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Jessies Girl


Jessie's girl by Couture

(FF, Fdom)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture

"What's the matter Jessie? Where's your little
friend?" Gale asked the girl who was eating along at
the lunchroom table.

"Come on Gale," I urged, nudging her in the ribs with
my lunch try. "Let's go." Hey, I'm not going to
pretend that I was doing it out of the goodness of my
heart. The truth was I had been at least as mean
behind Jessie's back, but this was different, Jessie
lived next door to me. Not only that, once upon a
time, we used to be best friends.

"She moved," Jessie said, sadness written all over her

"Awwww . . ." Gale said in mock sympathy. "Well, I
guess we are going to have to come up with a new name
now. It used to be the dyke duo, but now little
Sharon is gone. Come on Stacy, you thought of the
last name, come up with another one."

Damn-damn-damn, Gale never knew when to shut up. Now,
I had a neighbor that hated me. Worse, I had a very
large neighbor that hated me. You see, Jessie was a
very large and athletic girl. We called her 'Sports
Jessie' sometimes. Yes, I made that one up too.

When Jessie and I were growing up, we used to play
together. I'm sure Jessie could have beaten me at
practically everything we played, but she didn't.
Surprisingly, every game was close, with me winning
just slightly less than she did. The only time I had
ever seen her shine was when we played doubles tennis
together, and she single-handedly beat the two older
girls. In high school, Jessie played all the sports
they allowed girls to play. And while Jessie excelled
in tennis, in soccer she was a force of nature. She
*was* the soccer team.

You would have thought Jessie would have hung out with
the more sports-type girls. Not Jessie. Instead, she
hung out with me. Then I got accepted on the
cheerleading squad and I stopped hanging out with her.
I had new friends and they didn't like Jessie very
much. She was too different . . .

The real reason I was sweating when Gale told Jessie
about the dyke duo thing, was that I used to be one of
the dyke duo and Jessie knew it. I just knew she was
going to embarrass me in front of the other
cheerleaders, but she didn't.

"Better than being brainless bimbo's," Jessie

Sighing with relief, I nudged Gale again. "Come on
Gale, let's go."

We turned to leave and then I heard Jessie snicker.
"Bye dumb."

I looked back at Jessie, feeling the heat rise to my
cheeks and saw her look right at me and wink. "And bye

Gale heard it to and she turned to go back. I pushed
her away and said loudly, "Let's leave the lonely
lesbian alone." I turned and was pleased to see my
insult strike a nerve.

When we got to our table Gale told everyone what had
happened and they all had a good laugh.

I forgot all about it.

That afternoon, when I was walking to the door of my
house, I heard a voice behind me.

"You shouldn't have done that."

It was Jessie and she looked furious. She was also
walking towards me in a hurry.

She was between me and my car. I turned to run,
leaving my school books littered behind me. I looked
back and was horrified to see Jessie running after me.
I knew there was no way I was going to be able to
unlock the front door, so I ran to the back yard in
hopes of locking myself in the utility building.

I didn't make it.

She tackled me on the grass. I struggled to get up,
but she pinned me easily, twisting my arm behind my

"Please Jess, you are hurting me," I cried. It felt
like she was going to tear my arm out of my shoulder.

"God this is just too easy," she said, before letting
me go. "You're not even worth it. You're just a
spoiled little baby."

She got up dismissively and I lost my temper. While
she had her back turned I grabbed her around her head.
In seconds she was free and I found myself on my
stomach. Somehow she had my legs split wide and
doubled behind me. She reached forward and grabbed my
ponytail, pulling my head backwards. It felt like she
was going to break me in half.

"Say you're sorry," she demanded.

There was nothing I could do. I could barely even
move enough to speak. "I'm sorry."

"Tell me you're a bitch!" she ordered.

"You're a bitch!" I answered. It hurt, but what was
she going to do, kill me?

She let my legs go and then turned me around. I
forgot all about fair play. I clawed at her and even
tried to bite her, but it was no use. She was just
too damned strong.

Soon, I was on my back, with my arms held fast under
her legs. She had my legs hooked underneath her arms
and then she began to spank me. I only had on my
cheerleading bottoms and it hurt like hell.

I screamed for help. I screamed bloody murder.

"Shut up!" she said, as she sat on my face. I
couldn't believe it. My face was beneath her
miniskirt and smothered against her panty covered ass.
I couldn't scream. I couldn't even breathe.

She spanked me until it felt like my ass was on fire.
I was seeing stars from lack of oxygen and I couldn't
even struggle or kick. Even when I stopped resisting,
she continued to spank me until she was satisfied.

Finally, she let my legs go and lifted off of me
slightly. I was wheezing and my face was wet from my
tears. It was also wet from something else too; the
smell of Jessie's arousal was strong. Goddamn dyke
bitch was getting off on this!

"Say it!" she ordered.

I looked up at her ass in front of my face. Her thin
cotton panties were wedged in the crack of her ass.
Likewise the crotch was clearly damp and bunched
between her lips. She probably didn't want me to say
it. She probably wanted to smother me under her fat
ass again. I wasn't going to give her the pleasure.

"I'm a bitch! Are you happy? I'm a bitch, okay?"

"You know Stacy; you used to make fun of Sharon for
being gay, but where you are now?" To my horror,
Jessie pressed herself against my face and began to
grind against me. I tried to turn my head but it was
trapped between her feet. All I could do was keep my
mouth tightly closed and try not to inhale, while she
took her pleasure at my expense. It wasn't hidden
this time . . . it was obvious. She was fucking my

I held my breath for as long as I could, but
eventually I needed air. It was so humiliating. I
struggled for breath with my nose pressed against her
ass and my mouth against her wet pussy. When she
finally let me breathe again, I could taste the flavor
of her arousal.

"Ha-hah, you've had more pussy than Sharon ever had
bitch. No, Sharon wasn't gay; she was just *my
friend*, something I used to think you were." I
watched in revulsion as Jessie reached beneath her
skirt and pulled on her panties. I heard the sound of
fabric tearing and knew what was in store.

"Please don't do this Jess. Please. . . " My pleas
fell on deaf ears. I could see her tiny clenched
asshole and her very aroused and wet sex. Then I was
enveloped again. She ground herself against me again.
My lungs burned and I could hear a ringing in my ears.
I couldn't even struggle against this abuse, I was too
weak. Finally, she lifted up a few inches, and I
gasped for breath. Before I could catch my breath, I
saw her begin to descend again. I couldn't help it.
I couldn't bear the thought of being suffocated again.
I raised my head up and licked her. I didn't know if
I was doing it right, but I licked her with a
desperation born of self-preservation . . . and the
desire to breath.

I must have done an okay job of it, judging from her
moans. The last thing I remember, I was enveloped
between her thighs, unable to breath.

When I came to, it wasn't all at once. My senses came
back one at a time. Believe it or not, the first
sense to come back is smell. I was welcomed back to
the world by the musky smell of Jessie's pussy.

The next sense was hearing. I could hear a ringing in
my ears and then I could make out the sound of heavy
breathing and I wondered if it was mine.

Next, I could feel someone's arms around my and a
mouth against mine, forcing breath into my lungs.

Finally, though it was foggy around the edges, I could
see again. There were still black spots dancing
around, but I was in Jessie's arms and she was giving
me mouth to mouth resuscitation.

"Jess?" I murmured.

"Oh, thank God . . . I so sorry Stace. I-I don't know
my own strength sometimes," Jessie said, with tears
streaming down her eyes. She kissed me on the lips.
"Are you okay?"

Her lips were still uncomfortably close to mine. "I'm
okay Jessie, just let me up. Please?"

I felt her hand moving down my stomach towards my sex.
I was still too weak to resist. "Don't Jessie.
Haven't you done enough?" I begged. I was more
embarrassed than I had ever been in my life. I had a
secret - a shameful secret she was about to discover.

"Someone's creamed her panties," she smirked.

"Please don't," I begged, but I didn't even close my
legs. I knew I should -- I needed to, but her fingers
felt too good.

"Shhhh . . .it's alright little Stacy girl. I'm not
going to hurt you." She kept rubbing me and I was
beginning to respond. I had no control over myself as
my hips started to roll and I began to moan. Jessie
was just inches in front of my face, staring intensely
at my eyes. I closed them. I couldn't let her see
what she was doing to me.

"Please," I begged or moaned; I'm not sure which. I
reached down and grabbed her hand. I opened my eyes
and she was looking at me questioningly. I pushed her
hand beneath my panties.

She plunged her fingers in my soaked slit. What a
picture I must have made laying there in my
cheerleading outfit, sprawled out in the back yard
with my legs lewdly spread. I could hear the wet
smacking sounds as her fingers plunged into my sex. I
loved what she was doing to me, but I hated that she
knew how much I was enjoying it. I wished I could
wipe the smug look off of her face.

"ugh, I hate you," I gasped. I could feel my pleasure
rising in a warm wave.

"You love me," she said, kissing my lips.

"Ah-ah-I-hate-you." I wished she would just get mad at
me - dislike me. It would make things so much easier
-- less complicated, afterwards.

"You love me." She repeated. She kept repeating those
same three stupid words over again, kissing me each
time. God she made me so angry! Why couldn't she
just let me cum without all the complications? I
grabbed her head and pulled her tight, kissing her
deeply, just to shut her up. She inhaled my screams,
while my body quaked and shuddered in climax.

I was weak afterwards - weak but satisfied. She stood
up and then easily lifted me to my feet. She kissed
me again and I let her.

"You're my girlfriend now," she stated.

The nerve of her, you don't just tell a girl she is
your girlfriend. Everyone knows you're supposed to
ask. "No, I'm not." I would show her. I would teach
her to ask.

"Yes, you are," she said unfazed by my refusal.

She dusted the grass and twigs off of me. Then she
helped me pick my books up. Neither of us said a
word. She handed me my books, as I opened the door to
my house.

"See you - see you tomorrow," I said stupidly. I
didn't know what else to say. Even now, I can't think
of anything else I could have said.

I worried most of the night about what to do the next
day. What to say? How to act? However, Jessie took
care of all that for me. In the morning she was
waiting in her car, with the passenger door open.

I don't know what possessed my, but I got in the car
and closed the door. She leaned over and kissed me!
"You love me," she said. Damn it, sometimes she made
me want to slap her the smug look off her face. Why
couldn't I stand up to her anymore? She drove off,
and I felt her hand on my naked thigh, pulling my legs
apart. I closed them tightly, but she was persistent
and stronger. Soon, we were riding to school, with
her hand massaging me through my wet panties.

"Ugh, Jessieee," I whined. "Not like this. Jesus,
we're going to school Jessieeee."

I had no more hope of stopping Jessie, than I had of
stopping my own body. I found myself in the front
seat of her car, legs spread widely, humping her
fingers. I came as we pulled into the school drive.
Jessie pulled my skirt down and let me close my legs.

"Damn it Jessie! I can't believe you did that!" I
tried to get comfortable in my now soaked panties.

"You look so cute when you are angry?" she smirked
then she licked my juices from her finger. "Mmmmmm"
she moaned and made a face like it was the best thing
she ever tasted.

"You are such a bitch sometimes," I said, but I was
smiling now. How could I stay mad, watching her do

I couldn't believe the change in Jessie. She didn't
even seem like her old self at all. This Jessie was
self-assured and powerful. God, she could do whatever
she wanted to me and she knew it.

As we walked to school, I felt her hand intertwine in

I tried to pull it free without making a scene. I was
just coming to terms with my feelings and I was
nowhere near ready for *this*. "Please don't," I

"Don't worry Stace, I'll protect you."

I looked around quickly. Oh God, we had already been
seen. This was it; I was officially going to be
whispered about behind my back. Soon, everyone would
be talking about me and Jess.

She squeezed my hand to reassure me. She seemed so
strong, so impervious to their stares, but I couldn't
meet them. I blushed and looked down.

"Don't do that," she whispered. "Don't let them see
you're afraid."

I felt my cheeks flush and my knees tremble. How
could they not see I was afraid? I tried to meet
their stares, but couldn't. Instead, I turned to

"What-what are . . . we . . . going to do today?" I
stuttered, trying to think about something else.

"Well, we're going to have lunch together at twelve.
Then, at two, since our classes are near, I thought I
would walk you to French class. That way you can tell
me if I need to set somebody straight." I felt her
large hand tighten around mine comfortingly. "Then
when we get home, I'm going wrestle you down and strip
you naked and have my way with you . . . whether you
like it or not."

I looked around to make sure no one heard her, but God
help me, I couldn't wait to get home.

But, she really has *got* to start asking me what *I*
want to do.
The End

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