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John was 17 years old

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John was 17 years old, and on his way from Minnesota to Europe for a summer
of travel before college. His mother, an old friend of my wife, had arranged
for him to spend a couple of days with us in New York before his
trans-Atlantic flight.

After dinner, Fran [my wife], was complaining of muscle pains from her
aerobics the day before.

'Come on, George, how about a little massage?'

'Forget it, I'm pretty worn out myself'

'I bet John wouldn't mind....John?'


'Would you massage my aching back for me?'

'Sure, Fran. No problem.'

At forty, Fran is five years younger than me, and is not a sharp dresser.
Usually out in slacks and a tee shirt, with her round steel framed glasses
and sneakers, at five foot three, she has been described as 'mousy'. But
there is a fabulous body under there, and although she's needed some help
from a bottle to keep her short hair black for the last few years, her face
is clear and fresh, except perhaps for a few crows feet around her eyes when
she smiles.

She pulled her shirt and slacks off, revealing her bra and panties, and lay
face down on the coffee table. John sat down next to her, and got to work.

Our sex life had been pretty drab lately. I just don't get aroused like I
used to, I suppose.

Fran was crying with pain and pleasure as the seventeen year old boy massaged her.

He was a good looking fellow, I suddenly noticed. Tall, blond, lean and
strong. I wondered if Fran fancied him?

He didn't seem to tire of the work. He kept it up for at least half an
hour. He worked from her shoulders down to her lower back, then started
working his way up from her feet. The only thing left was her rather
attractive slim ass, and I wondered if he would have ventured there if I
wasn't in the room pretending to read.

I wondered if he fancied her?

This was getting me turned on, and I knew that it might end soon. I decided
to take some initiative. I crept over to the other side of the table she was
lying on, and lifted John's right hand off of her by the wrist, and put my
own in it's place, so that she wouldn't detect that it was me.

Then, I slid my hand under her panties, caressing and massaging her ass.
With my left, I motioned for John to slide his left hand over her other

Fran looked up to her left, where I had been sitting. Not seeing me there,
she whispered, 'where's George?'

I put my finger to my lips.

John quietly answered, 'he went to bed'

I removed my hand, and let young John have both sides. I moved to a dark
corner of the room to await developments.

Fran rolled over, sat up on the table, and putting her arms around his neck,
kissed John on the mouth. Wow.

He pulled her to him with his strong arms; she had one bare leg to each side
of him as he sat on the floor, their mouths locked.

Fran looked nervously at the door. 'What if he comes back?'

John looked at me over her shoulder, and raised one hand in a questioning
gesture. I made a rolling motion with my right fore finger...keep going.

He put both his young hands on her face, and kissed her again as she ran her
hands up under his shirt, stroking his broad back.

'We'd better go to your room' she whispered.

Then he started giggling.

'What?' asked Fran.

John pointed to me, as I started laughing as well.

'You bastards!' said Fran, turning bright red.

They had pulled apart, but their hands still lingered on each other's

'Don't mind me' I said, 'this is interesting. Let it flow.'

Hesitantly, Fran stood, and stepped to the couch, towing an amazed John by
the hand.

She sat next to him, clad only in her underwear, and they kissed and held
each other.

After a while, it looked to me like John wasn't going to go farther without
some encouragement. I moved over to the couch, and kneeled in front of Fran.
I hooked her panties with my fingers, and she lifted her ass to allow me to
remove them. She then lifted her left leg onto the couch, giving me access.
I started to give her head.

When I looked up next, John's shirt and Fran's bra were gone, and they were
still just kissing as though there was not another human alive.

They each had one hand on the others back, and one hand on the others front.

It was as though I was some other person, not myself. I was turned on like I
hadn't been for twenty years.

I realised that neither of them was going to go for John's zipper. If he was
to get his seventeen year old cock into the light, it would have to be at my

I slid over a little, so I was at his feet, and unlaced and removed his

He slid his hand into Fran's crotch, but otherwise didn't show any notice.

I unbuckled his belt. This new submissive role was driving me wild.

Neither of them seemed to notice me, they were so involved in each other's

John's right hand was fondling Fran's firm little breasts now, so I went
back to her sweet box.

Although Fran always enjoyed cunilingus, she never came from it without
penetration. Tension continued to build.

Next to me, John had finally taken the hint and removed his trousers and
boxers. His young cock stood proud, strait up, a piston of power awaiting

Fran had one hand behind John's neck, and her other was stroking his broad,
young hairless chest.

I saw my left hand reach over and close around the hard young rod. His
wasn't actually bigger than mine, but somehow his was nicer, so strait and
so smooth to the touch.

John put his hand on my head and was running it through my thin hair.

I was still licking out my wife, but my mind was in my left hand. I had
never done anything like this before, and I was massively turned on.

The young penis in my hand was soft yet hard, comforting yet so potent. So
much more potent than I.

I wanted Fran to have this beauty in her. I wanted...

I shifted over again, and put my mouth over it.

The sensitivity of my mouth was what was needed to appreciate the
sensitivity of this young rod, that was clear. I loved having it in my

I looked up. They were staring into each other's eyes, as though oblivious
to my mouth on his cock and my fingers in her pussy. Fran had her glasses
on, the better to see her new lover, and with her ear length hair and skinny
shoulders, looked almost boyish.

Fran's right hand was caressing the back of john's strong neck, her left
stroked his flat stomach, the fingers of his left hand stroked her cheek.

His right was holding my head as I gave him head.

I didn't want him to come in my mouth. That would be going too far. Fran had
never let me come in her's.. She said it would be too gross. I stood and
backed off, and sat on a chair opposite them.

Fran stood, and took the young man by the hand. Glancing briefly in my
direction, it was as though she looked strait through me. She led him to our
bedroom, both of them naked, him towering over her, his cock bobbing proudly
in front of him as he walked.

I followed behind, still fully clothed.

Fran threw herself onto the bed on her back, her narrow legs spread wide,
her glasses still in place, reflecting the light from the lamp next to the

John climbed aboard, and I saw her cute pointed chin tilt up as she arched
her back and neck at the intensity of the long awaited penetration.

Johns smooth round young ass had hardly moved up and down five or ten times
when she started to scream, cry, moan with orgasm.

I don't think I'd ever seen or heard her come like that.

I wish I could tell you all how he kept going for hours, but you have to be
impressed that he lasted as long as he did. He thrust hard into her one last
time, and held his position deep within as I watched his balls pump his
sperm into her.

I undressed as they lay, spent, still coupled, him on and in her.

I straddled him, and started to stroke my cock up and down his round young ass. He pretended not to notice. I lay full length on him, running my
fingertips down the length of his arms, and bit his shoulder. I didn't have
any plan; I didn't want to fuck him. Either I'm not Bi after all, or I was
[am?] too well conditioned. At the same time, his Adonis like young body did
have an effect on me. I was worried about Fran, under our combined weight.
None of us wanted to risk shattering the mood by speaking. I got off John's
back, and sat down on the bed with my legs to either side of their heads, my
poor old stiff neglected cock invitingly, I hoped, to Fran's face.

It was John went down on me, sucking my length excruciatingly into himself.

It was fantastic, but the position we were all in didn't work very well.
John rolled off of Fran, and Fran held her arms out to me. It was my turn
now, and I entered her happily, feeling what John had left in there as I
screwed her to her second orgasm. It made me glad, and even though it was
clearly nothing like her first one, it made me come too.

Young John was hard again already, and happily took over from me. He screwed
her in a simple missionary position for the longest time; she had three more
orgasms before he came again.

We all slept.

I awoke in the night, amazed to see [and hear] them at it again. After some
time, I went back to sleep.

In the morning I awoke, and looked over half expecting to see john still
humping away. They were asleep in each other's arms. I was never able to
sleep well like that myself.

I slipped out of bed, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. When I
returned twenty minutes or so later to wake them, Fran was on top of John,
slowly rocking back and forth on his invincible young dick, their hands
interlocked, staring into each other's eyes.

I felt I should get in there somehow, but they were enjoying themselves so
much, and besides, after I've had an orgasm, I need a couple of days to

John caught his flight that afternoon. He's been emailing us regularly, and
we're all looking forward to his stopover in New York on his way home.

Fran says she wants to see me make him come in my mouth. I'm fascinated by
the idea, it kind of repels and attracts me at the same time.

Fran says that if I'll do it to John, she'll do it to me...

1999, Ace

I'm wondering if anyone likes these "bi-curious" stories. If I get some mail,
I'll post a couple more.
The rest of my stories are at; http://www.asstr.org/~aceinthe_hole//
and; ftp://ftp.asstr.org/pub/Authors/aceinthe_hole/ [in plain text]
This is absolutely non commercial. but I sure do appreciate a little
Every week, there are one to two thousand downloads of my stories; and if Iím lucky, I might receive one letter from a reader.
Mail to; storyace@hotmail.com

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