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Jealousy 4


By MrGrey

Chapter 4

Sheldon and Josh stared at Laura in disbelief. They could hardly believe
the girl they were seeing used to be a good, conservation cheerleader. But, here
she was, offering herself to them for money. The new command had erased the
BIMBO and SLUT settings, but she was definitely a whore now.
Sheldon was more than ready to get the party started, "Hell yeah, let's go!"
Josh looked at him with angry eyes. Sheldon got the hinted and backed
off. "Why don't you just come upstairs with me?"

Oh geez, thought Laura, these two guys actually think I'm interested in
them! How pathetic! Sometimes she wondered why she bothers doing this stuff
in the first place. Well, it was money in her pocket. But, sometimes it wasn't
worth it. She knows she couldn't ask for too much, she's never get any business
done. But being a cheap hooker had some advantages. There was…well,
actually, there weren't any advantages. But finding a real job didn't sound to
tempting to Laura.
She followed the horny teenager upstairs, still smacking away on her gum.
She couldn't help but think that she'd seen him before. Maybe he's been a
customer before, she thought. Most guys returned for more after they got to like
her. Which was fine, since she knew they weren't cops. They went into a
bedroom, leaving the nerdy looking one downstairs by himself. Why isn't he
coming? she wondered, but forgot about it when the door slammed shut.
"So..La- er, I…uh…mean…hooker…" the boy began to say.
"I have a name other than hooker, ya know…Unless you want that to be
my name. Whatever gets you off, man."
"Well, what is your name?" he said. There was something about how he
said it that Laura just couldn't let go, like he already knew the answer….oh well.
"It's Laura," she answered.
"So, how much?"
She repeated her normal rates, as she did several times a night, "Five for
a blowjob, for ten I swallow; twenty for a fuck. I don't do anal, but everything else
is fine." She really didn't want to fuck this kid, but she could use twenty bucks.
"Alright, good. Why don't you get your clothes off first."
"Whatever," she said, disrobing. While taking her clothes off, she
wondered why she picked out this outfit. She was a little surprised she was
getting any business with a boring little outfit like this. T-shirt and jeans? What
the hell am I thinking? she wondered, she made mental note to go shopping with
whatever money she made. It would have to be something cheap though, she
didn't have any other money on her.
After getting her clothes off, she laid on the bed, jutting her tits out. "So,
hot stuff, what's our plans for this afternoon?" she said, trying to sound like she
really wanted to be with this loser.
"Well, I'd love to fuck that nice cunt of yours."
"Oh yeah, baby," she said, pretending to be excited, "Come fuck my slutty
little brains out." The boy came over to the bed, taking his own clothes off. His
cock sprung out of his pants, a respectable size. She was kind of impressed by
him. He didn't seem like he would know too much about pleasing women, but
Laura found herself enjoying it every now and then. Mostly she just watched the
"Oh yes, baby," she said in her best acting voice, "gimmee that cock.
Oooo…it's sooooo big. I love it. Harder. Faster." Eventually, his body tensed up
and he began pumping her faster. She was expecting him so cum inside her, but
instead he pulled out and jerked off all over her tits. "What the hell, dude! I take
birth control, ya know."
The boy slowed down and collapsed on the bed beside her, "No you d-
…ummm…I mean, oh, I didn't know that. Sorry."
This guy was creeping her out, "So where's the money? That little shower
you gave me is gonna cost ya extra." He pointed to his pants on the floor, where
she found his wallet in his back pocket. Pulling it out, she found thirty dollars.
The boy was now asleep, so she just pocketed it all. Glancing at his driver's
license, she felt that overwhelming sense again that she knew him. Did I go to
high school with this guy? She had only gone for half of her freshmen year, then
dropped out. But this guy still looked familiar. Oh well, she thought. She left the
guy on the bed and walked out of the room.

Where am I? Josh thought, waking up. Then, he remembered. He was in
Sheldon's room, where he had just fucked his virgin ex-girlfriend. That was
fucking great! he thought, happily getting up and getting dressed. Leaving the
room, he walked downstairs. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and listened:
"Oh God! Oh God!"
"That's it baby, fuck it good!"
What the fuck?! he thought. He was furious! Josh stormed around the
corner to find Sheldon and Laura tangled up on the couch. She was riding him
while he rubbed all over her tits. "What the fuck do you think you're doing!!" he
screamed at them.
They stopped at looked at him. Sheldon had a scared look on his face,
while Laura looked a little angry, "Look, dude, I get take my business anywhere I
want to…" He stomped up to her and grabbed her arm, pulling her off his former
"You asshole! You knew I was supposed to be the only one she sleeps
with!" he shouted, pointing at Sheldon.
Laura looked a little confused as she watched the two strange boys.
Sheldon stood up and pulled his pants up. "Look, she's not Laura-your-ex-
girlfriend now, she's….Laura-the-cheap-hooker. It was almost like I was fucking
another person all together."
"I don't give a flyin' fuck! I'm gonna kick your fucking ass though!"
Josh began to raise his fists, when Sheldon interrupted him, "I don't think
you wanna do that."
Josh stopped and stared at him, "And why not?"
Sheldon smiled confidently, "Well, it might not be too smart to piss off the
guy that can invent devices to control peoples minds." Josh couldn't believe him.
"The remote only works on women, but I could use my remote to turn your love
into the nastiest whore in the country. How jealous would you be then?"
Josh was ready to beat his ass. "Don't you threaten me, you asshole."
"Don't believe me?" Sheldon walked picked the remote off of the coffee
table. He set it to BIMBO 10 and SLUT 10.
"What are you doing?! NO!" Josh begged. But Sheldon zapped her

What the hell is the problem with these two? Laura wondered. She
watched as the nerdy one, named Sheldon, picked up some tv controller looking
thing and pointed it at her.
"What are you doing?! NO!" the other, named Josh she thought, yelled.
What the hell is he doin---Ohh! What was that? she felt like she was struck
by lightning. She felt a little dizzy. Ohhh…I feel weird…what's wrong with
m…hee hee, like, huh? She began to giggle for some reason. The two cute boys
stared at her. I, like, wonder if they got big cocks, she thought. Josh looked like
he was mad about something. Maybe I should, like, suck his dick!
"Don't be, like, mad," she said in a perky voice, "Laura will, like, suck your
cock for you!" Sheldon began laughing at something. She didn't want to look
stupid, even though she was, so she began giggling too.
"Change her back, you bastard!" Josh yelled. Laura pouted, figuring that
he didn't like her offer. She sat back on the couch began rubbing her pussy.
She didn't even find it strange that she naked in the room with a couple of guys.
After all, she was a girl. girls are supposed to show their titties and stuff, right?
"No, I actually like her better like this," Sheldon said, laughing. "Besides,
isn't this what you wanted to do to her."
"Yes, but only I can do it. I don't want you fucking around with her brain!"
I wonder what these guys are, like, talking about. Maybe it's
about…ummm… Laura tried to think straight, but it was way too hard for her.
Her mental capacity had shrunken considerably and had left her a babbling idiot.
"Ummm…like, what are you boys, like, angry about, "she asked, twirling
her hair, "Is it, like, something Laura did?" She pouted at them.
Sheldon looked down at her, then back at Josh, "Don't want me fucking
with her brain, huh?" He started talking to the little remote thingy, "Laura, you are
an eight-year-old girl."
Laura didn't get why he was saying this, "Like, I thought Laura was, like,
eighteen?" Surely she must know her own age…but she wasn't too sure since
the smart boy said she only two. He pointed the thingy at her and pushed a
button. "Uhh…Ooooooo…Laura, like, feels funny…Ummmm…"
Like, what's wrong with me? she thought, these cute boys are, like, doing
stuff to me… she figured. Wait…cute? boys aren't cute! Their gross! "I'm
bored, I wanna go home," she whined.
Josh stopped her, "No! Not yet! Sit down!"
Laura's bottom lip quivered at him, "O-o-okay. Sorry, mister…" Her eyes
watered up a bit, but she held back the tears so she didn't cry in front of the big
kids. I just wanted to go home…she thought, not understanding what the big
deal was.
Josh glared at Sheldon, "Change her back to her normal self!"
Sheldon grinned, "Sure." He set all the dials back to zero and turned her
back into the regular Laura. The shy little girl sitting on the couch suddenly sat
up, looking around the room.
"Where am I? What the fuck?" She looked at Josh, "What the hell is
going on?"
"Oh shit," Josh realized what he had asked Sheldon to do, he knew he
needed her back to her other state. "Sheldon, she can't be completely normal,
she'll turn us in!"
"Does either of you want to tell me what the fuck I'm doing here?" She
began to get mad and stepped closer to them.
Sheldon answered her, "Well, I invented a remote that can control. We've
been using it to make you lose your high status at school, but Josh here has
gotten a little sidetracked since he fucked you.
Her eyes grew wider, "Fucked me?! What the h-"
Sheldon interrupted her, "But it's okay, because…" he talked into the
remote, "…Laura doesn't find anything wrong with that." He zapped her and
listened for her response.
"Listen, that's fine that you guys are having your fun, but do you think you
could possibly take me home now." She glanced at the clock, "We're even
supposed to be in school now, you took me out of school to fuck with my mind?"
"Yeah," Sheldon admitted, he smiled at Josh, who was looking a little
worried but had calmed down.
"Well, whatever. Can we go now?"
"Sure, Josh will take you."
They all walked toward the door and out to Josh's car. Laura got in and
closed the door. Josh walked up to Sheldon, "Listen, man. Sorry, about what
happened in there. Let's just forget about it."
Sheldon nodded at him, with a strange smile on his face. Josh got into the
car and sped off, leaving Sheldon in the driveway. "Forget about it huh? Well,
let's see how much I forget by tomorrow, you fucking asshole." He walked into
the house and walked into his basement, locking the door behind him. He had
work to do.


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