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Jan's First Time


Jan's First Time (M/teen-f, cons) - story 3/5

By Dorsai

Note: this is a story about consensual sex between a teenage female and
an adult male. If the idea of sex between a young female and older male
offends you, stop here, and delete the file.

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Copyright retained by author, but the story is released for public
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that my 'work' is appreciated. I'm considering making my stories also
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you're interested.

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---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

Over the course of the last year, Jan (then 15, daughter of my best
friend Paul) and I had gotten more and more physically intimate with each
other - stopping *just* short of actual intercourse.

On the other hand, Jan had gotten me to 'introduce' her best friend,
Kelly, to sexuality - and Kelly was far more adventurous (and mature,
emotionally and intellectually) than Jan. Kelly asked me to be the first
to make love to her - vaginally AND anally.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

After my experience with Kelly, both girls were more than happy to spend
time together; and particularly with me. I continued to pull Responsible
Adult Figure duty for Paul when he was out of town on business trips,
though now mostly for the sake of the boys, Leo and John, than for Jan. At
my suggestion, she'd started talking to Paul about some of the things that
were going on in her life, at school, and so on; the result was that he'd
come to learn that she had a pretty good head on her shoulders, and had a
lot of maturity for her age (which, of course, I could easily have
verified, if not for fear that Paul would kill me if he ever found out how
I'd learned it!). With her increased freedom and responsibilities, Jan had
flourished, and shown that she could handle it, and each time she did,
earned herself a bit more freedom, and so on. The trick was that Paul
trusted Jan to be responsible for herself; he didn't figure she was *quite*
up to handling her brothers, as well - no matter how well behaved they were
(most of the time).

For her part, Kelly asked a couple of times if we could get together
again, but I'd always begged off on the excuse of work, or other plans.
Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed it, mind you, but I was determined not to
do anything with Kelly that could conceivably hurt Jan.

So it was that several times, I'd be at Paul's place, with the boys involved in various nearby athletic events (usually at the park a couple
blocks away), with Jan and Kelly keeping me company - usually snuggled up
next to me on the couch in the den, watching a movie. With spring in full
bloom, and easing it's way into summer, the girls were almost invariably
dressed in shorts (or short skirts) and lightweight tops (tank tops or
T-shirts). The result was that it was always easy for me to caress a
smooth, firm thigh or hold a firm, braless breast. They usually had a hand
inside my shirt tickling my chest hairs or just laying on a pectoral
muscle, or on my thigh (and if one or both was frisky, holding or caressing
my penis through my pants).

One memorable evening, we were sitting there, watching "9 1/2 Weeks"
(they usually chose the movie, a medium-to-hard 'R') when Kelly looked up
at me and asked straight out if she could spend the 4th of July holiday
with me - at MY place.

When she said that, Jan looked up, and asked, "Yeah, Uncle Dan! That's
a good idea! Kelly's folks will be gone on a cruise for a week, and she'll
be home alone. If she could stay with you a couple days, she wouldn't be
so lonely at home. And I *know* she wants to spend some more 'private'
time with you!"

Why did I get the feeling that the whole thing had been orchestrated?

After a bit of badgering, and a little negotiation, I finally
capitulated, and agreed - but ONLY after satisfied that Jan really was okay
with the idea of Kelly and I being alone together. As much fun as Kelly
was, Jan was my best friends daughter, and as much a daughter to me as if
she'd been mine. Not in any size, way, shape, or form would I knowingly or
willingly do _anything_ to hurt her, in any way.

With that settled, the girls shared a look, and we went back to watching
the movie - though the girls and I were soon molesting each other more than

---------- ---------- ----------

Between the time that Jan and Kelly ambushed me about letting Kelly stay
with me during the 4th of July holidays and the time of the event, Jan
reassured me several times that she was fine with it, without any
questioning or prompting by me (or, to my knowledge, Kelly). She and Kelly
had been best friends for nearly two thirds of their young lives, and knew
each other about as well as two people could. I trusted that Jan was
sincere, and knew what she was saying, but have to admit that the
reassurance made me feel better.

Soon enough, it was the start of the holiday - and as agreed, Kelly
turned up at my door late in the afternoon. A few months older than Jan,
she already had her license, and her parents - ever willing to spend money
on her, rather than time WITH her - had bought her a shiny new VW Beetle
for her birthday, in her choice of a bright yellow. When *I'd* asked her
what she wanted for her birthday, Kelly had told me that I'd already given
it to her, the afternoon we'd had together - enthusing that it had been the
best present she'd gotten, ever, from anyone (which made me feel rather
pleased with myself for several days).

After I'd let her in, she seemed a bit nervous, but still comfortable
about the situation. I got her something to drink - a beer, at her request
- and we chatted for a bit, during which time she said that she'd parked
around the corner a bit, so that anyone seeing her car might think that it
wasn't HER car. I pointed out that it was as likely to be towed or stolen
left out like that, and said that she was more than willing to park it in
my driveway; or, if she was worried about getting me in trouble, in my
garage. She agreed, and having had only a few sips of her beer, I was
willing to let her get it, after she said she'd rather park it in the
garage. So, a couple minutes later, I had the garage door open when she
pulled into the driveway, and then into the garage, stopping next to my
Volvo. Once the garage door closed, she seemed to calm down considerably,
and after getting out of her car, planted a kiss on me that damn near
curled my toes. After that, I wasn't reluctant about holding her asscheek
in my hand as we went back into the main part of the house. I had a
smallish (a touch under 3000 square foot) 3-bedroom, 2-bath house, with one
of the bedrooms set up as a home office/lab that I used as part of my
business as an independent engineer (I focused on distributed
control/automation systems). Once settled back into the 'family' room, we
settled down to just talk for a little while. As intelligent as she was,
and incredibly mature at 16, we got along surprisingly well, despite our
nearly 30-year age difference: we'd found that we were quite comfortable
sitting and talking, or - most amazingly of all - simply being together;
reading, listening to music (she'd learned an appreciation of my preferred
Classical music), or simply sitting there.

After a while, I offered to give a tour of the place, and she readily
agreed. Starting in the room we were in, I explained all the things that
I'd had done to the place. From there, to the living room area, then to
the 'spare' bedroom that I'd actually furnished as a bedroom, if sparsely.
Then to my home office, which seemed to impress her mightily - "How much is
all this stuff *worth*?" , "Oh, new, it cost probably somewhere between a
hundred-fifty and two hundred thousand; it's worth less now." - when she
saw all the test equipment, my intranet, computers, and all the
electronics. The master bedroom was next, where she saw that I lived a
fairly simple lifestyle with fairly simple tastes: Queen-sized bed, simple
- but high-quality - furnishings, plain designs for linens and such. Then
on to the kitchen, which was equipped as expected, but laid out better than
most. It was there that she finally noticed that as we'd walked through
the house, lights had come on and then gone off without me touching any
switches, and that the kitchen had a touch screen LCD display. Asking me
about it, I explained that the house was a semi-custom design, and custom
built: I'd deliberately had it constructed in such a way as to make adding
a home automation and control system easy. From there, I had to explain
that the house was able to detect people, and switched lights on and off as
necessary, as well as monitoring the time of day, weather, and so on to
minimize energy consumption; it was even able to 'remember' what my routine
was, and simulate it (with minor variations) while I was gone, so as to
convince a potential burglar that I was actually home. I even had to
demonstrate the voice-controlled distributed audio/video and communications
systems by standing in the middle of the kitchen, calling Jan on the phone,
and talking to her without touching anything, and having an HBO channel
display on the LCD screen in the kitchen. .She went on to ask about the
house itself, and I had to tell her the story of how I'd had to fight with
the designer to get permission to modify it from his original plans to
something *I* could use, and then tried 3 different builders before I found
an independent willing to do the quality kind of job I wanted, as opposed
to the minimum-standard called 'The Code'. She even laughed when I told
her how I'd walked out on one builder after he tried to slip me a contract
that fell back on 'the code', rather than committing to the higher
standards *I* wanted. The house had wound up costing me nearly 25% more
than its 'to code' equivalent, but was fully twice the quality. When she
asked about whether or not I was worried about someone coming in and
stealing everything, I had to show her the basics of the security system,
including the high-tech ring I wore that literally talked to one of the
computers in the office and opened the door FOR me (even though I did have
high-security key-operated locks for emergency backup, I'd never had to use
them). She finally realized that despite the high-tech look, all of it was
very livable for people, and energy-efficient, what with 12" outside walls,
solar supplemented energy, and all the other features I'd designed in.

Following that, she had to know what it was that I did for a living, and
I explained to her that I was an independent engineer, specializing in
distributed and automated control systems. As such, I made enough to keep
myself comfortable, without having to worry about having the time to do
things that I wanted to - my customers were an extremely loyal bunch,
having learned that my higher prices were more than paid for by the higher
quality and reliability of my work.

We eventually found our way back to the family room, and continued our

"Dan, why did you say that I could park in your driveway, instead of
letting me park my car where I did?"

"Because I'm not too worried about anyone saying anything about you
being here."

"Not even my folks? Why not?"

"I don't mean any offense, but I figure it this way: if your folks were
worried, they would have made other arrangements BEFORE they left on their
cruise. If anyone else sticks their face in it, I just tell them to buzz
off - it's none of their business."

'But what if my parents *did* find out? Or DO find out?"

"If they really objected, then I suspect that I'd have to get lawyers
involved - I'd probably try Susan's dad, first. I think the argument could
be made that you're old and mature enough to be making your own decisions,
considering how you've said that your parents are to you. And if it
*really* got bad, and you didn't object, the argument could be made that
their lack of attention and concern constituted neglect, if not outright
abuse, and that your time with me - setting aside any physical contact -
was supportive and caring."

"I don't know if I'd want my mom and Dad described that way, but if it
was them or you, then I'd let it happen. They've never beaten me, or
anything like that; it was more like they just really didn't want to be
bothered, like I was taking up too much of their time. Not like you - I
mean, all we've done so far has been *talk*; you spend more time talking to
me than my parents do, and about more important stuff. And even when it's
not about important stuff, you talk to me like I've got a brain and can
understand what you're talking about. I mean, even when you were telling
me about your house, and all the stuff you've done to it, you told me what
was going on without using baby-talk."

"Kelly, I like you for YOU, who you are inside. You're smart, you're
more grown up than a lot of the so-called adults I know, you're pretty -
very much so! - but that's not why I like spending time with you."

"I'll say! I've been here what, a couple of hours, now? - and you
*still* haven't jumped my bones yet; all you've done has been play with my
butt for a little bit after I put my car in the garage!"

I laughed, and said "Well, that's not _entirely_ my fault, now, is it?
After all, YOU were the one that decided to plant yourself in the family room and talk, and then you just *had* to have the tour of the place - and
didn't say or do anything, even when I showed you BOTH bedrooms. So if
you're not getting the kind of reception you want, you've got to be a
little more explicit about what you want - you KNOW that I'm not the kind
of guy to just start humping your leg or anything just cause you're in the

She laughed, too, and replied "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, you want
'explicit'? How's THIS!" - stood up, unzipped the sundress she was
wearing, and let it drop - revealing that she didn't have a thing on under

Yeah, that was pretty explicit - from her trim calves and thighs, to the
soft, dark cloud at their juncture to the soft, curved hips to the trim
waist to the firm, flat belly to the swells of her firm,
half-a-large-orange sized breasts with their dark nipples, to the soft
shape of her shoulders, to her slender neck, to her cute face with the
incredibly beautiful hazel eyes, to her straight black hair. With the
warmer weather, she'd apparently gotten a head start on a summer tan; even
with her olive complexion, I could see slightly paler areas around her
breasts and pelvis where her (obviously bikini) swimsuit covered her.

With a smile on my face at the defiant look she had, I calmly stood up,
and took my clothes off, as well - though more slowly because of having
more than just the one item to discard. Eventually, though, I was as ready
as she was, if less appealing. She walked over to me, and we hugged for a
bit, her head tucked neatly under my chin, allowing me to smell the
fragrance of her shampoo, and warm, fresh girl.

When we separated, I stepped back a bit, and sat down, pulling her -
kneeling - down onto my lap. More evenly situated, we started kissing.
First softly, then more and more passionately, until we were all but fused
together at the lips and tongue. Eventually, though, we did have to break
- if more from a need for oxygen, than wanting to.

When we did break, I had to assure her "Kelly, we've got the next couple
of days, so there's no hurry on any of this. Let's just take it easy, and
_enjoy_ the time and situation. I promise, it will make for a happier time
and better memories."

She smiled, and blushed a little, and replied by saying "Yeah, I suppose
so. But it's been so long since that first time, and I *really* want us to
be together!"

"That's fine, I understand, and even agree. But that doesn't mean we
have to rush into it, either. Remember the fun we had last time?"

"You bet I do!"

"Ask yourself this: would it have been as much fun it we'd only had ONE
hour, or even two, instead of the whole afternoon?"

"Uh, no, I guess not. Okay, I understand what you're saying."

"Good. Now we can just let what happens, happen. No pressure, no
hurry, no muss, no fuss. We'll make love while you're here. But that's
what we'll do: make LOVE, not just have sex, nice as that is sometimes.
There's no pressure or hurry on any of it. Take your time, and savor the
time and experiences we have together."

With that, she seemed to understand that her time with me was precious -
to BOTH of us, and relaxed a bit. And with that relaxation, she was less
demanding, and being less demanding, she was better able to enjoy the
experiences we had over the next couple of days. Such as

Making love on the couch. I was sitting, and she planted herself in my
lap, leaning back against my chest. We sat there like that while watching
a movie on TV; I started with my hands on her hips, and eventually moved
them so that I was holding her on my lap. Not satisfied, she soon pulled
them up so my arms were crossed and my hands holding her breasts as my
growing erection started pressing against her mons. Gently squeezing her
breasts and tweaking her nipples, I started kissing her shoulders, and
before long, she was wriggling around, until the head of my penis was
pressing against her opening, and then with a little more wriggling and a
few up and down movements, inside her. As she slowly raised and lowered
herself on me, I reached a hand down to slowly and softly caress her erect
and prominent clitoris. We continued like that for perhaps 20 minutes
before she finally peaked. As her inner muscles milked me, it was enough
to trigger my own climax, and I flooded her hot, tight tunnel with my

Making love on the floor, in front of the fireplace. We'd showered
after the couch incident, dried off, and were laying in front of a small
fire in the fireplace when she got it into her head that she wanted a
condensed repeat of the first afternoon we'd had together: she started by
taking me into her mouth and softly sucking me to erection, then quickly
squatting over me. Once ready, she slowly lowered herself onto my
saliva-slick rod, seating herself firmly into my lap. She paused a bit,
then began humping herself over me, sliding my erection nearly all the way
out before swiftly and firmly re-seating herself. After a few minutes of
that, she dismounted me, and pulled me up to a seated position before
moving to the side and getting on her hands and knees, telling me "Do me!
Like this!". Ever obliging, I did. Remembering how she'd reacted the
first time I'd had her this way, I wasn't gentle with her - just as she'd
wanted, judging from the moans and gasps she released. When I started to
get close to climaxing, she noticed the increased effort, and after a bit,
stopped me, saying "No! Don't shoot yet. I want you the other way, too!".
I withdrew, and she quickly lay down and rolled onto her back, spreading
her legs and drawing her knees up, making herself easily accessible to me.
I laid over her, and she reached down to guide me into position, where I
quickly pressed myself home, merging our pubic hair. I quickly resumed my
previous rhythm, but having had a chance to draw back from the edge a bit,
was better able to apply myself to maximizing her pleasure. After a few
minutes, I reached down to lever her knees over my arms, so that her pelvis
was tilted up to me, allowing me to enter her as deeply and easily as
possible. Once in that position, I was soon almost pounding straight into
her, causing her to grunt with each impact of my pelvic bone against her
clitoris. As I felt my balls tighten up, Kelly began her orgasm; with my
pounding against her, her orgasm was among the strongest I'd ever seen, and
the clutching of her vagina was finally enough to trigger me into my own
release - I pumped what seemed like quarts of semen into her before finally
collapsing over her, still careful to keep my weight off her. We lay like
that for several minutes, until my softening penis finally popped free of
her, releasing a wave of our combined juices to soak our still-merged pubic

Waking up on the receiving end of some truly outstanding oral sex.
Sated for the evening, Kelly and I had showered again, and (still nude)
spent the rest of the evening listening to music. When we were both
finally sleepy enough, we went to bed - together. Snuggling next to each
other, we fell asleep in the classic spoon position, her cute fanny tucked
neatly into my lap, my semi-erect penis securely resting between her ass
cheeks. When I woke up in the morning, it was to the feeling of her warm
mouth wrapped around my erect penis as she slowly moved her head up and
down on it. When she realized I was awake, she smiled at me as best she
could, and with a twinkle in her eye, moved around so that I could reach
her butt and mons. For some reason, she didn't want to move so that I
could return the favor, so I had to content myself with massaging her
clitoris, and sliding a finger or two into her vagina. The more I did it,
the more excited she seemed to get, judging from the wetness. Getting an
idea, I carefully applied some of her wetness to a finger, and began
massaging her anus. Gradually, I increased the amount of lubrication
available, until I was finally able to insert a finger - while keeping two
more in her vagina. That done, I quickly went to work pumping them in and
out of her, both at the same time for a while, then see-sawing them; having
both holes stimulated that way soon had her doing everything she could to
finish me: applying an incredible amount of suction to my penis, using her
tongue to tickle different parts of it, taking as much of me into her mouth
as she could (not quite deep-throating me), It didn't take long with such
mutual stimulation before I had to warn her of my impending climax. Her
vocal acknowledgement (the humming created a vibration that was *quite*
pleasing!) was enough to trigger it - in moments, I'd blasted the first of
several shots of cum into her eager mouth as she swallowed and sucked on me
as best she could. About the time I started to soften, my efforts at her
nether regions were rewarded by the feeling of both her openings clamping
down on my fingers. Though unable to move them in and out, I was free to
wiggle them inside her, causing her second spasm to be nearly as strong as
her first, and the next to be only slightly less powerful. Eventually,
though, they stopped, and I was able to ease my digits from her - and
getting a few more shudders as I did so.

When she'd caught her breath, she moved back around, so that she was
lying next to me. She held my soft, sticky penis in her hand as she lay on
her side, her head on my shoulder. I put an arm around her so that my hand
was on her ribs, just below the curve of her breast, and kissed her on top
of her head.

As we lay there, she told me "I really didn't understand how much you
were trying to make this place nice to live in until last night."

"What do you mean?"

"I got up once to go get a drink of water, and as I was going to the
kitchen, some blue lights in the walls came on, but *real* low - enough to
let me see where I was going, but not enough to make me blind, you know?
And when I got to the kitchen, even those lights didn't come on all the
way; only about a quarter, maybe. I could see enough to get a glass and
everything, but it still wasn't enough to hurt my eyes. Then, later, I had
to go to the bathroom, and as I got close to it, some of that same kind of
blue light came on inside, in the ceiling. It was like a nightlight, but
easier to see in. I went inside, and closed the door, and that one light
was enough to let me find everything. Then, this morning, when I started
to get out of bed, that computer voice told me what time it was, and what
the weather was outside, and asked me if I was ready for coffee. I don't
drink it, but I know you do, so I went ahead and told it yes. I had to
repeat it a couple times, but it eventually told me 'OK'. A little later,
I could smell coffee brewing!"

"Yeah, that's 'MABEL', the voice-activated computer.", I told her.


"Yeah - MABEL, as in Machine Access By English Language - M, A, B, E,

"Oh! How cute!"

"C'mon. You were there yesterday when I showed you how I could make a
phone call and call up a cable channel on the screen in the kitchen. Each
time, I started out by saying 'MABEL'. What did you think I was saying?"

"Uh, I just thought that was some kind of code word, you know, to get
the machine's attention or something."

"Well, it does do that, but it's also the name of the system I designed.
When you had to repeat yourself, that was its way of learning to recognize
your voice. The next time it asks you a question, it will be able to
accept your answer faster. The down side is that as you start giving it
commands, you'll have to repeat them a couple time at first, as it learns
how to recognize your entire voice, and not just a few words. You can help
it by keeping your instructions simple."


"For example, instead of telling her - I know it's a machine, but I
think of it as a 'her' - 'turn on the tv to 'All My Children' at eleven',
you would wait until the right time, and simply say 'mabel, TV, here, on,
channel ten'."

"What's the difference?"

"Mabel has enough 'smarts' to be able to figure out what you want from
what you say - as long as she recognizes your voice. But until she can do
that, you would have to repeat the instructions several times so she could
recognize the individual words. You can get the results you want faster,
while still helping her learn, by using the fewest words to get the idea
across. Once she knows your voice, you could use the first instruction -
she would 'parse' it to mean the second one. The difference between the
two is that the first is easier for us humans to say, while the second is
easier for Mabel to understand - even though both mean the same."

"Yeah. By making it easy on 'Mabel' for a little while at first, that
makes it easier for me later, for an even longer time."

"That pretty much sums it up."

"So how come Mabel doesn't answer up every time one of us says her name,

"The system is programmed so that the name has to be said first, with
emphasis, and a bit more loudly. Kind of like you would do if you were
trying to tell one person in a group to do something."

"Sure, that makes sense. How did you design this? I mean, how did you
know what you wanted to do, and how to make it happen?"

"It was pretty simple, actually. There has been home control and
automation stuff around for a long time. It was mostly older technology
that was meant to just plug into an existing electrical system, and use
that wiring to communicate. I looked at what that system was able to do,
and then figured out how to do the same things better. Since I was
building the house from scratch, I didn't have the limit of only being able
to use the electrical system to communicate. That meant that I could
design in a lot more efficiency and flexibility by running wiring
specifically for what I planned to do. That I was able to do it in such a
way that it also used the same wiring as I wanted for the computers just
made it easier and more convenient. Cheaper even, since I could
electrically 'glue' common parts together to do what I wanted. Remember,
that's what I do for a living, so it's all pretty much second nature to me
by now!"

Pretty much satisfied, Kelly let the subject go, and we lay there for
quite a while before she spoke again.


"Yes, dear?"

"It's okay with you if Mabel learns to recognize my voice?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I mean, for her to learn my voice, doesn't that mean that I would have
to be here for a while before it was any use?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Then doesn't that mean that you expect me here more? That it's okay if
I'm here more than just this one time?"

"Yup, that's what it means. Not that I *expect* you here more, only
that you're welcome to be here more, if you want. I'm not trying to demand
anything from you, only to let you know that if YOU want, you're welcome to
come back again."

"What about Jan?"

"Jan has her own family; you don't. And close as Jan and I are, it's
not as close as you and I are, I think; and in a different way. I love her
more like a daughter; you I love more like a friend or lover. Don't worry,
though, about her - if you *do* come back" - "I will!" - "then I'll talk to
her about it, and explain, if I have to. If she gets upset - I don't think
she will, but if she does - then it might be necessary for both of us to
get with her and discuss it."

"Uh, would it help if I talked to her first? As her best friend?"

"It wouldn't hurt, I suppose."

A little bit later, Kelly was surprised when Mabel informed us that the
coffee was old, and cautioning us (me) that it might burn the pot. I used
that as an excuse to get both of us up and into the shower before heading
into the kitchen (still nude) for a late breakfast of croissants and coffee
(me) and tea (Kelly).

Kelly and I spent the rest of the holiday in the house, dressing only
briefly to answer the door for food deliveries - pizza and chinese food on
the two other evenings we spent together. With no pressures, we were able
to enjoy each others company the whole time - sometimes content to simply
lay on the bed and listen to music, other times sharing the couch for a
movie, or each of us reading, or even joining in the lost art of having
simple conversations with each other. We had several intimate times
together, as well. A few times, I'd use my mouth and hands on her to bring
her to climax without actually making love to her; sometimes she'd do the
same to me. A couple times we went into full-blown lovemaking sessions
that lasted an hour or better; and on one occasion, we partook in a mutual
masturbation that left us both thoroughly drained and exhausted. All in
all, it was a friendly, comfortable, affectionate weekend, with periods of
intimacy mixed in, versus a sex marathon held together with recovery
periods. By the time she left, I felt as close to her as I had anyone in
my entire life - and given her one of the electronic 'keys' to my house, in
the form of a fob for her key ring, so as to remain less obvious than the
ring I wore.

As she was leaving, Kelly stopped to give me one of her patented
ferocious hugs before looking up at me with tears in her eyes. When I
looked at her in concern, she simply smiled at me, and said "This was the
nicest time I've had with anybody - except for our first afternoon; and
even that was different than this. You were right, taking it easy and
savoring the experience just made it better. I love you more now than I
ever loved anybody. Not just for the making love - that was great! - but
for the intimacy of your *life* that you shared with me. If you're not
careful, you just might have me around here all the time!"

"Kelly, I enjoyed it too, for pretty much the same reasons. And what
makes you think that I would object to having you around here all the time?
You're smart, you're pretty, you brighten any room you're in, and I love
you, too."

Smiling, but with her eyes still sparkling from tears, she hugged me
again - more gently this time - and kissed me softly before getting into
her car. I opened the garage door, and she backed out, on her way to the
house she shared with her parents.

---------- ---------- ----------

It was a couple of days after Jan's birthday (Paul had bought her a
gently-used VW Rabbit, I a genuine eighth-carat diamond for her bracelet),
and Paul and I were sitting on the patio having a beer together. It was
early evening, and we'd been having a 'mild spell', so the temperature was
cool enough to make the patio worthwhile, but still warm enough to make the
beer taste good. We'd been there for an hour or so when Jan came out to
join us, sitting on the bench that diagonally faced the chairs we were
sitting on.

"Daddy, can we talk a minute?"

"Sure, Pumpkin. What's on your mind?", Paul answered.

"Well, I'm 16 now" - "yeah, I kinda noticed that!", Paul teased - "and I
think I'm pretty mature for my age."

"Yes, you are - that's why you've got your own car, and I haven't told
you where or when you can drive it.", Paul replied.

"Well, I think I'm old enough to make some other decisions for myself,

Paul responded, "Yeah, you _probably_ are.", with a trace of suspicion
in his voice.

"Well, there's something I've decided that I think I need to tell you

"And that is?", Paul asked, now definitely suspecting something is going
on that he's not going to like.

"I've decided that I don't want to be a virgin anymore."

At that, Paul had a coughing fit while I decided everything in the back
yard needed my detailed examination - everything, that is, but Paul and
Jan. I tried generating an "I'm not here" field around myself, using sheer
will power.

When his coughing finally stopped, Paul looked at her, and said "And how
did you reach this decision?"

"Daddy, I'm *16*. I see all the sexy ads on TV, I've seen the nudity
and 'sexual situations' on movies, I hear the sex lyrics in songs - yes,
even the Country Western you like! - and all the rest of it. Daddy, all
that sex talk and everything is all around - did you really think I wasn't
going to catch on, sooner or later? And want to find out what it was all
about? This isn't the _Fifties_, for goodness sake; you can't pretend that
it doesn't happen! I mean, watch just ONE 'Victoria's Secret' ad on TV,
and you know _something_ is going on."

"So why are you telling me this?"

"Because I want to be honest with you, and when it happens, you know
that I didn't lose my mind, or that I got drunk or stoned and someone took
advantage of me. I'm telling you so that you know that I'm being mature about it, and not doing it from a passing desire, or anything like that.
Daddy, I've really, *really* _thought_ about it. I KNOW that once it
happens, I can't undo it. I KNOW that it will change me, forever - not
just physically, but mentally and all the rest."

"Okay, you've thought it through, and made your decision. But you
didn't have to tell me ahead of time, so why are you *really* telling me
this now?"

She paused a moment, and I started to take a hit from my Michelob when
she said "Because I want Uncle Dan to be the one."

Beer came out my nose.

Which, of course, precipitated a coughing/sneezing fit.

When it was over, I was still red-faced, eyes watering, and had a runny
nose - and could see that Jan was intently watching Paul, who was looking
at me as though the whole thing had been MY idea somehow, and he was ready
and willing to kill me for it, right on the spot.

I all but shouted "No fu- rigging way!". I'd never sworn around the
kids, but this was more provocation than I'd ever had before, too.

Jan looked a bit hurt by that - the expression on her face almost broke
my heart - but I really NEEDED to get the point across to Paul that I had
no intentions or plans to ravage this delicate flower of his loins. It
took a bit, but once satisfied that I wasn't going to rip her clothes off
right on the spot and rape her before his very eyes, he seemed to
understand that this was NOT something I'd come up with, and turned back to
look at her.

Taking full advantage of the break, I stood up, told them "Look, this is
something you two need to talk about, without me here. Yeah, I know, it
seems to involve me, but I _really_ don't think there's anything I can say
that wouldn't upset one or both of you right now. So I'm going to go home.
When you two get things worked out, you know how to find me, Paul." That
said, I was out of there, like a rocket-assisted cheetah.

It was a week later, and I was at my office when my secretary let me
know, via intercom, that Paul was there, and wanted to talk to me. Knowing
it was coming didn't make it any easier, but I was damned if I was going to
avoid him, either; so I told her to let him in, and that I'd be unavailable
until further notice.

When he came in, I could see that he hadn't been getting much sleep -
and, surprisingly, that he didn't look particularly upset with me.

Once he was in a chair, I asked him if he wanted something to drink -
coffee, a soda, something a bit stronger? No, he didn't, but thanks
anyway. So I waited for him to say what was on his mind. After a bit, he

"This really sucks."


"No, I mean, this *really* sucks. Big time."


"You aren't gonna help me with this, are you?"

"I don't know what you've got to say, so I don't know HOW to help,

"She's serious, you know."

"I figured. She jokes around, but not about anything serious like

"Why'd you leave?"

"Because I really didn't think there was anything I COULD say, just like
I told you. I'm damn well not going to say anything bad about her, but if
I'd pointed out anything good or right about what she was saying, you'd
have likely tried to take my head off, and felt sorry about it afterward."

"You are a smart sumbitch, aren'tcha?"

"I have my moments."

He snorted, and there was a long pause before he continued "She's been
calling me 'FATHER'."

All I'd _ever_ heard her call him was 'Daddy', and raised an eyebrow in

"Yeah. 'Father'. She's been spending all her time in her room. Only
comes out for meals, and is so damn polite and formal with me that it even
scares Leo and John!"

THAT scared even ME - those two weren't afraid of anything in the known
universe, to my knowledge. I couldn't help but stare at him in disbelief.

"Yeah, Dan. And there's more. She won't have any of her friends over.
Won't take calls from them. Just sits in her room, doing
God-only-knows-what. I got up to get a drink of water the other night, and
could hear her in her bedroom - *crying* for chrissake!"

Hearing that even made MY heart hurt.

"Okay, Paul, so what are you going to do?"

"Damned if I know. That's why I'm here - to talk to you."

"Why? Like I said, I'm not going to say anything bad about her to make
you feel better, and I still figure that if I say anything in her favor,
you'll just figure I'm trying to get in her skivvies." Blunt, but I needed
to see if I could shake him out of his funk.

It didn't work. He just sat there some more, head hanging, before
finally looking up at me and saying "No, that much I've gotten straight.
Hell, it took me 4 days before I finally realized that there wasn't any of
this that I could blame on you; not even the sex education stuff. I mean,
that was stuff she needed to know anyway, really, so best I could figure
was that what it did was help her realize that sex wasn't something she
should just jump into."

"So what can I do, then?"

"I dunno. I feel like I gotta talk this out, and get my mind around it,

"Well, you can talk to me, but I don't know how much help I can be."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, are you going to get all pissed off at me if I tell you
something you might not want to hear, even if it's right and the truth?
Are you going to think I'm letting who she is, and what she is, influence
me if I tell you when I think she's got a valid point?"

For a minute, he looked hurt, and even a little offended while he
thought it through, but finally said "No, I guess not. One of the things
I've always liked about you is that you say what you think, without getting
too concerned about who it is."

He laughed a moment, and continued "Hell, I still remember that time you
stood up in that PR meeting our esteemed Senator threw, and all but called
him a two-faced, lying, thieving son of a bitch - right there in front of
all those cameras and God and everybody. Every time he'd try to weasel out
of it, you'd just use his own words to knock his dick in the dirt AGAIN!
And I've always admired the way you're able to kind of 'step back' from
something, even when it involves you, and give your God's-honest opinion
about the good and bad of it, as though you had no interest in it at all.
So, no, I don't think I'm going to get pissed at you. Me, maybe, but not
you. Just try not to rub my nose in it too much, willya?"

"Paul, you know I've *never* rubbed your nose in it about anything
serious. Yeah, I'll bust your ass from now to forever about little shit,
but when it's serious - and you better believe I think THIS is! - no, no

He smiled at me bit, and said "Thanks. Now I just need to figure out
where to start."

"How about you just start, any old place, and if I have a question or
something to say, I'll jump in. Sooner or later, we'll get to it all."

I watched as he collected his thoughts, and worked his way up to getting

"I guess that first thing to say is to tell you WHY she picked you."

"This should be interesting!"

"Yeah. She said that she wanted YOU because she knew that you would be
patient and gentle with her; that you wouldn't do anything to hurt her, and
that she trusted you enough to know that if was going to hurt, you would
make it hurt as little as possible."

"*IF* it was me, yeah, *I* know I would. But what do YOU think?"

"On this one, I gotta admit I figure she's right. After the way you
dealt with that little shit that turned up in the back yard, there isn't a
doubt in my mind that you'd NEVER willingly do anything to hurt her."

"Nice to hear, but for the sake of argument, let's check the other
options, okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the way I see it, if she'd determined to do it, it's gonna
happen. If that's the case, then we can figure she's not stupid enough to
just pick some random dipstick; she's going to pick somebody that she
figures will at least *try* to do it right."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"Okay, then, let's assume that it's NOT me that does it. That means
it's someone else. The question is, who? After this experience, can we
figure she's going to tell you who? Somehow, I don't think so - which
means that we have absolutely no idea whether it would be someone she was
really justified in taking the risk with: she may pick right, but I expect
it's more likely that she'll pick wrong. Not deliberately, but more likely
someone that doesn't really care *that* much - that is, someone that might
decide, after the fact, to run his mouth, or discovers he isn't as patient
and gentle as he said he could be, or something along those lines."

"Yeah, I get it. But doesn't that bring us back to you?"

"Yes - but only as ONE of several options."

"Such as?"

"Such as: I *am* the one. It's not a responsibility I want, but there
you go. Another choice is that it's someone you - or we - DO trust to not
only do it right, but keep quiet about it - like YOU."

"Like hell!"

"Ah, ah. I'm not saying it WOULD be you, just like I'm not saying it
WOULD be me - I'm only pointing out _options_."

He shot me a dirty look, but kept quiet as I continued "Another choice
is that you - or we - try to convince her to wait, hoping she'll change her
mind." Here, he snorted. Pretty much my estimation of the chances, as
well. She was the only person I'd ever met that could out-stubborn a _cat_.

"Another one is to try and redirect her to one or more choices that you
DO approve of; or maybe chaining her in her room so she CAN'T follow up on
any of it." Again, a derisive noise, matching my own opinion.

"Finally, there's the option of simply trying to wait it out by putting
up with the nonsense, ignoring her declarations, and hoping for the best:
that she gets tired of it, and it all blows over with nothing more

"Yeah, right. And Santa Claus is gonna bring me lots of presents this

"Pretty much what I figured, too, but that's the choices I see."

"This sucks."

"Where have I heard that before?", I asked, and getting a dirty look in

"What's the worst case?", he asked.

"Worst case I can figure?" - he nodded - "Hmmm. I suppose it would be
that she completely lost her mind, and picked some shithead from school
that took her out on a date, all but raped her in the back seat, knocked
her up and gave her a dose at the same time - then told all his buddies
about it the next day; with pictures or some other kind of proof."

"Oh, *joy*."


He thought for a while, and said "So it sounds to me like the best deal
I'm likely to get out of this is to respect her decision, and try to make
the best of it."

"Probably, yeah."

He got an evil grin on his face, and said "Then, the best YOU can hope
for is the same thing: respect her decision, and try to make the best deal
you can."



"Meaning that if *I* have to cave in, then you aren't going to be far
behind, 'Uncle Dan'!"


"Except for one thing: I don't particularly *want* any part of this,

"Yeah, like I do? You just said yourself, for either of us to be able
to tolerate this, it's going to have to be somebody we both know to do it
right. It sure as hell can't - ISN'T! - going to be me. We both know
she's not likely to pick someone else - unless YOU think you can stand The
Treatment like *I've* been getting!" We both knew I'd never manage it,

He went on "There isn't any way that I'm going to get out of this
_happy_. But the thing that would make me least UNhappy is if it was
someone I knew and trusted - specifically, YOU, the guy she named in the
first place. As much as the idea of my little girl getting banged - and
particularly by my best friend - gripes me, at least with YOU, I know she's
not gonna get knocked up or catch something. At least with YOU, I know
it'll be by someone that will take their time and make it as easy and
painless as they can for her. At least with YOU, I know it'll be by
somebody that actually gives a shit about her. So, *buddy*, if _I_ gotta
bite it, you're next in line for a taste!"

shit, Shit, SHit, SHIt, SHIT, SHIT!!!!

One last try at escaping: "Okay, Paul. Now, how are you gonna feel
about Jan - and ME - afterwards? At some point, you would have to know
that it was over. Hell, you're probably going to get dragged into getting
it set up. Would you be able to keep your nose out of it? Control the
thoughts that would sure as hell get into your head - like they probably
are now?"

He made a face at me, saying "Yah, I can't help but imagine it. But as
long as I don't actually have to LOOK, and don't know the gory details,
then I can keep it together. I ain't gonna like it, but I'll do it 'cause
I gotta. Much as I hate to admit it, you're both pretty damn important to
me. It's just getting used to the idea that the same chubby legs I used to
tickle are gonna be getting spread for some stud. And what do you mean
'probably get dragged into setting it up'?"

"C'mon Paul, think it through. Do you want her being rushed the first
time, so that there isn't TIME to do it right? No? Then that means she's
going to be away from you for a while - and you're sure as hell going to
notice THAT, now aren't you?"

He sighed. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. Why the hell couldn't I have
had all boys?"

"Like I read in a Tom Clancy novel. It went something like 'Daughters
are God's way of getting back at you for being a guy.'"

He looked at the ceiling, and said "God? Why do you hate me so? If
you'll tell me, I promise I'll try to make it good - and then you'll quit
messing with me, right?"

I chuckled, and told him "Paul, if God quit fucking with you, you
wouldn't know what to do with yourself!" - and finally got him laughing.

After a couple minutes discussion, we settled on how he was going to
break the news to Jan. As kind of a payback, we decided to mess with her
head a little along the way.

---------- ---------- ----------

A few days later, by agreement with Paul, I stopped by to ostensibly do
some work on his computer. Jan saw me, of course, but when she tried to
talk to me, I just looked at her as though she'd somehow betrayed me; and
when she tried to get me to talk, just shook my head, and went back to the
computer. The timing was such that I was still there when Paul got home.
We pretended as though we were 'making up' ; and Paul 'eventually' invited
me to stay for dinner. All during the preparation, and even the meal, we
pretended to be standoffish, and I continued my pseudo-withdrawal from Jan,
giving her much the same Treatment as she'd given Paul. The net effect was
to make her more and more apprehensive. Even Leo and John were looking at
me as though waiting for me to go postal and murder them all with an axe.

When dinner was over, Paul and I stayed at the table, sipping coffee as
the kids cleared the table and straightened the kitchen. When Jan came in
to pick up the last few things, Paul told her that when she was done, they
needed to have a talk, and that the boys should go to their room. Her eyes
got big, but she agreed ("Yes, Father."), and continued what she was doing.

A couple minutes later, we heard the boys whispering as they headed
toward their room, and a few moments after that, Jan joined us at the
table. Seating herself carefully, she looked first at me (patently ignoring
her), then Paul (looking impassive and steadfast).

Paul started by saying "Janice, I've been giving your situation
considerable thought."

I could see her getting apprehensive as Paul continued "I've given it a
*lot* of thought."

He paused for a bit to let the tension build.

"Obviously, it's a matter of considerable concern, not just to me, but
obviously, to you as well."

Another pause. More tension.

"I've finally reached a decision."


"It was not an easy decision to reach."

Pause. (Geez, I knew what he was up to, and *I* was getting tense!)

"In fact, it's one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to


"Before I reached that decision, I even talked it over with Dan for a

Pause. Jan shoots a furtive look at my blank face.

"Dan was kind enough to point out some options that had not occurred to


"Among those was to simply take full control of your life until such
time as you are 18 years of age, and thus free to make your own decisions -
when you left my house."

Pause. The glimmerings of fear on Jan's face.

"That was not the choice I made."


"I made another one."

Pause. (Christ, Paul, get it OVER with, willya? You're gonna give ME a
heart attack!)

"The decision I finally settled on did not come to me easily."


"No, not easily at all."


"I asked you to join us so that you could hear that decision."


"That decision is that if you are determined to no longer be a virgin, I
will not interfere."

Jan gasped. But before she could say anything, Paul went on:

"I said that I will not interfere. But I will not help, either. Who
you choose is up to you; getting their approval or assistance is YOUR
problem, not mine."

Jan gasped again, and immediately turned to look at me.

I looked back at her, completely without expression.

"Uncle Dan? Would you?"

"I don't know why I should, Jan. You brought this up with your dad in
my presence, which wasn't a polite thing to do. You involved me without
asking or consulting me, or even warning me that something was up. That's
hardly the way to treat someone that you want to do you a kindness. It was
rude, it was inconsiderate, and it was incredibly presumptuous."

Her face fell as she realized that I was (apparently) serious, and
understood that what I was telling her was entirely correct.

I let her sit there for a bit, until finally saying "But I love you
almost as much as if you were my own daughter, and I will agree to your
request - IF you can convince me that you're really ready for such a
serious step."

She perked up, of course, almost instantly. But before she could speak
again, I continued.

"However, out of consideration for your _father_, I think you should
show him the consideration of *not* bothering him with the details of how
you prove that readiness. What you have told him and asked of me has
caused him considerable anxiety; it would be entirely appropriate for you
to try and minimize the stress he is under by not burdening him with
details that he is better off not knowing. Whether or not you are able to
prove your readiness to me" - she looked surprised at the possibility she
might not be able to - "whenever you *do* lose your virginity, it is not
something that you need to share with your _father_ - either in the time or
method of it's happening. No matter how grown up you are, or get, he is
_always_ going to think of you as his 'little girl', and such intimate
details only serve to discomfort him in ways that you will only understand
when YOU are a parent."

I knew I was laying it on kind of thick, and really hitting those
'father' bits, but I wanted to give her an idea of what she'd done to Paul,
and to a lesser extent, me. So by the time I finished that little spiel,
she's gotten wet around the eyes, was sniffling, and was looking at both of
us with the realization that she'd been a genuine turd.

Looking at Paul, she was finally able to say "I'm sorry, Daddy. I did
this wrong, and I'm sorry I hurt you; I really didn't mean to. I hope you
can forgive me."

Turning to me, she said "Uncle Dan, I'm sorry about how I treated you,
too. You're right, and I've been a real stinker about all of this. Thank
you for giving me a chance, even after the way I've acted."

She sat there, sniffling, for a couple minutes before Paul told her
"It's okay, honey. I DO forgive you, for the same reason that made me act
the way I did: because I LOVE you. But please, don't ever be like that
again, will you? It hurts me too much to see you like that."

Shaking her head, she jumped up and quickly moved over to him, sitting
in his lap and hugging him while she quietly cried on his shoulder. He
held her, and softly patted her back until she had calmed down a bit.
Standing up, she told him "Thank you, Daddy."

He answered her by saying "It's okay. But the one you need to thank is
Dan - HE'S the one that helped me understand all this, and figure out a way
to keep both of us from getting too hurt."

Turning to me, she looked at me with a questioning expression on her
face, and I opened my arms, as well. In nothing flat, she was in my lap,
too, crying again into my chest. I held her, and spoke softly to her,
telling her that she was forgiven, and that it would be okay. Eventually,
she dried up enough to get up, and go back to the chair she'd been sitting

Looking at us both, she said "I understand now what I did to you - BOTH
of you. I'm really, truly sorry, and I promise that I will NEVER do
anything like that again. There's NO reason to hurt someone you love like
that, no matter WHAT the reason; I know that, now, and I'll never forget
it, EVER. Uh, if I can be excused, I'd like to go to my room, if it's
okay, Daddy?"

"Of course, Pumpkin."

With his words, she quickly stood, and hurried back to her room, leaving
Paul and I to look at each other for a few moments, both of us realizing
that not only had we given her a taste of her own medicine, but actually
been able to teach her something valuable in the process. As much as her
tears had hurt both of us, all told, it was a good showing. Finishing my
coffee, I thanked Paul for supper, and headed home - where it took me a
long time to get to sleep.

---------- ---------- ----------

About a week later, I was over at Paul's place again. When I arrived,
Leo and John both ambushed me to tell me that they were going to summer
camp for *two whole weeks*, and they'd be staying in _tents_ and riding
horses and learning to shoot GUNS and swimming and EVERYTHING. I
congratulated them, told them to be careful with the horses and guns, and
went on in to see Paul.

When he saw me, his eyes lit up, and he said "JUST the person I've been
looking for!"

"Ah, shit, Paul. What is it this time?", I asked in my best disgusted,
put-upon neighbor voice.

He laughed, and said "I've got a wee little problem you might be able to
help with."

"Sure. What do you need? Perpetual motion? Time Travel? The
Alchemists Stone? What?"

"Nah, I just need to figure out what to do with Jan for a week. I've
got to go out of town - hell, out of the country! - for a week, and I
don't know what, if anything, I need to do about her."

"Why just Jan, and not the boys?"

"Because, my good man, it so happens that it's during the couple of
weeks that they'll be at camp. So, the only one I need to worry about is
Jan. What do you think? I'm inclined to leave her here on her own; she'd
old enough to stay out of trouble, but I'm kinda worried about leaving her
_alone_, like with no one to keep her company and all that. She called
around, and could stay with some of her friends, but that would only be
good for a few days, and I'd still be worried."

"Have you asked HER what she wants to do?"

"Yeah. She just said that whatever I decided would be fine. She sure
is agreeable, after our talk the other night."

That triggered something in my mind, and I kind of went into a trance
while my mind went to work. I kind of let my thoughts ricochet around my
skull, collecting ideas along the way, and then filtered out the stuff that
was patently crud. Paul had seen me do it before, and was content to let
me work it through, since the results were usually good.

After a couple minutes, I faded back into reality, and looked at him
with what I knew was a big shit-eating grin.

"Paul, I've got an idea that I think Jan will like, but I'm not too sure
about you."

"What's that?"

"What happens if she stays with me?"

I saw his eyes narrow, and quickly added "Remember, I DO have a SECOND
bedroom - with a lock! - and she STILL has to convince me that she's ready
for what she wants. And I think you know that I'm NOT particularly
enthused about the idea, so you can expect that it would take a LOT to
convince me."

He thought about it for a bit, and calmed again, said "Yeah, I suppose
that would work. After all this other bullshit, I *KNOW* she'll have to
_prove_ she's *damn* ready before you'll let anything happen. And with
that second bedroom, there's always the possibility that nothing WILL

I could see he was talking himself into it, and was willing to go along
with it; even help a little.

"That's true, too. She can have some of her friends over if she wants -
no more than one or two at a time! - and you know she's safe, there."

"Christ, with that system you've got, damn right she'd be safe. Okay, I
guess I can live with it. Yeah, you're right: she'll like the idea."

"Okay, it's settled, then?" - he nodded - "Then we might as well tell
her now, and get it over with!"

He laughed, and called Jan into the den where we were.

"Pumpkin, have you decided what you want to do while I'm gone?" he

"Whatever you decide is okay, Daddy." She was obviously determined not
to make any fuss, or demands.

"Maybe you'd rather go to stay with Dan? At his house?"

Instant ecstasy: "Can I?! Really? It's okay?"

Paul laughed, and said "Yes, you can. Yes, really. Yes, it's okay.
Actually it was Dan's idea."

In a flash, she was next to me, hugging me and thanking me.

After a bit, I managed to pry her loose, and told her "I've got a second
bedroom you're more than welcome to use." - her face fell a bit, which Paul
saw, causing him to frown a little.

I continued "I know, and your dad knows, that you might want something
less, uh, formal; but remember, you still haven't convinced ME to LET
anything happen, and until and unless you do, that second bedroom *IS*
where you will be sleeping. Got it?"

She was clearly a bit disappointed, but still happy at the opportunity.

"You're also welcome to have some of your friends over to visit, as long
as it's not more than one or two of them at a time. Whether or not I stay
there with you during the day is up to you - I've got a small office there
I can use if you want the company, or I can keep going to the office if you
want some time alone during the day. You don't have to decide now, or for
the entire week; we can just play it day by day, okay?"

She nodded enthusiastically, and said "Uncle Dan, THANK YOU. You don't
know how much this means to me."

I gave her a cautioning look, and then a quick eye movement toward Paul.
She understood, managed to contain herself a bit, and trying to cover her
exuberance by saying "After the way I acted, I'm glad you're willing to be
this nice to me, and give me a second chance to show you how responsible I

That seemed to be enough for Paul, and I told her that since it wasn't
too far off, she needed to think about what she wanted and needed to bring
with her. She agreed, and soon headed back to her room, more happy and
animated than either Paul or I had seen her in a couple of weeks.

Paul and I soon had the gory details worked out: when he was leaving,
where he was going, and so on. I could see that he was still a touch
bothered by the situation, and tried to put him at ease by reminding him
that nothing was going to happen until *I* was convinced, and that I was a
VERY tough sell. He laughed a bit, having been over at my place when
door-to-door salesmen had shown up, or I'd gotten telemarketing calls.

When things were settled, we went out onto the patio and had a couple
beers before I headed home.

---------- ---------- ----------

When the Fateful Day - Thursday - arrived, I drove Paul to the airport
around mid-afternoon, with Jan riding in the back. We went with him as far
as the security checkpoint; it was enough of a hassle getting through the
darn thing that Paul suggested that Jan and I not bother. Since this trip
was, essentially, the same as any other, Jan agreed with only a little
hesitation, and with a final wave to Paul as he headed down the corridor,
we left.

Once back in my car, she sniffled a little, and when I asked about it,
she told me that even though it was 'just another trip', this one was
different because Paul would be out of the country. I hugged her, and told
her he'd be fine, and reminded her that he was still going to call each
evening, and she soon perked up again. With that, we headed back to my

Having been to it many times, and even grown up watching the changes
from its humble technical beginnings, she all but took the features for
granted. Yes, it was different from HER house, but it was familiar enough
to her that she didn't see anything particularly fascinating or 'magical'
about it, as Kelly had at first. So when I'd gotten the car in the garage,
she didn't hesitate about taking the small suitcase and overnight bag into
the second bedroom, and getting herself situated while I looked over the
systems and checked for any email. Everything fine, I met her in the
family room.

She stood there a moment, looking at me, before coming over to give me a
hug - which, of course, I returned.

Looking into her eyes, I told her "Jan, we've got all week together, if
you want it. We can have fun together, like we have before, or not - the
choice is yours. Like I told you before, if you want to have some of your
friends over, they're welcome - but only one or two at a time; not because
I don't like them, but simply so that I can keep the noise and such down.
If you want, I can stay here during the day; any work I have to take care
of I can do in my office here. If you would rather have some time to
yourself, or with your friends, then I can easily continue to go into my
regular office. You don't have to decide for the whole week; you can
decide what you want day-to-day. I've got plenty of stuff you can use to
keep yourself amused - movies, cable TV, I can easily set you up a
computer, I've got a stereo, all that sort of thing."

She smiled at me, and said "That's okay, Uncle Dan. I don't want to
break up your life any more than I have to while I'm here. You go ahead
and do what you usually do, and I'll just keep myself busy. Uh, I do have
a couple things I've been wondering about, though."

"What's that?"

She looked at her feet for a moment before looking up at me again with a
lopsided grin, saying "Uh, do I have to get up and get dressed every day? I
mean, is it okay if I just wear my nightgown or whatever?"

I laughed, and answered "Sure, Trouble. Wear - or don't wear - whatever
you want; I think we've pretty much gotten comfortable seeing what each
other have. Actually, I usually run around naked, or in my underwear,
until I have to go someplace. So don't worry about it. What was the other
thing you wanted to know?"

She pinked a little, and said "I know you're not going to, um, do
anything to me yet, but is it okay if we still cuddle and, you know, play
with each other?"

I smiled and answered "Like I told you, we can still have fun together.
Just don't try to kill me with it, okay?"

She giggled, and satisfied with what I'd told her, gave me another hug
before heading back to the spare bedroom. I sat down and turned on the TV.
About the time I found something worthwhile to watch on it, Jan came back
into the family room - giving me something MUCH better to watch.

Dressed only in the smoke and dental floss panties she'd worn for me
before, she quickly moved over to the couch I was on and sat next to me
before snuggling close. Putting an arm around her, I hugged her, and
looked down into her eyes. With a half-smile on her face, she said "Uncle
Dan, I know that I really messed up when I tried to talk to Daddy that
night. What I wanted to do was wrong, and the way I tried to do it was
wrong - not just for you and Daddy, but for ME. I KNOW that now, I really
do. I still want you to be the one to teach me, but I know that I have to
prove to you that I'm ready for it. But I'm not going to bug you about it,
and I'm not going to try to talk you to death about it; I'm going to try to
SHOW you I'm ready. If I start to push you too much, just tell me, and
I'll back off. I want it to be YOU; I don't trust *anybody* else to be as
gentle and patient and everything as you would be. You know that Kelly and
I talked about what you did for her - and yeah, even what you did TOO her!
- and you made her *so* happy. You were honest and considerate and
_loving_ with her - and that's what I want, too. I've heard some of the
girls at school talk about what it was like for them, and it actually
_scared_ me. I don't want my first time to be like that; I want it to be
as fun and nice as Kelly told me it was for her. What we've done already
has been really, really nice, and it makes me believe that sex - making
love! - can be a fun and happy-making thing. I don't just want orgasms,
even though they're nice! I want MORE. I want LOVE."

That little speech did wonders for my attitude toward her wanting me to
take the final step of making love with her. But I was still a bit
gun-shy, and simply nodded my understanding of what she'd said.

She went on by saying "Kelly told me that she wanted to come and see you
here, and that she really loves you. But she was also worried that she
didn't make me feel like I was being left out, or that you were doing
anything for her that you wouldn't do for me. Really, Uncle Dan, it's okay
if Kelly comes over here. I know that your relationship with her is
different than what you have with me - and I don't just mean that you've
actually made love with her. *I* know that Kelly is smart; sometimes I
wonder how _anybody_ can be that smart, but that's the way it is. What's
important to me is that she's happy and YOU'RE happy. I know that a lot of
the reason you like her so much is because she's so smart - because YOU'RE
so smart. I think you know _way_ more than she does, but I think that's
because you're older than she is, and have learned a lot because of it.
But the thing that really surprises me, and her even more, is that you're
willing to tell us about some of what you've learned without making us feel
like children; kind of like the way you told all of us that stuff when I
had the party where you judged the nightgowns. And the reason she loves
you, like I do, is because you're kind and gentle and loving and sharing
and all the kinds of things that one person is *supposed* to be with
another. Either one of us can talk to you about *anything*; we know that
you'll be honest and fair with us, and treat us like we're the kinds of
adults we SHOULD be - and that makes ME want to BE that kind of adult; and
THAT is what makes me so sorry about the way I acted."

Yeah, she was getting the idea; she HAD grown up a lot. It wouldn't
take much more of this and she'd have me convinced.

Again, I nodded, and she continued "Anyway, I think you and Kelly would
make a good couple - you're both smart, you both really *care* about each
other, and you make each other happy. Uncle Dan, after Kelly was here, I
could *see* that she was happy about it, even before she said anything.
All our friends kept asking her what she was so happy about, and all she'd
tell them was that she got to spend time with someone that she really cared
about, and really cared about her. She wouldn't tell them if it was male
or female, what happened, or anything else. They started to bug her about
it, but all she said was that she'd spent time with someone and that was
all she was going to say. Even when they tried to ask her about a million
questions, she just stood there and looked at them without saying a *thing*
- and making them crazy because she was smiling the whole time. Uncle Dan,
it's been a really long time since I've seen Kelly smile like _that_ - and
I'm glad to see it again. If you can make Kelly that happy, then I don't
have ANY problem with ANYTHING that goes on with the two of you. Even if
she moved in here with you - and I think it would be a good idea - I'd be
happy about it, because I'd know that both of you would be happy."

Still having not said anything, I simply raised an eyebrow, and she went
on "Yes, I'd be disappointed if it happened before anything happened
between you and me, but I promise, I'd still be happy for YOU - both of
you. So please, *please* don't think you have to worry about me when you
talk to Kelly, and have fun with her. You and Kelly have something special
that you and I could never have. You'll always be a special person to me
because of how much you love me and how kind and understanding you've been
with me, and - I hope! - because you'll be the person to give me a proper
introduction to *making love*. But what you and I have isn't the kind of
thing that lasts a lifetime, like I think it would with you and Kelly. I
envy her, but I'm not jealous OF her."

I looked into Jan's face carefully, and all I could see was total
honesty and absolute conviction. I knew Jan's personality as well as
anyone could, and could tell that she'd spoken what she saw as the
unvarnished, immutable truth. She hadn't tried to gloss over anything, or
make excuses, or dodge any unpleasantness. THAT was the kind of maturity
that I needed to see, to be sure that she was ready - emotionally and
mentally - to take the final step into womanhood.

Seeing a change in my expression, she looked a bit concerned when she
asked "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, Jan, you said something *right*."

She got a mildly puzzled look on her face, and I continued "All that
stuff you just said was what a mature, honest, caring person would say
about someone they loved. You didn't demand anything, you didn't ask for
anything, and most of all, you didn't let YOUR wants get in the way of what
would make someone you cared about happy. You told me that if Kelly and I
were together all the time, you would be 'disappointed' if Kelly was to
move in here before anything happened between you and me. You didn't say
'hurt', you didn't say 'sorry', you said _disappointed_. That sounds to me
like you realized that if nothing happened between us, the responsibility
was _yours_, and no one else's." - "But it is! *I'm* the one that messed
it up!" - "You didn't try to blame me or anyone else; the mistake was
yours, and you not only admitted to it, but stood ready to pay the
consequences. That is an example of the kind of maturity that I needed to
know you had before I would be ready to 'introduce' you to making love, as
you put it."

It took her a few moments to realize that I'd just told her that I had
the proof that I'd said I'd need. Her eyes got real big, and she got real
serious when she asked me "You mean that you'll do it?"

"Yes, Jan, I'll do it - if you really want."

"I do!"

"Then the when and how are up to you."

I could see her starting to get emotionally excited, and quickly told
her "Understand, there's no hurry. If you want it to happen this week" -
"You bet I do!" - "then we've got the entire rest of the week to make it
happen. If you don't mind me telling you something I told Kelly" - earning
myself a mild version of the 'you are *such* a Goober!' look - "then here
it is: We've got plenty of time, and there's no rush. Enjoy what happens -
*savor* it as we go along. That night we had, when we slept together,
wouldn't have been as much fun for either one of us if we hadn't had as
much time as we did. Think about that before you decide you want me to
jump your bones right here and right now."

That seemed to settle her down, and I could see her thinking it over.

Excusing myself, I headed for the bathroom, and then into the kitchen to
get us both something to drink. Wine coolers seemed appropriate, so I
grabbed a couple and joined her back on the couch, where she quickly
snuggled back next to me.

After opening our drinks, Kelly took a sip of hers and looked up at me,
saying "I understand what you're saying, and you're probably right - I
think I *would* enjoy it more if we kind of eased into it, and just kind of
let it happen."

I smiled at her, which seemed to make her happy, and asked if she was
getting hungry yet, since it was getting into evening by this time.

"Yes! No. Oh, I don't *know*! I'm hungry, but I'm too excited to

"Well, how about I order out, and by the time it gets here, and you've
had a little more of that cooler, you should be calm enough to at least
take a *few* bites."

She agreed, and after a little discussion, we settled on delivered
barbeque. There was a place in town that was almost unknown, but made the
best ribs and brisket for hundreds of miles. I gave them a call, and
ordered more than I knew we could eat that night - their stuff was just as
good when microwaved, which was saying something.

When the doorbell finally rang, almost an hour later, Jan was still next
to me.

"That should be the food. Do you want to get it, or should I?" I asked

She giggled, and said "If *I* went, the delivery guy would probably have
a heart attack!"

"Yeah, but if he didn't we'd probably get it for free!", I replied,
making her laugh.

Reluctantly, she let me up, and when I returned - via the kitchen, where
I left the surplus - she was sitting up on the couch, and had arranged a
couple of the trays I kept in there for us to put the food on. I also
noticed that she'd gone through almost the entire wine cooler, and asked if
she wanted more. She shook her head, and said "No, that one was enough;
I've got enough left to wash all this down, and that's all I need." With
that, I set the food on the trays, and we dug in.

There's no way around it: barbeque is messy. GOOD barbeque makes it
worth it. This stuff made it enjoyable. Ribs that all but fell off the
bone. Brisket so tender you almost didn't have to chew it. Cornbread so
light and buttery you wondered how it stayed in one piece. Potatoes mashed
with the skins still on them, enough lumps to prove they hadn't come out of
a box or bag, but smooth enough to be a delight. All told, it was
wonderful - though I expect the company had a lot to do with it. Of
course, during the meal, sauce got pretty much everywhere - I finally
decided that I might as well just take off my shirt and be done with it -
getting the sauce off skin was preferable to trying to wash it out of
clothing. By the time we were done, both of us were probably wearing as
much sauce as we'd actually eaten - though on Jan, I have to admit that it
did look a lot better than it did on me.

When we'd both finished, we looked at the mess we'd made of ourselves,
and both of us broke out laughing. When we finally settle down again, Jan
started to reach for a cloth to wipe herself off with. I quickly offered
"Here, let me do that." She smiled at me, and sat back again - only to be
surprised when I leaned forward to start licking it off of her.

She quickly got into the spirit of the thing, and said "That's not fair!
I've got WAY more on me than you do!" - then reached over and scooped some
of what was still on the plates on her fingers, and proceeded to smear it
all over my chest, leaving me with far more than she did. She sat back
with an impish smile - at least, until I got a gleam in my eye, and did the
same to her, with identical results. Before long, we were laughing and
gasping as we each tried to see how much barbeque we could smear on the
other. And enjoying every minute of it.

Finally, though, we simply ran out of 'ammunition', and had to settle
for smearing around what had already been deposited - which lead to a
completely different sort of fun. At one point, Jan cried "No fair!
You've still got most of your clothes ON, and I've got most of mine OFF!" -
so I quickly stood, and shucked what was left. leaving myself completely
naked. And also clearly somewhat aroused. As I'd started to drop my
underwear, Jan stood too, and quickly shed the panties she had on, leaving
us both naked. The 'battle' quickly resumed, but it took only a few
minutes before the heat of our bodies and the action of smearing the sauce
made it more sticky than slippery, and we finally had to stop, still
laughing and gasping.

When we'd finally caught our breath, she got a mischievous look in her
eye, and moved over to start licking me clean. Meticulously. With suction
action to make sure she didn't leave any behind.

So, when she was done, I returned the favor. In infinite detail.
Slowly. With *lots* of repeat action, 'just in case'.

By the time I was done, we were *both* more than a little aroused, and
quickly moved to the floor to continue the action, starting with a series
of soft, gentle kisses that soon escalated to checking each others tonsils
and a lot of tongue dueling.

It didn't take us long to expand our efforts and attentions: as I placed
my hand on Jan's breast, I could feel her lay her hand on my leg, and then
slide it toward my rapidly growing penis. Cupping her breast, I ran my
thumb over her nipple, feeling the ends of her breasts harden and her
nipple erect after only a couple of strokes. In return, she took hold of
my member, and slowly started caressing it, using just her fingertips. It
didn't take me but a few strokes, as well, before I was hard. When I was,
Jan pressed against my chest with her other hand, and I laid back
(willingly, even eagerly!) to let her do with me as she wanted.

Once on my back, she leaned over me, and used the ends of her breasts to
tickle my chest and belly for a while, before tracing a line down to do the
same to my legs. Then back up to my chest, but not as far, then back down
my legs - slowly, tantalizingly zeroing in on my now fully erect and
twitching penis. Not buxom enough to hold me between her breasts, she used
them to tease me with her nipples and manipulate me with her small, but
firm, globes. It didn't take long before several drops of pre-cum had made
an appearance, delighting her before she leaned down far enough to lick
them up with the tip of her tongue. Once she'd gotten a taste of me, she
quickly changed over from using her breasts, and took me into her mouth.
Teasing the underside of the head with her tongue, she applied gentle
suction to the head for a while, before releasing it. Licking her lips,
she grinned up at me before wrapping her lips around the head, and then
taking as much of me as she could before starting to apply a gentle,
rhythmic suction while she reached down to hold and caress my balls. I
groaned in response, and she started massaging my length with her tongue.
It took only a couple minutes of that before I couldn't help but start
making small thrusting movements, pushing my saliva-slick erection farther
into her mouth. After a couple of my thrusts, she paused a moment, took a
deep breath, and took my entire length - her lips nestled in my pubic hair,
and the end of my hardness pushing against the back of her throat. She
swallowed a couple of times, allowing her throat muscles to 'milk' the
spongy head, I moaned again at the sensation, and she slowly withdrew,
drawing a deep breath. I was able to reach her thigh, and pressed against
the inside of it to try and draw her close enough for me to try and return
the favor, but still holding me in her mouth, she just shook her head
slightly at me. drawing another breath, she repeated her effort, again
'deep-throating' me, but for not as long - withdrawing slightly so she
could breathe through her nose, she started _humming_ - a sensation I could
feel all the way down to my balls. I warned her "You keep doing that, and
I'm going to climax!"; her response was to smile at me with her eyes, and
keep going. Sure enough, it wasn't but a (very!) few minutes more before I
could feel my balls tighten up, in preparation for my climax. She felt it,
too, in her hand, and when she felt the first spasm hit my penis, stopped
humming and took me all the way into her mouth again - swallowing to
stimulate me even more as the first blast erupted from me. When she
swallowed it, it just made the next shot nearly as strong as the first, and
the one after that nearly as strong as the second, and so on. Only when I
quit pulsing did she release me slightly, so she could breathe - but she
still kept me in her mouth, and continued to suck on me gently and massage
me with her tongue for as long as she could convince my softening penis to
give up even the slightest trickle of my fluids. Only when I was decidedly
soft did she content herself with licking and sucking anything that had
escaped her before, and ensuring that I was as clean as I could be. With a
final small pop, she released me, turned, and moved up next to me, resting
an elbow on the floor and her head on one hand as the other traced random
patterns on my chest and belly as I finished catching my breath and
recovered from the intensity of the experience.

When I was finally able to move again, I started to get up, but Jan
firmly pushed me back down, and asked "What did you want?"

"Well, I *was* going to get something to drink - I think you got every
bit of fluid in my body!"

She giggled, and got up - a truly delightful experience to watch, what
with her breasts jiggling ever so slightly, and her muscles flexing in some
very interesting ways - and headed into the kitchen, coming back in a few
moments with a couple of sodas. Opening them, she took a few sips from
hers as I sat up a bit, and then held the other to my mouth so I could
drink nearly half of it at one pass.

She laughed, and said "C'mon, I know I didn't get *that* much out of

"Sure as hell feels like it from where I sit! I thought you promised
not to try and kill me!"

More laughter before she told me "I'm glad you liked It.",

"'Like' doesn't begin to describe it. Uh, where did you learn to do

"You mean the taking all of you, or the humming part?"

"Either. Both."

Smiling at me, she said "Uh, the all-of-you part I learned from that
movie 'Deep Throat'; the other part I kind of made up after the way you
reacted when I did it the first time."

"Where did you get a chance to see 'Deep Throat'?!"

"One of the other girls at school. Her dad has some porno movies, and
that was one of them. A bunch of us were at her house one afternoon after
school, and when she showed us the movies her dad had, we all wanted to see
what the fuss was about that one."

"I'm afraid to ask - what else did you learn?"

"Oh, a little of this, a little of that!"

I groaned in mock terror, and said "Oh, God, you're gonna kill me - I
just know it!!"

Jan laughed, and replied "No, I'm not. If I kill you, I can't *use* you
again - and I want to use you a LOT."

I laughed, too, and told her "Oh, the way my life has changed! From a
respected engineer to the sexual plaything of a depraved 16-year-old!"

She giggled, but didn't reply - at least, not verbally. The look she
gave me, though, spoke volumes. I knew I was in *big* trouble. She just
might kill me - but I'd die _happy_.


"Yes, Uncle Dan?"

"Uh, why didn't you want to let me do anything to you?"

"Because I just wanted to make YOU happy, without having you worrying
about making ME happy."

"Jan, dear, you don't need to worry about that - I *like* doing the
things I do to you. Using my tongue on you, touching you, all of it. It
makes me feel almost as good as it does you. So next time, don't be afraid
to let me please you, too, okay?"

She smiled at me, and only _slightly_ chastised, agreed.

I started to roll over to face her, and bumped my elbow against one of
the trays we'd used. Both of us got the same idea at the same time, and
together, we cleaned up after our meal and playtime, not bothering to

Once back in the family room, we settled back down on the couch: me at
one end, leaning back against the arm, Jan laying down so that her head
rested on my leg. After a little discussion, we settled on watching some
TV, and from there, soon settled on watching a movie.

We watched the movie to its end, and the one following it turned out to
have a hard 'R' rating. Naturally enough, watching it got Jan and I both
stimulated. I started things by _slowly_ stroking her side, from the side
of her breast to her hip, then down through her pubic hair, up her belly to
her chest, then back across her breast - *ever* so softly - and back to her
side. After perhaps twenty minutes, both of Jan's breasts were tight. Not
just firm - as they always were - but tight to the point of almost being
hard; her areolas puckered to small, dark brown volcanoes, and her nipples
erect and hard. I could also detect the distinct aroma of her arousal:
sweet and heady, yet musky, too: something about it went straight to my

For her part, Jan was content to play with my pubic hair - but
regardless of where it was, so that she was lightly dragging her
fingernails all around my semi-erect penis, across my balls, and down onto
my thighs; her touch was whisper-light. The effect was enough to keep me
mildly aroused, but without enough contact to bring me to full arousal.

Inevitably, over a period of time, the movie became far less important
to us than what we were doing to each other; our efforts with each other
had gradually escalated, until Jan had turned onto her stomach, and pulled
her knees underneath herself. The net result was that she was face down on
my lap, her butt sticking up in the air and her legs slightly spread.
Starting at my lower belly, she started going in a circular pattern,
centered on, and spiraling in toward, my nearly erect penis. As she did
that, I caressed her back in small figure eights, starting crosswise across
her shoulder blades, and ever so slowly, down her back toward her butt. I
was content to follow her lead, and kept the speed of my movements
synchronized with hers, so that about the time she was circling my pubic
hair, I was touching the tops of her ass cheeks. By the time her lips
finally touched my erect penis, I had reached her mons, and was stroking
her inner lips and brushing over her clitoris. As she paid more and more
attention to my penis, and got closer to finally taking it into her mouth,
I focused more and more on her vaginal lips, and pressed more and more
firmly against the treasure they guarded. Having realized that I was
following her example, her actions as she worked her way toward the glans
of my erection were slow and deliberate. Finally, though, she took the
very end of it between her lips - and I slowly pressed a fingertip into her
now-soaked vagina. As she kissed and tongue-nibbled me, I slithered my
finger around her opening, spreading her lubrication around, and making
sure that it was well distributed on my finger.

As she progressed, so did I - when she finally had the entire head of my
member in her mouth, I had the first digit of my finger inside her, and
mimicked - as best I could - inside her what she was doing to the outside
of me: swirling my finger in circles inside her, sliding it in and out of
her in small movements, fluttering it, and even twisting it. The effect on
her was to be expected: she raised her ass a bit more, and spread her legs
as best she could on the couch, giving me better access to her virginity.
For a good 15 minutes, Jan worked her way down my erection; my finger in
her tunnel kept pace, until - finally! - she was taking nearly all of me
into her warm, hot mouth, and I was working a single finger in and out of
her, her ass and pelvis moving in synchronization with my efforts: pushing
back against me as I slid it in, following me a way as I withdrew before
pulling away from me, and making aroused gasping noises when she breathed.

After a few minutes of this, she finally allowed me to pop free of her
lips, and sat up slowly - her eyes smoky with desire and a look of
unbridled lust on her face. With an impish grin, she took the hand I had
been using, and licked clean the finger that had been inside her, then
fellating it briefly, before telling me "I'm ready. God! Am I ever ready!
I want you inside me. How do we do it?" in a husky voice.

"You're the boss. Best way would probably be with me underneath, and
you slide yourself down onto me. That way, you control how fast and how

"Just like you did with Kelly, huh? It worked for her, it should work
for me! Let's get ready, then - I want you _now_."

Sitting up a bit, I slid my hips down until I was resting on the edge of
the couch, more on my tailbone than my butt. Jan got the idea, and quickly
swung a leg over me, so that she was facing me, kneeling over my lower
belly, her breasts just inches in front of me. I tilted my head forward a
bit to start licking and sucking on her nipples as I slid a hand between us
to start stroking her labia and softly rubbing her clitoris. In only a few
seconds, she was arching her pelvis in time with my actions, and had leaned
farther forward so that I would be able to feast on more of her breasts,
and even her shoulders and neck. A bit after that, she reached down to
move my hand out of the way, and then grasp my slick erection and position
it against her labia. From there, she moved it back and forth, sliding it
between her vaginal lips, and spreading her ample moisture around the head,
lubricating it. Finally satisfied that both of us were ready, she sat up
again, and with her hand on my shoulder, held me in place as she started
lowering herself onto me. To our mutual surprise - and pleasure! - I
readily slid in far enough that the head of my erection was fully enveloped
by her, her vaginal opening clasping me just behind the glans. God, what
she tight! And hot! Satisfied that I wasn't going to slide away, she
released her hold on my penis, and put her other hand on my other shoulder.
Locking eyes with me, she raised herself slightly, and then sat down again,
allowing perhaps another half an inch of me to enter her. She smiled at me
as she paused a few moments to get used to the sensation and allow herself
to stretch. By now, she was wet enough that I could feel small rivulets of
her juices trickling down my penis, and puddling in my pubic hair. When
she was ready, she again raised herself slightly before sitting again - and
again, another half inch of me slid further into her. This time, her eyes
closed, and I could see her concentrating on letting her internal muscles
stretch so that she could continue. Still, after a bit, they opened again,
and she looked into my eyes as she repeated her actions - this time,
gaining perhaps an inch of my hardness. This time, she kept here eyes
open, though I could still see the look of aroused concentration on her
face as she slowly got used to this new sensation. The wait was a bit
longer this time, but when she was ready, she did it again - first raising,
then lowering, herself so that she took nearly another inch inside. This
time, I could see on her face that she was a bit uncomfortable, and told
her "Jan, wait a bit if you need to. I'm here, and I'm not going anyplace"
- a wry grin from her at that - "and we've got the whole week, if that's
what it takes. Take as much time as you have to, and do what you have to,
to make this right and comfortable for YOU. Even if you want to stop,
that's fine with me."

"Damned if I'm gonna stop! It feels too good! I just need a little bit
to get used to it, is all.", she replied, panting slightly.

As she sat there, I reached up and put my hands on her breasts, which
now glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration. Running my thumbs over
her nipples, I cupped and squeezed her mounds, delighting in their firm
texture and soft surface. After a few moments, though, I realized that I
hadn't hit the obstruction of her hymen as soon as I had with Kelly. I
looked up into her face, and asked her "Jan, are you okay?"

She looked at me in surprise, and asked "Sure, why not? It doesn't
hurt; like I said, I just need to get used to it."

"That's what I mean - you don't act like you've had any pain or
anything; I *know* we're past where your maidenhead was."

"Oh, that. I could feel it when you went past that point, and felt kind
of a pulling sensation, but it didn't actually *hurt* or anything, it was
just uncomfortable for a moment, so I kept going. It's okay, really."

Since she didn't seem in any pain or discomfort, that pretty much
settled it for me, and I went back to fondling her breasts.

After a couple minutes, she started moving again, only this time, she
raised herself almost completely off me, so that only the head of my
erection was still inside her before sitting down again, so that only a
little more of me slid into her. She continued this for the next several
minutes, slowly, so that each time she lowered herself, she gained another
fraction of an inch of my penis inside her. Finally, though, there came
the point where she lowered herself enough that her cute, firm, tight fanny
was securely planted in my lap, and the full length of my member was inside
her hot, tight, wet tunnel of love.

At that point, I could see her visibly relax, and quit fondling her
breasts to pull her against my chest, where I hugged her before softly
kissing her face and neck and shoulders, before settling on her lips. We
stayed like that, holding each other and softly kissing, for only a couple
of minutes before she started moving her pelvis in small, experimental
motions. First, she simply raised herself a bit - not enough that I
actually slid out any, but more of a finding out how much she could move
before I *did* start to slide. From there, she tried moving her pelvis in
different directions - forward and backward, sideways, small circular
movements, and so on. As she got used to having me completely inside her,
her movements became more and more bold and extensive; and the more she
moved, the better her slick secretions were distributed, making it even
easier for her to experiment - and the more she enjoyed her self-induced
sensations, judging from the gasping and moaning noises she was making. In
only a few minutes, she had started to bounce up and down on my lap,
allowing perhaps an inch or two of my stiffness to slide in and out of her
opening; a few minutes later, and her bounces were higher, moving herself
over nearly my entire length, and soaking our pubic hair with her
delightful womanly oils. She was not gentle about impaling herself on me,
either - each time she came down, it was firm enough for us to bump
slightly, and slightly squeeze her clitoris between our pubic bones,
arousing her even further.

Finally, though, her legs started to tire, and she slowed down. Taking
her into my arms, I sat up, and then carefully moved us back down onto the
floor, still connected. With her on her back, and me over her and between
her legs. I rested on myself on my elbows, and began a slow, steady
thrusting into her. So much has been said in trying to describe the
sensation; yet no words will ever be sufficient to describe it. Suffice it
to say, it was all the glorious descriptions ever used, only more so. Hot,
and tight, yet still slick enough to allow our lovemaking -- that mutual
friction that defies all description, but once experienced, is never
forgotten and sought after from then on.

Changing my angle slightly, I was better able to stimulate her clitoris
as my erect penis slid by it; before long, she was panting in my ear again,
and raking her nails across my back as she hunched herself up onto me.
After only a very few minutes, I could hear the change in her breathing,
and feel the tightening of her vagina, as her climax approached, then hit
her. When it did, her breathing stopped, and she lifter her hips clear off
the floor as she impaled herself on me for the good ten or fifteen seconds
that her first spasm lasted. With a gasp, she nearly fell back onto the
floor, and I quickly pressed myself as far into her as I could, mashing her
clitoris between us - and again, her breathing stopped as I felt her
internal muscles clamp down on me, almost painfully, before they started a
rhythmic milking of my buried member. Having already climaxed once, thanks
to her oral administrations, I wasn't anywhere near my own release, and was
able to fully enjoy the unique sensations her internal muscles generated as
her orgasm progressed, until, finally and slowly, they passed, and she was
again able to start breathing regularly - if panting. Opening her eyes,
she looked up at me, and when she did, I began thrusting again - soon
moving a bit faster this time, and with a bit more force when I re-entered
her. When I did that, her eyes got big for a few moments, until the
sensations started to take hold of her again, and she closed her eyes to
focus on our joining, and the effects it was having on her.

Exercising a little control over her internal muscles, she started
clasping at me. Since I had not let her fall far from her previous peak,
it didn't take her to start moaning under me again, grunting slightly as I
bumped our pelvises together, and gasping her arousal, repeating
"Oh!.....Oh!.....Oh!" over and over again. Pausing long enough to raise
myself up on my hands and arms, I resumed my pistoning in her, and was able
to look down between us, where I saw her thin vaginal lips - wet and
glistening from her juices - clasping me as I moved; clutching at me on the
out stroke, and disappearing, guiding me, when I thrust back into her.

It took only a couple more minutes before she was again spasming around
me - but this time, I could feel the faint beginnings of my own climax, and
didn't stop thrusting into her as her orgasm came (forgive the pun) and
went. When this one passed, she didn't even open her eyes - she simply
accepted that our time was not yet over, and gave herself to the continuing
stimulation and sensations that I was providing. In only a couple of
minutes, her moans were almost continuous, and she raised her legs enough
to lock her ankles behind me, using her heels to try and press me even
farther into her. With her pelvis tilted up toward me like that, I was
able to penetrate her even farther; along with that penetration came a
subtle change in the angle I was entering her, bringing a bit more
stimulation to the head of my slick erection. In only a few minutes, I
could feel the start of my own climax, and started thrusting into her
harder and harder, almost mashing her clitoris between our pubic bones as I
impacted her. Raising her hips again, she lifted herself completely off
the floor as I almost pounded into her time after time, until, finally, I
felt myself tightening up for that final release that all men seek. As I
felt the first shot of my semen start it's journey, I pressed myself into
her as far as I could; in return, she hunched herself up again, and started
a small circular motion with her hips that stimulated me far more than I
would have believed - I fully expected that initial blast of my seminal
fluid to bounce off her tonsils, so strongly did it hit me. The second,
and even third, didn't feel much less powerful, and they seemed to be
enough to push her over the edge into her third orgasm of our lovemaking
session: I felt her clamp down on me yet again, soon followed by a strange
'fluttering' sensation from inside her that served more to keep me from
getting soft than to milk the rest of my fluids from my still-tingling

Gasping for breath, I could feel my arms starting to quiver from holding
our combined weight, and I carefully lowered us so that Jan was on the
floor again, and I was holding my weight off her on my elbows and knees, my
semi-hard penis still locked inside her vagina as it continued to softly
clasp at me while her orgasm slowly faded. After we'd caught our breath,
she opened her eyes again, and with tears in them, raised herself up to
grasp me around the chest and hug me. I could feel her hot tears on my
chest, and when she finally released me, looked at her in concern.

Smiling up at me, she said "Thank you, Uncle Dan! The other orgasms
I've had have been really wonderful, but *nothing* as nice as what we just
had. You were kind, and gentle, and patient, and *loving*, and that means
so much to me! You were my first lover, just like I wanted you to be, and
you were everything I'd hoped, and made everything the way I'd wanted it to
be! It didn't hurt; it felt *WONDERFUL*, and I've got YOU to thank for
that. You've made me a WOMAN, and I'm happier now that I've ever been
before in my life. Thank you!"

And with that, she gave me ANOTHER hug, this one not as long, but
terminated with a series of small kisses to my chest and face.

When she'd finally settled back down, I lowered my head a bit, and gave
her a small kiss on the tip of her nose, telling her "Jan, that's what
really matters to me: that it didn't hurt, and that it was a good
experience for you."

"Boy, was it! You really surprised me after my first orgasm, when you
were still hard and inside me, and started making love to me again! And
then when you didn't even stop or slow down when I had the second one,
well, that was amazing!"

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I sure did!", I teased.

"I'll say. That last time, I was almost there when you stopped moving,
and I thought I was going to miss out. But all of a sudden, I could feel
myself getting hot and wet inside, and I realized that you were shooting,
and that was enough to help me finish. Wow!"

By this time, my elbows were getting a little sore, so I wormed my hands
under Jan, and holding her close, rolled over onto my back, so that she was
laying completely on top of me, her legs outside of mine. As we got
settled, the movement was enough that my softened penis popped free of her,
releasing a small flood of our combined juices to saturate my pubic hair,
and soak my testicles. Looking down at me, Jan could feel it happening,
and - to my surprise - blushed slightly, and got a mildly embarrassed look
on her face.

I couldn't help but laugh a bit at it, and she quickly realized that it
had been a perfectly normal consequence of our lovemaking, before laying
her head on my chest and almost purring in satisfaction.

After a few minutes, though, she lifted her head to look at me and say
"Uh, Uncle Dan? As nice as that was, and as happy as I am with you like
this, I'm feeling kind of, um, 'icky', if you know what I mean. Would you
be hurt if I wanted to get up and take a shower?"

"No, dear, I wouldn't be hurt. I don't care a lot for it, either,
really. Not that I mind that it's you and me mixed up together, or
anything like that; just that it's getting cold and sticky and that's kind
of uncomfortable."

"Yeah, that's kind of what I was feeling. Uh, do you want to shower
*with* me?"

"Hmmmph. Try and stop me!", I answered, and getting a pleased giggle in

Planting a kiss on my lips, she got her legs under her, and stood up
before moving to stand next to me. I started to get up, making a big show
of how she'd worn me out, and getting an amused laugh for my efforts.
Before we could move, though, she got a strange expression on her face,
followed by her reaching down to cup her hand between her legs.
Apparently, some more of my semen was dripping out of her, and I could see
that she was still mildly embarrassed by it. I couldn't help laughing at
the sight, and she got an indignant look on her face before I picked her up
and held her in my arms as I carried her into the bathroom. Standing her
up in the shower, I patted her on the butt before I started the water and
getting it adjusted. When it was just right, I raised back up and joined
her in the tub, closing the shower curtain behind me.

We washed each other off, with enough playing to make it fun, and then
dried each other carefully. When we were done, it was getting late, and I
suggested that we go ahead and get some sleep.

Grinning at me, she asked "Do I still have to sleep in the other
bedroom, now?"

I pretended to consider the question, and when she got a surprised and
concerned look on her face, couldn't help laughing as I told her "Well, I
guess there's no real point to it, now, is there?"

She responded by saying "You stinker!" - before we both had a good laugh
as we headed toward my bedroom.

Once there, we easily got the covers pulled down a bit and got into bed.
I laid on my side, and she wiggled herself back until we were laying in the
good old spoon position, her smooth ass resting in my 'lap', my softened
penis resting between her asscheeks. I put an arm around her, and didn't
even hesitate to curl it up so that I could cup her breast. She put a hand
over mine before turning her head to look at me.

I raised up a bit so that I could give her a proper kiss on the lips
before telling her "Good night, Trouble. I love you."

"Good night, Uncle Dan. I love you, too - more than I can ever show

That said, I told Mabel to turn out the lights, and Jan and I held each
other as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up once during the night, and found that I'd developed an
erection, and Jan had worked herself onto it. We were laying there, my
erect penis firmly planted inside her, When I tried to withdraw, she made
an unhappy murmur, so I figured what the hell, and left it where it was and
went back to sleep with a smile.

---------- ---------- ----------

When I woke up the next morning, Jan and I had separated, but I still
had a ferocious hard-on. How much of it was from the normal morning guy
thing, how much was from having to take a leak, and how much was from
having her smooth ass cheeks wrapped around it, I wouldn't have dared
guess. I carefully - so as to not disturb Jan - eased myself out of bed,
and managed to make it to the bathroom, where I had to stand well back from
the toilet, lean against the wall, and force my penis down to relieve one
of the pressures on me. Once cleaned up, I headed back to the bed, and
gently slid back next to the still-sleeping Jan, who wiggled herself closer
to me, and in the process, getting my erect member wedged between her warm
buns. With her warm body tucked next to me, it didn't take long for me to
fall asleep again.

When I woke up again, I was on my back, and Jan was laying next to me,
facing me. I turned my head to look at her, and with a grin on her face,
she reached down and took me in her hand, and started stroking me. I
raised an eyebrow, and asked her "And just *what* do you think you're
doing?", with mock seriousness.

Her eyes twinkled, and she answered "Trying to get you hard, silly!"

"And you're sure you want to do that?"

"You bet!"

"And just what do you think is going to happen if you succeed?", I
asked, still mock serious.

"Well, I was kinda thinking that you would make love to me again. And I
AM succeeding, if you hadn't noticed."

Indeed she was. But I couldn't help but ask "So you think you're ready
for another go, huh?"


"Not sore? No pain?"

"Nope - just *horny*!"

Rolling my eyes, I exclaimed "My God! I've created a monster!"

She giggled, and threw the covers back before moving down to position
herself face to face, as it were, with my nearly erect penis. Her movement
brought her ass up near my head. When I reached over and pressed against
the inside of her thigh, she readily lifted her leg, and let me guide it to
my other side - leaving her open to my attentions.

Guiding her back a bit, I tilted my head, and after admiring the view of
her arousal, drew in a deep breath - savoring the heady aroma of fresh,
young, excited girl. Like steel to a magnet, my tongue was drawn to the
source; in only a few moments, my tongue was parting her labia, tasting the
spicy sweetness of her nectar, and delighting in the feel of her vaginal
lips caressing my tongue as I slid it between them on the way to her
clitoral hood, which was peeking out at me from her cleft.

She contented herself with touching and caressing my now erect penis,
softly stroking and caressing it, kissing it, and when a drop of fluid
appeared at the end, licking it.

We continued like that for perhaps ten minutes: me using my mouth and
tongue and lips to tease and caress and arouse her; she doing much the same
to me, only slightly less so. Clearly, she wanted to keep me stimulated,
but not too much, while allowing me to arouse her as much as possible.
With enthusiasm, I did that very thing: licking her from clitoris to
perineum, my tongue sometimes sliding between her labia, other times around
or over one or the other. Taking her clitoris between my lips and
'nibbling' at it. Fluttering my tongue across her clitoral hood. Pushing
my tongue as deeply inside her as I could, and then curling it, scooping up
as much of her wetness as I could before withdrawing it. Placing my mouth
over her vaginal opening, and applying a rhythmic, varying suction, pulling
her lips into my mouth. Sliding my finger inside her vagina, then pumping
it in and out of her, drawing her vaginal lips even further out. Using her
juices, mixed with my saliva, to lubricate her anus as I rubbed and pressed
against it, even getting the first digit of it inside her.

Soon enough, she was gasping and moaning, encouraging my efforts; and
not long after that, she took me into her mouth again. When she released
her hold on me, I was slick and glistening from her saliva; she turned to
look at me, saying "Uncle Dan! Please, I'm ready!"

I was, too.

Guiding her leg back over me so I could sit up, I looked at her: face
and shoulders almost crimson from the blush of arousal, nipples hard and
erect, and a look of raw lust on her face. I got on my knees, turned to
her, and paused, waiting to see how she wanted me to make love to her.
Looking over her shoulder, she told me "I want to try it like this.

As I moved up behind her, she reached a hand between her legs, and using
her fingers, spread her vaginal lips, revealing the pink wetness inside
her. I paused a few moments, and tried to memorize the sight before moving
closer, and directing the head of my erection to the target she'd presented
me. When she felt me make contact, she released her grip, allowing her
labia to close around me; I slid the end of my penis up and down between
them a couple times, wetting it with her secretions, in addition to the
saliva she'd left on it. When she moaned in frustration, I quickly
repositioned myself, and put my hands on her hips. Before I could push
into her, though, she pressed herself back, taking nearly half of me inside
her. I pulled back a bit, then pressed forward, enjoying the sensation as
the ring of her vaginal mouth slid down my length, until I was fully
embedded in her - and earning a pleased moan as I did so.

We waited a few moments, then she started rocking herself a bit, moving
herself around me. Taking a firm grip on her hips, I pulled out of her
until just the head was inside, paused a second, and slid myself back into
her in a single smooth motion, and getting another pleased moan in
response. It didn't take me long to get into a nice, steady rhythm -
withdrawing until the glans of my erection was only a little way inside
her, then pistoning back into her - firmly enough to cause a slight sway in
her breasts, but not hard. She was so hot inside, and tight enough to
generate that that exquisite friction, but her ample lubrication keeping
things moving nicely - indeed, there was enough of it that the liquid,
squishing noise of our activity were easily heard.

To my surprise, it took only a couple of minutes before Jan had an
orgasm. A small one, granted, but an orgasm none the less: her gasping and
moaning increased as I felt her tighten around me as I continued to piston
in and out of her, neither speeding up or slowing down. After it was over,
she was even hotter and wetter inside, and I leaned forward so I could play
with her breasts and nipples. I sped up my thrusts into her, and she
responded by rocking in time with my motions, as well as reaching between
her legs to rub her clitoris. When she did that, I could feel her
fingertips brush against my scrotum when it swung forward as I thrust into
her - the brushing contact stimulated me, and after only a few minutes, was
thrusting into her more firmly, causing minor waves in the flesh and
muscles of her ass cheeks from the impact.

After a few minutes of this, I could feel my balls tighten up, and knew
that I wasn't far from release. When I told Jan "I'm close!", her efforts
at her crotch increased, and it didn't take long before her back was
arching and relaxing as she, too, got closer to her orgasm. As I got close
to my climax, Jan had hers: she nearly screamed as her back arched one last
time, and I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening around me; had it not
been for the copious lubrication she'd made, I doubt that I would have been
able to continue moving in her. It was the incredible feeling when her
vagina started an intense, rapid milking sensation that finally pushed me
over the edge - pushing myself as far into her as I could, I released shot
after shot into her rhythmically clasping insides, while I felt her fingers
dancing on her clitoris and tickling my balls at the same time. The
combination of her heat, the flexing of her internal muscles, and the
involuntary motions we made as we met at the peak of release was incredible
- I thought that my balls were going to be the next things to launch out
the end of my penis.

Even after I felt the last spurt of my semen leave me, I stayed hard
from the sensations she was creating around me; she continued to rock back
and forth, churning our combined fluids into a froth that was forced out of
her vagina, drenching her mons and my balls. When her spasms ended that I
felt her draw a long, ragged breath before collapsing onto her elbows, her
ass still in the air; she let her head fall to the bed, and I leaned
forward and rested, my hands on the bed on each side of her, kissing her
softly on her shoulders and the back of her neck - and still buried in her.

We stayed like that for only a couple of minutes before we both felt the
need to lay down before we fell down. Holding her, I pressed my hips
forward, guiding her to lay down, with me over her, before rolling us onto
our sides, my semi-erect penis still held in her womanly grasp.

Still holding her, I let my hand slide up until I was holding her breast in my hand, and started slowly running my thumb over the nipple, causing
her to shudder every so often with orgasmic aftershocks. Eventually,
though, she stopped responding, and I contented myself with simply holding
her as she recovered. After a bit, I noticed that she'd worn herself out,
and fallen asleep; not long after that, I felt my softened penis pull free
of her, and the trickling of our fluids as they were released. Shortly
after that, I fell asleep myself, still holding her.

It was a couple of hours later that I awoke to the sound of Mabel
telling me that I had a phone call. Instructing 'her' to let it through, I
found that my secretary had called to see if I was okay; telling her that
something had come up (!!), I said that I was fine, but that I didn't think
that I'd be in that day. It being a Friday, I told her that if things were
slow, she could go ahead and go home early. Reassured that I wasn't dead
or injured, she readily agreed, and that ended the conversation. During
it, I noted that I'd rolled over onto my other side, as had Jan - we were
now in the spoon position with her behind me, and her hand firmly grasping
my limp -and admittedly a bit tender - member. My talk with my secretary
apparently woke her up, because a few moments after the connection broke, I
could feel her moving around a bit behind me as she tried to get as close
to me as she could, pressing her breasts into my back. I could also feel
the tickle of her pubic hair on my ass (a truly unique sensation), and her
warm breath on my shoulder blade.

Once settled, she told me "Thanks, Uncle Dan. That's a really nice way
to start the morning!"

"It sure as hell is - if it doesn't kill me first!"

She almost literally purred into my back as she said "No, I'm not going
to kill you. You're too much fun alive."

"Yeah, but have you ever heard the phrase 'killing with kindness'? I'm
starting to worry if that's not what you're doing to me!"

She giggled a bit, and replied "No, if there's any kindness, it's YOU
showing it to ME. You've been an absolute dear since I got here, and I
really appreciate it."

"Yeah, well, I kinda enjoyed it, too, you know."

"Oh, I know! As nice as it is laying here with you, I'm starting to
feel kind of, um, *squishy*. I want to take a shower, but I don't want to
get up, either."

"I'm feeling kind of the same way - kind of sticky, but not wanting to
break this up, either."

"Uh, I told Mabel not to start your coffee a little while ago; you were
still asleep, and I didn't think you would mind."

"That's fine, dear, I appreciate your thoughtfulness." I paused a
moment, then said "Mabel!"


"Start the coffee, please."

"Yes, sir. The coffee is on, and should be ready in about 5 minutes."

"Thank you. That's all.", I said, ending the command mode.

That out of the way, I eased away from Jan a bit, and turned over, so
that we were facing each other. Raising a hand, I softly touched her face,
tracing the outlines of her eyes and nose and lips with a fingertip before
laying my hand on her cheek. She nodded a bit when I did, seeming to enjoy
my touch.

Looking into her eyes, I told her "Jan, I know that you enjoyed what
we've done since you got here yesterday; but what I wanted to tell you that
I enjoyed it, too. Not just the making love, but having the time with you.
I really am honored that you would choose me to be the first man to make
love with you; I have to admit that I was more than a little afraid that I
would do something wrong, and mess it up for you. I'm relieved that I
didn't, and that you seem to have enjoyed it as much as you have. I'm
yours for the rest of the week, if you want me; but after that, I think we
need to give some serious thought to whether or not we want what we have to

I could see her eyes start to tear up, and quickly continued "It's not
that I don't love you, or anything of the sort. It's just that you're my
best friends daughter, and if we continue this too long, it's likely to
upset or hurt him, and I don't think either of us wants that. I love you
very much - as Jan, not a lover, though that part of it is nice, too. I
told you before, what I feel for you is more like what I would feel if you
were *my* daughter; it's that kind of feeling that made it difficult for me
to accept the idea of actually making love with you. You're most
definitely attractive, and sexy, and affectionate, and loving, and
everything any guy with two brain cells to rub together would want. Hell,
even *I* would be happy to have someone like you as a girlfriend, wife,
lover, or simply in my home - IF it wasn't for the fact that you're my best
friends daughter, and as close to me as you are. If you were someone I'd
met at a party or something, I'd have been happy to jump your bones the
first time you batted your pretty eyes at me, and probably invited you to
move in for a while. But you're NOT."

She blinked back her tears, and nodded her understanding as I finished
up by saying "Jan, you're a dear. I love you, and always will. This time
we have together is always going to stay with me, and I'll remember it with
love and fondness even when I'm too old to do anything else. But *your*
life is just starting, and you've got a great many years ahead of you, and
plenty of time to find the special someone that you want to share those
years with. As nice and everything as you think I am, I promise you,
there's someone _your_ age out there that you'll think is just as nice.
And with him, you'll be able to share your love in full measure, for as
long as you want."

Her eyes mostly dry now, she answered me by saying "I understand what
you're saying, Uncle Dan. I knew we couldn't be, uh, intimate like this
for long; and I know that what you and I have is *so* much different that
what you and Kelly have. In my brain, I know what you're saying is true;
it's just my heart that is giving me trouble. But you've taught me too
much for me to be happy right now with the idea of spending time with
anyone but you."

"Jan, it's okay. Like I said, we've still got the rest of this week, at
least. And I didn't say that we couldn't have _any_ more time together,
only that we didn't take it too far for too long. If you want to come back
over here every now and then, I'd be delighted to see you, whether we made
love or not; you really are nice to have around for all kinds of reasons.
Understand: I'm not kicking you out, or telling you we can't see each
other; I'm just trying to make sure that you *do* get out and try to
experience more of the world than you would if you stayed with me."

"Okay, I can accept that - as long as you promise that you're part of
that world that I get to see more than once."

I laughed, and said "If I wasn't, I'd be disappointed."

Satisfied, we just lay there until Mabel announced that the coffee was
done, and gave us the weather and time.

With that, Jan got up and left the bedroom. She apparently went to the
kitchen, because she had a cup of hot coffee for me when she got back.
Setting it on the nightstand next to me, she went around and got back into
bed next to me as I sat up. I held here there as she cuddled up next to
me, and sipped at my coffee until it finally cleared enough cobwebs that I
was able to get motivated about the idea of a shower. When my coffee was
gone, I suggested that we go in and take a shower; she quickly agreed, and
off we went for a quick (okay, half hour) shower. Once dried off and
dressed, we headed back into the kitchen, me for more coffee, and Jan for
some tea - and to make both of us breakfast.

When breakfast was done, we spent the rest of the day just lazing about,
listening to music, watching a (very) little TV, talking, and so on. As
evening approached, Jan got it into her head that she wanted to watch some
of the more 'adult' programs on cable. Since I didn't subscribe to
anything hardcore, she had to settle for some pretty hard 'R' ratings, from
the program listings, on the premium movie channels. Once settled on what
she wanted to watch, she further decided that she wanted both of us nude,
and to sit on my lap. Naturally enough, I agreed.

When she'd said 'sit on my lap', she'd _meant_ *sit* on my lap: I'd
parked myself in one of the large chairs facing the TV, my feet up on a
footstool; when she was ready, she'd seated herself on my lap, her legs on
each side of mine, tucked under her, and leaned back against me, pulling my
arms around her to rest on her lower belly. From there, she wiggled her
cute butt a bit to get herself settled in. When she finally came to rest,
my engorged penis was firmly pressing against her mons, her fine, soft
pubic hair caressing/tickling me in a most interesting and pleasant way.

As the movies went on, I went from having my penis simply engorged with
blood to semi-erect. When that happened, Jan, of course, could feel it,
and would make very small hunching movements with her pelvis, softly
rubbing herself against me. I could tell that the movies were affecting
her, too: there was more than a trace of wetness being spread by her
motions, and when I looked down at her breasts (fairly often :-), I could
see that her nipples were always at least a little erect.

As the evening went on, and the movies got more explicit and 'active',
so did Jan and I. Halfway through the second movie, the movie, Jan's
actions, and the situation conspired to bring me to nearly a full erection.
When she felt the increased pressure, Jan looked down and saw what was
happening. With hardly any delay, she raised herself a bit, and after
running the head of my penis between her labia to wet it with her juices,
positioned it at her entrance, and sat down again, taking me into her.
That done, Jan began a conscious effort to keep us both stimulated -
squeezing her vaginal muscles around me, slowly hunching herself so as to
slide me - ever so slightly - in and out of her. Wanting to give as good
as I was getting, I moved my hands: one down, to start softly rubbing her
clitoris, the other up, to start caressing and squeezing her breast. One
of her hands went out to the arm of the chair to steady herself; the other
went to her other breast. Rather than trying to get each other off, we
were content to keep each other aroused, increasing that arousal as slowly
as possible, delaying satisfaction for as long as we could.

By the end of the second movie, we were both fully aroused, and finally
looking forward to reaching the end. It was with the third - and most
erotic, by far - movie that we went about stimulating each other
deliberately, though still slowly. Jan started clenching herself around
me, slowly and rhythmically, in counterpoint to the small motions she was
making on my penis as she moved to slide my erection in and out of herself.
For my part, I was delighted to continue my attentions to her clitoris,
drawing her plentiful lubrication from where we were joined; and using my
fingertips to caress any part of her body I could reach. I'd play with her
bellybutton, I'd caress her breasts by tracing their entire surface, I'd
Braille-memorize her areolas and nipples. Added to that, I was kissing the
backs and tops of her shoulders, and neck; at times, I would trace the
outlines of her ears with the tip of my tongue, savoring the taste of her
skin. Other times, I'd content to simply breathe in the scent of her - if
there is *anything* more appealing and erotic than the smell of clean,
fresh girl, I don't know what it could be; if it could be bottled, I'm sure
it would be the most effective male aphrodisiac ever sold. Whether it was
pheromones, soap, or something else, I couldn't say. All I know is that it
*worked*. Very well.

By this time, we were both breathing heavily, and making involuntary
noises of arousal. Positioned as we were, there was nothing I could do to
try and press into her - the couple of times I tried, she simply let
herself be raised by my hips and legs, effectively keeping me where I was
inside her. Understanding that she wanted to make this a particularly
special event, I contented myself with simply letting her proceed at
whatever pace she wanted, and adding to whatever arousal she could bring to

As the third movie progressed, I continued to stimulate her clitoris:
softly rubbing it, circling it with a fingertip, rhythmically pressing it,
and so on. For her part, Jan was most definitely aroused, as evidenced by
her hardened breasts, erect areolas and nipples, gasping and moaning, fine
sheen of sweat across her body, and the way she pressed herself down onto
my penis as I stimulated her clitoris.

I'd heard that there was a sexual discipline that involved contact such
as we had, but until then, couldn't understand how it was possible to
maintain an erection for so long without more 'active' involvement. *Now*
I understood, and enjoyed it tremendously: even without the slippery
friction of actual love-making, the mutual stimulation we were giving each
other was more than sufficient to gradually raise us to a phenomenal level.
I could feel her vaginal muscles clasping at me each time I ran my finger
over her clit, or pinched her nipple; each time she did that, I had an
involuntary twitch, which she could apparently feel, because she would gasp
when I did.

Several minutes of this, and I could feel the faint twinges of my
impending release; Jan seemed to be feeling the same way, because all I
could hear from her was a continuous moan, interrupted only by the sounds
of her deep breathing. After several more minutes, the sensations we were
experiencing were irreversible, and despite the incredibly slow pace of the
progression of our stimulation and arousal, we ultimately reached a final
sexual release: I was first, pumping shot after shot of fluid into her. My
mind tells me that it must have been the usual multiple spurt ejaculation,
but what it felt like was a single, non-stop stream of semen. Even after
the sensation passed, I was still fully erect, and quickly resumed my
ministrations to her breasts and clitoris; after only few moments of slowly
bouncing on my lap and churning our mixed juices to a froth, Jan peaked as
well. As she gave a high-pitched keening sound, I could feel her tighten
around me as her entire body went rigid; under my finger, I could feel her
clitoris withdraw back under its hood. I quickly placed a couple of
fingers on each side of it, and rhythmically pressed on the nerve bundles
that run there, as well as a softer pressure on her now-hidden clit. My
other hand was dedicated to switching between her nipples, pinching them,
and pulling them away from her breasts. The pressure of her vagina on my
penis was strong, but not painfully so; what surprised me was the sensation
of her internal muscles as they went through a lighter, fluttering, milking
sensation. Though she went through a series of spasm, they were so close
together that they _almost_ felt like just one, even to me; I could easily
understand how they might feel like the single pulse I thought I'd
experienced. When it was finally over for her, she all but collapsed in my
arms, laying back against me and gasping for breath as she experienced a
few last (relatively) minor tremors.

When she'd again caught her breath, she raised herself up, releasing my
still erect penis from her sheath, stood and turned around, then seated
herself on my lap again. Once seated, she wiggled herself around a bit,
until she caught the head of my penis, and then settled herself down on it
again, taking me inside. Satisfied, she leaned forward and rested herself
against me, snuggling closer when I put my arms around her. She sat like
that for several minutes, almost purring into my chest, as my penis
softened, and finally slipped free of her hold. Thus uncorked, a small
flood of her juices and my seminal fluid was released, soaking my groin,
and hers where we touched.

Only after we'd been uncoupled for a minute or so did she bother to
speak, without moving from my embrace.

"Oh, boy." was what she had to say.

"Yeah, I suppose that sums it up, pretty well!"

"I didn't know it could be like that!"

"To tell the truth, I didn't either. I've gone slowly and taken my time
before, but *that* was something new."

"You mean you've never been like that with a girl before?" she asked,

"Nope. Believe me, if I had, I'd remember it!"

I could _feel_ her smiling into my chest as she said "Well, I guess
that's one more thing to make this special, then."

"Jan, it's special to _me_, anyway, regardless of what does or doesn't
happen between us. You've honored me by picking me to be the first you
make love with; you've honored me by trusting me to help you learn what you
do and don't like about making love. You've shown me love and affection
far beyond your years; more than I believe I really deserve. BUT!" - in
response to the feeling of her preparing to say something - "_you_ believe
that I deserve it, and I'll accept that. To get back to what I was saying,
though, our relationship already *is* special - as is our time together, to
me. Even when you kissed me goodnight at your dad's house, it was special
to me - because it was a kiss from _you_."

She snuggled again, and I could again all but feel her smile, as I
continued "What I'm getting at is that you don't have to feel like there's
any kind of 'score' involved, or that you need or have to do anything in
particular to make this time special to me; or at least, more special than
it already is. Do what you like, do what feels good, try things you wonder
about, don't be afraid to say that you do or don't like or want this thing
or that. Enjoy what you experience, and *be* in the experience. Savor it.
For an experience like this, if you feel like it's some kind of contest,
then you've already lost."

At that, she looked up at me, and smiled, saying "I understand, Uncle
Dan. Believe me, I *am* 'being' in the experience; that's what makes this
_all_ so special to me. Not just you, not just what we've done, or what I
hope we'll do, but ALL of it - together. What I meant was that what we
just did was a special thing inside a special time."

I smiled back, and said "In that case, then I apologize for

She responded by saying "That's okay. One of the things you've taught
me is that people have to _talk_ - and listen! - if they really want to
understand each other."

A couple minutes later, she yawned, and I suggested a shower before
heading to bed. She quickly agreed, but when she went to get up, we found
that we'd gotten somewhat 'glued' together - causing her to go into a fit
of giggles as we carefully (!!) got ourselves pried apart.

Once settled into bed, Jan asked me if it was okay if Kelly and Robyn
and Kim came over, adding "I know that's more than 'a couple'".

I answered by telling her "Sure, that's fine. All things considered, I
don't see why Kelly should count as part of the 'couple'."

Jan laughed a bit, and said "Uh, is it okay if we're alone?"

I laughed, too, and said "Sure, Trouble. Do you want me gone
completely, or just out of the way? I've got some work I can take care of
that will take up maybe four or five hours, and I can do it either at the
office or here, with the door closed."

She quickly replied "Oh, here is fine; I don't want to make it

"Okay, here it is, then. Do you want me to disappear when they show up,
or pretend not to be here at all?", I asked, with a smile.

She thought for a minute, and answered "Either one is fine. I'm just
thinking, Robyn and Kim have never seen this place, and they'll probably
have about a million questions about Mabel and all that."

"Well, I expect that between you and Kelly, you can answer most of them;
at least answer enough of them. Besides, if you get stuck, I'll still be
here, and you can use Mabel as an intercom to kind of show off if you want

She hugged me as she said "Thanks, Uncle Dan."

After a few moments, I couldn't help but ask "Jan, I understand - I
think! - why you want to have Kelly over. But why Robyn and Kim?"

She sat up, and looked at me as she said "Uh, it's kind of embarrassing
to explain."

THAT got my attention, and I asked "Embarrassing how?"

"Well, they kind of figured out that it was YOU that got me started on
learning about sex education and stuff. Actually, Robyn and Mary Alice
figured it out, too. When they started asking me about it and everything,
I tried to avoid it, but they just wouldn't let it *alone*; they'd just
suddenly ask me something about it, and I finally made a mistake and they
got me to tell them about _almost_ all of it. I mean, I didn't tell them
about _us_, you know, what we were doing, but they did find out what we
were talking about and everything. But before I told them _anything_, I
made them promise that they'd never, EVER tell anybody about it.", she
explained, with a look of apprehension on her face.

"I guess it's okay, Jan. I suppose some of them were going to figure it
out sooner or later. What else is there?"

Surprised, she asked "How did you know there was more?"

"Simple. That little bit wouldn't have bothered you too much, and I
figure you would have said something about it before."

Chastised, she looked down and said "Well, yeah, there's more. They
didn't actually say anything to me until a couple of weeks ago. Once they
got to me, it didn't take them long to figure out that you might be the one
that Kelly was so happy about, too."


She sighed, and said "And Kelly finally had to fess up, too. She's not
mad or anything, just disappointed; she kind of feels like she betrayed
your trust or something. We've talked about it, and I tried to make her
feel better, but she's still kind of down about it."

"Okay, I guess that explains why I haven't heard from Kelly much the
last couple of weeks. Usually, she likes to stop by for a little while
every few days, just to listen to music or spend some time with me, but
lately, she'd been 'too busy'. I pretty much knew something was up, but
figured she'd let me know what was going on soon enough."

"Yeah, that's what it was. It wasn't you or anything, she was just too
embarrassed to say anything to you about it."

"Okay. Well, when she gets here tomorrow, I'll talk to her - without
bringing you into it."

Jan looked up at me, relief plain on her face, as she said "Thanks,
Uncle Dan. Um, you're not upset? Really?"

"No, not upset. Not even disappointed, really - I guess I should have
known that they're clever enough to figure it out, eventually. I'm just
glad that they're keeping their word about not talking about it."

"Oh, they'll keep their promise! For as long as I've known them,
they've *never* gone back on a promise, about *anything*."

"Okay, Trouble. If you trust them, I expect that I can, too. Is there
anything else I need to know?"

"Well, since then, they've been asking me and Kelly a lot of questions,
and they kind of know that I wanted you to be my first, you know, but there
hasn't been any kind of trouble or anything."

"Okay. Well, I guess we'll just see how it goes. I don't expect there
are going to be any real problems; about the worst that I can expect would
be that things might get 'interesting' for a while, if worst comes to

"What do you mean?"

"The only ones I've actually 'done' anything with have been you and
Kelly. With you, it's been with your dad's permission and acceptance, so
if anyone gets upset, they'll just have to live with it. As for Kelly, HER
parents _don't_ know about us, and they *might* decide to get the law on
me. Remember, strictly speaking, what you and I, and Kelly and I, have done
is _technically_ 'rape', in the eyes of the law. I'm 44 years old, and
you're both under the 'legal' age of eighteen. Because you're young, the
law doesn't think that either of you is old or mature enough to understand
what we were doing. It's kind of like they figure you aren't old enough to
fully comprehend the choice you make, and aren't responsible enough to make

"That's stupid!"

"So? Stupid, or not, it's still the _law_, and I _could_ conceivable
wind up going to jail about it. But like I said, with you and me, it was
with your dad's permission. With Kelly, the argument could be made that
her parents have ignored her for so long that they all but gave up their
roles as her 'guardians'. It might get nasty if it goes to court, but I
don't think I'd actually wind up going to jail or prison or anything."

At the mention of the possibility of my going to jail, Jan's eyes got
large as saucers. When I finished, she said "I didn't know! Honest to
God, I didn't know! Oh, Uncle Dan, I'm SO sorry!", and started to cry.

Pulling her down against me, I caressed her hair and stroked her back as
I said "It's okay, Jan. Really, it's okay. There's no reason you should
have known. Like I said, it's pretty doubtful that anything _really_ bad
will happen."

Only slightly comforted, Jan raised up a bit to look at me as she said
"Now I understand why you were so hesitant about letting me do this.",
before laying back down.

"Jan, *that* is the _one_ thing that I really didn't take into account
when you and Kelly brought the subject up. Understand this: I _trust_ you
two. Without question, without reservation. My *only* thought about
whether or not to do what you wanted was whether or not you were mature enough to fully understand the consequences of what you were asking. Once
that was settled in my mind, the legal possibilities were of little concern
to me."

From the tone of my voice, she knew I wasn't joking; from knowing me as
she did, she knew that I was telling the truth. Satisfied, then, she slid
herself off me and onto her side, next to me. Her head on my shoulder, she
let her arm and leg drape across me.

Gradually, she relaxed, and before long, I could feel her regular
breathing next to me as she fell asleep. It wasn't much longer before I
joined her.

The next morning, I awoke to the sight of Jan facing me, awake, and
simply watching me. A bit disconcerted, I looked at her and raised an
eyebrow in question.

She smiled, and told me "Nothing. I just like looking at you while you

"Must get pretty boring."

She laughed, and said "Not at all. Did you know that you make a funny
noise when I play with you?"

"Hmmmph. I guess I'll have to find out what kind of noises and such YOU
make when I do stuff to _you_!"

She giggled, and exclaimed "You wouldn't!"

Putting on my best Serious face, I just looked at her.

"You would, too, wouldn't you?!"

Evil Grin time.

When I reached under the covers, and touched her, she shrieked, and
jumped out of bed to escape. Not that it did her a lot of good - I may be
old, but I'm *sneaky*, and I _cheat_. Before long, I had her neatly
trapped in a corner, where I captured her, and proceeded to tickle her
mercilessly. Only when she was out of breath and near fainting did I
release her - only to start again when she made a gesture that she wanted
to tickle me, too. Eventually, she gave in, and we wound up with me
holding her bent-over form in my arms, her cute butt pressing against me.
Naturally enough, I started to get erect - which she, of course, felt.
Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at me, and said "Mmmmmm. Feels good.
I know what would feel better, though!"

Thus encouraged, I eased back enough to allow the head of my now erect
penis to slide up between her labia - and was surprised to find how wet she
was already. She reached back between her legs, took hold of me, and slid
me around a bit to get the end of my erection well lubricated with her
juices. Once satisfied, she positioned me at her entrance, and said "Do
it. Don't worry about me, just _do it_."

That was all I needed to hear, and began pressing myself into her as she
held herself open to guide me and make it easier. To my surprise and
pleasure, I was able to penetrate her fully in a single, slow stroke. When
I finally felt my balls being tickled by her bush, I stopped, and savored
the sensation of having such a tight, hot - and wet! - sheath wrapped
around my member. She wasn't in the mood for savoring, though: after only
a few moments, she eased herself away a bit, pulling herself off me
slightly as she said "Please! Nothing fancy, just _fuck_ me!"

Surprised by her use of the word, and admittedly more than a little
aroused by it, I complied: grasping her hips, I withdrew until just the
head was inside her - and then quickly and firmly pistoned into her again.
As I did, she groaned in pleasure, and pressed herself back against me.
This time, when I felt her bush touching me, I didn't stop. Instead, I
pressed even harder, pushing perhaps another half inch of my erection into
her, holding it there for a moment before withdrawing again. As I did, I
looked down to see her inner lips, engorged and glistening with her
wetness, being pulled away from her, stretching them as they clasped at me.
I again stopped with just the head inside her, and quickly pushed my way
back in, stopping this time when I felt her pubic hair on my scrotum.
After a few more strokes, I had a nice rhythm going, and was pistoning in
and out of her easily as her more than ample lubrication was spread along
my length.

Wanting to enjoy it for as long as possible, I soon got into a nice,
comfortable motion: slow enough to let me enjoy the feeling of having the
tight ring of her vaginal entrance sliding up and down my length, but fast
enough to keep me firmly erect. There wasn't anything to it other than
plain old _fucking_; and we were both enjoying the hell out of it, judging
from the groans and gasping noises she was making, along with the wet
squishing sounds resulting from our junction. After only a couple of
minutes, she slowly leaned farther forward, until she was nearly folded in
half, her ass sticking up in the air as I all but pummeled it with my hips.
When she was finally in that folded position, the way my erection slid into
changed dramatically: not only was I feeling the entrance of her sliding up
and down on me, but I could feel the head of my penis sliding along the
wall of her vagina - the angle of it making my penis see-saw as I slid in
and out of her. It was a most pleasant sensation, and it didn't take me
long to increase my efforts so that I was all but pounding into her, more
and more quickly. Each time my scrotum swung forward to bump against her
erect and shiny clitoris, she would grunt in pleasure as she played with
her own breasts and nipples.

The whole situation soon had me feeling that familiar and pleasant
stirring in my balls. What with the sounds of our union, the noises she
was making, the sensations on my penis - and particularly the glans - and
the smell of her arousal, it was an incredibly erotic and arousing
experience. So arousing, in fact, that it wasn't too much longer before I
felt my climax approaching. At that, I increased my efforts even more -
sliding into her more and more quickly, and more forcefully, so that she
was swaying on her feet from the force of my thrusts, with barely enough
time to recover before I was pushing into her again. From the increased
tempo of her moans and gasping, I knew that she was close, too - but she'd
told me not to worry about her, and quite honestly, by that point, I was so
aroused and ready for release I doubt that I would have worried about it
anyway. After perhaps another dozen thrusts, I felt myself go over the
edge, and managed to give her a couple more slow, solid strokes before the
first jet of semen erupted from me as I pressed myself into her. As I felt
the second start it's journey, I eased off a bit before pushing into her
again as the second, then third, jets left me. When I felt each of the
last few shots start, I'd ease off the pressure a bit before pushing myself
as far as I could into her in time to release. Finally, though, I had
nothing left to give. When she realized that my climax was over, Jan eased
herself back into a position where her body was parallel with the floor -
and when she'd done that, I was able to reach down and start playing with
her clitoris while she continued massaging her breasts and squeezing her
nipples. In only a couple of minutes, she, too, peaked - giving off a loud
moan as it hit. The spasms in her vagina were enough to force my softened
penis from her, and allow my semen to trickle down the insides of her
thighs as she gasped in time with the peaks and valleys of her orgasm.

As she came down from the peak, I found that I had to hold her more and
more to keep her from collapsing to the floor; eventually, her knees
started to buckle, and I quickly took her into my arms and guided her back
to the bed, where I laid her down. Laying next to her, I continued to hold
her until she had recovered enough to turn her head and look at me. I
released my hold, and put my hand on her belly, where I could feel her
breathing and what felt like an occasional after-tremor. After a bit, she
seemed to realize where she was again, and smiled up at me before blushing
a bit and squirming her pelvis around, and saying "That was fun."

"You betcha!"

She grinned at me, saying "You didn't have to do that little part at the
end, where you played with my clit - but I'm glad you did. I just wanted
you to have a nice climax, without worrying about whether or not *I* had
one, too."

"I kinda figured that was it, when you said what you did."

She blushed even more, and replied "Yeah, well, I figured I really
needed to make it obvious. You don't mind?"

"No, I don't mind. At the time, it was, well, kind of a turn-on. But
it's not the kind of thing I want to hear all the time, though, okay?"

"No, it won't. I don't like hearing stuff like that, but this seemed
like the right time for it."

I leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips before saying "You're
wiggling around like a fish out of water. Would I be wrong in thinking
that you want to clean up?"

"No, you wouldn't be wrong. Uh, would it be okay if I got in the shower
first? And you didn't look while I go? It's bad enough that I'm feeling
squishy, but it ran down my _leg_, too."

"First, as in you still want me to join you?" - she nodded - "Sure, you
can go first. Or alone, if you want. It's fun taking baths and showers
with you, but I can sure understand if you want to take one alone, too."

"No, I like washing with you, too - I just want a little time to clean
up before I clean up."

"That's fine. And no, I won't watch while you go - at least, not _too_
much!", I teased.

She made a wry face, and got up while I made a big show of covering my
eyes with my fingers - leaving an obvious gap for her to see. She giggled,
and headed toward the bathroom. When Mabel came on and asked if she should
start the coffee, Jan about jumped out of her skin, causing me to laugh
hysterically. Mabel had to repeat the question a couple of times before I
was able to tell her to go ahead; by that time, Jan was in the bathroom,
and I could hear the shower running. Giving it a couple of minutes, I got
up as well, heading in to join her. I made a bit of noise, so that Jan
would know I was there, and giving her a chance to warn me off, if
necessary. She didn't, and I soon joined her for a happy mutual scrub

When we'd finished breakfast, Jan called her friends, and invited them
over; they all agreed that they'd be there at 11:00. Jan and I actually
sat and watched cartoons in the family room for nearly the entire morning;
both of us getting nearly hysterical with some of the adult-level jokes,
double-entendreés, and just plain silliness of most of them. Happily, both
of us absolutely _loathed_ the politically correct
let's-all-be-happy-and-tolerant crud.

Before we knew it, it was approaching 11:00, and sure enough, the
doorbell rang. Well, to be more precise, Mabel announced that someone was
at the door. Jan told Mabel to display the front door camera on the TV,
and it turned out that Kelly was the first to arrive.

Since I wanted to talk with her, I answered the door, and when she came
in, gave her a soft kiss on the lips before telling her "It's been too
long, Kelly. Can we talk a minute?"

She seemed hesitant, but agreed, so I led her into the kitchen.

I started off by telling her "Kelly, you haven't been here for a while,
and I've missed you. Is there something wrong?"

She looked down at her feet while she said "Well, uh, yeah."

"Is it something I did?"

"No. Something *I* did."

"What is it? Did you murder your folks in their sleep? Rob a bank?
Find yourself a nice guy?"

She looked up at me at the last, and said "No, the only nice guy I found
is you. And that's why I didn't want to come over here for a while."

"Why is that?"

"Because I did something that I'm ashamed of that I think might hurt you."

"Am I bleeding?", I asked.

"What? No, you're not bleeding."

"Then it can't be *too* serious. Tell me what's going on."

She hesitated a bit, then sighed, and said "I told some of our friends -
Jan and mine's - who you were. I mean, that you had, you know, made love
to me and made me so happy and everything." She finished the last part
looking at her shoes again.

She went by saying "I'm sorry, Dan. I really am. I know I wasn't
supposed to tell anybody, except Jan of course, but they just kept *after*
me about it. And then one day they seemed to know a lot about it, and
started surprising me with questions about us. I found out later that they
kind of broke Jan down about it, too, but because you and I had more
between us, I figured that I needed to keep our secret better. But I
didn't, and now they know, and I'm sorry I let you down." The last bit was
accompanied by some sniffling and some tear tracks down her face.

I took her hands, and said "Kelly, look at me."

She started to lift her head, but didn't get far.

"Kelly, come on. Please. Look at me."

She waited a bit, and finally managed to raise her head enough to look
at me. I released her hand long enough to tilt her head up the rest of the
way, so that we were looking at each other full on.

"Kelly, you didn't do anything wrong. *Maybe* the timing was bad, but
nothing you did was _wrong_. You haven't disappointed me or let me down;
not even a little bit. What happened was just one of those things that
you're just not equipped yet to handle. Maybe in a few more years, you
would have been, but right now, no. You told some people about us, and
that's okay with me. Remember, we talked about this before? When you were
here the first time?"

She paused a moment, thinking, then nodded, so I continued "I really
didn't expect that any of this would stay a secret forever; as a matter of
fact, I'm surprised there weren't some questions after the little lingerie
show you all put on for me - I'd have thought that sure as hell, _somebody_
would have said something about it that would have gotten back to me. But
since it didn't, I suppose that all of you that were there for it are
pretty good at keeping secrets."

She sniffled a bit before telling me "But *I* didn't keep _our_ secret."

"Kelly, that's what I'm trying to tell you: all things considered, it
doesn't seem to have been *that* big of a secret to keep. If anything, I'm
sorry that you felt that it was so important that you didn't think you
could come over here after you told anybody about it."

"What do you mean?"

"If I hadn't given you the idea that it was so dad-blamed important, you
might have been willing to come over here and tell me about it. Then you
wouldn't have felt so bad that you had to stay away for what? Two? Three?
weeks, and I wouldn't have missed you so much."

"You missed me?"

"Yeah. A lot. But I figured I had to give you some space - I could
only hope that, with some time, you'd feel that you could say something to
me about it, and we could work out whatever the problem was."

She started sniffling again, and said "Then I was dumb, too. I ought to
know by now that I can trust you, and that you're not going to get upset
with me about stuff."

I sighed, and said "Dear one, you made a mistake. That's part of being
human. Nobody's dead, nobody's bleeding. As long as you learned something
from it, then that's all that _really_ matters. Anything else is just

Tears running down her face, she asked "You forgive me then?"

"Darlin', I don't see that there's anything _to_ forgive; but if it
makes you feel better, then yes, I forgive you."

At that, the waterworks went into full operation, and she rushed into my
arms, hugging me as she cried into my shirt. Murmuring reassuring sounds
to her, I held her, patting and caressing her back until she finally
stopped crying. When she released me, I held onto her just long enough to
plant a soft kiss on her forehead before letting go. She smiled up at me,
still sniffling a little. I reached over and got her a couple of paper
towels. Handing them to her, I said "Go ahead and use these - they're
extra-strength", making her laugh as she took them. After wiping her eyes
and face, then blowing her nose, she threw one away while hanging on to the

Grinning sheepishly at me, she moved closer and asked "Um, can I get a
real kiss now?"

"Gladly!", I answered, smiling.

When we'd caught our breath again, I grabbed some drinks from the fridge
and guided her back into the family room. Jan looked up at her, and from
the corner of my eye, I saw Kelly nod her head that things were okay again.
Jan smiled, and got up, coming over to give first Kelly, then me, a hug.

Just as they were sitting down, Mabel announced another visitor; the tv showed that Robyn and Kim were both at the door. I asked Jan if she wanted
to get the door, and after she and Kelly exchanged a Look, said "You go
ahead, Uncle Dan. Kelly and I need to talk to them, and having you answer
the door might shake them up a bit."

"And after I let them in?"

"Um, I think we'll need some time alone.", she said, indicating she
wanted me to get lost, quickly.

"You got it."

That settled, I opened the door for the new visitors - and was pleased
by the surprised/frightened expressions on their faces. Keeping it _ever_
so polite, I invited them in, and showed them into the family room. That
done, I quickly headed back into my workshop/office. Somehow, I didn't
think I wanted to witness what was likely to happen next.

A little after 3:00, Mabel told me that someone wanted to talk to me. I
accepted the intercom, and it turned out to be Jan. She wanted me to come
out and explain some of what I'd done to the house to Robyn and Kim. Since
I still had a bit to do, I asked for a few more minutes. Jan quickly
agreed, and instructed Mabel to close the connection. About 20 minutes
later, I finished up, saved my work, and headed back into the family room.
When I got there, I wasn't surprised when Robyn and Kim had trouble looking
me in the eye. Kelly and Jan both used their eyes to indicate that they
wanted me to sit on the couch, between them. I did, and neither one
hesitated to move next to me, each pulling an arm around them. Robyn and
Kim's eyes got huge, and when they met my eyes, both blushed before looking
away hastily. It didn't take an Einstein to figure out that both had been
thoroughly chewed, and were now being slapped down for their actions.

Figuring "what the hell?", I joined in the process, pointedly asking
Robyn and Kim "So what is it that you wanted to know?", hearing Kelly make
a quiet snort next to me on one side as Jan made a soft gasp on the other.
Robyn and Kim didn't seem to notice the sound effects: both were absolutely
stunned, blushing furiously, and staring at me, Jan, and Kelly by turns.

Not about to let them off the hook, I simply sat there, _ever_ so
polite, the question hanging in the air until Robyn managed to squeak out
"Um, how does all this computer stuff work?"

I could feel both girls next to me quietly laughing/giggling, and
decided to ratchet things up a bit. Moving my arms from their shoulders, I
moved a bit so that I could lean back; re-situated, I put my arms around
Jan's and Kelly's waists, hugging them close to me. I could feel them
tense a bit at first, before they realized what I was doing; then they went
along with it by leaning back against me, each putting a hand over mine,
and holding it. Again with the saucer eyes from Robyn and Kim as I started
to explain, in simple terms, how the house got it's start, and how it had
evolved. The fact that I had two pretty girls in my arms all perfectly
natural, of course, and not worth a moment's notice. From the expressions
on their faces, I doubt either one heard more than one word in twelve.

When I finished, Kelly asked if I was thirsty. I was, actually, and
when I said so, she said she'd get us all something to drink. A few
moments later, she called out, asking if I was out of wine. Knowing that
she very rarely drank straight wine, I said no, I wasn't, that I'd moved
it, and said that I'd show her where it was. Once in the kitchen, Kelly
all but broke out laughing as she hugged me, saying "Dan, that was *so*
funny, when you asked them what they wanted to know!"

"Yeah, I figured you and Jan would appreciate it. But what was it you
wanted? Remember, we *do* have guests, and it's not polite to keep them

Kelly giggled a bit, and said "I just need to know if you have any ideas
about what we can do to finish them off."

I went into trance mode for a few moments, and came up with an idea,
telling Kelly "I do have a bottle of white wine that I think you and Jan
might like. It's in the fridge; get it out, along with a couple of sodas.
When we get back in there, just follow my lead." as I got some glasses, and
set them on a tray.

She did, and together, we headed back into the family room. Once there,
I carefully opened the wine and poured some for Jan, Kelly, and myself.
For Robyn and Kim, I poured the sodas, saying "I hope you'll forgive me
that I can only offer you sodas, but I don't feel as though I know you well
enough to offer you anything stronger. After all, I don't know what your
parents would think about it, and I've learned that it's a good policy not
to intrude on how other people choose to live."

Robyn and Kim both seemed to understand that *I* was aware of what
they'd done, and both blushed - again - at the reprimand, covering it by
saying that sodas were fine. Jan, and even Kelly, sipped at their wine as
though it were an everyday thing with them. Jan and Kelly both chatted
with them, but it was a fairly one-sided (two-sided?) process; about half
way through their drinks, Kim suggested that she really did have to leave -
which seemed to remind Robyn of the same thing.

As they started to get up, I did, too; Robyn was quick to say that she
thought she and Kim could find their way out. Both thanked me for letting
them visit, and quickly left. After we heard the door close, Jan and Kelly
both broke out into almost hysterical laughter, Jan telling me "Thanks,
Uncle Dan! I don't think those two will *ever* stick their noses into
someone else's business again!"

Kelly followed up with "You better believe it! I *loved* it when you
said you were sorry about not offering them any wine, and why!"

"I trust that you have a good reason to believe that they aren't going
to get mad, then?", I asked.

"Oh, no, they wouldn't *dare*. Kelly and I figured out some stuff a few
days ago, and we've got those two right where they don't want to be. We
let them know it, and what would happen if they gave us *any* trouble from
now on. They'll keep quiet, all right.", Jan said.

"Yeah. And with what we just did to them, they'll think twice about
messing with anyone else, either. Those two, and Kathy and Mary Alice, are
the nosiest ones in school. They don't gossip, or talk about people, they
just have to have their noses stuck in _everything_.", Kelly added.

Looking over at Jan, I said "Let me guess: the next ones you want over
are the other two busybodies."

She blushed a bit, and said "Well, um, yeah."

"That's fine. Now that I know what you're up to, I can go along with it
a little better."

Jan looked at me and said "Actually, I was kind of hoping you'd *help*.
Kathy and Mary Alice are THE two biggest - what did you call them?
busybodies? - in the whole school. We _really_ want to put them in their
place, and were hoping you would have some ideas."

"I take Kelly wants in on this, too?"

"You better believe it! After what they've done, I want to be there to
see them get what's coming to them!", Kelly interjected.

"Okay. Let me think about it for a bit, and see what I can come up
with. In the mean time, we've got this nice wine going to waste."

To my pleasant surprise, Kelly said "Yeah, it *is* nice.", which Jan
agreed with, before getting up to start some music.

We sat there for a while, just listening to the stereo -my arms around
them, both of them with legs tucked under and snuggled into my sides.
Every so often, one or the other would pick up my wine glass and offer me a

After a while, I started getting some ideas, and started refining them
by asking Jan and Kelly some questions about their 'subjects'. Before
long, I had something I thought we could work with, and explained it to
them. Both thought it was great, and with some revision by them, we came
up with a way to teach Kathy and Mary Alice some better manners.

With that done, Kelly said that she didn't want to intrude on Jan's
time, and excused herself, giving me a firm, but not over-long, kiss before

Once alone again, Jan set her glass down, and moved over on my lap,
facing me.

"Thank you, Uncle Dan."

"What for, Trouble?"

"For letting me stay here. For not being upset that I told those other
girls about us. For not being upset with Kelly because she told. For what
you've done for me since I got here. For what you've done _with_ me since
I got here." - this last with a giggle - "For helping me and Kelly with
those two. For helping us figure out how to take care of Kathy and Mary
Alice. For being Daddy's friend. For being MY friend. For loving Kelly.
For loving me. For being YOU."

That said, she put her hands on my shoulders, and leaned forward,
resting her head on my chest. I put my arms around her, and held her
there, content to experience the moment, and the love and affection I felt
for her.

A while later, as it started to get dark out, Mabel changed the window
blinds. That roused us both with the realization that we'd gone well past
suppertime, just sitting there on the couch with each other. I suggested
that we snack on some of the barbeque we still had left, and Jan agreed,
qualifying it by saying "But this time, it's just supper, right? That
thing with Robyn and Kim kind of wore me out."

"Whatever you want, Jan. Supper only, it is, and maybe a little tv before bed?"

She agreed, and started looking for something to watch as I went into
the kitchen to microwave some of the food we had left over from the other
evening. When I went back into the family room, I took along a couple of
sodas, since the wine wasn't cool enough any longer. When we'd finished,
Jan got up without a word, and cleaned things up; all I had to do was
re-cork the wine, and put it back in the fridge.

Once back in front of the TV, I laid down on the couch on my side, with
Jan in front of me. I rested my hand on her hip, but she readily moved it
down to cover her breast, holding it in place with her own hand. We lay
there for the next couple of hours, watching TV. When it came time for
bed, we easily moved into the bedroom, undressed, and got in bed, holding
each other as we drifted off to sleep, simply content to be in each others

The next morning, Sunday, we got off to a bit of a late start, after
electing to sleep in for as long as possible. We spent nearly the entire
day and evening just lazing around, nude. Curiously, it was as though
she'd gotten her initial lust out of her system, and was finally content to
enjoy intimacy without activity. We snuggled, of course, and both of us
(okay, mostly me, but I plead extenuating circumstances) exhibited varying
degrees of arousal at different times, but it was more like a compliment to
the other person, than a request for lovemaking. There was a fair amount
of fanny patting and protrusion squeezing, but it was the kind of touching
that was sensual, rather than sexual. We were even content to take long,
hot baths - separately, as a mutual 'time out' for the kind of privacy that
all humans need, now and then. We didn't speak a lot; we didn't seem to
need to. When something needed to be done, one of us would start doing it;
if help was needed, it was given, without any hesitation. That night, we
slept nicely snuggled, without *too* much groping and fondling before we
fell asleep.

Monday, Jan and I shared a somewhat late breakfast - I'd left a message
for my secretary that I'd be a little late, but I'd be in. After I left,
Jan got together with Kelly to set things up for their meeting with Mary
Alice and Kathy. Shortly after lunch, I got a call from Jan, letting me
know what time I needed to get home, so as to put the finishing touches on
the two ringleaders of the pry-and-spy cabal.

At the appointed time, I was ready to make my appearance in the family room at home; as I entered, I spotted Kathy and Mary Alice sitting on the
couch, looking concerned. Kelly and Jan both jumped out of the chairs they
were in and rushed over to me, putting their hands on my arms and chest, in
a 'holding me back' gesture.

"This is them?", I asked in by best Darth Vader simulation (deep voice,
rumbling undertones).

Jan quickly said "Yes, Uncle Dan, but we've already talked to them."

I looked at the two on the couch, with the kind of look a starving
Rottweiler has for a juicy steak, and took a step toward them. Both paled,
and shrunk back.

Kelly jumped in with "No, Dan, really, it's okay. They're sorry, and
they're not going to do it again!"

My response was to hunch down a bit, and *growl*. When I did, Kelly's
eyes got big, as did Jan's - both were wondering if I was really pretending
to be upset, as we'd planned.

Kathy and Mary Alice, however, didn't have _any_ doubt: both looked
absolutely convinced that I'd slow roast them and have them for lunch -
steak sauce optional - if it suited me.

Jan said "No, Uncle Dan! Don't hurt them!" at the same time Kelly
almost shouted "Dan! Don't do it! It's okay!"

I made a disgusted, dragon-with-a-knight-and-no-can-opener kind of
noise, and stood up again - a *little*.

When I did, Jan and Kelly took their hands off me, but kept an
apparently wary eye on me. I told them "I'll be all right; I'm not going
to hurt them. Yet."

Kelly took a step back, as did Jan a moment later. Both watched me
carefully as I slowly walked over in front of the two on the couch.

My voice all but _dripping_ disgust and anger and loathing, I told them
"You two have flat *pissed*... *me*... *off*."

Both paled, and blinked at the choice of words.

In the same tone of voice, I continued "You two have stuck your noses
into something that was none of your business. And by doing so, you have
hurt two people that I care for VERY much. And when you hurt them, you
hurt *ME*."

Mary Alice was trying to put on a brave front by this time, but Kathy
had given up any pretense of courage, and sat there, shivering slightly.

I went on. "Those two" - gesturing to Jan and Kelly - "are very dear to
me. VERY dear. And when someone does something to upset them, *I* get
upset. And when I get upset, I want to do something to make it *stop*.
Permanently." while standing there, while slowly making fists with my

In a softer, but still deep and 'rumbly" voice, I continued "But because
I care for them so much, they were able to convince me to let _them_ take
care of you, instead of ME doing it. You remember what happened when Susan
didn't want to go with Paul. I did that because I _like_ Susan. Jan and
Kelly mean a WHOLE lot more to me than Susan, and I'm willing to do a whole
lot more to protect them, if I have to. You two I *don't like*, because of
what you've done. If it happens again; if you give them *any* trouble; if
you cause them *any* pain of *any* kind, I am going to be very, _very_
upset with you. And if that happens, I can promise you, you'll wish you
had poked a bear in the ass with a stick, instead, because the bear would
be a *helluva* lot nicer than what I'll be."

By this time, Mary Alice had lost any semblance of bravery, and was
shaking nearly as much as Kathy.

I gave them a few moments to think about it, and said "Do you understand

Both nodded, not trusting themselves to speak.

I waited a few heartbeats, and said "Whether you tell anyone about the
stuff you learn doesn't matter; the fact that you stick your faces into
things that are none of your business _sickens_ me. That you hurt other
people to do it aggravates the *hell* out of me. I can only hope that you
either grow up and grow out of that kind of bullshit, or that someone else
does it to you, so that you get a taste of the pain you've caused other

Both flinched at the opinion I had of them, as well as my choice of
terminology. I let them stew in it for a few moments, looking at them as
though they were something squishy I'd found under a rock, before telling
them "You disgust me. Get the FUCK out of my house." followed a heartbeat
later with "Now! Before I change my mind!", and then stepping back from
the couch they were on. After they stood, they hesitated a moment, and I
shouted "NOW, dammit! Get!".

Kathy jumped at the sudden noise, and I could see a wet spot appear at
the crotch of the jean cutoffs she was wearing; May Alice all but had heart
failure before the two of them bolted for the door.

When the door slammed, I turned to look at Jan and Kelly, a smile on my
face. When I saw their expressions, I burst out laughing. It took them a
few moments to realize that I really *had* been putting on a show, and the
relief in their faces caused me to go into another bout of near-hysterics.
Both came over to me, looking at me as though I was someone they'd never
met; after realizing that I was laughing at how they'd looked, they got a
bit sheepish before considering how funny they'd looked, and joined in. I
moved over to sit on the couch, and both of them came with me, Kelly
sitting next to me, and Jan on my lap, facing Kelly.

When I finally stopped chuckling, Kelly said "Damn, you're good. When
you made that noise, that kind of growling, I wasn't sure if you were
playing, or not!"

Jan joined in, saying "Jesus, Uncle Dan! You had me afraid to move or
say anything, cause I thought if I did, you really would lose it!"

I snickered a bit, and said "Good. Then those two will believe it,

Jan said "Yeah, they'll believe it. I've NEVER seen Mary Alice look
scared of ANYBODY, but you absolutely terrified her. And Kathy wet her
pants, she was so scared! How the hell did you do that? I mean, pretend
to be so MEAN and everything?"

I laughed, and said "Simple. When you believe in yourself, other people
believe in you, too!"

Kelly looked surprised, and a little doubtful, as she said "You mean you
really would do something to them?"

Now it was MY turn to be surprised. "Heavens, no! Hell, I was even
careful not to do _anything_ that looked like it even MIGHT be some kind of
threatening gesture. It was all attitude, and voice."

Looking a bit chastised, Kelly said "I guess it was attitude and voice!
I could almost _feel_ how upset you seemed, and when you didn't shout or
anything, that just made it *worse*."

"I'll say. But you're still a stinker for scaring US like that!", Jan

The two of them looked at each other for a moment, and then joined
forces in an attack - trying to tickle me, while insisting that I give them
an apology for making them worry so much. They might have had a chance, if
it weren't for two things. First, I'm not particularly ticklish. Second,
I cheat: any time some interesting bit of anatomy got within range, I'd do
something to it. Their plan pretty much came apart when Kelly tried to pin
my arms over my head: doing so, she revealed a stretch of her tummy where
her blouse had come loose; I simply stuck my face in it, and blew a 'fart'
noise into it, tickling her and making her laugh at the sensation. No
matter how she tried to avoid it, I kept going, and eventually, she gave up
to hold her stomach and laugh. That left me free to do pretty much the
same thing to Jan, leaving her in hysterics, since she was far more
ticklish than Kelly. After that, all I had to do was to even _pretend_ to
come after one of them, and they'd collapse in laughter again, totally at
my negligible mercy. Finally, though, I did give them a reprieve, and got
up to get us some drinks from the kitchen. By the time I got back, they'd
mostly recovered, though both still had bouts of giggles every so often,
and both had tears running down their faces from laughing so hard. Even
then, they were careful to sit out of my reach, and kept an eye on me.

When they'd finally gotten themselves back together - clothing excluded;
we were all pretty disheveled - they looked at each other again for a few
moments, before looking at me. I readied myself for another assault; I was
completely unprepared for what actually happened.

Jan said "Uncle Dan, it's been a while since Kelly has been over here,

"Ye-e-e-e-s" I answered, puzzled, and more than a little suspicious.

"Then I think you ought to spend some, uh, 'quality time' with her.",
she continued.

Looking back and forth between them, I could see that they'd already
worked it out, and were simply waiting for me to concede the loss.

I did, as gracefully as possible: "I'd be delighted. What's the plan?"

Jan spoke again, saying "I really do have to go to the library to take
back some books, and pick up some other ones. I'll just stay there for a
while, and leave you two alone."

That said, she got up, and headed toward the second bedroom, where her
bags were still mostly unopened. A couple minutes later, she came out, and
headed to the garage, where we heard the engine to her car start
(apparently, Kelly had taken her home long enough to get it), followed a
bit later by the sound of her heading down the street.

As we heard her leave, Kelly looked at me, and said "She really is a
dear, you know. This is supposed to be HER time with you, but she
absolutely _insisted_ that we have some time together after I didn't come
over for so long. Not that I don't want to be with you; it's just that I
don't want to _intrude_, you know?"

I smiled at her, and answered "Yeah, I know. It probably won't surprise
you to know that she keeps telling me how nice you are, and how she doesn't
mind -even wants! - for us to be together. She told me that she thought
we'd be a good couple."

Kelly smiled back and said "She tells me the same thing; and she really
means it, too. Before Kathy and Mary Alice got here, she told me that as
much as she loves you, she knows that you and her aren't really 'right' for
each other. She really does want to go out and find her own guy and get
married and have kids; she knows that if she ever spent too much time with
you, it would get in the way of the friendship you have with her dad, and
she loves both of you too much to want anything like that to happen."

"She does seem to have a way of not letting what she can't have get in
the way of making herself happy, if that makes any sense."

"It does.", Kelly replied, smiling.

"But I don't know that I agree with her that we WOULD make a good

Surprised, Kelly asked "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I'm simply not as certain about it as Jan is. I think that
we _could_ make a good couple; I even think that we *might* make a good
couple. But the difference in our ages worries me, as well as a couple of
other things."

"Such as?"

"First, as nice as we get along, we haven't spent all *that* much time
together; we're comfortable with each other, and enjoy making love with
each other, and all that; but there's still the problem that a couple of
hours or a few days together at a time aren't really anything to judge a
long term relationship on."

"What else?"

"It's kind of the age difference thing: you're still young, and just
don't have a lot of the experience with the world that I have; as much as
I'd like to have you as a bigger part of my life, I'm really reluctant to
push for it."


"Because you *are* still young. There's a whole world of experiences
out there for you to sample, and I worry that if I push for any kind of
long-term commitment from you, I'll be making it harder for you to feel
that you _can_ go out there and find your own way in life."


"And you're 17 - barely! - and I'm 44. That's _twenty-seven_ year's
difference, more than you've even been *alive*. By the time I turned old and gray, you'd still be fairly young; by the time I died - say, at 80 -
you'd still only be 53; young enough to still be able to enjoy life without
having to deal with the loss of a husband. Even when you were middle-aged,
I'd be old enough that the, uh, physical part of our relationship might be
less than what you wanted. I mean, you've got to admit, you DO enjoy
making love!"

She laughed a moment, and said "Yeah, I do enjoy it - but it's not the
ONLY thing in my life. As much as I like making love with you, it's the
other time we spend together that means so much to me. Like I told you
before, you spend more time talking with me during my time here than my
folks have, ever. And the stuff we talk about and do together is so much
more interesting than what I can do with almost anybody my own age that
it's ridiculous. Even when I come over here and all we do is sit next to
each other and listen to music for a couple of hours, it makes me so happy
that I can put up with the other nonsense for *days*."

She went on, saying "Maybe you're right, and there is somebody out there
closer to my own age that I'd be as happy with as I am with you. But how
long would it take me to find them? How many idiots would I meet before
then? No, I figure I've got a damn good thing with you; and rather than
lose you in the hope of finding what you might think would be a 'perfect'
guy for me, I'd much prefer spending whatever time I could with someone
that _already_ makes me happier than I thought I could ever be. If I could
get twenty-five years out of you, then I figure that's a lot better deal
than wasting 10 years looking for 'Mr. Right', and spending thirty years
with HIM. Besides, even if it didn't work out, for some reason - which I
doubt! - then I'd still be young enough to go out see the world and enjoy
new experiences. I mean, how much sense does it make? Assuming I've got
25 good years with you, do I give them up to waste ten to get an additional
five? Or keep the ones I had to start with? Is that a bet YOU would

I had to admit that she did have a point there; I mean, it had taken ME
25 years to find HER, if you started from when I turned 18 and left home.

I sighed, and said "Okay, Kelly. You're right: it's NOT a bet I'd take.
If you really think you want to take the chance, I'd be delighted if you
wanted to spend more time here - or even move in with me, if that's what
you want."

She laughed, and said "Now THERE'S a romantic offer, if ever I heard one
- but I accept. And I know just how I want to seal the deal!", with a
twinkle in her eye.

Standing, she gestured for me to get up, as well. When I did, she took
me by the hand, and led me back to the bedroom (big surprise, there).
Looking up into my eyes, she carefully and gently started undressing me,
simply dropping my clothes at the end of the bed as she removed them. When
she was done, and I stood naked in front of her, she took a step back from
me, and looked me over, slowly and carefully. When she was done, she
looked into my eyes again, and began undressing herself, again, slowly and
carefully. As each bit of her skin was uncovered, she caressed it a bit,
as though feeling it for the first time. It didn't come as much of a
surprise to me to find that she wasn't wearing a bra; what DID amaze me was
that she'd apparently decided to go without panties, either. As a result,
it didn't take long at all before she was as naked as me. She stood there
in front of me for a couple of minutes, letting me drink in her beauty
before taking my hand, and leading me onto the bed. Once there, she gently
guided me onto my back, and then straddled my waist before laying down far
enough to rest on her elbows, her breasts pressed into my chest. She
softly kissed my lips, then moved on to cover my entire face before pulling
back a bit so she could look into my eyes.

Smiling, she softly said "You have done so much for me, and I owe you so
much that I could never begin to pay you back."

When I started to speak, she placed a finger on my lips to silence me,
and then continued "I know: you don't think you've done that much, and
don't think I owe you anything, and don't see any reason for me to 'pay'
you back. That is one of the things that you've done for me: you've taught
me what it's like to care for someone *that* much, that you don't keep any
kind of 'score' about who had done what for who. You've taught me what it
*really* means to _love_ someone; love them enough to _want_ to be a better
person, so that you feel like you _deserve_ them. You've taught me what
trust and honor and integrity are, and what courage is, and so many other
things that so many people talk about without knowing what they *really*
are. No, I know you're not perfect; I don't think I could stand it - or
you - if you were. But your faults, and they are few as far as I'm
concerned, are small enough, and special enough, that they only serve to
make you a 'real' person, and not some ideal or caricature. I've thought a
LOT about what you said about what might happen if my parents found out
about us. I still hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does, then it is
YOU that I will side with, no matter what it takes, no matter what happens
to them. Yes, they are my parents, and I love them - but only to the
degree that they actually love ME. I don't have any ill will to them; but
because they defaulted on their responsibility to truly LOVE me, they have
forfeited any claim to MY love for them. You have taught me that, and I
love you for it, because by knowing that, I am free and able to give YOU my
love, in full measure for the love that you have given me. Jan told me
what the law was about us making love; that you chose to ignore it in order
to make me happy makes me feel honored and special - particularly because
of what your _real_ concerns were about it. No matter how small YOU might
think the chances of your getting into trouble are, the fact remains that
if the worst were to happen, you would spend too much time behind bars with
people that would not treat you well. That you were willing to take _that_
risk, for me, tells me volumes about how much you love me, and truly CARE
about me. To know that I am that important to you gives me a confidence
and sense of worth so much higher than I would have known otherwise; it is
because of all that you have taught me, by your example, that I have
learned what high values they are that you hold. It is because of those
values, and your example, that I have been able to become the kind of
person that I WANT to be. What you have done for me has been to not only
show me what a better person _can_ be like, but to help me become one,
myself. It is for allowing, and even helping, me to raise myself up like
that that I recognize the debt - yes, to you, but even more, to others, to
help THEM see what is possible, and how to achieve it."

Satisfied that I wasn't going to speak yet, she removed her finger from
my lips. Again resting on her elbows, she used her hands to softly hold my
face as she went on "I love you. Because of what I've learned from you, I
don't say that as a claim on you, but in recognition OF you, and who and
what you are. I know that you love me too, for the same reasons, and I am
pleased and honored by it. You told me that you worried about the
difference in our ages. That difference between us is far less important
than our similarities, and even less important than the care and concern we
have for each other. You have chosen to claim the good in life, while
minimizing the bad; I beg you to please do the same with me, and our
relationship - enjoy what we have, make the best of it, and pay the price
willingly when it comes due. But until that time, let us savor our time
together. After all, the future is not for us to know - we may have forty
joyous years together, or one of us may be run over by a bus a week from
now. We don't know which it will be, so let's not get too worked up about
what MIGHT be, and simply enjoy what IS. Don't worry yourself about what
could happen to or for me if I didn't have you. Instead, honor and respect
my choice to spend my time with you; I don't do it for YOU, but for *me*. I
love you. I want to spend as much time with you - as friend, as lover, as
anything you will have me as - not for you, but for ME. The kind of person
you are makes me happy and content, and I want to _keep_ feeling that
happiness and contentment, and to make YOU feel happy and contented, too,
because that pleases me, as well. I know that's selfish of me, but there
it is - as far as you are concerned, I AM selfish. I share you with Jan,
now, but I know that it will not be a 'forever' kind of thing. And I know
that what you feel for her is different than what you feel for me. For
that reason, I am content to share you with her, physically, for now; and
emotionally and spiritually, for as long as we're all alive. But like I
said, I do it for ME, and no one else."

Having said her piece, she waited, giving me a chance to speak, as well.

I thought about what she'd said, and couldn't find any fault or flaw in
it; quite the opposite, in fact.

"Fair enough, Kelly. You're right, I DO love you for the very reasons
you said. And you've more than proven your right to make your own
decisions; and you've more than made your case for me to respect your right
to choose for yourself what to do with your life; believe it or not, I DO
respect your right to choose for yourself. The biggest reason I have for
hesitating about a lot of this stuff is personal: my first - and only -
marriage was an absolute disaster. It left me with a lot of hurt feelings,
and emotional scars, and I'm not all that sure that I'm really over it.
The other reason is that I'm more than happy to be responsible for ME;
taking on anyone else is something I have to consider very carefully before
I proceed - much as I did with you, and like I did with Jan. Yes, I
understand that you're taking responsibility for yourself; I only ask that
you understand that it's going to take me a little time to adjust to you
being as mature and thoughtful as you are."

"I can understand about it taking time; I know that sometimes *I'm*
still not sure about it. But we both know what the situation is, now, so
as long as we can talk about it, we can work it out. I'm sorry to hear
about your marriage, because of the affect it's had on you; I know you well
enough to believe that you don't equate me with her."

That said, she kissed me on the lips again, softly, before inching her
way down my body, placing random kisses and small love nips as she moved.
That she was careful to wiggle around, using her nipples to make random
patterns on my skin as she went helped arouse me. A lot.

By the time she reached my penis, it was fully erect, twitching in time
with my heartbeats. She admired her handiwork a bit, then looked up at me
with a grin before giving it a long, slow, wet lick from scrotum to glans.
With her tongue still on it, she edged forward slightly, and lowered her
head until she was able to wrap her lips around it, just behind the head.
Holding there for a few moments, she swirled her tongue around the head,
thoroughly wetting it, before 'walking' her lips down my length, until she
had taken nearly three-quarters of me into her mouth. She stopped then,
and wiggled her tongue on the bottom side of my member, tickling me and
making me even harder. When she tasted the drops of pre-cum that escaped
the end, she slowly withdrew, with a rhythmic, gentle sucking as she went.
After all but the glans had left her mouth, she again twirled her tongue
around it before opening her lips enough to let it slide free. After that,
she went about licking me, getting me thoroughly wetted with her tongue,
Satisfied with her handiwork, she raised herself up, and knee-walked her
way forward, until her pubic hair brushed the end of my erection, and she
was poised with the opening of her vagina pressing against me. Taking me
in her hand, she almost literally _impaled_ herself on me - much to my
surprise, she was already wet enough inside that I slid in readily, despite
the tightness. When she finally came to rest, her hair was merged with
mine, and I could feel the pressure of her mons on my pubic bone. Holding
herself steady, she carefully, and deliberately, squeezed her internal
muscles several times, as though she were somehow *savoring* the fullness
she was experiencing. Once satisfied, she started moving, sliding herself
up and down on me, getting her ample fluids well distributed along my
hardness. It wasn't a fast motion; rather, it was more like she was simply
'priming the pump' for what she expected to happen. Looking down between
us, I could plainly see her erect and glistening clitoris at the top of her
cleft; and the way her labia were glistening as they stretched around me.

She went on like that for several minutes, before finally settling back
down - eyes closed- and resting herself, her hands on my chest. Even
'resting', she continued to make small hunching motions, sliding herself
perhaps half and inch or so along me. Finally, she opened her eyes, and
looked down at me.

"Tired?", I asked.

She grinned, and said "Yeah, a little."

With that, I gestured her into my arms, and spread my legs. She laid on
my chest, and moved her legs inside of mine. Ready, I rolled us over,
still coupled, so that we ended up with her on her back, and me over her,
resting on my elbows. From there, we got our legs rearranged, and after a
series of soft kisses, I raised myself up. As we looked into each other's
eyes, I began moving myself in her - slow, short strokes at first, then
slowly and gradually lengthening and speeding them. As I did, Kelly
developed the obvious signs of sexual arousal: a blush across her face and
shoulders, areolas puckered, and nipples erect, As my pistoning became more
insistent and forceful, she started making grunting noises as our pelvises
met, and spread her legs even father to allow me easier - and deeper -
access. When I finally settled into a steady, regular motion, she raised
her knees, pulling them almost to her chest, letting me have that last
fraction of an inch of access to her hot, wet sheath. My arms a little
tired, I paused only long enough to rest on my elbows before continuing my
pistoning into her.

Over the next several minutes, Kelly gradually raised her pelvis more
and more, so that my strokes into her impacted her closer and closer to the
so-called "G-spot"; whether or not it actually exists, I couldn't say - all
I know is that as the angle that I entered her at changed, her arousal
increased, too. By the time I felt the first, faint tingling in my
erection, she was almost curled into a ball; despite how and tight as she
was, she was so wet that our pubic hair was absolutely soaked and matted
just from her secretions. I listened to the liquid sounds of our union,
and the way she could only gasp "Oh!... Oh!... Oh!" as I thrust into her;
a bit later, she opened her eyes, and managed to gasp out "I'm almost
there! Harder! Harder!".

Feeling that my own release wasn't far off, I was more than happy to
oblige, and began thrusting into her harder and harder, until I was nearly
*pounding* into her - and that seemed to be just what she wanted, judging
from the moans and gasps she gave off over the next few minutes, until, to
my surprise, she suddenly threw her arms around me and pulled her body
almost completely off the bed - leaving only her hips on it. The degree
that her vaginal muscles clamped down on me absolutely amazed me - were it
not for her copious lubrication, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I
wouldn't have been able to move in her. But move, I did, continuing to
slide in and out of her, if more slowly because of the tightness caused as
she spasmed time after time, making only a high-pitched keening noise as
her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her orgasm continued, tapering off enough that
she was able to release me only when I felt that I was hitting the 'point
of no return'; having obviously pleased her, I wanted to maximize my own
climax, and slowed and softened my strokes into her. Rather than the
forceful impacts of before, I was slowing slightly as I entered her to the
fullest, and rather than 'bumping' against her mons and clitoris, I was
pressing against them, with a little extra 'nudge' before withdrawing again
until I was _just barely_ in her before pushing in again. Even with her
inner muscles relaxed again, she was still wonderfully snug; that, combined
with her more than sufficient woman-oils, made for a sensation that was
exquisite. When I felt my climax start, I shortened my strokes so that I
was only withdrawing about halfway out of her, and pressed in again. With
my balls resting between her asscheeks, I repeatedly tried to push myself
as deeply into her as I could as each shot of semen erupted from me - the
pressure on her clitoris was apparently enough to trigger her into another
small orgasm: I could feel a few small clenchings as I released the last
couple of shots of semen.

When I rested my head on her chest, she put her arms around me, holding
me as I caught my breath and recovered somewhat from my exertions. As I
rested, and despite the occasional involuntary clasping of Kelly's vagina,
my penis gradually softened, until it finally pulled free of her hold.
Only then was I able to muster enough enthusiasm to move from over her and
lay on my side, facing her. Putting one hand on her breast, I held it,
softly, moving my fingertips slightly to savor the soft smoothness of her
skin. Turning her head to face me, we were content to watch each other as
we both rested; she put one hand on my thigh, and the other on the wrist of
the hand at her breast. We lay there like that, happy with our exertions
and to simply *be* together for quite a while; it was only when Kelly said
"If we don't move soon, I'm going to fall asleep here - and I don't think
that would be a very nice thing for Jan to come back and find", with a

I agreed, and said "Okay. We get up on the count of three. Ready?
One..... Two..... Three!"

Neither one of us moved.

We lay there a moment, looking at each other, before both of us started
laughing at the situation. After a few moments, Kelly said "I thought we
were going to get up?!"

"We were. I was going to let you get up first, so you could help me!"

She giggled, and said "That's what I was going to do, too. Okay, this
time, we're *really* going to get up, right? BOTH of us, with no waiting
for help, *right*?"

I grinned, and said "Yeah, fine, whatever. Nag, nag, nag!", teasing

She grinned in return, saying "Okay, let's go. On THREE, this time,
Dan! Ready? One!"

Neither of us moved.


I groaned, making her laugh again before she said "THREE!", and sat up
as I rolled over onto my back.

"I thought you were going to get up?!", she demanded, a grin on her

"I was up once, already, remember?"

She dimpled a bit for me, and said "No, I mean the *other* kind of up,
you ding-dong! Now, come on, get UP!"

I groaned, and said "I can't."

"Why not?"

"I'm dead. Dead people can't get up. It's in the rules. Check them,
you'll see it right there in section 14, paragraph 'A', subsection
two-point-seven: 'Dead people can't get up.' And subsection two-point-eight
says "Even if dead people CAN get up, they don't HAVE to'. So _there_."

"There's no rule book like that, you stinker!"

"Yes there is. I've got *my* copy; if you can't keep track of yours,
it's not *my* problem!"

"If you've got a rule book, show it to me!"

"No way. You just want to take it away from me so you can make me do
stuff I don't wanna do."

She giggled, and said "Yeah, but I also want to make you do stuff you DO
want to do."

"Ah, but THERE'S the flaw in your thinking: if I *want* to do something,
then you don't have to 'make' me do it!"

"You're hopeless. Now get up. If you do, you can take a shower with
me. If you don't, I'll roll you out of bed so you fall on your whatsis, and
then you won't be ABLE to do anything, want to or not!"

"Carrot and stick, huh?"

"If that's what you want to call it."

"Well, you'd probably enjoy the carrot more than I would; though the
stick part might be kinda fun, if a little kinky."

It took her a couple moments to get it; when she did, she all but
collapsed in laughter. When she'd caught her breath again, she said
"You're a pervert, is what you are. Now come on, get up, and take a shower
with me."

Making a big show of it, accompanied by a _major_ groan, I managed to
sit up. Apparently, it was a good performance, because she smiled at me,
and clapped her hands in appreciation.

"Very good, Dan! Very good, indeed. Now swing your legs around, and
stand up. If you can do that, I'll get us into the bathroom."

Another gut-wrenching moan to emphasize the exaggerated effort of moving
around; as I stood up, Kelly got up too, and came around the bed to stand
next to me.

Putting on my most soulful, whipped-puppy expression, I looked at her.

"Oh, you POOOOOR baby!", she gushed, before adding "I'll bet I know how
I can get you moving."

She reached out, and took my flaccid penis in her hand before looking up
at me with an impish grin, saying "Now, here's how it works. I've got hold
of something you *might* want to keep. I'm going into the bathroom. If
you don't stay with me, I get to keep it, and you don't."

"You're not a woman, you're a she-devil! Unhand me!"

She just grinned at me, and headed - slowly - toward the bathroom,

I kept up with her.

After our shower - a friendly one, with plenty of happy groping and
enthusiastic cleaning - we straightened up the bedroom before heading into
the family room, via the kitchen for some drinks. Snuggling on the couch,
we kissed every now and then as we chatted while drinking our sodas. When
they were gone, Kelly stood up, saying "I really do have to go, Dan. This
is Jan's time, and it's not right for me to take up too much of it, or get
in the way by being here. I'll see you later, after her dad gets back from

Leaning over, she kissed me, and when she stood up again, I told her "I
really will look forward to hearing from you, dear. I think we've got some
plans to make."

Pleased, she nodded, and headed for the door. A bit later, I heard her
car as she drove away.

I stayed there, thinking, until Jan got back, perhaps an hour later.

When she came into the family room, I smiled at her, and said "Enjoy
your time at the library?"

"Foo. Libraries suck. All those books, and no cross-reference worth a

"What are you trying to find out?"

"Oh, I'm just doing some research."

"Want to use one of my computers, and do a search on the net?", I asked.

"Yeah, that would probably work better."

I got up, and we went into my office. There, I brought up a web browser
on one of my computers, and got Jan started on it. I hung around a few
moments, but she said "Um, Uncle Dan? Can you leave me alone while I do
this? It's kind of, well, personal."

Though surprised, I readily agreed, and left her to it, heading back
into the family room to read a book and listen to some music.

A couple of hours later, I had Mabel connect me with her. It turned out
that she was ready for supper, and hungry for pizza. I ordered it, and let
her know when it finally turned up. When she joined me in the family room,
she'd brought us a couple of drinks; together, we sat down to watch a
little tv as we ate.

When we'd finished, and cleaned things up a bit, Jan came back in to sit
next to me on the couch. I could tell that she had something on her mind,
so turned off the TV, and just sat there, my arm around her until she was

We sat like that for a while, with a little music playing softly while
she got her thoughts in order. After perhaps an hour, Jan finally squirmed
around a bit, so that she was facing me a bit more, and pulled my arm
around so she could hold my hand in her lap. Looking at her, I could see
that she *definitely* had something on her mind, She started to speak a
couple of times, and when nothing came out, got mildly disgusted with
herself. I patted her on the knee, and told her "It's okay, Jan. I know
something is on your mind, but there's no hurry. Take your time, think
about what you want to say, and when you're ready, I'll be right here,
ready to listen."

She smiled at me then looked down into her lap for a few moments before
looking up again, and saying "Uncle Dan, there's something I want to ask
you, but I'm not sure how."

"Would it be easier if you gave me some idea of what you want to ask me
is _about_?"

"Um, it's about us making love."

"Okay, that narrows it down. What is it that you want to know, or
should I say, ask?"

"I, uh, was thinking about what Kelly told me you did with her, and you
did something with her that I thought that I, um, might want to try, too."

"Jan, please, _please_ don't think that just because I do - or don't do
- something with Kelly, you should follow her example. Make your OWN
choices, based on what YOU want."

"That's exactly what I'm doing; or trying to do. It's just that it's
something you kinda did with me, and really did with Kelly. It's what I
went to the library for, a little, and spent so much time on the Internet
about this "

That was enough to give me an idea of where this was going, and what she
wanted, but wanted to make sure I was right.

"So what is it, then?"

"Um, you know before, when you put your finger in my, uh, butt?"


"Well, I think I'd like to try having you, you know, put 'something
more' there, too."

Yup. I was right. She wanted to try anal sex.

"I'm not going to ask if you're sure; I know you wouldn't bring it up if
you weren't. If that's what you want to do, then we can do it - or, at
least, give it a try."

She smiled at me, saying "I kinda wanted to try it tonight, if we could.
That way, if it, um, makes me sore, I still have time to get over it before
Daddy gets home in a couple days."

"Somehow, I didn't think you wanted to wait for your birthday.", I
teased, adding "Tonight it is, then. But of course, we're going to take
our time, and kind of ease into it, so you have plenty of time to change
your mind or get ready for it, right?"

"You better believe it!"

"Well, let's go ahead and get comfortable, maybe catch a little tv -
yes, you can pick the movies! - and see where it goes."

I got up and went into the bedroom to get undressed while Jan figured
out what she wanted to watch and got something going on the TV. A couple
minutes later, she joined me, and we had a brief bit of fun 'helping' each
other before heading back into the family room - after each made detours to
the bathroom, where I grabbed a small jar of petroleum jelly I kept around.

Back in the family room, we opted for floor in front of the couch, as
much for comfort as anticipated need. I sat down, leaning back against the
couch, with my knees drawn up slightly. Jan parked herself between them,
leaning back against me, my arms around her, resting on her lower belly.
As the evening began, so did our caresses; as time went on, those caresses
intensified, and as the caresses intensified, so did our arousal. It
didn't take long before what was on the screen mattered less than what was
right next to us; we'd gone from sitting up, Jan in front of me, to laying
down next to each other.

With Jan on her back, I laid on my side, propped on my arm. As I softly
kissed varying places on her face - with frequent stops at her lips - I
used my other hand to softly caress and stroke any part of her body I could
reach: from her neck to her pelvis, no part of her skin I could reach was
safe from my touch. Even the ultra fine hairs around her navel were
subjected to my feather light touch. As my ministrations progressed, Jan's
responses changed from accepting to insistent to demanding. When I kissed
her, our lips parted, and we tentatively touched tongues - and then quickly
progressed to dueling with them, and exploring each other's molars. As we
did, I moved my focus to her breasts, placing my hand over them, then
slowly pulling it away as I drew my fingertips - *ever* so lightly - from
her chest to her nipples, which I grasped lightly and pulled to full
erection. For her part, Jan started dragging her fingernails up my thighs,
from near my knee up to just short of my scrotum - then from my chest to
just short of my pubic hair; the effect was to excite me, getting me

Gradually, our lips parted, leaving me free to extend the range of my
kisses, starting with her throat. Starting with feather-light kisses, I
gradually increased the pressure, and added to it by parting my lips so I
could apply small, soft suction to her skin before withdrawing my lips to
move on to the next spot - usually very near. I moved slowly, kissing and
gently lip-biting her wherever I moved. She had changed the way she was
touching me; the range of her strokes was the same, but they were starting
closer to, and finishing at, my penis and testicles. Indeed, her touch was
enough to get me hard, and keep me that way, without it being painful or
'overly' stimulating. Only when I moved down slightly, to focus my
attention on her breasts, did she cease her efforts and allow me to do with
her as I wished.

What I wished was to suckle at her nipples, as though a child; first
one, then the other was the focus of my attentions. I delighted in the
taste of her skin: ever so slightly salty, but fresh.s As I nursed at her
breasts, she put her hands on my head, softly guiding me to where she felt
the need or desire for my oral ministrations. Along with the efforts of my
mouth and lips and tongue, I used a hand to caress her thighs, which she
readily spread for me, allowing me ready access to the smoothest of the
smooth: their delicate, sensitive insides, warm and soft on the outside,
but with the firmness of her sports-toned muscles underneath. Now it was
MY turn to use my touch to tease her: using the same types of strokes on
her thighs and belly as she had with me, knee to groin, waist and hips and
navel to pubic hair, always bypassing my ultimate target. In very little
time, I could _feel_ the heat radiating from the center of her womanhood,
and the heady aroma of her arousal began to tickle my nose. Still, I
managed to maintain my slow pace as I increased the area of her anatomy
that I savored. After kissing her lips, ever so softly, I traced her jaw
line with the tip of my tongue, then traced a line from just under her ear,
down her neck to her shoulder, then across her collarbone. I next visited
the hollow of her throat, and then on to the other shoulder, back across
her other collar to the other ear, taking it's lobe between my teeth and
softly 'chewing' it briefly. Then down to the area between her breasts, by
way of her throat again, and on to tracing figure eight's with my tongue
around her breasts, in ever-decreasing circles so that I ultimately reached
the twin peaks of her erect areolas and hardened nipples.

From going in straight lines between the crinkled peaks of her mounds, I
gradually developed an arc that included her navel, as well, pausing there
on each pass to circle, and dip into, it. With the new waypoint
established, I gradually lowered the end points of the arc, until I was
moving from hip to navel to hip. Then it was hip to the crease where her
leg joined her body, across her mons - pausing to give her a brief, soft
swipe of my tongue - to the other crease, and back up to the other hip.
Again, the change in focus; but this time, the ends of the arc were
gradually withdrawn, rather than moved, so that I paid more and more homage
to the very definition of her femininity.

By this time, she was panting with her excitement; a glance up revealed
that she'd developed a blush of arousal as deep as any I'd ever seen. Her
hands traveled between her own breasts, and my head, where she tried to
direct me into providing more pressure in my attentions to her labia and
clitoris. But the state she was in, she simply didn't have the focus or
strength to accomplish it; instead, she had to content herself with letting
me continue narrowing my focus on her highly visible clitoris, and slightly
protruding, darkened glistening inner lips as I carefully licked and sucked her plentiful essences from them as she slowly hunched herself up toward
me. I focused on her clitoris, and each time I felt her getting close to
release, would move my attentions to her labia - taking them into my mouth
to clean them, tracing their outlines with a tongue-tip, or simply forming
a rod with my tongue, and using it to press into her vagina as far as I
could, literally fucking her with it. Then, as each of her near-peaks
smoothed into an even higher plateau, I'd return to her clitoris, easing
her to a new, higher, level. Several times I repeated the cycle, until,
finally, she gasped "Oh, Dan! Please! Don't stop! I need it!". With
that entreaty, I couldn't tease her any more, and continued my focus on her
clitoris until I finally nudged her into the precipice of her release. She
literally screamed as her orgasm hit; with each spasm, I would apply
slightly increased suction on her clitoral area, nudging her into even
stronger cycles of tension-and-release. Finally, as her orgasm tapered
off, she pushed at me to let me know I could stop, while she lay there,
gasping in an effort to get her breath back. I move so that I was laying
next to her again, and held her in my arms.

When her breathing was approximately normal, she surprised me by quickly
pushing me onto my back, and then climbing on top of me, holding my arms
against the floor as she looked down at me as she said "YOU are a STINKER!
But now it's *my* turn!", with a lascivious smile.

That said, she leaned down a bit, licking her juices from where they'd
wet my lips and chin, and even down onto my neck. Once satisfied that
she'd gotten all the taste of herself off me, she went about doing much the
same to me as I had to her, almost action for action. My climax, when she
finally let me have it, was incredible.

Temporarily sated, we lay there for a while, just enjoying being next to
each other, giving each other small caresses, kissing every so often, and
so on.

As we regained our strength, though, our interest in each other
increased as well; it wasn't all _that_ long before we were again focused -
deliberately stimulating and arousing - each other. After a bit, Jan moved
over me, putting us in the classic '69' position; taking my semi-erect
penis into her mouth, she began applying a gentle suction to it as she
bobbed her head up and down on it. For my part, I was engaged in licking
and sucking on her labia and clitoris, surprised at how rapidly, and
thoroughly, she got wet. Neither of us seemed to be in any hurry to
climax, so we both enjoyed the sensations we were getting, and the activity
we were engaged in; I savored the taste of her female essence as it slowly
flowed out of her, and the way that she was using her lips and tongue - and
even teeth! - on my erect member.

Having climaxed so powerfully before, and with the handicap of being a
guy, I was far behind her in the area of arousal - I wasn't anywhere _near_
climaxing when she had a small one after I had focused on 'tickling' her
clitoris with my tongue for a couple of minutes. When it hit her, she
raised her head, and allowed my saliva slickened penis to slap against my
belly. When her spasms had passed, she took hold of me long enough to
securely plant her mouth around the glans and slide her lips down its
length, almost burying her nose in my pubic hair. She bobbed her head like
that several times, before releasing me again to say "I want you inside

I stopped licking her labia, and touched her hip; she moved off me,
turned around, and lay down on her back as I sat up. When I moved between
her legs, she raised her knees a bit, tilting her pelvis slightly, giving
me a better look at my target: the flower of her extended and slightly
parted labia, glistening with her juices, outlining the entrance to her

Reaching down, I guided the head of my erection to her cleft, and slid
it up and down a couple of times, re-wetting it, before wedging it partway
into her entrance. When I did, she gasped a bit, and pressed herself up
against me before parting her legs more, and raising her knees even
farther. With the better access, I pressed myself forward, sliding into her
until I slipped past the ring of muscles at her opening. I paused a
moment; she reached down between us and opened herself to me. When she did
that, I hunched myself forward, pushing deeper into her, slowly; her ample
oils making it possible for me to bury myself in her in a single stroke, my
balls finally coming to rest on her ass cheeks. We waited like that for
several long, pleasurable moments before she hunched herself up slightly,
pressing her clitoris against my pubic bone. Taking that as my cue, I
withdrew from her, slowly, paused when I felt the ring of her vaginal mouth
just behind my glans, and pushed back in again, a little faster. Again, we
paused when I was fully inside her, but not as long; nor did she have to do
anything to prod me into motion: I moved out of, then back into, her more
quickly, paused briefly, then again, even faster.

After only a few times, I was pistoning in and out of her steadily. It
wasn't forceful, or rapid, or anything like that; rather, it was a steady
rhythm of firm contact, aimed at pleasing each other as we looked into each
other's eyes.

Over the next several minutes, Jan's excitement increased considerably:
she escalated from the occasional moan and gasp, to panting and groaning
almost constantly, and even whining when I felt a number of intermittent
spasms pass through her. Those spasms increased in frequency, and
strength, until perhaps ten minutes after I first entered her, she had an
orgasm. It wasn't anything special (if such a term can be used to describe
an orgasm or climax!), so I simply kept up my thrusting motions into her,
adding a little extra 'bump' when our pelvises met, causing an extra bit of
pressure on her clitoris.

As her orgasm tapered off, she opened her eyes again, and seeing the
sheen of sweat I'd developed, asked "You're getting tired, a little?"

Not stopping my actions, I nodded, and she said "If you'll let me up,
you can do me from behind."

My arms quivering slightly, I nodded my agreement (oxygen was precious
at the time), and after making a couple of slow, steady thrusts into her,
withdrew and sat back on my heels as she sat up, then got onto her hands
and knees. Having caught my breath a bit, I said "Thank you, dear.", to
which she giggled, and replied "My pleasure, sir!".

Easing up behind her, I took my still slick penis in hand, and
positioned it between her labia. Before I could release my grip, she
rocked back, wrapping herself around nearly half my length. I quickly put
my hands on her hips, and pressed my hips forward, finishing the task of
embedding myself in her sheath. Securely positioned, I reached forward and
down, taking her breasts in my hands, squeezing them and pinching her
nipples as I easily resumed my previous rhythm, pumping in and out of her
steadily, and perhaps a bit more quickly. Keeping one hand on the floor to
steady herself, she used the other to reach between her legs, and begin
rubbing her clitoris, and sliding her fingers on each side of my woman-wet
penis as it stretched, then compressed, her inner lips.

It took her only a few minutes to have another - smaller - orgasm. When
it started, she lowered herself onto her elbows, giving me a view of her
anus clenching and relaxing as her spasms passed; it was a truly unique,
and stimulating, view and experience.

With her on her elbows, I couldn't maintain my hold on her breasts, of
course, and held her by the hips again, steadying them as my pace increased
at the sight of her nether rosebud winking at me as her thin, glistening
inner lips pulled away from her as I withdrew, then disappeared to guide me
as I thrust back into her. Even though oh-so-tight, she was also so wet
that I didn't have any difficulty hearing the liquid noises of our union.
Getting an idea, I used a hand to collect some of the ample lubrication she
was creating, and apply it to the blossom of her nether opening, massaging
it in the process. As I did, she started moaning again, and flexing her
back in time with my actions. Several more times, I dipped down to
replenish the supply, until I was finally able to slip the first digit of
my finger into her. When I did, She orgasmed, clamping down on the finger
in her rectum, her vagina flexing around my still-thrusting member. Taking
advantage of the periods between her spasms, I easily managed to get my
entire finger buried in her anus, and started wiggling it around. When I
did that, she all but screamed in pleasure, and pressed herself back
against me, trying to get as much of my penis and finger inside her as she
possibly could.

When she finally came down off her peak, she all but collapsed; I had to
hold her up long enough to remove my finger - twisting it a bit in the
process, causing a series of after-shocks in her - before guiding us both
down; she on her stomach, me still buried in her vagina, my legs outside
hers, resting on my elbows. Knowing how strong her release had been, I was
content to simply hold myself steady over her, my erection still inside her
warm, wet cavern. I slid myself in and out of her slowly, more to keep
myself erect than in any plan to arouse or awaken her.

Several minutes later, she stirred, and turning her head to look over
her shoulder at me, said "That felt *so* good; I _really_ want to find out
what it feels like when it's your penis in my butt instead of your finger."

Kissing the back of her neck, I withdrew from her, and sat up on my
knees, my glistening erection swaying slightly. Jan quickly got up on her
hands and knees, turning around to take me into her mouth, sucking her
juices off me as I leaned to the side far enough to grab the petroleum
jelly I'd brought from the bathroom. When she saw what I had in my hand,
she let my penis slide free of her lips, and said " Oh, god!. I am *so*
ready to try this!", arching her back in confirmation.

She quickly turned herself around so that her ass was toward me. Easing
forward slightly, I slid my erection back into her vagina a little way,
withdrew it slightly, and then pressed the rest of the way in. Jan lowered
herself so that her shoulders were resting on the floor, tilting her ass up
for easy access to me.

Loading my thumb up with some of the lube, I placed it a little above
her nether opening, then slowly spread it around between her asscheeks and
working it into her anus. When it had all been distributed, I took another
load, and carefully worked it into her rear opening, pushing it inside and
sliding my thumb in with it to both loosen her a bit, and to help make sure
she was as well-lubricated in that opening as she was where I could feel
her tightening around my penis.

The third blob of petroleum jelly I used to lubricate my erection as I
slowly withdrew it from her, making sure to leave a surplus on the glans.
When she felt me finally gone from her vagina, she raised herself up again,
so that the blossom of her anus was more lined up with how I would be
entering her.

Placing my hands on her asscheeks, I said "Remember, you can stop me at
any time. If it hurts, or doesn't feel comfortable, or anything else about
it bothers you, *tell me*, and I'll stop, _right then_. I am NOT going to
just ram it in, or do anything force you; it's ONLY going to happen if you
relax enough to LET it happen, okay?"

Looking back over her shoulder, she said "I know, Uncle Dan. That's why
I want _you_ to do it, because I know you're not going to hurt me. But I
don't think it will - I *really* want to do this."

With that, I gently pulled her buns apart, revealing the winking brown
eye that was my target. Directing my glans until it was touching her
pucker, I paused a moment, then pressed forward a bit, giving her plenty of
time to prepare. When I felt her press back against me slightly, I pushed
a bit harder. I actually felt her anal ring relax, and pressed a bit
harder against her. As the pressure increased against her opening, she
didn't cry out or exhibit any signs of discomfort; if anything, she seemed
to only get more aroused, judging from her low moans. Finally, it
happened: the pressure and lubrication were enough to let my glans pop
through the initial resistance of her opening, with a small squeak from
her. I instantly stopped, with the ring of her anal opening tight around my
penis, just behind the glans.

"Are you okay?", I asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I think so. Just give me a minute, okay?"

"Absolutely. You're sure you don't want me to stop?"

"Don't you dare! Just let me get used to it, and I'll be fine."

Seeing that she was determined to go through with it, I released my hold
on her ass, and moved my hands forward to caress and squeeze her breasts,
paying special attention to her nipples. After a couple of minutes, it
seemed to have the desired effects of reassuring her that I wasn't going to
move before she was ready, and to help her relax by distracting her a bit
(okay, a lot :-)

I could feel it as she managed to get more and more relaxed; so I was
ready when she finally told me "Okay, go ahead - but slow, okay?"

"You bet."

Taking her ass in my hands again, I spread her cheeks enough to be able
to watch as I slowly, and carefully, pushed into her again. The lubricant
I'd applied to both of us made it easier, and it wasn't long before I felt
the ring of her anus wraped around the base of my erect penis. At that
point, I stopped again, to give her a chance to 'catch her breath', as it
were, from the experience.

Again, she looked back at me, saying "That part was a LOT easier. It
feels _really_ weird, but I like it!"

I could tell that last part was true from the way my balls were being
soaked in her vaginal juices - and the way her vagina was fairly
*radiating* heat.

I could also feel the different pressures as she experimented with her
internal muscles: she easily found her vaginal muscles, because I could
feel the change in pressure along the bottom side of my penis. Of course,
control over her anus was easy, too, as evidenced by the way she would camp
down on me. What seemed to take the longest for her, not surprisingly, was
the location and control of the muscles _leading up to_ her rectum. But
find them she did, and got control of them quickly enough: at first, it was
only an intermittent squeezing or flutter at random points along my length,
but after only a couple of minutes, her efforts were much more organized
and effective.

Finally, content with her progress, she said "Okay, I'm ready, I think.
Go ahead and start making love to me - but easy."

Not bothering to say anything - she'd gotten me that aroused from being
the subject of her experiments - I carefully slid myself back out, until
only the head of my erection was in her. As I did, I could hear her give
out a single, continuous moan, lasting as long as my actions did - and
relaxing even more, as well.

I paused again for a few seconds, then started pressing myself into her
again, and getting another decidedly aroused moan as a reward. Again, I
paused a few seconds before sliding back out of her. I continued like
that, pausing a bit at the end of each stroke, for another couple of
minutes, ever so gradually reducing the pauses, until I was finally making
slow, continuous love to her most personal of openings.

She applauded my efforts with her pants and moans, and even gasps of
pleasure; finally, she was able to gasp out "Yeah, that's it! Oh, GOD! It
feels SO good!"

With that encouragement, I started speeding up my actions, gradually,
until I was finally, fully, *making love* to her nether opening. I wasn't
forceful about it; rather, it was a steady (if quick), gentle pistoning in
and out of her, savoring the sight and feeling of her rosebud as it slid up
and down my length, tighter than even her vagina had been, but pleasantly
so. Pleasantly enough, in fact, that I could feel myself start down the
path to my climax.

Looking down at her, I saw that she had one hand off the floor, using it
to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples as she rocked back and forth
in time with my thrusting. Leaning forward a bit, I took one hand off her
ass and slid it around her, sliding through her pubic hair, until I was
able to use my fingertip to stroke and circle and press her clitoris in
time with my efforts. In only a few moments, she had a small orgasm,
clamping her anus down on me until it was almost painful - but not enough
to stop, or even slow, me as I continued to slide in and out of her. When
her spasms passed, it didn't seem to have left her any less aroused; quite
the opposite in fact: she would grunt and gasp out "Oh!" each time I 'hit
bottom' on my in strokes, and give a slightly disappointed moan when I

As I started to feel the first tight, tingling sensations in the end of
my erection, I started speeding up my thrusts, as well; still being careful
not to hurt her, my thrusting became more forceful, as well. At some
point, we seemed to pass an internal dividing line for her, and she lowered
her shoulders to rest as she responded to my thrusting with an almost
continuous moan, punctuated by grunts as I thrust into her.

Finally, though, it simply got to be too much for me, and I had to
abandon my attentions to her clitoris; focusing instead on my own pleasure.
After only a couple of minutes, I felt the approach of my own release, and
slowed down to take a few long, slow strokes in and out of her to maximize
it; when I felt the tensioning in my balls that told me the next thrust
would be my last, I pushed into her quickly, and then tried to bury myself
in her ass as the first of several jets of semen shot deep into her bowels.
Whether it was the knowledge of what I was doing, or she could actually
feel it, I couldn't' tell - but it was enough to trip her into her own
orgasm, as well, shrieking as it hit her. Not only did she tighten around
my erection, but I could feel the spasms passing through her vagina as
well, along the bottom of my buried member. The sensation was so unique -
and pleasant! - that the last few sprays I released into her felt as
strong as the first. Panting from my exertions, I held her hips steady and
jabbed into her rear entrance a few times as her climax slowly tapered off,
causing her to release another small cry and several moans.

As my penis deflated, I withdrew from her, the ring of her anus tight
enough to milk the last few drops from it as it slid out.

Both of us exhausted and gasping, I held her enough to guide us both
back down onto the floor before we collapsed. Once safe from falling, we
held each other in our arms as we caught our breath.

I plead age and effort as my excuse for falling asleep; when I woke up,
Jan had gotten a blanket to cover us and was laying next to me under it.
The slight dampness around my penis told me that she'd also gotten a wet
cloth to clean me - and presumably herself - after our experience.

Turning my head, I looked into her beautiful eyes, and smiled at her.

She smiled back, almost radiantly, before saying "THAT was _amazing_.
The first time I heard about it, I thought it would be, you know,
*disgusting* or something, or that it would hurt. But it didn't - it felt

"No pain, then? Nothing hurts?"

"No, no pain or anything. I feel kinda stretched, and my, uh, butt hole feels 'loose', but nothing hurts. The only bad part is that stuff you used
makes me feel squishy back there; it's weird and kind of uncomfortable."

I laughed, and said "Now you've got an idea of why guys hate getting
prostate or rectal exams: it's not just the idea of having something stuck
in our butts, but that feeling from the lubrication, afterwards."

She laughed back, and told me "Yeah, I guess I can understand that. Now
if we women can just get you guys to understand what it' s like getting a
gynecological exam, we'd be even!"

"Well, I don't know if I'd ever want to experience anything like that;
but I do know that a nice, hot shower helps wash that stuff off - at least,
enough of it that it doesn't feel so bad. The problem is, I'm just too
damned tired to get up and take on, just now."

"Me, too. It was all I could do to get us this far!"

"And for that, I thank you."

She snickered, saying "I did it as much for me as for you, Uncle Dan!"

I chuckled, telling her "I figured as much; I'm just thanking you for
including me!"

We were content to just lay there, looking at each other, for a while. I
noticed Jan's eyes drooping a bit, and said "How about if we just take a
little nap to get our strength back. Then when we wake up, we can take
that shower, and have a little bit to eat?"

"Sounds good." she murmured, already half-asleep herself.

Still holding her, I closed my eyes, too, and both of us were soon fast

When we woke up, it was quite late in the evening. A quick shower - all
we had energy for - and some re-heated pizza, and we were ready to go back
to bed - this time to sleep.

The next morning, Jan revealed that the effect of her first anal
experience had left her a bit sore - "But not too much!", she declared -
and less interested in making love. I agreed, having nearly worn myself
out with her and Kelly the past few days.

The next day, Jan was back to her regular self. Talking to her, I found
out that she wanted to spend the last couple of days before her dad got
back with me, just the two of us. Calling in to the office, I let my
secretary know, and told her to forward anything needing my attention to me
at home, via email. She agreed, and with nothing else to distract me,
devoted the next few days to Jan, and making her as happy as I could.

We made love. We sat and talked, about her school and her future. We
simply sat, enjoying each other's company. We went out to dinner, every
guy in the restaurant eyeing her (much to her pleasure). We cuddled. We
had raw, unbridled *sex*.

When the day came that we were to pick up Paul from the airport, we
savored our last lovemaking session with each other. It wasn't a marathon
of orgasm; indeed, we only had one apiece - but they came to us (no pun
intended) only after a slow, gentle, *caring* session.

At the airport, we were ready and waiting when Paul finally cleared
Customs, and was able to join us. He looked exhausted, and seemed to have
more stuff with him than when he left. Jan and I quickly guided him out to
my car, and with a little effort, managed to get him and his luggage all
into the car with us. Back at his place, he seemed to perk up a bit, and
was able to sit and talk with us for a while, telling Jan about where he'd
been, and what he'd done. Finally, though, he got to the point where he
wanted to talk to me - without Jan present. When he asked her to get him
unpacked, she knew what he wanted, and readily agreed - but giving me a
Significant Look on her way out of the room.

"So, how did it go?", Paul asked.

"How did what go?"

"C'mon, Dan, I'm not blind. When I first saw you two at the airport, I
could tell. I don't know what it is - okay, I know what it is, but I don't
know how to explain it - but she just *looks* different. It's like she
grew up, which I suppose she did in a way. And the way she looks at you,
now: it's not like she's any more in love with you now than before, more
like she loves you as one adult to another, not the little-girl kind of
love she had before. So yeah, I could tell it happened. I just wanted to
know if it went well; I'm not asking for any of the gory details or
anything else - I just need to know that she's okay."

"In that case, I'll tell you - yeah, it went okay. She's fine, she
isn't hurt, or anything like that. Aside from the obvious, I think you're
going to see a big change in her, now. She really *has* grown up - not
just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. She isn't your baby or
little girl any more; she's *Jan*, an adult in every way except legally.
There were a couple of problems that came up, and she handled them
_herself_, responsibly and like an adult. It's just something you're going
to have to get used to."

"What problems?"

"Just something with a couple of her now-ex-friends. Don't worry,
nobody got hurt, and there aren't any legal issues."

Reassured, he said "That so? Well, I guess I _am_ going to have to get
used to it; even I don't like it much."

"You want to know what *I* think you should do?"

He snorted, and said "I think I'd better, if I know what's good for me."

"Sit down with her, and *talk* to her. Find out what's on her mind,
what her plans are, what SHE thinks - not just about what happened between
us, but anything and everything in her life. I think she'll not only
surprise you - pleasantly! - but help make it easier for you to accept the
change in her."

He looked at me, surprised, and said "You really think so?"

"Yeah, I do. I know that neither of you is stupid; it's just getting
you talking that's always a pain in the ass. Just be careful not to get
_too_ inquisitive about what happened between us, unless you like hearing
rude answers from your daughter."

"Shit, I DON'T want to know. Honest to God, Dan, I had a lot of time to
think it over while I was gone, and I finally understood something: she
*is* growing up. I can either piss and moan about it, and make her and me
both miserable; or I can look at it like I've done just exactly what I'm
supposed to do as a parent: teach how to make her own decisions, and HOW to
get what she wants in a responsible manner, and all that other stuff. So,
no, I don't want to know the fussy details about her personal life; I'm
actually happy to know that she's being responsible and careful, and that
she trusts me enough to be willing to come to me like she did. No, it's
not easy, but I *know* it's something that has to happen. So, I just try
to go with it, accept it gracefully, and look at it in the best way I can."

From there, the conversation drifted around to a variety of subjects -
his job, my job, the different places he'd gone, and so on. As we talked,
I could see him getting sleepy again, and finally suggested that he go
ahead and go to bed, and I'd stop by in a couple days when he'd gotten over
the jet lag.

On my way out, Jan caught up with me, and gave me a solid kiss on the
lips before asking "What did Daddy want to talk to you about?"

"Oh, you, me, and a little other stuff. Not to worry, though, I think
he's actually okay with it now. Just talk to him, and try to remember that
he's still getting used the changes in you."

She smiled at me, and gave me another kiss before I headed out the door.

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