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Jennifer and Seville
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Jennifer shifted lazily into third and, on the side of
the road, a yellow sign faded into the glare of
headlights and swept past the side of the car.

"You're sure you're alright to drive?" Seville asked.

"Yeah, don't be such a worrier. I'm fine."

Truthfully, though, Jennifer was a little less than
sure. She'd only drunk a bit more than one beer, but
she hated to take chances with drinking and driving.
She was only 19, so if she got stopped with any
alcohol in her system, she'd lose her license.

"I'm sorry. I guess you're right; you seem fine.
Besides, I couldn't stand to stay at that party a
moment longer."

"I know. Those guys. How could they be such jerks?"

"Whatever. Some people just haven't got a clue. So, we
going to your house now?"

"Yeah," Jennifer said. "If I ever find the way out of
here. How on earth do I get back onto 62 from here?"

"God, I don't know. You're supposed to be the one who
knows this area."

"Well, I guess I don't know it as well as I thought.
Don't worry, I'll find it eventually. I'll stop and
get directions as soon as we pass a place."

Seville was still worried. It had been quite a while
since they'd last seen any sort of civilization.
They'd been driving around in these backwoods roads
for nearly an hour now. The only light in sight was
the glow of the Subaru's headlights.

"Shit," Seville cursed at the sight of red and blue
police lights flashing behind them. Jennifer's heart
dropped into her stomach as she realized that the car
behind her, which she had hoped to stop and ask for
directions, was a cop. She pulled over and the old red
Subaru rumbled to a halt on the side of the country
road. Seville looked over and saw that Jennifer's eyes
were wet with the threat of tears.

"Don't worry," she said. "Everything's gonna be just
fine. I promise."

Jennifer took a deep, shuddering breath and rolled
down the window. A cool summer breeze blew through the
window and the girls heard the crunch of footsteps
approaching the car. A tall patrolman leaned down and
looked into the car.

"Good evening, ladies," he said in a businesslike

"Officer, I'm sorry... I...I'm kind of lost. I was
trying to find my way to..."

"It's alright, young lady. The only reason I stopped
you is for a routine check. At this time of night
there's always the risk of drunk drivers. Just a
routine sobriety check, you understand."

Jennifer's heart was fluttering. She could feel the
panic edging into her blood.

"Excuse me, officer, if I might?" Seville interjected.
"My friend's having a rough night. She just had a
terrible argument with her boyfriend, and, well, I'd
drive her home, except I don't have my license yet.
She's really had a good dose of grief tonight, and if
you could just tell us the best way to get back onto
route 62, we'd really appreciate it."

The patrolman took a long look at Jennifer's wet eyes
through his shiny sunglasses. Jennifer glanced up at

"Alright, girls. I'll let you go this time. But don't
expect such understanding treatment from police
officers in the future. And, young lady," he said to
Jennifer. "Young lady, look at me." Jennifer looked up
at him nervously. "You really shouldn't be driving in
this condition, you know that. But I suppose you've
got no choice in the matter. Now I want you to turn
around and head back down this road. A couple miles
down you'll come to a gas station..." The officer
continued to give the girls directions back to route
62, and Seville listened carefully, knowing full well
how shaken up her best friend was. Finally, the
policeman said, "Alright ladies. You be careful now.
And have a good night." Jennifer sat, frozen in the
seat, as the patrolman's footsteps crunched off into
the night. The police-car pulled onto the road and as
he drove slowly by the girls, the patrolman stared at
them through his mirrored sunglasses.

"Oooo! That guy gave me the creeps," Seville said.

"Thank you," was all the Jennifer could manage.

"Jennifer, are you all right?"

"Y-yeah. I'll be ok."

Jennifer slowly pulled the car around in a three-
point-turn and began back down the road.
"This isn't right at all," Seville said. "He said that
if we took the left fork, we'd come to signs for 62.
We've been going down this back-ass country road for
almost a half-hour, and I don't see any signs." The
car rumbled to a stop on the side of the windy road.
"Jennifer? What are you doing, honey? You OK?"

Jennifer took a deep breath as she turned the car off.
"I just need to stop for a second. That cop really
freaked me out. Just give me a minute. I'll be ok."

"Oh, Jennifer. He really scared you, didn't he? It's
ok. I'm right here," she put her hand on Jennifer's
shaking shoulder to comfort her. Jennifer turned to
Seville and looked sadly at her with big, brown eyes,
wet with tears. Seville cradled her head against her
breast as Jennifer sobbed softly. She smoothed her
hand along Jennifer's soft black hair and said, half-
jokingly, "Oh, honey. I love you, but you're ruining
my nice new sweater. A quiet laugh crept between her
sobs as Seville undid her seatbelt and took off her
sweater. The laugh disappeared amidst a sea of sobs
and Jennifer cried softly into Seville's breast.
Seville hugged Jennifer tightly against her,
whispering soothingly into her ear. Jennifer's tears
began running down Seville's clavicle and down beneath
the wide V-neck of her T-shirt as she held her against
her breast. Seville let all her sad, loving emotions
run free as she held Jennifer. Her hands began sliding
up beneath Jennifer's plum colored T-shirt, along her
smooth back. She felt Jennifer's hot breath upon her
breast as she found herself undoing the back of
Jennifer's bra. Seville could feel Jennifer burying
her face in her bosom and clutching at her more
tightly as she gently removed the bra beneath her plum
shirt. As Seville pulled the shirt up her bare back,
Jennifer whimpered, "Seville,...oh...wh...what are
you... doing? Wha...why are you doing this?"

She whispered into Jennifer's ear, "Oh, Jennifer. It
just feels right. There's no one around to see us.
Let's be bad. Oh, God, it feels so good."

Seville was aching to kiss her, but she was terrified
of how Jennifer might react. The two girls looked deep
into each other's eyes, and their faces drew near.
Unable to resist her body's urge, Seville touched her
trembling lips to Jennifer's. Fire ran through her
body and, despite her fear, Jennifer opened her mouth
to Seville's passion.

Seville pushed the seatbelt button and Jennifer's
shoulder strap slipped from between their warm bodies.
Jennifer raised her arms above her head, letting
Seville pull off her T-shirt. Jennifer's hand fumbled
beneath the seat, searching for the adjustment lever.
Finding it, her seat fell back, laying her on her
back. She breathed hard as Seville unbuttoned the
front of her jeans. Gasping, she pressed her thighs
together as Seville began unzipping her fly, exposing
her white panties with subtle pink designs. She
grasped the headrest and moaned as Seville slid her
hand gently into Jennifer's jeans. Seville could feel
her becoming wet as she pressed her fingers against
the panties and felt Jennifer's sex through the soft
cotton. She withdrew her hand and placed it upon
Jennifer's smooth belly. Jennifer's lips quivered as
Seville slid her hand slowly down the front of her
body, slipping her fingers beneath the waistband of
her panties. Jennifer sighed and opened her thighs as
Seville's hand slid between her legs. She moaned as
Seville slid a finger along her wet labia. Pressing
between her swollen lips, Seville slipped her middle
finger up into Jennifer's vagina. Jennifer gasped in
ecstasy, fluids pulsing from between her pussy lips.

She lay back, her eyes closed, and savored the
sensation of her best girlfriend's finger pressing up
into her. Seville wiggled her finger inside Jennifer's
tight pussy, sending waves of sensation through her
body. Struggling through the pleasure radiating from
between her thighs, Jennifer whimpered, "Oh, Seville.
Oh...come...come lay with me."

Seville withdrew her finger from between Jennifer's
legs and began pulling off her shirt. Jennifer helped
her with her bra, and pulled her down on top of her.
The girls caressed each other, pressing their warm
bodies together in the hot summer night. They fondled
each other's breasts and kissed deeply. As Seville's
tongue slid into Jennifer's soft mouth, she felt
Jennifer's hands sliding down her bare back. Jennifer
stroked Seville's buttocks through her black, pleated
skirt, and Seville began moaning softly. She opened
her thighs wide as Jennifer clutched at the back of
her skirt, pulling it up her buttocks to reveal her
light blue panties. She moaned with lust as Jennifer's
hand slipped into her panties, sliding a finger over
her anus. Seville gasped as she felt Jennifer slip two
fingers between her labia and slide them deep into her

The girls fondled each other as they fumbled to remove
their clothes. Seville, sitting atop Jennifer's
stomach, let the other front seat down to give them
more room. Jennifer lay back between the seats,
resting her head on the back seat while Seville's
kisses traveled down her stomach. She sighed deeply at
the feel of Seville's mouth moving down her belly, her
gentle fingertips parting her smooth thighs. Seville
found herself pressing back against the stick shift as
she kissed and gently licked Jennifer's pubic mound,
eliciting gasps from the girl. While she teased
Jennifer's vaginal lips, the bulbous pommel of the
stick shift pressed between her buttocks. She slid her
tongue up into Jennifer's flower and the girl began
moaning softly as if in pain. Seville could feel
herself getting moist, aroused by Jennifer's pleasure.
She pulled Jennifer up to her knees and they kissed
deeply for a long time, caressing each other as their
lips slid along each other's. Seville again found
herself pressing back against the stick shift. It
pressed against her sex, slick with sweat and lust.
She began letting her own weight push her down upon
its smooth plastic top. Her head fell back and her
lips trembled, Jennifer's lips gently sucking on her
neck, as the pommel slipped between her labia and
slowly pushed up inside her.
Jennifer hummed softly to the radio. Windows open,
summer wind blew through her hair as she rounded a
gentle curve. Her car struggled up the steep mountain
road and Jennifer watched the trees rush by, sunlight
shining off their beautiful leaves. Finally, the road
leveled off briefly and she turned her little red car
left, into a small parking lot surrounded by woods.
She turned the car off and stepped out into the empty
lot and stretched taking in the beautiful scenery
around her. Gravel crunched beneath her sneakers, the
wind blew gently through her hair, and all around her
lay the rolling slopes of mountain, covered with green
trees and white rock. The trees all along the slopes
were alive with sunshine and leaves waving in the
wind. The cool breeze blowing through the mountain air
was the only sound.

Leaning back into the car, Jennifer reached for her
bag on the passenger's seat. She lifted the red pack
and saw beneath it Seville's sweater. Sighing, she
remembered the night they'd spent together in the car.
Overcome with emotion, her knees grew weak and she sat
for a moment, her left foot still planted on the
gravel outside, recalling the details. Letting her
head fall back on the headrest, she closed her eyes
and remembered the passion of that night. Her mouth
closed and she breathed hard, desire welling up inside

Dropping the pack, she slipped her hand under her
tight red tee shirt, sliding it up her smooth stomach.
Sliding higher, she cupped her breast and breathed
hard at the feel of its curve in her hand. She fumbled
to unbutton her jean-shorts with her left hand, then
pulled the zipper down. Squeezing her nipple with her
right hand, Jennifer slipped her left under the
waistband of her panties, pushing it down into her
shorts. She sighed and began gently teasing her
clitoris. Rubbing her chest and breathing hard, she
felt herself becoming moist. She slipped her index
finger into herself and moaned with pleasure.

Pulling off her tee shirt, Jennifer tilted the seat
all the way back, laid back, pulled her knees up to
her chest, and wriggled out of her shorts. Sliding off
her panties, she continued to pleasure herself and
delighted at the feel of sunlight warming her naked
body. Looking down her body, she saw the stick shift
and remembered Seville's moans of aching pleasure as
she was impaled on it. Sitting up, she reached over
and tilted the passenger's seat back. Leaning over,
she put her lips around the stick shift, taking its
bulbous pommel into her mouth. She caressed it in her
mouth, coating it with her saliva.

Reaching for her shorts, she grabbed the keys and
started the car. Cranking down on the parking brake
pedal, she put the car in neutral and climbed up onto
the seat. The car rumble with a steady idle. Her hands
upon the dashboard, Jennifer knelt with one knee on
each seat, straddling the stick shift. Lowering her
butt, she touched her clit to the shift's pommel.
Resting her face on the dash, she pushed her hips
down, pressing her pubic bone against the vibrating
shift. The hard pommel, dripping with saliva, throbbed
against her clit, sending electric waves of pleasure
through her body, radiating from her crotch. Her cheek
pressed down on the dash, Jennifer panted with
pleasure. Sunlight shone on saliva as she drooled onto
the dusty plastic.

Jennifer pressed down harder against the pommel,
pushing the shift dangerously close to third gear. She
gasped as it rumbled hard against her crotch. Jennifer
sighed and milkiness oozed from the lips between her
thighs, running down onto the pommel. She thrust her
hips forward gently and the throbbing pommel slipped
back towards her sex flower. The hard plastic rumbled
against her soft labia as it slid between her thighs.
Her soft petals parted around its pommel and Jennifer
ached with desire. It slipped slowly into her, the
cold, rumbling plastic sliding up into her soft, warm
body. She sighed with lust and pushed herself down
onto it. The soft leather base of the stick shift
pressed into the crevice between her thighs, her labia
hugging the metal shaft deep inside her, and she
moaned, deep in bliss.



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