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Archived Sex Stories

John and Sue


I was just getting home one afternoon, at about my regular time. My
neighbor was in his yard mowing his lawn. As I got out of my car he
motioned me over. Curious, I walked over to the short fence dividing our
properties. "John, how long have you been married to Sue?"

His abrupt question and the serious look in his eyes caught me off-guard
for a moment. I was wondering why he would ask me that, since him and his
wife hadn't had much to do with us since we had moved into the neighborhood
four years ago. They were not unfriendly, just an older couple, with kids
grown and gone. We didn't have anything in common, so naturally we didn't
socialize. "Well Bill we have been married for just over eight years, and
known each other for about twelve years. Why?" I was looking at him and he
started to get nervous and dropped his gaze to the ground. "Does Sue have
brothers, or sisters that would come to visit? You know, close by, or
close enough to drop in on a regular basis?" He was concentrating on a
small weed near his foot now. I was now getting the feeling something was
on Bill's mind that concerned Sue, and my need to know was growing
steadily. "Gee Bill, Sue only has one sister and she is clear across the
country. She is a fashion model and very busy at that. Why would you want
to know about Sue's family?"

"Oh, no reason John, I was just wanting to know. You know you two have
been living next to us for about four, maybe five years, and I don't know
anything about you guys. I guess this old man just wanted to get to know
you both a little better. No big deal John, not at all."

I thought that maybe Bill was lonely, as his wife had been visiting
their kids in the Midwest for the last two weeks. I decided to ask Sue if
we could invite him over for dinner one night this week.

"Hey Bill, why don't you come on over for dinner sometime, like say, oh,
Friday? I'm sure Sue wouldn't mind, and I think we could talk some more,
get to know you a little you know?"

"No, I can't make it over John, I have things to do." His response was
very quick and abrupt. Now I was really thinking about his earlier
questions and couldn't understand why he would have things to do on a
Friday. Retired like he was, I knew that he hadn't been doing much of
anything outside of the house, and he hardly ever left for anything. He
turned and went back to his yard work without a word, almost as if he was
pissed or something. I shrugged my shoulders and went inside to see my
lovely wife.

"Hi honey, I'm home!" I called out to Sue to let her know I was there.
She came into the living room and walking quickly hugged me, giving me a
real nice kiss in the process.

"Oh John, I am glad your home sweetie!" She was looking at me, still in
my arms, and I noticed that she had just taken a shower because her hair
was still damp. She noticed me looking at her hair, and stepped back out
of my arms. She looked a little nervous for an instant. That look was
quickly changed to a nonchalant one with a little smile. "I got dirty
cleaning the back yard today, so when I got done I decided to take a quick
shower, before you got home. I wanted to be fresh and clean for you, you
know, in case you weren't too tired to play."

She was really smiling at me as she said the last part. The one thing
about our time together so far has been her almost insatiable need for sex.
She usually wanted it at least once a day during the week, and several
times a day during weekends. My own sex drive has been higher than some
men and even though I was tired, I wanted her like you wouldn't believe.

Our sex usually consisted of my oral attention to her and then some good
plain old-fashioned sex, nothing too outrageous or daring. One time I had
tried to get her to try anal, and that had been a big no. Once in a very
rare while she would go down on me, usually just kissing the head and a few
licks up and down my shaft. I really didn't mind though, since she seemed
to love my oral fixation on her sweet tight pussy. I didn't mind her not
wanting to perform oral sex on me, and of course I understood about her not
wanting anal sex. I could imagine how that would hurt and not probably be
of much fun for her either.

She loved to have sex doggie-style, and to also be on top of me.
Missionary was for those times she was in a romantic mood. She wasn't in a
romantic mood tonight I could tell, so I was looking forward to a different
position. I never knew what mood she was going to be in when I walked
through the door after work, but usually she was in good spirits. Very few
times had she not felt like having sex, even wanting it when she was sick a
couple of times, which surprised me quite a bit. I would have thought that
a woman being sick would just want to be left alone 'that' way. Like I
said, her sex drive was pretty high though, so I knew after these years
together she really liked sex, vanilla sex maybe, but a lot of it or a
consistent amount anyway.

We would watch a few porno's once in a while, and she would seem to get
engrossed in them. She never wanted to try out a lot of what was in them,
her experimenting limited to how she would fondle or touch me. One time we
had tried a little bondage, and she had liked it quite a bit, but I had
never been able to talk her into letting me tie her up since. Oh well, I
guess she had other ways of thinking about sex and I still had to learn
what she would do, when. All in all a pretty much satisfactory sex life,
even if a bit 'tame' by someone else's standards.

My job allowed her to stay at home, since it paid well. I had to travel
once in a while, sometimes for as long as two weeks, but usually I would be
home every night. She didn't like it when I had to travel; she really
wanted sex every night. A couple of times I had been able to bring her
along with me on longer trips, and we would have a great time, when I
wasn't working. For the last year though she had been begging off on going
with me on these trips. She claimed boredom while I was in meetings, not
that I blamed her, after all a motel room can get pretty boring with
nothing to do.

Sue has never been shy about her body, and dresses quite sexily. She
has several bikinis, and the most covering one is still a two-piece. Her
choice of clothes has been dresses and skirts. Her blouses are low cut and
sometimes a little tight. She has a few very short dresses, or mini skirts
rather. They are very tight and very short. She cannot bend over in them
without showing her skimpy panties. I have always liked her to dress like
she does. My mom had once made a comment about one particular dress she
wore made her "Look like a slut!" I knew that my mom liked Sue though so I
never made it an issue. Besides, my mom had dressed a little bit like Sue
when she was young also.

About a year ago Sue had some photos taken of her by a professional
studio. They were boudoir type pics, and they were quite racy. She had
gotten nude in them and her poses left nothing to the imagination.

Sue had long blonde hair, and the hair near her pussy was matching so
there was no question that she was a natural blonde. She trimmed her pubic
hair to wear her swimsuits, but not more than she needed. I had talked her
into shaving her pubes all off once, but she hadn't liked it when it grew
back, being so itchy and all, so I had never been able to talk her into
doing it again.

Sue always claimed to be so satisfied with my sexual abilities and
prowess so I had never given thought to her cheating on me or me cheating on her. We were pretty well matched as far as that went, and she was my
best friend, and I was hers. She would tell me pretty much everything and
I her, so there were no secrets between us as far as I knew. I knew that I
had never held anything back from her, so I was sure she hadn't either.

As we ate supper that night I mentioned to Sue about my earlier
conversation with Bill and how he had acted so strangely. Sue was curious
what he had started to talk to us about. I didn't know, so I suggested to
her that maybe he was lonely or something. She agreed with that conclusion
and we left it at that. She didn't seem to be upset or nervous about what
he had said so I brushed it off as his not knowing how to start a
conversation with me very well.

Later, after supper we went out to our pool in the backyard. Sue swam
while I laid back and read a little bit in a lounger. When she finished
swimming she came up to me and started to play around with me. Before I
knew it she had my shorts down around my ankles and was straddling me. Her
hot, wet, pussy was stroking my hardness so wonderfully. I couldn't last
long, I think because of being outside, even if it was in our backyard
fenced and private. After I came she rocked for a moment more and came
herself. Hugging me, she held me firmly, her tight pussy holding my
softening cock like a velvet glove. Soon we got up and went in to shower
and went to bed, where she once more started with me and we had sex for a
second time that night.

One week later, I had to go to our Midwest operations for a week and Sue
didn't want to come with me. She had a real problem with this trip for
some reason but I couldn't get out of it. She grudgingly accepted the fact
that I had to go and seemed to be in a fairly good mood the day I left. I
called her every night I was away. She wanted me to call her early in the
evening so I would call around four-thirty or five each night. Almost at
the end of my stay I found out that there were some serious problems with a
contract and I had to stay for another week to straighten it all out. Sue
was definitely not happy with that news, and really read me the riot act on
the phone that night. I wasn't happy about it either, but I had no choice
since my boss had insisted I stay and finish what had been started. His
excuse was that I knew more about what was going on with that contract than
anyone else in the office. He stroked me a little reminding me of a
possible promotion coming up in the very near future. It would mean a
little more travel but more money, a company car and better vacation time.
I swallowed my pride and longing for my sexy wife and stayed for the

My boss was a great guy to work for. He was about six feet one or so
and pretty muscular. He worked out at a local gym. He was the easiest
going person I had ever seen in the kind of job he had. His skin was dark,
and he kept his head shaved. He wore glasses, and had a pierced ear. He
often took me out for power lunches at a local club where we would watch
the gals serving. He had comments about all of them, usually in a sexual
undertone. He had met Sue at our last Christmas party, and had spent most
of it talking to both of us, mostly Sue though. I knew that he had found
my wife to be attractive, and wondered what he said about her while I
wasn't around.

I was able to get the contract finished up three days sooner than anyone
expected, and since I had the signed contract in hand, I just left that
morning, catching a flight home. I arrived home before lunch. I stopped
into the office and dropped off the contracts and headed home. As I pulled
into my driveway I saw several cars there. I didn't recognize any of them.
I was a little upset since I had to park down the street a little ways. I
walked up to the front door and found it locked. I unlocked it and went

I called out for Sue as usual, and didn't hear anything. I figured that
she had gone shopping; therefore she had locked up the house. I was
wondering about all of the cars in the driveway, but didn't think anything
seriously about it. Must have been the neighbors having company or
something. I had remembered when moving in we had a problem with parking
for a few days because of Bill's kids parking in our driveway while
visiting. I decided not to call him about it and just let it be. He had
seemed so standoffish since our conversation that day.

I took my luggage up to our bedroom and got a little surprise. Our bed
was a mess, and Sue had clothes strewn all over the place. This was
unusual, since Sue was a very tidy person. As I set my stuff down I
noticed stains and wet spots all over the sheets. Now I was getting a
little worried. What had she been doing? What was up with all of this
mess? I knew that I hadn't told her I was almost done with the contract,
thinking to surprise her by coming home early, but I thought that she would
have had the place cleaned up pretty good. She really hated messes, and
would get on my case if I left anything out or not cleaned up after myself.
I had a bad feeling about all of this and was thinking that I really didn't
want to know too much more. Right now anyway.

I heard something in our backyard, sounded like people laughing and
joking around. I looked out our bedroom window but the sunscreen over our
deck blocked my view of our pool. I went down to the kitchen and looked
out over our deck to the swimming pool. The last thing I would ever have
thought to see in my house or in my backyard slammed into my vision. Sue,
naked, straddling a man on the lounger and another man behind her. There
were men I had never seen before fucking MY WIFE. There was another man in
front of her and she was giving him a deep throating like in the porn
videos we had watched together. There were more men around, some standing
and a few in the pool swimming around. They were all naked, and they were
all well hung. The other defining sight was their color. The men were all
very dark skinned blacks. Sue was obviously enjoying what she was doing
and as I watched, the man in her mouth started to cum. He shot most of his
load in her mouth, down her throat. Then he pulled out and finished
cumming, spraying her face. She caught it all wiping what was on her face
off in her hand and then licking it off. She smiled and looked over at the
man stepping up to her face. "Come on baby, I want more of this chocolate
cream now!"

I was so shocked that I must have stood there at the kitchen sink for
about ten minutes. I couldn't move. Frozen in time as my whole paradise
flew past me into oblivion. I was hurt, so deeply hurt. Stunned, a
feeling of dizziness washed over me and I started to throw-up. My wife was
being gangbanged, and loving it. She was doing things that she had never
done with or for me. She was cheating on me in my own house. Now I think
I knew what Bill had been hinting at that day out front. He must have seen
or heard something to cause him to suspect what was going on, and was
trying to find a way to let me know. I wasn't sure what I should do.

I saw that one guy was filming all the action going on out there with my
wife obviously the 'star' of the film. I couldn't believe that Sue would
have let these guys fuck her like they were, let alone FILM her debauchery.
I saw a stack of videocassettes on a nearby chair. I couldn't take any
more of this heart ripping torture at all. While the camera's cold glass
eye recorded everything going on out by our pool, and the camera man giving
compliments and making suggestions to the participants fucking my wife, I
went down the hall into our bedroom.

I had my things still packed and debated leaving. I remembered reading
something once about a situation like this and how that guy had told anyone
reading that story to not leave the house, to make the cheating wife leave.
My hot tears were running down my face and I didn't even notice as I walked
out of our room that there was a naked man now in the hall. He grabbed me
as I walked toward the kitchen. He pushed me against the wall. "What do
you think you are doing there motherfucker? Who the fuck are you? What
the fuck are you doing crying like a little baby?"

He was holding me tightly and I found myself unable to get free from his
grip. I finally brought my knee up and kneed him in the groin, hard. He
let loose of me and as he fell to his knees groaning, I kicked him in the
head. My anger was up to full tilt now and I was going to take it out on
this bastard. I kicked him quite a few times before I realized he was out
cold. I walked away from him and looked around to see if anyone else was
nearby or if anyone had heard us.

I went out to the kitchen and saw that Sue was still being royally
fucked. She was bent over our deck table now and taking one guy into her
mouth while another man was fucking her. I couldn't tell where he was
fucking her, although it looked like she was taking him into her ass. I
could see that the guy with the camera could see where she was being fucked
though, since he had it almost in her crotch from underneath.

I went back to the hall and grabbed the man I had knocked out and pulled
him out into the front yard to one of the cars. I pushed and pulled him
into the back seat. I went back into the house and got my things and hid
them in the closet. It was getting close to four o'clock and I knew that
Sue would need for these men to either leave or be very quiet while she
waited for my phone call.

As I was sitting on our bed I looked into the closet and saw the shotgun
that her father had given me on our third anniversary. He had jokingly
said it would keep Sue on the straight and narrow since she didn't like
guns. Obviously an incorrect observation I thought as I remembered that
day. He had a large collection of guns and liked to shoot quite a bit. I
hadn't grown up around guns and was a little afraid of it. He had shown me
over several weekends, how to shoot it. I had become quite proficient at
using it and usually kept it near the bed and some shells in my dresser
drawer. I loaded it up and laid it on the bed next to me. I wanted to
shoot everyone out there, but I knew that if I did, well, I would have to
blow my brains out in the end. I had too much respect for myself for that,
so I decided to scare the holy living hell out of those fuckers and maybe
really put the fear of God into Sue at the same time.

As I walked out on the deck a couple of the men looked up at me and
noticeably went a few shades whiter. Sue was still being fucked only now
they were back on the edge of the pool in the lounger and didn't hear or
see me come out of the house. The cameraman was sitting on the steps going
out to the pool changing a cassette in the camera. I aimed the shotgun at
them and by motioning to them got them in a small group. The guy with the
camera set it down on the table, turning it off. His hands were shaking
and he looked like he was about to start crying. The two guys with Sue
hadn't noticed me yet, since they were back out on the lounger by
themselves. I motioned the men in front of me to go out there next to my
whore wife. As we approached one of the guys fucking my wife saw me with
the shotgun and said something to the other guy. They stopped fucking Sue
and pulled out, trying to get up before I got to them. "No! Don't stop
now! Come on, I need those huge hard cocks. I want your black baby
sperm." She was almost whining when I startled her. "Sue, I think you have
had enough for today, don't you?" She turned around and saw me for the
first time. Her eyes got very large when she saw that I was holding the
shotgun in my hands. She started to cry. "John, don't do anything stupid.
I can explain. John, don't shoot!" She had cum running down her legs; her
breasts were shining in the sun, wet with even more of that same stuff.
There was something on her left breast, dirt I thought. Her lips were
puffy and real red looking from sucking all of their cocks. Her hair was
matted down and even dripping in cum. Her pussy had been completely shaved
bald and her pussy lips were hanging down an angry red color. Standing
there in front of me I could still see her once tight pussy was gaping
open. She turned to grab a towel from the ground next to the lounger and as
she bent over I could see her asshole gaping widely. cum was running out
of it in large drops, running down her legs to join that from her pussy.

I then noticed a tattoo on her back, just above her asshole. It had
been recently put on since it was still scabbed over a bit. Whoever had
done it would have had to have had her totally bottomless since it was in
her crack almost to her asshole. It was writing and as I looked I saw what
it said. 'Black cock only'. As she turned around I saw that it wasn't
dirt but a tattoo on her left breast. It said; 'black satisfied'.
Underneath it was a large black cock and balls. I looked up at her face
and saw that she was still crying. The men had run off by now, evidently
grabbing their clothes and getting the hell out of Dodge while I had been
looking at my once prim and proper loving wife. I heard their cars
starting up as they left. I was so shocked and stunned that all I could do
was look at my once lovely wife, who now looked like a used up whore after
a long busy night. At least what I could imagine what a whore would look
like after a busy night. I had never seen a whore after a busy night.
Matter of fact, I probably couldn't pick a whore out of a line-up at the
police station, except for the one in front of me now, my wife, the whore.

We stood there for a bit just looking at each other, now both crying. I
finally dropped the gun and went back into the house. I noticed that the
cassettes were still in the chair, and the camera was still on the table. I
was in the den trying to sort out my thoughts and what I was going to do
now when Sue came in. She had showered and dressed in a robe. She came up
to me and was apologizing and still crying. She was trying to get me to
look at her but I just couldn't look her in the eyes. She had betrayed me
far worse than I could have believed possible. I was numb and her being
near me almost made me throw up. I wouldn't talk to her and she was
blabbing on and on. My insides were twisted up and I was wound up tight
too. "It's not what you think John. I was forced into doing this and I
had no choice. You must understand John. Please, I still love you John,
this hasn't changed my love for you." She was getting more desperate as
time went by and I was getting tired of hearing her lies. How could she
have done this to me? Why would she allow those men to use her like they
had? Why had she been enjoying it? What did I do now? "Just go to bed
Sue, you fucking slut!" She looked at me shocked. "How dare you call me a
slut! I'm your wife. I certainly deserve better than that from my own
husband." She was mad at me for calling her a slut. I catch her in the act
with a gang of men, black men at that, and she gets upset when I call her a
slut. "Well Sue, you were fucking about five or six black men in our
backyard, and you had obviously had one or more in our marital bed. What
the hell do you call a woman who would fuck and suck more than one man at a
time, and her husband not being one of them? I would call her a FUCKING
SLUT, you WHORE!" Sue burst into tears and sobbing, ran from the room
locking herself in our bedroom. I went out and got the shotgun, cleaning
it up and putting it away in the guest bedroom. I grabbed the camera and
tapes on the deck table and put them in the closet in the guest bedroom
also. I then went to our bedroom door and unlocked it. Going in I saw her
still in her robe crying. She was lying on the still messy bed. I got my
things out of the closet and was leaving the room. "What are you doing?
Your not leaving are you? John, please don't leave me!" She got up and
still crying tried to enclose me in her arms. I shoved her away and pushed
her onto the bed. MY marital bed. The bed messed up with cum from those
men, who had been fucking MY wife while I was gone. I looked at her and
found that I had very strange feelings beginning to surface.

I felt angry, angrier than I had ever been. I felt used, betrayed, and
for some strange sick reason, a little turned on. I had been cuckolded and
my faithful wife had become a slut. She was nothing but a slut for black
men who had used and abused her. They had tattooed her and marked her for
themselves. She was no longer just my sweet, loving wife. She was some
kind of bad dream, a nightmare really, that I was going to have to deal
with somehow. But still for some vague reason, it turned me on. I was
ashamed to think that I could be turned on watching the love of my life
cheat on me like I had witnessed.

Seeing her being fucked so thoroughly and seeing that she had enjoyed it
and was still enjoying it as I watched had been kind of like watching a
porn flick. I had been a little turned on, even though I was so angry and
upset. She had looked so, well, great, getting fucked in all of her holes,
and she had been covered in cum from those guys, well that was a turn-on to
me for some reason. I didn't like the feeling that I had when I had been
out there with the shotgun, and I knew that I had almost done something
that could have cost me dearly.

"We'll talk in the morning Sue. I can't think straight right now, and I
am so mad with you that I couldn't think straight enough to know what to do
now. You have broken my heart, shattered it into so many pieces. I doubt
that I'll ever be the same man again. We definitely won't be the same
couple again. You took our love and honesty for each other and tossed it
on the garbage heap. You have acted like a cheap two-bit whore. You have
destroyed our friendship, our marriage, and our love. I will give you a
chance, one chance only, tomorrow. You can try to explain this, this, this
fucked up mess we are in now. I don't think you will be able to convince
me of anything but divorce but I will give you your one chance in the

I went to bed a very troubled person. My sleep was not good, tossing
and turning most of the night. I could hear Sue once in a while, crying
and sobbing. Eventually I got a little sleep, and when I woke up in the
morning I hoped that I had had a very bad nightmare. When I walked out
into the kitchen though, there were reminders of the night before. There
were cups, glasses, and wine and beer bottles lying around the sink. On
the deck, the lounger with big wet spots and cum stains all over it. The
deck table with puddles of cum near where she had been getting fucked.
Sickened all over again, I went to the fridge and got a bottle of orange
juice and went to the bathroom. I showered there and then went into the
living room to wait for Sue to come talk to me, and try to explain what she
had been doing. I hadn't recognized anyone last night. I didn't know
where she would have met these guys or anything. I called in to work and
took the rest of the week off, thinking that I was going to have a full
plate getting my soon to be ex-wife out of my house, and cleaning up the
glaring reminders of her betrayal.

When I told my assistant that I was taking the week of she was upset.
She said that my boss wanted to talk to me about something very important
and needed me to be present at work today. I told her I had some very
personal problems and there was absolutely no fucking way I was going to be
in for the rest of the week. Since I had never spoken to her that way, she
was shocked. She really got the message though and told me she would give
the boss my message. I told her to tell it to him exactly like I had just
told her. She said that she would repeat it verbatim. I hung up the phone
and made myself a strong drink. This was going to be a long troubling day.
John and Sue Chapter2

Sitting in the living room I thought back over our marriage. When had
Sue decided to cheat on me? Why, more importantly, had she gotten so
slutty? I had so many questions and absolutely no answers in my mind. I
had given her all of my love. I had provided for her every need. Our sex
life had always been good, at least as far as she had told me. Now I had
even more questions about us. Had she always been honest with me? How
long had this been going on? Why, oh why had Sue been drawn into this?
What did I do now? Thousands of questions assailing my thoughts, no
answers, no relief, just questions.

I heard her get up and go into the bathroom. I soon heard the shower
running. I was thinking that she was trying to wash away all of her
wrongdoing, her nastiness. "Good luck you cheating bitch." I thought out

The doorbell rang so I got up to answer it. My boss, Mark was standing
on our stoop. "John how's things? boy you look like shit. Uh, can I come
in? Please?"

I was startled. Why had Mark come to my house? "Not meaning to be rude
here Mark, but what the hell are you doing here now?"

He shuffled uncomfortably, looking down at the steps. He then looked me
right in the eyes. "John, I know a little bit about what happened
yesterday, and I feel responsible for it. You see I have known that your
wife has been, 'popular', with certain individuals lately. I am probably
also to blame for her actions at this point in time. We need to talk, and
we need to talk now. Sue is alright isn't she?"

His statements had frozen me immobile. What he had said I would have
never expected. This was getting to be a very bad dream. What was next?
Was he going to try to exert control over my wife and I? What was his
plan? My anger surged and without even a hesitation or a thought I slammed
him in the mouth with my fist. He stumbled back, not expecting violence
from me I guess, and lost his balance. He caught the doorframe and held
himself still. Wiping his mouth where I had struck him, he then spat blood
out on to the staircase. "I guess I deserved that John, probably a lot
more than that. Can I come in now?"

I was stunned. How could he stand there and as much as tell me that my
wife's sluttish behavior and the acts I saw her doing yesterday were his
fault, and then calmly want to come in and talk with me? Why would he
wonder about Sue's condition? Did he think that I had beaten or worse,
killed her? I couldn't have done such a thing. I loved my wife still, and
even though I had been so shocked and hurt, I could never hit or do
anything worse to any woman, let alone my wife. How the rest of my life
was going to be I wasn't sure. I really couldn't see anything in the
future. Whether or not we stayed together would have to be fought and
thought out.

I finally let Mark in, against my better judgment, and grudgingly
offered him a towel for his cut lip. I soon got him a cup of coffee, and
one for myself as well. I found myself wanting to know more about what Sue
had been doing, and realized that this was one of the only men who knew
something. I sat down and we looked at each other uncomfortably for a bit.
I could hear Sue in the bathroom, still messing around from taking her
shower. She hadn't evidently heard Mark come in yet.

"Mark, why don't you start to tell me your story. I think that you have
had more than a little something to do with my wife becoming a whore, how I
don't know, but you do, so talk." I was mad, but not as mad as I had been
earlier. I wanted to try to understand why my wife would have changed so
much, in such a short time. I needed to know how she had started this and
if I was responsible in some way for her finding pleasure elsewhere. This
man would answer some of the millions of questions in my mind. The man who
until right now, I would have trusted with my life. In twenty-four hours I
had been betrayed by two of the people whom I had trusted in. My wife who
I loved, and my boss, who I respected above all.

"Well John, I don't know where to start. I guess with the beginning.
Do you remember the party last year when I first met your wife Sue? She
was wearing that tight black short sexy number and the high heels. I was
taken with her beauty immediately. I knew she was your wife, and that she
was faithful to you. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help myself. I
had to have her, sexually. She raised something in me that I couldn't
resist. I am ashamed to say it, but I started to plan how to get her in
the sack that night. I even started to send you out of town whenever I
could reasonably explain it. I knew that this would hurt you and your
marriage to her, but I just had to do it. I am sorry for causing you this
pain and wrecking your marriage."

I was just able to hold myself from attacking him again. What the fuck
was he saying? He had intentionally set us up so he could have my wife in
bed? I struggled with my anger, keeping it barely at bay.

"You seduced my wife and kept me out of town as much as possible to make
it easier to do? How did you do this? I know Sue, or at least I thought I
did, and there are a lot of things that need to be explained here now. I
can't believe that you were able to just romance her or anything like that,
so how in the hell did you get her?" My curiosity was nagging at me; I felt
I had to know everything now. Maybe in this 'confession' I could find some
way to come to grips with what had overwhelmed me last night. Maybe, just
a small maybe, I could find the way back to forgiving Sue and keeping our
marriage intact. It would be a hard and probably long trip, but I did love
Sue, and couldn't stand the thought of not having her around. I did have a
problem with her behavior and her cheating and all that I had seen, but
maybe I could find a way to forgive, and prevent such a thing from
happening in the future. Crazy, I know, but my heart was running my
feelings and thoughts right now.

"After I met Sue, I discovered that she had been asking one of the girls about a place to get some boudoir photos taken. She wanted to get you a
real special Christmas gift. The girl she had talked to said she didn't
know of any, but she would ask around and she if she could find out. That
woman happened to ask me something about knowing of any racy photographers.
When I questioned her she told me about Sue wanting some sexy pics taken
for you. I thought of an old friend who had a studio. He usually did
triple x type photo shoots for Internet and gloss magazines. He also did
videos too. He was the type of person I had left behind a long time ago,
but he had been a friend. He also owed me big time. My original plan was
to get him to take Sue's pictures, then get some of her in a compromising
position then use them to manipulate her to do my bidding. I thought at
the time this all started that I would want to fuck her more than once.
Things got out of hand after that. I found that my 'friend' had other
plans and had her where he wanted her. She was just too good-looking to
pass by. When I found out his plans I knew that I had gone too far and
decided to make it a one-time thing only. My hope was to convince Greg, my
'friend', to go along with me on this plan. I didn't find out his plans
until afterwards though."

He stopped for a minute to have a drink of coffee. I digested all what
he had told me so far. He started again in a minute having caught his
breath. He looked sincere in his story, and I felt that he really did feel
bad about this. I just couldn't over the fact that he was the one who had
started this whole nightmare to begin with. "Well, Sue came to my friends
studio and she had her shots taken. While she was there, he managed to get
some concoction into her drink. Soon she was putty in his hands. Whatever
was in her drink made her easily susceptible to his suggestions. I was
waiting in a back room, and when he thought she was ready, he had me come
out. I saw Sue lying there on a bed with video cameras and lights all
around. She was naked and playing with herself. He had her masturbating
with a rather large black dildo and she was far into it. He suggested she
wanted more. A cock maybe. She was struggling to not go there. She said
she couldn't, she was married, and she loved her husband. Greg pushed more
though, and soon convinced her to take on just one cock for one minute.
That was my cue, so I got undressed and got on the bed with her. I had no
sooner gotten on the bed than she was straddling me and trying to shove my
cock into her pussy. She was like a woman possessed. It was all I had
imagined it would be. She fucked my eyeballs out. She went down on me
when I went soft, after cumming in her hot hole. She worked me up and took
my next load in her mouth. She was very surprised when I shot into her
mouth, but she swallowed all I gave her, then told us that she never knew
it could taste so good. I couldn't believe how she was acting. Greg's
concoction had really done the number on her. He got pictures of us
together. He told me that he would get Sue home in a bit, so I left
thinking everything would be all right. After all, she had come in to the
studio by herself, and Greg was an old friend, so I thought that I could
trust him. When I left she was still on the bed, naked, masturbating with
that big black dildo again. I knew what I had arranged and done was very
wrong. I felt very guilty about the whole thing and I wished that I hadn't
done it at this point. But what was done was done. What I didn't know was
that Sue stayed at the photographer's studio that whole night and for the
following day into the weekend. You had been sent on a trip for a week and
a half and had no clue what had happened. She ended up spending about six
days with Greg. I'm sorry John, I am really truly sorry for this whole

I now had a part of the reason Sue had cheated on me; she hadn't been
acting on her own. She had been drugged and then coerced into these
despicable acts. I had a small out now. All I had to do is find out why
she had been enjoying it so much yesterday. I don't believe she had been
drugged or drunk then. She had been begging for it, from all of the men there. Why had she been still doing this at this time? I asked Mark about
that. His answer sent shivers down my spine. It could have been far worse
than I thought!

"John, I don't know if I should tell you any more right now. You won't
like it and the men that Greg deals with, well they have a harsh way of
dealing with people who try to take away what they perceive is theirs.
They think that Sue is their property now John, and there isn't much I can
do about that. You see, after I left that day, Greg had three more men waiting in another room. They came out after I was gone and He had them
start on Sue. She was so out of it you couldn't have stopped her it you
had been there and tried. She was lying on the bed when they descended on
her and soon she was sucking one while riding another man. That man pulled
her down to his chest and the third man used some lube on her butt and then
proceeded to take her anal virginity. They knew she was a virgin by the
way she reacted. By the end of the night there though, she was not a
virgin in any hole. She had learned to take it in any and all holes. The
next day Greg started her in making sex films. She was very reluctant to
do this until he showed her the video of her and I. She had looked like
she was in charge and begging for it. Greg had also been keeping her
slightly drugged, to make her more malleable to suggestion. You couldn't
tell she was drugged up or anything. She looked like a woman who wanted to
get fucked and fucked well. My intent was to have her for myself, not for
her to become a slave to Greg and his friends. The filming of us together
was to be for my eyes only, and for my future viewing. Instead, Greg made
several copies and showed them to his friends, who wanted a piece of her
also. He had intended to do this to her from the start, when he had first
met her. I believe that if I hadn't been involved, she may have been taken
away by them never to be seen again, except on film, or the Internet. Greg
had told me that the drug he gave her could have long-term effects if taken
for a period of time. I think that he had her taking them, unknowingly,
for quite some time. That may be most of the reason she seems to want all
of those men. I am so sorry John."

I sat there, more blank of feelings than I ever had been. I had been
through so much in the last hours that I could no longer function
emotionally. Sue had been trapped into this by one mans longing to have
her sexually, and now it looked like the whole fucking town was banging
her. Then I remembered what Mark had said at the end. "The Internet? She
has been posted on the Internet? Oh God! Where on the Internet has she
turned up?"

"If you will come into the den I will show you John." It was Sue,
standing there near the entrance to the living room, dressed in jeans and
an old sweatshirt. She had been listening for a bit but I wasn't sure when
she had shown up. Mark was surprised as I was. He stood up and started
for the door, trying to leave and get away from me I think. He was
probably afraid of what I was going to do next. "Mark, I think you might
as well stay and see this too. You started this and opened up the
Pandora's box now, so stay and see this through." Sue was looking at both
of us and I saw she had tears brimming in her eyes. I was resigned to the
fact that Sue's body and her sexual acts were all out in the open now.
There would be no hiding that this had ever happened.

Sue led the way to the computer and went to the site where she was
gracing the main page as the "Biggest mega-slut to hit the net ever" as she
scrolled down, I could see action shots of my wife in various positions
with black men. Usually more than three, usually looking like she was
enjoying everything happening to her.

In one shot three men were standing next to her, kind of all around, but
showing her spread wide, and a bottle in her pussy. It was all of the way
in her, only the mouth of it showing. The next shot showed her pulling it
out and in several shots it became clear that it was a long and big around
wine bottle. What really got to me though was the look on her face; she
was smiling and looked like she really loved that bottle being in her.

Sue was crying silently as she went into the site and showed us even
more. Things that I couldn't believe she would do, all sorts of things.
This wasn't only an interracial site; they had other types of sexual
situations and deviations in there also. The last four pages of Sue's
section had her performing in large gangbangs. men holding her legs wide
open showing her once tight vagina gaping open. You were able to look deep
into her holes, both of them. cum pouring out of her in gallons. I was
sickened by what I saw. I couldn't believe that she would look so, well,
satisfied. She looked like she was truly happy to be there, doing that.

There she stood, next to the desk, sobbing and crying. I looked over at
Mark and found him crying also. Bastard! Damn him! This was his entire
fault, and there he is apologizing and crying about what had happened to
Sue. She had been through a lot over the last year. I couldn't get my
thoughts in order, and suddenly realized that I too, was crying. Like a
little baby. How do you think anyone would react? Come home to your
loving wife or spouse, and discover that they are not at all what you
thought. Finding out that they had a whole second life you had never known
about. I could not for the life of me remember any time when I would have
been suspicious of Sue at all. I went over to the small bar in the den and
poured myself a large straight bourbon. I poured two more and left them
sitting on the bar. If they wanted one they could walk over and get their
own. They did in very short order.

Some men would have been shooting or maiming people at this point. They
may have been killing spouses, or the people who had brought on this pain
and suffering. They may have ran out the door and not looked back. I
couldn't. I had spent a lifetime looking for the woman to call my wife. I
had found her, and as the marriage vows we took had stated, 'for better or
worse'. I felt I had to try and work this all out. I told Sue that. I
then told Mark that considering the circumstances he would understand if I
decided to turn in my resignation on the following Monday.

"Don't quit John. We can work something out here. You can't quit now;
you are the best man I have. I will think of something to straighten this
all out." He was worried I was going to leave and go over to the
competitor. They would be glad to have me, I knew. How much so I didn't
know at the time. "Mark, I can't work for a boss who has managed to fuck
my wife. I don't care what the circumstances were. You fucked Sue, and
the thought of being around you working day in and day out would be too
much. It would be a constant reminder of what you had done. I don't think
you can possibly fix that. I will give you until Monday, then well, we'll
see what happens then."

I couldn't blame the guy, after all, I was the reason our division had
done so well over the last four years. I had managed to get a lot of
contracts that everyone else had fumbled or lost. I was and I am very good
at what I do.

Sue had looked relieved when I told her we needed to work this out. She
had stopped crying and was just sniffling. She had a small timid smile and
came to me. Her arms went around me as she hugged me tightly. As Mark
went out of the door to go wherever he was going to, Sue let go of me and
stepped back a little bit.

"Did you mean what you said John? Are we going to try and work this all
out? Do you think you could ever love me again, after all I have done? I
will do anything, anything at all John. You name it and if it is within my
power, I will try my best to do it for you honey."

"First of all, yes I meant what I said, Sue. I need to try to work this
all out, and I believe it may be possible to do. It isn't going to be easy
by any means, but it is possible. As to loving you...I nev...I haven't
ever stopped loving you Sue. You have hurt me very deeply. What you have
done to our marriage isn't unforgivable though. You were drugged and
sucked into this. The part that is going to be hard is the fact that I
think you really enjoyed what you were doing with those men. I saw you
begging for more. Wanting to have their baby making sperm and all of that.
The things I heard you say. I don't know what will happen now, but this is
far from over by a long shot. I can't guarantee we will still make it in
marriage. This is going to be harder on you I think. You will have to
live with the fact that I think you are much less of a person by far in
this relationship now. You will have a hard time gaining back my trust and
faith in you, and that is what made our marriage strong to begin with. Do
you understand what I am saying?"

Sue leaped forward and hugged me tightly. I couldn't bring myself to
reciprocate. I stood there; hands at my sides as she hugged me, thank me
for a chance to save our marriage. I knew at that point that I was going
to go through hell over the next days and weeks. I was numb and couldn't
feel anything at that time. I wasn't so sure that we would make it for the
next month let alone a year or more. What with the pictures and videos out
there with her performances, and the whole Internet thing, well it was
going to be a harsh future for both of us.

"Sue, give me your wedding rings. We are going to get rid of them." She
froze, looking at me. Stepping back from me she had tears welling up in
her eyes again. "John, you can't take these rings from me!" I knew what we
had to do though so I insisted. " "Sue, I can't stand to see you wearing
them. Those pictures, well, you were licking and sucking the cum from all
of those men off of those rings. If I have to look at them from now on, I
will think only of that, not of my love for you or yours for me. I would
only be able to remember your tongue licking the cum of other men off of
them. I need for you to get rid of them. Maybe, if we can work things
out, well, I will get you a new set later. For now though, you need to get
rid of them. I don't care what you do with them, just get them out of my

Dawning showed in her eyes. She struggled with them and soon had them
off. Tears fell for the loss of them, but I could not see those rings and
remember our good times. All I knew I would see would be her sucking and
licking all of the cum off of them. I would be having enough of a problem
with blotting out the images of the cum on her face, her body, running out
of her holes. I needed to lower the memory factor as much as possible.
She took her rings and offered them to me. I didn't take them; I left what
she did with them up to her. After waiting for a moment, she took them
into our bedroom and put them away in her jewelry box. In the bottom, in a
small envelope, sealed.

The next few days were very subdued around our house. One time the
phone rang and it was the photographer wanting to talk to Sue. I handed
her the phone, not knowing who it was. She was upset in just a few seconds
and I took the phone out of her hands and heard him cajoling. Trying to
get her to come in the pose for some special shots. I let him go on for a
minute, then in an intimidating voice told him to never call again, or I
would change my mind about doing him physical harm and give him a visit he
wouldn't ever remember. The dead have no memories. I also told him that I
was seeing a lawyer and the D.A. about how he had tricked Sue into working
for him. He hung up without any fuss, and we haven't heard from him or his
friends since. I wonder how many other women he has gotten to 'work' for
him like Sue? Blackmailing and drugging into the deviate lifestyle he
wanted them in.

I had been sleeping in the guest bedroom since that fateful day I had
happily come home. Sue was in our bedroom. We would talk very sparingly
to each other, walking on eggshells. Sue was always afraid if I got up and
left the room. I think she thought that maybe I had changed my mind about
us and was leaving her or something. I had a very hard time sleeping at
night, remembering those pictures and the scene in my mind of the day I
looked out of the kitchen window to see my wife being gang banged. I know
Sue had circles under her eyes too. She was obviously not sleeping well at
all either. That Saturday, Mark stopped by and brought in a small package.
In it were what evidence he had been able to get on how Sue had been
blackmailed into doing what she had. " If you choose to use this, I will
go down with those boys. I know I deserve it, but I would ask for a
heads-up on if and when you intend to use it. I will need to prepare the
final areas in my life then. I do have some family around, Mom, brother,
and a sister. I will need the time to let them know I haven't always been
a good man. I really hope that you choose not to use all of it, but I know
that you will do what is right in the end either way."

I was surprised. The evidence here would send him to jail with these
other creeps. I didn't really want that, since his part had been strictly
selfish, not to use and abuse Sue. Just to have her sexually that time and
a tape to remember it by. I really couldn't bring myself to forgive him,
but I didn't think he deserved to go to jail either. I don't think that
Sue wanted that either. But at this point I just took the tapes and put
them in with the others in the closet.

That night as I was tossing and turning in bed Sue knocked on my door.
"Can I come in John? I need to talk to you."

I told her to come in. "John, I need to ask you something. Could
you...uh,...well I have a...could we..." With a sob she threw herself on
me. "I need you John. I need to have you, to know that you will...that you
can...DAMNIT John, fuck me please!"

I hadn't had sex for over two weeks. I was horny, but I still had those
images of that day in my mind. I wasn't so sure that us being together was
such a good idea. She was tearing at the sheets covering me and begging
me. She sat up, straddling me and pulled off her robe. She was naked
underneath. Her breasts, bouncing in my face. Her shaved pussy, dripping
wet. All of the sudden I was overcome with a feeling that I had never
experienced before. I was going to 'take' my wife right here, right now. I
set up and grabbed her by her shoulders. I pulled her to the side and as
she lay down I rolled up on top of her. I grabbed her breasts, and started
to suck and bite on her nipples. Hard. She was cumming just from that
action in seconds!

I moved in between her legs and pulling out my raging hard cock, I found
the entrance to her cunt. I wasn't thinking like myself. I was thinking
of punishing her with sex. I was going to be rough with her, make her pay.
I jammed my cock into her tight hot wetness hard and in one shove I was
totally in. She took it all and grunted. I knew that it must have hurt her, but she just looked at me with tears in her eyes as I began to stroke
in and out very hard. I was trying to hurt her by shoving in all the way
and slamming into her pubis as hard as I could. She was crying, but not
stopping me at all. She kept her legs spread and let me use her however I
wanted. Soon I decided that I wanted to use her ass, since I had never
gotten to. I grabbed her ankles, and pulling them up and over put them
next to her head. She gave a small cry when I did this because I gave her
no warning. As her ankles came to rest by her head she opened her eyes and
said very softly. "I love you John."

For some reason that infuriated me. I pulled out of her pussy, and
grabbing my cock in one hand proceeded to press it against her asshole. As
I shoved in to that tight hot hole she moaned painfully. I had no lube
except for that natural lube from her very wet pussy. I slipped my cock in
and out of her pussy a few times wetting her asshole and soon it was just
wet enough for my to enter. I got my whole cock into her ass in one hard
fast shove. She had tears running down both cheeks. Her moans were harsh
in my ears. I had never hurt her before. She didn't say a word about
taking it easy, or "don't that hurts", or anything for that matter. She
just lay there whispering over and over, "I love you John. I love you."

I rutted in her ass until I came explosively. As my hot cum poured into
her bowels she shuddered and came also. I was shocked at what I had just
done. I had intentionally hurt my wife. I couldn't believe that I had
just taken her anally, and she had just let me with no argument or
anything. She had let me be rough and actually mean to her, and all she had
said was "I love you John." I felt real shitty, and as I lay there with my
cock softening in her ass still, I started to cry. "I'm so sorry Sue, I
didn't mean to hurt you! I know I did hurt you, I...I...GOD! I am so
confused right now. I meant to hurt you! I can't believe that you would
let me do this to you. I can't believe that I would want to do this to
you. I am so sorry. I guess that I have a lot of anger still in me Sue.
Please forgive me?"

I was beside myself. I never meant to hurt my wife, even if she had
done what she had done. She had come to me, needing my love, and I had
rutted with her like an animal. I had used her just like those bastards
had used her. This was a low point for me. That night was hard on me
mentally for sure. I wasn't sure about Sue's thoughts. "John, it's all
right. Baby, I know you didn't mean to hurt me; I deserved it though
didn't I? I just needed you to fuck me honey, so that I could be sure we
had a chance to go on. It was for the best. Of course I forgive you, even
though there is nothing for me to forgive you for. I am the one that needs
forgiveness John, and I haven't earned that right yet." Sobbing she ran out
of the room and into our bedroom. The door locked behind her and I heard a
chair being pushed under the doorknob as I got up to it. Even if I had the
key I wasn't going to get that door open tonight.

I went into the bathroom and I saw that I had blood on my cock. I had
torn her up! I felt so low now. I had really hurt my wife doing something
that should have been good for both of us. I had never had anal sex before
and now I was pretty sure I would never have it again. I had to do
something to remove all of the anger I felt about this whole situation, but
I didn't know what to do. I cleaned myself up and went to bed. Sleep was
still restless, but tired as I was I woke up in the morning late. I could
hear Sue in the kitchen stirring around. She was making breakfast.

As I walked out from the bedroom, finishing getting dressed from my
shower, I saw that Sue had really cleaned up the place. We hadn't touched
anything since that night I had got home and found her being gangbanged.
She had cleaned up all of the beer bottles and garbage. As I looked out by
the pool I saw that the lounger cushions were missing. The table on the on
the deck had been thoroughly cleaned and there were fresh flowers in a vase
sitting on it.

I sat down at the kitchen table and Sue served up a great breakfast.
She was walking very carefully. I felt real guilty about that since I knew
that I was responsible for her walking that way. "Are you alright? Did I
do serious damage to your bottom Sue? I am so sorry if I did, I didn't
mean to hurt you. I have no excuse for doing what I did last night. It
amounted to no less than rape. Can you forgive me?" I was deeply angry
with myself for letting my cock become a weapon to use against my wife. I
was very sure that we would both need strong counseling for quite some
time. Sue, because of what had happened to her and me for, well you know
why. For the first time I wasn't so sure that us staying together was such
a good idea. If it meant that I might hurt her or worse with hidden anger,
then it wouldn't be worth the effort. At the same time, I knew that my
love for Sue hadn't gone away anywhere. I still loved her with all of my
heart. This confused me greatly. Most men would have probably 'dumped the
bitch' and been done with it. I just couldn't bring myself to do that.
Sue was, or at least, had been my very best friend. She had also been my
only lover, since we had been together. I could not bring myself to leave
her now, when she needed me most. And to be truthful, I needed her. We
were one with each other, and with the universe, so to speak. How this had
occurred without me seeing the signs was beyond me. She had hid it so
well. She had been afraid to let me know, fearing that I would leave her in
an instant. As well as we had communicated; we hadn't heard each other at

"John, you have nothing to be sorry for. I have been acting like a slut
with strangers, getting fucked in every conceivable way. I have been a
whore on call. I have had things done to me that I liked. I actually
started to like getting gangbanged. I actually liked the cocks in me. I
found out that I liked to suck cocks and swallow cum. I liked to get
fucked in my ass and feel the hot cum squirting into me. It didn't start
out that way. I was used, drugged and then blackmailed into it. Your boss
was telling the truth. You know he tried to stop them? He actually told
them to leave me alone. Some of them visited him at home and threatened
his life. He had no choice but to let it go. They would kill him in an
instant if they felt he was a threat to them or what they wanted." "Why
haven't they bothered us Sue? They have only called us the one time. If
you are so important to them, why give up so easily?" That had been
bothering me for some time now. If Sue had been worth so much to them, why
give up with out an attempt to do something to me? What were they waiting
for? John and Sue Chapter3

My husband John has been very quiet around me lately. I have torn his
heart apart and dumped burning coals of distrust into his soul. I never
thought that I would ever do anything like I have done over the last year.
I love my husband with all of my heart. That I had the capacity to do what
I have done has driven us apart. Even though I was blackmailed, drugged
and forced into this lifestyle of whoring around.

He has told you what he knows of the last year so far. What he doesn't
know is the dirty little details of my life since that photo session. I
couldn't bring myself to tell him verbally what I have done over the last
year, and so decided to write it down for him to read. When my story is
done, I will let him read it, alone. This is what has been written so far.

John, this is what has happened in my life over the last year. I want
you to know that I love you very much, and I want to stay your wife. After
you read this, think about what I am telling you. If you leave me, I'll
understand. If you stay with me, I will be the happiest woman in the whole
world, and will from that day on be only yours, period. Forever. I need
to get this all off of my chest. It has been burning in my heart and soul
for some time now, and I feel the need to let it all out. I am asking you
to forgive me, and if you can't forget, at least remember our love for each
other, and that I still and always have, loved you with all of my heart.

Christmas was coming up and I wanted to get you something very special.
I had thought and thought but couldn't come up with anything good. Then,
in one of those ladies magazines,there was an article about different ideas
and one caught my eye.

That idea was one where a pretty woman had gotten some 'boudoir'
pictures taken of her for her husband. She had posed in sexy dresses and
then lingerie. She told how wild her husband had gotten over her poses and
sexy shots. He had practically raped her where she stood that Christmas
morning. She had loved what it had done for their sex life. It caught my
eye because I wanted to keep your interest in me alive and hot.

We went to your company Christmas party, where I met a bunch of new and
interesting people. Your boss was a very nice black gentleman and I
thought that we hit it off rather well. I noticed that he stole looks at
me constantly. He admired my 'sexy little black dress' as he put it. I
was almost self-conscious in it after his remark. My intent had been to
look sexy, not to be bait for the boss.

It had a very low neckline, showing a quite a bit of cleavage. It was
also very short, being short enough that I really should have worn
pantyhose instead of the garter belt and stockings that I had worn. It was
very obvious that I had on stocking and garter belt because they showed
often as I moved around the room. The hem of the dress was about even with
the tops of my stockings, covering them only by an inch or so.

If I had had to bend over, I am sure most of the people there would have
seen my sheer black thong underwear. They could have seen the lips of my
vagina at one point because I was so wet and horny for you, John. As they
got wet the panties became transparent.

I loved the effect that dress had on you, and deep down inside, on the
other men at the party as well. I liked to feel desired and sexy by other
men, even though not interested in 'doing anything' about it with anyone
other than you, my husband.

At the party I met a pretty young lady and we started talking. She
mentioned the magazine that I had read and even mentioned that article
about the pictures. I asked her if she knew of any photographers who did
boudoir shots. She didn't but said that she would ask around and find out
if anyone knew of one before the end of the party.

Later she told me that your boss, Mark, might know of one and he would
let her know if it could be arranged on such a short notice. Christmas was
only a short time away, and most photographers wanted and needed time to do
the shoot and then to develop the photos.

A couple of days later she called and gave me the number of the
photographer. I called him and he sounded very nice and professional. His
name was Greg, and he talked me into coming down to the studio to look
around. He even made an appointment, so that he was sure to be there when
I got there. The next day I got dressed up a little sexily. I think I
wanted him to see me as an attractive lady. I looked around his studio and
was impressed.

He really had a great set-up. It was on the edge of the 'bad' part of
town, but he said.

"The rent is cheap, so I can pass the savings on to my customers."

That made sense to me, even though I was uncomfortable in that part of
town. His attitude was sort of rough around the edges, but I could see
some of his work in the front office, and it looked to be pretty good. We
made a date for having my 'portfolio shot' as he put it. It was for the
next day.

You had left for a business trip and it was a longer one. I hated these
trips you had to take. Soon you thought that you would be high enough up
in the company to not have to take so many trips. I often went on trips
with you, but since I was trying to get the pictures taken, I couldn't go
on this one. That was too bad too, because you went to Las Vegas that

We talked on the phone the night before I went to get my portfolio done
and it was a long conversation because you were not going to be able to
call for the next four days. This was unusual, since he could always call
each night. He had forgotten his cell phone and he was going out into the
desert on a tour of several places and would be roughing it.

I knew that was going to drive you nuts, since you always called me
every night on these trips. You really missed me while away and had to
talk to me each night. Our phone bills were usually pretty large compared
to other people in the company.

The day of the shoot, I got dressed after a nice long hot bath. Greg
had mentioned that I might not want to wear any underwear until I got to
the studio. His comment had been offhand and short.

"You shouldn't wear any underwear Sue, it creases the skin and takes
quite a while to let those marks smooth out. Pictures are better if they
don't have to be retouched too much. The less marks from clothing on your
body, the less touch-up will have to be done. I have some lingerie here
that you can model in so we can keep the lines to a minimum. It will help
with time constraints."

I was embarrassed not wearing any panties or bra, but I wanted to have
real good shots of me for you, John, so I just tucked a bra and panties in
my purse for afterwards. My arrival at the studio was a little early, and
Greg set me up in a small dressing room. It was quite nice. The lighting
on the makeup desk was bright but not harsh. I stripped off my clothes and
put on a robe that was over the back of a chair.

While I waited to go start to pose I drank the hot tea that he had given
me. "This will relax you a little bit and calm your jitters. It is a tea
with herbs and stuff in it. It won't hurt you, and like I said, it will
help you until you are relaxed with this whole photo-shoot. I give it to
all of my models when they are new to this."

He was charming and seemed to be a sweet man underneath the roughness. I
noticed that while your boss Mark was a light-colored Blackman, Greg was
very dark-skinned. I hadn't really noticed any other differences until

When Greg finally got me to go pose I had chosen some dresses, a few
nighties, and a really sexy skin-suit. I hoped that my choices would look
good on me as I posed. I walked out into the main studio, and noticed the
big king-sized bed in the circle of lights. I then saw another circle of
lights around a couch. Both sets looked just like someone's home setting.
Greg had a real professional touch to everything he did. It gave me some
confidence in what was to come.

I hadn't thought that I would be so nervous doing this, but I was pretty
shaky when I started. I posed in two of the dresses I had chosen, and then
Greg moved me smoothly into the nighties. At this point I felt warm and
had a tingle running inside of me. The posing and the comments Greg made
about me as he shot each picture were turning me on.

I stopped him at one point and asked for a drink of water or something.
He said it was time to take a break anyway. He got me some more of that
tea. I was really feeling good and sexy now. I had a strong urge to
masturbate to take the 'edge' off. I couldn't do that in front of Greg so
I went into the bathroom.

I finished peeing, and as I wiped myself I started to get real turned
on. Soon I was slipping my fingers up and down the lips of my vagina. I
was masturbating and almost ready to get off when Greg suddenly called for
me to go on with the shoot. I was beside myself to finish what I had
started, but quit and went out to the main shooting area.

Greg moved me on to the bed for the nightie scenes. I changed out
behind a large screen, so as I changed costumes I wouldn't be 'exposed'.
It made me feel safe.

I went through the nighties in short order. By the time I changed into
the last nightie, I had dropped all shyness, and actually changed in front
of Greg. It seemed that my shyness in front of him had gone down in a
dramatic fashion. My horniness was in high gear. I really wanted to go
home and use my vibrator to finish off.

Now Greg had me get into some things he had picked out. I hesitated
because they showed more than I had intended, for photographs. His smooth
talking and compliments persuaded me to go ahead and try them on. He had
quite a few outfits, if that is what you would have called the small little
revealing things he laid out for me. Greg kept talking to me in a steady
complimentary patter.

"Oh Sue, you are so beautiful. O.K. now lay on your side. Great!
Beautiful! You are magnificent! Roll over a little, towards the dresser.
Yeah! Great! God, you are perfect! Sue, I need you to lift your arm up
in the air, with a little hair now. Slowly lower it. Great! Shit girl,
your going to have your old man drooling for months now! Raise your left
knee up; pull your foot in towards your bottom. Good! WOW! You are
looking so wonderful, your husband will be stunned with your beauty for

As we went on he said other things and I wanted to please him as much as
I could for some strange reason. It seemed as if all of my inhibitions had
been slowly lowered with each change of clothing or something. I had a
slight buzz going from all of the great things Greg was telling me and my
nipples were hard as rocks, aching for touching. For lips or tongue to
caress them.

My pussy was getting hotter and hotter, wetter too. I should have been
mortified with what Greg had me showing, especially since I was so wet down
there. I had gone much farther than I had intended so far, but again, for
some strange reason didn't care.

Soon Greg had talked me out of all clothing completely. He had me lying
on the bed, on my back, legs spread, masturbating. I was so hot, I wanted
to have that orgasm that was just about there. I just couldn't seem to get
to where I needed. I was getting frustrated.

"Sue, do you need something to help you get off? I have a small white
dildo you can use if you want. It would look sexy for your husband too."

I didn't care at that point. I wanted it for ME. I needed to get off
soon. He tossed me a small thin white cock shaped dildo. I started to use
it and soon I was stroking it in and out as fast as I could. It was just a
little too small to do me any good though.

"Sue, I have a larger dildo if you want to try it. I think it will
really help you. I guess that little white cock isn't doing much for you
is it?"

I just nodded at him. He brought out a huge black cock shaped dildo.
It was about ten inches long and had realistic veins and everything. He
just stood there with it though. "Please Greg, let me have that. I think
that will do the job."

He stood there, not moving.

"Sue, what do you want?"

Frustrated, I almost yelled at him. "That... that dildo in your

"I don't have a dildo Sue. This is called a big black cock. If you
want it you have to ask for it by name. Now what do you want?"

I was desperate by now. I had to cum soon.

"Greg, please! I need that dil...that big black dil...cock. Please let
me have that big BLACK COCK! I want the big black cock in your hands,

I spit out what he wanted to hear quickly so that he would give me
something to release my tension.

He laughed a bit then brought it over to me. I reached out for it but
he stopped me.

"Sue, why don't you let me start it for you first, O.K.? I won't tell
anyone, and I think it would help you even more if you had both hands free
to help get it in at first. Don't you think?"

I was agonized at this point. I couldn't understand what had happened
in the last forty-five minutes or so, but suddenly I needed Greg to assist
me as much as possible.

"Yeah Greg, help me out here please? I need for you to help me out as
much as possible."

He stepped up and then got on the bed on his knees. He leaned down and
placed the big black cock-shaped dildo on the lips of my now drenched
pussy. As he started to shove it in slowly yet firmly, I held the lips of
my pussy wide open as I could. I needed to help him get that big cock into
me as fast as possible. I needed to get off soon or I thought that I would

As the dildo went in I saw him motion off to the side at someone. I
didn't care at this point I just needed to get off. He soon had all ten
inches of the dildo inside of me. He then started to stroke it in and out.
I was so close! It just wasn't enough though. Greg pulled the dildo out
of me suddenly and got off of the bed.

"NO! Don't leave now. Please Greg. I NEED to get off. Greg please."
I was beside myself needing release. I had to have help. Greg stepped
back and asked me, "Sue do you need someone to help you? I have an
assistant that will help you. He knows how to use a big black cock."

I didn't understand at first. What did he mean, someone?

"My husband isn't here Greg. I can't have another man using that cock
inside me. I am so horny though, what can I do? Please help me Greg." I
was trying to be faithful honey, I really was.

"Sue, I have a nice black cock right here. He could help you to cum baby. Why don't you let him help you? It will be just this once and I am
sure John won't mind."

I was so buzzed by this point, but I still resisted. "NO! I can't let
another man fuck me. My husband... I just can't...I'm married. No!
Well... could he just use the dildo on me?"

Greg looked at the man standing there, I didn't see who it was, it was
dark out there and the lights were bright in my face.

"Baby, what did I tell you to call it?"

I was getting desperate to the extreme at this point. I really, really
needed to cum, big time. I couldn't think straight at all.

"Please let him fuck me with the BIG BLACK COCK!" I shouted loudly, not
caring who heard or anything at this point. I just need to have that dildo
in my hot wet hole, NOW.

I felt the man get on the bed. I was still spread-eagled on the bed and
stroking myself feverishly. He got between my legs and started to move up
and into my hole with his hard, hot cock. He was black, that much I knew.
I just looked down at the juncture where his cock was. I felt it start to
go in and started to hunch my hips, trying to get him in all the way as
fast as I could. I wanted him to ram me. I wanted to rut with him. I had
to get off!

He was soon stroking in and out of me like a battering ram. I loved it.
He was getting me right up next to cumming now. I was so close, so close.
A few minutes went by and I was still right on the edge of cumming when I
felt him shoot off in me. I felt the warm spray inside, and knew that it
was heading right into my womb. I didn't care. I needed to cum still.

The man kept stroking me, not getting soft. Soon he was back at full
speed. He rolled us over so that I was on top and I set up and rode him
hard. I was bouncing lewdly around; my breasts were jiggling and waving
all around.

I felt him getting ready to go off again. I rocked and ground down on
him. His cum shot out and it was much hotter than the first time. I still
hadn't cum. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I cum? I would get so
close, and then it would just hold, right on the edge of nirvana. I
started to cry, I was so frustrated.

He rolled me off of him and grabbed the dildo from the dresser next to
the bed. He plunged it into my aching pussy. He stroked it in and out of
me while I played with my nipples and pinched my clit. He changed position
a bit and his cock was close to my head.

I looked at it and thought that maybe, if I had that in my mouth, it
would help me to get off. I leaned in to him and took it into my mouth.
As he controlled the dildo in my pussy, I knew that I had to please him so
he would please me.

He had pulled out half of the dildo at this point, and was just giving
me a short light motion. I opened my mouth and tried to get as much of his
cock into my mouth as I could. I had about half of it in. His strokes
stayed steady at half depth.

I took more of his cock in and soon had three quarters of it in, its
head was just at the entrance of my throat. I gagged a bit, but continued
to suck him deeply as I could. He finally let a bit more of the ''big
black cock' in. I had seven inches of it in my pussy now and wanted it

I grabbed his ass cheeks and forced him into my throat. His pubic hair
was roughly rubbing my lips and nose. I had all of his cock in my mouth
and down my throat. I could feel the heat from it. I was possessed.

He plunged the dildo into my pussy all of the way now. I needed it so
bad. I felt my orgasm coming, and as it washed over me, I felt his cock
throb and begin to shoot into my throat. I could only swallow. I didn't
dare let up on his cock; for fear that he would remove the dildo in me. As
I swallowed the last of his cum, I started to go over the edge. Finally! I
orgasmed long and hard, about the hardest I had ever orgasmed in my life.

I collapsed on the bed. I felt so satisfied. Then, I felt the tingle
begin yet again. NO! I was getting that feeling all over again. I
couldn't take that again. I grabbed the dildo and started to use it on
myself. I was going to get ahead of this one right now. I felt the man leave. He said something to Greg. I heard Greg tell him that he would see
that I got home safe and sound. He also told him that the pictures would
be ready in a week. I was confused. What pictures? Greg hadn't taken
pictures of us fucking had he?

I was concentrating on getting off. I needed to get off again. I was
ramming that big black cock, in and out of my pussy so hard I was surprised
that I didn't hurt myself.

As I worked up to my next orgasm, I heard Greg taking more pictures. I
didn't care what he did at this point. My needs were demanding and I had
to stay on top of it. He called out to somebody and soon I saw three big
black muscular men off to the side of the bed. They were naked and built.
I was looking at them and they watched me. They were saying things, nasty
things about me.

"Shit! Would you look at this bitch? She is really a hot white slut isn't she?"

"Man, this whore is going to be a blast to dick. Look how tight that
cunt is."

"Momma, are ready for some real dick now? I have just what you need

I loved what they were saying to me. They wanted to help me get off.
That was all I cared about right now. I didn't care at this point who got
me off, just that somebody got me off again. All thoughts of you were
gone. My mind was in this zone where it never had been before. I was just
one horny lady who had to get off.

The men around the bed started to move in on me. One of them took the
big black cock out of my hands. I cried out when he did. I had tears of
frustration as he laid it on the dresser. It was like I was addicted to it

"Not to worry honey, I got something better than that little thing for
you. You're really going to love this entire cock babe. I think you and
me are going to be great together. I can't wait to dump my load in your
tight wet pussy."

As he was talking to me he moved in between my spread legs. I could see
Greg with a movie camera, getting in close. His cock was at the entrance
of my soaked pussy. He took it in his hand and slapped it against my
tender clit. He beat me with his cock pretty hard. I was getting off on
the different feelings. I would feel a sharp short pain, as the head of it
would hit my clit. Then he would rub the head up and down my slit,
soothingly. He did this again and again until I was begging him to fuck

"What do you want slut? Tell me whore, why do you think I should let
you have this cock?"

I was unsure what to say. What did I have to do to get him to fuck me
with that cock he was teasing me with?

"Please, I need your big hard black cock."

He laughed at me. "What would your husband think if he saw his
'faithful' wife begging for a big black cock in her married cunt?"

"I don't care what he thinks he isn't here to take care of me. I need
to get fucked now. PLEASE fuck my married pussy. I need your big black
cock in MY married CUNT!n"

I was in a state of mind that I had never experienced before. I didn't
care about you, my husband. I didn't care who fucked me just so they
fucked me. I had to get off so badly that nothing else mattered.

I suddenly felt a cock at my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked
the head of it. He started to slap my face with it. I was trying to get
it captured in my mouth but he just played with me. Soon I managed to get
it in my mouth and he then started to push it in.

He didn't stop until he was half way in. I was choking and gagging,
having never had a cock this far into my throat before. He was in farther
than the first black man had been by at least two inches. He was only half
way in at that point.

The other man at my pussy crawled up along side of me and pulled me up
on top of him. His cock found the mouth of my pussy and he shoved it right
in. It went in fairly easily. Until he was half way in that is. Then he
was hitting new territory. I had never in my life had a cock so deep into
me. I tried to stay up off of him but his hands went around my waist and
pulled me down.

The man at my mouth had now managed to get even more of his cock into my
throat. He was almost in as far as he could go. I could see the base of
his cock was just a tiny little ways away from my lips. I relaxed my
throat and swallowed a few times. Then he relaxed a bit and started to
press in deeper. I soon had his balls dragging across my chin and the base
of his cock firmly against my lips. He told me to get my tongue out and
lick his balls. I didn't understand at first, and then after he said it
again, I started to pull off. He grabbed my head and forced it back down
on his cock.

"Do it with my cock in your throat slut. I want you to lick my balls
while I am all of the way in your throat, bitch."

My mouth was so full and wide open I didn't know if I could get my
tongue out at all. I tried very hard and eventually worked my tongue out
and onto his balls. He patted my head and told me that I was a real good
whore. I had this need to please all of the men with me. I was happy to
be able to get my tongue out and do what he wanted.

I then felt the third man behind me. His cock was very hard and it was
pressed up against my ass. It felt positively huge. I felt him playing
with my asshole. I didn't want him there and I started to struggle, but as
pinned down as I was, I couldn't do much more than moan a bit. He stopped
and pulled away and I breathed a sigh of relief (In my mind, since my mouth
was stuffed). He wasn't going to do that.

"Thank God!" I thought. Then, His fingers were rubbing something in and
around my asshole. I realized that he was still going to stick his cock
into my ass. I didn't think that it would fit. I knew that it was going
to hurt too.

Soon I felt the fat blunt head of his cock at the tender hole. He
started to shove and because of the lubricant, it spread my asshole open
and in it went. He wasn't gentle or slow; he rammed it half way in one
quick shove. Then he just let it rest, while the pain and spasming
subsided. After that I felt him start to relentlessly push it in until it
would go no farther. His ball sack was hitting me in the 'taint'. I was
crying it hurt so badly.

The other men started to really play with my body, trying to get my mind
off of the pain I think. My asshole started to relax and the feeling of
euphoria washed over me. Soon they were all fucking me, and I was cumming
in multiple orgasms. They were all hard and long lasting. I was in
nirvana and lost track of who was doing what and where they were doing it.

When I came to I was still on the bed, but now I was alone. I had cum all over me. My throat was dry and I could taste cum in my mouth. I was
sore and my asshole burned. The tingling had gone though. I was relieved.
I then fell back on the bed and fell asleep.

When I next woke up, Greg was trying to get me to drink something. Then
he got me on my feet and walked me into a shower. I showered up and
realized I was starving. When I got out of the shower, Greg was there.

"Hey babe, are you hungry? I got some food here for you. Got to keep
your strength up now don't we?"

He led me out to a table set for one. There was real good food there,
so I ate. Whenever I was thirsty he gave me some of that good tasting tea.
Soon I was tingling a bit. I felt pretty good at this point and asked him
what was going on now.

"Well, I have some more film to use up and you are a very photogenic
lady, so I thought you could be the start of my next film. You did so well
yesterday and all, so if you would just sign this little permission slip,
we'll be on the way."

I shrugged and signed where he was pointing. I didn't care what I did
now. For some reason, doing another movie wasn't a problem with me. I
should have been extremely angry and yelling for the cops or something. I
should have been remorseful for cheating on you. I should have been having
some serious pain in my lower areas, what with all of the cocks I had over
the last hours. Instead, I was calm, happy, and ready to go fuck again. I
did want to talk to you though. I was, deep down, ashamed of what I had
done over the last hours, and knew that I should run away as fast as I
could. But, I couldn't run, Greg needed me to stay for more photos.

"Has my husband John called?"

I was sure I should have heard from you, but my mind was foggy. Why you
hadn't called or something was beyond me. Then I remembered. You were
going to be out of touch because you were in the desert. I finished up my
meal and drink and waited for Greg to come get me for the photo shoot.

As I waited that tingle started. It centered in my crotch, right about
at my clit it seemed like. By the time Greg showed up to get me it was
coming on strong and I needed to get it taken care of. While it was a
delicious feeling, I hated it because it made me cheat on you earlier, and
now it appeared it was going to make me do it again. I would do anything
and everything to get rid of that feeling.

"Hey Sue, are you ready to be my star? We are all waiting out in the
studio for you babe."

Greg was still being pretty charming. I wanted to help him. I wanted
to be the best model he had ever had. I wanted to FUCK something,
ANYTHING. My pussy was running with wetness, my nipples hard and begging to
be licked and sucked. My head was swimming as I walked into the studio. I
couldn't believe that I felt the way I did. I had never had these feelings
before. My muddled mind just wanted my body to get relief.

In the studio the bed had been moved around. Greg had me sit on the
edge of the bed.

"Honey, you sit right here until I tell you to drop the robe, then drop
it slowly and sexily. Think you can do that?" I nodded yes.

He gave me the signal, so I stood and slowly started to untie and drop
the robe. As it fell off of my shoulders I heard gasps and moans in the
darkness behind the lights.

"FUCK, would you look at those perfect tits?"

"Man, I can't wait until my lips are locked on those hard little

"Look at that flat tight tummy. This chick is going to be fun to fuck
into oblivion."

"Will you all just look at the whore? man she's standing there waiting
for some big black dick. Look at those tits. Look at that poontang. man I love shaved bitches. Yo' mama, you want some of this?"

He had his cock in his hand and was flipping it up and down. It was
semi-hard, but was still bigger than John's. He was smiling at me and
licking his lips as he moaned exaggeratedly. He seemed to be the only man in the group standing there that was talking like some street punk.

"Bitch is pouring wet for my big dick man. She be wantin my long hard
cock fo sure now!"

They all moved in towards me. I stood there by the bed, naked and
waiting to be well fucked. I was fingering myself and their words had
inflamed me to boiling point. As the first one of them got close to me I
grabbed him and fell back on the bed pulling him with me. He landed on top
of me and his weight took my breath away for a minute. He put his hands on
either side of my head and pushed up, taking his weight off of me. He then
stood up. I was frantic. I needed his cock, and he was getting up. I
whimpered and reached out for him.

"Slut, you need to beg for the cock you want. You need to EARN the
right to be fucked by these cocks."

I slid off the bed onto my knees. I had to get them to fuck me. My
voice sounded so far away to me as I started to beg them.

"PLEASE will you give me what I need? Your cocks are so hard and big
they need to be used. Please come and fuck me?"

"Bitch, get your lips over the head of this one right now."

I moved over to him and put the head of his cock in my mouth. I started
to lick and suck on him. He was holding my head with both hands, not doing
anything but letting them rest there for now. He closed his eyes and
leaned back a bit. I opened up as far as I could and tried to swallow his
cock. When I was two-thirds of the way down on him I felt other hands on
my body.

They moved in and started to grab and pinch my breasts. Someone got
down by me and began to finger my pussy. Another hand was at my ass,
fingers poking and prodding for my nether hole. Soon I had both holes
filled with fingers, stretching them and moving in and out in rough jerky
motions. My body was getting close to release and I started to hump their
fingers like they were fucking me. pussy running, I was surprised when the
man I was sucking slapped my head.

"Bitch, pay attention to your duties here. Get my cock in your throat

I franticly shoved his huge hot rod deeper into my mouth. Swallowing
several times, I finally managed to get his cock all the way in. My throat
opened up and it felt like the head of his cock was in my belly. His hands
held me there for a minute, and just when I thought I would pass out, he
released me to let me get a breath of air. I immediately rammed it back
down my throat fearing another slap coming. It didn't, he was moaning as I
face fucked him.

My nipples were hot and stinging now from all of the pinching. I found
myself wanting more of it. I fell into the trance that had held me last
night and just floated. They all pulled away.

While two of them picked me up between them, another got on the bed on
his back. His cock standing upright like the Washington Monument. They
aligned me with that shaft standing there and then slowly lowered me down
until the base of his cock was crushed against my clit.

As I started to rock on him, another man got in front of me and pushed
his cock into my open mouth. I took all he had, and his balls bounced on
my chin as he started to stroke in and out. I felt the bed move as a third
man got behind me. I prepared for an anal entry, but was surprised when it
didn't come. I wasn't prepared for what next happened. I felt his cock
poking around, and didn't realize what his intent was until the head of his
cock started to push in alongside of the one already in my pussy. He was
going to fuck my pussy too. I had two men at the same time in the same
hole. I was afraid I would tear wide open.

He was slow and gentle. Soon I felt a pop and the head of his cock was
entering. He firmly began to push harder now and soon his whole length was
in me. I had two huge cocks in my poor abused pussy, and LOVED IT. I was
orgasming in one huge continuous stream.

I felt hands guiding me to go back and forth, riding those cocks in my
pussy. I rocked like I thought they wanted and soon I was in control of
the motion. The cock in my mouth fully stroking in and out as I fucked the
two cocks in my pussy.

There were other hands on my breasts and rubbing my back as I fucked and
sucked those cocks. I looked into the eyes of the man I was sucking and he
seemed to love that I was doing such a thing. He smiled at me and then
started to shoot off. I groaned. I hadn't meant for him to cum so soon. I
loved his cock in my mouth and needed one there to get off. That is what I
had needed last night, so I knew I needed that now.

His scalding hot cum shot into my throat. I was swallowing and
swallowing. I soon had all he had to give me in my belly. He pulled out
of my mouth and before I knew what was going on another cock was plunged
into it. I was in heaven again. I sucked and slurped on the new intruder
as the cocks in my pussy rammed me into even higher orgasmic levels.

The cocks in my pussy started to flex and I soon felt hot baby-making
sperm roaring into my womb. I went off yet again in a major big 'O'. They
pulled out and I could feel the cool air swish around the lips of my
tingling hole.

The man under me slid out, and another one slipped in. His cock fell
into the hole left waiting. I became aware of a cock at my asshole. It
pressed inwards and then all of the sudden, it spread my tender hole wide
open and jammed into my bottom fully. I cringed a bit because of the pain,
but it soon floated away as I got used to the new guest back there.

They continued with me like this for quite some time. I finally passed
out from the sensations I had been feeling. When I woke up I was alone on
the very messy bed. Lying in large puddles of cum.

I could feel the tingling beginning again. Low level little sparks
running through my body like little lightning bolts. My body twitched of
it's own accord. My hands were on my pussy, lightly rubbing. I wanted

Greg came in and shot some photos of me as I played with myself. He
tossed that 'big black cock' on the bed next to me and I grabbed it and
started to plunge it in and out of my battered sore pussy. I brought
myself up and into a good but short orgasm. Afterwards, I fell asleep. I
could sense Greg still taking pictures as I drifted off.

I didn't find out until later that Greg had spiked the tea with a drug
concoction of his own making. I was lucky that I didn't die from an
allergic reaction or something. He had used this 'special mix' for quite
some time, rarely modifying it. What he had worked well, and he didn't
like to mess with success.

It worked on the nerve endings in the body of women. It caused the
clitoris to swell up, blood engorged. It caused your inhibitions to be
lowered. It made your mind to be more easily led by suggestion. What ever
he wanted you to do.

It also didn't show up in your eyes or in photos as someone in a drug
induced haze. What he had in it I didn't know, but he should have been put
in jail just for having that concoction, let alone what he 'made' me do.

When I woke up it was daylight. I didn't know what day it was. I felt
washed up. My pussy and ass were sore. I had a very sore throat, and
couldn't talk above a rough whisper. I was on the bed in the studio, lying
on very sloppy wet sheets. I had crusty stuff all over me, in my hair, and
between my legs.

I knew that I had been royally fucked. My holes were both still gaping
open. I could see that my pussy was red and chaffed. The lips were
hanging down, loose and very tender. My nipples were bruised, and I had
love bites all over me.

My first thoughts were of what you would do when you found out about all
of this. My life was going to be over. You would leave me in an instant,
and I deserved it. I had cheated on you John, and even though I was
obviously drugged, I had no excuse for my actions.

I should never have gotten those pictures taken. What was I thinking?
How could I have missed all of the signs of being lured in? Why hadn't I
known that the tea must have been spiked? This was the start of a long and
dark walk for me. I misled, lied, and cheated on you for the last year. I
was sucked in by a nasty bastard's idea of having some 'fun', and a
different bastard took me afterwards and made me a gangbang whore. I am a
slut, and I am NOT proud of it.

I would give anything to go back to this time, and NOT have the pictures
taken. To not have even seen that article. I would give anything for this
to all go away. I just wanted and still want to be your loving, faithful,
companion. I still want to be your best friend and lover.

You don't know how much this has hurt to tell ou, on paper on top of it
all. I hope that you choose to keep me in your heart John. I have more to
tell you, and it isn't pretty by any means. I need some time to gather up
my strength. Writing this down causes me to live it all over. It is the
hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. Please understand this and
give me the time to finish, at my speed. John and Sue Chapter 4 Sue
continues to tell John about the last year.

As I sit here writing this I realize that my tears have dried up and
gone away. I can't cry any more. I can only hope that you will be more of
a husband to me than I have been a wife to you. I do love only you John,
and I can't say or write it enough.

After that first six days of drugged sexual haze, I remember waking up
at home in our bed. I could tell that I had been used and abused by the
way my body felt, but everything was so hazy in my mind. I thought that I
had maybe been dreaming.

About lunchtime though, I found out. Greg called and told me to be at
his studio the following night. He told me to not wear any underwear and
to shave myself completely.

I tried to refuse, but he told me to check my e-mail before I went any
farther. As I opened it up I saw three emails from him. The first had
seven still shots of your boss and me having sex. I looked like I was in
control and everything.

The next e-mail were shots of the other three guys that night. I looked
to be enjoying everything I was doing in those pictures. I just knew that
if you saw them you would never believe that I hadn't gone looking and
found other men to fill my sex life full.

The last e-mail showed pictures of seven big black men fucking me. I
was the center of attention, and I looked again like I was very much into
the sex I was getting. The shots left nothing to the imagination. I could
see big black cocks in both of my tender holes. My mouth stuffed fully
with another.

Greg called back a little later. He asked me if I was ready to be his
main slut now. I felt that I had absolutely no choice in this matter now.
I reluctantly said I would do what he wanted, begging him to not let you
see the photographs in his possession.

"Oh Suzy babe, you just do what I want and you won't have anything to
worry about. I need you to do a couple more films, some stills, and
entertain at a few parties. After that, well, you will be free to go, if
you will be able to stand not having all of the black cock by that point."

He was laughing over the phone. I had tears running down my face. My
worst fears were being realized. He was doing films of me and that meant
that he was probably selling them in to the general public.

I knew then that it would only be a matter of time until you found out.
I have been very surprised that it took this long. This has been causing
me to have nightmares over the last year. I keep waiting for old friends
or family to call me and tell me what they found out.

That next night when I got to his studio he had me dress in a very short
tight silk dress. It had a very deep V-neck and showed off everything I
had to offer. I felt like such a whore wearing it.

Greg then had me pose wearing just the dress. I had to hold it just so.
I soon realized that the way's he had me holding the dress were leaving me
exposed either on the top, or on the bottom. My now shaved pussy was
clearly shown in several shots.

It looked like I was teasing the camera in those shots, when I saw them
later. It truly looked like I wanted to expose myself. I was even smiling
in all of the shots.

After a few more shots Greg told me to go out to his car, we had places
to be. I went to change my clothes and he stopped me.

"Slut, wear what you got on and nothing else. Matter of fact, put on
those high heels over there too. You are going to entertain some clients
of mine tonight."

I was mortified. Going out in public dressed in only that silk dress
with those six-inch high heels, I was going to look like a common
streetwalker. I protested to Greg.

"I can't go out in public dressed like this Greg. Please let me wear
something else. What if someone I know sees me in this? Please Greg?"

I was getting desperate towards the end. I couldn't take such a chance
in public. What if somebody saw me dressed in this slut-uniform and told

"Whores like you dress like that wherever they go. Your friends and
family would be more shocked by receiving some pictures of you in action I
think. What do you think slut Sue? Would you rather let them see you
fucking all of those big, black, cocks? I think your being in public
dressed like that will be the least of your problems slutty Sue."

His words were cutting me deeply. I had no choice but to do what he
demanded of me. I put on the heels and walked out to his car. He drove to
a very busy nightclub and took me in. I was getting hoots and hollers.
Men were drooling over my outfit. My nipples, even the shape of my whole
breasts were being outlined in that dress. As I would walk all of the men there could tell that I was totally naked underneath it.

My walk was more pronounced too. Those heels were hard to walk in,
although I managed to walk in them fairly well. The resulting 'strut'
though, well, I looked like I was begging to get fucked.

I could feel the hem of the dress slapping just under the cheeks of my
ass and the front clinging to my bald pussy. I was sure that the lips of
my pussy were outlined clearly also.

Greg took me to the back of the club in a long torturous journey. He
made sure that we covered pretty much the whole club before getting to the
booth in the very back.

There were four black men waiting for us. Greg introduced me as his
personal slut, Sue. I was ashamed. Two of them got up and let me slide
into the center of the booth. They quickly followed back in. Four strange
men surrounded me, and I had only the thin fabric of silk protecting me.

I noticed that other men kept walking by our booth gawking and staring
at me. The silk caused my nipples to be hard and extended. I wanted to
die and drop through the floor. I had to have been looking like a cheap

Greg had me go out and dance with him after a short while. As we were
dancing he would pull on my dress causing it to rise up over the cheeks of
my bottom. I was totally exposed out there on the dance floor and could do
nothing about it.

"Sue, you should see the looks you are getting now. The men in this
club can't keep their eyes off of your hot body. I think you should show
off a little more."

He spun me around so that my back was to him and his arms came around my
belly. He was grinding into my ass with his cock and his hands were
beginning to move around my whole front. One went up and into the deep V.
It soon was holding my breast up and out tight against the silk material.
His other hand soon joined it.

He had both of my breasts in his hands holding them up and out. My
nipples were sticking out and seemed like they were going to push right
through the silk covering them. He soon tired of just holding them and
soon his fingers were pinching my nipples hard.

I moaned involuntarily, and in an effort to hide my shame I turned my
head up against his shoulder as much as I could. I put an arm up and
around his neck so that I could hide my face in it. This caused two
unexpected things to happen.

First, it made it look like I was showing off to the crowd. Second, it
caused the dress to move. My pussy came into view, totally uncovered.
Everyone in the club could see my shaved pussy.

I didn't know about that until some man stepped up in front of us and
his hand shot out and I felt his fingers rubbing my slit. I dropped my
hands down to push his away but Greg stopped me.

Taking my hands in his he pulled them up and placed them on my dress
right next to my breasts. He them whispered in my ear to grab the dress
and pull outwards. I knew that if I did that I would expose my breasts to
all gathered around us. Closing my eyes, I did as he commanded.

I felt the cool air dancing around my nipples. They got even harder
now. Greg stepped back from me and let this new man 'dance' with me. Soon
different men would 'dance' with me, pawing and grabbing at my exposed
private parts.

The men I had been brought to 'entertain' then got up and came over to
me. "I think that the slut is ready to perform for us now. Lets get her
upstairs before things get way out of hand."

Greg took me away from my current dance partner and the five of us
headed up the stairs to a private room. I was soon standing naked in front
of five men, four of whom were strangers to me.

Their hands were touching me. Fingers were exploring my body. Rubbing
my pussy, my bottom, and my nipples. One man ran his finger up my body
from my pussy, all the way to my lips. As I opened them I felt his wet
finger enter my mouth. I WAS WET. His finger had just been in my pussy and it was very wet. I was getting turned on. My shame was just starting

"This slut is wet and ready to fuck. Where did you find her Greg?" "She
came to me. She wanted some naughty pictures for her husband. She really
loves to pose for me. I even made her a video star too. She loves black
cock guys, and I think she is getting wet just thinking about fucking all
of you."

Their words burned into my being. I had that tingle starting in my
crotch. It had been there since I had first dressed at the studio. I
couldn't help myself. I was getting that feeling of helplessness. I
needed to get off before it got so bad like before. My body was operating
under it's own rules now. I had no control over how it ran it seemed like.

I felt hands pushing me down to my knees. A large black cock was
rubbing all over my face. I opened my mouth and it rammed in. I had to
adjust my body and head to accommodate his thrusting. I soon had him all
of the way down my throat, and remembering from before, my tongue was out
licking at his balls when they were in range.

"Shit, I have never had a bitch tongue me with my cock in her throat!"

The man was very pleased, and surprised too. I was trying to get him
off so that someone would fuck my now agonized pussy. I was on fire and
needed to get off.

After a few minutes, I felt the cock in my throat swelling and it began
to throb. I almost choked when his cum sprayed out of the end of his cock.
He came and came. It seemed like gallons were being injected into my
throat. It was the sweetest cum I had ever tasted.

I felt hands pulling my body up and then I was brought over to a bed.
They lifted me into the air like I was sitting in a chair. Two men were
holding me up by my legs and bottom. Their hands caused the cheeks of my
ass to be spread wide open. I could feel the cool air in the room brushing
over my clit and asshole.

Another man's hand was feeling my pussy and soon my asshole. I felt
some kind of slippery stuff being rubbed around my bottom. Soon fingers
were massaging my nether hole. I felt them slipping into me. One at
first, then two, and soon three fingers, stroking me gently but firmly.

My pussy was running wet. They positioned me over a man lying on the
bed on his back. His ten inch black spear was sticking up obscenely, like
a rocket on a launch pad of black flesh. I felt the large head of his cock
rubbing my pussy lips and clit. I moaned and as soon as I did that they
positioned me on his cock and lowered me down onto it.

His cock filled me up completely. It almost hurt it was so big. Hands
were on my breasts, holding and squeezing. Fingers found my hard nipples
and pinched them, hard.

The cock in my pussy was ramming into me, and since my legs were still
being held, I had no control over the strokes in and out of me. I could
feel the head of his hardness bumping into my cervix, looking for the
entrance of my womb. It soon found what it wanted and for the first time
in my life, that I could consciously remember anyway, I felt a large cock
head in the deepest most virginal place in my body.

I was overwhelmed with feelings. I didn't know when the cock entered my
asshole, but soon I had two cocks in me at once. I was so full, I was sure
that at any moment I would split wide open.

A large cock was bouncing in front of my mouth. I reached out and
licked its head. Soon I was taking the second strange cock of the day into
my throat. The men fucking me got into a particular motion and they were
all ramming into me at once, and then pulling slowly out of me. It felt
like I had a telephone pole running through my entire body when they were
ramming into me fully.

I was empty on their out strokes and over full on their in strokes.
They kept up that rhythm until I was going mad with lust. I went into a
huge orgasmic zone and was soon cumming on each stroke.

The man in my throat came first, shooting deeply into my tummy. As he
pulled out of my mouth, I realized he was still cumming, his juices
shooting all over my face, lips, tongue, and hair. I quickly grabbed his
cock and got it into my mouth in order to keep his seed from dripping down
on the man underneath me.

When he was done shooting off, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and
proceeded to rub it all over my face, scraping his cum onto it, then
feeding it to me. I was greedily licking and sucking it all up. It seemed
that I couldn't get enough of his cum in me.

The cocks in my pussy and ass started to throb and I soon felt their
warm sprays shooting into me. I actually could feel the cock in my pussy shooting into my womb.

They pulled me off and left me on the bed for a minute. Then Greg and
the other man started with me. I had Greg's cock in my mouth and as I
sucked on it I took the other cock into my ass. I hadn't seen this cock,
and if I had I might have been afraid of even taking it into my pussy.

I could tell that his cock was large around, but when it spread open my
poor used asshole, it just kept spreading wider and wider. It was like a
fist was being shoved into me. I pulled of off Greg and turned to see this
monster cock invading my ass. Greg quickly grabbed my head before I could
see anything and pushed his cock back into my mouth. "You just pay
attention to my cock in your slut mouth for now Sue. In a few minutes you
will be too busy getting reamed out back there to be aware of anything

As he said that I felt the head of a very, very, big cock pop into my
asshole. I tried to get away but hands held me strongly in position. Greg
had his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth down onto his cock. The pain
was intense and sharp. I was being split in half.

Soon the pain dwindled down a bit and after a few minute I was starting
to like this new intruder. His cock was stroking into my bottom deeper
than any had been before. It was as if his cock was bumping into my heart
it was so long. I wasn't even coherent after a little bit. My orgasms
were stringing continuously and Greg had long since shot off in my mouth
and pulled away.

I remember kneeling there doggie style getting fucked by a tree sized
cock. I could feel my pussy opening up as his cock spread my asshole open.
Greg had gotten dressed and was taking pictures of this now. I didn't
care. I was still feeling that tingle and needed to get rid of it.

I felt hands on my pussy as the monster cock in my ass stroked in and
out. Fingers invaded my open pussy hole, three, four, soon I became aware
of a whole hand going into me. I was kneeling there being fucked by a hand
and Greg was getting pictures of the whole debauched spectacle.

The man in my ass soon flooded me with his hot sperm. I could tell that
he had copiously filled me. He pulled out and by now I was so used to
being fucked there I actually pushed back to try and keep him in me.

I moaned in frustration as he stepped back. I now only had the hand in
my pussy. The tingle was growing and I needed to keep it at bay. The hand
stopped stroking me. I cried out in need and pushed against it. It didn't
pull away, but it wouldn't stroke into me either.

In desperation I started to rock back and forth on it. It held steady
for me and soon I was in control and taking as much as I could into my
body. I was approaching the 'big' orgasm and needed to get there in order
to get the relief that I needed.

Faster and faster I went. What I didn't know at the time was Greg had
set up a movie camera and was capturing it all on video. I also found out
later that I had taken almost all of that black mans hand and arm up to its

I had been filmed being fisted and I was doing all of the stroking. I
was incoherently begging for release. All captured on that bastard's film.
They finished up the night by having pictures taken of me either sucking or
fucking their cocks in whatever debauched way they could. The tingle had
died off and knowing that it would return, I was dreading the next set of
instructions. I knew that Greg would have something else lined up for me
that night. The pattern was set the die cast.

Greg had me rest for a little bit as the four men left the room. Later
he took me to a shower in the back of the club. Cleaned up I put the dress
and heels back on.

I met Greg out at the table where the night had started. He was alone
waiting for me. Before I could sit down, several men showed up. They
wanted to 'dance' with me. They smiled lewdly at me as they asked Greg if
they could have a 'dance' too. "Go ahead, she was just begging to dance
some more a few minutes ago. Sue, go out and dance with whoever wants to
dance with you, all right? Whatever they want to do, you let them, O.K.? I
knew that he meant what he was saying. Hands led me out onto the almost
empty dance floor. There was nobody dancing out there, and as I looked out
over the club it dawned on me that I was the only woman in the whole club.

There were fewer people in the room now, but there were still over
twenty men. Watching. I was on the dance floor with a total stranger.
All eyes in the club were watching me. Music started, it was a slow song.
He took me into his arms and stared to sway around. His hands were
traveling around and soon I felt the tingle starting again. Whimpering, I
pulled him close, trying to rub against his firm black body.

His hands were on my butt. Soon they were traveling up, taking the
dress with them. Once again I felt the cool air on the cheeks of my bare
bottom. The tingling was growing and centering on my pussy and bottom. I
was biting my lip trying to hide the fact that I was on fire for cock, any
cock. A haze settled in my vision and I heard a voice from far away. "I
need you. Please, I need your cock. I need to cum. I need to feel your
cock stroking in me. Please don't make me beg." I was begging him to fuck
me right then and there. He stepped back, looking into my eyes. "Right
here? What about all of these other guys? They are going to want some of
your pretty little pussy and ass too. What do you want slut?"

My need was overwhelming by this point. I had to stop the tingle in my
pussy and ass soon or I would just go nuts. "PLEASE. Take me now. Rip my
dress off and fuck me, you bastard! I want all of you men NOW! Come on,

He stood there smiling. He didn't approach me; he was just looking at
me. Desperation kicked in. Reaching up I grabbed the top of my dress and
tore it off. Ripping the material at the seams, I tore it from my body. I
then dropped it to the floor. I stepped up to him and in a very loud voice
demanded that he fuck me. "Take me you idiot. Use me however you want,
just use me. Get your cock out, get it hard, and fuck me with it!"

Other men were now walking out onto the dance floor. Clothes were being
strewn around as they stripped off. The man in front of me was now naked,
not wasting time now. He took me into his arms and picked me up. As he
let me down I felt his hard hot cock pushing against my pussy.

As it entered my pussy he let me down fast and I slammed against the
base of his cock hard. I started to orgasm instantly. His cock wasn't as
big as the others I had just had in me, but it was filling me pretty well

I wrapped my legs around his body and started to bounce up and down on
his cock. Another man came up behind me and soon his cock was pressing
into my asshole.

I was in a very public club, in the middle of a dance floor, fucking two
men. I had one in my pussy and one in my ass. I was cumming again, in one
continuous orgasm. I felt them shoot off in me and they put me down. I
was crying, needing more cock.

That need was quickly fulfilled. A man was on his back on the floor,
cock standing up. I straddled him and plunged down on his hard shaft. It
filled me nicely. I had another man get behind me and take my ass. A
third cock was presented at my face, and in the hazy dream I was in, I
devoured it to its base in one long plunge.

The rest of the night was like that. One long gangbang. I fucked over
twenty men, most of them three times. I had cocks in my body constantly
for hours. The tingle went away after about three hours, but the men kept
fucking me until I passed out.

When I woke up I was at home in our bed. cum had run out of my pussy and ass making a huge puddle on the bed. My holes were still wide open.
It took all of that day and part of the next for them to close up. Even
then I still felt 'loose' for about four or five days.

Greg called me on the day you were due home. He told me that while you
were home he wouldn't require my 'services' but on your business trips I
was to be at his beck and call for the entire time.

My life was now not my own. I was your loving wife. I do love you
John. But at the same time I was 'his' slut. I had no choice in the
matter. He knew what to do and how to do it. He had photos and films. He
knew names and addresses of family and friends. He even knew how to ruin
your job, so that you wouldn't be able to work in your profession ever
again, if I didn't play along with his wishes.

That is the way my life has been for the last year. That is why I
haven't wanted you to go on business trips. He even blackmailed your boss
to keep you on these trips. Every time you are gone, he has me fucking and
sucking. I have been gangbanged and used in more ways than I thought
possible. I have had to dress like a whore and do things for him in

He has had me suck him in his car in the parking lot of your office
building, at quitting time. He actually fucked me on the hood of his car
there several times too. Mostly I do films and photo-shoots for him. He
has made a lot of money off of my films on the Internet. Pictures he sells
in sets.

One of the reasons you haven't found out from your co-workers is he has
had me service them. The females in your building knew that if they said
anything to you that they could become just like me. They ignored things
happening to me in order to protect themselves.

I don't know what to do John. I am afraid of the 'tingle' and what
happens when it comes over me. It constantly hits me now. I have not had
anymore 'drinks' of Greg's making since that first few times. I am afraid
that this is how my body is going to be from now on.

I don't know why nobody has called you about the Internet stuff. Maybe
they are not sure that it is me in those pictures. I was sure that you
would have found out way before now. He has been careful to not let me be
'used' just before you come home lately. I think he was afraid of your
noticing my 'looseness'.

What do we do now? Please know that I truly love and respect you, even
if I have been a whore. I will accept anything you decide John. I will
never stop loving you in any case. I hope that you will be able to forgive
me and stay with me, but I understand if you won't be able to accept your
whore-slut wife anymore.

One last thing, I will do anything, anything at all to keep you John. I
mean that in the truest way I can possibly convey. You have been and
always will be my only love. Others may have had my body, but only you
have my soul, my heart, and my love. Only you.

John and Sue Chapter 5 John reads his wife's letter to him and has a
decision to make.

Sue handed me the envelope and left the house. She had been crying I
could see by her red-rimmed eyes and the sniffles as she walked away from
me. My anger was still alive and in the front of my thoughts. I went to
the desk in my den and sat down.

I started to read the letter she had written me. As I read I realized
that she was spilling out everything that she had been doing for the last
year, or almost everything anyway. I stopped reading and went over to the
bar. After making myself a very large bourbon and coke I then sat back
down and began to read again.

A while into reading her 'confessions' I found that my tears were
interfering with my ability to read well. I had to get a grip on myself!
This must have been hard for her to write to me, telling all like she was.
As hard as it must have been for her, I was finding out that it was
extremely hard on me to read about her sluttish actions.

Parts of the letter had caused my heart to pound, beating in a rapid
rhythm. I had cold sweats, and was shaking. I couldn't tell if it was
from my anger towards her, or something else.

I learned how Greg, the photographer, had managed to seduce and
blackmail her with the drugged tea. How my boss had started this whole
mess due to his desire of having my wife. How that bastard Greg had used
my wife as his personal whore.

Through my tears and torn heart I realized that I still loved Sue. Why,
I wasn't sure, but I did still love her. How she really felt about me, I
didn't know. I had questions about how we could go on as a married couple,
or even if we should try. Would she still 'need' strange cocks? Would she
be satisfied with just having me? Could she ever go back to being a happy
devoted housewife?

I knew that the road ahead of us was going to be a long and torturous
one. I only hoped that if I decided to try to salvage our marriage that
Sue would still want to be my wife, and only have me as her sexual partner
from now on.

The other questions I had were about Greg. Why hadn't he tried to take
her again? What was he waiting for? I knew that he couldn't stay away
from his number one slut. When would he or his cohorts try to do
something? What would they do?

The other problems could be managed somehow. We could act surprised
about any discoveries of those films and pictures on the Internet. We
could even come up with a blanket story to dismiss any questions. Since I
was going to be looking for another job I decided that if we stayed as man and wife we should go far away.

Sue stayed away for six hours or so. When she got back we didn't talk
about anything. I went for a long walk, thinking back over our past lives
and the good things about our marriage. I guess I was trying to wipe out
all of the images of the last days and the words both spoken and unspoken
between us.

When I got home Sue had cooked up a good meal. We ate in silence, Sue
not eating much at all. After dinner we sat in the living room and began
the first of many long talks. We were trying to find out about each
other's thoughts and feelings without being confrontational. It was a very
difficult discussion to start, and even harder to stay calm while hearing
things you expect to hear, but don't want to hear. "Sue, where do I stand
in your life now?" My question was I suppose, for my ego. I needed to hear
her say I still counted in her life. "John, I have always held you in the
number one place in my heart and in my life. I know that what you have
learned about me in the last days have been a shock to your system. Please
remember that I have been forced, always forced to do these things. I will
admit that when I am in the middle of it all I get lost in the feelings
running through my body. The effects of the drugged tea are still haunting
me I think." "How long do you think that the feelings the tea has given you
will last? Any ideas at all what I should expect? I still love you Sue,
but I could not go on in our marriage if I thought that you would start to
look for cock elsewhere. I need to know how you can possibly rebuild my
trust in you."

Sue had tears welling up in her eyes. I felt like a heel for throwing
out my mistrust in her since I knew that she was being sincere, but I had
to know what she would think and how she would react. I had no guilt in
this whole mess, only Sue did, and that wasn't actually her guilt. Unless
the fact that she hadn't come to me in the very beginning and said
something to me about the situation she was in.

"John, I don't know how you can sit there so calmly, talking about the
things I have done to you, to our life together. I can't think of any way
to prove to you that I won't stray or cheat on you. You have seen me doing
things that most men would have shot or for sure, left their spouses over.
Why do you still want to try to save our marriage? Why would you be able
to still love me after all of the things I have done? I have been the
biggest slut in the state for Greg, and I never really tried hard to refuse
his requests or orders. I should have fought and resisted more than I

My heart was tearing. She was trying so hard to understand my thoughts.
She had made up her mind that I would leave her. She was probably thinking
that I was going to try to hurt her emotionally or worse, physically. I
had to dispel her worries, but I also had to let her know about my anger
towards this mess our lives had become. "Sue, sometimes a rape victim
assumes that they didn't try hard enough to resist their rapist. That is
common, to my understanding. You have been victimized in a serious manner
for over a year. You felt that you couldn't tell me, or anyone about your
'problem'. You will need to have counseling, as much as I will. I still
love you Sue. That is why I am willing to try to save our marriage. Why I
am willing to try and save you. I need you Sue. You have been the center
of my universe for the whole time we have been married, and if I lost you
now it wouldn't be a life I would be willing to live."

Sue jumped up and ran from the room. She went to the bathroom and
locked herself in. I could hear her sobs. She stayed there for an hour
before finally coming out. She looked composed, barely. "Sorry John. I
wasn't expecting you to say that you still loved me. It was what I longed
to hear, but I couldn't handle the things that I have done to our marriage
by my silence about the mess I was in. You are too good of a man. I don't
deserve you. Does this mean that you forgive me for being such a whore?
For being such a slut?" "Sue, you have been forced to do the things you
have done. Greg needs to go to jail at the very least, for his
blackmailing of you. He drugged you and then used you in the most
insidious way that one person can use another. I can't say that I won't
have problems with the memories of your actions in front of my eyes, but I
want to try to go on with you as my wife. Can you be happy with just me?
No other men, just me, forever?"

Sue broke up crying. She had a small smile on her face, but the tears
ran freely down her cheeks, causing that smile to be very bittersweet. My
heart hammering, I finally reached out to her. My arms open to take her in
to me. She leapt up and fell into my arms, hugging me tightly. Her tears
were now running down my cheeks, intermingling with the ones from my eyes.

As we held each other, I felt a stirring down below. My cock was
firming up, getting hard. Sue felt my hardness there, and sat back a bit
looking into my eyes. "Do you want me John? Can you make love to me?
Will you love me? I will let you have me anyway you want to take me. You
can have any part of my body you desire, I won't hold anything back from
you from now on. The only thing I would ask is that you make love to me,
not a vengeance fuck. I couldn't handle it if all you did was try to take
it out on me by fucking me with anger." My emotions were mixed up. I
wanted her, but I wasn't sure that I wouldn't get angry about everything
and end up hurting her like the last time. My indecision was excruciating.
I finally decided that I wanted to make love to Sue, not 'fuck the whore'.
"Sue, will you make love with me?" The question hung in the air for a bit
before she responded. "Yes! I will make love to you John. I have wanted
to do just that this whole time. I need you John, as much as you need me."

Her arms went around my neck, her lips brushing over my face. I hugged
her tightly for a moment, and then backed off to lightly hold her. I had
no anger at this moment in time. I wanted to make love to my wife.

Her lips were on mine, her tongue insistently probing for access to my
mouth. I let it in and felt her light caresses. My tongue fought with
hers a second, then she relented and my tongue then explored her mouth.
Her hands were busy with the front of my shirt, unbuttoning, pulling, and
baring my chest to her.

Her fingers caressed my nipples, and soon her lips were sucking on them.
Her teeth lightly nipping then tongue smoothing over the slight pain. She
had always had the knack for knowing how to turn my nipples into an
erogenous zone.

My hands were not idle all this time, her blouse was falling off her
shoulders, and her bra was loose. My hands soon had her naked on top. My
fingers lightly pinching her nipples, rolling them back and forth in a
loving way.

She had started to move down on me, now concentrating on my pants. I
was still playing with her breasts, feeling their softness. Her nipples
were hard as rocks. She kissed her way down my chest, onto my stomach.
Her tongue played with my bellybutton for a bit, as she opened my pants up
and slid them down my legs to the floor. I rose up to help her get them
off of me.

My underwear had gone with my pants, so my hard cock was exposed to her.
She had a grip on it and then began to lightly stroke me. Her other hand
moved down to my balls to caress and play. Soon her mouth was over the
head of my cock. Her lips parted, and as she started down on me her eyes
made contact with mine.

I almost shot off with that look. She had never looked into my eyes
when blowing me and the effect was so sexy. She was conveying to me that
her love was for me; this act was for me, that her love was for me. She
had managed to show me this with the sole act of looking into my eyes as
her hot wet mouth engulfed my rigid cock.

Her mouth went down my shaft, taking in all of me in one steady stroke.
I had never felt her lips on my pubic hair, with my cock buried in her
throat. Not like this anyway. I had expierenced a blowjob like this, and
was lost in her now expert oral abilities. I was soon on the edge of
shooting off. I warned her, trying to let her know. I didn't think that
even now she would let me shoot off in her mouth.

She redoubled her efforts. Her head bouncing up and down my shaft, lips
tightly gripping. My legs began shaking, my cum boiling. I soon started
to go over the edge and her lips once again were at the base of my cock.
For the first time in our married life, making love, I came in my wife's
mouth. Down her throat shot my hot load of seed.

She kept her lips locked on my shaft until my cock stopped delivering
its contents. Her eyes never left mine. A single tear fell out of one eye
and rolled down her cheek. Her head began to bob up and down again, with
slower and softer movement. Her tongue was rolling around and fondling my
still hard shaft as her lips tightly held me in.

At one point, as her head reached the downward end of a stroke I felt
her tongue shoot out and caress my balls. The feeling was electric. I
felt my cock throb and gain in hardness, not that it had gotten soft at all
yet. This was something new too.

I knew that she had many more ''talents' now, but the way she performed
on me let me know in no uncertain terms, that she was doing this all for
me, and me only. She kept up eye contact, and as she would do something, I
could see her eyes conveying her love for me. Had I had any doubts before
now, they would surely have been erased by the look she gave me. I had no
doubts at all.

I soon pulled her up to stand before me. My cock raging hard, and
bouncing around like a straw in a stirred drink. I pulled her pants off
and naked she stood before me. Her hand covered the tattoo on her breast.
I pulled it away and looked at her. Honestly, at this point, I hardly
noticed the damning words permanently emblazoned on her. Deep down I knew
that they were not true words at all. I saw her hard nipples, the soft
swelling of flesh, and its significant other proudly sticking out beside

I stood up and we walked over to the couch, where I laid her down. I
put one of her legs over the back of the couch, and the other was draped
over the coffee table. I put a pillow under that leg to give her comfort.
Her spread open legs gave me a perfect view of her pussy. I had never seen
it look so delectable. I knelt down and began to kiss up her legs,
alternating between left and right as I went. Soon my tongue was caressing
her pussy lips. Her wetness showing, her lips beginning to spread open
with desire.

My tongue began to stroke up and down the length of her, even going down
to her rosebud. I was being daring, and had decided to go farther than I
ever had, but only as far as she would let me go. After all, a bit of
shyness had been shed by both of us at this point. I felt that we could go
farther than we had before without problems.

Soon her hips were moving up and down trying to keep my tongue in a
certain spot. I was resistant to let her lead at this point, wanting to
tease a bit first. I took her legs in both hands and pushed them up and
over so that her knees were alongside her breasts. She gave a look of
concern for an instant, and then closing her eyes, let me continue.

Her anus was now in a position for my roving tongue to explore. This
was something, deep down that I had always wanted to do. Fear of her
rejecting it as perverted or sick had always stopped me from trying. Now,
though, I was going to take that chance. It ended up being a very good
choice. We both loved the act, and I especially loved the way she came
under my ministrations.

As she came down from her orgasm, her hands pulled my body up and on top
of hers. Hugging me she whispered in my ear. "That was wonderful, what
you did with your tongue. I wish that you had done that years ago. I love
you John." "Sue, I didn't think that you would have liked it, let alone let
me do such a thing years ago, but I have always wanted to do that. I found
out that I really like doing that, so I am going to want to do that in the
future. I love you too."

As we held each other I felt my cock begin to throb, still hard, still
needing relief. Sue reached down and as she spread her legs, she guided me
into her hot, wet, and amazingly, tight hole. The warmth was delicious.
My cock was in fully and I ground against her clit for a bit before slowly
pulling out. I soon had a rhythm going, driving in deeply, grinding a bit,
and then slowly pulling away. Soon we were both at that point of no
return. Her orgasm took over and she shook, holding me tightly against her
body. My orgasm followed shortly afterwards, and I filled her with my

We lay together for a while and then Sue started in on me again. Her
blowjob was insistent and she had some kind of idea in her mind. I could
see her internal fight with some feeling she was having. Soon her mind
made up, her actions became even more urgent. As I gained another
erection, her bobbing head slowed a bit. Then she pushed me up and back on
my back on the couch.

As I waited, she moved up and over my once again raging hard cock. She
squatted over it and began to lower herself down. As she came down towards
the head of my cock, she spread her ass cheeks with her hands. "I want you
to put it in my ass John. I want you to make love to my ass with your hard
cock." I was stunned. I had only just had her ass the other night, in
anger. I had hurt her and caused her to bleed. She was now offering it up
to me to take. As she lowered down the rest of the way her breathing
became slower and more controlled. When the head of my cock touched her
asshole, she gave a small shudder. I think that she was having a small
orgasm, or perhaps a bad memory.

Even though my cock was still wet from her loving blowjob, it wouldn't
go into her ass at all. I finally slid down and began to lick and tongue
her asshole as she squatted over me. Her breathing became faster and I
felt her orgasm again. Soon her asshole was very wet with my tonguing, and
I slid back up to position my cock at her rosebud. This time it slipped in
with a pop. The head opening the way for the rest of my hard long shaft to

After a quite a bit of small strokes, I was fully inserted into her very
hot, very tight ass. Sue still had finite control over the actions between
us, and as we got used to my cock being in her ass, she began to stroke in
and out. Her strokes soon became full depth and faster. I placed my
fingers at her pussy lips and began to play with her. I inserted two then
three fingers into her very wet pussy. I could see our combined juices
beginning to flow out of her.

I was fully into her ass by this point, and her action had sped up until
she was riding me like a bucking bronco. My fingers were fully in her and
as she bounced up one time, I added another finger to the mix in her pussy.
I now had four fingers in her and they were stroking in and out.

Her voice caught me off guard when I first heard her. We hadn't been
talking at all at this point. It took a moment for her words to register
to my brain. "All of it, John, put in all of your hand." Her hand grabbed
my wrist, and she started to plunge it in and out of her pussy. I slowed
her action on my hand down and then slowly worked my thumb into her now
very tight slit. She all of the sudden grabbed my hand hard and proceeded
to plunge in deeply into her pussy. I don't think that I could have
stopped her if I had been able to. My wrist was buried in her, and I made
a fist out of my hand. I could feel my knuckles bumping into something
almost hard. Her womb?

I placed my other hand near her pussy with my fingers on her clit and
began to lightly stroke. Her bouncing action on my cock had slowed down to
a small up and down movement.

It was still very stimulating even if it wasn't as much movement as
before. My senses were engaged also by the fact that I had my whole hand
in my loving wife's pussy, and she evidently liked it, a lot.

I began to get bolder with my free hand and started to lightly pinch her
hooded clit. I rolled it between fingers, gently. Her motion ceased at
this point, and thinking that I had hurt her I removed my hand. She cried
out, not wanting me to stop what I had been doing. "OH! God! John, do
that more, I want more of what you were just doing!" I quickly put my
fingers back on her clit and rolled that hooded button. She put a hand on
that one and began to push harder on it. I started to roll that little bud
even harder. Soon she began to shake and shake hard. Her whole body was
convulsing, her ass muscles gripping my cock to the point of being painful.

As she came, a flood of juices flowed around my hand in her pussy. They
began to drip and then run onto me. I scooped some of it up and tasted it.
It tasted just like her pussy, so I began to wipe and clean up her juices.
Her orgasm this time went on for minutes. Soon my cock in her ass
exploded, and I was stunned. Sue went off into another strong orgasm. I
was trapped under her, and not of a mind at that moment to go anywhere
anyway. I began to pull my hand out of her and she went off yet again. As
my fingers left her pussy, she moaned and grabbed my hand, forcing it back
into her pussy again. I ended up 'fisting' her for quite a while. She had
continuous orgasms. My cock finally softened and fell out of her ass. Sue
finally came down from her orgasm. She collapsed on me.

We woke later; or rather I woke later to the feelings of something
feathery lightly stroking my cock. When I opened my eyes, I saw Sue,
tonguing my cock. My surprise was more from the act, knowing where it had
just been, more than from waking up to a blowjob. Sue cleaned my cock
thoroughly, and when I orgasmed, she took it all down her throat, for the
second time this night. Her eyes were as always, on mine as she finished
me off.

We had just had the most incredible sex we had ever had as man and wife.
I had done some things that I had wanted to, and discovered some things
that had never crossed my mind. Sue crawled up next to me on the couch,
and kissed my cheek. As she went to kiss the other cheek, I turned my head
and captured her mouth with mine. Her eyes flared open, obviously thinking
about where it had just been, and how she had 'cleaned' me.

I pulled her head into mine and French kissed her for a long period. I
could taste different things, but nothing too unpleasant. Her initial
reluctance became wanton and more forceful and soon she was rolling up and
on top of me like a tigress after prey. "You want me some more John? I
want more. I want to fuck you until we both pass out cold. I want to suck
your cock. I want to drink your cum. I want your cock in my pussy, and my
asshole. I want you to use your hand on me too. Anything you want to do
at all. I love you, and as long as you love and act lovingly towards me, I
am totally and completely yours."

We spent the next hours exploring in ways we hadn't since being married.
We did some things that I had heard about, some that she had heard or done.
Our lovemaking went on until after sunrise the next day. We were both
drained by that time. We were also, definitely sure of our love for each
other too. Not to confuse love with the sex, because we talked more that
night than we had in previous times. I think that Sue felt she could hide
nothing from me anymore, and I was emboldened by her honesty to reveal more
to her about my feelings.

We still had a hard and rocky road ahead of us, and not knowing
everything about Greg was going to be a problem for us. He had some plans
and when we were to find out, well it wouldn't be pretty. For now though
we still had each other.

We discussed things over the next few days, and had hot and mind-blowing
sex constantly. We decided to sell our house, and I started to look for a
different job, away from the city we were in presently. We both felt the
need to start fresh somewhere else, soon. As things turned out, we were a
little slow in getting out town, and that is when the other problems

John and Sue Chapter 6 Sue continues with her story.

My biggest fears had been laid to rest. John still loved me and after
the last few days, I was sure of it. We had actually done more over the
last days, sexually, than we had ever done in the years we had been

At first my fears were he would leave me, then it became he was going to
pretend to love me in order to really hurt me at a later time. When he had
been so silent that first day, after he read my letter to him, he had given
no indication to me at all as to what he was thinking.

His questions were asked in an almost mechanical way when he started to
finally talk to me. The content of them surprised, and also made me feel
like there might be a little love left for me; just a spark, and I clung to
that hope with my whole being.

After realizing we were going to try to stay together and watching John
fight the demons I had loosed on him, I knew that this was going to be
'the' test of our marriage and our love for each other.

Our lovemaking that afternoon was a test for me. I tried my very best
to let John know that I would not refuse him anything as long as he showed
his love for me in a manner that let me know that love was in his actions,
not anger. I had been deeply hurt by his actions those few days ago, and
physically hurt as well.

His remorse at his actions towards me had left me with the feeling that
he was going to leave me. He had been upset with himself at how he had
'used' me so hard and violently. I had, in my desperation, overlooked that
harshness. I wanted more than anything in the world to stay with my

My biggest fear at that point was his anger. He had been so rough with
me that he had caused me to bleed. That blood had brought to my attention,
his also, that we had more deeply set issues to deal with if we were going
to try to stay together. It was going to be a long, hard journey.

After the great lovemaking, and reassurances of our expectations towards
each other we began the first of what was to be many long heart to heart
talks. They were difficult and sometimes very emotionally draining. We
discussed things that most married couples should talk about. We also had
conversations about things that no couple should have.

Things like my experiences with other men, and what I had done with
them. How I had felt in the middle of being gangbanged, the tingle that
caused me to beg and want any cock, anywhere, to relieve my 'need'. The
fact that the tingle still haunted me, it still came over me and now, at
least, John was the beneficiary of that sex.

John, for all of his love had real deep-set anger towards the whole
thing, and I am sure some of that anger was how I had appeared to love what
I was doing with those men. It took some time and careful restrained
conversation to overcome some of those demons.

I had been victimized, drugged and raped. It had become a yearlong
nightmare for me. My limits sexually had been expanded and pushed beyond
anything I could have imagined a year ago. It would be good for John and I
in the future since we would no have far fewer inhibitions towards each
other, but the memories would be a constant interference for quite some
time yet.

How many men have ever seen their wife having sex with men of a
different race, or color? How have they dealt with the horror of seeing
their wife acting like a whore, begging for more in such graphic detail?
John had been brought into my nightmare. He had reacted with more grace
than I could have believed possible.

Our sex that first time had been his letting out anger towards the whole
situation. I knew that, and felt that he had at that point and time, a
'right' to show it as he had. But for our relationship to continue into
the next days or hopefully years, we would have to come to terms with his
anger, and my shame.

When we had next had sex, I had insisted on it being a loving union.
John had hesitated which caused me some fear of losing him. What he had
been hesitating about wasn't exactly that though. He had been afraid of
his deep-set anger and he didn't want to end up hurting me again.

We made it through it though. While orally pleasing him my eye contact
with his had been something new. As we went along further, we discovered a
whole new plateau of lovemaking. We experimented and found other new
things that we liked. As earlier mentioned, our inhibitions have been
lowered to a level unseen by probably most couples.

We are now looking towards a brighter future. Greg is fast becoming a
bad, bad, memory for me although John seems to worry about him constantly
still. I thought that John had scared Greg and friends away for good. I
soon found out that I was still quite naive' about Greg and what he would
do in reality.

John quit his job, over the protests of his bastard boss. We also
decided to turn all of the evidence over to the cops. It was the hardest
thing I had ever done. Going through the last months of my dirty life and
actually telling it to several detectives. Their questions were harsh, and
unfeeling. I knew that they had to be certain of all of what had happened
and that it wasn't a fabrication by me to cover for being 'caught' by my
husband. It didn't make it any easier for me though.

A week after giving statements to the police we found out that our
evidence wasn't enough for the D.A.'s office to go ahead and prosecute. I
was shattered. Now even more people knew what I had been forced to do and
how depraved it had all been.

John had been looking for work away from town, and now had several
interviews to go to. Our finances were tight, and almost all of the
companies to be interviewed at would only pay for John's flight. Scared to
death, I watched as John reluctantly left for the first interview, leaving
me alone, so alone, at the airport.

I went directly home and locked all of the doors. I stayed inside that
whole day and the next. I talked to John on the phone several times, since
he called constantly when he could to see if I was all right and safe.

After that first interview with nothing happening to me the next one
didn't seem like such a big deal. We still had a little fear of my being
left alone, but we worked up a plan to follow in case something should
happen. He left for the next interview and after he got there he found out
he would have to stay longer than the two days he had expected to be gone.

He told me that they had to have him meet several of the partners in the
firm and it would take about a week! I didn't let on to him that I was
very afraid to be alone that long, hoping that I sounded cheerful and
brave. It could be a real great job he was to get and I didn't want our
situation to hamper his chances.

The first day I stayed close to home. I had my cell phone in case I was
outside and didn't hear the phone in the house ring. Part of the plan we
worked out was that I would have the cell phone and John's second call
would be to the cell. I was working in the flowerbed out back. On my
knees, digging I had let my fears subside and was enjoying a nice sunny
day. I felt the warm sun and the moist soil.

As I worked my cell phone buzzed. It was John, and we talked for a
while as I worked. Soon after he hung up I went into the pool shower to
clean up. While showering a strange sound came through the window. I
couldn't place it. It sounded like music. "Must be the neighbors." I
thought to myself. Our stereo in the hot tub hadn't been used in some
time, and I wasn't even sure if it still worked. As I was toweling off a
breeze cut through my thoughts.

Turning, a hand came over my mouth, other hands grabbed my body. Greg
was holding my mouth and so began my nightmare. They took me outside and
up on the deck. Naked, and helpless, they controlled me. Greg started

"Slut, you and your husband tried to get me. His boss is currently
paying for his mistakes, and you will pay for all of the trouble you have
caused me. I have a couple of movies you are going to star in and like it
or not, you will be very cooperative, if you know what I mean."

Knowing that alone I could do nothing to save myself I had no choice but
to do as ordered. Hoping that when John called and couldn't get an answer
he would start the plan in operation.

They spread me out on our deck table and tied my wrists and ankles to
the legs of it. I was naked, spread wide open, and could do nothing to
protect or cover myself. Greg stepped up between my spread eagle position.
"I think you need some sparkle Sue. I have just the things to make you
stand out. First, each nipple here needs a little something to remind you
of who is in charge of your body."

He held in his hands a large needle. He took my left breast in his hand
and after fondling it, pinched my nipple between his fingers, hard. He
then took the needle and stuck it right through my nipple. The pain was
sharp and I cried out in anguish. "Shut the bitch up Carl!" Carl, the man by my head, dropped his pants and stuck his soft cock in my mouth. "Suck
on this you little slut. Don't even think of biting though, or I will
pierce your nose through both nostrils at once." His statement brought a
chill up my spine. These guys were out to hurt me in a real, very hard
way. Greg now had my other breast in his hands. He pierced that nipple
also. The studs were put in my bleeding nipples and Greg super glued the
ends on. They had large balls on each end, and obviously they wouldn't be
coming out any time soon.

The cock in my mouth started to get hard. I was sucking and licking as
directed. I needed to keep on their good side as much as possible. My
only hope was that John had tried to call and not getting an answer had
started the plan in motion. That was my only hope now.

Greg looked into my eyes and it appeared like he was reading my mind
through them. "John and you have a plan? He is going to call and when you
don't answer he calls...who? Doesn't matter, you will answer Sue. You
will answer his call and act like nothing is wrong at all. If you don't,
well, you won't surely care anymore, and as soon as he gets here, neither
will he. Understand SLUT?"

We had talked about this particular event occurring, and through my own
stupidity I had reassured John that Greg wouldn't harm me too much, and so
this death threat was far from being expected by me anyway. That he would
go this far when he hadn't before was a surprise. Even the police had said
that his profile was one of low violence. "Now, I think that you have need
of some sparkles in your crotch. Yeah, I see a ring being placed right
about HERE."

As he said that his fingers pulled grabbed my clit and pulled it out
hard. The needle shot through it and the pain was intense. I still had
that now hard cock in my mouth and my screams were just like moans. Not
conveying at all the feelings of pain that were coursing through my body.

Greg inserted the ring through my throbbing clit. He secured it with
the same super glue. "H-M-M-MMMM, I think we still need some more down
here, what do you think slut?" I couldn't answer with the cock in my mouth
ramming in and out. Other hands on my body were squeezing and pinching me.
Greg reached out and pulled on one of my pussy lips. Holding it out and
stretching it taught, I felt the needle several times. Then, he started on
the other lip. When he was done, I had one ring in my clit, and eight
studs in my pussy lips, four on each side.

My pussy was still clean-shaven, since John had expressed a love of
seeing it that way. Greg signaled to a man behind him. As he stepped into
view, I recognized him as the tattooist who had defiled my body before.
"Slut, I think you need a message put right across the top of this hole of
yours. A message that your hubby will understand and remember, forever."

The tattoo artist stepped up between my legs and began his work. Later,
when he was done Greg wiped away the blood and let me see through a mirror
what had been written on my now very tender, sore pussy. I LOVE BLACK COCK
RIGHT HERE and there was an arrow pointing almost all of the way on to my
clit. The man in my mouth having long since finished cumming in me, he
started to undo my bindings on my wrists. Another man undid my legs. I
was then rolled over and tied back in place face down. Only now, I was
bent over the table. My hands stretched out with longer rope and my legs
tied at my ankles and knees to the table legs. This caused pain and
discomfort in my joints, since they weren't meant to be in that extreme position. Legs spread open like they were caused my pussy lips to open and
my ass to be totally exposed. I felt the tattoo man step up behind me
again. What now? What was their plan now? Greg soon told me. "Well, we
need some additions back here too. We will start on this shoulder, and
then go to this one. I want slut in big black letters right down her
spine. Black on her left shoulder, cock on her right. Big letters, big
black letters."

They were going to mark my body up so that John would never have a
chance of forgetting this day for sure. My tears were freely falling to
the tabletop. Hands touching my shoulders, I felt the sting of the needle
gun as the defiler started his work. I had gotten a butterfly tattoo when
younger, and had loved it. John had found it to be sexy. This, this
tattooing was not. It was a desecration of my body. They were marking me
and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Again.

Fingers were prodding my asshole and pussy. It hurt for them to touch
my sore pussy, but again, there was nothing I could do to prevent that
either. As they played with my body the pain in my shoulder spread. I
don't know when I passed out, or why for that matter, I just remember
waking up. My whole back hurt. My pussy lips were throbbing, and my
nipples too.

As I looked around me I realized that the room in my vision was the
studio. I had cum all over my body, and knew that I had been used again.
In front of me was a television. It was playing a movie. I was the star.
I could see my new tattoos and shuddered at what they said and represented.

I watched as man after man used me. Two and three at a time they took
me. One guy pulled on the ring in my clit and stretched it out until it
looked like it was going to rip off. The camera caught it all.

They were not nice or caring in their use of my body. I could see that
even in the obviously drugged state I was in that I cringed in pain often.
Still, I orgasmed. I could see them wash over me. The sight sickened me.

A man stepped up behind me as I was watching my gangbang. His hands
started gliding over my body, touching what they wanted to. I was still
tied and knew that he had control whether I liked it or not. He slapped my
ass cheeks hard. The pain was hot and shot through me like fire. "Well,
you look like you have been rode hard and put away wet. Love the tats
slut. As soon as Greg gets here, I will try you out myself. If you are
half the woman they claim, I will have invested wisely."

What the hell? Had Greg sold me? What the hell was going to happen
now? "You will love your new home slut. The King has needs that you will
fulfill well. He will especially love your markings. You will be his
favorite prize."

My worst fears had come to pass. John hadn't saved me, and I was now to
be taken away like some slave, a white slave, to be used by some sick
monarch as a toy. I collapsed on the bed, crying. My life as I knew it
was done. Greg had gotten his revenge on John and I and now I would pay.

Greg came into the room as I was sobbing. "Hey slut guess what? You
have just made me a millionaire. You were sold at auction this morning,
while you were being 'royally' fucked. They all wanted you, but only the
highest bidder won of course. You will love living in AFRICA. You will be
fucked on a daily even hourly basis. The King that won has a great many
favors to repay to his people, and you will be the currency of choice."

I went cold. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I had
been sold into slavery. I was never going to see my love again! OH GOD! I
would kill myself at the first chance. I could not live like this anymore.
I could not be a slave.

They left the room for a 'business' meeting, probably to exchange the
money for my freedom. All at once I heard banging and a commotion.
Suddenly men in black uniforms stormed into the studio and their guns were
barking a staccato of pain and death all around me. Hands were on my body.
I was untied, and as the feeling crept into my joints, I passed out into
somebody's strong gentle arms.

Later, when I became coherent, John was holding my hand and sitting by
me. I was in a hospital room. There were bandages on my breast, and down
on my pussy. I could feel them on my back too. John had been looking into
my eyes and now I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. "Sue, its over, Greg
and his pals went down hard. The big guy in the fancy suit claimed
diplomatic immunity, as did three others. They were escorted to the
airport and told to leave. You have been out for several days. Greg
evidently drugged you up a bit too much for your 'auction'." "It's over?"
"Yes Sue, it is over. When you didn't answer my calls, I called the
detective we talked to. He got to our place before I got home and put it
together. There were two guys there waiting for me to get home. The
detective took them in and they talked, spilled their guts about
everything. They took Greg just before you were to be taken away. GOD! I
so love you Sue. What would I have done without you?"

John was crying, relieved that I was safe. "Where were you when they
broke into the studio John?" "I was there, they couldn't keep me away. You
fell into my arms after they untied you. I held you all the way to the
hospital. I had a plastic surgeon remove those tattoos Sue. There may be
some scars after the healing. I...I..." I put my hands to his lips,
shutting him up. "John, I love you baby. We will both have scars but they
will heal honey, they will heal. Just hold me, never let go."

This all happened several years ago. We are still together. We are
still deeply in love. Our sex life? Well we had some small difficulties,
mostly because of the way I was taken the last time. I had nightmares and
fears for quite some time afterwards. We both got some help though, and
now we are just like any other couple out there in life. With the
exception being, maybe we are one of the few that have a very full and
enjoyable sex life. I still offer John anything he wants of me and he
offers the same of himself to me. We know each other's fantasy, and
deep-seated wants and needs, and we provide each other with outlets to
explore them.

No secrets, no holding back anything, no shyness, all up front and
honest. In some ways it is very liberating, in others, well, it was a
long, difficult journey. Love for us is even more special and deep since
we have survived this major intrusion of our marriage. John is working at
his new job, and has already made senior vice-president. He is home every
night, and believe it or not, has to take very few trips. When he does go
out of town, I go along and we make it a mini-vacation.

We are now planning to have one or two kids, whether we adopt or have
them the old-fashioned way, well we are discussing that.

Greg? Well he survived his brush with the police; he is doing twenty to
life for his crimes. I am sure he will be behind bars for quite some time
to come. I wonder how he likes being Bubba's Bitch? Maybe he will
understand something of the hell he put me through now. One can only hope.

I have to go now; John has been patiently waiting for me in our bedroom.
He has a surprise waiting for me. Something that involves whipping cream
and strawberries. H-m-m-m I wonder... P.S. That 'tingle' is delicious
now that only my husband gets to enjoy the benefits of it. Oh yeah, the
piercings? Well, they healed over, and last week we went down and I had
two nipple piercings done over, just for my love. This way there shouldn't
be too many bad memories associated with them.


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