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Jealousy 2

By MrGrey

Chapter 2

"It was great! She completely forgot her lesson then started babbling like
an idiot!" Josh had gone home since Laura was in class and he had forgotten
which one she was in. But he knew where she lived, and planned on paying her
a visit tonight. He waited for school to let out and then called Sheldon.
"That's great! So it works, huh?"
"You're damn right it works. Works perfect," he was sitting in his room
looking outside. Then he spotted two ladies that lived down the street from him.
They were always walking together after he got home from school. They looked
about thirty. Josh told Sheldon to hold on a minute.
He opened his window and pointed it down at the street toward the two
thirty-something ladies, he could hear them gossiping about their kids and
husbands. They were both wearing jogging suits and tennis shoes. They
constantly checked their pulses and stared at their watches as they exercised.
He set the device to SLUT and the amount to 5.
The two women stopped and looked at each other, feeling their heads as
if they had a headache. They each shrugged their shoulders and continued
walking, but their conversation shifted to their sex lives and how unsatisfying they
were. The women stopped and turned around, heading back to their homes
while they talked about how much fun it would be to 'fool around' since their
husbands weren't helping out. Their asses wiggled more as they pranced down
the street and they were sticking their tits out proudly, as if they were on display.
"Amazing," Josh said.
"I just turned two women into sluts."
"At the same time?"
"Yeah, I guess the remote can effect all people in an area. Plus it works
pretty well at long distances.
"That's great. When are you planning on using it on Laura?"
"Tonight. I don't think I'm gonna turn her into a full out slut or bimbo right
away. I figured I'd draw it out, torture her a bit. You know, confuse her until
she's too stupid to notice she's not the same person she used to be. "
"Good plan."
"Yeah, then I'll be all she has," Josh smiled at the thought of this. "Well, I'll
call you later."
"Alright then."
They each hung up and Josh kept watching outside his window for more
fun. By nine o'clock he had turned half his neighborhood into a slut or a bimbo.
One girl even walked up to his door and asked, "Like, where am I?" So he gave
her a little bit more brains and sent her on her way. He figured it was late
enough that he wouldn't be spotted snooping around Laura's place, so he went
on his way. When he arrived at her house, he walked around to the back yard
and looked for her through the windows. He saw her in her room doing her
homework at her desk.
"This ought to make you think twice before being such a bitch to me," he
muttered to himself at he set his remote to SLUT and 2. He zapped her and
watched her look around the room, wondering why she felt so strange. He then
set the remote to BIMBO and 2 and zapped her. This time she put her pencil
down and stood up, rubbing her head. Josh laughed to himself and walked back
home, whistling the whole way.

Laura was confused. She had been doing homework for about an hour,
then she started feeling weird. Her head felt fuzzy and she was, oddly, horny as
hell. She never felt this way though. Laura had masturbated before, but she
hadn't in about a year. Except this time, she didn't want to play with herself. She
wanted someone else to play with her.
Why do I feel like this, she wondered. She sat on her white bed and
looked around her room. Everything was clean and tidy. Her neat desk had all
her books and pencils neatly sorted out. On the wall, in front of her desk, we're
several report cards she was proud of and certificates the school had given her.
She had paintings on her wall of some of her favorite artists like Degas and
Monet. Her radio had her Faith Hill cd playing on it. Laura got up and turned it
off. She sat back on the bed and picked up the phone off her nightstand. She
dialed Matt's number.
"5-5-5 . . . " she said out loud, having trouble remembering the number for
some reason, " 5-9-6-9." Saying these last two numbers made her giggle a bit.
She slapped her hand over her mouth. What the hell is wrong with me? Laura
shook her head and waited for Matt to answer.
"Hey baby . . ." she was surprised at herself for saying that. She even said
it in a sexy tone, like she was trying to get laid.
"Huh . . . Laura? That you?" Matt sounded unsure, surely his girlfriend
wouldn't be talking like that.
"You bet. I just thought I'd see what you were up to."
Matt paused a bit, "Ummm . . . I'm studying for Trig, just like you should be
"Oh yeah, " she frowned at that, trig didn't seem too desirable right now, "I
got bored with it."
"You got bored with it? That's one of your favorite classes."
"Well, maybe it's not anymore," she was unconsciously running her fingers
now her chest and cupping her tits. She started massaging them and started
feeling kind of wet.
"Whatever. So what are you doing then?"
She was about to tell him, when she stopped herself and pulled her hands
away from her tits. This is getting weird. "I, uhhhhh, nothing, I guess."
"Well, maybe you should find something to do while I study," Matt told her,
getting frustrated. "Don't you have to plan the school's Halloween dance, Mrs.
Class President? It's in two days."
She had completely forgotten about that. "Oh right," she said and giggled.
She sat straight up, her eyes wide, Why am I giggling so much. Laura started to
look scared. "Look, I gotta go."
"Ok then. See you tomorrow. Love you."
"Yeah, me too. Bye," she quickly hung up. What is going on with me?
She needed to straighten her mind out, it was feeling kind of foggy. She went
back to her desk and sat down. The numbers looked like a foreign language to
her. Looking at her paper, she was doing fine before. She had been flying
through the work. Now, she didn't know where to begin. She flipped back to the
beginning of the chapter and started reading to refresh her mind. After only two
minutes of reading her thoughts drifted away to wondering how big Matt's cock
"What the fuck is wrong with you! Think!," Laura never used words like
that, but then again, she never though about cocks fucking her in her mouth and
then jamming them in her cunt, in and out, and in and out
She slapped herself in the face, trying to clear her mind. She picked her
book up and slammed it on the floor then flung her papers to the floor as well.
She turned off all the lights and fell into her bed, on the verge of tears. Then her
hand slowly snaked its way between her legs and grabbed her pussy. She
couldn't fight it anymore. She jammed her hand down her panties and furiously
fingered herself while she pulled at her nipples with the other hand. Thoughts of
Matt fucking her flooded her mind until she came and passed out.

"I, like, love sucking cocks. What's your, like, name again?"
Josh zapped the strange girl again to SLUT 7 and she just smiled and
forgot the question. He ran into her on the way home, she ignored him and
walked past him, but he zapped her and started a conversation with her. Now
she was sitting naked with him in his room. His parents had gone to sleep a long
time ago. She started sucking his cock again while he went over what he had
learned about the capabilities of his new remote.
Setting it to 1 through 4 causes changes on a smaller scale. The subject
kept their consciousness of acting strange and continued to fight it. Once 5 was
reached, they completely abandoned their old personalities and started getting
sluttier and dumber as he increased it to the maximum effect.
The girl started jerking him off and licking the head as pre-cum started
coming out. "I, like, love cum!" she screamed. Josh grabbed a handful of her
hair and told her to talk quietly. "Totally, I'll, like, be quiet-." Josh rammed her
head back on his dick until he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop
and smiled at him, "Thank you, darlin."
"Thank you. Now go home." She started twirling her hair around her
finger and stared out into space.
"Like, where is home?" Josh sighed and grabbed her arm.
"Come with me." The girl giggled and stumbled along behind him. He
grabbed her clothes off the floor and lead her to his front porch. He pushed her
out into the yard and set the remote back to BIMBO 0 and zapped her.
She straightened and looked back at him. She gave him a sultry smile
and said, "Hey baby, how'd I get out here?" He set the remote to SLUT 0 and
zapped her. She looked around, wondering where she was and gasped when
she noticed she was naked, and outside! Josh threw her clothes on the ground
in front of her.
"Thanks for the blowjob, now get out of here," he said walking back into
his house. He heard the girl gasp again, picked up her clothes and ran down the
Josh got ready for bed and laid down. As he was drifting off to sleep, he
kept thinking how much better tomorrow was going to be.

End part 2

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