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Jealousy 1

By MrGrey

Chapter 1

By the end of their relationship, Laura Williams and Josh Cooper were not
on good terms. Their constant bickering soured any moment they had alone with
each other. That was probably the reason she broke up with him for Matt
Huntington, the school's quarterback. Even though they had dated all through
eleventh grade, Laura could not go on with Josh and his jealousy. Every time
she even talked with another guy he would flip out! She finally got fed up with it
and ended their relationship. Josh was not happy with this idea, of course, but
he became furious when he noticed Laura and Matt spending more and more
time together between classes.

"I just need something that will . . . humiliate her, but get her back for me
at the same time." Josh had finally broken down and asked Sheldon (the school's
biggest, but smartest, nerd) to help him get Laura back. He knew he spent all his
free time inventing things and experimenting on rats with all his weird genetic
theories. Earlier that day, he had seen Laura and Matt holding hands and kissing
in the hallway. Josh was so angry and upset at the same time that he ran
straight to the science lab where he knew he could find Sheldon. "So can you
help me?"
Sheldon looked young for his age, which was 17, but he looked about 13.
None of the popular kids liked him very much, so he was surprised when Josh
had come busting through the door and laid this idea in front of him. "I suppose I
could develop something for you, but it may take me a little while."
"That's fine. Nothing too complicated, but I want to . . . change her. You
know?" Sheldon shook his head. "Something that can make her do what I want
her to. And act like she would never act. And most of all, lose all interest in that
fag she hangs out with now."
"You mean like mind control?"
"Yeah, I guess."
"The government has been experimenting with that stuff for years. I've
been waiting for a reason to do the same. " Sheldon smiled at his new friend.
"I'd love to help you out, it'd be good for science."
Yeah whatever, thought Josh, I just want Laura to be mine forever.
"I'll brainstorm tonight and let you know what I come up with tomorrow."
"Sure thing, see ya tomorrow." Josh walked out of the science room and
down the hall. School was over for the day and the only people left were band
people, ROTC, and other extra-curricular groups. Laura was a cheerleader so
he knew she would be around. Matt would be out on the football field. The
cheerleaders practiced in the lunchroom after all the tables and chairs were put
away. He saw the girls spread out on the floor stretching. Laura was off to the
side by herself, so Josh decided to talk to her.
"Hey gorgeous," he said smiling.
Laura looked up and sighed. She had her legs spread out in front of her
and touching her toes, not bad scenery for Josh, not bad at all. "What are you
doing here?"
"I go to school here," he answered, trying to be witty.
"I know, dipshit, but why are you still here? School ended half an hour
ago." She didn't get up from her stretching position, but that was fine with Josh.
"You don't do any after-school activities."
"I, uhhhh, I had to help Mrs. Johnson file some papers. Kind of a
punishment thing for sleeping in class," he saying, lying.
She seemed to believe him since Josh was not the star student Matt was.
Laura didn't know what she used to see in him. He had tried many times to sleep
with her, but she had stood her ground. Matt was a perfect gentlemen and would
never pressure her to do anything she didn't want to do. She just couldn't
believe Josh was still trying to talk to her, as if they were still friends.
"Well, is there anything I can help you with? Or are you just going to stand
there?" The other cheerleaders started to notice that Laura's ex-boyfriend was
bothering her and had gathered in a circle off to the side to stare and listen. Josh
pretended not to notice.
"I just wanted to see how you were doing," he smiled and tried to be
"I'm fine. Goodbye," she lowered her head and reached for her other toe.
"I just wanted to talk."
She looked back up, looking fed up with him, "There's nothing to talk
about! I don't want to talk to you! It's over! Can't you realize that?" Josh laughed
a little, trying to lighten up the mood.
"Come on, Laura, don't be like th-"
"I'm dating Matt now. Deal with it." The other cheerleaders giggled and
snickered at him. Josh felt his face turn red. He was so embarrassed.
"Fine. I'm sorry," he started backing away, "I'll leave you alone."
Laura flipped her hair him and sarcastically said, "Thank you." She looked
back at her friend's and smiled, shrugging her shoulders up as if to say, Can you
believe this guy? Josh quickly walked out of the lunchroom and exited the

He got into his car and sped off to his house, cursing Laura the whole way
home, "Fucking bitch! I can't wait til Sheldon fixes . . . whatever it is he's going to
fix . . . cause I'm fix you up real good." He tried to listen to the radio but he
couldn't clear his head away from the embarrassment he had just endured. "I'm
gonna make you look like the biggest fool in front of everyone! Everyone will look
down at you, and there won't be anything you can do about it!" He smiled to
himself. This was going to be fun. What to do, what to do . . . He could just
make her yell out in the middle of a cheer how much of a slut she is. But
everyone knew that wasn't true, she was the biggest prude in the school. He
guessed that's why she was respected so much by everyone.
Then suddenly, he had it. He was going to make her the opposite of what
she is now. Laura was the Class President and a cheerleader. Everyone in
school loved her, even the teachers. She made good grades and she didn't
sleep around, she was perfect. Josh was going to make her the dumbest,
sluttiest girl in school!
Now he just had to let Sheldon know what he wanted. Josh pulled into the
driveway and hurried up to his room. His parents were at work and wouldn't be
home until later that night. He was an only child so he had the whole house to
Sheldon was probably still in the science lab, so he waited a few hours for
him to get home. To pass the time, Josh sorted through old pictures of him and
Laura from when they were dating. She always wore conservative clothes. Ankle
length skirts, no-cleavage shirts, flat sneakers . . . not exactly slut material, but
that would change. Matt would be so freaked out by her behavior, he'd dump her
in a second. All her friends would be so embarrassed by her, they'd never want
to be seen with her again. Laura would be so alone, he'd be the only person she
could turn to. Not to mention, sleep with. Maybe then he could finally get her in
the sack.
Josh's parents came home and started their normal routine, mom cooks,
while Dad watches TV. He usually sat in his room while they were home. He
had all he wanted in here: TV, computer, phone . . .
He figured Sheldon would have to be home now, so he gave him a ring.
"Hello?" It was Sheldon's sister, Sarah. She was as big a nerd as he was.
If she'd just put some make-up on and do her hair, she'd be hot.
"Sarah, is Sheldon there?"
"Who is this?"
"Josh Cooper."
"Josh Cooper? Why are you calling here?"
"I wanna talk to my new friend Sheldon. What's wrong with that?"
She laughed, "Nothing I guess. Sheldon!!!! Phone!"
A moment later Sheldon answered, "Hey."
"Hey bud, how's it coming?"
"Surprisingly well, I've developed a remote control that can trigger neurons
in people's brain and do just what you want."
"Wha-? In four hours?"
"Well . . . yeah . . . "
Josh was very glad he picked Sheldon to do this. "Whatever, man." He
sat on his bed and explained what he wanted it to do. "I want the remote to
control, like, sexual drive? Can you do that?"
"I just have to program it, it'd be ready by tomorrow morning."
"Holy shit man, you're a fucking genius! How about intelligence, can I
control that?"
"Definitely. Anything else?"
"Well, can we add on to it later on?"
"Of course."
"Great, that should do it for tomorrow."
"Sounds good, I'll meet you at lunch."
"Okay, bye."

It was Friday. Josh could barely concentrate on anything that morning.
The clock seemed to slow down as he waited for lunch. But finally, fourth period
came and he rushed off to the lunchroom. Sheldon was sitting in a back table all
alone. Josh walked over to him and sat down.
"So . . .?" Josh was desperate to see the device.
Sheldon put his hand in his bookbag, "I give you . . . " he pulled out a
square remote control, about the size of a paperback book, and slapped it on the
table, " . . .The Brain Control." It had two LCD displays on it with knobs under
each of them. A red button occupied the lower half and a small antennae jutted
out from the top of it. Sheldon explained how it worked. "The top screen
displays your options," he turned the know and the LCD screen cycled back and
forth from SLUT to BIMBO.
"I couldn't fit INTELLIGENCE, so I programmed this. This is what you
want her to be isn't it?"
He hadn't thought of it, but that would be great. He just wanted her to get
worse grades, but making her a bimbo would be even better. "Yeah, that's works
for me."
"Anyway, the other shows the intensity of the effect on a scale from 1
10." He turned the knob and the numbers increased and decreased. "Just point
and push after that?"
"That's it?"
"That's it."
Josh looked amazed. "Wow, two high school students invented something
in one day that the government and army have researching and studying for
decades. Seems unbelievable doesn't it?"
Sheldon nodded in agreement, "Yeah, but let's not worry about
"Yeah, great idea."
Josh stuck his hand out for Sheldon to shake, "Thanks a million, man."
Sheldon shook his hand, "What are you gonna do?"
"Mrs. Johnson has been pissing me off lately, maybe I'll test it out on her,"
he said with a smile.
"Great, let me know how it goes."
"You got it."

After lunch, Josh went to American History, Mrs. Johnson's class. Time to
see if all the anticipation was worth it. He sat in his normal seat, in the back, and
waited for class to start.
Mrs. Johnson was a young teacher, about thirty. She had great legs, but
always kept them hid behind a long dress. She had long brown hair, but she
kept it in a bun. She was also a rigid bitch. She started teaching and everyone
started taking notes.
"Now class, yesterday, we started talking about World War II. It started in
. . . " Josh wasn't listening, he was just waiting for the perfect time to test his
remote. He set the dial to Bimbo and the other dial at 2 and pointed it at her from
under his desk. It vibrated while he held it down and stopped when he released.
She stopped in mid-sentence, "And the Nazi's were led by Adolf " She
looked around the class, confused. Everyone looked up from their notes,
wondering why she stopped. She rubbed her forehead, feeling kind of dazed.
"Uhhh, where was I? Oh yeah, ummm, this guy was, like, really bad and mean
and . . ."
Josh couldn't believe it, it was working! Her voice got higher and made
her sound like one of her students. He increased the dial to five and zapped her
"We wanted to, like, stop him so we " She stopped again, but this time
grinned a little. She giggled and let her hair down. "We had this totally big fight
and, like, all this stuff happened . . .," she stopped and stared into space," but I
can't, like, remember what stuff happened. Isn't that, like, funny? Hee hee hee .
. . " The other students started to snicker at their strange teacher.
"Why are you, like, laughing? I'm not funny." She twirled her hair around
her finger and giggled back at her students. "Well since I can't, like, remember
anything right now, I guess, like, school's canceled! Hee hee hee!" Everyone
cheered and jumped out of the seats and ran out the door. Mrs. Johnson
continued laughing like an idiot and sat behind her desk. Josh got up to talk to
"How do you feel Mrs. Johnson?"
"I feel, like, funny? I don't feel very smart anymore."
"That's cause you're not." She giggled at him.
"Like, why?" She pulled a piece of gum out of her drawer and started
smacking on it. She blew a bubble and it popped on her face. She just giggled
some more.
"Because I used this on you," he said holding the remote up.
Mrs. Johnson gasped, "Ooooooo, what's that, for, like, a TV?"
"No, it's for you." He turned the dial up all the way to 10 and pointed it at
Mrs. Johnson's eyes rolled back and her smile grew. The gum fell out of
her mouth as she rocked back and forth like she was drunk. Mrs. Johnson
slouched down in her chair and laughed, "Hee heeee hee, like, wow, I feel totally
stupid now. Haaa haaaaa haaaa." She picked up a pencil and gripped it like a
two-year old with a crayon. "I need to, like, remember to punish you, you . . . you
. . . bad boy! Hee hee hee . . ." Josh just smiled at her. She drug the pencil
around the paper and drew three swiggley lines. She dropped the pencil and it
rolled off her desk. "There," she said pointing at her drawing, "that, like, says,
'Josh. Is. Bad.' Heee Heee heeee, not so dumb am I?"
"Actually, you're perfect."
She smiled at that, "Like, thanks. Hee Heeeee, I guess you're not so bad."
Josh decided he had seen enough. He reduced the dial to zero and
zapped her again. She suddenly stopped laughing, sat up straight, and looked at
Josh, "Josh?"
"Where did everyone disappear to?"
"You canceled class remember?"
Seemed not to. She looked at her desk and saw a piece of paper with
three wavy lines running down it. Strange, she thought. "Oh, well. I guess I had
a good reason. It's funny, but I can't remember canceling class."
"You stopped teaching and told everyone they could go."
"Oh. Well, you can go too."
"Ok. Have a good weekend Mrs. Johnson."
She was in deep thought trying to remember what had just happened.
"Yeah, you too."
Josh proudly walked out of class and into the hallway thinking, Now
where's Laura?

End part 1

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