the counter and quickly stripped from the
waist up. When she unhooked her bra, her enlarged boobs sprang out from
their confines and started to grow again! "NO! Make them stop!" she
screamed...but they continued to grow, bigger and fuller with every second,
and didn't stop growing until they were incredibly huge. "Oh my god!" she
cried... cupping them with her hands. "You have to do something!"

Janene struggled while putting her shirt back on and found she couldn't
button it. "I... I...can't believe this!" she cried. "Please... I need
something to cover these...these... oh my god... Get me some clothes!"

"Do you wish it?"

"Yes! Yes... I wish that I had something to cover these things!


Janene felt a flow of air circle around her and with a blink of an eye,
her undersized shirt suddenly disappeared to be replaced by a snug bra and
tight fitting sweatshirt. As she began to stand up she heard a shriek from
the back of the store! Then the college girl that she had seen earlier
came running by her holding her naked tits! Janene now knew where the bra
and sweatshirt came from.

"Well Janene, that was your first official wish... you have two left. I
suggest you use them wisely."

Janene looked at the boy in shock. Everything was happening so fast and
she couldn't get over how big she was. "I'm huge!" she cried and wondered
if she could ever get used to them. She wished that they felt natural and
good on her and then realized that they could. "Okay...I... I'm ah...
umm...okay... I wish that my boobs felt really, really good to me and that
I loved them."

"Done." the boy said.

Janene suddenly felt a strange tingling flood each of her tits,
centering on her nipples. She groaned and couldn't resist the urge to rub
and caress them. "Ohhhhhhhh gggoooddddddd." she whispered, as pleasure
flooded her groin. Her tits felt incredible and she wanted to play with
them... but she was in a public store and knew she shouldn't. Janene
turned to Derek and smiled. "I don't know what's come over me... but...
but I really...need you to... you know."

The boy smiled again. "Would you like me to do you here?"

Janene squealed with excitement and led him by the hand into the
employees' restroom. She then closed and locked the door and without the
slightest hint of modesty she pulled her sweatshirt up over her head.
Janene took only a second to admire how her new tits looked encased in her
new 36'DD' bra and then unhooked it, releasing them. "Fuck me!" she
cried... "Fuck me!"

The boy just smiled and nodded... and the next thing she knew, her legs
were propelling her forward. She stopped when she was inches away from him
and then practically came when he reached up and grazed his palms over her
nipples. Janene groaned long and loud at her ever-increasing arousal and
could only imagine what she must look like. Again she responded to some
unspoken command and unbuttoned her jeans... seconds later she was naked
and squirming. "Ungghhhh. I... I... need you sooooo baaaaaaaaddd."

Janene dropped to her knees and without consciously willing it, she
unzipped the boy's fly and freed his erection. She blushed thinking it was
so big, never actually having seen one this close before. She then felt a
need to take him in her mouth. "Pleeeeeaasssseee, I neeeeeed you!"

She'd never gone down on a boy before, but like with every step thus
far, she responded to unspoken commands... She puckered her mouth in an
'O' and moved down on him, greedily needing him inside of her. The boy's
dick was long and thick as it slid deep down her throat and she stabbed her
tongue along his shaft. Pleasing him became her only desire.

Everything moved so fast... feeling like she was in a whirlwind of
sensations. She wasn't sure exactly when she stopped bobbing her head up
and down on him and when she was lifted up by him, but the next thing she
knew she was being lowered hard on top of him! Janene screamed out as he
penetrated her, puncturing through her hymen! She wrapped both her legs
and arms around his back for dear life as she unabashedly began humping up
and down. "YYeeessssss! Yeesssssss!" Yyeeeeesssssssssss!
Yyeeeeesssssssssss! Yyeeeeesssssssssss!" she screamed until she exploded
with an incredible orgasm! "AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmm."

Janene thought she might have passed out because suddenly her eyes
sprang open. The boy smiled at her and she blushed. She turned redder
when she realized that she was still impaled on him. The magnitude of her
actions played on her but instead of them upsetting her... she wished she
could do it all over again. The boy must have known what she was thinking
because he smirked. "You really don't want to waste your last wish on
another screwing, do you?" Janene just giggled thinking. 'God, he's so
cute.' and started to move her vaginal muscles again.

"No you don't... we need to get back to business." he responded.

Janene thought that she had fallen in love and suddenly it dawned on her
that she didn't even know his name. "Wh...what's your name?" She blushed.


"I'm Janene."

"I know... it said so on your name tag."

Janene giggled...beaming. She was still working her vaginal muscles and
wondered if she could squeeze out an orgasm before he slid himself out of
her... she loved how her new boobs provided a cushion between their

"Get dressed... I'll be waiting for you in the store." Derek whispered
and then lifted her up off of him.

Janene felt sad from his withdrawal and then blushed when she saw
herself leaking. She was a woman now... thanks to Derek... and wished
that they could do it again. Derek zipped up his fly. "If you must cum again... be quick about 'it'." and then walked out.

Janene entered herself with three of her fingers, easily sliding them
along her clit... seconds later she cried out with another orgasm!

Quickly, remembering Derek was out in the store waiting for her, she
cleaned herself and put her clothes back on...except of course her bra.
Her nipples were way too sensitive to wear a bra again. Janene quickly
moved out to the store enjoying the sway and jiggle of her new boobs and
giggled at all the looks she was getting. She wondered if they had heard
her cries of passion... and giggled again.

"Well, I trust you feel better." Derek smirked.

"Oh yes...much...much better. Thank you." she blushed. "I just love my
new boobies. I love the way they feel. Can we do it again?" she asked.

"Maybe after your last wish... you still have one more... what will it

Janene tried thinking about what she could wish for but her arousal was
making it hard for her to concentrate. She was getting hornier and hornier
with every second and the feel of her rock hard nipples rubbing up against
the material of her sweatshirt was driving her crazy. Without caring who
was watching, she moved her hands underneath her sweatshirt and cupped her
boobs. "Goooodddd." she cried out with pleasure. She was so happy that
she didn't have a bra on... now she had easier access to her flesh and she
didn't ever want to let go of her new boobs. 'Only if I didn't have to
work right now' she thought to herself. 'If I didn't have to work I could
be home playing with my big boobies.' THEN IT HIT HER! Why have to work
when she could simply wish not to! In fact... why ever work again?
Janene grinned. "I... I wish that I never had to work again for the rest
of my life and that I was totally independent from any responsibility."

"Normally that would be two wishes Janene, but since its your last and
you've just given me so much pleasure, I'm going to allow it... done."


Janene smiled at the pretty lady and giggled.

"Oh hi Derek...and who is this lovely creature?" Lady Ashley asked while
admiring her with a smile.

"This is Janene...isn't she precious." Derek replied...and Janene
blushed prettily as they both gazed at her.

"Oh look Derek... we've made her blush. She's so sweet." Lady Ashley

Janene beamed with joy...she felt so, so very happy. Was this the
pretty lady that was going to take care of her? Derek had said she'd never
have to work or have any responsibility again for the rest of her life.
She looked at the lady and continued to blush. She was so, so pretty and
so, so nice."

"Janene, go over by the mirror there and strip... you won't be needing
clothes anymore. Enjoy your body while you wait for me." The lady told
her... and Janene felt a flush of pleasure as she rushed to comply. She
giggled. It made her feel so, so good when she did what she was told.

Once she stripped she looked at herself in the mirror... she loved
looking at herself... she was very beautiful...especially her new boobies.
She would never tire of looking at her new boobies and giggled at how
pleasurable they felt to her. She brought her hand down to her pussy and
without showing the slightest hint of shyness, entered herself and moaned.

As Janene masturbated, she glanced to the corner of the mirror and could
see Lady Ashley and Derek watching her... she giggled again and smiled at
them... not letting up as she stroked her clit.

"She awfully young looking." Lady Ashley commented. Janene heard her
but was too caught up in her self-pleasuring to care.

"Yes, she is young...only sixteen years old."

"What did she wish for?" Lady Ashley asked.

"Big boobs...and to love how they felt...then she finished it up with a
wish never to work or have any responsibilities ever again." Derek replied.

"Wow, she's..."

Suddenly Janene screamed out with an orgasm!

"Yes...she certainly is." Derek added. "I also included a couple of

"Yes... quite nicely done I might add. She doesn't seem to mind it...
just like the other girls." Lady Ashley smiled.

"Regardless how career driven or stuck up they are... once under the
bimbo spell, they just gush with pleasure." Derek smirked.

"Beautiful, long blond hair and stacked quite nicely on top. The
classic bimbo if I ever saw one...what exactly did you do to her mind,
other than make her one hundred percent submissive." Lady Ashley asked.

"I've reduced her attention span to about ten seconds and she
experiences an erotic thrill every time she obeys someone. I added the
giggling before she was even done wishing."

"Is the real Janene still inside that pretty head of hers?"

"Oh yes... and enjoying every second of her new life. She remembers
her past and why she's the way she is but the pleasure she receives
overrides every other emotion. She no longer has to make another decision
for the rest of her life and couldn't be happier. Of course I've also
altered her to fill your other prerequisite."

"Good... is she bi or exclusive?" Lady Ashley asked.

"Exclusive." Derek replied.

Lady Ashley said her goodbye to Derek and escorted Janene up the stairs.
Upon entering the bedroom, Janene's eyes lit up! Three girls... all
naked... all incredibly beautiful... and all lapping at each other's
pussy. Janene giggled while feeling a warm rush of new pleasure.

"Janene... You may join them."

Janene smiled at Lady Ashley and climbed on top of the bed...settling
down in-between the legs of a pretty red head. The aroma from the girl's
pussy teased her senses and compelled her to poke her tongue inside of her.
She tasted heavenly and Janene lapped thirstily, drinking from her, making
love to her with her tongue.


Lady Ashley smiled as she watched Janene's first tryst with another
girl... no one would be able to tell it was Janene's first time... She
added so much to her stable of beauties. While Janene lapped away at
Rhea's pussy, Lady Ashley stripped off her gown and then climbed on top of
the bed. Every girl stopped what they were doing and repositioned
themselves on their knees. "As you were." she whispered... and the girls went back to their lovemaking. Lady Ashley spread Janene's ass cheeks and
reached down to lick her... she could smell the young beauty's arousal and
she found herself responding.

Janene screamed out with an orgasm as she felt Lady Ashley's tongue stab
her... hitting her sensitive clit. She gushed with cum, she gushed with
happiness and deep, deep down inside that very pretty head of hers, she
felt so, so happy.

The End.

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