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Jealousy 3


By MrGrey

Chapter 3

Josh could barely control himself. He couldn't wait to see any changes in
Laura. He parked his car and practically ran toward the front doors of the
building. The halls were filled with the normal clutter of students standing
around, spending as much time as they could in the hall before the bell rang.
Then, he spotted her. She was standing at her locker. Staring at the lock like
she was seeing it for the first time. Josh smiled as he tiptoed up behind and said,
"Having some trouble?"
She jumped at his voice and said, "Oh it's you, you startled me. Yeah! I
can't remember my damn combo!"
Josh tried his best to sound concerned, "Oh that's strange."
"Tell me about it."
"What class do you have next?"
"Trig. And I have a test in there today and I don't feel like I know any of
the material!" She lowered her head in frustration, "This is not turning out to be a
good day…"
Josh sensed it was time to make his move, "Well, if there's anything I can
do to make it better, just let me know."
She snapped her head up at him. Josh was expecting a look of hope and
thanks, but instead got a look of disgust and hate, "I don't need your fucking
help!" She stormed away, forgetting about her locker and whatever she may
have needed to get out of it, and let Josh standing there, crushed. His sadness
didn't last long when he remembered that he had the upper hand in with his little
An evil grin crossed his face as he followed her, being sure to keep a good
distance. Occasionally, Laura would check out random guys that passed by her
in the hall. This is great! he thought, she can't even help herself! He knew that it
wouldn't be much longer before she would be wrapped around his finger.
The bell rang and everyone scattered off to their classes. Josh stood still
in the hallway as everyone pushed by him. He didn't think class would be too
interesting today. Maybe following Laura would be more fun…
She led Josh to her Trig class and sat down in her normal seat in the front
of the class. Perfect, he thought. He had a clear shot of her from the window on
the door.
Everyone eventually settled into their seat, awaiting instructions from their
teacher, Mrs. Youngblood. "Okay class, let's get quiet! We have a very
important test today!" Josh watched as she began handing out the tests.
The temptation was too strong for him. He took out the remote and set it
to BIMBO 10. Pointing it at Mrs. Youngblood, he hit the button.
"Be sure to put your names on your test and – !" She stopped in mid-
sentence as her arms dropped to her sides. A giggle came over her and she
continued, "Hee hee! And, like, get all the right answers okay! Cuz that's, like,
the rules. The first answer is, like, C as in….ummm…well, it's just, like, C! Hee
hee hee! And the second answer is, like – " Josh set the remote back to normal
and zapped her again. She stopped and rubbed her head. A look of confusion
crossed over her face. "What was I saying?"
"You were about to give us the second answer!" a voice said from the
back, following by laughter and high-fives.
"Nice try, Troy! No talking! You may begin now!" She walked over to her
desk and sat down.
Josh backed away from the window a bit so he wasn't seen. He watched
Laura's frustration as she tried to figure out the answers. She seemed
determined to get these answers right. He started to feel a little sorry for her.
She was set on 2 for both BIMBO and SLUT. He set the remote for BIMBO 4
and zapped her.

Laura flinched as she felt the something shock in her head. It felt like
electricity was surging through her brain, then it stopped. She looked around the
room to see if anybody else felt it. No one was acting out of the ordinary so she
figured it was her imagination. Silly Laura, she thought.
Now, back to these damn problems, she thought, sitting up straight in her
seat. She chewed on her pencil, immediately thinking of dicks, but then pushed
the thought away. Concentrate dammit! she scolded herself. The numbers
looked like Greek to her. The symbols and letters all mixed together to form a
big mess of confusion for her. This is boring! When's class gonna be over…
She looked up at the clock. It took her awhile until she figured what time it was,
then she counted by fives, having to start over a couple of times, to see how
much longer class had. She kept counting until she realized she had forgotten to
stop. Realizing that she couldn't even remember when class was over made her
give up on the whole thing.
She began looking at the little posters on the walls. Laura completely
forgot about the test. An hour went by quickly and the bell rang, "Ok class, turn
em in!" Mrs. Youngblood commanded.
Laura's eyes shot wide open. Oh my god! I don't even have the first
answer down! And she even gave us that answer for some reason! Laura was
almost in tears as she dragged her feet to the front of the class and tossed her
paper on Mrs. Youngblood's desk.
This is terrible, she thought to herself as she walked down the hall, I'm
gonna fail trig! It used to be so easy. I don't get what's happening to me! I feel
so stupid now!

Josh followed behind Laura as she walked down the hall, clearly getting
frustrated. Her head was hung low. He knew she was confused with herself.
"Ok," he said to himself. "Time for some real fun…"
He set the remote to BIMBO 5 and SLUT 5. This would have her forget
about holding on her old self and begin her new life. He aimed it at her from
down the hall, being sure not to shoot any innocent bystanders, and zapped her.
She stopped in her tracks and looked around. She then flipped her hair over her
shoulders and began walking in a much perkier manner.
Josh watched her carefully, figuring that it had worked. He started to
catch up to her, but then saw her walk up to Matt. Josh saw this and backed
away, not wanting to talk to him. He spied on them from a distance.
Clearly, Matt was not happy with his girlfriend's new personality. Laura
looked confused at to what he was talking about. He flung his hands in the air,
complaining about her behavior. Laura just twirled her hair around a finger and
nodded at everything he said. There was silence between them for a moment,
Laura said something to him, giggling. Giggling? Yes! Laura never does that!
Matt stared at her in disbelief for a moment, then stormed away, not saying
anything to her.
Josh saw his chance and rushed up to Laura. "Hey there, what's wrong?"
Laura pouted at her ex-boyfriend, "Matt's, like, mad at me! I offered to
blow him before the next class, but he just walked away. Maybe he, like, wanted
me to follow him?" She started to walk in the direction Matt had gone, but Josh
grabbed a handful of her brown hair and gently tugged her back in front of him.
"Hee hee, like, stop that Josh!" She gently pushed his shoulder and looked up
into his eyes.
This is exactly what I wanted, he thought, smiling. "Why don't you come
with me?"
Laura looked unsure of this, "But, like, what about my other class?"
"Oh don't worry about it. I talked to your teacher and she said it would be
okay if you skipped," he lied.
She smiled at this, "Like, cool. Where're we goin'?"
"I figured we'd go see a friend of mine. He's not at school today, so I
imagine he's at home."

Josh and Laura arrived at Sheldon's house and knocked on the door. Like
Josh expected, Sheldon opened the door. His hair was sticking straight up like
he had just woken up and his eyes were half open. "What the hell, Josh?" he
mumbled. "I was sleeping." He noticed Laura standing behind him, staring at the
sky and playing with her hair. "What's she doing here?"
"I brought her to test out this remote with. I want some more stuff put on
it. I'm not through humiliated her yet. I also figured you like to see the thing in
action. After all, it is your invention. You haven't even seen it work yet."
Sheldon looked a little skeptical of this plan, but agreed to it anyway and
let them in. They sat Laura in front of the tv and went down to Sheldon's
After a few hours of work, they emerged with a new and improved remote
control. This remote could control physical properties of the subject, like breast
size and body shape. They gave Laura some EE tits and a great body. She
seemed confused about why her tits had suddenly grown, but she soon lost
interest. Also, a microphone was added to the top of the remote. Saying
something in it and pressing the button could control someone's thoughts with
what you said.
Sheldon demonstrated this. He spoke into the microphone, "Laura, you're
now just a five-year-old girl." Josh looked on with interest as Sheldon pointed the
remote at her and pressed the button.
Laura began to get bored with her boring talk show and picked up the tv
remote and handed it to Josh, "Could you turn it to ca-toons, pwease?" Josh
turned the channels until he found Rugrats. She turned back toward the screen
and smiled, tucking her legs under her, now sitting cross-legged.
"Amazing," was all Josh could say.
Sheldon took the control back from him and explained more, "To erase
your last command, hit the small button on the bottom." Sheldon pointed it at her
a pushed the small button. She shook her head and looked around for the
remote. Seeing Josh holding it, she held her hand out, "Could you, like, gimmee
the remote thingy. Someone, like, turned it to some baby show."
Josh gave her the remote and she turned it to Jenny Jones. Josh
snatched the device from Sheldon. "I gotta try this!" He held the remote up to
his mouth and spoke into the microphone, "Laura, you are a cheap hooker and is
selling herself to me and friend." Sheldon looked a little worried about this, but
Josh pushed the button and zapped her anyway.
Laura reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of gum. She popped
it in her mouth and started smacking away. She looked up at the two guys and
said, "So…you guys, ready, to get this party started. I charge by the hour, ya

End Part 3


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