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Journal Entry 00090 125 000 P'nyssa and M'Ress


P'nyssa and M'Ress

Journal Entry 125 / 00090

Aldea, Narnya 04, 00090

The doorbell chimed faintly, and P'nyssa looked up and said "Come in!" She
was more than a little surprised when M'Ress walked in. She found her
voice. "Hi."

"Hello," M'Ress replied. "Where's Ken?"

"Asleep. What's up?"

"He's needed over at Cutters. Archer wants him there to look at


"Doubtful. More... interesting. Archer wants a better geneticist to look
at it, and-"

"Archer doesn't believe anyone is better than he is, with the possible
exception of God," P'nyssa said. "Ken comes close."

"You know better than that," M'Ress said.

P'nyssa smiled. "Yeah, I do at that." She glanced over at the clock on
the oven and said, "Well, he's gotten about six hours. I guess you can
wake him up."

"Why was he up so late?"

"Baby-sitting Donna again."

M'Ress smiled, the crests of her jaw rising behind her muzzle. "You know,
P'nyssa, I'd've never though he would have fallen so head over heels
into grandfatherhood."

"Was he like this with Ember?" P'nyssa asked.

"Not quite. He was much more subdued, much quieter with her. He baby-sat
her, and took care of her, and played with her as she grew up, even
up until her caissioning-" M'Ress smiled at that- "But this thing with
Donna is really unlike him."

"You can go wake him, if you want," P'nyssa said, walking out from behind
the kitchen counter. M'Ress walked over to the g-tube and jumped down
into it, falling slowly into the bedroom. P'nyssa followed.

I should add that at this point, I really was quite sound asleep and
totally unaware that P'nyssa and M'Ress were having this conversation.
Dave played it back for me afterwards.

"How should we do this?" P'nyssa asked, still slightly uncomfortable being
in the same room with the female she had replaced as my roommate. It had
been only last year when M'Ress had walked up to her and said, "Look,
you're sleeping with him a lot more often than I am, why don't you take
my apartment and I'll move to one of the rooms further down? I'm going
to need room eventually anyway."

An impish smile worked it's way into M'Ress expression, and she said,
"I've always wanted to see if this was true," as she started to unbelt
her pants.

"What are you doing?" P'nyssa hissed.

"Watch," M'Ress whispered back, peeling out of her silk pants and
dropping them on the floor. I, still unconscious, was lying on my back,
mouth wide open, with just a small trail of drool leading down my cheek,
at least that's what M'Ress told me afterwards. She carefully knelt down
onto the bed, trying not to disturb me too much, which wasn't hard as
the bed had a pretty firm gelatin mattress. She eased her way up the
bed and straddled my face. P'nyssa walked around the bed and whispered,
"What are you going to do?"

"Nothing," M'Ress replied. "Ken once told me that his sense of smell is so
strong that this should wake him up without my even having to touch him."
She spread her legs a little further, so that the tawny fur of her pubic
region was a mere centimeter from my face.

I don't remember the dream I was having, but I do remember its being
invaded by this scent, this wonderful smell filling my nostrils and
invading the very cells of my brain, this scent that wasn't human
and carried none of the human pheromones, yet was very strongly and
distinctly sexy, female, and familiar. I rose to consciousness quickly,
that smell driving me wild. I yawned as I came to, and as I did so I
stretched and felt something furry against my cheek. I opened my eyes
to see M'Ress staring right down at me, her gorgeous golden fur shining
in the morning sunlight. "Good morning?" I asked.

"I wanted to see to it that you got a good breakfast," M'Ress intoned. I
laughed and gave her cunt a playful lick; may as well, it was right
there in front of me. She purred. "Do that again." So I gave her another
playful lick. She reached down and put one paw over my head and down
the back. Lifting my head to her cunt as she lowered herself, she said,
"Now you've excited me, Ken, may as well finish me off."

Still not entirely coherent, I needed no urging on that account, diving
in and licking her pulsing little clitoris with all the enthusiasm I
could muster, suckling and caressing her with my tongue. "P'nyssa," I
heard her say. "Why don't you attend to him?" I felt a paw, definitely
M'Ress's (it had fingers), trail over my cock through the sheets, and
I heard her say "He seems to be ready."

The sheets were pulled back, and the cool air of the room whisked over
my body, only to be replaced by the warm and furry sensation of P'nyssa
lying down between my legs and taking my cock between her lips.

I sucked on M'Ress's clit a little harder, just the way she liked it,
biting it softly with my canines as I drove her closer. "That's it, oh,
that's it!" she screamed as she came, her wet cunt gaping and closing
around my tongue as she came.

She rose from over my head and said, "You weren't lying."

I tapped P'nyssa on the head gently, and she looked up at me from
under her hair, my cock in her mouth. I shook my head, saying, "Not
now, please. I gotta use the bathroom, bad." She smiled and backed off,
but the expression on her face had been so forlorn for a moment I had to
stifle a laugh. I ran into the bathroom and emptied my bladder, having
a Hell of time aiming with my dick, as hard as it was. I found my robe
and headed out.

"What's this all about?" I asked.

"Archer wants to see you. Some kind of viral code he's found. Way outside
my field."

I nodded. "Have I got time for a shower?"

M'Ress shrugged. "May as well. Can I join you?"

"Nyss?" I asked.

"Huh?" she said, looking up.

"Do you want to join us in the shower?"

She looked at M'Ress, than back at me and said, "Can I?"

"P'nyssa," I said, "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry. I just don't feel comfortable with M'Ress here."

"What?" M'Ress said. "Why not?"

"Because... well because you were his... lover for a long time, and I
feel sometimes when I see you like I kicked you out. I mean, I know you
don't like me."

"What do you mean, I don't like you? Of course I do."

"No, you don't. You even said so. You said that I was the bitchiest
person you'd ever met."

M'Ress's expression became very apologetic. "P'nyssa, when I first met
you, you WERE the bitchiest person I'd ever met. But then, for Shardik's
Castle, you were the bitchiest person anyone here had ever met. But you've
changed. You've been living here for nine years, and you've been okay. Ken
accepts you, I accept you. Hell, even Paul thinks you're a great person.
And it is nice to have a healer in the house. Now, will you please join
us in the shower?"

P'nyssa nodded. The three of us walked into the shower (which is big
enough to hold a small orgy, or two Centaurs, whichever is larger), and
I adjusted the temperature and surreptitiously slid the drain valve to
the closed position, so that the shower chamber would fill. To the top
and overflow, if I let it.

"Nyss," M'Ress said, handing her the soap bottle, "wash me. I know you
like fems and I'd like you to... touch me."

P'nyssa look at me and I just nodded. I sat down on the tiled bench and
watched as she took a large mittenfull of soap and pressed it to Ress's
chest, slowly smoothing into her fur. It was rather pleasant to watch
those two, the dark-blue Tindal and the soft-gold Felinzi, as P'nyssa
slowly massaged the soap under Ress's fur, gently caressing her breasts.
When it came time do her back rather than turn her around P'nyssa pulled
M'Ress closer to her, hugging her, and rubbed her back by reaching around.
From the look on Ress's face, the closed eyes and contented smile,
P'nyssa appeared to be doing a good job.

And P'nyssa looked like she was enjoying herself, as a smile slowly
appeared on her face as she directed M'Ress to sit down on the bench
next to me. In the steaming heat of the shower she knelt at our feet and
slowly worked the soap into Ress's legs, gently massaging as she worked
her way down. I leaned over and kissed M'Ress on the muzzle, and she
turned to me, her tongue darting out into my mouth. I accepted it as
the old friend it was, closing with her and returning the complement,
feeling her sharp catteeth with my tongue. My hand was on my cock and
I was slowly stroking myself when I felt something warm drip onto my
crotch; I turned to see P'nyssa holding the soap bottle. She shooed my
hand away and took my cock in her mitten, slowly stroking back and forth.

"P'nyssa," M'Ress breathed. "I heard about your little modification to
the shower. Gimme."

P'nyssa smiled and rose, her mitt still around my cock, and grabbed
the shower head with the micro-transporter receiver off it's mounting,
handing it to M'Ress. Ress dialed the shower massage and aimed it
at her cunt. P'nyssa pushed her hair out of the way and moved over
slightly to my left, out of range of the scatter from the massager as
M'Ress fumbled with the setting. Nyss and I exchanged secret smiles;
I remember her learning that most of the settings on the damned thing
are far too strong to start out with.

She settled back to the floor and continued stroking my cock; I
was getting splashed gently from Ress's backblast, but most of my
concentration was on my dick as P'nyssa slowly beat me closer and closer
to orgasm. M'Ress leaned against me for support, one leg high on the
bench, the other draped across mine, the sound of the shower massage
slowly getting stronger as she dialed ever more intense pressure.

My own pressure was getting even stronger, P'nyssa's smile broadening
as she knew my climax was getting closer. Ress let out a loud growl, her
body shuddering next to mine as the muscles in my legs tightened with the
tension, the pressure of the moment. P'nyssa wrapped both mittens around
my cock and became very insistent, holding my cock tightly and sliding up
and down more swift than ever. I was overcome as the pressure let loose,
a loud shout through clenched teeth as I came, my semen shooting out in
white jets and falling onto P'nyssa's fur, white pearls among the blue.

I shook my head and looked down at her, then noticed that M'Ress was still
going strong, the shower almost up to full pressure, the force of the
stream visibly dimpling the flesh of her cunt as she howled in pleasure,
her body shaking violently, her claws flexing as she came yet again.

She dropped the showerhead, and it rolled out of control across the
floor of the shower, the stream hitting me square in the face as it did;
I sputtered in outrage as P'nyssa got it under control and put it back
on the wall where it began. "You okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine," I said, finally realizing how silly I must have looked
and laughing.

"Sorry," M'Ress said.

"S'okay, Ress," I said. I reached down and picked up the soap bottle
from the floor. "But, just for that, you have to wash my come from
Nyss's pelt."

M'ress looked at me apologetically, took the bottle and said "I think
I can handle that."

P'nyssa just smiled. I think we were going to get along just fine. It
only annoys me that it took a year to reach this point.


The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al., and Related Tales
are Copyright (c) 1989-2000 Elf Mathieu Sternberg. Distribution limited
to electronic media not-for-profit use only. All other rights are reserved
to the author.


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