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Jan's Second Choice


Jan's Second choice (M/f+, ff, cons, oral, anal, rom) - part 4/5 of the Jan
series By Dorsai Note: this is part 4 of 5 parts
in a continuing story about consensual sex between a teenage female and an
adult male. If the idea of sex between a young female and older male
offends you, stop here, and delete the file. Copies of the story parts
may be found at the text repository:
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3/5> Jan's First Time These stories are available on the ASSTR
archive, in the author's directory :
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
---------- After Paul, Jan's dad, came home, Kelly came over for a
visit. Cuddling on the couch, we talked over a number of things, including
the idea of her moving in to my house with me. I told her that I was more
than happy at the idea, but that I wanted to check a few things before she
did. She agreed, and we tentatively set a move-in date for her the last
weekend before school started. The next day, at work, I called Susan's
father, asking if it would be possible for us to meet. He readily agreed,
and asked if I wanted to come into his office, or if I'd be more
comfortable if he came to me. I said that either was fine with me, but
that it _would_ be easier if he came to my office. He agreed, and we set
up a time for the next day. When he arrived for our appointment, I was
stuck on the phone with one of my clients, discussing a project that he
wanted me to work on. I asked him if he would mind waiting, and he easily
agreed. Nearly fifteen minutes later, I was finally able to go out and
meet him. Introducing myself, I said "I'm Dan Marshall, Mr...."
"Moore. Steve Moore. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." "And for
me, as well. If you'll come into my office?" Once seated, he asked me
"I found your secretary most interesting to talk to - though I have to
admit that her accent baffles me." "Hardly surprising; she's originally
from Nigeria." "Interesting. How did a white middle-aged engineer wind
up with a black, middle-aged Nigerian secretary?" "Pretty simple,
actually. She left Nigeria after one of those tribal spats that are all
too common over there, and came to this country. Being a teacher there,
she was a prime target for some of the less sociable elements, and barely
made it out alive. When she got here, her Nigerian teaching credentials
didn't count for much, and she was ridiculously overqualified for almost
anything related - secretarial, and so on. She answered an ad I had for a
part-time secretary; after talking to her a bit, I realized that she was
perfectly qualified for the job, except for the technical jargon involved.
When I asked her if she could stop being a teacher for a while, and be a
student again while she learned the business I was in, she answered that a
good teacher never stopped learning. I liked the motivation and enthusiasm
she showed, so I gave her a chance. Luckily, it worked out, and she's
shown her gratitude for the chance by staying with me." "She seems to be
quite loyal to you; she even thanked me for offering to help with the Phil
situation; I'm surprised she remembered it." "I'm not. Remember, she
was a teacher, once; she still reads the newspaper, front to back, every
day. As for the loyalty, I expect that it's just because I've tried to
take as good of care of her as she has of me; whenever I've been able to
afford it, I've given her raises and so on. I even 'gave her away' at her
wedding, when she married a local electrical supplier. We've been to each
other's homes many times, and I'm even godparent to their two children."
"Interesting concept, that: taking care of your people gets you loyalty
beyond what a simple paycheck buys." he smiled. "Yeah, well, it seems to
work for me. Some of my clients and competitors have tried to hire her
away from me, but she's turned them all down." "Before we begin, there
is something that I would like to ask you about, if I may." "Certainly",
I replied. "Since that - *event* - Susan has been a little nervous about
going out by herself. It's not that she's worried about young Phil, but
more that she's worried about something else happening. She speaks very
highly of how effective you were in dealing with that bunch, and has
expressed an interest in taking some kind of martial arts training."
"What is it that you want to know?" "Actually, I want to know a couple
of things. First, what was it that you used on them?" "The first thing
was Aikido; when things got rushed, it was karate and judo. And the second
thing?" "Would you be able to recommend something that I could have her
take?" "I'm afraid that on that one, I can't help you - as far as
suggesting anything YOU should HAVE her take. My suggestion would be for
her to visit several of the different martial arts facilities, and find one
that appeals to _her_. If *she's* interested in it, she'll do better at
it, and learn more." "Is there anything you would recommend? As far as
a particular one of them? She's not really a physical person, and doesn't
even like to hurt bugs that she's afraid of." "That considered, I'd say
that she might find Aikido to be worth a look. It's primarily a
_defensive_ art, and requires less strength and force than anything else
I'm aware of. Also, the way it works, she would be able to apply even the
beginning lessons easily, and regain any confidence she may have lost after
Phil." "What is Aikido, exactly? I know about karate and judo, but
don't know what it is well enough to visualize it." "If you've ever seen
a Steven Segal movie, what he uses is Aikido. The parts where he simply
re-directs people - that is, isn't there when they try to hurt him - is
basic Aikido; the parts where he actually hits back are from the higher
training." "I see. And what else would you suggest?" "The other
non-violent alternative is Judo, but it's a bit more physical and painful
to the assailant than Aikido." "I understand. Thank you." "If you
would like, I'd be happy to suggest a couple of places here in town that
I'm aware of, and fairly impressed with. When I returned from overseas, I
studied at them for some time before my schooling and business took up too
much of my time." "That would be most helpful, thank you. And brings us
to the subject of what it was that you wanted to talk to me about." "Mr.
Moore" - "Steve, please - after the way you helped Susan, I think first
names are appropriate!" - "Steve, I'm looking for some legal advice that I
hope will stay civil, but *may* become something more." "I understand.
First, I'm not a civil lawyer; my field is criminal law. For civil advice,
I'd suggest that you visit a friend of mine. I'll be happy to set you up
with him. Second, if whatever you have in mind *does* turn criminal, I
would probably not be your best choice as a representative, for the simple
reason that you've already helped me in a more personal way by protecting
my daughter from that young thug. I would be happy to assist or guide
another attorney, but would not be comfortable as your sole, or primary,
attorney. With that said, let me say that I will be more than happy to
hear what you have to say, and make suggestions based on what you tell me,
as one friend - and I think of you as one - to another." "I think I
understand; I've heard that bit about a lawyer representing himself, and
suspect that the idea applies to friends, as well. Very well then, let me
start by asking you if you know a young friend of Susan's, by the name of
Kelly." "Yes, I've met her, she seems quite nice and intelligent. Susan
has also told me a bit about Kelly's home life; something of a shame."
"Well, it is about her home life that I am seeking advice and suggestions.
Kelly and I have become better acquainted since the Phil incident.
Acquainted enough that we've found that we share a number of interests, and
have a certain affection for each other." "Indeed? How affectionate?"
"Affectionate enough that we've agreed that it would be worthwhile for
her to move into my home on a full-time basis." "I see. If I may ask,
what would the living arrangements be?" "I have a three bedroom home.
One is my bedroom, one is set up as a home office and lab; the last is
currently unused." "That was not an answer to my question, but I'll
accept it, for now. What about the situation is it that you are seeking
legal guidance on?" "Being a minor, it is possible that Kelly would be
subjected to some 'unpleasantness' from her parents. Unpleasantness to the
degree that they might ultimately seek civil, or even criminal, redress
against me. I hope it does not come to that, but want to be prepared for
it, if it does." "Laudable. You have no idea of the number of people
that I see that only seek counsel AFTER the fact, when it is too late. As
I said, my field is criminal law, and I can offer you some thoughts on what
you might reasonably expect to face, if you like." "I can't say that I
*like*, but need to hear them." He smiled, and said "First, if it can be
shown that you are engaged in intimate physical contact with Kelly, you
could face criminal charges, the least of which would be indecency with a
minor; the more serious would be statutory rape or even contributing to the
delinquency of a minor. Our local district attorney is prone to use the
big guns, so some combination of those charges, and other minor ones,
wouldn't be unusual. Knowing something of Kelly's home life, I applaud you
for any comfort or affection you've shown her; I have no doubt that it is
or was completely consensual and mutual. I've done some research on you,
and everyone that knows you personally states that you are an honorable,
reputable, honest person - those are traits that would serve you well in
court, if it comes to that. But as you say, the ideal is to avoid that, if
at all possible. Let me refer you to my friend, and fill him in on some of
what I know about Kelly and her situation. After you talk with him, he
should be better able to give you suggestions and guidance that I
wouldn't." "And this person is?" "Michael Thompson. He's one of
several people in a group that I belong to that get together every so
often. We aren't a consortium or club or anything; rather, we're basically
the best in our respective fields of law, and get together to learn a bit
from each other, and make referrals as needed - such as your case. In
fact, if I may use your phone, I can give Mike a call now, and see how soon
I can get you in to see him." "Certainly. Here you go." I said, handing
him my phone. He dialed, and after a brief conversation, managed to get me
an appointment for that afternoon. When he handed the phone back, I
thanked him. He answered me by saying "It is I who need to thank *you*.
You helped my daughter at a time she needed it, and resolved a problem that
I wasn't sure how to deal with. You've also given me no small guidance in
how to prevent her from coming to harm in the future. I like you, and hope
that we can become, if not friends, then at least friendly." "I would
hope that we could, too. As for helping Susan, she's a nice kid - young lady - and in good conscience, I *couldn't* let anything happen to her,
regardless of WHO'S daughter she was." "I expected as much. Like I
said, I did some checking on you, and you are universally respected by
those that know you, whether you're actually *liked*, or not - something I
gather involves a certain amount of professional jealousy. There is no
doubt in my mind that any relationship you have with Kelly is an honest
one, and to her benefit. I've met her parents a few times around town, and
I must say that I have been much less than impressed with them; if you are
able and willing to get her into a more affectionate atmosphere, you have
my whole-hearted support." With that, he stood and offered me his hand.
Standing as well, I took it, and we shook with more friendship than we'd
had on first meeting. ---------- ---------- ---------- I got to
Michael Thompson's office that afternoon, a few minutes early. To my
surprise, his receptionist directed me right into his office after I
identified myself. After standing to shake hands with me, he directed me
to a chair, and after we were seated, had someone bring in some coffee for
us. After a few sips, and a little idle conversation, he started things
rolling by telling me "It isn't often that I see someone on such short
notice, even from Steve. Whoever you are, you've impressed him. What is
the nature of the problem?" "There is a young lady of my acquaintance
who is in an unpleasant home environment. I have offered to let her move
into my house on a semi- to permanent basis. The problem is that she is 17
years of age, and I - and she - are not entirely certain that her parents would accept such an arrangement without some type of protest." "I see.
And what is the nature of the relationship between you? And what would the
living arrangements be?" "The relationship is one of mutual affection
and respect. As for the living arrangements, I have an unused bedroom in
my house." "Mutual affection and respect, huh? Okay, I'll accept that.
But you didn't answer the question about the living arrangements; you only
told me about your house." "Mr. Thompson, do you *really* need - or
want - to know that level of detail? I understand that lawyers are
considered to be 'officers of the court', and bound to report any criminal
activity that comes to their attention." "That is correct. Very well,
then, we shall stipulate that the young lady involved will be moving into
that bedroom, and proceed. What are the particulars of the young lady, and
her home life, that she is so desirous of leaving it to join you?" Over
the next few minutes, I told him about Kelly - what I'd heard about her
home life, what she'd told me herself, and so on, always careful to
distinguish between what I'd heard, what she'd told me, and what I'd
surmised. When I was done, he looked very thoughtful for a bit before
saying "What you tell me jibes with what Steve has told me. I believe that
I've met her parents; hardly the kind of people I like to see procreating.
Very well then, how is it that I can help you?" "Kelly and I are both
fairly certain that her parents will not object to her departure; if
anything, we expect they will view it with no small relief. However, we
want to have some means of dealing with them in the event that we're wrong
in our estimation of the situation." "And how committed are the two of
you to seeing this through? It could well get ugly." "We've thought of
that, as well. Considering their absentee parental technique, we were
thinking that they had forfeited any claim of responsibility for her. At
worst, it was my thought that the argument could be made that the
inattention and indifference her parents have exhibited constituted a form
of neglect, if not abuse. Kelly is willing to testify to that effect, if
it becomes absolutely necessary." "Indeed? Well, let us hope it doesn't
come to that; but prepare for it nonetheless. I have heard what you have
to say; I trust that you'll understand if I tell you that I'd like to hear
what Kelly has to say, as well." "Of course. I can either bring her in,
or arrange for her to meet with you." "For the sake of argument, let's
say she comes in here on her own. That way, it couldn't be argued that
your immediate presence influenced her." "That would be fine. If I
might ask, you seem to have something in mind - what is it?" "It's a bit
premature, but in this state, we have what is called 'manumission' for
minors of her age. It essentially declares them to be legal adults, if
underage otherwise. If the conditions are as you say - and I believe they
are - then we could almost certainly apply for her to manumitted on those
grounds, leaving her free to choose where to live as she pleases, as an
adult." "Really? That's an 'interesting' concept. Uh, forgive me, but
as a matter of theory, wouldn't an application of that sort have more of an
impact if it were to come from Kelly herself?" "It would." "And
wouldn't any involvement by me tend to - shall we say - 'cloud' the
proceedings?" "It would." "Then if Kelly were to come to you herself,
wouldn't it have more impact on the court?" "Yes, I see where you're
going with this. However, you've already mentioned the ultimate goal to
me." "Yes - to YOU. But if there were someone you were to direct her
to? Someone that I _hadn't_ spoken with? Kelly's manumission would be a
separate issue from any civil or other legal proceedings that I would wish
to retain you against." He smiled at me, saying "You have an
'interesting' way of thinking, Mr. Marshall. Yes, _in theory_, what you
say is correct. There are several people that I would trust to handle such
a thing. A couple of them might even entertain the idea of doing it pro
bono - for free - or at a minimal charge, paid by the young lady as she was
able." "But of course, you would only be comfortable making such a
referral once you had met her, and were convinced of the appropriateness of
the solution." "Of course." "Then if such a young lady were to call
you for an appointment tomorrow morning, when might she be able to speak
with you?" "I suppose that if she were to call tomorrow morning, I could
probably see her shortly before lunch." "Theoretically, of course." I
offered. "Theoretically." "Thank you for your time, Mr. Thompson.
Will you bill me for your services, or may I pay on my way out?" "There
won't be a charge for this meeting, Mr. Marshall. My first consultation
is usually free, and as I said, you have an 'interesting' mind; it was a
pleasure talking with you." "And if it should happen that a young lady
seeking manumission were to meet you, how might she be billed?" "Oh, for
such a worthwhile cause, I doubt that I would bother; it would be a public
service to be able to help a young lady in troubling circumstances achieve
her freedom and happiness." "You are quite a gentleman, sir." "For a
lawyer." he smiled. With that, I left, thanking his receptionist on my
way out. ---------- ---------- ---------- The next morning, Kelly
called him at my suggestion, and was able to see him just before lunch.
After their meeting, she called the other lawyer he'd directed her to, and
got an appointment for a few days later. I'd been careful not to tell her
what Thompson had said about manumission; both to surprise her, and to
avoid putting any pressure on her. When she came to stay with me for a
few hours, I could see that she was excited about something, but was
careful not to 'notice' or mention it until she brought it up herself.
When she did, I agreed that it sounded like an ideal solution - not just
for us, but also for HER. As we cuddled on the couch, we made tentative
plans for her move, but leaving the timeline open until after she'd met
with the lawyer that would be handling things for her. ----------
---------- ---------- Thompson had been right; there was a manumission
law in our state, and Kelly's home life certainly qualified her to apply
for it. The lawyer she saw was willing to do it 'at cost' - that is,
simply for any filing or other fees outside his office. He started the
paperwork, and suggested to Kelly that she say something to her parents before the paperwork was delivered to them, so that they would have some
warning. When she told me about it, I backed him up on it, pointing out
that if it hit them without warning, they might decide to fight it just
because it pissed them off. She was still hesitant about it, but brought
it up with them, anyway. To her surprise, they actually seemed mildly
pleased at the idea, and told her that they wouldn't have any objections to
it, or fight it. In fact, they even told her that they would be happy to
give her a few thousand dollars to help her get started, along with the
title to the car they'd bought her. With that kind of response from them,
she even brought up the idea of moving out, perhaps even before the start
of the school year. They agreed to that, as well, saying that they would
pay for her final year of private school, as well, as a gesture of 'good
will'. When she got to my house, she was almost in a state of shock at
how it had gone with them, and how agreeable they'd been - and more than a
little saddened by those facts, as well. I reassured her as best I could,
holding her in my arms and telling her that I loved her. After a while,
she perked up a bit, and we finalized our plans for her to move in with me.
The next day, she called her lawyer, and told him what had happened; he
assured her that moving out before the paperwork was finalized wouldn't
have any impact, that if anything, it would strengthen the basis for her
request. So, the last weekend before school started, Kelly gathered up
her things, and moved in. True to their word, her parents gave her the
title to her car, and a receipt for her last year's tuition at school,
along with a certified check for $10,000. A couple of weeks later - and
after a brief appearance by her in court - her manumission papers arrived.
With them in hand, she went to the bank to open her own checking and
savings accounts. The bank fussed, a little, but ultimately gave in,
setting both accounts up as requested. That it was the same bank I used
for my personal and business accounts, and she liberally dropped my name,
helped a bit. Back at home, we'd gone out and gotten some additional
furniture, mostly for her to put her things in, in the bedroom. I provided
her with one of the encrypted garage door openers I had; the remote being
encrypted, the garage door wasn't subject to some clown driving down the
street hitting a commercial or generic remote to see which doors opened.
We also went through a 'crash training' session with Mabel, so that Kelly
had _almost_ as much control over Mabel as I did. I also fixed her up with
a ring to hold her electronic key to the house; when I gave it to her, I
thought she was going to cry. During all of this, Paul was surprisingly
supportive - particularly after Jan told him about what had passed for
Kelly's home life. He told me that the boys had asked about all the stuff
that was going on, and that he and Jan had explained things to them in such
a way as to satisfy their curiosity without going into too much 'detail'.
They were old enough to notice that _something_ was going on, but not old enough to really understand the what or why, so once satisfied that they
weren't being left out of something, it didn't take much to appease their
curiosity. While all this was happening, Jan came over a few times; she
seemed quite willing to accept Kelly's primacy in my life, and didn't seem
to have any reaction or express any opinion when Kelly and I would exchange
touches, or kiss or caress. Then again, Kelly didn't seem to mind when Jan
would kiss me, either. I downplayed it as best I could by not making a big
deal of it, either way - whoever was handy got kisses and caresses when the
mood struck, and I didn't object to whoever wanted to kiss or caress me.
Things went along pretty well, at least, until the middle of October:
talking to Dan, I found out that he'd been set up to go on another long
trip out of the country, scheduled to start a few days before Halloween.
As he and I talked about it, we finally came up with something
approximating a plan. Initially, I offered to take all of the kids, but
the boys weren't real impressed with the idea: the Trick-or-Treating around
my house was slim pickings. A little more discussion, and we came up with
an alternative idea: they boys would stay with some cousins (where the
goodie quality was significantly better), and Jan would stay with Kelly and
me. Jan, of course, was more than agreeable to the idea - but was
courteous enough to conceal it from Paul, out of consideration for his
feelings. The see-Paul-off process went off pretty much as it had the
first time, with the addition of Kelly - who surprised him by giving him a
hug and kiss on the cheek before wishing him well. When we got back to
my place, Jan didn't hesitate to move her little bit of luggage into the
second bedroom, and get herself set up there. That night, things went
along pretty quietly - supper, a little television, and off to bed, since
they had school the next day. The next evening, I got home to find them
both sitting on the bed in the second (Jan's) bedroom, chatting. When I
went in, they both jumped up, and came over to give me a welcome home hug.
I was feeling a bit pleased with myself, having come up with a rather
elegant solution to a problem I'd been having with the design for a client.
Not only would it save me a couple of week's worth of installation labor,
but was simpler and easier to expand, as well. So I was quite willing to
offer to take us out for dinner, if they wanted. They most definitely did,
and after a few minutes discussion, we settled on going to a chinese food
place that I favored because it offered _genuine_ chinese food, versus the
Americanized stuff most places dealt in. Rather than fight the Friday
evening rush, we decided to relax for a while before heading out to eat. I
went in to lie down on the bed while the two of them discussed what they
wanted to wear. When it finally came time for us to leave, I changed
clothes; when I stuck my head in Jan's bedroom, I found that they'd
changed, as well. Since we were all ready, we headed out to dinner.
When we got there, they were surprised to find that the restaurant was
fairly small - only a dozen tables or so, well separated. When he saw me,
the owner greeted me in chinese (Cantonese), and I replied, quickly
exhausting my limited knowledge of that language. It was enough, though,
to please him all over again, and he quickly had us seated, telling his
daughter - the waitress - to take good care of us. After looking over
the menu, and hearing the evenings special, we each made our selections;
the girls were quite ready to listen to my advice after I explained to them
that real chinese food wasn't anything like what they were used to. I went
with shark fin soup and a couple of other smaller dishes, while the girls played it safe by ordering more conventional dishes. We sat there,
sipping tea and nibbling crackers, until the food arrived. I quickly had
my chopsticks ready; the girls seemed baffled by them, until the owner's
daughter came by and gave them a lesson in Chopsticks 101. After that,
things went along a bit better - and even more so when they realized that
it was not only okay, but expected, that they hold the small dishes under
their mouths to help the process. When we'd finished, we sat there a
bit, drinking tea and nibbling on the sweetened rice cookies that the owner
had brought over, and just letting the meal settle. The girls were
discussing the differences between what they'd just had, and what they were
used to; I was content to simply sit and watch and listen to them. So I
was surprised when Jan finally turned to me, and said "Uncle Dan, I've got
a question I'd like to ask. Well, actually, it's more like a favor."
"What's that, Jan?" "Um, well, I'd kind of like to have another
sleepover." It took me a few seconds to realize where she wanted to have
it. I looked at Kelly, then Jan, and said "And you want to have it at our
place?" They both nodded, before Kelly spoke up, saying, "The sleepover
was Jan's idea, but it was me that suggested having at our house. Paul and
the boys probably wouldn't tell us no, but we wanted someplace where we
could all, you know, *relax*, and I didn't think you would mind. But I
wanted to make sure and ask about it before we got too far with it."
"No, I don't think I'd mind, as long as I have someplace to escape to, if
it gets to be too much. Sure, I don't see any problem with it. When did
you want to do it?" I replied. Jan said, "We were kind of thinking the
Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, if that's okay." "That's fine.
Okay, go ahead and get it going, then. Who are you going to invite? Or
should I ask, how many?" "Actually, it was just going to be the other
girls that were at the other sleepover, you know, when you judged the
nightgowns. Except for the nosy ones, of course!" Kelly answered, giggling
a bit. "Yeah! I don't think they want to get anywhere *near* you,
anyway, Uncle Dan! 'Specially Mary Alice and Kathy; even though they've
quit being so nosy, they *still* don't give us any trouble." Jan added,
with a giggle of her own. "So that leaves, what? four of them, plus you
two?" - they nodded - "I guess I can handle that - for a while, anyway.", I
said, with a smile. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that a
couple of other groups had shown up, and were waiting for tables. Knowing
that the owner would never say anything, I suggested to the girls that we
leave so that the other customers could get their meals. They readily
agreed, and we made our way to the door after I left enough money to cover
the check and a tip on the table. Back home, they headed into the second
bedroom to talk as we all changed clothes. Once back into the family room,
they decided that they wanted to watch videos they'd gotten from one of
their friends. I was definitely NOT expecting that the videos would be
X-rated. The first one was a plain-vanilla adult porn movie, involving
guys having as much sex with as many women as they could. While it was
rewinding, Kelly got up and went into the bedroom, coming back out dressed
only in panties. Jan and I looked at each other, and shrugged, then each
heading back to the bedrooms to make our own 'changes'. When we got back
into the living room, we found that Kelly had laid a blanket on the floor
in front of the couch, and moved the couch cushions down so that they
formed a backrest. Gesturing, she indicated that she wanted me to sit next
to her, with Jan on my other side. Once we were all situated, she
started the second movie. As it played, I noticed that it wasn't just a
porno. Rather, it actually had something resembling a plot; and more than
that, it featured more than the usual amount of lesbian action, though
still primarily a hetero sex movie. As much as it was affecting me, I
could see from the way their nipples protruded that it was having an impact
on them, too. I also noticed more than a couple of glanced between them,
even though each had one of my arms around them, playing with their
breasts. Each had a hand on my leg, caressing my thighs, as well - keeping
me in a nearly constant state of semi-erectness. By the end of the
second movie, there was most definitely the scent of aroused female in the
air - actually, two of them. And the tenting in my briefs gave proof of an
aroused male, as well. As the movie rewound, Kelly got up and simply
dropped her panties, kicking them from where they'd pooled around her feet
toward the hall leading back to the bedrooms. Looking down at us, she
raised an eyebrow in question. Jan and I answered by following her
example, and taking off the last of our minimal clothing, though doing it
while still laying on the floor, and simply throwing it in the same general
direction. Satisfied that there wasn't anything to slow us down, Kelly
sat down again after switching out the movies, and settled in, started the
last of the stack I saw on the VCR. The last movie started out with a
lesbian scene - and like most men, the sight had its effect on me. It also
seemed to have an impact on Jan and Kelly, too: once again, the scent of
lusty woman wafted in the air, and the pointed tips of their breasts gave
evidence of their arousal. At the first heterosexual contact in the
movie, Kelly gently nudged me to twist around a bit, so I was nearly facing
Jan. Once I was situated to her approval, she swung herself over to sit on
my lap, 'trapping' my erect penis against her mons. She then took my
hands, pulled them up to cup her breasts, and gave them a little squeeze,
indicating what she wanted me to do. In taking my hands, she'd pulled one
of them away from Jan; to my - and Jan's! - utter surprise, she replaced
it with one of HER hands, placing it squarely over Jan's breast, leaving
the nipple to peek through between her fingers. At first, she didn't do
anything, other than to hold Jan's breast while I squeezed and caressed
hers; but as the movie went on, and as all of us gradually got comfortable
with the situation, she began softly squeezing Jan's breast, and playing
with the nipple - which, to my surprise, got longer and harder. When the
next lesbian scene started, I was surprised to feel another hand on top of
mine; when I looked, I saw that it was Jan's. When I looked at her, she
smiled, and gave my hand a small nudge. Figuring 'what the hell', I
released my hold on Kelly's breast, and felt it as Jan's hand slid under
mine, replacing it. I used the newly freed appendage to start caressing
her hip and ass and side. It took a couple moments, but Kelly finally did
notice that there were 3 hands on her; when she looked and saw that one of
them on her breast was Jan's, she smiled at Jan, and leaned over to kiss
her full on the lips. Jan seemed agreeable to it, and the kiss lasted
longer than I'd have thought it would - when it finally broke, both were
panting slightly, and I could see from the way their lips glistened that it
had been more than passingly friendly. After that kiss, neither of them
hesitated to touch or kiss each other, though neither made any moves toward
more intimate contact. That didn't stop them from touching themselves,
though: spreading her legs, Jan soon had a hand at her crotch, rubbing her
clitoris, and dipping a finger into her vaginal entrance, while Kelly
busied herself with her own clit, and rocked herself against my fully erect
member. As she did, her inner lips gradually spread, allowing her feminine
oils to ooze out, and coat my erection as she moved. When she finally
couldn't stand it any more, Kelly raised herself up, grabbed my erection,
and held it steady as she lowered herself onto it until she was again
firmly planted on my lap, my hardness buried in her. With Jan's hand on
her breast, Kelly didn't seem to feel the need to have me moving inside
her; in fact, all she did was to settle herself down as far as she could,
and then lean back a bit so she could use her own hand to play with her
clitoris, slowly rubbing it in small circles. While she was doing that,
her eyes never left Jan - or, more correctly, the sight of Jan busily
stimulating and satisfying herself. When I looked over, I could see that
Jan's eyes were locked on the junction of Kelly's crotch and hand, as well.
Over the next few minutes, it became apparent that they were feeding off
each other - each becoming more and more aroused by the sight the other
presented. I was content to experience the involuntary flutters and
squeezings from Kelly's vagina as she became progressively more stimulated.
Too, I was afraid to disturb the flow of energy between them - the only
time I moved was when Jan used her free hand to reach over and pull my arm
around her, so that my hand was over her breast, leaving me free to caress
and squeeze it, and pull and tease the nipple and areola as she manipulated
the other one. Both of them were flushed with arousal, and emitting low
moans and gasps as they continued their activities; Jan was a bit more
vocal about how she felt, making Kelly and I both well aware of how aroused
she was, and what she wanted. But I knew Kelly better than Jan, and could
tell that she was quickly approaching her release - and to help her reach
it, I began squeezing her breast harder, and pinching her nipple quite
firmly as I pulled on it. In only a couple of minutes, I could *see* as
she peaked, and applied a constant pressure on the areola and nipple I held
as she all but screamed out her release. The sight and sound of it was
apparently enough to trigger Jan, as well; she quickly stuffed a couple of
fingers inside herself and pressed on her clitoris as it hit her. As it
did, I squeezed her breast firmly, and started a milking motion with a
couple of my fingers - moving from about the middle of her breast out to
the nipple, which I pulled on, making it protrude even more. Even during
their orgasms, they seemed to feed off each other - a spasm in Kelly was
followed by one in Jan was followed by one in Kelly was followed by one in
Jan, and so on. I was truly amazed at how long they were able to keep it
going - as well as the sensations that Kelly was generating around my
penis. Finally, their orgasms tapered off, though they continued to
maintain their physical contact with each other. We all sat there for a
few minutes before Kelly spoke up, saying, "You didn't climax, did you,
Dan?" At that, Jan turned to look at me, too, surprised and - to my
slight amusement - concerned, saying, "You didn't?" I smiled at them,
and said, "It's okay. You two seemed to be on the same wavelength, and I
didn't want to mess it up. Don't worry about it, I'm sure I'll get my turn
sooner or later." Jan looked mildly embarrassed, while Kelly got a
mock-indignant look on her face before saying "Well, if *I* have anything
to say about it - and I *DO*! - It'll be sooner!" With that, she eased
herself up off my still-erect penis, and started scooting herself down my
legs. Jan quickly piped up with "Me, too!". As Kelly leaned forward to
bring her face close to my still-glistening member, Jan twisted around to
join her, so that both of them were eye-to-eye-to-eye as it were. They
looked at each other, and without words, reached an agreement: it was Jan
who first took me into her mouth - and getting herself a taste of Kelly's
sex, as well. Tentatively at first - and her eyes locked with Kelly's -
Jan took more of me in, and applied herself to cleaning Kelly's juices off
me. After a minute or so, she released me, allowing Kelly a turn - which
Kelly took, but only after pausing long enough to give Jan a kiss - full on
the lips. Kelly, too, limited herself to only a minute or so before
relinquishing control over me back to Jan; again, there was a transfer of
power via kiss (a longer one this time, with a little tongue action tossed
in). Back and forth they went, taking turns keeping me aroused and slowly
drawing me toward release, and gradually becoming more and more bold and
overtly intimate with each other: whichever one of them had their attention
on me would be the target of the ministrations of the other. It started
when Kelly began caressing Jan's breasts and nipples, a favor that Jan
didn't hesitate to return. From there, it escalated to Kelly caressing
Jan's thighs, which Jan was slower to reciprocate, then Kelly directly
touching Jan's mons, and ultimately, caressing her clitoris and even
sliding a finger inside Jan's vagina. Jan was initially slow to respond to
Kelly's advances - but respond she did, eventually moving herself around to
not only make it easier for Kelly to reach her, but making it easier for
her to reach Kelly, as well. All of this wasn't lost on me - quite the
opposite, in fact: I delighted in watching the two of them please each
other as they attended to me. It wasn't long before I could feel the first
stirrings of my release; it was Kelly, with her greater experience with me,
that noticed it first. She didn't hesitate to tell Jan, and even suggested
that it be Jan that take me inside, since she (Kelly) had already had an
orgasm with me. Jan looked doubtful, but it didn't take much convincing by
Kelly before Jan sat up and moved over me. To Jan's and my surprise, it
was Kelly that took me in her hand, holding me in position at the entrance
to Jan's vagina. More surprising, when Jan started to settle herself onto
my lap, Kelly kept her hand in place, even holding Jan open slightly so
that I could enter her more quickly and easily. After Jan had settled
into my lap, and as we were savoring the sensation of being joined, Kelly
moved up behind Jan, and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pinching
the nipples. When Jan turned her head to look at Kelly, Kelly seized the
chance to kiss Jan again, and in only a few moments, they were engaged in a
deep, passionate tongue duel. When their kiss finally ended, Jan turned
back to me, and leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest for stability
as she started moving herself - slowly at first - up and down on my
erection. As she did that, Kelly moved from behind her, and toward my
head, eventually settling herself over my face, where I could apply my
tongue to the glistening lips she was baring to me, and licking up the oily
secretions that were starting to trickle down the insides of her thighs.
Kelly, too, leaned forward slightly, putting a single hand on my hip so
that she could use the other to caress her own, then Jan's, breast. As
Jan's motions on me increased in speed, Kelly leaned forward even farther,
placing her lips on the tip of one of Jan's firm, bouncing globes, sucking on the nipple and areola. After only a moment's hesitation, Jan responded
by raising a hand to one of Kelly's breasts, cupping it and playing with
the nipple as she leaned over to start kissing Kelly's neck and shoulder.
As for me, I was as near to heaven as I ever expect to get: a hot, tight
vagina wrapped around my hardness, sliding up and down on it in a rhythm as
old as time; a mouthful of wet, fresh teenage female, and a double handful
of firm, smooth teenage ass. What more could _any_ man want? As the
three of us became more and more excited, and got closer to our respective
climaxes, the activity - and tempo - increased. I could tell that what
Kelly and Jan were doing to each other was having it's effect on them: Jan
was all but slamming herself down onto me, forcing as much of my erection
into herself as she could possibly manage - and even then, at the bottom of
each downward motion, she would move her hips in circles, rubbing her
clitoris against my pubic bone. For her part, Kelly was as wet as I'd ever
seen (well, tasted -- I had a limited view of things!), with her vaginal
lips clasping at my tongue each time I slid it between them, or pressed it
into her female opening; and her clitoris was fully exposed and felt as
large as a marble to my attentive tongue and lips. As all good things
must, though, this experience came to an end: my attention to Kelly (a
self-defense measure to keep the sensations Jan was creating from pushing
me over the edge) finally tripped her into her orgasm: releasing her
liplock on Jan's nipple, she sat up and pressed herself down onto my face
as I sucked on her clitoris in a rapid, fluttering rhythm that seemed to
merge with her spasms. As her orgasm ended, Kelly allowed herself to
relax, and after raising her leg so as not to knee me in the head, lay down
next to where Jan and I were still coupled. Without the distraction of
Kelly's attentions, Jan was free to focus on what sensations she was
feeling where the two of us were joined - and it didn't take her but a
minute or so after Kelly's release for Jan to have her own orgasm -
pressing herself down on me, I thought the milking action of her vaginal
muscles was going to pull my balls in, as well. The incredibly tight
clasping of her internal muscles, along with the rhythm of their clenching,
was finally enough to push me over the edge, as well: I fired shot after
shot of hot semen deep into her womanhood in what certainly felt like a
single continuous jet of release. By the time Jan and I finished our
respective climaxes, Kelly had gotten her breath back, and recovered. At
least, recovered enough that when Jan finally raised herself up to allow my
shrinking penis to pull free, Kelly was there to help ease her onto her
back - and after only a moments hesitation, move down to begin licking at
Jan's distended vaginal lips, noisily slurping up our combined juices as
they trickled out of Jan's womanhood. Of course, this had a salutary
effect on Jan's libido, and it wasn't long before I could hear her
breathing quicken again, and hear her emit small moans and gasps of
arousal. After a couple of minutes, she managed to draw enough breath to
gasp out "You, too! I want to do you, too!" - an request that Kelly didn't
hesitate to grant by twisting herself around so that her knees were on each
side of Jan's head, putting them in the classic '69' position, with me
looking into the vee of Jan's crotch, where I could intermittently see
Kelly's tongue working over Jan's most intimate area. Whether it was
enthusiasm or pure native talent, I don't know, but it didn't take long for
Jan to have Kelly in pretty much the same state of excitement as she was -
amid the wet slurping sounds, I could hear both of them moaning and gasping
and groaning from each other's attentions. To my surprise, it went on for
nearly half an hour, each of them having a number of small, but
progressively stronger, orgasms. The sights and sounds and smell of their
mutual pleasure began to have an effect on me, as well. Much sooner than I
had any right to expect or wish for, I found myself getting hard again.
After a couple more minutes, Kelly happened to look up and see the effect
they were having on me, saying "Good! I need that! NOW!", before
returning her attentions to Jan. It wasn't much of an invitation - but
enough of one that I didn't hesitate (!!) to move myself around so that I
was behind Kelly, somewhat straddling Jan's head. I looked down into her
eyes, and saw that she was more than agreeable to be a part of what I was
about to do. Taking hold of Kelly's hips, I held them still as Jan used
her hands to gently hold Kelly's vaginal lips apart for me - but only after
she'd pulled my erection down far enough to apply a liberal coating of her
saliva to it, lubricating it for my entry. As I positioned my erection
near Kelly's entrance, I felt Jan use her tongue to guide me into position
- a highly erotic, if helpful, action I will always remember. Once I was
firmly planted at Kelly's opening, I pressed myself forward, savoring both
the sensation of her hot, wet vagina surrounding my member, but the feeling
of Jan's tongue as it ran down the length of me in the process. Only when
I was fully buried in Kelly, my balls resting against her mons, did Jan
move her tongue from my penis back to Kelly's clitoris - and as she
attended to Kelly's button, she couldn't help but brush against my dangling
scrotum. After a few moments, I slowly withdrew from Kelly, until just
the very tip of my woman-oiled erection was still inside her. Jan detoured
from her attentions to Kelly long enough to give me a few massaging licks
along the underside of the glans, arousing me mightily, before again taking
Kelly's clitoris between her lips and allowing me to again slowly bury
myself in Kelly. As I started to pull out of Kelly the second time, she
raised her head, and after drawing a shaky breath, told me "Just *do* me!
Hard!" Always willing to try to comply with a lady's wishes, I did.
After perhaps a minute and a half of raw, uninhibited, unbridled _fucking_,
Kelly again raised her head from Jan's crotch long enough to say "It's not
enough - I need *more*. Dan, use my butt. Jan doesn't have enough room."
I dipped a finger down to collect some of the copious lubrication from
where we were joined, and applied it to her anus. Several times I repeated
this as I continued to stroke in and out of her, until I was satisfied that
there was enough for me to enter her back passage without hurting her.
After one final, hard thrust, I pull free of her, and moved my hands to her
ass cheeks. Pulling them apart gently, I exposed her rectum to view, and
positioned myself against it. Pressing forward slightly, I was surprised
at the ease with which she opened up - apparently, she was quite ready for
this. Pushing harder, it was only a few moments before the head of my
erection popped through the elastic ring of her anus; once inside her, it
was relatively easy to continue until I was as far inside as I could go -
and hear her moan of aroused satisfaction as I progressed. As I paused
to give her time to become fully adapted to the sensation, and relax to it,
I could feel Jan's short hair tickling my balls as she attended to Kelly's
other opening - licking and sucking on her vaginal lips, probing her
vaginal entrance with her tongue, and even nibbling on Kelly's clitoris
with her lips - with an occasional side trip to lick my scrotum, or suck on
one of my balls. After a bit, Kelly moved forward a bit, indicating that
she was comfortable with my presence in her ass, and ready for me to start
moving - which I did. Slowly at first, to make sure that the juices I'd
transferred were well distributed and that she was relaxed; then on to more
rapid movement in her nether hole. As my tempo increased, so did the
volume and frequency of Kelly's moans - as well as Jan's. Whether it was
me, Jan, or a combination of both, Kelly began to have a series of orgasms.
Orgasms that seemed to transfer to Jan by a process of osmosis, because
every time one hit Kelly, I would hear Jan begin to climax, as well. I
didn't know what Kelly was doing to Jan, but I damned well wanted to find
out! Between the sight of my glistening erection appearing and
disappearing between Kelly's firm ass cheeks, the sounds of their
activities and near-constant orgasms, and the powerful scent of their
arousal, I had more than enough stimulation. In only a few minutes, I
could feel the stirrings of climax in my penis and balls; try as I might,
and I *did* try, there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop the process.
Not much later, I could feel the first jet of semen as it left my balls and
made it's way toward where my penis was buried in Kelly's hot bowels, and
then blast out the end, coating her insides with my juice. When I
finally began to soften, I carefully pulled myself free of Kelly, and moved
around to lean against the couch as I watched the two of them continue
pleasing each other. With me out of the way, they moved a bit, so that
they had easier and closer access to each other's sex; an access and
convenience that they quickly took advantage of. I couldn't help but
marvel at, and envy, the ease and frequency that they were able to orgasm.
They'd been at it for over half an hour before I joined them again, and it
was nearly 45 minutes before they finally allowed themselves to separate -
Kelly rolling over to lay on her back, as she and Jan both gasped for
breath and went through an occasional post-orgasmic shudder. Taking pity
on them, I got up and went to the bathroom, where I cleaned off my penis
before wetting a cloth to take back into the den with me. Once I got back,
I saw that Jan had moved around so that she and Kelly were side by side,
though neither seemed to have the energy to do anything more than simply
lay there and stare into each other's eyes. I waited until they noticed
me, and offered them the damp cloth; both nodded, and I handed it to Jan,
since she seemed to have the most energy of the two. After she took it, I
went into the kitchen to get us all a light snack and some drinks; when I
returned, I found that they'd managed to move themselves so they were
leaning against the couch - though neither seemed particularly enthusiastic
about doing anything more than simply breathing as they held hands. Both
perked up a bit when they saw that I'd brought refreshment, and they moved
away from each other a bit, making room for me between them. I sat down
with the tray on my lap, and they quickly moved next to me, leaning against
me as much as they were against the couch. With the food and drinks in
easy range, both took a glass of orange juice and muffin from the tray.
After a few bites and half a glass of juice each, they were eventually able
to talk more-or-less coherently. "Wow!" was what Jan had to say, with a
small blush. "You betcha." Kelly agreed, pinking up a bit herself.
Jan looked up into my face, and with a slightly concerned look, asked, "You
didn't mind? That we, uh, you know?" With the question out in the open
like that, Kelly looked at me, as well, I looked down at each of them,
and smiled, saying "What, that you made love with each other?" Both
nodded, still looking concerned. "No, I don't mind. I think I've told
both of you, at one time or another, that I don't think that there's
anything wrong with two people of the same sex making love with each other,
as long as they both agree to it. Both of you agreed to it, and unless I
miss my guess, both of you enjoyed it, so, no, I don't have any problem
with it." I responded. At the suggestion that they seemed to enjoy it,
both of them blushed furiously, and wouldn't look into my eyes. I gently
put my hands under their chins, and raised their heads so that I could look
into each pair of eyes in turn before telling them "You enjoyed it. It
felt good. Both of you agreed to it. That's _all_ that's important. Now
that you've tried it, would either one of you ONLY want to make love with
another woman?" - both shook their heads - "Then there's nothing to be
concerned about. You prefer guys, but you can _accept_ other girls.
Instead of making love with a guy, or masturbating, you've simply added
another choice to how to give and receive sexual pleasure." Kelly spoke
up, saying "Then you're not mad or jealous or anything?" "No, why would
I be?" I asked, surprised. "Well, uh, when we were with each other, we
weren't, you know, with YOU." Jan offered. "Yeah, so?" "I just
thought you might be, you know, jealous or something that you were being
left out." Kelly said. "Why should I be jealous? Kelly, you know how
much I love you. Jan, the same thing goes for you, too - I love you, too,
even if it's in a different way. Why should I be upset if the two women I
love most in the world find happiness and comfort with each other? Kelly,
are you jealous when I'm with Jan?" - "No, of course not." - "And Jan, are
you jealous when I'm with Kelly?" - "You know I'm not!" - "Then why should
I be bothered if YOU TWO are together?" I went on by saying "You two
have known each other for a long time, right? And you like each other,
right?" Both nodded. I continued, "Then it might be fair to say that
before tonight, you even loved each other?" Again, nods. "Then all
you've done has been to find another way to express the love that you have
for each other. And, I might point out, a love that you had for each other
before either of you became involved with me - as in, what you have now
started BEFORE me. So, the same way that each of you has something with me
that is separate from the other one, YOU TWO have something that is
separate from ME. I love each of you, alone, so I don't see any reason not
to love you when you're together. Okay?" Both teared up a bit at that,
and hugged me fiercely before laying back against the couch. When they'd
finished their juice, and I'd put the tray aside, they didn't hesitate to
hold hands again - this time across my belly - as I held each of them in an
arm. After a while, we realized that not only had the last movie ended,
but that it had gotten rather late. As we got up, they seemed a bit
nervous and hesitant. I suggested "I know that tonight was something new
for both of you. If you want to talk it over, or maybe explore it a little
more, that's fine with me - go ahead and go to bed together if you want.
Sleep, make love, talk, do whatever you want, and I'll see you in the
morning." At that, both looked slightly guilty, but didn't hesitate to
hug me and give me some bodacious goodnight kisses before we separated to
go to bed - them in Jan's bedroom, me in mine. They woke me up a couple
of times during the night, but I easily went back to sleep again.
--------- ---------- ---------- I woke up the next morning with the two
of them cuddled up next to me, and the smell of musk in my nose. Turning
my head, I could smell each of them on the other, and could only imagine
the fun they'd had exploring and discovering the different kinds of joy
they could have with each other. I managed to get loose without waking
them, and made it to the bathroom for the usual early morning ritual. As I
was heading back to bed, Mabel popped up, asking me if I was ready for
coffee. I told her to cancel, and had just gotten settled back between Jan
and Kelly when Kelly's eyes opened up. She smiled at me, snuggled closer,
murmured something, and drifted off again. A while later, I woke up to
see Jan watching me as I was sleeping. Seeing that I was awake, she gave
me a light-up-the-world smile, and said "Good morning, Uncle Dan. Thanks
for last night." "My pleasure", I assured her. She snuggled closer to
me, and reached up to put her hand on top of Kelly's, where it lay on my
chest. I have to admit, if there's a better way to wake up in the morning
than being bracketed by a pair of nubile young women, I have yet to find
it. We lay there like that for a while, not moving, until Kelly finally
stirred, and opened her eyes to see us looking at her. She blushed a
little, and asked us "What are you two looking at?" Jan spoke first,
saying "My best friend in the whole world, and my favorite woman lover."
followed closely by me saying "The woman that makes me happier than I ever
knew I could be." Kelly snorted, saying "Hmmmph. I think both of you
need to see a psychiatrist - you're obviously delusional. I'm tired, I'm a
mess, and unless I'm mistaken, I smell." At that last part, Jan blushed,
and said, "Yeah, well, I smell, too - but you don't hear ME complaining!"
with a laugh. Kelly laughed, too, and answered "I'm not complaining -
God! Am I not complaining! I'm just making an observation, is all." I
snickered, and pointed out "Yeah, both of you *do* smell - but delightfully
so. Reminds me of something, but I'm not quite sure what it is..." That
gave both of them a fit of giggles, before Kelly spoke up again "Yeah,
well, if you can't remember last night, then maybe we'll have to give you a
little reminder to freshen your memory!" I laughed, and replied "Uh-huh.
And what is it you want to freshen again? My memory, or the smell?"
teasing them. Jan jumped in with "Either. Both. Hell, I don't care!"
making Kelly and I both laugh, before she sat up (letting the bedcovers
fall off in a *most* appealing way), and moved over to lay on top of me
before giving me, then Kelly, a most enthusiastic good-morning kiss.
With no indication that Jan had any plans to move, Kelly pushed the covers
off, and sat up, as well - exposing her breasts, which Jan was quick to
take advantage of by latching onto a nipple with her mouth. That raised
her far enough off me that I was able to do pretty much the same thing to
her. Kelly didn't hesitate to reach out to Jan's crotch, and begin
caressing her mons, with side trips to my now-semi-erect penis. It was a
bit of a reach for her, and after a few moments, she moved out of Jan's
range, causing Jan to return her attention to me: scooting down a bit, she
got herself face to face with me, and the two of us began kissing each
others faces and necks and shoulders. With Jan's mons now so close to my
nearly erect penis, Kelly apparently decided to 'prime the pump' so to
speak by licking Jan's labia a few times before taking me into her mouth
and sucking on me. Back and forth she went between us, getting both Jan
and I more and more aroused. When she tasted the drops of pre-cum on the
end of my penis, Kelly knew that I was ready; using her hand, she held me
in position as she used the other to gently direct Jan back, guiding me
into Jan's womanly flower. As she felt me entering her, Jan moaned, but
kept her backwards movement slow, taking her time to fill herself with my
hardness - and savoring the oral attentions she was now getting from Kelly.
When we were fully joined, Jan sat up, so that she was resting on my
thighs; Kelly quickly assumed a similar position behind her, and reached
around Jan to cup her breasts and play with her nipples while Jan moved a
hand between them so she could touch and play with Kelly's labia and
clitoris while she slowly hunched herself up and down on my hard, slickened
penis. After a few minutes, I heard Jan gasp, "I want to taste you!" and
Kelly's answering moan of agreement. A moments thought, and I came up
with a way to let them have their wish. Holding Jan's hips, I slowly
raised myself to a sitting position, and then steadied Jan as she laid down
on her back on the bed. Getting my legs under me, I was able to continue
thrusting into Jan, while making room for Kelly, who quickly positioned
herself over Jan's face. As Jan started to lick and suck at Kelly's labia
and clitoris, Jan reached down to resume her hold - and attentions - on
Jan's breasts, Jan kept one hand between Kelly's thighs, holding her open;
with the other, she reached up to start playing with one of Kelly's
nipples. It soon became obvious that they'd done a bit of practicing on
each other when, in just a couple of minutes, Kelly had the first of
several small orgasms, thanks to Jan's attentions. Being able to see
what Jan was doing to Kelly, and the effect it was having, had it's own
effect on ME - I felt like I could go on making love to Jan forever,
savoring the hot, wet, tightness of her womanhood as I watched her satisfy
another woman. Wanting to show Kelly my love, too, I leaned forward a bit,
so that I could hold and squeeze the breast the Jan had left for me while
Kelly and I kissed passionately. With the three of us forming a nearly
perfect triangle, Kelly was able - barely - to reach where Jan and I were
joined, and began using her hand to rub and caress Jan's clitoris in
counterpoint to my pistoning. It didn't take long before Jan orgasmed
around my penis, and began applying herself to returning the favor to
Kelly. We continued like that for quite some time - Kelly and I giving
Jan orgasms, then Jan and I giving one to Kelly; each one of them having
stronger and stronger climaxes as they reciprocated their pleasure. At one
point, Jan paused long enough to say "Uncle Dan! I want to watch you make
love to Kelly like this. Kelly, let's switch, okay?" Kelly quickly agreed,
and after I completely pulled free of Jan's womanhood, change places they
did - Kelly on her back in front of me, with Jan straddling her face.
Kelly was more than wet enough to take my erect - and shiny with Jan's
juices - member into her on the first thrust, letting me fill her
completely from the first stroke. Jan's face was slick with Kelly's
lubrication, and the taste and smell I got when we kissed was most erotic:
there I was, kissing a young girl who smelled and tasted like the girl I
was making love to, and was in turn, being pleasured by that same girl.
With the brief pause while the two of them changed places, I was able to
gain a bit of control again, so that I didn't feel any particular need to
have my climax any time soon - I was able to devote myself to pleasing
Kelly and Jan, without worrying about climaxing too soon. It didn't take
long before Kelly was able to reciprocate the pleasure she'd gotten from
Jan, and Jan was more than happy to kiss me and have me caress her as she
used her hand to do to Kelly what Kelly had done to her. In short order,
Kelly had a powerful climax, and not long after that, was able to give Jan
one, as well. Again, we got into the cycle of two of us pleasing first one
of them, then the other; and again, the frequency and strength of the
climaxes escalated. Finally, though, there came the point where Jan had
a fairly powerful orgasm that left her nearly limp for several moments.
When she recovered, she reached down to not only play with Kelly, but to
start caressing and playing with my balls. The added stimulation was more
than enough to start my climax, causing me to fire jet after jet of semen
into Kelly's womb. When I finally pulled my deflating penis out of
Kelly, Jan quickly leaned all the way over to take it into her mouth,
gently sucking the last of my semen out, and cleaning it of Kelly's juices.
As I laid back, she didn't hesitate to put her mouth where my erection had
just been, sucking on Kelly's clitoris, and licking my semen up as it
leaked out of Kelly's vagina. Whether it was the sensation, or the though
of what Jan was doing, I don't know; all I'm sure of is that it was enough
to trigger Kelly into a surprisingly powerful orgasm, her thighs clamping
down on Jan's head as spasm after spasm raced through her as she keened her
pleasure. Only after Kelly collapsed, her thighs falling open, was Jan
able to move her head out of Kelly's crotch, and roll over to lie down next
to her. I moved up to make sure that Kelly was okay, and when she saw
me, all she could do was smile and pant as she caught her breath. She did
manage to gasp out "cuddle"; I understood her to mean that she wanted to
cuddle not just with me, but Jan, as well. With the little help she was
able to provide, I managed to get her to sit up enough to be able to turn
around so I could lay her back down next to Jan, and then lay next to her
on my side, my arm across her body. Jan quickly assumed a similar position
on the other side, and Kelly was able to put an arm around both of us.
We lay there like that for several minutes, catching our breath and simply
savoring the closeness and love we felt for each other, before Jan spoke
up, saying "As nice as this is, I really think we need to get out of bed
and clean up. Kelly was right - we DO smell - fresher this time, but still
smelly." Kelly grinned, and said, "Yeah, I suppose. Dan, do you think
three of us will fit in the shower?" I laughed, and said, "Well, it
might be a little close, but that doesn't seem to have been much of a
problem yet!" making both of them giggle. We laid there a few minutes
longer, savoring the intimacy and exchanging small talk before we were all
sufficiently motivated to actually _get up_. Finally, though, we made our
way into the bathroom, where we enjoyed a slippery, fun cleanup.
---------- ---------- ---------- Once we'd all gotten dressed and had
breakfast, we moved into the den where I started some Rachmaninoff on the
stereo and picked up a book that I'd been meaning to read; Kelly and Jan
bunched up near the fireplace and began making plans for the sleepover I'd
agreed to. I'd gotten a couple chapters done when the girls came over to
stand in front of where I way lying on the couch. I noted where I was, and
put the book down, looking at them. Jan started things by asking me
"Uncle Dan, what are the rules for the sleepover?" "What do you mean?" I
asked. Here, Kelly joined in, "Well, you said that as long as you had
someplace to escape to, you didn't mind having them over here; what part of
the house is off-limits for them?" I thought about that one for a bit,
and finally said "Well, I suppose that my office is out of bounds for all
of them. There's always something for me to do in there, so if it gets a
little rowdy, that's where I'll go." "Anyplace else?" Jan asked. Not
much of a question, but enough to fire up my radar. "That depends. What
are you two thinking - or should I say, planning?" I queried. They
looked at each other for a moment before Kelly said, "Uh, well, all of them
know that I'm living with you and that we make love and everything." I
said "Yeah, and.?" Jan spoke up, saying, "Well, they know that you're
the one that took my virginity, too. And they're, uh, curious about you
and me and Kelly." I'm not happy with where this is heading, but need to
know if I'm being paranoid: "Okay, so they're curious. What about it?"
"Um, they've all said something about wishing that they had someone to help
them learn about boys and girls like Kelly and I have", Jan offered.
"And what does that have to do with me? And more particularly, where they
can go in the house?" "Uh, some of them _might_ want to have you, um,
teach them." from Kelly. "Not *everything*, like you did with us, but
almost certainly everything before that; you know, like anatomy and
orgasms, and such," Jan added. "I think one or two might be ready for
more, too." from Kelly. Wonderful. Take the bull by the tail, and look
squarely into your future. By now, I know these two well enough to know
that they've pretty much got this planned out, and have thought it through
pretty well. But I'm not going down - so to speak - without a fight.
"Yeah, so?" I ask, to force them to come right out and tell me what's on
their minds. "So we want to know if you're willing to teach them, like
you taught us." Kelly said. "Why should I? I'm more than happy with the
two of you; if *any* of those girls decides she doesn't like me for some
reason, she could tell the police or her parents and my happy ass would be
so far in jail I'd have to buy canned daylight; and the kind of lessons
that I gave you two were _personal_ - as in just the two of us. Worst
case, there's ONE of me, and FOUR of them - what am I supposed to do, hold
classes? Even if only ONE of them is interested enough to follow up on it,
either we're going to have an audience, or the rest are going to notice our
absence. How am I supposed to know what _four_ of them want, when I have a
hard enough time keeping up with you two individually? What am I supposed
to do if three of them are interested but the fourth isn't - and not only
isn't interested, but actually objects to it?" "We've already figured
that out, Uncle Dan", Jan replied, followed by Kelly saying "Yeah. We've
already talked about it with them a little - don't worry, we didn't make
any promises or anything! - And they all understand that they can
participate or not; that it's an individual choice. If anyone doesn't want
to join in, either Jan or I, or even both of us, will go somewhere else
with them so they don't have to watch or anything." Jan spoke up again,
saying "We know that they're all going to be nervous at first, and Kelly
and I have figured out a way to help them relax about having you there.
They're our friends, and we know what they're like, so we can let you know
what to do when, to make it easier for them. " "Yeah. And it's not
like we're trying to *make* any of them and you _do_ anything; we just want
to know if you're willing to teach them like you've taught us, IF they want
it. We still just want to have a sleepover; Jan and I just want to know if
you're willing to let it be MORE than that, IF the other girls want it to.
If you're not, then that's the end of it; but if you ARE willing, then Jan
and I can take care of the rest of it." Kelly concluded. "We can take
care of the - what do you call it? - logistics of it, and handle the
details, and keep everyone comfortable and all that, _if_ you agree to it.
There won't be any pushing anyone into anything they're not ready for or
willing to do, and all of them understand that anything she does is up to
her. If you're willing, then we make it absolutely clear to them that you
are simply _there_, and available to them, but that you are NOT going to
make any first moves - how fast and how far things go is up to _them_, and
no one else. If you don't agree, then yes, we'll be disappointed, but we
would still want to have a sleepover." Jan said. Both of them knew me
well enough by now that with that last statement by Jan, they shut up about
it and simply stood there and let me think it over - they knew to make
their case, without pushing it too hard, and then let me work it out
myself. And to be fair to them, I did think it over. Hard. And long.
Long enough, in fact, that I could see them starting to get apprehensive
before I finally reached a decision. "Okay, here's the deal." I finally
said. "I will agree to make myself 'available', as you put it, under the
following conditions. It is a package - if you don't agree to ALL of them,
then there's no deal. There's no negotiation, no compromises. Details can
be worked out, but the basic conditions still apply." "First: my office
is absolutely, positively off limits to ALL of you during the sleepover.
I've got to have _someplace_ to get away, if I need to. That means that if
I'm in the office, I am NOT to be disturbed unless the joint catches fire
or something." "Second: if there are going to be any lessons, then you
cover the basics - like anatomy, as you put it - as a group. After that,
if any of the girls wants more, uh, personal attention, it's up to HER to
make it absolutely clear what she wants. You know how that works."
"Third: any personal attention a girl gets from me is just that - personal
attention, as in one-on-one. I don't want to sound like I'm flattering
myself, but I don't want any arguments or fights over who gets me when.
It's polite and friendly, or it doesn't happen." "Fourth: when - not if
- I get tired, I stop and take a rest. No bugging me, no trying to
jump-start me, or anything of the sort. When I feel ready, I'll join in
again, not before. There's one of me, with my male limitations, and as
many as six of you - I'm not going to kill myself trying to make all of you
happy at once." "Fifth: when I get tired and sleepy, I'm going to bed.
People can join me, if they want, but it's not an invitation to an orgy."
"Sixth: if any of these girls _do_ decide they want 'more', as you put
it, then it happens in the bedroom, with the door closed for privacy - hers
AND mine. And that privacy is respected by *everyone* as a Do Not Disturb
sign, same as if I'm in my office." "Last: I am most definitely not
going to start groping these girls the minute they come in the door; but I
_am_ going to consider myself free to touch them with the same degree of
intimacy that they touch me. That means that if one of them only wants to
give me a kiss on the cheek, then that's the most intimate I'll be with
her; if another one wants to play with my willy, she can expect that I'm
going to feel free to touch her the same way, no more, no less." "Those
are the conditions. Do you accept them, or not?" They turned to look at
each other; I could tell that I'd managed to throw a monkey wrench into
their plans - how much damage I'd done was a different matter, though.
After a few moments, they turned back to me, and Kelly said, "Okay, we
accept the rules. It's more than we wanted, but not as bad as we thought
it would be. We'll change things around a bit, so that what you say,
goes." Jan followed up by saying "I know it's a lot to ask you, Uncle
Dan, and I really appreciate it." With that settled, they each leaned
down to give me a kiss before going back over to the fireplace to continue
their discussions as I went back to my book. A few hours later, feeling
a little tired, I headed back toward the bedroom to take a little nap. As
I got close, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of the two of them making
love in Jan's room. As I got closer, I could see that they'd left the door
open, in apparent invitation; I paused for a couple minutes to watch them,
happy to see them giving each other such pleasure and joy and love, before
heading into the bedroom for my nap. I closed the door almost all the way,
but didn't latch it, so that the noise of their lovemaking didn't disturb
me, but letting them know that they were welcome to join me when they
finished. That done, I lay down, and fell asleep in short order.
---------- ---------- ---------- When I woke up a couple hours later, I
was still alone in bed - which actually surprised me a bit. When I went
out into the hallway, though, I knew why: the door to Jan's room was still
open, and I could see that the two of them had apparently finally run out
of steam - they formed a tangled mess of arms and legs on the bed, and the
spicy/sweet musk of aroused female was almost thick enough to cut with a
knife. How I envied the enthusiasm and vigor of youth! As I was looking
in at them, Kelly opened her eyes, and saw me standing there. She smiled,
and gestured that she wanted me to come in. I did, and as I sat down on
the edge of the bed, Jan woke up, as well. When I was settled in, both
of them moved around a bit, so they were side by side, looking up at me,
smiles lighting up their faces. Reaching out, I put a hand on Kelly's
abdomen, about halfway between her navel and the start of her pubic hair;
it was Jan that reacted by moving a hand up to cover mine. "I see that
you two have been able to keep each other amused while I was asleep!" I
teased. To my surprise, both blushed slightly. Making an exaggerated
sniffing noise, I added "And I'll bet that you enjoyed it, too." earning
myself a pair of giggles. Looking up at me, Kelly said, "Yeah, I guess
we have; and did. But as fun as it's been, I still prefer *you*!"
stretching herself out to emphasize the last part of her statement - and
giving me a clear view of her breasts as the nipples hardened under my
gaze. Jan saw it, too, and I could see as her own areolas puckered and
hardened in response, before she said "Me too! Kelly's nice, but you're
more filling, Uncle Dan!" making Kelly and I laugh at the joke. Kelly
reached out and put a hand on my leg, leaving it there for a moment before
sliding it up my leg to lay it over my inflating penis. As she did that,
Jan spoke up again, saying "Uncle Dan, why don't you take off your clothes
and join us? I think we'd both like to let you know how we feel about
you!" - earning a nod of agreement from Kelly. I smiled, and when I
started to get up, Kelly offered "Why don't you just stay there, and let us
take care of that for you?" I had no more than agreed to their request
than Kelly was on her knees, facing me, and starting to undo the buttons on
my shirt; Jan told Kelly "If you get to do his shirt, then I get his pants,
Okay?" and getting a nod in return. After she got the first couple of
buttons loose, Kelly leaned forward, and started kissing my shoulders and
chest. After each button was released, and she was able to open more of my
shirt, her attentions moved down, so that as she gained access to my skin,
she covered it with a series of small, soft kisses. When all the buttons
were done, she carefully removed my shirt, and with ready access to my
body, she hugged me and kissed me passionately before easing me onto my
back, then straddling my body so that her breasts were in my face -
inviting me to begin licking and sucking on them as she held my head.
Once I was on my back, Jan quickly moved herself off the bed and onto the
floor, where she first removed my socks, then slid her hands up my legs and
then on to my belt, unfastening it. With Kelly straddling my body, her
inner lips were readily visible to Jan, who paused long enough to give them
a few licks before unsnapping my pants and lowering the zipper. When I
felt her hands on my hips, I raised the, so that she could pull my pants
down and remove them while I continued to minister to Kelly's bust. When
she'd gotten my pants free, Jan quickly took advantage of the opportunity
to grasp my semi-erect penis through my shorts, stroking it slowly until I
was almost fully erect; only then did she take hold of the waistband, and
pull them off when I raised my hips again. Now that I was naked, Jan
quickly moved back onto the bed, arranging herself so that she had easy
access to my penis, which she took in her mouth, sucking on it gently as
she bobbed her head up and down, quickly bringing me to full erection.
Once satisfied that I was ready, she detoured for a couple of minutes to
apply her newfound oral skills to Kelly - licking her slit, rubbing Kelly's
clitoris with her tongue, and softly sucking on Kelly's distended labia -
before telling Kelly "Let me go first, and then you can finish him, okay?"
Kelly quickly nodded her agreement, and Jan moved over my hips. Holding
my erection in place, she guided herself down onto it, slowly, as though
she were savoring the sensation as her yin was completed by my yang.
Once settled into place, she released her hold on my erection, and moved
her hands up to begin caressing Kelly's sides and hips while she slowly
raised and lowered herself over me. At Jan's touch, Kelly gradually
raised herself up, and then leaned back, allowing Jan to include her
breasts in the caressing; I took the opportunity to put my hands on Kelly's
hips, and gently guide her forward, so that I could feast on her womanly
charms. Once she was straddling my face, my arms were free to begin their
own explorations of Kelly's anatomy - hips, ass cheeks, thighs, belly, and
breasts. Sometimes, Jan and I would 'meet' at Kelly's breasts; when we
did, by an unspoken agreement, we would work as a team to caress and
squeeze them, playing with her nipples, The effect on Kelly was a more than
ample flow of her juices, and the degree that her labia revealed themselves
to my ever-probing tongue and lips, and the erectness of her clitoris as I
licked it and caressed it and rubbed it with my lips and tongue. Kelly
was not alone in her arousal - I could feel how wet Jan was by the way her
lubrication began to saturate my erection, causing small trickles of her
wetness to slide down and saturate my pubic hair and testicles. When Kelly
started to have a series of small orgasms, Jan speeded up her own thrusts,
moving me in and out of her in time with Kelly's panting; before long, I
felt - and heard - as Jan experienced her own release; a long, powerful
series of spasms passed through her as Kelly and I both heard her groaning
and gasping with the intensity of it. Having barely slowed down during her
climax, Jan speeded up again when it passed, and leaned forward so that her
breasts were pressed into Kelly's back. Cupping Kelly's breasts, Jan
turned her head to begin making small kisses and bites on Kelly's shoulders
and neck. Finally, Kelly turned her head, and I watched as the two of them
kissed, long and hard. With Jan cupping Kelly's breasts, the nipples were
exposed for me to play with - pinching them gently, rubbing my thumbs
across them, and softly stroking them with my fingers. As I did that,
Kelly finally reached a hand around behind her, and soon found where Jan
and I were joined; keeping her palm on Jan's mons, Kelly slid a finger
between her labia, and began softly rubbing and caressing her clitoris -
which soon had Jan started on another powerful climax. I could feel the
tip of Kelly's finger on my penis, and could tell that she was adding to
Jan's climax by pressing on her clitoris in time with the spasms that Jan
was having, making Jan's climax all the more powerful. Powerful enough, in
fact, that when it finally ended, it was apparently all Jan could do to
free herself of my penis before collapsing on her back, next to us. With
the object of her desire now available, Jan pulled herself free of my
tongue. After having me scoot up the bed a bit, so that I was leaning
against the headboard, she turned around so that she was facing my feet,
and knee-walked her way down, until she was poised over my glistening,
Jan-wetted erection. Taking hold of it, she raised herself a bit, and
quickly lowered herself down onto it, taking all of my hardness in a single
stroke. Satisfied that I was securely in her, she leaned back against my
chest, and pulled my arms around to her breasts. As I played with them, I
started pumping myself into her, leaving her free to simply enjoy the
sensations I was creating. When I heard her start moaning and gasping with
the approach of another orgasm, I tilted my head forward, and began kissing
her neck and shoulders, and even biting her softly. That seemed to be all
that she needed, and she was soon in the midst of a powerful climax,
judging from the way her vaginal muscles clamped down on me as I continued
to piston in and out of her wetness. As Kelly's climax tapered off, I
could feel stirring on the bed next to us; looking down, I could see that
Jan had finally recovered enough to take an interest in what we were doing.
She moved down a bit, so that she could see where I was thrusting into
Kelly, and see the wetness of our union. Watching it for a little bit, she
finally looked up, and saw that Kelly was watching her. Without
hesitation, Jan moved over my legs, so that she could put her face between
Kelly's legs, and start licking both of us where we were joined - not only
licking the bottom of my penis as it slid in and out of Kelly, but Kelly's
labia and clitoris, as well. With that kind of added attention, it didn't
take Kelly or I either one much longer to find our release. After only a
couple of minutes, I could feel Kelly tense up as her orgasm started - and
when it did, the sensation of her internal muscles clutching at me, trying
to milk my semen from me, and Jan's fluttering tongue action were enough to
push me over the edge, as well - a couple of hard, solid thrusts into
Kelly, and I was hosing her insides with what seemed like gallons of my
cum. For her part, Kelly took up the action, moving herself over me, and
forcing some of my hot seed to escape her opening as a frothy blend of her
juices, and mine - a mixture that Jan seemed more than happy to lap up as
it became available, keeping Kelly and I at the peak longer than usual.
Finally, though, we were spent, and collapsed back on the bed, my penis
still held by Kelly's internal grip. Even as we laid there, Jan continued
to lick at us, cleaning us of each other's juices; when my penis finally
softened and shrank enough to pop free of Kelly, Jan was right there to
lick it off briefly before licking and sucking my semen from Kelly's wet
opening. Only when she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop did she
move back up to lay next to us, leaning against me and an arm draped across
Kelly. When we'd finally gotten our breath, and senses, back, Kelly and
I reached out to Jan, and held her close, so the each of us was in direct
physical contact with the other two. We stayed like that for quite a
while, simply enjoying the afterglow of the experience, and the love and
closeness we all felt for each other. ---------- ---------- ----------
Things went along like that - if at a slower pace - for the rest of the
time that Paul was out of town. Sometimes, it would be the two girls that
would make love; other times, it would be me and one or the other of them.
On a few occasions, it was all three of us. However it worked out, it
didn't seem to matter to any of us. A few times, I'd enter a room to find
the two of them making out, or actually making love. When it happened, I'd
either sit down to watch (which seemed to turn them on), or just turn
around, and find something else to do until they were done. If one of them
came in to where the other and I were involved, they would do the same
thing. Those times that all three of us got together, it was usually after
the other two had had a nice time together, and the third party happened on
them at the right time. Otherwise, there wasn't any muss or fuss - no
jealousy, no envy (well, I did envy their youth and energy, but nothing
more), no regrets. We all loved each other, and were willing to give a
little to get a little (pun intended!). I don't think that anybody kept
'score' (at least, I didn't) of who was doing what, or how often, or for
how long. I suspect that they made love more often than I was aware of,
but since I was satisfied and happy, I didn't worry about it. Things did
taper off somewhat toward the end - I think it was a combination of the
newness of it wearing off, and simple satiety. With more time available to
them, they were able to get things planned, and set up, for the sleepover;
they were both careful to make sure that their plans fit in with the rules
I'd laid down, and that I was agreeable to the whole thing. The day that
Paul got back, we had a lively wakeup session with all three of us; between
the lovemaking and extended shower play, we barely made it to the airport
in time: we were all still a little out of breath from rushing through the
airport when Paul finally got clear of Customs. He gave us a funny look,
and all three of us laughed at the expression on his face - as well as our
inside joke at what had prompted it, further convincing him that we were
all crazy. ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
---------- ---------- Next (last) in the series: Jan's Party NOTE:
additional (independent) stories involving some characters are probable.
These additional stories will *not* _depend_ on having read the Jan
series. Also, I expect to be writing stand-alone stories, as well,
involving people OTHER than those in the Jan series.


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